A December Bride (2016) Movie Script

Christmas is a time
of joy and celebration
for everyone...but me.
This Christmas isn't exactly
how I expected it would be.
This Christmas isn't exactly
how I expected it would be.
It all started last summer,
when my cousin met my fianc.
I couldn't agree more.
Excuse me for a second.
Seth, hi!
How are you?
Better now that
you're here.
These investment crowds
can be a little dull
[chuckles] Yeah.
Where's Jack?
He's off networking.
He's hoping to land
a new client.
We're engaged.
I heard.
Thank you.
Have you set the date yet?
Well, I've always wanted
to have a December wedding,
but Jack thinks
it's a little soon.
I think it would
just make it
that much more special, though.
Oh, my gosh...
what are you
doing here?
I finally opened
my own boutique,
and one of my customers
invited me.
this is a huge money crowd,
and I need financial backing.
You should
meet Jack.
He's a financial
in small business.
Maybe he could be
a big help to you.
Did I hear my name?
Meet Jessica.
She's in need of
some financial advice,
and your expertise would be
a perfect fit for her.
Well, let me
give you my card.
I would be more
than happy to help.
That's great.
This was
the exciting news
I wanted to tell you.
I'm engaged.
We're engaged.
This is
my fianc, Jack.
Oh. [chuckles awkwardly]
Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
So, um, I guess
I should introduce you guys.
This is my cousin...
I thought I'd met
all your family.
Oh, well, I've been
living in New York
for a few years,
and then a short stint in Paris
after that.
Just moved back
a couple of weeks ago.
I just opened
my own boutique.
Paris? That's my favorite
city in the world.
Mine too.
Why don't you two
have a drink,
let Jack give you
some free advice?
He really knows
his stuff.
Sounds like a plan.
I'll be right back.
You couldn't be
in better hands.
[chuckling awkwardly]
What did you just do?
Aunt Lorraine, you know
how much I love Christmas,
and how I wanted to be
a December bride
ever since I was...
I know, hon'.
I just never imagined
that I'd be going
to my cousin and
ex-fianc's wedding.
What little girl
dreams about that?
I don't even know
why I was invited.
I understand.
Well, then you
why I can't go.
all we have
in life is family.
it's you I'm thinking about.
If you go to that wedding,
it'll give you
a chance to move on.
You've always been
like a mom to me.
I'm so grateful for you.
I love you so much,
and I don't want this
to come between us.
I love you too.
And it won't, I promise.
That's all I'm asking.
Well, and...
come to your
cousin's wedding.
I'll think about going
to the wedding.
I'm here for you.
[sighs heavily]
Oh, hey, Cooper!
I am so glad
to see you.
I have a really big
favor to ask you.
My ex-fianc
is marrying my cousin,
and because I'm family,
I am expected
to go to the wedding.
Will you go
with me?
I have sworn off love,
and I'm not dating anybody,
and I just can't bear the idea
of going alone.
When is it?
You got yourself a date.
Thank you!
Oh, you are the best.
You just saved my life.
And my pride,
or whatever's
left of it.
Sorry I'm late.
Some personal stuff
I've been dealing with.
Leave your problems
at the door.
No client wants to
hear your tale of woe.
And your boss
is so overworked,
I cannot find the words.
Right, sorry.
Got it.
Did you invoice for
the Montgomery job?
and I'm waiting for them
to return my call.
And did you send back
those mismatched sconces?
The return receipt
is on my desk.
I'm doing the Fletcher house
for the Holiday Tour of Homes,
so start cataloguing
Christmas issues of magazines,
and avoid the traditional
red and green.
I want crisp, clean,
silver and gold.
Well, isn't traditional
the point?
Things that remind people
of happy Christmas memories?
Well, not if you want
to make a statement.
You disagree?
I mean...
it's your name on the door,
what do I know?
An interior decorator
needs a unique style.
My work always says
"Darcy Sterling."
You have a good eye,
it's just not enough.
Thank you.
I don't get it, sis.
I thought this is
what you wanted.
No, I don't want to be
Darcy's assistant
for the rest of my life.
What I want
is to start a business
of my own.
So, what's stopping you?
I mean,
isn't it time for you to start
living your own dreams
for once?
Believe me, Beckett,
it would be way easier
to walk into
Stanley Malcolm's office
and demand that he hire me
than to attend
Jack and Jessica's wedding.
Just do it.
Walk right up to him
and say, "Hi,
I'm a great designer."
Show him your book.
Don't you think
that's a little bold?
Yeah, it is bold,
but you're bold, so...
be bold.
I don't know,
I can't even think about work.
All I can think about
is their wedding.
Speaking of that,
are you sure you don't want
this guy as your date?
Thank you
for the offer,
but there's nothing
more embarrassing
than going to your
ex-fianc's wedding
than going with
your brother.
Besides, I have a date.
Cooper. My neighbor.
Good choice.
Well, now that your
date crisis is settled,
I guess you can focus on
finding a new job, huh?
Okay, so keep
the grays,
and then punctuate it
with subtle blues.
I want lots of
textured leather and chrome.
Substantial but not dated.
What about the windows?
You can't just
summon inspiration.
I have to get to my lunch,
so I need you to measure
all of the offices
and then
pick up the lamp
for the Fletcher house
that I'm doing
for the Holiday Tour of Homes.
-I'm sorry!
What a nice surprise
running into you.
I didn't realize
you worked here.
Uh, yeah.
I don't need your help.
You've done
quite enough already.
Um, hey, I'm sorry to hear
about Jack and Jessica.
Not as sorry as I am.
When I put them
I had no idea
where it would lead.
