A Christmas Frequency (2023) Movie Script

Hey buddy,
countdown to Christmas.
Oh! Uh, could you
hold the door, please?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Thank you.
-Here, here. Allow me.
-Oh, thank you.
No problem.
-So, what floor?
-Uh, eight.
-WKPC? My favorite station.
-Oh, yeah?
Thank you, again.
No problem, again.
We have
matcha lattes now.
So corporate life?
Fifteen percent better.
This is like, the furthest thing
from a corporate job.
Whatever, you
know what I mean.
So what's on deck
for the show today?
Well, Brook
is still improvising
and not really listening
to anything that anyone says.
So, I really have no idea.
Yikes. She should just tell her
about the separation.
-What? No one's in here!
Brooke would fire me
if she knew I told you that.
Well, good thing
she won't find out.
Because my lips are sealed.
Seriously, this new
lipstick I got? So sticky.
I need you to not say
anything, seriously.
- I won't! I promise.
- Promise?
Like, don't
bring it up even to me again.
Never again.
You're here early.
Yeah, just wanted
to get a start on the day
my new feature comes out.
Oh, wait. Is that the place
that opened up on Fourth?
The one you took Lucy to?
Well, how'd it go?
It was fine. It was fine.
Fine. Fine? She's a supermodel
with a Ph.D.
who runs her own nonprofit.
I don't know how to tell you
the chemistry
just wasn't there.
You might actually be
beyond help.
I don't need help, Liam.
Thank you very much.
Whatever you say.
Anyway, I need your
expenses report by end of day.
And I just think a full
body cab, that just--
That just goes with just
about absolutely anything.
My question was
actually, what was your
favorite date night spot
with you and your husband?
But your favorite
one I guess is good, too.
- Oh, good. Thank you.
- Hey.
Come by my office
after the show, alright?
Okay. Yeah. Uh, is
everything all right?
Yeah, yeah. I just wanna run
something by you.
- Okay. Yeah, okay. Yeah.
- All right.
Kenzie! Who's the next caller?
We have Tanya on line two.
She wants your tips
for hosting a successful
girls day Christmas brunch.
Oh, I love a good girls
No, guys to ruin it.
Hey, Tanya, you're
having Breakfast with Brooke.
How are you doing, kiddo?
Good. Yeah.
I'm a little concerned
that the station
manager is asking
me how I'm doing.
But other than that, I'm good.
You want something to drink?
water, wine from my vineyard?
I'm okay.
All right then,
let's get down to it.
We need to lighten up
Breakfast with Brooke.
What do you mean?
Show's not good right now.
It's stale, flat, boring.
I mean, Brooke
used to actually connect
with her fans,
give heartfelt advice.
You know, before
Sheila and I were married.
I used to listen to
the guidance that Brooke
gave her callers on the show,
and I would follow it
to a tee, things like what
to say on a first date
and how to charm a lady
or how to slay an anniversary.
Did I
use that word right? Slay?
- Yeah, I guess.
- And it worked!
People loved that Brooke.
Well, I think Brooke would be
honored to know that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I know. I get. I get it.
I mean, listen.
Brooke is Ann Arbor's number
one morning talk show host.
-Yes, she is.
But, she's been in a bad mood
for about six months now.
She's tight lipped at content
planning meetings.
She stopped giving
genuine advice on air.
She doesn't
show up to the company
get togethers anymore.
Do you have any idea
what's going on with her?
No, I don't.
Oh, well,
you're her producer. I mean
don't you have access to her
computer or keys to her house?
Can you find out?
Well, I appreciate that
you just lowkey sort of
just ask me to trespass.
Which I should admit
I'm not willing to do.
Fair enough. Fair enough.
But listen,
we need to fix
whatever is going on here,
because, stat, you
know, the suits
upstairs are breathing down
my neck to get the show back
to where it was before the end
of the Christmas season
or they might consider
Oh, no, no.
We are nowhere
near cutting anything.
So I will, um,
I will talk to Brooke
and I'll figure it out.
And then handle it?
And then handle it.
Okay, great. Great. Because,
I would hate to have to cut
my two favorite colleagues
and my wife's favorite show,
that would be...
Not good.
Maybe I would love some wine.
Where are
you going, speedy?
Uh, to save
my boss's job.
- Wait, what?
- Um, never mind.
What's up?
-It's Tuesday.
So, we eat lunch at the cafe
and watch the cuties from legal
eat salads and compete over
who can be the most
-boring on Tuesdays.
-Right. Yes.
I will meet you down there.
What? Don't leave me alone
with hot, boring lawyers!
You know, that's my type.
-Hey! So--
-Knock next time.
Right. Yes, um.
So, Mark isn't
exactly thrilled with
the state of the show.
Well, your numbers
have been dropping
and you're not getting
the positive reviews
that you're used to, so.
Well, I do not know what
would be the cause of that,
because I'm--
Okay well, Brooke, he said that
the suits upstairs
are taking notice of you
acting differently.
And I don't want to be
- Well, then don't be dramatic.
- Because the suits
upstairs are taking notice and
I think our show is in trouble.
- I'm sorry, our show?
- Yes.
My show.
Well, I've been your producer
for half a decade, so,
you know,
I kind of think...
-Are you serious?
I can't believe it's
been that long.
Oh, you mean about the suits
Um, yes, unfortunately.
But I told Mark
that I would talk to you
and we would come up
with a plan.
And why would you do that?
To save our jobs.
Our jobs are not in
trouble, Kenzie. Trust me.
Brooke, I don't think you're
hearing me.
The suits upstairs, I mean,
this is serious.
I hear you loud and clear.
This is my show.
And if they don't like
what I'm doing,
then we'll take the show
somewhere else.
WGCC, they offered me
a daytime spot.
Yes, but that was like a year
ago, so.
Okay, so we'll just,
why don't you find out
if the offer still stands?
Don't you think
that's a little bit rash?
You would rather leave
the network
that you have been
at for over a decade
instead of telling people
that you and Todd split up.
Kenzie, we have gone over this
a thousand times.
Okay. Well, I think we need
to make it a thousand and one.
Go over it again.
Kenzie, I am not going
to publicly announce
that my husband and I
are separated.
Brooke, people separate
all the time.
Yeah, but Brooke and Todd don't.
you understand that people
come to me
for relationship advice?
And you think that they wouldn't
if they knew the truth?
Yeah, I think they wouldn't
because they would think
I was a fraud.
No, Brooke, I really think
that people would understand.
Kenzie, do not
bring this up again.
I have made my decision.
-Okay. How about this?
Let's just take lunch
to think about it. Yeah?
You really
don't remember that
I'm intermittent fasting?
I am not having lunch.
Well, I'm still eating.
- Well, good for you. Enjoy.
- Thank you.
So, I'm going to go do that
and then we can circle back.
Sounds good.
Okay, but we're going
to circle back about this.
I heard you the first time.
Great. Okay.
Hey, Tawny, what's up?
We just got the exclusive
on the O Wine Bar opening.
We're the first publication
previewing it,
and I need my best guy on it.
I hope you mean me,
Of course, I mean you.
You get guests,
and if I was going to be in
town, I would use my power
as your boss and
make you take me.
You're not going to be missing
a tasting
- while you're on your honeymoon.
- Come on.
I spoke to Harry
about you the other day.
They're considering
bringing on another executive.
Your name is
at the top of the list.
