A Christmas Wish (2019) Movie Script

is a magical time of year,
especially where I grew up.
For as long as people
in Ponchatoula can remember,
things happened
at Christmas
that no one could seem
to explain.
When my grandparents were kids,
Billy Finch
wished for a pony.
And it was in his backyard
the next morning.
Both of his parents swore
they did not buy it.
When my parents were teenagers,
their teacher, Mrs. Johnson,
wished for an answer
to her financial woes.
And wouldn't you know it?
She found a winning
lottery ticket
on the sidewalk
that same week.
After a while,
the town believed
there was real magic
in the air.
My family was certainly
no exception.
I guess it's fitting, then,
that my parents named me Faith.
Come on, Maddie.
My sister Maddie and I
could not wait
to put our wishes
in the wishing box,
which was set out every year
on the first day of December.
We would write down our heart's
deepest desires,
fold them extra,
extra tight,
and then we'd grab hands
and close our eyes
before dropping them in.
A lucky few would have
their wishes granted
by the Wish Committee,
a tradition that started
when we were kids.
But maybe, just maybe,
your wish would be granted
by something,
or someone,
even bigger.
Back then, I believed
I had hope in the impossible.
And things never seemed
more possible
than at Christmas.
But that was a very long
time ago.
- Morning, Miss Mason.
-Hey, Stella.
Good morning.
You making a wish?
Yeah. See you at school.
I'll see you there.
- Hey.
I was just wondering
if I had gotten out of bed
for nothing.
Sorry I'm late, Mr. Porter.
Thank you so much for opening up
early for me again.
Well, I wouldn't do it
for anybody, you know.
I mean, I am your favorite
So, what are you
cooking up this week?
Well, today is the last day
before winter break,
so all the kids are putting
the finishing touches
on their homemade gifts.
-I know what you're thinking.
These are not
macaroni necklaces
or awful Popsicle stick
picture frames.
These, my friend,
are works of art.
I have had this one little boy
all semester
knitting a hat
for his sister,
and it is adorable.
We've been running
dangerously low on supplies,
so I just wanted to stock up and
make sure
the kids have
everything they need
to take their gifts home.
You really go above and beyond
for those kids, don't you?
Well, yeah.
They're good kids.
I know.
Okay. These.
That's it.
That's all I'm going
to do for today.
Yeah. Right.
Anything special
for the holiday?
I'm going to sleep in.
I might read a book.
My sister Maddie's
coming into town.
She's bringing
her new boyfriend.
We think he's the one.
-Oh, good for her.
Hey, you and Maddie
plan on putting anything
in the wishing box this year?
I think I'm a little old
for the wishing box.
Well, if you're too old,
I'm way too old.
But I've already
put in my wish.
What did you wish for?
Well, I can't tell you,
or it won't come true.
-I think it's very sweet
that you are an
honest-to-goodness believer.
But my mother's
on the Wish Committee,
so I know how
the whole thing works.
Although I will keep
my fingers crossed
-your wish gets pulled.
-Well, there was a time
when there was no
Wish Committee, you know?
That wishing box is nearly
as old as the town itself.
Well, I have heard
all the stories.
And they are magical.
I, however,
am late to school,
so thank you so much
for your help today.
-You betcha.
-Put it on my tab.
You are the best.
-Enjoy the candy
-Thank you.
Ho, ho, ho.
Thank you.
Talia, why are we
refilling the cream?
It's 7:00 a.m.
Everyone cheats
during the holidays.
Extra sugar, extra spice,
and mountains of whipped cream.
He's here again.
Same table.
Oh, really?
I hadn't noticed.
You said you were going
to go talk to him last week
and the week before that.
He looks busy.
His name's Andrew.
He lives right up the street.
Just go say hey.
What's the worst
that could happen?
I could find out that we have
nothing in common.
Or that, like,
he's a bad tipper.
-He's a great tipper.
-Oh, God. Okay, fine.
Then he's perfect.
Why ruin it?
-Got to go.
I know, I know.
We're going to be late for work.
-What'd you get me?
I get breakfast on Wednesdays.
This is Tuesday.
Tomorrow's holiday break,
so I'm calling it off.
-Oh, blueberry.
All right,
I'll get my own.
It was the last one.
You can have half.
Okay, then I accept.
Hey, are you okay?
Oh, yes.
I'm all right, thank you.
- Okay. Come on.
- Oh.
-You good?
- Oh, just my boot.
Oh, no, here.
I got you.
Let me see here.
All right, well,
I'll tell you,
I really like your laces.
Those are very festive.
Oh, well, it's the little things
that make a person stand out.
I think so too.
Now, unfortunately,
I do not think
you're going to be able
to walk on those anymore.
-But I think I have a solution.
Hold on,
let me see your foot.
Yup. Okay.
I was going
to wear these later,
but you need them more.
I couldn't possibly
take your shoes.
-No. No, no, no, no.
-Yeah. Please.
They are a work of art.
I make stuff like this
all the time.
Really. And I have
to walk to school,
so I'll just wear
my sneakers.
I'm good. Please.
Oh, my. Oh!
Oh, they fit so good.
Oh, good.
Beauty. See?
It was meant to be.
-How can I repay you?
-No, no, no.
-It's a gift.
-I think that's everything.
You sure you don't
need help with this?
No, I'm fine.
You and your lovely
-you have done so much.
-No, she's not my girlfriend.
-We're friends.
Oh, well, my mistake.
Well, Merry Christmas.
-Yeah. Merry Christmas. See you.
- Good morning, Greta.
Getting back
from dance class?
Tuesdays, Thursdays,
and Fridays.
Have a great holiday.
You too.
We're in the homestretch.
All right, see you.
Oh, my God.
I hope I am that cool in my 70s
and I start a new hobby.
Oh, my God.
I'm into it if you're into it.
Maybe we'll get
our black belt in karate.
-Learn how to scuba dive.
I'm glad that we're still
friends in our golden years.
Yeah. We're gonna keep getting
better with age, I think.
Really good job,
you guys.
I am very impressed.
Yes, I like--
I like what's happening here.
Michael, tell me who this
handsome guy is.
This is Harvey,
my grandpa's dog.
Oh, grandpa's dog.
He's very smart-looking.
Do you hang out with him
all the time?
You guys are doing so great.
Oh, man.
Aiden, this crosshatching
is incredible.
What are you going
to name this tree?
The family tree.
The family tree.
Oh, my gosh.
Miss Stella.
Why the long face?
-It's ruined.
-What are you talking about?
Anybody would love to display
their flowers in this.
It's cracked. See?
-Right there.
-Oh, honey.
I see.
Well, where you see a crack,
I see a golden opportunity.
May I?
Check this out.
Going to let you in
on a little secret.
Life seldom
goes as planned.
So we just have to change
our perspective.
To quote my own
personal hero,
the one and only Bob Ross,
we do not make mistakes,
my friend.
Only happy accidents.
What do you think?
How's the strand of light
to fix things?
-It's perfect.
-You like that?
-All right.
Keep going,
and I'll tell you what.
We'll put a little sealant
on the inside
so it doesn't leak.
-Yeah. Thank you.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen.
You have exactly 30 minutes
to finish.
Ready, set, go.
