A Date by Christmas Eve (2019) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
Oh ahhuh yeah yeah yeah
Mmmmmm mmmmmm oohhoo
Snow is falling
and love's all around
Happy couples seen
all over town
And I I've been looking
For someone
to hold me tight
Keep me warm throughout
these winter nights
You know I've been good
this year
You know I've been nice
all that Christmas cheer
Putting up the lights
Santa baby
I want someone to love
someone to love
Santa baby
Swear that'll be enough
Yeah that's enough
I don't need a diamond ring
I just want the little things
you said
I want someone to love
someone to love
Under a mistletoe
with no one to kiss
Send him my way
I don't know where he is
No no
It's so cold outside
I just want to stay
And watchin' Home Alone
all alone
So please grab my waist
You know I've been good
this year
You know I've been nice
all that Christmas cheer
Putting up the lights
Santa baby
I want someone to love
someone to love
Santa baby
Swear that'll be enough
Yeah that's enough
I don't need a diamond ring
I just want the little things
you said
I want someone to love
someone to love
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
You know I've been good
this year
You know I've been nice
So nice
all that Christmas cheer
Putting up the lights
Santa baby
[door shuts]
...someone to love
Santa baby
Swear that'll be enough
Yeah that's enough
I don't need...
And when I pitched the idea
to Maxine,
she said it was genius.
I really think
this is gonna get me promoted
from junior to brand.
Yeah, that's amazing, babe.
It's amazing. Congrats.
Hm. Thank you.
Hey, can we get
one of your sticky toffee
figgy puddings, please?
Yeah? Thank you.
So, what do you think?
I think the figgy pudding here
is beyond.
And I'm so glad
it's my cheat day.
[chuckles] No, I mean,
about my pitch, for the ad.
Ah, yeah.
No, it's, um, cool, I guess.
I just don't know how someone
can label somebody else
as nice or naughty when they
don't really even know them yet.
You don't just swipe them
naughty or nice
right off the bat,
that's not how the new interface
is gonna work,
you still wanna swipe
if you're a good match or not,
and then you get time
to get to know them,
at that point, you could choose
which category they fit into.
Nice or naughty.
Here. I'm gonna show you.
This is the new interface,
you see a mistletoe.
How cute is that? Hm?
And then at the bottom,
naughtyversesnice buttons.
You know what,
let me just see if there's
anyone on the app around here.
Oh, I think we're good. I think
we've seen it. I think may
No, 'cause then I can show you
how it works.
Ah... Ooh...
Please tell me
that this is a catfish Rod
or a doppelganger,
or evil twin I don't know about.
I... I don't... I just...
Come on, Chelsea,
you're kind of on the app, too.
Isn't everybody these days?
It's my company app.
I don't use the app to date.
Here, "Just for friends."
"Dating a few people?"
Oh, you know what,
maybe I just got on the app
to see what it's all about,
so I could get to know you,
get to know your work better
and stuff like that.
You're unbelievable,
you know that?
Chelsea, come on!
I'm serious about you.
About us.
I just don't know
if I can see only you.
[scoffs] I think
you're a selfish immature child
Yeah, I'm gonna need some time
to think about this.
So I'm gonna go now.
Chelsea, stay.
[Rod] Come on!
Mm, I'm not gonna stay.
Chelsea, come on!
I can't cheat
this many calories alone, babe!
Not even on my cheat day.
[instrumental music]
[Chelsea] Right here.
Thank you. And thank you
for all the tissue.
Chels! Hey!
Hey, Fisher!
Wow, yard's looking good.
Ah, thanks. I was just, uh,
doing a little pregamin'.
Gettin' my decorations up.
Still got to put the lights
Wow, you're still
way ahead of us.
Keegan promised
we'd do it this weekend,
but now she's taken on the task
of throwing the holiday party,
so she is busy freaking out
about that.
And I'm sure someone is already
doing damage control?
Always working hard to earn
my spot on Santa's nice list.
How are things going
with the app?
Oh, things are going great
for Rod
since he's made himself
a profile.
You're serious?
Aw, Chels, I'm sorry.
You know
I never really liked that guy.
You feel like talking about it?
No. I'll be fine.
I'll tell you what, why don't
you get some comfy clothes on,
come out here
and get in the holiday spirit
and help me put some lights up
on these houses?
What do you say?
Oh, I would love to.
But I have to finish my pitch
for tomorrow.
Okay. I'll let you go then.
Uh, but let me know
if you need anything.
Will do. Bye, Fish.
And break a leg
on that big meeting!
Get it?
I'm good!
[door opens]
Oh, Chelsea,
perfect timing. Here.
I need your photo expertise.
Oh, wow.
this is all for the party?
[sighs] Yes, it is, but I'm...
I'm totally lost right now.
I'm creating a backdrop so we
can come out with a cute invite
for social media, but the party
still needs a theme.
Can you help? This is the kind
of stuff you're good at.
Babe, isn't the theme just love?
[gasps] Oh.
How about,
All I Want For Christmas Is
Dot, Dot, Dot,
To Be On The Good List?
I love it! Yeah, it's great.
It's, it's genius.
It's so good. And you did it.
It's so good. Yeah!
Awesome, I love it.
Okay. You see, great.
So all we need to do is come up
with some killer backdrop
for this invitation.
Keegan, I am sorry.
I wanna stay and help you, but I
have to finish the actual pitch
for the launch tomorrow.
No, no, no, Chelsea, please.
Just, just for a little bit.
I can't.
Oh, don't do that face.
I mean,
you're the one that got me
into throwing this launch party.
You begged for this job.
You begged, you begged me
I just, I just wanted
to prove to Zane
that I'm not some
silverspoon trustfund girl
by throwing a killer party
for your company.
Come on, I don't know
what I'm doing here.
Please, just pretty please,
please, just for a little bit.
Please! Okay.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay. Yes.
Okay. Yes, yes, okay.
[sighs] How about we start
by taking all of this
into the garage? Yes?
Mm. We?
[Keegan] Oh.
Come on, you take really great
photos of me all the time
on my FaceFun stories.
You have a photox eye.
Thank you.
I think that's our invitation.
Ooh, wait.
One for my FaceFun story.
[camera shutter clicking]
[instrumental music]
[Chelsea gasps]
You put our tree of lights up!
Well, how would you have felt
if you had to come home
from your big promotion tomorrow
and see my place looking like
absolute Christmas perfection
while yours sits here
sadly in the dark?
I love it!
Come in. I'll make a cider.
I want to run my pitch by you
[Chelsea chuckles]
[music continues]
To Fisher's impeccable lights,
his techsavvy ways
and all your help
with my holiday interface.
And your brand promotion.
Oh, yes.
Really, it's top notch.
You don't think Mrs. Kringle's
a little dated for young people?
Not the way
you have her styled here.
Besides, she's Mrs. Kringles,
she's timeless.
And that interface though...
Oh. I actually am happy
with how it turned out.
Now, really, who doesn't want
Santa's job of getting to choose
who's naughty or nice
around the holidays?
Oh. I love that.
That's a good line.
You can have it free of charge.
Thank you.
I still don't know what
Blythe is gonna come up with
for her pitch though,
so I'm very nervous.
Whatever she chooses, it's not
gonna be near as good as you.