Oh, yeah. Keep it up.
Who knows? Your name could be
on the masthead
sooner than you think.
Sam is looking
really good today.
I think that juice cleanse
he's been doing for
the past
three days is really working.
Which one is Sam?
This one here?
No, the cute blonde
guy with the suspenders.
I dare you to go talk to him.
There's zero chance of that
happening ever.
- Why?
- That would be weird!
And you giving him
a fake name
and paying attention to his
dietary habits, isn't?
How'd it go with Brooke?
I would say
there have definitely
been more successful meetings
in my career.
Mark wants to know why
she's not acting like herself.
-Because of the separation.
-Maya, stop bringing it up.
No one heard me.
Besides, Mark's not wrong.
People are commenting right
and left online about how Brooke
has lost her authenticity.
I'm doing damage control
on social all day, every day.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I thought
you were handling it,
and I didn't wanna make
the situation worse.
Oh, okay.
Um, on a scale from
one to ten, how bad is it?
Okay, one,
you guys are totally
killing it in the clear
to ten,
you're both fired,
I'd say, I'd say a seven.
- What? What?
- Maybe eight.
But, if anyone can fix
a situation, it's you.
don't tell anyone about this.
My lips are sealed.
- Go. Why not?
- No. Because no.
You should, hi sorry,
do you need some napkins?
Uh, yeah. That would be amazing.
Oh, great. She will bring them
over to you.
-Oh, will she?
You'll thank me later.
- Hi.
- Hey, thank you.
- Here you go.
- That's really good.
Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Maya.
I'm Liam. I'm an idiot.
It's okay.
I need that expense report
before I head out.
Perfect. Got it Right here.
What happened to you?
Oh, that.
Just a little spill.
A little spill that you're
happy about?
The stain, no. But the girl
I met because of the stain?
She works at WKPC.
Yeah, and her name's Maya,
and she works
in the social media team.
Do you know
someone that works at WKPC?
Yeah. No, no, I don't.
Sorry, I actually have to get
back to this. I have a deadline.
Copy. Heard.
-Expense report.
-Yeah, right. Of course. Here.
Aw, thank you so much
for knocking, come on in.
-Okay. I've been thinking.
And, have you ever online
Sorry. What?
-Todd's dating online. Already.
Yeah, It's
been, what, only ten months?
Where did you find that?
My friend
Olivia sent this to me.
I mean, if he's doing it,
I should be doing it.
Wait. Where
are you going?
I'm going to get something
to eat because I'm starving.
Well, I thought you were
intermittent fasting?
Intermittent what?
Are you okay?
Because you've been acting
a little different lately.
Like you're
kind of all over the place.
-Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
What just happened?
- Hey.
- Hey!
- How'd it go with Sam?
- Okay. Name's Liam.
And he doesn't work in legal.
-He works in accounting.
-Oh for two!
-We're terrible at this!
-I know!
And then he asked
for my phone number,
so I guess me and not Sam
are basically married now.
What are you working on?
Oh, I'm just trying
to figure out
how to brighten up
Breakfast with Brooke.
That looks like it's
going well.
It is. Thank you very much.
Just going back
through the consumer data,
what people love about Brooke
is her advice,
that talking to her feels like
talking to your best friend,
the way they get to connect
with her.
That's why so many
people call in, or,
used to.
So you just need her
something to get Brooke back
to being Brooke.
Yes. Or just get her
to open up a little bit.
Okay. I'll give it some thought.
But, onto the real reason
-that I'm here.
We need to get you a date
for the Christmas soiree
because mine's locked
down now, obviously.
Uh, with everything
going on here,
dating is kind of
the last thing on my mind.
Okay, well if you don't have
time to go on dates,
I can set you up on
blind dates.
Come on. Nothing screams romance
like a little pressure.
I would rather be on office,
microwave clean out
duty for the rest of the year
than to go on a blind date.
Ew, really?
Yes. Blind dates are literally
my worst nightmare.
Oh, but the stories that come
after are so good.
when I went out that one guy
that Karen set me up with?
- Oh yeah!
- What was his name?
- It was Jack? John?
- No.
- Jeremy.
- Wait a minute.
That would be a great idea
for Brooke.
Wait, what, set
Brooke up on a date with Jack?
No, no, but yes.
Set Brooke up on
blind dates, on air.
Wait a minute, that could be
good for ratings.
Yes. And it would show her
vulnerable side
and it would give us a banger
for our segment
on the Christmas
Eve live broadcast.
Do you think she'd go
for something like that?
Well, you said so yourself.
The best part about blind
dates are the stories afterwards
and she just found Todd's
dating profile.
So she said she wants
to put herself back out there.
So this
could be kind of perfect.
If I present it the right way.
Well, I will send you
all the positive thoughts
and prayers
that this idea that I came up
with as a joke works out
and saves both your jobs.
And then you can take me out
to dinner and say thank you.
- Deal.
- Deal.
Now, where do we find
Brooke a blind date?
No, I understand, I just don't
think we can get the
press release out in time.
Okay. Yeah, right.
All right. Bye.
Oh! I'm so sorry!
-I'm so sorry. Here.
-No. No, that was my fault.
-I wasn't paying attention.
- You have a lot of stuff.
- Yeah.
I think we need
to get you, like,
a bigger bag or one of those
rolling baskets.
You know, that
trial attorneys have?
- Here.
- Thank you.
I think this is yours.
-Oh, yes.
-Breakfast with Brooke?
Yeah, she's my boss.
Really? My mom loves her show.
Oh, she gets that
all the time.
And what do you do?
I'm her producer.
-Kenzie. Nice to meet you.
-Ben. Nice to meet you.
So you work in the building?
Yeah, yeah, I'm just on the
second floor, Topline Papers.
Oh, I love Topline Papers!
I read your site, like, all day,
every day. Don't tell Brooke.
- Secret's safe with me.
- Okay.
So, what do you do for them?
Lifestyle pieces, "best
of" lists, things like that.
Nice! Do you do any of their
undercover food critic stuff?
No. I wish.
It's all boring stuff.
Ordinary restaurant
openings, menu
changes, things like that.
That doesn't
sound boring at all.
Menu changes sound fun.
Yeah, it's pretty intense.
Especially when
every single restaurant
in Ann Arbor
is updating their menu.
All that free food.
The food is the
best part, yes.
Well, thank you again.
And sorry, again.
Yeah, no problem. Again.
See ya.
Why do I keep saying that?
Yes. No, Absolutely, Tawny.
I'll get them to you
this afternoon.
As soon
as I can find them.
What? No, I wasn't talking
to you. It's okay.
Actually, here, can I call you
back? I have someone calling
on the other line.
Ben Covington?
Yes, speaking.
Hi, this is Kenzie Parker.
We bumped into each
other yesterday, and I think
I accidentally grabbed
one of your papers by mistake?
You don't happen to have one
that's a list of restaurants
that starts with Grayson do you?
Yes, I did. Sorry about that.
No, no, no.
I'm so happy you called.
No problem. Can I get them from
you this afternoon, 1pm?
Just meet in the lobby?
Yes. Works for me.
Perfect. Thank you. Thank
you, Kenzie, for calling.
Oh, shoot.
Good morning.
I've been thinking a lot
about what
you said to me yesterday.
You're right.
Yeah, you're right.
You're right. You're right.
Don't make me say that again.
It feels so good to
hear you say it.