Do you know where
Mr. Hardwick's office is?
Just down the hall.
Layla, uh,
since we're both going
to the wedding,
I don't know, maybe
you and I could go together.
You can't be serious.
I will take that as a no.
Well, I already have a date.
You have a boyfriend.
you want to introduce
him to another girl?
Look, uh...
I don't want things
to be awkward between us.
We're way past awkward.
But why don't we just
go our separate ways
and leave it at that?
[objects dropping]
I got that for you.
[elevator dings]
But since he's owned it,
he hasn't really done
anything to it, right?
So I think
he should really--
No, I think he should really
do something with the house.
It's his house--
Seth, Seth!
You know my wife.
Of course.
Very nice to see you
again, Mrs. Hardwick.
She'd like to have
a word with you.
Are you familiar with
the Holiday Tour
of Homes charity event?
Uh, yes, of course,
but I've never actually
taken the Tour.
Well, visitors
get to see
all the holiday
in some of our community's
loveliest homes,
and the donations go to
our school education fund.
I'm chairing
the committee this year,
and we'd like you
to participate.
I wish that I could.
Unfortunately, your husband
keeps me so busy,
I just wouldn't
have time to decorate.
You can hire someone.
You may
as well say yes.
Joyce always
gets her way.
Then consider me
signed up.
"Happy wife, happy life."
-Oh, stop.
-Yes, sir.
Okay, the Tour
is in three weeks.
There are no
particular guidelines,
just make sure the house
looks... Christmassy.
You know?
[elevator dings]
[cell phone rings]
[sighing wearily]
I'm so sorry, Layla.
They sent me home from work.
Cooper, are you okay?
You sound awful.
I am sick as a dog.
Oh, no, I'm so sorry.
Wait, does this mean...
you're not going to be able
to make it to the wedding?
Isn't there someone else
you could take?
[sighs] No, I mean,
you were my last hope
of going with a date
other than my brother.
Now I'm going to have
nobody to hide behind.
I'm really sorry, Layla,
I am.
No, don't be.
I will figure something out.
Feel better
and get some rest.
[knocks gently]
Oh, hey.
I don't mean to interrupt.
I can come back.
I just have to take
some measurements
of your office.
Uh, go ahead.
No artwork,
no personal touches...
No distractions.
You look upset.
I mean, more upset than before.
What's the matter?
I no longer
have a date.
What happened
to your boyfriend?
He's not my boyfriend,
he's my neighbor,
and he has the flu.
Yeah, my neighbor.
there's always me.
Are you saying
your offer still stands?
Yeah, my offer still stands.
Are you reconsidering?
I'll text you my address.
So it's a date.
No, it's not a date.
I mean, you're my date,
but it's not a date.
It's not a date.
Okay, I can't
decide what to wear.
Which one doesn't scream
"Poor unfortunate Layla"?
That one screams,
"What was Jack thinking?"
we love that.
Now, last time
I'm gonna ask, I promise,
but are you sure you don't
want me to take you?
I know I'm not Cooper,
I know it's not the same
as having a "date" date, but...
I actually do have a date.
I'm going with Seth.
Seth Murphy?
The guy who introduced
Jack and Jessica?
Look, I really
don't have time
to go over details.
I'm really late.
I'll see you soon.
Layla O'Reilly,
you never cease to surprise me.
And I do mean surprise.
[sighs nervously]
You okay?
You look stunning.
I just want to get this
over with.
You don't have to flatter me.
Well, for the record,
I never thought Jack
was good enough for you.
Stop trying
to make me feel better.
One thing...
I don't like
your shoes.
At all.
What? What's wrong
with my--
[chuckles] Stop.
We're going
to be late.
I, Jessica, take you, Jack,
to be my husband,
to have and to hold,
from this day forward,
for as long as
we both shall live.
I, Jack,
take thee, Jessica,
to be my wife.
To have and to hold,
from this day forward,
for as long as
we both shall live.
If anybody
can show just cause
why these two cannot
be joined together,
speak now,
or forever
hold your peace.
I pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[cheering and applause]
I am very proud of you.
Thank you.
Is this your date?
Uh, yes.
He is, yeah.
Well done.
Thank you for coming.
You okay?
I'd be better if you'd
stop asking me that.
Thank you.
It was a lovely
Thank you.
Thanks, buddy.
Are you guys together?
[together]: Yes!
As a matter
of fact, we are.
we will see you
at the reception.
Congratulations again.
Thank you.
[crowd banging wine glasses]
[cheering and applause]
What's up? You don't
like the chicken?
I'm just not that hungry.
I think I need
to go get some air.
No, come on,
dance with your dad.
Come on.
You know, I think
I do need some air.
Okay, honey.
Club soda, please.
Mr. Malcolm?
Layla O'Reilly.
Are you a buyer or a seller?
I actually stage homes,
and I was hoping that you would
take a look at my portfolio.
I work with some very
experienced decorators.
Well, maybe one of
your smaller properties.
I don't have
any small properties.
There you are.
What a pleasant
Are you friends with
the bride or the groom?
The groom.
And you?
Well, I play golf with
the groom's father.
You know
Mr. Malcolm?
"Stanley," please.
I sold Seth his house,
and he was kind enough
to send some of
his clients my way.
That's right.
Well, I was just
telling Stanley
that I stage homes.
That's right.
From artwork to furniture,
to anything a house needs
to really make the sale.
Oh, yes.
And let me tell you,
she's very talented.
One of the best
stagers I've seen.
Really impeccable
taste, flawless.
Wow, that is
quite an endorsement.
