A Christmas Horror Story (2015) Movie Script

It's Christmas Eve, all who believe
Santa is here, but once a year
All girls and boys, dream of new toys
Soundly they sleep, wishes to keep
Jing jing-a-ling, come hear us sing
Wreaths on the door, stockings and more
Magic is thrive, spells come alive
Snow in the air, laughter to share
Family and friends, season to glens
Joyful and dear, end of the year
'Tis a very fun and special Christmas
'Tis a very fun and special Christmas
It's Christmas Eve, all who believe
Santa is here, but once a year
All girls and boys, dream of new toys
Soundly they sleep, wishes to keep
Jing jing-a-ling, come hear us sing
Wreaths on the door, stockings and more
Magic is thrive, spells come alive
Snow in the air, laughter to share...
Spirits throughout
It's Christmas Eve, all who believe
Santa is here, but once a year
All girls and boys, dream of new toys
Soundly they sleep, wishes to keep
Jing jing-a-ling, come hear us sing
Wreaths on the door, stockings and more
Magic is thrive, spells come alive
Snow in the air, laughter to share
Wreaths on the door, stockings and more
Magic is thrive, spells come alive...
It's Christmas Eve, all who believe
Santa is here, but once a year...
Easy there, Blitzen.
My old friend, Comet.
It's time.
Who's there?
Merry Christmas, Bailey Downs!
It's Christmas Eve...
the most wonderful time of the year.
And I'll tell you what, listeners.
"Dangerous Dan"
is gonna tell you a secret.
I love Christmas!
There, I said it.
And I don't care who knows it
'cause I love tinsel,
I love Rudolph, I love cranberries,
I love baby Jesus!
Before he went all hippy
with the sandals and long hair.
No, no, no, no, no, Susan,
I'm gonna talk about Jesus on the radio.
And you know why? Because it's his birthday
tomorrow, am I right, folks?
Speaking of reminders, it's almost time
for the big charity food drive
at the mall this afternoon.
Our very own weatherman of action,
Stormin' Norman
is gonna be down there helping out
like the true Christmas angel he is.
Norman, is there any truth to the rumor
that a very special guest
is gonna be making an appearance
at the food drive?
Oh, hey Norman, he's writing me
a little Christmas card.
This is exciting.
What's it gonna say?
Norman. Susan, did you see that?
You know who saw that?
Jesus saw that!
And his dad. He saw that.
All right, folks, looks like...
Norman's hitting the trail, so...
we'll just get this Christmas party
started without him!
Yes, sir! We're gonna share the spirit.
We're gonna deck some halls!
I'm gonna get Susan under the mistletoe
and you, my little elves,
you're gonna listen to one
of my favorite songs.
So here's to the season!
Here's to you...
Bailey Downs.
Let's get this Christmas party
started right.
- Girlfriend's late.
- Impossible, we use protection.
Made the mistake of watching this
alone last night,
but nobody can know I have this, okay?
December 25th. Time, 13:26 hours.
Constable Scott Peters,
conducting a preliminary walkthrough.
I used to babysit his son, Will.
Handprints on the wall.
Make sure you get that.
A lot of blood in here.
Victim's a male, Caucasian, late teens.
- Possibly a student here.
- Oh, boy.
Body showing signs of obvious staging
suggesting a ritualistic killing.
Time and cause of death
to be determined by autopsy.
Got some writing on the wall over here.
"For unto us a child is born.
Unto us a son is given."
Look at that.
Possible bible passage?
I don't know.
Me either.
What do you hear?
Scott, what are you hearing?
Poor baby... wakes
The little Lord Jesus
No crying he makes...
- Fuck!
- Christ!
Why was that cop singing that song?
No one knows, he went on stress leave
after this and doesn't talk about it.
Okay, and you still wanna go down there
just for some stupid school assignment?
Man up, Dylan. We obviously
can't use the police video, so...
we have to get our own footage.