I know, I know it does.
But, you're right.
The show hasn't been the same.
I haven't been the same.
So, I want you to
talk me through it.
-Your plan to save our show?
Our show?
Yes, our show.
Okay, um.
What is it that listeners love
the most about the show?
That I'm funny.
I was thinking more along
the lines
of how both you
and the listeners
really enjoy it
when you get to connect.
All of the data shows
that the listeners love
feeling like they're actually
a part of your life.
They like getting advice
from you while connecting
with whatever it
is that you're going through.
- And...?
- And, I say we give them that,
but on an elevated level,
something really engaging.
- Okay.
- So with the WKPC
Christmas soiree
right around the corner,
I was thinking that
maybe, um, on today's show,
you could tell
the listeners about Todd
and the separation.
Uh-huh. Yeah.
I don't know about that.
Well, wait,
Brooke! I'm not done. Hold on.
And then I would set you up
on a series of live
on-air blind dates
that you would take
in the studio
to find the perfect date for
the company Christmas party.
I love it.
- Yeah?
- I love it.
-It's young. It's fresh.
See, this is why I hired you.
All right, let's do it.
Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
I will do it today.
I will do it today.
We are going to get Breakfast
with Brooke, back to number one.
Yes, we are! Oh my gosh.
She loved it. Oh, she loved it.
Hey, you got this.
And if you don't got this,
that's what I'm here for.
Just give me the signal.
Thank you.
Okay. You are live in five,
four, three...
Good morning, Ann Arbor!
This is Brooke Walkins,
and you are having Breakfast
with Brooke. Okay.
Today's show is going to be
a little different
because there is something
very personal
that I would like to share
with all of you.
I know that a lot of
you have noticed
that I've been acting
different lately.
Well, mainly because
I've seen your comments.
So thank you very much.
I'm glad
that you're very honest,
and I am different
and I apologize.
The reason being
is because my husband,
Todd and I have decided to
separate earlier this year.
So it was very difficult, um.
You know, Todd's
an amazing man
and a wonderful
but a lot of you,
I'm sure, can relate to this,
that sometimes people
want something different
than what you can give.
I was very hesitant
in telling
all of you because you guys come
to me for relationship advice.
So I felt like,
I don't know, it was hard
for me
to, to share that with you,
but I love all of you.
And anyway, that's
what's been going on
and, I am very sorry
it's taken me this long
to tell you,
but I am in a place
where I'm very excited
to see what my future is and
being open to possibly
meeting someone.
And Kenzie has got something
fun planned for that.
So on to the fun stuff, Kenzie.
Thank you, Brooke.
I commend you for your bravery
and your vulnerability.
Thank you.
But like you said, now
on to the fun stuff.
Listeners of Breakfast
with Brooke.
I need your help.
Our beloved Brooke is single
and ready to mingle
and she needs a date
for the WKPC Christmas soiree.
So, I am going to set
Brooke up on a series of live
on-air blind dates in studio.
Do you know someone who would
be a great fit for our Brooke?
If so, send them my way.
Oh, wow. It looks like you all
have a lot to say about that.
Brooke, what do you
say we take a caller?
Let's take a caller.
Great. Okay. You have
Nancy on line one.
Hi, Nancy. You're having
Breakfast with Brooke.
Brooke, hi.
I think my brother Mike
would be just perfect for you.
Oh, really?
Forty-two, never been married.
A doctor, and he loves dogs.
Well, I love that
he loves dogs.
He-- he sounds like he could
be perfect and wonderful.
So I will pass
you back to Kenzie,
my producer, and she will
get his info. Thank you.
Hi, this is Kenzie.
So you want to
nominate your brother?
Okay. What's his name?
Okay, So you really do.
You really thought
it was okay?
Yes. We already have over
a hundred submissions.
-A hundred and one!
-Oh, my gosh. Already?
-Yeah. Yes.
Well, look who it is.
- My dynamic duo.
- Hey!
So, I listened
to the show today.
And I didn't think it was good.
I thought it was great.
It was our highest
rated show this quarter.
We're extending the show
an additional fifteen minutes
until Brooke can find
that perfect date.
- Oh, and Kenzie?
- Yes.
You let us know what resources
you need from us.
checks on potential dates,
additional hands on deck.
Let us know.
Okay, I will.
-Excuse me.
Thank you so much
for sharing that. Thank you.
Look. I didn't want to say
this in front of Brooke
because, well,
you know how fragile
on-air talent are.
Oh, I don't think that--
Look, the show today,
it was good.
Well you said it was the highest
rated show of the quarter.
It was, but...
This is the first time,
Brooke has spiked
in the ratings
scale in months.
It could just be a fluke.
-Oh, no.
-And if it was,
we'll be having
a much different conversation.
So, we'll let you know
who will be Brooke's date
for the party as we get closer
to it.
Wait, what?
Yeah, I already have Maya
putting together a tracker
to see who polls the best
with our listeners.
We'll pick Brooke's party date
based on the ratings,
you know, give the people
what they want.
A Christmas live broadcast.
Right. But what about Brooke?
What about Brooke?
what about what she wants?
She gets a date to the party
and she gets to keep
her show on the air.
Now get out there, make that
producer magic happen,
and ensure that Brooke gives us
all that romantic Christmas
magic as she
falls in love on-air.
Yeah, I thought
we were going to wait.
I know. I'm sorry.
I was going to talk to you
about it.
I just think that it's time
that you and
I accept the fact that we are,
that we're separated.
Look, Brooke,
if you wanted to start
dating other people,
you should have just said
Oh, okay.
So those are the rules
that we're playing by.
Okay, you know what?
I'm at work right
now, and I can't do this.
Okay. Sorry. Goodbye.
Based on the way the listeners
reacted today, I think they are
really excited
for you to find love again.
Okay, if I don't?
We just won't
allow that to be an option.
So the way I see
this working is I will screen
the potential candidates--
You're a little
too excited about this.
And then if they're a good fit,
I will bring them
into the studio
for a live on-air date.
Yeah, that sounds good.
-Hey, you.
-Sorry about that.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
-So sorry.
-No worries.
No worries. How'd the show go?
Uh, good. Yeah.
I'm sure my mom will tell me
all about it tonight.
We do dinner every Wednesday.
This week she picked Zini's.
I love Zini's!
Zini's is the bomb!
-Their eggplant parmesan--
-It's the best!
-Oh my god, it's so good! Yes!
So I actually do their menu
for their seasonal menus,
if you ever want to go,
because, you know,
we both like food.
Oh, yeah. I'd love to.
Great. How's Friday?
Yeah, like this Friday?
Yeah, Friday's good.
Okay, I'll send you
a virtual ticket.
Well, I will let you know
if I have any more
of your papers and stuff.
-Thank you again.
-Yes, sorry about that.
No, of course. Thanks.
Who was that?
Oh, just a guy.
It's just a guy.
Mister handsome
with the haircut? Hello?
Not-- Maya stop staring!
Physically impossible
because he's' so cute!
Yes, he's cute.
And he goes to dinner
with his mom every Wednesday.
You have to marry him.
Or at least invite him
to the Christmas Eve party.
I am not inviting somebody
I barely know to the company
Christmas party. Plus, I don't
even know if he's single.
But he did invite me
to a tasting at Zini's.
-Hey, sorry to interrupt.
-Oh, no. You're fine.
You're not interrupting.
