A Daughter's Nightmare (2014) Movie Script

A man who lived his life
with love and compassion.
Considerate to his older
brother Cameron,
loving father and friend
to his daughter Ariel,
devoted husband and life partner
to his wife Dana.
Jack Morgan will be
forever missed.
# No regrets,
# I'll watch over you.
# Live on for me,
# my loves.
# Dry your tears,
# I'm where I should be.
# I'm watching you
from above. #
Bye, Dad.
There's a lot of people here.
I didn't think everyone
would drive up from Spokane.
Yeah, it's nice.
Well, your daddy was a very
easy man to like.
Wasn't he, Cam?
That he was.
I'm really gonna miss him.
Me too, baby.
Hey, can you open the car?
Your doctor said no smoking!
What part of that
didn't you get?
Thank you for folding that.
You ok?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You know, I don't have to go
this semester, I can stay.
I can stay here with you
and we can hang out.
Don't you be silly.
Besides, what did we promise
your father?
That we would go on living.
That's right.
Which is why I'm going
to learn how to fly solo.
Ok, well I'll leave that
dress here to keep you company.
I might take this scarf.
No, I like that scarf!
Give it to me!
Glad you're here.
I thought maybe you'd
changed your mind again.
No, I tried but she wouldn't
let me.
Can you take those, too?
Thank you.
Yeah, it's all ah, you know,
school things.
Good morning.
Well, does she have to bring
all her shoes?
Oh, thank you.
I hope it's strong enough.
I'm sure it is.
How're you doing?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Aw, you.
It's your big day.
I'm going to come home, like,
every weekend.
Honey, I'm fine.
I know, but I think I should.
We should plan some stuff,
and we'll have some adventures
or something.
Alright, I'll look forward
to it.
I'm here if you need me,
you know?
I know you are.
Just call me and I'll be here,
Alright, I love you.
I love you.
Alright, get in there before
Uncle Cam has another coronary.
Oh dear.
Agh! Ah, it hurts!
Bye, baby, love you!
Hey, Brooks!
Now, the type of psychiatric
disorder we're talking about,
it forms at a sub-conscious
Why do you keep saying that?
I'm not like that!
Adam, tell him!
Ben, Dr. Schwartstein's trying
to help you.
Please listen to him.
Ben, listen.
I was not suggesting
that you are in control
of these behaviours.
Or that you've been dishonest
with us.
Your mother, she was sick
for a long time.
And after her death, you've been
experiencing mood swings
and had trouble sleeping.
Once in a while.
And how often would you say
you've been hearing
the voices in your head?
Not too often.
Ben, sometimes when a
person's normal coping methods
become overwhelmed,
they begin to express
psychological distress
Here, you can read this at home.
Now, the type of psychiatric
disorder we're talking about,
it forms a
sub-conscious level.
You wouldn't even be
aware of it.
Give this to someone
who needs it.
Ben, hold on!
Adam, I would get Ben into
treatment as soon as possible.
His symptoms indicate that
he's suffering from
at least one dissociative
and that points to a more chronic
and severe psychopathology.
Ok, thank you.
Good luck.
Ben, hold on!
No, he thinks I'm crazy!
No, he doesn't.
He's talking to me like
I'm some kind of psycho!
Wait, no, no.
It's one opinion.
That's why we went to him,
For another opinion?
I'm working at a hospital again,
I will get you the best medical
help available, I promise.
I'm here for you, ok?
Come on, let me get you
something to eat.
You forgot this.
So you say that now...
Well, you're the one texting.
Let's start over.
I'm Ariel Morgan.
It's nice to meet you.
Ariel Morgan,
good to meet you.
I'm late for class.
what's your name?
Hey, Cam.
So, it's Friday again.
I am well aware of that.
What's the verdict?
It's been eight and a half
and you haven't come out.
Come on, you can't wallow around
in there forever.
Life marches on,
with or without you.
Come on, Dana,
are you still there?
Where else would I be?
Listen, I've got my last
surgery at 6:00,
why don't I swing by
and pick you up?
There'll be folks like you
at this meeting,
people you can talk to.
I'll see you
when you get here.
Hey, slow down, slow down.
Ariel Morgan!
Hi, yeah.
Look, I'm sorry if I was rude
this morning,
I had to drop a course.
You were a little rude.
I'm Ben Woods,
I'm a freshman.
Hi, Ben Woods.
This is, uh, sorry.
This is Adam, my stepfather.
Ariel. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
So, uh, where you off to?
I'm just going to the bus,
going home for the weekend.
So... Ridgewood.
Oh, nice.
That's where we're going.
You're going to Ridgewood?
You wanna hop in?
Uh, yeah.
That would be great!
Hop in.
Are you from the Ridgewood
Uh, no, I'm from Spokane
We moved here last summer.
We're from Seattle.
Oh, cool, what made you move
to Ridgewood?
I had a job opportunity
at the hospital.
How does your family
like it here?
It's alright, it's really
just my dad's hometown,
but it's just me
and my mom now.
My dad passed away
this summer.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You must have a lot
of family here.
Not really,
all my dad's relatives don't
really live here anymore,
and my mom is
from Georgia.
Oh, your mother's
from the South?
Yeah, Savannah.
