A Fine Step (2014) Movie Script

They say when someone close leaves you...
you lose a part of yourself.
I believe that.
Whoever said it, though...
forgot to mention if that
part ever comes back.
left with our two finalists...
the first of which is Marzo
Bolivar riding El Diablo.
A misstep.
Come on, babe.
four-time consecutive champ...
Cal Masterson riding Fandango.
ANNOUNCER (OVER P.A.): And this year's
winner is, for a fifth consecutive time...
Cal Masterson and Fandango.
Oh, hey. Sorry, I was, uh,
I was just thinking.
About what? Where you're gonna
put your next trophy?
No. I was actually thinking
about retiring.
Yeah. I'm gonna be 45
before the next Cup.
I got five titles in a row. I was thinking
now might be a good time to cash it in.
On the other hand, a final competition,
me and Fandango, six?
No horse in the world's
ever won six.
Well, I think six would be a mighty
fine retirement record, Cal.
We'll keep you around for the
day-to-day stuff, though.
Maybe a little raise
in there, too?
I don't want to get too crazy.
I'll be done
in about ten minutes.
Let's grab a hotdog on the way out.
Why don't you go grab it now? I'll finish
up here. Yeah, take Maggie with you.
I don't want you getting stuck at the concession
stand yappin' to some little filly all day.
You want anything else?
Nah, I'll be all right.
Okay. Will you help me
walk in this mud?
MAN (O.S.): Hey. Oh, no. Oh, no.
Look out! Hey! Look out!
FEMALE (OVER P.A.): Dr. Davis, telephone,
please. Dr. Davis, telephone, please.
Good. Doing a lot better.
You really had us worried there
for the first few days.
How you feeling?
Like I've been in an accident.
I, uh, hear you do some work
with, uh, horses.
I ride a five-time
world champ Paso Fino.
Going for six this year.
Not anymore, I'm afraid.
Now that hand will heal, but the
real damage is in your leg.
That won't. Not for the strain
of riding anymore.
What're you saying?
I'm telling you that you're a
very lucky man. You're alive.
I'm gonna be back in a little while, and...
try and get some rest.
FEMALE (OVER P.A.): Dr. Davis, telephone,
please. Dr. Davis, telephone, please.
He's fine.
No, don't try to get out.
Honey, it's gonna be okay.
You can still have
the stud farm.
I still have you.
I know.
Life has a funny way.
Look, you heard the doctor.
You're lucky.
I come close. That's the
closest I ever been.
Makes you think.
What do you mean?
No. I...
I'm just saying stuff.
Why don't you just sleep
for a while?
FEMALE (OVER P.A.): Dr. Davis, telephone,
please. Dr. Davis, telephone, please.
They're trying to close the lid on my
coffin before I've even had a chance.
Listen to this.
"Renowned trainer and rider,
Cal Masterson...
who was hospitalized after a debilitating
accident several weeks ago, has retired.
Doctors have confirmed that he
will not be able to ride...
for a possible sixth victory in
next year's Paso Fino World Cup."
What's that writer's name?
Garret Jobody.
Well, I hope he gets hit
by a Mack truck.
What? Have you read
this garbage?
No... and for good reason.
I tell you, somebody's
dancing a jig right now.
It's good news, no?
Why you wish ill will
to people? It's a bad habit.
Get out of it. So,
he's your rival? So, what?
Maybe he's half dead now.
Show a little respect.
I think it's terrible
what happened.
It's tragic.
Should we send something?
We'll send flowers.
Yeah. Lily's.
Anyone know about the horses?
He's fine.
Aren't you supposed to be at
a piano lesson or something?
Um, I canceled.
Papa, I thought maybe I could work
with the horses a little bit more.
Well, you had the whole morning
to do that, Lily. I don't know.
All my life,
I tried to create options.
That's all I wanted... options,
for both of you. That's all.
You play the piano.
You go to China.
It's immaterial to me.
Lily, take the time now.
Just improve yourself
a little. That's all.
As a lady would do.
Yeah. Come on, Lily.
You know any real handlers
out there?
You should thank me for taking care
of the horses you get to ride.
Papa. Papa, you know I am better
than anyone with these horses.