This is
for you just to say thanks.
I wasn't sure which
to get you, so I just got you
my favorite hazelnut
and peppermint combo.
Well, those are two flavors
I've never thought to mix.
It's great.
You're going to love it.
This is best friend Kenzie.
Nice to meet you
best friend, Kenzie. I'm Liam.
Nice to meet you.
I'll let you two get
back to it. See you, Maya.
Mm, no.
-Can't be that bad.
-It's bad.
-Oh, that's a crime.
-That's a choice.
Oh, gosh.
Okay, E.J. Phillips. "I am a
powerhouse of physicality,
and I can often
be found at the gym."
Okay, we're going to pass
on that one.
Randall. "This
bloke is a total riot.
He loves nothing more
than enjoying a cold one."
While you sound very fun
and your beanie is
very festive, I have to pass.
Mike Sanders. "Hi there."
Hi, Mike. You are cute.
"My name is Mike.
I'm an allergist,
recently divorced.
I am looking for someone
special to share my life
with and hopefully
find true love."
I think you might be our guy.
"If you're looking for someone
who is friendly and dedicated,
then I'm your guy."
Yes, you are.
Okay, let's reply to Mike.
"Hi, Mike.
My name is Kenzie Parker
and I wanted to speak to you
about coming in
for a blind date with Brooke.
Are you interested?"
Okay, next.
Hi, baby.
Hey, Mom.
Wait. Are you still at work?
I know, I am still at work, but,
you know,
I need to wrap up some stuff.
So you're really enjoying
your empty nester life?
No, actually, I'm not.
I just want you
to be happy, Mom.
I am happy.
Well, I have my last final,
in a few days,
so I'll see you guys
next week.
Oh, I miss you.
I can't wait to see you.
Is there any way
that you can come earlier
and spend time with us?
I'm sorry. I miss you.
I miss you so much.
What are we doing for
Are we still doing dinner
with Dad?
I don't know how you guys
are doing things since I left.
You know what? I will,
I will call your Dad and
we will figure it out, okay?
Cool. Well, I got to go.
My morning
class is about to start.
I'll see you soon.
I love you so much.
I can't wait to see you.
Love you, Mom.
Hi. You've reached Todd.
Leave a message.
And that's what got me
into collecting
vintage Mason jars.
I have over three hundred now.
I donated a few to the museum.
Okay, so, um,
can you tell me what it is
that you're looking for
in a significant other?
Oh! Well, I'm looking for
someone who's giving.
I live in a studio apartment,
so I donate the majority
of my income to the less
Yeah. So, really,
I'm looking for someone
who is totally selfless
and who's cool with a roommate.
Or two.
And so from there,
I backpacked through India.
Where I met my third wife.
- Your third--
- Third wife.
Right, um.
How many wives have you had?
Well, I'm hoping Brooke
will be my number five.
I'm going to go get,
um, something.
-Oh, gosh.
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to scare you.
No, it's okay.
-Who is that?
-That is a potential blind date.
-A potential?
For Brooke. For the WKPC
Christmas Eve soiree.
-How's it going? Going well?
-Terribly. It's going terribly.
He hasn't said anything
since he got here.
Absolutely nothing.
It's been silent.
I don't know what to do.
Do you need some help?
You want me to go over there
with you, give you an out?
Yes. Yes, I would.
-Yeah. Operation Blind Date.
-Let's go.
-Okay. All right.
Larry. Crazy coincidence.
This is my friend Ben,
and I totally forgot that,
I told him that I would
help him...
-Water my--
-His cat.
That was easy and awkward.
-Very weird. Very weird.
-You're kidding.
A broke college kid's got to do
what a broke college kid's
got to do.
Uh, what is your favorite food?
My mother's blueberry pancakes
and scrambled eggs.
food is my favorite, too.
-Yes, but bagels
and cream cheese.
Whipped cream cheese.
If you give me plain.
Well, I'll eat it, but I'll
enjoy it like
thirty percent less.
Thirty percent?
That's a specific number.
So you're not a fan of cream
cheese frosting then, are you?
Oh, no. Cream cheese
frosting and cream cheese
are two very different
spreadable categories
that should never be combined
as far as I'm concerned.
I'm sorry. You're just very
passionate about that.
I am. Bagels and cream cheese
are truly the way to my heart.
So if somebody did
want to make you feel special,
they shouldn't send flowers.
They should just send bagels?
- Yes.
- Noted.
I'm looking forward
to the tasting tomorrow.
Me too.
Well, I should get going.
Thank you again for getting me
out of that situation.
Saving the day, literally.
-I appreciate it.
You okay?
Brooke. Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay.
Wait, you're not having second
thoughts, are you?
Am I having second thoughts?
No, I'm good. I'm good.
You know, this is something
I need to do and I want to do.
And let's do this.
Yes, you can.
Okay. Are you ready?
We are live in
five four, four, three.
Good morning, Ann Arbor.
You are having Breakfast
with Brooke.
And today we are doing something
that is so fun and different.
My wonderful producer, Kenzie,
came up with this idea
that I can't believe
I agreed to, Brooke's
Blind Dates, where
I will actually be going on
blind dates on-air
live to help me find
the perfect date
for our station's Christmas
Eve party, where we will also
be broadcasting live.
So that's what we're doing.
Are you ready
for the first blind date?
-Yes, I am.
-His name is Chris.
He is forty-two.
He's a single dad
who lives in Birmingham
with his two golden
His son just started
his freshman year at Berkeley.
Okay Chris, you are having
Breakfast with Brooke.
Hi. It's so
nice to meet you.
Oh, it's so nice to meet you,
too, Chris.
It sounds like
you probably know
a little bit about me
if you listen to this show.
So maybe tell
me some things about you?
Oh, okay.
Well, that was today's show.
Thank you so much
for all of you
joining me for breakfast.
And the next time
we will all find out who
my blind date
is that my producer Kenzie
has picked for me.
Hey, Chris.
Great job today.
Would you like to go
on a second date with Brooke?
Oh, you would? Fantastic.
Okay, let me give you
some date options.
Yes, I will send these over
right now. Thanks, Chris.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How do you think the show went?
I don't know.
How do you think it went?
I thought it was good.
-You do? Really?
-Yes, I like him a lot.
I think we should
bring him into the studio
for a live on-air date.
Well, you're the producer.
I, I do have to step out.
Oh, but what about our content
planning meeting?
I need to push it
to, like, six-ish.
That's not going to be
a problem.
-Yeah. Six-ish is fine.
-Yeah, thank you.
-I'm excited about this.
-Yeah. Good show today.
Thank you.
Someone's in a good mood.
Yeah, sorry. I didn't realize
anyone was here.
That's okay, man.
I know that dance.
Either you got a promotion,
which I know hasn't happened yet
but I do hear is coming.
So if it's not that.
What's her name?
- No.
- Come on.
Come on, I know you too well.
There's someone.
Tell me, what's her
name? Come on.
I'm not
ready to share her name.
Okay, I hear you.
Well, if she's got you doing
the Ben
happy dance, then
she must be pretty special.
Yeah, I think she might be.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were at work.
Well, I'm not.
Yeah, well, Ava
called me and told me there's
a leak underneath the sink.
We all know how you put off
home repairs
to the last minute.
Yeah, we do.
- But it's because I'm busy.
- Right. Yeah.
So I thought I'd fix it before
it became an actual problem.
