A Christmas Vintage (2023) Movie Script

[film reel clicking]
Dust off the decorations
Send out the invitations
We're having a celebration
But you're the one
that I'll be waiting
Never been so excited
All of the lights
are lighted
Time that we're reunited
I have never felt this way
Four, three, two, one
Got me counting
down to Christmas
At the very top of my list
Is you and me
under the mistletoe
Got me crossing off the days
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Till I see your smiling face
Baby, you got me counting
down to Christmas
Baby, you got me counting
down to Christmas
Baby, you got
me counting down
To Christmas
You're too slow.
Not fair, your
legs are longer.
[gentle music]
Sam, Sam.
[dial clicking]
[person screaming]
Hey, Emily, I got you, okay?
How are we gonna
find our way out?
First, this is for you.
Mom gave this to me.
She said I'm always
safe when I wear it.
It's gonna keep you safe, okay?
Now don't let go of my hand
till we're out, got it?
Mom, mom?
[dramatic music]
[gentle music]
[object whirring]
[footsteps walking]
Where are you off to?
Just going on a date.
When am I gonna meet
this new suitor of yours?
New suitor, dad,
it's the 21st century.
He's my boyfriend.
Ah, boyfriend, right, okay.
Well, you guys have been
spending a lot of time together.
I think it's time I
meet this boyfriend.
Yes, you should,
and I want you to.
There's just some things,
it's little complicated.
Ooh, goodness,
I'm gonna be late.
All right, I love you, Dad.
Complicated how?
Nope, no, no, no, no.
Tony, why did we hire
the local preschoolers
to design these labels?
These labels are awful.
I might as well fire the kids
and finger paint these
labels on myself.
You know, it would I help
if you gave me some guidance.
You know how when
you try my Norton,
you get these notes
of black cherry?
Or if I blend the Norton
with the Chambourcin,
it curbs the acidity,
giving it more fruit-forward
taste with a dry finish?
That's what these labels
need to feel like.
I mean, do any of these labels
make you think black cherry?
I mean, come on, this
isn't rocket science.
What do I even pay you for?
I'm the co-owner and
technically I do payroll,
so I pay you.
You're missing the point.
I need you to fully
realize my vision.
Our vision, Parker.
Okay, I get enough
frustration from the staff.
If you can't get this,
then maybe we should,
I don't know, I'll figure
something else out.
I'll put you anywhere
else if you can't do this.
We'll pull even more numbers.
I need to know what
are these charges, well?
Or that cherry.
Every kid deserves
a toy for Christmas,
even if they suck
at finger painting.
Besides, we can use
that as a write-off.
[phone dinging]
Hey, listen, Parker,
it's late, okay?
Let's table this
till tomorrow, huh?
[gentle music]
[paper flapping]
[upbeat music]
[people chattering]
[gentle music]
Hi, my love, I'm here.
Well, I'm glad
you could make it.
Are you kidding me?
You're the highlight of my day.
I wouldn't be anywhere else,
but I did think Parker
would never let me leave.
[Emily] That guy
is so difficult.
Anyway, did you order already?
Oh, just a glass of wine.
[Waiter] Two Nortons.
One Reserve Cellar for the lady.
One Hermannhof
for the gentleman.
Right on time.
[person laughing]
You spoil me.
Are we ready to order?
Can you actually give
us a couple minutes?
Of course.
Uh, with tonight's wine,
might I suggest the steak?
Thank you so much.
You know, it feels naughty
drinking competition's wine.
It does, doesn't it?
[person laughing]
Can I be honest?
I really don't understand
the whole rivalry thing.
I mean, you need diversity
to inspire innovation, right?
I'll toast to that.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
[glass clinking]
You know, it is pretty good.
That is, but I think
I like yours more.
Oh, you admit it.
I don't know know.
[gentle music]
Oh no.
Emily, hon, can you
get under the table?
Please get under the table.
No, not again.
Please, get under
the table, please.
Great, last time.
Yes, thank you.
[person coughing]
Ah, there you are.
I think I figured it out.
We have to approach this
whole thing differently.
Hear me out.
Please, have a seat.
I say we treat this like
a pirate's treasure map.
We have the edges
torn a little bit,
but the color palette has
to match the flavor profile,
you know what I mean?
Oh, thank you.
How do you even
know I was here?
I tracked your phone.
You did what?
It's a company phone.
I have to know where
you're at at all times.
How'd you know I was coming?
And why'd you get the 2020?
Well, that's all they had.
Nonsense, the 2020's
vastly inferior to the 2021.
Where's the waiter?
I want this removed now.
Excuse me.
Parker, brother?
[Parker] Which one's yours?
Everybody likes the 2020
as well as they like
the 2021 and the 2022.
You make good wine, let it rest.
Most people wouldn't know
good wine from grape juice.
What are you drinking?
Just Norton.
[person spluttering]
Wait a minute,
this is a Hermannhof.
Why are you drinking this?
'Cause I just felt
like drinking Hermannhof.
It's quite good actually.
While I question your taste,
guess it's not a bad idea
to know your competition,
even if George is
a total has-been.
May I take your order?
Yes, let's talk
about this right here.
This vintage, the 2020, it's
not as good as the 2021.
Could you please not
serve it here anymore?
Wait, what?
That's not an answer,
look, this is a local place.
I'd hate to think the locals
aren't getting the
best from our winery.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry, be better.
Could I just talk
with a manager?
As I was saying,
Hermannhof's old news,
George is washed up,
and if it weren't for
us buying his grapes,
then he'd probably be out of.
[Emily] That's enough.
How dare you talk about
my father like that?
What, are you spying on us?
Wait, Tony, what
is she doing here?
I am his girlfriend.
Seriously, I am your girlfriend,
and you wanna talk
about this later?
You're dating the princess
of that has-been winery?
Has-been, how dare you?
Tony, I need to speak
with you outside right now.
Apologies, the manager's left.
Forget it, forget
it, forget it.
With this guy.
Get the steak au poivre.
It'll pair better with
that below-average wine.
I'll make it up to you.
Have a good night.
I'm so sorry.
I am so sorry, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry.
[person sighing]
What are you thinking?
This is idiotic, moronic
and simultaneously insane.
Yeah, no, Parker, but I
really care about her, man.
Forget it, you know the deal.
