A Different Set of Cards (2016) Movie Script

Fate shuffles the cards.
But you play the game.
Chamber Chapters presents
My Name...doesn't really matter right now.
But believe me,
you will hear it soon enough!
What matters, is why I'm here.
Well, for one thing, to find out exactly that.
And for another, to play a game.
This game has it all.
I love that moment when the cards are being dealt.
From this moment, everything is up to you.
In the wink of an eye, you can win it all.
Out of nowhere and just as soon,
you can lose it all!
The most important thing,
are the people who are playing with you.
The key to a successful game is
sizing up your opponents
and being able to predict their next moves.
What's their strategy?
How well can they hide their emotions?
And, above all,
to what extent will their cards influence their game?
At the beginning of each game,
that's left to speculation.
That guy with the apple, for example,
seems to me to be the typical Bad-Ass!
That kind of man, who has a big mouth
and slapping your face if he doesn't like you!
But I don't think he's for real.
When it comes to the crunch,
he will piss off!
As they say,
barking dogs never bite!
Now the baldy, on the other hand,
is harder to pin down.
More of an introverted type. His posture is like
a Scaredy Cat, almost fearful!
Still, there's something about him
that I can't quite put my finger on.
And then, there's her.
The beautiful stranger!
I have to admit it,
I have an issue with women playing poker.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm no sexist or anything!
I'm just trying to be cautious!
Because her character is hard to weigh up.
I mean, she doesn't exactly strike me
as the innocent type,
but what does that tell me?
Just that I need to be careful!
The moment is here!
All players have been dealt their hands.
Now they can make their bets!
The cards have been dealt, the bets have been made.
Now the game can begin!
The Salesman
The Cop
The Unknown
The Accomplice
What's up with that fucking bag?
Gonna hide for a few days.
Good idea. After all we
did during the last months!
Shit! Reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. She always
said we should spend our vacation together.
We never did.
In the end, she was a pain in the ass!
Would have been the worst
fucking holiday of my life!
Here is the deal:
Me and Mr. Unknown will meet alone.
Mr. Unknown doesn't know you're here.
So you wait here.
If I'm not back in 15 minutes,
come on in...
...and save my ass!
My name is Ben Borgmann.
I was... let's say a problem solver,
if you know what I'm talking about!
People called me when they
did not want to get their hands dirty.
But life goes on...and when you do something
for too long you start asking yourself- why?
I had no answer to it and that is
why I decided to back out.
As you can imagine I need money...
a lot of money to do that!
If my plan works out, my partner will return
in a few minutes with a suitcase full of cash.
This will be my ticket for a new life.
He is the only one who stands in my way.
On our way back home, I'll give him
a fucking bullet to the head...
...drive to the airport, get on the plane and
be gone before anyone notices what happened!
Hm, I must say,
the location looks great!
I'm glad you like it.
I will choose better clothes
for the next time!
What would it bring?
clothes make the man!
I'd say that does
not always fit!
You remind me of my ex.
She used to talk shit like that!
I guess that's why
she left you!
You have a pretty big mouth!
But I got it!
You are just trying to impress me,
but I tell ya...
Do me a favor!
Let's just do our business...
And then,
let's see what happens!
Was just testing you!
So let's see what you got for me.
Shit, are you crazy!?
Is anybody else here?
Take that gun down, bitch!
Just answer my question!
It's just you and me!
Take down the gun!
Raise your hands!
Ok there are up...see?
Now turn around and put your gun
on the table!
I don't have a fucking gun!
Ok, calm down...
calm down!
I drop my gun!
Ok...get over here now
and sit down!
So what? Is this supposed to be some
kind of a fucking interrogation or what...?
Throw the gun away!
Raise your hands!
Throw the gun away!
You hear me?
Who are you?
I'm a cop! So it's better when you...
just do what I say!
Put the gun on the floor!
Ok, I got it. If you're a cop
you're about to make a mistake...
Shut the fuck up
and put down the fucking gun!
Stay there and don't move!
Stay calm!
Turn around, put down the suitcases and gun,
then go back into the hall!
Got that?
Ok, stop!
Cross your arms behind your back.
I don't know who you are, but...
It don't matter who I am!
And I don't care who you are!
Here are two dead bodies and it wouldn't make
much sense to ask you that happened!
So just shut up!
In that suitcase...
I know what's in there.
The suitcase isn't the problem.
You are the problem!
Don't make it worse!
Walk slowly down the hall, arms behind your back,
and don't turn around.
Got that?
Ok. Go!
In the first round, it has much to do with the cards in your hand,
whether you win or lose.
Cause you don't know the tactics
of your opponents.
