A Cure for Wellness (2016) Movie Script

Mr. Hank Green, Global Investments
We can not touch the bonds.
They are the guarantee for the Cisco shares.
Remove everything from First National
The Delaware's again?
It returned. We must clean the Reynolds account...
If they investigated for money laundering.
Are you sure?
Anything by email.
Returns all on Monday.
I pay attention?
yes, yes.
-Do ticket? -Do not know if...
I'll send you the figures now.
And Green?
Win time, gives equal. Report you sick.
Business or pleasure?
I don't know. Only...
I don't feel comfortable...
Josh! Josh! Don't be a coward.
Do what I say and call me when you are done.
To my fellow-members of the Council.
July 18, 2016
We can ignore the truth that has been.
It can not be darkness...
or be blind when the gift of sight has had...
equal to that cannot be reversed have been born.
We are the only species with the ability of self-reflection.
The only species with the toxin of doubt in our genetic code.
Without doing justice to our gifts, we build...
We buy, we consume.
Wrap us in the illusion of material success.
Deceived and timamos to climb painfully...
towards the top of what we define as achievement.
Be superior to other men.
Office in the corner.
Who chupaste it?
I heard that it closed the Reynolds account.
How did you make that?
So good I am.
Don't forget us.
How could we forget them?
You know how I take my coffee.
Excuse me, want to see it in the room of partners.
Tell you that I now.
And tomorrow is his mother's birthday.
Buy something from me, Yes?
Of course.
There is a disease within us.
It rises as the bile that leaves a bitter taste in the throat.
It is in every one of you, sitting around the table.
We deny its existence until one day the body rebels against the mind...
and shouts: "I'm fine".
Undoubtedly, they only think of the merger.
The dirty union of two equally sick institutions.
But it is impossible to ignore the truth.
Because only if we know what evil afflicts us we can find healing.
I'm not going to come back.
Do not try to find me.
Sincerely, Roland E. Pembroke.
Well, Mr. Lockhart...
What do you think?
It is obvious that the reason he lost.
The same think.
It goes on vacation to a spa two weeks and suffers a nervous breakdown.
And whom Devils going to the hot springs in the XXI century?
I hope that you understand the sensitivity of the information in this letter.
So it is true.
A merger like this we become...
in one of the largest financial services firms.
That will enrich all the present here.
Even to you.
We hear good things.
His work with Bill Reynolds was very successful.
Clear, the Securities Commission of bags will want full access to our accounts.
Any irregularities will be light.
Seriously believed that we don't know?
I do not know of what he speaks.
Do you think that there is some trick that we have not tried?
This is for beginners.
I ask you something, Mr. do Lockhart??
Ever have got a 30 cm black penis?
The prison, Mr. Lockhart.
It is in serious trouble.
If so, they would have already delivered me to the authorities.
So I guess that the Commission is going after someone of higher rank.
Maybe someone from the Council.
Or someone who is obviously unbalanced.
We want to go to Switzerland and bring back Mr. Pembroke.
You will see...
fusion can not carry out unless Mr. Pembroke authorizes...
certain legal issues.
I don't get as well with Mr. Pembroke as Morris.
That is joda.
Morris was a good salesman. Reliable.
That rest in peace.
But he had no vision.
Someone must be responsible.
Josh, I am again.
The Tokyo Stock Exchange closes in hour and a half.
Empty Banyon and purchase in Glenco.
I'll send you the details right now. And call me.
I don't like to leave messages like this.
Coming for the cure?
No, only visit.
Does it bother you?
Go ahead.
It is younger than most of my passengers.
It takes many people to the hospital?
To all of them.
Each week, pick up wealthy train...
and I take them to the mountain.
Only rich people?
It must be very expensive.
Well, the rich have problems of rich.
I'm happy with a simple life.
That's all? Don't have ambitions?
Can only take people to the mountain and back?
Most stays.
I guess they like to be there.
I don't frequent spas.
Work to live, like my father.
Children learn from their parents to be men. Right?
I don't know.
Not I grew up with my father.
How long are you going?
Only a few days. By business.
You do not look good.
I am fine. It is that I have not slept much.
You need to rest.
I always said your father to rest...
but he ignored me.
-He was weak. -Didn't you know it.
And whose fault is it?
Are you happy here?
Treat you well?