Dump her or you're out.
That contract was stupid.
Why can't I be with
a girl that I like?
Because the girl you
like is the competition
and that jeopardizes our winery.
This is not classified
military intelligence, Parker.
It's just wine making.
Oh, just wine making.
[Tony] And you
know, the only one
who cares about
competition is you.
End it with her or you're out.
Got it.
See you in the morning.
Don't be late.
[Tony] Right.
I seriously do not
know how much more
of your wicked
stepbrother I can take.
Right, yes, I don't
know what to do.
You should not have
to put up with this.
How are you putting
up with this?
He's family.
[gentle music]
And besides, you know how
much the winery means to him.
I know.
And I would never wanna get
in the way of your dreams.
I just, I wish you hadn't
put that stupid clause
in your contract, baby.
I mean, okay, we gotta
strategize on this.
There's gotta be
something we can do.
[Emily sighing]
You're right.
Can you send him
on a extended trip
somewhere very far away?
But then he's just
gonna come back.
I got it.
It is so obvious.
What's obvious?
Okay, what is one
of the only things
that can make someone change?
No, not therapy,
something so much better.
But we're gonna
need help, come on.
[upbeat music]
[plane whirring]
[birds chirping]
[machine beeping]
[people chattering]
[Speaker] This is my bag.
[Speaker 2] That's
definitely my bag.
No, it's not, this is my bag.
This is most
definitely my bag.
I bought it right
before we left.
Well, maybe you
left your bag at home.
This is my bag.
[Speaker 2] Are you kidding?
How many times?
Hi, what seems
to be the problem?
He's trying to take my bag.
Okay, I get it.
There's tons of bags
that look alike.
Is there a possibility
that one of you guys
could be mistaken?
We can just look
at the luggage tag.
The tag must have
gotten ripped off.
Well, we can just open it up
and get this fixed
really quickly.
No, all right, fine.
[footsteps walking]
What about this bag?
This belong to one of you?
I'm so sorry.
This is my suitcase.
Thank you so much.
You guys are welcome.
And I know traveling can be
stressful, so happy holidays.
You too.
[people chattering]
[footsteps walking]
[gentle music]
[zip whirring]
What, 10 missed calls?
[phone ringing]
Sam, I need you to come home.
[Sam] I'm working.
You are always working.
All right, well,
I just happened
to land in St. Louis,
so what's going on?
[upbeat music]
It's like not much has changed.
[car whirring]
[footsteps walking]
[person gasping]
[Sam] Emily.
[person laughing]
Oh, I missed you so much.
Oh, me too, I am
so glad you're home.
Oh, dad went out for a run.
Okay, I'll see you when he
get here, what's going on?
Let me tell you.
Oh, I've missed you.
[door whirring]
It's just so complicated,
and the thing is,
to me, it's really frustrating
because emotionally
I'm ready, you know?
I'm 100% ready to go public
with our relationship,
but we can't.
Because you're
the competition.
Okay, what does this
have to do with me?
Well, I was thinking that
you could distract Parker
or possibly date.
[person laughing]
Date Parker?
You literally just
went on a rant
about that he's such a jerk,
and now you want me to date him.
Yes, I did, I did do that,
but I'm telling you, Tony and I,
we cannot officially
be seen together.
Otherwise, he will lose
his shares in the company,
and that man has
worked so hard, Sam.
And, okay, if you do this,
Parker will be distracted,
number one, and he will also
be dating the competition,
number two, so if both of
them are dating competition,
then it really makes the whole
thing null and void, right?
I mean, it's kind of perfect.
And what makes you think
he's even gonna like me?
Is that a serious question?
Sam, everybody loves you.
I have all the faith in
the world in my sister.
[people laughing]
Oh my god.
Sorry, I didn't
mean to scare you.
Sam, this is my
boyfriend, Tony.
Boyfriend, yeah, just
heard so much about you.
Does Dad know?
No, but I'm, I'm sure
it'll be just fine.
And he definitely
won't fire you.
So Tony, your
stepbrother really needs
to sign off on your dating life?
Yeah, I mean, basically
we have this agreement
that we drew up when we
first went into business.
It lists reasons
for termination,
forfeiting of shares
in the winery.
One of them is putting
the company in jeopardy,
and Parker thinks I'm
doing that by dating Emily.
You don't have to
do anything crazy.
We just need you to, you
know, run interference.
Take him on a date or two.
Yeah, I mean, he's
got a one-track mind,
so we think that a
little bit of romance
will make him less.
petulant, perturbed.
I don't know.
He's actually, he's
pretty much just awful.
Yeah, he's awful, sorry.
Okay, and this is the best
idea you two came up with?
It's great.
So you can't date Emily
until I date Parker.
I wanted to deal
with difficult people,
I would just stick to
my day job, you know?
No, I mean, he's
a good person.
He's just shrewd when
it comes to the winery.
Look, Sam, Tony and I
are, we are so in love.
I mean, really, like, I'm
crazy about this guy, okay?
But the truth is
is that we can't be together
unless Parker changes,
so I am really
needing my big sister.
[Emily whimpering]
No, no, no, that's cheating,
don't make that face.
Do not make that, she
does this all the time.
Okay, okay, fine,
fine, I will try.
Under one condition.
If you do have kids, you have
to name one of them after me.
Deal, you heard that?
Well played.
All right, where do
I find this Parker guy?
[gentle music]
[door banging]
[person typing]
[gentle music]
Excuse me, I was hoping
to speak to the winemaker.
Yes, that's me, but if
you'd like to do a tasting,
you can speak with that
woman by the counter.
I wanna speak with you.
I was wondering
what inspired you
to make your Norton
Chambourcin blend,
the one with and without oak.
I was surprised
at how much I like
the non-oak version better.
You like the Archer's
Red more than the Crossbow?
I thought I would like
the oak version better,
but this one has the
plum and cherry notes,
and then it's also super
sweet with that spicy finish.
I loved it.
Most palates
aren't sharp enough
to discern the difference.
Are you a sommelier?
No, I love wine,
but I'm not an expert.
Well, you're probably
better than most of my staff.
Years of practice.
Really, what's that mean?
I'm Samantha.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
[wine splashing]
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, hey, hey, hey.
You're doing it
wrong, excuse me.
Well, we just
finished the tasting
and they just wanted.
