A Faithful Man (2018) Movie Script

I had been living with Marianne
for almost three years
in an apartment that belonged to her.
Everything was all right until she said...
Do you have a minute?
Yes. What is it?
There's something I need to tell you.
It might not be the right time to say it.
Go on, say it. What's wrong?
I'm pregnant.
You're pregnant?
That's great!
Is that a problem?
You are not the father.
You are not the father of the baby.
Then, who is the father?
Are you having an affair with Paul?
How long has it been?
A little over a year.
But Paul is someone...
So what?
So different, so...
Different from whom?
I don't know.
Do you know anything about Paul's family?
They know about it.
Now that the family knows,
what's going to happen next?
We need to get married.
It means a lot to his parents.
Yes, they're a bit conventional. But...
Have you picked a date yet?
Yes, we have.
Paul wants you to be there.
Unless it bothers you.
It's up to you.
When is it?
The 26th.
Of this month?
We need to get it done quickly
because I'm pregnant.
Do you want me to pack my stuff?
You have time till the 26th.
What's today?
The 16th.
I need to go. I'll be late.
Maybe it wasn't the right
time to tell you about it.
But I'm glad you're taking it well.
He thought you would be angry.
I kept reassuring him.
Can he call you today?
Well, maybe not today.
Have a good day at work.
What will you tell Paul?
I'll tell him that you were great.
You were wise.
That you understood.
What a loser!
Thank you very much.
At first, I didn't feel any pain.
I was surprised because
I wasn't really hurt.
I almost thanked Marianne
for being so brutal
and sparing us a long goodbye.
I think I saw it coming.
That evening,
I tried to forget Marianne
by spending time with another woman.
But it's the other woman
whom I ended up forgetting.
Today, our main competitor is Spain.
Their pigs are cheaper than Breton's pigs.
The trucks at Rungis market are
full of pigs slaughtered in Spain.
They are cheaper than the Breton ones.
This needs to be explained
in a better way.
How old were you when you got them?
Since when are you doing this?
I graduated in journalism
and began working thereafter.
I interviewed people and
recorded their complaints.
Okay, a minimum of six months.
My life started taking shape gradually.
Marianne and Paul were now
like childhood memories to me.
My childhood slowly grew distant.
The years went by.
About nine years later,
I had almost forgotten Paul,
when I heard that he had died.
He died in his sleep, all of a sudden.
I went to the cemetery for his funeral.
I saw Marianne there,
with whom I had lost touch.
She had a son with Paul.
His name was Joseph.
At the cemetery I saw Eve,
Paul's younger sister.
I knew her as a child.
She had grown into a beautiful woman.
But I was only interested in Marianne.
I kept wondering...
"What's on her mind?"
"Is she thinking about me?"
Then, I thought...
"No, she must be thinking
about Paul right now."
"Probably recalling their life together."
I had never interfered between them.
After the funeral, I wondered...
"Should I go?"
"Should I forget about her forever?"
"Or should I make an effort?"
After the funeral ceremony,
Abel offered to drive us home.
I was uncomfortable when I saw him there.
But I had nothing to blame him for.
I think I also felt a little guilty.
I've known him for a while.
I wasn't in for a surprise.
Shall I come up and
stay with you for a bit?
Some other time, okay?
Please call me.
All right.
Don't hesitate.
I promise, I will call you.
Shall we go, honey?
Goodbye, Joseph!
You've reached Paul.
Leave a message.
If you're lucky, I'll call back.
You've reached Paul.
Leave a message.
If you're lucky, I'll call back.
Marianne called me two weeks later.
We met at a restaurant
that Paul, her and I
used to often visit.
Hello, Marianne.
I hesitated before calling you up.
Then I thought,
Paul would have advised me to do so.
-Don't you think so?
-Yes, I agree.
Well, maybe.
How are you doing?
Are you seeing someone?
At the moment?
It's nothing serious.
Hello, madam.
