A Father's Secret (2016) Movie Script

Do I smell Ralph Lauren?
I don't know. It's, uh...
It's whatever you got me.
Congratulations on the Weber case.
Well, what's that
you're always saying?
Don't take no for an answer.
Well, not always.
Because you have
nothing, Harold.
Well, if this was
the first time your client
fell on her wrinkly old butt
trying to hold up
a big-box retailer
for massive medical
expenses, then yes,
but it is the fourth, okay?
Nobody's going to believe her.
Oh, you've got x-rays.
Well, I've got experts
to dispute the findings.
That's right. My experts are
bigger than yours, Harold.
And the nondisclosure agreement.
She doesn't get a penny
until she signs that.
Nor do you.
Mr. Foxx wanted to know
where things were with
the Chesterfield case.
Thought Charles
was on that case.
Charles isn't you.
Okay, well, please tell Mr. Foxx
that I can only win so many
cases at once for him.
Look, the fast track is
right around the corner.
I mean, I made partner,
and I'm not half
the lawyer you are.
Yes, well, everybody knows that.
Well, that's
more like it, Harold.
And the physical therapy,
that caps out at $7,500,
and no travel expenses.
Yeah, well, a pleasure
doing business with you, too.
And that is how it's done.
So am I gonna see you tonight?
Yeah, if I ever get out of here.
I mean, I could always
come back later.
I thought we agreed we weren't gonna
do that in the office anymore.
So did Jennifer tell you about
the Chesterfield handoff?
Mr. Foxx went to college
with the guy.
Chesterfield, I mean,
the Chesterfield
of Chesterfield Oil.
That's like knowing
Mr. BP or Mrs. Exxon.
Don't tell me
you're behind this.
I already have enough
on my plate, Steven.
I can't take another case.
It's a billion-dollar
wrongful-death suit.
Caswell says the Chesterfield
case is rock solid,
how the explosion was
caused by the company
that built and ran the rig.
Open, shut, that's it.
When is it ever that simple when
there's this much money at stake?
I don't know. Sometimes.
And there's six dead bodies.
Shouldn't you answer that?
10-1 says
that's Caswell.
Well, listen, I have an appointment
with one of my attorneys.
Would you mind?
Thank you for coming in.
Jack Chesterfield is a
personal friend of mine.
He's a very good man,
and he has made
an enormous commitment
to my senatorial campaign,
for which I am
eternally grateful.
The Chesterfield Oil case
is my highest priority.
Of course. If Charles
isn't cutting it,
why not just give it to Steven?
Because I want you
to look at it.
You think you could join Denise
and me for dinner this weekend?
Must I?
I think she's starting to
feel you don't like her.
Does she?
Now, that is unfortunate.
Hey, Dad, Caswell wants to put
me on the Chesterfield case.
That's arguably
our biggest client.
There's an awful lot
of money at stake.
Yeah, I know.
That's what worries me.
You want to make partner,
this is how you do it.
You live in Caswell's pocket
and settle in nice and cozy
in the luxurious
100% silk folds...
Okay, I get it.
It's not enough
to just do my job
and win my cases.
The 29th of this month,
that's the date
that we officially kick
off my Senate campaign.
If Caswell becomes Senator,
he can help control,
what, emission standards,
drilling locations,
safety protocols,
all the things that get in the
way of Chesterfield's business.
"If." If he wins.
If he abandons his principles
in exchange for a
campaign contribution.
That's not the
Caswell Foxx I know.
I'm going to need
all hands on deck.
You'll be there?
I'll calendar it
immediately, sir.
I have faith
that I can count on you
in this or any other matter.
Where you been?
Work. Where else?
And then traffic.
Oh, okay.
That explains it.
No, I just...
You know I hate it
when I can't reach you.
I just... I always
imagine the worst.
How 'bout I come over?
Great. No, you know what?
Um, actually
I'll... I'll come to you.
I'll be there in, like,
15 minutes, okay? Bye.
She said 15 minutes.
Right, buddy?
Where is she?
Hey. Everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
Hey, mind if I close
the curtains?
I mean, that view cost
me a lot of money.
I'm kidding.
Can I get you a
drink or something?
No, I'm good.
Something to eat?
Just, uh...
That works, too.
These came anonymously?
Yeah. I have
no idea why.
Well, they want to make you
nervous about something,
and pointedly they want you
to know they have these.
Yeah, but who benefits from
making problems for Steven and I?
Steven know about this?
The photos?
Of course not, okay?
It was eight months ago.
That's your explanation?
I'm not proud of it, Dad,
but we weren't engaged yet,
and I had no idea
how serious he was.
It was one time.
Maybe you're not
the one they're after.
You think they're trying
to get to Steven?
Why does anybody
want to get to anyone?
We all have secrets,
some worse than others.
Do me a favor.
Don't show these
to anybody else,
and don't tell anybody anything.
I want to make some calls.
You just told me to be quiet.
That's right.
You should.
I, on the other hand,
can make some discreet
inquiries on your behalf.
Carrie, you're welcome to stay
with us if you're worried,
if you think you're
still being watched.
No. No, I'll be fine, Dad.
Sorry about the photos.
Seems like the only way I
could get your attention.
You look familiar.
Scott Giorna.
I write for
the "SoCal Herald."
You did the investigative piece
on the city water scandal.
Thank you.
Yeah, I didn't say it was good.
Thank you for knowing it.
Did you read it?
Some people call you a parasite.
Some people call me a hero.
Different strokes.
Do heroes take illegal pictures of
people without their permission?
I didn't take those pictures.
Really? Then who did?
If I told you, you
wouldn't believe me.
Try me.
Caswell Foxx.
You're right.
I don't believe you.
Well, he didn't take 'em.
He hired someone to take them.
And why would he do
a thing like that?
So he can have dirt on you,
keep it on file in case
he ever needed it.
Like you.
Those photos were
his dirt on you,
but I needed to talk to you,
so when I came across them...
Well, you could have
called my office.
Aw, come on, Carrie.
You're engaged
to Steven Riggs, right?
I'll take that as a yes.
He's a good catch,
just made partner.
You seem to know
an awful lot about us.
I've been researching
Caswell Foxx for years,
but now I need your help.
And why would I do that,
other than being
blackmailed into it.
I would never do that.
I am done talking to you.
You're a scumbag.
I'm trying to help you.
How well do you
know Caswell Foxx?
Very. He's a kind,
generous man.
He's always been
very good to my family,
probably gonna be the next
senator of this great state.
He's dirty.
