A Christmas Melody (2015) Movie Script

Spare some change, miss?
I'm... I'm so sorry.
I don't have any cash on me.
You know what?
This $5 bill was from my very first sale.
It was... It was meaningful to me once.
Maybe it'll bring you more luck
than it brought me.
Bless you.
Merry Christmas, sir.
Merry Christmas, miss.
I like what you've done with the place.
Hayley, you are my best friend.
How could you not tell me
I've become a pack rat?
You are a designer,
which means
you are designed to save things.
Like this couture dress that you designed
out of that hideous bridesmaid's gown.
Okay, no, no, no.
You're supposed to be helping me pack,
not unpack.
But I'm not gonna act like I'm happy
about this plan.
I don't want to see you go.
I don't want to see me go either,
but we don't have a choice.
My little... Little start-up was turning into
a shutdown quicker than I knew it.
Man, I was just in over my head.
When my Aunt Sarah suggested it,
how was I supposed to say no?
My dad's house is just sitting there.
I mean, it's a free place to live.
Yeah. In Ohio,
which is like a million miles away.
I just wish that we could've made it work.
Well, that would've meant
not eating or sleeping
or seeing my daughter for the next year.
And you know what? I... I just...
I feel like maybe this is for the best.
That's what people say
when they're trying to convince themselves
of something that they don't believe in.
Well, look at you. You landed on your feet.
I mean, you're this amazing wedding dress
designer for Butler's Department Store.
Yeah, because you taught me
everything I know.
I really think this could be for the best.
You know, things haven't been easy
since Emily's father passed away.
Well, yeah. But it's been a long time.
-You're all she's ever known.
So maybe it'll be good for her
to be around some family.
You know, spending time
in my old hometown where...
-I mean, the people really are tight-knit there.
And if it's so great, then why did you leave?
To follow my dreams.
Which are currently under a slight revision.
Well, hey, peanut. What you got there?
Stuff for the recycle bin.
Why are you throwing away
your sheet music from choir?
Everybody around here has given up
their dreams anyway.
No, no, no.
No one is giving up their dreams. Okay?
And people...
People sing in Silver Falls, Ohio.
Maybe even more so.
Right, Hayley?
Hayley, right?
Your mom's right.
Just because you're moving away
doesn't mean
that you don't get to make new friends
and keep doing the things that you love.
I don't know. I was asking.
I'm just kidding.
You're gonna love it there
before you know it.
She's right.
Give me those.
Look at you.
You were just a little tiny baby.
You remember that?
-Yeah, you probably don't remember that.
So cute.
Hey, angel. What you doing?
Making sure I have
all my friends' email addresses
so we can stay in touch when I get to Ohio.
This way, it'll almost be like
I'm not even gone, right?
You remember that it's almost Christmas?
Have you thought about what you want
Santa to bring you this year?
Well, you still believe that Santa grants
Christmas wishes, don't you?
But not this wish.
Listen, I know you don't want to leave LA.
I don't either.
But we still have each other.
And we're gonna be living
around the corner from my Aunt Sarah,
who you're gonna love,
because she's hilarious.
And for the first time ever,
you're gonna get to experience
a real white Christmas. Yeah?
I'm trying too hard, aren't I?
Little bit.
Really? Just a little?
How about a little bit of this?
And a little bit of this?
And a little bit of this?
What about you, Mom? Do you still believe?
I think so.
I want to.
I mean, I think you're never too old
to believe in Christmas wishes.
Even at your age?
Thanks a lot.
I think I need to believe now more than ever.
Love you, Mom.
I love you more.
So much more.
All right.
Now go night-night.
"Dear Santa, I know this letter's late
with Christmas so near
"But I wasn't sure even you could
make my wish come true this year
"Because it isn't a present
you can wrap up with a bow
"It's something more meaningful
than you'll ever know
"This year, Santa, I just want a way
"For you to find Mom
a way to get us back to LA"
You're never too old
to believe in Christmas wishes, huh?
In that case,
please give Emily the best,
most wonderful Christmas ever.
"I don't want any gifts I just want to go home
"Mom says I'll be real happy there,
but I feel so alone
"Love, Emily"
How you doing, Em?
Are we there yet?
Yeah, in about two days.
Come on. You know what?
Let's sing a Christmas carol.
Lead the way.
Twelve Days of Christmas. Take it away.
Silver Falls Diner. This is Sarah.
Can you please hold?
Hey, how much for two turkey plate specials
with an extra side of stuffing?
Baby niece, I believed you.
Just hold on.
I'm gonna get rid of this joker, all right?
Yes, sir, a coconut cream, lemon meringue,
and apple brown Betty.
Yeah, Betty. No, it's Sarah, not Betty.
Happy holidays.
Are you close? Where are you?
Yeah. We have about an hour to go.
Really? Okay. Well, you know what?
I'm gonna close early.
I'm gonna come meet you.
No, it's fine.
I'm... I'm exhausted
and Emily's already asleep.
So we'll just...we'll go to the house
and get settled.
All right, no, that's okay. That's a plan.
I'll see you tomorrow. Love you.
You too.
So is your niece planning on making a visit
for her Christmas holiday?
Better than that,
she's moving into the old house.
Kristin is...
She's moving into the old house.
She's moving back to our town.
Wait a minute.
Didn't you used to have a mad crush on her
in high school?
Sarah, look, truth be told,
every guy in Silver Falls from middle school
to high school, senior year,
had a mad crush on your niece.
That's the truth. It wasn't just me.
What would you like me to...
What are you doing?
Look, we were...
You know, we hardly even knew each other,
not to mention
we travelled in different circles.
She was obviously
one of the more popular girls, and I was...
A band geek?
You know what?
Besides being a band geek,
I was the lead
in the Silver Falls marching band.
Not to mention, I led the choir.
And, I'm very proud of this by the way,
but I wrote the school anthem.
Band geek.
I'm a band geek.
Em, wake up. Look, we're here.
It's so pretty. Isn't it pretty?
I'm so glad we're finally here.
It's a lot of lights, huh?
Come on. We're finally here.
Good girl.
Look at it.
"Welcome home."
That's so sweet.
We're here.
Look at this.
Aunt Sarah's taking care of us already.
Over here.
Em, this used to be my room.
And now it's yours. Isn't that cool?
Okay. It could use a... A little sprucing up.
But we can just redecorate.
We can make it yours.
All right.
You're just cranky 'cause you're tired.
Don't be like this, Em.
Try and at least give it a chance, okay?
You know,
I used to love laying in this bed at night.
And I would stare up at the ceiling
and think about
all the things
I couldn't wait to do the next day.
