A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale (2015) Movie Script

[jazz style "Nutcracker March"]
[alarm rings jingling bells]
Five days 'til Christmas.
Becky! Guess what?
What's going on?
Is there a fire?
Five days 'til Christmas!
Yeah, so?
Christmas shopping.
You have a great time.
Come with us.
Come with us.
Come on, finals are over.
You can finally relax.
It'll be fine.
With Whit and Court?
Why do you even
hang out with them?
All they do
is shop and gossip.
They're actually
really sweet.
And remember?
You used to think that of me?
And now we're besties!
You're right.
We are.
And it's Christmas, the season
of love and giving.
So come on.
Be right there.
[alarm buzzing]
Fields of white,
skies are blue
The fire is bright
in the living room
And all I feel baby,
all are we are is today
The morning news
as the coffee brews
The record spins
those happy tunes
But all I feel baby,
all we are is today
So let those records play
And with me
let the snow just melt away
'Cause right here
makes a perfect holiday
Sleigh bells ring going,
let it sing
Neighbors pass by
with gifts to bring
Hi, sweet pea.
And all I need, babe,
all I want is here today
- So let those records play
-[dog barks]
Come with me and
let the snow just melt away
'Cause right here
makes a perfect holiday
Okay, you guys ready
for a selfie?
-Picture with the bags.
-Oh, yeah.
Oh and some folks
like a holiday
On the beaches of LA
-She's in...
-What is she doing?
Than just lyin' here together
in our sweaters
Watchin' snow melt away
Just use the rule of thirds.
Works every time.
You saved my life.
Thank you so much.
Don't mention it.
I won't. My boss
would totally kill me.
-See ya.
-[phone rings]
Stunning, both of you.
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
It will be perfect
for the New Year's party.
Luce, come here.
There's one for you too.
Oh. Oh, wow.
It looks just like the one
my grandmother used to wear.
You should totally get it.
It will look amazing on you,
and we'll all match.
Would you like to try it on?
It-- it's gorgeous.
I love it, but, um,
I came here to get that.
Oh, yes, the one you were
looking at last week.
Derek's gonna love it.
-Make sure he's always
on time for you.
[Christmas bells music]
[dogs barking]
Can you believe they're
out of peppermint mocha?
It's the holidays.
They should be overstocked.
How were your finals?
Pretty good.
A's across the board,
I think.
Princeton grad school,
here he comes.
Okay, so for Christmas,
I was thinking
Christmas Eve we can go
to your parents' house,
'cause I remember you saying
your mom likes to
cook that night,
and then for Christmas day,
we can go to my house.
My mom does
this amazing spread.
We didn't talk about this.
About what?
Meeting your parents.
That's what couples do.
We're a couple?
We've been dating
for three months.
We have?
I'm sorry.
I just, uh, finals and...
Uh, we met at that
back-to-school party
on Friday, the 10th,
and then we had that
romantic movie on the 12th,
and then we went to
formal last month,
and I just thought
if we were exchanging gifts,
that you'd be up for
family shenanigans.
You got me a gift?
I'm sorry. I just--
I didn't know
that we were doing this.
Oh. It's okay.
I honestly thought
it was a little childish
to buy each other gifts
with our parents' money.
Why do you think I bought it
with my parents' money?
Did you get a job in
the last week that
I'm not aware of?
Okay, so I bought it
with my parents' money.
I can't accept this.
This-this is too generous
for where we are with our...
Really, I'm just not
that into Christmas.
You're not that into
You and I are very
different, Luce.
I mean, I thought
we were having fun.
What more do you want?
I don't know.
You know nothing
about substance.
I am a flavorful flawless
peppermint mocha.
And you're some-- some
day-old coffee with a
dinky packet of Splenda
trying to confuse the world
that you're actually sweet.
I'd like to return this watch
for that gorgeous necklace.
What happened?
[heavy breathing]
Never mind.
It's okay.
But, I'm sorry.
I can't.
We don't do returns
or exchanges.
B-but, Ella, it-it's me.
I-- I've practically paid
for all of your French
manicures this year
with that tennis bracelet
I bought my mom.
I would love to help you out,
but it's just our policy.
Maybe... maybe I can...
No-no. I don't want you
to get in trouble.
Um, I'll get
the necklace anyway.
My mom and dad
will forgive me.
They want me to have it,
especially after Derek.
Oh, goodness.
You three girls
are gonna look
so cute together
in your matching necklaces.
Thanks so much.
I'm sorry,
but your card was declined.
I'm sure
I just hit the wrong button.
Um, do you have another card?
[sighs] Stupid watch.
I must be over my limit, again.
Um, you know,
I'll just call my parents.
Thanks, bye.
Uh-oh. Derek?
Derek who?
Oh, you mean the guy
who didn't know
we were exclusively dating
for three months?
The one who I bought
a Christmas gift for,
maxed out my parents'
credit card,
and now I can't buy Christmas
gifts for anyone else?
Yeah, that one.
I got yours, though.
Oh, thanks, Luce.
I love it.
It'll go perfectly with
those shoes with the silver...
Not those ones.
Your blue ones.
How do you do that?
'Cause I have style, right?
Of course.
But I have substance too,
What do you mean
by substance?
Like, I'm--
I'm smart, and fun,
and a good
conversational companion.
Luce, you just need to date
someone who sees the real you.
But I have substance, right?
I think you're great.
You are sweet,
and generous, and...
You don't. You think
I'm unsubstantial.
You and Derek
are just different.
He's in to Nietzsche
and Kierkegaard
We're both minors.
Becky, he doesn't even
like Christmas.
You love Christmas.
I know.
I-I thought
we were so alike.
You don't want someone
just like you.
You need someone
who challenges you.
Like right now,
I'm challenging you
to go get pizza with me.
I can't.
I've been trying to get a hold
of my parents all day
to figure out
what's going on with the card,
and they're not answering.
I've gotta go home.
Hmm. Come here.
Thank you.
That's a good girl. Hmm.
Huh, you good?
You were good.
Hi! Look who I have.
-She was good.
-Oh, it's pay day.
-Oh, no.
-This is for you.
-No, no, no, no.
Just, you know,
give it to the people
down at the canned food drive.
I insist.
All right, well, moowah,
you were a good girl.
I will you see later,
all right?
Hello! I'm home!
[faint electric guitar
Where are they?
Kevin, where's mom and dad?
They said they called you
this morning.
I know. I was shopping,
and I couldn't answer.
Can you stop playing
for a minute?
Where'd they go?
The charity thing
for the kids and stuff.
Oh, the one in Botswana?
Oh, that's why their phones
aren't working.
But I didn't know
it was at Christmas.
How could they leave us
for Christmas?
I don't know. They probably
thought you were running around
with Mr. Perfect Hair.