Now, if
you'll excuse me,
I promised
my wife a dance.
Have fun.
You know, that's not
a bad idea.
Do you want to dance?
Come on.
Aren't we meant to look
like we're a couple?
Pretend I said
something really funny.
[forced laughter]
I think you can
do better than that.
Don't tell me you're
actually having fun.
Maybe a little
bit of fun.
You know,
I'm a terrible dancer.
I don't know
if you knew that about me,
but I'm really bad.
Two left feet.
That's right.
I could've watched you
two dance all night.
Thank you.
It's all about finding
the right partner.
Oh, my sentiments
exactly, sir.
You two really are
a couple?
Looks that way.
And we couldn't
be happier.
I'm just
a little surprised.
You never even mentioned
you guys were dating.
Right, uh, well,
it just
happened so fast.
Thing is,
I walked
into work one day,
and there she was,
taking measurements
to redo my office,
and, well,
it just felt so right,
and we started
hanging out,
and we've been
together ever since.
It sounds...
pretty serious.
Oh, it's as serious
as it gets.
We are engaged.
[everyone gasps]
Oh, that's wonderful!
wonderful news!
How exciting!
Why didn't you
say anything?
I'm sorry, we didn't want
to steal your thunder
for your big day.
And it's time to cut the cake.
Oh, that's our cue.
Can I talk to you
for a second?
What have you done?
I may have taken things
a little too far.
Yeah, you think?
all those sympathetic looks
you were getting before
have turned into smiles.
Imagine the looks
we're going to get
when they realize
we're not telling the truth.
I think that
you are going to laugh
about this one day.
Not in a million years.
Jessica and I would like
to thank you all for coming
and for sharing our joy.
And we'd like to extend
our best wishes
to Layla and Seth,
who just announced--
--their engagement.
[applauding and cheering]
Congratulations, you two!
You just made
an embarrassing situation
so much worse.
Oh, what
I wouldn't give
to be "Poor Layla,"
not "Engaged Layla
Who Actually Isn't."
Wait, so, what are you saying,
the wedding is off?
I'm going to need you
to take this seriously, okay?
How do we deal
with this?
What do I tell my dad
and my brother,
and my entire family?
I'll tell them
I did it on a dare.
The party was so much fun,
I got wedding fever.
Of course, 'cause you can't
tell them the real reason
is because
you feel sorry for me.
That's not
the wording I'd use.
Close enough.
[sighing heavily]
I'm sorry, Layla,
I really am.
I'll call everyone
first thing tomorrow
and tell them
it was a bad joke.
Too much champagne,
and poor judgment on my part.
I'll make it right, I promise.
Thank you.
Hi, darling,
it's Aunt Lorraine.
I hope your happy news
means that you and Jessica
can bury the hatchet.
Hi, it's your brother.
You've taken keeping secrets
to a whole new level.
Call me.
Layla, this is
Stanley Malcolm.
I was hoping
we could have lunch.
We can discuss
your staging some houses.
Bring your portfolio,
and bring your fianc.
[call ringing]
This is Seth Murphy
of Denning and Hardwick.
Sorry I missed your call.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Seth, it's me.
Don't tell anyone
we're not engaged...
just yet.
Call me.
I could barely
sleep last night.
This isn't
grand larceny.
It's just...
it's lunch
and a white lie.
Working for Malcolm Realty
could launch my entire business.
Then let's go to the lunch.
I got you into this mess.
This can be my way
of redeeming myself.
So we'd only be engaged
for a couple more days.
A couple of days.
Until I got the job.
But I'm going to need
something from you.
Besides redemption?
Consider this a win-win.
I need you
to decorate my house
for the Holiday Tour of Homes.
You don't even know
if I'm any good.
No, but I know you,
I know how hard
you're going to try.
this could be great exposure.
It might even
drum up some more business
other than Malcolm Realty.
You've just got to
make it really...
You've got a deal.
Now, Seth is
a shrewd negotiator.
He got his house
at a remarkable price.
It's lovely,
isn't it?
Oh, yeah, it's...
it's gorgeous.
Beautiful home.
And Layla is
an amazing stager.
Can we show him, honey?
Very nice.
You really are
very good.
Layla is
doing my house
for the Holiday
Tour of Homes.
Well, I'm glad
you're doing that.
That house deserves to be seen,
and you know how
Joyce Hardwick feels
about the tour,
and her charity.
I do.
Can I get
the bill, please?
I could do one of
your current properties
on spec.
I would love the opportunity
to work with you.
You know,
I think I'd rather see
what you do
with Seth's house.
But that's three weeks away.
Houses like Seth's
are the pillars of my business,
and I know he has done
absolutely nothing with it.
If you could
transform that house,
you just might
get my attention.
I love a challenge.
Sorry I have to run.
I have a showing
this afternoon.
One of your clients.
Thank you, Stanley.
Good luck.
Now what do we do?
We stay engaged
another three weeks.
You get a job...
Maybe I get a job.
And I get
my house done,
and get to impress
my boss's wife.
What do we tell
our family and friends?
See, that part
could be tricky,
but I think we can pull it off.
your Aunt Lorraine
loves me.
Wow, your yard is so...
We're going to need
something really special.
Like what?
I don't know.
Wait, no, no, no,
wait, wait.
Can we go inside
right now?
Well, what's the rush?
My boss is next door
decorating the house.
Is that a problem?
It is if I want
to keep my job.
[chuckles in wonder]
Wow, what
a beautiful house,
but it seems
so unfinished.
Well, I bought it
as an investment property.
It's already
gone up in value.
This is your home.
Yeah, but I'm never here.
I'm working all the time.