But her parents died
when she was young
and she moved away
after that
so there's no real connection
there anymore.
She doesn't even really
have an accent.
It's just me and my mom
and my uncle Cam.
Starting over is never easy.
How's she doing now?
Uh, she's alright.
She's trying this new grief
counseling thing tonight
at my church,
so hopefully that'll help
get her out more.
There you go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you for the ride.
No problem.
I'll see you at school?
Have a good weekend!
Yeah, you too.
Can you get that?
Really? New pipe?
Yes I did.
Can you let your mother
know I'm here?
Mother, Uncle Cam's here!
I could have yelled at her,
Nobody needs to yell,
I'm right here.
You ready?
Yes, thank you for coming
to get me.
I will be in the car.
I will be back around 8:00.
Bye, have fun.
Thanks, babe.
Love you.
Love you, too.
How do you sleep at night?
I'm tougher than you.
You missed the introductions,
but why don't you tell us
who you are?
Um, alright.
Um, my name is Dana Morgan.
Oh, we're on a first name
basis here.
Ok, uh...
I grew up in Savannah,
but I've lived in Spokane
for the last 20 years
with Jack.
Jack was my husband.
We moved to Ridgewood last year
with our daughter, Ariel,
right after he was diagnosed
with lung cancer.
We were going to beat it.
Jack died this summer.
How do you feel
about Jack's death?
I uh...
I feel like I'm still sharing
my life with him.
Nothing's changed.
Except he's not here.
Who else feels like Dana?
You'd rather be anywhere
but here.
Excuse me?
You don't seem the group type.
Am I that obvious?
Maybe not to everyone.
I'm Adam.
Dana Morgan.
No last names, remember?
You're right, I do hate groups.
Normally I would agree
with you,
but in this circumstance
I think talking helps.
Your daughter told me
about this group.
My stepson Ben goes
to school with here.
Oh, wow.
We recently moved
from Seattle.
I was in a group there.
So when did your wife
pass away?
Karen died eight months ago.
Everyone take your seats,
We should get back.
I was taking a little
power nap.
I could see that.
So, how did it go?
You know what?
You were right.
You know him?
His wife died eight months ago.
Sure looks broken up
about it.
Really? Cameron Morgan?
I'm just looking out for you.
He didn't look that
broken up!
So other than the work load,
you're enjoying it?
Well, college kinda
is the work load.
But I'm doing pretty well in
chemistry and anatomy,
but that's just because
I spent all those summers
in Uncle Cam's clinic.
Physics is challenging.
Well, you're a smart girl.
You're gonna figure it out.
Oh, hey.
I forgot to tell you...
I met the father of a friend
of yours last weekend.
I think he said his
son's name is Ben?
Adam? Ben's stepfather?
Oh, that's right,
he did say stepson.
Where'd you meet Adam?
At that group that Cam
took us to.
Your grief group?
What was Adam doing
at your grief group?
He lost his wife.
Ben's mom.
He didn't tell you that?
No, I didn't know that.
That's kinda weird.
Why is that weird?
Well, just 'cause they drove
me home last weekend
and I was talking about you
and dad the whole time
but they didn't really
say anything.
Well, Adam said he had
you to thank
for telling him about the group.
He was very appreciative.
And, you know, maybe Ben's
just not that open, right?
You uh...
you want to go for a walk
with me?
A walk?
Right now?
Yeah, you want to go
for a walk?
That could get you in trouble.
What you did back there
with that geek.
Well, my father taught me
to be a very strong,
independent woman
who can defend herself.
Ooh, I like your socks,
by the way.
Do you always mis-match,
or just today?
Uh, it comes with doing
my own laundry, I guess.
I like it.
So I'm hoping to get into
vet school after my undergrad.
I worked in my
uncle Cam's clinic
for about five summers now,
and I like it but I have to get
at least a 3.5 GPA
if anybody's even gonna
look at me.
You know Adam tried
to be a doctor?
I mean, the guy knows
more about medical stuff
than most hospitals
but I don't know.
His grades weren't
good enough.
What did he end up doing?
Well, now he's an ER nurse
at Ridgewood General.
until I finish school.
That's nice.
Hey, did he tell you that he
actually went
to that grief group thing I was
talking about at my church?
Yeah, he met my mom there.
Small world.
Oh, I'm sorry about your mom,
by the way.
I didn't know.
Yeah, so am I.
Shoot, you know what?
I think I have a chem lab
right now.
Yeah, ooh, right now.
I have to go, I'm sorry.
Ok, great.
I'll see you later.
Hey Ariel.
Hey, little man.
I didn't know you guys
lived around here.
Yeah, we're just a couple
blocks away.
Is your mom around?
Uh, no.
She's actually out
grocery shopping,
but she should be back soon
if you want to wait for her.
Yeah, sure.
Take a seat.
So my mom said you guys met
at that grief counseling group.
Yeah, yeah we did.
Listen, thanks for telling me
about that group.
You know, it's really hard
to talk about that stuff
in front of Ben,
he's just so sensitive.
I didn't know you were here,
or I would have brought you
a coffee.
Oh, that's alright,
I'll just drink hers.
She's not gonna miss it.
So what's his name?
What's wrong with him?
Old age.
It happens to the best of us.