I have evidence.
I bet if you crawled
up anybody's ass,
you'd find dirt,
including yours.
I guarantee you you could,
but can you please stop running?
Thank you.
Yes, everyone's
done something bad,
but not everyone's
running for senator.
And diddling around behind
your boyfriend's back
isn't very nice, but murder?
Oh, Caswell's a murderer now?
Has the Chesterfield Oil
case come across your desk?
I'll take that as a yes.
Look, representing Chesterfield
Oil is not a crime.
It is when there's an
offshore oil rig explosion
and the company's lawyers
are trying to hide evidence
and claim workers' negligence.
No one's gonna vote
for anyone like that.
You don't have all the facts.
I have more facts
than you, apparently.
Look, I came to you
because I thought
you were all right.
You were in labor law before
you were in corporate law.
You represented unions.
What, do you want me
to spy on my boss,
betray his trust?
On what evidence?
Take a look at what's on this.
It's the original
field expert's report
and the first interviews
after the explosion.
We're done now.
Thank you.
Should I start?
we're rolling.
Okay. Um...
well, we were up on deck,
getting ready for our shift.
We were hoping to finally
finish the Buendia Well,
because it was already
five days behind schedule.
That's why we were getting so
much pressure from up top,
because we were running late.
Why was it running late?
Oh, you know, bad weather,
porous rock formations,
rough water,
the usual for the Gulf.
And the... the safety protocols
slow you down a bit.
So we're running late,
and everybody's bonuses are
tied to on-time delivery,
so when the call
came from Chesterfield
to disable some
of the safety protocols,
nobody saw the big deal, see?
I see.
Go on.
So we got new instructions
for the negative pressure
test from Chesterfield.
I didn't think they were clear,
but Mr. Holland
said he understood...
I don't understand.
What am I looking at?
The first investigators on the
scene after the explosion
were from Chesterfield Oil.
All right, they interviewed
survivors, everybody,
and then they wrote the report.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, but that's not the
report being distributed.
Most of that material, interviews
like this, they're being buried.
Yeah, but it's not unusual
to edit redundant material.
Dad, you're not hearing me.
Chesterfield Oil claims that the
blowout and the subsequent explosions
were the fault
of worker negligence
and faulty equipment
supplied by PanOceana.
But the truth is the workers
were just following
specific instructions
given to them
by Chesterfield Oil.
The whole accident's
their fault.
And this guy,
he says that those...
those orders came
straight from the top,
Jack Chesterfield himself.
Oh, that's impossible.
If that were true,
it'd be all over the news,
and Cas wouldn't take the case.
No, Caswell is trying
to suppress this.
I mean, this information
was in none of our files.
In fact, in all the material,
there was never any mention
of the original report's
author or field expert.
They just vanished.
The official report
in the case file
is one published weeks later
and commissioned by Caswell.
Then where'd you
get this material?
Scott Giorna.
That bottom-feeder?
Carrie, delete this garbage.
That guy's been gunning
for Cas for years.
Yeah, but what about
these interviews, Dad?
They're not legitimate.
It's some sort of scam.
I don't know.
Do you think for one
moment that Caswell Foxx,
who has one of
the most prestigious
law firms in the country,
would suppress
evidence? Heh.
Come on. You've known
him your whole life.
And with everything he's
done for our family.
Scott Giorna has broken some
really big stories, Dad.
And look how he contacts you,
with pornographic pictures
taken of you at your worst.
That slimeball would say or
do anything for a story.
I certainly wouldn't
jeopardize my career
over the likes of him.
how 'bout some pie?
Thought I would have
heard from you by now.
What, do you live in this
park like some kind of troll?
Heh heh.
I've been called worse.
What'd you think of the report?
Had some
eye-opening things.
Unless of course
it's all baloney.
It isn't.
How do I know that?
I looked for Curtis Wheelwright
and several of the
other witnesses.
They've all disappeared
or never existed.
Never existed?
You saw them on video.
Well, some people say the
moon landing was fake.
Come on, Carrie.
With all the money at stake,
you don't think people
could be bought off,
made to disappear, killed?
So now it's a conspiracy?
9/11 was an inside job?
You saw the video,
and you read the report,
but you still don't want to
believe it for some reason.
Are we done here?
Because I'm trying to cool down.
Doesn't it bother you
that Caswell Foxx
hands you his dirty work
while he's out running
a Senate campaign?
If things come crashing down
in the Chesterfield case,
everyone gets hurt but him.
Sounds like every case
I've ever handled.
Yeah, but did they involve
screwing over the families
of dead workers?
Well, you'd screw over anybody
if it meant getting
a juicier story.
If you want to screw up things
with Steven and I, go ahead,
but I doubt it's the most
profitable use of your time.
Well, I understand
Chesterfield's position,
but the official report
actually says the crew
was performing a series of steps
to temporarily abandon the well.
And that was PanOceana.
Right, but the drilling
fluid column
was removed when it
was supposed to be...
Did you call?
I didn't hear it.
No, just passing through.
Do you have a minute?
Well, I was just on my way to...
It's all right.
Come on in.
Please, Damon.
Please, come in.
Are you feeling all right?
Yeah, fine.
It's about Carrie.
You think maybe we're
pushing her too hard?
Ah, you should know
better than that, Damon.
She's brilliant.
She's young.
She's energetic.
Yeah, but it's
a lot of pressure,
case upon case,
and Chesterfield's a big one.
It's big numbers, sure,
but it's open-and-shut.
PanOceana is at fault here.
It's their crew, their rig.
It's as simple as that.
Damon, think about what this is
going to do for Carrie's career,
to be the lead attorney on
Chesterfield Oil's successful defense.
Ho ho.
I thought you
were the lead attorney.
Well, I have to distance myself a
little bit from this one, don't I?
she's going
to get so much press.
It will raise
her profile nationally.
It's good for her.
It's good for the firm, yes?
Ah, well, I better let you go.
Thanks, Cas, for the insight
and help with this.
Anytime, Damon.
Anytime, always.
I've been researching
Caswell Foxx for years,
but now I need your help.
Come on, Carrie.
With all the money at stake,
you don't think people
could be bought off,
made to disappear, killed?
You saw the video,
and you read the report,
but you still don't want to
believe it for some reason.
I am done talking to you.
Hey, this just came
for you by messenger.
Close the door,
please. Thanks.
She's a great cook.
I told you.
Yeah, yeah.
It was delicious.
You could have eaten more
just to be polite.
I mean, look,
I'm really glad you came.
That's what I meant
to say just now.