Hey, babies.
- You're late, bitch.
- Sorry.
Dad pulled this family trip
out of his ass like an hour ago.
Merry Christmas. It'll get you through
any door in the school.
- I love you so much right now.
- Caprice, I can't believe you actually got them.
That's my honey.
Stickiest fingers in Bailey Downs.
Gotta go.
Don't get busted.
Come on, we got a long drive.
Christmas Eve and you wanna drive
to see your old aunt,
- who as far as I know, doesn't even like you.
- She doesn't like anyone.
Fine, but you're dragging us
along with you.
You know what, and I expect everyone
to be on their best behavior.
We're not in Saint Barth's for Christmas,
that's fine, or even Aspen, that's...
Okay, look, I just wanted
to have some bonding time.
You hear that, I want this
to be a happy, loving family.
So you want a Christmas miracle.
All right, son, let's get that tree.
It's cold out here?
I want the new Morph Machine.
The Morph Machine with the motorcycle
and the guy has a green vest.
Not the blue one, the other guy
with the Morph Machine.
You okay? We can go back if you want.
- I'm okay.
- He'll be fine, he'll be fine.
Not here.
What do you mean not here?
Baby, look at those.
Tell me you will find
the perfect Christmas tree.
- We can go right through here.
- Great, nice example for a cop, Scott.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
No one's gonna even know we're here.
Come on.
Come on!
Right behind you, son.
Come on, don't be scared.
Quit groping her, let's get on with it.
Five, four, three...
Christmas, usually a time
of joy and celebration,
but for Saint Joseph's Academy,
a time of mourning.
Exactly one year ago last Christmas Eve
this school was the scene
of an unimaginable crime
when two of its students,
Connor and Jenna, seen here,
were found murdered in cold blood.
With the killer still at large,
the atmosphere here in Bailey Downs
is truly grim this holiday season.
I'm Molly Simon, and this
is Horror in the Hallways.
- Wait, cut.
- What?
Are we really going
with that cheesy title?
Your opinion would mean a lot more to me
if you weren't failing Media Arts.
Hold on guys, I think I hear something.
- I'm fine!
- Shit.
It's Principal Harod.
We just need to be careful.
Yes, I... I know!
Lis... listen to me!
Go, go, go, go!
No, not that one, the other one.
Molly, hurry up.
Never mind, now I'm getting jumpy.
Principal Harod.
What the hell is he doing here
on Christmas Eve?
Keep it down!
- Great.
- I've got flashlights.
- Oh, nice.
- Come on, it's this way.
She better remember us in the will.
It's about time she invited us here.
- She did invite us, right?
- Think of it as a Christmas surprise.
- Taylor!
- 'tis the season. She'll be thrilled.
You see, the thing is...
To be honest, Aunt Etta,
I know you and mom had difficulties
and I just thought we could, you know,
get it out there and deal with it.
- Dear, maybe now's not a good time.
- It's Christmas, what could be a better time?
Christmas is all about forgiveness
and family and tradition.
If you just believe, if you let
that spirit in, it just... it fills you.
Don't touch that!
It's very old.
Is there some place more private
you and I could talk?
I wanna show you something
I think you might be interested in.
Four hours in the car and the old bat
doesn't even offer me a drink.
I'll help myself, thank you.
Look at this place,
it's like Paul Bunyan and Count Dracula
gayed up and built a dream home.
That is not a toy.
- Oh, hi there, we're the...
- I know who you are.
- This is Krampus, right?
- What's a Krampus?
He's like an anti-Santa Claus,
a demon who punishes the naughty.
He whips them, chains them up,
throws them in a sack, stuff like that.
When Krampus knocked, the demon
hunts the wicked from sunset to sunrise.
That's fun.
He comes for little boys
who touch things they shouldn't.
- Duncan!
- That was very unwise.
We will pay for it, of course.
Pick it up.