People come here to die. Why should I be happy?
They will get me a rise.
So when you return I can take you someplace better.
Close to the beach, or something as well.
You will not return.
Of course.
Another dancer?
It is not like the others.
He lives in a dream.
But it is dancing.
Because he doesn't know that he is dreaming.
What friendly.
The villagers have always had resentment of the mountain.
Old stories.
How old is this place?
Its foundation dates from the times of the barons.
For centuries, this land and its inhabitants...
belonged you to a family.
The Von Reichmerl.
What happened?
It is an interesting story.
Apparently, the last baron was so obsessed with the purity of their lineage...
It decided that only her sister was pure to be mother of his son.
When the Church forbade their marriage, he resigned to God.
I guess that it was well received.
And that you say it.
On their wedding night...
the villagers climbed...
They chased the baron and his spouse to the catacombs...
and he was forced to watch while they burned her alive.
Then they burned the whole place.
Go history.
But that was 200 years ago.
Many things have changed since then.
Maximum 20 minutes.
There is no hurry.
Can I help you?
I come to see a guest. Mr. Roland Pembroke.
Sorry, already ended up visiting hours.
I come from far away.
Could you make an exception?
There are no exceptions.
Can I speak with a Manager?
Sign here.
Thank you, Mr Lockhart.
I'll see what I can do.
Here there is no signal.
It is part of the treatment.
You will get used.
Do ten-letter word for "amnesty"?
I have no idea.
No, just nine.
Do you like puzzles?
No, in reality.
Does it matter to you?
Thank you.
I think that reception nurse explained...
that visiting hours ended at 3 o'clock.
Yes. But surely you know...
Mr. Pembroke is the director of a major financial institution.
Under the circumstances, he hoped to make one...
To help people who come here...
We must remain strong.
May I ask to what matter?
It is a business deal.
I can't say more.
Of course. And I hope that you understand that we also have rules.
Our treatments are more effective...
When the exposure is limited to the stress of the modern world.
Director Volmer is very strict.
-Do hydrotherapy? -Proper.
It is far to come only by water.
The sanatorium is built on an ancient aquifer...
offering unique rejuvenating properties.
After the fire.
History is full of darkness.
If you want to leave a note...
with pleasure I will give it to Mr. Pembroke.
Mr. Peterson?
I understand that your work is very important...
and it is obvious that it is a very busy man.
But if you have time between the acu aerobics and jacuzzi sessions...
to inform Mr. Pembroke...
you have a visitor with urgent information...
I'd appreciate it.
The option of leaving him a note...
that you slip under your door...
and maybe read before his morning massage...
I am afraid that it is not viable.
6,500 km traveled to get here.
There is a flight to New York today...
and I want Mr. Pembroke and I are on it.
You want to take Mr. Pembroke back to New York?
Is there a problem?
Of course, the decision is Mr. Pembroke.
It is a patient, not a prisoner.
It will be treated until 7 pm
If you return after that time, you can see it.
Thanks for your understanding.
Already you are going?
How young so handsome.
And your friend?
- What time is the last train? - At 10.
Take me to a hotel. I make a call.
Cute girl.
What's up?
How long are you going?
Just a few days.
Do we expect someone else?
There is no one else.
He slept well?
I do not remember having slept better.
Is the mountain air.
Sr. Lockhart...
soy Henrich Volmer.
I am the director of this sanatorium.
How long have I been here?
Three days.
Has luck. It was a fracture without complications.
Even though I feel partly responsible.
Villagers say they should hunt the deer ...
but I can not hurt these innocent creatures.
After all, they were here long before us.
I need to call to New York.
I took the liberty to inform his office about the accident, if that is concerned.
They agreed ...
where businesses can not wait and your health.
Hank Green said that?
Even the acting director of a firm in Well Street ...
You can object to the consequences of a serious car accident.
We do not have many visitors.
Most of my patients have done extraordinary things.
Untold wealth ...
directing vast empires ...
but at a terrible cost.
Nobody cares about them.
Mr. Pembroke is lucky.
It has you.
Try to relax.
Have fun.
It is at the foot of the Swiss Alps ...
one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Consider it a forced vacation.
Although Americans are not good for vacation, do you?
Remember, you are at high altitude.
It will take acclimated ...
so please drink plenty of water.