Well, thank you.
That was very nice of you.
Of course.
So, I heard the show today.
-You did?
I'm glad you're
getting out there.
Thank you.
I'm glad you're
getting out there, too.
So, things are good?
Their wonderful. Can't you tell?
- Yeah, you look--
- I'm joking.
I'm actually not. Things are so
different right now,
but I am working really hard
to try to find a better
between work and life.
You've been
saying that for years.
I know I have. I am.
I'm sorry
that it's taken me so long.
I've always wanted
you to be happy,
you know that.
I know.
Well, you're here, and
you already unlocked my door.
Do you want to come in
for a minute?
I'd love that.
Okay. Good. Come in then.
-Let me get that for you.
-Well thank you so much.
Glad you're here.
Do you remember when she became
so obsessed with those poppers
that your Mom
would have at Christmas?
My mom came back from England?
-Yes, I remember that.
-Yes. Yes.
And then Eva wanted it
at every single holiday.
And your Mom? She's so sweet.
She even had it
for Saint Patty's Day
with the little green
She's, she's amazing.
Just give me a second.
Thank you.
Todd, my meeting was canceled,
but I thought maybe
we could find those poppers
and surprise Ava.
That would be amazing.
- Really?
- Yes.
Of course.
Hi. Hi.
-I am so sorry I'm late.
-Hi. No worries.
- Everything okay today?
- Yes.
Yes, everything's great.
Oh, okay.
They started driving on
the lake with the jet ski,
and I'm on these pool noodles.
I, I ate it so bad.
It's not a real story.
Are you serious?
Yes, one hundred percent.
I mean, they were
the cool kids at summer camp.
I believed them.
I thought it was possible.
I am so sorry
that that happened to you.
I was okay.
Water is mildly forgiving.
I had a lot of fun.
It was wonderful.
It was a good time.
Well, Mr. Fancy Food Writer man.
Do you have anything else
fun lined up after this?
I actually am going to be
doing the tasting
for the new O Wine Bar
that's opening up.
Oh, cool. That's the Danson
brother's place, right?
Yeah. Yeah.
How did you know?
Are you a foodie?
That's a thing.
I am allowed a guest
if you want to join me.
-I mean, if--
-Yeah, yeah. I mean...
I mean,
I don't know if there's, like,
somebody who deserves it
more than me.
Deserves it, what?
Yeah, like a girlfriend or,
I don't know,
some special person.
There's no girlfriend.
And the only one
special in my life is my mom.
That's so cute.
You're so cute.
So, I mean,
if you don't want to go--
No, no, I do. I do.
I do want to go.
I do. I would. I, yes.
-Okay, great.
Because I think it'd be a
lot more fun with you there.
Oh, sorry.
I have a ninety-seven alarm
set to remind me
to do some writing
for the show tonight.
Some questions
for the blind dates.
Brooke keeps you pretty busy.
Yeah, but I'm happy to do it.
Brooke works
better from an outline
and makes the show flow
Plus, this blind date
thing is kind of
the most important thing
that we've ever done.
So I want to make sure
that it is perfect.
She's very lucky to have you.
Well, I'm lucky to
work on a hit show.
Have you ever thought
about having your own show?
Just a talk show. I think you'd
make a great host.
No, I mean,
yeah, I've like,
like, maybe thought
of thought, but I don't know.
No, no, I'm, I'm,
I'm a behind the scenes gal.
It's just, that's how
it's always been.
I don't think anybody would
really care
about what I had to say.
absolutely not true.
I'd care what you have to say.
I think you have
a lot of great things to say.
Well, that's very sweet.
Thank you. This was very nice.
Thank you, again.
No problem. Again.
So, did you like
the cheesecake
or the chocolate cake better?
Which one's getting the
the five star review from Mr.
Fancy Food Writer man?
Oh, my gosh,
you have to invite Ben
to the Christmas Eve party.
He's totally into you.
Come on.
It'd be so romantic.
Okay. Yeah, I'll invite him.
I'm so happy for you.
What if he doesn't say yes?
He's going to say yes.
Do you think
he's going to say yes?
Yes, he will.
Can I help you with
something, Maya?
Right, um. Okay,
so I was thinking.
Me and Liam should coordinate,
Like I'll get him a sparkly
pink tie to match what I'm
wearing or a vest.
Liam would look fire in a vest.
I call dibs on
officiating this wedding.
- Duh!
- Oh, no.
Wait, what?
Let me see, let me see!
Oh, it's him.
That's your new hottie.
Oh. Why is he applying
to go on a date with Brooke?
I don't know.
Wait, was he just using you
to get to Brooke?
Of course he isn't into me.
He is into Brooke.
Well, I mean,
that was just one theory.
Why else would he submit
an application?
Is the whole thing filled out?
Maybe it was a mistake.
"Hi, my name is Ben.
I'm 37,
and I work as a lifestyle
writer for Topline
Papers. I'm
looking for someone to join me
on this journey of life. Someone
who is up for adventure, romance
and a little spontaneity.
Someone who is fun loving, who
I can share
new experiences with."
Well, um.
If he
wants to go out with Brooke
so bad, let's
just give him what he wants.
-You sure?
But I do need
to get back to work
because Brooke has her in-studio
dates this week, so.
Okay, well, I'm sending you
all the good vibes
to find a little holiday
That doesn't involve the guy
that you have a crush on.
- Right. Thanks. Bye.
- Bye!
Wait. You've never changed
your own tire?
No, and I know, I know.
I do pride myself on not
having any handyman skills.
You know, my hus-- um.
Actually, I hire
someone to do that stuff.
I'd be happy to teach you
the basics sometime.
Maybe we could grab dinner,
and then I could teach
you how to check your oil.
That was a joke.
I'd love
to just take you to dinner.
Your joke wasn't funny.
I meant I'd rather
take you to dinner.
Sounds like your
daughter is really amazing.
Oh, she is. Thank you.
Honestly, I never
thought I would have kids.
Oh, so you don't like kids?
No. I mean, I didn't say
I don't like kids.
I just put my career first.
Oh, because I have a
career my child suffered?
That's not what I meant at all.
It kind of came off that way,
I have to say.
When was the last time
you got a sound bath?
A what?
You aura is a bit dirty.
-My what?
-Your aura.
It's messy.
My aura is dirty?
Repeat after me.
I just don't understand
what the problem is.
I just don't like any of them.
Okay, but can you tell me why?
Other than,
"Your aura is dirty" guy.
Okay. Yeah, that one was weird.
I'll give you that.
But the other two,
they seem nice?
-What's wrong with them?
-I don't know. I don't know.
I just,
I just think that we need
another gimmick
for our segment.
Okay, well,
it's a little late for that.
We need to stick with
what we've got or...
-There is one more guy.
Look, I appreciate everything
you're trying to do.
One more day, please.
I know that
I can give you the perfect one
and give our listeners
and our bosses
exactly what they want.
You. Romance. Christmas.
-Fine. One more.
-Great. One more date.
One more date.
Hi. This is Kenzie Parker
from Breakfast with Brooke.
Hey you.
We received your
application and--
I'm sorry. What?
Your application from the WKPC
site to go on a date
with Brooke?
Anyway, our team
reviewed your profile,
and we think that you would be
a good fit for Brooke.
Anyway, I just wanted to let
you know that our team
was pushing your application
to the next round,
so I will be in touch to set
up a date.