That's what I thought.
Worried about Scott Giorna, huh?
Seems like his conscience
finally caught up to him.
Well, if it was suicide.
The coroner's report
was inconclusive.
You read it?
Yeah. I knew him.
I shudder to think.
You didn't tell Caswell
about him, did you?
Oh, you can't think...
It's just a question.
Question I find
somewhat insulting.
Well, I apologize.
But did you?
No. He's got
way too much on his mind
for me to bother him
with something like this.
What about your discreet
inquiries on the photos?
That yield any fruit?
Scott seemed to think
that Caswell
was the one
that had the photos...
Carrie, Caswell Foxx has been
nothing but good to you.
He took you into his firm.
You're partner, too.
'Cause he made me partner.
Our family owes everything
to that man.
Oh, hold up.
He is no saint.
Oh, maybe not, but that doesn't
magically make
the slanderous accusations
of a scruples-free muckraker
suddenly true.
Wow, you can still turn a phrase
when you get your dander up.
"Get your dander up."
Your mother used to say that.
What else did she say?
You don't remember?
Mm, not much.
She sure loved you.
She used
to squeeze you so tight,
I thought you'd pop.
Oh. Can't be
without that thing
for five seconds, can you?
It's Steven.
Oh. You gonna take it?
I'm hanging with my dad.
Can I show you something?
Do you know the woman in
this photo with Caswell?
I mean, I scoured the Net, and
I can't find anything on her.
It's so damn small.
No, no idea.
Caswell never
brought her around?
No, not around me.
Can't we have a conversation
without talking about Caswell?
Whew. Wow.
God, you are so...
Gonna marry me?
Sure. Now?
Suits me.
Yeah, now.
Well, aren't you scared that the
sex will cool off after marriage?
Well, I wasn't
until you said that.
Now forget it.
The engagement's off.
You hungry?
I was thinking about going
to get some doughnuts.
What? In the middle
of the night?
Yeah. Apparently that's
the best time to get 'em.
They're fresh and moist and
crunchy all at the same time.
Jennifer at the office was
telling me about them.
Oh, Jennifer from the office.
Sharing intimate doughnut
secrets with Jennifer.
Yes, if you must know,
I was sharing intimate
doughnut secrets.
Well, I don't know
how I feel about that.
I mean, if Jennifer and
doughnuts can come between us.
Mm-mm. Nothing can
come between us.
No, I am hungry, though.
Hey, you mentioned a while back
about opening your own firm.
You still thinking about that?
Someday, yeah,
but I'm pretty happy
where I am right now.
So you really like
working for Cas that much?
I mean, what's not to like?
I'm partner.
I'm looking at a fantastic
bonus this year,
great office.
Oh, and there's Jennifer.
No, I'm just saying,
we stay there long enough,
maybe the firm can become ours.
Hmm. Lawyers.
You have it all figured out.
I mean, Cas doesn't
have any kids,
so why not leave it to us?
Yes, well, do not let him see
you with your shirt off.
I mean, no child of his would
have all of those tattoos.
I'm sure Caswell had a
youthful indiscretion or two.
You ever think with all
the people he knows,
if there isn't
something shady going on?
No, not Cas.
He's too controlling for that.
And he couldn't take anyone
having something on him,
especially not with the
senatorial run coming up.
You know, he's probably been
planning that for decades.
He could really win.
Senator Caswell Foxx.
Doesn't sound too bad, huh?
Hey, maybe he could
officiate at our wedding.
That'd be cool.
Yes, and then we could
honeymoon in Washington, D.C.
You know, I can never tell
if you're kidding or not.
And you never will.
Be right back.
Okay, come on. Get this.
Well, it's Chesterfield's
position that they hold
absolutely no responsibility
for the accident,
and the evidence
clearly shows that,
you know, it's faulty equipment
as well as unauthorized
made to that equipment
by the crew themselves
which ultimately led
to the accident.
Chesterfield Oil cannot
accept any responsibility,
because it will only open them
up to further civil suits,
as well as criminal liability.
Yes, well, if you
think I can help...
I have faith
that I can count on you
in this or any other matter.
Hey, some of us are
gonna go get drinks later.
I will take that as a no.
Do you need any help
with any of this?
You seem really overwhelmed,
and I know that there's that case
management meeting coming up.
No, no, no.
I'm good.
I am just crossing my Ts
and dotting
my Is. Thanks.
Hi. Shonda Wheelwright?
Yes, I'm calling
from Los Angeles.
I was wondering if you happen
to know a Curtis Wheelwright.
Not a cousin or a broth...
Yes. I understand.
Thank you.
Hello. Is this
Brady Wheelwright?
Yes, I'm calling
from Los Angeles,
and I was wondering if you happen
to know a Curtis Wheelwright.
You do?
Oh, great. Yes, 30,
worked on oil rigs
his whole life.
Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Yes. Thank you.
Damn it.
You in there?
Sorry. Give me a minute.
The door's locked.
I'm coming.
Hey. What's up?
You, apparently.
What the hell?
I was just working.
I had a thought
I wanted to get down.
Yeah, you work too much, babe.
Look who's talking.
Come on. Bed.
Okay, okay. Coming.
Mr. Richmond?
Isaac Richmond?
What are you doing here?!
You better get out of here!
I got a gun!
Calm down, Dad.
I'm more upset about losing
my iPad than anything.
I had everything on it.
Oh, Christ.
You didn't go back for it, did you?
I had to.
It wasn't there.
Luckily I was able to brick it
through an app on my phone.
This is crazy,
some kind of secret,
one-woman investigation
into Caswell Foxx.
Dad, I'm not doing
anything wrong.
Yeah? And what's gonna
happen when... not if...
when Cas finds out you've
been investigating him?
Dad, I got another call
Huh? Telcoming in.
Who is this?
You dodot know?
You called me.
Why were you in contact
with Scott Giorna?
He contacted me.
He wanted to talk.
Who is this?
This is Scott's brother.
I got your contact information
out of his notes.
Apparently you met with him
a few times before he died.
Yeah. Stalking's
more accurate.
Look, do you think we can
meet somewhere and just talk?
Look, how do I know you
are who you say you are?
My name is Greg Giorna.
I'm the one who sent
you the clippings.
I need to find out what
happened to my brother.
I'm looking for answers.
I'm not sure I have any.
Well, you have to
know more than I do,
'cause I don't know anything,
except my brother would
never kill himself.
I'm gonna text you
my contact information.
If you decide
you're willing to talk,
then please, please contact me.