He sounds more asthmatic
to me.
You should get him
checked out.
You should be a vet.
Well, I'm trying to be.
I hope you have good grades.
Yeah, I'm trying to do that,
But physics is really
killing me.
I gotta study every night
if I just want to pass.
So was my mom expecting you,
No, this is just a random
drop by.
You know, after what
I've been through
and what she's going through
I thought maybe
I could provide
a bit of a road map for her,
you know?
It's been eight months for you,
is that right?
246 days to be exact.
Yeah, mom's not
really doing so well.
She kinda just hangs around
at the house.
Well, you know Ariel, people
grieve in their own ways.
Yeah, I guess.
Hey, you two.
Hope you don't mind me
just popping by.
I had a great conversation
with your daughter.
Oh, I didn't realize you
lived so close.
Yeah, they're just
up the street.
Can I give you a hand
with the groceries?
Um, that'd be very nice.
What're you doing,
feeding the Olympic team?
Hey, Adam brought you a
coffee but I drank it for you.
Oh, that was nice of you.
You need a hand
with all this stuff?
Nah, we're good.
Just have a seat.
Mom, you bought dad's
hot sauce again.
Do you want me to just
put it in the fridge, or...?
It takes some time
getting used to it.
Being single again.
I'm not very good at this.
I liked being a couple,
you know?
I knew what my life was about,
about hot sauce and
medical appointments.
It's alright,
we'll figure it out.
Ben's having a hard time coping.
I thought a change of scenery
would help,
but he's had a real difficult
time losing his mom.
Difficult how?
Like, in school or something?
I think he's suffering
from psychological stress.
I'd sleep a lot better if he was
living at home with me.
He didn't want to live at home?
In fact, he was adamant
about staying on campus.
More freedom, you know.
I'm going to take Ariel's advice
and get Max to the vet.
Take him to Cam's clinic.
Oh yeah, my uncle's a vet,
you should take him there.
That's ok, the clinic
next to me takes walk-ins.
I got this, I was trained well,
I take my own garbage.
See you, Ariel.
Hello, Max.
You and I are gonna go
to the vet.
Dana, it's none of my business,
but Ariel mentioned she's
having trouble in school.
She told me she's doing fine.
Apparently not.
It sounded like she needed
more time to study
but was feeling obligated to
come home on the weekends
to keep you company.
I had no idea.
I'll see ya.
Uh, so you want to go get
a mani-pedi or something?
Or go see a movie?
There's a few good ones out.
You know what, honey?
Would you mind if we skipped
this weekend?
What, you don't want to get
a mani-pedi with me?
No, it's not that,
I just think maybe I could use
some alone time.
Yeah, ok, sure.
That's fine.
And, you know, it
would give you a chance
to catch up on your studies.
You hardly brought any books
home this weekend.
Yeah, that's true.
I need to do that.
Hey, you ok?
Yeah, I just feel like crap
all of a sudden.
The flu's going around,
I think I may have gotten it.
Well, do you want to go
lay down?
You feel pretty warm.
Uh, no actually.
Can you just drive me back
to school?
Yeah, of course.
Ok, thank you.
No, I think that's a good idea,
I do.
Ok, well why don't you
just check in with me
before you go to bed, ok?
Ok, bye bye.
I just thought no sense in us
both wasting our gas.
You going to group tonight?
I am.
Hop aboard.
Well, that was very thoughtful
of you.
Evening, folks.
Hey, Cameron,
what're you doing here?
I left work early to drive you
to your meeting.
Apparently you've made
other plans.
Adam was kind enough
to offer me a lift.
And I do have my own car,
you know.
Adam, this is Cameron,
my brother-in-law.
Jack's brother.
I'll see you later, Cam.
I hope you like country music.
You kiddin' me?
Is there a Southern girl
who didn't?
My daughter, she loves it
even more than I do.
Dana, what would you say if
we went for dinner instead?
Adam, I don't really think
that's appropriate.
I know, I'm not trying
to come on to you.
It's Karen's birthday today,
the first since...
I thought it would help.
I don't feel like being
in a group.
It would be doing me
a favour.
Thank you for doing this,
it's almost over.
I should thank you.
The food here is amazing!
It's unbelievable.
Jack and I didn't really
get out much in the last year.
Oh, no. No more for me.
This happens to be the finest
wine in the region.
You see those grapes
out there?
Squished in this bottle.
They died for us?
They died for us.
Ok, one drop.
What a sacrifice.
That's good.
I can't remember the last time
I had more than a glass.
Yeah, well we tend to give up
a number of things
when we have spouses
who are ill.
I suppose that's true.
So you never did tell me...
how did Karen die?
Well, Karen had a number
of issues.
Stomach infections, joint
inflammation, kidney trouble.
I took care of her and Ben
through most of our marriage.
Dana, I haven't...
I haven't told very many
people this,
but Karen died of an overdose.
I'm so sorry.
She took so many pills,
Dana, it was...
she would take all her pills
and then she would forget
she took them and then
she would take more.
And I would try to warn her,
I was, um...
I was working the night shift,
and I came home in the morning
and Ben was in the living room
watching game shows,
so I went into the bedroom,
and I didn't know that
she wasn't sleeping
until I kissed her.
And then I just sat
on the edge of the bed
and I thought...