Talk to you soon.
Thank you.
Mm. This looks delicious.
I'm sorry I was late again.
I took Maya drink after work.
It's fine. That's fine.
The game doesn't start for
another thirty minutes,
you're okay.
Are you?
You just seem like you're
really falling
for this girl, huh?
I'd be lying
if I said I didn't.
That's great. That's great.
And I'm happy for you.
So how about you?
How's things with mystery girl?
She must work in our office
She'd be wearing far
too much cologne to do the work.
Yes, I completely misread
that situation, actually.
You know, she called today
to set me up on a date
with her boss.
Wait, what?
Yeah. The radio shows doing
this whole blind date thing.
Turns out, I think she was just
vetting me for her boss, so.
Are you going to go?
What, on the blind date?
No. I mean, I don't know.
She was really pushing for it.
It sounds like
you might be doing
mystery girl a favor
if you do.
Who is her boss?
Walkins and mystery girl.
She's no longer a mystery.
It's her producer, Kenzie.
Best friend, Kenzie.
I think I met her with Maya
and Brooke Walkin.
She's a legend.
You've got to go.
And maybe then
we can do double dates.
Come on. It'll be fun.
I have tons of fun
in my life. Ask Mr. Bubbles.
- Loads of fun.
- Yeah, totally.
And the groundhog
on Groundhog's Day
is always right.
I hoped I'd find you here.
I am a creature of habit.
Excited for your phone date
with Brooke today?
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Turns out everyone in
my family is a big,
big fan of hers.
Well, there's a
lot to be a fan of.
I think you two are
going to be a great fit.
I can feel it.
So just be yourself,
and I know Brooke will love you.
See ya.
Okay, I guess it's
that point in the show
for Brooke's Blind Dates.
Kenzie, do we have one?
We have Ben Covington.
He is thirty-eight.
He is a lifestyle writer
for Topline Papers,
and he's a really great guy.
He sounds very interesting.
Yes. Yes.
And he is on the line.
Ben, you are having Breakfast
with Brooke.
Well, hey there.
Hey, Ben. It's so great
to meet you on-air.
It's nice to on the air,
meet you, too.
Thank you.
Kenzie speaks really
highly of you.
Oh, thank you.
I pay her to do that.
The natural way, by far,
is the most important thing
in any home.
No, I absolutely
disagree with that.
The size of the kitchen
is the most important thing
in a home.
Hey, size
isn't everything.
I love to cook.
I think cooking
is one of the most romantic
things you can do with someone.
I do, too.
I love cooking with someone.
So what's favorite thing
to make?
My Mom's blueberry
Where are you
on the scale for breakfast food?
Even though
my show is Breakfast
with Brooke,
I kind of skip breakfast.
You skip breakfast
with yourself?
Yeah, I do.
I do love a good bagel,
It's hard to deny
like a fresh baked bagel.
Do you like bagels?
Yes, sir. No, I agree.
He's the best choice
for Brooke.
Perfect. Okay.
I will let them know now.
Thank you.
Hey, you.
Are you happy with
how it went today?
So much so that we would like
to bring you
in for a live in-studio date.
Do you have any availability
this upcoming weekend?
You know Kenzie,
if you don't want me to--
I do. Like I said,
I think you and Brooke are
a great fit, so
I'll email you some options.
Okay. Talk soon.
Okay, bye.
How do you shred it?
You freeze it first and then
just take a cheese grater.
-The way that the fats meet.
-Oh my gosh, I didn't.
-That makes so much sense!
-Incredible. I'm telling you.
Hopefully it saves you
a few more hours than me.
Oh, my gosh. I can't wait.
Good morning.
Oh, morning.
Morning. Hey. Um.
Should we go to the studio?
Sounds like our cue.
You coming?
Okay. We are
live in five, four, three.
Good morning, Ann Arbor.
You are listening
to Breakfast with Brooke.
And we have a very
special show for you today.
We have Ben here.
Thank you, it's actually really
nice to
-finally be here in person.
-Thank you for coming.
Thank you both for having.
The listeners were
very excited about you.
Well, it's nice not to get
voted off the island so early.
Exactly right.
Well, thank you.
I came prepared
to ask you a couple questions,
if that's all right.
Oh, really?
I love that.
I think it's great.
-Let's just cut to the chase.
So Christmas.
- What about it?
- It's coming up.
It is coming up.
And since you boldly said
size matters.
Big light bulbs
or little light bulbs?
- I like, um, both.
- Both?
Yes, I like to mix it up
a little bit.
What are your other questions?
I was curious
how you feel about presents.
When's the right time to
open them?
Is it at Christmas Eve?
One present kind of thing?
Okay, so
when my daughter was younger,
I definitely waited
until Christmas morning.
Oh, you have a daughter?
- Yeah?
- Oh, yeah.
No, it's amazing. I actually
really admire that.
It's incredible for you to have
your own show and to still
take care of the family life
and it's really beautiful.
-Thank you. So, um.
-I really admire that.
You don't have kids?
I don't have any children. No.
And never been married?
I don't know if I should share
that on the air.
So I was engaged once,
and it obviously didn't
work out.
I'm here.
We decided to part ways
So we're still friends.
And we just grew apart.
Okay. And that's all the time
that we have for today.
Oh, already?
I feel like
I could talk to you for hours.
-Yeah. Likewise.
-All righty.
I got to wrap up the show.
Don't take those off yet.
I'm sure all of our listeners
are loving Ben.
Of course. So, it was so great
to meet you in person.
Thank you so much for coming.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
That's it for our show today.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Great job, guys.
Great, great show.
Great show. Okay.
Yeah, we're out.
She seems
to be in a bit of a hurry.
Sorry, but thank you again.
Come in.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Nothing's wrong.
I mean, we're,
we're saving the show, so.
That's good.
Well, then
why do you look so miserable?
I don't know.
I really like Ben. I do.
But he's not Todd.
I didn't realize that
Todd was an option.
Well, he's not.
I mean, he's obviously
and clearly moved on from me.
You saw his profile.
As long as I'm committed
to the show
and to the broadcast, he,
he doesn't
want to do it again, so.
I don't blame him.
have you told him that you're
having second thoughts
about the separation?
No, I haven't.
I mean, I made my bed
choosing the show,
so I got to, I got to lie in it.
Great news.
The station has picked your
date for the Christmas soiree.
Ben, the writer from Topline.
-Hmm. That's so great.
-So great.
And we're already talking
to Topline
about a potential partnership
for more
Brooke and Ben content.
So this could be huge
for all of us.
So just carry on and business
as usual. All right.
Okay. Well, the listeners,
they want a Christmas romance,
so let's give them a Christmas
romance, right?
Right. Yes.
All right. Well, okay.
Give me Ben's info, please.
I want to make this
as real as possible and
whatever. Who knows?
Maybe there's something there.
With us, right?
Right. Yes. Yes, of course.
So who'd they pick?
I'm not telling you that.
Why not?
You have to find out
at the Christmas
soiree like everybody else.
It's Ben.
They're picking Ben.
Oh, my gosh.
-And your feelings for him.
No, I don't have feelings
for him. I don't.
Okay, I like maybe might be
in the vicinity of considering
having feelings for him,
but no, he's, he's
the station's pick, so I'm not
going to tell him that
-I have feelings for him.
-Ha! So you admit it.
I think that's so sweet
and super romantic.