- Gerhart, what have you done?
- I did nothing.
The boy had... an unfortunate accident.
- Take your family and leave now.
- No, let's not be hasty here.
No, my son,
I feel one of my spells coming
and I cannot entertain guests. Goodbye.
Bicycle parts to Sector Five!
Organs sets to arrive!
Video games...
Get out of the way, get out of the way!
Have to take it out again this year.
- Talk to the Mrs., Sparkles.
- Santa, I need your signature.
Thank you.
So what are we up against
this year, Jingles?
Blizzard warning along
the Eastern seaboard.
Never met a blizzard that troubled me.
- It's bad, it's really bad.
- Another signature here.
- I'm worried about the trade winds.
- Trade winds.
- Safety first, Santa.
- Right here on the left.
Lots of kids are depending
on tonight going off without a hitch.
- Take a break, everyone!
- Yay, Mrs. Claus!
Even Christmas magic
needs a little fuel.
- Oh, cookies!
- Smells good.
- Cookies!
- What is this?
- Have a cookie, Shiny.
- No, I...
I don't know. No thank you.
It'll keep your strength up
for the long shift.
I'm not hungry.
Not hungry? They're cookies!
You're being silly, Shiny, you know
how much you love my cookies.
I said I don't want a goddamn cookie!
You reindeer fucking snow whore!
He's dead.
Dead? But elves...
Can't die.
Santa, elves can't die, right?
No. They cannot.
Yeah, he's gonna help
his pop put this up too.
This tree is way better
than the ones at the mall.
- We did it.
- Stop, we can't do this again.
Oh, no way.
They won't even miss it.
They got enough trees around here.
Look at this, babe, this is a perfect tree.
Smells like pine, you love pine.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don't think
it's gonna fit up the stairs.
Of course it will,
it'll be fine, trust me.
- Where's Will?
- He was right here with us. Will?
- Will?
- Will!
- Baby!
- Come on, we gotta go!
- This ain't time to play hide and seek now!
- Where are you, babe?
- We gotta go, come on, son!
- Will!
- Come on, boy, stop playing, we gotta go!
- Where are you, baby?
- Come on, honey, let's go!
- William, where are you?
- William!
- Where are you?
Where'd he go?
Couldn't have gone far.
- Over here.
- Oh, God.
This way, through here.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Come here, buddy!
Will. Will!
Come on, baby? Will, are you okay?
What the hell happened?
Why'd you take off like that? Why?
Don't yell at him!
It was your idea to come out here!
Oh, boy, real palace of fun down here.
Saint Joseph's used to be
a convent a long time ago,
this is part of the original building.
You could be a bride of Christ too, Molly,
you've got the whole virgin thing going on.
Actually, this is where they kept
the unmarried girls who got pregnant.
It was a big deal back then if they weren't
married, you had to keep them out of sight.
Didn't they shut this place down
before it became a school?
Yeah, yeah, there were a lot of
weird stories going around
like this 15 year old girl
claimed she was a virgin,
said it was a miracle
like the Virgin Mary, but...
no one believed her.
So what happened to her?
Don't you know, Ben? It was your mom.
No, actually, she died
trying to abort her baby.
Let's go.
This is it.
This is where Connor
and Jenna were killed.
Are you getting this?
You guys hear that?
Stay focused.
- This is where...
- We know. We saw the video.
I wanna make sure
I don't forget anything.
- Yeah? Let's see.
- Yeah.
Stick to camera work, Dylan.
Words aren't really your thing.
I just wanna make sure
there's no more horror in the hallways...
You okay? What's wrong?
Five minutes.
You guys couldn't act like a normal
goddamn family for five minutes.
I think we're pretty normal
compared to those two.
That creep deliberately baited Duncan.
Sweetheart, it wasn't your fault.
I don't know why your aunt got so mad
over some stupid piece of kitsch.
She wasn't mad. She was scared.