"my wife is dead".
Dana, are you ok?
This wine just went right
to my head.
Can you excuse me?
Yeah, of course.
Hello, Ariel.
Hello? Who's this?
Adam, Ben's stepfather.
Uh, why are you answering
my mother's cell phone, Adam?
Well, your mom is in
the ladies room, so...
Uh, really?
I thought you guys would be
done with your meeting by now.
Well, yeah, we would have been,
but we decided to play hooky
and go for dinner instead.
Would you like me to have
her call you in the morning?
Uh, no, I wanted to talk
to her tonight,
so I'm just gonna
call her later.
Ok, I'll tell her you called.
Bye, Ariel.
Just gonna walk right by?
Uh, sorry, I...
I didn't see you there.
What's going on?
How come you're here?
I thought you went home
on weekends?
Uh, yeah, I was going to,
but um...
I wasn't feeling good
so I stayed.
You got time
for a coffee break?
That's my coffee.
Is it good?
It is good.
This is funny.
This is, uh, what our parents
are doing right now.
Yeah, your stepdad's
having dinner with my mom.
I didn't know that.
Yeah, I thought it was kinda
weird, actually.
I didn't know that.
Hey, you never really
talk about your mom much.
What was she like?
Um... I didn't really know her.
Um, she was always sick.
Adam was the one who
was always there for me.
He took care of me
since I was, like, ten.
Where's your real dad?
He took off when I was little.
Never left a forwarding address
and my mom, she never
sent one either.
That must have been
really hard growing up
with your mom sick all the time.
My dad was sick, too,
but he didn't get that way
until the very end.
I think that's why Adam and I
get each other.
His mom died of TB
when he was a kid.
Oh my gosh.
Yeah, it's been rough.
Yeah, I'm sure.
It makes sense.
What makes sense?
It makes sense
that it's been rough.
Adam told me you'd been having
trouble adjusting to college
and it makes sense
with your mom and everything,
that's terrible.
What else did Adam
say about me?
Um, nothing.
Just that you were having
trouble adjusting to school.
That's totally normal.
What're you looking at?
Excuse me.
May I get you something
else, sir?
My friend has been in the ladies
room for a long time.
Would you mind checking
on her?
I'll go right this minute.
Thank you.
Are you doing alright
in here?
Oh god!
og barking in the distance]
Finally, where have
you been?
Hey, I'm sorry honey,
I didn't get your messages
until right now.
Really? I've been calling you
since last night.
Why was your phone off?
It wasn't.
It went straight to voice mail.
Uh, what were you doing at
dinner with Adam last night?
I thought you guys had
your meeting.
Oh, it was really sad.
Yesterday was his wife's
How did you know
we went out, anyway?
Oh, I called you at the
restaurant and Adam...
Oh, you know what babe?
That's the door.
Can I call you right back?
What's all this?
You weren't doing so well
at the end of the night
and I thought you'd appreciate
a homemade breakfast.
Yeah, what happened
last night?
May I?
Yeah. Yeah, come inside.
So where did you learn
to make grits?
Who's Libby?
My first wife.
She taught me all about
southern cooking.
Come on.
She was the reigning
Miss Texas.
Are you serious?
You married Miss Texas?
I thought I struck gold.
She was killed in a car accident
shortly after we married.
That' awful.
I had no idea you'd been
through this twice.
Well, enough about
my depressing past.
Bon apptit, y'all.
Cheese grits!
I'm sorry, I just...
I don't have much
of an appetite today.
Just one?
I can't.
You'll feel better.
I'm sorry, I can't.
I just feel like I've been hit
by a tractor.
Ok, alright.
Well, red wine will do that.
That was weird,
I feel like I didn't have more
than two glasses.
Hope I didn't do anything
too embarrassing.
Does waking up on the ladies
room floor count?
I didn't.
Oh, I did.
Our waitress helped me
get you to the car.
Oh lord.
How did I get undressed
and into bed?
Ok, I was a perfect gentleman.
Oh my god.
I'm a registered nurse,
You haven't got anything
I haven't seen before.
I'm so embarrassed.
Please don't be.
Alright, enough said, this will
be ready when you want it.
You must try my coffee.
I'm quite proud of it.
It's good.
I'm usually more of a tea
drinker, but this is good.
You look like you could use
some rest.
I'm gonna get out
of your hair, ok?
I got it, you stay.
You rest.
You heal.
Thank you.
What'd you forget?
Oh, hey. It's you.
Come on in.
I'm sorry, I thought it was
someone else.
Sorry I'm disappointing you.
I just stopped by to see
how you're getting on.
Oh, I am gettin' on.
Well, I've been in surgery
since 5:00 am.
Retrievers with hip dysplasia.
You drinking this?
That's a good looking breakfast.
Are you eating that?
No, I can't even look
at food today.
Adam brought that over.
Is he in the breakfast delivery
business now?
He knew I wasn't feeling well,
he was being neighbourly.
I'm surprised you didn't run
into him outside,
he just left.
Let me heat that up for you.
No, no, no.
I'm used to eating cold food.
What's the matter with you?
I don't know, I'm just a little
under the weather I guess.
Hey, I'm a doctor.
You're a vet.
I'll tell you what.
