A Cold Grave (2022) Movie Script

You know, we're almost done here.
I say we, we finish up this grid
and start a fresh one in the morning.
Do you
think you're gonna find them?
If we haven't found anything yet,
we're probably not gonna find them alive.
This stopped being a rescue a week ago.
This is a recovery now.
Can you hear us?
Do you
think it's the boyfriend?
It's always the boyfriend.
So you
think this was planned?
I don't know.
But these woods are a
perfect place to hide a body.
Holy Christ!
Search and rescue. Are you okay?
Do you need assistance?
We're here to help you.
Do you need assistance?
Do you need help? Are you hurt?
We've, we've got help, we've got water.
Can you talk to me?
Can you hear me? Can you talk to me?
Just talk to me. Can you turn around?
Can you turn around?
Can you look at me?
Are you hurt?
Jesus Christ! What is that?
What is that?
Where are you? Where are the lights?
Get the lights back on.
Where is he? Where'd he go?
Jesus Christ!
What makes a man wanna kill himself?
We just saw a man take his own life.
You don't just do that
thing because you're okay.
You don't just do that
because you're feeling great.
You do that because something happened.
I'm trying to piece this together.
I'm gonna start from the
beginning, a month ago.
Three hikers gone in the
woods, Charles, Eli and Kaylee.
And they're missing.
That's Kaylee.
She's my sister.
And she's missing. She's still missing.
I come to find out
police officer gonna
declare this a cold case.
Cops are gonna give up. They're gonna quit.
Them fucking pigs aint find shit,
so they just gonna give up.
Too hard, can't do no
more. We're done, cold case.
Fuck you. That aint how I roll.
Now! We aint done!
I aint done!
She's missing. Someone needs to find her.
So here's what we're gonna do, huh?
I'll bring you with me.
I'm gonna go retrace their steps.
I'm gonna figure out what happened.
I'm gonna find the truth.
I'm gonna give you a real story.
I'm here, entrance of Rudwick Forest,
and I'm standing on the last
spot my sister was seen found.
Right here was the last
time anyone saw her found,
Last time anyone saw Eli found.
Last time anyone saw Charles alive.
Right here in this spot,
and they're saying they got lost, right?
Couple of kids went in the woods
and got lost, one came out crazy.
That doesn't add up to me.
My sister wouldn't get lost in these woods.
We grew up in these fucking woods.
This is my home. You
don't get lost in your home.
She wouldn't get lost in her home, right?
I got a theory about him.
I got a theory he did something bad.
I don't know what.
I didn't trust him then, and I sure as shit
don't trust him now, so I'm
gonna go find out what happened.
You get that
when you see something.
You go to that dark place when you see
something so vile and so
vicious you're mind goes crazy
and you break.
What he see, huh?
What did Charles see out here
that made his brain break
and broke his heart as a human being?
I got a theory he sees his best friend,
childhood friend, do something awful.
He sees Eli do something, and he breaks.
So what did Eli do, huh?
What did Eli do? What the fuck did Eli do?
Make a man do that?
watching. She made me do it.
Turn around.
- She's watching.
- She made me do it.
She's watching. She made me do it.
That's Charles' last words.
The very last thing he ever said alive.
She made me do it. She's watching.
She's watching. She made
me do it, very last words he said.
What does that mean?
I don't know what that means.
Nobody knows what that means.
But, hey, they make a story out of it.
They take those words, she's
watching, she made me do it
and they change the she to Kaylee.
Kaylee's watching. Kaylee made me do it.
What was she doing?
Well they fill in the gaps.
They tell a story, right.
Everyone likes a story.
Now you make my sister
out to be a murderer.
She's watching, and she cuts him up, right?
She made him do it. She
made him hide a body.
That's the story now.
My sister is missing.
My beautiful little sister's missing.
But are they saying that?
No, she's a person of
interest in a murder mystery.
That's not the story.
The story's my sister's a beautiful girl.
