A Cry in the Night (1956) Movie Script

Well there it is!
The City!
It could be your town or my town.
How well do you know it.
Surprised? What did you suspect?
We call this Lovers Loop.
Every town has one.
Kids always have things to talk over.
Questions about life, about the high school prom, or the latest in rock and roll, all sorts of problems.
Many, many things to talk over.
Sometimes, sometimes without words just music.
What did they call it?
The universal language?
A place where they can be alone.
Away from mom and dad who think are a little old fashioned and square.
They worry about there kids.
Whats there to worry about?
Some people, remind me not to come back here on our anniversary.
Would you?
I dont remind you.
Did everyone ever tell you that you are beautiful.
5 times in the last 5 minutes.
Youre beautiful!
Oh youre just saying that because Im going to marry you.
But When?
How soon?
Owen, Id marry you tonight, except that.
Except that I havent met your family yet.
Is that what you mean?
Youll meet them!
Thats a fair word of yours isnt it?
Come on Liz, whats wrong?
Nothing! Why dont we tell them tonight!
Please Owen! Let me handle it my way.
Handle what? Liz, I love you, whats all the mystery?
Theres no mystery!
I love you too Owen, very much!
But you just got to be a little patient.
Maybe folks are planning to give you to me for Christmas.
Wouldnt that be a wonderful time for a wedding?!
Merry Christmas!
Owen, what is it?
Ill be right back.
What do you want?
I said what do you want?
Whats the matter?
Nothing honey, just.
You killed him!
Help! Help! Help! Help!
Suck him again they love it!
I thought you were with me sugar.
5 after frequency one! Stand By! 12-8-3 repeat!
12-8-3 Roger!
Only the left of midnight and my tailbone thinks its 4:00 AM!
Is that what you think with?!
I was wondering.
Why dont we stop for coffee?
Whats the matter?
No romance in sole?
Okay, well swing around the loop.
I wonder where those kids get their energy.
Time we made tracks baby, before the old lady starts throwing a fit.
Shes gonna grow a fit than breathe.
Here, have one for the road!
Hey look at the crazy drunk.
What happened?
Hes out like a light.
I suppose hes dead.
Listen, lets get out of here.
Lovers Loop!
Busy little birds and busier little bees.
Whats wrong with their homes if they get this kind of a place?
Cmon I can taste the Jabbah!
Yeah Tony!
Looks like were in business.
You think hes drunk?
Hes too big to be lost.
Oh brother!
Happy Birthday!
Oh there you are, Ive been looking for you!
Well you sure found us boy.
Come on!
The way you smell sport, fear little to the wind.
Oh I gotta headache!
How bad?
Look at his eyes.
They might be on the goof balls.
Just load him!
A bottle of thirst and a one bottled stomach!
Im sick!
I wanna go home!
Youre on your way!
Remember how you got that cut on your forehead?
Cut! What cut?
Youre okay buddy buddie!
He doesnt look like tank material.
Why dont we take him home?
Well take him home and he sets fire to the mattress!
Car 31!
Come in 31!
Were coming in with a 390, roll out the red carpet. Check! You got room for one more?
In you go!
What did he do take a bath in this stuff. Put him in the tank.
So long buddy buddie!
Next time make it sarsaparilla.
I dont want you to make a sound.
I dont any trouble.
Picking a pocket of an honest citizen!
We caught you cold this time Joe!
Heres the evidence!
You cant pin that lousy rep on me. Im clean as a whistle.
Youre just wasting the tax pairs money.
Yeah! Wasting the money and catching thieves.
In there Joey!
You the complaining witness.
Im not complaining.
I just want to get my wallet back.
Well Im sorry we gotta keep this for evidence.
Well need a little information before we can release it.
Oh! Of course officer!
You can count on my fullest cooperation.
Thank you!
Now, just a moment! In there!
Theres a man in the tank that doesnt belong their sergeant.
He tell you that Don?
No I examined him!
Sure as soon their finished his booking, you can slip on our friend Joey their.
Look, I want him out of their right now!
Whats his name!
Owen Clark, and he doesnt belong their.
Lets see Owen Clark!
Theres his book and D.M.D.!
