A Date with Danger (2021) Movie Script

We're done talking.
- Don't make me call the police.
what are you doing?
broken hearts
sorrow tears
I know it hurts
after all these years
and just maybe
Shoot. I think
I missed a turnoff.
Hey, look, dog bakery.
Now where did a dog learn
how to bake?
It's a bakery for dogs, mom.
Not a dog who bakes.
Now, where are we?
Hey. You ladies lost?
How could you tell?
I'm looking
for springhurst street,
But my navigation
seems to be failing me.
Yeah, small-town life.
They're slow to update the maps.
Willow actually turns
into springhurst,
So if you take a left up there,
you're set.
Thank you. You're a lifesaver.
New arrivals, huh?
I'm glad to be of service.
I'm gavin, by the way.
- I'm nikki, this is brooke.
Well, welcome to town. I look
forward to seeing you around.
And if by morning
You haven't located
your coffee maker,
Come by and enjoy a cup
on the house.
Thank you, gavin.
See ya.
Shall we?
what a beautiful sight
what a beau...
Well, what do you think?
- It's fine, I guess.
Things are gonna be
different here.
But no matter what...
- We're going to be together.
Exactly. I think
we're gonna like it here.
Moving truck
should be here soon.
Hey, sweetheart, I thought
You might like this
for your room.
Did you give dad
our new address?
He promised to come visit soon.
Well, that would be great,
but don't get your hopes up.
"soon" means something a little
different to your dad, remember?
Hey, tell you what, why don't
we go downtown in the morning,
Do a little shopping
for the house, you know,
Get a cupcake from that dog
who bakes? What do you say?
You're such a nerd, mom.
- I'm taking that as a yes.
Mom, look! You should try it on.
A new dress is definitely
not part of the shopping list.
Come on.
Mom, you have to try this on,
and this.
Honey, I can't try on
the whole store.
Who says?
Try before you buy is my motto.
I just don't wanna
get on anyone's bad side.
You know how the owners
of these stores are.
No, tell me.
"you break it,
you bought it."
"only one item
in a dressing room at a time."
"unattended children will be
given an espresso and a puppy."
You're the owner of the store,
aren't you?
Liz cole. Welcome to
not your mamma's closet.
I'm so sorry.
I-I should get going.
but you haven't tried
anything on yet.
We like the outfit
in the window.
It's very gwyneth.
I'm obsessed with goop.
This makes your eyes pop.
I'll just be a minute, brooke.
Don't worry. I'll just get her
an espresso and a puppy.
Again, I'm-I'm really sorry.
don't be. I live
for a little unfiltered honesty.
So where do you go to school?
I don't yet.
We just moved here.
And you came straight to see me?
What do you think?
Well, I'm biased,
But I think you look great.
It looks nice, mom.
I'll take it.
So, brooke tells me
you're new in town.
Yes. This can be
my job interview outfit.
Where are you interviewing?
So far nowhere.
That'll be 87.52.
I forgot
the new customer discount.
Seventy-five, even.
You don't have to do that.
- Of course I do.
There is a catch, though.
- What's that?
Take a job application.
I've been looking for some help
around here.
I don't have
any retail experience.
Neither did I
before I opened up this shop.
So come by Monday morning
before the shop opens up
And we can do an interview.
I mean,
this is very kind of you.
But why are you doing this?
Nikki, I know what it's like
to need to catch a break.
See you on Monday.
brooke, you gettin'
ready for bed yet?
yes, mom.
Hello? Liz?
back here!
Ooh, love your outfit!
Where'd you get it?
Thank you again,
for the opportunity.
Like I said,
I don't have retail experience,
But I have done a little
bookkeeping and I love fashion.
Good enough for me.
Can you start today?
Really? I, I got the job
just like that?
I've a good feeling about you.
All right, let's dive in.
I've got a list of things
to get through.
our sexual harassment policy.
Don't sexually harass anyone.
That's it?
- Do you need more?
Store opens in 40 minutes.
I think we've earned ourselves
a coffee break, don't you?
Let's go.
Yeah, we're a pretty tight-knit
community downtown.
I have wine club every week
with chrissie
From motley's gifts and antiques
and katy from waldring books.
I have to take you
by voxley's later
So you can meet mary.
She's a blast.
Hey, what about this place?
Yeah, um, I usually go to
mcbeanerstein up the street...
Liz, I, it's great to see you.
Hey, look, it's cold.
Let me get you a table inside.
Or this is fine, too.
this place is really nice.
I haven't been in here
in a while.
love those lights.
Liz, it's been a while.
Has it?
Hi, we actually...
Yes. Of course. Nikki.
Um, how are you and brooke
settling in?
Great. Everyone is welcoming.
- And how do you know our liz?
We used to farm
in rural colorado together.
liz just hired me.
It's my first day.
First hour, actually.
- Well, congratulations.
Liz is the best.
- I couldn't agree more.
Coffee with cream, please.
- And for yourself?
latte with almond milk.
Excellent. I just milked
the almond this morning.
He's cute.
Good kisser, too.
So are you two a...
A walking relationship disaster?
No. But we used to be.
Sorry, I didn't know.