You know, I try to choose
what's best for both of you.
If I fail, I fail. So be it.
You're not a stable boy.
I give you your time. These
horses eat while I sleep.
You eat while I sleep.
You make an agreement
with me, just stick to it.
That's all I ask.
I can move on
with my life. I can.
She's as stubborn as a horse.
Show disrespect to her again.
Come on! In front of me.
Could you do what
she did on a horse?
She was half your age.
Hey. And send the flowers.
Okay, come on, honey.
You're a stubborn old man.
I ain't old yet.
The truck's pulled up.
Look at you.
You look like Mad Max.
Yeah. All right.
Come on, let's get you
out of here.
No, the last I saw, they were
right behind us. Yeah.
I'm here right now.
Okay. Okay, well,
I'll see you in five.
Sorry, honey,
we're a little off track.
I said, "We're a little off
track." I'm sorry.
I'm not in a rush to get there.
Oh, come on, sweetheart.
This'll be good for us,
I promise.
Look at that. Looks like that
old Murphy ranch finally sold.
Yeah. Bet the new owners want me
to fix that property line fence.
Let's saddle up Fandango.
Now you're getting ahead
of yourself, there, Cal.
He ain't gonna let me
ride him yet.
Ah, just gonna walk him
around a few laps.
Howdy, Miss.
Oh, that's all right.
Come on, you can have a gander.
This here's, uh, Fandango.
I guess that makes me
your new neighbor.
I'm Cal Masterson.
You're the Cal Masterson?
Five World Cup wins.
I'm Claire.
So nice to meet you.
You, too.
How's your leg?
Oh, it's, uh, it's fine.
I'm healing up real good.
You know a thing or two
about horses, do you?
Oh, yeah. Everything.
Top of the head is the pole...
and the crest behind that down
to the withers is the croup.
And the hindquarters down
to the gaskin is the hock.
Well, I guess you do know
a thing or two about 'em.
You do some riding?
Never ridden before.
Well, wait a minute.
You... you love horses,
but you've never ridden?
There's something wrong
with that.
You know, you ought to come
over here sometime. We'll tr...
I hope Claire isn't trying to
tell you how to keep your horses.
Uh, no, no. She... she's got her
head screwed on pretty straight.
Mason Scott...
I'm your new neighbor.
I'm, uh, Cal Masterson.
You ranching over there?
No, I'm a developer.
Semi-retired. I still dabble
here and there.
Yeah. I see you've been, uh,
dabbling around here.
Yeah. There are some good
It's beautiful country.
Yes, it is.
Claire's mad about horses.
It's why we bought
the Murphy place.
You bought this place
to be close to your work.
Well, that, too.
Hmm. Oh, hey. Hey, honey.
Guys, I would, uh, like you
to meet my wife, Maggie.
Hi, Maggie.
New neighbors.
Mason. This is my daughter Claire.
Nice to meet you.
Aren't you a living doll?
Just beautiful. You take
after your mother, I bet.
Yes, she does.
Well, welcome. You all should
join us for lunch.
Okay. Can we do it in two hours?
We got some work to do.
Yeah, that'd be fine.
Okay, can we bring something?
No, we've got plenty.
Hey, you. Yeah.
All right. Come on, honey.
Let's go.
We got some work to do.
See you in two.
Okay, great.
All right.
Come on, honey.
They seem nice.
I guess.
But did you have to do that?
Do what?
Invite 'em for lunch.
Two hours? Come on.
We eat around 12:30.
By 2:30, I'm starving.
You're a grown man.
You can handle it.
Didn't you see the poor thing?
No, what?
She's lost her mother.
Slow down.
I'm just hungry.
Hey, uh, sorry I'm late.
This is our hand, Tucker.
Hey, Mason.
Pleasure to meet you.
Did you wash up?
Yes, ma'am. I did.
I'm not 13 anymore.
I am.
You're what?
I'm 13.
Well, hello, 13.
My name's Tucker.
Nice to meet you.
So, what do we got?
Help yourself.
Yes, ma'am.
You're doing a great job
with Claire. She's a neat kid.
That has gotta be hard
being a single parent.
Her mom died of cancer
six months ago.
