A Deadly Vision (1997) Movie Script

Here we go! Second floor!
Shoo wee oop
Bap ba doo ba doo
Shoo wee oop
Bap ba doo ba doo
In your arms...
Here's your check.
And pie for you.
Ok, I've got a spinach omelet,
side of health fruit with the bag out.
Hey, Babette, can you
take over for a second?
I don't know how to work the grill.
Come on. I'll make it up to you.
I promise. I'll be right back.
Watch out!
- My god, Babette, what happened?
- I don't know.
531 CORN...
Yeah. I could meet you over there.
Um... I'd probably say
in about a half an hour.
Just a minute!
Michael, hold on a second.
There's somebody at the door. Ok.
- Linda Lowry?
- Oh, flowers.
I've got some change
in here somewhere.
Take them.
They're for you.
They cost me $20.
- You bought these for me?
- Take them.
- They're very nice.
- They're gladiolas... Your favorite.
- How did you know that?
- I know a lot about you, Linda.
Where you work, what
you have for dinner,
what you do when
you think you're alone.
- What do you want with me?
- A date.
- A date?
- A date.
I want to date you.
- May I put this on?
- Look, get out. I'll count to 10.
If you're not out of here by
then, I'm calling the police.
- Please don't do that, Linda.
- 4...
You can have anything
you want. Anything.
What is it that you want?
I told you.
- I want to date you.
- Ok.
- Whatever you say.
- Put this in the stereo.
I'm doing just what you told me.
I'm putting the cassette
in the stereo.
Out of my dreams
Can you trip the light fantastic?
Though my desire is
A slave to your charms
This special moment
Was meant to be
You are my future
My destiny
Hi, mom.
Hi, honey.
How was work today?
Ok. Ahh...
That short-order cook...
What's his name, Flip?
Did he ask you out yet?
Mom, Chip is a really sweet guy.
I don't know what
you've got against him.
I don't have anything against him.
I just don't happen to like men
in pony tails. That's all.
I think pony tails belong
on girls or ponies.
Mom, I had a really bad day, ok?
What happened that was so bad?
I'd just rather not talk
about it now.
Suit yourself.
This case is already
gaining national attention,
and the president promised
immediate action.
In metropolitan news, police
discovered the body of a young woman
in her northside apartment
last evening.
The victim was 25-year-old,
Linda Lowry.
Authorities currently have
no motive for the crime.
The metro squad has been called in
and will take over the investigation.
We have a crew at police headquarters,
and we'll bring you new details
as they become available.
At this point, police are
releasing very little information
about what they found
at the crime scene.
and in our nation's capital today...
Can I help you, sweetheart?
Um, yes. I have some information
about a murder case.
Are you the person I'm supposed
to be telling this to?
Which case do you have
information on, honey?
The Linda Lowry one.
Ok. I see. I see,
and, uh, what type of
information do you have?
Um, just mostly that it
was going to happen
and some details
about what happened.
I see, and how do you
get this information?
Uh, well, that's the problem.
Um, I'm not sure.
It just sort of came to me.
It was like a dream.
I saw a woman's face,
and then I saw a knife, and...
Well, I see. Thanks for coming
and telling us about it.
Look, I know this sounds off-the-wall,
but I feel responsible.
Don't. Don't feel responsible.
We'll take it from here.
I see.
- Detective?
- Yes, ma'am?
You think I'm a crazy
person, don't you?
Yes, ma'am.
- Hey, miss! Excuse me, miss.
- Yeah?
I couldn't help noticing you
noticing you noticing me, and I...
Watch where you're going.
Wait a second, miss...
Hey, wait a minute.
Wait! Wait up.
Stop! Stop!
Hey, get off my cab.
Oh, I see. You're a cop.
Guess that makes it ok.
What'd you run away for?
I wanted to talk to you.
Why? Because I really
wanted to talk to you.
She's getting out here. Says who?
Well, what about my fare?
Your fare? What kind of fare you
charging here, by the foot?
Hey! Hey, taxi!
Sorry I caused all that.
- My name's Max. What's yours?
- Babette.
- You're a detective?
- Homicide.
- I'm, uh, older than I look.
- You look about 25.
That's how old I am.
I thought I looked 30.
No. You look 25.
So your dad was a fireman?
Uh-huh. See this ring?
It was his.
His squad gave it to him
after 20 years of service.
He was killed in a 5-alarm fire
trying to save some kids.
I'm sorry.
So, how did someone as young as you
get to be a detective?
I did something
they thought was cool.
News media got ahold of it and
blew it way out of proportion.
It was no big deal, though.
So, um, you think you've
been having some visions
about the Lowry homicide, huh?
I don't know what I've been having.
I might be having a breakdown
or something.
What kind of stuff
is in these visions?
Um, a couple dancing...
A switchblade knife... and a face
that looks exactly like Linda Lowry.
Uh-huh, and has this kind of
thing happened to you before?
Why would you just start
having visions now?
I have no idea.
The night my father died,
I had this horrible nightmare.
I woke up, and I saw him
standing at the foot of my bed,
wearing his turnout coat,
just covered in soot.