So you can afford
a beautiful house
that you can never enjoy.
Show me more.
Uh, the only thing
I use in here
is the coffeemaker.
The kitchen is supposed to
be the heart of the home.
So do a little CPR.
[cell phone chimes]
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, I gotta
get back to work.
But you...
you are going
to need a key.
Thank you.
...a credit card.
Do whatever you want,
warmth as far
as the eye can see.
And very, very--
You love that word.
What exactly does that mean?
It means my boss's wife
will be impressed.
[cell phone chimes]
Gotta go.
[chuckles] See you.
I am going to
bring you to life.
Thanks, everyone!
See you in a couple of hours.
[cell phone rings]
Oh, hello, darling,
it's your beleaguered
Aunt Lorraine.
Hey, what's the problem?
Oh, it's the toy drive.
It's simply overwhelming.
I need your help.
Uh, I'm a little busy
at the moment,
but I'll do what I can.
Oh, good.
I knew you wouldn't
let me down.
Where are you going?
Uh, my lunch break.
Oh, pick up
the silver wreath
for the Fletcher house
on your way back?
And grab me
a mocha latte,
Oh, thank heaven
you're here.
There is so much to do.
There certainly is.
Is it just
the two of us?
No, no, there's
help on the way.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
You girls have
so much to do,
and I so appreciate
you being here.
when are you going
to let me take you shopping
for a wedding dress?
I promise.
I've just... I've been so busy
with work and the tour...
Well, we've got
a lot to do.
Christmas is right
around the corner.
Let's get busy.
you two are family,
and that's forever.
You've got to learn
to get along.
You make meddling
an art form.
Well, at least that's
one thing we agree on.
Well, the galling
thing is,
I'm usually right.
This is not the way
these things are done.
Love doesn't operate
according to schedule.
Which is where good
judgment comes in.
When do we
get to meet her?
I'm going to
have to call Layla.
She's very busy.
Well, what does she do?
She's an interior
Actually, she's doing my house
for the Holiday Tour of Homes.
What do you know
about this girl?
All I need to.
Well said.
On that note,
I'm going to go.
I've got
an early meeting.
Bye, Mom.
Bye bye.
You let me know
when you and Layla
are available for dinner.
Well, that looks
traditional to me.
I'm making
a Christmas quilt.
To use in the house
you're doing
for the Tour of Homes?
Don't bother denying it.
I saw your name
on the list.
I was going to tell you.
You know, because
I'm doing the Fletcher house,
this puts us
in direct competition.
No, I don't see it that way.
I mean, there are
a lot of homes,
lovely homes
for people to look at.
People like
Stanley Malcolm?
Every decorator in town
wants a job with Malcolm Realty,
including me.
How did you get
the Murphy house?
Seth is an old friend,
and we started dating, and...
now we're sort of engaged.
I guess congratulations
are in order.
Thank you.
It pains me
to say this, Layla,
but obviously
we can't work together.
Wait, are you firing me?
You've given me
no choice.
I need those back.
Well, I love what you've done
with the place.
Well, now I really need
Stanley to give me this job
because Darcy just fired me.
This is my fault.
No, I'm just as much
to blame.
On the bright side,
I don't have
to deal with her ego,
or fetch her mocha lattes,
Well, maybe
it's for the best.
I really gotta
get back to work.
The Tour is less than
two weeks away,
and as you can see,
I still have a lot to do.
I like what you've done
with the fireplace.
[chuckles] Thanks.
You should
use it sometime.
You've got some...
you've got some
dirt on your face.
Uh... there.
My dad called.
He invited us
to dinner tonight.
No, actually, it's not okay,
because he thinks
we're engaged,
and my brother
is already suspicious.
And what about your mother?
She actually passed away
when I was a little girl.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know that.
She always used to
make the holidays so special,
and she would turn
our entire house
into this virtual
winter wonderland.
She'd make her own decorations,
and the whole place
smelled like cinnamon
and hot cider...
What was your favorite
part of Christmas?
The whole spirit of Christmas.
My mom always said
it was the time of year
that everyone cared
just a little bit more.
What, and you
still feel that way
after all these years?
Of course.
Tell me about
your family.
My family...
Well, let's just say
that my dad,
he didn't care too much
for the holidays.
What does he do?
He's a retired
investment banker.
He worked most of his life.
Not a lot of
father-and-son time
when I was growing up.
But I looked up to him,
so I followed
in his footsteps.
Well, this year,
brace yourself
for all the Christmas
you can handle.
The O'Reillys still go
way over the top
when it comes to the holidays.
I think I'd like that.
I'm not much
of a cook,
but I enjoy it,
this time of year.
Well, everything
was delicious, sir.
So, when did
you and Layla meet?
We met three years ago,
doing community theater.
I kept going, hoping
to see more of her.
I remember you singing
at the top of your lungs,
and you were the worst singer
of all time.
He's the only person I know
who can turn "Les Mis"
into a comedy.
Thanks for that.
Then what
I went out of town
on business.
By the time I got back,
Layla met Jack,
and I lost my shot.
Well, why didn't you
ever ask me out?
I'd just come out
of a relationship.
I needed a little time.
I assumed
you weren't interested.
No, I was
very interested.
I just couldn't
undercut Jack.
I was born in a suit and tie.
But you got me to loosen up
and have a little fun,
albeit off-key.
But that was my favorite
summer I can remember.
I wish you would have
told me that back then.
So do I.
Yeah, so do I.
So, you two
are about to get hitched,
and this stuff
just never came up?
Oh-- yes.
Of course it did.
We just, um,
we don't like to
dwell on the past.