Believe me, it's in good hands.
He is lost?
I suppose.
Where should I be?
I do not know.
First name?
Roland Pembroke.
Here it is.
Pembroke. Room 609. Hammam.
Sr. Pembroke...
steam baths are there.
You can not go in there.
Not dressed like that.
It is Mr. Pembroke, right?
I know it?
My name Lockhart. I sent Mr. Green.
I thought they would send Morris.
Morris is dead.
A heart attack.
I come to take him back to New York.
You want me to go?
Only for a few days.
I can not do this.
Why not?
I'm not well.
I see well.
Because he is blind.
I was too.
But soon you'll see.
You can be sure that will take care of you.
I am not patient.
What happened to your leg?
Mr. Pembroke, the situation in New York is very serious.
It is no longer my concern.
The manager says I should not get into business affairs.
Already he met director Volmer?
This morning.
It's a great man.
Not like other doctors.
Sr. Pembroke...
This obsession with blood.
They understand it all wrong. You know that the body is 65% water?
Our fluids must be purified.
the rumor that fusion danger filtered.
Shares plummet.
Not familiar with Henry Lockhart, do you?
It was my father.
Did you know him?
We started working together.
It was terrible what happened to him.
They say he left a child in the car.
I do not remember, frankly.
What we did not deserve him.
What does it mean?
He was an honest man.
And so we destroy it.
People destroy every day.
You have what it takes to survive, or not.
I guess you do.
Why this came up here?
Why ambition?
Then you are more serious than us.
What are you talking about?
Of the illness.
His father saw the truth long before the rest of us.
That all this effort is meaningless.
We've all done terrible things.
Many terrible things.
How much it is quoted?
The action! How much it is quoted?
- Eight and a half at the close on Friday. - Parasites.
You should already be lower.
We all are concerned about your welfare, sir.
Just a few days.
There are irregularities in some accounts ...
to be clarified before the fusion.
And I guess someone must bear the responsibility.
Something like that.
Then I go through my stuff.
I need a car to get to the station.
Can you order one, please?
I'll see what I can do.
That the priest hanged himself Baron.
- What does it say? - Sees it?
The church should have been there ...
where it is now the building. I'm sure.
People used to come from afar ...
by miracles attributed to water.
There are things that do not change.
But it's terrible. So much violence.
That you desire to marry your sister.
Yes, he sought the purity of lineage, right?
How fascinating!
I must investigate.
How nice to see you standing!
I heard about the accident.
Comes from the US, is not it, sir ...?
Frank Hill. Stockholm.
And he is Mr. Nair London.
But I was born in Bombay.
And he met Ms. Watkins, our amateur historian.
Of course, how rude.
Victoria Wtkins. 40 years at Xerox.
Why not about a chair?
We need a fourth player.
Watch out. As a good Brahmin, he cheats.
Coming from a venture capitalist, I take it as a compliment.
I'm about to go to New York with Mr. Pembroke.
feel better?
I guess that is very good news.
Is not it true, Mr. Nair?
Very good news.
Ms. Watkins ...
When treatment.
Yeah right. Gladly, Mr. Lockhart.
Good trip.
Is there something in the water?
In the background.
I see nothing
Did it hurt?
I do not remember.
It's better that way.
Te vi.
The other day.
Are you a patient here?
You're much younger than everyone else.
Director Volmer says I'm a special case.
And you?
You come for the cure?
In fact, I was leaving.
Nobody ever goes.
What do you say?
Why would they leave?
Yes I understand.
Did you get what you came to seek?
I came to bring someone back to New York.
So yes.
Does he want to go?
Not really.
The song you were singing.
Where did you learn?
I have to leave.
What is your name?
Sr. Pembroke?
Where is Mr. Pembroke?
The patient was in this room, where is it?
I thought you were Pembroke.
You know what used to be prescribed for the common upset stomach?
The application of leeches.
Since the diagnosis, always I pitied leeches.
Sr. Lockhart...
please, with us?
The sturgeon is excellent, unless you prefer deer.
I could not waste it.
Where is Pembroke?
Unfortunately, Mr. Pembroke fell.
I fear that their conversation about business ...
He made it worse.
But it does not matter. He passed to the next stage of treatment.
I saw good.
But you're not a doctor.
Perhaps we should ask for a second opinion.