I can't believe you dragged us here
on Christmas Eve
so that you could hustle your own aunt,
that is a new low, Taylor, even for you.
It's not a hustle,
the Bioplex is a means of integrating
technology into a sustainable future,
where scientific innovation
is a shared experience.
Fine, yeah, it's all good when it pays
for the house and the vacations
and the school and the orthodontist,
but, otherwise, no, it's a big joke!
Come on!
Come on, come on.
Damn, damn, damn!
I'm standing at the very spot
where Connor was found crucified
exactly one year ago today
on Christmas Eve.
Connor's neck was broken.
And over here...
Jenna's mutilated body was found
hanging off some metal piping in the ceiling.
Why would somebody go to so much effort?
That is just one of the many unanswered
questions in this baffling case.
How's it look?
You guys...
it's still here.
Unto us a child is born.
Unto us a son is given.
That is fucking creepy.
It's from Isaiah, Chapter 9,
Verse 6 about the birth of Jesus.
Okay, this place is creeping me out.
I think we've got everything
we need, let's go.
Yeah, won't argue with you there.
What the hell?
What's wrong?
What the fuck?
I could've sworn it was this one.
Molly, come on, hurry up.
I tried them all three times,
none of them fit.
Principal Harod!
Principal Harod? Hello?
Principal Harod!
Of course now, he isn't around.
Can't see anything.
I've got full bars and some service,
it should be ringing.
Guys, what if Principal Harod
locked us in?
Why would he do that?
For all we know,
he could be down here with us.
I got nothing, too.
Come on, baby.
Will... you okay?
Sport, don't just sit there. Look like
you've never seen a Christmas tree before.
Why don't you help
your old man, all right?
I like that one. Okay, I'll do it.
Right there.
I wasn't around much
last Christmas, I know.
This year we're having fun, right?
Slow down, Will.
Looks like someone's
worked up an appetite.
That's his second serving.
It must be good.
It's making me hungry, let's eat.
You're eating too fast,
you're gonna get a tummy ache.
Will, you hear your mother
talking to you?
All right, I think that's enough.
- Damn it! What the fuck?
- Scott, no!
I'll handle it.
Yeah, you handle it.
What's wrong with that kid?
Why'd you do that?
Answer me!
Go to your room right now!
Christmas, the most
magical time of year,
but in Bailey Downs this Christmas...
it's different.
It's gotta be. It's true,
my friends, and you know it is.
So before I put another jingle
in your stocking,
I want you to think about
the little ones in your life
and give a thought to the little ones
who aren't with us anymore.
Yeah, this next one's for them.
For Jenna.
And Connor.
From Saint Joseph's Academy
taken from us last year cruelly.
I know they're listening.
Somewhere out there.
Martha, thank God!
What's going on?
It's the elves, I fear
they may all become infected.
Infected? What do you mean?
- Others are sick?
- It's worse than that.
- What happened?
- Shiny's body is gone.
He was laid to rest, but now...
it may already be too late.
But this doesn't make any sense.
Elves becoming the walking dead?
No, it does not make any sense.
Unless he is behind it.
Stand back, Martha!
You need to hide!
Open up, you fat fucking piece of shit!
Here's Shiny!
- Shiny risen from the dead!
- What?
- Quick, go, hide!
- Where's my fucking cookie?
Stay back, Jingles!
Yeah. Yeah, I got you, you cocksucker!
Motherfucker, oh, shit!
- I didn't find any windows without bars.
- Same here.
Guys, I can't be here,
I'm supposed to be at the mall helping
with the food drive or mom's gonna kill me.
We've all got places to be,
it's Christmas Eve, bro.
There's gotta be
another way out of here.
Oh, God.
A little jumpy, Dylan?
This is a nativity scene.
The school didn't put it up this year.
You can't openly display
a nativity scene anymore.
It's the war on Christmas.
Damn it, more bars.
Fuck, it's freezing down here.
