A Delicate Balance: The Truth (2008) Movie Script

The truth is our beautiful
world is in danger.
The planet, the environment
and all of its inhabitants
are subject to global warming.
A world, completely off balance, is
revealing its catastrophic implications.
What you're about to see is the truth...
the truth about the delicate state
of our world and our bodies...
these scientifically documented facts have
direct and imediate impact on your life.
A Delicate Balance
The Truth
On April 14th, 1912, the
Titanic made her maiden voyage
from Southhampton, England, to New York.
The Titanic was the largest
and best build ship of her day.
She was considered unsinkable.
In fact, some members of her crew
believed that not even God
had the power to sink her.
How many people today consider the
human body to be beyond the capacity
to be destroyed by the everyday
event of the food that we consume.
Invencibility is an illusion.
Most people are not aware
of the epidemic of ill health
which is rapidly approaching
catastrophic proportions.
Many members of the
medical profession today
are not aware of what causes
the epidemic of ill health.
They are also not aware that
the medications and treatments
they prescribe are
documented as being the third
most common cause of
death in the western world.
Where we're at with the
medical profession right now...
is we are actually selling sickness.
Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. MD
Modern medical education needs to be
reviewed and uptaded in basic areas
such as giving medical
students adequate education
about the exact effects of
the food patients consume
on the health of their bodies.
Really, our aim and our
responsibility has to be to show people
how really to lead and
live healthier lives.
Hundreds of studies from the most
prestigious medical instituitions
in the US and around the
world have been published
in equally renown medical journals.
From JAMA, Journal of the
American Medical Association,
The Lancet,
The New England Journal of Medicine,
they indicate clearly how various foods
contribute to and cause ill health.
Today, most people are not educated
on how to take care of their
bodies to maintain optimal health.
Today, the American
Cancer Society reports
that 47% of men and 38% of women
will develop cancer
during their lifetime.
1 in 4 of these people will
die of cancer prematurely.
We've got to wake up... out of
greater empathy for the public
because the public can
only access information
according to what they're generally
being told, it takes hard work
to really get behind the
scenes and see what's going on.
And I say that we've
got to make changes.
We have a serious problem: the cost
of health care, especially in the US,
is wrecking our country, we have
a serious problem with respect to
the impact it's having
on the environment.
There is hardly anyone
in the western world today
who doesn't have a family
member, friend or colleague
who hadn't been diagnosed
or died of cancer.
I don't want that to
happen to anybody I love
or anybody else that is out
there that it shouldn't happen to.
It does affect people's lives,
we're talking about children's lives,
affects husbands and
wifes and family members.
It affects the lives of more people
than the person that it's happening to.
That person that it's happening
to... somebody loves that person.
According to National Institute,
the number of Americans
diagnosed with cancer each
year is expected to double
within the next 50 years.
The time to pay attention, to hear the
warnings and educate ourselves is now.
The result of the current state of
health in the western civilized world
is that people die unnecessarily.
What is the reason for
this epidemic of bad health
in countries that have
the best of everything?
Doctor Neal Barnard is a physician
with 27 years of experience.
He is the founder and current president
of the Physician's Committee
for Responsible Medicine.
Doctor Barnard teaches and
conducts extensive research
into the causation of various deseases.
He has written 9 books and
over 40 scientific publications.
The consumption of animal products has
killed more people over the last century
than auto accidents, all of the natural
disasters and all of the wars combined.
What is animal protein?
Anything that comes from
an animal, bird or fish.
This includes all dairy products:
milk, cheese, yogurt, butter;
all meat, red and white, and eggs.
Doctor T. Colin Campbell is professor
emeritus at Cornell University.
Doctor Campbell has done extensive
research on the effects of food and health.
Over the last 45 years, he has published
some 300 articles in scientific journals.
Protein was discovered in 1839.
At that time, it was considered
to be a very important nutrient.
So they gave it a name and they took
the name from the greek word 'proteus',
which means of prime importance...
and so this gentleman, a Dutch
chemist, by the name of Gerhard Mulder,
and then went on to have
students and others followed him,
and as the years passed,
as the decades passed,
protein was considered to be really...
an awesome nutrient, an
extremely important nutrient.
In general, it was thought to be
only present in animal based foods...
in the beginning, at least.
It wasn't until some years
later that they start realizing
that plants also have protein as well.
And so, over the years, protein tended
to be associated with animal based foods.
Then, when plant proteins were
finally discovered and recognized,
it was shown animal based proteins,
as opposed to plant based proteins,
was more efficiently used by the body,
more efficiently used in the sense that
it tended to create faster rate growth.
And so, protein from animal based foods,
considered to have what is called
high quality or high biological value.
That has stuck with us througout
the decades and now almost centuries.
That assumption has
probably done more harm
to our general understanding of
what food and nutrition can do
to create health and prevent disease
than was any other discovery, in my view.
The reason for this is that
individual plants contain most,
but not all, the 20 individual
protein components found in meat.
Human meat has the most
complete protein content.
This doesn't mean we
have to eat other people
or animals to get all
the protein we need.
Both animals and people have
to eat a variety of plants
which together will give them the whole
complement of all the protein they need.
This way, nature ensures that people
and animals get to consume a variety
of the other nutrients found
in plants to optimize health.
Did you know that 100 calories of
spinach contains 12 grams of protein?
Which is virtually the
same as 100 calories of beef
which contains 13 grams of protein.
But instead of fat,
cholesterol and no fiber
the spinach contains fiber, no fat,
no cholesterol, lots of anti-oxidants,
iron and calcium and
it will fill you up.
The ideal diet is to eat
a variety of vegetables,
beans, lentils, grains, nuts,
seeds and fruits in combination,
just as do the largest
animals in the world.
This way, nature ensures that
people and animals get to consume
a wider variety of the other nutrients
found in plants to optimize health.
Let's see what researchers
at Harvard have to say.
Professor Walter Willet
is the chairman and head
of the Department of Nutrition at
Harvard School of Public Health.
What we're trying is set
up three large studies
that include about 300,000
men and women across the US
and we've repeatedly been collecting
dietary data from these individuals.
Over now has gone almost 30 years
and evaluating how that relates
to their risk of cancer, heart
disease and other conditions.
And through that we've learned a
lot about the influence of diet.
We've learned that diet is
important in ways that we've never
really dreamed of it at
the beginning of the study.
And what I think, the general
conclusion is our dietary choices
have an enormous impact on our
long-term health and well-being.
One of the most comprehensive
studies ever conducted
in the history of medicine
took place in China.
It started in 1983 and
involved 6,500 people.
It compared what they ate
with the appearance of disease.
Doctor T. Colin Campbell from
Cornell University was one
of the principal researchers who
participated in this China study.
Animal protein, either
directly or indirectly,
it contributes to increases in the
risk for a wide variety of diseases.
Most notably cancer, heart
disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's,
a number of auto-immune
diseases and so forth.
The basis for this lies in
the chemistry of the effects
which animal proteins and fats
have on the individual cells
as well as the whole body interactions.
First and most importantly, cancer
causing chemicals are produced
whenever any animal, bird
or fish tissues are cooked.
One of the most worsen
aspects of a meaty diet...
and when I say that I mean
not only beef and pork,
but also chicken and fish,
is that when you cook it,
cancer causing chemicals form
on the surface of that meat
and they're called
heterocyclic amins, or HCA.
And they're not in
the meat at the store.
They form when you put it in your
oven, in your fry pan, on your grill,
and between the temperature and the
amount of time that it takes to cook
these carcinogens form. The higher
the temperature, the more they form.
Now, well, should we just
eat meat raw? Obviously not.
(?) Because you have
salmonella and ??? back there
and the other infectious bacteria that
the cooking is there and knock out.
So, the meat is obviously
not safe if you under cook it.
It is also very risky
if you over cook it.
And the best thing
to do is set it aside.
These heterocycle amins and
some other carcinogens too
are very often found in meat products
and I'm encouraging people to recognize
that some of the cases of cancer
that we're seeing: breast cancer,
colon cancer and other
forms are known to be linked
to these chemicals that we
get when we're eating meat.
There are also other
cancer causing chemicals
found in meat processed products
which are used as preservatives.
We have quite a few epidemiologic
studies that have looked
at the relationship between
consumption of beef and cancer risk.
The one side where the
relationship is seen most consistent
is for colon rectal cancer.
And in this case, there seems to be
an overall association with red meat,
but that relationship is particulary
stron for processed meat, meaning
sausage, bologna and hot
dogs and those kinds of foods.
According to professor Willet,
the optimum amount of red meat
we should consume is zero.
Vegetables do not form heterocycle amins
or any other carcinogens during cooking.
Formation for heterocycle amins
is a unique feature of animals,
including fish and bird meats
such as chickens and eggs.
Fresh fruits and vegetables
are mostly made of fiber.
Fiber gives food its bulk
and helps to move it faster
through the digestivetrack.
Fiber actually absorbs
and helps to remove toxins
introduced into our body
as a result of cooking animal tissues.
People in the west dread cancer
more than any other disease.
Because cancer slowly and often
painfully takes over the human body
over months or years,
depending on how quickly
it spreads through the various organs.
There is now overwhelming evidence
from research and direct observation
over many years of
what happens in people
that demonstrates the exact
role of animal based protein
in the initiation, promotion
and final spread of cancer.
Animal protein tends
to increase cancer risk
(?) and there are multiple, multiple
mechanisms, so to speak, ??? to this effect.
Chemicals play a crucial
role in carcer formation.
They have become an everyday
part of our modern day world.
Chemicals are present in pesticides,
pollution and all kinds
of industrial waste.
Our body has a natural defense
mechanism that is able to inactivate
all these chemicals
and make them harmless.
This defense takes place inside cells
by an enzime called
mixed function oxidase.
When plant-based protein is eaten,
even if chemicals
enter at the same time,
this enzime is able to inactivate
them so they become harmless.
However, when animal based
protein is eaten,
this defense mechanism turns against us
and converts these
chemicals into carcinogens.
These new dangerous substances then
damage the genetic content of ourselves.
When this damaged DNA is replicated,
which occurs when cells divide,
cancer cell formation is
the actual final result.
It is the actual protein
contained in flesh from animals
that causes our defense
system to turn against us.
The antibiotics, pesticides, hormones
and all the other multitude of chemicals
and toxins we give farm animals
to eat are an additional problem.
Pure animal protein itself
causes our body to rebel
in the form of our
defense system failing.
The bottom line: low animal protein diet
represses cancer formation and promotion.
In cancer progression, the cancer cells
that have grown locally, continue to grow
and eventually spread to the other
organs and throughout the body.
The body cannot continue to
survive this final damage.
The same push and pull effect
applies in cancer progression.
Animal based diet accelerates
and promotes cancer progression.
Whereas a plant based diet slows
down or reverses cancer progression.
How Much Animal Protein Is
Needed To Promote Cancer Growth?
Research has shown
that even small changes
in the amount of animal
based protein in the diet,
such as increase from 4% to 10%, will
increase cancer growth and spread.
Increasing animal protein beyond 10%
results in a dramatic
increase in cancer growth.
The average western diet contains
15 to 16% of animal protein.
Which corresponds to 70g
to 100g of protein a day.
To give you a idea in
terms of the food you eat,
3 chicken nuggets
contains 7g of protein.
1 and 1/2 ounces of steak
contains 13g of protein.
1 ounce of fish contains 7g of protein.
1 large egg has 7g of protein.
1 ounce of cheese has 7g.
1 cup of milk has 8g.
To turn on the cancer promoting
effect of animal protein
All You Have To Eat Is This
Which is basically your
average western diet.
Our bodies want protein,
need protein and as long as
we provide the amount of protein that
meets our needs, everything is fine.
But when we excede that amount,
that is when we get into difficulties
by consuming animal based foods.
For optimum health,
women need to consume
no more than 38g of protein per day.
And man, no more that 47g of protein.
You can obtain this,
more than adequately,
by eating a variety of whole fruits,
vegetables, grains and legumes.
It is important to eat these
foods whole, not processed.
Processing, removes most of
the natural occurring vitamins,
minerals, antioxidants and
other wonderful nutrients
which the foods grow naturally.
All animal, bird, fish or
egg-derived protein plays a role
in the formation and
promotion of cancer.
But the most potent so far is casein.
Howard Lyman is a fourth
generation cattle rancher.
In 1979, he developed
cancer in the spinal cord.
Today, Howard Lyman
goes around the world,
talking about the harmful
effects of animal protein.
The first thing I recommend
is to take out dairy.
Remember, I was born on a dairy farm,
the largest dairy farm
in the state of Montana,
I believed that milk was
nature's most perfect food.
I believed that milk did a body good.
But today, I say the first thing you
should take out of your diet is dairy.
And the reason?
87% of the protein in dairy
products is a thing called casein.
Casein has been shown in laboratory test
to stimulate the growth of cancer cells
just like pouring gasoline on a fire.
Casein is even more concentraded in
dairy such as cheese and skim milk
from cows, goats and sheep.
The connection between
dairy intake and cancer
is particulary strong
for prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer is now the
most commonly diagnosed cancer
among men in the USA and
other western countries.
It represents about 25% of all cancers.
People who consume more animal
protein have more so called
insulin-like growth factor, IGF or
IGF-1 and they have more of this hormone
(?) when they're consuming
animal protein sub-base ??? foods
and that in turn is consistent with
increases in risk for prostate cancer.
We know that this "I" growth
factor tends to turn on cancers.
Those findings originated with the
comparison of, let's say, vegetarians,
with vegans, vegetarians, 90% of
whom are consuming substantial amounts
of dairy products and eggs, still
getting a lot of animal protein,
they haven't gain that much by
just avoiding meat and then still
consuming a lot of dairy and
eggs, in terms of animal protein,
they're still consuming a lot of animal
protein. It just comes in a different form.
And those people, the vegetarians,
tend to have higher levels
(?) of this insulin-like growth
factor, ??? the vegans who,
of course, are avoiding
all animal proteins.
And getting less prostate
cancer, by the way.
As many as 50% of all men over 70 years
have a silent form of prostate cancer
which is not yet causing problems.
Studies have revealed that men
with the highest dairy intakes
had about double the risk
of total prostate cancer
and up to 4 times the
risk of fatal or metastatic
whole body spread of prostate cancer
compared to low dairy food consumers.
Do We Have A Cure For Cancer?
Let's hear what Dr. Campbel has to say.
If we assume that we're gonna find a cure
of cancer coming out of a needle or a pill,
we're not gonna find it.
I don't believe it.
On the other hand, with reference to the
question, do we have a cure for cancer?
I say, yes, absolutely.
And what I'm talking about is not
the generally assumed sugestion,
pills or needles, but
rather, just simply food.
Food of the right kind
consumed in the right amounts,
right combinations and so
forth, plant based foods,
whole plant based foods
have a remarkable effect
on being able to reduce
the incidence of cancer.
The Truth Is
The most powerful weapon against cancer
is the food you choose to eat.
Animal protein is not the
only culpriting causing cancer.
Most people today are
aware that cholesterol
leads to heart and artery disease.
But most people are not aware
that cholesterol is also associated
with increasing the risk of cancer.
The fact is both animal protein and
cholesterol are linked to cancer.
Blood cholesterol levels have often been
associated with coronary heart disease,
as we all know.
The higher the cholesterol levels,
the higher the heart disease rates.
We learned in China that
the higher the cholesterol is the
higher risk for cancer as well.
And higher cholesterol levels in the
body turned out to be a good bio-marker
for the consumption
of animal based foods
and the absence of plant based foods.
(?) So, what cholesterol is ??? in
fact or related to or associated with
the emergence of cancer
as well as heart disease
and some of the other so-called
western type of diseases.
The China study found that, what
in the West would be considered
mildly elevated cholesterol,
was associated with cancers.
As blood cholesterol levels
decreaesd from 127 to 90 mg/dl,
there was a decrease in the
incidence of cancer of the liver,
rectum, colon, lung, breast,
childhood and adult leukemia,
childhood and adult brain,
stomach and throat cancers.
The average cholesterol in the US and
other western countries is 215 mg/dl.
The average in China was 127 mg.
In some provincial areas, the
cholesterol was as low as 80.
If such relatively low
cholesterol levels were associated
with an increased incidence of cancer,
you can appreciate the much greater risk
of cancer occuring on a western diet.
Cancer of the breast is as
much of a problem in women
as cancer of the prostate is in men.
The connection between breast
cancer and fat from animal sources
has been documented in many studies.
High blood cholesterol raises
female hormones, specially oestrogen.
Higher levels of oestrogen
are associated with an increased
incidence of breast cancer.
The fact is: both animal protein
and cholesterol cause cancer.
The Vitamin D Connection
There is another factor that
links animal based food and cancer,
including prostate, as well as all
the other diseases of affluence.
Vitamin D is produced in our
skin by exposure to sunlight.
15 to 30 minutes several times per week
is all we need to supply
us with adequate vitamin D.
This then needs to be
converted to the active form,
which is responsible for keeping cells
throughtout the body
in optimal condition.
This supercharged vitamin D
has to be made in our kidneys
by conversion of the vitamin D made
in our skin following sun exposure
and then absorbed by the food we eat.
This supercharged vitamin D
has to be made in our body.
What we eat, however, is a
crucially important determinant
to how much supercharged
vitamin D is made,
as well as how well it works
once it is made in the kidneys.
Because the active form
of vitamin D is crucial
to maintaining all individual
cells in optimal condition,
disruption of its work can result
in a wide range of diseases.
Animal protein has a tendency to block
the conversion of vitamin
D to the active form.
If these low levels persist,
the result is prostate cancer,
as well as cancer of the breast, colon,
osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases,
such as type 1 or insulin
dependent diabetes and many others.
Also persistently high intakes
of calcium create an environment
where the supercharged
vitamin D declines.
Most doctors are not aware of
this and therefore recommend
both higher intakes of dairy
products and calcium suplements,
thinking they are reducing
the risk of osteoporosis.
Long-term consumption of
calcium, specially as occurs
in a young person's life and on into the
mid years, on the 20's, 30's and 40's,
if one is accustomed to consuming
really high levels of calcium,
the body again tries to addapt
to those, makes the most of it,
in a sense: "it's not good", but
the body is doing as best as it can
to minimize the harm
that, otherwise, may occur.
So, when a person
reaches the late stages,
they're accustomed to
consume high calcium diets,
it's gonna take a while
to readapt a little bit.
And during that period,
and perhaps even before,
when calcium is consumed
to these high levels,
one of the means by which the body
protects itself against that harm,
is to minimize calcium absorpsion
in the intestinal tract.
Serious diseases are not only
affecting more and more people,
they are occurring at a younger age.
Belinda Emmet died of breast
cancer at the age of 32.
Despite the massive amounts of money that
have been poured into cancer research,
the risk of dieing from cancer
has actually increased
by 5% from 1970 to 1994.
John McDougall is a physician
and a nutrition expert
who teaches better health
through vegetarian cuisine.
He has been studying,
writing and speaking out
about the effects of nutrition
on disease for over 30 years.
This is what Dr. McDougall has to say:
I'm a medical doctor and I'm an
internist, a board-certified internist,
and I take care of my patients based on
correcting the cause of their sickness.
They're sick because they eat
a diet of kings and queens,
they eat rich foods all day
long, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It's a feast. Every morning,
they have easter for breakfast,
they go on to thanksgiving and
christmas for lunch and dinner,
and every night after dinner
they have a bithday party.
As a result of eating all this
feast food, this king and queen food,
they're fat and sick, just like royalty
has always been throughout history.
And so, the way you correct the problem
is not by giving them a bunch of drugs,
or vitamin pills, you change the cause
of the problem, all this rich food.
So, instead, you put
them on a healthy diet,
you put them on really tasty, healthy
foods, like oatmeal for breakfast.
You give them various healthy
soups and sandwiches for lunch.
(?) For dinner you give them
bean burritos, ??? vegetables.
Animal Protein And Cholesterol
Cause Heart Disease.
The higher the blood cholesterol,
the higher the risk of heart disease.
Heart disease is the most common
of the diseases of affluence.
It affects 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women.
It kills 1 in 3 of these people
every 30 seconds in the US alone.
5,200 People Die Everyday
Nearly Double The
People Who Died In 9/11
Women die 8 times more frequently
from heart disease then breast cancer.
Yet, most people are
more afraid of cancer
than the silent and
deadly number 1 killer.
Doctor Esselstyn is a distinguished
surgeon with some 40 years of expertise.
He conducted the longest study
demonstrating, beyond any doubt,
that a pure vegetarian diet,
with no dairy products or eggs,
effectively reverses heart disease
and stops it from progressing.
We have to appreciate just
how much cardiovascular disease
has really infiltraded
our health situation.
We know, for instance, that
to the battle casualties
that were studied in Korea and Vietnam
that, roughly, at an average age of 20,
80% of these young GIs, when
their cardionary arteries
are examined without a microscope,
already have gross evidence of the disease.
(?) Now, is it, therefore, any surprise
that when somebody like Dr. Louis ???,
who's a professional of public
health in the University of Pittsburg,
has stated that all men by
age 65 and women by age 70,
who had been exposed to a
traditional western diet,
have diffused cardiovascular disease?
What does that tell you?
Our entire nation, all men and all
women, have cardiovascular disease.
This is so powerful to get
across to the organizations
that are providing us with our
food and our food guidelines.
Most people think that medication for
lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
or bypass surgery can cure
their problems once they get it.
The pain accompanying heart disease
is often quite severe and crippling.
Bypass surgery and other available
procedures are not an effective solution.
In western medicine, what the
profession has to offer is,
(?) of course ???, drugs, pills,
procedures such as ??? bypasses.
Now, these procedures
have a great deal of risk.
It's not well advertised, but of
the million people, for instance,
who are going to be having a stent
this year, 1% are going to die.
the time of the stent.
1% of a million is 10,000.
Now, if we had lost 10,000 GIs in Iraq
this year, it would be called carnage.
Of those 1 million people who have
stents, there are going to be 4%
who are going to have a heart
attack at the time of the stent.
That means 40,000 people, at the
time they are having a procedure
to protect them from
having a heart attack
are going to sustain a heart attack.
(?) Pills and procedures truly
just don't get it done, ??? ,
because it never addresses the basic
causation of the disease itself,
which is the toxic western diet.
Blood cholesterol is the
single most crucial factor
in determining heart
and blood vessel disease.
Together with other fats, protein,
immune system cells and other components,
cholesterol deposits on
the inner walls of arteries.
This accumulation eventually leads to
blood vessel blockages to the heart.
According to the ?? Heart Study,
which appeared in the New
England Journal of Medicine,
50% of children 2 to 15
years have fatty streaks,
marking the beginning
stages of heart disease.
Animal Based Diet Causes Impotence
30 million American men
have erectile disfunction.
A meat based diet doesn't just
give you a heart attack, eventually,
it can also make you impotent. And
I have found that for a lot of folks
that would get their attentions, specially
if you're an 18-year-old young man.
The male sexual apparatus is
a rather odd hydraulic system
that does require a good blood
flow in order to work properly,
if you see what I mean. So, if you
have blocked arteries to the heart
the heart can die, but if you block
the arteries to a man's private parts,
they don't function so well anymore
either and I think that the big market
we have now for Viagra and other
erectile disfunction medications
comes in a large measure from
the fact that a lot of men
are eating unhealthy foods.
Tell you something funny...
if you look in the prescribing
information for Viagra
it says it works better if
you don't eat a fatty meal.
Well, I have to tell you,
everything works better
if you don't eat a fatty meal,
and if you eat a healthy enough
vegan diet for a longer period of time
I don't think you're gonna
need that prescription at all.
Animal Based Diet And
Auto Immune Diseases
Auto immune diseases result from
the body attacking its own tissues
and damaging or destroying them.
The end result is progressive loss of
various physical or mental functions.
There are some 40 different
types of auto immune diseases.
The most common include:
type 1 diabetes, multiple
sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis,
thyroid gland over-functioning
or under-functioning,
kidney and muscle inflammation.
Virtually any organ in the body
can be the target of destruction
by the body's own immune system.
About 3% of the American people
currently suffer from one or more
of these crippling diseases.
This totals about 8.5 million people.
Some estimates are as
high as 12 to 13 million.
With 250,000 more people
diagnosed every year.
Once the attack and destruction
of the various organs begin,
they will generally continue and
the damage done is not reversable
by any currently available means.
The only remedy is the use of drugs
that supress the entire immune system.
These drugs have a variety of
other untoward and often serious
side effects on the whole body.
I was told from very young
age that I would get diabetes.
I was put on a very low what the doctors
call a baby dose of diabetic medication,
that turned into a very heavy
dose within a year and a half.
(?) I mean ???, just so much medication,
it's making me foggy in my brain,
I can't afford that I can't...
I can't... live like that.
So, I wrote to doctor a letter
a couple of weeks ago and said:
"instead of your medication
I'm gonna step up the cardio...
I'm gonna seek out... someone
that knows about food...
and I'll really try to do something
about this" and the doctor said:
"Well, you're non-complyant and
you'll loose your medical insurance. "
How does eating animal tissues trigger
our immune system to attack our own body?
Many of the proteins found
in animals are very similar
to those found in our human tissues.
During digestion, some of these
animal proteins enter our blood stream
without being broken down
into the basic components.
These animal proteins are then
treated as foreign invaders
and are attacked by our own
immune system and destroyed.
But because they resemble
very closely our own tissues,
the body begins to attack and
destroy our tissues as well.
Cow's milk protein is one
of such foreign proteins
that mimics some of the
proteins found in our body.
Specifically, it looks the same as cells
in our pancreas, which make insulin.
In getting rid of the
foreign cow's milk protein,
our body also destroys the
insulin producing cells.
(?) This means that for the
rest of the child's ??? life,
they will suffer from type 1
diabetes, in which insulin injections
will have to be given several times
a day and diet strictly controlled.
And that lasts for a lifetime.
That is a devastating disease.
That is a devastating disease.
In Finland, people have one of the
highest milk consumptions in the world.
Children from 0 to 14 years of age
drink an average of over 200l of milk,
or equivalent dairy
products, per person per year.
The result is that type 1 diabetes
is 36 times more common
in Finland than in Japan,
where milk and dairy consumption
is one of the lowest in the world.
In the US today, 1 in
13 people has diabetes.
The Center for Disease
Control in the US has predicted
that 1 in 3 caucasian children and 1
in 2 hispanic or black American children
born in the year 2000 will develop
diabetes at some stage in their lifetime.
The good news is that diabetes
has been shown to be a reversable,
or at least its progression slown down,
by pure vegetarian, non-dairy diet.
We've recently been conducting a research
study in individuals with diabetes
and the group of participants
is randomly assigned
to either a current diet for
diabetes, which is the kind of diet
that's been used for a number of years,
which includes some meat and
dairy products and things.
But it tries to be cautious about
carbohydrates, that's the control group.
The experimental group is using a diet
that's entirely vegan, no animal products.
It also keeps oils low
and we avoid sugary foods,
but we're not low in starch at all,
there's plenty of carbohydrate
from the healthies forms.
Well, the result has been striking.
The individuals on the vegan
diet are doing hands down better
than the individuals on the
other diet. So, we now believe
there's substantial evidence sugesting
that the best diet for diabetes
is probably a low-fat vegan diet.
I was not aware how affected
my body would be if I ate...
if I eliminated animal
products and dairy.
I've lost weight, I'm
continuing to loose weight,
my doctor is so encouraged that
she told me that I could be off
all my medication, which includes
two high blood pressure medications,
cholesterol and diabetic,
within six-month period of time.
Animal Protein And Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis is
a life-long disease,
in which people loose their ability
to walk, see, think clearly and speak.
There are often episodes or acute
attacks in between gradual loss
of ability to move, so
people are eventually confined
to a wheel-chair or bed
for the rest of their life.
Doctor Royce Swang conducted a
study of multiple sclerosis patients
over 40 years ago. He found that
the progression of the disease
was greatly reduced by
low-saturated-fat diet, that is,
a diet excluding animal based food.
This worked even with people who
had advanced stage of the disease.
About 95% remain only moderately
disabled for approximately 30 years.
And only 5% of these patients
died of multiple sclerosis.
In contrast, 80% of the patients
with early stage multiple sclerosis,
who consumed a diet high
in saturated fats, that is,
an animal based diet,
died of multiple sclerosis.
Most auto immune diseases
are significantly more
common in colder climates.
The further people live from the
equator, the higher the incidence
of multiple sclerosis and the
other auto immune diseases.
This geographical localization is
linked to the reduced sunlight needed
to form vitamin D in the skin.
As well as the high
animal based food consumed.
More milk and other dairy products
are consumed at the higher latitudes.
The consversion of vitamin D, made
in the skin in response to sunlight,
into the crucially important active
vitamin D, is inhibited by foods
that are high in calcium as well
as acid-producing animal proteins.
This supercharged vitamin D, not
only stops cells from becoming sick,
it also helps to repress the
development of auto immune diseases.
There is a multitude of
other auto immune diseases.
The mechanism for their causation
is similar to multiple sclerosis.
They include dementia, Alzheimer's
disease, Parkinson's disease,
diseases affecting the eyes,
the thyroid gland, joints,
resulting in rheumatoid arthritis,
muscles and just about
every tissue in the body
can be the target of the
immune system going awry
and resulting in 1 of the
40 auto immune conditions.
Animal protein, specially milk and
other dairy products, cause osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is a disease in which
the body takes calcium from its bones.
This leaves the bones
thinner and more fragile.
The resulting weakness
leads to bone fractures.
It fact, hip fractures are often
used as a reliable indicator
of the severity of osteoporosis.
This bone disease affects
women more frequently than men,
specially after menopause.
Countries that consume
cow's milk and its products
also have the highest fracture
rates and the worst bone health.
If milk is so good for our
bones, as we are lead to believe,
then people who consume
milk should have better,
stronger and healthier
bone structure than others
who do not drink as much
milk or eat dairy products.
The fact is: this is not so!
Studies have shown that American
women aged 50 years and older
have one of the highest rates
of hip fractures in the world.
The rates of bone fracture are
exceeded only in Europe, Australia
and New Zealand, where the
milk consumption is even higher.
Researchers at Yale University's School
of Medicine summarized information
on osteoporosis taken from 34
separate surveys in 16 countries
that were published in 29
peer-reviewed research publications.
The study found that 70%
of the bone fracture rate
was related to the
consumption of animal protein.
The reason for this is that
animal protein is acidic.
The body does not like
an acidic environment
and begins to neutralized
it as soon as possible.
To do this, the body uses calcium,
present in the blood stream.
If not enough calcium is present in
the blood, more is taken from bones.
This loss results in bone thinning
and eventually leads to bone fractures.
It has been well known as early as 1880
that animal protein causes
excess metabolic acid.
Unlike plant protein, which does
not cause this acidity in the body.
When animal protein consumption is
increased from 35g to 78g per day,
the loss of calcium through
the kidneys increases by 53%.
This 53 % increase of calcium of leaving
our body is not only desastrous to bone,
but also increases the incidence
of stones forming in the kidneys
and, of course, stresses the kidneys
by forcing them to get
rid of all this calcium.
Anyone who cares for the welfare
of others and their own health,
needs to look squarely and rationally
at this avalanche of evidence.
Even if they are a farmer or work
for the industry that processes
and supplies theses products to
their fellow human beings at large.
Doctor Greger is a phisycian
with a degree in agriculture.
He is also the director of Public
Health and Animal Agriculture
at The Humane Society of the US.
The reason we're told to
drink milk is for strong bones,
at least that's what the advertising
campaigns would have us believe,
but, over and over, in fact, the
latest review was in a journal
called The Osteoporosis
International, October 2004,
(?) which was a med ??? analisys,
reviewed all the studies done today
and found, this was done by The
World Health Organization, found
that low milk drinking was not at all a
risk factor for osteoporotic fractures,
for breaking a hip, for
breaking a forearm later in life.
So, one certainly doesn't need to
eat or drink dairy for their calcium.
The best absorbed calcium on the planet,
really is dark green leafy vegetables,
(?) these low oxidated ???
dark green leafy vegetables,
like kale, collards, bak choy, etc.
These are loaded with calcium and
are absorbed even more than milk
and, instead of getting the
saturated fat and the cholesterol,
potential for growth hormones,
antibiotics in the dairy milk,
by getting your calcium from plant
sources, the kind of baggage you get then
is the fiber and the foliage and
all the wonderful vital nutrients,
these anti-aging, anti-cancer,
anti-inflammatory compounds
found exclusively in the plant kingdom.
In 2000, the Department of Medicine at the
University of California, San Francisco,
piblished a summary
of 87 separate surveys,
which showed that high
intake of vegetables
and low intake of animal protein
resulted in virtual
disappearance of bone fractures.
Another study followed
1,000 women for over 7 years.
Women with the highest animal-to-plant
protein content in their diet
had 3.7 times more bone fractures
than women with the lowest ratio.
The women on an animal protein
diet also lost bone 4 times faster
than women on plant protein.
Calcium Supplements
Taking extra calcium is an accepted
and well-established practice.
Recommended for people
who have osteoporosis
or are at risk of developing it.
(?) Professor Mark ???,
at Harvard University,
commenced studies on
calcium in the 1950's.
He showed that excessively high
intakes of calcium over a long time
impair the body's ability to control
how much calcium it uses and when.
Our body is a perfectly balanced system.
Into this perfect system, we
introduce additional factors
and the system copes...
and copes... and copes... and copes...
until it cannot cope any longer.
Continuous abuse leads
to inability of our body
to control the finely tuned mechanisms.
This is a well-established
phenomenum in biology.
"If a little is good, more must be better. "
Is the way our minds tend to think.
Taking excess calcium in the form
of dairy food or calcium suplements
has been found to destroy the body's
finely tuned ability to regulate calcium.
This disruption of the
regulation of calcium absorption,
retention and use for bone maintenance
can be temporary or permanent.
Instead of concerning
ourselves to calcium suplements,
what these women need to do
is to go off of animal protein.
Because animal protein, in fact,
is creating a condition
that leads to calcium loss.
What Is The Best Source Of Calcium?
Nature demonstrates the solution to the
best calcium, protein and iron intake.
The largest animals in the
world have large skeletons
and muscle structures to uphold.
What Do They Eat?
Exclusively plants and grasses.
We do not have to eat animals to
get what they get by eating greenery.
(?) Some of the recommendations
of the ??? is from countries ? for
the amount of calcium intake.
You'll see that these levels are
quite high leading one to believe that
we can't get enough calcium
by consuming plant based foods.
Well, my point is if one goes back and
looks who's developed those policies
and those setting those
standards, my view is that
we don't need to set
those standards so high.
And, unfortunately, the bias that have
been involved in setting these standards
have been greatly influenced
by the dairy industry.
A similar situation of
excess holds true for iron.
And so, we have to think a little bit...
rethink our recommendations on iron
again and ask wether or not we can get
adequate amounts of iron, let's say, from
plants. And the answer is definitely yes.
The ability of the body to monitor
its own needs needs to be respected
and protect in the form of giving it
the right kind of resource to work with.
These are not the only problems
resulting from drinking milk,
eating other dairy and
animal based products.
The so-called milk replacer, right?
The calves can't drink milk, that's
our milk, belongs on the shelves, right?
But... so, what do we give the calves?
The calves get milk replacer which,
too often contain spray-dried cattle
blood, is a protein-rich component,
we continue to feed cattle
tissues in the form of cattle blood
to calves in this country.
We're the only country on the
planet with mad cow disease
that allows these kind of
quasi-canibalistic practices to continue.
And we know blood is infectious, we
have people, two people over in Europe
that seemed to have gotten the
human form of mad cow disease,
not by eating meat but by
getting a blood transfusion
from someone who did
eat infected tissue.
We kill animals... we eat them...
those animals are killing us.
Noam Mohr is a physicist with degrees
from Yale and Pennsylvania University.
He has worked on
global warming campaigns
for the United States Public
Interest Research Group
for which he published several reports
on clima change and
fuel economy standards.
Recent study found that
we will deplete the oceans
of all the commonly eaten species
of fish in the next few decades.
(?) You can see from space the
lines made in the ocean by ships ???
dragging behind them huge nets.
People think of the ocean as
to so vast that we could never
have a big effect on it, but just
like we have a huge effect on clima
with our emissions, we're having
a huge effect on the oceans
by our vast appetite for sea food.
Most people have come to believe
that eating fish is healthy.
That fish contain omega-3 oil,
that is good for the heart.
A closer look at the scientific
literature reveals a different story.
A large, long-term study, by
Michael Burr and colleagues
(?) from the University of
Wales College of Medicine, ???,
reported that men with chest
pain caused by heart disease
had a higher risk of heart attack
when they took fisk oil capsules.
Facts About Fish
Fish and sea food contain significant
amounts of fat, including cholesterol.
Prawns have two times the amount
of cholesterol found in beef.
And 3 ounces of salmon is equivalent
to 3 ounces of t-bones steak
or chicken in fat content.
Free Radicals
Fish harbor a lot of bacteria which
flourish at colder temperatures,
such as those found in refrigerators.
The fishy smell is an indicator that
these bacteria have began to multiply
and have started breaking
down or decomposing the fish.
The decomposition
includes omega-3 fish oils.
Once the spoiling process has began,
the omega-3 oils not only become useless,
but also begin to release free radicals.
This begins and leads to
a wide variety of diseases.
The fact is: linseed oil derived
from purely vegetarian sources
contains twice as many omega-3 oils.
Linseed oil has no cholesterol
and it is lower in saturated fat.
It does not break down as easily
into free radicals as does fish.
A recent study plubished in the American
Journal of Cardiology reports that
fish is not a boon for good health as
consumers are often lead to believe.
The study suggest that fish consumption
does improve heart health
or improve heart disease.
Excess Protein
Fish contain significant
amounts of protein.
The western diet already contains
twice the amount of protein
needed for optimum health.
As scientists have already demonstrated,
too much protein in the diet carries
the risk of all the diseases of affluence.
Accumulation of chemicals, toxins
and heavy metals like mercury,
everything, from human waste to
industrial waste, ends up in rivers,
lakes and oceans. The consequence
is that fish and shellfish
can accumulate extremely
high levels of toxins.
Fish are the ocean's and water
waste cleaners and filters.
They take in chemicals and wastes
and retain these hazardous
substances until the fish die.
In 1962, Rachel Carson, in
her book called Silent Spring,
warned of the dangers to be
anticipated in the future resulting
from the 637 million
pounds of synthetic poisons
which were produced every year and
then released into our environment.
Since then, as Al Gore as pointed out,
the production of these
toxins has increased by 400%.
In Rachel Carson's word, this pollution
is, for the most part, irrecoverable.
The chain of evil it initiates, not
only in the world that must support life,
but in living tissues, is, for
the most part, irreversible.
Living tissues includes
us humans, all the animals,
including fish, and
all living vegetation.
We have polluted our environment in
the name of progress to such an extent
that we are now reaping
what we have sown.
We poisoned the environment with
all our modern day activities
and it is now returning
in the form of fish
and flesh from other
animals to poison us back.
Farmed Fish
Fish bred in farms bring even
more health hazards to the table.
Less and less of the fish we
people eat comes from the oceans
and more and more is being replaced
by industrialized agriculture
where animals are raised in closed areas
where just stuck so tightly in there
that there's hardly room
for them to swim around.
And, as a result, this ? requires an
enormous amount of feces and pollution
that settles out of the
whole area and destroys
the entire area of
the ocean around there.
Soon, almost all the fish that people
eat will be coming from theses farms
as we depleted the oceans
and it's a serious threat.
This artificial chemical
pigment is used in salmon
to give them nice pink color
when they are bred in captivity.
Without it, salmon would
be a pale gray color.
Salmon farmers can choose the depth
of the color they want in their fish.
The chemical pigment was banned
and withdrawn from the market,
as a sunless tanning pill, because
it was linked to retinal eye damage.
It is very difficult to find a fish
that has not been exposed
to some contamination.
All these toxins end up on
your table and in your body.
In practical terms, for
the rest of your life.
What Should We Be Eating?
Are fruits, vegetables and grains
going to give me all the protein
and nutrients my body needs?
Many people in the western world today
believe that humans have
always eaten flesh from animals.
This is not so.
The structure of our teeth and
digestive system speaks to the contrary.
The eating of animal based
products is a recent phenomenum.
Plutarc, a Greek priest and philosopher,
who lived some 2,000 years ago,
pointed out that men has no curved beak,
no sharp talons, no claws, no
pointed teeth. On the contrary,
by the smoothness of his teeth,
the small capacity of his mouth,
the softness of his tongue and the
sluggishness of his digestive apparatus,
(?) nature ??? forbids
him to feed on flesh.
All animals that feed on the flesh of
others have very short digestive systems,
about three times the
lenght of their bodies.
This enables speedy
removal of decaying flesh
which can poison their
body if it stays too long.
They also have very acidic
saliva and their stomachs produce
large amounts of hydochloric acid,
which is necessary to digest flesh.
The human digestive system is about
twelve times the lenght of our body.
This is necessary in order to
digest plants and vegetables,
which take a lot longer to digest
because of the fiber they contain.
Meat has no fiber at all and so the
nutrients can be extracted a lot faster.
Because of our long digestive
tract, the meat we eat putrefies.
Can this putrefication, with
the resulting release of toxins
and proliferation of
bacteria, be good for us?
Our saliva is alcaline and
contains a special enzime
which is necessary to pre-digest grain.
Ouir canine teeth are
canine only in name.
Compared to carnivores animals, our
canine teeth are not sharp enough
or strong enough to tear
cooked, let alone raw flesh.
50% of the total US land
area is used to produce food.
At present, the US livestock population
consumes more than 7 times as much grain
as is consumed directly by
the entire American population.
There is a consequence, not just in
our health, but also on what it means
to the environment, in order
to farm all these animals.
It should not surprise you that the
price in environmental destruction
and consequences is beyond
anything that the people who began
large scale industrialized animal
agriculture 80 years ago envisioned.
The first step in animal agriculture
is that native forest have to be cleared
for growth of crops to feed the animals
as well as to allow sufficient
pastures to house and grow them.
Professor Pimentel is Professor
Emeritus from Cornell University.
We feed 280 million metric
tons of grain to our livestock.
That's enough grain to feed 800
million people as vegetarians.
Did you know The World
Health Organization
(?) reports that 3.7 billion people
out of 6.5 billion total ???,
nearly 60% of the world
population are now malnourished.
The largest number of malnourished
people ever in the history of the Earth.
It may not seem that
important to cut native forest,
trees will grow again, you might say.
What is the big deal
about cutting trees?
Getting rid of forests is a huge
deal for the following reasons:
Natural forests catch water
from rain and snow melt.
This not only prevents the water
from running off causing soil erosion,
the water held by the dense forest floor
replenishes underground reserves
and evaporates to form clouds.
Clouds not only bring more
rain, recycling water naturally,
they also prevent heating
of the Earth by the sun.
Professor Tom Lyons
holds an established chair
within The School of Enviromental Science
at Murdoch University, in Australia.
His interests concentrated on
the lowest 200m of the atmosphere
where we all live and is directed towards
the solution of enviromental problems.
When you change an agriculture
surface or a native vegetation surface
you're actually changing
the climate of the region.
Professor Lyons and his colleagues
have obvserved that if an area
of more than 20 by 20 kilometers
of natural vegetation is removed
and replaced by agricultural land,
cloud formation slows down or stops.
This has a profound effect on
climate of the entire region.
The cooler temperatures prevent drying.
Higher temperatures leads to extremes
of climate and, specifically, droughts.
By catching water naturally, forests also
prevent major and catastrophic flooding.
Natural forests take 200 years and more
to reach significant maturity to
act as efficient catchers of water.
They also make soil, as a result
of the dead leaves and branches
falling to the forest floor.
These decompose to
form natural fertilizer
and, eventually, nutrient rich soil.
And it takes 500 years to
replace 1 inch of top soil.
And, so, you can't wait for that.
So, it's a terribly serious problem.
According to Tim Flannery, when
measured over a century long time scale,
methane is 60 times more potent at
capturing heat energy than carbondioxide,
but it lasts only 8
years in the atmosphere.
The animals we raise for food
produce huge amounts of manure
that these industrial animal factories
that, primarily, use to raise animals
for food in the developed world,
need to store these feces in huge...
acres and acres of cesspool which
they euphemisticaly call lagoons,
these, of course, foul the air
around them, but also release
large amounts of methane and also
huge amounts of nitrous oxide.
These are released not just
from the lagoons themselves,
but also when these feces are spread
over the huge amounts of crop land
that must be used to raise
plants to feed the animals.
Nitrous oxide is about 300 times
more powerful than carbondioxide.
(?) When it comes to methane,
about 37% of the world's methane ???
(?) come from animal agriculture and
about 70% of the world's nitrous oxide ???
come from animal agriculture.
These gases, which are produced in
smaller quantities than carbondioxide,
but are far more powerful, have a huge
effect and, because of their power,
and because they come mostly
from animal agriculture,
makes this sector of the
economy important to target
in any effort to address
the serious global crisis.
The average meat
consumption in the 1950's
was 170 kilos per person
per year in the US.
Today, this figure is 277
kilos per person per year.
In China, meat consumption in
1950 was 4 kilos per person,
while today, it is 77 kilo per person.
This massive increase,
when taking into account
with the ever growing world
population, means that unfathomable
numbers of animals have to be
grown and killed on a daily basis.
In the US alone, it was
estimated that 1 million chickens
were killed every hour in the year 2000.
The worlwide figures for the
number of animals killed every day
to end up in supermarkets, restaurants
and your home is staggering.
Around the world,
about 60 billion animals
are slaughtered every year for food.
That doesn't even include all the
animals that don't make it to slaughter.
In the US alone, more than 10 billion
animals, every year, are killed for food.
If you just compare this to
the population of the Earth,
of humans, are just 6 billion... you
realize that the number is so vast,
that it's hard to conceive of.
In the US, 80% of the fresh
water is used for food production.
It requires about 100 times more water
to produce 1 kilo of animal protein
than to produce 1 kilo of grain protein.
In total, what this means is
that to produce 1 kilo of beef
requires 100,000 liters of water.
We should really be pricing water
properly so that people, farmers,
agriculture, meat producers,
pay the real cost of the water.
(?) And then the market would ???
sort out that what kind of things
it made sense to produce in Australia,
and what sort of things it didn't make
sense to produce without the subsidies
that currently are going to
agriculture because of the...
virtually free water
that they're getting.
This is obviously not sustainable.
Especially with the ever growing
demands for animal based food.
The water required to grow
various plant crops ranges
from 400 to 2000 liters
of water per kilo of crops.
Maneka Gandhi is a member
of the government in India.
Former activist for the environment and
animals, she has written numerous books.
Some of which are law textbooks
in various universities today.
She was the Minister for
Environment and Cultural Affairs.
Most people don't know this.
They think that when they
eat meat is just one chicken.
They don't realize when they've eaten
the chicken, they've eaten the forest,
they've eaten the water, they've
eaten the air, they've eaten the land...
And huge amounts of of it.
Fossil Energy And Animal Agriculture
In the US, 17% of the fossil
energy is used for food production.
This does not include transport
of the various food products.
The massive advances in modern
technology have also reached the oceans.
Peter Singer is the bioethics
professor at Princeton University.
He was named one of the most
influential minds in this century.
When people talk about fish you
first have to distinguish between
wild caught fish and farmed fish
and they both have their problems.
With wild caught fish, the major problem
is that, basically, most of the fish
stocks in the oceans that have taken,
perhaps, millions of years to build up,
are being depleted by
modern fishing practices.
Trollers the size of a football
field have scoured the ocean floors,
leaving them as bare
as an 8-lane highway.
The consequence of what this
means to the life in our oceans
and its contribuition to global warming,
has not even been assessed scientificaly.
A lot of people think that fish farming
is a good thing for the oceans because...
we're the producing the fish, we're
not removing fish from the ocean,
so they think it's sustainable.
What they don't realize is that, for
the fish that are generally in demand,
certainly in developed western countries,
fish like salmon, that are farmed,
they are carnivorous fish.
So, in order to feed them in the
fish farms, we have to, actually,
catch other fish, cheaper fish,
less valuable, and grind them up
and feed them to the
fish in the fish farm.
And so, we're actually probably
catching two or three times as many fish
and feeding them to, let's
say, the farmed salmon,
in order to get that highly priced, but
small amount of farmed salmon out of it.
So, in terms of preserving
the ocean, or for that matter,
reducing green house gas emissions, because
these ships have to use oil to travel,
it's really, completely contrary to
any sound conservation principles.
Biodiversity is the multitude of events
and intimate interactions
of various living creatures,
which together maintain a
harmonious balance in nature.
We have so far wiped out some
80% of this harmony in the oceans.
Many fisheries actually
have a huge by-catch,
which means that they catch a lot
of fish that they don't wanna catch,
they call it trash, usually, and
they just throw them overboard, but,
generally they're dead or so
bad injured they can't live.
Some fisheries, I think prawn
fisheries are an example,
the by-catch might be as
much as ten times the...
by volume of the prawns
that they're catching.
Without the fisheries, it
might be two or three times.
So, there's a vast waste of life
and destruction of the ocean ecology.
We as humanity, as a
whole and as individuals,
have come to the edge
of a dangerous precipice.
We Have A Choice
We either behave as rational,
intelligent human beings
who look at the facts and
make the decision to survive...
Or we ignore reason and supress our
intelligent faculties and, as robots,
driven by our desires
for sensual delight,
fueled by addictions
to the food we love,
we continue until death or
diseases force us to let these go.
One of the questions
that has troubled me is
why people get hooked on unhealthy
food. I mean, let's face it...
nobody ever had to race out at 9
o'clock at night to go buy an orange,
but they do wanna get chocolate, or
something sugary, or a cheeseburger,
that sort of thing.
And we now know why it is that
people are drawn to those things,
or at least we have
some pretty good clues,
these foods: sugar, chocolate,
also cheese and meat,
tend to release opiates within the
brain, and when I say opiates, I mean
brain chemicals that
have a narcotic effect.
And other foods will not do that.
And, so, it helps to think
of these unhealthy foods
really as very much like drugs
and we break the habit
in much the same way.
The choice is in your shopping
basket... and on your plate.
We all need to act while we still can.
Global warming is here and now...
like it or not, it is
something we have to deal with.
Al Gore is right. Together,
we can still save the planet.
But first, you have to save yourself.
Even when we reduce our energy use,
transportation needs,
recycling and all that
we can and should do,
that is still not enough,
as it takes 100 hundred years for the
carbondioxide to leave the atmosphere.
There is something much more
powerful you can do today...
that will significantly
reduce global warming
within 8 years of the time you start.
Improving your health will help save
you, your loved ones and our planet.
Restore a delicate balance
by doing the following:
Stop eating all animal based
foods, including all dairy products.
Learn to cook delicious,
pure vegetarian meals.
Plant organic gardens.
Drive green.
Eduvolve yourself and those around you.
There is a glimmer of hope
and it shines through
you and what you do today.
Margaret Mead once said:
"Never doubt that a
small group of thoughtful,
committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only
thing that ever has.
Imagine what all of us can do.
This philm is dedicated to
Belinda, Lloyd, Marie Therese
All who are still sick...
In memory of all the people
and animals who have died
prematurely and all who
continue to die needlessly.
Let us not forget the trees...
All Life is Sacred.
May all remember this and join to end
the massive waste and
destruction of life everywhere...
subtitled by:
Tio Beto from Brazil
sugestions and/or corrections,
please feel free to contact me at:
tiobetonh@gmail. com
... =Peace Through Anarchy=...