A Father's Love (2024) Movie Script

It has started!
It has started! Hold on.
Good morning, Lagos!
What's going on? How are things with you?
This morning is as sweet as
sweet potatoes and croaker fish.
As you go out today,
no matter the challenges you encounter
on the road, always remember that
"aluta continua, victoria ascerta!"
- Thief!
- Thief!
- Thief!
- Thief!
- Thief!
- Hey!
Catch that boy! Catch him, let me
I'll beat him!
- Before I proceed with the show,
- Beat him! Slap him!
- Let me play you a lovely song.
- Beat him hard!
Do not forget that
this is Good Morning Lagos
with your one
and only Big Sis on 97.7 Gidi FM.
Don't go anywhere. I will be right back!
Madam, please sell me
akara worth 100 naira.
- You said 100, right?
- Yes, ma.
You do not want yam?
- No, I don't.
- See, I added extra.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Thank you.
- Mommy
- No, no.
Please, I do not have strength right now.
Where are my people?
My double blessings.
- How are you both?
- Fine.
- Did you miss me?
- Yes!
I missed you guys too.
I bought you something.
- Do you want to see it?
- Yes.
This one is for you.
Thank you!
This one is for you.
Thank you, Dad!
- Oh, my daddy!
- Thank you.
Ahn ahn! Madam, take it easy.
You can see that he's a small boy.
I beg you.
I beg you!
I have being standing for up to 18 hours.
I am tired.
I don't have strength.
Do you hear me?
- Or should I get you another nurse?
- No, madam. Madam Nurse
It hasn't gotten to that.
Please don't blame my wife.
She is worried because of the pain
our child is going through.
I understand.
Thank you.
But you should understand that
the patients outnumber the nurses here.
- True.
- So you too should understand us.
Thank you, it is true.
- One must just manage it.
- Yes.
- I will
- Ah, no.
Rachael, save that energy for Junior.
Er, I want to go see the doctor.
I will be right back, okay?
- Ah.
- Mr. David.
this blood issue, is there no other way?
Maybe, medicine or injection?
Because I don't understand
Well, we're experiencing
an emergency right now.
Your son is in a bad condition.
That's why we're doing
a blood transfusion.
I don't know whether I can do this.
- Did you give him a lot?
- No.
No, just 200 ml.
I will pay for everything,
and for the blood.
There is another way
to pay, aside from money.
Because we need blood.
We need blood in our blood bank.
Let me take the children, let's go home.
Is it not too late now?
Yes, it is late.
But you know that
they must go to school tomorrow morning.
And I also need to go to work
as we still owe some money here.
And I gave them all the money I made
from today's akara sales.
I do not know what to do
about tomorrow's ingredients.
Don't worry about that.
My sweetheart
don't worry, alright?
Just do one thing for me.
Just stay here and take care of our boy.
Once I take them home, I will go to work.
Once we are discharged
from here, we will discuss that.
- Alright?
- I am tired.
Don't worry.
My sweetheart.
Is anybody alighting at this junction?
Okay, alright.
Let me park properly.
Please don't because of these
these police officers.
No, no. I have given you your change.
Madam, please alight. Please.
I've given you your change.
Shut the door gently.
- Can I alight?
- Wait, let me park properly.
Please, open the door gently.
Good morning, Dad.
Dad, good morning.
Good morning.
Alright, go get ready for school.
- Okay?
- Hmm.
Where are those biscuits
your mom gives you for a school snack?
The biscuits are finished, Dad.
The biscuits are finished?
Don't worry.
I will give you 100 naira
to buy biscuits, alright?
On my way from work today,
I'll buy you something, okay?
Thank you, Dad.
Alright, be on your way.
is Junior going to get better soon?
He is always sick.
And Mom, she is always worried.
My baby
we will keep praying
for everything to be alright.
We will do our best for him to be fine.
Then all of us will be okay, alright?
Alright, be on your way,
so that you won't be late.
Driver, it seems like
you really enjoy this job of yours.
- What can we do we just thank God.
- Right?
Yes, my brother.
- We thank God.
- Well done.
Thank you, ma.
Ahn ahn. What
Ah, what's wrong?
I am trying to
What's the matter?
Hey, Jesus Christ!
So you are plying the road with
a faulty car, carrying passengers around?
These things happen, sometimes.
I'm sorry. I'll fix it.
Don't you know you should check
the car before hitting the road?!
How do I get to my destination now?
You say I shouldn't get angry. Why should
Why won't I be angry?
What are you doing now?
Don't be angry, I'll get you another taxi.
- Let me just try
- Hurry, hurry!
Go find another taxi!
- I'll try one more time.
- What do you mean, one more time?
The car is not moving,
you say you want to try it one more time!
Keep your car in good condition.
Keeping a rickety car
on the road to transport passengers!
Look how you've lost money now!
Thank you.
Go start it.
Rev it!
I said, rev it!
I'm revving it.
Good! Turn it off.
Okay, that's it.
- I will give you the money.
- Ah.
But please you must pay back this weekend.
I want to use it
to buy parts for my client's car.
I beg you.
I will pay back.
I just want to pay the hospital bill.
Ladi and Junior are in the hospital.
So, I need to pay the bill.
No problem.
Be right back.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Mom said we should
always keep our shoes inside.
Close my door.
You have to go take your bath.
you have to take
your bath with cold water.
I am too tired to boil water for you.
You understand?
Let's go.
My sweetheart.
Don't worry, okay?
Everything will be fine, somehow.
Okay, let me go cook you something to eat.
No, no, don't worry.
- Why not?
- I want to hit the road.
Hit the road this night?
But you and I agreed
you won't do this anymore.
My love, it is too dangerous.
And you must be tired already.
Are you not tired?
Are you the one who's tired?
See you know that I owe Panshak.
The money I paid the hospital
was loaned to me by Panshak.
Do you understand?
And the groceries we have at home
won't last more than two days.
- I have planned
- Okay, okay.
Let me see if I can borrow
some money from Mama Ekpens.
I will increase the ingredients,
I'll fry more akara.
I'll fry day and night, then I
I can't just sit around.
I know. You're doing more than enough.
You are doing a whole lot.
But don't worry, alright?
- Don't worry.
- No, no!
Don't wake your brother up.
Tread softly.
Go and shower.
Yes, Mom.
When are we going to leave this kind of
- this
- Condition.
I can't answer that question now.
But I know that, one day,
two days, three days
as I continue to work,
things will get better.
Come here.
Don't worry, alright?
Everything will be alright.
As long as I continue working.
As long as there's life, there's hope.
Where are you? You didn't return home?
Don't be angry, please.
I slept off.
But it's not bad. You know
business is better in the morning.
I will just continue the work from here.
Sorry, don't be angry, please.
But you'll be back home tonight, right?
Yes, yes. I will come home.
You are doing well. Very well.
My God will bless you.
Amen. Thank you.
Egbeda, Egbeda! Enter!
Mile Two, Mile Two!
Mile Two, Egbeda! Enter!