A little of Jack's hot sauce
would go great on this.
There you go!
Come on, sit down.
You look like you're
about to keel over.
I just might.
Why don't you just stick
to the eggs, Cam?
You already had
one heart attack.
Are you through?
I owe you an apology,
For my actions last night.
You know, with your friend
That was a decent thing of him,
stopping by to give you a lift
and also bring you
this great breakfast.
Well, you don't have to worry
about me.
Yeah, well, I do.
I made a promise
to my brother,
so I want you to do
whatever you have to do
to get yourself through this.
You understand?
Yeah, I do.
You bounce back well.
Well, I'm starting to feel
a little more like myself.
My wellness tea.
I get it at the herbal store,
there's no preservatives.
May I?
You know what, it's just
a little late.
I'll just show you
how to make it
and I'll get out of your hair.
This is really good for you.
I'm just going to put
some clothes on.
Take your time.
Dana Morgan's house.
Adam, is that you?
Nice to hear your voice,
too, Ariel.
Uh, why are you at my house
so late, Adam?
Making tea.
Ok, is my mom around?
Uh, she's upstairs
getting dressed.
Why, are you guys going
out somewhere?
No, she was in her robe
when I got here.
Would you like to hang
on for her?
Uh, no.
Just tell her not to make
any plans on Friday
because I'm going to come
home for her birthday.
Thank you, bye.
Who was on the phone?
Oh, one of those marketing
Lesson time.
Tea is very, very personal.
There are many ways to make tea,
but this tea, you need to steep
it for eight minutes.
Eight minutes.
Got it.
And then, a good Georgia girl
can add a whole box of sugar
if she likes.
Oh, I almost forgot.
A colleague of mine gave me
these tickets for Friday night.
Her and her husband
couldn't make it.
Dixie Chicks?
Oh, these guys are
my favourite!
Friday though,
that's my birthday.
I... I can't make it.
I know Ariel wants to spend
it with me.
Wait, didn't you have
a birthday last year?
Is this an annual thing
for you?
So you could do it
next year?
No, actually it's not.
Ok, well, I'm sure someone
at work can use them.
Alright, enjoy.
Oh, Adam.
I've got your dishes.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Listen, you drink three cups
of my wellness tea
and you'll feel like
a new woman.
That'll be nice.
How'd you like my cooking?
Oh, I couldn't.
But Cameron loved it.
Well, that's great.
Look, I just picked up Max
from the vet
so I gotta get him home.
Say hi to Max.
Hi buddy, hi!
Nice dog, is he friendly?
No, he bites.
Cameron Morgan.
Hey, Uncle Cam.
Why do you sound like
Marlon Brando?
It's gotta be the flu.
What can I do for you,
Uh, you know that guy Adam,
Uh huh.
Ok, well he's kinda
weirding me out.
He's been hanging around mom a
lot and taking her out to dinner
and I just called the house
and he was there really late...
it's kinda weird.
It would be great if you could
tell him to back off.
Well, it's your mother's
business, Ariel.
You know, I really think
it's not though,
because it hasn't been that
long since dad
and if she hasn't
grieved properly, you know,
and this guy's hanging around
all the time and it's weird.
I thought you and this man's son
were friends.
Uh, it's not his son,
it's his stepson.
And not really.
If you could just tell him
to leave her alone,
that would be great.
Yes. Yes, I will talk to him.
Thanks, I love you.
Sorry, I didn't mean
to disturb you,
I just wanted to give you these.
A nurse at the hospital
bought them, she can't go,
I thought maybe you could
take your mom for her birthday.
I'm supposed to go home
and see her tonight actually.
Oh, you know what,
make it a surprise.
What time are you seeing her?
Ok, the concert starts at
7:00 so just give me one back.
Gershwin Hall's only
a five minute walk.
You head over there,
and I'll be at your
mom's at 6:00.
Ok, what're you going
to tell her?
I'll just tell her that
something came up at school
and you asked me to pick
her up
because I was going to get
Ben anyway so...
Ok, yeah.
That might work.
Yeah, cool.
Thank you.
Ok, I won't give this to her
until we're right at the door
so it's...
A surprise.
A surprise.
You girls have fun.
Bye, Adam.
Don't worry.
reached Doctor Cameron Morgan.
Leave a message
and I'll return it.
Hey, Uncle Cam, it's Ariel.
I just wanted to give you
a call and let you know
that I talked to Adam and forget
what I said before.
He's kinda cool, I guess.
Ok, that's all,
I'll talk to you later.
Ladies and
gents, the show is about to begin,
please turn off
your cell phones.
At the tone, please
record your message...
Hey Adam, it's Ariel.
Um, I don't know
where you guys are
but the show's about to start
so please give me a call,
let me know what's going on.
Ok, bye.
Uh, my mom is sitting there.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm here.
Adam couldn't pick
your mom up...
Some sort of crisis happened
at the hospital...
He left her at home?!
Relax, it's fine, alright?
Adam talked to her but she
was like 45 minutes away
so she was gonna
miss most of it,
so the box office let me
use her seat.
This sucks, this was supposed
to be her birthday present.
Yeah, I know. I know.
She's not gonna be alone,
Adam said he was on his way
over there
to have dinner with her.
I promise she'll be fine.