Like, you got this.
I'm telling you, you got it all
wrapped up in Santa's big bag.
You know that, right?
I honestly could not have
done it without your help.
Even one of the tech guys
at work said so.
Ah. It's nothin'.
'Tis the season of giving.
Have you decided what you're
doing for the holidays yet?
Oh, yeah, mom and dad have
decided they're gonna do
their annual Christmasfeasts
fromaroundtheworld party.
It's gonna be
a lot of foreign fun.
Sounds internationally
I'm an excited expatriate.
That sounds far more fabulous
than my family's
annual Christmas
in the Caribbean.
Oh, again?
I can't tell you how much
I miss snowy, white Christmases
back home in Colorado.
Are you gonna join them again
this year?
Yeah. Flying out, Christmas Eve.
I'm just terrified I'm gonna
miss the magic of Christmas.
You know?
Ah, but you're Chelsea Simms.
You're gonna have Christmas
with you wherever you go.
Around the clock,
I'm telling you.
Well, I hope
that the seasonal spirit
shines through to tomorrow.
Yeah, by the magic
of Mrs. Kringle.
[Blythe] And it is here
on our ohsowhimsical
holiday interface
that we get to choose
whether or not we make our match
naughty or nice.
The chatting window is still
48 hours.
Now, if after that
you choose naughty,
then the user is removed
from your matches.
And if you choose nice...
Her interface looks
a lot like yours.
It's exactly like mine.
And here is our ad banner,
which, I'm sure, the agency
can help bring to life,
so we can watch our hunky Santa
spread Christmas cheer.
I like it. It's strong.
Thank you.
[instrumental music]
I, um...
It would appear
that Blythe and I have come up
with similar concepts.
I would say very similar.
Did either of you discuss
your pitch with one another?
Okay, well, we did discuss
that a naughty, nice twist
could be a cute holiday
concept for our app,
but this seems to be a bit more
than just a coincidence.
I hope we don't discover
that one of you borrowed
the other's pitch.
Simone, I would never do
something like that.
Neither would I.
Chelsea, your ad banner?
Mrs. Claus.
Chelsea, Blythe, can I see you
both in my office, please?
So I'm going to assume
that this was just an accident.
Have a seat.
That being said, Blythe,
since you've been here
two years longer than Chelsea,
I'm gonna let you take lead
on this with Chelsea
as your junior on the campaign.
Thank you so much, Simone.
I promise you,
I will not let you down.
Okay, but just one thing, um...
Does that mean
that I am promoted to brand?
If you can prove
that you can handle the job...
[Blythe] Great.
Uh, oh, just one more thing,
though, um, with that
being said, does,
doesn't it make more sense
for Judy to come along
as my junior?
I mean, technically,
she's my assistant
and she already knows
the ins and outs
Blythe, Chelsea's pitch had
a more detail design...
and a fullyrealized appeal.
You should feel lucky
to have her on your team.
Thank you.
So, Blythe, where did you
come up with your interface?
Because my neighbor friend,
who's a software genius,
he had to help me with mine, and
it was not an easy component
to add into the app.
But my husband,
he helped me with it.
I thought you said your husband
was a yoga instructor.
With a degree
in computer science.
Blythe, I really think
you stole my idea,
and it was an idea that I worked
really hard to put together.
I mean, I've been working on it
for the past two weeks straight.
Chelsea, I cannot believe
that you would think
I would do something so awful.
I mean, after working together
for almost a year? Come on.
You cannot tell me that
our ideas being that similar
is just a coincidence.
You know, they say,
"Great minds think alike."
Or maybe you just took her idea.
Or maybe she just took Blythe's.
Hey, we still need to talk about
our brand strategy on this.
I can't believe it.
Can you believe that she thinks
I took her idea?
Like, it was so insanely
innovative in the first place.
Oh? I thought it was.
You did? Aww, thanks.
Yeah, of course. I love you.
I love you.
[mellow music]
Hm. This was supposed
to be mine.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
[Chelsea] Keegan,
what is going on?
Oh, I'm so glad you're home.
We really need your help.
Yeah, Zane and I were...
Yeah, having a Santa's
cookiesandpajamas party,
and we actually burnt
the cookies.
Yeah, I mean, these wouldn't
even come off with a spatula.
[Chelsea laughs]
Chelsea's a good baker.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no.
She can make a good batch.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I love you,
but I had the worst day,
so I'm gonna go upstairs.
I love you, I love you.
I love you. I'm going upstairs.
Pretty please
One batch, that's it.
Whoa! Yes! Yeah!
As long as you promise
no more singing.
Now go get changed.
No, I can wear this.
No, you cannot.
Oh, no, you cannot.
[insects chirping]
[Keegan] Oh...
Mm! These are perfect.
Chelsea, you crushed it!
Mm, yeah, well...
Thank you.
Careful, the pan is hot.
Oh, now, can you take
a picture of me and Zane
with our sugarcookie
I can.
Okay. Say, "Let it snow."
Let it snow. Merry Christmas!
Let it snow.
Oh, Fisher! Hey!
Thank you so much for putting
lights on the house.
You are the sugar
on my cookie pan.
Yes, please.
[Chelsea] Good?
Nice, uh,
sartorial choice here.
They made me do this.
Something about,
"Santa won't come if you bake
in your business casual,"
I don't know.
It's a Southern thing.
You know I have heard that.
Anyway, uh, your text said
your kitchen was indisposed,
so I brought holiday rations.
Turkey, cranberry dressing
sandwiches from Canterbury's?
[gasps] Thank you.
How else could it be so similar?
That's what I can't figure out.
She must have stolen it somehow.
I mean,
that is the only explanation.
They were exactly the same.
What are you gonna do?
[sighs] Unless I can prove
that she took my idea,
there's nothing I can do.
That doesn't sound like
the Chelsea I know.
There's nothing I can do, except
prove that I, and I alone,
can launch this holiday ad
campaign up to the tree toppers.
That's the Simms holiday spirit
we like to see!
And I'm gonna need your help,
probably now more than ever.
Fisher Dougherty
at your service.
And thanks for the sandwiches.
This was so nice.
Not as nice as you helping
Keegan and Zane
with their
sugarcookie catastrophe.
Have you talked to Rod?
No. He's texted me a lot,
He needs this gift
I have for his aunt.
Why do you have his aunt's gift?
Because he picked her name
in his family's Secret Santa
and he asked me
if I could get her a gift.
He couldn't get her
a gift himself?
He said he doesn't know
what women want.
You know, between Keegan
bombarding your home life,
Blythe stealing your thunder
at work
and Rod taking whatever's left,
it's a wonder you have anything
left to give.
I know.
I know.
Sometimes I wish
the world wasn't
such a selfish place.
Well, not everyone out there
is so selfish.
Okay, Mr. Optimistic.
This coming from the same guy
who has sworn off love,
who won't even try the good list
because he says
people's profiles are,
how did you put it,
"Betterscripted versions
of themselves."
Hey, I did not swear off love
and I don't judge.
I'm just making an observation.
Altered selfperception
is a real thing.
And I'm not saying
everyone's guilty of it,
but how will I know?
[sniffs] Do you smell that?
Yeah, that's the smell
of your fear.
What, you're the worst.