And that is the hottest jams
in Lagos right now.
It is played at every party.
Ah, Aunty, your change!
You deserve it!
Thank you!
Thank you.
Wow! Give me the vibe.
Panshak, I have your money!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Oh boy!
- Ah.
- Hmm.
You know that I promised Ladi
that I will establish
a big restaurant for her here in Lagos.
I know.
- Boy!
- Man
you're doing well.
At least you've started saving the money.
Before you know it, boom!
It will be complete.
Ahn ahn.
My friend.
You broke the piggy bank again?
Come on, friend!
For the 15th time.
don't be bothered.
I heard that the guy
who invented electricity,
Michael Faraday,
he tried 1000 times
and got electrocuted on the last try.
I thought you were clever.
- I am knowledgeable.
- I was listening to you,
- thinking you were making sense.
- I am knowledgeable.
My brother, don't worry.
Take this money.
Get a new piggy bank
and start saving afresh.
For the 16th time?
For the 16th time,
my brother. Start again.
You did good.
No problem, my friend.
No problem.
You see,
very soon,
everything will be alright.
We will be totally fine.
No problem.
God bless you.
No problem.
It's my wife calling me.
Yes, I'mI'll I'll be on my way now.
Yes, yes.
I will take my leave now, okay?
No worries.
Thank you.
I say, very soon
everything will get easier.
Thank you.
We will be alright.
Hold on.
There's a baby crying. Can you hear it?
I can hear it.
I can hear it.
Is it from my car?
Yes, it's your car.
Open it.
No, you open it.
My friend.
You own the car,
you have the key, open it.
Who left a child?
Who left a child?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe the mother could be in the park.
- What what kind of problem is this?!
- Come on!
Can't somebody just stay without trouble?
Hey! Oh, God!
Excuse me. Someone left
a baby in my car, was it you?
It wasn't you?
Please did any woman
come here to look for a child?
- No.
- Nobody came?
- Ha!
- Hey!
Please did any of you see
a woman leave a baby?
Hey, Jesus Christ!
Please, someone forgot
her baby inside my car.
The baby is not even two months old yet.
Did you see its mother?
You don't
So, any luck?
I have asked and asked,
I didn't see anybody who saw anybody
who is looking for the child.
What do we do now?
Officer, I swear,
I am not lying.
This child is not mine.
I came here for you to assist me.
Assist you in what way? For what reason?
I told you that I went
to my friend's workshop.
- When I got there
- What were you doing in a workshop?
Are you a mechanic?
No, Officer. He came to give me something.
Then he suggested
we stayed to have a beer.
Will you keep quiet, my friend?!
Was I talking to you?
Sorry, sir.
Did I hear you say "beer"?
Yes. We drank beer.
Oh, you mean you were
driving under the influence
What do you mean,
"driving under the influence"?
with a baby in the car?
Have you seen this kind
of reckless "dembengament,"
em, dembengament enbengarment
- endangerment?
- Book these people!
No, no.
It has not gotten to that.
I do not want problem.
I only came to report the case so
it doesn't seem like I kidnapped the baby.
Kidnap? Mister, this baby is yours.
You just want to give
your problem to the government.
You don't want your wife
to know that you have a baby outside.
I have three children!
My friend, shut up! Shut your mouth!
See, in this our line of duty,
we have seen many people like you.
What you do is go about having
and releasing children like albums.
You see this one?
This has exposed you.
Officer, calm down.
- You see?!
- See
Oh, look at this man. An arrest
Your arrest seems imminent.
You are disturbing police work here.
Mr. Man, this thing is not difficult.
It is not difficult at all.
Just take this baby home,
apologize to your wife and
take care of this baby. Simple!
And if I hear that you dropped
this baby anywhere else,
I will personally find and arrest you.
And he really knows how to find people.
You are not even
And as you're leaving, eh
don't use that thing of yours
to impregnate another woman,
and bring another baby here
- with another story.
- Giving us a new story.
If it's not in the car, it's in the house.
Sharp shooter.
Er, Officer, please
Are they still there?
Sergeant Okoro, arrest those men!
Will you leave here!
- Out!
- Carry that baby!
Arrest these men!
Promiscuous bastard!
Oh God.
How do I go about this now?
I don't even know what I
Let's take him
to a church.
It's the house of God.
They won't throw him away.
Let's just go drop him there.
Leave the baby.
Or you want to pray first?
Come on!
If I drop this baby here now
and nobody comes out to take him,
anything can happen to him.
Okay, so
you don't want to drop him here, right?
Where do you want to take him to?
it seems you like trouble.
Truly, you like trouble.
Is it a lie?
I I'll take him home.
I will explain everything to Ladi.
I can't leave the baby here.
I just can't.
but how will she feel?
How will she feel?
I believe that if I
if I explain everything to her,
she will understand.
I don't understand.
What are you saying?
My sweetheart
I was shocked as well.
But I saw him inside my car,
in the back seat.
What should I have done?
- Should I have thrown him by the roadside?
- No.
But you should have, er
but to bring him to our home.
Where should I have taken him?
I told you that I even
took him to the police station.
They almost arrested your husband.
Only God saved me from that.
You know how Nigeria is.
I know but
I don't know
I don't know what to
You know things are hard for us
and the children we already have.
Bringing a strange child
as an addition to the family?
Bring your voice down.
Don't be angry.
I think what you said is true.
I understand.
Please don't be angry.
This country
If not for the fact
that things are so bad,
we should have taken
the baby to a better place,
like government facilities for orphans.
What you have just said
is the reason I had the guts
to bring the baby home.
Because I do not trust these government
establishments you just spoke about.
The only place I trust is this home,
and it is because of you.
I know the child will be okay here,
you will be able to take care of him.
Mother of twins.
Sweet mother.
Bring him.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ahn ahn!
Look how clueless these men are!
They just left you
in your poop for a long time.
It's okay
You're fine, okay?
Don't cry anymore, okay?
I will give you some milk, okay?
I'll give you food now, okay?
Please bring me hot water from the flask.
- Oh, okay.
- Put it in Junior's baby bath.
- Alright, okay.
- Good.
Junior's old clothes
should still be there.
Yes, they are.
And one or two napkins should be inside.
Bring them for me.
Small man.
Don't worry.
We need to buy baby food.
And milk.
We have only a little milk left.
Okay, then.
I'll buy some when I go to work.
I'm just thinking, where could she be now?
I mean the baby's mother.
Is she even thinking of the baby at all?
Is she thinking about this baby?
I have also thought about it.
- But I'll still search for her.
- How?
In this big Lagos?
What else can I do?
- I have to keep searching for her.
- Where will you find her?
Once I get into my taxi and take off
I can find anything.
This is Late Night Radio on 97.7 Gidi FM.
The real deal in Africa.
Keep listening to our night jams
as we put the whole of Lagos in a mood
to relax and sleep.
And when you wake up tomorrow morning,
make sure you tune in
as our Big Sis takes you
on a great new day
with Good morning Lagos.
Alright, first turning on your right.
