A Fan's Guide to Ms. Marvel (2022) Movie Script

My parents would give me
$20 of allowance every month.
I would spend it on comic books.
And then one day,
I picked up a Ms. Marvel comic
'cause it was, like, I've never seen
a brown person on the cover of one.
And I read it, fell in love with her.
It's so cool.
The idea of Kamala Khan
came around 2012, 2013.
The entire point of it
was to be able to create a character
that not even just, like, looked like me,
but really was for a fan like me,
and for, hopefully, like,
my nephews and my nieces,
to create content for them.
KEVIN FEIGE: Kamala Khan
is right alongside Peter Parker
as a relatable kid,
who, at the other end of that, is thrust
into a remarkably rich new mythology.
She was just so captivating and fun,
and she had problems that I had.
She had boy troubles,
and she had problems in school.
Iron Man helped her
with her physics homework.
It was, like, she was a kid
and it showed, and, like,
growing up with little
to no representation, I needed that.
It was basically Marvel Comics saying,
"Hey, you're not alone."
Yeah, that whole year when I fell in love
with Ms. Marvel, I dressed up as her.
I went to the thrift store,
I got a blue dress.
I did the whole thing.
I went to school the next day.
People were like, "Are you the Flash?"
Iman Vellani. What can I say?
That girl is Kamala Khan 110%.
Feels like it's destined.
-MAN: Hey, Iman, how do you feel?
-Really cool.
-MAN: Oh, yeah?
-I'm a superhero.
Her story of Iman Vellani
is the story of Kamala Khan.
This is a story of a teenage girl
that is a huge fan of the Avengers
and would love to be one day,
maybe, part of them,
but don't really think that
she's ever gonna be there.
-Yes. Yes.
She's way bigger than me. She knows...
She knows everything under the sun
about Marvel and the superheroes.
I'm a big fan, but not as big as she is.
BRUNO: What does it feel like?
Kamala Khan is a teenage girl
growing up in Jersey City
who is given the powers
to become a part of this world
that she's always wanted to be a part of,
superheroes, the Avengers,
the Marvel Universe.
I'm a superhero. Oh, yay!
Through the series, you see
she learns the extent of her powers.
She learns what is possible.
-My powers!
-They're getting activated.
-Her powers just got introduced.
VELLANI: Despite what Kamala's superpowers
are, she has a very strong heart
and she's very steadfast in her values
and, you know, in her beliefs,
and that's what drives her
and that's what makes her
such a great hero,
and that's the journey
that we see her taking,
just finding little bits and pieces
of what make her so unique
and separate
from the rest of the Avengers.
We're trying to stay professional,
but it's really hard when you have
-all this fun stuff around you.
-It's so fun.
It's finally happening. We're finally
bringing Ms. Marvel to the screen.
First on a Disney+ series,
and then she'll be joining Carol Danvers
in the next Captain Marvel movie.
So, it's very exciting
to be able to reveal the plan
that we've been working on for many years.
Finally now, it's underway.
I got this, right?
VELLANI: There is that giant pressure with
this being a first of a lot of things.
I just have so much love
for the character,
which is why I auditioned
in the first place. I had no choice.
I know my 10-year-old self would hate me
if I didn't audition.
Ms. Marvel.
-Ms. Marvel.
-I have the... I have the mask, though.
But I am her.
I can't even put it into words
how cool this is.
It's... It's very...
My heart is very full.
I always thought
I wanted this kind of life.
But I never imagined any of this.