-Hello, sir.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
What's today's special?
Beef and carrots with wasabi sauce.
That sounds a bit heavy.
You could try the jasmine steak.
-Sure, why not?
-I guess...
I can't decide.
Can you order something for me?
We chatted a lot during lunch.
About Paul, of course.
Only nice things.
And about us as well.
Just a little.
Tell me something.
What's your job all about?
Well, I'm the Communications Adviser
at Foreign Affairs.
Really? That was your dream!
Do you travel a lot?
No. Not at the moment.
During the entire meal,
I was dying to ask her...
"Did you ever think of me?"
"Would you like to try
living together again?"
But it was too soon to ask her that.
She suggested coffee at her place.
So you lived here.
For almost nine years.
It hasn't changed much.
The color of the walls has changed.
No, it's the same.
We rented a country house as well.
I'm giving it up next week.
I didn't like it, anyway.
Paul's stuff?
I'll give it all away.
I prefer it that way.
Except a few letters, a few pictures.
He was your friend.
If you want something, take it.
No, Marianne.
Still like it short?
All right.
Hello, Joseph.
That's Dad's stuff.
Yes, I know that.
Your mother told me about it.
Did you know him well?
I knew him very well.
Do you want to stay here now?
No. Why?
Would you want to stay here?
I haven't thought about it.
I'm sure about it.
About what?
I'm sure you've given it a thought.
We will think about it later. Okay?
I've known your mother for a while. So...
Let her decide. Okay?
Mom killed Dad.
What did you say?
I know that she killed him.
What are you talking about?
I'm telling you what I know.
Why would she do that?
I don't know yet.
How did she do it?
With poison.
With poison?
Wasn't a blood test done?
when someone dies...
the doctor does a thorough checkup.
If he has any doubt,
he asks for an autopsy.
Mom slept with the doctor.
Are you sure?
I saw them over there.
Where is the doctor's office?
Somewhere in the vicinity.
Do you want something, Joseph?
You should say, "No. Thank you."
No, thank you, Mom.
You need to go back to school tomorrow.
I know that.
I'll go make some tea.
Get to know each other.
What's the doctor's name?
It's the name of a flower.
-A flower?
Dahlia? Dr. Dahlia?
It starts with the letter "P."
-The letter "P"?
Does the doctor still see your mother?
Yes, whenever she is sick.
Not often.
The name of a flower that
starts with the letter "P"?
Are you getting along well?
My brother had just died.
At the funeral, I saw Abel again.
As everyone left,
I asked myself the same question.
I never understood
why Marianne had chosen
my brother Paul over Abel.
I liked my brother a lot
even though he treated me
like a mere kid.
Ever since I became a teenager
I thought that Abel was the
most attractive man alive.
I was always on the lookout for him.
His hair, his voice.
The way he walked.
Everything about him moved me.
I knew his schedule thoroughly.
Of course he didn't notice me.
He barely even looked at me.
Even when I tried to
dress up and look pretty
to him, I was just a kid.
I just didn't count.
I used to think about him all the time.
I was too young for him
and that made me sad.
I took pictures of him discreetly.
I looked at them every night
under my sheets.
He would accompany me everywhere.
To my school, to the pool,
and to my dance classes.
It was like we were living together.
I remember,
one day
he left his car unlocked.
I even...
Wait, what am I saying?
It's in the past and I was younger.
Anyway, I opened the door...
and took a picture of myself inside it.
I felt like I was next to him
and he was driving me around.
I imagined us going to Venice...
on our honeymoon.
That day I thought...
that he had definitely seen me.
I thought we were in love.
I thought we were eloping.
Then, the car stopped and he ran away.
He hadn't seen me.
He was late for work.
That day,
I had no money for a subway ticket,
and I walked home from the suburbs.
I hated Marianne
for taking him away from me.
When she chose my brother Paul,
I said to myself,
"You still have a chance!"
But when Marianne left Abel,
he relocated, and I lost track of him.
