A Deadly Place (2020) Movie Script

Hi, Hailey.
You remembered.
To be honest, I didn't
think you would.
I'd say welcome back
but that would imply that I
give a shit about this place.
It's good to see
you, you look good.
So do you.
Sorry about your dad.
What are you doing here?
I thought I saw you earlier.
Couldn't believe it.
I had to come see for myself.
I wasn't sure if
it was really you.
Do you wanna let me in? We
can catch up like old friends.
It's quite a collection.
You never really
liked me, did you?
Come on.
Think I didn't notice
the look on your face?
I wasn't expecting a drop-in.
No, that's not it.
It's okay, you can tell me.
You were mean.
You were mean to me.
You pushed me, teased me.
I don't quite
remember it that way.
You threw rocks at me
when we go swimming in the lake.
I forgot about that.
Did that hurt?
I'm sorry.
I'll live.
What about that one?
No, that one wasn't you.
I was bored, okay?
A lot.
Growing up, there
wasn't much to do
when you live in the
middle of nowhere.
Gotta entertain
yourself somehow.
I just didn't wanna see people.
What do you mean?
I didn't want anyone, you know,
hugging me or crying on me
or telling me their
deepest condolences.
It's just better that way.
Yeah, you mean easier?
I guess.
I guess it doesn't
matter anyway.
I'm not staying.
It's a long way
to come for nothing.
He's my father.
Yeah, was.
To our fathers.
How do you drink that stuff?
It was his favorite.
He kept it hidden
in his dresser.
You get used to the taste.
That's not a very
good hiding spot.
My dad used to hide
his in an old toolbox.
He wasn't hiding it.
I knew exactly where it was.
Why'd he hide it, then?
He trusted me.
Do you miss him?
Of course.
If your dad died,
wouldn't you miss him?
Ah, fortunately my
dad is alive and well.
That's a good
thing, that's good.
We are having a dinner tonight
for Tressa's birthday.
Yeah, we still celebrate
it every year, you know.
Dinner, cake, the usual.
Yeah, I remember.
We'd like it if
you could join us.
I just got in, so I...
Yeah well it would be
just like you remember.
You remember, it'd be you, me,
my dad, your dad.
He never missed it.
I can't imagine he would.
Yeah, not one year.
You know, even after you left.
He'd even pick up the cake.
Sounds like him.
And it would mean a lot
to my dad, you know.
He'd like to keep
the tradition going.
And since your dad,
he can't make it,
it would mean a
lot if you would.
Specially since you're back,
however long that is.
He's probably cooking
up the fish as we speak.
Yeah, it's okay.
I don't really like fish either.
But all you gotta do is smile,
pretend like you're
having a good time.
Can you do that, Hailey?
Smells good.
Dad doesn't cook much anymore
but he hasn't lost his touch.
That one's mine.
I won it at the
Summer Catch of '97.
I was the only kid under
18 that won a prize.
It was a good summer.
I've never been.
To the Summer Catch?
No, fishing.
Yeah, we did it all the time.
If you didn't catch it,
You don't eat it.
It's an old family motto.
I haven't used it since,
well, not for a while now.
It's good to see you again.
It's been a long time.
My deepest condolences.
As you know, your dad
and I were very close.
Glad you could join us.
Tonight is very special.
Thanks for inviting me.
You didn't have to do that.
What kind of neighbors
would we be if we didn't?
Besides, you used to
be a regular here.
I'm sure we'll have
lots to talk about.
Well, that dinner's not
gonna finish itself.
Can I help with dinner?
No, thank you, but
I've got it covered.
Benny'll keep you company.
Take her jacket for her too.
You want me to roll
out a red carpet for her
while I'm at it?
Forgive him, Hailey.
We don't entertain much.
Ben forgets how to act
when there's company around.
You okay?
Are you sure?
You got the deer in
the headlights look.
Yeah, yeah.
No, I'm good.
I need a cigarette.
Where's my jacket?
In the closet.
You hear that?
Good, then do something about it, will ya?
And don't let her leave.
Hi, it's okay.
It's okay.
Hi, buddy.
It's okay.