That white won't
be appreciated
for its subtle notes
after tasting the reds.
Guys, we're gonna get you
some water and crackers.
On it.
So that you could really
appreciate our latest vino.
It'll help you
cleanse your palate.
Is this a full-bodied rose?
You don't see a lot
of these in the States.
So Parker, it's Parker, right?
What about that private
tour you promised me?
I don't do tours.
Come on, it says right here
you have a proprietary
cold press process.
I don't even know what that is,
but I'm sure you could
explain it to me.
Yeah, it's simple.
We cool down our harvested
grapes prior to fermentation.
Can you show me?
Okay, follow me.
Oh, you're welcome.
[Parker] So are
you from around here?
[Sam] From everywhere,
flight attendant.
[Parker] Eh, must
be nice to travel.
[Sam] Tasted wines
from all over the world.
Well, the wine here in
Missouri's a little different
from what you'd find in
other places like California.
Our grapes have to be heartier
to deal with the wide
ranges of temperature,
humidity, frost and floods.
Is that why the Norton
wine is here in Missouri?
The Norton grape is less finicky
and produces a nice
full-bodied dry red wine.
We also have a Chardonel,
which is a blend of the
Chardonnay grape with a Seyval.
Is it buttery like Chardonnay?
Fruit forward, but dry.
Some people like it better
than the Chardonnay.
It's got a superior
wine quality to it,
while also having high
productivity and cold-hardiness.
I take it most people don't
see this part of the tour?
I've been wanting
to add it to the tour,
but as you can see,
the climate has to stay
within a certain
temperature for the wine.
[Sam] You got it.
So those over there will
be bottled later this week,
and these over
here will be aging
in stainless on oak
for the next few years.
You said you just
bottled some whites.
Can you show me how
you bottle them?
Aren't you nosy?
Sure you're not a spy?
No, I'm just really interested
in all this stuff, so.
It is pretty interesting, huh?
I love what I do, but
to answer your question,
we use a mobile bottler.
Helps cut overhead costs,
and I don't have to
deal with the equipment.
Smart, we should
be using that.
What's that?
Oh, nothing, nothing.
[gentle music]
So do you want to
try an early tasting?
From the tanks?
That's right.
They haven't fully
matured yet, but
[wine splashing]
[gentle music]
I think it's coming along.
Let me know what you think.
It's good.
There's like pepper notes on
black cherry, no, plum, right?
[person laughing]
Are you sure you're
not a sommelier?
If I was, I'd be
able to tell you
the year of your grapes,
and sadly I can't.
We'll just have to
have you try some more.
[alarm buzzing]
Ah, excuse me.
I have a delivery,
I'll be right back.
[upbeat music]
George, how's it going?
[George] I got four pallets
out in the truck for you.
All right, let
me radio the team.
I'll notify them right away.
Pope is in the Vatican,
boys and girls.
It's gotta eat you
up a little to know
that I win more awards with
your grapes than you do.
Wine is wine, I'm just happy
we can all do what we love.
George, Hermannhof's
been the leader
in Herman for generations.
It's gotta be hard to see
some new kids winning
the C. McWilliams Award
and the Senator's Cup
these past few years.
We lost to this guy?
Well, Parker,
without challenges,
we can't better ourselves.
It's a good philosophy,
if you can apply it.
Hey, I hope you
bring your A game
to this year's
Christmas blender.
Though that may have been your
legacy, soon it'll be mine.
Whatever you say.
See you at the city
council meeting tomorrow.
[George] Yep.
[door whirring]
[Sam] What was that?
That was the legendary
wine maker at Hermannhof.
I used to look up to him.
What happened?
Couldn't keep
up with the times.
Tastes change, people change.
If I win this year's
local blender.
Oh, it's a red blend
holiday competition.
If I win, we will finally become
the most award-winning
winery in Hermann.
You love being
the best, don't you?
I accept nothing less.
Wow, well, would
you look at the time?
This has been educational.
Thank you so much, but
I'm gonna have to go.
Hey, look, I don't really
make new friends easily,
but I really enjoyed
spending time with you.
Would you wanna talk more
about wine at a later date?
How will I find you?
Don't worry, I'll find you.
[upbeat music]
He's pompous, he's conceited.
He just talks about himself,
you should have heard him.
He's on and on and
on, it was nauseating.
Tried to warn you.
I get it.
He's good looking, but
that's probably about it,
and what is this
about us selling our
grapes to Reserve Sellers?
Well, Reserve Sellers
does things differently
than a lot of other wineries.
They outsource parts
of their process
to keep their overhead
down, which is actually
a really great idea
when you think about it
because if you don't have to
focus on growing the grapes
and the bottling, you can
focus on the actual wine.
That's exactly
what Parker likes.
You see his genius.
He's still a jerk.
[Emily] Sometimes those
two things go hand in hand.
I don't know, I don't think
I can soften this guy up.
Well, if anyone can, you can.
Not this one.
He's worse than my
first class passengers.
That is bad.
It's terrible.
[Emily] Dad.
[Dad] Hey.
Hey, dad.
Wow, you're a.
Hi, honey.
Hi, Dad.
We missed you at Thanksgiving.
Yeah, I was stuck in New York.
Ah, yeah.
Well, your sister made
the cranberry sauce
and it was as good
as your mom's.
Can we talk?
Can it wait till tomorrow?
Honey, I've had a day
and then we've got another
one tomorrow with the.
Christmas Blender.
We can talk in the morning.
Welcome home.
[gentle music]
Okay, you girls don't
stay up too late.
Wow, new record,
made it a whole day.
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
Don't play dumb, you know.
It's the same fight
every time I come home.
Well, you could
come home more often.
We would just fight more.
Sam, you guys really
need to work it out.
We're family, we're
supposed to stick together.
You tell him that?
[person laughing]
Do you remember when
I made this for you?
I do, how old were you, five?
[Emily] Yes.
[Sam] It's pretty cute.
[Emily] It's the cutest.
Oh, hey.
Good morning, dad.
I wasn't sure you were
still an early riser.
I'm a flight attendant.
I have to be at the airport
at four in the
morning sometimes.
Is this for me?
Bless you.
Oh, not too shabby.
I missed your coffee.
I think I'm just a
little bit more patient
when it comes to
brewing it than you are.