Oh... I'm sorry.
What was her name?
Katherine. It was quick.
It has been rough.
Well, Claire seems like
a tough girl.
Yeah. Her and her mother
were really close.
I'd go to work, and Katherine
would stay home with Claire.
But we're getting to know each
other pretty well now.
It's coming together.
Katherine loved horses.
She became obsessed with them.
It's easy to do.
Well, Claire's taken it on.
I guess... it keeps her mom in her memory,
it's how she keeps going.
What about you?
Me? I work.
Your husband,
he's good with kids.
Fortunate, 'cause he's not
so good with adults.
We've been trying to have our
own family for some time, but...
You should keep trying.
It's worth it.
Here you go. Go on.
He likes you.
Yeah. Hm?
You got a good touch.
Seems like you guys are old
friends already.
You know, when he gets back
to being his regular self...
maybe you can come by,
take him to ride.
I guess.
I've just always been
scared to. You know?
Yes, I do.
You know, I didn't start
riding 'til I was 15...
but I haven't done anything else
with my life since.
I know what it's like
to be scared...
but I can tell that you
love these animals...
just like I did...
like I still do.
You know what?
I'll help you.
Go on.
It's good for the soul.
Trust me.
Thank you.
Honey? It's time to go.
See you at home.
Thanks for lunch.
And, uh, thanks for being so
good with my daughter.
Oh, it's my pleasure, really.
She's, uh, she's always
welcome here. So are you.
I don't usually get
to see her this happy.
"Sorry"? Why?
Eh, I kind of stole
your moment there.
No. No, you...
Listen, uh, if there's anything's that I
can do for you, you just... you just ask me.
Okay. Closed?
All right. Here's your step.
Just... there you go.
Closed? Really? Okay.
Here we go.
Open 'em.
This is Filena.
Oh, my gosh.
You like her?
She's beautiful.
She's yours.
I thought you could take her
over to the Mastersons.
Cal can teach you how to saddle
her up, and ride and...
giddy up, and all that
sort of stuff.
Oh, come on, honey.
It's what she wanted.
She wanted you to ride.
One minute.
there's a problem with the contract.
What do you mean, "There's
a problem with the contract"?
Wait, d...
The fees weren't included in the deal.
The fees were included
in the... Claire?
No. We agreed on that.
Well, hello, there.
Hi. Who are you?
Oh, I come out and help take
care of the horses for Cal...
every once in a while.
I'm a Ferrier.
You know what that is?
You trim and balance
the horses' hooves.
Oh, so you know a thing or two.
Yes, I do.
Do you know about Paso Finos?
A little. I just got one.
It was a gift... from my dad.
So you know about their gait.
It's a very unusual gait.
It's a four-beat gait.
It's impressive because the footfall
has to be in precise unison.
They can lope.
They can canter.
They can gallop,
just like every other horse.
But this is the most versatile
horse in the world...
because you don't bounce.
The rider remains
motionless in the saddle...
and all of this is executed
with style and pride.
And when done correctly,
it's... it's like music.
They also remember you
as their rider.
And they react as though
they're one with you.
That's why they're special.
Especially this one.
Especially Fandango.
I have to go.
"Claire." Is that...
is that your name?
Well, howdy, Miss Claire.
You have a nice night.
You, too.
MAGGIE (O.S.): I didn't think the
bank would close on us that soon.
And the owners are asking
for immediate payment.
The bastards, they dumped us
right after the accident.
I know you don't like
hearing it...
but I have to bring up how much we
could make studding out Fandango.
I'm not doing that.
Um, well, then, what else, Cal?
We'll have to sell some
of the horses...
or, what? The land?
The truck? Furniture?
I mean...
We'll think of something.
You got something?
No, not yet.
Daddy! You have
to do something!
What is it?
Cal and Maggie,
they're in trouble.
A bank closed on them.
Foreclosed, sweetheart,
They need money...
or they're gonna have
to sell their horses.
Well, that's terrible,
but it's private business.
Can't you help them?
D... we just met.
I don't know them.
They're our neighbors.
Dad, they're our friends.
Oh... Claire.
Okay, nosey...
what did you hear exactly?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
How you doing?