That's a decision Mr. Pembroke.
And it is not available.
Since I arrived...
I have been giving evasive.
I ask you to lower your voice.
We do not want to upset customers, right?
Mr. Lockhart, what I want is to give evasive.
My only concern is the welfare of my patients.
It's bad for business people to improve.
It is not true?
What do you mean, Mr. Lockhart?
The elderly will pay a fortune for water.
What is your operating costs?
That's not your business.
I do not want to involve a lawyer ...
but I came to take me to Pembroke ...
and that I will do, if I have to beat him ...
and take it in tow.
Does it feel good, Mr. Lockhart? Appears pale.
I'm fine.
It's bleeding.
You should sit.
No sign of concussion.
Sore head, hallucinations?
You can get dressed.
Have you been drinking?
Not quit.
I took the liberty of making some tests after the accident.
It's not her?
It is a very special case.
What does that mean?
He suffered a severe trauma when he was very small.
Its development was delayed.
Hannah did not say a word until eleven.
Please understand ...
Sr. Lockhart...
which is like a daughter to me.
But we're here to talk about you.
Imbalance in fluids.
Stress in the major organs.
weakened immune system.
Many indicators in common with most of my patients ...
but I had not seen a case ...
as advanced as this ...
in one so young.
Do not tell me.
Tell me, Mr. Lockhart ...
When was the last time you felt good?
Before coming, when was the last time?
What slept all night?
The mind can lie ...
but the body does.
I would help.
What we offer ...
It is a simple purification process.
Away from the pressures of the modern world.
The return to a simpler time.
Mr. Pembroke will not travel on one or two days.
If you are willing ...
I can recommend treatment.
I'll talk to the nurse ...
and we could start tonight.
If you find it necessary.
Lucky, Mr. Lockhart.
We can start immediately.
From Reichmerl.
He was found during reconstruction.
Would you belonged to Baron?
The baroness, actually.
Vanessa From Reichmerl.
He was very sick.
Baron was obsessed with finding a cure.
It was he who discovered the medicinal properties of this water.
He sacrificed everything.
Surely he loved her very much.
Like a sister.
The story is right to try him for moral reasons.
But, as a scientist ...
I can not help but admire him.
The nurse will take you to the isolation area.
Thank you.
Sr. Lockhart.
If you do not mind.
To keep track of your progress.
Are you ready, Mr. Lockhart?
Let us begin.
Life on this planet emerged in the water.
We spent the first nine months of our existence submerged.
Much of our body is liquid.
This sensory deprivation chamber simulates the return ...
the embryonic state.
Consider a cleansing of the mind ...
like body.
Some patients experience increased heart rate ...
visions ...
even primal memories.
But know that toxins are leaving your body.
Give yourself completely to the process ...
and you will see results.
Yes sir.
Sr. Lockhart...
treatment lasts 30 minutes.
I'll be monitoring it. If you have trouble ...
hit the side of the tank.
In the last five days, absolute crash.
The Dow fell 508 points ...
and panic spread through Wall Street ...
razing more than one third of the profits ...
five-year bull market.
More than half of that in one trading day.
The director of the New York Stock Exchange, John Phelan ...
He tried to reassure investors.
Mr. Lockhart, are you all right?
Let me.
Keep calm.
I am so sorry. Something happened with the machine.
There's something in the water.
There's something in the damn water!
There is nothing in the water, Mr. Lockhart.
I saw them.
As explained the director ...
Some patients have visions with this treatment.
They are toxins leaving the body.
It is part of the cure.
Needs to rest.
I'll help you go to your room.
To atrap.
Good day, Lockhart.
Feel better?
Do you eat breakfast with us?
The Kitchiri is excellent.
I'm not hungry.
You must conserve his strength.
Mrs. Watkins?
The building was formerly the church ...
What used now?
I can not tell.
He was right about the baron and his sister.
But that was not why the villagers torched the place.
It was for the experiments.
Some sort of medical experiment.
Experiments, sister, wedding fire.
Apparently he is experimenting with his peasants.
People disappeared.
And later...
in 1814 ...
farmers plowing their lands discovered human corpses ...
defaced and skeletal.
Desiccated like mummies of Egypt.
He is seeking a cure.
- A cure? - For the baroness.
I was sick.
I get it.
If you like crossword puzzles.