Oh, is that what it is?
[person laughing]
Dad, why didn't you tell
me about reserve sellers?
What about them?
I don't know, that
they're kicking our butts.
Ah, honey, you can't
stay champs forever.
That boy genius makes good wine.
Besides, I was never
the wine maker.
Your mom was.
At least our Nortons
are still the best, huh?
We can take this guy.
[gentle music]
You gonna come home and help?
No, I didn't think so.
Would it really kill you
just to stay a little longer?
What about the
Christmas Blender dad?
I can make a blend that'll
get us back on top.
We have the talent,
we have the grapes.
We just have to think
outside the box.
I don't think so.
Why not?
The Christmas Blend
was your mom's specialty.
And even mom knew that
we had to change the blend
every year depending
on the harvest set.
I don't know how many times
I have to say this to you.
We don't change
the Christmas blend.
We do not change your
mother's Christmas blend.
You got it?
Now, if you really wanna help,
you can help me get these
boxes outta the truck.
Oh, hey Parker, there you are.
I just wanted to remind you
about the Chamber of
Commerce meeting tonight.
Oh, I know, are
you joining me?
Miss a chance to see
you yell at the chamber
for some obtuse reason,
I wouldn't miss it
with the world, bro.
You know our booth place
last year was bogus, right?
Could you care that?
No it wasn't.
Yeah, it was.
No it wasn't.
Yes it was.
No it wasn't.
Yes it was.
[Dad] Well, I see
you didn't forget
how we do things around here.
Dad, remember when Emily and I
used to play down here
when you mom used to work?
I remember, you
girls used to love
to play hide and
seek when your mom
would work on her blends.
Those were good times.
Okay, so this, this is my
batch for the Christmas Blender.
Should we give it a taste?
Ah, I've got that
Chamber of Commerce thing
I need to get to, but.
Yeah, no, no you go.
You wanna come?
Your sister's gonna be there.
No, it's not my
world anymore, dad.
Well, it was worth a shot.
I'll see you.
[gentle music]
[footsteps walking]
Wish you were still here mom.
Looks like you were the only one
that could get through to Dad.
Hey, Samantha, hey.
[Sam] What the heck
are you doing here?
More importantly,
how did you get in?
Oh, I have a key,
Emily gave me a key
so I can just have
it from the parking.
Okay, you have a key.
I just wanted
to give you this.
Before heading over
to the chamber meeting.
Chamber of Commerce
meeting, you too?
Must be the hot ticket in town.
This is everything you
need to know about Parker.
What is this?
This is a dossier.
This is like
borderline spy craft.
No, no, this is everything.
All the information I thought
you'd want on my stepbrother.
He likes, his dislikes.
Favorite movies,
music, TV shows.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
He doesn't like dogs.
Yeah, no.
All right, well, next time
maybe you can just email me.
I should have done that.
Hey, it's okay.
I got some reading to do.
Wait, and I gotta run.
Okay, don't get lost.
[Tony] Yes.
[upbeat music]
[people chattering]
Sorry I'm late.
It's okay, no worries.
Am I too casual?
Dad, you look great.
These things
make me so nervous.
Just fine.
[person running]
Where were you?
Oh, I had to swing
by the printers.
And how do they look?
No, I didn't get them.
I was hurrying to get here.
What you got?
We've been talking
about this for weeks.
How did you not get them?
Why did you get them?
Okay, welcome.
And thank you for
joining us, as you know,
this is the final
planning meeting
for the Kris Kringle market
and the Christmas Blender.
I just wanna go
through and wrap up
some last minute
details for both events.
Please go to your
itinerary and let's review.
Yes, Mr. Williams.
Are you gonna announce the
prize for the wine contest?
Yes, I can go
ahead and do that.
Yeah, let's go ahead.
I know a lot of you are
very anxious about it.
As you know, the winner
of the wine competition
obviously is gonna have
great bragging rights
and distributors be fighting
over representing your wine.
However, this year, the city
is going to be giving away
a very special prize to the
winner of the Christmas Blender.
One acre of Norton grapes,
including the planting of
the vines in the spring.
That's huge.
I know, I know, I know.
That is huge.
Of course, the red
blends will be judged
according to the Davis system.
[phone whirring]
[person sighing]
[gentle music]
That is one serious price.
[phones whirring]
Okay, Debbie Downer.
Oh, no, nothing.
But don't forget,
there's audience voting.
So I recommend you get out
there and spread Christmas cheer
and you promote your wines,
so let's get back to work.
Everybody look at number
one on the itinerary.
Okay, booth placement.
I know some of you were upset
about your placement last year.
[upbeat music]
Hey, great to see you too.
Take this.
And read the.
You weren't talking to that
Hermannhof girl, were you?
No, Parker.
Hey honey, you ready?
Let's go.
Because we have to
temperature check those reds.
At this time of the night?
Especially at this
time of the night.
What kind of question is that?
Do you see this note
Tony wrote me, so romantic.
Oh, while you're
on cloud nine,
I'm reading about the other guy.
All right, love to hear it.
What have we got?
He's just, he's
so oddly specific.
Okay, so he likes classical
music over jazz, of course.
He prefers to watch
the news over sitcoms.
It's a little weird.
And then the worst
thing that I found
is that he doesn't like dogs.
[Sam] Yeah.
That's an actual preference?
I know.
Wow, I'm sure
dogs can sense that.
It's crazy that someone
can be this good looking.
I mean, look at him,
and then be such a jerk.
So what are you
gonna do about it?
I am going to dazzle
him, my dear sister.
Of course you are.
Oh, and what about
Anita's wine blender?
I can only fix one
problem at a time.
Dad's not gonna listen to
me, so that's all I can do.
Whatever you say.
And where's this place?
[footsteps walking]
[bell ringing]
Hi, I'm here picking up
an order under Williams.
Sure, lemme check on
that, be right back.
Cool, sounds good.
Told you I'd find you.
Well, hello again.
Hi, nice surprise.
That it is.
What'd you order?
I got the blue
Hawaiian burger.
Makes me feel tropical
when it's cold.
The spinout.
Never had that before.
You should try it.
Even though I thought
winemakers only eat wine
for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Well, even when your
wine is as lovely as ours,
as you can only have
it in moderation.
Besides, sometimes I just
need a burger, you know?
