A Fei Zheng Chuan (Days Of Being Wild) (1991) Movie Script

How much?
for bottle taken away
What's your name?
Why'd I tell you?
I've already known it
You're named...
So Lai-chun
Who told you that?
You'll see me tonight
in your dream
I didn't see you in
my dream last night
Of course,
you haven't slept at all
It's useless!
You'll see me, for sure
You look something special today
What? Nothing special
Why do you have red ears?
What do you want?
I just want to make friends with you
Why should l?
Look at my watch!
Why should l?
Just one minute, OK?
Time's up, speak now
Today is...
April 16, 1960,
one minute before 3 pm
You are with me
Because of you,
I'll remember that one minute
From now on,
we're friends of one minute
This is fact, you can't deny it
Cause it's past
I'll come tomorrow
Haven't he remember
that minute for me?
I don't know
But I've memorized this guy
Later on, he did come everyday
We became friends,
started from that minute
...to 2 minutes
Later, we dated at least
an hour a day
How long have we known each other?
Very long... I've forgot
My cousin is going to
get marry soon
Really? Send my congratulation to her
She said that
she'd live with her husband's family
What's that mean?
I've to find some place else to live
I'd like to live with you
So, how should I tell my dad?
Tell what?
Our affair!
What affair?
Would you marry me?
I'll never come back
Didi, be quick, come over here
Your mother has drunk,
she has drunk too much
I'm in a hurry
Give her a cup of tea
Are you hungry?
Do you want something to eat?
Who's that guy?
Only one pair of earring,
take it back if you want to
I don't think that it all you have stolen
I've told you many times
that I never stolen!
She gave it to me willingly
You mean she was willing
to pay for your living?
Do you think it's so easy to do so?
Don't beat me...
Stop beating me!
What? Say it out...
I stole it!
It's me, I stole it...
I don't want you to see
my mother again
you can change now
Have you seen any earring?
No, but I can look it up for you
Hey, what are you doing here?
You like this earring?
For you
Why only one?
I'll wait for you downstairs
Who's place is it?
My home
I've never promised to
go home with you
But you've never refused
Are you living alone?
Is the rent high?
Wow, my family live in a room
which costs $28 only
Do you bring girls home often?
Let's make a deal,
I'll stay a while only
It's stuffy
Are there many families
living here?
Why it's empty?
You're nosy, aren't you?
Where's the toilet?
Let's go & eat something
Why don't you say earlier?
It's raining heavily
I'd better leave now,
take me home
Why did you come with me then?
I've just promised to stay a while,
who do you think I am?
Don't think that
I can easily go to bed with men
Don't think that you can
do anything
be sending me a pair
of poor earring
I'm different from those
flapperish girls!
Don't come over
Guess how long you can
stop breathing
Thief! Who's that?
It's me!
My friend
I've told you many times
that you'd not climb up
I don't want the Indian guard
to bother me
I don't know that you've a friend here,
I leave now
Take the stairs
Where I come, where I go
Your friend is strange,
what's he?
Don't be nosy!
Is he a thief?
What time is it?
I've to go home now
Shall we meet tomorrow?
May be
Well, call me
Do you have my phone number?
I'll write it down
Call after 11 ,
or I won't be there
Leung Fung-ying?
Aren't you called Lulu?
My colleagues don't know
my Christian name
Keep your promise to call, OK?
I know you won't call me
I will
You don't even memorize
my number!
It's written down, why should I
keep this in mind then?
How about if it lost?
if it is lost,
I may be lost too
Go & lost it, if you dare!
If you lose it,
I will cut your face!
Stop saying that to me
You're great!
Where there's an illness,
there's a cure!
Are you going home?
I'll call you a cab
I don't want to go home now
Well, stay here then
Go to hell!
Good morning
Why you still sitting here?
Why don't you go home?
You haven't gone home too
I'm not going to talk to you
Have I ever met you before?
I don't think so
But, have you ever noticed me?
You know it pretty well
What's your job?
My job?
Turn the volume of the
radio louder please
Any idea? Got it?