I guess I have to talk to the caption huh!
Sure! Sure! Help yourself!
You wanna see me Doc?
Uh yes Captain!
I heard what you were saying out there!
What about this guy Clark?
From all the men he looks drunk, to the lame in anyway, but. But what?
I think he was slugged and probably robbed.
Is that your medical opinion?
He sustained a severe blow on the head that I know!
Copy the booking slip!
It showed that he had money in his wrist form which hand.
That blows half of your theory isnt it doc?
Im sorry captain.
But I think the man is suffering from concussion and shock.
Any reason he couldve tripped in his drunk and stooper and hit his head.
I dont think he tripped.
I think he was hit by some blunt instrument.
All drunks claiming that they was hit by some blunt instrument.
What do you want to do with him?
Run a blood test, take an X-ray, and see an extend of the damage.
Ill give you the exact degree in 30 minutes, if you still doubt my diagnosis.
Not youre diagnosis Doc, youre guesswork!
Caption Bates!
Get that drunk and disorderly that Chavis and Gerrity brought in here.
If he can walk lets see if he can talk.
You want him now caption?
Bring him in here!
Get out!
No! I dont wanna hurt you!
With youre screaming no one will hear you.
Let me go!
Let me go right now!
Oh theyll get you!
Youll never get away!
You killed him!
No I didnt!
I saw him move!
I saw him move!
Well then you can let me go!
No I cant!
Yes you can!
Cmon let go!
Someones always trying to steal youre customers arent they jack.
Well, dont worry well take care of him.
Come on fellow, sit down!
Hes probably a slight loss of memory but hes coming around.
Oh What!
Where am I!
You tell us!
What happened tonight?
Try to concentrate!
Youve been hurt and I want to help you.
Where am I?
Now! Now! Now!
Dont get frighten!
Im a doctor and Ill take care of you!
Look fellow!
You remember youre name!
My name!
Im Owen Clark!
Where do you live?
11.1109 Fenmore Drive!
What do you do for a living!
Im an automobile salesman.
Now why are you asking me all these questions?
Police picked you up!
Charged drunk and disorderly.
No Im not drunk.
You dont smell exactly like a road.
What were you doing up on the loop tonight?
The loop?
I was there with my girl.
I asked you what were you doing there?
We were talking!
What else?
That gimmick on your head you didnt get that by talking.
Something happen! There was a man in the bushes watching us.
What about him?
He mustve slugged me!
I gotten out of the car.
I turned the flash on him and see what wanted.
Hes got Liz!
Whos Liz?
Liz! My girl!
Take it easy!
What makes you think he took her.
When I came to after he slugged me, I looked for my car and it was gone.
What kind of a car.
A blue convertible, Ive been using it as a demonstrator.
Maybe Liz drove it away?
And leave me there like that?!
Were engaged to be married?
Alirght! Alright!
Whats your girl name!
Her name is Elizabeth Taggart!
Her father is a cop too.
Not Captain Taggarts kid!
Is that who youre girl is?
Dan Taggart!
He left here less than an hour ago, and he doesnt even know.
How do you tell a guy that a kid has been grabbed!
Well, you know I just got the first shock of my life.
I thought the Taggarts were out of beer.
Well whats the picture tonight!
I dont know there still selling beauty cream.
Cant sell any beauty in this house.
Im a little tired!
IdI think Ill go to bed.
Whats the matter no salami sandwich?
No thanks Dan!
Good night Helen!
Good night Madge!
Sure you wont have some coffee.
No! No thanks!
I thought her friend Ruth was suppose to fix her up with a date tonight!
According to Madge, at the last minute he was called out of town.
Well, shes better off about those good times chowing these days.
She looked a little green though!
How do you like that!
Its another one of those cop pictures.
Oh no!
Madge feeling arlight?
Shes feeling fine!
Why do you always ask questions?
Whos asking questions.
I just want to know whats bothering Madge.
She isnt married, thats whats bothering her.
Shes 37 years old and she isnt married.
Shes lonely!
Madge Lonely?
Shes living here with us.
Do you ever think that maybe it isnt enough?
I dont know what youre talking about.
Madge is one of us, shes one in the family.
Well, were not Madges family!