You're afraid
of falling in love.
You're afraid of getting hurt.
That's silly.
You have nothing to worry about.
Well, I am fine right here.
Oh, really? Right here?
All alone,
just looking up at the stars,
hoping some silly girl
will fall from the sky.
Some silly, perfect, giving girl
will do just fine.
Well, I hope the perfect
Mrs. Kringle falls from the sky
'cause Santa knows
I need a miracle this Christmas.
[gasps] Shooting star!
Maybe it's a good sign.
If that's what it is,
I'll take it.
[Chelsea] Fish, you really need
a new bag.
Oh, I know.
It plagues me, I promise.
But usually
I'm working from home.
Okay, so...
let's swipe Chelsea
as a friend here...
And there you go.
[Chelsea] That's amazing, Fish.
I can't wait to show this
to Simone.
Can't wait to show what
to Simone?
Right. Blythe.
Uh, this is Fisher
who's helping me with the app.
Fish, this is Blythe.
Yeah. Apparently,
we think alike.
Aww! Well, lovely to meet you.
So, what are we workin' on here?
So I'm kind of facilitating
this whole new brand campaign,
so any new app developments
go through me.
Yeah, of course.
We'llwe'll show you
what we're working on.
Okay, so here's how
the naughty dialogue box works.
So you can see it
from this side, too.
And all the feedback
is anonymous with the matches
all disappearing after 48 hours.
Same deal, only no contact.
Well, this is so much fun,
Let's get the techs on the
upgrade as soon as possible.
Good job.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, thank you so much.
Blythe, why don't you take
the lead with the text?
Chelsea, I need that ad banner
like yesterday.
Is the studio booked?
Yes, it's booked for tomorrow.
Great. So we have Ms. Kringle.
We are casting today.
I can't wait to meet her.
Oh, yeah.
Can't wait to show her to you.
[instrumental music]
Hi there. Can I help you?
Why, yes. Hi.
I'm looking for Chelsea.
[Judy] Chelsea? Haha!
Hi. I'm Chelsea. Are you...
Your Mrs. Kringle.
But you can call me Kay.
Well, you perfectly
look the part, Kay. I just...
Did we contact you already
or how did we find you?
No, actually, dear,
I came to find you.
Well, you sure sold me
a Mrs. Old Saint Nick, Chels.
Yeah, good job.
In fact,
I even brought my big book
with my list
of who's been naughty...
and who's been nice.
That's amazing.
Yes. The job is yours.
Absolutely. Thank you so much
for being here.
No, no, no, no, no.
Please, thank you.
You had no idea. I never
get to leave the North Pole.
Okay. Let's not waste any time.
We should set up a fitting.
We'll take you to get a fitting.
You know, actually, I think it
would be great if we started
That would be lovely.
You know, I'm all yours.
You kind of remind me of me
when I was your age.
You have to go home
at some point.
What are you still doing here?
I was with the techs,
they needed a little guidance
with the interface,
plus, I heard there was
You heard right. There is.
Ah. Mm.
And this cheesecake is giving me
new New Year's resolutions.
Agreed. Eat more cheesecake.
Speaking of New Year's,
I was, uh, thinking,
maybe we should just go all out
and go to one of those
rooftop dinner things. Huh?
What do you think?
I think that sounds really fun.
Only, um, I should check with
Rod because we're still in limbo
and we had had Santa Barbara
New Year's plans, so...
Cool. Yeah, cool, cool.
That's, uh...
All good. Just a thought.
I wanted to thank you for today
and all your hard work.
I know I've said this
countless times,
but I could not have done this
without you.
It's my pleasure.
And you should let me pay you
for your time.
No. No. Listen...
You already paid me in cake.
That's true.
Well, what if
I take you dancing?
Sorry, what? What?
I know
you didn't just say dancing.
[music on stereo]
[chuckles] No.
Yes. You have no choice.
Time to deck the halls...
Oh, the Carlton?
I give you my heart
Love don't cost a thing
It's Christmas
Come clooose
Got some mistletoeooo
If you'll keep me warm
my love don't cost a thing
Let's give it all
this Christmas
[Chelsea laughs]
[Chelsea] Keegan?
What's wrong?
[Keegan sighs]
Zane. We broke up.
What happened this time?
I asked if he could get me
some recording time
at the studio on his day off,
and he said that
I'm always asking for stuff,
and, and that I'm too needy.
I mean, me, needy?
That's just ridiculous!
Am I needy?
No, I'm not needy. No.
[sighs] I can't believe
he said that.
I know, right?
Well, should we find a new venue
for the launch party?
No. He said
we could still have it there.
But I joined your app,
so I can find myself
a new date for the party.
I'll show him needy. [scoffs]
Can I get you anything?
I am perfectly perfect
because I am not needy at all.
Okay. I love you.
[instrumental music]
Rod? Hi.
[Rod] Hey, Chels. Hi.
Rod, I thought I told you
I needed time to think.
Oh, yeah. That, no.
It's all good.
In fact, I think you were right
that we ended it.
Uh, I'm sorry, come again?
You said I was an immature child
who didn't treat you right.
I didn't mean we should end it.
I just thought
we should take time...
Time to figure everything out.
No, I got it.
Take all the time you need.
I mean, seriously, I'm fine.
Oh. You're fine.
I'm fine.
Hey, I actually just dropped by
for my auntie's gift,
if you don't mind.
Hope it's good.
Oh, Max, I'm sorry I'm late.
All good.
Mrs. Kringle's getting in
a wardrobe right now.
She's already been through
hair and makeup?
We're sending her in
for final touches after this.
Oh, my goodness, you're amazing.
I love you. You look amazing,
the set looks amazing.
[gasps] And you look divine,
Mrs. Kringle.
Oh, well, thank you, Chelsea,
especially since I hardly got
any sleep at all last night.
Really? Same here.
That's what these are for.
I got you one.
I must have had a premonition.
Oh, thank you.
Okay, then.
So, uh, shall we have a shoot?
Yes, let's.
So, why didn't you get any sleep
last night?
Oh, my roommate's going through
a bit of a breakup
and wouldn't stop going on
about it.
She's needy sometimes.
Yeah, well, it's nice that
you could be there for her,
you know, when she's down.
Yeah, I guess.
Why were you up so late?
Would you believe? My husband,
Chris, is a worried mess.
I could not get him to let me
get off of FaceTime.
Yeah, he just gets terrified
every time
I have to travel alone.
Oh, that is so sweet.
I wish I had someone in my life
who was that concerned
for my whereabouts.
Seems to me you already do.
I'm sorry?
Oh, never mind, dear.
Uh, you were saying...
Oh, yeah, I was just saying
it must be nice
to have so much love
in your life.
My boyfriend showed up
this morning to inform me
that he is moving on.
Oh, sounds to me like
you dodged a falling icicle.
[laughs] You're probably right.
I was hoping
that we would work through it,
but all of a sudden,
now I feel like
I'm sick of being used.
Even here at work, I feel like
I'm all give and no take.
Oh, so colleague complications
as well?
If you call someone
stealing my ad pitch
a complication, then, yeah.
Well, that's just awful.
And how did that happen?
I guess I let it happen.
I guess I must be too nice
for my own good.
Always on the good list, eh?