Not yet
Dance once more for me OK?
Do you want to take
advantage from me?
Hey... What's your name?
Call me Mimi
I've heard that there was
a kind of bird with no legs
It could fly and fly only...
When it got tired,
it slept in the wind
This kind of bird
could land only once
That was the time it died
Come here, I want to talk to you
Excuse me
Hey, who is she?
What do you mean?
Why did you beat him?
He tried to cheat your money!
Who said so?
No one
If not why should he be with you?
How old is he?
And how old are you?
You are not young!
Right, he does it for money,
but he can make me happy
Have you ever made me happy
after so many years?
Have you?
Right, I never made you
happy before
Then, let's be unhappy together
What do you want?
You know it pretty well
I've told you many times
I won't tell you anymore
You want to find your
own mother, right?
Go and find her yourself
if you can
I've taken care of you
for so many years,
Anything I want to say,
I have said it long ago
I didn't say it before because
I don't want you to leave
And I won't say it now still
Cause I don't think it's worth to
I tell you,
...what can I get if
you go to find her?
And you will forget me as well
Why are you starring at me?
OK, I want you to hate me
At least, you won't forget me
Come on, treat me better
Maybe, I will tell you some day
If not, never dream so
Alright, I will wait for
that moment
Is his mother rich?
I think so, she used to be
a prostitute before
You know York for long?
He lived in the flat up
above our garage
Do you know
what is in his mind?
I don't know
But I know what is in your mind
Don't fall in love with me
It's so late, what're you doing here?
Waiting for my friend
What's the matter?
A girl downstairs said
that she was your friend,
you'd better go & have a look
Excuse me
Why do you come for me?
I'd like to take back my stuffs
Come up then
I'd like to stay with you
What for?
I'm not suitable for you
I don't like marriage
like the others do
I don't mind
I just want to stay with you
Why are you so attentive to me?
You can't please me
for my whole life!
You won't be happy to stay with me
Have you ever loved me?
I don't know how many women
else I'd fall for in my life
I won't know whom I love
most till the end of my life
Wait here
I'll collect the things for you
Somebody's home?
Who is outside?
Don't be nosy!
Take off you slippers
It belongs to someone else
It's hers? Who say so?
Any proof here?
Are you going to take it off?
A woman comes up suddenly,
...and she claims that this is hers,
that is hers,
How can I know how many women
would come up later?
If one comes & says
that you are hers,
should I give up?
I give nothing
Once I step in here,
everything is mine
Why you come up?
I've told you to stay downstairs
I'm leaving
Well, sleep with the
slippers tonight
Are you care about the slippers?
OK, I'll return it to her
Are you satisfied?
Somehow, nothing in this
house belongs to me!
What am l? I'd better leave!
Don't come back once you step out
Do you treat all women like this?
I won't be as stupid as her!
What are you doing?
Why do you treat me like this?
Stop it, I'm hurt...
How come it's you again?
Why don't you go home?
Many trouble will be solved
after a good sleep
Can you lend me few dollars
for me to take a cab?
I've only $5, is that enough?
How can I pay you back?
Forget it
I'm always on duty around here
A chance may be, take it
It's you
I'm taking the money back to you
No hurry, it doesn't matter
Sorry about that
Thanks! Are you alright?
I'm leaving now,
I have to go to work
So late at night?
What kind of job?
I am working in the SCAA
There's games holding tonight,
I've to work in the box office
Then I can have free ticket
for football match
I like football match before,
but now, I'm busy
If you want to see
any game in future,
just come to me
Then thanks a lot
Can we chat?
I can't help you about
your boyfriend
I just want to chat
You got no friends?
I don't want others to know it
Then how about me?
If I don't...
If I don't say it out,
I'm afraid that I'd be mad
I thought that I would be OK
I always tell myself
Don't tell others that
you are unhappy
Work hard
Go home and sleep earlier
I want to go home!