Madge hasnt a family!
Now thats just a lot of nonsense, Im her brother!
Yes Dan!
Youre her brother!
Her big brother!
Youll get her to see doctor!
Give her a little tonic!
Maybe shes run down or something.
Is Liz asleep?
Liz isnt home yet!
Where is she?
On a date!
What date?
Look Dan!
Liz will be home any minute now, dont get yourself started again, huh!
Doesnt bother you that she has known him.
I dont have any reason to be bothered by!
Other kids go out on dates.
Ah well, Liz is just a little kid!
Shes not a kid Dan!
Shes an 18 year old girl!
So she just turned 18 a month ago.
Whos she out with?
A young man!
What about him?
Well I dont know!
I didnt ask what about him.
Liz said hes a very nice young man.
Look Dan, dont you understand you mustnt ask so many questions.
Why not?
Arent you interested on who your daughter is going out with?
Of course Im interested, Im very interested!
But I dont want to chase him away.
Keep her out this late, maybe we ought to chase him away.
Dont you know when to stop?
Dont you ever know when to stop?
I dont stop!
Not me!
Not when its my family.
Now well maybe get a chance to get a look at this wise guy.
Hes keeps my kid out till 1 oclock in the morning.
Whats the idea?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Come on in!
Id rather talk to you out here if you dont mind.
Just some pricing business.
Well just be a minute honey!
Whats the matter Ed, any trouble?
Were both in trouble.
Whats that!
Now, dont get excited!
Its about Liz!
Has she been hurt?
This isnt going to be easy to take.
Quit stalling!
Tell me what happened to my kid.
She was grabbed!
It seems that she was up on the loop tonight with some boy.
That kid took her up there, where is he?
We got him down at headquarters.
The guy that grabbed Liz slugged him!
Knocked him cold!
When did this happen!
About an hour ago, right after midnight!
Any idea where she is?
Only apartments on it, every man!
Ed do you have anything to go on, anything at all?
All units have been alerted.
We got an A.P.B on the boys car.
We got Ogalty has got communications lit up like a Christmas tree.
We wont miss a bet on this guy.
Wait here Ill be back in a minute.
Youre not leaving the house.
You shift ended at midnight, youre not on this case.
Your place is home here with Helen now.
I got news for you!
Im going after this guy, and when I find him, Im gonna kill him.
Thats the reason you shouldnt be on the case.
Same reason why they dont allow doctors to operate on their own families.
Youre personally involved this, youll do more harm than good.
Im not a doctor!
Im a cop!
Nobody keeps me off this case.
Where are you going?
I gotta take care of something!
Its Liz isnt!
Yeah Its Liz!
Dan! Tell me!
Whats happened to her?
That boy that you didnt wan to ask any questions because you are afraid of chasing him away.
What about him?
He took her up to lovers loop!
Thats the kind of very nice young man he turned out to be.
Did he hurt her?
I wan to know!
Dan! Tell her!
She was grabbed! Kidnapped!
Take care of her will you Madge?
Yes Dan!
Weve alerted the short patrol and immigration just in case he heads for Mexico.
We gotta a couple of men contacting the all night service stations and garages keeping them on the alert.
What about the taxi drivers?
The outfits with the radio controlled cabs.
Checked and double-checked.
Look Dan I know how you feel, but this is a job for the department not a personal vendetta.
Im on the case and we get the guy.
Now will you lay off?
Did you locate Sam Patrick yet?
Hes on his over captain.
He was babysitting with his grand children on over the other side of town.
How you feeling?
Well, Im a little rocky, but Ill be Youd better!
Were gonna need you too identify some photographs.
I forgot!
You two dont know each other.
Captain Taggart!
Owen Clark!
Youre Lizs father!
Im Lizs father!
What were you doing up on that hill with Liz?
Take it easy!
Who gave you the right to take her up to a place like that
Look Captain Im just the doctor here.
Thats right youre just the doctor remember that!
Oh you smart characters taking girls up places like that trying to prove what big shot you are.
The moment theres trouble you start yelling for help.
That isnt true!
Its not the case for
Why couldnt you leave her alone?
Dan! Now cut it out!
You know as well I do.