I think he was silently
saying good-bye to me.
You know, a lot of people find
themselves thinking about somebody,
and the phone rings,
and they think it's E.S.P.
- ..when really it's just a coincidence.
- So?
So maybe your visions are
coincidences, too, you know?
Coincidences related
to losing a loved one.
That other detective
thought that I was a nut.
- Is that what you think, too?
- No, no. No.
What I think is that
you're a person who has a lot of...
Look, Babette...
I don't know you.
You're very pretty,
and you're very nice to talk to,
and, well, frankly, I... maybe I do
think you're a little nuts, but...
So, what? You pick up
every nut you meet?
I'm not the most diplomatic
guy in the world.
You're right about that.
Hey, lady.
- Hi. I got your message.
- I'm late for work.
I just had to tell someone.
It happened again.
- Another vision?
- Yeah. I think so.
Right after I left you
last night at the bus stop.
In the middle of all that
noise, you're getting visions.
I thought it had to be
dark and quiet.
Look, I'm just telling you
something that happened.
I don't pretend to know what it was.
Ahem. What did you see?
I saw another woman,
but it wasn't Linda Lowry.
Um, this one had short,
blond hair.. And there was a man...
And, um, a robe,
a turquoise-colored robe and a name.
What name? Well, I couldn't quite
make it out. Um...
Something like Machlin...
Machlin or Pachlin.
Something like that. And you think what?
That this woman is going to be killed?
I don't know.
That's what I'm afraid of.
- That's why I called you.
- And you want me to... What?
Go around this whole city telling
every woman named Machlin or Pachlin
that you're afraid that
she's going to be killed?
Forget it. No. Really.
What do you want me to do?
Forget it.
I'm late for work.
- Who's there?
- Police department, ma'am.
I'd like to ask you
a few questions, please.
- What about?
- Homicide case.
We have a list of
suspects to show you.
- Do you have any ID?
- Yes, ma'am.
Sorry for the hassle, but you know
the way things are in this city.
- You just can't be too careful.
- Don't apologize, Miss Rachlin.
I wish most people were
as careful as you are.
All right, detective, let's
see this list of suspects.
I'm afraid there
isn't any list, Beverly.
Then what do you want
to see me about?
A date.
I want to date you.
- Turquoise robe.
- What?
Would you say
this robe is turquoise?
No, no.
I'd say it's more aqua.
An aqua verging on aqua marine.
- Why do you ask?
- Boss, what's this woman's name?
Uh... Rachlin.
What's the matter?
It's just this woman that
came into the station.
Never mind.
What is it, Siegel?
Nothing, sir.
I'm sorry if i woke you.
It's ok. What is it?
I've just come from the scene
of a crime, another homicide,
and a number of
the elements in the case
are similar to the ones
you had in your vision.
Which ones?
Well, the deceased had short
blond hair and a turquoise robe,
and her name was Rachlin.
Oh, my God.
Do you know what
the odds of you coming up
with the names like
Machlin or Pachlin are?
I could have prevented
that girl's death.
You don't know that.
And you don't know I couldn't have.
- What's gonna happen next time, Max?
- I don't know.
We've got to figure out a way
to use these visions of yours.
- I want you to work with me.
- Oh, I don't know.
Look, Babette,
there's a killer out there,
and, frankly, the cops
don't have a clue.
I need your help.
All right, listen up.
The media's having a field
day with these homicides.
Now, the crime lab says we have a match
from latents at both crime scenes.
So, it seems we have
a serial killer here.
I want you to run down every single
lead you get no matter how stupid.
- Boss?
- Yeah?
There's this woman, Babette Watson.
She seems to have some psychic
connection to the homicides.
She sees things in advance, like
crime scene details and, uh, names.
Siegel, when I said
no matter how stupid,
I didn't mean that stupid.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
All right, does anybody else
have anything to add,
anything of a positive nature,
anything that might actually
help solve this crime?
Light another one for papa.
I feel like he's still with us.
I wish you'd come here
more often with me.
I think you'd find it
very comforting.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Don't worry
I'm here
For you
- I'm scared, mama.
- What is it?
I think something's happening to me.
I've been having these visions.
What kind of visions?
You mean like the blessed virgin?
I think I just saw a murder.
A murder that hasn't happened yet.
These are the tricks of satan.
You must resist them.
Pray. Pray to God for help. Now,
do it with me right now. Come on.
In the name of the father,
son, and holy spirit.
Hail Mary, full of Grace,
the Lord is with thee.
blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus...
All right...
Whose big idea was this?
It just materialized.
Heh heh heh.
- Max.
- Babette.
- I'm sorry to be bothering you here.
- Why don't we go outside?
- Ok, so what is it?
- It happened again.
Another woman, uh, plastic bags,
like from a dry cleaners,
and there's a man,
and the woman was being strangled.
- That doesn't really fit the M.O.
- I'm just telling you what I saw, ok?
Ok. Sorry. Is the woman
being strangled with the plastic bags?
No. No.
I think the man was choking her.
- Was there anything else?
- Yeah.
A name, um...