You were gonna find out
sooner or later.
not in a super awkward meeting
With your boss
on your first day.
And now my last.
- But..
No, you're not getting off
that easy.
Come on, let's get started
on your paperwork.
Milk and coffee with cream.
I mean, after the divorce
it was just anna and me.
That's my daughter.
She's turned 15.
She's beautiful.
She looks just like you.
Acts like me, too.
She's a total pain in the butt.
But I adore her.
Dan, my ex, and I
had an endless custody battle.
I was a mess.
I had no money,
no one to talk to,
And it took me a long time
to pull my life together.
I always said that
if I was ever in a position
To help a woman who was
in my situation, I would.
And you knew
that I was in that situation
Just by looking at me?
Because I was looking at myself.
Can I interest you ladies
in anything else?
Refill, a delicious muffin
to go, fresh out of the oven?
Just the check.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, let me...
you know... Thanks.
You know what?
- Here.
No. No, no, no, no.
Please, please.
It's on the house.
- Actually, it's on my pants.
Send me the dry-cleaning bill.
Don't, don't worry about it.
- Yeah, you just...
You have my keys.
- Right. Just...
those are yours.
Thank you.
- Please come back.
Um, I promise not to spill
coffee all over you again.
Come on. Time to open the store.
And then I press
the tax-exempt button? It...
No, wait. Yes.
ha! I did it!
Not bad for a first day.
You're a natural at this.
- Thank you.
I would like you and anna
to come over for dinner tonight.
You don't have to do that.
- No, I want to.
And I think brooke
would love to see you, too.
Only if it's not
too much trouble.
Of course not. 6:30?
I'll bring the wine.
Dan. What are you doing here?
Anna left her laptop
at my place.
look, while I'm here, can we
Change our weekends next month?
No. We've already
been through this.
This is my place of business.
Please don't put me on the spot.
You never change, do you?
You're a roadblock
just to be a roadblock.
All right, we're done talking.
Get out of my store.
It's not the end
of this conversation, liz.
That's why we have lawyers, dan.
Hey, nikki.
Sorry to drop in.
Hey! You're looking for liz?
Sh-she might,
she might need a few minutes.
Yeah. She and dan
still at odds?
Yeah, maybe.
- Actually, I'm looking for you.
Um, I found this after you left.
I've been looking for this.
It just keeps slipping off.
- It's, celtic, right?
That's right. Graduation gift
from my grandmother.
Well, it's very beautiful.
Have you been to ireland?
- No. Always wanted to.
My grandmother and I
even planned a trip,
But then she passed away.
I'm sorry.
Thanks. It was a few years ago.
Anyway, thank you,
thank you for this.
- I owe you one.
- okay.
Um, buy me a coffee,
we'll call it even.
Um, don't you get free coffee
at work?
Yeah, but it's always better
when someone else makes it.
I have to pick up my daughter
from school soon, so...
Okay. Maybe later this week?
You know where to find me.
Hey, liz. Always a pleasure.
Bye, nikki.
He just dropped by.
I know. That's gavin.
Hey, I couldn't help but
overhear. Is everything okay?
It's pretty typical dan.
Come on, I'll show you how to
lock up. Lights are in the back.
You've been quiet
this afternoon.
Hm? How was your first day?
- Whoa, slow down.
I can't keep up
with all this information.
I didn't know anyone, all
my classes are either way ahead
Or way behind
from where I was back home,
And I forgot my lunch
in the car.
So not a stellar first day.
- No.
Give it time, sweetheart.
I know you'll make friends soon.
shall we let our guests in?
- Hi, brooke!
This is my daughter anna.
- Hi.
Hi, anna. I'm nikki.
- My mom told me about you.
Mostly good things.
Why don't you come in?
...And the boxes came,
and it turned out
I hadn't ordered 12,
I had ordered 12 dozen.
Well, I am happy my first day
Went a little smoother
than that.
Speaking of, how was your
first day of school, brooke?
- It's an adjustment.
It'll take some getting used to.
I totally know how you feel.
I moved up to the high school
last year.
I was so scared.
- You were?
Took me a while,
but now I love it.
Who are your teachers?
- My schedule is in my room.
Mom, can we go get it?
- Sure.
She really opened up to anna.
I haven't gotten
more than two words all day.
It's probably nice
for her to talk
To someone closer to her age.
Brooke needs a friend right now.
Liz, thank you for everything
you're doing.
First the job, and now anna...
We all need a friend
every now and then.
So, what brought gavin
by the store today?
he was returning my keychain.
He had your keychain?
It keeps falling off.
It just needs to get fixed.
And now he wants to take you
for coffee?
Well, liz, I don't wanna step
on any toes...
No, it's, it's not that.
are you sure?
If you still have feelings...
gavin and I are definitely over.
He was clingy,
and I couldn't stand it.
And truth is,
I'm, I'm just concerned.
Concerned? Why?
I don't wanna overstep,
but I just want you to be okay.
Why wouldn't I be?
mom, can we have dessert now?
Sure. Why don't you help me
clear the table?
I'll be right back.
Did you grab the salad bowl?
- No, not yet.