I'm sorry.
What kind of video?
It's a video to play at Mr. Foxx's
senatorial announcement on the 29th,
you know, something
to personalize him,
separate the man
from the reputation,
humanize him, if you will.
Well, Caswell Foxx
is a dear friend.
He's about as human
as you can get
for a lawyer.
That's the kind of thing
I want you to say.
But you want me
to say this on camera.
Yes, and I will send a
professional crew to shoot you.
Okay. Okay, I'm in.
And I don't think
you'll have any trouble
finding all kinds of people
to say good things about Cas.
Can you think of anybody
else I should talk to
that knows him
from back in the day?
Maybe before he even
worked for his father?
Oh, sure, any of the old gang.
Uh, Binky Lewis,
Johnny Goodacre,
anyone from the crowd over
there at Brewster & Stone's.
I'm sorry. What's that?
Oh, it's this little
hole-in-the-wall bar
that Ian Stone owns.
We used to blow off
a lot of steam
back in our, uh, younger,
less responsible day.
Do you think it's still there?
Oh, I know it is,
and old man Stone is
still running the place.
Cas and Joe.
Oh, yeah.
Dropped a lot of money here.
Especially when they were
moving through law school.
Luckily they had rich daddies.
So they were always together?
Most of the time,
unless they were out on dates.
They didn't double-date?
No, they were too similar
for something like that.
How do you mean?
You ever been
around the both of them
at the same time?
Why? Not fun?
Well, I'm sure they're
probably different now,
but back then, you know,
you're young.
You feel you got
something to prove.
They were always trying
to one-up the other guy.
Uh, like what kind of things?
Well, everything, girls,
grades, money,
whose family had more.
Used to get a kick
out of their B.S.
Here I am robbing Peter to pay
Paul just to keep this place open.
They're arguing about
frigging cuff links
or, uh, what presents
they're buying some girl.
There was one girl.
Well, I don't remember her name.
She just about
broke those two up.
She dated both of them?
Yeah. I... I think
she was with Joe first,
and then Cas took her away
or, uh, something.
Maybe the opposite.
Jeez, I don't know.
I just sell 'em drinks.
Heh. Did it ever
get really bad
between the two of them?
For a little bit.
They started
coming in separately,
especially when Cas
was with the broad.
It was a shame, really.
They may have been a couple
of drunken pains in the ass,
but they were fun.
There was one night, though,
when Cas really laid into her.
"You don't talk to me
like that," he said.
"I'll kill you."
He went all crazy over her.
I, uh... I should
stop rambling.
I talk more now
than I did back then.
I... I guess it's something
that happens when you get old.
It's okay.
We'll probably steer clear
of the salacious stuff
in the video,
but, you know,
sometimes talking about it
triggers a memory or something.
I remember the last time
I ever saw her.
She was right over there.
It was the one time
she arrived early,
came in alone waiting for 'em,
looking so pretty,
but shaking like a leaf.
Then Cas shows up.
And from the jump,
they're arguing again.
She starts crying.
He takes her outside.
It's the last time
I ever saw her in here.
Not even with Joe?
With anybody.
So she just disappeared.
If you'll excuse me,
I'm done talking.
I got a thing
happening here later.
Steven, you're not funny.
Wait till you see
who's coming round.
You've been working here
a while, I'm guessing.
Ho ho.
What gave it away?
Stool-shaped imprint
on my ass?
Heh. No, you just...
you know,
you look like you're
part of the place.
Ho! So I look
like furniture, huh?
Well, I would not want
to get on your bad side.
Heh. I'd never
hit a lady.
Big-mouthed broad,
but never a lady.
Can I show you something?
Ah, Caswell Foxx.
You know him?
I did then.
He doesn't come
in here much anymore.
Well, I don't know
if Mr. Stone told you,
but I work for Mr. Foxx,
and I'm shooting
a video on his life.
He's announcing his senatorial run.
Well, Ian liked him,
liked his friend Joe, too.
Me, I just thought they
were rich kids slumming.
What about the woman
here in the photo?
Do you know her?
She was around for a while.
I never knew her name.
Yeah, she dated Joe
and then Caswell.
Heh. You gonna put that
in your video?
Why are you here?
Like I said, I'm shooting
a video for Caswell.
Your boss.
Well, personally
I don't like him.
I don't care for him.
You probably don't
want me in your movie.
That's fine. I mean,
do you know what
happened to the woman?
I mean, maybe I can talk to her.
No. The last time
I saw 'em together,
they were fighting
like cats and dogs.
Put her in his car
and drove away.
I would have intervened,
but Ian told me never to get
involved with Cas or Joe.
Why did they get
special treatment?
Ian liked 'em, that's why.
Look, I am busy,
huh? We're done.
Thank you.
Can you give me
the name of the woman
in the photo that I sent you?
No, I can't say that I know her.
I'm sorry.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm positive.
Ian Stone seems to think you do.
So did Fred.
Ms. Evans, what exactly
is this all about?
The video for Caswell.
And what does the picture of
this woman have to do with that?
Well, nothing yet, but I
think that I'm gonna...
Ms. Evans,
I'm an extremely busy man.
I'll be in touch.
Well, can't you hold him off?
Look, I'm not ready for the
case management meeting.
Well... Well, I recently
found some new evidence.
Carrie Evans.
Jennifer, I'm gonna
have to call you back.
Nice to meet you, Greg.
For what it's worth, I'm really
sorry about your brother.
So how'd you come to me?
Like I said, I was going
through Scott's notes.
Your name came up a fair amount.
Are there any pictures?
I mean, none that I saw.
Look, it was like this.
Scott called me
his escape hatch.
He had this file cabinet
in my garage
with these thick dossiers
of all the local big shots,
you know, the guys he would
go after in his stories.
Backup copies of his notes?
Yeah. He figured that if he ever
got into a sticky situation,
the important information he
left with me could help him out.
Were you supposed to finish his
work if something happened?
Maybe. I don't...
Yeah, I think so.
Seems like a lot to ask someone.
Yeah, well, my brother didn't
really ask me for a lot of favors.
Look, I know I'm not
a reporter or anything,
but I owe it to my brother to find
out if someone had him murdered.
You think he was murdered?
What, you don't think so?
Who would want
to kill your brother?
I see.
Okay. I'm gonna go.
I'm sorry to waste
your time, Ms. Evans.
No, wait.
I'm sorry.
Force of habit.
I'm used to asking questions first.
How can I help you?
Your boss, Caswell Foxx,
how well do you know him?