I'm not stupid.
I'm not stupid.
I don't know how long it's been.
I don't know how long she's been out here.
And I know I'm not gonna
find her playing in a lake.
I'm not gonna find her next to a bonfire.
I'm not gonna find her
sitting up next to a tree
just waiting for me to come find her.
I'm gonna find her cold.
I'm gonna find her
cold, no life left in her.
I'm gonna find her.
I'm gonna find truth.
I need to know what happened to my sister.
And I need you to know
what happened to my sister.
We need that.
We need to know what
happened, and we need the truth,
because that's what I'm here for.
Not here to, not here to rescue her.
I'm just here,
I'm just here to find her.
Just here to find her
because no one else will
and I gotta do that, I gotta find her.
I gotta tell her story.
And it's on.
I just...
I need, I need a minute,
And uh,
yeah, I'm not gonna get
much farther into this night, so...
What was that?
Hey, someone out here?
What the fuck?
Hey there.
Hey, partner, how you doing?
Hey, buddy, I'm just,
I'm just passing through.
Hey, maybe you can help me with something.
Hey, buddy, you got those
AirPods in or something?
All right, man, just, I'm
just gonna go on my way.
Don't need anything, just
gonna get the fuck outta here.
What the fuck is this guy doing here?
Goddammit, fucking high school kids.
Just camping out in these
woods. Fucking dumb asses.
Stupid kids. Stupid kids.
Okay, all right, maybe I'll...
Nah, aint nothing to be scared about.
Just some creepy guy in a mask,
probably trying to play a joke.
I get it.
I get it.
Joke's over, right?
There we go.
Joke's over.
Aint nothing to be scared about, just
kids having fun, right?
Yeah, I used to do the same
kinda shit when I was in school.
Aint nothing to be scared of.
Nothing out here.
I hear you. I'm giving
you fair warning, buddy.
Next time you try something.
Hey, you get back.
Hey, back off.
Carl! What the fuck you doing?
- What the fuck?
- Get that fucking thing off.
You okay, man? I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
Is there anything I can
do to make it up to you?
Maybe a beer or something?
I got a whole cooler back
at my campsite. Come on.
Fucking kid.
Cheers. That's the least I could do.
You know I, I bring him out here to get him
off social media, and what's he do?
He ends up terrorizing people.
It's fine, man. Kids are crazy.
So, what were you doing out here anyway?
I mean, you were miles off the main trail.
I'm just trying
to do my own thing, man.
Yeah, but, no, you can't be doing that.
It's too dangerous.
You're all alone.
You're off the main trail.
What is it, man? What's the matter?
Well, you
hear the story about them
three hikers, right, gone missing?
Yeah, one of them's my sister.
Sorry, sorry for your loss.
And they never found a body.
I, I get that, but
you can't, you can't
be doing this all alone.
I mean, there's some
weird stuff in this forest.
What do you mean by weird stuff?
- Compasses malfunction.
- It's easy to get confused.
It's happened to several people.
I mean, hell, five years
ago, these three hikers
went missing, just like the same thing
happened to your sister.
You're just
telling me campfire stories.
No, no, campfire stories or not,
if you're gonna go out
there alone, you gotta be,
you gotta be careful.
Okay, it's dangerous. You
gotta stay on the main trail.
In fact, why don't you just
stay here with us for the night?
That's really nice of you, Joe,
but I think I'm just
gonna head on out, huh?
All right, but you be careful
and you stay on those
main trails, all right?
Have a good night, Joe.
All right, all right.
Found this video.
Found this video after Joe
said people go crazy out here.
She's watching.
She fucking's gonna leave me.
I, I, I got, I gotta go, I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Oh ho ho ho.
Well, now.
I do not believe in witches.
That kinda fairytale shit.
However, I do absolutely
believe in bears and raccoons.
So for those of you who
don't do this type of shit a lot,
here's a tip.
Get your shit up high
where no one can get to it.