Not anymore.
So, what are we gonna do
stuck here without them?
Mom left money
for food and stuff.
Anyways, they're doing good
for the world.
We can suck it up.
I suppose. So,
you wanna help me decorate?
Maybe later.
I gotta practice.
Hey, shut the door.
["Oh Christmas Tree"
on light piano]
Luther, come on, come on.
Let's go.
Let's go, baby.
Let's... come on.
Let's go.
Oh. Luce Lockhart?
Oh, my goodness,
I haven't seen you since...
High school probably.
Gosh, how are you?
I'm good.
Uh, yeah, I, you know,
I've been really busy
in college, so...
Staying through New Year's?
Yeah, my mom and dad
are out of town.
Oh, that's right.
That's right.
The charity thing, Africa.
So exciting.
Well, hey, you and
Kevin must come over
on Christmas Eve.
We're throwing
our annual Christmas soire,
and, well,
you can't be alone
on Christmas,
so, uh, why don't you bring
some of your friends?
It'll be great fun.
That would be great,
Mrs. Paxton.
Oh, please, call me Missy.
So, uh, well,
how's Mr. Paxton doing?
Byron's good. Good.
You know, busy as usual
with our next big venture.
Yeah, well I just got dumped
by my latest venture.
Oh, sweetie.
Well, at your age,
you should be treating men
like your latest
pair of new shoes.
You wear 'em for a few months,
and then you toss 'em
aside for next season's
finest, right?
Where's that brother of yours?
I've gotta get moving.
Taking the mister to lunch.
Oh, oh, he's not home.
Oh, that stinker.
Hank wanted to see him.
Oh, yeah.
He's out with the band.
He'll be home tonight.
Hank really wanted
to play with him.
Oh-oh, what instrument
does he play? I mean.
If you give me his number,
I can...
Um, instrument?
Wait, uh, who's Hank?
My Hank.
This is Hank.
Yeah, Kevin promised
to walk him this week,
and gosh, I just don't know
what I'm gonna do.
I'm swamped and I-I've got
all the party planning
and the charity events,
and all the shopping to do.
I don't know
what I'm gonna do--
How would you like to
make some extra cash
before Christmas?
Oh, no, no.
I'm not a dog person.
I wouldn't even know
what to do with him.
What's to know?
You just run him around
a little bit,
tell him he's a good boy,
and feed him--
just like a man really.
So simple.
Name your price.
Uh, well, there--
there was this ruby necklace
at Benald's Jewelers.
Every girl deserves a ruby
on Christmas, right?
I'll tell you what.
You take care of Hanky here,
and I'll be sure
you get that ruby.
Thanks, honey.
You're a life saver.
Bye, Hanky.
[dogs barking]
Looking good.
No more infection.
Looks like the cream helped.
Thank you for your assistance,
Nurse Cliff.
Of course, Dr. Dean.
Thank you,
thank you so much Dean.
We can't wait
'til you graduate.
Oh, I'm just excited
I get to practice on these guys
before I make it out
in the big world. Huh?
Maybe-- maybe Athena here
hopes that Auntie Lenore
will adopt her
and make her her own.
Isn't that right, Athena?
I don't want my dog
a foster mom, Dean.
You're non-committal.
That's what you are.
Am I right?
Am I right? Huh?
Athena, do not answer
that question.
Say I'm right.
I just haven't found
the right guy yet.
Yeah. You're non-committal.
Oh, hey, Bea, how's it going?
Good morning!
Ahh! Loving that jog suit.
And you can't have it.
I was talking to Moonpie.
What's that all about?
"Paxton Properties
Serenity Day Spa?"
[dog barking]
Ugh. Ugh.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
Ah! Oh my gosh.
I can't handle that dog.
Yeah, I noticed.
-Here, let me...
-Just move that...
You're on... get off me.
You can get off me now.
You're on me.
-Oh, right.
Whoa, here.
Ahh. Whoa.
-[dog barking]
-Oh, hey, no!
Come on, Sweet Pea.
Come on.
What a sweet good boy.
Everyone else gets a dog,
and I get a yak.
You're too big.
Hi, I'm Lenore.
And this is my foster pup,
And that's Cliff,
and this here's Bea and Moonpie.
Hi, I'm Luce
and this is Hank.
Oh, aren't you adorable?
Thanks, I get that a lot.
Oh, not you.
Oh, I'm sorry, puppy...
[growl, bark]
I'm gonna stay over here.
Hey. Did you guys hear
that the park is closing
before Christmas?
What do you mean?
Like "closing
for the holidays" closing?
No, I mean,
th-- they just put up a sign.
Th-- that's a contractor's sign.
They're gonna
tear this place down.
You have got to be kidding.
No, it's--
it's ridiculous.
This is the only place
the dogs have to run,
and it's fenced in
and they can get their exercise.
I'm gonna have to call
city hall in the morning.
So, haven't seen you
around here before.
I'm a dog walker, kind of.
I mean for the moment.
Not-not really.
Watch out for this one,
Don't get too close.
Excuse me?
What did I do to you?
Well, clearly,
you're not a dog walker.
So I'm pretty sure
this is some sort of scam.
So you admit it.
That's what you do.
You get handsome,
unassuming men.
You trap 'em up
in your dog leash,
and then you go through
their pockets
and you steal their wallets.
You done?
And what's worse
is that you have brought
this poor, innocent beast
into your criminal empire.
That is just-- that is wrong.
I do not have enough
caffeine to deal with this.
Come on, Hank,
I need a latte.
Run, run, my friend.
Be free!
Hank, Hank, Hank!
You like her?
I think she just needs
a little more dog in her life.
All right, let's see
who we call about that sign.
Start with the city.
Mr. Paxton.
Mr. Paxton.
Oh, I see we have
a new dog walker.
I'm Luce Lockhart.
Steve and Shirley's daughter
from down the street.
You used to think
my little brother, Kevin
was homeless
from the way he dresses.
Oh, yes, Kevin.
Well, I see
you're into that too.
Kids these days.
Just do a selection
of different hot and cold.
Small bites.
I have to go back to work.
Hank, go eat your dinner.
Oh, and you know what, Deb?
We should get about
ten trays of ramahi.
That'd be great.
Ah, what happened to you?
Hank happened.
Oh. You kids have fun?
He loves getting walked.
More like he walked me.
I'm off.
Oh wait, no, um,
how did the closing go?
We start construction
next week.
No, you're superb.
Byron's building
a new day spa.
Gonna be nice and fancy.
They're gonna have these, um,
hot rocks they put on your back
while people
play the pan flute.
Really? Hopefully
somewhere near here.
I am so tired of driving
all the way downtown
and making appointments
at ten different places.
No, it's gonna be
at that small, run-down park
right by the market.
Oh, really?
I took Hank there today.