Get it.
So what are you doing tonight?
What do you have in mind?
Dinner, 1837,
good food, good wine.
That's my favorite spot.
Is it?
What time should
I pick you up?
I'll meet you there, seven.
[gentle music]
It's a date.
It's a date.
Here you go sir,
have a good day.
Well, I.
Yeah, same.
[bell ringing]
[gentle music]
Hey Sam, I'm out to
up at 1837 with Tony.
I'll be back later tonight.
[gentle music]
That was phenomenal.
Did the wine pairing
meet with your approval?
I think you tied
it all together.
[person sighing]
Very happy you liked it.
So do you come here often?
You know, I used to, before
we started getting busy
in the early days of reserves,
my stepbrother Tony and I,
we would come here and we'd have
our business
brainstorm sessions.
What brought you to Herman?
California was,
is too expensive
and France was out
of the question.
The more research I did,
the more I realized
Hermann was the future.
Well, the future
for me at least.
That's a bold claim.
Look, wine
doesn't just happen.
It exists because we
choose to make it.
It's no accident that the
grapes here in Hermann
are less vulnerable
than other places.
They have to be.
They don't have a choice, to
survive they need to adapt.
And these people, this
place, these grapes,
they all adapt to these
ever-changing environments.
And in turn, they produce
something so beautiful.
Something so beautiful
everyone can enjoy of age.
But I think the
same applies to us.
We always have an opportunity
to overcome something
difficult in order to
create something beautiful.
Wow, that was amazing.
I can imagine being vulnerable
is difficult for you.
You know, you're starting
to sound like my stepbrother.
Are you guys close?
Very, we're practically
attached at the hip.
Look, I would never
say this to his face,
I couldn't live without him.
He's everything I'm not,
thoughtful, sensitive, friendly.
And for some reason
he puts up with me.
You're not that bad.
I have a sister too,
she's pretty amazing.
To our siblings.
To our siblings.
[glass clinking]
[footsteps walking]
[person coughing]
You all right?
Was there a cork in your wine?
No, no, no, please.
I'll go, I'll talk to them.
I'll talk to the,
you just sit there,
can I get you anything?
[Parker] Yeah.
That's my favorite part.
I just love the way
that they cook it.
What are you doing here?
I'm having dinner with Tony.
In a public place?
What's the problem?
[Sam] You didn't get my note.
What note?
The note that said I'm
taking Parker here tonight.
Parker's here?
Oh, no.
Oh yes.
I'll pull the fire alarm.
No, no, no, no.
Don't, don't pull
the fire alarm.
What's gonna happen
when he sees us,
you're gonna loose your shares.
Okay just relax, I
will run interference.
You guys go to the door,
but you have to be careful.
[gentle music]
Welcome back, what's this?
Just a free glass of sherry
for the cork we found
in the last one.
Nice work.
Thank you.
Love me a good dessert wine.
Ooh, sherry.
The lightest and
most dryable cherries
with nutty and tart flavors.
How do you like it?
I love this song.
Me too, me too.
Is that a jukebox?
You wanna dance with me?
What, no.
So stiff, so stiff.
Got him to dance,
that's not good.
[upbeat music]
First on my
Christmas list is you
I can't believe you
got me to do that.
You got some moves.
I didn't wanna go that
far, but it was fun,
I'll give you that.
I'm just glad nobody
recorded that.
Oh, you didn't
see me recording it?
Don't even.
[person laughing]
I guess my dreams of
running for public office
are out the window.
I had a really good time.
[gentle music]
Yeah, I did too.
But it's, it's getting late, so.
You wanna do this again?
How about this weekend?
This weekend.
I have to go to
this Christmas party
and I was wondering if
you'd be my plus one.
Plus one, huh?
You know what I mean.
Come on, it'll be fun.
Everyone will be there, please?
Okay, yeah.
Great, the Chamber of
Commerce director's having,
and so all the top
winemakers will be there.
The folks from Bancroft,
Ashbury, Cloud Wine.
I'm sure even
Hermannhof will pop in,
they are the legacy winery.
Yeah, you ever tried them?
The folks I get my grapes
from, but be quite honest,
I miss how much longer
they'll be around.
I didn't know it was that bad.
What's that?
That sounds bad.
Yeah, it is what it is.
Things change.
I wish them the best,
but that's you, right?
Yeah, that's me.
So I'll see you Saturday,
I'll pick you up 6:30.
I'll meet you there.
What, I'm still getting
to know you, so.
Good night, Samantha.
Good night, Parker.
[car beeping]
And how could you
be so careless?
I don't know, Parker doesn't
eat there very much anymore.
At his favorite spot.
To be fair, Tony says
he mostly just does
delivery these days.
It's really hard to yell
at you when you're eating
all of these Christmas cookies.
So good.
Guess I'll just have to
make more of them then.
You want me to help, right?
Did I ever do to deserve you?
I am not worthy.
Aside from your
dramatic love life,
I think we have some
bigger fish to fry.
Has dad told you how
the winery's doing?
[gentle music]
Good morning.
Good morning.
You're in an awfully
good mood today.
Am I?
Did you like the
labels from the printer?
The labels, yeah,
they were great.
You're happy with them?
No, I'm not.
Of course.
Well, lemme guess.
Did you dream up a
new blend last night?
You yelled at
the cable provider
and you got to keep
the introductory prize.
No, but good reminder.
Seems impossible,
but you met a girl.
I knew it.
For knowing it, you
got it wrong twice.
I won't forget about
that, tell me about her.
Who is she, what's her name?
I don't gossip.
Come on.
If you want come meet her
at the Christmas
party this weekend.
[gentle music]
Hey dad.
[Dad] Yeah.
We need to talk.
[objects clattering]
Let's go.
Well, I didn't wanna
have this conversation.
Clearly, I work here
and I didn't even know
what was going on.
How bad is it Dad?
The short version, our
overhead is too high.
The costs to plant, tend to
the vines process the grapes,
this bottling machine
keeps breaking down.
If there's stuff
weighing us down,
we should just get rid of it.
If we could just
win this contest.
The Christmas Blender.
Yeah, if we could win,
it would lower our growing
costs and increase our sales.
Why don't we just
solve part of the winery
and the equipment?
There's nothing wrong with
going to a third party
if our costs are too high.
