A Deadly Lullaby (2020) Movie Script

Okay, breathe.
Now, push!
That's it, Olivia,
you're doing great!
You're doing just fine.
Where is Harry?
He just ran to the restroom.
Someone go get him.
Go get him quick.

Crazy to think our lives
are gonna completely change
in a few minutes.
Girl or a boy?
Little girl.
-Same here.
-No kidding.
Already got the little
princess's room set up.
Yeah, same here.
Glenn Crandall, by the way.
Oh, Harry Davis.
What do you do, Harry?
-You're kidding.
I'm a partner over
at Merrill & Langham.
I interviewed over there
when we moved to town last year.
Well, look,
if you're ever looking again...
-Me, now?
-You now.
-Good luck!
-Yeah, thanks!
You did so good.
You did so good.
I have to take the baby
for a couple minutes,
we need to run a few tests.
-Is everything okay?
strictly normal procedure.
It's okay,
they said this would happen.
I promise, it'll just be
a few minutes.
Don't worry.

Aw, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Don't laugh at me!
I spent nine months
carrying her,
I've gotten a little attached.
Just relax, it's okay.

Aw, you're so precious,
yes, you are!
Little miss precious.
That's why I called you.
Nancy, can you cover
while I run to the bathroom?
We only have the Wilson baby
in here now.
Yeah, she's gonna have
her first friend!
Isn't this exciting?
Oh, yeah, it was just--
it was amazing.
I could sleep
for a hundred years.
Well, you'll be lucky
to sleep two hours
before the baby wants to feed.
See if you can shut your eyes.

I'm afraid I have
some very bad news.
Your baby didn't make it.

Yeah, yes.
I'm afraid I'm gonna break her.
She's so--she's so delicate.
She is.
Do you see these lashes?
-Are you getting it?
I'm gonna edit
all of these together,
and then I'm gonna send it
to our parents.
Um, you go on,
I'll catch up, okay?


Three months on
the craziest job I've ever had
and it's finally over.
Yeah, well,
at least they paid well.
I mean, your designs look great.
No, I mean it, really.
I mean, I know
I'm not an expert,
but as somebody
who has visited a website
on more than one occasion,
these are really good.
Thank you.
Do you have
anything else lined up?
Not yet.

You know, we planned
to take time off anyway.
It's been six months.
Medically, it's safe
to try again
-and financially--
-I don't want another baby,
I want the baby
I held that night.
I want to hold little Chloe.
Liv, I know,
and if there was any way
-that I could make that happen--
-You would do everything
in your power, I know.
But I know it's not possible.

I want to have a family,
and you are gonna be
a great dad someday, but...

...when I think
about having children,
all I can see is her.
Well, look, having another child
doesn't mean
forgetting our first.
Look, I've got four brothers.
You think my parents loved
some of us more than the others?

Your mom definitely
loves you the most.
Yeah, maybe just a little bit.

Oh, I ran into Kathy
the other day.
She just got back
from this yoga retreat
out in the desert.
That sounds nice.
Great, girls only weekend.
You, me, and margaritas.
And Harry said you're taking
a break between jobs,
so we could even go
in the middle of the week.
You were talking to Harry?
I just...
I've been talking to Harry.
And he's worried about you.
He wants you to be happy.
Hey , I have friends
who would kill for a husband
as understanding as Harry,
and there's nothing wrong
with taking a few days off
to clear the mind and relax.
You're right,
but not this weekend.
We have to go to a picnic
at Harry's new boss's house.
-Harry got a new job?
They met at the hospital
that night.
Saw him in the hallway
and realized things
had gone badly
and offered him a job
when one opened up
and one did last month.
So that sounds
like his wife will be there
with her baby.
The party is
a Welcome to the World,
Baby Siena party,
or a parents showing off party.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
Three days ago, Harry wanted
to have another baby.
Am I supposed to spend
the rest of my life
avoiding babies
and ignoring new moms?
We'll just see how it goes.
-This should be fun.
-Yeah, we'll see.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Seems like your boss is doing
pretty well for himself.
Yeah, well,
if the company's doing well,
-the boss is doing well.
-Or he's stealing
-from the company.
-Baby, please don't say that
-in front of my coworkers.
-I'm kidding.

-My goodness.
This place is incredible!
How many acres
do you think they have?
I mean, I'm not good
with acreage,
but more than one?
-It seems like a lot.
-There he is.
The guy that's gonna whip
this department into shape.
Well, I don't know about that.
-You must be Olivia.
-Glenn, right?
Yes, yes, where are my manners?
Hey, anyway,
make yourself at home.
We've got burgers and dogs
by the grill
and vegetarian options
if that's your thing.
But I have to apologize
in advance,
I need to borrow your husband
for a few minutes.
-Please, go ahead.
-Okay, great.

