A Deadly View (2018) Movie Script

[mumbled chatter over radio]
[man 1 over radio] Crime
continues to rise in the city
along with temperatures,
as a brutal winter finally...
[man 2 over radio] Violent crime
increased in many
of the nation's largest cities
in 2017...
[woman 1 over radio] ...second
year in a row that metro areas
saw jumps in robbery, homicide,
and aggravated assault.
[man 2 over radio] Theories of
the increased crime include
violence associated with drugs,
the high number of guns
in many US cities,
gang violence and retaliation,
and even
problems originating
from conflicts on social media.
[man 3 over radio] So what
happened to the city?
I remember when you could take
a walk at night.
[man 3 over radio] When you
could take a walk at night?
The city's always been bad,
and our police forces
are overworked
and underpaid,
what can we expect?
[woman 2 over radio]
We expect to feel safe.
We expect to walk outside
and not be in danger.
Is that really too much to ask?
[man 4 over radio] Metro police
caution that it's too
early to know
whether increases seen
over the last two years
are coincidences
or the beginning of
a sustained increase
in overall crime rates
around the country.
[siren blaring]
[intense music]
Take it, take it.
Take it.
[exhales sharply]
Jeez. These are heavier.
I'll take care of it.
No, I'll do it. I'm pregnant,
I'm not disabled.
Honey, you shouldn't even
be carrying anything
in the first place.
I'm aware of
what I shouldn't be doing.
No sushi, no dental x-rays
no bean sprouts for some reason.
Honey, you have a month left.
Then you can have
all the bean sprouts you want.
I don't even like bean sprouts.
I just want them
because they say
I can't have them.
I'm in a... strange house
in a strange town
full of strange people
with nothing to do
and nowhere to go.
Are the suburbs really that bad?
Okay. You know what?
I'm gonna make you breakfast.
At our old place, we'd just grab
a bagel across the street.
Oh, come on,
they have bagels here.
Uh, no, they have
exotic pastries
with holes in the middle.
It's an abomination.
Uh, I thought you went
to the store yesterday.
I did.
The supermarkets here are
the size of airport hangars.
I got overwhelmed.
Maybe I can get my mom
to pick up some stuff for us.
Or not. Don't have to do that.
Let's get some food. Uh...
Oh. What do we have here?
Is this the melon?
Is this the latest
of your cravings?
They say, this week
she's the size of a honeydew.
Does that look right?
I don't know.
But I can't wait
to meet our honeydew.
Can I have a slice of honeydew
for breakfast?
You may not eat our child.
Wow. Overprotective mother,
already. That's sad.
It's Sunday. Do you really
have to go into the office?
Well, if I'm gonna take
a month off
to spend it with you
and the honeydew,
I gotta clear my caseload now.
I know. It's just, we gotta
whip this house into shape.
I'll unpack
some more stuff tonight.
It's fine. I can do it.
Well, I know you can do it.
You can do anything.
I just prefer
if you don't, okay?
Just try to enjoy your free time
while you still have it.
Free time? Is that what we're
calling unemployment now?
- Yup.
- I just need something to do.
[Peter] My mom says
the neighbors are great.
And she says there is
a fantastic bagel place nearby.
Home of the blueberry
bacon bagel?
It just sounds wrong.
- It could be good.
- I'll try it.
But only because I'm hungry.
- And because of bacon.
- [Peter chuckles]
I love you. And you, honeydew.
[car engine starts]
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hi, neighbor.
I'm so sorry about this,
but I'm really desperate.
- Do you mind... Oh!
- [Rachel gasps]
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm Grace. [chuckles]
I live across the street.
You met my husband this morning.
- What?
- Yes.
He was walking our dog.
Oh. I wouldn't really say
that we met, but...
Oh. You're having a boy, I see.
A girl, actually.
Are you sure? Uh...
- You're carrying so high.
- The doctors insist.
Oh, doctors don't know anything.
Ah, you have a lovely
yellow aura right now.
When are you due?
- Four weeks.
- Oh. A full moon baby.
Very powerful.
Powerful is good, I guess.
Patricia's told me
all about you.
Yeah, I could have sworn
she said a boy.
I bought my house from her
years ago.
She's such a sweet person.
Always trust an Aries, I say.
Hi. I'm Yvonne.
You must be Rachel.
- I live across the street.
- Let me guess.
- Patricia told you all about me.
- How'd you know?
Peter's mom
seems to have a tight hold
on the neighborhood.
I'm really glad you're here.
The old neighbors
were so antisocial.
None of us were surprised
when they got divorced.
Well, we're not even married, so
our divorce is a long way off.
Oh, handsome man like that.