Make every minute count.
All you guys,
have a great holiday.
Enjoy your break.
Make sure you pick up
your projects after school.
I will miss you,
but I will see you
in the new year.
Oh, bye, honey.
I'll see you later.
Have a great break.
Bye, hon. I'll see you later.
Thank you.
-Miss Mason?
Can I see you
in my office?
Sure. I'll be right there.
Sorry. If this is about the new
pottery wheel I requested,
I feel terrible, but someone
thought it would
be funny to put a big old
can of paint on top, and...
There's not going to be
a new pottery wheel.
There's actually going to be
no more pottery, period.
I'm having a little bit
of trouble following you.
There's no easy way
to say this,
especially at this time
of year,
but the school board
has voted
to cut the funding
for the arts program.
By how much?
All of it.
-I'm sorry.
My hands are tied.
But that money is earmarked
for technology upgrades
that are state-mandated.
So the art room...
Becomes the new
computer lab.
We're going to keep you
for the remainder of the year,
of course.
But you are going to have
to start clearing out your room.
I'm happy to write you
a recommendation letter.
It's not about me.
This is about the kids.
I mean, you know how they are
at this age.
They don't know how
to express themselves.
My classroom is where
they figure that out.
I'm really sorry, Faith.
Just so you know,
I tried my best,
and I'm always
on your side.
Thank you
for letting me know.
Yes! Just passed out
my final
"Why you should get
your flu shot" pamphlet,
and it feels good.
Thanks again
for the pin.
Got a lot of compliments
on this baby.
What's up?
You okay?
No. You're standing
in the new computer lab,
as of this spring.
You're serious?
I just ran into Bob
from the music department.
They're getting rid
of the jazz ensemble too.
What is wrong with people?
I mean, when did art and music
become, like, disposable?
Yeah, and I'm the last school
nurse in the whole parish.
I guess health and wellness
are up for debate too.
I'm so sorry, Faith.
I know how much
you love what you do.
It'll all be fine.
I just...
I really worry
about these kids.
They need a place where
they don't have to be perfect.
That's the beauty
of this room, you know?
All their little mistakes
are awesome.
Like, look at this guy.
This is the perfect example.
Can you imagine a world
where he doesn't exist?
I don't think I want to live
in that world.
Me neither.
It's going
to be okay.
You're going
to figure out something.
You always do.
And I'm always here for help.
Thanks. You're the best.
All right, are you ready
for carpool?
Oh, I love carpool.
Let's do it.
See you later.
Hey, so what's up?
Are you going to your brother's
house for the holidays?
They're going on
an Alaskan cruise this year.
Gift from the in-laws.
That's a nice gift.
What are you doing?
Well, my parents are visiting
my sister in Chicago,
so I'm just chilling.
Going to play some video games,
watch some nature documentaries.
You can't spend the holidays
all by yourself.
Just come to my family's house.
My parents would love
to see you.
Yeah, I don't want
to impose.
I know Maddie's
coming over.
We could do something tomorrow,
Just thinking about getting
a Christmas tree, maybe.
You're going to get a tree?
Even though I'm Jewish,
my mom gets a tree every year.
Plus, it smells good.
Might remind me of home.
You realize there's only a week
left before Christmas.
Bye, honey.
You're cutting it really close.
Not everyone starts decorating
the day after Thanksgiving,
like somebody.
I stand by my decision,
thank you.
-Hey, come on. Come on.
All right.
Have a great break.
Have a good holiday, guys.
So are you in for tomorrow?
Yeah, I'm in.
I'm here,
and I come bearing wine.
Sissy! Hi!
Maddie! Hi.
-Oh, I missed you.
-I missed you too.
Let me look at you.
You get prettier
every time I see you.
-No, stop.
-With that fresh Colorado air.
-How's it going in there?
So far, so good.
Dad picked us up from
the airport in his patrol car,
which I think gave Ryan just
the right amount of anxiety.
Dad does love to make
a statement.
Oh, look who I found snooping
around the Christmas tree.
Are you still
a starving artist?
Starving? Yeah.
-Hi, Dad.
How are you?
-Ryan! You're here!
Welcome to the madness.
Good to see you, bud.
Take these.
I could not remember if you were
a red or a white guy,
so I got you one of each.
Have I told you how much
I like your sister?
How was your last day,
sweet girl?
Oh, it was--
You know, it was--
Busy, chaotic, and the kids
were all excited.
You're an art teacher, right?
That must be really rewarding.
It is, yeah.
Hey, Mom, gingerbread cookies.
Do we have the stuff
for them?
Dough, sprinkles, icing, candy.
Yeah, it's all in there.
I haven't decorated cookies
since I was, like, 10.
-Sounds fun.
-Oh, it's not going to be fun.
-It's going to be war.
It's on, buddy.
These are no ordinary
gingerbread cookies.
These are going to be
some of the most famous faces
in history and pop culture,
dead or alive.
Okay, so Faith started
this whole
celebrity gingerbread
in, like, the eighth grade.
And it just kind of stuck.
Dad usually likes
politicians are your thing.
Mom is partial to, like,
powerful women in history.
Gingerbabe, if you will.
And Maddie
vacillates between
actors and actresses.
Yeah. It like my thing.
Remember Clooney cookie?
Faith is a wild card.
You never know who to expect.
But she always wins, so...
-All right, are you ready?
-I'm in.
Everybody, grab your cookie.
On your mark,
get set, go.
Thanks. I need the scissors
for the green.
All right, all of you guys have
playing cards in front of you,
numbered one through ten.
When I unveil the cookie,
you will slap down your score.
One being for indecipherable,
ten being a masterpiece.
So with no further ado,
let us begin
with cookie number one.
Okay, that looks like
the Grinch.
Yeah, good work, Daddy.
-How'd you know?
You got a score of 30.
That's a good start!
All right, cookie number two.
Ooh! Mick Jagger, with those
lips and the leather pants.
No, it wasn't me.
And it wasn't you either.
A rolling stone
gathers no moss.
Mother, I am impressed with you.
What a hip choice.
You have a score of 38.
Good, good!
Onto cookie number three.
Oh, this one's Maddie's.
I know it.
She's been in a big
Elvis phase lately.
Listening to all your old vinyl,
I couldn't decide
which Elvis,
so I went with classic
white jumpsuit Elvis.
-That's always the way to go.
- Thank you.
You chose, wisely,
because you've earned 42 points.
I'm winning? Oh, my God!
- You love this game.
-I love this game.
Okay, that means there's only
two cookies left.
It's between you and me, bro.
Let's see what happens
with cookie number four.
What is that?
Some kind of masked bandit?
No, it's...
what do you call it?
It's a Ninja Turtle.
Michelangelo, to be exact.
Cowabunga, Ryan.
I'm very impressed
with your detail work.
You put a lot of time and energy
into that.
And you have earned yourself...
you have 45 points.
-Oh, you're winning.
- Yeah.
Don't get too excited, though,
because we have one cookie left,
and I think we know
who it belongs to.
Okay, so Mrs. Claus is yours?
That's your meemaw
in sweatpants.
Are you guys joking?
That's clearly Bea Arthur.
-Who's that?
-From The Golden Girls.
The best Golden Girl.
