A Dark Place (2018) Movie Script

[somber music playing]
Thank you.
MAN: Your background check
came back and it's not good.
ALEX: Oh, yeah? Why is that?
MAN: Why did you omit that
from the application?
ALEX: I didn't think
that needs to be on there.
Yeah, I have a ton of references
if you need them and...
Listen, I gotta tell you, Alex,
we're disappointed.
You seemed
like you were a great fit.
I can prove to you
that I'm the guy for the job.
MAN: Good luck to you, Alex.
Thank you for your time.
Hi, Alex Hardy.
I've got a 10:00 a.m. with Charlie.
Yeah. Go ahead and have a seat.
I'll let him know you're here.
Thank you.
Um, Alex, actually Charlie
is not available today.
I could come in tomorrow.
Um, well, I'll give you
a call to set up a day.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Well, that's okay,
but I'm pretty open, so...
you can just...
[door opens and closes]
...let me know.
[all laugh]
KEITH: Fucking penthouse,
Fifth Avenue,
we are talking
the dopiest shit, right?
- Yeah.
- So I go in there and I'm like,
"How the fuck does this chick
have this type
of fucking spot," right?
It doesn't matter, right?
I stop fucking her, right?
Then all of a sudden,
I hear somebody...
Somebody comes through
the fucking front door.
Turns out, I'm like,
"Who the fuck is that?"
She's like,
"Oh my God, that's my man.
He must've got back early
from his fucking trip."
He was like... he's
a fucking NBA player, dude.
Once she got him out of there,
what did you do then?
Did you keep fucking her?
- No.
- [all laugh]
No, I didn't keep fucking her.
She was out of the house.
- She got him out.
- Oh.
I had to get out of there.
Oh, shit.
We are heading back
to the office.
[all laugh]
Wait, wait,
one more for the road?
- Yeah?
- [all laugh]
One more for the road. Come on.
One more for the fucking road.
One more for the fucking road.
Look at you.
It's like she's back,
she came back for more.
What's that, babe?
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
All right, you got this one.
This is on you.
What is it? To what?
[all laugh]
- This dude is fucked up.
- To whiskey.
- To whiskey?
- Whiskey.
To whiskey and cocaine.
Here we go.
- Okay.
- Push.
[knocking on the door]
- Look at this, dude.
- [laughs]
Yo, have that on my desk by one.
[both laugh]
- ALEX: Fuck off.
- Oh.
- [Keith laughs]
- [sighs]
Would you care to share
with the group
why you turned to drinking?
Where do I begin? For starters,
I work 50 hours a week
doing something I hate.
My wife emasculates me
every chance she gets.
I'm pretty sure
she's fucking her co-worker.
The kids don't listen to me.
The other day I asked my son
to go clean his room,
and he told me
to go fuck myself.
I figured it was better
I drink than kill someone.
I want everyone to be
as open and honest
as Dawson just was.
We don't want
negative feelings to fester,
'cause that leads
to self-destructive behavior.
[applause fades]
[TV on in the background]
How long have you been there?
Not long.
You're so handsome.
ALEX'S MOTHER: How's Theresa?
She's good.
make such a cute couple.
When are you gonna
get married already?
I don't know, Mom, no.
Maybe after she finishes school.
There's no rush.
I'd like to have a granddaughter
one of these days.
I always wanted a little girl.
Oh, I hate to break it to you,
but when that day comes,
I'm having a son.
Where's your father? I miss him.
You should tell him
to come see me.
I don't know where he is, Mom.
Don't worry.
He'll come back to me.
Oh, by the way, how's Theresa?
She's good.
REALTOR: They didn't
accept the counter.
I think we should hold out.
Just take their offer.
Your mom had refinanced it
few times.
There won't be much left after
all the fees are taken out.
I don't care.
All right.
[door closes]
[birds chirping]
[door closes]
What were you?
ALEX: I had to see the realtor.
THERESA: What did he say?
I took the offer.
But didn't you say
that you could get more?
I mean, you use the money, Alex.
ALEX: Yeah, I wanted... I just
wanted to be over with it.
Excuse me.
So how did the interview go?
Yeah, it was good.
Uh, really good.
They said they'd let me know
in a few days.
I have to be at the clinic
early tomorrow.
Are you sure about...
going through with this?
I'm just saying that we could
make it work, you know.
It's only a matter of time
till I get a job.
Really? 'Cause you've been
saying that
for the last year now,
and nothing has changed.
It's my kid too, you know.
You really think
you're ready to be a father?
You can't even fucking
take care of yourself.
[Theresa sobs]
Are you okay?
This is my decision.
I should go with you.
You really don't
have to do that.
ALEX: I want to.
Where are you going?
I have to get something
I left in my car.
- No, here, let me...
- No, no, no, I got it.
- Hey, Jas.
- Yeah?
Can you do me a favor, please,
and hand me
those coasters right there?
- JAS: Yeah.
- On that side of the bar.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Also, a quick question,
totally hypothetical.
What would you say,
if I asked you out?
I would say no 'cause I don't
date guys I work with.
Okay. 'Cause of the work.
If that's the case,
I will quit right now.
Right now.
Like, I will literally quit,
and have a drink here afterwards
and still hit on you.
And we can keep it fresh.