I can hear it.
Damn thing is on.
It won't...
heat up.
Look, if we just sit around and wait it out,
I'm sure that somebody is gonna notice.
Only Caprice knows we're down here
and she's out of town.
The school's not gonna reopen
for another week and a half.
Look... if there was ever a time
to notice three missing kids,
tonight would be it, right?
We always open one gift.
Every Christmas Eve.
We eat pizza with champagne.
Watch The Sound of Music.
Before we go to bed...
we each open one gift.
Not this year.
Hell of a Christmas?
It's not pizza and champagne, but...
- Merry Christmas.
- Thanks, Dylan.
I didn't realize how starving I am.
What if he comes back?
The guy who killed Jenna and Connor,
what if he comes back tonight?
I mean, we're trapped down here.
- And there's a psychopath on the loose.
- Psycho's already here.
Principal Harod. I'm sure he locked
the door on us, who else could it be?
I get that he's creepy, okay?
But that doesn't mean he's a killer.
Then what's he doing here?
On Christmas Eve?
What makes matters worse, I gotta piss.
I'm sure Joe won't mind...
if I borrow this.
What is this place?
Caprice will know something's up
when Dylan doesn't call her tonight.
What is that fucking smell?
Do you hear that?
What is it?
What is it?
I don't know.
It stopped.
Molly, Molly, come on!
What's going on?
I don't know. I don't know.
She started freaking and twitching!
Will! Get out!
- How's your hand?
- I'll live.
Have you noticed Will
hasn't had to use his inhaler?
Really? That's a good thing, right?
Something seems wrong.
- Maybe we should take him to the doctor?
- The doctor? On Christmas Eve?
Maybe we should just keep an eye on him.
Come here.
You know...
they say you're allowed to open
one gift before Christmas.
Not right now.
All right, I just figured,
you know, it's...
- it's been awhile.
- What's going on?
What's going on with me?
What are you saying?
I mean with Will.
The way he's been acting.
Yeah, sure, whatever.
You know what, forget it.
No, wait.
"Dangerous" Dan!
Let's listen to this Christmas classic.
We should have stayed on the road.
Didn't exactly wear my "trudging
through the woods" boots.
Look, this will help us shave
a half hour off our walk back to Etta's,
plus I gave you all the option
of staying in the car.
Yeah, where mom and I would be easy prey
for drunk hillbilly rapists, no thanks, Dad.
- We should make weapons.
- What?
In case whatever dad nearly hit
comes and hunts us. The sun has set,
it is officially Krampusnacht,
the night of Krampus.
Son, that Krampus
is a load of old German bull...
Oh, my God, what happened?
Oh, my God, you're bleeding!
- Am I shot?
- I don't know!
Oh, my God. Duncan, get back here!
I got it!
- Oh, my God! Duncan!
- Oh, my God, Duncan!
- Duncan!
- Duncan!
Duncan, where are you?
- Duncan!
- Answer me!
- Oh, my God!
- Where is he?
I don't know. I don't know.
- We need the police.
- Mom, there's no service out here.
- What is that?
- Come on.
We have to run.
I'm gonna eat your fucking brains out,
you Christmas cunt.
Fuck you!
I'll break that fucking staff
in your rosy-cheeked ass, you fucker!
I'm sorry, Shiny.
I know it isn't your fault.
You don't have
the Christmas balls, you...
Bailey Downs, it's getting close there
and we're counting down to Christmas
and "Dangerous" Dan
is pulling his annual double shift
to stay with you until the end.
What, we're... Okay,
well we're gonna check in
with good ol' Stormin' Norman
down at the charity food drive.
Hey, Norman! Normey, you're a little...
little scratchy there, buddy.
What, I did press the button, Susan.
Why don't you press your own button?
Sorry, folks, looks like we got some of
those winter weather technical difficulties,
too many reindeer in the atmosphere.
That's my bet, so let's...
throw another eggnog on the fire.