This one time I remember
that there was a snowstorm,
and all I could think about
was how I wanted to build
a snowman and a snowwoman
in the morning.
And I did, and I dressed them up in clothes
like they were getting married.
I guess I was designing clothes
even back then, huh?
Come on, Em! You don't want to be late
for your first day of school!
Come on.
All right. Chop-chop.
Honey, isn't this great? Look at this.
Here, we get to walk to school.
In LA, we'd be in the car, sitting in traffic.
Where here we get to walk in the ice cold.
So there's a cloud
in every silver lining, is that it?
I liked my old school.
I know you did, honey,
but just give this place a chance.
What if I don't like it?
Well, just have an open mind about it, okay?
I mean, this could turn out to be better
than both of us ever hoped.
Can you do that for Mama?
Okay, I guess.
You guess? Okay, well, I'll take it.
What do you have there?
I wrote a letter to Santa.
You did? Good for you.
I went on the Internet
and found out it's better to send it
because Santa has a private email account.
You know what? He probably does.
Because he probably saves that email
for just... I don't know.
Important weather stuff
and reindeer supplies.
You want me to take it
to the post office for you?
That's okay. I put a stamp on it myself.
I want to make sure it gets to him in time.
We better go. We're gonna be late.
I want you to have so much fun
on your first day.
Hi. This is Emily Parson.
Our new student. Emily, hello.
We're been waiting for you.
All the way from Los Angeles, California.
It's like you're a celebrity or something.
I'll say.
We rarely get students
from places so glamorous.
LA's not as glamorous as you think.
I mean, it's...
It's more glamorous. Right, Em?
In that case, maybe I should take you
to your new classroom,
and you can tell them all about it?
-Do you want me to go with you?
-No. I'm okay.
You sure?
All right. There's my beautiful angel.
I'll see you after, okay?
You'll be with Mrs Metzler.
I think you two will get on great.
Please tell me that Mrs Meltzer
is a teacher that all the kids love.
She's actually
one of the more popular teachers.
Good. Good.
I mean, I don't want to be
one of those hover moms.
I'm sorry. It's just that...
This is a big move for Emily. For both of us.
Mrs Parson, I put together some paperwork
for you to fill out when you get home.
And if you'd like, there's a PTA meeting
that's gonna start in a few minutes.
PTA. Great.
That's definitely something
I wouldn't have been able to do in LA.
Thank you.
-I'm so sorry.
Kristin Randall?
It's actually Kristin Parson now.
Melissa McKean?
Melissa McKean-Atkinson.
Married now.
Twelve glorious years, three children,
huge four-bedroom,
three and a half bath, two-storey.
That's a lot of numbers.
My husband's a dentist.
Tenth anniversary present.
Are you wanting me to guess
how many carats or...
I mean, it's obvious that he must love you
a whole bunch.
But what about you?
I mean, I don't see a ring.
No, you... You don't.
Good for you.
I mean, there's no point in settling.
I don't mean to be rude,
but I'm actually on my way
to the PTA meeting, so...
Well, you're looking at the head of the PTA
right here, so I'll just walk you on down.
Guess today's your lucky day.
It's early yet.
I'm also spearheading
the school's Snowflake Pageant.
Of course you are.
I don't mean to brag,
but I'm, like, the go-to mom
for everything at Silver Falls.
Okay. Well, I'll have to remember that.
But what about you
and your big-city dreams?
I mean, if I remember correctly,
you couldn't wait to get out of Silver Falls.
That's a bit of an exaggeration.
Not really.
But what happened?
Well, sometimes dreams change.
People don't.
Okay, everyone. This is Emily Parson.
She just moved from Los Angeles.
Let's make her feel welcome, okay?
Hi, Emily.
Emily, why don't you sit next to Abigail?
You can share her math book for today.
Where'd you get that dress from?
My mom made it. She's a designer.
Your mom makes your clothes?
Isn't that a little embarrassing?
Okay, everyone. Fractions.
This commences our monthly meeting.
First off, I'd like everyone
to give a warm welcome
to our new single mom here
at Silver Falls Elementary, Kristin Parson.
Some of you might remember her
as Kristin Randall,
our senior class Most Likely to Succeed.
Hi, everyone.
I actually wasn't voted
Most Likely to Succeed.
That's right. I did.
But you did take home a title that night.
What was it again?
Best Dressed.
Okay, then.
First on the agenda,
the Silver Falls Snowflake Pageant.
Now, costumes have been covered
by Team AAH, Angela, April, and Holly.
And our music teacher, Mr Collier,
will be working with the kids
during music class and after school.
And we've got a wide variety
of talent this year.
Juggling, dancing, and, of course, singing.
Now, because I'm the lead organiser,
I'm gonna be counting on you to make sure
that this year is the biggest of all
in terms of ticket sales as well as donations.
Our new single mom would like to volunteer.
No, no. I... I didn't mean...
Well, I mean, I'm happy to help.
But I... I actually just wondered
if my daughter, Emily,
could audition for the show.
'Cause she loves to sing
and she dances and...
I'm sorry. The auditions are closed.
But I just thought that
since we just moved here, maybe you could...
I know,
but if I make an exception for your child,
then I have to make an exception
for every child.
Now let's talk about the bake sale.
I'm thinking we need to offer up
some gluten-free items this year.
Anyone object?
-Excuse me.
Hi. I'm looking for the music teacher,
Mr Collier.
-That would be me.
-Hi, I'm... I'm Kristin Randall.
Kristin... Kristin Randall. Hi.
It's me.
Mr Collier?
Danny. No, it's Danny. It's me.
Danny, hi.
Do... Do the teachers go by first names
at this school?
No, no. They... They go by first name.
I'm sorry, obviously you don't remember me.
We... We went to school together.
Silver Falls High School, class of 1998.
You don't remember?
Yeah, no.
We were in English class together.
As a matter of fact, we were in senior biology
and you and I dissected a frog together.
-The frog.
Yes, of course. Yeah, I... I... I mean,
I think I probably blocked that memory
out of my brain for obvious reasons.
-No one would blame you.
-How... How are you?
-I'm great. No, I'm good. Yeah.
Still single, you know, but...
You know, loving the single life, you know.
Yeah. I hear you.
Listen, I... I really hate to...
I hate to bother you, but can I ask a favour?
Of me? Yeah, of course, shoot.
My daughter, Emily, and I,
we just moved back to town and...
Well, I found out about
the Snowflake Pageant about an hour ago.
And she loves to sing
and she writes poetry, and I...
Listen, I know the auditions are closed,
and I'm not...
She may not get a spot in the show,
but could you...