Excuse me, do I know you?
-You were the nurse
-in my delivery room.
-Yes, of course.
-Olivia Davis.
-Olivia, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean
to react like that.
That's okay.
We haven't seen each other
since that night.
I'm sure it was hard
for everyone.
Did you help deliver
Brooke and Glenn's baby as well?
Oh, yeah, I did.
You know, sometimes the families
bond with the nurses.
I get invited to these things
every once in a while.
But apparently not today.
I guess there was
some kind of mix-up.
I didn't know that you
and Brooke knew each other.
We don't, actually,
our husbands work together.
They met that night
and Glenn offered
my husband a job.
He did?
Wow, that's amazing.
I mean, that's very generous.
But enough about them.
How are you?
I'm--it was really hard
at first,
-but I'm a lot better now.
I was seeing a therapist.
That helped a lot.
I'm so glad.
I need to go,
but it was really good
-seeing you again.
-Yeah, you too.
You know--why don't you
take my number?
I'm glad you're doing well,
but if there's ever a day
that you wanna talk to someone
that's not a professional
or a close friend,
just an extra ear,
give me a call.
-Thank you.
-I really appreciate that.
Yeah, yeah, okay.

Sorry, I don't think
we've met before.
I'm Brooke.

And this is Siena.

Are you okay?

-Hey, honey.
-Take me home.

Okay. Yeah.
Thanks for everything.
-I'm just gonna--

Liv, what's going on?
When Brooke asked me
to look at her baby,
I didn't know
how I was gonna react.
Was I gonna be angry
or upset or jealous?
I know, you wanted to leave,
look, I understand.
No, you don't understand.
When I looked down at that baby,
I was filled with joy.
I was so happy, I thought
my heart was gonna burst,
and I knew exactly
what I needed to do.
And what did you think
you needed to do?
I need to get this house
ready for a baby.


-Hey, just checking to see
how my two favorite ladies
are doing.
Fantastic, just doing
a little shopping.
You do a little bit
of shopping every day.
And then, let me guess,
probably shop, park,
library in that order?
Well, I like my routine.
And babies like their routine.
Yeah, well, I read somewhere
that babies like variety.
Like not shopping.
Oh, like you've read
a parenting book.
Love you.


Oh, my God!
Has someone seen my baby? Siena?
-Over there!
-Oh, my God.
Oh, oh, baby.
Oh, baby, it's okay,
Mommy's got you.
Oh, sweetie.
Thank you.
If you weren't
so into your clothes,
you wouldn't be running around
looking for her.
Did you push her up here?
I certrtnly did not.
I found her sitting there
just now.
I'm sorry, sweetie, I'm sorry.

-Hey, hi!
I was beginning to think
I had the wrong time.
No, I'm sorry,
I had something I had to do.
That's okay,
I got us a table inside.
-Oh, let's eat here!
-You sure?
-Yeah, it's a beautiful day.
-Oh, okay.
What did we get
last time we were here?
Are you waiting
for someone else?
Are you sure?
Doesn't really seem
like you're here with me.
Hey, wow, I'm so happy
to run into you like this.
I wanted to apologize
for the way that I acted
the other day at the picnic.
Oh, don't even worry about it.
-I totally understand.
-Thank you!
And I wanted to say hello
to you again!
Hi, sweet girl.
Oh, you are so beautiful.
You know that, too, don't you?
Oh, it's so crazy
to run into you!
Yeah, um, yeah,
I was just at the boutique
around the corner.
Now I'm going to get a coffee
at the coffee shop.
I usually get a latte
while Siena naps in the park.
Oh, so this restaurant is
just along your usual route?
My husband calls me
a creature of habit.
Oh, big smile for me, don't you?
She likes you.
She's been crying a lot lately.
I don't know
what I'm doing wrong.
Some babies are just fussy.
Yeah, maybe.
Well, listen, it was great
seeing you both,
but we just had something
a little weird happen
at the boutique,
so I think I'm just gonna find
a nice park bench and relax.
-Well, I loved seeing you.
-Yeah, for sure.
-Nice to meet you.

You're stalking her, aren't you?
What? No.
What, you just happened
to pick a restaurant
that's along her usual walk?
You pick a table and a chair
facing the street?
Just so you can
accidentally bump into her?
I may have noticed her
the other day
while I was running errands
and I thought if I ran into her
in the neighborhood,
I could casually apologize.
That's all.
Or you have baby-itis.
-Hey, I don't blame you.
That is a beautiful baby.
She really is.
So, what are we gonna order?
I forgot to tell you.
I ran into Glenn's wife today.
I was actually thinking
that we should invite them
over for dinner.
Yeah, I sort of owe them
for running out
on their picnic the other day,
and I don't know,
that's a thing people do, right?
Invite their boss over
for dinner?
-Good for their career?
-Yes, it is.
You handle the invitation
and the scheduling
and I'll cook dinner.
Mm, and you know what?
Tell Brooke that they don't need
to get any babysitters.
Now that the nursery is set up,
she can go in there and nurse
or put the baby down for a nap
or whatever she needs.
I love you, you know that?
I know.
And it's very well-deserved.