I had a good hand,
and my tactics worked.
I kept a low profile. I was patient,
observed and slammed at the right moment.
I benefited from the fact that the two guys
took each other out of the game.
The guy with the apple has more or less
stayed true to my first impression.
A Bad Ass with macho affectations
who's talking shit even if no one listens.
One thing I was wrong about, though.
When I already thought he was out of the game
and completely out of the blue,
he was back with a vengeance
and came out on top for a while.
A property that makes him dangerous.
Because I think he will go very far
to get what he wants!
The baldie, on the other hand,
has revealed himself to me in the first round already.
A strictly systematic player,
always sticking to his plan.
But that's not how this game works.
You can't play by the book. Just as life doesn't follow rules.
Only one move can destroy everything!
And then?
You have to improvise, adapt to the situation.
Stay in control and try to outplay your opponents.
He didn't do any of this!
In the end, I only played against her,
the beautiful stranger.
I had the chance to finish the game,
but for some reason I let her go on.
I can't tell you why.
But I know that I have to find out exactly that.
What would she have done in my place?
Would she have given me a chance
or taken me out, stone cold?
That is one of the key questions in this whole game.
Before we go on,
a quick recap on what's happened so far.
The stranger is in the warehouse,
waiting for the salesman.
The salesman shows up,
together with his accomplice.
He enters, the accomplice waits outside and
goes into action whenever there are problems.
But what about the cop?
The cards have been shuffled and dealt.
Another chance, another bet.
The bets have been made.
I've been dealt a new hand.
Let a new round begin!
The stranger
The salesman
The accomplice
The cop
The cop
My name is Ben Borgmann.
I'm a cop.
It's important to be concerned about the details,
no matter how small or unimpressive
they appear to be.
You have to try to be a step ahead!
A few days ago I discovered such a detail.
The hint wasn't sufficient for my boss
to induce an observation.
But a smart cop has to trust in his intuition
and go his own way.
And that's exactly what
I'm doing right now!
Shit! You're late!
Look at this apple.
I started eating when I came in!
Can we begin?
I don't like people who are late.
Reminds me of my ex, you know?
No matter what time we had agreed,
she always came too late.
Once I told her specially the wrong time...
but she came too late again!
Would you please stop talking,
I don't care!
The deal was to meet you here at 9:30pm.
It's 9:31pm and 15 seconds right now.
I walked through the door at 9:30pm.
That means I was absolutely right on time!
So...here are the goodies. Check it.
I will check the money. Undisturbed!
Did you understand that?
Calm down man! I don't like it
when someone talk to me like that!
That's not my style.
So fuck you and take care!
Did you understand that!?
I just want to check the money...
so what's your problem?
I just wanted to test you.
Count your money boy!
Who the fuck are you?
Just shut up and raise your hands!
I'm a cop.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and so on...
You're making a big mistake...
Raise your hands!
I'm not the person you think...
Shut the fuck up!
Don't say a word and just shut up!
Listen to the baldy!
Who is Mira?
Mira?...my girlfriend.
She's not a part of this!
Yeah, sure!
Talk to her and tell her
that everything is working out.
She wants to talk to you!
Don't move,
don't turn around or...
A Browning is aimed right
at your handsome head.
I guess I have your full attention!
Listen to me closely, do exactly
as I tell you and everything will be ok!
Take the magazine from your gun
and put it down. Slowly!
Nice. And now take your phone
and throw it far away.
Just one more little thing and we're done!
I think I know what's next!
I'm pleased by men who pay attention!
Lay down on the ground and cross hands behind your back.
It's me! I need support! Urgently!
We can work that out later.
Now move your damn ass right here!
Hey cop!
Looks like we have a new player on board!
We should work together to get out of here!
We are playing in the same team!
Got that?
I am here! Stop and show yourself!
Put the gun down!
Put the gun down!
Erik, come here!
Believe me, he won't kill you.
Erik, don't listen to her. I will shoot.
Stay where you are!
He bluffs...come here now!
Ok. I'm coming.
Eric, stay where you are!
Come here now!
Don't shoot!
Stop and turn around!
What's that all about, Mira?
Turn around!
Give me the suitcase with the money
or I will kill him!
You fuckin' bitch!
You will pay for this! You will...
I'm waiting!
You really think I'd mind if you shoot him?
Are you kidding me?
You're a cop!
Exactly! And I don't think you want to
have one more dead guy on your list!
And it looks like you're on your own.
No partner, no support?
Don't make it even worse!
Don't worry. I won't!
What do you do?
The bitch will escape!
Don't worry,
she's not going to get far!
Get up!
I started with good cards in my hand,
but I can't say it was a good round.
It was pretty chaotic and difficult to keep control.
I wouldn't exactly call myself
the winner of that round,
but all that counts is the hand
you have at the end!
I changed my tactics.
Instead of playing safe, I used the first
chance I got, to attack my opponents.
When everything went haywire,
I adapted to the situation,
kept cool and improvised.
The baldy followed his method.
He was insecure, helpless
and without control.
If something happening, that's not planned,
he is losing the overview of the game...
...and tries to adapt to his opponents.
But like I said, it doesn't work like that.
I wonder if he even knows
how the game works.
But the question is does it matter?
The Bad Ass followed his method too.
But I'm beginning to think
that that's exactly his style!
He just tries to confuse his opponents,
to get control!
But in the middle of the game,
he was trying to warn to me.
I think he knows more than he admits.
I have to ask myself,
what if I would listen to him?
Last but not least, it was all about her again.
This time she had a very strong hand,
enough potential to show her aggressive and radical side.
I had another chance to finish the game,
but I let her go on again.
And, again, I ask myself why?
I feel attracted to her
and want to help her.
Maybe that's the answer and reason,
why I'm here!
The Unknown
My name is Ben Borgmann.
I work as an undercover agent,
for seven months.
It took me long to enter one
of the most important syndicates.
And even longer to get a chance.
The possibility has come.
That's my chance!
The goal of my work!
If I get this deal done,
I'm in the top league.
In my position discretion is the most important thing.
Only my boss knows who and where I am.
I will do my very best to keep it that way!
Do you have what I want?
I have what we had agreed!
We agreed to come alone!
I stick to agreements.
So take a look around.
I like what I see!
You seem self confident!
I just want to know who I am dealing with.
Then, let's go back to business!
You can start!
Don't move and
raise your hands!
Stop moving!
Keep calm!
Who are you?
I'm a cop! You have the right to shut up...
blablabla...you're arrested!
You, throw your guns away...now!
Ok, you're a cop.
Believe me, you're making a big mistake!
Stay there and shut the fuck up!
I'm not the one you think I am!
Take my phone from my left pocket, slowly!
If you call the police,
everything was for nothing!
Take the damn phone!
You got to listen to me!
I don't give a fuck.
Take the phone!
I am a cop...just like you!
My cover will blown if you call the police!
It's true, we're on the same side!
Stop talking shit and
shut the fuck up!
Take my phone, call my boss,
he will confirm, I'm a cop...
What's that supposed to be?
It's not my fault, that you killed the guy.
I don't give a shit who or what you are.
I just want to finish my job!
The guy stood in our way.
You did the right thing!
Yes...you're right.
And it's still possible to turn the page!
We can leave this place as winners!
With our suitcases.
As if nothing had happened!
We just have to take care of the dead guy!
Exactly... you will help me to get him outside.
Take his leg.
Put the gun down!
What the hell is going on here?
What happened?
We can still make it!
We just have to work together.
Shut up and put the gun down!
What can we accomplish?
We can win. I deliver the goods,
you get the money. Just as planned.
Nothing works as planned!
Shut up and put the gun down now!
It's ok!
We just have to do it together.
We can't!
Everyone here stands alone!
Every one of us plays by his own rules.
You did, he did, I will too.
But we're both responsible for this!
You are responsible for this!
What the fuck is going on?
Who is that guy?
And who is the dead guy?
Calm down, I'll explain later.
Is this the suitcase with the money?
If you'd be in my position,
would you collaborate?
Would you help me? Or set me free?
The Answer would have been yes!
Yes, I would have helped her.
Yes, I would have let her get away.
But she will never get to know the answer!
Because no matter which cards I would have had,
I would always have underestimated him!
He won the game!
The game where only one player can win.
But this time it isn't a game!
No round been followed by a next one!
No new cards been shuffled and dealt!
Because this time, it's reality!
My name is Ben Borgman.
But I am not an accomplice, waiting in front of the warehouse,
ready to snatch the money to start a new life.
And I am also not a cop, who's doing a one man show
to arrest everyone who is involved.
And I can't even tell you, that those are the real reasons
why everybody is here or why they act the way they do.
It's just that this way, it makes scenes to me!
I am an undercover agent.
Unfortunately that part of the story
is sadly true!
Because I lost the game!
I missed my own rules.
I didn't keep the control and
misjudged my opponents.
In the end,
it's all about that!
In the reality, you can only play once!
Only with your own cards!
Actually there's another round to play.
the salesman!
But I think, my time is running out.
So I ask you.
How would you play this game?
Would you wait and see?
Or just playing...