Yeah. And sometimes,
it feels like I'm all alone.
And I want everyone to be
on the good list.
I mean, that would make
Christmas perfect.
You're really easy to talk to.
[laughs] Something about you
just has all this truth
pour out of me.
Well, maybe because
I haven't always been
on the good list myself.
I don't believe you. Really?
Hm. Oh, please.
Yeah, yes.
But, you know, it's just as easy
to get back on the good list
as it is to find yourself
on the naughty list, right?
Oh, believe me, I should know.
[sighs] I've watched it play out
on the pages of our book
for centuries.
Oh. Heh.
You, you're really good.
Method, I love that.
Where did we find you?
Just lucky, I guess.
[both chuckling]
[instrumental music]
Sorry. Santa's eyes only.
But how, how did you...
Oh, just a little
Christmas magic.
[camera shutter clicking]
Yeah, that's perfect.
Just open it up, pretend
it's your personal good list.
It'll match the brand.
[camera shutter clicking]
Yes! Oh, yes!
Yes! I love it.
That's perfect. I think...
I think we got it.
Yeah. Awesome.
Everyone, that's a wrap.
You really had me convinced
on those last few with the book.
This ad is gonna be so great
for the good list. Thank you.
Oh, and maybe
for the naughty list, too.
Oh? Well, if people learn
their lessons.
Well, you know what we do
at the North Pole
when someone has been nice?
Santa gives them a gift?
And you know what we do
when they've been naughty?
What's that?
Well, we write their name down
in the book
on the naughty list,
and then we write out
a separate little
lifelesson experience
so they can learn
how to be nice again.
Sounds genius.
Does that always work?
Oh, well, you know,
it's always up to them to decide
if they wanna learn
from the lesson,
but never hurts to try,
you know?
If only our app
was like your book.
There are a few people
on my naughty list right now.
Well, who says it won't be.
I don't know, you may find out
sooner than you think
that it takes on
a life of its own.
Well, you did ask for
a little extra help at Christmas
this year, didn't you?
Just remember what it's for.
I wish Rod would see
how great I am.
By day, I'm a physical therapist
and a masseur.
On the side, I am a private
ladies Pilates instructor.
Uh, um, which is actually
how I met my girlfriend Chelsea
who is the best thing
that has ever happened to me.
Did I do something wrong?
[indistinct chatter]
[mumbles indistinctly]
I did everything wrong.
[Keegan] Chelsea,
you better get down here.
There's someone here to see you.
[Chelsea] Coming!
Chelsea, hi.
Oh, my goodness,
it's, it's so good to see you.
I'm sorry?
I got you a wreath of roses.
Rod, thank you.
They're beautiful.
Uh, is everything okay?
Yes. Yes, everything's great.
I just wanted to apologize for
the way that I've treated you
in the past, and I promise
that from here on out
I'm gonna treat you
the best that I can,
treat you the way
that you deserve to be treated.
All right, let me take you out
tomorrow night.
We can got to dinner
anywhere you want.
Okay. Yeah.
That sounds...
That sounds really nice.
[Rod] Great.
Man, you are so beautiful.
It's like I've never seen you
this beautiful before.
In fact, it's like I've never
seen you at all before.
It's good to see you, Chels.
It's good to really see you.
[Chelsea gasps]
[car door shuts]
[car engine starts]
He sees me now?
He sees me?
[Chelsea] And suddenly,
he is in my home this morning
doing exactly
what I wrote into the app
for him to do last night.
And you think he came back
because of the naughty list?
Oh, he didn't just come back,
He came back with a vengeance.
He had a nice sweater on
and a rose wreath,
and he had all the right words.
And trust me,
Rod never had the right words.
Like, ever.
I mean, it was like
he became the boyfriend
I always wanted him to be.
Okay, so let me get this
straight, it was Mrs. Kringle
who enchanted your phone,
so then you could enchant him,
is that right?
Fisher, I know I sound crazy,
but I'm not crazy, okay?
I never said you were crazy.
When have you known me
to say anything so absurd?
Well, never.
But you've had
a very stressful week, so...
I'm just saying.
You're making me
very frustrated.
[chuckles] Show me your phone.
See, look.
I said, "I wish Rod could see
how great I am."
And that's what he kept saying.
How he could see me.
I mean, that...
That can't be
just a coincidence.
Okay, so maybe I download
the app, you swipe me naughty,
and give me a goodlist lesson
and we see what happens.
No. Fisher,
I am freaking out right now.
Can't you see that?
I can see that.
I am trying to tell you
that my phone lit up
like a Christmas tree
when Mrs. Kringle looked at it.
Just like this old book
that she was holding.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Well, do you still have
the ability to contact her?
Yeah. I'm sure we have it
somewhere at the office.
I mean, we found her
through this casting agency
we use, I thought,
but I don't remember seeing her
in any of the submissions.
Andand she came in
before we had a chance
to contact anyone else.
Okay. So maybe she did something
to your phone.
Or maybe she found Rod
and spoke to him directly.
You think? I think you gotta
talk to her first.
You gotta start with her.
Yeah. You're right.
But what about Rod?
Well, isn't that
what you've always wanted?
For him to see
how amazing you are?
How can I tell
if his feelings are real
or if he's just
under some spell?
If all you've done is
open his eyes to the truth,
then I guess you just do
whatever your heart
tells you to.
He said he wants to take me
to dinner tomorrow.
Anywhere I wanna go.
It was kind of amazing, Fish.
Oh, look,
I'm happy for you, Chels.
But remember, if you really have
been given the power
to enchant people
using this naughty list,
you also just need to remember
the power that entails.
Of course.
But think of all the good
I could do with it.
You think you could start
by making this fake nog
taste better?
'Cause I could really go
for the real deal right now.
Mmhmm. Well,
I don't need magic for that.
I know how to make real eggnog.
Because you're perfect.
Come on.
I'm coming.
Fish, please tell me
you have whipped cream.
We were trying to be healthy,
I can't believe it,
I'm giving up my Friday night
to drink eggnog
with no whipped cream?
You're the worst.
I will go out
and I will get some right now.
You just say the word.
I'm only teasing.
A, I know how to make
whipped cream from scratch.
And two, there's nowhere else
I'd rather be on a Friday night
than here slummin' it with you.
Yolks, separate.
[instrumental music]
"Thanks for a wonderful weekend.
Love, Rod."
Wow! Who is this from?
Yeah, we had dinner Saturday
and brunch yesterday,
and he's just been
like a dream date.
So romantic and so sweet
Oh, are we talking about
the same Rod?
People change, Maxine.
[clears throat]
Hey, I meant to ask you,
do you know if we have
the contact info
for Mrs. Kringle?
Accounting would have it
since they cut our check.
Can you get that for me, please?
You got it.
Thank you.
Oh, Simone. Good morning.
Morning. Cute reindeer.
Yup. Thank you.
Oh... [chuckles]
So I'm guessing
Thursday went well?
The photos
are absolutely amazing.
Thank you. Yeah,
I really was so happy with them.
And it looks like the techs are
on track to have the app upgrade
ready for implementation
by tomorrow.
That's amazing!
I'm really excited
for people to start using it,
find their way to the good list.
Mm. Well, looks like
someone already has.