Smart to lock him in
however you can.
The key is keeping them
interested after a long day
at the office.
Is that the key?
I just had a child
six months ago.
You couldn't tell, could you?
Uh, so where's your child now?
My best piece of advice?
Hire help
and outsource the hard stuff.
Without Orla, I could never have
gotten my body back so fast.
Oh, uh, we won't be
hiring a nanny.
I'm just between jobs right now.
Oh. What do you do?
I'm a writer, and an editor
for newspapers
which, unfortunately,
don't really exist anymore.
- Well, I'm a writer, too.
- Really? For what?
I have a blog. Mom stuff.
You should send me some samples.
I'm always looking
for freelancers.
I can pay in exposure
and experience.
Thanks, but, uh,
I think I'll concentrate
on the mom thing for now.
Pretty soon, the mom thing
will be the only thing.
My heart rate's dropping.
I gotta go.
Anyhow, if you ever wanna go for
a run, I'm always on the move.
Well, it was great
to meet you, too.
Yvonne doesn't realize
that we're not all here
to entertain her.
I'm Sandy. I live next door.
Oh. Rachel.
- Let me help you with that.
- Oh. No, really, it's okay.
- I got it.
- Um...
Okay, well,
maybe just to the front door.
Please, really,
you don't have to do that.
[grunts] I am happy to help.
And besides, I always like
to get to know my neighbors.
- Where do you want these?
- Uh, anywhere.
- I'll figure it out later.
- Mm.
I met some
of our neighbors today.
Let me guess.
Gary, the silent dog walker.
He doesn't talk much,
which works out
because his wife Grace
doesn't shut up.
- She read my aura.
- Ah.
Other than the fact
that she sometimes dances naked
in her backyard under
the full moon, she's harmless.
- And you met Yvonne.
- Mm-hm.
- The workout queen.
- [laughs]
I walk every day, too,
but I do not treat it
like the Olympic trials.
she's also a blogger.
But she doesn't look like
she just had a kid, though.
So maybe I should go read it.
Yeah, well,
she's not exactly the most,
how should I put it,
hands-on mother.
I seem to be the talk
of the block.
Well, nothing much happens
around here.
So a new neighbor,
now, that's interesting.
What about you?
How long have you lived here?
And I bet I know
who sold you your house.
- Patricia?
- Mm-hm.
Well, she keeps telling me
it's time to sell
but I have a feeling
it's more about
her commission than it is about
finding my dream home.
So, what brought you
to our little neighborhood?
We needed something quieter,
and safer.
And boring?
I, uh, had a bad experience
at our old place
and Peter, the, uh... father
kinda freaked out.
So here we are.
And when you saw this house,
you thought...
"This is exactly
where I wanna be bored."
I did fall in love
with one room.
Welcome to the nursery.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I mean,
you guys are lucky.
My husband...
ex-husband and I tried,
but we couldn't...
I-I couldn't get pregnant.
And then we got divorced,
so... I guess it all worked out
for the best.
So, is the plan to have the kid
sleep on the floor?
Oh, we haven't had the chance
to put anything together.
Well, what are you doing now?
I have been banned
from moving boxes.
I'll do the heavy lifting,
you do the soft and frilly.
Let's whip this nursery
into shape.
Come on. What are neighbors for?
It's perfect.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
I haven't had this much fun
in a long time.
Me, too.
I love this poster.
So she grows up adventurous.
- Mm.
- A dream.
So she can do all those things
without a man.
- I hear you there.
- Ah. Mm.
Those things are great,
you can actually
stream to your phone.
Isn't technology something?
Looks like my work here is done.
I am right next door.
If you need anything, just wave.
Thank you, neighbor.
Someone loves attention.
What's that?
- I met our neighbors today.
- Mm-hmm.
Your mother has told them
everything about me, apparently.
[Rachel] One read my aura,
and the other has a mom blog
and wants me to be her intern.
She does offer
exposure and experience though.
Yeah, well, my old neighbor
used to speak to his pet ferret.
But his parties
were so much fun.
Here it's just a mix
of boring and crazy.
[Rachel sighs]
A boring childhood
in a nice house in the suburbs.
Not so bad, eh, honeydew?
What was that?
- She kicked me.
- What?
Bad baby. Don't kick your mom.
Getting bored in there?
No TV or Wi-Fi for nine months
would drive me crazy, too.
At least you're not a... fat,
hormone-charged rhinoceros
that can smell everything, but
can't even put on her own shoes.
You're not a rhino.
Any chance for a back rub?
Is this for you or for the baby?
Ooh. Great.
Right in the bladder.
Okay. Give me a sec.
- Okay.
- Ah.