Of course.
Ms. Watkins ...
It's time for your treatment.
Are you sure?
I did one this morning. I'm sure.
I have it on the agenda.
Surely I'm not very good today.
Here is a terrible darkness.
What is this place?
I am sorry. I do not understand.
I thought I had seen a patient.
No patient.
It's okay.
Thank you.
Are you going to swim?
I have not allowed it.
My illness.
I thought the water was helping you heal.
I already told you. I'm a special case.
What is so far the people?
A few kilometers, I think.
Are you going to walk there?
Unless you about my bike.
What do you give me in return?
It was my mother.
His eyes are closed.
Yes, you are dreaming. But she does not know.
What if he wakes up?
I do not know.
My mother did not end the story.
How will you use?
You could come with me.
I'm not allowed.
Do you always do only what they have permission to do?
No problem.
Do you want a beer or something?
I dont know. I want?
I do not know what you want.
It's okay. If you're going to take one.
Are you still here?
I thought just came to visit.
He has had better days.
How's the car?
That car was a scrap.
Sanatorium offered me enough money to buy a new one, so ...
Things happen for something, right?
Drink too much.
I hope you're not going to drive.
You. Both come from the mountains?
So is.
Many patients do not come here.
In the background are good guys.
But not educated them well.
Do not respect the traditions.
Do you know if there's a doctor?
All doctors are on the mountain.
A pharmacist?
Something like that?
Pieter is. Very close on this street.
He is a doctor?
Something like that.
You do not like?
Had you never tasted beer?
How long have you been in the hospital?
Since I can remember.
And your family?
My mother died in a fire when I was little.
Director Volmer says my father will come for me when you're better.
Comes to visitarte?
Come when better.
Can I try?
It's okay.
Sweaty know seafood.
You get used. In the long run.
Will you be okay if I leave here a few minutes?
I have to go attend to a matter. But I did not take.
If it is okay.
Do you know if there's a doctor here?
What are you drawing?
he will not answer.
Not speak.
It is the castle ...
when they torched.
My grandson, Wilmosh.
He liked ghost stories.
What can I help you?
Can I take a look at this and tell me what to say?
Not my specialty.
I'll pay.
How much is this?
Not much.
But enough.
Do you have a tampon?
My friend is in those days.
Are you able to travel?
It's not healthy.
Are your dental records, right?
- Yeah. - What do they mean?
He teeth are falling.
What would cause something like that?
Barring any pre-existence, I would say ...
Chronic dehydration.
But if there drink water all day.
Im not a doctor.
If you'll excuse me ...
Just a moment.
Baron experiments.
They found bodies in the field, right?
Dry like mummies.
Perhaps there is some connection.
Baron was burned alive on her wedding day 200 years ago.
Yes, but it's happening now.
People seek a cure.
Like the Baron. His wife was ill.
He was not sick.
It was barren.
They tried for years.
But the baroness could not carry a baby to term.
They say his body rejected fetuses because they were misshapen.
Now, excuse me.
I do stop this animal suffering.
What's wrong with it?
He wandered where he should not.
the leg was broken.
Same as you.
I found trapped in the drain ...
drinking sewage.
I need to make a call. Long distance.
Your credit card.
Sr. Green.
Where have you been?
I have a question.
Did Mr. Pembroke had an illness?
What are you talking about?
Before coming here. Did he have any medical problems, he was sick?
No. He's obsessed with health. Drank kale, for the love of God.
What the hell happened? You should back four days ago.
Yes, but there was an accident.
What accident?
I do not understand. They said they called.
Nobody called me.
Are you sure?
Lockhart, I must reiterate the importance of what you were doing?
Pembroke brings in the next 24 hours ...
or be the end of the firm.
And your end. You understand me?
- I need to talk with you. - Hears!
You said nobody will. What does it mean?
You hurt me.
- What's happening to them? - Please let me go.
Why not let me see Pembroke?
- You know something, right? - Do not.
What is this? What makes you special?
Lrgate, Adolfo!
- High! - Do not!
- I paid for this dance. - Do not!
Let her go!
Returns to the sanatorium disabled.
Do not! Please stop!
I am not patient.
It looks like a woman ...
but it's only a child.
Ignorance, Mr. Lockhart ...
It is the great enemy of science.
I want to see Pembroke.