That place is full of kids every night of the week.
Not my kid!
Shes not that kind!
She knows better!
Shes been trained to know better.
Her Father!
What a crazy way to meet her father.
Captain! Chavis and I are sorry!
Did you find anything!
Just this!
I mustve dropped it when he slugged me!
Couldnt you handle him or are you only a big man with the girls?
Captain Bates!
Yes Captain!
Give me Ogalty on communications!
Communications to Ogalty!
The whole nurgent on that new convertible.
What do you got?
That guys got my kid!
Dont let him get away.
Were throwing a bock on all the exits out of the city as for as 101 and 395.
Both north and south!
Now we can handle those ourselves.
But on US 80 and State 94 the only checkpoints are in the county.
Is the sheriff cooperating? 100 %!
Dont worry Dan!
Theres no loophole on this one.
Thanks Vince!
Dan! Go home!
Im Staying!
This is the only thing rolling tonight!
If anything breaks Ill give you a yell.
And if I can only get my hands on him just once.
Will you go home?
Helen shouldnt be alone!
She isnt alone! Shes got Madge!
Dan! Maybe Madge isnt enough tonight!
Im staying!
What is that!
What is it?
Its just a dog!
A little dog!
Its dead!
It was crying!
It wouldnt stop crying!
It cried all last night I.
I had to make it stop crying!
Youre crying!
Why are you crying!
Stay away form me!
Dont come near me!
I wont hurt you!
You hurt Owen!
I uh!
I didnt mean to hurt him.
I dont mean to hurt anybody!
What did you call what you did to that dog.
But it was crying!
It was making all kind of noise.
Id.didnt want it to make trouble for me!
Dont scream!
I dont like people who scream.
If I take my hand away, will you promise nod to scream?
Thats better isnt it?
Youre nice!
Ill get rid of the dog and it wont bother you anymore.
And now..Now you can let me go!
I cant let you go!
Youll tell the police what I did to that boy.
Youll get me in trouble.
No I wont!
I promise I wont!
Ill take the dog away! It wont be so bad if I take the dog away!
Poor little puppy!
Captain Bates!
Ogalty captain!
We found the car!
In galley at the bottom of the of loop about a dozen feet off the road.
What about the girl!
There was another set of tire tracks.
The guy mustve had a car stashed away in the bushes.
You know what!
Tell the boys Vince!
Hands off until we get there.
This is it!
This is your car!
Pretty thin tracks!
He mustve been driving a pretty war wreck with those narrow tires!
Hey Dan!
Look at this!
It looks like one wheel had an oversized tire!
Well get the lad to work on that and get a plaster impression!
The lab wont be opened by tomorrow morning by then.
Well stick with it Dan!
Well find him!
I got rid of the dog!
You dont have cry anymore.
Theyll never find us!
Im the only one who knows about this place.
I have something for you!
Something I think youll like.
Now dont you try anything!
Owen! Owen!
Youre screaming no one will here you!
I told you not to try anything!
Stay away form me!
Dont come near me!
I brought you something, a little present.
Dont you even want to see what it is?
No I dont!
I dont care!
All I want is for you to let me go!
Youre nice! So soft and nice!
Look what I brought you!
Go on!
See whats inside!
Whats the matter!
Do you think its going to hurt you?
That I dont want to have anything to do with it.
Its pretty!
Its pretty!
Dont you think its pretty, and its just your size.
Maybe its a little too long.
I always wanted to give a girl a present.
Something nice!
Something shed really like!
My mother!
She must know about this!
Youre mother!
She doesnt want me to give presents to anyone.
She wants everything for herself.
Youre Crazy!
Dont you call me that!
I dont like anyone to call me that.
Wake up will you?
I didnt do anything.
I didnt shot now wake up.
I dont want any trouble.
That boy gave me trouble.
The little dog, I dont want more trouble.
Wake up will you?
Come on Wake up!
Will you wake up?
Operator can you connect me to the police department?
Jenson Central pricing!
Oh Im so worried officer.
I hope Im doing the right thing.
Well, whats your trouble lady?
My son Harold isnt home yet and hes always home at this hour of the night.
You think somethings happened to him. Well I dont know!