I'm learning more
about him every day.
Because of the information
Scott gave you, right?
Piqued my interest.
You know you can get in a
lot of trouble for this.
Not if he doesn't have
anything to hide.
And you would care why?
Because I wouldn't work for
somebody I don't believe in.
Good. So you have ethics.
Yeah. I mean,
used to, at least.
Look, tell you the truth,
I didn't even know
what Scott was really after.
His file on Caswell
ranges over 30 years.
He was like
his white whale, you know?
In it, there's shady deals
with large corporations
and high-powered friends
that he made
when he took over
his dad's firm.
There's even something crazy
from when he was a kid,
a fight that he got in with some girl
outside a bar the night she disappeared.
What, you like that one?
What do you know?
Well, originally he was
charged with assault.
There's a witness
that said he hit her.
But then it all
magically went away,
thanks to his father.
Look, I know Scott wasn't,
like, the greatest person,
but he was my brother.
What do you want from me?
Keep investigating Caswell Foxx.
Tell me what you come up with.
But I want you to do
something for me.
Find out what you can
about the woman in the picture.
I will.
We really need to
get you a bigger office.
Maybe that'll keep you
in the building, huh?
My hours have been
a little erratic lately.
Multiple cases.
The firm still reimburses
for gas, right?
Oh, how about a more
fuel-efficient car?
You know, something for all
those family road-trips,
you, Steven...
and the kids.
Well, that is a few years off.
I still have to make
partner, right?
Oh, Carrie, it's never good...
Trust me.
It's never good
to be so anxious for a goal
that you let life pass you by.
Well, I'll keep that
in mind, sir.
I wish you would.
You know, I've been thinking.
I'm becoming more
of a public figure,
and while I accept
the fact that...
that virtually all
aspects of my life
are going to be under scrutiny,
nevertheless, there
are still some things
I wish I could keep private.
Of course.
I've always conducted myself...
tried to conduct myself
with the utmost integrity.
Take a little advice from someone
who's been around a while.
There are always many pitfalls
on the way to
reaching one's goals,
but it's how we meet
those challenges,
it's how we maneuver
around those pitfalls
that allows us to
achieve those goals.
And it's what shapes us
as a person.
Thank you for the advice,
You should personalize
this space more.
You know, a woman's office
should say something about her.
Got a minute?
What's on your mind?
Are you having Carrie followed?
No, of course not.
But she's already spoken
to Joe Horton,
as well as Ian and Fred.
She even tried Isaac Richmond,
but he didn't respond.
I see.
She's telling them
that she's making
a video about me
for the announcement event.
Maybe she is.
Maybe she isn't.
You don't know?
We don't discuss everything, Cas.
Some weeks, I barely see her,
and she's right across the hall.
Heh heh.
Look, now is not the time
for her curiosity.
I understand.
I'll talk to her.
What are you gonna say?
I don't know.
I'll find out
what she's thinking,
and then I'll
straighten her out,
or I'll try to.
The last thing I want
is for Carrie
to become a liability.
She has to find her own way.
Well, sure, but I want to
keep her here at the firm.
We both want that, right?
Of course.
Then please, Damon,
keep her in line.
Better you do it than I.
Are you sure you
want all this, Cass?
What do you mean?
The election,
all these cases you keep
taking on for your friends,
is it all worth it?
Are you suggesting I retire?
You're still here, aren't you?
I know. Maybe it's time
for both of us to get
out of this racket.
I mean, how long
can we really do this?
Am I gonna die midmotion?
Maybe it's time for the
young guns to take over.
Now that's a thought.
Listen, Damon, thank you
for your friendship,
your understanding,
and your discretion.
You're one of the few
people in the world
I can truly trust.
Hell, if you can't trust
me, Lord help you.
Should I have
brought my docket home?
Sorry, babe.
You know it gets like this
when the case moves forward.
Yeah, but I don't know that
it's ever been this bad.
I mean, bringing files home?
Mind if I watch some TV?
Is the one
in the bedroom broken?
No, I just thought
it might be nice
to sit next to my fiance.
Yes, well, it would be if
it wasn't for all of...
I don't like having to
share our time with work.
Babe, it's only gonna get worse
when we both make ptner.
Maybe we should set
some ground rules.
Like what?
Like we come first,
and work comes later.
Sorry. Hello.
Hey, Carrie,
you got a minute?
I got something I think
you might want to hear.
Sorry, babe.
What's up?
I found a recording
of an interview
that Scott did with a
woman named Deena Babb.
She was friends with Caswell's
gang back in the day,
and she knew the woman.
Well, listen.
Sure, I remember.
It was awful.
How could you forget?
What happened exactly?
She was just another pretty
face to those bastards,
a one-night stand, but
Cas really fell for her.
That's why he and Joe
fought over her.
When she got pregnant,
ooh, he got messy.
Why is that?
Because she was a poor girl
from the bad side of town.
Didn't go to private schools,
and she'd been around, you know.
Foxxes were never gonna let a
girl like that join the family.
And a little bastard, no way.
So Cas gave her money.
She wanted more.
She wanted a real life
for her kid.
She wanted him
to be a Foxx, you know?
So they made her disappear.
What do you mean by that?
Cas thought he'd negotiated
the perfect compromise,
always the lawyer, even then.
Foxxes would pay for everything,
and then she'd give up
the baby when it came,
but she changed her mind,
couldn't go through with it,
and that's what she
was gonna tell Cass
that night
at the Brewster & Stone,
the last time
anybody ever saw her.
Are you saying
that they had her killed?
I'm saying I never
saw her face again,
and I never heard
about the baby,
but that's all I gotta say.
What's the woman's name?
She didn't say.
Probably scared of Caswell.
Yeah, well, I don't blame her.
Hey, do you think that she...
You know, I'm gonna have
to call you tomorrow.
Babe, I am so sorry...
Did you help them do this?
Caswell wanted
to lighten your load.
That's total bullshit.
You've been practically
M.I.A. for two weeks.
Stay the hell out of my office!
He knows you've been
talking to people.
Oh, no, the Mayor will be there.
Yeah, standing right by my side,
grinning like
a god-darn first lady,
because if he's not...
Where are my cases?
Let me call you right back.
Watch your tone with me,
young lady.
Is that how this works?
This is how I get pushed out?
Pushed out?
What are you talking about?
Don't give me that,
Caswell, okay?
Who did you give my cases to?
Listen, first of all, calm down.
One minute, you're complaining
you have too much work...
Just stop!