You'll see.
Are you coming, Mr. Lockhart?
Nothing happened.
Because I arrived at that time.
Lockhart was there.
With a knife in the neck.
Mr. Lockhart can not take care of himself, less of you.
I can not protect you like me.
- I do not need to protect me. - Of course.
Only we had fun.
He is not like the others.
Is young.
- What's going on? - Nothing.
- Let me see. - Do not.
- I'm your doctor. Come here. - Do not! Do not touch me!
When will I be ready?
Come here.
I told you to come here.
Have I not always care you?
Soon, I'll heal.
And you'll thank me.
And my father come?
Rest, dear.
Can I help you?
I have a problem with my ...
Would you let me?
I'm going to get milk, okay?
Mrs. Watkins?
Where is Pembroke?
You took it.
To New York.
What? Do not.
They changed places. It's here somewhere.
You told me about the experiments, remember?
Does your crossword?
I like crosswords.
I gave it to you.
You'll see.
Listen to me.
Experiments ...
They are doing it again.
The baroness was barren.
Experiments no.
A cure.
She was pregnant wedding night.
Before burning ...
the villagers took the fetus ...
and they launched the aquifer.
The creature survived.
She does not know.
I'm sorry I do not understand.
No problem.
Sr. Lockhart...
every time I look, is where it should not be.
I think I missed.
He was looking for the way to my room.
This floor is restricted. There are signs.
I do not think you have come here by accident.
What you are looking for?
I had a problem with my tooth.
Does your tooth?
In fact, I feel better.
Can you tell me how to get to my room?
Silly stuff.
No podemos permitir that becomes infected.
Let us take care of you.
After all...
for that it is here.
Dr. Brennan is responsible for dental problems.
What Hannah.
It will not happen again.
Tell me...
What was he doing in the village?
I went for a beer.
What do they do?
It is for your safety, Mr. Lockhart.
In high school we do not believe in chemical anesthesia.
Impurities inhibit cure.
But you will see that if you concentrate properly ...
the mind can cope with the pain of any intensity.
Trust, Mr. Lockhart.
If we can not trust each other ...
how can I help it?
Ms. Abramov ...
how good you are here.
How long it will be with us?
Just two weeks.
I packed more.
Silly stuff.
You will see that time flies here at school.
Let's move on!
- What happened to your face? - Drive and now!
I stilled and I took the tooth.
I threatened.
Why did they do that?
Because I know what they've done.
There is a room full of corpses floating in tanks as specimens.
They are very serious allegations.
Do not tell me.
Dr. Volmer is a very respected man.
The sanatorium is very important for the local economy.
Take me there and I'll show you what I saw.
Did you bring some ID?
No, they have everything.
So I can talk to someone?
What confirms it is who he claims to be? Some relative?
You need to verify your identity.
You can call my office.
Can I get you some tea or coffee?
Do you have something stronger?
Have security...
that get to the bottom of this.
Thank you.
Mr. Lockhart, we were worried about you.
Do not come near me!
Is his patient?
I am not patient. I had an accident.
You signed the admission form. Here I have it.
That is not true.
I warned him that he could have hallucinations, remember?
A secondary effect of removing toxins.
And my leg is a hallucination?
Mr. Lockhart has problems since he arrived.
He stole confidential medical records ...
He attacked our dentist ...
- and he threatened Mr. Pembroke. - I do not threaten anyone!
I think his exact words were:
"If necessary, I will strike and take in tow".
They sent me to bring Pembroke back to New York!
According to his boss, Mr. Green ...
the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating.
You are with them.
Listen to what he says, Mr. Lockhart.
You are not right.
Stop saying that!
- Let us help. - Do not come!
I know from experiments.
Baron and his wife.
He has been spending time with Ms. Watkins.
Who is Watkins?
He was in a psychiatric before reaching us.
The others follow the current ...
but Mr. Lockhart disease makes it susceptible to their plots.
I know what they intend to do. All of you.
They want to make me think I'm crazy.
I've seen this.
It is fairly common.
Childhood trauma ingrained comes to the surface ...
something that the patient has fled his entire life.
It is the case ...
I would say it is a wrong feeling of guilt ...
by the death of his father.
How do you know that? I never told.
He did not have to.
That's why he came to us, right?
I will.
Pembroke is dead.