Man or animal.
You know when they say
you come from a broken home,
some people feel bad for you.
But when you say you come from no home,
nobody gives a shit about you.
Story of a foster kid.
Me and my sister, system kids,
house to house, family to family.
Whoever feels like dealing
with us, for that week.
You learn a lot. Gotta be tough.
Who cares for you,
what this world's really like
when you aint got no
one looking out for you?
I took all that, and I let that fall on me.
Because my job in this world
is to protect my little sister.
That's my job.
And that's the world. That's everything.
Everything's trying to hurt us.
Everything's trying to hurt her.
My job is to protect her.
Now she aint here.
What am I doing?
I can't.
I aint hungry.
I'm tired, but I can't sleep.
I'm being drowned in the fucking moonlight.
Just my thoughts.
Just a hole.
I gotta do my job.
And I gotta find her,
and I gotta protect her.
That's what I shoulda done.
Hey, someone out here?
Well, I'm just hearing things.
Someone out there?
I hear you.
There's a goddam...
That got me. Aint that some shit?
Come here. Look at this.
I didn't even realize that
branch was all hollowed out.
Dead inside.
Aint never seen nothing
like that happen before.
Well, I am done for the day.
I'll check in with y'all later.
I just wanna give y'all a nightly cheers.
Oh, to be honest with you, it
could a been a morning cheers.
It could a been a lunchtime cheers.
I just...
I don't understand how to move on.
And there's that part of me that just says
maybe, if I drink enough, I won't care.
Maybe if I drink enough I'll just forget
everything that's going on.
Maybe I'll drink enough I could go
take a real long nap, huh?
See, I can't sleep.
Because every time I close
my eyes I see my sister.
Just for a second, I drift off
I see a memory of the two of us together.
And I open my eyes and I'm
back to this, this nightmare.
I open my eyes, she aint there no more.
I can't see her, and nobody can see her.
And there's people telling
me I need to get closure.
I need to learn how to move on.
How the hell are you supposed to move on
when something's missing?
How the hell are you
supposed to get closure
when you don't know what happened?
I wanna get closure. I need to see her.
I need to find her.
I miss her so much.
I'm trying to, trying to keep
myself from going crazy.
I can hear her voice.
I call her phone, and I can hear her voice.
Hey, this is Kaylee.
I'm probably out hiking
and don't have any service.
So if you leave your name and number,
I will try to call you back
as soon as I get home.
Thanks, bye.
It appears our little clown
friend has made a return.
Hey, Clown Boy! I
was real nice to you, kid.
Clown Boy? Time to go back to your camp.
Clown Boy?
Maybe I'm just hearing things.
Come on, kid, cut this shit out.
I know it's you, Clown Boy.
I'm sick and tired of this circus act.
There aint shit out here.
Nothing to be scared of.
I scared you.
All right, so here's the
game plan for today.
All right.
You see this map.
So I'm here.
Now the game plan for today
is I'm gonna retrace their steps.
I'm gonna do that tracking.
And I'm gonna find out why they went
all the way in this trail.
Aint no reason to be
there. Aint nothing there.
That is where you do not cross.
But for some reason they
went there and they did,
because five miles from there,
that's where they found that
video, Charles killed himself.
So we're gonna follow their track here,
go to where they shoulda been,
and we're gonna go through it.
I don't understand what...
Why? This is where it ends, right?
This is where you stop. This
is where you don't go anymore.
Right here. Kaylee knew that.
She knew you stop here. You don't go there.
Everyone who hikes up here knows that shit.
So what happened, huh?
What makes a girl who knows better
keep going?
What was she dealing with
that made her keep going?
What'd she see, what did they see that said
we gotta keep moving this
way when you don't go that way?
You don't go to danger.
You don't go to the unknown.
See, I got a theory.
They keep saying three,
there was three hikers.
What if there was four, huh?
What if someone met up with them?
What if there was
another person right there?