It's okay, come here.
Come on.
It's okay.
Come on, I'm not gonna hurt you.
Come on.
You like dogs?
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Don't be.
Looks like he likes you.
He doesn't like anyone.
Even you?
Do you always keep him in a cage?
Yeah, more or less.
I mean, that's why
he doesn't like you.
Can I bum a drag?
I don't remember
you having a dog.
We didn't.
My dad got him a few years back,
thought it'd be a good idea.
For what?
I don't know.
Didn't work anyway.
It just became my problem.
- I had a dog once.
- Hey.
It didn't go very well.
He had two white front paws
and I called him Socks.
- Socks?
- Mhmm.
That's when I was like 11, so.
What happened to him?
I don't know.
Woke up one morning and
he was gone.
Dogs run off, it's what they do.
Why do you think we
keep him in a cage?
Dinner's ready.
Thank you.
Looks good.
It was her favorite.
Not fancy, but it'll
get the job done.
Yeah, he says that every year.
Yeah, probably.
You know, nothing
brings me more joy
than to see you sitting
here tonight, Hailey.
Just as it used to be.
So what have you been up to?
How are you handling it
without your old man?
Okay, I guess.
I keep thinking that I'll
see him standing there
every time I walk into a room.
That's natural.
Unfortunately, it
never really goes away.
Tressa really liked
you, you know?
She used to braid my hair
and taught me how to do it.
She was really nice to me.
Yeah, she was nice to everyone.
I guess you're probably
pretty happy to be home?
How many years has it been?
I don't know,
maybe seven or eight?
Nothing, it's just,
where does time go?
My star will find her way home.
Something your
dad used to say.
That's what he
called you, isn't it?
I didn't believe him, but he knew.
He always knew.
I'm sure you made
him very happy.
You look a lot like
him too, you know.
Same misshapen knuckles
and everything.
Then again, I've
actually never seen
photos of your mother.
Neither have I.
Eat something.
Before it gets cold.
So what have you been up to?
You must have a lot
of stories to share.
No, not really.
It's boring.
I own an apartment.
It's small and it's
nice but it's mine.
And I found a job
that people are nice.
Oh, that's good.
You have a lot of trophies.
Fishing's in our blood.
Most of them are Tressa's.
I have a few.
Ben has one.
Me and your dad, we
fished quite a bit.
He was a very patient man.
Very patient.
Never leaving until
he caught something.
Just staring at the line.
Never taking his eyes off it.
I didn't know that.
You didn't know what,
that your dad was
patient or that he fished?
We didn't really
keep in touch, so.
We spent almost every
weekend out there.
We'd catch 'em and
Benny would gut 'em.
I got pretty good too.
Ben looks at
gutting as an artform.
But it's fishing itself,
that's the real art.
Any fisherman worth his
salt will tell you that.
Tressa was very good.
Oh Lord, was she ever.
Just like her grandfather.
We'd spend hours out
there, just me and her.
Even on the days that we'd
come back with nothing were
still some of the
best days I've had.
Sounds like you
were really close.
Not today.
Don't worry.
Wouldn't wanna ruin it.
- So how long are you-
- I have a question.
What was it like growing
up in that house?
Your house.
I'm just curious.
You're being impolite.
No, I'm just talking to Hailey.
Why would you ask me that?
I'm just making conversation.
Why don't you get some air?
It's freezing out.
It'll do you good.
Ben's a little
touchy these days.
Specially on Tressa's birthday.
You don't like carrots?
I'm just not quite hungry.
It's probably not what you were expecting.
I wasn't expecting anything.
Somehow I doubt that.
Could I use your restroom?
I'll check on Ben,
make sure he hasn't
wandered off too far.
Does he do that?
He likes the woods.
It's still down the
hall on the right.
What are you doing in here?
I was looking for the restroom.
It's not in here.
I don't like people
in here, Hailey.
Did you touch anything?
Of course not, I...
She was really pretty.
Yeah, she was.
Let me show you to the restroom.
There you go.
Where are you going?
I was just gonna
go check on Ben.
Well that's very nice of you.
- Yeah, I'll just be a second.