For the next five years,
I didn't see Abel.
Of course I had a few flings,
but none worth mentioning.
Now that I think about it
there's only one thing
that turned out well.
I grew up.
Then one day, I saw Abel again.
I'm Eve, Paul's sister.
Good to see you!
Hello, Eve.
You've grown up well!
-Are you okay?
-I'm fine.
What about you? Are you into theater?
Yes, but I stopped doing theater.
I'm into real estate now.
I see.
You're freezing.
Your teeth are chattering.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Are you busy right now?
I'm late. I have to get going.
I'll drop off your scarf.
No, it's a gift.
Have a nice day, lovers.
See you around.
Bye, Eve.
Not a lover.
He was just a broke client
looking for a studio.
But that day,
Abel had noticed me.
I could tell that he was still
attracted to Marianne.
He wanted her back.
I could tell.
He wanted to reclaim
what Paul had taken away from him.
It made me sad.
I was ashamed about the
fact that this saddened me
at Paul's funeral.
Without any experience about such things,
I still felt I had a chance.
But how would I go about it?
I shouldn't be saying this.
I shouldn't be thinking about it.
But sometimes I wish Marianne had died.
All of a sudden, painlessly.
Just like my brother.
How much do the peonies cost?
15 euros.
-How much?
-15 euros.
15 euros, you say.
What's the emergency?
I'm okay. It's not about me.
I'm fine.
I wanted to ask you a question.
Go ahead.
Paul was my friend.
Oh yes, Paul.
-I saw you at the funeral.
Did his death seem natural to you?
He died because of a heart attack.
A valve problem, I'd say.
It's common.
No one asked for an autopsy?
No. I didn't think it was necessary.
His wife called me early in the morning.
I went as fast as I could.
But when I got there...
he had been dead for two hours.
He was cold.
The burial certificate wasn't a problem.
Did you notice something unusual?
No. But he never mentioned
any heart trouble.
Maybe he didn't know about it.
Is that possible?
Yes, of course.
The heart can suddenly stop functioning.
It's capricious,
as if it's fed up of living.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Was there any chance of poisoning?
Did you find anything suspicious?
No, not at all.
Do you have a specific purpose
for coming here?
Not really. I know his son.
His name is Joseph.
He's unsettled by his father's death.
That's normal.
More unsettled than his mother.
I see.
Have you known her for a long time?
We studied together at the university.
I forgot her name.
She is a very attractive woman.
I agree.
That's for sure.
Are you attracted to her?
Not at all.
I'm gay.
-Are you surprised?
-No, not at all.
No way.
It's quite rare to have
a gay doctor around.
Should I put it on my door?
Not at all.
Do I owe you anything?
-Of course not.
-Thank you.
Is the doctor really gay?
Which doctor?
Who told you he was gay?
He did.
You went to see him?
I had to check my blood pressure.
Nothing serious.
Do you know Dr. Pivoine?
No, I just saw a prescription
in your bathroom.
He told you he was gay
without you having asked him about it?
I guessed, so I asked him.
You asked him, just like that?
Why were you interested in knowing that?
we were just talking.
Maybe he says it to keep women at bay.
He is not gay. He is just like you and me.
How do you know that?
He tried to woo me once.
If he said he was gay, he either lied,
or it must have been a recent advancement.
Why would he lie?
Yes, why would he lie?
You've lost it, Malarky.
You know, there's one thing I've learned.
Every family has a secret. Trust me.
The killer is a member of the family?
Who is it?
I don't know yet.
I'll question the mother.
That woman is a master manipulator.
The mother?
But she'll never talk about it!
How do you know?
He's the only one with the key.
-Make it fast.
-Give me two days.
It's the brother who did it.
With a killer at large,
that's almost an eternity.
What do you think? He'll strike again?
-Another victim?
And we'll stop him.
Has he seen the movie before?
No way.
I'm sure someone told him about it.
No, that's just the way he is.