No, I'm not gonna change
the way we do business.
Now we are a legacy
winery from seeds to Cork.
She might be onto something.
And and when did
you become an expert
at growingand selling wine?
Dad, stop.
I don't know, maybe
'cause I've been around it
my whole life.
I love you, dad.
But you are using Christmas
blends from mom from years ago.
And you're not innovating.
You're imitating, and
that's the problem.
And guess what?
None of it brings mom back
and you are running this
winery into the ground.
That's enough.
Okay, look, I love you both.
I'm not trying to
choose sides here,
but honestly I think
Sam's on to something.
Look, let me just help
with the Christmas Blender.
I think I have some
really good ideas.
I can surprise the judges.
No, and this
conversation is over.
Now if you two will, excuse me,
there's work to be
done around here.
It didn't go too well.
It never does.
Are you sure he
is gonna be there?
Yes, okay, Tony
already text me
and he said that him and
Parker are on their way.
So we gotta get a move on.
I felt bad pretending
to be festive
when dad's in the
cellar stewing.
He's not stewing.
He's just doing his
grumbling Dad thing.
Come on, let's go.
[upbeat music]
Welcome everyone to
the city of Hermann's
annual Christmas tree lighting.
[audience cheering]
[audience clapping]
Are you ready?
[Audience] Yes.
Let's start the countdown.
10, nine, eight, seven.
Tall enough to the tree, huh?
[Audience] Three, two, one.
[audience cheering]
It's a pleasure doing
business with you.
You too. Mr. Williams.
Looks like you're enjoying
our Hermann Christmas
You caught me.
Maybe you'll stay
a little longer.
I do love small towns,
especially during the holidays.
Well, in that case,
could I interest you
in some mulled wine?
[gentle music]
I think it's working.
It looks like it.
You wanna get outta here?
Let's go.
So I'd really love
to know more about you.
Right, well, you
know I love wine.
Yep, cheers to that.
You know I love small towns.
And I love Christmas.
What else else do
you wanna know?
Okay, well, will you
be spending Christmas
with your family?
Where are they, where
did you grow up?
I mean, I don't even
know your last name.
You need to know my last name.
You could spare no details.
I'm just on a little
break from work right now.
And as far as the holidays go,
my mom passed seven
years ago, so.
It's just never
the same without her.
What about you?
Well, growing up my dad was
in the military and widowed.
So Christmas was kind of rough.
But then he met my mom, stepmom,
Tony's mom and things
got much better.
She made sure Christmas was
always very special for us.
It must have been
hard without your mom.
Yeah, but Tony's
mom is my mom.
I love that.
Yeah, so.
I hate to drink and run.
Then don't.
I have to.
No, you don't, stay.
I can't.
Well, can I walk you
to your hotel or your car
or wherever you're going?
No, I'm good, I
appreciate it though.
Well, don't forget
about tomorrow.
What's tomorrow?
[person laughing]
I won't even joke
around like that, please?
I'm kidding, I'll
meet you there.
See you then.
[person sighing]
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music]
[people chattering]
Maybe I did.
Thank you, you look
pretty nice yourself there.
And that wouldn't be such
a bad thing wouldn't?
Hey Dad, you're looking nice.
In my day this was just a
sweater, not an ugly sweater.
My opinion, if there was
a contest, you would win.
There you are.
Oh my, I did not know
you wore nice clothes.
Didn't, I just bought this.
Oh, you just bought this.
Oh, tag is still on it.
So hoe do I look?
You look like you
could own a winery.
I'll take it, George.
How's it going?
Parker, Merry Christmas.
Tis' the season.
How's your Christmas
blend coming along?
Couldn't be better, yours?
It's my best to date.
The judges and crowd
should be pleased.
I'm very excited to try yours.
Wow, I'm very excited
about the grand prize.
Well, don't get too excited,
I'm pretty sure
we have this one.
Well, we'll see about that.
You plan on bringing
that same dull blend
you brought last year
George, you're in trouble.
Have a good evening, I
have to find my date.
Excuse me.
Who could possibly be on
a date with that narcissist?
He is.
Okay, Dad, look, you
promise not to get too mad.
[wine pouring]
See her?
No, not yet.
Hope she didn't forget.
No, I'm getting nervous.
[gentle music]
Hey, is that her?
I'll leave you two alone.
Wow, just wow.
Hi, you look stunning.
Thank you.
Do you wanna go try some wine?
Yes, yes.
You have to try
Alpine's newest red,
it's a blend of Missouri Nord
with California.
Hi, two general Fremont please.
[wine pouring]
Thank you.
To a very merry Christmas.
And a happy New Year.
[glasses clinking]
[gentle music]
Wow, that's good.
Dark berries.
Black plum.
Dark chocolate.
Black cherry.
And a touch of liquorish.
And wood showing
the long finish.
Wow, you really do have
an excellent palette.
You should come work for me.
I can't.
And plus all my passengers
need help with their carry-ons.
I'm serious.
Why don't you move here out?
I'll hire you and you can
help me make new wines.
It's really sweet,
but I really don't
even know what to say.
Say yes.
What do you have to lose?
You have the talent, you
just need an opportunity.
I need to go wash my hands.
I will be right back.
[person sighing]
[gentle music]
What is wrong with me?
You don't actually
like this guy.
He's a jerk.
He's a real, he's
an attractive jerk.
But, get it together Samantha.
Why are you acting like this?
He's not that cute.
Everything's good.
Hi, are you okay?
I think I might
actually like Parker.
What, are you kidding me?
That's awful and that's great.
That's awful and great
at the same time.
Is it?
Totally, okay, if Parker
finds out who you are
then there's no way he's
gonna have a problem
with Tony and I and
then we can all.
We can all live happily after.
You make it look so easy.
Trust me.
And I may have already told dad
about Parker and Tony anyways.
Wait what?
It's okay.
He wasn't angry per
se, just grumbly.
Look, Sam.
Everything is gonna be
just fine, look at me.
Go in there and get
yourself some true love.
[door banging]
Can I please see your
after dinner drink selection?
Thank you so much.
Miss me?
Caught me.
So what is next
on our taste menu?
Well, I was looking
at the dessert menu
and I thought that could be fun.
Someone likes to
skip dessert I see.
Sometimes I enjoy
things that are sweet.
You really should consider
staying in Hermann.