- Thank you.
- Hmm. You're welcome.
What can I do for you?
please don't be offended.
I'm not offended.
Can I speak with Big Sis?
Do you have an appointment?
So you expect to speak with her?
Or you think just anyone gets to see her?
She is very busy.
Many people are here to see her but she's
Helen! Do you have another
number for Miss Keswet?
I have been trying
her number since and it's not available.
She ought to be on air 15 minutes!
I I don't have any other number.
Eh, you!
Aunty, please,
I want to speak with you.
May I speak with you?
Who is this man with a baby?
I don't know him.
My name is David Nwachukwu.
I am a taxi driver.
I drive a car.
Please, I want to see Big Sis.
Big Sis?
What's the matter?
This baby that I am holding,
somebody abandoned him
in my taxi last night.
I've being searching for his mother.
I do not know who she is.
I do not know where she is.
So, I want to know if Big Sis can help me.
So, you are saying that
this baby is not yours?
He is not mine.
He said you will help him
find the baby's mother.
Mr. er
This story
you are telling
are you sure it is true?
I can't lie using a baby.
I swear, I'm not lying.
We'll go on in air five minutes.
You will be on my show.
And tell Lagos your story yourself.
Let's hear what Lagos has to say.
- Alright?
- Okay.
Five minutes.
See, Mr. David
when you enter,
you'll see microphones and other things.
Don't be afraid.
Just tell the story as it happened.
Good morning, Lagos!
Ah, Junior's mom.
- Welcome!
- Thank you very much.
- It's your Big Sis
- Thank you.
- On the air again.
- Junior. How are you?
Fine, thank you.
special segment we call
"Share Your Story With Lagos,"
on 97.7 Gidi FM.
This is Big Sis on Gidi FM.
Things are happening
in this Lagos of ours.
The person with me on the show
right now, is Mr. David Nwachukwu.
David is a good Nigerian who works hard,
struggling in this economy of ours that
looks like Shatta Wale when he frowns.
David has a story to share with you.
You won't hear the story from me
because as the white man says,
"it's better to hear
from the horse's mouth."
David, tell Lagos your story.
Good morning, Lagos.
My name is David Nwachukwu.
And I'm a taxi driver.
I am here today
because I am searching
for the mother of a baby
that somebody abandoned
in my taxi yesterday.
I have walked up and down,
searching for this baby's mother,
until my friend advised me.
He said to take the baby to a church.
I took the baby to a church.
I even took the baby to a police station.
They didn't do a single thing.
They didn't offer any help.
Help, indeed.
Keep waiting!
- Since I had tried all I could
- Do you hear him?
I had no idea what else to do.
So I took the baby to my home.
Big Sis
it seems like you don't believe me.
Oh, er, that's how my face is.
Er, it doesn't matter what I believe.
The main thing is what Lagos believes.
And we will open the phone lines now
so callers can tell us what they think.
The first call we already have three.
Funke, we can hear you.
Er this story seems strange.
I mean
of all the cars in Lagos,
why did the woman choose yours
to leave her baby in?
For me, it is suspicious.
Thank you.
- Suspicious, how?
- That's one opinion.
- Why?
- We shall hear more.
Hello, Dapo.
Hello, Big Sis, what's up?
What's up?
You sure this man isn't a killer
who wants to use the baby for rituals?
There is something fishy here.
Something fishy indeed.
He said a ritual.
If it were a ritual, why would he go
to the radio to announce it?
Just speaking carelessly on the radio.
Useless mouth!
Okay, Chidi.
We can hear you.
Hello, Big Sis.
Brother David, well done.
I want to say that
life is not easy in this Nigeria.
People are looking for fruit of the womb,
and somebody just throws a child away.
The story is unpalatable.
But you have done
a good thing to care for this child,
and God Almighty will surely bless you.
Thank you, my brother.
God bless you too.
God bless you too for what you have said.
I don't know if I agree
with the last speaker,
but this is Nigeria,
so anything can happen.
I know where this is going.
Very soon, we will hear,
I can't find the mother of this baby.
I don't have enough money
to take care of him.
Please donate money
for me to take care of the child."
Look, it's all a means to get money.
I'd be happy to donate my money.
But first, I suggest that
Mr. David takes a DNA test
to show us
- to prove to us
- What a smart idea!
that the child is not actually his.
- Then
- Wait.
Wait, wait
What is DNA test? Why should I do it?
DNA test is what
will convince Lagos and I that truly
the baby is not yours.
They will take a sample from you
and take a sample from baby and test them.
Then will find out if you
and the baby are not related.
But at, I don't need that.
What brought me here is simple.
Somebody left a baby in my car.
I saw the baby
and I am looking for his mother.
What, what ah
Why all this?
Okay, because I came and sat here,
searching for help for the baby,
they start insulting me?
What does this have
to do with ritual killers?
Now, someone said
I want to scam Lagosians.
Ah! Sir,
why are you getting angry?
Why are you upset?
If you are not the father, like you said,
then you should not be worried
about a DNA test.
- True.
- Look
the DNA test,
is the proof you will show everyone
to confirm that your story is true.
Bro, this is not an argument!
Truly, it is not an argument.
And I know we all still
have things we want to say
but let us present it well because
on this show, we don't quarrel.
Eh, Celestina, we can hear you.
Story, story story!
Mr. David, you are a joker.
Do you hear me?
The baby is your baby.
Don't come here pretending
and telling fake stories.
Celestina, why would he do that?
Didn't we just say
we don't argue on this studio.
Big Sis, is it not men?
I am a single mother
and I know what I experienced.
I suffered in the hands of men.
I am sure this man seating
got a woman pregnant.
Then she left him the baby
and he doesn't want
to tell his wife the truth.
So he came here to tell stories that
touch the heart to deceive Nigerians.
Well done, you hear?
- Well done, Mr. David!
- Idiot!
You are crazy!
We have one more caller
and this one is a doctor.
Great! Let's hear
what the doctor has to say.
My name is Doctor Nnamdi.
I am the clinical pathologist
of True Test Center.
We run DNA tests
and I'm quite interested in this story.
We are located at 15 Allen Street.
We would be happy to run
this DNA test free for Mr. David.
Boss, we have a problem.
Be right there.
Sir, look.
I didn't come here to receive insults.
I have told you. I can't do this test.
I don't want to do the test.
I understand that you are angry.
But won't you want
to prove to your your wife
and to your family
that the child is not yours?
Maybe you can
I don't have to prove anything to my wife.
My wife trusts me.
The baby is not mine, simple!
I only came here to help this
David, um The doctor said you won't pay.
I didn't come here to tell lies.
Neither did I come here for any test.
I only came here
to look for the mother of this
Its my fault.
I'm a good man, right?
It's my fault.
Em, Big sis
Thank you very much,
for giving me your time.
Thank you for the things
you bought for the baby.
Let me go away with my issues.
Wait, David!
- being insulted
- Wait!
- No, no.
- Ahn ahn!
- No.
- You get angry so easily.
Think about it.