Hammock, or... Harold, or.. Harrod.
I just wish this would all stop.
I have no idea what you're
going through, Babette,
but you've got some kind of a gift,
and we've got to find this woman.
But what can we do?
I mean, you said so yourself.
We can't just call up
everyone in the phone book
named Hammock or Harold, or Harrod.
Ok, ok. I've got an idea.
You ok?
- Come on in.
- I can't.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
They took Linda Lowry's
body away days ago.
It's not the body I'm afraid of.
That's where they found her...
Lying there on the floor.
Her wound, the one she died of,
was it in her stomach?
How did you know that?
And her hand.
Did he cut her in the hand?
I... I don't think so.
I mean, I don't know.
Why did you ask if he
cut her in the hand?
I don't know.
It's not important.
I'm just going to sit
down here for a minute.
Are you ok?
I just felt a little sick.
Why don't you lie down?
They're gladiolas, your favorite.
How did you know that?
I know a lot about you, Linda.
Where you work, what you do
when you think you're alone.
Put this on the stereo.
I'm doing just like you told me.
Care to trip the light fantastic?
I took lessons at the sunset.
It's only a date
Come dance with me
It's only a date
With destiny
Don't hurt me.
I'll do anything you say, anything.
Anything, I promise.
I'll make it up to you.
I swear to God.
No! No!
Babette! Babette!
It's ok.
It's all over.
It's ok.
When I w...
When I was...
Did I say anything that made sense?
Yeah, sure, you did.
Like what?
Like the... the gladiolas.
When they found the victim,
there were a bunch of
gladiolas on the table.
There were?
Yeah. I mean, it was
in the newspaper.
You could've read about it
and forgotten about it.
The phone.
I hear the phone ringing
when the killer's with her.
At what point?
When he first came here.
No. When he's killing her.
It just keeps on ringing.
Come in.
Hi, doc.
Oh, Max, it's good to see you.
Sit down.
Thank you for seeing me
on such short notice.
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Um, I have a friend.
She started having these visions
that seem to describe a
couple of recent homicides.
- Lowry and Rachlin?
- Right.
The guys think she's a nut,
but she keeps coming up
with some amazing stuff.
- Like what?
- Well, like Michael get lin.
He admitted to phoning the
Lowry residence twice
during the time the killer
was in the apartment.
Babette picked up on that,
and there's no way
she could've known.
Uh, she said she had some visions.
Hey, hey, doc,
you don't believe in this
paranormal stuff, do you?
Most people don't believe it.
Even if they see it,
they try to explain it away.
"I was drunk," they'll say,
or "I was hallucinating."
It's bull.
They just don't have the guts
to accept what they really saw.
Her father was a fireman
that was killed in the line of duty,
and the night he died,
she says he paid her a visit.
Have you heard about
the telepathic experiments
the russians did with rabbits?
They separated
a litter from its mother
and they took the babies
aboard a submarine.
On shore, they placed
electrodes on the mother.
Now, the rabbits
aboard the submerged sub
they killed at irregular intervals.
At the precise time that each
of the babies met its maker,
there was a sharp response
in the mother's brainwaves.
What does that have to with...
In moments of life
or death crises, Max,
living creatures
send out strong signals.
Maybe your friend is a
particularly sensitive receiver.
I don't know, doc.
It all just sounds so, uh...
Well, how about letting me
run a few tests on your friend?
- I think that would freak her out.
- Well, at least think about it.
Did she give you anything else?
Well, the latest was something about
the killer taking dancing lessons.
Um, something about
the sunset ballroom?
And you're asking me if I think
that's a legitimate lead.
So, sweetheart, how can i help you?
We're looking for a
suspect in a homicide,
and we think he took lessons here.
No idea.
He's caucasian, probably mid-30s,
somewhat of a loner, shy with women.
He's an oddball.
That fits about half the
guys that come in here.
What's your first name, sweetheart?
Max, and this is Babette Watson.
Good to meet you, Max.
And, uh, this is Babette Watson.
Good to meet you, too, Babette.
So nobody stands out as being
any weirder than the rest?
I could probably think of 3 or 4,
but it'll cost you.
- What'll it cost me?
- A thick juicy steak,
3 to 5 very dry martinis,
and a few soothing words.
What a horrible woman!
She didn't seem to be all
that fond of you, either.
You're certainly not
going to take her out
for steak and drinks, are you?
I may have to. Why? It's my job.
You're not jealous, are you?
- No.
- Good.
Tomorrow I think we should try
over at the Rachlin apartment.
- I don't know, Max.
- I'll pick you up after work.
Studied dance from the age of 4.
Tap, modern, jazz, ballet.
I always wanted to be a ballet dancer,
but my boobs were too big.
Maybe you noticed.
- I hadn't actually.
- You folks ok here?
Uh, yeah. Could I get some more water,
please, and 2 more martinis?
Same for me.
Am I making you nervous?
- Getting back to your students.
- Ah, my students.
Did you ever notice, or are there
any students that you taught,
who come across as being,
oh, a little off?
My students are not, generally
speaking, your model citizens.