I worry about him all the time and trey very hard to make him a good home for him.
Well what do you wanna do lady, file a missing persons report?
Well Im not sure officer, its just that there isnt any cake or pie in the house and is such a good boy the sweetest darling in the world.
Do wanna give us a physical description on baby?
Physical description!
Well, I think hes a very nice handsome boy.
But thats because Im his mother and Im very devoted to him.
Just his name, height, weight and color of his eyes lady.
Well baby has brown eyes.
The deepest softest eyes youve ever seen.
Height and Weight!
Well hes very tall; hes over 6 feet and he weighs at least 200 pounds.
Over 6 feet 200 pounds?!
Wait a minute!
How old is this baby?
Hell be 32 on the 19th.
What did you say his name is?
Harold Loftus!
Harold Loftus!
Phone number!
Officer, its just that I cant get to sleep without a piece of that apricot pie and Harold is always home by this hour.
Sure lady!
Now look!
If baby doesnt show pretty soon, why call us again huh!
Hes probably just spending a little extra time saying goodbye to his girlfriend.
Not my Harold!
Hes not that kind!
Sam Patrick here yet?
Hes inside waiting!
Any luck captain?
Hows the call feed coming?
Ah the usual!
Fathers calling them about their runaway daughters, old ladies getting from bingo parties.
Same as very night!
Hi Vince, Jensen!
Gotta new entry for your M.P. roster.
A real big one!
Over 6 feet 200 pounds named Loftus.
Uh yeah Vince!
Harold Loftus!
Ah this is no schoolboy this baby is 32 years old.
No not his wife!
His mother!
Dan Im sorry!
Thank you for coming Sam!
But were in big trouble.
Nothing definite is going huh!
Not yet No!
Sam do you think this guy could be one of the boys in your file?
Grab a cops kid?
What would be the percentage?
Well maybe he didnt that it was a cops kid.
My boys would know!
Are you the one that was with her?
Yeah! Hes the one he got slugged!
Sam here has a history of every hood and thief and psycho in town.
Lived with the vice squad for 20 years.
Just a job!
At nights I run electric trains with my grand children.
Sam show him the pictures.
Maybe he can spot something!
Not one of my boys, not up on the loop.
Thats strictly for amateurs!
We havent had anything to go with on, show him the pictures.
Here you are pick a winner!
Well, it happened so quickly, Im not.Im not certain on what he looked like!
Havent you caused enough trouble for one night?
Keep looking!
I dont know if this means anything.
But this last missing persons report, I cant figure it.
What do you mean?
Well it was a dame,
and they way she kept going on about not getting her apricot pie on the way, her sonny boy always brought it home when he came home from work.
Couldnt tell what she missed most, the sonny boy or the pie.
So! So!
Shes worried about her boy.
Her boy is 32 years old.
Id just thought Id mention it captain.
Give it to Ogalty!
Yeah! I already have!
It might be worth a call!
Why Sam!
Some dame calls up because a boy doesnt report on home on time.
We get that kind of a call every night!
Yes but if this 32 year old guy is still tied to his mother's apron strings, maybe this is the night hes been saving it all up to break loose.
What do you think?
Maybe Sam is right!
It maybe worth a call!
Harold Loftus!
Is this Mrs. Loftus!
This is Captain Bates down at Central Police Station.
Im just checking in that report you put on your son.
What did she do?
She hung up!
Wouldnt buy it!
Vince Bates!
Theres a phone number listed under the name of Loftus. Adams-3-1-7-6!
Get the street and the address!
Ill be in the garage waiting to go!
211 Menlow Street!
That should be through east of here.
You getting ideas?
Forget them!
Look Dan youre going at this thing all wrong.
Sure Im the one whos wrong but this guy has got my kid.
Hes okay huh!
Youre a cop!
Tray and act like one.
Wait a minute!
Lets take a look at the garage!
Hold it Dan!
Back in the car!
Captain shes my girl!
Where did you get the idea shes youre girl?
Youve been on my back all night will you get off?
I wish somebody getting the idea that this is police work and not something for sweethearts and fathers, just cops!
Any guy who take a girl up on a place like the loop.
You may not like it Mr. Taggart, but we were forced up there.