No, wait a minute, let's...
let's throw another log on the fire
and pour yourself another eggnog.
You know, get some good Christmas vibes.
Out to Susan who is seriously
harshing my buzz right now.
And listen to this holly jolly classic.
Little shit.
Will, where are you?
- What is it?
- Where is he?
Where is he? Will?
- There you are.
- Baby, don't... don't!
Did you open those presents? Did you?
- Say something!
- Scott!
- You think this is a game?
- What are you doing?
Say something. Look at him,
think it's all one big fucking joke!
- Scott!
- You think this is funny?
- No!
- Move!
No! No! No! Don't! Stop!
I knew this would happen!
You refused to see a doctor,
you said you could handle it!
I... did you not see what he did?
Get out!
Will, you all right?
- Hello?
- Is this the Peters household?
Got yourself a nice
Christmas tree, did you?
Who is this?
You don't know me, just consider me
a concerned neighbor.
You were on my land,
took one of my trees,
and I saw your license plate.
What do you want?
Your boy, how is he? Did something
happen to him in the grove?
- Look, I don't know...
- I said...
did something happen to your boy.
He got lost, but we found him later.
No, you didn't. He's still lost.
Now we haven't got much time,
so you're gonna have to do as I say.
Bring the changeling back to the forest
where you lost your son.
Changeling? What the hell is that?
Ma'am... that ain't your son.
- Don't call again.
- Wait, wait!
We... were worried about you.
- What is it? You okay?
- Just come.
I have to show you something.
Should I wake Ben?
Where are you going?
You kidding me?
You're serious?
Molly. Molly, Molly, Molly.
Hey, this isn't gonna happen, Molly,
I have a girlfriend.
I think you're in shock or something.
Will, is that you?
I shouldn't have lost my head
like that, I'm sorry.
Dad's just...
been a little stressed lately.
But I'm trying. I'm trying to be better.
Get in. In, in.
Pull him here, get him here. Okay.
Do you think that you could walk?
We have to find Duncan.
- Yeah, I can go, I can go.
- Dad, no, you can't.
Mom, we have to stay here,
something's still out there.
He is out there by himself.
Mom, what if it really is Krampus?
We have to stay in this church
until sunrise.
- That is insane, let's go.
- Yeah, it is.
Church, church,
we have to confess our sins.
I'm not gonna make it to sunrise,
I've lost too much blood.
We have to get past that thing.
They say it comes for the wicked.
Maybe if we confess in a church,
we can absolve ourselves of our sins.
That is ridiculous.
I stole this.
You what?
From Aunt Etta's.
I don't know why,
I can't really help myself.
But honest, I'm not as bad as those
other kids with the sex and the drugs
and the cutting and...
Mom, I don't do that. I...
I just steal stuff. Stupid stuff.
I'm sorry.
Even if this is that Krampus thing,
none of this is gonna help, okay?
That monster took Duncan
and Duncan was innocent.
No, he wasn't.
I mean, what do you think
happened to all our pets?
I'm going out there myself.
Mom, the day our cat disappeared I found
Duncan in the garage with a garbage bag.
He had blood all over his hands.
- He was smiling.
- No! No!
This is your fault! If you had just spent
more time with him, but all you care about
- is your stupid precious business...
- There is no business.
- What?
- Bioplex has been dead for years.
I just raise money to pay debts
to keep things going.
It's all gonna come crashing down.
Etta was my last hope
and she thinks I'm a swindler.
She's probably right.
I'm so sorry.
We're gonna lose everything.
And I'm going to jail.
- Why would you...
- It was the only way I could keep you.
I mean, come on.
A guy like me with a woman like you?
I wanted to give you nice things.
A nice home, make you happy,
give you the life you deserve.
I just thought that you weren't
interested anymore.
Oh, no.
I did it all for you.
Merry Christmas.
I'm sorry.