Was it Eli's friend?
What were they doing out here?
What makes them do that, huh?
We're about to go find out, uh.
I've been looking up
other things, other people,
come out here and go missing.
Some people go missing, they show up found.
Some people go missing, they find a body.
People come out here to make
peace with God or something.
They found a body.
They always found a body.
Except I come across this story,
three people come out
here, some kinda goth weirdos
or something, coming out
here trying to summon a witch.
They always believed
those kinda fairy tales.
She come out here. She gone missing.
He come on here, and he gone missing.
Third one, I don't have his picture.
We um...
You know, man, this is a...
This terrain's pretty tough.
Not an easy hike no more.
And I guess my, my knees
aint what they used to be so.
I'm gonna go ahead and call it a night.
Now I'm hearing some weird shit.
I don't know who that is.
What the fuck is that?
There's this weird shit going on in here.
I fucking hate these woods.
So, what I gone ahead and done is,
I broke the area up into a
couple of different sections.
So tomorrow when I wake up I'm gonna start
right down here, make
my way up a little bit
and I'm just gonna...
Yeah, I'm just gonna keep going.
I'm fucking tired.
I'm fucking tired.
Hey, this is Kaylee.
I'm probably out hiking
and don't have any service.
So if you leave your name and number,
I will try to call you back
as soon as I get home.
Thanks, bye.
Where the fuck am I?
What the fuck did I do?
I'm uh...
I'm not entirely too sure
where I am right now
or what's going on.
I'm, I'm, I'm in the middle of nowhere,
and I don't remember how I got here
and I don't know where my
stuff is right now and I'm...
Where the fuck is my hat?
I gotta get back to my camp.
I gotta get back to my camp.
I'm uh...
I gotta be somewhere over here.
Okay, so how far I wandered off, huh?
Can't be, I'm gonna,
I'm gonna say I wandered off south maybe.
I got no fucking clue where I am.
What the fuck is this shit?
Point north.
Don't make no goddam sense.
I got the footage here
from my field monitor.
Trying to piece together
what's, what happened,
what's going on.
Hey, kid,
you know you shouldn't play.
Might think you're a bear.
Someone's accidentally gonna shoot you.
All right, kid, you aint gonna listen
then I'm not gonna tell you what to do
if it's a grizzly bear or a black bear.
One of them you fight,
the other one you don't.
Just learned that.
Any old folk out here?
Looks like y'all having a
good time out here, huh?
Having some drinking games or something?
Just out here playing with your,
with your Ouija board, and your gas mask.
And candles.
Oh, okay, this is some,
this is ritual bullshit right here.
This aint uh...
These aint no normal folk.
That you in there?
I'm, I'm coming inside.
I know this guy.
That's Brendan Wallows.
He's one of them three
hikers that went missing.
Aint no one been here.
This means I'm the first to have been here
since they gone missing.
I know who that was.
That was that motherfucking
Eli. I know it. I knew it.
I knew he could be trusted.
I knew I could not trust that man.
That piece of shit. That.
Eli's Still Alive. That man's out here.
Eli's still alive. And
that man is out here.
He's hiding. He's hiding.
If he did something to
my sister, so help me God
Huh, now the hell did you
get all the way over here?
Glad you're home.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
This is
some deja vu shit.
I don't, I don't even remember being here.
But I bet you, you got
a story to tell, don't you?
There's an evil in these
woods. They're cursed.
Haunted by a lone entity, a witch.
And what we're about to do here tonight
is communicate with her.
We've been hiking through these woods
for the past two days.
My cameraman, and my assistant, Anne.
But please note that
what we are about to do
here tonight is extremely dangerous.
I am a professional, and
I've been communicating
with the dead and spirits beyond this realm
for my entire life.
But this, this will be
the first time I attempt
to summon and communicate with a witch.
In order to facilitate a strong connection
with this witch, I will undergo
complete sensory deprivation.