Doesn't matter how I feel.
I have to do
what's best for the show.
What's best for Brooke.
Sorry. I got to take this.
See you later.
- Ben Covington? Hi.
- Speaking.
My name is Mark Hanson,
and I'm the station manager
for WKPC.
Listen. We'd like to formally
invite you to the company
Christmas soiree tomorrow
as Brooke Walkins' date.
I'll have my assistant
send over all the details.
All right, chat soon.
-Ho, ho, ho!
Okay, so that was genius.
I'm sorry. What was? What?
Going on Breakfast with Brooke?
The number of reads on
your articles
have been through the roof
since the show.
have really taken notice.
I'm impressed.
Come in.
-Hey. Hey.
-Hey. Hi.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I was,
you know, just in the building
thought I'd swing by. See,
You don't still want to go
to the tasting at O Wine Bar
tonight, do you?
Oh, no, I probably shouldn't.
No. Yeah, of course.
Makes sense.
Kenzie, is, is everything okay?
I think so.
Because I want you to know
that I--
You are more than welcome
to still come.
I need to get back to this.
I got a lot of work to do.
Of course.
Busy. Busy.
Yes. Yep, I am that.
I'll leave you to it.
I'll see you around.
Hey, I just wanted to
catch you before
you went home for the night.
You're here late.
Yeah, I'm
still prepping
for the broadcast tomorrow.
You know
how live events can be.
Isn't that Brooke's job?
I guess. Technically, yeah.
But my parents don't fly
until Christmas morning,
and Brooke works
better from an outline,
so why not fill the time
with work?
She's lucky to have you.
And great job finding her
the perfect date for the party.
Ben is polling high
with our listeners.
It's so great.
And I'm sure I don't have
to remind you of the stakes.
You need to bring the romance.
And Brooke needs
her magical Christmas happy
ending, or suits upstairs are--
Yes, I got it.
It will happen, Brooke.
Christmas romance
What is it, dear?
Nothing. Mom, I'm fine.
I know you, son.
What's going on?
I have a lot on my mind.
Would it have to do
with a certain radio host?
It seems like the two of
you really hit it off.
I mean, of course I voted for
you on the WKPC website
and I told all the ladies
at pickleball to vote, too.
Thank you, Mom. Thank you.
I like Brooke a lot.
She seems like a great woman,
but I don't know all that
fashion pizzazz.
Well, she's a celebrity,
you know?
I mean, don't get me wrong,
It is very cool.
But the more I think about it,
the more I'm
just not
sure she's the woman for you.
What makes you say that?
Look, you don't light
up when you talk about it.
You get a bit excited. Sure.
But do you light up? No.
But it was worth a shot.
I mean, she is a local celebrity
I had to try.
What do you mean?
Like you don't think they just
plucked you out of thin
air to go on a date
with Brooke, do you?
I thought her producer
set me up.
Her producer?
Honey no, I submitted you.
I filled out the application
form and everything.
Did a mighty good job of it.
If I say so myself.
No, I'm sorry, backup, what?
What did you just say?
Pickleball ladies and I
were brainstorming on
who we could submit to go
on the blind date with Brooke?
It was fun.
All of us pitching our sons.
Can you
finish the tasting for me?
How do I finish the tasting?
Just, they're going to bring you
out food.
I need details on the menu,
pick a few items that you like,
Write about them here. Okay.
I'm going tell the manager
that you're going to do this.
-I'll be back.
I love you. Thank you.
I have to go.
'll let the manager know.
Okay. Bye.
There you are.
My mom
submitted the application.
-My mom.
She submitted the application
to go on a date with Brooke.
This whole time,
I felt silly thinking
that I was the only one
that had feelings for you
and that you didn't
have feelings for me.
And that's why you sent me
on a date with Brooke.
I don't have to
go through with it, Kenzie.
I do want you to.
What? Why?
You are the only person
who even remotely hit
it off with her.
And she said she might
actually be interested in you.
I mean, she texted you right?
No, no, she didn't text me,
and it wouldn't matter.
Listen, I know that
this is important to you,
so, yes, I'll go to the party
as her date.
Then we'll see what happens.
Yes, we'll see what happens.
No, no. With you two.
Mark already told me about
the potential partnership
between the station
and Topline.
The listeners, they really
like you two together.
This is the best thing
for our careers.
I'm sorry. Am I really the only
one that's feeling this?
Because ever since I met you,
I can't get
you out of my head.
Kenzie, you're funny,
you're driven,
you're talented,
you're kind and smart,
and I just...
Everything with Brooke,
that's not real.
Yeah, but they could be.
And you're the station's pick.
I can't, I won't
go against that.
You and Brooke,
you have a lot of chemistry.
This is the best thing
for the show.
-The show forget about the show.
-No, no, I can't.
I can't forget the show, Ben.
You're the only viable,
I don't have another option
-No, I like you, Ben.
I do.
But I've worked
way too hard for this.
I'm not going to let
some silly crush derail that.
If I give in to you.
Give in to this.
It will ruin everything.
Yeah, or it could be the best
thing that ever happened.
It's not
how the real world works.
-Kenzie, please.
-No, I'm sorry, Ben.
I'm sorry.
Hey. Kenzie.
How are you?
Todd? Hi. Good.
-How are you?
You know me, just
living the single life.
This Christmas, it's,
it's different.
Yeah. You're even online dating.
-Oh, I, uh,
I found your dating profile
in doing research
for the show.
Oh, that?
Jim in my office did that.
He did it as a joke.
I thought he took it down.
Wait, what?
Yeah, I'm not looking to date or
I don't even want to.
You know, what maybe it's time.
If online dating is good
for Brooke,
maybe it'll be good for me.
Yeah. Yeah. No, no,
You don't need online dating.
You're, you're good. Yeah.
I mean, unless you want you,
but maybe don't.
Okay. It was good to see you.
Merry Christmas?
Yes. Merry Christmas, Todd.
- Yeah.
- Merry Christmas. Okay.
See ya later.
Okay, so I was thinking,
what are you wearing tonight?
Uh, I don't know.
Maybe jeans?
What? You can't wear jeans.
The dress code says no jeans.
What are you wearing?
Okay, I was thinking
this blue dress with, like, a
subtle glitter heel.
I don't think glitters ever
been subtle.
Okay. Or this hot pink pantsuit?
We could get ready together.
Hey. What's wrong?
Oh, nothing.
Nothing's wrong.
-I ran into Todd.
-Brooke's ex Todd?
Yes, and he said that he didn't
make the dating profile.
One of his coworkers did. So.
So, Brooke thinks that Todd
made himself
the dating profile
and that he is online dating.
That's why she agreed
to go on the blind dates.
She wouldn't have done it
if he wasn't actually dating.
You can't tell her. Why not?
You didn't hear this from me,
but Megan in advertising
told me she was talking
to Karen in accounting
about how the suits
are pretty set on cutting
Brooke from the lineup
if this whole partnership
with Topline doesn't
go well. It's bringing in a
lot of money for the station.
And if she knew that Todd
wasn't actually online dating,
that would blow
everything up with Ben.
So if you want to
keep your show on-air,
you can't tell her.
At least wait till after
the Christmas party?
-Oh boy.
So, the pantsuit?
Yeah. Okay.
I'll see you later.
See you later.
There he is, Mr. WKPC and
partner of Topline Papers.
You excited about the party
Come on. It'll be fun.
