A Dysfunctional Cat (2018) Movie Script

All right. Brown hair,
Brown eyes...
Brown hair, brown eyes ...
Date of birth?
- 12.12.1987
- 166 cm.
Are you sure?
- Yes.
Are you taller than me?
- Yes.
Have not you noticed it yet?
After so many years I learned,
that it was not so important
to know the exact growth.
Other things should be
paid more attention.
Moment, I'll explain. I ...
... I like football
and I love to swim.
I watch comedies with pleasure.
He must be a graduate.
And he must be fun too.
- Exactly.
Because you're very funny.
It will not be easy
to find the right man.
Mina is late
with the decision to marry.
But I will be able to find her
a suitable man of the same age.
Are you Kian?
- Yes it's me.
- Yes.
Very good.
In recent years,
I have not met
interesting people.
You're probably looking for a woman for life.
Or do you want to flirt only?
- No, no, I want to get committed.
A woman for life will be
like a six on the lottery.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. And you?
- Get a cake.
- Welcome
I'm glad you came.
- Sit down, daughter.
You're welcome.
Drink the tea before it gets cool.
Dad, can I talk
to your daughter?
Maybe. Do you want?
It is very important to me
in the relationship between man and woman
to have humor.
Humor helps to solve
many problems.
What do you think about this?
Yes it's true.
It is also important
to be at a similar level
on education
and social status.
I followed electrical engineering.
- Really?
Do you work?
I would like,
but I can not find a job.
After we get married,
there will be no need to work.
No, I do not want kids.
Do not you ever want to
to create a family?
Children are not obligatory,
to have a family.
There is a big enough change for me
to live with someone.
Hello Mom.
No. Nothing has happened.
Did I wake you up?
Excuse me.
I'm fine thanks.
I just wanted to say,
that I was thinking about your words.
THE DYSFUNCTIONAL CA Four months later
Excuse me. Hello.
- Hello.
They are for you. How are you?
- Fine, thank you.
that I had to go back early.
It's here.
Just keep going. Here.
I got the key from the dwelling
just a few days ago.
This is it.
I have not connected the lamps yet.
Excuse me.
I know it looks empty,
but I thought,
that we could furnish it gradually.
Here is the mattress.
On the first night, you are supposed
to sleep on the left, aren't you?
I relinquish your left side.
Yes, but I can sleep on the right.
All right.
- You choose.
As you wish. Lie down on the right then.
I prefer to sleep on the left.
No do not worry.
I relinquish your right hand.
but I prefer to sleep on the left.
I brought the tape from the wedding.
Really? Wonderful. Let's watch it.
I brought those for you.
- How nice of you.
See how Uncle Ali dances.
You're beautiful with the bridal dress.
And the suit on you
was very good.
Are not you snoring?
- No, as far as I know.
And you?
Good night.
I'm glad you came finally.
I am happy, too.
Good night.
Is the weather always like this?
- Sometimes it's raining.
Now it's spring.
The sun is showing and hiding.
After a while we'll pass
near the hospital where I work.
It's called Dominicus.
It's ahead. Look.
It's fine that you're close.
- Yes.
Below this bridge runs the river.
In the summer you can swim in it.
"Yes, the water is very clean.
It's not like Isfahan.
I like swimming.
- All right.
This is the university.
Do you want to ask?
- Now?
Okay, why not?
- Why not?
You hear they want at least level C.
My German is not that good.
How will I pass the exam?
You have time to prepare.
Come first.
We will progress gradually.
I can find a job also
without a master's degree.
It is difficult here.
You must be very lucky.
Diplomas from abroad are not recognised.
Still, I can look for something.
I will also go to the language school.
In any case,
if I do not find work, I'll be able
to complete a master's degree.
And this is an opportunity.
What's wrong?
I thought you smoked sometimes.
Of course. Give me one.
Let's talk now in German.
We will try.
We will try it.
We will try it.
Good idea.
Today I cook.
I cook today.
I cook today.
Today I will cook ash-e-reshteh.
You can also say "thick soup".
Today ...
Today I cook ...
- I'll cook.
I'll cook a thick soup.
- With vegetables.
Today ...
... I'll cook a thick soup of vegetables.
With vegetables.
- With vegetables.
Well done.
This is good.
- Boring.
This. Look.
No, it's too ... The color ...
It's gaudy.
- The color is nice.
It suits us.
- Maybe you.
Gray is boring.
- It's called "serious."