[water running]
[doorknob rattling, door closes]
[suspense music]
[drawer shuts]
[music intensifies]
- Who's there?
- There you are.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Um, I let myself in.
I was worried that
the two of you weren't eating.
Mm, someone went shopping.
I'll sleep in the, uh,
guest room tonight.
And then breakfast can be
bright and early tomorrow.
Do you need help with that?
I'm fine.
Well, good night.
[Patricia] Do you think
it's a good idea for Rachel
to be here all alone all day?
She's perfectly fine.
I know that I have given you
great confidence
that a woman can do it all,
but it's hard.
I mean, working,
raising a child,
making healthy breakfasts
every day, alone.
And we appreciate everything
that you've done for us.
This is a great neighborhood,
Mom. Thank you.
Oh, I met our neighbor
Sandy yesterday.
She helped me put together
the nursery.
Did she?
What was she doing here?
I let her in.
Some people knock first.
Oh, yes. Last night.
I don't think that a woman
in your condition
should be playing
security guard.
Or... you could just
not break in
to a pregnant woman's home.
Well, I didn't break in.
I have a key.
They give you one
when you make the down payment.
Can you stand up for me
just once?
- Uh, here...
- Just...
No! Just leave it. Ah.
[Rachel sighs]
[dog barking]
[barking continues]
[barking continues]
[exhales sharply]
Not again.
Oh, my...
- [woman screaming]
- No!
[woman screaming]
No, no!
- [gasps]
- What's happening? Are you okay?
Uh... It looked like
a fight across the street.
- I think someone's hurt.
- What?
I don't see anything.
[man on phone] 911. What's your
You called the police?
[man on phone] 911. Hello.
Hi, I, I'd like to report a,
a domestic altercation.
[Officer Lee] So i-it seems like
it was all just
a pretty big misunderstanding.
I would say so.
Yvonne is quite upset.
Is everyone okay?
Everyone's fine.
Both of them are fine.
It was just a heated dispute
between husband and wife.
- No injuries.
- There were three people there.
The nanny, too.
Uh, they said the nanny
quit this afternoon.
They were arguing
about whose fault it was.
No, I'm telling you,
I saw the nanny.
Did you have a clear view
of the altercation?
Well, I mean,
the blinds were closed.
But, yeah.
[Patricia] You'll have to
excuse her.
Um, she survived an attack
near her old home,
and I think her anxieties are
just getting the best of her.
Mom, that's not fair.
[Patricia] Honey, I came by last
night to drop off some food,
and she treated me
like I was a cat burglar.
That's completely different.
This is not a downtown slum
with drug fiends.
I know what I saw.
Um, honey,
I know what you think you saw.
The cops checked it out.
I, I'm not the only one
who saw her.
Gary, the dog guy, saw her, too.
The other neighbor,
we talked to him.
He didn't see anything.
What? No, that's impossible.
- Ah!
- Are you okay?
I've got a bowling ball
on my bladder,
and everyone thinks I'm a liar.
Yeah, I'm just peachy.
I am so sorry, officers.
Um, she's all hormones
and nerves...
This is not hormones!
- [Rachel] I'll be right back.
- Yeah, here.
- The officers are almost done.
- Yeah.
Well, your granddaughter just
lodged her foot in my urethra,
so I'm gonna go take care
of that first.
Excuse me.
Uh, thanks for coming by.
I'll show you hormones.
[groans] Here we go.
[doctor] Your baby is healthy.
Everything is intact.
But bleeding like this
is a concern.
It is our recommendation
that you go on bed rest
until you deliver.
It's important to reduce stress,
both physical and emotional.
So we need you to be
on the lookout for headaches,
blurred vision,
sensitivity to light,
vomiting, abdominal pain,
or any unexplained bruising.
If you experience
any of these symptoms,
you need to contact me
If you can't reach me, call 911.
And please,
let people help
take care of you.
It's important.
For both of you.
Thank you.
[Peter] Thank you, Doctor.
[Peter] Wait. Here,
I'll help you.
[Rachel sighs]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Rachel, what're you doing?
The doctor said
you needed to rest.
I'm going to talk to Yvonne.
My mom already talked to her.
Oh, I'm sure she did.
"Rachel is pregnant
and hormonal.
An overactive mind."
Well, are you going to apologize
or to investigate?
I'm going to talk
to my neighbor.
Like an adult.
You really should be
in bed resting.
Look, I might be seeing things,
I might be crazy,
but I'm not gonna
lock myself inside
for the rest of my life
on the off-chance.
- Yvonne, can we...
- I have nothing to say to you.
[Rachel sighs]
She wouldn't talk to you?
No. She wanted nothing
to do with me.