I'll get it.
and you're acting
like this at someone's house?
because you're being
like this at someone's house.
Anna, you're two years away
from even applying to colleges.
He said you'd say no. Why're you
still so angry with dad? If...
Anna, I'm not discussing this
right now.
- Where are you going?
The bathroom.
Or can't I go there, either?
you're so controlling.
Sorry, I didn't mean
to eavesdrop.
Is everything okay?
I've learned with dan
if you give him an inch,
He'll take a light year.
I just have to hold
my boundaries, that's all.
Would you like
a little more wine?
I'd like a lot more wine.
thank you.
So what about brooke's dad?
There's not much to say.
He left after he found out
I was pregnant
And then came back for a couple
months after brooke was born
And then disappeared again.
Drifted in and out
every few years,
Breaking brooke's heart
every time.
I'm sorry.
I never really dated,
Always hoping
he'd get his act together.
stupid, huh?
Not stupid. Sounds like he was.
Well, I finally stopped waiting
And moved us here
for a fresh start.
To new lives.
Can I take music lessons?
Music lessons?
Yeah, there's music classes
at school.
I wanna play guitar.
Brooke, I wish I could say yes,
But we really don't have
the extra money
For an instrument right now.
But, look, you can join
the choir for free.
I don't like to sing.
I'm sorry, honey.
Maybe next year.
Thank you for shopping with us.
I have to run to the bank.
You okay on your own
for a few minutes?
I think so.
Bring you a coffee?
- You're an angel.
Thank you for shopping with us.
- Thanks.
- Hi!
I hadn't heard from you
about coffee,
So latte with almond milk,
You remembered.
Well, it's hard
to forget an order
After you dump it
all over someone.
Sorry I didn't stop by.
Things have been really busy.
- No, I get it, I get it.
How are, how are things going?
- Good.
Yeah, I think I'm getting
the hang of things around here.
How's brooke?
- A little slower to adjust.
She's mad at me because
I can't get her a guitar.
For her music lessons.
That's a shame.
- It's fine.
She's 12, she'll be upset
or super stoked
About something else
in a few days.
fair enough.
Hey, um, I have a couple tickets
To fireside seven on Saturday.
What? I thought they broke up.
- They did.
But a few members
are doing a benefit concert.
And my friend canceled
last minute, and I thought
Maybe you'd like to join me.
I love them, but I wouldn't
wanna take your extra ticket.
No, no, no,
you-you'd be doing me a favor.
Come on.
Don't make me go alone.
hey turn the radio on
Yeah, all right, okay. Why not?
Great, great.
Okay, concert's at 8:00.
I'll pick you up at 6:00,
we'll, we'll grab dinner first.
Hey, liz.
- What brings you by?
Just a long-overdue coffee.
I'm actually on my way out.
Well, you know the way.
See you Saturday.
turn the radio on
I guess you don't need this.
- I didn't know he was coming by.
"see you Saturday?"
- he invited me to a concert.
Liz, look, I-I don't have t...
- nikki, I'm not your mother.
If you wanna keep seeing gavin,
it's your call.
Are you sure? I'm not breaking
some sort of girl code?
Nope. He's all yours.
Come on,
let's get started on inventory.
You look really pretty, mom.
Thank you, sweetheart.
You excited
to hang out with anna?
she's here.
All right.
Hi, brooke.
Gavin, you're early.
Brooke, you remember gavin.
He owns the coffee shop
- Nice to see ya.
Your mom tells me
that you like music.
- Well...
Then I think
you should have this.
Gavin? Gavin, this is too much.
- Mom, look!
It was just gathering dust
in the back of my closet.
Can I keep it, mom, please?
- I...
What do you say to gavin?
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I'm gonna go practice!
That's very kind of you.
- I hope you don't mind.
I just thought,
since I wasn't using it...
I really appreciate the thought.
It's just,
it's a, it's a big gift.
Don't mention it.
Hi, anna. Come on in.
- Nikki.
Hey, gavin.
- Hi, anna. How's your mom?
She's good. She said to say hi.
Anna, thank you for keeping
brooke company tonight.
We'll be back before 11:00?
Sounds good.
Is brooke in her room?
Yes, yes.
She is practicing her guitar.
Shall we?
tough skin
sunset in her eyes
she's got her shades
all see those...
He was awesome. That solo
on white roses? It was epic.
I'm glad you had fun.
- Yeah.
Best night I've had in a while.
Hey, what do you say we pop into
the cafe for a little dessert?
I don't know.
It's getting late.
It's not that late, plus,
I have a caramel cheesecake
To die for.
A little nightcap for
your "best night in a while."
Okay. A quick dessert.
so what did you do?
What any savvy
business owner would.
I-I gave him a month's supply
of free coffee and muffins.
Hey, um, I need to tell you
I know it's not cool to talk
about exes on first dates,
But, liz and I dated for a bit.
I know. She told me.
- Okay, good.
I didn't want
things to get awkward
If we were to go
on another date, or dates.
Well, I respect your honesty.
Is it okay if I ask, um,
there's not an angry ex-husband
That's gonna get up
in my face, is there?
Angry is highly probable,
showing up is very unlikely.
I'm sorry.