I just wanted to give her a chance.
I know what you're trying to say.
And you know what? You're right.
I mean, technically, the auditions are over
and they ended a few days ago.
But you know what? Emily wasn't here,
so how was she supposed to know, right?
Yes. That's exactly what I said.
But you know what? Melissa McKean-Atkins?
Is that her name now?
Yeah, Melissa McKean-Atkins.
Yeah, she's a peach. Yeah.
-You know what?
-She said that it wouldn't be fair...
She hasn't changed since high school.
No, I think she's actually worse.
She might be. Anyway, look.
I'm obviously the music teacher, so look.
I'm gonna decide who auditions for my show
and who doesn't.
Why don't you do me a favour?
Tell me what is your daughter's talent.
Well, she loves to sing.
And again, I'm not asking you
to give her a spot. Just...
If you could let her audition.
You had me at "She loves to sing."
Okay? Of course I will.
Thank you.
I mean, I don't want to step on any toes
or anything.
Hey, step away.
Just bring Emily down after...
After school and have her audition for me.
Just give me a chance to see her and...
And hear her and see what's she's got.
-Really, thank... Thank you so much.
-You're welcome. Anytime.
Thank... All right.
Danny, Danny Collier, huh?
In the flesh.
Long time. It's... Thank you.
Great... Great seeing you.
-Thank you so much.
-No worries.
First days are the worst, aren't they?
How did you know
it's my first day of school?
Pretty obvious from that look on your face.
You haven't made any friends yet, huh?
Yet? More like ever.
People always sell themselves short
back where you come from?
It's all in the approach.
If you act negative,
you can't expect a positive result, right?
Thomas Dunning.
Nice to meet you, Thomas.
Nice to meet you, Emily Parson.
How do you know my name?
I know every child's name.
Every child at this school, of course.
I also know that you had a bumpy start
with Abigail Atkinson.
You know her?
So you're having a hard time fitting in, huh?
Yeah, but today's only my first day.
It can only get better from here, right?
Look what you just did.
You took a negative
and turned it into a positive.
You also made your first new friend.
See what happens?
So, what are you gonna do now?
Stand here and keep me from doing my job
or head out to that playground
and give it another try?
I'll see you around?
Sounds good.
There she is!
There's my favourite girl.
How was your first day?
-Okay, I guess.
-Did you make some friends?
-One, for sure.
-Well, one is better than none, right?
I have a surprise for you. Look at this.
I pulled some strings
and I got you an audition for the show.
You can show everyone
how much you love to sing.
But what if they're better than me?
Who cares? It's not a competition.
It's just about meeting some new friends
and doing something that you love.
You're right. I want to go for it.
You impress me.
Well, if you act negative, you can't expect
anything positive to happen.
That's true.
You better hurry
'cause Danny's waiting for you to audition.
Who's Danny?
Mr Collier, the music teacher.
We actually went to school together
back in the day.
If I could just remember
who he was back in the day.
-So what would you like to sing?
-I don't know.
I only heard about the audition
three minutes ago.
Okay, how about something Christmassy?
Deck the Halls, do you know the song?
-Okay. On three.
Keep going.
Very good!
That's fantastic.
So what do you think?
I think, Emily,
you're in as far as I'm concerned.
Listen, can you come by tomorrow
after school for our first rehearsal?
I think we can clear our schedules.
We'll see you then.
Thank you.
Want some background music?
I'm kidding. Good job, kiddo.
Guess who made the Christmas pageant.
Well, if it isn't a Christmas miracle.
Or is it my favourite grandniece?
Aren't I your only grandniece?
Doesn't matter.
If I have 1,000, you'd still be my favourite.
Look at... How was the first day of school?
This was her first day of school, everybody!
She's a genius.
You know what? To celebrate,
I want you to go over to that dessert case
and get any little thing your heart desires.
All right?
Yeah, go for it. You deserve it.
Hi, honey. How are you?
-It's so good to see you.
-You too.
And her. All right, sit down, sit down.
-Thank you.
You are a sight for sore eyes.
Boy. So...
Small-town girl returns from big city.
How is it to be back?
It's like I never left.
Really, the house,
it looks exactly like it did when I was a kid.
Even the school. We were there today and...
I ran into Melissa McKean.
Melissa McKean, my God.
She is meaner than tar.
We kind of got off on the wrong foot,
and I feel like
it's been in my mouth ever since.
You know what? I'm sure she has a big heart
deep, deep down.
Way deep, deep, deep, deep down.
Real deep.
So, who else did you see? Anybody?
No. I...
You know what? I saw...
Do you remember Danny Collier?
Danny is here every day. You remember...
He had such a huge crush on you
in high school.
Why am I having such a hard time
remembering him from back then?
Maybe because you were so obsessed
with boy bands,
and frantically trying to escape this town.
Okay, why does everyone keep saying that?
I loved growing up here.
I just was excited to get out and explore
something beyond my own backyard.
Well, now that you're back
in your own backyard, Dorothy,
what do you want to do?
I don't know.
I mean, closing down the boutique
and then moving here...
It's just kind of overwhelming.
Honey. Your head must be spinning.
I'm so sorry.
Well, we're happy to have you.
And, well, you know, I could always use
an extra hand around here if you haven't...
You probably don't want to.
Well, I mean, I haven't waited tables
since high school,
but I... I...
I would love to, just to have something to do.
-You would?
I'll take you up on that if you're serious.
Can I have cookies and cake? I can't decide.
Honey, have both.
Takes after her auntie.
You know what?
I'm gonna take the employee discount.
There must have been some magic
in that old silky cap they found.
For when I placed it on my head,
it was the greatest snowstorm
the town had ever seen.
That was fantastic.
That was very, very nice, Louis.
When you put the cap on your head,
you got to pick up the pace a little bit, okay?
Say that next line really, really quickly.
It's the joke, it's got to be done faster.
But other than that, it was fantastic.
Thanks, buddy.
You're doing great.
Look, you're the best.
I want you to shine, got it?
I didn't spend all that money
on dance lessons
for you to just fade into the scenery.
I can do this.
That's my little superstar.
Now get out there and kill it for Mommy!
Okay, who's next?
We're ready to go, Mr Collier.
Fantastic. Whenever you're ready.
Five, six, seven, eight!
Very good. Very, very good.
I'm sorry we didn't get to
your performance today, Emily,
but, you know, we were kind of...
Just ran out of time.
-You know?
-That's okay.
You know, I was thinking,
rather than a solo, maybe you could
just add me to a group performance?
I see.
So strength in numbers, is that it?
Are you getting a little anxious
getting up onstage all by yourself?