We like to focus
on the future.
The future.
The future.
Speaking of which,
when's the wedding?
Um, well, we've...
we've, uh...
we've talked about it a lot.
Uh, we were thinking...
June? June, right?
Is that what we said?
June. Mm-hm.
Yeah. June wedding.
So not in December?
No, December's
a little too soon.
Is it?
But Layla always wanted
to be a December bride.
Yeah, I mean...
you knew that.
Yeah, sure he did.
I told him how much
I love Christmas,
and Mom was
a December bride,
and with all the love
and joy in the air,
what better time
to get married?
And every year,
how we watched
"White Christmas" on TV,
and with all
the singing
and the dancing,
and everyone falls
in love in the end.
I mean, you don't have
to tell him. He knows.
You've seen it.
It's Gene Kelly.
Bing Crosby.
Bing Crosby.
It's no big deal,
it's just your fiance's
favorite movie of all time,
for her entire life--
Who's ready for dessert?
I am.
Here, let me give you
a hand with that.
What's going on?
What do you mean?
Your dentist knows you
better than that guy.
I'm not buying
a word of this.
I'm not.
so it's a fake
Promise me--
Hey, look at me--
promise me
you won't tell anyone.
Tell them what?
That my sister's had
a little too much eggnog
with her fake fianc,
who also broke up
her real engagement?
Very funny.
He's not so bad.
Yeah, unless
you like honesty.
You know what,
people could say the
same thing about me.
Good point.
I don't know, it's...
He's a really nice guy.
I know that look.
What look?
Are you starting to have
feelings for this guy?
Maybe you're not
being honest with yourself.
I tend to do that, a lot.
I mean, with Jack, I knew...
I knew all along.
We were drifting apart,
and I just kept
hanging on
to this fantasy of being
a December bride.
And what about Seth?
I don't know how I feel.
I know that
I don't want to get hurt.
That I believe.
Can you pass me the cookie tin,
The Tour is only
one week away,
and I haven't even finished
a single room yet.
What do you think?
It's a big change,
but a very merry one.
I'm not sure
I'm man enough for this.
I should be older and wiser.
Are you kidding?
It's perfect for you.
Try it out.
And what exactly
am I supposed to do
in this chair?
You're supposed
to think great thoughts.
Well, I'm thinking
great thoughts.
About what?
About my growing affection
for all things Christmas.
It's hard to resist.
[derisively] Nice wreath.
Nice wreath!
I made it myself.
It looks very authentic.
Yours is... shiny.
[chuckles mirthlessly]
More donations.
Jessica asked me
to drop them off.
But I'm glad I ran into you.
Because I'd like a...
a chance for us to talk.
Yeah, I don't think I'm ready
for that just yet,
but I'll take the boxes.
I got it.
oh, you two were so close
when you were little.
That was
a lifetime ago.
You shared your dolls,
you shared your clothes...
But not our fiancs.
You were so outgoing
and friendly.
I wanted to be just like you.
always wanted
to be your friend.
You never told me that.
Well, I couldn't
feel any worse,
if that helps.
I had no one to talk to,
not even Aunt Lorraine,
and I wasn't going
to make her pick a side.
your mother and I
wouldn't talk
for weeks,
but then, you know,
eventually, we'd just
sort it out in the end.
I love you both.
And we're family.
Families should always
try and work it out.
I want to be
family again too.
[cell phone chimes]
I gotta get going.
Mom, is she ever
going to forgive me?
Well, I think you two
just made a big step.
[chatting and laughing]
Wait, wait, let me
try this again.
Okay, you ready?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, you're home, hey.
I had to work late.
This is my neighbor, Cooper.
I was unable to
get a delivery truck,
and Cooper went
and picked up
the chairs for us.
This is Seth.
Oh yeah, your fianc?
That's me.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
So, you're the one
that got the flu?
Listen, thanks very much
for helping Layla out.
I appreciate it.
No problem.
I gotta get going.
I owe you dinner.
No, really,
that's okay.
Nice to meet you.
I'm just gonna
go walk him out.
Phew, it's cold
out here.
Thank you again
for all your help.
No problem.
I guess you really
are engaged.
That guy's in love.
Drive safe.
So, you like
the chairs?
Yeah. Yeah,
they're great.
Now people have
a place to sit
if they have
a piece of pie,
or a coffee,
or you can eat
your breakfast here.
So, Cooper seems like
a nice guy.
Aw, he's so sweet.
And he's your neighbor?
Just your neighbor?
Yeah, he's my neighbor,
and my friend.
No reason.
Tell me.
I know we're supposed to be
just a fake engaged couple,
but I gotta be
completely honest here,
I just didn't like it
when I walked in,
and I saw you two together
in my kitchen.
Are you jealous?
Maybe I am, a little.
This is too much reality
for a fake engagement.
Fair enough.
Let's keep things
light and fun.
Light and fun.
It's getting late,
I should...
I should probably go.
All I'm really trying to say
is that everywhere I look,
I see Christmas, and I see you,
and I love it.
That's all.
I should go.
You sure
it's not too much?
No, I think
it looks good.
I'm going to go
get some pinecones
from the box
of pinecones.
What am I doing?
[off-key] Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
It's beautiful.
This is much more
fun than work.
Tomorrow, I'm thinking
we should get the tree
before all the good
ones are gone.
Yeah, I just have
to stop and get some ornaments
on the way.
[off-key] Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Maybe you should sing
at the Tour.
Maybe not.
That is the biggest tree
I've ever seen.
You know, the one concession
my father had at Christmastime
was to choose the biggest,
most expensive tree
he could pay someone to get.