My eyes, my ears will be blocked,
and the only way I can channel her
will be through my third eye.
This will take my complete concentration.
Anne will ask the questions necessary
as I attempt to bring the
witch out of these woods.
We can begin.
Is there a presence here?
Is there someone watching us from afar?
Are you here with us?
Are you here with us right now?
Whom are we speaking with?
Are you the witch that
resides in this forest?
Suffer, you want us to suffer?
I think we should stop.
We need to go.
Fuck, fuck! What's
happening with the board?
What the fuck is going on with the board?
I think we should stop!
We need to go!
Oh my God, Dmitri! Are you okay?
Oh my God. What the fuck?
Oh my God, oh my God.
I can't hear you.
I can't hear you.
What did you say?
Oh my God. Oh my God, Dmitri.
Before this
light's on, I can't see shit.
Come on, you stupid
thing, turn the fuck on.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Come on!
- Oh, okay, come on.
- Hurry, hurry, let's.
Oh my God. What have I done?
What is that?
Oh my God. Oh God.
I don't wanna die.
I don't wanna die.
What is that?
Oh my God. What the fuck is that?
What the fuck is going on over there?
Oh my God. Oh my God.
What the fuck? What the fuck?
God, please, help me!
Please, I don't wanna
die. I don't wanna die!
Please help me.
That's a, that ain't real.
That's some kid's
student film or something.
That's not real, mm-hm.
That's not real, that's
not real, that's not real.
That did not just happen.
Guys, we're gonna do a change of plans.
New plan, get the fuck outta the woods.
I'm done with this fucking place.
I'm ready to get the fuck outta here.
There's just people playing games out here.
There's, there's something going on.
Something, something, man, I don't know.
I just know I gotta...
I'm just getting the fuck outta here.
Okay, so, let's be
rational about this, right?
There's a rational
explanation for everything.
Everything can be explained rationally.
So let me think about this.
I've not slept in a long time, right?
So I'm sleeping. That's
all this is, just sleeping.
I'm taking a little nap. I'm
finally getting some rest.
That's what's going on.
I'm sleeping. That's a good thing.
This is a good thing
to be asleep right now.
I was having, I was having
a bad dream, that's all.
I was having a little nightmare, that's it.
That's it, I'm just, I'm resting!
I feel so fucking rested!
Yeah, I feel fucking great.
I feel fucking good, man.
I'm just having a bad dream.
In these bad woods, with these bad people.
Mm, this is fine. This
is fine, everything's fine.
I'm good. I am fucking good.
I just need to, I just
need to wake the fuck up
and get the fuck outta here!
We're good.
Fuck them woods.
You know, man, I just know I gotta...
I'm just gonna get the fuck outta here.
Hey, that's Kaylee's tent.
Hey, Kaylee?
This is Kaylee's.
This is Kaylee's bag.
This is Kaylee's tent.
Why does it look like she was just here?
Holy shit.
He filmed the whole trip.
This kid filmed the whole thing.
Are you hungry?
I could have a snack.
Oh, hey, we're getting close.
It's kinda humid.
Yeah, I know. I'm getting a little hot.
I'm a little bit sweaty, but it's okay.
My God, it's beautiful out here today.
Yeah, it's definitely nice.
Come on. You guys are gonna have fun.
I've done this a thousand times.
Okay, we trust you.
Guys, look. This is what I told you about.
It's perfect.
Did you say crying?
Sounds like a little kid or something.
Look, I highly doubt
anyone came all this way...
Just listen.
What the fuck?
See, I told you that's what I heard.
Anyone out there?
We gotta go help
them or something, right?
I guess.
I think I heard it coming from over here.
What the hell is it?
I don't know, but
we gotta go look for it.
Come on.
I don't hear it anymore.
Okay, but we have to keep looking.
It's the middle of the night.
We can't see shit, I don't hear it anymore,
and I'm gonna roll a
fucking ankle on this ground.
We can call the ranger
station in the morning.