Yes, I have, I guess.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
What do I do with this?
So I still think
we should go with my slogan,
"Download now and Happy Holidays
from your good friends
at the good list." It just...
Itit sounds way more
approachable to our brand.
I totally agree.
II don't know,
I feel like it's...
Like a yawn?
Uh, I was going to say,
I feel like it's a little
too focused on us as a company
rather than the actual brand.
Whereas "The good list,
download now
for your next great holidate"
is more of a real spin
on our brand,
but with the holiday twist.
Um, I mean...
Well, you know, it like, itit
does have a good ring to it,
I guess, yeah.
And, you know, since ultimately,
we went with my interface...
I'll let you have it.
You're so sweet.
Thank you.
Of course.
I really appreciate it.
Hey, so, strangely,
I couldn't find anything
on our Mrs. Kringle.
Wait, what? Seriously?
That's impossible.
I know. She wasn't in
any of our agency submissions.
And Accounting said
that she left all the paperwork
in her dressing room
totally blank.
The only thing that she filled
out was this talentrelease form
so her face could be shown.
[gasps] Did you see that?
[Maxine] See what?
Oh. Um, nothing.
This is it?
[Maxine] I think so,
but I'll keep trying.
By the way, uh,
now that things are all peachy
between you and Rod again,
just curious,
your friend Fisher single?
[laughs] Fisher? Yes.
Oh. Cute.
He's cute, I mean.
Oh, Maxine.
I say, why not? Go for it.
[Chelsea] Wait, Maxine.
Why did you say it
like that, though?
"Now that things are peachy
with Rod."
Oh, I just thought maybe
you and Fisher had something,
but if not...
[instrumental music]
[Keegan] Hey!
So, it's holiday speeddating
tonight at Piper's Pub.
Let's go.
Absolutely not.
And don't you think
it's a little too soon
for you to be replacing Zane
with another
He who shall not be named
shall not be Zane tonight.
Now, go get ready.
I really need to finish this.
And I really need you there
with me.
[sighs] I thought we were
working on not being so needy.
I'll work on it tomorrow.
Come on!
Keegan, I can't.
[gasps] Look, what if you
print out some of your ads
on your fancy printer and we
pass them out at speeddating?
What better way to be
a good brand strategist
than to promote your brand
in the flesh?
[instrumental music]
Ooh ooh
Snow is falling
And love's all around
Happy couples seen
all over town and I...
Thank you.
Cheers. Mmhmm.
[bell ringing]
[Keegan gasps] Is that...
[Chelsea] Oh, boy.
I am really about to gag.
[Chelsea] Okay.
Oh, no, or cry or fall.
I don't know which one.
Okay, please don't do
any of those.
Keegan, look at me.
He is not worth it.
Can you hear me? He is not
worth it. Where are you going?
To freshen up my face,
so when that bell rings,
this angel gets to sing.
[sighs] I'm gonna go
and get my man back.
Under mistletoe
with no one to kiss
Send him my way
I don't know where he is
No no
It's so cold outside
I just want to stay
And watchin' Home Alone
all alone
So please grab my waist
You know I've been good
this year
It's for a good cause, right?
all that Christmas cheer
Putting up the lights
Santa baby
I want someone to love
someone to love
[Chelsea] I wish
Keegan would find
her independence.
I don't need a diamond ring
I just want the little things
you said
I want someone to love
someone to love
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
The ad?
Zane, hello.
Keegan! Hey!
Uh, I was, uh,
I was actually hoping
that I would, uh, see you again.
Why? So I could give you this?
What's this?
Or this?
Hoohoo! Oh, my God!
Oh, wow!
Whoo! That felt great.
I think we go dancing.
Alone? Keegan?
Yeah, of course!
Don't wait up on me.
[Keegan squeals]
Someone to love
Someone to love
[instrumental music]
Rod! Wwhat are you doing here?
I don't know, but I could
ask you the same question.
I was with Keegan.
She needed company and
And so, you two decided to try
this holiday speeddating thing?
Wait, are you jealous?
I wanna be the only person
that makes you happy,
nobody else.
You don't need to talk
to all of these guys.
It's just, it's just me and you.
Right here, babe.
Oh, boy.
I had a lot of fun with you
this weekend.
And the reindeer, oh!
And the macaroons, oh, that was,
that was a sweet gesture.
Um, but I think
that we should just
ease back into us, okay?
Is there somebody else?
I just think we should
take it slow.
I don't want either of us
making any rash decisions
that we wouldn't normally make.
Um, I may need some pudding,
Yeah, I know it's not my cheat
day, but I'm really gonna need
another pudding, please.
Figgy pudding, right away.
Is that okay?
Yes, of course that's okay.
[bell jingling]
Good morning, Chelsea.
Good morning.
Hey! Good morning.
Uh, here you go.
Oh, thank you.
Do you think that maybe
we could, uh, work
in the open workspace today?
It's just feeling a bit stuffy
back here.
Hi! Oh, my goodness!
Good morning!
Look, look how amazing
my new office is.
Yay! Yay!
[Maxine] Oh.
I wish Blythe would only
tell the truth.
[clears throat]
Well, team,
the upgrade is pending.
Our execs are trying it out
and they love it!
They think it's going to be
a holiday hit list.
to Blythe and Chelsea.
You guys killed it!
Easy job.
And a special thank you
to Blythe here,
who basically spearheaded
this entire campaign.
Well, thank you, Chelsea.
I am the best
even though I don't really
believe that on the inside.
[Chelsea] Oh, come on, Blythe,
don't be humble. Sit up.
We all know how much work
you put into this.
Oh, no, actually, I barely
put in any work at all.
I found someone's sketches
in the recycling bin
and did some tweaks
and, boom, I won!
We did throw some sketches
in the recycling bin.
are you saying you found
someone's pitch in the trash
and used it as your own?
Uh, honestly,
I, I did my own pitch, Simone,
but II just didn't think
it was good enough
because I never think
anything I do is good enough.
Ah, and then when I saw
the one in the bin
and how amazing it was,
I, I just assumed
that it had been discarded
and wouldn't get used.
I didn't realize
that Chelsea had actually
just upgraded her own idea,
and I actually couldn't believe
that you chose mine over hers,
because hers was clearly better.
Um... but you did,
which was amazing,
because I wanted this promotion
more than anything.
Nope, and also my husband
just got a major pay cut
at the yoga studio.
Blythe, can I see you
in my office, please?
Awful. I knew it. Just awful.
[instrumental music]
Yup. So, what happened then?
Oh, I don't know.
I didn't see her or Simone
before I left the office,
and we have tomorrow off
for the rest of the weekend.
But I'm sure Simone wouldn't
fire her over the holidays.
I mean, she probably
just got demoted or something.
And Rod? Keegan?
What's happening with them?
Oh, everything's great.
Rod is a total dream,
Keegan has found herself again.
Fish, you should've see her
pour that drink on Zane.
It was a holiday classic.
Okay. Just be careful
with this thing, all right?
Make sure you think
before you use it.
Oh, please.
I totally know what I'm doing.
Plus, I'm only giving
good lessons out
to help people
get back on the nice list.
In fact,
I feel like I kind of deserve
an extraspecial spot
at the top of the nice list
for all the good deeds
I've been doing as of late.