It seems like a
nice place to live.
Hermann's turning into
a huge wine destination.
And you would be great
in the wine business.
I'm not just saying that.
Look Parker,
there's something that I
need to tell you that I.
Your father has outdone
himself this year.
This Hermann Hoff Norton
is, oh, it's amazing.
Your father.
Hey Parker
Williams, you made it.
Be good to this one,
she's Hermannhof royalty.
I've noticed since
she was a baby.
Royalty, huh?
[Speaker 3] I remember
her and her sister Emily,
running around
those wine cellars,
like it was their own
personal playground.
You don't say.
Remember that?
Oh, and her mother made
the most wonderful blends.
You know, we're kind of sad
that you didn't get into wine.
Maybe someday.
Well, love the Norton.
I hope you guys
have a good holiday.
I'll see you around, bye.
Those cookies were to die for.
Look, Parker, I can't explain.
What's there to explain,
you're a Hermannhof?
I know, I tried to.
Should have seen this
coming, I'm such an idiot.
No wonder you knew
so much about wine.
No wonder you knew
so much about me.
I'm sorry.
Wait a minute.
Did Tony put you up to this?
I mean.
Yes, it was my idea.
Are you trying to
deliberately sink our winery?
No, I love Emily.
I just wanna be happy with her.
You've been dating
her behind my back.
You've been dating
the competition.
Yes Parker, I love her.
So you're giving
up your shares.
You can't do that.
Yes, I can.
We made an agreement,
remember that if either of
us jeopardized our winery,
the offending party
would forfeit his.
Yes, yes.
Why don't you just
let him be happy
and then maybe you be happy?
Hey, you can quit the act now.
You're real great, thank
you so much for your work.
But we're done here.
You know what, no hard feelings,
let's just see who the best
winemaker in town is, huh?
We are done.
I'm sorry.
[gentle music]
I don't know, can't get
her to come out of her room.
Well, I can't say I blame her.
Wait, are are you
saying this is my fault?
She called me to come here,
come home and help her.
But she was dating him
long before I got here.
And that's the problem.
That I don't come home.
Dad, I don't know
if you know this,
but I have a job so
I can't just take off
massive amounts of time work.
But you can make an effort.
You pop in here for a
day or two here and there
and then you leave.
Are you really that mad at me?
Because you're stubborn
and we're gonna lose
this whole thing if you
don't get with the times.
Are we really gonna
argue about that again?
Yeah, because you
don't trust me Dad.
I don't know how many times
I have to tell you this,
but I'm good at making wine.
I'm really good at it.
And I never said you weren't.
But what?
You just are never
willing to change.
Because I can't.
Because of mom.
I'm so sick of you
using mom as an excuse.
Because even mom knew that
we have to change our blends
every year, depending
on the harvest.
And she listened to the vines.
I am not gonna let
go of the last thing
I have of your mother.
Her formula Dad,
if you think that's the last
thing that represents mom,
you're even more
lost than I thought.
I don't know how
to be without her.
And you think I do.
What I do know is that
she wants us to move on
and she doesn't
want us fighting.
And you wonder why I
never come home Dad.
I'll be gone in the morning.
[gentle music]
[Parker] What
were you thinking?
= Oh, good morning to you too.
Why can't you let me be happy?
= You can be happy.
You just can't take
the competition.
You did.
Yeah, under false pretense.
So what, do you like her?
Do you like her?
Yes, I liked her, but
I was tricked into it.
So that is a false pretense.
Okay, listen Parker,
if you like Samantha,
why don't we just tear up
the contracts and be happy?
Because that's
not how this works.
We signed the contract because
love makes people like us
make bad choices.
But they're our
choices to make.
Sure, but if you wanna
work at this winery,
there are rules.
And dating the competition is
a flagrant violation of that.
Do you understand?
I'm sorry.
[door whirring]
[water splashing]
Dad, Sam's gone and she's
not answering her phone.
Yeah, I know.
What did you say to her?
It's not your
business little one.
Okay, Dad, whatever is going
on between the two of you,
you need to work it out.
She wants me to
change the blends.
I can't do that.
Because that was mom's job?
Dad, you still have
mom in Sam and I,
but I'm telling you,
you are gonna lose Sam
with your stubbornness.
Sam has been making
blends for a long time
and she's really,
really good at it.
In fact, she made a red blend
and I put it in oak barrels.
I haven't touched it because
I wanted to surprise.
Wait a minute, where?
Deep in the cellar, we had
our own little secret operation
and the first blends we made
have been there for seven years.
Seven years.
Show me.
You've gotta be kidding.
Why did she say anything?
She did, but you
weren't listening.
Look, dad, we will always
have our traditional wines
like the Norton, but
we've gotta get creative
with her blends, I
mean, that's why mom
was changing her red
blend every single year.
And Sam is brilliant
at making wine.
I think she got
the gift from mom.
Have you even
tried any of these?
No, but I have
just been saving them
for this very occasion.
Oh, go on.
[upbeat music]
Yeah, it's something right?
Look, dad, if we don't change,
we are not gonna be competitive
with any other winery
and we are going
to get left behind.
But you know what I
really, truly believe
is that the best
way to honor mom
is to simply strive to do our
best and to make the best.
I think that's what
she would really want.
You're right.
You're right.
Honey I am so sorry.
It's okay, just don't
tell me, tell Sam.
Just tell Sam before
it's too late.
I'll drive.
[plane whirring]
[footsteps walking]
[upbeat music]
Dad, Emily, what are
you guys doing here?
Sam, I'm sorry
about everything.
Emily told me about the.
Told you what?
I told him about the
blends you made and we tasted
the one you made
before you moved out.
Wait a minute, I thought
those were long gone guys.
I stored them in oak
barrels in the cellar.
Sam, your blend from seven
years ago, it's amazing.
It's the key to this contest.
It's gonna save Hermannhof.
I'm sorry that I've been
so focused in the past
and not seeing the future,
but you're the future,
Sam, both of you.
Dad, are you sure?
That red blend of
yours is spectacular.
You are our secret weapon
to beating reserve sellers.
All right.
What do you say we
go bottle some wine?
Let's go bottle some wine.
Let's go bottle some wine.
[upbeat music]
[objects whirring]
[people chattering]
Time to celebrate
The moment we've
been waiting for
That's good, let me see.