I'm glad
we did this.
See, we were opposite.
We would get the smallest tree
from the supermarket
parking lot.
We'd keep it alive
until January,
and it became this
member of the family.
That's weird.
Uh, do you need
a hand with that?
Uh, no, I got it.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Whoa... Whoa, whoa!
Do you need
a hand now?
Uh, if you insist.
give it to me.
Okay, one, two...
[together]: ...three!
You got it?
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, slivers...
Now, that is what
I call teamwork.
I'd say this calls for
two cups of hot cocoa.
I think
we've earned it.
Why the smile?
Because this is what
Christmas is all about.
Thank you.
Watch your hands.
It's not about
the finished product,
it's about the process.
The hanging the stockings,
the decorating the tree.
These are the things
we'll remember.
Well, my mother
always hired someone
to decorate the tree.
What's she like?
My mom?
Uh, she's as charming
as my father is proper.
But he would be completely
lost without her.
[clinking mugs]
Did you make those?
My mom did.
Well, they're beautiful.
They are, aren't they?
She would make gingerbread
cookies every year,
and whatever we didn't eat,
we'd hang on the tree.
Those are some of
my favorite memories.
Sometimes I feel like
they're just...
I feel like
they're slipping away.
Do you wanna help me
string some popcorn?
I thought you'd never ask.
It's actually
really fun.
Hold this.
Yeah, string.
So, like...
[laughs] Seth...
It fell
in my mouth.
You're not supposed to
eat the decorations.
String it
on there, yeah.
Oh, this is so good,
I can't stop it.
This is my last bag
of popcorn.
Okay, you do it like this.
This is a good memory.
Yeah, it is.
It's really good.
When will
your mom be back?
I think she wanted to
give us some time alone.
Do you remember
Fashion Model Barbie?
Sort of.
What she lacked
in substance,
she made up for
in flair.
Kinda like me.
Are you waiting for me
to contradict you?
I'm waiting for you
to forgive me.
I never meant to hurt you.
I fell in love.
I never wanted
to lose you.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
I mean,
maybe all this
is the way
it's meant to be.
We both ended up
with the right guy.
Maybe so.
I know Jack
feels terrible
and would love
to talk to you.
Let me think about it, okay?
So, where's
your engagement ring?
I'm dying to see it.
It was too... big.
I was hanging a wreath,
and then it just slipped off,
and then so we took it
to the jeweler,
and then when we got it
back from the jeweler,
it was too small,
so now it's getting
sized again,
Yeah, we should have it back
in a few days.
How's everything going?
We're making
With you two making up,
now we can spend
the holidays together.
And then there's
Layla's wedding,
whenever that is.
It's too late
for a December wedding,
so don't even go there.
Who said anything
about a December wedding?
No more meddling.
That's what
family is for.
I mean it!
Everything looks
so beautiful in here.
It's very Christmassy.
That's good.
It should be,
The Tour is only
five days away.
So, I'm thinking
I'm going to
buy some gifts
to fill
the stockings with,
so that they don't
look just like props.
You know, Jessica asked
about the engagement ring today.
Oh, yeah?
She's not
the first one to ask.
Should I get some
costume jewelry or something?
[cell phone chimes]
[sighs] It's Darcy.
She wants me to stop by
the Fletcher house.
She's not even my boss anymore.
I don't know
why I'm so nervous.
You'll be fine.
Okay, don't touch anything.
I'll be back soon.
What are you doing
with this yard?
I haven't
figured it out yet.
Is that why
you wanted to see me?
My silver ornaments
never arrived.
I'm not saying
it was intentional,
although it crossed my mind.
Well, I ordered them
before you fired me.
I suggest you call the vendor.
I ran into
Stanley Malcolm today.
Apparently, he sold
your fianc his house.
That's right.
How long have you
been together?
It's odd that you never
mentioned him.
I'll be right in, honey.
Okay, honey.
Seth and I were just
about to have dinner.
I'll see you?
Put your arm
around me.
Let's pretend to
be a real couple.
I can do
better than that.
We're practicing
for the big day.
You know, Darcy's been
talking to Malcolm.
Oh, then we'd better
put on a good show.
Speaking of which,
check out the stocking
on the right.
[chuckles] Why?
What did you do?
Oh, my gosh.
That was my grandmother's ring.
It's so beautiful.
It's a perfect fit.
Yeah, it is.
Thank you for
agreeing to meet me.
I remembered how much
you love the lattes here.
Jack, I'm not...
I don't really know
why you wanted to meet.
Jessica told me
that you two might be
mending things between you,
and, well,
I need to mend things
with you too.
Layla, I really
never meant to hurt you.
Well, then why did you?
You always expected
the best of me.
It was a lot to live up to.
I didn't mean to pressure you.
I know...
I just...
You just what?
We never really took the time
to get to know each other.
And a lot of times,
it felt like we were
just out of sync.
I mean, you were
just so wrapped up
with wanting to be this
December bride that--
That I never really
saw you.
Maybe that was on me.
Look, I just know
I want you to forgive me.
I handled everything badly.
We talked about this.
Is... everything okay?
I assume you guys
were just in the neighborhood?
Oh, you know
how I can't stop meddling
when it comes
to family.
we are both
just so happy
for you and Seth.
We'd love to
have a dinner,
and maybe we can all
start over?
Wow, uh...
I don't know what to say.
Just say yes,
and we'll make
the plans.
[all gasping in relief]
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, I am so pleased.
My family is finally
coming together.
And Seth is a wonderful man.
And that couldn't
have been very easy.
No, it wasn't easy.
But you know what,
it was telling.