Oh, so you know
it's a great spot. Right?
Oh, yeah, I guess.
So, what's gonna happen
to the dog park?
Oh, that silly park
makes no money at all.
If dogs only paid rent, huh?
Yeah, but they're
gonna rebuild it
somewhere else, right?
Oh, no.
We definitely won't.
Byron's only interested
in investment opportunities.
He says the public agenda's
for the politicians
and the protesters.
Oh, excuse me, Hanky.
Yeah, hi, um, I'd like to
speak with Mr. Byron Paxton.
Okay, well, what time
will he be back in tomorrow?
Uh, this is Dean Stanton.
It's regarding
the new spa development.
Okay, yes, then I'd
like to leave a message.
[sigh] Worst Christmas ever.
Come on.
Well, it looks like things
are moving pretty fast.
I called the city.
I even called the
Humane Society.
They're bummed.
But they say
why care about this park
when they have
plenty of others.
We need to start strategizing
how to take
these developers down.
Maybe we can come up
with a peaceful solution.
It-it is the holidays,
This ain't Woodstock,
hippie chick.
No, but it is
the season of hope.
The season of I'm gonna
wring somebody's throat.
Bea, do you need to walk
a few laps?
Maybe grab
a ginseng sake shake?
Don't ginseng sake shake me.
Hey guys, look,
I got an idea.
What if we start
a city-wide petition, you know,
and-and that way we can show
Paxton Properties
like, how disappointed
everyone would be
if they bulldozed the park.
It'll never work.
Oh, I know
I smelled optimism.
And why won't it work?
Because the public agenda
is only for protestors
and politicians.
Um, who invited the nay-sayin'
stocking stuffer?
It's not me.
It's a quote from my boss,
Byron Paxton,
as in Paxton Properties
Stockin' stuffer
is a spy. Break!
-I'm not a spy.
I'm just a neighbor
of the Paxton's
and their holiday dog walker.
You work for Byron Paxton?
You're our Christmas miracle.
No, what?
You're gonna help
convince your boss
not to bulldoze the park.
Why would I do
anything for you?
Well, don't you care about your
canine friend, Hank's, future?
Aside from
the stench of his saliva,
I barely know him at all.
And I'm not a dog person,
Yeah, but he--
he loves you.
Look at him. Look.
You love her, don't you?
Yes, you do.
Look, I know you like
hanging out at this park,
but it's just a park.
Go find another park.
Yeah, but none of them
are like this one.
Well, you know,
when you teach these dogs
to give massages and mani/pedis,
then we'll talk.
Take a walk with me.
No, why?
Because I wanna teach you
how to handle his leash.
That way, he's not
dog walking you.
Does that mean
I have to dog walk her?
Who? Sweet Pea?
She likes you, right?
[dog growls]
Yeah, so you gotta
hold the leash like this.
Give him enough slack so that
way he can lower his head
and check his messages.
Check his messages?
Yeah, it's doggie code.
When they mark their spot,
they're leaving messages
for their friends--
kind of like when
you and your friends
text each other
all the latest gossip.
And have you always
wanted to be a dog walker?
You mean why'd I get
in the barkin' biz?
I don't know.
We just-- we had
a lot of pets growing up.
I mean, my folks right now
still have like two dogs,
three cats, and an indoor
rabbit named Daffodil.
Wow, E-I-E-I-O.
I know, right?
So I just started walking dogs
when I was a kid,
and I just fell in love
with dogs.
And, they just
make life better.
But right now,
I'm just walking Sweet Pea
for an old friend of mine.
Old friend, like girlfriend,
or old friend like...?
Old friend in like she's 70.
Listen, I-I'm sorry about
your doggy day camp,
but I really
can't help you, honestly.
Yes, you can.
Trust me,
you don't want my help.
I'm bad luck.
I respectfully disagree.
No, really.
I mean, I had a dream
that this Christmas
wouldn't be a total bust,
and look, here I am,
total bust.
You think your Christmas
is a total bust? Yours?
What about my friend,
Lenore, over here, huh?
She's been comin' to
this dog park every day
for almost a year now.
She keeps fostering dogs
ever since she got her divorce
from her husband.
He was a real jerk.
Well, there's two sides
to every story.
He left her for a woman
at his work.
Who was also ten years
older than her.
There should be jail time
for that.
Yep. Secretly,
I think Lenore thinks
that Mr. Right's gonna walk
through that gate over there
and sweep her off her feet.
She should try
online dating.
Yeah, right.
Have you ever tried that?
Me? No, I lack substance
and only date pretty jerks.
Well, I think Lenore
just has bad luck in men,
because even online,
it's not like it says,
"Hey, I like brunettes,
and I dig bowling,
"but I'm gonna cheat on you
"and I have a really serious
drinking problem,"
in their "about me" section.
And what does a guy in
a park with a dog have
that a dating website doesn't?
Well, people who have dogs
usually have some
substance, right?
Gonna be really tough
for Lenore to find Mr. Right
without this dog park here.
Oh, that's what this is.
You're trying to guilt-trip
the developer's dog walker.
Hmm, what?
Is it working?
Okay, then-then, what about
my friend, Bea, over there?
Bea used to weigh 280 pounds.
[Luce] Wow.
But then she started
coming to the park
with her pup, Moonpie,
and she'd circle
like 100 times,
twice a day, noon and night,
and she lost the weight.
Yeah, but I mean,
the park isn't much of
a necessity for her anymore.
I mean, she looks great.
No, no, no.
The woman can still eat.
She could explode
at any moment.
Yeah, but she can find
somewhere else to walk.
No. No other place
allows dogs.
Moonpie's her motivation.
Still workin'
on the guilt trip?
Look, I get what
you're trying to do here,
and it's sweet,
but I can make sentimental
arguments too, you know.
You know, like, uh...
Like this spa,
this temple of mani/pedis
is gonna bring jobs
to this town--
much needed jobs.
It's gonna bring people
to be happy, healthy.
It's gonna pretty up this town
and bring pride
to this fenced in sandbox.
We can do this together.
We can get massages.
Yes, we can!
All right, you did it.
You convinced me.
Oh. What about you, buddy?
What're you gonna do when
this park closes down, huh?
Stay home, I suppose.
Do you know
that this park has been here
before the Austin Arbor
was built up?
The mayor at the time knew
how valuable this park was,
and he wouldn't let them
build on it.
I mean, how many--
how many years have you been
coming to this--
to this park, Cliff,
sitting on this very
bench, huh?
I don't know,
about 40 years.
Forty years ago, Cliff
had just gotten back
from Vietnam,
and he met his wife right
here in this very spot.
She was out here
walking her dog, uh...
-Yes, Samantha, that's right.
Cliff went right up to her
and he said...
Good morning, beautiful.