Maybe a little.
You know, there's a funny thing
about stage fright, Emily.
It's perfectly normal.
And if you weren't so good,
I would not be putting you in that position.
You sure you're not just being nice?
It's true, adults do that sometimes,
don't they?
I'm telling you the truth.
You are a real talent.
Thank you, Mr Collier.
You're welcome.
What are you... What are you working
on your notebook?
-What are you writing down?
-Nothing. Just some homework.
You used to go to school with my mom
when she was a kid.
It's crazy, huh?
What was she like back then?
Your mom, what was she...
She... She was a great student.
When I met your mom,
she loved art and fashion.
-What did you think of her?
What did I think of your mom?
Putting me on the spot here.
I thought she was amazing.
As a matter of fact, when I first met her,
she had this fearlessness about her.
And I knew that she could achieve anything
she set her mind to.
Yeah, and you are a lot like your mother.
Tell me more.
I don't think so.
Anyway, can we zip that up,
meet your mom at the diner?
There you go.
I got to tell you, kiddo,
if this music thing ever gets stale,
you should be a psychologist,
and I'll call you for therapy.
Okay. So, welcome to Silver Falls Diner.
May I take your order, please?
I am going to have the meat loaf.
Good choice. And you, madam?
Okay. And you?
I think I'll have the chicken potpie. No peas.
No peas?
Come on. Give peas a chance.
Hey. Here's my angel.
So, how was your first rehearsal?
Mr Collier thinks I'm good enough
for my own solo.
What do you think of that?
I think I need to thank Mr Collier
for taking you under his wing.
Em, come and have dinner
with your cousins.
-Hi, Danny.
-How you doing?
I really don't know how to thank you.
Come on. Don't worry about it.
I mean, I practically eat here, like,
every night, so it's no big deal.
I don't mean just for the drive.
I mean for everything.
Honestly, I was half expecting her
to come home from school in tears
blaming me for ruining her life,
which would've been true.
You're too hard on yourself.
I mean, from my perspective,
you're a terrific mom.
-Thank you.
-I mean it.
I just don't remember parenting
being this tough for my mom and dad.
-Amen, sister.
-Duty calls.
-Right. The infamous bell.
Anyway, thanks so much.
No, don't... Doesn't... No.
Danny on the Spot, right?
What's that?
That was your nickname in high school,
wasn't it?
Because you would always
raise your hand first,
and you always knew the right answer.
I haven't been called that in over 15 years.
And you know what? That frog we dissected,
you did all the work
'cause it made me queasy.
And you knew that.
You did it, and I...
I still got an A, thanks to you.
That's me. Danny on the Spot.
That's right. Well, thanks.
No problem.
She remembered.
Yeah, she remembered.
See you, Emily.
Em, you forgot your back...
Kristin Parson? You're Emily's mom, right?
I'm Thomas. I recognised her backpack.
Yes, she was so excited to get into class
that she literally just left it sitting outside.
Why wouldn't she be excited?
I hear this year's Snowflake Pageant
is going to be one of the best shows ever.
That's what I hear, too.
You must be very proud.
We just might have a star in the making
here at Silver Falls Elementary.
That is very kind of you to say.
I'm just so happy she has a spot in the show.
Listen, Thomas,
could you tell me the best way
to get the backpack back to Emily?
Annie in Attendance will make sure
to get it back safely.
Thank you so much.
If you don't mind
I found this out in the play yard,
and I was going to turn it in to Annie as well.
I thought it might be Emily's.
Have I returned it to its rightful owner?
You have.
Yeah, this means a lot to her, so thank you.
Well, you better tell Annie to put a rush on it.
Thank you.
What are we doing here?
This is your surprise.
Listen, I know
you've been having a hard time,
missing your friends from LA.
And, you know, Mr Collier told me
that you're also having a hard time
picking a song for the Christmas spectacular.
I just want it to be perfect.
I know.
That's why I thought that maybe we would
come get a Christmas tree
and it would put you into the spirit.
I get to pick out the tree?
Yeah. Any one you want.
Great. I want a big one,
so big we have to get on a ladder
to put the star on.
We're starting a new tradition
where we need a tree as tall as Santa?
A tree as tall as Santa.
-All right.
This one's too skinny.
Maybe this one.
Well, this one could be perfect.
You know what? I think that one's perfect.
Mr Collier?
Hey. Hey, Emily.
Looks like we have the same
after-school plan, huh?
Did you pick a tree?
I got to tell you, that is a nice tree.
It's a Scotch pine.
You know what's pretty cool
about a Scotch pine?
-It's native to the state of Ohio.
This is your first Ohio tree
for your very first Ohio Christmas.
Seems fitting, right?
Then this is the one I want.
Well, I don't know how we're gonna
actually get this tree into the house.
Come on, look. I'll just load it up in my truck.
I'll take it over.
No. No, no, I couldn't let you do that.
You've been...
You've been way too kind already.
Well, to be honest,
I really wasn't gonna do it for free.
I mean, I was hoping for a small delivery fee.
Say, I don't know,
maybe Emily can look around the lot
and try to find me a perfect tree,
just like the one you picked out.
What do you say, Emily?
Can you do that for me?
Thank you.
You still are just the good old guy
you were in high school, huh?
I guess old habits die hard.
-Is that the one?
-All right.
-I love it.
-Stick it up here.
-This is beautiful.
-All right.
-All right, you ready?
A little bit to... To my left.
-Your... My right?
-My... Your right.
Yeah, just a little bit. A little bit more.
A little bit more.
-Okay. That's good.
-How's that? Is that good?
Yeah, no, that's really good.
I think it's perfect.
Let's see.
-Yeah, it looks pretty good, actually.
That was close, huh?
I got it. I got it.
Mom, these are just the lights.
Where are the ornaments?
Yeah. You found
the Christmas decorations, huh?
You know what?
I think maybe I...
I packed the ornaments separately.
How about after dinner
I'll help you look, okay?
Does that sound good?
-Can Mr Collier stay?
Are you sure? I mean, I don't want to impose.
No. I mean, we're... We're still unpacking,
so we're gonna be eating
on paper plates and plastic utensils,
but, no, you're welcome to stay.
Great. Sounds like a Christmas picnic, right?
I'm in.
Let's go.
I got to tell you, that was incredible.
You know, I didn't know
you were such a great cook.
Looks like someone's
not a big fan of my lasagne.
Come on. Emily is just excited.
She's just looking for some decorations
to put up on the Christmas tree, that's all.
You're starting to know
my daughter really well.
Well, you know, from my perspective,
it looks like she's settling in nicely.