Well, ahem, here.
For your good deeds.
What? What is this?
Go. Open it.
These are from my favorite
gift shop back in Colorado.
I know.
This is so sweet.
Thank you so much.
Well, I didn't get you anything.
Just kidding.
Ah, what is this?
[Chelsea] Open it.
Aw! What?
You even got my initials on it?
Chels, thank you.
This is amazing.
Thank you.
I wanted to thank you
for everything you've done
for me this year.
Honestly, I feel like
this isn't enough.
Well, if you feel
that coming to my parents'
annual Christmaspotluck
fromaroundtheworld party,
we could call it even.
The present of my presence
is yours.
I'd love to.
Do I get to wear a kilt?
Yes, you do.
Hey! This spread looks amazing!
Oh, hi! Probably not as amazing
as whatever you brought.
Well, mom, dad, hey!
Hey. Oh, my honey.
Mm! This is Chelsea.
Chelsea, Didi and Danny,
the dynamic Dougherty duo.
it's so nice to meet you.
So nice to meet you.
Thank you for coming. Oh!
Thank you for having me.
Fisher has told us
a lot about you.
Yeah, just that I was helping
with your app
when I was here
at Thanksgiving last year.
Yeah, and that on 4th of July
you moved in next door.
And on Christmas,
I think you said
you're putting up lights
together, and I think
there was some Easter thing
that you do
Yeah, yeah, mom, yeah.
Uh, she gets it.
He didn't tell you
that we dressed up
as Dorothy and Scarecrow
for Halloween this year?
And did he tell you that he
totally saved me last New Year's
when my boyfriend didn't wanna
leave this stupid party,
and I couldn't find a ride
before the stroke of midnight?
And, thankfully, I am lame.
So I was just trying
No. Your son is anything
but lame.
I bet he didn't tell you that
the app he's helping me with
is a huge success.
Wow. I am not surprised at all.
And what exactly
is this app again?
Uh, it's one of those
swipe dating apps, actually.
But it's more geared
the oldschool way
of matching people based
on similar interests and values.
Wow! That sounds intriguing.
Is that where you met
your boyfriend, dear?
Uh, no, actually.
We met at the gym. Uh, the good
list has yet to bring me love.
I still believe it can.
In fact, I'm hoping it's
working its magic as we speak.
Well, uh, maybe you should be
on that app, hon.
I mean, trying to meet
all those beautiful women
with similar interest
and values.
I mean, you might be missing out
on meeting someone great.
Like Chelsea here, huh?
Fisher's issues with the app
are somewhat justified.
Oh, yeah? And, uh,
what are these issues?
Some of the people on the app
are only offering
a betterscripted versions
of themselves.
[Fisher] Precisely.
[Chelsea] And I'm starting
to see that
altered selfperception
is something
we can all be
a little guilty of, at times.
Well, I don't think you've ever
had an altered perception
of yourself yet, son.
No. He doesn't, does he?
Well, it's gonna be an hour
before that turkey is ready.
So, who wants to play
some games?
I do!
We're laughin' we're laughin'
havin' a good time
I like the way that my breath
freezes in the cold
We're shopping we're dropping
under the bell shop
Oh we could light a fire...
[Chelsea] That was close!
Oh, God!
Is that it? Oh!
Are you kidding me?
To your right, boy.
To your right.
Oh, this is.. No. Oh.
[Didi laughs]
Sipping a peppermint mocha
from my right Christmas cup
[indistinct chatter]
Oh, and you're so good!
And Christmas is
my favorite time of year
But that's okay.
Chelsea sure is everything
you said she was.
Plus, she is the cutest thing
Yeah, I know, right?
Look, I know you like
being the nice guy
that Chelsea
always comes running to
when her boyfriend
is not so nice.
But where does that
leave you, Fish?
Mom, wwe're just friends.
That's all.
Well, I have been watching
you two all afternoon
and you sure have
an awful lot of chemistry
for being just friends.
It's just the way
we've always been.
Well, I think she likes you,
I think she likes her boyfriend.
Mm, she's here with you,
Yes, mom,
I will pack plenty of kaftans
for when it's cold at night.
This is not our first Christmas
in the Caribbean, you know?
Okay, and remember to tell dad
he has to promise
he'll do Christmas carols
in the cabana again
or else I'm just not coming.
[laughs] Okay.
I love you, too.
See you soon. Bye.
Excited about
seeing your family?
Yes, I am.
Even if it means
Christmas with no snow,
my family still knows
how to make it Christmas.
It's still no Colorado, though.
Oh, I...
But this was nice, though,
meeting your family.
It must be nice
to live so close to them.
And also terrifying.
I really like them.
Thank you for inviting me.
Thanks for coming.
They really liked you, too.
Probably more than I do.
I'm teasing. Only teasing.
Being here had me remember
how much fun we had
last New Year's Eve.
Just the two of us,
driving in your car in traffic.
Plus, I kind of owe you
for that.
And so, I was thinking
that we just do
the ridiculouslyoverpriced
downtown New Year's thing
that you were suggesting.
But what about Rod?
Don't you think he's gonna wanna
do something with you
on New Year's Eve,
provided he's still
under your mystical,
magical Mrs. Claus spell?
So, I just tell him
that I can't.
Honestly, he owes you, too.
[clears throat] Definitely
don't wanna get in the way
of your big holiday plans.
You're not.
Most of the time,
you're the one saving them.
[instrumental music]
[Chelsea] Morning, Peggy.
Guess what.
Thank you. What?
The corner office is all yours,
Ms. Simms.
What about Blythe?
Simone fired her, obviously.
And she was out this morning
with all her stuff.
Well, but what about
her husband's pay cut?
Yeah, but that's on her.
She shouldn't have taken
your idea.
[instrumental music]
[Fisher] I like
how these look...
I know, right? Just...
Hey, Chels, hey!
Oh, hey!
Oh, hi, Fisher!
Wwhat are you doing here?
I was just in the neighborhood
and I thought
I would bring over
some congratulatory sandwiches.
Wasn't it so sweet?
Oh, that was so sweet.
Wow, that's so great.
What are we celebrating?
The app upgrade? It went viral.
Did you not check your email?
Oh, wow. No, I didn't.
I didn't see it. That's...
Um, I must've been superslammed
this morning
that I just didn't even notice,
which is weird.
Moving into her
fancy new office.
No. Chels, that's amazing!
Okay, can we eat?
Yes, let's all, let's all eat.
There you go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Fisher clears throat]
[Maxine] Check it. It's you!
[Fisher] Uh, right on.
[Maxine laughing]
[mellow music]
I wish Fisher would see me
the way I see him.
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
How are you enjoying
your new office?
It's wonderful, really.
So you know we launched
a new upgrade this morning?
We are already getting
rave reviews.
It's incredible.
a little holiday bonus
for all of your hard work.
I really appreciate it.
You don't seem too happy
for someone
who's just been promoted.
No, I'm...
I am, I'm so happy.
I just am overwhelmed
with the launch party coming up.
Oh, right.
Yeah, it's a lot.
Yeah. Listen,
don't work too hard.
Seriously, okay?
Well, I'm off tomorrow
and Wednesday,
but I will see you
Wednesday evening.
Yeah, see you at the party.