And she said something like,
"Oh, my gosh, excuse me?
"I-I just woke up
and I-I have the flu,
"and I don't have
any makeup on
"and I can't believe
you're hitting on me."
And he said...
I was talkin'
to your dog.
It's a classic.
It's so good.
And then they went back there
and they carved
their love initials
right there on that post.
That was her, not me.
Okay. I get it.
This park has sentimental value
to Cliff and his wife.
But, I mean, you guys
can find new places to go.
I mean, you could get
a couple's massage at the spa.
Oh, Cliff, I'm sorry.
I-I'm sure Penny
was a wonderful woman.
Will you excuse us?
That was mean.
You tricked me.
You made everything seem so...
-What? Insignificant?
I wanted you to come here
and see the truth. Okay?
I wanted you to see
how this park--
how it actually
affects real people.
You want the truth?
The truth is, money is the only
force driving Byron Paxton.
I mean, do I like that?
But unless you,
or one of these dogs,
have a cool mil
in the bank,
you're barking up
the wrong tree.
Come on, Hank.
Hey, hey, hey,
look what I have.
Oh, there's my little
Sweet Pea.
Has she been
a good girl today?
Oh, Dean, be a sweetheart,
will you, and help me, uh,
with some of those cans
in the pantry.
I can't reach as high
with my bad hip.
Of course, no problem.
Are these for
the canned food drive?
Oh, but take some home
with you if you'd like.
Oh, no. I'm good.
But I can take them down there
for you if you want.
Oh, thank you.
What're we gonna do without you
after you graduate?
Hey, I'll always
be here to help,
even if I can't save
poor Sweet Pea's park
from being torn down
next week.
It's still nice that you made
all those calls to the city.
I'm sure everyone at the park
appreciates it.
I know Sweet Pea sure does.
It's just frustrating
because there's this new
dog walker down there,
and apparently,
she works for the guy
that's bulldozing the park.
We tried to talk to her
to get her to help us,
but she refused.
I don't know,
I just... feel like
she could have made
a difference, you know?
Well if she's walking dogs,
she must have
some appreciation
for the park.
Maybe you just haven't
given her a good
enough reason yet.
I gave her three great ones,
but apparently, she wants
a spa instead, so...
Is this new dog walker
Yeah, but what's that
got to do with anything?
I mean, hot or not, her looks
are still over-shadowed
by her self-indulgence.
So she's pretty,
but she's heartless.
Yes. Well, no.
I mean, I don't know
if she's heartless.
You say she keeps
coming back to the park,
so maybe she's looking
for something there,
but doesn't know it yet.
Or maybe her boss
sent her down there as a spy
to protect his investment.
There could be cameras
Be careful what you say.
Or maybe,
she just needs someone
to help her find
what she's looking for.
I mean, it is the holidays,
Never hurts
to help someone in need.
See all these canned goods?
Helping those in need.
Good deed done.
Thank you, dear.
See ya tomorrow.
Bye-bye now.
Here. Shake.
Yeah, I like you too, buddy.
Okay, come on. Good boy.
Come on.
Something smells like dog.
Smells like
flaky brother to me.
No. I totally forgot.
I covered for you.
No problem.
I needed the cash anyway.
Hey, do you wanna put lights up
on the house tonight?
I can't.
I got a gig tonight.
You wanna come?
No. I-I mean, I think I'm just
gonna sit and enjoy the tree.
Fine. See ya, dork.
[door opens and closes]
["Nutcracker Suite"
on strings]
Two days 'til Christmas.
Two days 'til Christmas!
Two days 'til Christmas.
Oh, good morning.
You're early.
Yeah, I hope that's okay.
I needed a little Hank
in my life today.
Don't we all.
[background talking]
-Oh, is that--
is that the new plans
for the day spa? Can I see?
Well, um...
I'm not so sure
that's such a great idea...
Problem is,
we're trying to
figure out a way
to keep our reception area
from becoming a boiling pot
with the morning sun
coming through this glass.
So why don't you put in
a glass atrium--
yeah, with two separate doors,
one for entry
and then into reception.
That way, you trap the heat
and you reflect the sun.
I mean, you've got like
ten meters of extra space here.
You could put in
some bamboo trees.
They're beautiful
and they love the sun.
That's a great idea.
Don't you think so, honey?
we may be able to see
if something like that
could work, yeah.
Thanks, sweetie.
Sure. I'll go get Hank.
I didn't think she...
Oh, also, that wasted space
in the southern corner,
you should use a salt water
aquarium there.
It will relax your guests.
Salt water aquarium.
Relax the guests.
I thought you said
she was a dog walker.
-Hey. Luce, right?
-Hi, Lenore...
-Oh, and hi there... Athena?
You remember Luce,
right, Athena?
Hi, Athena.
So where is everyone?
I mean, the last time
I was here,
there were so many people
here with their dogs.
Most people are out of town,
or doing holiday stuff
with their families, I guess.
You done with your shopping?
Yeah, I did all of it
last week after finals.
Actually maxed out
my parents' credit card.
What's your family doing
for Christmas?
Well, my parents are in Africa
at this charity thing,
so it's just my brother and I
until they get back.
Probably be picking up
the cranberry
and stuffing and all of that
for the two of us.
Aw, well, it's nice
your brother's around.
Yeah, I mean, I don't get
to see him very much though.
He's been rehearsing
for this huge gig he has
on Christmas Eve.
[dog barking]
So Dean was telling me
that you've been
patrolling the park
for potential suitors?
[laughs] Hardly.
I am not desperate
for love or anything,
especially after that
nightmare of my last marriage,
but if fostering these pups
leads me to finally
finding a decent guy,
then I suppose
it'll be a double win.
Yeah, I just got out
of the bad boyfriend camp,
so I feel ya.
Dean's single and ready
to mingle this holiday season.
I could throw a bow on him
if you'd like.
We don't really agree
on anything,
so thank you,
but no thank you.
Okay, well, I gotta run,
but you take care, okay?
-See you soon.
Okay. Bye.
[dog barking]
Lucifer-- cute. How
long did it take you to
come up with that one?
Like four hours.
It would have been three,
but I stopped for lunch.
So, uh, where's Cliff?
I mean, he's not on his bench.
Ah, yeah.
He didn't come in today.
I think he's
a little depressed.
Oh, look at you, buddy.
You're looking good.
[dog barking]
Oh, man, you know what,
he's got a little bit of
lenticular sclerosis
goin' on in his eyes here.
Don't worry, that's--
that's normal with age.
-How did you know that?
-I'm in vet school.
Oh, I thought you were
a full-time dog walker.
I wish. What about you?
What's your major?
Wait, no, let me guess.
You... design handbags.
No, wait, no, no, no.
You are...
majoring in shopping.
Interior design.