I'm okay.
Listen, this might
be a little uncomfortable...
but I hear you're
in a bit of a bind.
Claire overheard you and
Maggie talking about a loan.
Listen, man, I don't want
to get in your business.
I just might be able to help you
cover your short end is all.
It was the hospital bills.
We didn't see 'em coming.
Well, I might be able
to get you a loan.
From who?
Well, that's not important.
I could get you covered
for a year.
Would that give you enough time?
Yeah, it's...
that'd be some time.
What's it gonna cost me?
Well, I am a businessman, so I
have to make it worth my while.
And, uh, "at my daughter's
request" doesn't fully cover it.
So, uh, well, being fair,
and if I could pull it off...
I would say, uh, maybe a stake in
Fandango for the next competition?
Yeah. That sounds like
a good deal.
Okay, well, you leave it to me.
This is what I do best.
Let Tucker do that.
Alejandro, it's Mason Scott.
Hey, Mason, how are you?
I'm well, thank you.
There's no hiccups with Filena.
No, no.
She's a beautiful horse.
Actually, I'm calling because I have
something that you might be interested in.
Oh, uh...
I'm in three locations now...
and the bank is one.
So, shoot.
This is more personal.
Uh, my neighbor owns a ranch,
and he's got a prize-winning horse.
Cal Masterson, you know him?
Cal? Yeah, I know Cal.
Whooo whooo whooo whooo
Whoo whoo whoo
Whoo whoo whoo whoo
Hey, I got a deal in place.
A position for you...
to train...
with Cal Masterson.
With Cal Masterson?
Cal, yeah.
Papa, are you crazy?
Come on.
Giving that clown Fandango was the
stupidest thing you've ever done.
It was emotional, yeah.
Emotional? It was stupid!
Marzo, your sister
almost died on the horse.
But did she?
You gave him the only success he's
ever had when you gave him that horse.
My family's success.
My success!
Five years in a row
I have lost to that damn horse.
Second place!
Papa, okay.
Look, everyone... everyone in
this town, they rob you blind.
And what do you do?
You just... you just...
You turn the other cheek...
like they're a bunch
of homeless people.
That may be... so?
Yeah, but what about us?
But what about your family?
Marzo, it's just an opportunity.
What's an opportunity?
For you... to take it back,
the competition.
You wanna take it back?
Do you wanna win?
You want me to spy.
You could observe, can't you?
I'm not asking you to do
something covert.
You couldn't be covert
if you tried.
Marzo, just study his horses.
You moan all day around here.
You have no position.
Why not?
I'm here.
Show me to my quarters.
To me it was a slam-dunk,
with his interest in the breed.
No, Alejandro's only
got one thing in mind.
Cal, if you want, I can shut
this deal down. Done.
So he's your rival.
Fandango was his horse.
He used to own him.
His daughter would ride in the
young, amateur tournaments.
One day she had a bad fall.
It was an accident.
He wanted to put the horse down.
Is your daughter okay?
Is she okay?
The horse?
He got spooked.
Something spooked him.
I'm gonna put him down.
I'll take him.
Such a waste.
Uh, if... if you're just gonna just, you
know, put him down, I'd... I'll take him.
Yeah? How much you pay?
I don't have a lot of money.
You give me 20.
I don't have that kind of money.
Serious blood... Cappuccino.
That alone...
Look, Alejandro,
I'm not a businessman.
I'm not one to bargain.
This isn't about me
haggling with you.
I just don't have that...
It's okay.
Doesn't matter to me.
I'll put him down.
I got $12,000.
Okay. Make it 12.
Thank you.
All right, boy.
It's all right.
Okay, okay. Easy, bud.
It's all right.
He may be your rival, Cal.
But rivals often share
the same passion.
And sometimes that's the
strongest bond of all.
Listen, I wouldn't worry
about Marzo.
Tucker can watch him.
Obviously, Alejandro took this deal because
he wanted to glean some training tips.
He respects you. He has to.
But as you know, with any loan,
you're gonna have to pay something.
So you're the overseer now?
All right, well, you
oversee one thing, cabron.
He messes up once, and I mean,
once... he's outta here.