You should be proud of yourself.
[mellow music]
Fisher! Hi!
Hey, Chels.
Are you doing all right?
Anything new? Anything at all?
No, I was just out doing
a little lastminute shopping
for a little thing I'm having
at my place tomorrow night.
You should come.
Okay. Cool. I'll be there.
Wait! Um, can I bring anything?
Great. Uh, I don't know.
Mm, well,
a couple of holiday dips.
Uh, a batch of cookies. Mm.
[clicking tongue]
Or some of
your delicious eggnog.
Ah. And a sugarfree,
freshpressed fruit punch.
The moms love it.
Yeah. Yeah.
I can get all of those things
and I'll come over,
and we can make them together.
Oh, ah, ahem...
Well, I'm probably gonna be
getting ready over at the place,
getting the place all set up,
so maybe you could just
make them all here
and then bring them over?
That sounds good, too.
It's good. Yeah.
Great. Thank you so much.
You're the best.
Are you sure you're okay?
I'm, I'm... good.
Great. Awesome.
Okay. Have a good night.
Do I really ask
that much of him?
Is that the way
I've always seen him?
Keegan, can you come out
so we can go over this stuff
for the launch party?
You don't have to shout.
I'm right here.
[both gasping]
What? Oh! What is it?
Oh, spider? Where is it?
Ooh! II hate spiders!
Keegan, what happened
to your hair?
And you're wearing black.
Oh, I cut it off.
It was so binding.
I just, oh, I just felt,
I feel so free now.
Like Princess Di, like a real
sense of independence.
Keegan, you loved your hair.
Oh, I still have it.
I swept it up, and put it
in a box in my shoe closet.
Well, so...
let's over the party stuff,
shall we?
I've organized everything
in this spreadsheet
so we know what's been completed
and what needs completion.
And I've put all the invoices
into a folder
for your accounting.
Yeah, yeah, that sounds,
sounds really great.
But maybe you want me to take
a supercool photo of you, huh?
Yes! For your story. Huh?
Oh. I had to leave FaceFun.
Who needs it?
I certainly don't need
Now, come on,
let's get to work.
Your hair...
What have I done?
[upbeat music]
Snow falling
shepherds brawling
Tables set
and grandma's calling
Light the tray wide away
Hang and watch The Grinch
on TV
But oh babe am I late?
Gotta get my good deeds
in my time...
Wow. I didn't know
that Fisher had friends.
Me neither.
Chels, there you are.
I've been looking everywhere
for you.
We need to talk right now.
[Keegan] Nothing screams
like a motorcycle, right?
My ex had one, and I'm thinking
about maybe getting one.
The whole thing is totally weird
and I don't even know
how to explain it, but, first,
Fisher matches me as a friend
on the app,
which I was kinda bummed about,
but then I was like, "Whatever."
But then he shows up
at the office yesterday
after asking me
all these questions
like, "How do I ask Chelsea out?
Do you think
that she would say yes?"
And telling me that he has been
crushing on you
for, like, the past year, and
demanded me not to tell you.
But then tonight, it's as if he
has totally flipped his script
and is suddenly
showing interest in me.
Aand I, so, obviously,
I had to tell you.
I think the problem is
I've been sending Fisher
mixed signals.
Oh. Okay, but do you actually
like him?
Because you know if you do,
I would never
get in the way of that.
I do, Max.
I really do.
It's just taken me some time
to realize it.
Well, okay.
But what are you gonna do?
I don't know.
But I have to fix this.
Happy Holidays. Hey, Chels.
I, uh...
You okay, Chels?
Yeah, I
[Rod] Chelsea!
[Maxine] Oh!
What's going on here?
Rod? What are you doing here?
[Rod] Well, I was gonna
take you on a big,
romantic Christmas date.
But, apparently,
you had other plans
with handsome
little neighbor boy.
Uh, nope.
I think there's
some sort of mistake.
Uh, nope,
I don't think there is,
because you have liked her
from the very beginning
and you cannot deny that,
buddy boy.
Okay, seriously,
what's he talking about?
He's right, Fish.
I was just too blind to see it.
I was so caught up
in my own stuff,
trying to be what everyone
wanted me to be and...
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for?
I, uh...
I saw you talking to Maxine
at the office the other day
and I thought
you two were flirting,
so I put you
on my naughty list.
I was hoping that it would
just have you see me
the way that I see you now,
only, it just had you take me
for granted.
Because that's how I've treated
you this whole time,
and I just,
I just didn't see it.
I'm sorry.
Wait, you put me on a list?
I'm sorry, what list?
Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no.
Lynn Simms.
Rod, what are you doing?
Uh, her middle name is Lane.
[mumbles] Shh! Sorry.
Chelsea Lane Simms,
don't marry him.
Marry me.
Seriously, Rod, stop.
Can you, can you get up, please?
Thank you.
We could elope.
We could get married right here.
Right now. Christmas wedding.
I'll take that. Ugh!
Um, look, Rod, I'm not ready
to marry anyone yet, okay?
There's just been a little bit
of a misunderstanding.
Can we, can we talk outside,
That'd be good.
[car tires screeching]
Did you really think
I would do that to you?
No, Maxine, I just
I would never compete with you
over a guy, Chels.
You should know that.
I didn't mean
to put a wedge between us.
I was just trying to bring us
closer together.
What exactly did you write?
Only that I wished your feelings
for me were different.
Well, congratulations.
It's now there.
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[mellow music]
You all right?
Not really.
The hair, the makeup,
this whole weird feeling,
I'm not quite feeling myself.
You did this to me, too, huh?
Keegan, I'm so sorry.
I thought I'd be helping you
be a little more independent
with Zane
And from you, too.
I assume.
I sure hope you can find a way
to fix it.
[instrumental music]
A 100 percent naughty.
How do I get back
on the good list?
Mrs. Kringle?
I told you, anyone can find
themselves on either list.
You also told me to remember
what the naughty list was for.
I completely lost sight of it.
Oh, these things happen, dear.
I mean, we're all guilty
of taking
our loved ones for granted
I hurt the one person
who has never
taken advantage of me.
I feel awful.
But, see,
that's the beautiful thing
about people like you
and Fisher.
You're giving
and very forgiving.
And he will forgive you...
in some time.
How do I make this right? How?
How do I make
all of these people
go back to the way
they were before?
That's all I want for Christmas.
No Colorado, no gifts,
just everyone I love
to turn back into their
true, perfectlyimperfect
Well, all you have to do
is just write their names
back on your good list, dear.
[exhales sharply]
And what about me?
How do I get back
on the good list?
Let's see, um...
Wishing good things
to people you love.
I think you already have.
For Santa's eyes only.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
Oh, wait. I can't just
put that on my resume.
I didn't really do that.
And I have to take that off
because that's a total
exaggeration of my skill set.
Thanks, honey.
[Chelsea] "Blythe,
I found your original pitch
in the recycle bin, too.
It wasn't bad.
We could've really competed,
you know?
And with that being said,
you deserve my bonus.
Happy Holidays. Chels."
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[birds chirping]
[knocking on door]
[Chelsea] "Thank you for always
being at the top
of my good list.
I'm sorry."
Blythe. Hey.
[both] I'm sorry.
Uh, wait.