Looks good.
Baby, relax.
I can't relax,
everything has to be perfect.
You do know this is my boss,
So I'm the one
that's supposed to be nervous?
I know, but Brooke is coming
and the baby is coming
and I'm just excited,
that's all.
-That's them.
-I'm not ready.
-I'll be there in a minute.
-Hey, come on in.
-Oh, good to see you!
-Good to see you.
-Thanks for having us.
-Yeah, thanks for coming!
Let me just
get the door for you.
This is actually
our first night out
-since we've had the baby.
-I know.
-Well, one of us
is an overprotective mother.
Well, I mean, we had such
a hard time having the baby,
I wouldn't want to leave her
alone for just a second.
Right, sweetie?
Hey, guys! Sorry I was late.
I had to turn things down
in the kitchen.
Hi, there you are.
Wow, you've got the touch!
Let me show you to the nursery
in case you need
to change her or feed her.
Oh, um, actually,
it's time for her feeding
and her nap right now.
-We've got fresh bed sheets.
-Wonderful, thank you!
-Can I get you a drink?
-Yeah, Scotch if you've got it.
-Of course.
Hey, um, you know,
before Siena,
Brooke and I,
we tried several times
and had too many miscarriages
and it really affected her
So, the other day,
what happened with Olivia
at the party,
I was a little concerned
that bringing the baby
might be too much for her.
Yeah, I've gotta be honest,
I was a little worried myself.
Well, I mean,
she seems to be okay.
Yeah, yeah, she does.
I'm starting to think
maybe it's good for her.
You know, she might be ready
to try again.
That's fantastic!
Hey, our kids
could play together!
Wouldn't that be something?
Come on, let's get you
that drink.

We hadn't planned
on bottle feeding,
but she had such trouble
latching on, so--
That happens sometimes, I hear.
It's just so disappointing,
you know?
I mean, well, you hear
about all of the bonding
that happens
during breastfeeding,
and it's like...
we don't have that.
You know, it's like
there's a connection missing.
Brooke, look at her.
She's perfect and content
and asleep in her mother's arms.
That's the connection.

Thank you.
I needed to hear that.

She should sleep
for about an hour.
Great, that'll give me
plenty of time
to get things out of the oven.
I hope this doesn't upset you,
but you're gonna make
a great mommy one day.
That doesn't upset me.

I'm really fortunate
to know you and Siena.
You've really helped me
turn things around.

Well, this, this was fantastic.
I mean, I've never had
cordon bleu
quite like this before.
-Here, I'll help you!
-No, not at all.
I'm just gonna go get dessert
and make a little coffee.
Harry, she is amazing.
I'm not even half the cook
that Olivia is.
Well, this is actually,
this is actually her go-to dish.
-Same dish the night I proposed.

Well, look,
if you ever split up,
-I'm willing to divorce--
I'm sitting right here!
You are the best pizza orderer
I've ever met.
Not to be underrated,
that's an important skill.
-Damn straight!
-Hey, where's your bathroom?
Just down the hall on your left.
-Uh, Glenn, don't wake the baby.
Yeah, 'cause that
was my intention.
-Oh, garden gnomes.
-Garden gnomes?

Sorry we have to leave early.
Glenn gets these last minute
work things sometimes.
I've gotta prep for
my Monday conference call
-in the morning.
-I'll see you at the office.
-Okay. Thank you.
-Bye-bye, thank you again.
Drive safe.
Honey, can I help you
with the dishes?
No, that's okay,
I'm gonna finish
binging a show afterward.
British cake baking
or British murder mystery?
It's a show where British people
murder each other with cake.
Okay, I won't wait up for you.
You were incredible tonight.

Morning, honey.
-You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine,
it's just...
It's nothing.

-Hey, honey?
Did you take the baby seat
out of my car?
You probably took it out
to put your golf clubs in
and forgot to put it back in.
I would've put my golf clubs
in the trunk.
I can't believe we keep running
into each other like this.
Creature of habit.
Hey, Harry told me
the other night
about what you said
at our house
about how you and Glenn
haven't been out
and you don't trust babysitters,
and I just thought
I would offer my services.
-I have all the free time
in the world right now,
and Siena and I
get along so good.
No, I'm sure
Siena would love it.
It's just that Glenn just
hired on a full-time nanny.
-He what?
-I know, it's crazy, right?
I mean, I certainly don't think
we need a full-time nanny,
but Glenn set
the whole thing up, so...
Between you and me,
something a little weird
happened at the store
the other day.
I don't really
wanna get into it,
but, um, Glenn feels that
I might be stretched a bit thin,
and he wants to make sure
that there are eyes on the baby
at all times.
And he calls me
the overprotective one.
Well, if you can afford it,
then that's great, I guess!
I'm gonna keep going.
Oh, yeah, of course.
Oh, you're home early!
-Is that for me?
-No, no, no, no,
it was just something
I had at work.
Okay, well,
you wanna get dressed?
The nanny's gonna be here soon.
Yes, that's right.

She likes it
when you play the music
above her crib
when she's about to take a nap.
Oh, and you have to feed her
before you change her diaper.
I think Janice has done this
so many times before.
It's okay, everybody's nervous
the first time.
I mean, it is my baby.
Yes, I know, and I'm hungry
and we're late.
-Okay. Thank you.
-Have a good time.
Whoa, what's all this?
Uh, something's not
adding up at work.
I reached out to Glenn
to show him what I've got,
except I don't know
what I've got.
You gonna be at it all night?
I think I'm gonna go
see a movie then.
Hey, sweetie?
Thanks for understanding.
There's been plenty of times
where I've been buried with work
and you've been
nothing but supportive.
Well, have fun.
-Good luck.