I brought myself here
because I'm a good man.
That's why these kids are insulting me.
It's okay.
It's okay. Take my card.
Please take it.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you.
What do you think?
The abandoned baby is still there.
David, the man I saw today, is a man
who is working hard
to cater for his own children.
You all know that the stress in Nigeria
can break even
the most hardworking person.
It will break you.
So my Big Sis suggestion is
All of us should If he
agrees to do the DNA test
and it proves the baby is not his,
all of us should come together
to open a GoFundMe account
for this innocent baby?
What do you think? Hmm?
I will open the call lines again.
Let me hear your thoughts.
Because I know
already you all have a lot to say.
We already have two people online.
Okay Hello.
Daddy, welcome.
Hey, Junior!
Take it easy so you won't injure the baby.
Alright, go and play.
They bought the baby food and pampers.
They did well.
God will bless them.
You listened to the
to the show?
I listened to the show
I heard everything discussed.
They even called me asking me
if I know anything about the child.
So you heard when they accused me?
That's what hurt me the most.
I won't listen to that show anymore.
I was so ashamed.
I was hurt.
I know.
Hope you didn't
think that I did what they said I did
You are my husband.
I trust you.
You are a good man.
This is Lagos.
People will always talk carelessly.
So you don't think
I should do that DNA test?
So I shouldn't do it?
Don't do it.
Father of twins!
Daddy of twins, how are you doing?
I am fine.
Won't you buy bread today?
No, not today.
I'll go home to eat.
My wife's food is sweeter.
No problem.
Alright. Thank you.
My love.
I hope your day went well.
Went well?
How will it go well
when they are laughing at me?
Laugh at you?
Yes of course.
My fellow taxi drivers at the park.
I heard that even the baby
they said you're his father.
Don't mind those silly people.
That child is not mine.
Even the women who sell food,
and those who sell alcohol
They are all laughing at me
because of that
that DNA matter on the radio.
But did anybody say anything to you?
No! But I know they're thinking about it.
Kauna's Dad!
Please rest.
No one is laughing at you.
You are right.
Maybe it's because I worked
so hard today and became tired.
Maybe that why I'm just getting angry.
What about you?
Why haven't you rested?
There's so much work.
There's so much work to do.
why are you avoiding me?
You're not looking at me.
What's the problem?
I don't know.
I don't know what else to say.
You know that
we have had Auta with us for sometime now.
He's now like our own child.
- So?
- What if his mother comes to take him?
What are we going to do?
How would it turn out?
It won't be fair on the children too.
It's not like
we even have enough money for all these
We haven't even paid for Junior's
Do you want the baby to leave?
I don't even know.
I don't even know if I'm making sense.
I like the name you gave the baby.
Last born, right?
It's a very good name.
The name is sweet.
Even today, the baby just laughed.
Somehow in that moment
the baby just looked like you!
I don't mean it that way.
I don't mean it that way.
I know.
Sir, thank very much!
If not for you,
I would have missed this interview.
- Don't worry, madam.
- God bless you!
- I wish you good luck at your interview.
- Amen!
Madam, look. Here's your change.
No, no problem. Keep it.
It's just a little something
for this favour you did me.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
God bless you. I wish you luck.
Amen, and you too!
Good woman.
Our office is at number 15 Allen Street.
That's all, right? Only the swab?
The cheek swab of you and the baby.
Oh, okay.
You can bring the baby here we will
No, I
I can't bring the boy here.
Please, is there no other way?
Okay, we will give you a mouth swab.
You should have woken me up.
I know you didn't sleep well last night.
That's why I said
we should leave to rest a little.
Thank you.
Hope you all prayed for me?
- Yes.
- These ones?
They didn't just pray,
they also danced very well!
Did you dance too?
This baby has pooped again.
Didn't I just change your diaper,
and you've pooped again.
Don't bother, I will do that for you.
Let me change him for you.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
You should rest.
- Poopy, poopy
- Poopy diaper, soils himself
How are you? Shame!
- Poopy, poopy
- Poopy diaper, soils himself
How are you? Shame!
- Shame, shame Shame!
- Poopy, poopy
Soils himself
How are you? Shame!
So, the mouth swab,
you will place it in the right cheek.
One on the right cheek.
You will swish it around.
- Inside?
- Yes.
- Swish it inside.
- Okay.
Great. We will give you another one
to place inside his left cheek.
Then you will swish it around
for up to one minute.
So when you're done,
put it inside the container and close it.
- Poopy, poopy
- Soils himself
How are you? Shame!
- Poopy, poopy
- Soils himself
And when you come for your test,
make sure you don't eat,
drink or brush your teeth.
- Ah!
- Just come as you are.
Doctor. Doctor, why would
you say something like that?
How can you say
I shouldn't brush my teeth?
I'm a taxi driver.
Imagine if I woke up in the morning
without brushing my teeth.
Then I picked up passengers,
and I opened my mouth to talk to them
Mr. David
find a way. Find it way to do it, okay?
- Okay.
- That's alright.
My friend, look how relaxed you are!
Why shouldn't I be relaxed?
I've paid you back your money.
I've paid my landlord half of my rent.
My wife is also happy.
Why wouldn't I be relaxed?
There's peace at home.
I've done that thing I told you about.
What's that?
That DNA test.
I just did it anyway.
Just like that.
Or is Ladi suspicious of you?
Not at all.
In fact she said I shouldn't do it.
Your wife isn't suspicious.
And you don't suspect yourself.
That means you already know
the result of the test.
Okay, when will the result be out?
They will call to inform me.
But that's not my business.
What I care about is that
when the result is out,
Ladi will know that I'm not telling lies.
All the gossip
from those gossips will stop!
Ah! Ah, no. Look, the gossip won't stop.
But it's good you did the DNA test.
You must announce the result
on the radio when it's out.
So that your enemies will shut up.
I I don't know.
What I know is that at least
Ladi will know that I didn't do it.
That's enough for me.
My friend, at least
everybody will be
- alright!
- Alright!
Mama Ekpens,
hello, ma.
Mama Ekpens, please. Please.
You know I'll pay you back
when I get the money.
I always pay you back. Please.
Mother of twins, I have been patient.
The problem is that you're always in debt.
Look, I just came back from the market
and things are expensive.
I cannot continue
to do business like this.
You're supposed to pay me.
Mama Ekpens, please.
You know the situation of things.
Times are hard.
But you know that
when I get money, I'll pay you back.
Mama Ekpens, look my children.
They haven't eaten
because there's no food.
Look at my children.
Only because of these children.
You know I like you.
You're a good woman
who doesn't make trouble.
But the problem is that you owe too much.
I will give you three cups now, okay?
It's only for today.
But when you come here next time,
you'll pay for this one
before I give you another one.
No problem.
- Do you hear me?
- I hear you.
Mama Ekpens!
Thank you.
Madam, I want to buy akara.
How much akara do you want?
Two hundred naira worth.
You don't want yam?
Madam sell akara! I want only akara.
- Add extra!
- I will.