Okay, they'll search the area.
We will take care of this.
Soon as the sun comes up.
Come on. Let's go back to bed.
Someone is fucking with us!
Who's out there?
What the fuck do you want?
We're in the
middle of nowhere, man.
There isn't a soul for miles.
What the fuck was that noise then, uh?
Somebody's out here,
and they're fucking with us!
Okay, let's just go back to camp.
Okay, let's just get out of here.
If someone's out here, we
don't wanna piss them off.
The sun should be up by
now. Something's not right.
Do you have your phones?
Mine's dead.
And I left mine at camp.
But I'm telling you we've been hiking
for way too long out here.
I can't believe you got us fucking lost.
Okay, you took charge.
Oh, I took charge?
You know that's fucking bullshit.
You were the one who's
been leading us around here
aimlessly for fucking ever!
Are you kidding me?
You're being a child right now!
We're probably gonna die out here.
Guys, I remember this tree.
These markings? We're walking in circles.
This can't be happening.
This can't be fucking happening!
It doesn't make any sense.
I was taking us south.
Okay, even if we were off the trail,
we should've hit the campground by now.
It doesn't make any fucking s...
What the fuck?
Guys, we have to do something.
We're gonna die out here.
We've been walking south for five hours.
We just need to stay
here until the sun comes up.
We'll actually be able to see everything
and maybe actually get out of here.
The fucking sun.
We've been walking around for 12 hours now.
It should be fucking noon at least.
There's no fucking sun. It's not coming up.
Okay, so are you saying
the sun just fucking vanished?
Are you serious right
now? Do you hear yourself?
You're just fucking confused.
Oh, I'm fucking confused?
Coming from the person
who got us into this mess?
Let me tell you what I know, okay?
One, we were walking in
circles for fucking hours.
Two, we have no fucking
food, no fucking water.
Three, this compass,
this compass is fucked.
Four, four, the sun is not coming up,
and five, you got us into this fucking mess
because you wanted to play hero.
You know you're not helping right now.
Can we just look at the map again?
Jesus Christ, would you
two stop fucking bitching?
I know what I'm doing, okay?
Can't we just take a second
to fucking figure this out?
Fine, you want the map? Here, take it.
I can't get us any more lost.
What the fuck did you say to me?
Guys, can we just calm
down for a second, please?
Let's just look at the map again.
Okay, okay, so we started
up over here, and then we came down.
So we just have to go northwest.
No, no no no no, no no no.
We came over northeast, okay.
We need to go back northeast.
No, we liter...
We came down. That's the way we went.
No, no, look, if were
following the same path
we would have hit the
fucking campground by now.
No we wouldn't. I
know what I'm doing, okay.
You don't. You don't know at...
Listen to me. Jesus.
You can't even read a map.
I have to get back.
Okay, but somebody is
gonna come looking for us.
Nobody is looking for us.
We have to get back to camp on our own.
Okay, but we tried that, and we ended up
just going around in circles for hours.
Fine, you two stay
here. I'm fucking leaving.
Okay, you realize
that's a stupid idea, right?
I don't give a fuck.
You've been holding me
back this whole fucking time.
Come on.
I'm done!
Oh. What is your problem?
I'm tired, I'm hungry
and I'm done with this shit!
Okay, you don't think that I'm
the same exact way right now?
I don't give a fuck how you feel!
I'm sick of being out here
in these fucking woods
having this fucking conversation with you!
Oh my God, you're
being such a fucking child!
My God, I'm done with you!
You know what, Eli?
Fuck you!
No, come on.
Go back. Show me what
this motherfucker did.
What was that?
Show me.
Come on.
Show me.
Ooh shit.
This aint my blood.
This aint my blood.
All right.
What the fuck do we have going on now, huh?
All right, I know we're in
the middle of the woods
and there's no electricity.
What was that?
Take a deep breath, man.
Take a deep breath.
Now just calm down, figure this shit out.