But my home is in Macao
I don't know how to
kill these nights
I can't sleep
I don't mean to come back
I promise myself that
I wouldn't go back anymore
I'll hate myself if I go back again
I don't want to hate myself
Help me please
You can't be like this still
I will be OK by getting
through this night
You are cheating yourself
by saying this only
How did you pass last night?
If you had passed last night,
you wouldn't have been here
You should make up your mind
If you really can't live without him,
...why don't you tell him?
If not, pretend not
knowing this guy
from this very minute
Don't mention "this very minute"
I always think that a minute
can pass very fast
But sometimes it takes long
One day, one pointed at
his watch and told me,
...he would remember me
forever for that very minute
It was very pleasant to me
But now when I look at the watch,
...l will tell myself,
...l have to forget that guy
from that very minute
When I was young in Macao,
I dreamed to ride on a tram
Whenever my cousin returned
from Hong Kong
I would ask her when would
she take me to HK
Your cousin is from Hong Kong?
No, but she studied in
HK when young
She is great,
she got a job in an office
just after graduation
And her boyfriend is
smart as well
She is going to get married soon
Not everyone will be
in good luck
Don't compare with others
I didn't think that
I was poor before
Till I found out that
I didn't have a new uniform every year
But my classmates all had new ones
At that moment,
I realised that I was poor
What make you to be a police then?
I wanted to be a sailor
But my mother's health
was not so good
And there was no others at home
So I had to stay over to
take care of her
Don't you think it's bored
walking around all the night?
I don't think so
I'm tired, I want to go
home now
If there are anyone
who can talk to,
...come to me
But I don't want to interfere
your working hours
You can phone me then
I am here around this
time everyday
Hey, do you have enough
money for the fare?
Yes, bye
I never dream that
she will call me
But I always stop in front of
the telephone kiosk
Maybe she has returned to Macao
Or maybe she just wants someone
to kill a night with her
No soon, my mother past away
Then I changed to be a sailor
Son, come to eat your meal
It's ready now
Ranjet, come and eat
Don't you want me to beat you?
"My heart is broken..."
Am I pretty?
Have you cleaned the floor?
Of course, but it gets dry very soon
I can swear if you don't believe
Swear if more curse if you want to
Why? So what if I
haven't cleaned it?
Why should I curse myself?
I'll clean it when I come back, OK?
Alright, I'll clean it before I go out
Can't you cheer up a bit?
You seems to be very upset
I'll treat you to the cinema, OK?
I still have a few bugs with me
Are you very poor?
Maybe I can support you
My sister has transferred to
work in Oriental Nightclub
She said it was easy to earn
a living being a club girl
But you have to pick me up
every night after work
Then I will be your "boy" then
To be happy is the most
important thing
I won't tell others
You still want to go to the movie?
Let's go then
But I want to set my hair first
You don't have to change?
Hey, you still haven't
changed your shoes
I had breakfast with
Old Man this morning
He realised that
I'm in bad mood
He asked me to go to
USA with him
I know it pretty well that,
...in my age
It's difficult to find someone
really like me
Since he treats me so well
So is it!
Though he's quite old,
but he is kind hearted
What do you think?
I won't come back anymore
If you want to, you can go with me
I won't force you if you don't like to
Of course you can't force me
You want to leave yourself
Don't dream!
You force me to be
with you so many years
And now you just said
that you would go
I won't let you go!
I've taken care of you
for so many years
I won't dessert you
I have arranged everything for you
I will leave you the house
I'll send you money every month
I want nothing
I just want you to stay behind
You always want to
keep me with you
So now I won't let you go
If you dare to leave
You want to scare me?
Alright, I don't mean to leave
I'll be old after few years
Do you mean that you would
take care of me?
For what can you take care of me?
I don't care
If not, we will die together then
This is your dream
You did quite a good job!
You have been a foe to me
for these years
Can't you be a bit better to me?
You shouldn't let me know
that I am adopted
Everything will then be perfect
You let me know a bit
and hide a bit,
...I only want to know
who are my parents
Why don't you tell me?
Don't you know that you are
giving me an excuse to hate you?
You can go and find it
out yourself
The Philippines is not
so big after all,
go & search then
You dare not to go!