Hi, baby!
You getting sleepy?
Okay, sweet girl, night-night!
You know, honey, maybe I should
just call the babysitter
-just to check--
-Honey, honey, honey.
She's a professional.
If there's a problem,
she'll call.
Put it away.

Who's there?
Mrs. Wilson?
Are you guys back already?
Mrs. Wilson?
Janice? Where are you?


Oh, my God.
Sorry about all this,
but I'm sure you understand.
Yeah, no,
I completely understand.
We'll reschedule
whenever Glenn's available.
-Sounds good.
-Talk soon.
-Yeah, thank you.
-What's wrong?
-So that was Glenn's assistant
-from the office.
I guess Brooke and Glenn
went out last night.
-Then when they came home,
they found the nanny
dead in the pool.
Yeah, I mean, apparently she--
I don't know,
-she got drunk and fell in?
-Oh, my God, the baby?
The baby's fine.
They found her hungry, wet,
and crying in the crib,
-but she's fine.
-Oh, thank God.
This is crazy!
Brooke is never gonna trust
a babysitter again,
that's for sure.
I should go over there.
She's probably gonna need
some help with the baby.
Yeah, that's not a bad idea.
Hey, I never even
heard you come in last night.
You were asleep on the couch,
you were working too hard.
What did you end up seeing?
Some boring foreign film.
What was it?
I don't know
how to pronounce it.
I'm gonna get going.
-I'll call you.
Yeah. Bye.

Hey, Brooke, can I come in?
I know you're probably
pretty worked up right now.
-I just wanted to say
that I'm not working,
and I don't have
anything else lined up
and if you need any help at all
with Siena,
I would be more than happy
to come be here with you.
-Thank you, I mean, that's--
-I know you probably
don't wanna let her
out of your sight ever again.
But you're gonna
have to take a bath
and maybe check on dinner
and everyone needs
some help sometimes
and I just hope
that you can trust me enough
to let me help you.

Thank you.
Thank you. Yes.
-Can you actually take her now?
-Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah!
'Cause I really have to pee.
Oh, hey, you!
Hi, sweet girl.


Glenn, you got a second?
Yeah, come on in.
Oh, right, I was supposed
to reschedule our meeting,
-I'm sorry.
-No, it's okay.
I know you've got
a lot on your mind.
I just don't think
this should wait.
I've been looking over
the company's accounts
and there's $50,000 missing.
I don't know yet.
But someone's definitely
been moving money around,
trying to disguise their tracks.
You mean somebody's
stealing from us?
Well, I found
an offshore account,
it's in Santo Enrique,
and the money was
transferred there,
but it's since been withdrawn.
-You've gotta be kidding me.
-I'll stay on it.
Try to figure out who's been
taking the money out.
-Okay, thanks.
-Hey, Harry.
That's great work.
Hey, Siena!
Hey, you like that lion?
What's going on here?
Oh, hey, Glenn!
Brooke's taking a nap.
Poor thing
probably got no sleep
after everything you guys
went through last night.
Did she ask you to come by?
Oh, no, I just volunteered!
Yeah, look, I don't think
that's such a good--

It's the London office,
I gotta take this.

Babe, you're home?
Where's Olivia?
She went home.
I put the baby to bed.
How was your nap?
Mm, it was amazing.
I don't feel like
I'm gonna have a breakdown.
Thank God for Olivia.
Uh, she's not...
coming by again, is she?
Well, I don't know,
I suppose that's up to her.
I mean, she indicated
that she could.
I certainly
wouldn't turn her away.
Well, why not?
Why not?
Because trusting our baby
to that drunk
was a bad idea.
It was your idea,
by the way, so...
from now on,
I'm just gonna leave the baby
with someone
I know we can trust.
Yeah, but how do you know?
I mean, how do you know
you can trust her?
What do you mean?
She's a friend.
You work with her husband.
I mean, you hired him.
It's not the same
as trusting his wife
with our baby.
Glenn, what--what is this
all about, exactly?
I thought I saw Olivia--
No, you know that
I tried to breastfeed.
I went to a nurse, I went
to a latching specialist--
-No, no, no, that's not--
-I mean, I just don't know
-what else you want me to do.
-Hey, that's not what I mean.
Honey, look, look, look,
I'm trying to talk to you
about Olivia.
No, look, I don't want to talk
about this anymore, okay?
I already feel
inadequate enough as it is.
I'm sure Olivia would make
a better mother than me.
I'm sure anyone would make
a better mother than me.
Honey, honey, please.

I'm in the kitchen!
-Hey! Hey.
You're not gonna believe
what happened at work today.
-What's up?
-Glenn offered me
-a huge promotion.
-That's fantastic!
-Apparently the London office
is a mess, so he's going there
and Bill and I are
taking over his duties here.
I mean, we're gonna
have to flip a coin
over who gets his office,
but who cares?
'Cause this is gonna look
fantastic on my rsum.
London, does that--
is he taking the whole family?
Oh, yeah, of course.
From the sound of it,
it's gonna be a few years.
The baby will probably grow up
with an English accent.
Oh, God, I'm so stupid!
I bought champagne,
I left it in the car.
I will be right back.

They're moving to London.
That's so exciting for Brooke!
I know, you make a friend
and then she leaves.
I don't care about Brooke,
I care about the baby.