Loans don't work that way, Cal.
They can be bought or...
No riding today, Marzo.
We just train.
I always dress properly. This
way the horse is not confused.
Come, Fandango.
We train. Oh.
Fandango. I am your master.
Okay, Fandango.
Okay, Fandango, quart!
Okay, Fandango. Quart!
Okay... hai!
Who are you?
I'm Claire...
and you're a Bolivar.
Marzo Bolivar, right?
Wow... I am such a fan
of your sister, Liliana.
You know, she was just
the greatest.
I don't think there was ever a rider more
disciplined and more graceful and beautiful!
What have you done with this
horse? His gait is terrible.
Well, he's had some problems since
the accident, but I think we...
I was being rhetorical.
Boy, I could kill you
with my thumb.
Ai! Come on.
Ai! Ah! Ah! Hey, Fandango.
Hey! That's not nice.
You distract him. Go home!
She can stay.
He must listen to me. Okay.
Fandango, Corto. Come on.
Come on, Fandango.
Come on.
Ah-ha... ah-ha.
See? He knows
who his master is.
Come on, Fandango.
Fandango. Shh.
Fine animals you have here.
Yeah, I'm kind of partial
to all of 'em.
Why haven't you trained
the others?
'Cause Fandango's special.
Hm. It's in his blood, right?
Well, it is late...
and I am tired.
You'll excuse me.
He's an odd bird, that one.
A lot of attitude
and not so much skill.
Come on, Fandango.
He doesn't like you.
He doesn't need to like me.
He needs to respect me. And he will.
Yeah? Bribing him with a carrot
isn't gonna make that happen.
Soft touch would serve
you well, my friend.
I thought we would try
a nice ride today.
Well, you thought wrong.
It's just a stop, Marzo.
No riding. Just training.
I am the trainer. I decide...
No. I will decide,
and you will listen.
I've been training these horses
since before you were born.
I've never seen such
a pompous ass as you are.
This horse does not respect you
'cause you don't respect him.
My father tries to help you.
He saves your ranch, and this
is how you treat his family?
I don't work today.
Suit yourself.
CAL (O.S.):
We need a new trainer.
MASON (O.S.): Cal,
I'm not sure that's an option.
I don't care. You got me
into it, you get me out.
Just tell his dad.
The kid's no damn good.
It's only been three days.
It feels like a week, a month.
Well, who would you suggest?
Alejandro seems to have
all the good trainers.
I don't know.
Somebody. Anybody.
Just not that arrogant peacock.
I know someone.
There's also the concern
of cost.
I'm... I'm sure a good trainer
doesn't come cheap.
We're talking about Fandango.
They should be paying me.
That's a good point. You know
horses. I know finance.
I know the perfect trainer.
Liliana Bolivar.
She was the best Paso Fino
rider in her class...
and she trained
all her own horses.
Alejandro's daughter?
Yeah. You said Fandango
was her horse originally.
She trained him.
Yeah. But she hasn't ridden
since the accident.
You said you needed
a trainer, not a rider.
Fandango needs someone he
trusts. He'll remember her.
Maybe Liliana will feel
the same way.
She's the one. I know it.
Might take the sting out
of firing his son.
What the hell?
Can't be any worse
than that knucklehead.
Alejandro will never go
for it, though.
He's been smothering her
ever since the accident.
Oh, well, that's my dad's
He's an expert schmoozer.
It's his job.
My job?
Do what you do best.
Get people to do things.
ALEJANDRO (O.S.): Mason.
MASON (O.S.): Alejandro.
How are you?
I'm well. How are you?
Mm. Mm.
This your first time here?
Yes. Yeah, it is.
This is marvelous.
Thank you.
Jaime, some sangria, no?
Oh, not for me.
It's too early.
So how is Cal?
He's well. He...
He's okay?
Yeah. He, uh...
He said to pass on his
I'm sure. Listen, I have to
apologize for my boy, you know?
He can be...
No, he's arrogant.
But arrogance...
changed the boundaries
of the world.
Yes, well, I'm sorry
it didn't work out.
We do have an issue
of a trainer.
Yeah, who did you have in mind?
Uh, n... no one.
No one. No one.