That's what all this is about?
Am I the evil doctor who murders his patients?
Agree. We should consult with Mr. Pembroke.
Do you know this man?
He tried to take me back against my will.
Please let me Keep it away.
You're dead.
Will you raise a fee?
It will not be necessary.
Mr. Lockhart is not a criminal.
He's a patient.
Council members.
I was sent here for a purpose.
Take a man against his will ...
and take it back to their world.
But now I see ...
I'm not here for that reason.
There is a disease within each of us.
We endeavor to deny its existence ...
with lies ...
and distractions.
Until one day the body rebels against the mind and shouts:
"I'm not well".
You can not ignore the truth that has been.
You can not ignore the truth that has been.
You can not go back to the dark ...
or go blind when you have had the gift of sight ...
Like you can not reverse being born.
Get away.
- Hannah. - Get away.
- We must go. - Get away!
Ready. Everything is fine. Enjoy your dinner.
What did you do?
What is happening to me?
Calm calm.
Everything is fine. You're safe.
Leave her alone.
And he altered enough, right?
Accompany the patient to his room.
I'm not a patient, dammit!
Already he got tired of disabled and elderly? Experience with me!
Stop! Mr. Lockhart ...
I see you're very upset.
Join me in my office ...
- and we talk about what you think. - Do not.
I speak here.
Front of everyone.
I do not think it's a good idea.
The is sick.
This place is sick!
It is water.
Sr. Lockhart.
I saw the dried bodies as mummies!
Look how they are!
Be their teeth fall out!
They're dying and they do not realize!
But I came for the cure.
There's no cure!
Do not you understand?
He's getting sick!
You. They are not sick!
It would be better not do that.
They are not sick.
Stand up!
Come on!
Stand up!
He's getting sick!
Yes, well. Come on.
They're not sick!
- I'm not well. - I'm not well.
I'm not well.
What do they do?
What do they do?
No no no!
Help me! Help!
What did they do?
What did I?
I had never felt better.
Quiet, Mr. Lockhart.
All be over soon.
Yes. They are extraordinary creatures.
Elsewhere in the world, this species lives 12 years at most.
Here in our aquifer ...
They can live 300.
For human physiology ...
the effects of water can be quite toxic, as has been seen.
Unless properly filtered.
Baron devised the process.
Using bodies of peasants from their land ...
managed to distill water ...
his life-giving essence.
Of course, he paid a very high price for their ingenuity.
His only mistake ...
He was used subjects against their will.
Fortunately, times have changed.
The last 200 years have been the most productive of human history.
The man got rid of God ...
hierarchies, everything made sense ...
until he finally venerate the empty altar of his own ambition.
Why they come here.
Men like you.
You're right, Mr. Lockhart.
Nobody ever goes.
I do not understand is that nobody wants to do.
Do you know what the cure for the human condition?
The illness.
Because only then there is hope for a cure.
I do not understand.
For many years, I tried to protect you ...
impurities from the outside world.
But ironically, we must thank your friend Mr. Lockhart.
You're a woman.
But I'm not right.
And I will always be here to take care.
It woke up.
You made me believe I could leave here someday.
Why would anyone want to leave?
What's going on?
What is this place?
Here was your beginning.
I do not want.
You know?
identical to her lights on their wedding night.
She does not know
The night they snatched me.
The villagers took the fetus and threw him into the aquifer.
The creature survived.
- Please no. - Do not be afraid.
Soon we will be a family.
As always we should be.
My sister also resisted at first.
But after a while, he came to like.
We tried many times to do something pure.
And that something was you, my love.
And now...
we can begin again.
I've waited so long.
So long.
I'll hold. Yes?
You can not keep you here forever.
And what do you think it would be in your world?
People like you get in over their disposable lives.
She is your daughter.
What about you loved?
What have you sacrificed?
This is what gives the outside world.
He is right.
Fire. Fire!
Everything I've built has been for her.
Do you think someone like you would destroy it?
Awe, right?
It's time to go.
- It's okay? - Gosh!
Chill chill.
What did you do?
Where is Pembroke?
No longer.
What do you mean "is no longer"?
Get in the car.
You came here to do something, remember?
Get in the car.
Did you hear what I said?
Have you gone crazy?
I feel better.
Where the hell are you going?
Lockhart! Lockhart!