You're afraid to find out that
your mother is not rich
And she's not from a famous family,
maybe worse than me
That's not your business
I'll not give up if you don't tell me
We can play this game onwards
You will have to tell me the truth
some fine days
I won't be happy to hear from others
I want you to tell me by yourself
Unless you have died
Then we will be happy
I should not let you know before
I tell you,
...for you are not my own blood
I know you will leave me
I always think that I will be alright
I never know that I am
unwilling to let you go
I keep not telling you,
...l am a bit selfish
I do it because I want to protect you
They planned to dessert you
If they really want you,
they will come to find you long ago
You won't understand
I know that you'll not listen
to whatever I said now
You spoiled yourself for these years
& put all the responsibility on me,
you want a revenge
...I'll tell you who your mother is now
I can't stand it any longer
You always use such an excuse before
You can't use it any longer
You want to go, right?
Alright, go now
Go as far as you can
Don't let me know that
you are cheating yourself
Have you made up your mind?
I've said so many times
It's time to go for once
That's good
Have you planned
how long would you stay?
I don't know what
would happen there
And I don't know when
I would be back
Take care of yourself
Doesn't she know that
you are leaving?
I have to leave no matter
she knows it or not
Tell her that I've left if
she comes to bother you
Take it
I know you like it for long
Treat it well!
Has he ever come here?
Did you listen to me?
Don't you think that
you can ignore me?
I know you two meet frequently
Why do you have to be so cheap?
He has said he didn't like you already
Why can't you just leave him?
Have you finished?
Now he left you and
you'd better go home to cry
Why do you tell me this?
I don't want to know that
he treated me not so bad,
...and treated you not
so good as well
Don't touch me
He treats all women the same
We are almost closed,
you have limited time here
I shouldn't be here actually
I shouldn't give you such
a chance to feel cheerful
But I feel he likes me a bit more
No matter how,
he left you because of me
It's better for you to
know it earlier
You are the one to cry now
I have recovered long ago
What's the matter?
Did your son ever come back?
Then do you know
where can I look for him?
No, he never tells me
anything about him
If you ever see him
Tell him that Mimi
is looking for him
He gets my phone number
I don't know whether
I will see him or not
I am leaving tomorrow
Will he be leaving with you?
May I have a look of your house?
He used to ask me
to wait downstairs before
I really want to know...
...what does this house look like
It's just the same
Am I silly?
No, I am the same
when I was still young
Do you want me to call
a cab for you?
No, thanks
It's you, I think it's York!
He has left for the Philippines
Why you have to follow me?
Go away,
I don't want to see you anymore
Why do you ask me to go?
Why don't you just let me to follow you?
I don't want anything to happen to you
I don't want you to be so good to me!
I've told you not to love me before
What do you mean?
Taken up?
His car is now yours,
and you want me too?
It doesn't mean that I've to
love you when he's not aside
I don't like you
What are you doing?
Don't stand on my way!
What do you want?
I really want to go to
the Philippines
I really want to go!
Put the money safe
Why so much money?
Just as what you've said,
it has to be matched
He looks smart on that car
I wonder what will
I look like on that car
So, it's better for me to sell it
Go to the Philippines
if you really want to
Say sorry to York for me
when you see him
Tell him that I have sold his car
If you really can't find York,
...come back to me then
On 12th April, 1 961
At last, I come to my mother's house
But she didn't want to see me
The maids told me that she was not there
By the time when I left this house,
...l knew that there was someone
behind starring at me
Though I wouldn't come
back anymore
I just want to see her for once
To look at her face
Since she doesn't give me a chance,
I won't give her such a chance
Any spare room?
Yes, the rent will be $30,
$5 for one extra bed
How many days do you
want to stay?
Two days, I have to wait
for the ship
Who's that?
Sir, are you alone?
Not yet
What do you want?
Why? You don't like me?
Don't tell me that
you will help me
Wake up, you don't mean
to sleep here?
Hey! Are you serious?
There is a lot of bad guys
walk passed here
Hey, wake up!