Who forced you?
You did!
Boy I ought to break you and half.
Why was Liz always making excuses about not wanting me to meet her father, what was she afraid of?
Dont you talk to me like that!
Whos gonna stop me!
Now Dan!
Ed I told you keep out of this!
If you think about giving orders pal.
Dont forget I run the night shift!
Youre just here on a rim check.
Im here trying to save my kids life.
Youre not the only one!
Hes right Dan!
Here it is!
Here it is!
Three regular one oversized!
Lets go!
You wait in the car.
Yeah go ahead!
Where have youOh I thought you were Harold.
Wed like to talk to you about Harold.
Can we come in its important?
What happened to my son where is he?
We dont know where he is!
Were trying to locate him.
You know where he is.
What did you do to him?
What did we do to him?
What makes you think we did anything to him?
My poor boy!
My poor pensioned baby.
Always blaming even things that are not his fault.
Have you fellows have anything to chew on?
Like Gum Drums?
Harold always brings home something sweet.
Always a surprise!
A sweet surprise to his mother!
He just a sweet darling baby.
Now you listen to me.
That sweet innocent baby of yours has got my kid.
Oh gally!
You made me spill my coffee!
I dont care about your coffee! Your son has kidnapped my child.
Thats a dirty filthy lie.
We think its the truth.
An assault to attempt of kill!
Get out!
Get out of here!
I wont hear LIES about son.
Mrs. Loftus!
We havent got much time you got to help us.
Why should I help you!
All you want to do is hurt him.
You want to get Harold in trouble.
What about my daughter?
Dont you care what he does to her, huh?
Why cant she leave him alone?
Weve got to find him!
Now what about that car he drives?
I wont tell you!
I wont tell you anything!
Youve got to tell us.
It maybe the way that it can save your son!
What did you say?
You can help him Mrs. Loftus, but thats entirely up to you.
Im his mother!
But if I cant help him, who will?
Hed always come to me when he is in trouble.
He knew Id help him.
Hes all I got in the world.
He has a car!
What kind of a car?
Oh, just some little old runabout!
What kind?
A black four door 41 Sudan!
Wait a minute!
Theres no record on it!
Well registered under my name!
Mrs. Mabel Loftus!
When you find him!
Dont be too hard on him.
Its not his fault.
Not our job to punish your son!
All we got to do is find him.
I dont know whos fault it is when something like this occurs. You?
Well need this; and well return it in the morning.
12-8-A! 12-8!
Continue patrol!
Well does he look familiar?
Thats the man!
Be willing to testify that he slugged you?
You bet!
Now all we gotta do is find him.
This is Dan Taggart!
Weve identified the car! It belongs to a Mrs. Mabel Loftus! 211 Menlow Street!
M.V. Beal!
Give me the license number.
Right captain!
Well flood the circuit.
Youre Pretty!
Youre so pretty!
I wouldnt hurt you!
You shouldnt be afraid of me!
You shouldnt be afraid of me.
Why dont you me go?
Im going to make trouble for you.
I promise!
Its late!
You hungry?
Youre hungry!
Go on take it!
Its good!
What is it?
Its just some pie!
Apricot pie!
Well open it!
I always say to the men at the restaurant to wrap it in wax so that can stay nice and fresh!
You can have it all.
Whats the matter?
Dont you like apricot pie?
My mother loves it.
Is that who you Is that who you brought it for?
Every night after work, I always stop at this restaurant to find something sweet to take home to.
Shed love something sweet?
Ever since I can remember, shed loved something sweet.
Well, why dont you take it to her?
Why dont you bring to your mother?
If you dont eat this..If you dont eat this Im just going to throw it away.
Its all I ever do!
Bring her things!
She.She always waits up for me.
Never go to sleep till I get home.
I try to stay out late and test her, but she always waits up for me.
Whats the matter dont you like it?
Ive had enough!
Shed be mad with me for not brining anything home tonight but I dont care!
Oh I hate her!
Why does she have to wait up for me!
Why cant she go to sleep?
You have any brothers!
Do you have a sister?
Liz nods no
Me neither!
Never had anyone!
Only her!
You could help me!
You could be friend.
Your friend!