You're trying to
think of a way
to make fun of me,
aren't you?
Brain is working so hard
right now.
Ugh. Whatever.
You act like
you don't like it,
but you keep coming back
for more.
I come back for Hank,
not because of you.
It's the only place
I can take this yak.
Oh, you see that, Hank?
She does have a soft
spot in her heart
for you after all,
underneath all that
cashmere and all her
bling, and her...
Doesn't change my excitement
for this park being
bulldozed by a big rig.
Ha, who's laughing now?
Morning, Cliff.
Oh, Cliff, I'm so sorry.
I know.
You heard her, boy.
But I'm sure
she's got a heart
under all that perfume
So what do you get
out of this?
Making fun of you?
Makes me feel better
about my own short-comings.
No, I mean, what do you get
out of this park?
I mean, all your friends here
have a reason
that they want this park
to keep going on.
What's yours?
None ya.
-None ya?
-None ya business.
Good boy.
[dog barking]
Are you following me?
Don't flatter yourself.
You are following me.
What? No, I'm not.
I was just gonna go get
some ice cream.
Good ice cream's over there.
I'm getting coffee.
Yeah, that's what I want--
-That's not what you said.
-I meant coffee.
Oh, we can't take
dogs in anyway.
Oh, here. Hold Sweet Pea.
I'll go get 'em.
No, you don't even know
what I like.
And she looks like
she's gonna kill me.
Hank, if she moves,
eat her.
[door opens]
I know. Yeah.
What are you doing here?
Oh, hi.
Wow, that shirt
looks great on you.
Thank you.
I just ran into Derek.
Where'd you get those dogs?
Oh, uh,
they're a friend of mine's.
I'm just waiting
until he gets back.
-They're so cute.
Yeah, I guess.
I just heard that they're
opening up a new day spa
over at that old park,
and I know how much
you've been wanting one.
Actually, it's a dog park
and it's been there forever.
Oh, I didn't know that.
Oh, I got us two coffees.
I tried to get you a coffee
that was 90 percent sugar
and 10 percent coffee,
but all they had were
these peppermint mochas,
which is like 99 and one,
but who cares.
This is to my hard-working
dog walking fella.
I drank a lot of this
before I even came out here.
Hello. Cheers.
Dog walker?
You got a job?
A job, uh, no.
This is Dean,
uh, he's my colleague.
We're working
to save the park.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, yeah, this is Becky,
my roommate and friend,
and Derek.
We used to date, kind of.
Oh. Oh.
Oh. Oh-oh.
Yes, Luce and I are working
hard to save the park.
I mean, we are trying to show
the historical significance
and the social necessity
of the park.
You know, at first, we thought
Luce here had no substance.
I mean, none.
Under all those--
those designer clothes
and those-- those handbags
she's always carrying,
but then all of a sudden,
out of nowhere, boom!
She surprises us and starts
spearheading the campaign
to help save the park.
I mean, working tirelessly,
day and night.
We-- we are so lucky
to have her onboard with us.
She is our holiday miracle.
She really is.
She reall-- in fact, do you know
what she just said yesterday?
She said, and I quote,
"I promise you, Dean,
"that I am going to call
Byron Paxton himself,
and convince him to stop
building the day spa."
Did you not?
Yep. [chuckle]
Holiday miracle
right here.
Wow. That's great.
Yeah, Luce.
That is so exciting.
Good for you.
Well, I guess
we have a park to save.
we'll see you two later.
See ya.
All right.
You should have said,
"See you latte." Oh!
Shut up and walk.
Thanks for that-- and this.
It's perfect.
So have you
made up your mind?
Well, now I have to.
I mean, you talked it all up
and went all crazy.
But this is gonna take
a lot more
than just a sit-down
with my boss.
I mean, Byron Paxton
barely even knows I exist.
But his wife is sweet
and she likes me,
and she loves Hank.
So if we can get
through to her
about how much people
care about the park,
then maybe she can help us
convince her husband.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you,
thank you.
No, now don't get
your hopes up.
I already did.
It's probably
not gonna work.
It will. It's Christmas.
Come on.
A doggie what?
A doggie holiday festival.
We can make dog treats,
have fun games for the pups,
and decorate the entire park
like a beautiful
holiday spectacle.
Terrible idea.
These dogs don't care about
some silly festival.
They just want a place
where they can play and poo.
Yeah, but we're not
convincing the dogs.
We're trying to convince
the developers.
And how're we
gonna do that, huh?
Well, I'll invite my boss
to the festival,
and then maybe...
That sounds like
a big maybe.
I actually think it sounds
like a great idea.
Even if we lose the park
and they still close it,
at least we went out with
one big hurrah, right?
Exactly, and Bea,
you can make a bunch of those
delicious homemade doggy treats.
Yeah, and who knows?
I mean, if a bunch of
the owners love them,
you could maybe
start a business.
You got my attention.
But where are we
gonna find somebody
to decorate the entire park
in that short of time?
I think we already
have someone.
Fa la la
la la la la
Fa la la
la la la la
Fa la la
la la la la
Fa la la
la la la la
It feels like Christmas
It feels like Christmas
It feels like Christmas
Fa la la
la la la la
It feels like Christmas
Fa la la
la la la la
It feels like Christmas
Fa la la
La la la la
It feels like Christmas
Fa la la
la la la la
What do we do now?
Well, I'll put a flyer
in the Paxton's mailbox.
And Missy has her
Christmas party that day,
but she might be able to
go beforehand.
I mean, she'd do
anything for Hank.
I just hope it works.
-Ah, Christmas.
What're you doing
walking dogs?
I mean, you live in
the Paxton's neighborhood.
Your family
must be doing okay.
Yeah, my family's fine.
I just screwed up
with their credit card.
I was trying to buy
this ruby necklace.
It looked just like the one
my grandma used to wear.
I just fell in love with it.
Then you gotta get it.
You gotta get that necklace.
Oh, sarcasm. How original.
No. I'm serious.
You worked hard.
You deserve it.
Well, I mean, it was fun.
I bet the park's gonna look
beautiful tonight.
So why don't we go?
I mean, I gotta walk
Sweet Pea anyway.
Ms. Diggin's
having her annual
white elephant
Christmas exchange.
She doesn't like her to see
a bunch of 80-year-old women
fighting over
candles and soap.
It gets pretty ugly.
I mean, if you don't
have any plans.
Uh, no, no, I-I--
yeah, that'd be good.
All right, so pick you up
around eight?
Oh, there's my furry
little man.
Did you guys have fun?
How's it going?
Oh, terrible.
I gave my housekeeper
the night off tonight
and I completely forgot
that there's a holiday event
for one of Byron's clients,
and I don't know what
I'm gonna do with Hank.
Well, I can take him
for tonight.
-Well, yeah.
Of course.
We're buddies now.