I-I shouldn't have asked.
We don't have to talk about it.
- It's okay. Yeah.
Brooke's father promised
to be the dad that she wanted,
Promised to be the husband
that I wanted,
But, um, he couldn't do it.
And actions speak louder
than words, as they say, so...
That's unbelievable.
You and brooke are so amazing.
Thank you. Yeah, we have
a much better life now.
- What about you??
Never married? No kids?
No. No, not anymore.
Gavin, I-I'm sorry...
No, no, no, no.
It's, it's-it's fine.
I-I, I never talk about it
with anyone.
But, but you,
you're, you're easy to talk to.
Years ago I was
with this really great woman,
And we got, pregnant
while we were dating.
We had a, we had a girl...
She was two months
when she died of sids.
Gavin, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, yeah, it's just,
it's one of those stories
You hear about other people,
you know, and...
Well, needless to say, um,
losing her
Didn't bring us closer together.
Yeah, I get that.
What a thing to go through.
Hey, thank you.
I'm glad you told me.
It's getting late.
I gotta get you home.
Right. Anna will probably
be wondering where I am.
- Thanks.
I've wanted to do that
since the first time I saw you.
Gavin, I...
This doesn't sound like
it's gonna be good.
It's just that, um,
I'm just getting settled,
And I've got brooke
to think about.
And I'm just not ready
to jump into anything too fast.
I understand. Yeah, I mean,
we'll-we'll take it slow.
I just like
spending time with you.
I really like spending time
with you, too.
Okay, then that's all
this needs to be,
Just two people
spending time together.
Someone's in a good mood.
Would this have anything to do
with your date last night?
I wouldn't call it a date.
Not exactly.
And don't worry,
we talked and we agreed,
We are taking it slow.
These are for you.
- Thank you.
Taking it slow, huh?
good job.
- all right.
You girls have fun today.
I should only be at the store
for a few hours.
I thought you weren't leaving
until 12:00.
I am going to get a coffee
first with gavin.
It is our one-month anniversary.
All right. I'll see you later.
- Hi.
Just in time for my break.
I think I'm gonna name
a drink after you on the menu.
What's it gonna be called?
what? What?
No, you're just, you're
just adorable, that's all.
Hey, I, um, I got you something.
Open it.
Gavin, what did you do?
Well, you said
you always wanted to go.
And I've been itching
to get out of town, so...
This is too much!
- Do you like it?
I love it, but...
Shoot, it's liz.
I gotta go.
- You gotta go already?
I was supposed to be there
ten minutes ago.
I'll call you later.
- Okay. Yeah.
Thank you.
This is amazing.
Sorry. I didn't realize
how late it was.
It's calmed down now.
It's not like you to be late.
I know, I was with gavin.
- Of course.
What's that?
Um, gavin wants
to take me to ireland.
He's already bought the tickets?
These are first class.
He must have spent thousands.
- What? Really?
Nikki, this is the exact
opposite of taking it slow.
Can I leave this with you?
Let's chat later.
you know
I see a lot of myself in you.
I do.
Well, I made a few mistakes
when I was younger,
And I don't wanna see you
make the same ones I did.
But I'm seeing some red flags
with gavin
That you may not be seeing.
Red flags?
Well, you know, dan,
my ex-husband, he was a charmer.
We met
when I was down on my luck,
Then he came swooping in
like a savior.
Expensive gifts,
lots of compliments.
Only a few months
after we started dating,
He had me moving in with him
and quitting my job.
I couldn't see or maybe I didn't
wanna see what he was doing.
Which was what?
Isolating me.
Making me rely on him so that
I didn't have an identity
Outside of our relationship.
Okay, um, what does this
have to do with gavin?
Dating gavin was like
dan, the sequel.
The charm, the smile,
the flowers, the gifts,
And then it all turned.
Wanting to spend
all of our time together,
And getting jealous
whenever I had other plans.
It was, it was exhausting.
So I broke it off,
and it got ugly.
Really? Well, you seem
to get along fine now.
Yeah, only because I avoid him
whenever I can.
Liz, gavin's been through a lot.
Well, maybe he just moves fast
because he's afraid of losing
What he's got again.
I, I'm only telling you
my experience.
Look, nikki, I don't want
to control your life.
I-if you wanna
keep seeing gavin,
Then I won't stand in your way.
But just watch
for the red flags.
I'm gonna grab some more wine.
King me.
- Whoa, whoa!
Are you sure you didn't cheat?
- Mom!
Was anna coming back?
- hey, gavin.
- hey, brooke.
How's the guitar going?
- Good. I learned a nirvana song.
Nirvana? You're gonna
have to show me that.
Okay, I'll go get my guitar.
- Actually...
Can you give your mom and I
a few minutes first?
- Thanks.
Gavin, what are you doing here?
Um, well, I wanted to finish
our conversation
From this afternoon.
Um, I got something for you.
Gavin, it...
Wow. It's beautiful.
I know we've only known
each other a little while,
But it feels like much longer.
Look, I had this whole speech
about the necklace
And the trip
and what it all represents,
But that's kinda feeling cheesy
right now,
So I'm just gonna say it.