What are you sorry for?
I just... I felt bad
that you lost your job
over the whole ordeal.
It's the holidays.
I wouldn't wish that
upon anyone.
Chelsea, no, you cannot feel
sorry for something
that I was totally
in the wrong for.
You deserved that promotion.
And I knew it.
But this check...
I mean, thank you so much.
II can't even tell you
how, how much this means to me.
But, honestly, II don't really
need the money.
My husband made
a ton of money in tech
before he quit to do yoga.
So, like, we're, we're good.
Your husband actually did
web development?
Of course.
I don't lie about everything.
I mean, come on.
Well, um, I mean,
except for the, the ad pitch.
But only because
it was really good.
I really wish
I'd come up with it.
And I saw yours,
and it was really good, too.
Not as good as yours.
But thank you, that's...
You're too sweet.
Um, I mean, honestly, I have
been out of the dating game
for so long that working brand
strategy on a singles' app
probably wasn't the best idea.
Anyway, here, um, have so much
fun at the launch party.
Thank you.
Um... And good luck.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you, too.
And do something good
with that money.
No. Do something great.
[both laugh]
[Chelsea] Bye.
[instrumental music]
Okay, wait, can you move it
just a little bit, uh, an inch?
Yes, perfect. I love it.
I didn't see you this morning,
but I did see
your FaceFun account
is back in action.
This looks incredible.
Oh, yeah?
Thanks. My parents even
stopped by earlier, too.
Said they were more than
a little impressed.
I'm so happy for you.
Keegan, I always knew you were
more than a silver spoon.
Then I suppose I should
thank you for helping me
see it for myself finally.
Wow. I love you.
I love you.
So you're finally feeling
full of yourself.
A 110 percent needy
at the moment,
but I'm working on it.
[laughs] Oh, wait!
We need a picture of this now.
Yes, I will take your picture.
I would love to,
I don't want to do anything
more than I want to
take your picture.
No, silly.
I meant together.
Hey, can you take
a picture of us?
Thank you.
[Chelsea chuckles]
Oh, wait, this is my good side.
Okay. Merry Christmas.
[both] Merry Christmas!
Fa la la la la la la
Fa la la la la laa laa...
Hi. Merry Christmas.
Fa la la la la laa laa...
Hey, guys. Isn't this amazing?
It is wonderful.
Chelsea, you look incredible.
Thank you. You, too.
Are you gonna karaoke later?
Uh, maybe I'll have him do it.
Okay, well,
I'll be front and center.
[Simone] Uh, me, too.
So, as I was saying,
I just thought,
what a great way
to keep the twist going
into the New Year, right?
New Year, new love, swipe
for your resolution to love.
Isn't that just genius?
Yeah, it's, it's cute.
It's cute.
Maybe you can take that
to Chelsea at the office.
Wait, toto Chelsea?
Oh, you haven't heard?
Maxine was promoted to junior,
so you report to her
as her assistant from now on.
Will you excuse me for a second?
[Simone] Sure.
Who's ready for some
Christmas caroloke in the snow?
[crowd applauding]
[man] Whoo!
[Maxine laughs]
Love's getting
so much warmer...
Max, I'm so sorry.
Really, I should have
just come to you
before doing anything
that jeopardized your feelings.
It's fine.
I should have stayed away
from the start.
I think I knew deep down
you'd always had
a thing for him.
Even before I saw the two of you
together in the office.
I wish I had known.
Well, you do now.
It's getting close
to the time of year...
Is he here?
Oh, no.
I don't know if he's gonna
forgive me after everything.
It's Christmas.
Why shouldn't he?
Unwrapping presents
by the tree
And children filling up
with treats
Carolin' so merrily
It's Christmas time
It's Christmas time
Trying to find
a gift that's perfect
Eyes so bright
when they receive it
It's my favorite
place to be
And it's Christmas time
It's Christmas time
[Maxine laughs]
Hey, you, you were wonderful
up there.
Oh. [chuckles]
And you did all this?
I did.
Oh, I'm Keegan.
I'm Dane. Nice to meet you.
Dane? Oh.
Thank you.
[glasses clink]
That... Yeah, that's the one.
Can you print that out for me?
That's good too.
Uh, we'll be right back.
How is that here?
[instrumental music]
You know, your homemade nog
is giving me
new New Year's resolutions,
but Santa's totally responsible
for eating all those cookies.
Wasn't me, seriously.
Well, maybe one.
Well, I'm just happy you could
still fit in that suit
because you look
really handsome tonight.
Well, thank you.
You look beautiful.
But that's you, like,
every night of the year.
[Fisher clears throat]
Fish, I am sorry.
I completely just got
so caught up in this story
of people
taking advantage of me,
I couldn't see
that I was doing
the exact same thing to you.
Chels, you didn't
take advantage of me.
With me and you, it's always
been a twoway street.
It's honestly what I've always
loved about you.
That's really sweet.
And we both know
that my side of the street
had a little more traffic on it.
I messed up.
I should have admitted to myself
a long time ago
that I had feelings for you.
Well, it must have been hard
having a catch like Rod
around all the time.
I would've been torn, too,
Not funny.
[chuckles] I've actually
kind of been afraid
he might just show up tonight,
even though I know
the spell's broken.
You never know.
He, he still might.
Okay, then we should leave.
We should go. Yeah.
Let's go.
Just before we go, just...
[instrumental music]
[camera shutter clicks]
[Maxine laughing]
[Fisher] Admittedly, it was
a remarkably smooth move.
Thank God it was
caught on camera. [laughs]
[Chelsea] Well, maybe it can be
our Christmas card next year.
Next year?
Let's not get ahead
of ourselves, Simms.
We haven't even deleted
these apps off our phones yet.
[both laugh]
[Fisher clears throat]
[Fisher sighs]
You still have
a lot of making up to do
before I'm ready to commit
to a year with you.
Well, you live next door,
Fish, so...
I think you're committed
whether you like it or not.
Hmm. [laughs] Yup.
[gasps] Shooting star!
Maybe it's a sign.
Well, if it is...
we'll take it.
Merry Christmas, Chels.
Merry Christmas, Fish.
[upbeat music]
Flippin' through
old photographs and
It always seem
to get me laughin'
I can't believe we were
so young and wild and free
Absence makes the heart
grow fonder
But this love couldn't
get much stronger
I hope that your road
in life
Leads you back to me
You make me wanna say
Cheers with a smile
in your eyes
I'll be seeing you later
never goodbye
'Cause this time of year
it's over too fast
Gonna make
the good times last
I just wanna celebrate you
[music continues]
Every time when
we're together
Even if it's stormy weather
You make the best of every
Single situation
Turning lemons
into lemonade
Even when it feels
like a holiday
I just can't wait to see
your smiling face again
You make me wanna say
Cheers with a smile
in your eyes
I'll be seeing you later
never goodbye
'Cause this time of year
it's over too fast
Come on let's make
the good times last
I just wanna celebrate you
[music continues]
Cheers with a smile
in your eyes
I'll be seeing you later
never goodbye
'Cause this time of year
it's over too fast
So let's make
the good times last
Cheers with a smile
in your eyes
I'll be seeing you later
never goodbye
'Cause this time of year
it's over too fast
Gonna make
the good times last