Maybe just give her some time?
I don't know.
[door opens]
I've cancelled
all my obligations.
I'm here to help.
Of course, if I'm in the way,
I'm happy to pay for a nurse.
We'd love to have you.
[dog barking]
You saw something,
you old bastard.
[stairwell creaking]
[stairwell creaking]
Rachel? Is that you?
Well, if you need anything,
I'm in the kitchen.
[knock at door]
- Hello there.
- Is your husband home?
I'd like to ask him a question.
Gary is resting right now,
which, [chuckles]
if I'm not mistaken,
is what I believe
you're supposed to be doing.
Patricia's told me
all about your, your condition.
I think he saw something
last night.
Why didn't he tell the police?
[sighs] Uh, Gary has
not been himself
in a, in a long time, dear.
But I saw him watching
the nanny.
Why are you harassing
my husband?
It's bad enough
he has Alzheimer's.
Now you want to give him
a heart attack
by calling the police
to grill him with questions?
I highly recommend
you mind your own business
and leave my husband
out of whatever trouble
you're trying to whip up.
And in the future...
I suggest you stay to
your side of the block...
or next time
I will call the police.
You know,
you didn't do anything wrong.
I think I did.
Don't let them
make you think you're crazy.
You got mama bear instincts.
You should follow
your intuition.
I'm gonna be in big trouble
when I go home, aren't I?
Probably. But, since you're
already playing hooky...
we might as well have some fun.
It's actually not that bad.
It's not bad,
but this is not a bagel.
This town has a knack
of trading quality
for convenience.
And here I come
and screw it all up.
Well... I believe you.
The nanny and the husband
have been having an affair
for a few months.
You don't think...
Yvonne, like...
You know? [clicks tongue]
No. No, Yvonne wouldn't
kill anybody.
She probably just
shooed her out the back
as soon as
she saw the cops coming.
The nanny was
working here illegally.
Now, the true tragedy is that
Yvonne has to raise her own kid.
People here are living lies
on top of lies,
on top of more lies.
It's easy to get tripped up.
So I guess I'm safe from
the neighborhood axe-murderer.
Grace might curse you
on the next waning moon,
but otherwise,
you should be okay.
Although, I would also
avoid Yvonne's latest blog.
The Perils
of the Nosey Neighbor.
Yvonne is all about
her public persona.
But don't worry,
she didn't name any names.
But she does hold grudges.
[Patricia] You had me
very worried.
No, disappearing with strangers,
spying on your neighbors.
Are you that desperate
to get a sensational
true crime story
to impress your
caffeine-stained editor
of that dying newspaper?
No, I just wanted answers
and then Sandy took me
to get a bagel.
I just...
I needed a friend.
Well, I almost
called the police.
That's how afraid I was.
Peter had to talk me down.
You owe him a big apology.
And until that happens,
would you just stay in your bed?
You have one job to do now.
Take care of this baby.
And if you won't help yourself,
I cannot help you.
[door shuts]
You're up.
Peter is working late.
He called while you were asleep.
I've, uh, brought you
some dinner.
Thank you.
Peter and I thought that
it would be a good time
for you to take a break
from your phone and computer.
They seem to be...
stimulating your imagination.
I need to look at job postings.
And really, everything.
Oh, no, I already told Peter
that I'm more than happy
to financially support
both of you, if necessary.
Anything for the baby.
I'm going back to work.
That's what all women think.
What if I have an emergency?
Ring the bell.
I'll get you whatever you need.
[instrumental music playing]
For the baby.
[dinging softly]
[door knob clicks]
Knock, knock.
- Oh, I'm so happy you're home.
- [Peter] Court let out early.
And it's also Mom's
bridge night tonight.
So I thought to myself,
"Hey, we could actually have
a night to ourselves."
I ordered Chinese.
- You look lovely.
- Thank you.
Um, I wasn't sure
what you'd be craving,
so, I just got everything.
That is a lot of food.
Hm, gotta take care
of my baby mama.
After you.
[both laughing]
[Peter] Then the bailiff had to
drag the guy
screaming from the courtroom
while the judge
held him in contempt.
Ah. Well, that's one way
to undermine the witness.
Yeah, I think it's safe to say,
we have this one
in the bag now.
I was just thinking
about the time we met.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hm.
You were constantly
on the move in college.
I don't think we ever had
a conversation standing still.
I was always following you
from class or...
to some event that you were
covering for the paper.
But, I couldn't keep up.
And then ten years later,
I see you running
through the courthouse.
You were just a blur,
you just ran right past me,
but I knew it was you.
And this time...
I finally chased you down.
I'm a little easier
to catch now.
I am stuffed.