I was hoping that you could recommend
someone, since you have so many.
They're necessary here to me.
But, uh, what's the rush?
You promised me.
You told me
Cal would not compete.
Well, he, uh,
he thinks otherwise.
That was required,
as we discussed.
Yes, I understand. And it's
highly unlikely that he will.
He just needs time to admit it.
That's part of the agreement that
he needs to remain unaware of, yes?
Did you ever think to own
a horse like Fandango?
Well, your own daughter,
I know she has a connection.
Marzo told me.
Be quite a prize... for her.
You'll be the hero.
But, look, there are stipulations
here we have to abide by.
Cal does not compete in this
competition... in no way.
And then it's okay.
Fandango is yours.
'Cause he cannot afford
to pay it.
If he defaults on this loan, which,
I'm almost certain he will...
Fandango is yours.
If he does compete
in this competition...
I'm gonna hold you in default.
Your, uh, your daughter,
you mentioned that she was a trainer?
Yeah, she's not a professional,
though. She never was.
It was a difficult time.
She was so young.
It took me years
to break her of that.
But she's a Bolivar,
very strong.
But, then again, competition,
not a place for a woman.
Alejandro, you draw up
the paperwork.
I'll make sure Cal doesn't ride.
We need to stay on point.
We need a new trainer.
I'll have to think about that.
You have a remarkable place.
I would love to have a tour.
Mi casa, su casa. Jaime!
Enjoy. Take a look around.
Chin chin.
Chin chin.
Miss Bolivar?
Hi. Mason Scott.
Oh, hi, Mr. Scott. You're my
father's business partner.
That's right, we just moved in.
We bought the Murphy ranch.
Wow, you don't strike me
as the rancher type.
No. No, I'm beginning to
understand that having one...
and being one are two
very different things.
I was actually looking for you.
Were you?
Yeah, I represent
the Masterson ranch.
I know. Well, Marzo lasted
all of three days.
That was pretty...
pretty good for him.
Well, consequently, you would know
that we are looking for a new trainer.
I assume you are.
I hear you're
an excellent trainer.
Yes, I am...
when I'm allowed.
Uh, look, Mr. Scott, if you're enquiring
about my interest, it would be impossible.
Is that your decision
or your father's?
I'm not interested,
but thank you.
Listen, when I was young,
I knew this very powerful businessman.
He was ruthless.
And like everything else in his life,
he kept his son under a protective shadow.
Every time that kid tried to prove himself,
his father would usurp him.
He was afraid to let him go.
He was afraid to trust him.
Well, anyway, the boy became a man, and
one day he bought his father's business.
It was his father's
proudest moment.
You have yourself
a nice story, there.
Will you call me?
Think about it?
Nice meeting you.
You, too.
Miss Bolivar, welcome.
We're glad you're here.
Thank you.
Here, let me take
your bag for you.
Oh... bags are over there.
Mr. Masterson...
it's been some time.
Miss Bolivar, I'm glad you came.
Please, call me Liliana.
Thank you for coming.
I'm officially on vacation...
so please don't mention
this to my father.
I say we give this a week
and see how things go.
We can do that. Liliana,
meet my daughter, Claire.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Thank you.
I understand you had something
to do with me being here.
Well, why don't you
show me Fandango?
Him and I are old friends.
See? He remembers you.
Hm. As I remember him.
How's it going?
Said she wanted to spend
some time with him.
She knows what she's doing.
She treats him like you do.
We've been having
trouble with that.
Since the accident?
Shh. Hold. Hold.
He's tired.
It's a discipline, Claire.
In competition, he's gonna be judged
on style and presence as much as gait.
He's gotta get this right.
Corto, Fandango.
I think you're right, Claire.
He's tired. Call it a day?
Hi, Liliana, uh,
you can sit right here.
Thank you.
Here's that butter.
This looks lovely.
Thank you,
couple more are coming.
Everyone, uh, this is Sierra.
Hi, Sierra.
Hi, Sierra.
Aren't you the cutest
little thing?
Gee, thanks... Sierra, was it?
That's right.
Uh, here's to a great first day.
Yeah, I'm not very poetic,
but, uh, here's to Mason...
who really helped me
out of a tight spot.