It's nice to see you have a
high opinion of your students.
I have a high opinion
of all men, Max.
Let's continue this at my place.
Thanks, but I really think
we should talk here.
Ok. I'll be good.
- Well, did you?
- Did I what?
Did you sleep
with Marilyn Middleton?
- Of course not.
- Yeah, I didn't think you'd admit it.
Where did you get this, in one
of your visions? Well, what if I did?
I would say you'd be picking
up the Playboy Channel,
because I left Marilyn Middleton back
at the restaurant choking on cigarillos.
- Fine, I'm wrong.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Let's just go to the crime scene.
You ok?
- You want to rest first?
- No. Let's just get it over with.
Do you have any identification?
Well, let's see that list of suspects.
I'm afraid there isn't any list.
A date.
I want to date you.
Please, don't make me hurt you.
I don't want to hurt you.
Please, please, put the knife away.
Care to trip the light...
Please, please don't!
I'll do anything you want!
Please, stop! No!
No! Please, don't!
Stop it. Wake up!
Open your eyes! Aah!
Don't stop me, Max! I see it!
- I can see him killing her!
- Babette, can you hear me?
He's here.
I feel it.
Ok. I'll try to stay with you.
- Babette, what's going on?
- I.. I'm losing him.
I'm getting confused.
Babette, do you know where you are?
He's right here.
He's right here somewhere.
I... I just can't put my hands on him.
11:39 AM
Think they know something we don't?
When I was babbling back there,
did I say anything you could use?
The dancing couple intrigues me
and the phrase, "Care to trip
the light fantastic?"
A song, of course.
Do you remember any of the lyrics?
I hardly remember being in a trance.
"It's only a date, come dance with me."
"It's only a date with destiny"?
"This special moment was meant to be."
- You are my future, my destiny.
- It's only a date.
You know it?
It's only a date. Lyrics by Mickey
Roddenberg, music by Jay Steiner.
It was like a big hit back in the 50's.
Like '53, '54, something like that.
It's only a date
Come dance with me
It's only a date
With destiny
It's our special fate
That was meant to be
I'm here for you
And you're here for me
I'm here for you
And you're here for me
Don't worry
I'm here for you
Ooh ooh ooh
Very nice.
So, do you carry it?
It's not available in tape or CD.
It's only LP.
- You carry the LP?
- Did. Sold the only copy a week ago.
- Sorry.
- You wouldn't, by any chance,
..happen to know who bought that,
would you?
- Possibly. Why do you ask?
- Because I'm a police officer.
Here we go. "Michael Fenster. 214."
Max, Max, wait.
Shouldn't we call for backup?
- What if it's him? What if he's armed?
- Shh!
- Yeah, who is it?
- Police department, Mr. Fenster!
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Uh, good afternoon, sir.
We're looking for Mr. Michael Fenster.
I'm Michael Fenster.
I see.
- How do you feel now?
- Really uncomfortable.
Oh, don't be uncomfortable.
I thought the idea was to test
Babette to see if she was psychic.
We did. She was.
We thought it would be
interesting to test you.
We've put Babette in another room,
and we've shown her a series of slides
of different images and she selected 3.
Now, when you hear a tone,
describe anything you see.
- What if I see nothing?
- Describe nothing.
All right. Try to relax for us, Max.
I don't really see anything.
Wait. Ok. I...
I see something...
Something curved? I... I don't know.
Something curved.
I'm not really getting anything.
Wait. Ok. I s...
Something sharp and pointed.
Uh, something is flowing. Uh...
Moving like a river.
Um, that's really about all I see.
Now you'll see how close you came.
Just tell me if you
recognize any of the images
Babette was trying to send you.
Is this one?
Uh. No. Negative on the positive.
- How about this one?
- Yeah, that could be the curve.
- How about this one?
- No.
This one? It's kind of sharp
and pointed. It could be.
- And this?
- It's not exactly a river.
Maybe not exactly.
Well, what happened?
Circles, star, wiggles,
in exactly that order.
Max, you did it.
What'd I do?
I mean, not exactly.
I didn't see a circle or a star.
It was more like a hunch.
- Hey, doc, does that mean I'm psychic?
- Everyone's psychic, Max.
The problem is they let their
own fears get in the way of it.
Your boss called.
He said you've been missing work.
Great. First he docks my pay.
Now, he calls my mother.
- Wh... You're missing work.
- Mom, what I'm doing is important.
More important than your job?
I'm helping with
the police investigation.
Do you know what you're
getting yourself into? Yes, mother.
- What's his name?
- Whose?
The policeman whose investigation
you're helping out with. I don't know.
- You don't know?
- No.
- Are you sleeping with him?
- And what if I was?
- Babette!
- What?
You're going to have to come to church
with me and go to confession.
- God will forgive you.
- Mom, I don't need confession.
You don't n...
How hot are the fires of hell?
Mother, not again.
Imagine a raging fire
10,000 times as hot as this match
burning over every inch
of your body for all eternity.
Now, how long is eternity?
Do you know?
2 women are dead and the metro squad
is now calling in more investigators.