I always add extra for you.
See? I've added extra.
Thank you.
How's your baby?
Can't you hear him?
He's been crying since.
- I want to buy akara.
- Ah my sister, you're welcome.
Thank you.
- How much?
- One hundred naira worth.
Give me one minute, okay?
- You don't want er
- I don't want that burnt one.
I won't give you a burnt one.
You don't want yam?
I want only akara.
- What will I use to turn it?
- Please help me
See it here.
Add extra.
I added extra for you.
You know I treat you well.
I've added extra for you.
If you can't finish it, I'm here.
Stop playing with your food.
Daddy, welcome.
How are you guys doing?
We're fine.
How are you?
I'm fine, Daddy.
Mama Ekpens?
I came back with er, something small.
At least,
this one will last us for some days.
I'm done!
Good boy!
Good boy! Well done,
you finished your food.
- Hmm?
- Dad.
- Are you done with your assignments?
- Yes.
Oh, good.
Cold drinks, zobo drink!
Toll gate for 400 naira, toll gate!
Toll gate for 400 naira, toll gate!
Toll gate for 400 naira, toll gate!
Do it well, okay?
There's something
in Yes. Thank you.
Am I speaking with David Nwachukwu?
Yes, that's me. I'm the one.
I'm calling from True Test Center.
We took samples for a DNA test
from you and an infant.
Ah, yes! It's me.
Are the results ready?
Yes, sir. You can come and collect them.
I am coming right now.
I will be on my way.
Thank you.
I'll tickle you.
You want to tickle me?
I'll tickle you.
- I'll tickle you.
- You'll blind me!
You'll fall down. This boy!
This boy!
Mama, the mama!
- You frightened me.
- Sorry.
- Junior!
- Yes.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
Is everything okay?
Everything is okay.
Please, sit down.
Your husband has news for you.
- Really?
- Good news!
- Oh yes!
- Daddy, welcome!
Hey, my double blessings.
How are you guys?
Ah! Junior, come let's go and see.
Everyone, come.
- Really?
- Yes.
Did you make a lot of money today?
That will happen. But that's not it.
You remember the test I told you about?
The one I told you about that DNA thing?
I have done the test
and they have given me the result.
- And?
- I'm not Auta's father!
Er, it seems you're not happy
about what I said.
Why did you do it?
I thought we both had an agreement.
I told you that I believe you.
But you can't blame me.
You too saw how people were talking.
They wanted to
They were accusing me,
claiming I'd done something funny.
I started thinking that
maybe you believed them too.
How much did you spend for this test?
It is free.
That's good.
So what happens now?
What does that mean?
You know
The baby.
Does it mean that they will take
Auta away from here?
Is that what you're scared of?
No! How?
That's not possible!
Of course not!
I just don't know.
No, no.
You know that
he's now like our own child.
Eh, maybe
Maybe God will bless us
because we took care of him.
What if he is the blessing?
Dad brought malt drinks for us.
Malt and suya!
- And suya.
- And suya?
Hey Remove your hand!
What's going on?
Now that
Are we safe?
- I wonder why you're coming to my shop.
- We are safe.
Can't you see I brought
a malt drink along?
Since you're working,
you can't drink beer now.
Even I am going back to work afterwards.
So everything is under control.
Bringing an ice cold
malt drink to my office
Hope there's no problem?
You know that, er, thing
- That DNA test I told you about.
- Yes.
The result is out.
And they said I'm not
the father of the child.
Were you expecting something different?
You don't understand.
All this gossip will stop.
And even my wife too, Ladi
- Was Ladi suspicious of you? Come on!
- No!
But you know women.
No problem.
No problem.
There's no problem.
Come, tighten
Come tighten this side.
Mr. David,
What's up? How are you doing?
I am very fine.
That's how it should be.
I would like you to come to the hospital.
There's something urgent
I want to tell you.
Urgent matter?
Is everything okay?
Is my child okay?
Doctor, talk to me please!
Oh, yes.
Mr. David. Just come
to the hospital so we can talk.
Tell me the issue over the phone, Doctor.
This is not a phone discussion.
Just come to the hospital
and I'll tell you about it.
Okay. I am on my way.
What's the matter?
General Clinic.
They said I should come.
Let me start going there
because I don't know why this
why he is acting that way.
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Check, er
Try to start it.
Come in.
What I want to tell you
is a very serious issue.
I see that you're a very hardworking man.
And you love your family.
The last time we admitted your son here
you donated blood.
But when we ran the tests,
we noticed that
the genotype
was not the same as yours.
Your genotype is AA.
Your son's is SS.
There is no way that
a person with an AA genotype
can have a child with an SS genotype.
What that means is that you
cannot be Junior's father.
- Mom.
- No, please!
It's okay.
- Ladi. Is all well?
- Panshak. Yes?
All is well. Have you seen David?
He didn't come home last night.
And his phone,
is not going through.
Oh God!
Uh, maybe his taxi broke down on the road,
then he decided to sleep there
Then why didn't he call me?
Why didn't he call me?
His phone is switched off.
You're not even aware
his phone is switched off.
Ladi, please just
Please, help me call him.
Dial his number for me.
It's probably my network, or my phone.
I just don't understand
No problem.
Your call is being forwarded to an auto
Your call is being forwarded to
Oh no!
Oh no!
In this big Lagos!
Where would I find my husband?
Er, Ladi just, um
Please calm down, eh.
Go home to look after the
the children.
I'll go by myself.
I'll go to the taxi park
and ask all the people there.
I'm sure I'll find him.
It's even possible that
before you get home,
you may see him at home.
It may be just traffic.
Or maybe he misplaced his phone.
Okay. Just calm down.
Just go on.
Okay. But if you find him,
make sure you call me.
- Please, Panshak.
- I'll call you.
- Make sure you call.
- No worries.
No problem.
- Ladi!
- Shh!
Please don't shout.
I don't want anyone to hear me, please.
David, what happened?
Panshak, it's a long story.
I went to see the doctor.
Remember the phone call I received?
It was the doctor who called.
And so?
Junior isn't my son.
What did you say?
Junior isn't my child.
The same Junior you know
as my child, isn't by child.
The doctor told me
Junior's blood and my blood don't match.
So Junior cannot be my child.
You mean that
That's a lie.
See, Junior is your child.
You're Junior's father.
It's not a lie.
Junior isn't my child.
Come on.
Listen to me
I don't know what the doctor said,
But I'd like you to take it easy.
Go take a shower.
Have a meal.
we'll talk about this matter well.
Thank you.
Where is your car?
It's at the clinic.
I parked it in their compound.
Could you let me sleep over
at your house for a day or two?
So I can
What about Ladi?
Forget about her.
What am I supposed to tell her?
How am I supposed to tell her?
I don't want to talk to her.
I beg you in God's name,
don't tell her that I'm here.
I just want to stay here for a while
to clear my mind.
Please in the name of God, my friend.
Thank you.
You people need to take this to school.
Hurry up before you run late.
Come, come.
But Mummy, we're already late.