I would seriously think
about how you're behaving,
because nothing in life
is guaranteed,
even if Damon is your...
Don't give me that crap, okay?
I have done good work
for this firm.
All my cases back,
especially Chesterfield Oil.
How could he
reassign me like that?
I mean, he would
never do that to you
or any of the men at the office.
I mean, it is such
a boys club in there.
It'd be one thing if
a client complained, right?
But it was just personal.
Steven, are you listening?
That's all you have
to say is, "Yeah"?
What do you want me
to say, Carrie?
The firm is a business,
which Caswell owns.
I-If you can't...
You're with Cas, aren't you?
We're all with Cas.
His name's on the door.
I can't even trust you.
Don't be ridiculous.
Why? Because I got
the Chesterfield case?
Somebody had to work on it.
You missed the case management
hearing, for God's sake.
They've been talking to you.
You knew I was
looking into Caswell.
What'd they do?
Did they threaten you?
Please, Carrie.
You know he has a kid
that nobody knows about?
I didn't think so.
And a relationship he wants
nobody to know anything about.
The mother,
she just disappeared.
Where are you getting this from?
Scott Giorna.
He was researching
Caswell for years,
and now with his Senate race
and Chesterfield Oil,
he was gonna expose
all of his dirty secrets.
Okay, so Caswell had a kid with
a woman, and they separated.
That's hardly a capital offense.
No, that is not
what I just said.
Okay. I'm sorry.
What about Chesterfield?
All the evidence pointing to their
culpability that was just buried.
Look, I've seen some of it.
Carrie, do you hear yourself?
"I've seen
the buried evidence."
You sound like a crazy person.
It's a simple case for an old friend.
You said it yourself.
No, that is what Caswell
wants you to believe, babe.
What about my iPad?
Just showed back up
in my apartment?
Yeah, I don't know. I...
Aren't you happy
you have it back?
No, babe, Caswell Foxx is dirty.
Caswell Foxx gave us
both legal careers.
Oh, my God.
Don't give me that crap.
Honestly, I think you've
gone off the deep end
listening to any crackpot
with some ax to grind.
You're just as bad
as the rest of 'em.
Like the rest of who, Carrie?
You realize this is the first
time we've talked about anything
since all this crap
with Caswell started?
Ever since he put you on
the Chesterfield case,
it's like you've done nothing but
try to make problems for him.
You've lost sight
of what really matters.
Like what?
My career?
My career is more important
than the truth?
More important than us?
What about all the ground
rules you wanted to lay?
We never got to those.
You were on the phone, remember?
Look, listen, Carrie,
okay, I love you.
We're part of something bigger
than most people will ever touch.
When Caswell Foxx
becomes Senator...
Yeah, I know.
I'm leaving.
That's crazy.
You can't...
You're not just gonna leave.
You know what?
Regardless of anything I do,
Caswell Foxx is
probably gonna be Senator.
Yeah, I certainly hope so.
Yeah, well, I... I hope you can
live with the consequences.
Watch after your food,
Steven. It's gonna burn.
Are you sure it was the
same man you saw with Cas?
I am. We've gotta go
to the police, Dad.
And what are we gonna tell them?
You're a lawyer, Carrie.
How's that gonna look?
I don't know.
But everything Scott said about
Caswell has been true, okay?
I don't know
what he's capable of.
I really wish you'd
left all this alone.
Look at what's happening.
I'm supposed to just ignore it?
Caswell came after me, Dad.
He had that goon
in my apartment.
I'll speak with him
tomorrow morning.
I'm sure there's some way
we can work this out.
How? People like Caswell
don't work things out, Dad.
They just make you disappear.
I wonder if that's why Steven invited
me to his apartment tonight.
To get you out of
your apartment? Please.
Why are you sticking up
for him all the sudden?
Because you're talking crazy.
That's exactly what Steven said.
Dad, don't tell me
you're in on this.
Are you listening to yourself?
Just everything's
turned upside down.
You know, I-I've always
looked up to Caswell,
and I have no idea
what's going on now.
He's the same man he always was.
That's right.
He's always been this way.
I mean, not only is he up
to his neck in Chesterfield
and not only he's probably
responsible for Scott's death,
but he's always
been involved in scandal,
way before he was even a lawyer.
He got a woman pregnant.
She and the baby, they
just disappeared one day.
What's up with that, the fact that
nobody wants to talk about it?
Well, you're right
about one thing.
Nobody wants to discuss this.
What's what supposed to mean?
Look, I'm really tired.
I'll speak with Cas tomorrow.
You sleep
in the guest room, okay?
but I'm, uh, never
too busy for you.
I just wanted to make sure you're
up to speed on Chesterfield.
I know it's an awful lot
to dump in your lap.
No, I've...
I've reviewed it all.
And it's questionable, Cas.
I just... I don't think
it's the open-and-shut case
you seem to think it is.
She's gotten to you, hasn't she?
No, Carrie hasn't gotten to me.
No one's gotten to me.
My personal life has no bearing
on the work I do here for
you and the other partners.
Of course.
I just need to know
that will do
what needs to be done
to protect our client's interest.
That's all.
I always do.
Listen, I just
forwarded you an email.
Take a look at it when you
have a moment, okay?
Son of a bitch.
Who is this?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This is Carrie Evans.
What is it?
What? Oh, my God.
Is he okay?
Oh, God.
Paging Dr. Bedford.
Paging Dr. Bedford.
What happened?
Do I need to call Denise?
No. Wait.
What happened?
I... I don't know.
It was all so fuzzy.
I was, uh... I was heading
out to lunch with a client,
and I must have slipped and
fallen down the stairs.
Dad, did someone push you?
Blue Team to I.C.U., please.
Blue Team to I.C.U.
I don't think so.
No, or you don't think so?
Carrie, listen.
There's something
you need to know...
about Caswell,
your mother, and me.
And, please, always remember...
I love you.
I know you do.
I'm... I'm not your father,
I mean I'm not
your birth father.
You're my daughter,
but you're not mine.
I don't understand.
That woman in the photo,
her name is Jacqueline Fleuriot.
She's your mother,
and Cas...
Caswell is your father.
His family didn't
want him to associate
with someone
of lower social status,
so after you were born,
they paid her to go away.
They were gonna take you in
and raise you by...
I always hoped I'd never have
to tell you any of this,
but Jackie still
wanted to see you.
The Foxxes forbade it,
so s-she went away.
And then
they changed their mind.
They wanted to have
nothing to do with you
or your mother if she
suddenly came back.