As a kid, he only liked murder mysteries.
He watches crime shows
and often guesses who the culprit is.
He hangs around precincts,
chats with officers.
Maybe he wants to be a cop.
I'll get you some herbal tea.
I saw the doctor.
-He said--
-He won't tell you the truth.
Why not?
He's a liar.
He's not gay.
Mom told you so.
Thank you.
I'm going to bed.
Good night.
-Good night, honey.
-Good night.
Does he bring up his father's death?
Not often.
Joseph and Paul used to fight a lot.
Paul wanted to send
him to boarding school.
Joseph didn't want to
go to boarding school?
Not at all.
I didn't want that either.
You never looked at me like that.
Like what?
In a weird way.
As if...
As if?
As if you suspected me of...
Of being unfaithful?
Or worse.
There's nothing worse.
I feel like it.
You used to whisper my name in my ear.
I liked that a lot.
You don't do it anymore.
What's in for today?
The Parliament questions the Minister.
-Do you decide the answers for him?
-I also decide what he doesn't answer.
What will they ask him?
No idea.
Don't they tell you about it beforehand?
Not always. It depends.
Do you give him political advice?
Do you think I advise him about his ties?
Or his hairdo, maybe?
That as well.
Does he follow your advice?
For his ties? Yes.
You discussed it with Paul?
I'll be late.
If Joseph says that I killed Paul,
please don't believe him.
He is only trying to scare you.
He wants you to go away.
Joseph, come here.
Hey, how are you?
Do you recognize me?
Do you want to get a drink?
I've got to do my homework.
Just five minutes.
Okay, I'll get my bag.
Have you been assigned a lot of homework?
Sort of.
Were you close to your father?
But we fought a lot.
Did his death affect you in a bad way?
I was surprised...
just like everyone else was.
I was also very sad.
You didn't cry at the funeral.
Because I had cried before that.
Do you get along with Abel?
You can tell me the truth.
I don't like Abel.
He stole my mother.
He didn't steal her from you.
Don't exaggerate.
I'm not exaggerating.
She only cares for him.
Why do you say so?
Last week,
she bought him two pairs of socks.
That's normal.
They are a couple now. They live together.
You know, sometimes
a man needs a woman.
They are not a real couple.
Not a real couple? Why would you say that?
If they were a real couple,
they would have done it more often.
Well... what are you talking about?
You know!
how do you know that
they don't do it often?
I listen to them.
How do you manage to do that?
I put this under the mattress.
Wait a minute.
Do you want to listen to it?
No. It's none of my business.
You can't hear much anyway.
Yes, I can't hear anything.
I told you so.
Excuse me.
I got his feedback.
He would like this to be less vague,
and less doublespeak.
You know his style.
He already said the same thing here
about Tunisia.
Do you need some help?
No, thanks.
-Please leave me alone.
While I was working,
I couldn't stop thinking about Abel.
I knew that he was uncomfortable.
Was he really afraid of me?
As for me, my life continued as usual.
I had no particular problem.
But I had a vague anxiety
that wouldn't go away.
Imagining Marianne as a murderer
was very unsettling.
But it also excited me a little.
Have you noticed Paul's sister?
Eve, Paul's sister.
Yes, maybe.
She kept staring at you at the cemetery.
If you get sick of me, you can pursue her.
I'm happy with you, thanks.
Can I ask you something?
When you were having
an affair with Paul...
did you ever make love to the both of us
on the same day?
Not often. I tried to avoid that.
Did you prefer one of us?
I mean, physically.
Honestly, no.
Did he do anything that
you liked in particular?
Most men do the same thing.
-How about you?
You must have seen other women.
When we were together?
Don't try to ponder over it.
Not the very same day. I couldn't do that.
Do you miss Paul?
Yes, when you're not here.
Sometimes I go and place flowers
on his tomb.
I know.
Do you want a ride?
Have you ever killed anyone?
Ever fought in a war?
-Have you ever fought in a war?