It seems rather slick
and elegant.
This is cozy.
Hello, Kian.
My colleague.
Sophie, hello.
Hi, Lars. Hi, Anuk.
Let me introduce us.
This is Mina.
I'm Sophie.
- I'm Mina.
I'm Lars.
Sophie is my colleague.
Do you understand German?
- A little.
This is our daughter Anuk.
Do you want to say hello?
Lars prepares for a doctorate.
Lars, how is the PhD?
- It is a bit too long.
Yes, about six years.
I look after Anuk all day,
while she is at work.
It's a full day job.
"I'm the housewife"
Do you understand?
How did you two meet?
Our common acquaintances in Iran
introduced us.
What did you say?
- That we have common acquaintances.
Why do not you tell them the truth?
It is something unknown to them.
- We got married.
Already? It has happened quickly.
So you did not know each other
long before marriage, did you?
We met in a traditional way.
It's like a blind date.
I did not know,
that you were such a traditionalist.
Actually you are right.
Why stop halfway?
Congratulations then.
- Thanks.
He congratulates us.
- Thanks.
I can not breathe.
Excuse me.
I'm not ready yet.
All right.
I thought you were expecting me.
I bought some eggs,
but I forgot the bread, unfortunately.
I will eat this.
Tell me when to stop.
When will you be back?
- Around seven.
Then I will cook today.
All right.
I have not cooked for a long time.
I'm always tired after work.
It gives me pleasure.
- All right.
I'm going to buy to eat.
To shop, but you can say,
that you buy food.
I'll go shopping.
- Yes.
Do you have money?
Will you give me some?
Now this is our money.
What else will you do today?
I can look at the city.
All right. I have to go.
Until tonight.
17,28 Euro.
17.28 Euro, please. These are not enough.
23,85. Thanks.
Goodbye and have a nice day.
Missing you, Mina.
Do not worry about me, Mom.
I'm fine. Kian is very kind.
We get along perfectly.
- I'm very glad.
Where is he now?
- At work.
By the way, I saw an indoor pool today.
- Of course.
Are there no pools for women?
We can add a sentence here.
Better tell the truth.
I'm afraid then
they will not invite me at all.
Listen, the German language
is like math.
It suits you and that is
why you learn it fast, too.
Look. Usually at the end of the letter
you write
with friendly greetings.
With a friendly ...
How do I remember everything?
- That's right.
"Mit friendly
greetings. "
What does this mean?
Something like worship.
Farsi is not saying that.
We say, "and to you the same."
Sometimes your Farsi is strange.
I know.
Recently my mom told me,
when I was 12,
I refused to speak Farsi.
Why? Pity.
My friends were Germans
and I wanted to be a German.
If you are such a German,
what am I doing here?
Hello, Mina.
- Kian.
How are you?
- All right.
All right. You are...
What is this noise?
Why is this animal here?
- I bought it.
Why did not he ask me?
I do not like cats too much.
She is defected.
You mean she's sick.
- That one mentioned a defect.
Did he say a genetic defect?
- Exactly.
He meant,
that the cat was born with a defect.
How fun.
I thought it was her name.
It's sweet to me.
- Was she expensive?
- I bought her from my own money.
She scares me.
Do you like it here, dear?
- I ...
Yes, she likes it very much.
- Yes me...
She is getting used to it.
I look forward
to going to the language school.
I hope to find friends there.
You will meet more people,
than you want.
Come in.
- No thanks. You first.
- You first.
No, take it.
- No need.
Thanks, enough.
I am very happy,
that everything is in order.
There are other news.
I applied
for the post of chief anaesthetist.
Well done.
Nothing sure yet,
but I have a great chance.
We're proud of you.
Now the time is right for a child.
At your age,
it's time to think about it.
One child will be nice,
but with two it will be wonderful.
"Do you want another yoghurt?"
What's going on with her?
Can not you sleep?
What's wrong with her?
I'll leave the door open.
"If you come in here?"
Just to sleep.
She seems to have something to her.
Some kind of a problem.
So what?
And you would prefer an animal,
which behaves appropriately.
How should an animal behave?
Like all other cats.
You mean,
they all should be the same?
Listen, Mina,
my mother wants us to live a good life.
And I want the same for us.
How do you know what a good life is?
It's because of the lamp.
Are you afraid of the dark?
We will do something about it.
Good night sweetie.
Just a little.
While I'm falling asleep.
Good morning.