It's also appealing to the
community for any possible leads,
but a confidential source tells us
police are baffled by the lack
of clues in the two murders.
Who is this?
What do you want?
...talked about what he hopes
to accomplish with his column.
Chris, what did you find out?
There's a literal problem
with killer contact.
Meanwhile a spokesperson
from the chief of detectives' office...
This is Max Siegel. Leave your
number and I'll call you back.
More detectives on the
case should lead to more answers.
Meanwhile community groups
are vowing to continue their protests
until they see a break in the cases.
Aah aah aah!
Who is this?
It's Babette.
Sorry to be calling you so late.
Babette, what's...
What's wrong?
I... I had a really bad scare.
I... I needed someone to talk to.
Do you want me to come over?
No, that's probably not a good idea.
My mom is asleep in the next room.
Do you have a pencil?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Nice place.
Thanks. I...
You want a drink?
Um, sorry I called you so late.
Oh, don't... Don't be silly.
Uh, what happened?
I had a vision or a dream.
I'm not sure which, but...
I do know that I saw
something terrible.
What'd you see?
A faceless man killing me.
I never felt so scared.
Where's your bedroom?
Uh, in there.
Well, I think we ought
to go to bed, don't you?
Yes. Oh, yes.
Do you have some extra blankets?
What are you talking about?
For the sofa.
Wait... Wait a minute. Didn't you
just say we should go to bed?
Yeah, it's late.
You really don't want
to sleep with me?
I want to, Max.
I just choose not to.
- It's not about you.
- Ok.
Here. Take these.
I'm sorry.
That's ok.
I don't really consider
myself a very good catholic.
I still believe some
of the things I was taught.
It's not so wonderful being
a virgin these days. You know?
I can imagine.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Um... I'm afraid to sleep
out there alone.
If I sleep in here, do you promise
we won't do anything?
- I guess so.
- I'm serious, Max.
I promise.
- Max?
- Yes.
Did you mean what you said earlier
about taking care of me? Of course.
Well, you've really got
your work cut out for you.
Why do you say that?
The man that killed
Linda Lowry and Beverly Rachlin...
I think he wants to kill me, too.
Hi, mom.
Thank God. At least you're alive.
Where in Heaven's name
have you been?
- At a girlfriend's apartment. Look...
- A girlfriend's? What girlfriend's?
Let's just go outside and talk.
Have you been staying
with that detective?
Mom, if you can't talk to me outside,
I can't talk to you.
You can't talk to me? What is it
you can't talk to me about?
- You've gotta trust me, mom.
- It's not right, Babbie.
- What's not right?
- Fornication.
- Now, I am gonna pray for your soul.
- Good-bye, mom.
- I just want to know one reason.
- Because it's not going anywhere.
I already told you why I can't get
married. I don't want to marry you.
Then why? Because it's over, Phil.
It's just over.
You want to dump me, Sharon?
That's fine,
but if I can't have you,
no one can. I'm gonna kill you.
- What was that you said?
- You heard what I said.
If you dump me, Sharon,
I am going to kill you.
- It won't be the first time.
- What in God's name are you saying?
I killed Linda Lowry
and Beverly Rachlin, and I'll kill you.
- What am I doing?
- Ma'am?
I'm reporting a man to the police...
A man I once thought
I was going to marry.
Miss Hammond, this man claims to
have killed Lowry and Rachlin.
He threatened your life.
Anyone who does this deserves
to be reported to the police.
- We have to check him out.
- I suppose.
Don't worry. You're doing the right
thing. We'll take care of you.
- Now what's this joker's name?
- Philip Varsey.
- You know, I just realized something?
- What's that?
If he wasn't serious about killing me
before, he might be now.
It appeared to be a big break
in the case that has baffled
the police department
and has community groups up in arms.
A suspect in the Lowry
and Rachlin homicides
has been in custody
for most of the day today.
The suspect, Philip Varsey,
was questioned for several hours.
Varsey allegedly admitted
to his girlfriend
he was the killer in
the 2 north side slayings,
but we have just learned
authorities found no evidence
on which to book Varsey, and early
this evening he was released.
Now, we have been following these
homicides from the beginning,
and as we've been telling you,
police appear to be stymied by
the apparently random killings
of the north side stalker.
The department turned the
investigation over to the metro squad
and increased the number
of detectives assigned,
but still report
no significant progress.
We'll have the news from
police headquarters tonight
when the chief is expected
to make a statement
about the latest in the investigation.
We're standing by
to bring you that news.
Listen, I can't take these
with me now.
Could you possibly deliver them
to me around 6:00 tonight?
- 6:00?
- 437 Prospect, apartment 2-D.
- Just around the corner.
- No sweat, Miss Hammond.
Yes, hello. Miss Hammond asked me
to ring you up.
You were to deliver
her cleaning at 6:00?
She wonders if she might pick
it up tomorrow morning instead.
Splendid, thanks. Bye.
- Who's there?
- Express cleaners.
Just set them on the chair.
I'll get my wallet.
Da Vinci, homicide.
Ok, yeah.
- Hey, Max, bad news, buddy.