You think so?
I'm just so worried that
she's putting on a happy face for me.
Can I ask you a question?
Whatever happened to Emily's dad?
He... He passed away
when she was two years old.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't even...
I mean, that was just...
No. No. It's okay. It's... It's...
Honestly, it's part of the reason
that I moved back.
I just...
I just feel like she should have family,
more family than just me.
You know, but I feel like her head
and her heart are still back in LA.
I was looking in her journal and...
She's been writing in her journal
about how much she misses her friends.
Well, it's understandable.
I mean, come on, Kristen.
It'd be totally abnormal if she didn't miss
her friends and her life back home, right?
Yeah, but that's the thing.
I'm trying so hard to make this home.
And she'll get here.
Trust me, she will.
You just got to be more patient.
Okay. We got to talk for a second.
You told me that she likes to write poetry.
But you never mentioned
she was this talented.
Have you read these? I mean, this is...
I mean, this is unbelievable.
They're really good!
I know. I think she's gifted.
I really do and...
-I mean, her favourite subjects are...
-Thank you.
You're welcome.
Her favourite subjects are music and writing.
I have an idea.
Would Emily be interested
in combining the two?
Do you mean like writing a song?
-That's very sweet...
And I think she's really bright, but come on,
-she's nine years old.
-No. Look,
I will come, obviously, with the music.
All she's got to do is come up with lyrics.
Are you sure you know
what you're getting into?
Because my daughter is...
She's a bit of a perfectionist.
So I don't know if you're prepared for this.
Well, that being said, I guess we'll find out.
No, I'm excited.
I think we have something here.
Well, cheers.
So Emily had a little spring
to her step today.
She was all scribbling something
on her secret notebook.
She didn't even look up at me.
She is so excited,
'cause Danny's letting her write
her own lyrics
to the song she's gonna perform
at the Snowflake Pageant.
That's fantastic.
I know.
He's really just so wonderful to Emily.
Yeah. To Emily.
What... No. Really.
I mean, he's... He's helped
turn her whole attitude around.
That's not the only thing
that's been turned around.
-Just saying.
Mom, look at us.
We look like a bunch of Christmas piatas.
No, sweetie. It's not that bad.
It just needs a little bit of tailoring.
I measured twice and cut once.
Maybe she'll grow into it.
In two weeks?
I don't know what we were thinking.
I mean, Team AAH has become Team UGH.
There's no use complaining about it.
You just have to start over.
I mean, I could help,
but I don't think
Melissa would even allow that.
Mrs Atkinson? Is there a problem?
No problem, Principal Weber.
Just a little setback,
but we've got it under control.
I'm sure you remember, Mrs Atkinson,
that the money we make from the tickets
and donations for this show
help fund the school's
music programme for an entire year.
I know.
-We need something fun with some pizzazz.
-Got you.
So you want these costumes
to be a little bit more bedazzling?
There isn't enough bedazzle
in the state of Ohio to save these outfits.
Why not let my mom take over the costumes?
I mean, she is a fashion designer.
Ms Parson?
Do you think you'd be willing
to help us out of this mess?
She certainly couldn't do any worse.
I second the motion.
Hold on.
This is not a democracy.
I'm in charge, remember?
I think we should at least ask Ms Parson
if she'd be interested in volunteering.
But, Principal Weber, there's just no way
one person can solve this whole problem
in time for the school's pageant.
-Good point.
-I'd be willing to help out, Kristen,
if you'd show me what to do.
Yeah, me, too.
I know we have a limited skill set.
Then it's settled.
Sure. Of course I'll help.
I'll get it! I'll get it! I'll get it!
-Hi, Mr Collier.
-Hey, Emily.
You ready to work on your song?
Mom just asked that we stay out of her hair.
-I didn't say that.
I'm just on a mission,
and I can't afford any interruptions.
She's a little cranky.
Better be quiet.
I heard that. And I am not.
-Here's what I got so far.
-All right.
-So, I wrote this letter to Santa.
And I mailed it and everything,
but now I think
I might want to change my wish.
But you just told me
you already sent it out there, right?
Yeah, but I thought Santa would totally
hear it if I sang a song to him, right?
I mean, even if he wasn't, like, at the school,
because that's not possible.
But, you know, he hears everything.
Can I see what you wrote?
It's just a couple lines.
It's not a great poem.
Doesn't really rhyme yet. I have to redo it.
You're kidding. Let's decide together.
"Santa, if you get this letter,
won't you help me out?
"I know you're kind of busy
with your elves right now"
I love this. This is fantastic.
-It's great.
-But it's... But it's not a song.
Why not?
If you get this letter, won't you help me out?
How'd you do that?
Christmas magic.
If you get this letter, won't you help me out?
I know you're kind of busy
with your elves right now
And I don't know how
You do the things you do
while I sleep on Christmas Eve
That's perfect! That's perfect.
That's the third...
Okay, let's do it together. Hold that.
Actually, we'll just put this right here.
-You know it, right? Okay.
If you get this letter, won't you help me out?
I know you're kind of busy
with your elves right now
And I don't know how
You do the things you do
while I sleep on
-Christmas Eve
-Christmas Night
Eve? Is it Eve? Okay.
Let's do it one more time,
and we'll try to catch up.
So, how goes the progress?
I was about to ask you the same thing.
My little sleeping angel decided to take five?
She went back and forth
from working on her song to trying to get me
to help her decorate the Christmas tree,
but we couldn't find the box of ornaments.
I know I packed them,
so they have to be here somewhere.
I just...
I mean, unless they were lost in the move.
Did you unpack all the boxes?
Yeah, except for those boxes
of books in the pantry.
Maybe they're there.
Let's see.
Yeah, yeah. There they are.
Okay. Let me get this here.
-You got it?
She's gonna be so excited.
I'll put these back.
Aunt Sarah gave this to me
the year that Emily was born.
They're broken.
They're not all broken.
Hey, look. You can salvage this one.
There's a few here.
I'm sorry. It's silly. They're just...
They're just ornaments.
-I'm sorry.
No. Listen to me. Hey.
There's no need to be sorry.
These are part of your past, right?
You know what?
You can make new memories.
You can create a new future.
That's the problem.
I don't know where my future is going.
I mean, I thought I did, but...
Look where it got me.
It got you back to people that care about you.
Kristen, you've got to give yourself
a break, all right?
You're doing the best you can.
And what if that's not good enough?
Then you wait patiently
for circumstances to change,
and you stay the course.
All right?
You're a good guy.
You're a good guy.
You know that, Danny?
But you make it easy.
It's getting late, right? I mean, it's like...