It looks like the little
old lady, Sophia.
- It's very good.
This is a total of, like,
18 points.
Wait, does that mean you won?
I think so.
I'm sorry.
Good game, good game.
- Good game.
I'm going to get
some milk.
-Oh, she's upset.
It really does look
like meemaw.
It does, doesn't it?
Let us do this.
We'll take over.
- Are you sure?
Yeah, go rest.
Why is it that the women
always end up in the kitchen?
Because we're type A and like
things done a certain way.
Oh, yeah. I forgot.
All right, I'm going
to head up to bed.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
-Tonight was nice.
-My girls. It was fun.
All right, stay up
as late as you want.
- Mm-hmm.
-For real?
-All night?
Night night.
We can't be trusted.
Okay. Spill.
Tell me what
you're not telling me.
School board decided to cut
funding to the arts program.
So as of next year,
it just doesn't exist.
Is there anything
you can do?
I don't know.
I, like, found out today
and I'm just still
processing it.
I'm being weird.
Have I been edgy? I'm sorry.
No, you're fine.
You don't always have to be on,
especially with me,
Have I told you how much
I miss you?
Maybe we should go be bad.
Do you want to go be bad?
So bad.
How bad do you want to be?
Like, the baddest.
Should we go get
that really dirty ice cream
and get a chocolate-dipped cone?
With the graham crackers
on top?
-Oh, my gosh.
-We need it.
Yes. We've earned it.
This can wait.
This is better
than I remembered.
I've got to bring Ryan here.
Thank you for being
so nice to him, by the way.
-He's awesome.
-It means so much to me.
He's one heck
of a cookie decorator.
And he makes you happy.
What more could I want?
-What about you?
Anyone special?
-What about coffee shop guy?
I regret telling you
about that.
Here's my plan
for you with him.
I feel like
what you need to do
is you need to just act
like your normal self
and be like,
"Oh, I'm so sorry."
Drop your hot cocoa in his lap,
and you have to get
some napkins.
You have to help him
pat it dry.
Then looks will be exchanged,
then names will be exchanged,
and then phone numbers,
and who knows what'll happen?
A lawsuit.
No! This is how
it happens in the movies.
Movies are dumb
and not real.
But I don't need a guy
to be happy.
I don't need Ryan.
I want Ryan.
That's a big difference.
Dude, the wish box.
Let's do it.
Just for old time's sake.
Come on. Just one.
Come on.
Thank you.
Fine. FYI...
Mom and all her lady friends
on the Wish Committee
have already picked
their wishes for the year.
Well, this isn't
for the committee.
Who's it for? Santy Claus?
Wait, it's not, right?
I believe anything
is possible at Christmas.
I remember a time
that you did too.
What did you write?
Oh, this is just between
me and the box, so...
Let me see it.
If you don't believe
that it's true,
then why do you care
what it says?
I didn't say I don't care.
-Okay you can have it.
-I'm going to fight you.
-Reach for it.
It's not even that far.
"I wish for Faith Mason
to have a true love's kiss."
Is this a fairy tale, or...?
Well, either it doesn't
come true and nothing changes,
or it does and you get
a Christmas love story.
-Guys don't even notice me.
-Could you really say no
to coffee shop guy
swooning over you?
You have to put it in
the box so it's gonna come true.
That's the wish box rules.
-I didn't make them.
That's Ryan.
-Hey, babe.
-Hey, I'll catch up. Go ahead.
Be my Christmas Valentine
And make my dreams
Come true
Christmas Valentine
-Good morning.
Ah! Hey.
Hi, I'm John.
This is Jonah.
-We're your new neighbors.
Please excuse him.
Take that
in the house.
I'm sorry. The moving company
misplaced a few of our boxes.
It's fine.
I'm sorry, I'm Faith.
I was just coming out
to get my paper.
Oh, no, let me.
Thank you.
I normally wear pants.
I just wasn't
expecting to see you.
Or anybody in general.
It's okay.
I'm happy you did.
Well, welcome.
You've moved in
at a nice time.
Christmas is fun.
Oh, yeah, the most magical
time of the year.
I think so too.
So, John, if you ever need
a cup of sugar
or a cup of...rice.
Or a cup of anything, really,
you know where
to find me.
And you know
where to find me.
Just right there.
-Right there.
-Right there.
I'm coming, son.
Well, it was a pleasure
meeting you, Faith.
I'm sure I'll see you around.
I'll see you around...
We're neighbors.
Of course I'll see you.
Okay, bye.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
Hey, do you know
where the gift card is
that I got my dad?
I looked in my bag
and I can't find it.
Yeah, it's in the outside pocket
of my carry-on.
Oh. Oh, perfect.
-Did you find it?
-Yop. Found it.
Just perfect, thanks.
By the way,
your dad invited me
to ride along with him
on his route this morning.
I don't know if I should
be scared or excited.
I think you should do it.
I think...
I think it would be good
for you guys
to spend some quality time
He talks a big talk,
but he's just a big old softy.
A softy with a nightstick
and a Taser on his belt.
He's just trying to be cool.
I think he always wanted
to be a musician,
so the fact that I fell
in love with one
makes him
a little bit jealous.
-You think I'm cool?
I think you're the coolest ever.
Don't worry,
you'll have fun.
Robert? Look.
It came.
Think you're going to be able
to top last year?
It's not about the size
of the wish.
Each one means something
to someone,
and that's all
that matters.
"Greetings, wish granter.
"This year, your recipient
is Michael Mills, age 11.
"Michael's Christmas wish is to
see the play A Christmas Carol
"with his grandfather,
Lewis Mills.
"Thank you from
the City of Ponchatoula
for helping make
his wish come true."
Wait, that's it?
Theater tickets?
What did you just say
about the size of the wish?
I mean, I could do this one
in my sleep.
I've been known to deliver some
pretty stellar wishes in my day.
Ooh, did your wish assignment
Oh, he's so cute.
Lucky Michael Mills.
My mom grants
the best wishes.
One time, we all even took part
in this big surprise engagement.
-Oh, yeah?
They arrived by carriage
to the giant Christmas tree
in the park.
We had six trained reindeer
at the helm.
A gospel choir sang "At Last"
by Etta James.
And the whole thing ended
with fireworks.
Wow. That sounds...big.
It was so romantic.
-Ready to hit the road, Ryan?
-Yes, sir.
-Daddy, don't keep him too long.
-No promises.
Have a good day, boys.
I should go too.
I have to run some errands.
But let me know if you need help
with your wish.
-Love you.
-Love you more.
All right, kid.
Let's get started.
Thank you, guys.
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Oh, yeah...thank you.
Yes. I'm Faith.
Well, I've seen you
here before.
-You have?
Yeah, I'm a regular.
Well, sort of.
Actually, I was hoping
I would run into you.
You were?
Well, it might sound
a little strange,
but it's like suddenly
you've been on my mind.
That's weird.
Would you want
to have dinner?
What, together?
-Yeah. That's the idea.
-Okay, yes.
Yes, I would--
That would be fun. Okay.
Are you free tonight?
I can make tonight work.
-Let's say 6:00.
-I love 6:00.
Text me your number
and we'll sort out the details.
Okay. Andrew.
Oh, my gosh.
Hey, Maddie, it's me.