Like that one too.
The party's about to start
Everyone put on
your ugly sweater
It's our favorite
time of the year, yeah
Singing out of tune
Looks so good, so good.
Underneath the mistletoe
and regret it tomorrow
It's perfect weather,
it's perfect weather
Everyone put on
your ugly sweater
It's our favorite time
Of the year, yeah
Sit by the fireplace
It's perfect weather,
it's perfect weather
Everyone put on
your ugly sweater
It's our favorite time
Of the year
It's really good.
That's fantastic.
[people chattering]
[upbeat music]
Can I have your intention,
we're gonna need to tally
up those votes really soon.
So if you haven't had a chance
to fill out your ballot,
I've asked that you
please go over there,
taste the wines and vote, okay.
As you know, the
grand prize this year
is going to be an acre
of planted Norton grapes.
Pretty exciting.
[audience clapping]
They seem to really love it.
You think?
Did you make enough?
I hope so Dad.
Have you tried the
Reserve Sellers in?
No, I'm nervous.
Go ahead.
Polaris, please.
Pretty good.
I thought you'd like it.
I'm surprised you came.
Just supporting my family.
Oh, the truth at last.
Everything I told you was
the truth except that I'm.
Hermannhof, yeah.
I hate to break it to you,
but a lie of omissions
still a lie, so.
Look, I get you
can be angry at me,
but what I don't get
is you continuously
not letting Tony and
Emily be together.
Well, Tony's a big boy
and he knows the rules.
We're dating the competition
or you're out the winery.
You're the only one competing.
And nobody wins 'cause Tony
and Emily can't be together.
And I would do anything
to make my sister happy.
Including pretending
to like me, right?
Do you wanna know the truth?
Go for it.
You seem like you
know everything.
You wanna know the real truth.
Sure, let's see.
I actually started
to really like you.
Under this abrasive personality
was someone that I
started to care about.
Loved that you loved to make
wine, but more importantly,
I loved how much you
loved your stepbrother.
What's your point?
My point is, I
saw the real you.
It's not that scary.
You made a good blend.
I know.
Hey, they're done
with the tally.
Work calls.
Fine, you try my blend?
It's only been sitting in
oak barrels for seven years.
Goes down smoother than yours.
How is that even possible?
[Speaker 4] What's
your favorite?
Excuse me, could I,
one Hermannhof please.
Okay, everyone gather around.
The votes have been counted
and the finalists this
year are Reserve Sellers.
[audience clapping]
And Hermannhof.
[people screaming]
Good job.
Now our two finalists
will have to go head
to head with the judges
who will make the
final decision.
Did you talk to Parker?
Outdid themselves.
Hope we crush him.
Winemakers, can I
have you to the stage?
All the red blends were
submitted this year
were so wonderful.
No, no, no, you.
Sam, this is
your wine, you go.
You're a better winemaker
than I could ever be.
Go get up there kid.
Sam, anything
you'd like to say?
Thank you everyone
for being here
and I hope you're
having a great time
at our Christmas Bender.
Parker, anything
you'd like to say?
Tip your waiters.
Really, tip your waiters.
Okay, it looks like Reserve
Sellers is gonna be first,
9.5, 9.4, and 9.5.
That is an incredible,
that's great.
On to the Hermannhof red blend.
I have a deal for you.
It's so nice having
her hop back on stage.
The judges seem to be discussing
the Hermannhof red blend.
That's kind of unusual, okay,
so judges a little more
time to deliberate.
Let Emily and
Tony be together,
I'll forfeit the competition.
You can't forfeit.
I don't care about winning.
I just want my
sister to be happy.
Judges, 9.8.
[audience clapping]
Another 9.8.
I'm gonna forfeit.
You deserve this, go.
Sam, can you say some words?
Come on over,
congratulations sweetie.
For as long as I can remember,
I have always wanted
to be a winemaker.
My mother, my father,
and my sister are all
reasons why I love wine.
[Mom] Girls.
Sam, Emily.
Mom, the lights went out.
I didn't know the two of
you were still in here.
Don't worry, Sam was
looking out for me.
That's what big
sisters are for.
I'll always look out for you.
That's right, you guys
will always have each other.
Okay, now listen.
Do you wanna see what
I've been working on?
Let's go.
I'll need you both
to take a deep breath
and then smell this, okay.
[person sniffing]
What do you smell?
Anything else Sam?
Plum, cinnamon.
Very good Sam, you're
gonna be a better winemaker
than me and your dad someday.
I'm a fifth
generation winemaker
and I couldn't be more proud
to stand up here today.
So I just wanna say
thank you everyone
and I hope you guys all
have a happy holiday.
Any comments?
Samantha's right,
Christmas is a time
for joy and love
and helping those
closest to us be happy.
Congratulations Hermannhof.
Wait Parker, wait, hold on.
[audience clapping]
Good job honey.
Thanks dad.
I want you to have this, here.
But why?
I don't need it anymore.
Go get him.
Go get him.
You hold this from your dad?
Your mom would
be so proud of you.
I love you dad.
I love you too.
[upbeat music]
I think there's someone
I need to go find.
Go get him, go.
Dad is there anything
you have to do as well?
[person cheering]
[person kissing]
This is amazing.
You looking for someone?
Sorry, it was
just a lot in there.
It was.
I tasted your wine.
And it was by far one of the
best things I've ever tasted.
It was so smooth and
bold and perfect.
Just like you.
Parker, I should have
told you so many things.
Hey, look, if Tony can
date the competition,
why can't I, right?
It's only fair.
It's only fair.
But I'm traveling and
I don't live here.
Let's face it, your
heart's in Hermann,
your family's here.
I'm here, stay.
Besides, I don't
think I could wait
another seven years to try a
surprise blend from you again.
So it's the only
reason why you want me
to stay because
of my winemaking.
Not just,
maybe I'll take you
up on your job offer.
Think I could pencil
you in for an interview.
Merry Christmas Sam.
Merry Christmas Parker.
[upbeat music]
Candy canes and
chocolate kisses
Yuletide cheer and
Christmas wishes
First thing on my
Christmas list is you
Joyful spirit burning bright
Together on this
silent night
First thing on my
Christmas List is you
First thing on my
Christmas List is you
First thing on my
Christmas List is you