You haven't gone out?
I just come back
You have friend here?
He is just my friend
Am I bothering you?
She's quite good
Have you ever been
here before?
China Town is quite a small place
Many people come
and stay in this inn
Almost everyone
will stay here
Are you coming
from Hong Kong?
What's your profession?
How long?
I'm green hand in this field
I used to be a cop before
Not bad
Why do you change
to be a sailor then?
I just want to wander around
How long have you
been in Philippines?
A few months already
What for? Working?
I don't like working
I am here to look for my family
Then have you found it out?
It should be counted as OK
What's the time now?
I have no watch
Half past three
Why don't we go
and have a drink?
It's already too late
If it is late for you,
why not just stay here?
I have wine here, you can have it
I am homeless
I have to go to the station
when sunrise
And it's only a few hours later
To drink is better to sleep
for these few hours
Are you leaving for some other place?
It's bored to stay in one place
for a long time
As what you have said,
to wander around
Hey, do you want some?
Then when will you go back?
Till they have all the
goods unloaded
I think it probably
takes 2 days time
How about you?
Will you go back?
Maybe, even though...
I think it takes quite
a long period of time
Maybe we'll meet each other
on the street of HK
We won't know each other
at that time
I hope not
Have I ever met you before?
My memory is not so good
Me too
Get out of here! Go!
Get out of here!
Hey! Which train are
you going to take?
I don't mean to take the train
So what are you
coming here for?
To wait someone here
I've to go in for some dealing
I owe you this meal,
I'll be the banker next time
This is a very good passport
This is my job, do you like it?
Now, where is my money?
I don't have any money!
What a fast dealing!
Stop him!
Have you ever been to USA?
Why don't you talk?
Are you afraid of missing your ship?
Not everybody is like you!
You need not care about life!
I have to work, to earn my living,
don't you know?
Should you want a passport,
buy with money!
You should not make
so much trouble at all!
Don't you know that
we are almost killed!
Don't you think you
would be killed?
Men will easily get killed,
may be train accident!
How can you predict it?
I don't care what you think,
but don't drag me down!
I have told you to leave first,
now it's you tailing me!
I do wish that you were killed!
Did you ever heard of
a bird which...
The bird with no legs!
You can only cheat
those innocent girls
Are you like a bird?
You're like the drunkard
picked up from the garbage
of China Town!
Don't you think you are
like a bird?
If you could fly,
you would not have to be here
Go and fly,
if you have such ability!
There is a chance!
But don't look down upon
yourself if this day come
Tell me
When can we arrive the next stop?
I don't know what
you are talking about!
How long?
How long to next stop?
Tell me!
That day when I came out
from the hospital,
I felt very free
I need not to worry about
my living any longer
I will get US$50 monthly
till the boy is 1 8
I do want to know
is the end shot of my life
So, I must not close
my eyes when I die
How about you?
What do you want to see
most when your life end
Life is so long, many things
that I have not yet seen
I don't know,
I don't know what
I want to see most
Think it over
Since your job is so boring!
Life actually is not long,
it's time to think it over
There was a bird...
Which lied and flied until it died
It never goes to anywhere
Because it died from the start
I've said that
I never know which woman is my true love
I wonder what she is doing now
Dawn breaks
It looks fine today
How about sunset?
When I last saw him,
I asked him a question
Did you remember that
Did you remember what
you were doing on that day?
Why do you ask in this way?
A friend of mine always wants
to challenge my memory
He asked me what had
I done on that day
I've forget, how about you?
Did she tell you?
I think that you've already forgot!
I can remember what
should be remembered
Are you two dated frequently?
In a certain period
After my new job,
we seldom meet then
How about you?
What else did she tell you?
No more
Actually, we know each other
for a short period of time only
Do you like her?
It's different, we are friends only
When you see her again, tell her...
...l've forgot everything
This is good to both of us
Maybe I will never meet her again
Even if I can see her,
Maybe she can't recognise me
You come here alone, Aren't you afraid?
I heard that people from HK live here
So I want to talk to you