I'd like you to move in.
Move-move in with you?
Yeah, I-I saw
how you had to rush
Into the store today,
on a weekend...
Well, I had to work.
- But what if you didn't have to?
You're struggling to make
ends meet in a dead-end job...
Dead-end job?
- I just mean...
You're capable of so much more
With just a little bit of help
to get back on your feet.
I know this is a big step,
but, nikki,
I've, I've never felt like this
about anyone before.
And after losing violet,
I-I, I didn't think
I could be this happy again.
What about brooke?
- Well...
My place has lots of space.
It's closer to her school,
She could walk if she wanted.
She's just getting settled
after the move.
I need to think about
what's best for her.
Well, maybe what's best for her
Is a little financial stability
And-and a mom
who can be there for her more.
Well, are you saying
I'm neglecting my daughter?
No, no, not at all.
W... Where are you getting that?
I-I, I-I don't know,
it's just, t-things are moving
A lot faster than I'm ready for.
I know we haven't exactly
taken things slow,
But, nikki, I think we can
make each other really happy.
Gavin, I'm not ready
For a serious relationship
right now.
And I, I ignored a lot of
red flags in my last relatio...
What, what? Red flags?
I think
we need to take a step back.
I really, really like you,
We just want different things
right now.
I'm, I'm sorry
if I pushed too hard.
It's only 'cause, you know,
I-I really like you. I...
Don't be sorry. I had
a really great time with you.
Just not the right timing.
Right. Right.
Will you tell brooke
I said goodbye?
Of course.
Bye, nikki.
- Hey. I'm just tidying up.
I know. The store
has never been so clean.
It's almost like
you're avoiding me.
I'm not avoiding you.
Okay, yes, I am avoiding you.
I broke things off with gavin
last night.
He came to my house unannounced
And asked me
to move in with him.
Yikes. What did you say?
- I panicked.
I kept hearing your voice in
my head, so I basically told him
Too much, too fast,
too many red flags.
I'm sorry.
- I mean, sorry?
You suggested it.
That doesn't mean
I wanna see you sad.
I know.
- Trust me.
In the long run,
I think it's better this way.
I only hope
I made the right choice.
I just don't wanna look back
and regret it.
no, I don't think
you will, nikki.
It's for the best.
Thank you.
Miss? Hi.
- can I help you?
- I was wondering...
I think we're gonna get
cleaned out tomorrow.
Anything you want dibs on
before the sale?
Dan? What's up?
I've told you not to call me
during business hours.
Liz, I just have to go
pick up brooke from guitar.
Hold on a sec.
No worries. Tell her I say hi.
You okay? 'cause I can stay.
- It's dan. I'm fine.
Okay, well,
I can come back afterwards,
Put out some sale signs,
clearance tags?
I can handle
a roll of masking tape.
See you tomorrow, girlie.
- Okay. Bye.
okay. What's so important?
No. I'm not discussing
this again.
What are you still doing up?
- I'm working on the f chord.
Well, work on them tomorrow,
It's past your bedtime.
- Mom!
Goodnight. I love you.
I will be listening
for clandestine f chords.
Goodnight, mom. Love you, too.
- Hey. Checking in.
How are you holding up?
- Fine. Mostly.
I could ask the same about you.
- I'm fine, too.
Why "mostly?"
I don't know. I...
I've just been wondering
what if I made the wrong call.
I know you had
a bad relationship with dan,
And I just hope it's not
clouding things with gavin.
Okay, well,
why don't you sleep on it?
I'm-I'm just about
finished here,
So I'm gonna go pick anna up
at her friend's house.
Although I'm sure she'd rather
stay there an extra day or two.
What's that mean?
- She's mad at me about dan.
Ooh. Well, if you need me,
call for reinforcements.
Deal. And, hey, hang in there.
I will. Bye.
Anna! What are you doing here?
I'm so sorry, I tried to call,
but your phone was off.
H-how did you get here?
- I was at my friend charissa's.
She lives a couple blocks away.
Well, they let you leave
by yourself?
I thought my mom was coming,
so I was waiting outside.
She didn't come to pick me up.
I think they went to bed.
I didn't know what to do.
- I'm glad you're here.
She's not answering her phone.
I'm worried.
We're having a big sale
at the store tomorrow.
She probably
just lost track of time.
- Hey.
Why don't you let me
call her, okay?
hey, I know
you wanted liz, but guess what,
You've got her voicemail,
if you want me to call me back,
Say something interesting.
Anna, brooke is asleep.
Can you stay here with her?
I'm gonna go to the store.
- But...
I'm sure it's fine.
I'll call you when I get there.
Liz, are you here?
Gavin? What are you doing here?
I saw your car out front.
What happened here?
Nikki hansen?
- Yes.
I'm detective banks, I just
wanna ask you a few questions.
Of course.
When was the last time
you talked to ms. Cole?
We spoke a few hours ago
on the phone.
E-earlier today
I saw her here at the store.
Did you notice anything unusual?
Not really. Well...
We were prepping a sale
To clear out some old stock.
Does the store
have a camera system?
I don't think so.
Liz never mentioned one.
you said you came back
around midnight?