What's better than a little
on a cozy winter's evening?
Whatever you say.
- Yeah.
- Get in.
Hey, I've been texting you.
Is everything okay?
Today is,
today's the day that Todd
and I met.
I know it might sound silly,
but we would
call it our "Met Day,"
and we would celebrate it
every year at that
little restaurant Zini's.
And we would get the little
table by the window. And
every year I would fall
more and more in love with him.
Oh, I really thought
he was my soul mate.
I mean, how do you let
your soul mate, slip away?
But I did, because I'm
so focused on my career
and this show.
Anyway, I'm so sorry
to dump all this on you.
Are you okay?
Mm-hm. Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine,
I'm totally fine.
I just have a thing
that I have to go do right now
that I forgot about.
It was. It was.
It was a pre-planned thing.
So I'm going to,
I'm going to go,
but I will see you later.
- Okay? Bye.
- Bye.
I have a reservation
for two for Walkins.
Yes, he's over there.
Thank you.
You're very welcome.
Sorry I'm late, I--
Happy Met Day.
What are you doing here?
I heard through the grapevine
that you were looking for a
date to a certain Christmas
Eve party tonight?
-You look beautiful.
Thank you.
And you look very handsome.
Thank you
for the heads up.
Have a great time tonight.
Okay. Okay. Bye.
You good, Mr. Grumpy?
What's wrong?
What? Yeah.
It was just Kenzie, she canceled
my date with Brooke tonight.
Said I was more than welcome
to go to the party.
Just not as Brooke's
official date.
Oh, you're still going
to go, though. Right?
What, to the party? No, no.
Come on, let's throw a suit on
and go
and celebrate a little bit
of Christmas magic.
Maybe a little holiday
I think I'm a holiday
romance-d out.
Thank you very much, but no,
thank you.
But as much as I love the idea
of being a third wheel
to you and Maya,
Yeah, I think I'll pass.
You could just make it up with
Kenzie, then you'd be on your
own, totally dependable,
two wheeled bike.
I don't think that's
going to happen.
Are you sure?
Yeah. You're
not going to win this one.
All right.
Go. You look great.
Look at you.
You look great.
Okay, man.
I know you do enjoy
a Friday evening in
with your fish.
It's Mr. Bubbles,
and you know that
you know his name.
I love the tie.
It looks perfect.
You go.
-No, you go.
-No, no, no.
Please, please. You go.
Thank you.
Well, I've been going on
these blind dates
through the show, and--
I've listened every broadcast.
-You do?
-Of course!
I wouldn't
miss an episode of your show.
It's been really good.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
You seem so relaxed. Engaged.
- Thank you.
- Hopeful.
I haven't seen
you like this in years.
So if dating
makes you feel
that way, then, please--
Babe. It doesn't.
You do.
You make me feel that way.
And, yes,
I've gone on dates
with some great guys.
But they're not you.
They're not my Todd.
I miss us so much.
I feel the same way.
-You do?
I feel like
the last few months
I haven't been myself.
I felt like
the biggest piece
of me was missing.
Todd, I know
I made such a big mistake.
I know I have thrown my
everything into my work
and the station
and the show when
I needed to throw a lot of it
into you.
You know, you're
my dream girl, right?
You know,
you're my dream guy, right?
I love you.
I love you, too.
Well. I think we have a
Christmas Eve party to go to.
I think we do.
-Shall we?
-We shall.
All right, party people.
T-minus two minutes
till showtime, now.
Does anyone have eyes
on Brooke?
She'll be here in a minute.
I love you.
And in case this doesn't go
well and I lose my job,
it's been amazing
working with you.
And I'll fill you in later.
Okay. Wish me luck.
Wait, Kenzie, what?
What is she talking about?
All right.
We are live in five,
four, three.
Good evening, everyone,
and welcome to the annual
Live Christmas Eve broadcast.
Thank you so much
for joining us this evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Kenzie Parker,
and I am the producer
of Breakfast with Brooke.
You might be wondering
where Brooke is
and who she picked for her
blind date.
Was it the funny Chris
or the charming Ben?
What about Keith?
Sound bath guy!
Or sound bath guy? Yes.
The truth is, it's
none of them,
because none of them
were the right fit for Brooke.
I was pushing Brooke to do
instead of encouraging her
to follow her heart.
I thought that
if I could set Brooke up
with the perfect situation
to fall in love,
that it would fix all of our
show's problems.
But I know
that's not the case.
So I did something else
and set her up with someone
else. Who,
I will let her share that
What is she doing?
She's saving the show.
Oh, here she is.
Everybody, Brooke Walkins.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much
for being here.
You're all very wonderful.
And I also need to give it up
for my fabulous
producer, Kenzie.
I really would not be here
if it weren't for her.
She is incredible.
She came up with this
crazy idea that you all loved.
So thank you so much, Kenzie,
for that.
And the truth is,
she actually helped me so much
because these
dates made me realize that
I had the perfect
guy right in front of me.
And I know a lot of
you know of him because I have
spoken about him
many times on the show.
And I'm very happy to say
that we are back together.
And it is my husband.
There is, though,
someone that does need a date
-that is very close to me.
-What are you doing?
Just go with it.
I actually noticed
a little connection with her
and the guy that was there
to be my date.
Wait, is she talking about Ben?
I want to introduce,
because you all loved him
on the show. Ben.
You'll thank me later.
Hi, Kenzie.
I was wondering
if you had a date
to the WKPC
Christmas Eve soiree?
So it turns out I don't,
but I would love one.
Thank you again,
everyone, for coming.
Merry Christmas
Eve and Merry Christmas.
And thank you again, Mark.
Let's give it up for
Todd and Brooke Walkins!
Hey, come in.
Hope you had a Merry
I did. Thank you.
Now, as you know,
we here at WKPC,
we value authenticity,
tenacity, spirit.
Which is why
Coffee with Kenzie
will be WKPC's
new morning segment,
which will alternate days
with Breakfast with Brooke.
All the data supports
that adding you to the morning
lineup will not only be good
for Brooke,
but good for the station.
You're trending
very high with the listeners.
Are you serious?
Yes, we are serious.
And you know that
I've been trying to find
a balance
between work and family.
And this is definitely
a step in the right direction.
And we both know
that you are going
to be an amazing addition
to our on-air team.
I second that,
and your show already
has its first sponsor,
Topline papers.
I think this has the potential
to be something really great.
So what do you say, Kenzie?
Oh, could you hold
the door, please?
Thank you.
Here. I got it.
Thank you, again.
No problem. Again.
Good morning, Ann Arbor.
I hope you had a very Merry
welcome to Coffee with Kenzie.
It feel so crazy
to actually say that.
Anywho, so
my name is Kenzie Parker,
and you might know me
as the producer of
Breakfast with Brooke.
Shout out to Brooke Walkins
for teaching me
everything I know.
To pay homage to Brooke,
I think we should start
the show
by taking some callers. Yeah?
Okay, let's do this.
Hi, caller.
You're having Coffee
with Kenzie!
Hi Kenzie, did
you have a Merry Christmas?
I did have a Merry
Christmas. Did you?
Oh, that's great.
That's, wait. You
do stockings twice?
Stockings on Christmas
Eve and Christmas morning?
That's epic!
I'm gonna steal that.
No, I love it.
I think that's genius.
Are there any other amazing
tips you should be giving me?