I'll hit on you, I will tip.
I'm an amazing tipper.
Are you serious?
I guess I would still stay no.
- I guess I'll keep my job.
- [Jas laughs]
BARTENDER: Got a customer.
- Hey, you got a customer.
- Oh.
[Jas laughs]
Little late this week?
What's it worth to you?
I can do five.
I can't do five.
MAN: You know I can't do five.
I can do a thousand.
You kidding me, right?
Look, Shawn.
Either you take
what I'm offering you
or go buy health insurance.
You're killing me.
- It's on the house.
- Pleasure.
ALEX: Do you want me
to read your palm?
THERESA: You're a palm reader?
ALEX: Mm, yeah, I am.
- Okay, tell me.
- Uh...
You're gonna have eight kids.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
It's gonna be a strain
on your finances.
- Really?
- Yeah.
But you'll be fine.
You have this really great guy.
I think he has, like, brown...
Kind of brown hair,
but it's also kind of,
like, maybe not, like maybe...
Like a chestnut?
Yeah, chestnut, it's a chestnut.
- Wow, okay.
- And, yeah, he's really...
- You can see all that in here?
- Yeah, he's really cool.
I think his name's, uh...
Alex? Do you know any Alex?
I don't know...
I don't know any Alexes.
- That's so weird.
- Maybe I'll meet one.
Yeah. Maybe today is the day.
- Maybe.
- Yeah.
Okay, cool. And...
NURSE: Alex?
I think she needs you right now,
if you wanted to come back.
Uh, yeah, thank you.
[Theresa sobs]
[continues sobbing]
Can't you just go wait outside?
I'll be out in a second.
[Theresa sobs]
[Theresa sobs]
[people talking indistinctively
in the background]
[door closes]
And I walked away from you
Like I always do
I lose control
I can't think
about yesterday
[man coughs]
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Never seen anybody
pussy with before
without actually
having fucked yet.
It's embarrassing.
Dude, it's nothing
like that, okay?
I don't date girls
that I work with.
Perfect. Hook me up then.
See? That's what I thought.
[man coughs]
Hey, you mind covering
your fucking mouth?
MAN: All right.
So, how's the job search going?
Fifty fucking applications
and one interview.
It's great.
You can always come work for me.
Yeah, dude, dealing pills.
That's exactly what he needs.
Would you shut the fuck up?
Look, guys, listen,
if I'm ever gonna make it work
with Theresa, I need a real job.
What do you mean make it work?
- [Alex sighs]
- Don't do that.
Do what?
You're moping.
What's the matter?
Theresa had the...
The thing today.
[clears his throat]
How is she doing?
I don't know,
she won't talk to me.
Then she should be all right.
Feeling okay?
- It's for the best.
- I know.
A kid right now
is the last thing you need.
I know.
Take a little extra this month.
You wanna give me fucking pills?
- I don't need...
- Just...
Just take it.
Thank you.
Hey, fuck you.
I know how many
fucking drinks I had.
All right, well, it's time
for you to leave.
All right, let me get your tab.
What? No,
I ain't paying for shit!
Excuse me.
Shawn. Shawn, enough, dude.
See you outside.
ASSISTANT: Here's the application.
Let me know
if you need anything.
ALEX: Thank you.
KEITH: Let's go, baby.
Come on, let's go.
- ALEX: All right, all right.
- KEITH: Let's go.
ALEX: All right,
I want five shots.
Five shots for my man.
Ooh, Evan.
- Hey, salut.
- Salut.
Guy's got money, good job.
It does something for his eyes.
Ah, here he is.
Oh, wow.
You guys having fun?
Having a good time, yes.
- You having fun?
- I am.
You know what?
I'm having fun, yeah.
- [babbles]
- [cell phone phone]
- Yeah, I can tell, yeah.
- Yeah, but I gotta get this.
Yeah, okay.
No, that is...
That is halfway across town.
No, fuck you.
I'll be there.
I'll drive fast.
Bye-bye. Bye.
- What's going on?
- Uh, Shawn needs a ride home.
No, Alex, you're drunk.
I'm fine.
I already said I would,
so I've gotta...
I don't give a shit.
Why do you have to pick him up?
Because I said I would.
Okay, well then
how am I getting home?
'Cause I'm not getting
in the fucking car with you.
[ominous music playing]
[mutters] Fuck.
[horn honks]
[horn honking]
Hey, watch it pal.
It's cool, man.
KEITH: Alex.
[Keith laughs]
- What are you doing here?
- I float between offices now.
It's good to see you, bro.
[laughing] Come here
Yeah, I was just
about to grab lunch.
You wanna catch up?
- Well, I can't, I've got...
- Come on.
It's been way too long.
My treat.
KEITH: What were you
doing at the office?
I was just filling out
an application.
Why didn't you call me?
ALEX: I did.
Can you make that drink?
WAITER: I'm sorry, what's wrong?
I didn't like it.
Just make it neat.
So, what happened?
I had no prior,
so I got probation.
Damn, bro.
You got lucky.
Somebody hurt bad?
Bad enough.
How are you and Theresa?
It's been rough.
She's not
my biggest fan right now.
Tell you what.
Come by the office tomorrow,
I'll set you up
with an interview.
No, no,
you don't have to do that.