- Yeah, what's that?
We got another fresh one.
I'm afraid the serial killer
got your girlfriend.
- Babette?
- No. Sharon Hammond.
Didn't you promise
to take care of her?
Why do I get the feeling
Varsey isn't the perp?
Because you're stupid, that's why.
The guy tells Hammond
he killed Lowry and Rachlin,
threatens to kill Hammond,
Hammond is homicided.
What more do you want?
I don't know.
I just don't think he's the perp.
Well, you won't object if we
take him in one more time?
The guy works day and night,
makes a good living.
It just doesn't figure.
That's him!
Freeze, Varsey!
Put your hands on your head!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Keep 'em up!
Don't move. Don't move.
Ok, yeah.
Again, recapping our lead
story tonight,
the D.A.'s office
has once again failed
to find sufficient
evidence to book him,
so Philip Varsey was released.
An outraged public has begun
picketing the D.A.'s office.
Why did you release him?
Because he had an airtight alibi.
Also, he's not the killer.
My mom came to work. She demanded
to know where I've been staying.
You're not a minor anymore.
You can stay anywhere you like.
I know. If I had the guts,
I'd get my own apartment.
I was afraid to do it when my dad
was alive, and since he died,
I've been afraid of what
it would do to mom.
They never wanted me to grow up.
They used to say that to me.
I mean they actually
used to use those words.
What about you?
Do you want to grow up?
Yeah, mostly.
You know, when word of Sharon Hammond's
death first came into the squad,
I thought it was you.
I was scared to death.
Nothing is going to happen to you.
I'm going to arrange for a squad car
to keep an eye on you
when I'm not here.
Yes, I understand that, chief.
I know you are.
Chief, I know you are,
but so am I. A lot of pressure.
Yes, right.
Nice talking to you, too.
Yeah, what is it?
- Hey, boss, 2 creams, 1 sugar, right?
- No. 1 cream, 2 sugars.
What do you want?
I was wondering if someone could
keep an eye on Babette Watson
while I'm working.
Not at all possible. Next question.
But she needs, uh...
Siegel, didn't you hear the
conversation I just had?
The chief of detectives
has his skivvies in a knot
because we couldn't hold Varsey.
Now, I don't have enough men to
follow up leads on a homicide,
much less baby-sit
some telepathic bimbo.
I'm not saying it has to be
a detective. It can be in uniform.
No, Siegel, the answer is no.
- But, boss, you need some...
- Thank you very much.
Don't you have some work to do?
Don't you have a bad guy to catch?
He said no?
Babette, I tried, but we're
just so short-handed right now.
Max, I had a vision of my own death.
Doesn't that mean anything to you?
- Look, I know you're scared, but...
- But what?
But maybe you were wrong
about your vision, you know.
You were wrong
about Marilyn Middleton.
I didn't have a vision
about Marilyn Middleton.
It was more like a premonition
or an intuition.
Whatever, it was still wrong.
You might be wrong about this, too.
What are you doing?
- I can't stay here.
- You can't leave!
Order your door jam today.
It's the only one that guarantees...
You should come watch this, Babbie.
Door jams are not sold in stores.
I've seen it, mom.
I'll go get one tomorrow.
- I'm so sorry, mom.
- It's not your fault, precious.
It's actually my fault, your leaving.
I haven't been much of a mother.
Not ever since papa died, I've just...
..been depressed,
but I'm gonna do better.
I promise you.
You do ok, mom.
But you know, I blame the city.
I mean, this is an evil city, Babbie,
and if you've sinned,
I don't blame you. I blame the city.
If I've sinned?
Is that what you think?
Haven't you?
For God's sake.
Stay tuned. We'll be right back
with more fun after a word
from our sponsors.
Stick around, folks.
- Who is it?
- Miss Watson?
It's Hector Gomez,
your neighbor in 4-C.
I'm sorry to disturb you, but I've
locked myself out of my apartment.
- Uh, could you buzz me in?
- Sure.
- Miss Watson?
- Who is it?
Sorry to trouble you again, but I
wonder if I could talk to you a moment.
About what? Look, I appreciate you
buzzing me into the hall,
but I'm still locked
out of my apartment.
I wonder if I could use your
phone to call a locksmith.
Mr. Gomez?
Just... Just stay there.
I'll call the locksmith for you.
- Homicide, Siegel.
- Yes, this is Babette Watson.
My neighbor Mr. Gomez has locked
himself out of his apartment,
and he was wondering if you
could come and let him in.
Babette, what is it?
My address is 329 West Adison,
and we would appreciate it
if you could get here as fast
as you can. Babette, is he there?
- The killer?
- That's right. Yes.
As fast as you can.
The killer is in
Babette's apartment. Let's go!
He's gone.
Babette, are you ok?
He's gone.
He's gone!
Did you ever hear the story
about the boy who cried wolf?
- Let's go, guys. Doughnut time.
- He was here. I swear it.
I believe you.
I missed you.
I... I was a complete idiot.
- I'm glad you came.
- I'm gonna take care of you.
He wants to kill me.
Not if we find him first.
- Who is this man?