And I think this...
honeydew has grown
into a watermelon.
We needed this, didn't we?
My mom around all the time.
And me locked in a tower.
Is it really that bad?
I haven't made it easy on her.
Well, we've all been
trying our best.
It's a tough situation.
I know.
I just...
I feel so cooped up in here,
you know?
I need to be outside, I...
I need to feel the sun
on my face.
maybe tomorrow
we can get you outside
in a way that makes
everybody happy.
- I'd love that.
- Yeah?
It's nice back here, right?
Your phone, my dear.
I could get used to this
whole backyard thing.
It's like a fire escape,
green, and no threat
of falling to your death.
I baked.
Thanks, Patricia.
Fresh air is good for the baby.
Thanks, Mom.
- See? She's trying.
- Mm-hm.
- I'll see you after work.
- Mm.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- [Sandy] Howdy, neighbor.
- Hi!
I see you've escaped.
- Time off for good behavior?
- Something like that.
Oh. Hello.
I heard voices.
Oh, don't worry,
I'm not calling the cops.
Sorry, I came in
through the side gate.
Huh. We really do need to get
a new lock for that.
Thank you so much
for reminding me.
So nice to see you, Sandy.
Um, if you're ready
to sell your house,
please, let me know.
I am positive that I have
at least one buyer.
Please don't ever move.
I guarantee
I know who that one buyer is.
She's gonna connect the houses
with the gate
and then never go home.
- How you been?
- I'm okay.
Just trying to keep
the blood pressure down.
Future mother-in-laws
do not help with that.
It's hard for both of us.
I mean...
I've been
kind of emotional lately.
- Don't blame yourself.
- No, I know.
It's just, I've been on edge
ever since we moved out here
and I think I'm just
taking it out on everybody.
You're pregnant,
and you're not supposed to move.
Your anxiety is justified.
Can I tell you a secret?
I've kind of always had
problems with anxiety.
Maybe I still do.
But when I got pregnant,
I had to get off my meds.
Nothing crazy,
just like the normal
anti-depressants you see on TV.
As long as your dog isn't
telling you
to murder anyone, you're fine.
Trust me, I know.
I have tried all of the pills.
I feel so much better
since I got off
of all that stuff.
You know, it used
to make me feel so foggy.
At first, of course,
it's a shock to your system
and you can get
a little paranoid.
I bet you feel like
everyone is after your baby.
Touching your stomach...
and she's right here...
inside of you.
You can't wait to hold her...
to have her with you...
have her in your arms.
You would do anything
to protect her.
But you can't.
You can't move fast,
you can't escape.
[chuckles] I mean...
what's gonna happen here?
Nothing happens
in the suburbs, right?
what do you know
about Sandy from next door?
I know I don't like her.
What's that supposed to mean?
Some people belong here,
and, uh, some people don't.
I guess I was wondering
if you knew anything
about her family
or where she's from.
How would I know about that?
I try to keep out
of people's personal lives.
I just assumed
she bought her house from you.
No, I rep the seller,
not the buyer.
She paid cash,
which in my books means
she's not to be trusted.
There are only two kinds
of people who pay cash.
Rich people investing,
and criminals
who don't want a paper trail.
Look at her car.
I think she's in the latter.
[knock at door]
Is everything okay? I thought
you'd be outside again.
Mom says
you just stayed in all day.
Didn't sleep well last night.
Well, I hope you didn't spend
all day staring out the window.
Okay. Seriously,
enough is enough.
Mom is right, you're obsessed
with the neighbors.
I just think Sandy next door
is a little odd.
Sandy? I thought
she was your friend.
She was staring at me
really weird last night.
Oh, come on, Rachel.
They all can't be crazy.
I worry. Okay?
I'm in this strange place,
stuck at home all day.
I see things, and I worry.
Yeah, well,
I'm starting to worry, too.
You know what? I'll just...
get out of your hair.
[door shuts]
[Peter] Mother, please.
[Patricia] She can't
handle this.
[Peter] It's hard enough
[Patricia] No, it's only
gonna get harder.
[Peter] Would you
just keep your voice...
[Patricia] No, I, wha... Listen.
You two have to figure out
how this is going to work.
[Peter] And we will, but...
[Patricia] Tsk.
[Peter] You can't butt your head
into everything.
[Patricia] I had no idea
you felt this way, okay?
[Peter] No, I don't mean to...
[Patricia] Would it be better...
[Peter] No. Mother...
Oh, my God.
[knock at door]
Shut the door. Shut the door.
What's wrong?
I saw something.
Not this again.
I'm literally coming up
to say sorry.
I'm serious. Sandy has a poster.
She has our poster.