We have openings all the time
in the San Diego office.
- Wait, wait, San Diego?
- Yeah.
I've been there, you know,
I got a little pull.
I mean, entry-level,
nothing glamorous.
Well, I'd have to move.
You don't have
any openings here?
Just management.
Is that gonna be
a problem for you?
No, but I have to talk
to Theresa first.
It's a three-hour drive.
I do it all the time.
Just think about it.
No, you know what? Set it up.
There you go.
Let's do a shot, huh?
I'm good.
Oh, right.
A round of Shirley Temples,
Thank you.
That's the least I can do.
Now enough of that.
Would you help me eat
some of this shit?
Fucking delicious, baby.
Get in there.
What's the occasion?
Have a seat, my lady.
Grape juice.
So what's up?
I got a job.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Perfect timing, right?
So how did this come about?
I bumped into Keith,
of all people.
And we had lunch,
and he offered me a job.
I thought you didn't...
I thought you didn't like Keith.
I never said I like him.
THERESA: They have a branch here?
Well, they do,
but the opening
is at the San Diego office.
Oh, well,
how is that gonna work?
I know I'll get more details
at the interview tomorrow.
- So you didn't get a job.
- I mean...
No, but it's
pretty much a sure thing.
I thought you'd be
more excited about this.
For what?
For almost getting a job?
You're an adult, Alex.
I'm not gonna give you credit
for something
you're supposed to be doing.
What the fuck?
When did you start hating me?
[ominous music playing]
[water running]
- Fuck.
- That was weak. That was weak.
These rocks suck.
Oh, jacket's coming off.
- Buddy.
- Here we go.
That's what it was, dude,
it was the jacket.
I knew it.
- Hey.
- Oh, it was the jacket.
[both laugh]
- Oh.
- Hey.
You got me worried.
I thought Theresa was with you.
Good one.
She's cool with you driving?
Wow, I'm shocked.
She let you have
your balls for the night.
All right, she's sleeping.
Guess what?
- I think I've got a job.
- Fuck, yeah.
- What?
- Yeah!
Come here, baby.
Oh, you smell employed.
Get the fuck out of here.
Remember Keith?
Oh, yeah, the douchebag
you used to work with.
Shawn's best friend.
Fuck him.
Yeah, well,
he's at this big company
and they have an opening.
Oh, wait, is this the guy
that went missing on you
when you got fired?
Yeah, but he's coming
through now.
So what?
You're gonna work for that guy?
No, I'm not working for him.
He's just getting me
in the door.
It's a fucking job.
sucking cock is a job.
You know what?
Fuck you, all right?
I tell Theresa,
she gives me shit.
I come here,
you guys give me shit.
I'm going fucking home. Bye.
Come on, come on, come on,
I'm just fucking with you.
- Where's this job?
- Hey!
Don't leave.
Where is the job, baby?
San Diego.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'll keep helping
until you find something here.
We tried that.
I don't wanna wait anymore.
Look, dude.
Are you cool with this move?
Then that's all
that fucking matters.
I think it's a great idea.
Yeah, of course.
- Don't.
- Cheers.
No, no, fucking...
- What are you...
- Oh, shit...
[all laugh]
Is it...
Is this you're running tame
or you're slow?
I'm out of shape, idiot.
[laughing] It's... It's...
Don't... don't... don't play.
[cell phone buzzes]
[phone continues buzzing]
Alex, what the fuck.
What are you doing?
We're having a party.
No, it'll be a bunch
of animals at our house.
Fuck, you know
Pat's gonna say some shit.
Look, Alex is officially
not a bum anymore.
We are having a fucking party.
We're having a fucking party.
Watch this, round two.
- [laughs]
- SHAWN: Here we go.
Oh, God.
ALEX: What the fuck is it?
[police car siren wailing]
OFFICER: Hey, there.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I... I just... I...
I got lost and...
I didn't wanna be on my phone
while I was driving, so...
OFFICER: Let me see your ID.
But it's okay,
I got it figured out now.
- But thank you.
- I said let me see your ID.
I don't have a license.
Stay in your vehicle.
Just make a right up here
and you'll hit the freeway.
Thank you, officer.
OFFICER: Have a good night.
[wind chimes]
[tense music playing]
What are you doing?
I was...
I was just saying goodnight.
MANAGER: So we talked
about expenses.
Now let's go over compensation.
Very important.
Employee is to be paid
a total salary...
...of 55,000 annually.
[distorted voice]
I have to inform you,
once you sign here,
you agree to a twenty-four-month
probational period.
[knocking on the door]
How's it going in here?
That's my guy right there.
Take care of him.
You mind helping me
set up for the party?
I am helping.
What do you think?
- Hey, how much was this?
- SHAWN: Don't worry about it.
- CAM: It's nice.
- Yeah. You like it, huh?
- CAM: Yeah, I like it lot.
- Cool.
CAM: You give me one?
- No.
- CAM: Okay.
There's just one more thing.
That's... that's it?
Well, I don't know
what to write.
They usually come with some shit
in there already, so...
- Well, it's thoughtful.
- Sorry, I didn't...
We're writing something
inside of the card.
Jasmine's got a friend
coming with her, by the way.
- SHAWN: Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Do you want me
to tell her that you don't...
That you're illiterate?