The one in the car, the one who came after me.
He was kissing you!
I never kissed a girl!
Not if you want me to be your friend.
Wont you be my friend?
If you want me to friend, only you have to let me go.
If I do that, youll just tell on me.
You dont understand!
I never meant to hurt that fellow.
I was only watching.
You may knew what it was like, all the people making fun of you all the time.
Teasing you!
Ever being able to trust anyone!
Well you can trust me!
Only you.you cant force people to like you.
You cantforce them to like you.
Your leg!
Your hurt!
Id better.we better clean that cut.
Ill go get some water.
Its nothing!
I dont want you to do anything.
But no Im your friend!
Im going to help you.
Ill get some water!
Dont you be afraid.
Where do you guys come off?
3 o'clock in the morning!
That's no accident it had to be planned.
How do you spell Holzapple?
With an S or a Z!
Mrs. Marie Holzapple!
Dependent of Sargent Fredrick Holzapple, the United States Army!
With a Z!
I got guys like you paying from way back.
How do like better than breaking into a ladies bedroom waking them up out of a sleep?!
How old are you Mrs. Holzapple?
Mrs. Marie McGunnies!
Dependent of Chiefs Units Mate Francis X. McGunnies, United States Navy! I'm 23 and I can prove it!
Trouble with you guys you're all cut out on the same mold.
Figure you break into a ladies bedroom.
Thinking she might be taking a shower or bath.
What are you cops or plumbers?
Mrs. Holzapple!
What is your occupation?
Mrs. Marie Finklestien, dependent of Private First Class Irvin Finklestein, United States Marines!
Mamma Mia!
What a women!
Isn't there a law against things like that!
What kind of a crack is that?
I'm a housewife!
You're a what?
I'm a housewife!
Mrs. Maria Botchicgaloop!
Dependent of Able Semen Dominic Anthony Botchicgaloop, United States Coast Guard!
Anything wrong with me having problems with a high cost 11?
In there lady!
In there!
Any break on that Loftus car?
Communications hasnt reported a thing.
Whats the matter with them.
That had half-and-hour.
The have everything out they can roll its a big city.
Well some of these guys stretch out these patrols form coffee joint to coffee joint.
They spend a little less time, trying to impress the waitresses.
Dan! In my office!
Ed! I cant sit around and wait any longer.
How do we find this guy?
Why dont go home!
Why dont you!
Id rather stick around.
Not much you can do.
Not much any of us could do.
What about those flee bags and skid row and the bucket eyed rooming houses out of the north end of town.
Not a chance captain!
Why not?
Why cant we give it try?
It wont work Dan!
This kind of a monkey of forge human contact act like the plague.
He treats deep and deeper to his own verge of security.
How does that fit in to this kind of case?
Thats what starts them out in the first place.
The need for emotional security.
At least thats the explanation the psychiatrist to agree on.
I dont care explanations.
Give me a squad in a roast in a joint of Main Street.
You wont find them there!
Thats what I want to know.
Where do we find him?
I dont know!
I can only tell you that in these own rules, the man has gone as back as far as he can go.
Where Ed?
This guy has got my kid!
Where does a guy like this go?
I dont know Dan! Im a cop, not a psychiatrist.
You heard what Sam said!
You saw what his mother is like.
This guy could go in any direction.
He must have a mother complex of mild wide.
A mans mother?
Is that what youre trying to tell me?
A mans mother is the blame for this?
Im not blaming anybody Dan!
Im just trying to crack the case!
Where are you going!
Its where I belong!
Thats all I can get to bring the water in.
Get out of my way.
I was only going to fix the cut on your leg.
If you dont, Im gonna kill you!
Im gonna kill you!
Go ahead!
Its empty!
I thought I could trust you.
I thought you were my friend.
Youre not my friend.
You just want to get me in trouble.
Thats all!
Thats all you wanna do!
Where did you get these things?
We had to move.
We move to this new house and there was some old trunk up in the attic.
Well may I have them!
Why they are pretty arent they?
You said before I could have them.
You couldve have them.
Thats what I was saving for was some girl!
I was saving it for my girl.
You are my girl!
Yes you are!
Youre gonna be nice to me. No!
Yes you are!