They seem to have opened a new club.
Someone handed me this ad.
Would you like to go?
Dance? Where?
Yes, tonight we are going to dance.
They have opened a new club. Here.
You can keep it.
I'm going to go tonight
at the party at Kurosh's home.
Cut Buy Special
a bottle of whiskey from that merchant.
How nice.
Too bad I cannot come.
Celebrate for me.
Mina, I happened to meet Amir.
Do you keep in touch with him?
Besides, I'm at a party tonight.
Super. Where?
I'm going to a disco.
I want to go, too.
- I'm jealous of you.
Then you have to tell us
how it went.
Are you going with Kian?
No, I found new friends
at the pool.
Isn't it nice?
- A lot. I like it.
I bought it.
It looks great on you.
Not to! Saba!
It broke off.
What's happening?
No, everything is fine.
Today I received a letter of refusal.
What's wrong?
When will you be back?
Okay, I'll have dinner alone.
No problem.
Have you got home?
All right.
I managed to leave early.
Where were you?
- Dance.
Enough, stop.
Were you alone?
Yes, alone.
How much did you drink?
If you are dancing,
why do not you go out with me?
You were not at home.
Should I have to wait for you alone?
The whole night?
If I had not forgotten my phone ...
What would have happened?
Some of my colleagues
they wanted to go for a drink.
and I wanted to go with you.
Do you know how I felt?
Again I was alone there.
You know? I was alone, alone.
If you are dancing, dance with me.
I'm feeling sick.
- Come on, Mina.
You want disco, here you are disco.
Come on, take off your jacket.
Let me go.
You want to dance. Come on.
What's wrong?
Let me go!
What's wrong?
Did you dream anything?
I'm sorry.
For what?
I have never been to a disco.
I wanted to see what it was like.
I am Hassan Agard.
I am from Myanmar.
And you?
Hello. My name is Anna
and I am from Ukraine.
From the Ukraine.
- From the Ukraine.
Thanks. And you?
My name is Masud. I am from Iran.
Very good. Iran can be with or
without an article.
But I found out that another one
of you is also from Iran.
Introduce yourself briefly, please.
My name is Mina and I am from Iran.
Very good. And you?
My name is Jihad and I'm from Syria.
From here we went to Berlin.
We were with three gynecologists.
She is older than me.
We do not have much time left.
This is her greatest desire.
I do everything possible on the subject.
Do you love her?
Yes. You know...
I saw the opportunity
to start a new life here.
How did you come?
Are you a refugee?
- No, like you.
Do you get along?
- Yes, he is a good man.
Do you like it here?
- Not bad.
But it's not what I imagined.
You know, it's not that,
what we watch on TV.
Dirty cub.
Your cat has broken everything here.
Sit down. Now I'll clean up.
Well done. Driving is fine.
All that's left is theory,
but I will help you.
Hey, you took his priority.
Yes, there are rules here.
The one coming from the right
has priority.
Before the exam you should take
a few more hours driving.
Damn it. This is a patrol car.
Mina, turn right at the front.
Stop there and we will change.
Better be brave.
- Go, do not speed up.
What will happen?
If they ask, I will say
I have a driving licence.
It is not valid here.
You must have a German one.
I'll get it soon.
At least slow down, please.
Okay, they turned.
Are you scared?
- No.
You should be more cautious.
It was red.
- Really?
What are you doing?
May I introduce you?
This is my wife Mina.
Is it already accustomed to this?
How is the PhD?
Change the subject.
I'll bring rum.
This is very nice.
Will you dance with me?
Lars is still pulling. To dance.
- Yes.
Do you love to dance?
- Me? No.
I do not care much.
Come on.
- I can not.
I can not.
I can not.
This is my office room.
The shift begins at six.
Sometimes I'm afraid
do not make a mistake.
That's why I can not sleep peacefully.
Did you ever cry?
Did I cry?
Are you serious?
When was the last time?
I do not remember.
I think I was a kid.
The other boys were laughing at me.
Then I did not cry anymore.
I think I can not.
Do you miss it?
- Yes.
We're driving furniture for Mr. Faridani.
Please sign here.
Come on.
Damn it.
I'm fed up with this animal.
Why did you do that?
The cat will be in the closet,
when I'm here.
Open, please.
I cleaned up. Now open it.
You were always a good cat.
Devil animal.
- Do not scratch your clothes.
Did he hear? Do not prick.
That does not help.
- What?
You're always nice to the cat.