What are you talking about?
A poster?
The Alice In Wonderland poster
that we have in the nursery.
She has an exact copy.
- That's insane.
- I know.
No. What you're saying
is insane.
So she likes your poster,
so what?
So what?
It's not something normal.
Peter, it's not normal.
It's not safe up here.
We've to get out of here. We've,
we've to get out of here.
Honey, you're overreacting,
You're finding trouble
where there isn't any.
You need to relax.
Our daughter
needs you to relax, okay?
You don't believe me.
You want me to look?
I-I don't even know
what I'm looking for.
I think you're having
a nervous breakdown.
I should call the doctor.
You should call the police.
- No?
- No.
I'll call the police.
Please. Please.
Honey, you need to stop this.
I'm calling the doctor.
[door opens, door closes]
The doctor said
it's perfectly safe
to take these with the baby.
It'll help you calm down.
If you need anything,
just call me, okay?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
You just startled me, is all.
I hadn't seen you back here.
I was getting worried.
- I'm okay.
- Are you sure?
Are you sure?
Because [singsong]
I went shopping.
I thought you might be
craving ice cream.
Clich, I know, but...
I got you...
Because nobody likes vanilla.
Guess it's a little cold
for ice cream today.
Should I put it in the freezer?
That'd be great.
[sliding door opens, closes]
It's in the freezer
whenever you want it.
I really appreciate it.
And now, we can prove
that I am not crazy.
Okay. Quick like a bunny.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on. [grunts]
Sometimes it's good
to be ostracized.
[keys clanking]
Oh, my God.
[message alert chimes]
[dog barking]
[Sandy] I swear I had the key
when I left.
[door opens]
Did I leave the door unlocked?
[keys clank]
Found your keys.
Oh, my God.
- Ah!
- How did this happen?
I'm not sure.
Just a klutz, I guess.
- I'm calling the doctor.
- No.
No, I'm fine. Promise.
- We shouldn't take any chances.
- We're not taking any chances.
Patricia, you have to trust me.
All right.
Thank you.
Well, you took quite a spill,
but the baby's fine.
Oh, thank God.
Let's get that knee covered up.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
I was very concerned.
Your blood pressure
is still high, it's concerning.
Have you been
taking it easy at home?
Yeah, I jus...
I just worry a lot, I guess.
You're under a tremendous
amount of stress,
and your body is acting in ways
it's never acted before.
And a lot of time sitting around
gives you a lot of time
for worrying.
Try not to fixate.
Your job right now
is to rest, rest, rest.
Um, just a quick
question, Doctor.
Um, do, uh...
do pregnant women
ever see things?
- Like what?
- Well, um...
Do they have, uh,
unnatural anxieties?
That sort of thing.
[doctor] Well, it's, uh,
it's rare,
but, uh, some women
do experience
acute onset panic disorder.
Is there something
I need to be aware of?
No, no. I'm sure it's nothing.
Well, if, uh, if you do find
yourself concerned,
please don't hesitate to call.
Mothers with extreme anxieties
can be harmful to themselves,
and their babies.
It must be hard living
with a pregnant woman.
Well, it's been hard for you,
it's been hard for all of us.
But, we're in this
together, right?
We sure are.
Any chance you could
give me a foot rub?
[Peter] Of course.
Let me just set my alarm
before I forget.
[man on radio] Authorities
and clean up crews
are already on the scene.
And in breaking news,
state and local
law enforcement agencies
are on high alert
following the stunning
daytime abduction
of a six-month-old girl.
If you have any information
or have seen anything
please, the family is
pleading with you.
Okay, how about no more of that?
This is all about relaxing.
[sighs] Oh!
[Peter] Mm-hmm?
Oh, this is amazing.
- No.
- [Peter] What?
- It can't be.
- [Peter] What's wrong?
- Ow!
- [Peter] Honey!
[Peter] Honey!
[Rachel] She has a baby.
[Peter] What? What baby?
See for yourself.
What are you talking about?
Rachel, you're scaring me.
something is wrong here.
Peter, I saw it. She has a baby.
You heard the radio.
There's a baby missing.
- I bet you it was Sandy.
- Rachel, calm down.
Why won't anyone believe me?
She has a baby.
She probably wants our baby too.
Honey, please.
Why won't anyone listen to me?
[glass shatters, alarm blaring]
[Officer Lee] And what was it
that got her so upset?
I don't know,
she kept yelling something
about the neighbor
having a baby.
She had a baby.
She said she couldn't
have any kids.
And that kidnapping...
Is she okay?
She'll be fine.
Just a bit dazed.
[voice breaking] You have to
believe me.
She was cradling a baby.
She had my nursery.