You yell, Ill kill you!
What was that?
Police car!
This is the car alright!
Theres nothing in here.
Hes around here somewhere!
Boy what place that hide.
Were gonna call in and were gonna need some help.
I'll go out there and tell them that I'm alright and then they'll let you go!
I know what you'll tell them.
You're hurting me!
You think I don't know anything, I'll show them how much I know.
Ow! Ow-hohow!
Come on!
I can't!
I can't walk!
Car 73!
Mack Avoy reporting!
What do you got?
On the Taggart case weve found the car.
The old brickyard on the east side of town.
Cross the railroad viaduct. Wait a minute tell it to the captain.
Captain Bates!
Radio sir!
Okay Vince Ill talk to Mack. Mack!
Listen to me!
Ogalty seems to thing that you got this guy tagged.
So lay low and give us a few minutes to get out there.
Maybe split up and have one of you take the gate.
We dont want to panic this into hurting Taggarts kid , but we dont want him to get away. He wont get away captain.
Im counting on you and Grant!
Dont let me down!
Captain if he does anything to that girl, Ill Tear him kid!
Ill help you!
Ill take the gate.
I thought the brickyard is east of town.
Were detouring for a minute in 20 seconds to pick up a cop named Taggart.
He couldnt just disappear without a trace.
Where could he taken her?
I dont know!
The guys a.nut! A Looney like that could do anything.
Will we ever see Liz alive again?
If we dont, youll know whos fault it will be.
Whos fault!
You cant mean Helens fault.
Why Helens fault!
Why not yours?
What do you mean by that?
Youve gone crazy too?
Maybe I went crazy 15 years ago.
Now dont you bring that up now!
Why not?
Dont tell me it hurts.
Dont tell me you learned anything these last 15 years.
The thing on my mind tonight is Liz.
Nothing else!
Not even a sneaking suspicion you may be the reason on whats happened to Liz.
Please Madge!
Please dont say anymore!
Oh why not!
Hasnt he done enough damage?
Isnt that time he what hes told.
Told what?
What are you talking about?
Why do you think Liz and that boy did up on that hill?
Because Liz was afraid to bring him home.
Because she was afraid on what you might do to him.
What would I do to him?
Browbeat him!
Question him!
The third degree is only you can pour it all and the poor kid would tell and run.
Maybe I am a little extra carful on who goes out with my kid.
But I got a good reason to be.
Im a policeman!
I know what goes on I see it every day in my life.
For 20 years,
I dealt with nothing but thieves with vultures with dirt!
You think you want my kid to be part of that?
Isnt that exactly what she is part of tonight?
And you blame me for that?
You dont believe that do you?
You dont think anything like that.
How many times do I have asked you to stop being a cop at home and just be a father, a good father?
I am a good father.
Id kill anybody trying to hurt me kid!
Thats it Dan!
Liz was always a policemans daughter.
Not just another child.
All the kids on the block stared clear that youre such a good father.
Same way on your such a good brother.
The same way Dan!
All these years, youve held out against me, huh Madge?
Well let me tell you something.
Charlie Collins was a no good fore-flushing liar.
I did you the greater favor the day I booted him out of the house.
Do you still think you did me a favor?
You never asked me if I loved him.
That brickyard down across the railroad viaduct.
They think thats where hes got her.
You wont let him hurt Liz.
Youll do everything you can.
Well do all we can. Everyone of us!
Alright now, come on!
Even if I could walk, I wouldn't do you any good.
They'll find you wherever you go.
Where I'm going they won't find us.
you're my girl now!
They're not going to take you away from me.
Not when I'm alive!
Theyre still here captain!
Okay get in!
What a place!
Straight ahead captain!
Any sign of him?
Not a thing!
A thousand places around here a rat could barrow.
Hey where did that boy get to?
He left us back there.
Well dont worry if he sees anything, hell holar.
You and Grant see if you can find an entrance to the plant.
Right captain!
Here's how you're rat got out!
Let's get him out of here!
Watch yourself Dan!
We'll be right back!
Daddy don't!
Daddy stop!
Please stop!
Mommy help me!
Take him away will you Ed?!
Oh Daddy!
Come on home!
You too!