- Taylor! Taylor!
- Dad!
Go. Get in, get in!
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
There's some...
there's something on my leg.
- What?
- There's something on my leg.
I love you. I love you. Run, go, run!
Right here, you son of a bitch!
What are you doing?
Can you move the light?
What happened? We...
We couldn't wake you up.
Aren't you cold like that?
Where's Dylan?
In the room.
That room?
What's he doing there?
He wanted me to join him, but...
I wanted to stay here with you.
- Are you sure?
- This is what you want, isn't it?
What the fuck? What the fuck?
What the fuck did you do to me?
What did I do to you?
Who's there?
Dylan, is that you?
Ben, no.
I guess you're ready to listen now.
What do I do?
Listen good.
You gotta bring the creature
back to the grove.
But you gotta be careful,
it won't come willingly.
It's tasted human pleasures.
What about Will?
The only way is to bring
the changeling back,
but don't let it sense your intention,
it senses things.
It cannot feel threatened.
I'll be waiting.
Do you wanna go for a ride?
Hey, Will.
You wanna put your boots on?
Come on, baby.
You and mommy can go
have some fun outside.
Come on, buddy.
Come on, you little devils!
Come on, you jolly fu...
I got ya! Come here, Santa,
you fat bastard!
You again!
It's complete and utter chaos
down at the mall,
police and emergency cruiser
on the scene. We don't really know...
what's going on, still no word
from Stormin' Norman.
But I'm sure a crusty ol' bird
like Norman will be fine.
We give Norman a hard time around here,
but he's the weatherman, so...
I think he has a Master's Degree from
Colombia or something depressing like that.
But we love him...
so check in as soon as you can, Normey.
In the meantime, it's my job
to keep the Christmas spirit alive
and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
Let's give this...
next yuletide tune a spin.
Oh, man.
Don't point that thing at me, honey.
Put it down, it's okay.
- I brought it.
- Thanks.
What's the matter with you?
There's so many of them.
It's all right, they're not gonna touch you
as long as I'm here. They're afraid of me.
I know how to herd them, herd them good.
The trolls have been
on our land for generations.
I guess you could say I watch over them.
Thanks for bringing this one back, it would've
sensed me coming from a mile away.
I brought it like you said.
Now where's my son?
I don't know.
What'd you do?
You keep running off and now look what
you've done. Now look what you've done!
- What are you doing, where's my son?
- The little devils never listen.
They never listen no matter
how many times I tell them.
Where is he? I want my son back!
I wish I could help, but I can't,
it's not up to me.
You lied to me! It killed my husband!
Don't hurt it! Put the gun...
My baby boy, please.
My son.
Oh, Will...
Come here!
Is that really you?
Oh, look at you, oh, God, oh, baby.
Oh, baby.
- I got lost.
- Oh, it's okay, baby.
It's okay, it's okay, baby.
It's okay, sweetheart.
It's okay, baby.
Let's go home.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Grace wants me to carry her son.
That 15 year old girl who tried
to get rid of her baby, this is her room.
Molly, where are you getting this from?
Connor and Jenna wouldn't help her,
but you and I did.
I'm going to have her child.
You brought us down here!
You fucked me.
And you killed Dylan!
Molly! Molly!
Help me, Molly!
Aunt Etta!
Etta, let me in!
Aunt Etta!
Don't leave me out here!
Etta, help me!
Merry Christmas, motherfucker!
It is almost dawn.
We will be safe.
Shouldn't we try and fix this
to trap him again?
Whatever do you mean?
Wasn't that how he got out?
When Duncan broke it?
Oh, no, dear, this is just an ornament.
Then how did Gerhart turn into it?
Krampus is a Christmas spirit.
And like your father said...
The Christmas spirit can fill anyone.
But if your heart is blackened
with anger and vindictiveness,
then this spirit will fill it
until you become a hellish beast.
A hunter of the wicked.