I'm sorry I scared you
the other night.
and gentlemen, the Dixie Chicks!
Please leave
a message after the tone.
Hey baby, it's just me again.
Um... I guess you
got caught up or something
but um... I hope you're ok.
Um, call me.
I was driving home
from the hospital
and I remembered it was
someone's birthday.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
They're pretty.
How are you enjoying
the celebration?
You guys having a good time?
Actually, I've been stood up.
Ariel's not here?
Did you try calling her?
Yeah, multiple times.
It just goes right
to her voice mail.
It's not like her.
Well, she is in college, so...
and I can see that
you've uncorked the wine
so it's not a terrible disaster.
Yeah, I think I probably had
a little too much of that.
Did you um...
did you want to come in and
have a piece of birthday cake?
I would love a piece
of birthday cake.
In fact, I may have
an extra bottle of wine
in the car to contribute.
Not that you need any more!
No, but you might need
a glass.
I might need a glass!
I'll be right back.
I found your dog.
He was in our
neighbour's bushes.
The dog was old.
What's your name, kid?
Brooks, huh?
Your parents just let you run
around at night, Brooks?
They'd have to care.
Wouldn't they?
They would.
You want to do me a favour,
You want to bury Max
for me?
I don't want to upset
my lady friend.
I can do that.
Good man.
Did you get a hold
of your mom?
Uh, no.
I tried her in the bathroom
again, but she didn't pick up.
I tried Adam too, but
he didn't pick up either.
I don't know why they're
not answering their phones.
I um...
I had a nice time tonight.
Yeah, it was a good show.
What'd you do to your hand?
There's a car!
Hey! Hey!
What're you doing?!
Are you ok?
Did you guys get that?
Did anyone videotape that?
Are you sure you're ok?
What happened back there?
I'm colour blind.
I also have tunnel vision.
Why didn't you say something?
Because I didn't think you'd
want to hang out
with some disabled guy.
My entire field of vision is,
like, 20 degrees.
Ben, you should have
said something.
I liked you from the first day
I met you.
I mean, it kinda weirded
me out,
some of the stuff you did,
but uh...
it makes sense now
I guess.
Good thing you never caught
me taking your picture.
Why were you taking
my picture?
I photographed you
from different angles
so I could always find you.
Yeah, we go to a really
big school.
Oh my god.
That's actually kinda smart.
I'm so glad you're ok,
you really had me worried
back there.
Yeah, I'm so glad
you were there.
Me too.
Just don't go kicking
any more chairs
and I think we'll be alright.
Good morning, beautiful!
I have eggs benny,
wellness tea,
grapefruit juice for you.
Adam, last night...
Guilt is a wasted emotion,
and it plays havoc with your
cardiovascular system.
Didn't you have fun
last night?
I was drunk.
I don't even remember.
We didn't do anything wrong,
Jack wanted you going
on living.
Isn't that what you told me?
Pretty sure this isn't
what he meant.
He knew you were human.
And, for your own good,
don't you think it's time
you put his things away?
We'll do it together.
I'll help you.
Have some tea, and
I'll turn on the shower.
# Ay ay ay.
Hello, good morning?
Buenos dias.
Como estas?
Oh... dios mio.
Oh dios mio!
Oh dios mio!
We lost dad four months ago!
And now Uncle Cam?
Why couldn't he listen to us?
He didn't have to have
a massive heart attack!
Your Uncle Cam was a grown man,
He knew the risks.
Come on, Maria.
Are you done
with this tray?
Yeah, I ate enough earlier.
Hey, are you alright?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You seem kinda tired.
Did you take a sedative
or something?
No, of course not.
Oh, my god, mom!
Mom, are you okay?
Oh, my god, mom!
She doesn't need
an ambulance.
What're you doing here?
I was upstairs
making the bed.
What's wrong with her?
Why did she fall like that?
She's exhausted!
She needs some rest.
She's just organized
two funerals back to back.
Do you know where
you are?
Mom, are you ok?
She's ok, let's get her
up to bed.
Come on.
Here, let me help you.
Come on.
There we go.
Be careful.
There we go.
Woah, hey!
I got ya.
Hey, I really think I should
call her doctor.
I think she should go...
There's nothing her doctor
can do for her
that I can't do for her here.
Sweetie, I don't want
to go anywhere.
I don't want to go anywhere.
I know, but I think...
can I get you something,
No, I just want to take a nap.
I'll make her some tea,
she'll stay in bed and rest,
and you should go back
to school.
Uh, no, no.
I'm not going to go back
to school
when she's like this.
Honey, come here.
Adam's a nurse.
I know he's a nurse, but...
I don't want you missing
any more school.
I'll call you if anything
changes, Ariel.
Yeah, please call me.
That would be great.
It's ok, babe.
Ok, well, I'll call you tonight,
You call me.
It's ok.
Alright, you just rest.
Focus on yourself.
Uh, why was your phone off?
It wasn't.
Well, it went straight
to voice mail.
She doesn't need
an ambulance.
Hey, are you done
with this tray here?
You're still here.
Uh, yeah, I wanted to do
the dishes for her
before I left.
How's she doing?
Oh, she's resting.
She's good.
Good. Ok.
Well, I'm gonna go,
so um...
tell her I love her and
I'll talk to her later.