- Hold on.
There's no need.
He's fine.
Just needs to cool off.
We still have chocolate cake.
You like chocolate
cake, don't you?
Well, speak of the devil.
Hey, I'm sorry about earlier.
I got a little carried away.
All is forgiven.
Right, Hailey?
Benny, escort Hailey
back to the table.
We'd hate for her
to get lost again.
After you.
Get Hailey another bottle.
This one's looking
a little worn out.
I'm actually good,
- thanks.
- Nonsense.
Besides, you're gonna
want a cold one for the toast.
It's been a few years
since you've been back.
Your father must be honored
that you're carrying
on this tradition.
Celebrating her
memory, of course.
After all, it was his idea.
There's not a day that goes by
when I don't think of you.
There's not a moment that passes
where I don't wonder
what kind of a person
you would have become.
What kind of life
you would have had.
You were my everything.
My whole world.
You believe in God, Hailey?
I bought a hammer
a few weeks back
from that hardware store.
The one that sells ties
in a box for a dollar.
I wasn't in there for
any particular reason.
I just wanted to look.
I found myself in aisle three,
staring at this one.
A claw hammer.
I don't know why I chose it.
There were several
hammers to choose from.
Call me crazy, but,
I felt like it was
staring back at me.
I started to fantasize
about all the things
I could do with it.
It was light, durable.
You know, losing a child is like
losing a limb.
You never quite
function the same again.
And when a father
stops believing in God,
there's no telling
what he might do.
What's happening?
What's happening?
What did?
What did you do?
A powerful tranquilizer.
They say it's used
to take down horses.
I don't know how
much he gave you.
Ben isn't exactly a chemist
when it comes to measurements.
It's probably not
a pleasant feeling.
Right now, you're losing
all motor function ability.
Your heart rate is increasing
which is only making
the experience
all that much worse.
No sense fighting it.
Thanks for coming, Hailey.
I'm sure Tressa appreciates it.
Hey, you know where to go?
Yeah, I know a place.
Make sure it's
far enough away.
Don't be messing around
out there, you hear me?
Hey, you hear me?!
I hear you!
What about her car?
We'll take care of that when you get back.
Be back in an hour.
I'm saving those
dishes for you too.
You sing songs?
Oh, Tressa and I, we'd
always sing in the car together
on family road trips.
We'd do it real loud
to piss off our dad.
I bet you're real
pissed at me right now.
I don't blame you.
I just want you to know,
it wasn't my idea, okay?
I like you, Hailey.
I really do.
I'm sure we would have
been great friends.
But it's a family thing.
You know I never
liked my sister?
Yeah I loved her and everything.
She was always dad's favorite.
Even now.
I know he wishes it was me.
Hey, I like this song.
Thank you, Hailey.
It feels good to have
someone to talk to.
Okay, okay.
Socks never ran away.
My dad, he woke me
up that morning.
He told me to go
to the backyard.
He had Socks tied to the post.
He told me we couldn't keep him
and I had broken the rule.
Said that I need to be punished.
He put the knife in my hand.
He told me he does it
or I do.
And it's the only way I'd learn.
I made it quick.
He wouldn't have.
It was quick.
Hello, my girl.
I know you're hungry.
Are you gonna be a good
girl for me tonight?
If you don't, you'll be in
here for another week.
Daddy doesn't wanna
put you in here
but you leave him no choice.
You want your sandwich?
Good girl.
Go ahead.
Who's my star?
I appreciate this.
My truck won't even
make it two miles
without breaking down.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
I'm heading into town anyway.
Is Ben coming?
No, he's off somewhere
doing god knows what.
Let's get going.
I wanna make it to the
shop before it closes.
And Murray always
shuts down early
to knock back a few and
thinks no one notices.
I mean he's sitting
in a bar on a Tuesday
when he's supposed to
be running the shop.
What does he think,
no one sees him?
Murray's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
And then when you do
get him in the garage
he does nothing but
bitch and complain
about his workload
as you're trying
to fill out your paperwork.
There's other
mechanics, you know?
Joe's dumb ass son?
Or Marty?
That shithead.
Always charges me
extra for special parts
he needs to bring in from China.
Yeah, no thanks.
Why don't I take a look at it?
No, I couldn't
ask you to do that.
Why, you got a
problem with me now?
No, of course not.
I do however, have a problem
with that cancer stick
you're sucking on.
You know the rules.
My truck, my rules.
Ben had better
arguments than that
when he was six.
He's a smart kid.
I see a lot of myself in him.
Don't start, Adams.
You need anything?
No, I'm good.
Just be a sec.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, I picked up some dill.
We fry up those
fish, a little lemon,
put some dill on.
Got everything you needed?
Still upset Murray
talked your ear off?
You know Murray.
Yeah, well.
One of these days, he's
gonna be dead Murray.
You all right?
I'm fine.
You look a little bit sick.
I'm fine.
If you say so.
Don't forget your part.
You sure you don't
need any help?
All right.
Take it easy.
No, no!
Everything's okay now, darling.
I promised you.
I always kept my
promises, didn't I?
Everything's gonna be okay.
I did the dishes,
no need to thank me.
Ben, Ben?
This is unexpected.
I can see how it would be.
Where's Ben?
He's not here.
Yeah, I can see that.
Where is he?
Do you know when
a dog is in pain,
it makes this high pitched tone?
It's excruciating.
Where's Ben?
Where's Ben?!
Where's my son?!
Why are you here?
You're not supposed to be here.
I came to tell you about Tressa.
What are you doin'?
I'll see you later.
You know I can read
your face like a book.
You can't even
read a book, Adam.
Let alone read my face.
Okay, your bid.
I'm leaving.
T, hold on, I need your help.
Hey, Tressa.
Off to work?
Isn't that obvious?
Hey, let's show some manners.
Dad, I gotta go.
What time you coming home?
I don't know, late, probably.
You want me to give you a ride?
I'll get Cass to drive me.
Are you sure?
Does Ben know Hailey's here?
Ah, he knows.
Won't come out of his room.
Okay, I have to go.
Hey, whoa whoa, hold up.
You forgetting something?
Love you, darling.
I'll save you a plate.
All right.
That right there,
that's my good luck.
Oh, now I should be worried?
Indeed you should.
Remember, Hailey.
Daddy needs you to be
a good girl for me tonight.
Good girl.
Mr. Adams?
What are you doing here?
What was that?
A cigarette?
What if it's your dad that
pulled up instead of me?
Can you please not tell him?
Please, I promise I
don't do it very often.
Hey, you don't have
to worry about me.
You just have to be
more careful, okay?
Okay, thanks.
Come on, I'll give
you a ride home.
I'm waiting for my
friend, she's closing.
Well, I can give you a ride
home right now if you want.
One sec.
Hey, you want a milkshake?
We have mint.
She'd love one.
How was work?
It was okay.
I spilled ketchup
on Mr. Soleman.
Who's that?
My old history teacher.
He left a good tip too.
Oh, how could he not?
I'm sure you're probably
one of his favorites.
Uh, no, he hated me.
Why would you say that?
It was the way he used to stare at me.
Probably admires you.
That's stupid.
Depends on your perspective.
Why are we stopping?
Oh, I thought I heard
something in the engine.
Sounded like a rattling sound.
You don't hear that?
I didn't hear anything.
Just let me take a
look. I'll just be a sec.
What are you
doing out this late?
Isn't it way past your bedtime?
What is it?
Your shake's melting.
Wanna know what I was
thinking the whole time?
How much I hated mint.
Where is she?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Why are you telling me this?
Because it wasn't my fault.
I was just a little kid.
You lived under his roof.
His blood is in your veins.
He raised you.
That doesn't make you innocent.
I'm not my father.
Not yet.
Oh my god!
Do it!
Do it!
Do it.
I told you.
I'm not my father.
Do you believe I was
never a violent man?
I had the hammer.
I was ready.
I needed to.
I wanted to.
I went to your home.
To make him pay for what he did.
But he was already dead.
A stroke.
He died peacefully
when my daughter
decayed somewhere
I'll never know!
Goodbye, Gregory.
Where are you going?