Let's just go.
Let's go.
Just gotta get outta here.
I just need to find my way out.
That's all. I just need to find my way out.
Just gotta get outta here.
All right, deep breath. Deep breath.
All right, let's go. Let's...
Where is she?
You don't understand.
Where's my sister?
We are all trapped
in this fucking forest.
Hey, shit head. Where
the fuck is my sister?
You don't understand!
I will cut you like a fucking pig
if you don't tell me where she is.
You think, you think you can leave?
You think you can...
Asshole, where's my fucking sister?
She's dead!
She's dead.
You'll never see again.
He deserved that! He deserved that!
I did that!
You don't touch my sister!
You don't touch my sister!
Don't put your hands on my fucking sister.
You don't do that shit!
Fuck him. Fucking liar.
You don't say my sister's dead.
You don't say my sister's dead!
You don't do that shit.
She's not...
She aint supposed to be.
She's gone. She's gone.
Motherfucker said it. She's gone.
Here's the truth, about everything.
It was never supposed to be
Eli and Kaylee and Charles.
It was supposed to be
Eli and Kaylee and me.
She wanted some kinda bonding trip
for the two of us before we left.
Well shit head pissed me off.
Fuck him!
He pissed me off.
I got into it with him.
And Kaylee took his side.
Said I drank too much and took his side,
and the last thing I
said to my little sister,
last thing I said to her was to fuck off.
I told her fuck off.
Last thing I said was
fuck off, and then left.
And now she's gone.
I told her to fuck off.
Those were the very last words
she was ever gonna hear me say.
The very last words I said to her.
I didn't say I love you,
I didn't say be safe,
I didn't say shit, I said fuck off.
And I never did my job to keep her safe.
I'm done.
I'm done. I'm done with
these fucking woods.
I'm done with all this bullshit.
Fuck it.
I hear you. I hear you.
All right, all right, where
are you? Where are you?
That's her phone.
If you're seeing this, my
name is Kaylee Morgan.
I came out to the woods with
my boyfriend and his friend.
It was just supposed to
be a weekend camping trip.
We were only gonna be
out here for just a few days.
But then something happened.
I don't know how or
what. I can't explain it.
But something is wrong out here.
It's always nighttime.
Everything is just
moving around in circles,
and I haven't seen the sun once.
And I know that sounds crazy.
I know I'm gonna sound
crazy, but I promise I'm not.
I've been stuck out here
for weeks, by myself.
And I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Because I can't get any sleep.
And I'm scared.
I've lost all my friends, and
I don't have anywhere to go.
And I'm so scared that I'm
gonna die out here alone.
And there's this thing out here with me.
And it's taunting me.
And it's torturing me, and
I don't know what to do.
I just need someone to help me.
I need someone to help me out here.
I just wanna go home.
I wanna go home so badly.
I'm sorry.
I promise I tried.
I'm so, so sorry.
Wait a second.
This was only taken five minutes ago?
Kaylee. Where are you, kid?
Where are you?
There's a fire. That means
there's people still there.
I did it. I fucking did it.
Told you I was gonna do it.
Hey, y'all.
I see you over there with
the fire. Do you hear me?
See me?
Feel me, touch me. Come on.
Tell me something. Don't fucking ignore me.
Please don't ignore me. Look at me.
Look at me!
Why won't you turn around?
Why won't you turn around?
Take those fucking headphones off.
I'm here.
What's so fucking pretty about that fire?
Hey, redneck. Country boy?
No no no, you're just seeing shit.
You're just seeing shit.
You're seeing shit. Aint nothing there.
You're really shit.. Get away from me.
Get the fuck away.
No, no.
There we go.
Where'd you go?
Gone? You're gone.
All right, we're just gonna
stay here and breathe.
We're just gonna breathe.
No, no, no no.
Come on!
Come on!
I fucking told you.
I told you that I was
gonna bring you a story,
and I told you I was gonna
bring you the truth, huh?