- I'm Max Siegel, Mrs. Watson.
- There's been an incident.
- I want to talk to you.
Would you excuse us, please? Someone
tried to break into your home.
Does that explain your fondling
my daughter? Mom!
- Would you kindly leave my home?
- Mom, Max came here to protect us.
I asked you to leave. Mom,
it's not safe for me to stay here.
It's not safe for you. He'll come back.
You stay out of this.
I'm... I'm going to stay with Max.
No. You're not going anywhere
unless I say so.
I'm 22. If I want to leave,
I'll leave.
If you leave again, Babette,
it'll be for the last time.
- Homicide, Siegel.
- Max, it's Marilyn Middleton.
- Marilyn, how you doing?
- I'd be doing better if you were here.
Well, uh, thanks, uh, but I'm
kind of tied up right now.
- I didn't know you were kinky, Max.
- Listen, I'm busy, so...
Too busy to hear the name
of a good suspect?
- Ok, what's his name?
- Come over, and I'll tell you.
Ok, so, uh, what's his name?
Ha ha ha.
What an impatient young man.
Haven't you ever heard
of foreplay, sweetheart?
- Romance me a little.
- Ok.
- Uh... Nice dress you got on.
- Thank you.
- Do you really like it?
- Yeah, yeah.
So, what's his name?
You're hopeless.
About a year ago, I had a student
named Vulcaning.
- He was a little off the wall.
- Vulcaning?
The guy develops
an immediate crush on me,
and when I refuse to go out with
him, he starts getting weird.
Talks about how all the
women who have rejected him
have come to bad ends, and then
he starts following me home.
- Did you file a complaint?
- With the cops?
No. We terminated Vulcaning's
contract and refunded his fees.
Never saw him again.
- What was his first name?
- Mmm, Steven.
No, Stefan. That's it, Stefan.
And what did he look like?
Mmm, like you described. Brown hair,
average height, not unattractive.
Maybe a little kinky looking.
What about you, sweetheart?
Are you kinky?
Ha ha ha ha.
Hyde Road. Bingo, I'm pulling over.
Vulcaning's second floor,
front, right?
I can't believe I'm out here
on a stakeout
as a result of a tip
from some wacko psychic.
Look, Max, I don't care
how many circles or stars
or wiggles you think you've seen.
If you think it's anything else
but a big, fat coincidence,
I think you're nuts.
I think that if it happened to
you, you might feel different.
Well, I doubt it.
What are you telling me?
Are you telling me I got
a partner who's psychic?
Everybody's psychic, Sal.
The problem is they let their
fears get in the way of it.
Do you want to know my fear?
You're nuts.
Well, get comfortable,
'cause we got a long night.
What's wrong?
- Where are you going?
- To work.
I thought you had the day off.
I volunteered an extra tour
on the 421.
- The schedule was set 2 weeks ago.
- Max, I...
Just have this feeling.
Come on, Babette.
I have to go.
Look, nothing's gonna happen to you.
Stay inside. Don't let anybody in.
So, Vulcaning's got a
rap sheet on him, huh?
Yeah. This blonde, Annie Rush.
She comes out of the shower, right?
She finds old Vulcaning peering
at her from the fire escape.
When they pulled him in, the guy was
so pathetic, she dropped the charges.
Huh. Looks like our boy just
finished a great american novel.
All right, you want to turn around?
Put your hands on your head right now.
Get him!
Drop it!
Drop it, drop it!
Don't move, don't move!
You have the right to an attorney,
and you know the rest of it.
- Didn't get any on you, did I?
- No, no. Good, good, good, good.
Yeah, beautiful, beautiful.
Hey, Babette, we got him, baby.
Yeah, Da Vinci and I,
we collared the killer.
That's nice.
- You don't sound very excited.
- No. I'm very happy for you.
It was, uh, Vulcaning,
the guy Marilyn Middleton gave us.
He already confessed.
Good. Listen, uh, one of the guys
bought some champagne.
We're gonna celebrate.
Max, come home please, right now.
I'll leave in a couple minutes,
I promise.
These glasses real crystal?
The big story tonight, the break
investigators have been hoping for,
what victims' groups
have been praying for.
According to authorities,
Vulcaning has confessed
to the Lowry, Rachlin,
and Hammond homicides.
A tremendous sense of relief
has settled over what was,
until a short time ago, a community
cowering behind closed doors.
Tonight it appears to be over.
We do have a news crew standing
by at police headquarters...
- Hello.
- Miss Watson, please.
- This is she. Who's this?
- This is officer Samuels.
I'm afraid I have some
terrible news, ma'am.
What is it?
There's been an accident.
Detective Siegel was driving, and...
Well, a cab ran a red light
and hit his car.
Miss Watson?
Miss Watson?
Is he...
He's still alive, Miss Watson.
He's going into surgery now.
Lashton General.
He asked if you'd come.
I'll be right there.
No problem, Miss Watson.
What are you doing?
You're the man that just called,
aren't you? That's right, Babette.
What you said about Max, it isn't true,
is it? No, it isn't.
- Thank God.
- Don't thank God so fast.