You've got to call me back.
Or you know what?
Just meet me at Roux & Brew
for brunch at 10:30.
I have news! Bye.
-Where are you going?
Muffin. I got to buy
my own now.
Actually, I'm glad
I ran into you.
I had some ideas
about the art program.
Oh, good. Me too.
Okay, three words for you:
district holiday party.
You're going to spike
the eggnog?
No. Maybe.
I have to get in front
of the school board,
and if I can have a face-to-face
conversation with them
about why the department
then it'll make
a difference, right?
-I was thinking the same thing.
-Of course.
Do you hear that?
Is that a flash mob?
Somebody's wish
is coming true.
Come on.
Is that--
Is that Greta, the librarian?
Of course she wished
to be in a flash mob.
-No, no, no, no.
-No, me?
- Do it!
I cannot with you.
Where did you learn
those moves?
It was, like, really cool
being a part of somebody's wish.
Oh, my gosh.
So are we still on for later?
-We are now.
I'll see you
at your place.
-All right, bye.
You ever ridden
in a police car before?
That a yes?
No, sir.
I always wanted to, though.
When I was a kid, I even wanted
to be a police officer
or a rock 'n' roll singer.
Some days, both.
Well, between the two of us,
we did pretty well.
Maddie mentioned that you used
to be in a band in college.
Let me guess: long hair?
I was a drummer.
It was in the job description.
-Do you still play?
I haven't picked up the sticks
in a long time.
Sold the drum kit
when the girls were little.
Didn't want to add more noise
to a house with two toddlers.
Do you miss it?
But there comes a time
in every man's life
when he's got to grow up.
-Which one's the lights?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Buckle up.
Hey. Hi.
I think Ryan's gonna propose.
I just found a ring box
in his stuff,
and then I put it back
before he saw me,
but I'm freaking out,
It's all I can think about.
Honey, that's so exciting.
Thank you. It's crazy.
Anyway, I'm sorry. You.
You have news.
What's your news?
I'm not engaged.
With you?
It is the coffee shop guy.
So you took my advice.
I didn't!
I was leaving
the coffee shop.
And, of course,
this idiot on a bike flies by,
-so I trip.
-Of course.
Coffee shop guy catches me,
and he dips me.
He dipped you?
It doesn't even sound real,
The wish.
-Don't be a dork.
-Come on. I'm serious.
You cannot deny
the timing of that, Faith.
-That's crazy.
-Well, we wished for a kiss.
I mean, this is a...
it's a dinner date.
What normally happens
at the end of a date?
-You're so lame.
No, I think you should
be open to the possibility
that love is in the air.
He is lovely.
I'm sorry,
I didn't order anything.
Do you know him?
Just a coincidence,
I guess?
Oh, hang on!
Just one second.
I got to...
Surprise, little brother.
Grant, what are you
doing here?
-Uncle Wy!
-Hey, Meg.
My gosh,
you look so big.
-Where's James?
-Oh, he's parking the car.
Long story, but we're spending
the holidays with you.
Turns out James' dad
booked the cruise
for December of next year.
We were on our way
to the airport
when they realized
the mistake.
We couldn't go home,
because winter storm Meghan
is making her debut
on the East Coast.
So we just decided
to come here.
Uncle Wyatt,
where's your tree?
Hey. Sorry to barge in
on you like this.
Grant thought it would
be exciting and spontaneous
to surprise you.
For the record,
I thought we should call.
This is a surprise.
-Oh, it's Faith.
Art teacher Faith?
Yeah. Hold on.
-What's up? You ready to go?
-Yeah, I just--
-Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know
you had company.
Faith, this is my brother,
Architect brother?
Oh, my gosh, I have heard
so much about you.
And I, you.
And this is his husband, James.
- Hi, how are you?
-Nice to meet you.
And their daughter, Meg.
I had a dress just like
that when I was your age,
and it was definitely
my favorite.
This one's my favorite too.
I thought you told me you guys
were going on an Alaskan cruise?
Slight change of plans.
Yeah, they're spending Christmas
with me now.
-That's better!
- And Hanukkah.
I get eight times
the presents!
Please don't let us interrupt.
We showed up
completely unannounced.
We were taking this guy to get
a Christmas tree.
You guys should come.
It'll be fun.
Oh, yeah.
The more, the merrier.
Well, I mean, this place
could use a little more cheer.
That is exactly
what I was saying.
Come on, let's do it, Meg.
There's my favorite
former student.
Hey, Mrs. Mason.
Oh, please.
You can call me Joyce now.
Joyce. Got you.
I was hoping you could
help me with something.
Just between us.
-Yeah, what's up?
This is your little brother,
Michael, isn't it?
Yes. Ooh, wait,
does this mean that he...?
I've been selected
to grant Michael's wish.
To see A Christmas Carol
live with your grandfather.
He's going to be so excited.
I've already bought two tickets
to the show in Southport.
But I wanted to know
what else Michael liked--
Isn't Southport, like,
a few hours from here?
Yes, but the show doesn't start
until 7:00 p.m.
Yeah, but grandpa Lewis
can't travel.
He's too weak.
He loves Dickens. He used
to read it to us all the time
when we slept over.
Nicholas Nickleby,
Oliver Twist,
-A Christmas Carol.
I mean, he used to promise
to take us to see it live,
but it's just been a few years
since he's been well.
I guess it was just
on Mikey's mind this year.
Don't worry.
I'll find a way.
I was never here.
Got it.
Do you think Santa
put this on the tree?
-No? I bet he did.
He does all sorts
of cool stuff.
Hi, Miss Mason.
Merry Christmas.
Hi, bud. How are you, Aiden?
Good to see you.
Hey, thanks.
I'm Faith.
I'm Aiden's art teacher.
I'm Gwen, and we have heard
all about you.
Aiden loves your class.
He's even asked for
easel and paints for Christmas,
-so he can practice at home.
-Did you really?
Painting is just another way
of keeping a diary.
That's Pablo Picasso.
That's one of my favorite quotes
of all time.
All right, hon.
Let's pick up a tree
so we can get home.
-I'll see you later.
Whatever you are doing
in that class,
keep doing it.
You have brought out
a side of him
that we have never
seen before.
Thank you.
-Merry Christmas.
-You too.
Hey. Meg!
Excuse me, Mrs. Claus.
Oh, Meg, hey.
Oh, hi.
It's nice to see you.
Yes, hi.
-Is Santa here too?
-Oh, honey, this is not Missus--
No, no, no.
I'm afraid not.
You know, he's very busy
this time of year.
Why are you here
without him?
Well, I have a lot to do here
every Christmas,
and we don't want Santa
to have all the fun, now, do we?
Can you tell him my dads and I
are staying with my uncle Wyatt.
We were supposed to be out
on a cruise.
I want to make sure
he knows where to find me.
Luckily, I have a way
to reach him.
-No, something a lot faster.
Okay, now,
it's "Meg is with..."
-Wyatt, yes!
Message sent.
- Back.
-Oh, hey.
Did you get the peppermint
I couldn't tell how many to get,
so I got a whole tray.
I put the chocolate drizzle on,
because I know what you like.
-Oh, that looks delicious.