Gerhart's anger let it in and...
He came after us.
So you kicked Gerhart out
after you kicked us out.
Then you put the cross on the door
to protect yourself from Krampus, right?
- That's why you sent us away.
- What?
You knew my fucked up family would be shark
bait for that thing, so you got rid of us.
- Wait, it isn't like that at all...
- Sure it is!
You thought Gerhart was gonna turn so you
sent us away knowing that he'd come after us.
You sacrificed us for Krampus
to save your selfish old ass!
Oh, please, please, now calm yourself.
You don't know the forces
that you are playing with.
Yes, I do.
And I know something else.
You've been a bad girl.
Mother of God!
Police are telling...
people just to stay away.
All right, just keep clear of the mall.
I know a lot of you are worried
about your friends and family, well...
the best thing you can do is just...
stay put.
And pray for a Christmas miracle.
Still no word on how many hostages
there may be down there, but...
But just... just stay at home.
For the love of God.
Is that you, dear?
Who's there?
Martha... is that you?
Leave me alone.
It's safe now.
It's over.
It's not over!
Oh, my darling.
Who's there?
I knew it. Krampus!
Vile enemy of Christmas.
We end this tonight.
Norman, stop!
Please don't kill me, Norman.
Who's Norman?
What the fuck is wrong with you, Norman?
Martha, is that you?
- Leave me alone.
- It's only me.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
It's time.
Freeze! Put your hands up now!
What the hell is it about Christmas
in Bailey Downs?
Are we cursed or something?
Why does this season of love
and peace and goodwill
keep ending in blood
and death and horror?
You keep the spirit in your hearts,
you hear me, people.
You hug your loved ones
and you keep them close
and you treat them every Christmas
like it might be your last.
Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtail ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle...
Let's go to the phones.
Hey, look, if they just had more
police training, then stuff like this...
You think more police can do anything?
Are you... it's Christmas!
There are magical dark forces
out there. People, wake up!
It's a beautiful season, it's light
and it's dark and it's ying and it's yang.
For our Asian friends out there,
you know who you are.
I said Asian, right?
I didn't say Oriental, right?
Well, I don't know!
You tell me which is offensive.
I'm a Christmas expert.
It's 11 Lords a-leapin' and ten mai...
ten maids a-milkin'.
No, no, no, don't go to the...
Don't you Google that!
I hate it!
We as a society...
can't go five minutes without...
looking... looking up a...
No, wait a minute,
somebody's texting me.
It's 11 pipers piping,
I'm way off, I'm sorry.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
Horse open sleigh
It's Christmas Eve, all who believe
Santa is here, but once a year
All girls and boys, dream of new toys
Soundly they sleep, wishes to keep
Jing jing-a-ling, come hear us sing
Wreaths on the door, stockings and more
Magic is thrive, spells come alive
Snow in the air, laughter to share
Family and friends, season to glens
Joyful and dear, end of the year
'Tis a very fun and special Christmas
'Tis a very fun and special Christmas
It's Christmas Eve, all who believe
Santa is here, but once a year
All girls and boys, dream of new toys
Soundly they sleep, wishes to keep
Jing jing-a-ling, come hear us sing
Wreaths on the door, stockings and more
Magic is thrive, spells come alive
Snow in the air, laughter to share...
Spirits throughout
It's Christmas Eve, all who believe
Santa is here, but once a year
All girls and boys, dream of new toys
Soundly they sleep, wishes to keep
Jing jing-a-ling, come hear us sing
Wreaths on the door, stockings and more
Magic is thrive, spells come alive
Snow in the air, laughter to share
Wreaths on the door, stockings and more
Magic is thrive, spells come alive
It's Christmas Eve, all who believe
Santa is here, but once a year
All girls and boys, dream of new toys
Soundly they sleep, wishes to keep
Magic is thrive, spells come alive
Snow in the air, laughter to share
Wreaths on the door,
stockings and more...