Excuse me.
You've reached Dana Morgan.
I can't come to the phone
right now...
There's nothing here.
That's what I'm telling you.
Check again.
I have over and over.
It's egg and potato,
butter, salt...
Are you sure?
You're sure?
There's margarine...
Good morning, sunshine.
I can't see.
Something's wrong
with my eyes.
Last night I couldn't get up
and now I can't see.
Here, let me help you.
I made you a nice breakfast.
What's wrong with me?
This is what grief feels like.
Here, have some tea.
I've rested long enough.
I need to get up.
No, no, no.
No, stay, stay.
That's better.
Look at that nice breakfast,
do you see?
Don't you want to eat that?
What have you done to me?
Where do you keep
your suitcases?
In the closet?
Why can't I walk?
Why do I need my suitcase?
I got it!
This is nice.
Did Jack buy this for you?
Yes, indeed.
Ok, it's beautiful.
Answer me!
I found the most
gorgeous spot.
I mean, we were lucky to get it
at the last minute.
You really need
to be resting.
You should conserve
your energy.
Do you like to travel
in t-shirts or blouses?
Where's my...
where's my phone?
I just want to talk to Ariel.
Let's go with t-shirts.
Who is that for?
Don't you worry, just let me
take care of you.
Adam, this has gone too far.
I just want my phone.
Oh, that's a nasty rash.
Is it itchy?
Stop it!
Is it money you want?
I don't have any!
This house is mortgaged
to the hill...
I have nothing.
Shhh. You're upset.
We'll do this later.
All better.
Hey! What's up?
Hey, how are you?
Were you going to say goodbye?
I have to run home
and see my mom,
but I texted you so...
Oh yeah, no, sorry I didn't
check them.
Alright, well just read it,
it'll explain some stuff.
Oh, ok.
Ok, bye.
What's wrong with your eye?
Your eye is bleeding.
What do you mean?
Oh my god, your eye
is bleeding!
Ok, good news.
You are one very lucky
young man.
If that hemorrhage had been
at the back of your retina,
your friend here never
would have seen it
and the damage could have
been extensive.
But not to worry, you've got a
subconjunctival hemorrhage,
it'll heal by itself.
Now, what are you
taking ethambutol for?
Etham what?
What is that?
Um, the antibiotic
that you're on.
I'm not on any antibiotic.
Ben Woods?
Your blood work shows that
you're loaded with ethambutol.
It's what caused
the hemorrhage.
Um, what is ethambutol
used for?
Well, generally it's for
treating tuberculosis.
Uh, didn't you say Adam's mother
died of tuberculosis?
Yeah, so?
Um... can ethambutol cause
other kinds of eye problems?
Yeah, unfortunately a fair
number of them:
double vision,
visual hallucinations...
Like tunnel vision
and colour blindness?
Deuteranopia, red-green
colour blindness and schitomas,
blind spots in the field
of vision...
they're pretty common
side effects,
especially in patients that have
been taking as high of doses
as Ben was on.
Alright, hang on a second.
Am I to understand that you
were not taking
this medication voluntarily?
His stepfather
was drugging him.
Yeah, he's drugging my mom,
Oh my god, oh my god
I knew it.
Who else would be giving you
a tuberculosis drug?!
Alright you two, I don't know
what's going on here
but it sounds to me like the
police need to be involved.
Yeah, his name
is Adam Smith,
he's at 329 Birch Avenue.
Tell them to hurry!
Excuse me, sorry!
Trick or treat!
Look, I don't understand
why you won't put out an alert
when he's obviously
taken her somewhere!
You saw the note.
Your mother said they went
away for some R&R.
Yeah, but that's not even
her handwriting!
And she would never go away
with him!
She just met him!
There's no sign of abduction
in this house,
no sign of force being used.
You want me to put out an APB
without any evidence of a crime.
No, I told you there's evidence
he drugged Ben!
I told you that.
Your boyfriend lives
on campus?
Another student drugged
him as...
No! That's ridiculous!
It's not ridiculous, it's what
Smith's lawyer's gonna say
if I haul him in with nothing!
Here's my card.
Cell's on the back.
Call me if you get
something solid.
Thank you.
I'll check back in and make sure
I talk to both of them.
It's gonna be ok.
Good night.
Look, we're gonna find her.
How are we gonna find her?
Come sit down.
Are you looking for the guy who
always hangs around your house?
Yeah, have you seen him?
He left this morning with your
mom, in his convertible.
He had a blue suitcase.
Do you know where they went?
I had to bury his dog
for him.
His dog died?
I thought he was sleeping,
but he was stiff.
Your name's Brooks,
Can you show me
where you buried the dog?
He's under that mound
over there.
I'm sorry.
They found traces of ethembutol
in the dog's bloodstream.
Hey, come on.
I want to show you something.
Come on.
Ethembutol has a lot more side
effects than just eye problems.
excessive tiredness,
nausea, disorientation,
visual and audio hallucinations,
trouble breathing and death.
Hey, uh... where was
your mother buried?
Um, her death was attributed
to an overdose, painkillers.
Adam had her cremated.
Um... uh, what
about his first wife?
Do you know her name?
What was her name?
Miss Texas?
No, um...