And Mr. Benson is going to flog us.
Well, um
tell Mr. Benson that your brother
is sick that's why you are late.
But that's a lie and
you said we should not tell lies.
Daddy didn't come home yesterday.
Or even today.
Is he alright?
Your dad is fine.
Go to school.
But Mom
Mommy, carry me.
Junior, please.
Leave me alone. I'm not in the mood.
Look, David
You can't run from your wife forever.
At least, allow her explain herself.
What am I going to tell her?
What should I say to her?
How should I say it to her?
Okay, I'll
I'll tell her that
Junior isn't my son.
How about Tani and Kauna?
I honestly don't know what to say.
But just remember your children.
It's not their fault.
What is
what are you even saying?
What if?
What if if even
the twins are not my children?
What if?
Listen, my brother
It's more than
just getting a woman pregnant.
It is more than that.
You are a good father.
- Go and see your wife.
- No!
Okay, what do you want to do?
Keep staying here?
And the other child?
Look, David
even if you plan to end your marriage,
you must face your wife as a man.
Oh, now you're saying,
you're saying I'm not a man.
You're saying I'm not a man!
That's not what I said.
But David,
It's not only what's
between your legs that makes you man.
It's not only your body.
It's not only money.
It's not only a child.
handle this matter with care.
Do not handle the situation in anger.
You always teach me good things.
You give me a good example.
Listen, I look up to you.
In God's name, don't disappoint me.
I don't know what to say to her.
Okay, no problem.
Wait, let her speak the truth.
Afterwards, you'll know
what you have to do.
- Okay, let me do my own.
- I'll make it like a train.
Look at this boy!
Daddy, welcome!
- Junior.
- Yes?
Carry him.
You guys should go play outside.
I want to talk to your mom.
Where have you been?
Madam, sit down. We have to talk.
What is the matter?
After that other day
that I told you about
the DNA test,
the General Clinic staff called me.
Is it about Junior's issue?
Please wait, let me finish talking.
They called me.
So I went there to see the doctor.
You know what the doctor told me?
Is that why you refused to take my calls?
- Is that why you haven't been home since?
- Madam!
What do you think
the doctor told me?
I don't know.
He told me he tested my blood.
Your blood or Junior's blood?
He said Junior's blood
and mine don't match.
He told me that Junior isn't my child.
Are you listening?
That means, I am not Junior's father.
Is it true?
Tell me.
Tell me!
- But
- Do not dare come close to me or else
Tell me everything.
Are you ready to
Are you ready to hear hear it?
Oh, okay.
We tried.
But every month
a disappointment.
Ahn ahn,
What exactly is happening now?
Our twins are almost four years old,
and we don't yet have another child?
Why are you talking like this?
You seem to be insinuating it's my fault!
But you were here, you witnessed
how I gave birth to the girls.
I nearly died.
So why are you getting upset?
No, who are you quarreling with?
Are we fighting?
Okay, don't you want another child?
I I want one!
I want one!
I pray everyday,
I fast everyday.
I am trying but
My people are already pressuring me,
from left, right and center
about this child bearing issue.
As I am talking to you right now,
my mother has already gotten me
a wife in the village.
Another wife.
No, no. That's not what I meant.
No, no.
You misunderstood me.
I'm just trying to let you know that
I am also being pressured, that's all.
You started to drink a lot.
You started to drink too much.
So much so, that I became so worried.
I noticed that your drinking
I noticed that
you drinking kept escalating.
And so?
I started to drink.
A little.
Did I beat you?
What did I do?
we kept trying.
We continued to try
but I wasn't conceiving.
And then we started to quarrel often
it became too much.
Can't a husband and wife quarrel again?
How is that connected to what you did?
Tell me!
- Ladi
- Huh?
Tell me everything.
Tell me how everything happened.
Who is the man?
Tell me about him.
David, please.
Okay so some so somehow,
Somehow, it occurred to to me that
Maybe one. of us
wasn't able to produce a child.
Are you sure
we shouldn't consult a doctor?
Something might be wrong with one of us.
I am not going
with you to see any useless doctor.
If you want to go, you can go alone.
Nothing is wrong with me.
If something is wrong with you,
you can go see a doctor.
And in your entire life,
I don't ever to want hear that kind
of rubbish talk in this house again.
Be patient.
I am
Shut up!
So all alone,
I went there.
I went the hospital by myself.
- So they told me that
- Shame.
That nothing was wrong with me.
Do you understand?
They said nothing was wrong
with me, that I am okay.
So they said
I should come with you.
But no!
You didn't want to hear
about it at the time.
Then, er
I started noticing that
your drinking increased to another level.
I started noticing
that you were always sad.
Every little thing
got you upset. All the time.
So I didn't
I didn't know what to do.
Give me akara worth 200 naira.
Okay, sir.
You know, a fine woman like you
shouldn't be here, frying akara.
Where should I be?
Oh, you should be enjoying.
Tell me
where can one catch some fun around here?
I don't know.
Do you want pepper or stew?
I want to see you again.
I don't know what
what madness got into me,
but I just knew knew what I needed.
And for that moment, that was the answer.
At first, I couldn't even
I couldn't even imagine
how I would, er, do it.
But he just just kept coming.
He just kept coming.
until little by little,
I began to let my guard down.
It was easy to talk to him.
That was when you
and I were fighting a lot.
The man gave me attention
and had time to listen to me.
David, I know that
I know that I made a mistake.
But you see that mistake?
It brought blessings.
That's how I gave birth to David Junior.
Even at that time, in the hospital,
during the delivery,
I nearly died.
But that was the sacrifice that I,
I was willing to make just
so we could have another child.
Because when I gave birth to Junior,
I saw a lot of changes.
I saw that you became happy.
His name is David.
A baby boy!
David Junior.
- Junior!
- Junior!
That's right!
It made you happy.
I too
was happy
that finally, both of us got
what we've been looking for.
That's what I thought.
That's what I thought.
Junior began to fall ill,
always falling ill.
I began to think that maybe it was
nemesis is catching up with me.
Because the boy was
really suffering from the illness.
So you slept with other men
so you could have kids for me?
You deceived me, Ladi.
No! It was only one man.
Only one time. It never happened again.
Tani and Kauna?
You you
you remember that when
when we wanted to get married then,
I left the person I was engaged to.
How about your
e igba
Ima boyi"
Just call it service!
Youth service.
What about that?
If you run away now,
they'll think you stole their money.
I'll tell my boss that
I don't want to serve anymore.
You're really serious about this?
Yes of course!
After three years?
David, you need your own business.
You need your own market.
When we get to Lagos
I will get a big business!
You don't trust me?
I'll set up a big restaurant for you!
One more thing.
- Paul and I
- Shh.
Has he paid your bride price?
So will you or won't you come with me?
I didn't know then
that I was already pregnant.
It was you who said I should leave him.
And I left him.
Because it is you I love.
I didn't love him.
You know that I can do
anything in this world for you.
Eh, David.
I swear, I didn't
I didn't lie to you at that time.