"Baby," you mean Brooke's baby?
Just when I was finally
getting to spend time with her.

I was hoping that
you would understand.
Sweetie, I'm trying, I just--
No one gets it.
When I look at that baby, I--
I feel whole.
Like everything is right
in the world
and nothing else matters.

Maybe you should try seeing
that therapist
you were seeing again.
You know, maybe you're not over
losing your baby, Olivia!
And maybe, I don't know,
using Brooke's baby
to fill the void
that's left in your heart.
I don't need to see anyone.
Why can't people just understand
that it makes me happy
to spend time with my baby?

Brooke's baby.
Brooke's baby.
That's what I said.
No, it's not.

-It doesn't matter anyway.
-I think it does.
-I'm starving.
-What are you gonna get?
A Cobb salad, maybe?
-No, hey.
-I'm fine. Stop.

I'm sorry, Olivia.
I know I told you
I'd be happy to talk,
but I'm at work.
It's just that Glenn is
moving his family to England.
He's gonna work
out of the London office.
They're moving
in a couple of weeks.
-Glenn is moving to London?
-And my friends don't--
-I'm sorry to cut you off,
but I really have to go.
-Any other time, honest.

Mm, so it turns out
Bill likes his office just fine,
which means
I get Glenn's.
But I was thinking
maybe next week,
you come down and give me
some decorating tips.
If it was up to me,
I'd just be working outta boxes
on the floor, but I'm gonna have
to host meetings outta there,
and that is not a good look.
I read that...

-Hey, have you seen Harry?
-Yeah, I was thinking that.
Well, look, if you see him...
Uh...can I talk to you
for a second?
Of course.

What are you doing home
so early?
Just had to get out of there.
What's going on?
Somebody filed
a sexual harassment complaint
against Glenn today.
What? What did he do?
He didn't do anything.
I mean, I'm pretty sure.
Well, if someone
-filed a complaint...
-No, it's anonymous, so...
Does that mean
it's not going anywhere?
That's what Mary and Rick
from HR said, but...
they've got to do
an investigation.

Maybe it's not so bad.
It means he has to stay here
while they conduct
the investigation.
So one of the other partners
is going to London,
which means he is not
going to London,
which means
my promotion's been pulled.

I can't stop thinking
about who sent that complaint.
Well, silver lining
is if they don't go to London,
I can still help Brooke
with the baby.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
please tell me you did not
send that complaint in.
Why would I do that?
The baby.
Zoe told me about
the conversation you two had.
No, Harry,
don't be crazy.
No, no, it's not crazy.
In fact, this is
the least crazy idea
anybody in this house
has had in a while.
You didn't want them
to go to London, did you?
Because of the baby.
-What are you doing?
-I'm sleeping in the guest room.
Stop, you're being ridiculous.

Good morning!
Just letting you know,
the family isn't having
any visitors today.
Who are you?
I'm a security consultant.
The Wilsons have hired me
to help protect the baby.
From who?
From you.

Is this a joke?
No joke.

Glenn called me from the office.
Harry told him
that he thinks
you were behind
the complaint against Glenn,
and Glenn told us
that he saw you with the baby
that night at your house.

I don't know
what's going on.
Maybe you're sick.
Maybe you need help.
But stay away from us.
Stay away from my baby.

You didn't answer
any of my calls.
I need to talk to you.
Well, I didn't want
to talk to you.
You told Glenn and Brooke
that I made the complaint.
Now they're never gonna
let me see the baby.
That's what you're taking away
from all this.
That somehow,
this is all my fault.
You need help, Liv.
I mean, serious help.
And not from some
sympathetic therapist.
From somebody who will tell you
that there is something
seriously wrong with you.
That your actions
are destructive,
to yourself and
to everybody around you.
-You're not--
-I am so angry.
And I'm really confused.
I'm just gonna
sleep somewhere else
for a few nights.

-Harry. Harry, just--
-Stop. I love you.
Okay, I love you,
but I need some time
to figure things out.




It's Olivia.
This has got to stop.

Thanks for seeing me
on such short notice.
None of my other friends
have been returning my calls.
They all act like they think
I'm crazy or something.
They don't understand
what you're going through.
Post-partum depression
on top of grief?
I'm no expert, but...
My therapist is an expert
and she says the same thing.
I'm sure your friends
are trying.
I mean, the loss of a child
is something that
almost no one
will have to experience,
so no one has any idea
what you're going through.
Harry lost a child too.
Yeah, but no post-partum
depression for him.
The thing is,
I felt fine
until I wasn't allowed
to see that baby anymore.

When I lost my child,
everyone was afraid
to mention babies to me.
They were afraid
of what I would do
when I saw a baby,
and then I finally did
see a baby,
and I felt happy.
And now, those same people
are telling me
that that reaction
means that I'm crazy.
You know, I don't wanna sound
like a fortune cookie,
but I think things are gonna
work out for you.

Thank you.
Well, I'm a nurse.
It's in my nature
to help out.
Well, if you ever need
a website designed,
I can return the favor.
All right.
it's time for my meds.
Okay, one second, Mom.
Olivia, this is my mom,
-I'm sorry to interrupt.
It's just I've got
so many pills,
I thought I'd make use
of my live-in nurse.
I understand.