Yeah. I mean, I... It is a school night, so...
Yeah, we should probably get rested up.
'Cause, you know, if we don't,
this Snowflake Pageant's
not gonna have a chance.
-Of course.
-You okay?
-I'm fine.
-All right.
-Sorry. I'm fine.
No, don't be sorry.
-All right. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?
-All right.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Your mom is so cool.
I can't wait to see what she makes for me.
You and me both.
-I'm doing a magic act.
What do you have in mind for my costume?
Well, we could go
with traditional coat and tails.
Or what would you think
of performing your act as a magical elf?
Mrs Parson, I like the way you think.
Okay. Thanks.
All right. Now, ladies,
since you guys are performing as a group,
I was thinking that you should
probably have matching outfits, right?
What? I... Really?
I thought we already decided.
My mom decided
to buy me a store-bought costume.
She wants me in something simple,
but tasteful that will really make me pop.
Okay. I'm sure she does.
Well, you know what?
That's why I'm working extra hard
to make sure that everyone's outfit pops.
So, I had a really cute idea for you.
So if you change your mind,
you let me know, okay?
Okay. Thanks.
All right. Hey, Emily. Where's Danny?
I thought you were supposed
to be rehearsing your song.
He had a lighting check in the auditorium.
He asked me to head over
after the costume fitting.
Okay, well, then you can go.
Even though I was really hoping
that I would get to hear the song.
Mom! Not until the night of production.
It's a surprise.
Well, if it's a surprise, then okay.
All right. Let's look at this princess.
-Do you like it?
-I love it.
Thank you. We just need to take it in
a little tiny bit at the waist.
Bit higher.
That's perfect.
Have you decided what song you're gonna
sing at the Snowflake Pageant yet?
Yes, as a matter of fact.
Well, don't tell me.
Let me guess.
Winter Wonderland.
Frosty the Snowman?
Silent Night?
You'll never guess it in a million years,
because I wrote it myself.
Well, me and Mr Collier.
An original song.
Very impressive. What's it about?
It's kind of a letter to Santa.
It's my Christmas wish.
I see.
Sounds pretty special.
Yeah, but I changed it.
It's not just for me any more.
It's for my mom.
Well, that's certainly selfless.
And if anyone can help you, it's Santa.
That's what I thought.
So, are you going to be there
at the Snowflake Pageant, to hear my song?
Well, I do have someplace to be
after the show.
You know, big Christmas Eve plans.
But, trust me, I wouldn't miss it for the world.
So I'll see you...
-I'm so sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-Hey. Are you...
-Are you okay?
-Yeah. Hi.
-Did I get you in the face right now?
-No, no. It's okay. I'm fine.
So, what were you doing, some last-minute...
Shopping. Yeah.
My Aunt Sarah was nice enough
to watch Emily for a little bit.
Well, that was nice of her.
So, how's it going
with all the outfits and everything?
They are good.
I mean, I... I have mothers
who are cutting patterns, so I...
-I kind of feel like we're okay.
How about you?
Well, actually, Emily has made me
take a vow of silence.
And I can't mention to anybody
anything about her performance,
so it's been fantastic.
Yeah, but are you...
Are you happy with the way
everything's turning out or...
Well, let me see...
So you're not gonna be helpful at all?
I can't tell you anything. I told you.
You know, I wanted to ask you
how you got into teaching,
'cause you're just so good with the kids.
-It's really inspiring.
-Thank you. That's too kind.
I mean, my career took a zigzag,
and that's really, kind of,
how I got into teaching.
So you weren't teaching right out of college?
-No! No, no, no. No, not at all.
Actually, once upon a time,
this Danny Collier had a dream
to become an American rock star.
Wait, what?
What? You're looking at me
like you're surprised.
-Don't be... Hey.
I was in a legit band here,
and we were pretty good.
Yeah. We were. We...
We actually opened up
for a few bands across the country.
We did the club circuit, colleges,
the whole thing.
I'm... I'm impressed.
I mean, this is a whole nother side of you
I just didn't know existed.
So, what happened?
You know, the gruelling hours, road trips...
Just, you know, took a toll on me,
and I just didn't want to do it any more, so...
Yeah, but what about the dream?
The dream, I discovered one evening,
when I realised I got a bigger thrill out
of teaching music than I ever did performing.
It's the truth.
That became the dream.
Yeah. I get that.
You do?
Yeah, I do understand,
because for the longest time,
all I ever really hoped for
was being a fashion designer, you know,
and having my own line, my own store.
So what's it been like
making up for lost time, then?
This is...
This has been better than I...
Than I could've hoped for, honestly.
-I mean, I'm not gonna lie.
There are moments where I do wish that
maybe I still have a chance
to design the next best thing.
I guess life is all about balance, right?
It's snowing.
Has it been that long
you forgot what it looks like?
I just forgot what it feels like.
You know what? Now Emily...
Emily gets to experience
this thrill for herself.
You know, a lot of people,
they're sick of this snow.
Not me.
I totally agree with you.
I love you, Silver Falls!
I love you, Silver Falls!
-Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
It's okay! She's just really happy to be home.
Okay. Let's get you out of here
before you slip and die.
All right.
There you go. High five. You deserve it.
Okay. Listen.
I have to talk to you about something.
I promised you
that I would take a vow of silence.
And I've kept my end of the bargain,
but you haven't kept your end of the bargain.
You haven't shared with me
your whole song.
Some of the verses are a work in progress.
So I guess I'll take your word for it.
But you know, Emily,
I'm confident when you're confident.
Do you know what that means?
You're right.
I can't keep changing the lyrics.
-What if I choke?
-You're not gonna choke. I promise.
You don't know that. I'm just a little kid.
It's entirely possible.
You're adorable.
Okay. I have an idea.
What if we taught
all the rest of the kids the chorus?
Just the chorus, not your song.
I mean, your song is yours.
Okay? It's your moment. It's your wish.
Just the chorus.
That way, they will become
your backup singers.
So when you get up on stage,
they will be your backup singers
and you will feel more confident
being out there by yourself.
Okay. Let's try.
You and I.
Right there. Okay?
All right. You'll... I want you to start, okay?
And then I'm gonna come in
as the chorus, okay?
Let's see how it goes. One, two, three...
Hey, Mommy? Hello?
Thank you so much for bringing her home.
Come on, you know it's no problem.
Mom, are those...
No, these are actual ornaments
I had when I was growing up.
Aunt Sarah saved them for us up in the attic.
Can you believe that?
What happened to ours?
Well, a lot of them
were broken during the move.
But I managed to save a ton of them.
And then I bought all these extras
so that we could fill out the tree.