-A war?
But you wanted to, right?
Kill someone?
No, not really.
Everyone wants to, at some point.
Who told you that?
A cop.
Did you ever want to kill someone?
Yes. What about you?
Would you mind if I married your mother?
Do you want her to be alone?
She's not alone.
No, but...
What if I leave?
I don't care.
I was never good at talking to kids.
When I treated them like adults,
I would fail miserably.
Treating them as mere kids,
wouldn't work well either.
Do you want to keep her to yourself?
Is she all yours?
If I married her...
you and I could get along.
I don't want to.
That's not very nice of you.
You won't always be a kid.
You'll grow up.
One day, you'll be a teenager.
You might want to leave her.
You're no exception to the rule.
All young adults want to leave home.
Boys, girls, everyone.
Not me.
You'll see.
When you are 14 or 15, you'll see.
I was just like you.
Please don't cry, Joseph.
I won't marry your mother, okay?
I promise, I won't.
Do you trust me?
Don't cry.
Don't cry, honey.
Do you still think she
poisoned your father?
I'm investigating it.
Will you keep me posted?
That depends.
It would be nice if you did.
Get going, you'll be late.
I won't go while I'm crying.
No one will notice it. Hurry up.
Is there something you want to tell me?
You told me that Joseph is Paul's son.
But when you told me that...
how did you know for sure?
Women know about such things.
Did you get yourself tested back then?
There was no need for that.
Without a blood test,
how did you know for sure?
I took a chance.
What do you mean by that?
I loved Paul and I loved you as well.
I could have two lovers
and love both, but...
my child could have only one father.
So I flipped a coin.
That's how I chose Paul.
Did Paul know about this?
Of course not.
I told him that Joseph was his son.
He accepted it, no questions asked.
He knew we were together.
Of course, he knew.
But he never asked me anything.
He accepted the child
without questioning me.
You didn't mind losing me?
It hurt at first.
And then...
I was upset because I
didn't get to choose you.
I did it for the sake of my child.
But I lost a man I truly loved.
I loved Paul as well.
As much as I loved you.
He was a very good father.
He took good care of Joseph.
Well then, you made the right choice.
You can put it that way.
Why are you here?
How are you?
-I need to have a word with you.
Want to get some coffee?
No, I won't be long.
Listen to me.
-I need to tell you something.
What is it?
I want Abel.
You don't really love him.
You don't love him
because you decided to marry my brother.
You chose Paul.
After he died, you took Abel in
just because you were alone.
You needed someone near you.
How does this concern you?
I can't take it anymore.
You live with Abel
and you don't love him.
And I've loved him forever.
Yes, me.
I can't explain why.
I don't understand myself.
So I'm asking you...
Please leave him for me.
What if I say no?
Then, it's war.
And we'll see who wins.
Why are you here?
I need to talk to you.
Is it urgent?
Meet me at the entrance.
-What is it? Is there a problem?
I met Marianne.
Okay. And?
And I told her everything.
About what?
About us.
What are you talking about?
Do you like me?
Yes, you...
You are very...
I like you.
But it's more than that.
Now you have to pay attention to me.
As a kid, you never noticed me.
But now...
You know, I'm not a virgin anymore.
Sure I had a few flings,
but they weren't good enough.
I mean it.
I had to think about you when I climaxed.
I'll never have another man, but you.
I'll wait for however long it takes.
All you have to do, is say...
Is this what you discussed
with Marianne?
What did you ask from her?
I asked for you.
What did she say?
That's between me and her.
I was in a war over Abel.
For several days, I wondered what to do.
Agree to fight?
I wasn't sure I'd win.
One night I had an idea.
A strange idea.
It took me by surprise.
Wake up.
I was thinking about something.
Make love to her.
To whom?
Once or twice. Just try it.
Maybe that should suffice.
What time is it? What's this about?
About Eve. Are you listening to me?
Paul's sister. Remember her?
I'm suggesting you make love to her.