She does not understand,
that she has done something wrong.
"But of course the closed door.
Get out of here. Stop it.
Who are you actually?
Who are you?
In what sense?
When we met,
you told me,
that you have not been with anyone yet.
In the clinic, it was
not your first time, was it?
- What to say?
The Truth.
I was with someone in Isfahan.
Why not marry him?
- That's a long story.
He had a wife and a child.
It all ended long ago.
We are strangers.
... local anesthetic is not enough.
General anesthesia is required.
It is very important to sign here
I'll be right back.
Mina, what is it?
Has anything happened?
I wanted to ask if you wanted
to come with me to the pool tonight.
The pool ?!
Is that why you came here?
Okay, I'll take you.
Dr. Faridani,
Dr. Fuchs needs you in Room 3.
I'm coming right now.
You see what's going on here.
- All right.
I need to concentrate on the job.
I'm going.
- Sorry.
Hello. What are you doing here?
- I came to talk to Kian.
Are you okay?
OK, then see you soon, OK?
I have to go in.
Otherwise I will be late.
- Yes.
Do you want a ride?
Will you take her?
No problem.
Get in.
I'm hungry.
Yes, now we will eat.
I'm hungry.
Enough. I will feed you now.
I'm sorry.
No problem.
I'm hungry!
I'm hungry.
Is there any food in you?
Do you have anything to drink?
I have.
Tea, coffee, water, wine ...
This is a cliche. The man works.
The woman is at home,
looks at the child and cooks.
It's already outdated.
I'm a modern man. Just need
to complete my PhD.
He has to endure.
Do you ever hear me?
Did you understand something?
Not all. To endure.
- To endure.
Cheers. We gotta fuck.
People are looking into the eyes.
You have to look at me in the eye.
Let's drink for friendship.
Say "about friendship".
For the friendship.
Very good.
What I told you?
Now, cross them.
Relax, so do it.
Kian. Kian, wait.
Enough, nothing happened.
Hello, stub.
Where are your things?
One person died in my hands.
Let me explain.
Kian, open it.
Open it!
What have you done?
Why did not you have the patient
sign the consent form?
- I forgot to.
- You forgot to.
So they can sue you,
as well as us, naturally.
If the patient's wife filed a lawsuit?
It will be devastating
for the reputation of the hospital.
I have to go.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Sorry, sorry.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I know you have good intentions.
We have to talk.
Because of a few confrontations
wants to go?
I told you, just for a brief moment.
Maybe for longer.
Say it. You will divorce, are not you?
How will we look?
What about people?
They will not respect us.
My son
is not he good enough for you?
Mother, please.
Accept our decision.
- Yes we...
I also want to split up.
Sometimes in life it does not go
as we want.
Then we have to work on it
to make it perfect.
You know what, Mom,
perfect is bullshit.
Don't talk to your mother like that.
Say something.
Get in. Well done.
Great development.
Do not forget about the article.
Good job. Excellent.
There were some minor mistakes,
but congratulations.
Well? Will you apply?
at the University?
- All right.
Thank you for the nice one
and intensive work.
Good luck. Apply what you learned.
I can look for an apartment
in Abbas-Abad.
There I will remain anonymous.
If I went back to Tehran,
will also withdraw to this end.
The neighborhood is nice.
Though it's pretty lively there.
"When is your flight?"
Second next Thursday.
- So soon?
- I'm full.
- Me too. A little more, and I will burst.
- OK I will clear the table.
- Thank you.
Fingers crossed. Now we are trying
new hormone treatment.
You will probably succeed.
Come to eat.
Where are you?
Who is it?
No, she's not here.
And why did not you throw it out?
I thought she might come back
- Thanks.
- Welcome.
You say it.
Can you help me find her?
What are you going to do,
when you go back to Iran?
I want to see my friends -
Saba, Neda, Sanas.
I already have a job.
Meran has an electrical appliances store
and looking for a guy like me.
And you?
First I'm going on holiday
for a few weeks
and have a rest.
When I come back,
I will look for a new job.
Let's go home. There's no point.
She will return by herself.
Have you been to the fair?
- At the fair?
- Yes.
What is that?
Are you often coming here Ms.?
And you, sir?
Very often.
My name is Kian.
Will you tell me your name?
Mina. Nice name.
Mina, can we meet again?
Do you have a pen?
This is for you.
Well, Mina,
See you soon, I hope.
Translation by hhgygy@freemail.hu