I think I'm going
to have to go get one myself
Oh, hey, yeah, they got all
kinds of stuff over there,
just past the wreaths.
Meg, it was lovely
meeting you.
And thank you for coming by
to say hello.
Bye, Mrs. Claus.
Have a Merry Christmas.
Oh, you too, sweetie.
It was very nice
seeing you two again.
Yeah, nice to see you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, who wants to get
a Christmas tree?
- Me!
-Me, me, me.
But I still want to play games.
You two go ahead.
We'll catch up.
-Okay. I'll see you in a bit
-See you, guys.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Oh, let's take
a picture of them.
So, what are we looking for,
I feel like if I'm going
to get a tree,
I want to get something
kind of different, you know?
Something overlooked.
A tree that bucks
the system.
Okay. I like weird.
How about this?
How about you go that way.
I'm gonna cruise over this way.
And if you find something you're
just in love with, holler.
All right.
You're too wide.
Too crunchy.
And too feathery.
Looks the same.
Aah! Ow! Aah!
I am so sorry.
No, it's okay.
-No, take this.
-All right.
All right, it's fine.
It happens.
I don't go around
spilling drinks
on beautiful women,
by the way.
I'm glad to know
that's not standard procedure.
You know, I was looking
for the Douglas firs.
My ex, she used to pick out
our tree, so...
They're just right over
by the front.
Must have missed them
on the way in.
Just my luck
I bumped into you.
Not sure I'd call it luck,
but I do hope you find
what you're looking for.
You're probably going to want
to wash that.
Oh, uh...okay.
That guy was totally trying
to get your number.
No, he's just looking
for a tree.
You don't even work here.
I have a very
friendly face.
Hey, what happened?
Are you okay?
He burnt me real bad
with his hot chocolate.
-Who, that guy?
-And it was really hot.
-May I?
Oh, Faith, it's red.
We got to put
a cold compress on it.
Am I going to survive?
I think so.
Hey, you found
your perfect tree.
Yeah, I think I did.
Come on.
You guys, get this little guy
in his new home.
Bye, Meg!
You're not coming in?
No. Go have some family time.
What? This little guy could use
your artistic touch.
Well, I can't tonight.
I have plans.
Hanging with your family?
No. I have a date.
I didn't know you were
seeing somebody.
I mean,
it's like a first date.
It's not a big deal, but...
-I mean, I could cancel.
I don't want you to have
to fend for yourself with them.
No, no, you should go.
-Yeah? Okay.
Well, I am going
by the school tomorrow
to clean out the art room,
and I'm going to be
an emotional mess,
so if that sounds like the kind
of fun that you're into...
You know it.
I'll be there.
-Thank you.
You're the best.
-I will see you tomorrow.
-All right.
-See you. Have fun.
That's right,
12 costumes.
Period appropriate.
And I'll need them delivered
by tomorrow.
Mm-hmm. Yes.
I understand it's three days
till Christmas.
Oh, I appreciate it.
No, thank you.
What's this?
Cast list.
A cast list?
Michael's grandfather is too ill
to travel to the show,
so I'm going to bring the show
to him.
So you're going to stage
an entire production
of A Christmas Carol
in three days?
It's abridged.
Very abridged.
But it'll still
pack a punch.
-You and your big ideas.
I've already cleared it
with Father Nelson.
But he's letting us have
a little time
before Christmas Eve
I've got costumes
on the way.
I'm going to need
all hands on deck.
Why is my name
on this cast list?
Right there.
That's the one.
You dork.
Let's get out of here
I got a place
On the edge of town
Lean into the things
that make you different,
for better or for worse.
Well, I'd say it's worked out
pretty well for you.
That's very nice.
I want to hear
more about you.
I have to admit to you, though,
I looked at your
business card
and I did some light
Internet research.
Internet research? Hmm.
Yes. It's a very important part
of every first date.
-Find anything?
Because you don't do
social media.
You also have not been arrested,
that I could find.
And you were captain
of your debate team at Stanford.
Now you know everything.
I have to imagine you had
some pretty big opportunities,
so how did you end up here?
Oh, family practice.
Hence "Lawson and Sons"
on my business card.
Oh, well, yeah.
We open a firm here
in August.
I'm the second son.
And we specialize
in contracts,
patents, incorporations,
that sort of thing.
Boring, I know.
No, no, no,
not boring at all.
I mean,
not if it's what you love.
Yeah. Yeah, and I love it.
I could never do
what you do.
I don't have a single
artistic bone in my body,
-Much less the patience
to teach kids, no.
Oh, no, kids are great.
Kids, oh, they'll totally amaze
you if you give them the chance.
I'm going to show you something
that will change your mind.
You're going to love this.
My kids have all been working on
these cute little projects
for the holidays.
Look, check this out.
Isn't that sweet?
And look at all of these
different mediums they use.
Well, that's very...
Wait, wait.
Your student did that?
What, this?
No, no, not this one.
That was just something I was
working on. That's nothing.
And have you ever thought
about selling your work?
I know people who pay
a lot of money for a lot less.
No. I mean, that's just not
why I paint.
It's my passion.
It's just really,
really personal, so...
And plus, I love teaching,
you know?
That's my job.
I can't really imagine
doing anything else.
Well, then it sounds like
we're both where we should be.
Yeah, sounds like it.
She shoots, she scores!
Crowd goes wild.
She gets some muffins.
There you go.
-Is that what you brought me?
Thank you.
-How's it going here?
I can't bring myself
to throw any of this away.
Let's not make today
about that.
Let's just put things
into boxes, okay?
-Because we both know
you're not going
Okay, I raided Mom's
storage cabinets...
Maddie, this is Wyatt.
Wyatt, this is my sister,
The Wyatt?
-I feel like I already know you.
- I know.
-How's your holiday been?
-Really good.
Faith helped pick
a Christmas tree.
Oh, which reminds me.
I wanted to show you...
It looks good!
-Wyatt, you did a nice job.
-Well, Grant did most of it.
But I did
the dinosaur ornaments.
Of course you did.
-That's my favorite too.
-That's a handsome dinosaur.
So I wish I could
stay and hang,
but Mom corralled
Ryan and I
into this whole
Christmas Carolthing.
Wait, how was your date
last night?
You were supposed
to call me.
Oh, I'll get
these boxes here.
-It was good.
-Did you get a good-night kiss?
No, I did not.
But he did
ask me out again.
Okay, well,
you're welcome.
-For what?
-For the wish.
-I love you.
-I love you back.
-I'll see you again, yeah?
-All right, hope so.
-So that's Maddie for you.
-She's cool.
Sounds like you had a good time
last night.
Yeah, it was fun.
I didn't get to play
with any dinosaur.
Well, next time, maybe.
Oh, costumes go
to the rectory.
Thank you.
I got some notes
on some of this dialogue.
You can't change Dickens.
Yeah, but my character,
he's a little mean.
you're playing Scrooge.
Are you up for an errand?
You see, I promised all the
thespians Christmas cookies.
The stage demands
-Yeah, come on.
We need a break.
Let's go.
Hey, get out of here.
You've gone above and beyond
the call of duty today.
I'm wiped.
All right.
And it was portrait week.
Look at these
sweet little faces.
Was that one
supposed to be you?
Honestly, I've never
looked better.