We've been trying to contact
anna's father...
I don't think
that's a good idea.
Why's that?
- Liz has custody.
I just don't think
she'd want anna going with dan.
I'll talk to dcfs. We'll see
if we can find her a tempo...
I can take her.
I don't know
if they'll agree to that.
her mother just went missing.
The last thing she needs
is to be with some stranger
For the night.
I'll see what I can do.
thank you.
You should talk to dan,
though, about liz.
I heard them arguing earlier.
was that unusual
that they argued?
No. They fought all the time.
Did this fight
sound any different?
No, not really.
What time was that?
- Six o'clock.
I was leaving to pick up
my daughter from guitar.
You said you talked to liz
after that.
Yes, around 8:00, and she said
Everything was fine.
We'll have to lock down
the crime scene for a few days
While forensics
looks things over. Okay?
Detective, in cases like these,
How likely is it...
Ms. Hansen,
every case is different,
And we have to see
where the evidence leads.
It's not good, is it?
Please call me
if you think of anything else.
Hey. The police told me I had
to leave. A-a-are you okay?
No, no, I'm not.
Where is she, gavin?
What happened to her?
- I wish I knew.
Do they have any leads?
- no, no.
They don't know if she's alive,
or if...
Hey. It's just a broken mirror.
It does not mean she's not okay.
Blood usually means
someone isn't okay, gavin.
we need to stay positive
until we hear something.
Do you want me
to come drive you home?
No, no, no, I'm fine. I...
I need to go and tell anna
what happened.
That's not gonna be easy.
Promise me you'll call
if you need anything.
Yeah, I will. Thank you.
No problem.
I'd do anything for you, nikki.
I know.
hey, I know
you wanted liz, but guess what,
You've got her voicemail.
If you want me to call you back,
Say something interesting.
- Hey.
Hey. I, closed early today.
Most of the downtown did,
actually. Everyone was worried.
How are you holding up?
Trying to keep it together
for anna's sake.
How's she doing?
- She's finally asleep.
She was up all night.
- Nikki, right?
I'm looking for anna.
- I-I'm...
I'm sorry, I can't let you in.
- Princess, are you okay?
Hey. Wh...
Anna. Honey, here.
I'm so sorry.
Hey. Shh, shh, shh.
Go on and get your things.
I'm gonna take you home. Okay?
All right.
Mr. Miller, I...
We're gonna get out
of your hair.
I'm afraid
I can't let you take her.
What are you talking about?
I get it.
What did liz tell you?
Dcfs has granted me
protective custody.
She's my daughter!
And I understand that,
but until I hear differently,
I am her guardian,
and I can't let her go with you.
Her mother is missing! She needs
to be with her family right now.
I'm sorry.
- Listen to me...
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back it up.
Or what?
- Dad?
Just a second, princess.
We're talking.
Just talking, right?
- Yeah.
So why don't you leave
before this gets ugly
In front of your daughter?
Princess, I can't take you
with me right now.
Why not?
- I'm sorry.
I will come back to get you
As soon as I can, I promise.
- I promise.
I'm gonna be back to get
you as soon as I can.
Things just keep getting worse,
don't they?
You got a lot going on
right now and...
I'm just gonna go.
Would you...
Will you stay a little while?
Of course.
thank you.
- No problem.
How is she doin'?
She finally fell back asleep.
Poor thing,
she's completely exhausted.
You know, it's strange...
What's that?
Liz always talks about dan
like he's this monster,
But he seems like a dad who's
concerned about his daughter.
Are you saying liz was lying?
No, no, not lying,
But maybe biased?
Well, he did get
pretty threatening.
If someone told me
I couldn't take my daughter home
From a stranger's house,
I don't know how I'd react.
Yeah, but just because
he's a good father...
It doesn't mean
that he's a good husband.
I know.
Or that
he wouldn't have hurt liz.
Would he,
would he have a motive?
I've been thinking about that.
If liz is gone,
all of her assets go to anna.
But until anna turns 18...
- Dan's in charge.
And he stands to inherit
his ex-wife's assets.
At least for a few years.
Gavin, if he hurt liz
To get to anna,
I can't let him take her.
Well, then we need to find out
what really happened.
I know I said
things were moving too fast,
But with everything going on,
I'm really happy you're here.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
I've, um... Missed you.
- Why are you looking up my dad?
You think he had something to do
with my mom?
I don't know what to think.
Is that why
I can't stay with him?
No, it's complicated, anna.
My dad has worked so hard
to be a different person,
And my mom doesn't wanna see it.
And now you won't, either.
do the police have
any new leads?
So what are you gonna do now?
what can I do?
Wait for the police
to investigate.
Nikki, liz could be
in real trouble.
And if dan's behind it...
- we don't know that he is.
You know what she said
about him.
I-I know, I know.
More and more I'm wondering what
if liz isn't telling the truth?
What if there was
a side to her that...
I don't know.
There is.
- What?
What do you mean?
Look, I didn't wanna say
anything, I know you and liz
Are friends, and I-I don't
wanna speak ill of her.
Gavin, what is it?
You have to tell me.
I just think
there's a side of her
That's kind of cruel.