She has your nursery?
I saw.
I thought I saw a nursery
in her house...
just like mine.
Wait. How did you see it?
I just came from
talking to the neighbor.
Have you been inside her house?
Well, fortunately, your
neighbor's not interested
in pressing charges.
Pressing charges?
- What are you talking about?
- Harassment.
From what I've been told,
she's been keeping a close eye
on the neighbors,
and it's making people uneasy.
She said... She said
she couldn't get pregnant.
But... I saw a picture.
I saw, in it, she was,
she was pregnant.
- Do you ever give up?
- [Peter] Mother...
No. These officers are
too polite to say it but I will.
You're acting crazy.
Are you gonna
let her do this?
Honey, no one is doing anything.
No, but we will, if necessary.
[Officer Lee] Look,
it's been a rough evening.
Let's all just calm down.
No one was hurt.
Um, I just have a few
more questions.
- Maybe we can talk downstairs.
- Sure.
You probably think
I'm crazy too.
Sometimes... when we can't run,
things can feel more dangerous
than they actually are.
Just in case...
the next time you see something,
you call me first.
Thank you.
[Peter] You can't say those
kinds of things, Mom.
[Patricia] Somebody has to.
[Peter] Well, you didn't
have to say it right there.
[Patricia] Did you know that she
has a history of mental illness?
Or was she waiting to have
that discussion
until after the wedding?
[Peter] What the hell
are you talking about?
[Patricia] Sandy...
the neighbor she's
been harassing
told me that Rachel
has been on medication, Peter.
Now, maybe she's off it now
because of the baby,
but that might be
part of the reason
why she is acting so odd.
There is a child's life
at stake.
[Peter] And how the hell would
Sandy know that?
How would Sandy know that?
[knock at door]
Good morning, Rachel.
You have a visitor.
What are you doing here?
I thought it would be good
for both of you
to clear the air.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
Good morning.
I just wanted
to let you know that...
there are no hard feelings.
This is certainly gonna
make it harder to wave hello.
I'm very sorry.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
I hope you like pie.
I figured you needed
something sweet this morning.
I made it just for you.
I knew you'd like it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I don't want to be a bother,
so I'm gonna get going.
After last night...
I'm sure you need your rest.
[door shuts]
[dramatic music]
[Patricia] Rachel? Dear?
What's all that noise?
Did you hurt yourself?
Nope. All good.
Okay. Um, well,
do you need anything?
- I'm fine. Thank you.
- [Patricia] Okay.
Well, if you change your mind,
remember you still have
that bell.
[music continues]
He's home early.
- [Peter] Hello.
- How are ya?
- [Peter] I'm good, thank you.
- Good.
How's everything going?
We're going back to marriage.
[indistinct chatter]
- Duty calls.
- [Peter] Right.
[knocking at door] Hello.
How was your day?
I'm in solitary confinement.
How was your day?
I put someone
in solitary confinement.
So, I guess that makes us even?
Can you help me out of bed?
I need to get up a little bit.
Of course.
May I have this dance?
Oh, come on, Peter. I'm hideous.
No, you look perfect.
I promise it won't always
be this bad.
Can't get any worse.
Well, once the baby is here...
once we get rid of my mom,
not permanently.
That's a lot of things
that need to happen
before we get back
to where we were.
Once we're done dealing
with the pregnancy,
we're gonna be dealing
with an infant,
then a toddler and then school,
and then college,
and then we're just
back to us...
which wasn't perfect
to begin with.
What are you saying?
Why are you even still with me?
What are you talking about?
I heard you and your mother
last night.
I know what you're planning.
- We're not planning anything.
- I'm not gonna let you.
- Let me what?
- Take the baby.
Rachel, my mother isn't
taking the baby.
The neighbor isn't taking the
baby. Nobody is taking the baby.
You bet your ass
no one's taking the baby.
You know what?
I'm gonna sleep downstairs.
[gate creaking]
[lock unlocks]
[glass shatters]
[bell dinging]
Everything okay, dear?
You seem upset.
What are you doing here?
I came to see
how you were doing.
And the baby, of course.
Where's Patricia?
She's downstairs.
I think she's a little
fed up with you.
What's this?
Spying on me
with a baby monitor?
That's going a little far,
don't you think?
But I won't tell.
I mean...
Patricia's really just waiting
to call you
an unfit mother, isn't she?
You're really not taking
good care of yourself.
Look at you.
You're a mess.
Oh, all the hormones.
No meds.
Are you crazy?
Not crazy?
I'm here to take care
of you now.
You're gonna be a mommy soon.
I'm gonna go downstairs
and clean something up.
Now, don't you go anywhere.