Wyatt, these kids need us.
We've got to make
tonight count.
The district holiday party.
-Is that tonight?
I made this so easy on you.
I put it in your calendar.
-I'm just kidding.
-Don't do that to me!
I told you,
I always got your back.
-You know I'll be there.
-Thank you.
Of course.
You sure you're good?
-All right, see you tonight.
Can't wait.
Robert! That's him!
Hey, Mrs. Mason.
Hi, Talia.
What a beautiful day for a walk.
It really is. This is my little
brother, Michael.
-And this is our Grandpa Lewis.
-Hey, how are you?
-And, Mike,
this is your art teacher's
mom and dad.
Miss Mason's cool.
She lets me get as messy
as I want in her class.
We're out Christmas shopping
for our parents.
And then once we get home,
we're going to have some cake.
It's his birthday
on Christmas Eve.
Oh, well, happy birthday,
Grandpa Lewis.
I hope you get everything
you wish for, and more.
Well, it was great seeing you.
You too.
Well, let's go.
Pressure's on, Ebenezer.
Andrew, hey.
Yeah, I could meet you.
Of course.
Okay, I'll see you there.
Have you seen Tiny Tim's crutch?
I can't find it anywhere.
No, sorry.
But maybe it's in the back room.
You want to come with?
Something I want to show you.
Okay, sure.
Just wait right here.
What's going on?
What do you think?
It's beautiful.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Wait, I'm sorry,
what's going on?
This is my idea
for the Ghost of Christmas Past.
We can drape his robe
in lights.
Oh, look,
there's the crutch.
Oh. Yeah, great.
Thank you.
So should I pitch the lights
to your mom, or not?
Well, look at you.
Already breaking
the "wait three days" rule.
I think I'm rubbing off
on you.
I'm leaving tomorrow
on a ski trip,
and I really want
to see you again.
I thought maybe if you weren't
doing anything tonight,
we could have another
spontaneous dinner.
Oh, no, I've got this school
work thing that I have to do.
It's okay.
It was short notice.
I wanted to give you
You got me a present?
It's so-- It's so soon.
I saw these and immediately
thought of you.
Go ahead, open it.
Oh, wow!
You saw this
and thought of me?
I thought it could be
a useful too.
-You like it?
Yeah, it gives me an awful lot
to think about.
Thank you.
I'm going to grab some coffee.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Oh! Aah!
-I am so sorry.
Oh, hi.
What are the odds?
I have no idea.
I just came to get
some gingerbread men.
My ex, you know, she--
Can you just please
hand me a napkin?
Oh, let me help you.
Yeah. Oh, thanks very much.
See? Now we all have one for
Santa to fill up when he comes.
I love it.
Just what the place needed.
And to complete
the festivities.
You brought a menorah?
We were supposed to be on
the open seas until New Years.
All right, Meg.
We've had a big day.
Why don't you go put on a movie,
then bath time.
Elfor Home Alone?
Let's do it.
And how was your day?
Oh, do I sense some subtext?
I don't know.
Should there be subtext?
That's what friends do.
Faith would have done the same.
Is that all you two are?
She's dating some guy
named Andrew, anyway.
Well, you got a year plus
on whoever this Andrew is.
So if you wanted
to make a move...
It's not happening, Grant.
Stop meddling.
But I do it so well.
All right, I'm taking a shower.
I got a work thing.
Faith and I are going to try
to appeal to the school board.
Bit of a Hail Mary,
but could work.
Back up. This work thing,
is that code for holiday party?
Why do you have that funny look
on your face?
This feel like some sort
of weird prom to you?
Not in that dress.
There they are.
Looks like we both
brought backup.
-Whoa, who's this businesswoman,
and what have you done
with my friend, Faith?
It's for the kids.
You look fantastic.
Tonight, my name is Tomas,
an art gallery owner
looking to set up
a scholarship for teens.
That's good, right?
Okay, just don't
make it worse.
Grant, this is my sister,
Tonight, I'm playing the role
of the supportive sister
who's never met a party
she doesn't like.
Oh, we're going to get along
just fine.
- Okay.
We are going to create organic
We have to stay on message.
Art is not disposable.
So should we split up?
I feel like we'll cover
more ground that way.
Are we ready to do this?
-One, two, three.
- Break!
Principal Wilson, hi.
Happy holidays.
Oh, same to you.
-Faith, this is--
-Guy Woodbury.
How are you?
School board member.
You started off
in the world of finances,
then shifted over
into education
when you wanted
to get more involved
with your children's
I read it online.
Faith is our art teacher.
Yes. Did you take art
growing up?
No. Art was never my thing.
I'm more a facts
and numbers guy.
That's good too.
I'm really hoping
this scholarship
will encourage young artists
to think about art
not just as a hobby, right,
but as a possible career.
Did you know that there is
a direct correlation
between kids in the arts,
and academic performance?
I mean, those are
hard facts to ignore.
Thank you. Merry Christmas.
Oh, how do you feel
about art in schools?
Hope you had better luck
than I did.
Everybody's a-wassailing and
no one wants to talk about work.
I'm sure it wasn't as bad
as you said.
Hang on there.
We'll keep trying, all right?
Okay, everybody,
it's time to slow it down
Come on, let's show
these squares how it's done.
I'm glad you came tonight.
Of course.
I got your back.
Snow falls on this town
The tree's already trimmed
And the lights
Are almost up
Hey, Faith.
I've been meaning
to ask you.
I've been wanting to ask you.
Oh, my gosh.
-Oh, hi.
Marilyn Culver-Simpson.
No, don't be obvious.
She's the head
of the school board.
Like, if I could just get
one minute with her.
You know what?
Follow my lead.
It's a really good turnout
this year.
Principal Wilson,
the caterer wanted to talk.
Something about
an eggnog emergency?
Oh, I'll just be a minute.
- Oh, sure.
-Right this way.
Hi. I'm not sure
that we've met.
I'm Faith Mason.
I'm the art teacher
at Ponchatoula Junior High.
-Hi, I'm Marilyn--
-I know.
-Oh, I suppose you do.
-We considered
all of the upsides
of the program
before we made
our decision.
-It wasn't easy.
-I know. It's...
It's just that art
isn't just about the art.
I can't even begin to tell you
how many of these kids
have opened up just because
they've picked up a paintbrush
and felt free enough
to express themselves.
Well, I have to say, art was
my favorite class in school.
-I remember walking around
with this little sketchbook
all the time.
And at Christmastime,
my grandma and I would sit
in the park
and we would draw
the ice-skaters.
Oh, I haven't thought about that
in so long.
I would really love
to show you some work
that the kids
have been doing.
I've got pictures,
if you'd like to take a look.
Yeah, sure.
Landscape paintings right now,
which is great, because they can
articulate feelings
without being literal,
you know?
I've got a couple...
We're having a celebration
Sorry, we're just talking
about something right now.
Now this little guy...
And I'll always
Save a dance for you
- Especially you.
- No, thank you.
Mrs. Culver-Simpson. Hi--
-Oh, man.
-Why are you here?
-Funny story.
-My ex...
-Never mind.
Hi, Miss Culver-Simpson.
-What happened?
-I'm sorry. That was nothing.