Libby something.
Libby Miss Texas.
1997 Miss Texas,
Elizabeth Schuster.
She could be a Libby, right?
Yeah, try that.
Ok, Elizabeth Schuster...
Woah, what are we
looking for?
Just anything that leads
them to Adam.
I can't read that fast!
It's ok, it's alright,
I'm reading it, it's fine.
Elizabeth Bennet,
Dallas Texas.
What is Deadly Union?
What is that?
Oh my god, that's Adam!
Oh my god.
Uh, Patrick Adamson
was acquitted
of attempted murder yesterday.
The trial took so long primarily
due to past evidence
of complaints from Bennet,
the controversial Munchausen
by Proxy case,
I don't know what that is,
has rocked Texas
since last summer
when the former Miss Texas
accused her new husband
of poisoning her breakfast tea.
Perpetrator was a fabricator
that caused illnesses in other...
Potentially lethal?
...seen a way of obtaining love.
Symptoms, what symptoms?
Every time I came home, Adam was
always making tea for my mom.
Oh my god, Adam's insane.
What's going on?
He's poisoning them.
I'm going to call
the detective, ok?
Hi, Detective Harcroft?
It's Ariel Morgan.
Uh, you're gonna want
to put out that APB.
Can you please just take me
to the hospital?
My hands and my feet
are on fire.
Drink your wellness tea.
Look where you are.
Isn't that beautiful?
Fresh air's gonna do you good.
It's in there, isn't it?
What you've been giving me.
That's why you wanted me to
drink it three times a day.
Go on.
I don't want it.
Go on.
How come you got blood
in your mouth?
Didn't I tell you to stay outta
your momma's room?
She's sick!
There, there, darling.
There's nothing to be
frightened of.
I love you, momma.
None of you cared about me
like I cared about you.
I'm a good boy, momma.
I'm a good boy.
Where does he get
the ethembutol?
He must have a supply,
Maybe the hospital.
No, he'd never be able to pick
that much up at a time, right?
What if he's prescribed
We gotta call the pharmacies.
Help! Somebody!
Hi, yes, I'm calling
to see
if a prescription
was purchased for...
Yeah, I'll hold.
That's right, Smith Adam.
It's for ethembutol?
Ok, yeah fine,
I'll try there.
Thanks, bye.
Alright, how many more?
Uh... 13
I don't make a habit
of filling
out of town doctor's scripts,
but you being
a nurse and all...
your wife's on an unusually
high dose.
The side effects
could be very...
I'm well versed.
Hi, yes.
I'm calling to see if a
prescription was picked up
this morning for Adam Smith
for ethembutol?
A Joe Smith?
Uh huh?
Yeah, no he probably just
wrote down the name wrong.
Um, and where did you
say you were located?
Great, ok, thank you so much!
A prescription was picked up
this morning for ethembutol
for a Joe Smith in
uh... Robert's Creek.
Come on, let's go!
Somebody help me!
Yeah, that's what they said.
Just keep calling any hotels
or vacation homes,
anywhere they might be staying.
Somebody help me!
Where are you?
Oh no, god!
Oh my god.
Dana, come back!
Dana, don't do this!
Come on back, I ain't gonna
hurt you!
Dana, please.
Dana, you're sick!
You need my help!
Let me help you!
I don't trust you!
Please, Dana! Don't do this!
Come on!
Come on!
Ariel told me to come
get you!
She told me to take care
of you, Dana!
I don't believe you!
Do you have a Dana Morgan
or Joe Smith registered there?
You do?
Joe Smith rented
one of your cottages?
What's the number?
What's the number?
Um, what's the number there?
Oh, you don't have one?
Ok, what is the exact location
of that cottage?
Get away from me!
Let me help you!
There it is, there it is!
That's it! That's it!
Let me help you!
I'm trying to help you!
She's not here!
She's not here.
Why is the car still there?
I know, I know,
they're not here!
Did you hear that?
That, right there!
The yelling!
Did you hear it?
No, I didn't hear anything.
I think it's coming
from over there.
Wait for the cops,
just stay here!
I'm gonna take care of you.
I'm going to take care of you,
What's going on?
Where are they?
I don't know, I think
they went that way.
Down here.
Spread out.
Let her go.
Your mother's coming
with me.
She needs me.
She's sick!
She's not going anywhere
with you.
She's sick!
She's coming with me!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Couldn't leave it alone,
could you?
Can't you see she needs me?!
I know who you are,
Patrick Adamson.
Rot in hell!
Get off!
She needs me!
She needs me!
She needs me!
She needs me!
Got him!
Got him, right here!
Stay down, Adamson.
Ridgewood police.
You're under arrest.
I thought that I lost you!
I couldn't find you!
I love you!
You found me!
Let's go, on your feet.
On your feet!
Let's go.
I trusted you.
I know.
It's nice for them here,
Yeah, it is.
You know, Uncle Cam might
still be here
if he wasn't on his heart pills
when he drank Adam's coffee.
Well, we're never going
to know that for sure.
Come on.
So is Ben meeting you
at the house?
Yeah, we're gonna go
for a walk.
He doesn't really have
anybody anymore.
His mom's gone and Adam's...
at least his eyesight
is coming back.
That's good.
He has you.
And so do I.