Because after all the anger
and the resentment,
maybe he just wasn't
the right guy for me.
Oh, honey, I could have
told you that...
the moment you
danced with Seth.
[she chuckles]
I can't believe you did this.
Gingerbread cookies?
I tried.
They smell amazing.
Uh, I'm not great
at the icing part.
Um, here, try.
Too much cinnamon?
No, I mean...
Maybe a little.
Not like your mom's.
But just as sweet.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
let me tell you
I have decided
not to sell the house.
When did you decide that?
Just now.
You've turned
my investment
into something more valuable.
A home.
And I'm home now.
[cell phone rings]
Someone has
very bad timing.
Yes, they do.
Hey, Dad.
I called your office
this morning,
and they said you'd
gone home for the day.
Yeah, yeah, I'm at
home helping Layla.
We hire people for
that sort of thing.
Yeah, it's fun.
I made
gingerbread cookies.
I think it's time
that your mother and I
met your fiance.
Please make your mother happy
and come
for dinner tonight.
Great, see you
at 7:00.
Is she coming?
Oh, good.
What are we having
for dinner?
Oh. Oh, boy.
Is everything okay?
We're just going to be
having dinner
with my parents tonight.
Bring cookies.
Lots of cookies.
Doing Seth's house
for the Tour of Homes
must be very challenging.
Seth has been a big help.
Just don't ignore
your obligations at work.
[pops champagne cork]
Ever the romantic.
You obviously
make my son happy.
He can't stop talking about you.
And that's all that matters.
Very happy, Mom.
I hope I'm not
being too forward,
but I have
so many ideas
about the wedding.
She never stops
talking about it.
Listen, we...
We haven't even
set a date yet.
A mother can dream,
can't she?
I have a wedding planner
I'd love you to meet.
Oh, that's
very nice of you--
...And a wonderful
Oh, I hope you like lilies.
Lilies are nice.
Or roses,
whatever you prefer.
Flowers can add
so much to a wedding.
And then so can the music.
Perhaps a string quartet?
I got some samples
from a bakery.
They specialize
in wedding cakes.
They look... lovely.
Let me know
what you think.
I'm partial to the red velvet.
Perhaps you'd
prefer gingerbread.
Oh, Layla,
I'm sorry,
am I being too pushy?
[chuckles awkwardly]
I'm just...
I'm just a little overwhelmed.
Layla, she's got
a lot on her plate,
so why don't we just...
let's talk about the wedding
after the Tour of Homes.
Of course.
But I can still help
with all the details.
Oh, well, that's very,
very sweet of you,
but totally not necessary.
Oh, don't worry, dear,
all my planning
and bending your ear,
it's just my way of saying...
welcome to our family.
Welcome to
the family.
Your mom is so nice.
Every compliment,
every piece of cake,
I wanted to slip
right underneath the table.
This thing has gotten
way out of hand.
Yeah, you think?
It's not about
getting a job anymore.
This charade has taken on
a life of its own.
It's too late to take back now.
I mean, how would we
ever explain it?
We'll pretend to break up--
[cell phone rings]
That's Jessica.
Hi. Layla.
Hi. How are you?
I'm good.
Hey, um...
how about the four of us
go for dinner
at Bon Ami,
like we talked about?
That's so nice of you.
It's just, I'm so busy
with the Tour of Homes.
I haven't had
a second to breathe.
Oh, well, that's okay.
I mean, we could do it
after the Tour.
Maybe Sunday at 7:00?
Yeah, that sounds good.
Okay, great, see you then.
So Jack and Jessica
just invited us to dinner
at Bon Ami.
Another dinner
as a fake couple.
Well, it can't be any worse
than the last ones.
We only have
two days left,
and the yard
is still so blank.
There's just
so much empty space.
I don't know
how to fill it.
Well, maybe...
maybe some
Christmas trees,
or a snowman?
No, it needs
to be original.
We need to
make it stand out
from the other houses.
I got it.
We can use your dad's
plastic Santa.
That's it.
I was joking.
No, not Santa,
his sleigh.
[gasps] That would
look so good there.
It's the perfect spot.
Now, how do we
find a sleigh
on such short notice?
I will find you
a sleigh.
Really? How?
I have no idea.
Oh, my gosh,
Darcy is
watching us again.
Let's give her
something to see.
I wanted to get that in
before we break up.
This is what you choose to do
with your time?
And I can't find a sleigh.
I don't understand.
For the front yard.
I promised Layla
I'd find her a sleigh.
I have to question
your priorities.
Just when
I got them straight.
You're missing work,
worrying about
some yard ornament.
Look, it can't be all
about making money, Dad,
or some role
I'm expected to play.
I want to...
I want to enjoy my life.
Think about it.
Why didn't we spend
more time together
when I was
growing up, hmm?
[chuckles ruefully]
[sighs sadly]
I once asked my father
the exact same question.
And what did he say?
He mentioned
his busy schedule.
All I really remember
was his lack of regret.
I never meant to become
that kind of father, Seth.
Never too late
to break the mold.
One more day.
and I still haven't
found you a sleigh.
I've turned Christmas
into a race against time.
How did we get here?
A fake engagement,
lying to our families.
Well, maybe if I had
asked you out before Jack did,
we'd be engaged
for real.
Maybe so,
but we'll never know, right?
There's no happy ending.
We've complicated
We just need to break up
like we planned.
If that's what you really want.
It doesn't matter what I want.
At this point,
all that matters is
I don't want to hurt my family.
I have to go meet
my Aunt Lorraine.
[gasps and sighs]
Oh! You look exquisite.