I was just hoping we could
finish our conversation.
Maybe we should get you
dried off first.
-What? No, I'm--
-Hi, neighbor.
I didn't know
you'd be here.
-This can't be happening.
-Your friend
had something spilled on her.
-It's okay.
-Marilyn, sorry to interrupt,
but there's someone
I want you to meet.
-Miss Mason...
It's okay. It's just a spill.
It's a spill.
I'll be right back.
-Faith, wait.
I don't want
to do this anymore.
At first,
it was kind of fun.
And now it's like this wish
is ruining everything.
-Okay, what can I do to help?
-I don't know.
What is this?
Is it bad karma?
It is just, like,
awful Christmas magic?
Because right now,
the only thing that I wish
is that I had never
put that wish in the box.
Okay, well,
let's take it back.
We'll go back to the park,
put a new wish in.
It'll be like this one
never happened.
I already put a wish in.
You know the rules.
You did, but I didn't.
I got you into this mess.
Let me get you
out of it.
Wait, where's the box?
I don't know.
It's always right here.
Well, it's not Christmas,
so it should be here still.
-Look around.
-Did you find it?
-No, didn't find it. Did you?
No. Maybe it got
kicked under here and got lost.
Or stolen.
Morning, just checking in.
Any luck finding the box?
Pulling footage from the park.
Should shed some light.
I really hope it turns up.
I mean, in all the years
we've been granting wishes,
it's never gone missing.
Whoever took it must have had
a really good reason.
Yeah, probably made a wish
they wanted to take back.
Well, I'm heading out.
And I'll let you know
if I find anything.
-Good luck.
-I'll make some calls.
Hey, don't worry.
It'll turn up.
What's someone going to do
with a box of wishes anyway?
A thought.
What if I don't
need the box?
You know, there's got to be
another way to reset this.
There's so many ways
to make a wish,
which means there should be more
than one way to break it.
You think that'll work?
There's only one way
to find out.
We wish you
A Merry Christmas
We wish you
A Merry Christmas
We wish you
A Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Me? Great.
We wish you
A Merry Christmas
I get off in an hour.
Do you want to grab a coffee?
I cannot believe
I got hit on at the North Pole.
That's not romantic.
I don't think that's cute.
I don't like getting stuff
spilled on me.
I don't like being tripped
just so you can catch me.
I really don't like
being ogled at,
because direct eye contact
is an intimate thing.
You have to earn it.
I don't like people
getting into my bubble.
And you know what
I really don't like?
When people touch me
without permission.
That's not romantic.
That's creepy.
Right? You know?
Do you know what is romantic?
Like, boring stuff.
Laughing at my dumb jokes.
If you know my coffee order...
...that's the real magic.
I'm so sorry that I made you
put the wish in the box.
I love you so much,
but there is not a kiss
in the whole, wide world
that is worth all of this.
I literally don't even know
what to believe anymore.
Well, maybe you just need
to get through a few more frogs
before you get
to your prince.
I mean, we did say
not just a kiss.
It has to be a true love's kiss,
Maddie, that's it.
A true love's kiss
is the only thing
that will end all of this.
We just have
to fulfill the wish.
Okay, then let's go catch him.
The cute guy you've been dating.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, him, that'll work.
He's leaving town.
We got to move it.
Andrew! Hey!
What a surprise.
Yeah, well,
I wanted to say goodbye.
And I wanted to tell you
to have a very safe trip.
And hurry back.
And you came all this way
to tell me that?
And to do this.
I am so sorry, I can be
very impulsive sometimes.
-That's quite all right.
-Okay. Good.
Sorry, I really need
to get going.
But I would love to see you
when I get back.
Great. When you get back.
-Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
-Have fun.
Wish officially broken.
Do you feel
any different?
Do you think it worked?
It sure feels
like it worked.
I've never
done this before,
but I just had to say hello,
and would you ever want
to go out sometime?
-Not even a coffee?
-No. No.
Nobody's home.
Hey, it's me, Wyatt.
Hold on.
-Hi. Come in, come in.
I'm so glad it's you.
I have had a day.
-Oh, yeah?
What's going on?
Actually, I wanted to talk
to you about something.
Oh, I do not want to talk
about last night at the party.
-I'm sorry I stormed out.
-No, no, it's not about that.
Well, it kind of is,
All right, get comfortable.
I'll grab us some beers.
You know what? I think I'm going
to stand, if that's all right.
What's going on?
You never miss an opportunity
to get comfortable.
Oh, man, this is harder than
I thought it was going to be.
What is it?
It's me.
You can tell me anything.
Faith, you know
you're my best friend.
And I love our relationship.
Yeah. Me too.
But lately,
I've been wondering
if we could be
more than that.
If we could be more
than just friends.
Oh, no.
Not you too.
No, no, it's my fault.
I should have told you--
Okay, this is going
to sound crazy,
but you need to understand
that in a few days,
you won't feel this way,
You don't want me.
You're confused,
and there's stuff happening--
No, I'm not. Look, I--
I know I was seeing someone
when we first met.
You and I worked together,
so it kind of put
me in the friend zone.
But, Faith,
I'm in love with you.
Oh, I can't believe that this is
It's okay if you don't
feel the same way.
No, Wyatt.
Okay, none of this is real.
Listen to me.
What you're feeling for me,
what you think
that you're feeling for me,
it's like this big cosmic joke
that's gone so wrong,
and I don't know
what to do.
I should probably go.
Wyatt, just understand--
No, I feel like you've been
pretty clear.
Stop! Stop.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
I don't even
remember what I said,
but I remember how I felt.
And I remember the look
on his face.
Maybe he's telling the truth.
I mean, he's known you longer
than all those other guys,
so maybe he's, like,
immune to whatever's happening.
If he really,
really felt that way,
then why bring it up now?
I mean, it is highly
suspicious timing.
Hi, Daddy.
Yeah, Mad's here with me now.
Really? Okay.
We'll meet you at the park.
They found the box.
Dad. Hey.
What's going on?
I think you might know
these two.
Their parents are on the way.
Caught them trying
to put the box back.
Hey, Aiden, Stella,
over here.
You guys want to tell me
what's going on?
We're really sorry,
Miss Mason.
We always planned to put
the box back, I swear.
Yeah, and all the wishes
are safe inside.
Faith, you might want
to look at this.
Looks like they were
trying to do a good thing.
We heard about what's happening
to the art program.
We just wanted to try
and save it.
We had already put wishes in,
so we wanted to take them out
and replace them with new ones.
-Some of the other kids did too.
- We love your class.
It's the best part
of our day.
Bud, it's the best part
of my day.
Come here.
Thank you.
Are we going to jail?
I think that now that this box
is back safe and sound,
we can just forget
it ever happened.
I know that look.
What are you planning?
I'm just saying,
if the school board
can't see the value
in the art department,
maybe we have
to show them.
-You guys in?
- Yeah.
Hey, Mom, it's me.
Look, I really need your help
with something.
Spread the word,
Mr. Porter.
We are putting on
a little art show
at the Christmas Eve service
tomorrow night.
Show off just
what these kids can do.
Everyone's welcome
to our art show tomorrow night.
Thank you. Thank you.
Please come to our art show.
Here's a flier to our art show
on Christmas Eve.