Thank you again.

We all hit rough patches.
You're gonna get your life
back on track.

Excuse me.
-Olivia Davis?
I'm Detective Robinson,
investigating the death
of Janice Kronin.
She was working
for Glenn and Brooke Wilson.
She was watching their baby.
The nanny.
I thought she got drunk
and fell in the pool.
What's to investigate?
Medical report came back.
Looks like she only had
about half a glass of wine
in her system, and there were
signs of a struggle.
What does that
have to do with me?
We're just talking to anybody
who had contact with the family
or with the nanny.
-I never met her.
-Because you started
helping Brooke out
with the baby
after the nanny had died,
is that right?
That's right.
Just so I have this straight,
you asked Brooke about
helping out with the baby
and she told you she had
already hired a nanny.
But then after
the nanny was killed,
you asked her about
helping out with the baby again.
You think that I killed her
so that I could take her job?
That's crazy.
But my timeline is correct?
-So why don't you tell me
what you were doing
the night she was killed.
I was at the movies.
What did you see?

Les Something-Something.
Look, I bought my ticket online,
I'm sure that there's
security footage.
We'll check it out.
But for now, I'm gonna need
a little bit more information.
They think that
I killed this woman.
The detective made it seem
like he was asking around,
but I know that Brooke and Glenn
are pointing him right to me.
Okay, it's okay,
just try to stay calm.
Um, do you wanna meet
somewhere and talk?
Yes, I can drive back
right now.
Oh, you know,
I'm not at home right now.
Um...can you meet me
at the park?
The one near Brooke's house?
Say, like 30 minutes?
Yeah--yes, absolutely.
It's okay.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you.

It's okay.
No, it's okay--Brooke! Brooke!

I've got something for you.
A restraining order.
No, no, no, no,
this is a big misunderstanding.
I'm not here because of them,
I was meeting
-somebody else here.
-This isn't about today.
The judge signed it
based on everything else
you've been up to.
I just picked it up
at the courthouse
and was headed
over to your place.
Thanks to this little stunt,
saved me a trip.
You are not to come
within 100 feet
of any member
of the Wilson family
or the property.
-I'm telling you--
I'm telling you.
Stay away from them.
Stay away from the baby.
-We know it was you.
-What are you talking about?
Your alibi for the nanny's death
is a bunch of bull.
-I was at the movies.
-You think the cops are stupid?
I used to be one,
so I know
what they're thinking.
So what if your ticket
was scanned in?
The movie starts,
the lights go down,
you coulda just walked out,
plenty of time to get
over to the Wilson house.
I didn't.
A lot of people
don't believe you.

Better take that seriously.

Sweetie, it's time for bed,
it's time for bed.

-I think I heard something
-out here.
-You wanna go say hi to Daddy?

Hey, hey, hey,
stay away from the windows.
-What? Why?
-The security guard said
Olivia's outside.
Honey, honey, no, stay with us.
It's fine, it's fine,
just stay here.


We searched the perimeter
of the house.
Everything checks out.
We're gonna be bringing him
over to the nearest hospital.
How is he?
Still unconscious.
EMTs think he might have
a skull fracture.
She's crazy.
Olivia, you know that, right?
Look, we're gonna
bring her in for questioning,
but until we figure out
where she is,
I'd like to station an officer
at your house.
Yeah, I don't know
if that's such a good idea.
My wife gets really
spooked out with
all the police officers here.
Plus I don't think
she's coming back.
Well, even still,
I'd like to have
an officer drive by
every now and then.


What are you doing?
I just stopped by the house.
The police are
looking for you,
they think you attacked
Brooke's security guard.
That's ridiculous.
I was nowhere near
their house.
I know.
I've been tracking your phone.
-Look, this is a good thing.
How is you spying on me
a good thing?
When everything went crazy,
I just--I was worried
you were gonna do something.
Like attack
their security guard?
I was out jogging.
I know, I've got
your entire route
-tracked on my phone.
-Fine, did you give
the police that?
If I tell the police
I'm tracking your phone,
I have to admit that
I know where you are right now.
And, look, I wanted
to talk to you first.
Go ahead.
Olivia, you are obsessed
with that baby.
But if you didn't attack
that security guard,
that means somebody else did.
And killed the nanny.
She wasn't drunk.
Someone pushed her
in the pool.
Okay, that's exactly my point.
It's not you,
which means there is
somebody out there
who is really dangerous.
Look, Olivia,
you're my wife.
Okay, I love you.
I just wanted to get to you
before the cops pulled you in
for questioning,
got you to say something
that would hurt you.
I needed to make sure you knew
what was going on.
I have no idea
what's going on.
I know.
Please just get in.

Look, I believe you.
I know you didn't write
that letter against Glenn.
Thank you.
We're gonna have a hard time
convincing the police about it.
They're already
poked holes in my alibi
for the night
the nanny was murdered.
Not to mention
the restraining order.
What restraining order?
The delivery room nurse, Nancy,
had been helping me out
lending an ear.
I was on my way to meet her
when I ran into Brooke
and they slapped
a restraining order against me
'cause they thought
I was stalking her.
Were you?
It was Nancy's idea
-to meet there.
Will she tell the police that?
Hi, you've reached Nancy.
Leave a message.
It went straight to voicemail.
Maybe she's working.
Okay, we can, uh...
we'll swing by the hospital.
Maybe we can talk to her.
Well, her house is
right around the corner,
maybe we should
just go there first.
Hi. I'm Olivia, Nancy's friend?
We met earlier.
I'm sorry,
she's not here right now.
Please, come in.
I'm glad to see
a familiar face.
Nancy was supposed
to be home already.
I was expecting her
a couple of hours ago.
Were you supposed
to meet her here?
No, no, no, we just
couldn't reach her on the phone
so we thought we'd stop by
and try to catch her.
You know,
I couldn't reach her either.
That's okay, we'll, uh...
we should go.
No, no, no, please sit.
Wow, this is a...
this is a really nice pillow.
Oh, Nancy brought that
back with her
from Santo Enrique.
Sort of a peace offering,
I suppose,
for her going on
a spur-of-the-moment vacation.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
I just--did you say
Santo Enrique?
Yeah, about five
or six months ago.
I wasn't doing very well.
I needed another surgery
and we were low on funds.
But when she got back,
she suddenly discovered
that we had enough money
for the operation.
Excuse me,
it's time for more meds.
Please make yourselves at home.

-Harry, what are you doing?
-Santo Enrique?
That's the same island
I traced the missing money to.
Okay, money goes missing
five and a half months ago,
the same time your friend Nancy
is on the island.
-That's just a coincidence.
-No, no, no.
That island is not
a tourist destination, okay?
That is an offshore
banking destination.
Nancy needs money for her
mother's operation, right?
She goes on vacation,
comes back with the money,
come on.
When was the last time
you went on vacation
and came back with more money
than you started with?
Hurry! She's gonna
be back any second.
Just a minute,
just a minute.

It's a receipt...
for a money order
from Santo Enrique
for $50,000, the exact amount
that was stolen
from the company.
I bet she laundered it.
We will never be able
to trace this back
to the original company
it was embezzled from,
unless someone is
a total amateur
and hangs on to the receipt.
Should we try
calling Nancy again?
Uh, you know what?
We're just gonna
meet her at the hospital.
-Thank you.
-Thank you!

Yeah, that's right.
Yes, thank you.
Would you like to leave
your name, sir?
No, no, I don't
want to leave my name.
Okay, they're gonna do
a wellness check
and someone will stay with Holly
till Nancy shows up.
Okay, so you think
that Nancy stole the money
from your company,
but why?
For her mother's surgery?
But the real question is,
why my company?
She had to have
somebody on the inside,
someone to actually
transfer the money
to Santo Enrique.
What if Nancy is behind
all of this?
The money,
the sexual harassment charge.
What if Nancy
killed the nanny
and attacked
the security guard?

We need to tell Glenn.
Harry, what are you do--
Okay, what's going on?
We just need a few minutes
of your time, Glenn,
-that's it.
-I admit that I went overboard
when it comes to your baby.
But I am not responsible
for any of the weird things
that are happening.
Glenn, I found the money.
It was Nancy.
The nurse. Please,
just let us in.
We'll explain everything.
Okay, but...
Brooke and the baby
are sleeping.
We have to keep it down.
Okay, uh...
all right, look.
I know it wasn't Olivia who
was outside your house tonight.
And we can prove it.
We're certain
it was Nancy who filed
the sexual harassment
complaint against you.
And I found a receipt
at her house
for a money order
from Santo Enrique
for the exact amount
the company's been missing.
We just don't know
why she did it.
Glenn, you have to believe us.
Look, we're gonna figure out
how and why
she is doing all this.
I know you are.

-What are you doing?
-I'm telling you,
she had nothing to do with this!
Shut up.
Put your phones
on the floor.
Glenn, come on.
I said, put your phones
on the floor.
All right, just take it easy.

Get in there.
Glenn, come on, man.
-Don't mess with me, Harry.
-All right, we're going.
Just go.

Down the stairs.
Get in there.
You son of a bitch.

Hey, are you okay?
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh, come on.

Uh...he's gotta call
the police, right?
Call the police,
they'll show up,
we can explain everything.
I don't think he's gonna
call the police.

What, baby?

What is that?
What is it?

Is that blood?

Glenn said that he shot
at someone in the bushes
and that he missed.

But what if he didn't miss?
What if Glenn killed Nancy?

Come on.
Liv, this is Glenn.
Why would Glenn kill Nancy?
Why would he point a gun at us?
You said that
someone inside your company
had to transfer the $50,000
to Santo Enrique
so Nancy could get the money.
What if it was Glenn?
Okay. Okay, why?
Right? Why?
Why would he transfer
$50,000 to Nancy?
I mean, what,
Brooke doesn't have
a miscarriage and he says,
"Hooray, our baby lived!
Take a huge pile of cash."
Brooke had so many miscarriages.
Yes. So you don't pay
somebody that kind of money
'cause your baby lived.
You pay somebody $50,000
to do a job for you.
What kind of job?
What kind of job
could she have done
that would be worth...
What if Brooke's baby died?

And Glenn was worried about
the way that she would react,
and so he paid Nancy
to switch the babies?
No, no.
Come on, come on.
There is no way they did
something that horrible.
Baby, even if they did,
you were the only other woman
who had a baby
in the ward that night.
Everyone said
that I was crazy,
but I knew.
I knew from the moment
I saw that baby, I knew.
Our baby's alive.

Our baby's alive.
Our baby's alive!

He knew.
He knew the whole time.
And Brooke...
I don't think that Brooke
would have let me get
so close to Siena
if she knew.
Harry, we have
to get out of here.

Okay, I got it,
I got it.

-It's locked.
-Okay, I'll find something.
Hurry, hurry!

Here, try this.
Do you think
you can make it
to the neighbors' house?
Our baby is in this house.
-I lost my baby once.
I will not lose her again.
-Baby, he's got a gun.
-It's gonna take a lot more
than a gun to stop me.

Harry, what happened?

Put the knife down.
Harry, are you okay?
Shut up.
Put it down.
-Put it down!
-Put it down!
What is happ--Glenn!
Stop, stop!
Glenn, be careful! Olivia!
Stop! Olivia...

Stop! Stop.

Brooke, don't!
He's gonna kill me!
Shut up. Shut up.
-Give me the gun.
-Glenn, stop. Just stop.
Call the police.
He can't call the police.
He's afraid they're gonna find
the body downstairs.
What--what body,
what are you talking about?
It's the nurse, isn't it?

Don't listen to her.
Gimme the gun.
She's the one
who's been stalking you
this entire time.
Tonight, your security guard
caught her in the act.
She attacked him
and you killed her.
Shut up!
Don't listen to her.
-She's crazy.
-What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
And then you hid the body
before the police could show up,
because otherwise,
you would have to confess
that the baby is mine!

You knew.
No, I didn't know.

So the nurses did their thing
and our daughter has
a clean bill of health.
Oh my God...hi!

But then the baby
wouldn't latch on.
And there was
this connection missing.
I kept telling myself
I was crazy.
How could you?
How could you do that?
I did it for you.
For us.
We tried so many times.
When the nurse brought Siena
into the nursery for the tests,
she discovered
our baby had died.
She saw me
out in the hallway.
She desperately needed money
for her mother's operation,
and she could tell
I was rich.
She said she could switch
the ID bracelets,
but I had to think quick,
before the other nurse came in.
Then I panicked.
I said yes.

I had no idea
it was your baby.
You honestly think it matters
whose baby you stole?

Then I saw Harry
in the hallway.

I felt so guilty.
I offered him a job,
-anything to help you out.
-But then you lied.
You lied this whole time!
You said that it was
Olivia who did this,
you even told the police.
Honey, I had to.
I had to hide everything
that was going on.
I was in too deep.

She kept coming at me,
making more and more demands.
That's when I knew
she was crazy.
What are you doing?
You want more money,
is that it?
I didn't take your money
out of greed.
My mom would have died.
And her tumor's back and
she needs another operation.
Look, we made a deal.
One payment for one...
For one baby.
You paid for a baby.
And now that you have her,
how much is she worth to you?
Is there anything that
you wouldn't do for her?
That's how I feel
about my mother.
I'm not just going to stand
around and watch her die.
Get off my property. Now.
She wouldn't listen.
She showed up
to Siena's party
to hit me up for more money.
But when she saw
all of us together,
she figured she could
blackmail me.
But Harry discovered
the $50,000 that I'd given her.
It had been embezzled
from our company.

I couldn't pay her
if I wanted to.
But she didn't listen,
she just kept coming and coming
and coming at me.
And that time at the shop,
she tried to take Siena
for ransom
but she didn't have the guts.
But then she came back here,
in our house,
and that's when the nanny
must have caught her in the act
and she drowned her
in our pool.
You knew that
she killed someone
and you didn't warn your wife?
I thought I could fix it!
I had us halfway
transferred to London
just to get away from her.
But she filed that complaint
and she sabotaged everything.
And you saw an opening
and you killed her.
Shut up.
I can fix everything.
Just gimme the gun.
Stop, please stop. Please.
gimme the gun.
Brooke, he's gonna kill me.
He's gonna kill
me and Harry,
and he will not
get away with it.
Shut up, shut up!
Honey, listen to me.
We can still be a family.
Just gimme the gun.
Brooke, please.
The baby needs her mother.

You're her mother.
Glenn, Glenn, stop, stop,
please stop.
Don't do this.

-Let go!

Oh my God! Oh God!

Oh...oh, Harry, Harry.
Are you okay?
-I'm okay. Are you okay?


I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

It's okay.

-It's inside there.
-It's inside.
-It's inside there, yeah.
Oh wow, she's gotten so big!
-This is Rob.
-Oh, nice to meet you.
-You too, finally.
Hey, how are you? Harry.
-Harry, good to meet you.
-You must be the new boyfriend.
Um, fianc, actually.
-Wow, hey, congratulations!
-That was fast!
-Well, it was a little early,
but, um, we just found out,
What? Really?
Thank you so much,
we're very excited.
Congratulations, that's awesome.
Thank you.
Aww, I'm so happy for you.
We know you're gonna make
a great mom.
Thank you.
-Can we eat?
-Oh yeah, let's eat.