-You may be surprised.
When I had the idea,
I was surprised as well.
The more I think about it,
the more I'm convinced.
I know she went to see you.
She told me.
I know she turns you on.
Don't deny it. She's pretty.
Why are you telling me this?
She says that I'm not good for you.
That you are her life,
and without you she will die of sorrow.
You're worried about her?
I don't care about her.
I'm worried about you.
I know you.
So, you're worried about me?
Of course.
I know what you are capable of.
I am pretty sure about you.
I know she's not your type.
But one never knows.
You're very easy to have.
As for her,
I'm sure it can only do her good.
What does that mean?
She'll probably feel...
Free from you.
Are you serious?
Do you realize what you are suggesting?
It's not what you would generally do.
You don't know me well.
What if I fall in love with her?
I'll run the risk.
I'm the one running the risk!
What risk?
The risk of losing you.
Trust me.
You are weaker than you think.
What do you mean by that?
Think about it.
If you do, there's something
I'd like to request.
Don't tell her it was my idea.
Why not?
I don't think that would be nice.
She was right.
I was weaker than I thought.
I thought I was strong enough
to go through with it.
Then and there, groggy as I was,
I knew I'd follow her advice.
It's me.
So, you finally called Eve.
She asked me to come over.
And you're going there right now?
It was your idea. Remember?
If you want, I'll stay.
No, go on.
I'll go only if you want me to.
-There's something I need to ask you.
-What is it?
Do you want me to help you
with your stuff?
What is it?
If I sleep with Eve...
If I do so, as per your advice.
Does that mean I should
also live with her?
That seems to be the case.
She asked me to get my stuff along.
But I don't need to move in with her
only because we are going to have sex.
You mean, you'll come back here at night?
Yes, why not?
Like you, when...
you saw Paul during the day
and came here at night.
You're still upset about that.
No, but sometimes I think about it.
It looks like you've made up your mind.
If you go, you go.
You asked me to sleep with her
a couple of times.
Imagine that we decide to live together
a little longer.
Okay, I'm imagining it.
So what do I do with my stuff?
Take it, or leave it?
Come on, Abel.
Her place is really small.
Can I leave some stuff here?
For a few days, maybe, but...
If you go, I may also want another man.
And he...
He can move in with me.
Do you already have someone?
Is that why you suggested this?
You already met someone?
That's none of your business.
How are you?
So you took them.
-Dad's shoes.
Yes. Do you mind?
Keep them.
They have holes in them.
-Are you okay?
-Yes, I'm fine.
Wait... there's more.
I work in real estate,
but look where I live.
It's not bad.
It's warm and cozy.
Wait a minute.
There's nothing in the fridge.
That's okay.
Do you want to eat something?
I'm not that hungry.
Do you want to wait for a bit?
Turn around.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Usually, this is what happens.
When you've wanted something
for a long time...
you often feel disappointed
when you finally get it.
I had won Abel almost without a fight.
And I already saw him differently.
He was there, near me.
He was mine.
A man like any other, in fact.
Do you like it?
It's delicious.
It's very good.
How is Marianne?
We don't see her anymore.
She's okay, I think.
It's time for the elections.
She must be busy.
Yes, I guess.
Enjoy your meal.
-Thanks a lot.
-Thank you.
It was my fault.
I had forgotten about my childhood,
for good.
I could tell.
Even my adolescence,
which I had been unwittingly prolonging.
Yes, this time, it was definitely over.
Was my life with Abel coming to an end?
Was I supposed to see him age every day...
for the rest of my life?
Is it true?
One day we'll be a hundred years old,
I suppose.
Yes. Well...
I don't know how we'll pay for retirement.
Or how we'll make the love last.
If we get it wrong,
we'll have time to back out.
It sucks, I have no basement.
-I need to clean the mess up.
-I can do it.
I'll do it.
There's a lot of stuff in here.
Our sex life wasn't good enough.