Even I, I wanted children.
And I wanted to make you happy.
Okay please, sorry.
That's what you have
to tell me after what you did?
Yes. I thought I was doing it
for for you and for me.
For us, eh?
For me?
Okay now,
you want me to be
a good father to the children?
Just the way you've been doing it.
Since I gave birth to them.
Okay, even the little one
that was left inside your car
Everything that happened
wasn't the kids' fault, right?
It's not their fault, please.
Please do not punish them
because of me, please.
Eh, David.
David, are you leaving me?
What does it look like I am doing?
- David, it's
- Hey!
Okay, I know that I wronged you.
I know that I wronged you.
But the children
didn't do anything to you.
Yes, David.
Even even if you don't love me
you still
you still love the children.
- Right?
- Love?
You don't know anything about love.
David, you know
that's not true.
I know what love is.
David, I know that
you no longer trust me but
should be enough
for the children for some days.
Ahn ahn.
What is wrong with you?
Are you crazy?
Have you gone mad?
Are you bastard!
It shall not be well with you.
You're mad. You have no sense.
Okay, go on.
Okay, keep honking!
Mom said we should take them off inside.
How was school today?
It was fine, Mom.
why don't you want to take the call?
What if the twins are ill?
Or even Junior is sick?
Are they my kids?
Are they my kids?
Are they not her kids?
Let me ask you something.
Would you sleep well tonight
if something bad
happens to those children?
Come on.
Even if you are indebted to that person,
you can't run forever.
Answer the call.
For God's sake.
I've been calling you for a while.
Are the children okay?
Do you have food at home?
Yes, but
Then why are you calling me?
Why are you calling me?
It's the children.
They want to talk to you.
Or should I tell them
you don't want to talk to them?
Give them the phone, let me talk to them.
Daddy, where are you?
Greet your father!
I'm sorry, Dad.
I mean, good afternoon.
Tani baby.
How are you doing?
I'm fine, Dad. I miss you
and I want to see you.
Don't worry, okay?
Don't worry, okay? Very soon, you will
you'll see me.
Okay, Daddy.
But when?
Good afternoon, Daddy.
Dad, today I got ten over ten in Science!
Mr. Balogun said I'm a scientist.
You are amazing!
Well done, my baby!
Well done!
Will you buy me sweet?
I will buy you alewa
from Mallam Sani's place.
That white one you like.
Will you bring it tomorrow?
I I don't know yet.
Don't worry, I don't know yet.
I will I don't know yet.
why is Mom crying all the time?
Did you fight?
Sorry, Dad.
I don't want to make you angry.
Please don't be angry.
Dad, please I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
If you went away because of me,
- please come home.
- Give it to me.
Kauna baby, no.
No, don't cry again, okay?
I'm not angry at you.
But if you are angry at Mom,
please forgive her and come back.
Give me my phone.
David, please don't be mad at me.
I never knew that they'll cry.
They just wanted to talk to you.
I miss them.
They miss you so much.
Okay, let me go off now.
I'll call you later if I can.
I miss him.
Oh, waterworks!
It's okay.
My friend
You know, in this life,
everybody makes mistakes.
But you see,
it's just like
What are you even saying?
My friend.
Your closest pal can offend you,
but that person is still your pal.
My closest friend
got pregnant for another man.
Let me ask you this.
Now that the situation is this bad,
what do you want to do?
Isn't is better
to fix something that has gone bad?
Okay, so you're on her side, right?
No, my friend.
I'm on your side.
Because I know you.
Because you are a good man.
And I know this family
means everything to you, my friend.
You told me yourself
that the day you met Ladi
was the happiest day of your life.
I recall that day.
At West of Wines
where we went to drink
at the place where she sells fish.
Everything I did
I did for her.
I left everything.
Now I've lost everything.
I know.
And she's very sorry, my friend.
She's very sorry.
The twins The pregnancy
for the twins wasn't mine.
The pregnancy for the twins
who you know, wasn't mine.
It was for that man.
You and I know that the man
was in the picture before you came.
That was a honest mistake.
Why are you defending her?
No, my friend.
I'm not defending her.
I just want you to know that
it's not only your physical body
that qualifies you as a man.
But you're a wonderful person.
You know this.
Hello. Good morning.
Please is this
Mrs. David Nwachukwu speaking?
Oh, okay. You're the one
I want to speak to.
Er my name is Omawumi.
Also known as Big Sis,
from Gidi 97.7 FM.
Aren't you the one who caused
the problems I'm facing now?
Caused what?
What are you talking about?
Why are you calling me?
I have news about the baby.
That's why I'm calling.
What is it?
Panshak, good morning.
I came here so you can
help me deliver a message to David.
- He's not here
- Don't worry.
Don't worry about it.
I know he's in your house.
I know he'll be fine with you.
He's with me for now.
But he is on the road.
So he can send
some money for the children.
Did he tell you why
he left the house?
Ladi, to be honest with you
you messed up.
You messed up.
How could you do that to David?
If David had a temper
I didn't do it to spoil
You know.
I just
I have pleaded with him.
I have begged him
and I have told him to try forgiving me.
Look, Ladi
There are many men out there
who do very bad things in their marriage.
They beat their wives,
they do things to ruin their family.
But David isn't like that.
He's a good person.
He doesn't fight,
he doesn't quarrel.
He's a good family man.
But look now!
I know.
I myself
I know.
So what do you want to do now?
Because this really hurt my friend.
I'm ready to do anything.
I'm ready to even do more.
I'm not telling lies, I'm ready.
I just want him to
give us another chance, you understand?
I pray so.
I swear, I pray so.
You said you have a message?
It's that woman from the radio.
Big Sis. She called me
about Auta's case.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Good morning, ma'am.
My name is Ladi Nwachukwu.
Um, Aunty Big Sis said
I should see her this morning.
- You're welcome, ma'am.
- Thank you.
Ladi Nwachukwu
Okay. I see your name.
I also see David Nwachukwu.
Your husband, right?
He hasn't
- He's not here.
- Yes.
You came?
Yes. I decided to come because
I can't bear the thought
of someone I don't trust,
or don't even know taking the baby away.
Even if it's the mother
who came here today,
I want to look at her in the eye and
ask her why she abandoned that baby.
I don't even want to know.
I just want her to leave the baby to me.
They should all leave the baby to me.
The child has suffered a lot.
Calm down.
You're too hot-tempered.
Mother of twins.
The mother in you won't allow
anyone snatch a baby from you.
My child.
Calm down.
I'm really serious about what I'm saying.
You're an excellent mother.
And I speak the truth.
But the children can't have a good mom
if they don't have a good dad
like you standing by them.
I want you to know that
you're the best dad for these children.
Take it easy. Gently.
Take it easy.
Aw, look at Auta.
I know I'm a nobody in this Lagos.
Ah, don't talk like that.
Let me finish talking.
I know I'm a nobody
in this Nigeria.
If I disappear
I swear to God, I
I won't be able to start from scratch.
I can't do it.