Really, really,
what do you wanna write?
- What do you wanna write?
- I don't know, fuck yourself.
What about that?
- When are you gonna do it?
- I don't know.
It's not gonna get any easier.
I realize that Allison!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
This whole situation is just...
[clears her throat]
Hi, Alex.
- ALEX: Hey.
- ALLISON: You look fancy.
How are you doing?
What are you doing here?
I signed the contract.
I start in three weeks.
Oh wow, that's...
That's so soon.
Will you come with me?
No, Alex,
I can't just up and leave.
- I mean, what about school?
- Well, I won't go in...
I mean, I can just call them
and tell them no.
No, no, Alex.
You have to take this job.
This is your life.
Please do not factor me in.
They have schools down there,
you know. I mean...
Okay, and what
about the apartment?
There are things
to figure out but...
But we can make it work
if you want to.
I don't know. Can I...
Can I think about it?
Yeah, of course.
[tense music playing]
[shower running running]
What's up?
The guys
are throwing me a party.
You should come.
No, I'm not supposed to be
drinking, and there's no way
I'm hanging out
with your friends sober.
I would really like it
if you came.
It's been a rough week.
Look, you can bring Allison.
Keith's coming.
Did I mention
that he asked about you?
It'll be fun.
All right.
Yeah, I'll come,
but I'm not gonna stay long.
Get ready.
[upbeat music playing]
PAT: Shawn.
- Shawn!
- Hi, Pat...
Your loud music made my potted
plant fall off the shelf.
- SHAWN: I'm sorry.
- It's cracked, Shawn. Cracked.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'll have them turn it down.
You should.
Well, sane people
are in bed by now.
Shut up.
Hello, ladies.
[rap music playing]
What the fuck? Pick it up.
You in on this?
You guys ready to hit
the dance floor or what? Huh?
Hello, I'm Shawn.
Nicole. Pleasure.
All right, all right.
Where is Alex?
All right, he should be here
any minute.
Keep an eye on them.
What the fuck are you wearing?
- You don't like this?
- No, I don't.
Oh, shut up, Shawn.
He looks good.
- [whispering] Do me a favor.
- What's up?
Let's go upstairs.
- I'll be back.
- Okay.
I'll just wait here by myself.
What's up?
- Can I get some shit?
- No.
- Come on.
- No.
It's been
a really rough week, okay?
Look, Theresa's been
up my ass, and I just...
I wanna party with you guys.
I'm not gonna drive.
I'm gonna stay here.
Come on, Shawn.
Thank you.
That's good shit.
So be careful.
And don't tell Cam.
I won't.
SHAWN: Fuck me.
You had to invite him,
didn't you?
He's not so bad.
Is he gay?
SHAWN: Watch out.
I wouldn't be surprised if he
tried to fuck you at some point.
- Eddie is like good shit...
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm fine, all right.
And I already I would, so...
I don't... I don't give a shit.
Why do you have to go
pick him up?
Because I said I would.
Don't make this a thing,
all right?
Okay, well, then
how am I gonna get home?
Because I'm not getting
in the fucking car with you.
You open an app
and you just call...
Uh, uh. All right, take it easy.
I can take Theresa home.
It's no big deal,
it's on the way.
- I just had one shot, I'm fine.
- He can take Theresa home.
Oh, God.
I got you.
- Hey, thank you.
- You're welcome, man.
No problem, baby. Come here.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Man, what's up, baby?
- Good to see you.
- How are you doing?
- Good.
Hey, nice party, bro.
I'm gonna go get a drink.
Hey, yo, grab us
a couple of drinks?
Not the cheap stuff either.
You look good, bro.
I like that shirt.
- I think I got the same one too.
- Oh, yeah?
[both laugh]
Hey, I... I got you something.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- No, seriously.
- Oh, shit.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
It's 50.
All right. Can I send it to you?
What? Fuck no. Cash only.
Fuck. All right, pay him.
[clicks his tongue]
Come on man, I always gotta pay.
- Pay him, man.
- Fuck.
Oh, my God.
I know. It was bad.
[both laugh]
It was so bad.
Oh, my God, it was quick.
[both chuckle]
You excited for Alex?
If he's happy with this move,
I'm happy too.
Wow, Shawn, that's surprisingly
mature of you.
You look
like you're recovering well.
What's that supposed to mean?
Yeah, I heard what you went
can be traumatic
for some people.
Alex took it pretty hard.
I guess we're all different.
You have no idea
what you're talking about.
[Evan sniffs]
[inaudible] How was it?
It was good. Good shit. Ooh.
[Evan sniffs]
All right.
A shot.
All right.
Get that shit in there.
- Yes. Yes, it's good shit.
- Yeah?
Go get them bitches.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on.
All right.
Oh, my bad.
That's okay.
What's your name?
I'm Keith.
It's a pleasure.
Can I get you a drink?
No, no, thanks.
We gotta go. Come on.
Damn, she is hot, man.
Holy shit, bro.
I think he is with her.
No, no, no, I'm not.
Oh, then it's fair game, right?
Relax. I'm kidding.
Let's grab a drink, man.
I know.
Where are the girls?
I don't know. The bathroom.
I told you
to keep an eye on them.
Did you want me to tell them
to pee right here?
Who gives a shit?
Let's do a shot,
just the three of us.
Are you sure?
I haven't done it
during the months, come on.
This is way of the occasion.
SHAWN: Alex is right.
We should celebrate.
- Alex is right.
- Alex is right.
- Come on.
- Alex is right.
Right. Right.
Cheers, boys.
Okay, oh, go e...
Dude, see?
Another one.
Shall we?
Yeah, we actually got you
a little something.
So you're drinking again?
Oh, we are celebrating.
I need to talk to you.
Why do you... Why do you...
What an asshole.
...provoke her?
Why you do that?
Why do provoke her?
She looked bitch.
Why do you have
to tell them everything?
Because they're my family so.
It's my body. It's none
of their fucking business.
We are not gonna
be seeing that much anymore,
so does it
really fucking matter?
You're on coke.
See, Alex,
you're never gonna change.
I can't do this anymore.
Is this the excuse
you were looking for?
I wasn't looking.
You did this.
I'm gonna go.
[tense music playing]
[clears his throat]
You wanna do something
about your boy?
What is he looking at?
What do you want me to do?
Get rid of him.
How would you like me
to do that?
Let's see, tell him the
douchebag limit
has been reached,
and he's gotta go.
Look, I don't give a fuck.
Just get rid of him.
Yeah, okay.
Another round first?
Yeah, definitely.
To getting rid of douchebags.
[all exhale]
Spicy witch.
What's going on, fellas?
It's a little lonely over here.
Excuse me.
I have
this burning question for you.
Do you find it hard to hide
the fact that you liked it?
Does... does Alex know?
I'm just trying to save you
some disappointment, that's all.
Stop it, man.
Hey, Cam,
are you sure your interest
in Jasmine goes both ways?
Well, I asked
about you guys earlier,
and she said
you're just friends.
She looks like she needs
a good fuck.
You sure you can handle it?
You're not gonna say anything?
Don't worry.
You give me the night with her,
and I can give you some details
on what she tastes like.
[people gasp]
Hey, back the fuck off.
Yeah, right, enough,
enough, enough.
Relax. Pick up your boyfriend.
I'm okay. I'm okay.
Hey, hey, we are good.
- What the fuck was that?
- Oh, eat a dick.
What are you gonna do,
hit me with your purse?
Get out of here.
Go fuck yourself.
- Go with your friend.
- Yeah, fuck you.
- Yeah, go blow somebody.
- Fuck you.
Fuck you harder. Cunt.
- [laughing] Oh, my God.
- Why are you laughing?
You should have seen
how he fell like a...
Oh, my God, you all right?
I'm getting you some ice.
[laughing] Shit.
It's all we got.
Ah, we'll take it.
We'll take it.
It's not too bad, right?
What happened?
Your friends are animals.
That's what happened.
[SMS alert]
I have to go soon.
You know, one of my hoes.
Let's go.
It'll be fun.
I've never seen you like that.
Yeah, he's a bit much.
Yeah, he's a bit much.
[upbeat music playing]
Can I ask you a question?
You look beautiful.
It's actually not a question.
It wasn't, yeah, I know.
It's too much.
I love this song.
Um, we can go inside...
You know, go inside and...
Do you want to move closer?
I don't know yet.
Do you want me to be closer?
Just... I just say we...
Cool one.
Not just right here.
Shame, shame, I know your name.
There you are.
You guys have been hiding.
Come on, you are missing
the party inside.
We should get back
in there, huh?
- [sighs]
- I know you need another drink.
Come on.
- Okay, yes.
- Let's go.
Yeah, we are going...
We are going inside.
Yes, yes, yes.
KEITH: Excited
about San Diego or what?
It's a three-hour drive.
I do it all the time.
What about Theresa?
Is she happy?
I bumped into Keith
of all people.
We're actually taking a break.
I'm sorry to hear that, bro.
It's time.
Don't worry, bro.
It's all a game in San Diego.
Fucking models, bro, models.
[Alex sniffs]
I'm talking fifteens on a ten.
Theresa is the kind of girl
you marry down the road.
Way down the road.
We're young.
There are gonna be
so many options down there
you may forget about her.
I don't think you're ready
for your life to change.
I am.
I said I don't think you're
ready for your fucking life
to change, motherfucker.
[both pant]
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Other stuff that come out...
Oh, that's a good shit.
[muffled panting]
[panting stops]
- [laughs]
- Jesus.
Oh, fuck.
Come on, damn it.
This right here, you got
these skulls on your legs.
- Uh...
- The Black Widow thing?
So, does Shawn know
that he has no rhythm?
Oh, yeah, no, he knows.
He has to know. Yeah.
He just doesn't care.
- [laughs]
- He doesn't know to stop.
I admire that a lot.
Sorry to bring up work.
Did you already put in
your two weeks or whatever
just so that,
like, in two weeks,
when we're actually,
like, officially dating,
that, like, it's not weird?
You know what I mean?
'Cause you don't wanna date.
And I kind of don't wanna
date you either.
That sure is on my back.
- Wow.
- Yeah, yeah.
Just do it now.
Get it over with.
No, no, I didn't realize
you were such a gentleman.
I am.
I'll tell you that outright.
- I'm a gentleman.
- [laughs]
Besides, who said
that we were gonna be dating?
[hip hop music playing]
What's wrong?
Make sure we're welcome.
I will try it again.
You see?
Hey, grab [inaudible].
- Whoa.
- CAM: Shawn.
Whoa there. Okay.
Shawn, can I see you
for a second? Upstairs.
I just need you upstairs.
Uh, okay.
We'll be here.
Someone going in that room.
What did I tell you?
All that talk about getting
rid of that piece of shit.
For real.
It was fun.
What the fuck?
What the fuck happened?
That was an accident.
How the fuck
was that an accident?
He was fucking grabbing me.
He grabbed me by the neck
and I couldn't breathe,
so I pushed him off, he...
He tripped and he fell.
Okay, we need to call someone.
He's not breathing, Cam!
I already checked.
- We still fucking have to call.
- Hold on a second.
Let's just talk
about this, okay?
We have a dead body.
What is there to talk about?
There are drugs
all over this house.
Were you doing white?
We did a few lines,
but it had nothing to do
with what happened.
Fuck you!
[rap music playing]
We can fix this.
How the fuck
do we fix this, Shawn?
We can move the body
and hide it.
You did not just say that.
Who is gonna believe
this was an accident?
You gave him the coke?
Somebody's dead, and you're just
trying to cover your ass.
Don't put this on me.
He fucking killed the guy.
- Where are you going?
- This is your problem.
Sounds like someone's
looking out for you, Cam.
But the fact
is who's gonna believe
a guy with a fucked-up face
died by accident?
What are you trying to do?
Think about what this
looks like, is all I'm saying.
We should still call...
- Shh.
- ...the fucking police
if it's an accident.
And do what? Send Alex to jail?
[knocking on the door]
JAS: Hey, guys?
Sorry to interrupt,
but there's cops at the door.
[clears his throat]
They said they need to talk
to someone who lives here.
Uh... Okay, yeah,
just give us a minute.
- Are you guys okay?
- SHAWN: Yeah, we're fine.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We'll be right down.
[sobbing] I'm going to jail.
Oh, my God.
I'm going to jail.
Stop fucking crying.
We're not going anywhere.
What the fuck are we gonna do?
[Alex cries]
Alex and I...
We move the body
to the bathroom.
And you, Cam,
you're gonna go down
and talk to the fucking cops.
No, no, I cannot talk
to them right now.
I cannot talk to them right now.
I'm sorry, I can't go out
right now. I'm sorry.
You have to.
Get the fuck down there.
Get up. Get his head.
Get the fuck up
and get his head.
I'll get his legs.
Damn it.
[both panting]
[tense music playing]
Do you live here?
Yes, I do.
We had a call about a fight.
Do you know anything about that?
Uh, no.
The... the... the music
was kinda loud, I guess, before,
but there wasn't any fighting
or anything like that, um...
We were just wrapping
things up actually.
Sounds like things
are just getting started.
CAM: Oh, I mean, I was...
I was just about
to tell everybody to...
- Do you have any ID on you?
- CAM: Oh, yeah. Yes, I do.
Do you want...
OFFICER: Yeah, let me
see that please.
I'll reach of it, okay.
There you go.
Go ahead and run it. Run that.
[both grunt]
[Alex pants]
I can't do this.
[sobbing] I just killed someone.
- Calm down.
- I just fucking killed someone!
- I just fucking killed someone.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Stop.
- No, I will turn myself in.
I can't have you guys
going down for this.
No, no, no, we... we are gonna
take care of this, okay?
But I need you to seriously
shut the fuck up, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Now, help me clean the floor.
Dispatch, can you check on
a California driver's license?
Foxtrot 73779321.
MAN: Copy.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm just nervous.
Relax. All right,
just break up the party.
- It's okay.
- Great.
Cool, just keep
the music down, please.
- CAM: Okay.
- Good.
CAM: Thank you. Thank you, sir.
What... what did you
do to your hand?
Oh, I got into, like, a scuffle
with a guy yesterday.
- Yesterday?
- CAM: Yeah.
All right, we gotta come in
and take a look, man.
- Okay. Can I ask why?
- Why?
- CAM: Yeah.
- Because you lied.
And now we have to make sure
that everybody's okay,
nobody's hurt.
Do you need,
like, a warrant to...
For that?
- No. No, I don't.
- CAM: Okay.
So anything else we need
to know about before we come in?
No. No, no, sir. No.
- Great.
- CAM: Excuse me. Sorry.
[both pant]
[both grunt]
SHAWN: That's okay.
Wait, wait, wait.
All clear back there?
- OFFICER: It's clear.
- Yeah.
Why don't you go check upstairs?
Hey, hey, hey. Just relax.
Just relax.
- [water running]
- [Cam coughs]
OFFICER: You all right?
You need anything?
No, no, I'm good. I'm good.
It's asthma.
I'm good.
Stay in here.
Keep the door closed, okay?
MAN: Dispatch, be advised
we are at 1324 Raylan Road.
SHAWN: Hey, officer.
Can I help you with something?
Just making sure
everything is okay.
Everything's fine here.
Someone in there?
Yeah, my friend.
I think he's shitting.
[knocking on the door]
[imitates vomiting]
He better not be driving
No, he lives here actually.
Clear up there?
We are clear.
Listen up everyone,
time to go home.
Party's over.
Come on.
We're following you out.
Let's go,
no drinking and driving.
Leave them. Come on!
Have a safe night.
I don't wanna hear about any
more fighting, all right?
All right.
Have a good night.
Are you okay?
I didn't know you had asthma.
Yeah. No, I'm good.
What happened upstairs?
You guys just seemed
a bit freaked out.
I'll tell... I'll tell you later.
I had a good time tonight.
Me, too.
- Okay. So, we're gonna go.
- Yeah.
So I'll see tomorrow then.
- Bye.
- Yes.
- Give Shawn my number, okay?
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay.
- Okay, thanks.
Good night.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Is everyone gone?
Police is still parked outside.
What about the girls?
They are gone.
What are we gonna do?
We'll take him out
to Pango forest.
[scoffs] And then what, Shawn?
This is the last place
that anybody saw Keith.
So this is gonna be
the first place
that they'll come here
to look for him.
If you don't wanna help,
then just leave.
I can't fucking leave!
We're both accomplices.
We need to just come clean...
Shut the fuck up.
It's too late.
We can't just
get rid of his body
and come back here and continue
our lives, like, normal.
Maybe we don't come back.
I got enough money
to get us out of here.
We can head to the East Coast
or Florida or something.
In case you didn't know,
that's still
in the fucking United States.
Then we leave
the fucking United States.
We can go to...
Costa Rica.
It's cheap down there.
You can't just disappear.
Look, I don't know.
We can leave
or stay and wait
for the consequences.
CAM: Oh, God.
This can't...
This can't be fucking happening.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna bury him.
With what?
Our hands?
We don't have any shovels.
So anything open?
Supermart should be open.
And we'll wait
for the cops to leave.
[tense music playing]
They're gone.
I think we should go now.
[Cam sighs]
[all grunting]
[all panting]
[all panting]
[crickets chirping]
Oh, fuck, back.
Alex, go grab the back.
I got it, I got it.
Shit, shit.
Oh, shit, shit.
- EVAN: Hey, bro.
- Hey.
What are you doing?
I just...
Just cleaning up.
Did... did Keith crash here?
I didn't see him leave.
No, he left.
Oh, yeah? Who did he leave with?
ALEX: One of the girls.
- Keith. Dude, it figures.
- All right.
Hey, dude, dude.
Hold on.
I'll help you clean, man.
Place looks like shit.
No, it's fine. Thank you.
Don't worry about it.
Keith's gonna hit me up soon.
We're all good. I got you.
No, no, I said it's fine.
It's fine.
- No, no, I've got this...
- Get the fuck out of here!
I wasn't talking to you, bro.
Get the fuck out of here.
Hey, hey, thank you.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- All right, man. Keep cool.
- Oh, yeah.
[engine turns on]
[engine turns on]
Wait, we all can't go in.
- Why not?
- CAM: What does that look like?
Three guys going
into the store at 4:00 a.m.
to buy shovels?
That's right.
Well, who's going?
Are you joking?
Alex is the one
that got us into this mess,
and this whole plan
was your idea.
I'll go.
[door closes]
[Cam sighs]
Dude, what the fuck
are we doing here?
You... you... you really
have nothing to say?
You gonna do that Alex thing
where you just shut down,
you don't say shit?
- Cam, I'm sorry.
- No, shut the fuck up.
[Cam sighs]
No, no. What? No.
What are those?
What the fuck are those?
That's all they had.
Did you ask them if they had
more in the back?
No, I didn't ask if they had
more in the back.
We'll make them work.
- You hear that?
- CAM: Huh?
SHAWN: What's that noise?
Is that your phone?
- SHAWN: It ain't my phone.
- CAM: Alex, is it you?
Not me.
- SHAWN: What?
- Shh.
It's coming from the trunk.
Oh, my God.
[wheels screech]
What the fuck was that?
Pull over, pull over.
I can't pull over here.
We're on a main fucking road.
CAM: Okay, pull over
right up there, right up there.
[Shawn sighs]
- I think I got a flat.
- This is not a good spot.
Oh, yeah, I know.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- All right, let's get the spare.
- Come on.
- I don't have one.
What the fuck do you mean
you don't have a spare?
I mean I don't have
a fucking spare.
I use that space for other shit.
What are we gonna do?
You're gonna have to go back
to the house and grab your car.
I'll call a ride.
What are we supposed to do,
just sit here and wait
for someone to fucking find us?
- This is so fucked.
- Relax.
- Someone's gonna see us.
- Relax.
It's 4:00 a.m.
Nobody's on the road.
Here, it'll be here
in five minutes.
What are we gonna do
after we bury him?
I don't fucking know.
I haven't exactly thought this
all the way through yet.
Well, we better start thinking.
Well, just grab a car
and finish this first.
Is this him?
Me and Alex will wait here.
But hurry back.
Hey, buddy.
I gotta get your address again.
- 1324 Raylan Road.
- DRIVER: Okay.
RADIO: I'll never know
what that feels like.
So, what happened?
Doesn't look good.
We got a flat tire.
DRIVER: Should have called
the tow truck.
They could've given
you a ride home.
- Better if I just get my car.
- DRIVER: Yeah. If you say so.
You ever listen to this?
I love this guy.
RADIO: She is like,
"Never mind." That was her.
She goes, "Fuck it. No.
I'd rather go make myself
throw up in the bathroom."
That would practically
screw the joke."
[driver laughs]
We really went
all out tonight, huh?
I guess you could say that.
ALEX: We really have
to leave so soon.
I mean...
They're not gonna find him.
We have the advantage right now.
We can't waste any time.
Do you wanna answer
any questions
about the last time
you saw Keith?
What are you gonna do
about Theresa?
She can't come.
I know that.
I have to see her, though.
One last time.
I got it.
Here, let me hold it.
I got it.
No, no, hold on.
Cam needs to hurry the fuck up.
Wait, what's that?
Is it coming back?
It's Cam.
Come on.
[all grunting]
Oh, fuck.
- Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
- All right.
Alex, come on, buddy.
Fucking work.
Get the shovels.
SHAWN: We need... we need
to get off of main road.
We gotta get there soon, man.
We're running out of time.
It's around those...
Yeah, it's around those...
CAM: Slow down, slow down.
Slow down and pull over.
Here, pull up...
SHAWN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Right here.
CAM: Pull in here,
pull in here.
Are we out far enough yet?
I don't think
we should drive any further.
We might get stuck.
[Cam sighs]
CAM: We might still be
too close to the road.
SHAWN: Let's spend
the night here.
CAM: Well, right through there.
Go on.
SHAWN: Okay.
Stop it.
This is it.
CAM: Fuck.
All right, we should get going.
Sun's gonna be up soon.
[tense music playing]
I think that's deep enough.
- Fuck.
- Yeah, that's deep enough.
Are you sure?
Let's do this.
I can't lift anymore.
Let's just drop there.
Come on.
Grab him.
[all grunt]
Let's drag him.
[all grunt]
Forgot about the bag.
I'll get it.
I, uh...
I don't see the bag.
- What?
- I don't see the fucking bag!
- Where the fuck is it?
- Oh.
Oh, my God.
We probably left it in your car.
It's at the house.
I panicked
when I saw Evan and I...
I dropped it at the curb.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Come on.
Come on.
Gotta get out of here.
- I'm gonna go look more.
- Alex.
No, I can't wait here.
[knocking on the door]
[knocking on the door]
What the...
Get the fuck...
Fuck off of me.
What is wrong with you?
[knocking on the door]
What the fuck?
[knocking on the door]
[Cam sighs]
I believe this is yours.
You guys party all night
and then you leave your junk
all over my beautiful,
well-kept neighborhood.
Thank you so much, Pat.
SHAWN: Hey, it's me.
Get some things together
and meet me at the lake at...
Hey, what are you doing?
We gotta meet Alex at lake soon.
Okay. Well, I need to stop
at the bar still, so...
I need money. I need...
My fucking cash is there.
I need to get my cash.
- All right, okay.
- Okay.
Okay. Okay.
Come on, make it quick.
We need to go.
Come on.
[police car silence
wailing in the distance]
Hey, sketchy pants.
I'm just really hung over
and I don't wanna see anybody.
Just, you know...
So you calling out?
Yeah, I think so.
[car horn honks]
[car horn honks]
I have to go.
Yeah, fucking great.
THERESA: Where were you?
What happened?
You're scaring me.
What happened?
No, no.
Why didn't you...
Why didn't you tell us?
Take care of them.
Take care of them
no matter what.
She is in the trunk.
She is in the trunk.
[Shawn cries]
[Shawn cries]
[both cry]
MAN: 361, thank you.
[indistinct radio chatter]
OFFICER: I need you guys
to come with me.
[whispering] Hi, hi.
Oh, my God.
I didn't know what size she is,
so I just got
a bunch of different shit.
No, it's perfect.
Thank you. Um...
She actually just woke up.
Yeah, she's back here.
You guys can just put it here.
Thank you.
I really appreciate this.
Thank you.
Hey, princess.
Well, this is crazy.
She looks just like him.
[Shawn clears his throat]
What would you do
if money wasn't an issue?
If money wasn't an issue,
what would you do?
CAM: I don't know.
[Cam sighs]
Get out of town
for a few days, I guess.
Open up my own bar.
Um, I don't know.
I don't know.
CAM: Why?
SHAWN: I'm just asking.
CAM: Part of me wishes
you'd let me go down with you.
This isn't your cross to bear.
I know you hate this shit,
but I'm gonna miss you.
[Shawn chuckles]
It'll only be a few years.
And I'll still look good.
- [chuckles]
- [chuckles]
Must interrupt
that rising sun
God only knows
the things I've done
So raise no glass,
I won't be home
Where I'm going,
I don't know
In the valley of the sun
A lethal dose of daylight
Can turn a sinner
into stone
And make you pay
for what you've done
I was taught
reap what you sow
Constant darkness
no man should know
I started fast
I started young
A dead end road
Thy Kingdom Come
A voodoo doll of my own
I stab with poison
into my soul
I can't walk now, only run
Must find the cellar
and hide alone
Can't stop the Earth
from spinning round
I'll find the darkness
In the valley of the sun
A lethal dose of daylight
Can turn a sinner
into stone
And make you pay
for what you've done
A lethal dose of daylight
Can make you pay
for what you've done