Oh, my God.
You are a life saver.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you.
I almost forgot.
Do you have a cocktail dress
for the party tomorrow night?
Oh, I-I hadn't
thought about it.
You-you hadn't thought about
what you're going to wear?
Luce, honey,
what is wrong with you?
Come back to us, dear.
[Hank barks]
Well, I was out shopping today
for my own dress,
and I found this.
I thought it'd look
beautiful on you,
so think of it as an advance?
Thank you so much, Missy.
You're welcome.
It's gonna be so much fun.
[dog barking]
And you, my little man.
You are gonna have so much fun
at Luce's house tonight.
Do you like that?
You like that?
Yes, you do.
How about this one?
Yeah, you're right.
Too sorority shindig.
What about this one?
Too darling diva.
What? Don't judge me.
[Hank barks]
Are you sure?
I think you're right.
He's a really good dog.
Oh, and there she is!
Our Christmas hostess
with the mostest-- Luce!
I'm telling all my friends.
They will just love it.
I had a lot of help.
Oh, no, no.
She is being modest.
We wouldn't be able to do
any of this without her.
All right, let's go.
Should we go?
-Can I have my dog back?
All right, say,
"Bye, Sweet Pea."
Bye, Sweet Pea.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Wow, this place
really looks beautiful.
Ah, it's gonna be great,
thanks to you.
So what made you
change your mind?
What do you mean?
Well, up until yesterday,
you were pretty hell bent
about getting
a spa built here.
But now it's like
you've become one of us
dog-obsessed weirdos.
I guess seeing
Derek and Becky,
it just made me wanna
prove something, you know,
show people that I don't
lack substance.
Ah, substance.
Right. Right, yeah.
You have no idea what
I'm talking about, do you?
I just don't get
why you're so obsessed
with this whole
substance thing.
I just don't want people
to think of me
as some silly girl
who only thinks about
fashion and shopping.
I mean, as great as
those may be.
Who thinks that?
Honestly, I think I did.
I mean, deep down,
I always saw myself that way.
But, I don't wanna
feel that way anymore.
I want to do something
that matters, you know?
And this seems to matter.
I mean, to park regulars,
to dogs, and you.
-Spill it.
Nope. Not happening.
I told you this was
none of your business.
But you are so impressed
with how open I was,
that now you're compelled
to tell me.
So why does the park
mean so much to you?
I wanna be a vet, okay?
That-that's my--
that's my dream.
That is what I want.
And I-I work hard,
and I study hard,
and there is nothing
I wouldn't do
to see my dream come true.
But, thing is, I'm dyslexic.
It's not that big of a deal.
It just makes it really,
really hard to read sometimes.
And-and when I do,
when I get frustrated,
I come here,
and I work with the dogs,
and suddenly-- suddenly
it all makes sense.
I mean, I'm at the top
of my class because of
this place.
And, well, I just feel like
I owe it to the park to--
to try to protect it,
you know?
Okay. Thank you.
Hey, and ultimately,
if we can't save it
and it ends up
getting torn down,
at least we went out
with a bang, right?
Or a bark.
[dog barking]
Come on, that was good.
-It was.
What? No lights?
[Luce] Yeah, I've been bugging
my brother to help me.
He's too busy
being a 17-year-old.
Okay, I'll admit,
that grilled cheese
was really good.
Hey, don't thank me.
It's my mom's recipe.
Are you going home
for the holidays?
No, it's too expensive.
You mean,
your parents won't pay?
I-I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have asked that.
No, no, it's okay.
I mean, they would pay.
It's just... my dad,
he got laid off this past year,
and my mom,
she's a dental assistant,
so she doesn't make
that much money.
Things are just kind of
tough for them right now.
That's too bad.
Yeah, I know.
My mom's really bummed.
She wants me to come home.
I mean,
I'm sure your parents
would rather spend the money
and see you over the holidays.
I mean, maybe
you should have let them.
You think?
Yeah, I mean,
my parents took off.
I know they're doing really
great things for the world,
but when I have a family,
I want them to be with me
every year at Christmas.
I mean, that's what
the holidays are about, right?
It's not Christmas presents
and shopping specials,
and spas, and...
What's your favorite
Christmas movie?
Hands down, Home Alone.
One and Two.
Home Alone movie marathon?
-Oh, yeah.
-Hey, oh.
-What is this?
Hey, easy there, unless
you wanna be a Sweet Pea sundae.
They're just sketches.
Yeah, but they're--
they're good.
Gee, why am I not surprised?
I mean, why does she
hate me so much anyway?
She doesn't hate you.
She-she's just misunderstood.
Sounds a lot like
someone else I know.
Yeah, and you're
a lot like Hank--
overly excitable
and totally full of...
not in front of the puppies.
[door slamming]
Now, that's what I call
a dog pile.
Dog pile. Heh.
Oh. Morning.
Good night.
How about
a moonlight stroll? Huh?
Yeah, sure.
Oh, hey, uh!
Whoa, hey,
come here, come here!
[Luce] Oh my gosh!
[grunting, giggling]
Not funny.
You're heavy.
-Yeah, it's all muscle.
-No, it's not. Get off.
-What's the magic word?
That's not the magic word.
Uh, that was a bad idea.
Anybody here who thinks
that was a bad idea,
raise a paw.
Maybe it wasn't so bad.
Let me walk you home.
I live two houses down.
I think I can make it.
But I'm really strong.
I mean,
I can protect you from--
there's viscous dogs,
there's a lot of old ladies
in this neighborhood,
very dangerous.
I think I'll be okay.
All right. Good night.
Good night.
Next time.
-I only get one?
-Only one?
[dog barking]
One day 'til Christmas.
You wanna go for a walk?
[dog barking]
Come on, Sweet Pea.
She's on fire today.
So, will I see you
at the festival tonight?
Oh, I'm not gonna be there.
I'm going to
the Paxtons' party.
The Paxtons?
Why are you going
to a party with them?
It's their Christmas party.
It's a big deal.
I mean, I told Missy
I would be there.
All my friends
are gonna come,
and she got me
this really cute dress.
Wow, I-I just thought
this meant something to you,
that's all.
It's just a party.
Yeah, that's being thrown
by the same people
who are trying to
tear down our park.
It's not like that.
The same park
that you're trying to save.
They're nice people.
This is just complicated.
Just thought you cared.
What if they show up?
I mean, they can't know
that I set all of this up.
-Because I could lose my job.
You think she'd fire you?
If her husband found out
I was conspiring against him,
he could fire me,
and he's huge
in business in this town.
I mean, I would never get
a designing job
after I graduate.
He would make sure of it.
This isn't easy for me.
That's the point.
Tough choices are never easy.
It's not supposed to be easy,
but you are choosing to go
to a party over our park,
over us.