I don't know how else to say it.
She seemed to enjoy making life
difficult for people.
Well, one day she'd be angry
that she hadn't heard from you
And the next she acted like
you were smothering her.
Like, you couldn't win.
And it wasn't just me.
She burned through employees
like crazy.
Even her own daughter.
Anna can only see her dad
on liz's terms.
Anna told me once that her and
her dad used to be very close.
I wonder if he got tired
of being cut out.
We don't know
that that's what happened.
I just feel like dan's involved.
What if...
What if we kept an eye on him?
But how do we do that?
- I have a friend.
He's an-an old college roommate.
He's a pi.
Private investigator?
- He owes me a favor.
I-I-I don't know, gavin.
Maybe we should just give
the police a little more time.
And let the trail run cold?
Tell you what?
Tell you what, let me call him.
Maybe he'll agree
that it's a police problem.
But at least we'll know.
I guess.
I'll let you know
as soon as I hear from him.
Thank you, gavin, I...
I don't know what I'd do
if you weren't here.
You won't have to find out.
- Nikki. Hey.
I'm not
one-hundred percent sure,
But I-I think
I've got something.
What is it?
- look, I-it's late.
Why don't you come to the cafe
in the morning, okay?
I'll make you breakfast,
I'm guessing
You've been too stressed to eat.
Okay. I'll come by after
I drop brooke off at school.
Okay, okay, I'll see you then.
If you scream, it goes back on,
and it's not coming off again.
You understand?
Brought you something to eat.
Gavin, please...
You have to let me out of here.
See, I only wanted
to talk to you, liz.
But you can't ever be
If it's not your way,
you-you flip out.
I'm sorry.
Please, we can work this out
if you just let me out of here.
See, nikki, she's easygoing.
She gets me.
We clicked the moment we met.
Well, you don't give up on love
like that.
And without you around,
we actually have a real chance.
What are you gonna do?
You can't keep me here forever.
I'll-I'll let you go.
I just need to be sure
you'll keep your mouth shut.
Gavin, please...
- now, you want something to eat?
I won't say a word. Please.
All right.
No, no. No.
Stop, stop. Please.
Did you talk to your friend?
- I did, yeah.
He said he was gonna
look into it,
He found something right away.
It turns out dan
Has an online dating profile.
Check out
his relationship status.
- And that's not all.
He didn't turn
his bluetooth off, so my friend
Pulled up a list of
recent locations on his phone.
Well, these are all
near the store.
He's been hanging around
the neighborhood for three days.
Well, we need to show this
to the police.
Well, we will,
but we'll need something
A little more concrete
than this.
the cops just blow it off.
We're gonna nail this guy,
For liz.
- For liz.
Now, let's get you
something to eat.?
Would you like to hear
the breakfast specials?
I also take requests.
I don't have
much of an appetite.
Maybe just a coffee?
- Nikki...
You can't help liz if
you don't take care of yourself.
So why don't you let me
take care of you?
Okay. Granola.
Coming right up.
I'll be right back.
Everyone's up there
looking for ya, liz.
Dan is in on the action.
What about anna? Is she okay?
She's coping.
Well, nikki and I
are taking care of her.
Would you please eat something?
I need to see my daughter.
Please, gavin,
you don't have to do this.
Liz, I want you to see her.
Okay? I do.
But how am I supposed to trust
what you're gonna do
If I let you go?
I promise, I won't say a word.
I'm sorry, I,
I just can't take that chance.
Can I have some water?
- Yeah.
Ms. Hansen, you've reopened?
Y-yeah, I'm trying
to keep the store alive.
I think liz would've wanted it
for her daughter.
I just wanted to ask
a few more questions
About your relationship
with elizabeth cole.
You two are close?
- She's my boss.
And a friend.
I understand there was conflict
between you two
The day she disappeared.
Conflict? Who told you that?
Something about a boyfriend?
- Um, that's gavin.
No, no, we weren't fighting.
We had a disagreement...
Was it about the store?
- The store?
Well, what's this?
- It's an amendment to her will.
Giving you conservatorship
of anna's inheritance,
Which includes this store.
What? No.
- You didn't know about this?
It appears
she had her attorney draft it
Before she disappeared
last week.
I had no idea.
- So you're saying...
You didn't have a motive.
- Motive?
D-detective, am I a suspect?
You're a person of interest.
I'd like to ask you a few more
questions down at the station.
Maybe tomorrow afternoon?
And, ms. Hansen, I suggest
that you consult a lawyer.
I'm a suspect?
What am I supposed
to tell brooke?
You really had no idea
she was adding you to her will?
No, she didn't say anything,
and now the police are looking
Into me, when they should be
looking into dan.
Just because the police
aren't watching dan
Doesn't mean I can't.
Why don't you get
your pi friend do it?
He's on a case right now.
It'll be fine.
Dan won't even know.
- hey, hey, hey.
Liz was my friend, too.
I thought you said
she made your life difficult.
Well, yeah.
We had a rough break-up.
I'm not gonna deny that.
But we still care
about each other.
I'm not so sure
that goes both ways.
She said some pretty harsh
things about you
When we were dating.
That's why I didn't know
what to believe about dan.
She was so wrong about you.
Nikki, I wanna make things
Let me help her now.
One day ago.
Nikki, have you heard
from my dad?
Not in a few days. Why?
- He's not answering his phone.
He's probably busy.
Why don't you keep trying?
Sorry, sweetheart,
I have to take this.
Gavin? Where are you?
I was following dan,
but I lost him.
what's that sound?
Um, I'm at the cafe. Someone...
Someone must've left
their phone here, I-I guess.
Gavin, I need to see you.
Now's not a good time
actually, you know?
Things are, things are
kinda busy at the moment.
I'll come by the cafe.
- No, no, no.
I'm-I'm not, I'm not
at the cafe, nikki.
- You just said you were.
- yeah, yeah...
I just walked out. Just
give me a, give me a minute.
And I'll-I'll call you
right back, okay? Thanks.
Dad's phone is off now.
anna, I need you to stay
with brooke for a little bit.
Why? Where are you going?
- Gonna look for you dad.
That's violet.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, please. Okay.
I'm gonna get you some help.
Liz. Liz.
Nikki, thank god!
Please, you have to get me
out of here.
dan. My god!
My god!
Look, I'm sorry, liz.
Please know I never
wanted it to be like this.
I thought
we could figure something out,
But things are getting
out of hand.
How did you get your gag off?
I know you're here.
Nikki, I know
what this looks like,
But let me explain.
Hurry! Hurry, nikki!
I just need you to listen to me.
This wasn't my fault.
Look, after you broke it off
with me,
I went to the store
to talk to liz. I-I had to.
I went to tell her
to leave us alone.
"red flags?"
I know you talked to her.
You know,
we're done talking here.
I knew that she
Poisoned you against me.
Everything that you said to me,
I'd heard before.
They weren't your words.
They were hers.
We're done talking.
You should leave.
- Don't make me call the police.
What? Come on.
I-I-I'm sorry, just-just... Can
we please just talk about this?
- No! No!
and I didn't mean
for her to get hurt.
I didn't mean for any of it,
nikki, I didn't.
I wanted to help her. I did.
But I knew she wouldn't leave
well enough alone.
She was gonna ruin my life,
Take everything from me.
I panicked, you know?
I-I thought
if I waited long enough
For her to calm down, I could
reason with her, but then
She woke up in the back
of my van a-a-and freaked out!
no. No!
please, please,
just come out so we can talk.
We can talk.
W-w-we can always talk.
We can talk about everything.
Look, I know you're in there,
Just, you don't
have to be afraid...
Hey, nikki. What are you doin'?
Why can't we just talk?
Come on!
Nikki, please, let me explain.
Stay back.
- Okay, okay. Okay.
I've been, I've been thinking
of a way out of this,
Because we can have a life
together, you know,
You, me and-and brooke.
We can be a family, okay,
'cause I'm,
I'm not giving that up again.
Gavin, I know
you don't wanna hurt anyone.
Please, just let liz and dan go.
Then we can talk.
- No.
No, I can't do that.
But I have figured it out. Okay?
Angry ex-husband.
Bitter custody battle.
Liz'll be gone and-and we can,
we can finally be together.
You're okay.
You're okay.
I'm fine. Really.
Glad to see you alive and well.
I should get to the hospital
and see dan.
I can get checked out there.
- I'll go with you.
Detective, are we finished?
- I have enough for tonight.
You are lucky
to have a friend like that.
She never gave up on you.
- I could say the same about her.
Hey, you are safe now.
Thank you, nikki,
for everything.
I had to get you back.
I don't wanna run the store
by myself.
I think
you're due for a promotion.
Okay, you stay put.
I am gonna go get the car.
So, what do you think,
store manager?
I love it.
Mom, liz, the store looks great.
Thanks, brooke.
what do you think about
Taco Tuesday
at our place tonight?
I never say no to guacamole.
I wanna show brooke
those new sweaters you got in.
All right. Right there.
Mom, text dad what to bring
to the barbeque on Sunday.
You and dan seem to be
getting along well these days.
We're both trying our best
for anna's sake.
Something about having an ex
try and kill you
Makes other exes
look not so bad.
I have others
I can introduce you to.
No thank you.
I am gonna be concentrating
on my friendships right now.
I can get onboard with that.
you are beneath me
and I still want you
anyway you want
when my heart stops beating
you will run
I still love you
do you want me?
anyway you want
when my heart stops beating
you will know
anyway you want
when my heart stops beating
you will run
anyway you want
anyway you want
I want you to listen now
I want you to hear me now
keep me in your way
and if you don't
I will stay
you are beneath me
and I still want you
anyway you want
when my heart stops beating
you will learn
I know you'll leave me
to go see her
I don't know who
anyway you want
you always get the way
you want
anyway you want
when my heart stops beating
you will know
anyway you want
when my heart stops beating
you will run
anyway you want
anyway you want
I want you to listen now
I want you to hear me now
keep me in your way
and if you don't
I will stay
you are beneath me
and I still want you
anyway you want
when my heart stops beating
you will learn
I know you'll leave me
to go see her
I don't know who
anyway you want
you always get the way
you want