Here's to a friend.
And while we're at it,
I'd like to thank Claire...
for helping to soften my
husband's rough edges.
Here, here.
Where did you two meet?
At a bar the other night.
Ah, that's called
trolling, right?
If you'll excuse me, I think I
need to freshen up my iced tea.
Come on.
Cal, I'd like to start tomorrow
at sunrise, if that's okay.
No more 7:00 A.M.
We have time to make up.
Good. I've been thinking about
what's wrong with Fandango.
During the accident, he was tied
to the rail, trapped.
So I think he's associating
the reins with entrapment.
I think the sooner he's ridden,
the sooner he'll get over this fear...
and we can restore his
confidence and discipline.
I think he's lonely.
I'm serious.
Well, why do you
think that, Claire?
there's been a lot
of changes for him lately.
He's not used to that,
and he misses Cal.
He likes people,
he just... well...
he's had some loss in his life.
Maybe the accident
brought it all back.
Horses don't know where
people go when they leave.
They grieve.
He just needs time.
Stepped into the unknown
You and I were so close
To giving it all we had
Oh, how hard I did try
But my youth was passing me by
Now my hands are tied
But I'm not mad
I was young, then
I feel the same age now
I was fighting hard
You tried to teach me
What it meant to be me
But I should've known that
From the start
It's time to step down
From this pedestal
And you've placed
yourself apart
Take your charge
You're not getting
Any younger
Time goes faster
When you're old
I was young then
I feel the same age now
I was fighting hard
You tried to teach me
What it meant to be me
But I should've known that
From the start
Claire, that's so beautiful.
Thank you.
Tough day?
No more than yesterday.
Maybe... he's being,
you know...
rebellious, like a kid.
It's like me and my dad.
Sometimes I can be a brat...
but it's not that I don't
love him or anything.
It's just...
he can be overprotective,
without a reason.
Fathers and their daughters,
You can't really
control anybody.
They have to let you.
And you?
When are you gonna let yourself?
Do what?
You know Fandango used
to be my horse, right?
I know.
Did you know about the accident?
A little.
After that, I was too afraid to
even handle the horses for a while.
But I love them... so I couldn't
be afraid too long.
I was only truly happy
when I was riding again.
Even if it was behind my
father's back.
You can't stay away
from what makes you happy.
My mom wanted it for me...
before... before she died.
She wanted me to ride.
She loved them, too.
And that's why I loved them.
For her.
Yes, for her.
But for you, too.
Come here.
So you like what you do?
Mm, it's hard work.
We gotta break the horses, and,
uh, train 'em...
get 'em to trust you.
Kind of sounds like the
work you put into a lady.
Now that you mention it.
You're the best mistake
That I ever made again
Lord only knows
The trouble you got me in
What's wrong?
There we go. Wasn't so bad.
Fandango, are you ready?
Me, neither.
Well, let's ride.
I was kind of wondering when you
were gonna bring my horse back.
I rode.
It'll be our secret.
All right, get on outta here.
Go to school.
I'll take care of this guy.
Good boy.
He got peanut butter on my hand.
Mm. He likes it.
Good boy. Okay.
Listen, I know this probably
doesn't mean much to you.
But that young lady
I been seeing, Sierra?
She likes football.
She eats junk food.
She's fluent in French.
And she's 24 years old.
What does that mean?
Well, my point is, kiddo...
I think you're one of the
greatest girls I've ever met.
And we both know that
you're smarter than me.
But you're also 13.
And you're not 13 anymore.
I know. I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Hey, this is good.
He did real good today.
Actually better than ever.
Something changed, huh?
Thank you.
Well, certainly
something's changed.
Something happened
overnight with this horse.
There's no damage anymore.
No nerve damage.
In my opinion,
this horse can compete.
Honey, the five.
The five.
And then the other five.
I'd like to stay on,
if that's okay with you, Cal.
We can't afford
any more than we have.
That's not really an issue.
Never thought I'd be saying
this to a Bolivar...
but welcome to the family.
I'm about to fix dinner.
You should join us.
Oh, yeah. I'd love to.
There's just one more
thing I need to do.