You really think that?
I don't know what I think.
Oh I need you here
To start off another year
Oh I gotta say
It's felt so cold
with you far away
And the tree
won't look right
Without you here tonight
So pretty baby
Here ya' go.
There you go. [chuckling]
Catch the midnight flight
Bright lights
and silver stars
Shine over my head
People go passin' by
I see them holding hands
The streets are all
covered with snow
There's no way to
drive yourself home
But there's not a cloud
up in the sky
So pretty baby
catch the midnight flight
I sit and wait
With your gift so patiently
The hour's late
So before they close
Hey, Luce,
is everything all right?
Sure. Sure, I'm fine.
Luce, those eyes don't lie.
Come on.
No. I-I'm fine.
I plan on meeting
my future husband here tonight.
like every single guy here
is like twice your age.
So, I pick
the most handsome man,
and ask for his son's digits.
That's the holiday spirit.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, fine.
There you are.
You look stunning.
-Thanks, Missy.
-Hi, Mrs. Paxton.
Oh, please,
call me Missy.
Oh, your house
is so beautiful.
I aspire to be like you
one day.
Oh, well,
aren't you a peach?
And the dress you bought Luce
is so stylish.
-Your taste is impeccable.
-I know.
-I'm so glad you could make it.
-Thank you, again, Missy.
-Of course.
-And, uh, where's Hank?
Oh, he's in his crate pouting.
Well, you know, we can't have
him jumping on all the guests.
Well, look at us, like
four sisters going to the ball.
-This is beautiful.
-Oh, thanks.
Green, blue.
I almost forgot.
Your ruby necklace.
Let me get my purse.
Oh my God.
It's gonna be awesome.
-What's wrong, baby?
It's that park
over at the arbor.
Some of the regulars
decided to host
a holiday festival there.
-For dogs.
Yes, I actually got
the flyer for that.
I was gonna take Hank,
but I got side-tracked.
Oh, no.
Here it is.
It's all Christmassy, and--
and look over here,
there's a little dog
over there that looks
just like Hank.
They decorated
the entire park.
Well, it's still
your park, Byron.
You're welcome to do
with it as you please.
You're right,
it is my park.
And I have half a mind
to go down there
and bulldoze the entire thing
right now.
I could try
calling the boys in.
-Please do.
-Oh, come on, honey.
It's Christmas Eve.
Tell them
I'm gonna pay 'em triple.
I mean, let them have
their festival.
It's harmless.
do you realize
what kind of bad press
I'm gonna get
if I let these idiots
get the whole town excited
about a little piece of land?
I'm gonna have to deal with
the mayor and everyone else.
They're gonna be on my case.
I don't need the headache.
I'm going down there.
'Tis the season to be jolly,
Let's go.
-Missy, I am so sorry.
-No, no, no. Don't be.
This party
was an absolute bore.
It'll make me
the talk of the town.
-Take that, Celeste.
-But Mr. Paxton's so angry.
Oh, men just get territorial,
start barking
and running around in circles.
You just have to feed them
and rub their heads,
and then they're
perfectly fine.
So you said you've been
taking Hank there, this park.
Yeah, I mean,
what they did is so nice.
The Christmas lights
are so pretty,
and everyone
is just friendly.
-Let's go.
-Well, what about your party?
Oh, what,
they'll never miss me,
especially not with what
Diane's wearing tonight.
Did you see that?
Are you sure?
Yes. I've never been
to that park.
And who knows?
Maybe if we hurry,
we'll see a gang fight.
Could that happen?
I don't know. That's what
makes it so exciting.
[Hank barking]
Oh, uh, we should
bring Hank too,
maybe say goodbye
to his friends?
-I'll go get him.
-I'll meet you out front.
[phone ringing]
Hey, hey. I'm sorry.
Listen, we... what?
I thought you were calling
to yell at me.
-I've been such a jerk.
-No. I mean, maybe later.
But listen, right now,
Byron Paxton's on his way
over there.
That's awesome.
Th-that's great news.
-Thank you.
-No. No, not great.
He's so mad right now.
Well, I-I'll just
have to talk to him.
I mean, I've gotta
handle the situation
one way or another, right?
Well, we're on our way too.
Um, this is such a mess.
They're gonna figure out
that I was involved, and then...
Hey, hey, hey.
Your secret is safe with us,
Nobody here's
gonna let 'em know
that you were part of
Operation Save the Park.
Thank you.
Thanks for warning me.
That was really sweet of you.
I know I've been
kind of a jerk lately,
and I think it's just because
this whole situation
is so complicated.
And I don't want you
to jeopardize your future
over this, you know?
Dean, I'm-- I'm so sorry.
I know how important
this is to you, and you--
I promise I'll fix it.
I promise.
You will.
I believe in you.
-You are a Christmas mirac--
-Don't say it.
-Okay. I'll see you soon.
-Okay. Bye.
So what do you think
you're all doing down here?
We are gonna stop you
from bulldozing our park.
Your park?
There's tons of parks.
You see, I just left
my own wife's holiday party
to come down here.
Now, I'm sorry
that you have this, uh,
particular affection
for this giant heap of dirt
that happens to belong to me.
So I thank you kindly to leave.
Merry Christmas.
Get 'em out of here
and lock it up.
Bring it, boys!
Mama's got enough for everybody.
Okay, easy there, soldier.
Mr. Paxton.
Hi, I'm Dean Stanton.
I, uh, I work with the dogs
here at the park.
I'm just about to graduate
vet school
and I've been coming here
Look, I know you have
a considerable
investment in this park.
I'm sorry about
your problems, son,
but I'm not city council.
You see, the bottom line is
this park belongs to me,
and I've been allowing you
to use it free of charge.
So take my advice, leave,
before I get nasty.
Wow, you look beautiful.
I mean, hello, person
who I've never met before,
who is also really pretty.
Thank you.
They are friendly.
Wow, this looks so great.
I mean, with all the lights.
Uh, yeah, yo-your brother,
he came down and helped us
set 'em all up.
Why-why don't you go
talk to him?
I gotta go talk to Mr. Paxton.
-I'll be right back.
Luce! Luce, Luce, Luce.
What are you doing here?
-Okay, who...
-Was that?
Oh, that was Dean.
-He's adorable.
And super smart,
and kind, and giving.
-Oh, he sounds perfect.
-Oh, he's not.
But, I mean, he's got
a really great heart,
and substance, so maybe
he's perfect for me.
-Oh, my gosh.
-Look at the Christmas tree.
-Oh, it's so pretty.
Can we go take a look?
Hello, I don't know you.
Dork, everyone already knows
you're my brother.
And what are you doing here?
I thought you had a huge gig.
My sister needed me.
Oh, thanks for coming
and setting up all the lights.
-It looks beautiful.
-No problem.