I guess we'll drop some off.
Thank you.
-Have you got?
-Yeah, I've got it.
Right about here.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Hey, Merry Christmas.
What's going on, bud?
Good to see you.
Grab your favorite brushes.
Every single one of you
is getting a wish
that was not selected
from the wish box this year
to feature in your artwork.
I want you to remember
a couple of things.
Take your time.
The best pieces of art
all throughout history
weren't just images.
They were stories
that people told.
So I want you guys to think
about how you can tell
the emotional story
of your wish.
Does that make sense?
All right, cool.
Grab your paints.
Grab your brushes.
If you need anything,
you just holler for me, okay?
All right, get to it.
Hey, Meg,
race you to the cider stand?
Okay. Go.
You're supposed to say,
"One, two, three, go."
You want to talk about it?
Not really.
It's just, I don't understand
what happened.
I thought we had such a moment
at the Christmas party.
Maybe I misread
the situation.
You two have more chemistry
than an atomic bomb.
Look, you did the right thing.
You had to tell her
how you felt.
And as for her reaction?
Was she scared?
I don't know why you waited
so long to tell her.
Scared to mess up
a good thing?
Stop making sense.
This is love
we're talking about.
You have to be willing to risk
everything to get it in return.
Well, well, well.
I knew she'd think
of something.
All right, now,
what do you want to get?
Okay, Robert,
Merry Christmas Eve.
All right, it's from
one musician to another.
That is so cool.
I figured you could put those
to good use.
Well, these are great.
So, has everyone opened
a Christmas Eve gift now?
No, Ryan hasn't.
Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.
Let me.
Last, but not least.
Is something wrong?
I'm sure whatever's
in this box is great,
but there's really only one
thing I want this Christmas.
I wasn't sure when
or how to do this.
The moment just never
felt perfect enough.
But the truth is,
as long as I'm with you,
everything's perfect.
And I know you found the box.
You put it back
in a different pocket.
I'm sorry.
It was an accident.
I hope I didn't ruin it.
Only if you say no.
I know this isn't
some horse-drawn carriage,
or a big fireworks display
in the sky.
But as I've watched you
this week,
I realize that sharing how much
I love you
with the people you love
the most was just right.
Madeline Marie Mason,
will you make me the happiest
man in the world and be my wife?
Yes. Yes.
Thank you.
Oh, it's so pretty.
I'm so happy for you.
- Sassy!
- It does fit.
I can't believe
we pulled this off.
Well, Christmas
is all about family.
And that's what
Ponchatoula is.
One big family.
Hey, would you guys
mind going,
just talking to some
of the kids and mingling
and speaking loudly and
enthusiastically about the art?
Thank you.
I love you.
-This is incredible.
-Huh? Oh, hi!
Hey, I didn't know
if you were coming.
Are you kidding me?
I wouldn't miss this.
Plus, I wanted
to give you this.
I got you something,
but I didn't bring it here.
I didn't know if we were...
It's all right.
We're good.
Hey, you know what?
I'm going to hang on to this.
Why don't you go save
the art program.
You got this.
-I'll see you.
-All right.
Hi, Miss Culver-Simpson.
Thank you so much
for being here.
Hi. Look, it's my wish.
My husband and I have been
so busy this year,
I was hoping maybe we could find
some time to slip away together.
Just us.
It's perfect.
These kids poured their hearts
into this artwork,
because they love it,
you know?
It really matters to them.
Really, it matters
to our whole town.
I can tell.
Hi, Miss Culver-Simpson.
Oh, hi.
We wanted you
to have this.
We heard you were
an artist too.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you so much.
This is so special.
I'll see you guys
in a little bit?
Some of these kids were really
shy when I first met them.
But art has given them
the opportunity
to connect with one another
and to open up.
And I know that you have
a really tough job.
You have to make
tough decisions.
But this isn't
one of them.
These kids gave you
your wish.
I really hope you can
give them theirs.
Hey, hi.
Have you seen Wyatt?
I have some good news
that I want to give him.
No, I haven't.
Hey, Wyatt left this.
-He wanted me to give it to you.
-Great. Okay.
Are you going to open it?
Well, it's not Christmas.
I really think
you should open it.
"You give so much
of yourself to others.
I want to be the one
to give back to you."
These are so you.
Wyatt has good taste.
Or he spent hours
in the store
asking every lady who came in
what she thought.
It was really cute.
He really did that?
Maybe he was
telling the truth.
Maybe he really does
have feelings for you.
Or maybe he's wanted
to ask you out for months.
I'm sorry,
I thought he told you.
He did. He did.
Oh, I mean,
he tried to tell me,
but I...I told him
he was confused.
I told him that his feelings
weren't real.
Oh, it's real.
It wasn't the wish.
Maybe it was.
Like maybe this is how
it was always supposed to be.
Maybe I was supposed
to finally see
what has been in front of me
this whole time.
I have to go.
I'm going to go find him.
Merry Christmas.
Good evening, everyone.
Father Nelson
was kind enough
to let us doing a little
something special
before the service.
We have a wish recipient
amongst us.
Actually, it's a wish
for a whole family.
One that I've come
to know personally.
Would Michael Mills
please come up?
Michael, what was your wish
this year?
To see A Christmas Carollive
with my Grandpa Lewis.
-He's right there.
- I see him.
Well, we're here
to grant that wish.
How'd you like to be
our Tiny Tim?
God bless us,
Not yet.
Enjoy the show.
A Merry Christmas, Uncle.
God Save you.
Bah! Humbug!
Christmas isn't humbug,
I hope that's meant
as a joke.
I said humbug!
No joke.
Are you going
to make a wish?
Oh. Hi.
No, I don't think so.
Four hours
until Christmas,
and there's still a lot
of magic left.
I don't think a slip of paper
is going to solve my problems.
I don't know if a wish
will solve your problems.
But when we make a wish,
for that brief moment
you were honest with yourself
about the things
that are truly important to you.
And the magic
of Christmas
is what you decide to do
with that honesty.
Come on,
take a chance.
What's the harm?
The truth is,
I did take a chance,
and it didn't really
work out so well for me.
Are you sure about that?
What are you doing here?
I hoped you'd be here.
I'm glad I found you.
Thank you.
For my shoes.
I love them.
They're perfect.
You weren't supposed
to open those till Christmas.
-I know. I'm a mess.
So I just wanted
to be really honest with you,
because you deserve that.
The last few days
have been just strange
and confusing
and overwhelming.
And I feel like
I have been pulled
in a thousand
different directions.
But every single one of them
led back to you.
But, I thought you said--
I know, I know, I know.
I'm scared.
I'm, like,
really scared...
because you're my best,
best friend.
And I don't want
to mess it up.
But the truth is, you've always
been more than my friend.
And I should have
admitted it before.
But I'm in love
with you too.
What is this?
Oh, it's nothing.
Are you making a wish?
-Did I interrupt?
I can leave.
Let me see it.
You've always
been my wish, Faith.
You busy?
You want to help me
with something?
Oh, she said yes?
Well, I guess
it's true what they say.
Anything is possible
at Christmas.
Magic or no magic,
you just have to believe
it can come true.
I got my wish this year.
Here's to hoping
that you get yours.