Don't make me hurt you, Babette.
I care for you too much to want
to hurt you. What do you want?
Take me back inside. Take me
into Max's apartment. Ok.
If you promise to be a good girl,
I'll put the knife away.
I promise.
- Shall we trip the light fantastic?
- No.
That's very nice.
I like your spunk.
You know, Babette,
I've been... researching you.
I really admire you.
Is that so?
In fact, I think you may very well be
the woman for whom I've been searching.
You're single, catholic, you went
to parochial school like I did.
- I'm not available.
- You're not married to Max, are you?
You are having sex with Max,
are you not?
Answer me, Babette.
Aren't you having sex with Max?
Well, I like that.
I like that very much indeed.
That makes you a lot more interesting
to me as a potential mate.
What are you doing?
- What do you want with me?
- A date.
I want to date you.
What did you say?
- May I put this on the stereo?
- Get out!
I'll count to 10 and
if you haven't left...
- What are you doing?
- I'll call the police.
How could you possibly know
what I said? 1...
2... 3...
Stop it! Stop it!
Well, now, that was very impressive.
How did you know all that stuff
about dates and dancing?
I've been researching you the same way
that you've been researching me.
Well, I must admit you're good.
You weren't there, were
you, when I had my...
dates with Linda
and Beverly and Sharon?
Well, then I don't see
how you did it.
I don't suppose you'd tell me,
as one professional to another.
I followed you.
The pattern was clear.
Young women, all in
the same neighborhood.
And then I bugged the apartments
of the women you were researching.
All right, Babette.
I'm going to give you... a test.
We'll call it a sort
of test of your loyalty.
If you think you can use this
test as a means to escape,
I must warn you, I will
not tolerate disloyalty.
Do you know what we do
with traitors, Babette?
Detective Siegel,
I understand you were the one that
actually collared the killer.
- Is that right?
- Uh, that's right.
Well, how does it feel to have
brought down the serial killer
who has single-handedly eluded
all attempt to capture?
Uhm, please, not right now, ok? I can't
answer any questions right now.
Not very friendly, is he?
We've all had a very hard day.
Uh, Ralph... Let's not forget
who actually ran the investigation.
- I'm lieutenant Judd Mulligan.
- My wife and I watch you every night.
I'm Ralph Goodman at the homicide
task force where the serial killer,
who has held the city in
an icy grip of terror,
was caught while assaulting
an out-of-town teenager.
38-year-old Stefan Vulcaning was
arrested by detective Max Siegel
after a dramatic chase
down South State Street.
The mayor has declared the citizens of
our fair city can rest easily tonight,
knowing that the perpetrator of these
heinous crimes has finally been caught.
Well, I'm going to sleep
a little bit better,
knowing the killer safely
behind bars, aren't you?
Max ought to be home soon.
When he returns home,
the lights will be out.
You will be restrained only
physically from coming to his aid.
Should you remain silent,
only Max will die.
You'll have proven your loyalty to me.
- The fires of hell.
- What was that?
- How hot are the fires of hell?
- How hot are what?
Imagine... a raging fire,
10,000 times hotter than a match,
burning over every inch
of your body forever.
Do you know how long forever is?
You do not. Babette, what are you doing?
The human mind has
no conception of forever.
Imagine an enormous iron
ball the size of the earth.
Imagine that once every hundred
years a bird comes down
to sharpen its beak on that
iron ball. Babette, stop it.
When he wears that
iron ball down to nothing,
that will be just
the beginning of forever.
Stop it!
All right, here we go.
Sir, sir.
Detective Siegel, what was it
like to have caught the man
responsible for the reign
of terror?
Well, first of all, at this
point, we're still using the term
alleged perpetrator.
And second, I'm only
one part of a larger team.
But the man has already confessed.
You were the one who pursued him and
brought him literally to his knees.
Look detective, uh, Da Vinci here
can tell you all about it.
Detective Da Vinci,
what does it feel like
to finally capture the killer
who has held the city hostage?
Well, first of all, I'd like
to echo the sentiments
of my partner, detective Siegel.
This was definitely a team effort.
And I'd like to add, that one of
the things I enjoy most about my job
is training the next generation.
I'm so sorry
that I struck you, Babette.
I love you, but I cannot
tolerate insubordination.
You can do whatever you like to me,
but just leave Max alone.
Let's see. What sort of music
are we in the mood for?
An excellent selection, if I do say
so myself.
And now for an equally
inspired selection in cutlery.
Some soft, romantic lighting.
Damn it!
Come on, move!
Surrender your love
Babette, what the hell's going on?
Don't worry. Shh.
I'm here for you.
You meant nothing to him.
He was only using you.
But I searched you out.
I rescued you, my darling.
You are my destiny.
It's ok.
I won't leave you, I promise.
You're gonna be ok.
It's all over now.
It's over.
It's all over.
You know, the thing that kept
running through my mind
when I was sure
he was going to kill me?
That we'd never made love.
And now we never would.
To me, that was
the worst part about dying.
I love you.
So, tell me...
Are you a believer in E.S.P.?
I believe in you.