Caswell, he couldn't let go,
so he asked me
would I take you in, and...
he knew that Carol, your mom,
my first wife, couldn't
have kids of her own.
You were so young and perfect.
So we took you in,
and it was the happiest
day of my life.
I... I couldn't
be prouder if... if...
It's okay, Dad.
I was always afraid
that if I told you, you'd...
No, don't.
It's okay.
Look at me.
You're my dad.
Okay? Nobody else.
It's okay.
So my birth mom,
is she alive?
Oh, I don't know.
I've looked for her
over the years,
but I've never been able
to find anything.
It's okay, Dad.
Just get your rest, okay?
It's okay.
Just remember,
I love you.
I don't care about
any of that, okay?
You're my dad.
And I'm gonna find her
for all of us.
So you're Caswell
Foxx's daughter.
Yeah. I guess that explains why
I can be such an ass sometimes.
Just want to go
to his senatorial announcement
and scream
at the top of my lungs.
Why don't you?
So your real mother,
is she still...
I can't find anything on her.
And the one person who
probably knows isn't talking.
Yeah, but there's gotta
be a way to make him talk.
What about Deena Babb?
Maybe, if she's still alive,
but she wouldn't talk
to Scott, remember?
Maybe she'll talk
to Jacqueline's daughter.
Maybe she will.
Let's go.
Well, it's a little late for
that, Carrie, don't you think?
Tomorrow, then.
I'll pick you up.
You have the address, right?
You know, I really think
she'll talk to me.
You have a very nice smile.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
I'll be right here.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
What's the emergency?
Yes, my friend's been killed.
What's your name, ma'am,
and where are you located?
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, from the first time
that my father
brought me to his offices,
I've always loved the law.
Then why did you ignore it?
And for the first time,
I saw Lady Justice
with her blindfold
and scales. I...
I knew the law was my calling.
What do you know about justice?
But over the course
of a legal career
that has lasted many, many,
many years...
over the course of that career,
I slowly began to realize that
there was an even better way
to serve the good people
of our fine state.
Rather than tackling injustice
one case at a time,
I would attack the roots
of the problems
as your next
United States Senator.
I pledge
that I will fight for you
by fighting for our economy.
I pledge
that I will never support
any legislation
that raises taxes.
And I pledge that I
will make our great state
a friend to business once again.
The type of friend that helps
you get away with murder?!
Oh, it appears,
ladies and gentlemen,
I have my first heckler.
Just like you're helping Chesterfield
Oil get away with murder?
Or like your friends
helped you get away
with the disappearance
of my mother?
Where is she, Caswell?
Ladies and gentlemen,
please enjoy your drinks.
Tonight is for celebrating.
Thank you for coming,
and thank you for your support
now and in the future.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ah, maybe...
please come up. Come up.
You wanted to talk, let's talk.
I know everything, okay,
every dirty, little secret.
You know, security is
all over this building,
just in case you were
considering something crazy.
Oh, really? Well, I'm not
like you, Caswell, okay?
I'm not violent.
I know you killed Greg.
I know you killed his brother.
Oh, you really are
losing it, Carrie.
The only one here that has
anything to lose is you, sir.
You are so wrong about that.
Where's my mother?
Where is she, Dad?
I have no idea
where that woman is.
Is she alive?
You know, I hate to
ask, but with you...
Carrie, your mother,
like you,
was given many options.
That she chose to squander them,
it isn't my fault.
Yeah, I know. Your family
must have paid a lot of money
to make her go away.
Our family.
You're part of me.
I am no part of you.
Carrie, when are you going
to stop being so naive?
Look at where you are,
where we are.
Jacqueline could never have
been a part of this, never.
I tried. I tried
to give her everything,
and she turned away.
What about my father?
He was your friend, Caswell.
You tried to have him murdered.
Carrie, you don't
understand anything.
Do you know what
I have done for Damon?
Oh, he busted his ass for you.
He took me in.
He was a good friend to you.
I gave him a career.
He's an average lawyer at best.
You know that.
Do you think anybody else
would have set him up,
set you up like I have?
I... Don't you see?
I did it for you.
You disgust me.
Once everybody knows
who you really are,
you're finished.
All you had to do
was file some motions.
The Chesterfield case
would have settled.
None of this
would have ever happened.
No, those people on that
rig would still be dead.
Chesterfield was responsible.
You knew it,
and you didn't care.
All you cared about
was helping a friend out
and becoming Senator.
You buried that evidence.
Oh, so what?!
They were all
paid off handsomely!
They're all set for life!
Do you really believe
that voters
are going to remember
an accident on some oil rig
where a couple
of measly workers died?!
It's ancient history!
You're just like your mother!
You can't let things go!
No, I can't,
so I guess it's your word...
against your word.
We'll see what the people think,
Oh. No.
No. No!
Give it to me.
Give me that phone.
Carrie, no.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
No, Carrie! Ahh!
No, please, please.
Please, please,
don't hurt me anymore.
Security, get in here!
She attacked me.
Hands up.
I didn't attack him.
No! I didn't attack...
I didn't attack him!
No! No, you don't
He's a murderer!
He killed my mom!
He killed Scott and Greg!
You don't understand!
I... I guess when you fight for
the good and the decent people,
you're bound
to make some enemies.
But they won't intimidate me.
Thank you again
for coming. Thank you.
Do you understand where you
are and why you're here?
Do you think I'm a crazy person?
Is that why you're
treating me like this?
You attacked Caswell Foxx.
He says you've
been stalking him.
I am an employee at his firm.
Heh. People stalk
coworkers all the time.
He says that human resources
was in the process
of letting you go.
He wanted to handle
the situation delicately
due to the relationship
with your family.
Yes, well, that is news to me.
Ms. Evans, why were you
at Mr. Foxx's event tonight?
To confront him.
So the attack was premeditated.
No. Confronting
and attacking
are two different
things, Detective.
I was confronting him
because he had a colleague
of mine killed,
as in murdered.
Did you check out the parking
lot like I told you to?
Yes, and we found a body.
We also found
surveillance footage
of you leaving the scene of
the crime at time of death,
as well as your fingerprints
on the murder weapon.
Gotta be kidding me.
Did you even look at the other
evidence that I gave you?
Ms. Evans,
there seems to be
a fundamental
misunderstanding here.
Now, you seem like
a very smart woman,
so I'm gonna help you out here.
You can't win.
If you're going up
against Caswell Foxx,
you're going up against a lot
more than just Caswell Foxx.
He's the most connected
bastard I've ever seen.