Not that you could, anyway.
Put that on.
We're gonna go outside and...
I don't want
the baby to catch a cold.
Think, dammit, think.
[rapid breathing]
Where are you? Where are you?
[line ringing]
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
[Officer Lee on voicemail]
You've reached
Officer Diane Lee.
Please leave me a message
after the tone
and I'll respond
as soon as possible.
If this is an emergency,
dial 911.
Officer Lee, this is Rachel,
the crazy pregnant lady.
You told me to call you.
I'm, I'm trapped in my house.
- Sandy, my neighbor's...
- What are you doing?
Funny thing about
these new monitors...
you can watch the video feed
from anywhere,
even your neighbor's house.
- Downstairs.
- Okay.
- Now.
- Okay.
Patricia's not
feeling so well.
What did you do to her?
Your motherly instincts
are quite good, you know?
Yvonne, the nanny...
neither one of them
cared for that child.
But I would have.
You killed the nanny.
No, I told you, she ran away.
Which is a shame, because
she was terrible at her job.
Always on the phone at the park,
never paying attention.
I could have given
that baby a good home.
I could have had that baby.
They certainly didn't want it.
But you had to
go play nosey neighbor,
and mess it all up.
But, but you already
have a baby. I saw you.
Yes, but I should have
had twins.
Because of you...
I still need one more.
Just act like
everything is normal.
Smile to your friendly neighbor.
You've made this way
too easy for me.
[baby crying]
It sounds like someone's crying
for their mommy.
[baby continues crying]
Where are you going?
The nursery.
I had to move the nursery
once you found it.
In case the cops came looking.
[baby continues crying]
Go on.
Open it.
[baby continues crying]
[baby cooing]
Don't you just love that poster?
You lost your baby?
My little girls.
He left me, you know?
He said it was my fault.
But now...
Now I can go back to him.
And we can all
be together again.
My happy little family.
I, uh...
I know how much you wanted
to have a baby, but...
But what?
But you can't have mine.
Shh, shh, shh.
[faintly] It's okay.
[screams] Rachel!
[baby crying]
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay
[baby crying]
Come on.
Come on. [gasps]
My water just broke.
[Sandy] I don't know
what you're so afraid of.
You said it yourself...
I'd be a great mom.
[Rachel screaming]
Someone help me!
Oh, honey.
Let's get this baby out of you.
[baby crying]
[Rachel screaming]
You don't look so good.
[breathing heavily] Plea...
Please don't hurt my baby.
Your baby is gonna be just fine.
But I'm afraid mommy might not
survive the procedure.
Now, generally C-sections
require anesthesia.
But in emergency cases
like this...
I just had to save the baby.
- [gunshot]
- [thuds]
This is Officer Lee. I need an
ambulance on site immediately.
Suspect is down, pregnant woman
is injured and in active labor.
[baby crying]
I think, I think
it's the baby from the news.
Oh, my...
You were right. You were right.
You're gonna be okay.
Rachel, just hang in there.
You're gonna be all right.
[Sandy] I don't get you people.
You have a nice house,
a good husband,
and a baby on the way.
All you do is complain,
complain, complain.
Wh... Why? Why are you doing
You don't care about that baby.
If you cared about her,
you would be at home in bed.
I cared about my babies.
My little girls.
They were right there...
and then they weren't.
But now... now we're all gonna
be reunited again.
You're gonna have this baby
whether you like it or not.
- [gunshot]
- [thuds]
Good to see you awake.
And good to see you
doing so well.
Both of you.
You have a healthy baby girl.
You are very lucky.
- Can I hold her?
- Of course.
[doctor] Yeah.
Look how sweet...
From the family of
the little baby girl you found.
They'd like to come in
and thank you, but I told them
after you recover a little bit.
Thank you.
I'll let you two be.
You're awake.
I'm so sorry
I didn't trust you.
Officer Lee told us everything.
Is she okay?
Healing, but, yeah, she's okay.
Thanks to you.
You were right about Sandy.
About everything.
You saved that little girl.
And ours.
I'm so sorry...
about everything.
Will you ever forgive me?
Well, don't forget
that I had a severe concussion.
I believe the doctor said
it was a minor concussion,
but I'm very glad
you're okay, Mom.
Me too.
Well, I'm-I'm just saying
that we were all
affected by the situation.
If you don't mind, Mom,
I think Rachel, Alice and I
could use a little quiet time.
Yeah, of course, um...
It's, uh...
grandma time, later.
[Alice coos]
Thank you, Mom.
[Rachel] What'd I tell you?
She's perfect.
I hope you realize
we're selling the house
and moving back to the city.
[both chuckling]
Whatever my ladies want.