I had better orgasms with other guys
while thinking about him.
Now, who am I supposed to think about?
For a while I thought...
what if Abel doesn't come back?
If he doesn't,
he never really loved me.
He lived with me out of convenience.
That usually happens.
It happens with men and women as well.
Are you still not free for a date?
I'm free. But I'd like to stay free.
All right.
Have a nice evening.
At first, Eve called all her friends
to keep them posted.
But after three weeks,
she kissed me on my cheeks
and was happy with less sex.
I felt as if I was
becoming a burden to her.
I suggested that we find a bigger place,
but she didn't like anything.
It's not good enough.
She seemed attached to her room.
It was her territory.
I called Marianne a few times, discreetly.
She didn't answer my calls.
She never called back.
I tried not to think about them.
Eve had to leave for Paris
a couple of times.
She said it was something
regarding her family.
She left me alone in her studio.
I often wanted to call Marianne over.
And I missed Joseph.
Oddly enough.
Him again?
Yes, maybe.
I had to go abroad for four days.
Did it go well?
I found Eve radiating.
-Have you eaten anything?
-No, I haven't. I'm hungry.
While kissing, she said...
I was happy to be alone for a while.
It was great.
-What's wrong?
Are you feeling bad about it?
I didn't mean it that way.
She apologized later.
But the damage was done.
Thank you!
You are adorable!
Thank you.
Let me check that.
She said she adored me.
But deep down,
maybe all she felt for me was curiosity.
I even wondered if she was unfaithful.
"Luxury at the court was a rarity..."
Eventually I realized
how elegant Marianne was.
All I could think about was her.
"He wants to make them vote new taxes."
Sorry, it's "vote for."
Is Abel gone for long?
I don't know.
Just got out of school?
-How about a Coke?
-Sorry, I'm in a rush.
Can I walk with you?
Just a little.
All right.
I'm sure you are happy to be alone
with your mother.
I don't know.
Aren't you happy?
You're not alone?
Is there someone else at home?
Do you know the truth about Abel?
What truth?
My mom sent him to you.
Are you serious?
She asked him to be with you.
How do you know about this?
Listen to it.
Yes, the heating was recently overhauled.
See you. Thanks.
I hope he didn't forget anything.
Well, at least she knows the truth.
Now, all I have to do
is speak to Marianne.
She won't answer my calls.
So, I'll go see her.
She must be at her office right now.
-I'm looking for Marianne.
-So am I.
Okay. Where is she?
At the Senate,
or probably at the Parliament.
-Okay. Thanks.
-You are welcome.
-Why are you looking for her?
-I can't tell you why.
Any message for her?
Don't bother!
I'm a journalist.
I'm late for the session.
-Go on.
-Thank you.
The time is right. I must tell her.
Come here! Stop!
I'm going to lose her!
We'll be there in two minutes.
Copy that.
What are you doing here?
Just waiting for you.
Should we talk about it or not?
We rather not.
So, what should we talk about?
We don't have to talk about anything.
Hi, there.
-This way, please.
-Thank you.
Hello, there.
-Good to see you.
-Same here. Bye.
Did you see that?
Why did he say that he was gay?
-I'll ask him.
-Stop! Don't be crazy.
Do you still think that I poisoned Paul?
Every day.
As your son would say...
I just need a motive.
Don't answer that.
All right.
It's from his school.
Yes, it's me.
No, he didn't tell me anything.
I'll take care of it.
I'll keep you posted.
Thank you.
What is it?
Joseph is missing.
-Does he know about us?
-Not yet.
-Where are we going?
Have you seen Joseph?
My son. He comes here very often.
Little Joseph! Yes.
I wasn't here this morning.
Have you seen little Joseph?
No, not today.
I'll call you if I see him.
Wait, excuse me.
-We can go to the cops.
-Please wait.
Who are you calling?
Hello, Marianne.
I didn't think about that.
Come on!
Thank you very much.
Thank you!
No, please wait!