I know that no one can blame you
if you want to leave.
Because I caused everything.
Everything is my fault.
I was so hurt.
It cut me to the bone.
It hurt me so badly.
It hurt even more
when I thought about leaving my children.
It's not
It's not only because of the
children that I want you to stay.
I also don't want you to go.
David, forgive me.
I beg you in God's name, forgive me.
I was so foolish!
Foolishness made me do what I did.
I just thought we should
have children so we can have a family.
That's all. Nothing else.
I also didn't act right.
I shouldn't have treated you
like the children are more important.
And ever since that time, I've never
allowed any other man touch me.
- I swear to God.
- Ladi, stop!
I want you to know that
no man has touched me since then.
- I don't want to hear. Stop.
- Okay, can we Can we just try again?
My people! Good morning!
- Good morning, ma.
- You guys are early.
How are you?
We're fine.
Are you both ready?
Because today
will be tough.
Because two women are here.
I'm sure they're here
because of the money.
I don't understand.
Mr. David.
Didn't you say you always
listen to my show?
So you no longer listen to my show?
If you still listened to my show,
you would have heard that
we opened a GoFundMe account for the baby.
We have been announcing it daily
on the show. Every day.
There are a lot of people who
are interested in this your story.
Excuse me, ma.
- Yes?
- What is Go
Go From me?
It's like an account that you can open
for another person on the internet.
Strangers, anyone
who's interested in the story
can donate money for the person.
- Really?
- Okay.
It seems like many people
are interested in your story.
Because we ourselves were surprised.
Just like that,
we have raised like five million naira.
- Huh?!
- Huh?!
Five million?!
- Five million.
- Five million?
Just like that.
Hold on
Do people know about this GoForMe account?
- GoFundMe.
- Go
Eh, yes.
Like I said, it's on the internet.
Please do they know how much is inside?
We haven't really announced
the amount we've gathered.
But how it works is,
when you make a donation,
you will see how much is in it.
I'm sure that's why these women
that's why the women here came.
Maybe they've found out.
If that's the case,
you should give them the money.
Give them the money
so they can leave the child for us.
If that's the case, we don't want
the money, It's the baby we want.
We don't want the money.
Yes, even if it were his mother here now,
she abandoned the baby herself.
- The child is ours now.
- Yes!
So, you ready to challenge them?
Me and my wife against all of them.
And and today, they must
tell us everything about Auta.
They will tell us
about every mark on his body.
Okay, okay.
Let's go to the studio.
We will get someone
to take care of the baby.
Big Sis, Big Sis on Gidi FM
Before I start on this case
I want to know who is lying.
Because it seems
someone is telling a lie here.
- Who is it?
- He's my child. I gave birth to him.
Let's talk about something.
You know that money?
Yes, GoFundMe.
Five million naira.
If I give you all the five million naira,
will you all leave the baby?
I can take 3.5 million,
- and leave the baby for you.
- Huh?!
How I will I share the five million?
He's my child!
Give me my child, let me go.
It's not your baby.
You both should do a D
- DNA.
- DNA test.
What is DNA?
Eh, it's a test the doctor
will perform. I did it too.
They'll take something from your body.
What is the "something"?
A sample.
What is sample?
An injection.
A big injection.
The doctor will insert the injection
into your body to collect the sample.
They will use the sample
to find out if the baby is yours or not.
God forbid!
If I find out that you both are lying,
I, Big Sis, will call the police.
They will handcuff you both.
You you
You will go to jail.
They'll arrest you.
- Huh?!
- Yes!
- Arrest?!
- Yes, arrest!
- I'm doomed!
- For kidnapping.
I don't even want the child anymore.
Take him with you.
I don't want the money anymore.
It's not as if you are
the baby's mother or even father.
So you want to claim the money? Right?
We, we want our baby.
But you, you are
only looking for the money.
You too. Are you the baby's mother?
- Tell them!
- We are the parents.
We are the parents.
Lagos, you've heard it all!
The drama that just happened here.
Wear your headphones.
We've been on air for a while.
Er, it seems we're back to where
we started with you and your wife,
where we have only you and the baby.
This time, with a little extra money.
Er, the money
If what they say they want the money,
no problem.
Let them have it.
All we want is our baby.
Yes, it's true.
Just as my wife has said,
me and my family, we're alright.
I'm happy to hear that.
Er, but you know
how we do it on this show.
Er Lagosians wish to air
their views on this issue.
We have been
We have been receiving calls.
We will allow one
or two or three or four people talk,
before we continue, okay?
Hello, Big Sis.
Look, let Mr. David and Mrs. Ladi
take the money away please.
They are good people,
and they need it for their children.
Why should fraudsters claim the money?
Give them the money.
Serious fraudsters!
Another caller, hello?
I agree with my sister.
Give them the money.
After all, they've been caring
for the baby since that time.
The baby is doing well with them.
Thank you. I totally
agree with you on your point of view.
You have heard it.
Lagosians stand strongly behind you.
They are strongly behind you.
They even said,
"David, you are a great man."
We stand solidly behind you
to the extent that
we took this case to Lagos State Ministry
of Youth and Social Development.
They are on the case.
You know originally, David,
when you found the baby,
you ought to have carried him to them.
It's their responsibility
to find the child's parent,
or a new home for the baby.
Er, Ladi, don't panic, okay?
Because there is a saying that
a person shouldn't die
from what they are ignorant of.
So the government have assessed the case
and they know David was aware of this.
But they are ready now.
They mentioned a lot
of things they intend to do.
But you know, on this show we love it
when people air their views themselves.
So I will allow a very important person
who has been waiting on the phone line,
to tell you the plans that have.
This person about to speak now
is calling from
the Lagos State Ministry of Youth
and Social Development which I mentioned.
Her name is Mrs. Olugbenga.
Hello, ma!
Good morning, Big Sis.
First of all, thank you
for reaching out to us on this issue.
We've followed this matter closely.
Mr. David and his wife
have cared well for the baby.
And we are happy.
And if they want to continue
to care for the child,
no problem!
The only thing is that
they should come to our office
to do some paperwork.
That's all.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
And we on this show
will ensure David comes to your office
to sign all all the paperwork involved.
Thank you very much
for calling on the show
to tell us yourself,
and for listening to us.
You both heard it?
Look at your wife.
See the way she's smiling.
Your wife is so beautiful.
I really lucked out there.
Okay. So, er
This baby, have you both given him a name?
Yes. Auta.
What language is that?
It's Hausa.
My wife's language.
Ah! What what does it mean?
It means, the last born.
- Last born. He's our last born.
- Wow.
The baby is the last born.
That means that you all know
the last child enjoys the most.
Lagos, have you all heard it?
Our baby Atta
now have a family that loves him.
And from the looks of this couple,
they love him so much.
And that is the most important thing.
This is our story,
on Share Your Story with Lagos segment
on 97.7 Gidi FM.
Lagos, until I come
your way again tomorrow,
you all should stay strong.
This is Gidi FM, 93.7.
Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki