A Daughter Of Destiny (1928) Movie Script

At the beginning of the Middle Ages the
legend of the mandrake was born.
According to legend, a root
was transformed into a human being.
We have to go out at night to find the
root, when the clock strikes midnight.
You should place the stick into the ground
below the gallows.
The root of the mandrake, with its
strength and Magic brought fortune to men,
but misfortune and pain.
His Excellency, Professor
Jakob ten Brink was famous for his
ability to experiment with the
hereditary character of man.
During my studies, I have found the
legend of the mandrake, and now
I look at this old superstition
We know the wind carries
pollen from flower to flower...
without any will, without a
certain goal.
And thus was born in the laboratory
the animal laboratory. I wanted to
discover: Is character
inherited from the parents or
just by chance?
I always say to my students:
We should overcome the road
open for experiments
Teacher's Voronoff. XXX.
Above all, we should pay attention
to the results. Because then we open
new possibilities for the
study of humanity.
Franz Braun, nephew of the teacher.
Wouldn't these men just mock you, uncle?
On the contrary! It would be the
biggest experiment of my life:
Creating a man in the laboratory.
A being with a hereditary character
that does not come influenced by
the parents.
The woman must be of the same qualities
as the land fertilized under the gallows,
the "mandrake" must come from
the dregs of society.
While the prison administration
got a man for the professor,
Franz Braun was looking for women for his
uncle needed to perfect the experiment.
Alraune, daughter of sin... from the
dark days of superstition.
Franz Baum his uncle was looking for the
ideal woman he needed for his experiment.
I am warning you. Forget that your
plan violates nature,
the finest of life...
Beware: The legend of the mandrake is
real! It will become a living being,
but it lacks the warmth of life, and
bears the cold of death inside.
I tell you, the legend of the mandrake is true. It is a living being that lacks
the warmth of life and bears the cold of death within itself. Be on guard...
consequences of your action...
Nature will have her revenge!
Alraune be educated at school
Convent of the Sacred-Heart.
I cannot do this to my parents!
I want to do everything you want.
On the bank of the Industry
and Credit.
Mom sends you greetings.
And the Mandrake?
The evolution of Mandrake.
24 October 1908 It is a success,
with the help of my nephew,
the creation of a Mandrake root.
He is a dreamer, I, by contrast,
am a man of science... I am
above prejudice.
According to legend, the mandrake
brings fortune and wealth. Today I have
selected a name: Alraune ten Brink.
It is blasphemy... and you will
be punished.
Alraune disappears without a trace...
School of the Sacred Heart convent.
I want champagne!
At one stop, Alraune lies for the first
time to people from a traveling circus.
Aren't you afraid of a mouse?
After months of investigation,
Alraune ten Brink was found.
In the end, I knew I would succeed.
Alraune, doesn't it embarrass you?
I'm scared of you.
You used to be my nephew. We moved away
until your story was forgotten.
Enough of this visit by a gentleman.
Who do you think is your father?
I offend, Alraune.
If you knew where you came from!
And then presented in
high society.
Father, come here!
Surprisingly, father, we
seem so little alike.
Do I look more like my mother?
Yes... I think of your mother often.
What if she looks like her mother?
Dear lady, I want to ask
the professor for you hand.
Sorry, sir... Alraune is yet
very young and should remain with me.
Tonight at eleven I flee with her.
What a shame... An experiment
by a cynical scientist...
a daughter of vice and crime.
What is my place among men?
I play him. I get even with him.
You are right... I stayed with him.
Dear Dad, I think you're jealous.
His letter was brought to me here.
In the diary of my "father" I read
everything that happened before my birth.
Have mercy on me...
I want to know everything.
I'll give you everything you want, but
we go from here.
Alraune... you and me...
You're a cheater! What were you thinking?
I have now learned
that this woman is not you daughter.
I cannot deceive you.
You must stay with me,
or I will kill you...
Dear Professor! It is as if
a ghost followed you... as if
a devil wanted to harm another.
All speculation has failed...
She has destroyed...
Come to the gaming table, Alraune.
You will bring me luck.
Play red, the color
of good fortune.
Red five times in a row.
Place your bets!
For the ninth time the ball has landed
on red.
I want to leave.
We have not lost everything yet, Alraune.
We still have your jewels.
We have not lost everything, Alraune.
We still have your jewelry.
Yes... but not with you...
Take me out of here...
Give me another soul, a heart...
and I will become a human being
and love as a human being.
Alraune began a new life together
the one she loved. And the one who
violated the laws of nature, fell into
a hell of loneliness and insanity.