Nice. Right, Emily?
Mr Collier, will you stay
and help us hang them?
That's a lot to ask for right now, Emily.
I mean, I got to be honest with you,
look at this beast in your living room.
It could take me days to get this job done.
I don't know.
But if you don't stay, no one will be able to
help us put the star on the top.
Okay. You know what?
I'm gonna stay, but under one condition.
You got to stop with the puppy-dog eyes.
Don't give me that. Stop.
No, no. Don't do that.
Don't... You're hurt... See?
You're... Now you're doing it?
That's great. Yeah.
Like mother, like daughter. That's great.
-All right. I'm in.
-All right. Let's get started.
What do you want me to do first?
I think lint makes everything look better.
-Or is this lint?
-Tinsel. Lint's on my jacket.
-This is tinsel.
Tinsel's on the tree.
Sorry. That's terrible.
Well, have a little.
Really? You know what?
You look better with it, too.
-Now you're like an '80s rock star.
-Come on.
-You guys, come on.
We still have to put the star on top.
You know what? I have a great idea.
I think you should do the honours.
But I'm too little.
Really? I have a solution.
-Be careful.
Can you reach?
All right.
That looks amazing.
-Quick! Turn on the lights!
-Turn on the lights.
-Right. Okay. I got it. I got it.
-What do you think about that?
-It's so pretty, isn't it?
I think it's amazing.
Me, too.
-We did a good job, yeah.
-You know what?
It is getting late, though,
and you should probably...
You want to start getting ready for bed?
-Not really.
Well, that wasn't really a question,
but fine, 10 more minutes.
I'm tired. Should I go to bed?
Who's that?
-You know what?
-Aunt Sarah said that she was making...
-...Christmas cookies.
-You put two or three
-more things on.
-That's probably her.
Well, merry Christmas!
My goodness! What a surprise!
Hi! What are you doing here?
-Come in. Come in.
...and that, it's small!
-Look who's...
Hey, peanut!
I missed you.
-I'm sorry. I'm interrupting. Hi.
-Hi. No, no, no, no.
-I'm Hayley Tillman.
-How're you doing?
-I worked with Kristen back in LA.
I'm Danny Collier. Nice to meet you.
So what are you doing here?
I mean, it's not like
you were just in the neighbourhood.
I decided that I had to come down here
because I have some great news.
So great that I bit the bullet
and bought a plane ticket
and came down here
to tell you both in person.
So, when the boutique closed,
I might have taken a couple lookbooks,
and last week, I showed them,
plus every piece
of the Kristen Parson collection that I own,
to the bosses at the department stores.
But... But why?
Because you are a designer,
and you need a place to design.
And, Kristen, they're gonna give you one.
I don't understand.
Butler wants to bring your line
to their stores.
They're offering you your own collection.
I mean, that... That's unbelievable.
Yeah, well, you better believe it,
because it's true.
It's what you've always wanted, right?
That's fantastic. Congratulations.
And they're gonna pay
for all of your moving costs back to LA.
You guys get to move back. Isn't that great?
You know what? I actually... I totally forgot.
I have to... I have to get home.
-Ladies. Sorry. I... No, no, no, no, no.
-No, no, no. Please stay.
-You guys spend some time together. Listen.
Congratulations, all right?
You should be very proud of yourself.
It's all about finding
the right balance, right?
-It's nice to meet you. Pleasure.
-All the best. I will see you tomorrow.
-You, too.
All right? Bright and early. Good night, guys.
How excited are you guys?
But we live here now.
Right, Mom?
Yeah, Hayley. This is actually...
This is just... This is a lot to take in at once.
Well, what's there to think about?
I mean, all you guys have to say is yes.
-But we... We just got settled, and... And...
-So what?
You'll just get settled all over again.
I mean, what's the big deal?
Maybe she's just overwhelmed.
Em, wait.
Well, if it isn't Emily Parson
from Los Angeles.
Yeah. Exactly. That's the problem.
Did I miss something?
You said it was okay
to change my Christmas wish,
but it feels like you're granting the first wish.
The one I don't want any more.
I'm granting your wish?
It's okay, Thomas.
I think I've finally figured out
who you really are.
Have you?
Well, you look just like him,
and you were my only friend
when I was all alone.
Okay, then.
If you really think I'm St Nick,
why would I be working as a custodian?
Haven't figured that out yet.
But I'm more worried
about the Christmas wish I made.
How so?
When I moved here,
I wrote a letter to Santa
asking him to help me go back to LA.
But then I started writing a new wish.
With your song.
Is the problem that I wasn't totally honest?
What do you mean?
I said that I wanted
mom to fall in love with Mr Collier
because she would be happy, and I do.
I mean it.
But also, I don't want to move back to LA.
The longer I'm here, the more I like it.
I have a solo in the Snowflake Pageant,
Mr Collier's the best singing teacher
I've ever had,
and Mom and me
have dinner together every night.
You know what?
I think I know what your problem is.
You mailed that first letter, right?
-But you haven't sung your song yet.
Until you do,
you haven't really made your new wish.
So you mean when I do...
Well, I'm not making any promises, Emily.
Wishes are special
and have to be carefully considered.
But deep down,
you have a very important decision to make.
What is it you really want?
I have a feeling that
once you sing your song,
everything's gonna work out
just the way you want.
Thanks, Thom...
Kristen. Hi.
Everyone looks so good.
Not everyone.
Hi, Melissa.
Hi, Principal Weber.
Thank you so much
for the work you've put in
these past couple of weeks, Mrs Parson.
Mrs Atkinson is concerned that
perhaps there was an oversight
with her daughter, Abigail's, costume.
It wasn't an oversight.
She didn't make her a costume.
She's right. I didn't,
because Abigail insisted she didn't want one,
because her mother was getting her
a store-bought costume.
She's a child. You're the adult.
And now all the other girls
are gonna upstage my daughter
because of the costumes you made.
I was never gonna let that happen, Melissa.
Someone would have to be completely
heartless to want to outshine a 9-year-old.
Which is why I made an extra one,
just in case Abigail had a change of heart.
You did what?
Isn't it nice? The Christmas Spirit
is alive and well, here in Silver Falls.
Look, Mommy. It's even prettier
than the one that we bought from the store.
Thank you, sweetheart.
And what do we say to Mrs Parson, sweetie,
for all her hard work?
Thank you, Mrs Parson.
You're welcome, sweetheart.
Kristen, really, you didn't have to...
You did a great job.
Thank you, Melissa.
I mean, considering
you only had rayon to work with.
Take what you can get.
Perhaps you can persuade Mrs Parson
to become a permanent member
of the PTA team?