And these claims
that you've made...
he engineered a coverup
of the Chesterfield Oil case,
he made your mother disappear,
and he attacked you, you, an
uninvited guest as his event...
how are you gonna prove this
with no evidence?
There's plenty of evidence.
As soon as I make bond,
I'm gonna make it public.
You're not gonna be out on bond.
It's my first offense
and on questionable charges.
I'll be out of here in 24 hours.
Ms. Evans,
are you aware
that you are
the last person seen
with both Scott and Greg Giorna
before both men were found dead?
Okay, this is total crap.
Don't you see
what he's doing here?
He's trying to make me go away,
just like he did my mother.
He's just manipulating...
Thank you, Ms. Evans.
You can consider your options
in a holding cell.
Hey, buddy.
You okay?
Never better.
You mind if I, uh...
What's up?
Well, I just tried
to visit Carrie.
She wouldn't let me see her.
You blame her?
I mean, she's hardly
blameless herself.
None of us is perfect,
Steven. Heh.
The question never is,
"Can I find the perfect one?"
The question is, "Can I find
someone willing to forgive?"
'Cause we all screw up.
Did you know what she did, though?
She cheated.
I know what happened, yeah.
And I'm just
supposed to forgive her?
That is the question, isn't it?
"Can I forgive her?"
Look at why it happened
and when.
Maybe she had some doubts
about your relationship
and needed to see if someone
else wasn't the one.
And that makes it okay?
I don't know.
Look into your own heart.
Maybe you betrayed her
in some way.
Or maybe not,
but you had other women
before Carrie,
and she had other boyfriends.
Does that make you
want her any less?
Does one slipup
change who she is?
Or does it help you
understand her better?
It's a long
and bumpy road, Steven.
You need to focus
on what's important.
Hello, Carrie.
What do I call you?
Dad? Murderer?
Well, clearly not Dad,
because I have certainly
failed you as a father.
That's why I'm here.
As poorly as I've
handled things recently,
I... I have tried
to help you
every step of the way,
and I want to help you now.
Because you need my help.
Because I'm your father,
and I care deeply
about your welfare.
You know, they let us
watch TV in here, Caswell.
I know what the whole controversy's
done for your poll numbers.
Carrie, listen to me.
The prosecutor's
an old friend of mine.
I'm confident I can get him
to drop the charges down
from felony aggravated assault
to domestic violence
because we're related.
No disbarment.
No prison time.
With you on the loose,
I'm safer behind bars.
Carrie, listen to me.
With an assault conviction,
do you really think you can
skate two murder charges?
To clear my name,
you announce publicly
that you invented all
of these allegations.
Call it a temporary breakdown,
mental breakdown due to...
I don't know. Pressure?
Personal issues.
I don't care.
Write your own explanation.
You endorse me wholeheartedly,
and you play the loving daughter
throughout the campaign.
You do that...
and I will drop the charges,
and I will see to it that
the murder investigation
into the Giorna brothers'
murders doesn't touch you.
Betray me,
veer one inch off the path,
and you're ruined,
abandoned by all.
So you're going on two, okay?
Okay, great. Thank you.
Okay, we're going live in just a few seconds.
You both ready?
And 3, 2...
Thanks, John.
Joining us live
are senatorial candidate
Caswell Foxx
and Carrie Evans,
a woman who turns out
to be Caswell's daughter
from a youthful adventure.
More on that later,
but first, Ms. Evans,
you made quite a splash
a few days ago,
causing a ruckus at Caswell's
campaign announcement,
leveling all sorts of charges.
What was that all about?
Well, those charges really arose
from a personal dispute
between Cas and myself.
So you're saying
they weren't true,
that you were
simply lashing out,
as Mr. Foxx
has stated?
Well, I would love
to explain the dispute.
You still have the
graphics that I provided?
Yes. Dennis, can we
see the pictures, please?
These photos were sent to me by
award-winning journalist Scott Giorna
shortly before he and his
brother were murdered.
He found them
on Caswell's computer,
which he had hacked
looking for evidence
of Caswell's involvement in the
Chesterfield Oil coverup...
Now that's nonsense.
This... There was
no coverup.
evidence he found in abundance.
Listen, I really...
What I think I would...
stay seated, Mr. Foxx.
Curtis Wheelwright and a
number of other employees
gave sworn testimony
stating that Jack Chesterfield
personally ordered
the procedural changes
which led to the explosion
and the six dead bodies.
Caswell, along with
Chesterfield and others,
tried to hide the evidence.
This... This is
complete hearsay.
It's slander, really.
Including the disappearance
of several witnesses.
I... And if
you allow...
You'll get a chance to respond.
But if you...
I believe we have some video
from one of those interviews.
So we're running late,
and everybody's bonuses are
tied to on-time delivery,
so when the call
came from Chesterfield
to disable some
of the safety protocols,
nobody saw the big deal, see?
So we got, uh, new instructions
for the negative pressure
test from Chesterfield...
You're finished.
You are done.
Maybe, but I wasn't
running for Senate.
...and I'm just
the assistant, so...
Wow. That was pretty damning, Mr.
What do you have
to say for yourself?
Get this...
When you're right, you're right.
These tablets are great,
especially for
reading the paper.
You know, Dad,
I think this office
is gonna suit you just fine,
nice, neat, not cluttered,
Oh, and you can take
my old office.
No, thanks.
Caswell was right
about one thing.
I'm done.
Carrie, can we...
can we talk?
Oh, I'll give you two
some privacy.
No, Dad.
You stay.
Thank you, Mr. Evans.
Steven, look, I am so sorry
that all this kind of-f-
No, look, I'm the one
who should be sorry.
I should have told you
about the photos
and that I was
gonna play them on TV.
I had already seen them.
Caswell showed them to me.
Well, for what it's worth,
it meant nothing.
Okay? He was nobody.
It was eight months
before we were engaged,
and I'm not trying
to make excuses.
I'm just saying I'm sorry.
Don't be, okay?
I've made my share of mistakes.
I'm actually glad
I saw those photos.
You're glad?
Yeah, they helped me realize
how desperate Caswell was
to turn me against you.
He showed his true
colors in that moment,
but more importantly, look,
those photos made me realize
that no matter what, okay,
I can't imagine
my life without you.
I love you.
Come on. There's someone
I think you should meet.
I'm sorry I waited
so long to see you.
It's okay.
I'm just glad you're here.
There's so much I always
wanted to say to you,
so much time I just...
Oh, my dear.
How are you?
I'm better now.
It's okay.
I have a thousand
questions I want to ask you.