What are you doing here?
We came to support your cause.
This is-- this is beautiful.
You can't be here.
You're mad.
I understand.
But I want you to know
that I-- I like Derek.
But I'm not gonna date him.
Because I just
wouldn't do that to you.
No, no. I mean, you were
right about everything.
I found someone who sees me,
someone who challenges me,
makes me like myself.
That-that's great.
And I want that for you too.
And, I mean, if Derek
does that for you,
makes you happy
with all his Derekness,
then you should go for it.
Thank you.
the best present ever.
Thank you so much.
Okay, now you need
to get out of here
because my boss is raging,
and I don't want you to see it.
I totally understand.
[mouths] Thank you.
-Where are my trucks?
-Sir, you have a dog.
You have to understand.
Yeah, I have a goldfish,
too, kid,
but that doesn't mean
I bought him a pond.
This is amazing.
I'm so impressed
you set all this up.
Oh, no.
You did this?
I have to say,
I'm a bit shocked.
-I'm so sorry, Missy.
I just thought...
After all I've done
for you, Lucinda.
There's no inda.
It's just Luce.
What? Wait a minute.
Who are you?
-She walks Hank.
Oh, you.
You traitor.
-You dog walking traitor.
-Dog walker?
I thought you were on
the committee to save the park.
Uh, both?
[horn blowing in distance]
This place comes down now.
Are-- are you sure
that that's okay?
Sure. He'll be fine.
He loves it.
Might as well let him have
one last run around the park.
-Oh. Look at him go.
See, it's small.
There's not a lot of grass
and it's fenced in.
And it might not be as great
as some of the more
modern parks in the city,
but, for a dog,
this place is perfect.
I can see that.
I just really thought
we could convince
Mr. Paxton, you know?
I mean, if he saw how people
cared about this place...
Byron barks loudly,
but he isn't mean.
[Byron] Everyone get out,
or I'm gonna throw you out.
It's just, he only
understands business.
I mean, that's all he knows.
So when you come in talking
about passion and-- and people,
he just doesn't understand.
It's just such a shame.
I mean, there's so much
that can be done
with this space.
Like what?
Well, what time
do you normally walk Hank
when I'm not around?
Oh, goodness.
That stinker gets me up
at the crack of dawn.
And believe me,
I am not a morning person.
You know,
this would be a perfect spot
for a high-end coffee stand.
Instead of being dragged
around in the morning,
you could let your puppy play
and get your caffeine fix.
Peppermint mochas, right?
And, you know, over there,
it would be a perfect spot
for the high-end caf.
You wouldn't only get
the morning crowd,
but you could also get
the people coming home
after work walking their dogs
who are too tired to cook.
Constant revenue.
Do you know why this park
looks so old?
-It's because it is old.
And I bet with some paperwork,
and a few choice testimonials
from some honored war veterans
who have been coming here
for 40 years,
it probably
wouldn't take a lot
to make this
a historic landmark.
Which would mean
no property taxes.
A large dog owning market,
with the revenue of
high-demand coffee,
and low expenses
of the city-protected park...
And a trendy spa
may not last,
but people are always
gonna love their dogs.
And then you wouldn't
have to sink all that money
into the construction.
I bet you'd actually make
more of a profit
over a ten-year period
if you made this
an official dog park.
7.5 years, I'd say.
All right.
Let's do that.
Wait, what?
[Byron] Okay.
What we need to do
is we need to put a chain
on the entrance over there,
and we also need to put a chain
on the entrance over there,
which some people
like to call an exit.
We just need approval,
and we're all set.
Approval denied.
You can stop working.
We are going to turn this
into an official dog park.
Bob, would you please
tell the boys
that we're awfully sorry
we brought them out here
on Christmas Eve?
And that they should grab
a drink, a cookie,
enjoy the lights, and, well,
they'll still get paid.
You got it, boss.
You're the boss?
I know.
You must think I'm some
kind of model trophy wife,
or British royalty.
But no, I'm just the CEO of
a multinational construction
and development corporation.
No, you wowed me.
This is a great plan.
Well done.
Very well done.
Honey, can we please
think about this for a moment?
I mean, we put so much time
and energy into this,
are you sure that you wanna
throw it all away
on a bunch of dogs?
-Shh, just a second, okay?
-Yes, dear.
Now, if we invest in this,
it'll need some renovation.
You know dogs,
you know this park.
If we pair you up with
a talented and savvy designer,
do you think that the two of you
could spearhead this project?
Well, what my Missy wants,
my Missy gets.
She's the brains of the outfit,
and I trust her instincts.
Like that time
at the investment group?
Oh, the time that
they tried to bypass?
Right, and they thought,
"With those tax codes,
there's no way."
That's right.
Oh, all those brains
and beauty too.
-I'm a lucky guy.
-We make a great team.
-Merry Christmas, sweetie.
-Merry Christmas.
Wow, you did it.
I did, I guess.
No, I mean, you did it.
You saved the park.
I mean, I always knew
you could, but you did it.
I did it.
-It's a Christmas mirac--
See, that one felt right.
Oh, oh, oh.
I almost forgot.
I put what I owe you
on this card.
Go get that necklace,
Thank you so much.
-Oh, necklace.
We can go get it.
-You think the store's open?
-Oh, we don't have to go there.
-Oh, you can do it online?
Oh. Wow,
you're really good at that.
What're you trying to do,
start a fire?
I can't type that fast
with my phone.
-Plus, my autocorrect hates me.
-Got it.
-I also have really fat thumbs.
You can pick it up tomorrow.
Do you think the jewelry store
will be open tomorrow?
No, but the airport is.
I bought you a ticket home.
Go see your family.
I'll be here
when you get back.
I don't know what to say.
Yes, you do.
This is a Christmas miracle.
It was the perfect time
at the perfect place
You held me captive
by your beautiful grace
I fell for you like
the snow fell around us
I never knew I could love
Fa-la-la-la fa-la-la-la
Fa-la-lling in love with you
Fa-la-la-la fa-la-la-la
Fa-la-lling in love with you
It was the perfect night
beneath December skies
The galaxy can't shine
as bright as your eyes
You made me feel like
a child does at Christmas
You are the best gift of all
Fa-la-la-la fa-la-la-la
Fa-la-lling in love
in love with you
Fa-la-la-la fa-la-la-la
Fa-la-lling in love with you
When you romance with me,
slow dance with me
The angels caroling our song
They're singing
Fa-la-la-la fa-la-la-la
Fa-la-lling in love with you
Fa-la-la-la fa-la-la-la
Fa-la-lling in love with you
Fa-la-la-la fa-la-la-la
Fa-la-lling in love with you
Fa-la-la-la fa-la-la-la
Fa-la-lling in love with you
Falling in love
With you
Falling in love,
falling in love with you