Well I done that.
Do you hear that? I showed you the truth.
I told you what was really
going on, and now we know.
Devil went down to Georgia,
looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind. He was way behind.
He was willing to make a deal.
Well my name aint Johnny
and I don't play no fiddle.
But you show yourself,
devil, I'll make you a deal.
You want my soul?
Come fucking take it.
I brought you a story.
I've done my job. I brought you the truth.
Aw, fuck it, I aint done yet. Come on!
I'm losing a little bit
more blood than I thought.
Are you there? Where did you go?
Where is that motherfucker?
Where are you, motherfucker?
I hear you, I hear you, I hear you.
Come on. You can do it.
You can do it. Just trust me.
No, come on. We can do it.
You fucking listen to me! Wait!
Come on, just follow me.
Come on.
Oh, I'm gonna fucking bleed out.
It's you. It's really you?
Yes, it's me.
But we have to go. Come on!
We can do it. Come on, just follow me.
Come on.
We have to get out of here.
You're falling behind, and
they're catching up to us,
and they are going to kill us.
Okay, okay, just hold on!
Just hold on.
You're alive.
You're alive.
I didn't think I'd find you.
I gave up.
I gave up, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry I gave up.
Leave me here. And get out.
- No, I'm not.
- Get outta here.
Just go.
Just go, Kaylee.
I'm only leaving if we leave together.
Kaylee, you gotta get outta here.
You have got to get outta here. You go.
I am not leaving you here.
Kid, just listen to me please.
- Just go.
- No.
Listen to me.
I'm your little sister,
and you have always been there for me.
Every single time.
And now I need to be here for you, okay.
Please let me be here for you, okay?
Okay. Okay.
We're gonna get outta here, okay?
Okay, let's do it.
Let's do this, okay.
All right.
Fuck these woods.
Fuck these woods.
Fuck these woods.
Fuck these woods.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Get up, come on.
I think I know a way
out, but you are just going
to have to trust me on this, okay?
Girl, hold on!
Please, come on. We just have to go!
I'm coming. I'm coming.
I'm not losing you again!
I'm coming.
Come on, keep up, please!
Just leave me. Fucking leave me.
Fucking leave me.
Stop it, I'm not gonna
leave here without you!
Please, we just have to go. Please!
Whoa! Calm down.
I heard screaming.
Come to investigate.
You're that girl Kaylee.
Aren't you?
We been looking for you.
- Oh my God.
- Are you okay?
Yes, we're okay.
- I'm calling this in.
- I'm bringing you help.
Oh my God.
My God.
I got a Code Three, 10-53.
Oh my God.
You better send Officer Reynolds.
I found Kaylee.
I told you.
I told you you were gonna get a story.
A truthful story.
I brought you truth. I brought you a story.
And Kaylee's home.
My little sister, my angel of
a little sister, is back home.
That's the most important
thing in the entire world.
And this whole thing's taught me something.
I can forgive myself for being bad before,
but moving forward I gotta be a better man.
I gotta be better for her, and
I gotta be better for me too.
So first thing I'm gonna
do, I'm gonna quit smoking.
I gotta be around for a long
time to take care of that kid.
Because now I know for sure.
Family, Kaylee, that is
the most important thing.
Thanks for watching.
Oh, you think you're funny, huh?
Oh, you think
you're funny. I almost quit.
Hey, Witch, you wanna hear something funny?
You think I'm stuck in here with you.
You're stuck in here
with me! Do you hear me?
I'm gonna make your life a living hell.
- Roger!
- Kaylee.
Where are you, kid?
Roger, where are you?
Hey, I hear you.
I hear ya.
I'm coming.
Over there?
Where are ya?
I'm coming, kid.
I'm coming.
Hey, kid.
Hey, kid. It's Roger.
Come on, kid. Kaylee!
Turn around. Turn around, Kaylee.
Let me see your face.
Let me see your face, kid. It's me.