I'm so glad
you decided to wear
your mother's dress.
I should take it off.
Oh, no, no, wait!
For what?
Oh, I was hoping
that putting on
the dress
would be the prompt
that you needed.
What do you mean?
To be
a December bride.
I know how much
it means to you,
and you're running
out of time.
What is it?
Honey, what is it?
I have something
I have to tell you.
Seth and I aren't engaged.
Well, those tears seem real.
How do you
feel about him?
After everything that
happened with Jack, it's...
Honey, love requires
a leap of faith,
and in my experience,
it's worth it.
It's going
to be fine.
Hi, Seth.
Hey, Dad.
I think you should
call this number.
[sighing] I don't need
another client.
I'm a little busy right now.
He's my former handyman.
To help
with the house?
No, he's retired.
Then why
would I call him?
he's got a sleigh.
Wait, you found me a sleigh?
Dad, this means everything.
Uh, where's my phone?
[sleighbell rings]
[she laughs]
You did it.
You did this for me?
Actually, I had
a little surprise help,
but, yeah,
I did it for you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
The Tour begins
in two hours.
[doorbell rings]
Got a call from Seth, said
you could use a little help.
Come on in.
I thought it might feel
more like the holidays
with family around.
Wow, nice house.
Sure hope you guys
have us over
for Christmas dinner.
[doorbell rings]
I'll get it!
We understand you could use some
extra hands.
I'm so glad
you're here.
Come on in.
One more hour to go.
[doorbell rings]
I'm sorry, the Tour
hasn't started--
George thought
you could use some help.
-Hi, Mom.
-Come on in.
Hey, Dad...
Dad? Thanks a lot.
The sleigh looks great.
Okay, who wants to
sing some Christmas carols?
[off-key] Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Like father,
like son.
[clock chimes]
It's time.
the Holiday Tour of Homes
has officially begun.
We did it!
Hi. Ho!
Stanley Malcolm,
I'm honored.
The tree is the focal point,
playing off
the contrasting shapes,
like three-dimensional
modern art.
I'm trying
to get Christmas
into the 21st Century.
Well, everything is
quite striking.
I should be going.
I have many more
houses to see.
Don't worry about it.
It's going to be fine.
Every room
more captivating
than the next.
I couldn't agree
with you more.
Blue spruce...
Well, Layla,
you've certainly transformed
Seth's investment.
Still true to the
charm of the house,
and now it feels
like a real home.
The sleigh was a nice touch.
Truly inspiring.
You've really done a great job.
I'm very impressed.
Thank you.
Seth, this is the prettiest
house on the Tour.
Oh, thank you,
Mrs. Hardwick.
I couldn't agree more.
In fact, I'd like you to come
work your magic for me.
I've got four houses
coming on the market
that need staging.
a dream come true.
I hope to keep you very busy.
Can I hug you?
All right.
Thank you so much, Stanley.
traditional is still in.
If you like that sort of thing.
As it happens, I do.
It's the feeling
that a house gives you
that's most important.
Modern isn't your thing?
I'm afraid not.
You two enjoy
your holidays.
Thank you, Stanley.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I got the job.
We did it!
You did it.
You did it. Thank you.
Mrs. Hardwick was...
so happy.
I mean, her charity
was a huge success.
Everyone seemed
to love it.
You know, the longer we wait,
the harder it's going to be.
It's time to break up.
So, what's the plan?
We'll have a fight.
And then
a couple days later,
we'll tell everyone
the engagement is off.
We could do it at dinner
with Jack and Jessica.
What are we going
to fight about?
We'll have
to make something up.
I got it,
you hate my singing.
No way, never.
That's your best feature.
It's got to be
something believable.
How about...
I work too much.
That's not entirely
true anymore.
What workaholic has enough time
to string popcorn?
look, it's a pretty
common problem.
People are
gonna buy it.
So I work
too much...
And I hardly ever see you.
Then we'll just
improvise the rest.
excuse me.
Okay, we leave
after the fake fight.
It'll be too hard
to stick around.
[everyone cheering]:
[laughter and applause]
We are so happy for you.
-Thank you.
You are going to make
such a beautiful bride.
Thanks, Dad.
You sure know how
to keep a secret, don't you?
Why didn't you warn me?
Oh, that would have been
too easy.
[sighs nervously]
Here's to
happily ever after!
We're so happy
for you.
Can I steal her
for one moment?
Excuse us.
So what do we do now?
What do we do
with everyone here?
We stick to the plan.
everyone's already here.
We won't have to repeat
any performances.
So, uh, who's gonna
start the fight?
I will.
Hey, is
everything okay?
Yeah, it's...
It's Seth.
Look, I don't think
we should be really having
this conversation right now.
See, that's the problem.
It's never
a good time for you.
[quietly] No, I mean,
I don't think we should
be doing this at all.
What are you doing?
I don't want
to fight with you.
Seth, it's all
part of the plan.
Forget the plan.
I'm crazy about you.
Seth, that's definitely
not part of the plan.
I know,
but I love you.
What did you say?
I'm saying that I am
in love with you, Layla.
I think...
I love you too.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I love you.
That's good.
Uh-huh. [laughs]
Well, then...
one more thing.
Layla O'Reilly...
will you do me
the honor
of being my wife?
Of course.
[everyone cheering]
Wait, wait, wait...
am I missing
something here?
She's going to be
a December bride after all!
I love you.
I, Layla,
take thee, Seth,
to be my husband,
to have and to hold
for as long
as we both shall live.
I, Seth, take thee, Layla,
to be my December bride,
to have and to hold
for as long
as we both shall live.
Thank you.
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.