Yeah. Of course.
I mean, I'm sure we can talk about it
and come up with something.
Yeah. Baby steps.
Hi, Emily.
Break a leg.
-Hi, Emily. Good luck.
-Hi, Emily! Break a leg.
-Hey, Emily.
-Hey, Abigail.
Your mom, she's pretty awesome.
I know, but thanks for saying it.
Hey, you.
Hi, Mom.
Abigail, would you mind
if I talk to Emily alone for a second?
Are you still mad at me?
Is Hayley here?
Yeah, she's coming to watch you sing.
'Cause that's the only thing
that matters tonight,
is this show and your big song.
And after?
And after, we're gonna sit down
and we're gonna talk about everything.
Okay? But I promise you...
I'm not making any more big decisions
without you ever again.
We're in this together, no matter what.
And I love you.
I love you more than life itself.
You know that, right?
'Cause if not, I have to tickle you,
like, a whole lot.
Okay, okay, okay!
Everyone, welcome.
If you can all take your seats,
the show will be starting
in just a few minutes.
Thank you.
You go knock 'em dead, okay?
-Hey, darling.
Well, you must be the notorious Hayley,
who's here to steal my niece
and my grandniece.
Well, technically, I'm just the messenger.
No, she's just kidding.
This is my Aunt Sarah.
-Come here.
So, Hayley, what do you think
of our very little town?
You know, I love it. It's...
It's everything Kristen said it was, so...
-I'll be right back.
I just... I... I want to go talk to Danny.
All right, baby.
-It's that guy she had over last night.
-Last night?
Do tell. You must dish.
Okay. I knew I was gonna like you.
Join the crowd.
Kristen, hey. What's... What's going on?
I just wanted to wish you good luck.
Tell you to break a leg or, I don't know,
a combination of the two of them.
Thank you. I appreciate...
I'll break them both for you. Well, thank you.
I appreciate that.
I mean, we wouldn't be here
without your help.
I just want you to know that.
Listen, I know we haven't gotten
a chance to talk about it.
-I just...
-Hold on.
We're getting started here.
Sorry, Kristen. I'm gonna have to go.
-Yeah. The show's gonna get...
-Enjoy the show. Okay.
You look great, by the way.
Hello, Silver Falls Elementary.
Welcome to the 25th Annual
Silver Falls Elementary Snowflake Pageant.
Let's all thank Melissa Atkinson,
the head of our PTA,
who organised the show.
And a very special thanks
to the newest member
of our parent community, Kristen Parson,
who designed and made
the best costumes you've ever seen
in a Silver Falls Elementary production.
And without further ado,
let's start the show with a dance number
from Chloe James, Hannah Finley,
and Abigail Atkinson.
So, Danny was over again last night?
So this wasn't the first date?
Not that she's willing to admit.
Will you guys stop?
There's nothing to talk about.
We'll be the judge of that.
That's right.
...open sleigh
He thinks I'm moving to LA,
so there's nothing to talk about.
He likes you.
Right? He really,
-really likes her.
Stop. Stop.
He thinks you're moving to LA,
so he's doing that mean-boy thing.
She's right.
Where he pretends like he doesn't care,
because he knows you're leaving.
There's not a mean bone in his body.
But when I placed it on my head...
I see.
She likes him, too.
I called it day one.
And with that,
we will take a brief intermission.
-I just wish I could explain everything to him.
-Well, go now, since you have the chance.
It's now or never.
Go. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Hi, Kristen. Hey, what are you doing?
-I wanted to explain.
-No, no.
Don't explain anything. I get it.
I understand, you're not cut out
for small-town life. All right? It's fine.
Plus you've got
this great opportunity back home.
No, you don't get it.
I don't?
This is home.
I'm turning down the job.
Yeah. Emily is finally happy here.
I can't uproot her again.
I can possibly start
my own business right here,
in the home that I grew up in.
I never thought I could feel this way,
again, about someone.
Until I met...
-You. Yeah.
Yes. You.
Of course.
I'm sorry that I...
I didn't know you when we were kids.
But I see you now.
You know,
I almost thought I lost you
before I got the nerve
to even ask you out on a date.
Well, now's your chance.
And next up,
-I want to congratulate the PTA...
...for their very successful
gluten-free bake sale.
People are looking at us.
Now, the newest member
of our Silver Falls Elementary student body
will be singing a song,
an original song, at that.
Emily Parson.
Oh, Santa's gonna come
and make it right this Christmas
Santa's gonna come and make it right, right
Oh, Santa
Santa's gonna come
and make it right this Christmas
Oh, Santa
Santa's gonna come and make it right, right
If you get this letter, won't you help me out?
I know you're kind of busy
with your elves right now
And I don't know how
You do the things you do
while I sleep on Christmas Eve
But it's amazing
And I bet that you can hear
the words I'm saying
Because every time I see Christmas lights
I feel so good inside and I just can't fake it
They say it's unrealistic
But I believe in you, St Nick
So grant this wish for me right quick
Santa, won't you come
and make it right this Christmas night?
Santa's gonna come
and make it right this Christmas
Santa's gonna come and make it right
Santa's gonna come
and make it right this Christmas
Oh, Santa
Mommy met a boy
who makes her feel so nice
I saw them looking at each other
once or twice
With love in their eyes
So you can scoop him up
and swoop him right down my chimney
I've been really, really, really good this year
So put on that red suit and make him appear
Because Christmas cheer
just ain't the same for this little lady
Come on, old Kriss Kringle, save me
They say it's unrealistic
But I believe in you, St Nick
So grant this wish for me right quick
Santa, won't you come and make it right
this Christmas night?
Santa's gonna come
and make it right this Christmas
Santa's gonna come and make it right
Santa's gonna come
and make it right this Christmas night
Oh, Santa
Oh, Santa
Oh, Santa
Santa's gonna come
and make it right this Christmas
Santa's gonna come and make it right, right
Santa's gonna come
and make it right this Christmas
Santa's gonna come
and make it right, right, right
Oh, Santa Claus
If you get this letter
please don't make me wait
'Cause all December
I've been counting down the days
So hop on your sleigh
And I promise that
I won't forget the milk and cookies
The tree's all sparkly and gold
And I know Mommy needs love, oh
So soon as you leave the North Pole
Santa, won't you come
and make it right this Christmas...
Santa's gonna come and make it right
Santa's gonna come
and make it right this Christmas
Santa's gonna come and make it right
Santa's gonna come and make it right, right
Oh, Santa's gonna come and make it right...
Here's your present!
-She's very excited.
-Isn't he cute?
Merry Christmas!