Hey, Jaime!
Hello? Hey, baby,
where are you?
You still in Cabo?
Are you fishing?
ALEJANDRO (ON PHONE): You crossed the line.
You know, I'm I'm sitting here.
I-I-I-I'm trying to comprehend
right now what I've done.
You didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything!
I just saved your friend's life
from a bank.
I win you a champion horse,
my champion horse, by the way.
Cal's horse.
Cal bought that horse years ago.
ALEJANDRO (ON PHONE): You know, you...
you people, you know, you know nothing.
You know nothing.
I know more than you think, Alejandro.
It's still his horse.
He was given that horse!
For a tenth of what it's worth.
What the hell am I here?
The patron saint of lost cowboys?
I just gave you my collateral.
What the hell you want from me?
I can appreciate all that.
I just don't understand what this
has to do with Liliana's decision.
She has a right.
A right? A right to what?
These people?
My daughter could be in a wheelchair
right now on a feeding tube.
What the hell are you...
You don't... plea... don't...
don't... don't presume, please.
MASON (ON PHONE): I am not presuming.
I'm just... will you listen?
Your daughter is a grown woman,
and she can make her own decision.
Hey! This is unacceptable,
and you make it right.
What's wrong?
Oh, nothing.
Just... business.
You were doing so much better.
That's funny.
Come here.
Listen, I'm... I'm sorry.
I haven't really been
there for you since Mom...
I lost her, too, Dad.
I know what I need to do
to be a better father.
I can't promise you
I'll be perfect...
but I can promise you,
I will try.
Whoever this is, you need to call back,
because I'm with my daughter.
There. See?
That was amazing.
I don't want you to worry.
Cal will never lose Fandango.
Why would he?
Well, technically,
we own him. And...
What do you mean, "We own him"?
He's Cal's horse.
You know, he's not
just a piece of property.
He's not like your work.
Fandango's not a thing!
If you want him to love you,
you have to earn it.
Just like with me.
Now she acts her age.
Come on, Fandango. Come on.
Come on, Fandango. Run! Run!
Oh, no.
Honey, I think I'm gonna take
Tucker and go out by Cypress Creek.
How many times do I have to ask
you to move your hot rod, Tucker?
Yes, ma'am.
Y'all should maybe go
up by Wolf River?
I got it.
I didn't know it was dangerous.
Well, he should be all right,
as long as he hasn't gone too far.
Bad ground out there
might hurt his leg.
I wanna help.
Honey, that's big country.
We're gonna look for him.
Don't you worry about it.
Sorry, Cal.
Oh, that's all right.
That girl, she's... she got a lot of heart.
What do you suppose made her
wanna turn him loose?
I can't think.
Hey, Cal, you wanna jump in?
Yeah. You stick around here, in
case he comes wandering back.
Come on, girl.
Fandango needs us.
Claire? Claire?
Well, there's a possibility that he
came down here between these two lakes.
He likes that grass a lot.
It grows best right there in the lowland.
MASON (ON RADIO): Cal, Claire's out there.
She took Filena.
Oh, my god.
All right. We're on it.
Fandango! Fandango!
Tucker, come back.
Go for Tucker.
We found Filena.
Claire wasn't with her.
Mason, you copy?
All right. Okay.
Hey. Hey.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Claire! Claire!
You okay?
You rode out here for me.
Honey, I would ride
anywhere for you.
You're filthy. Are you hurt?
I'm okay. Wh... where's Filena?
Filena's fine.
Aw, come here.
Don't do that again.
All right?
Let's get this horse.
It's all my fault I admit it
I left your dear heart
Facing the wall
Oh, I can't undo the things
That I did
Maybe it's better after all
Cause I seen you act
So happy
And I seen your heart
Feel blue
Now that you're back
On your feet again
I know I should stay
Away from you
But although the love
That I traded
We lost on the way
The ashes are flying
My passion has burned
Out again
I'm waiting for the dust
To settle down
So all of the love that
We lost may soon be found
Yeah, these three people.
We've, uh, we got a couple of
weeks left before the World Cup.
And I think Fandango's ready.
I just wanna thank you guys for
helping me through a difficult time.
The decision's mine, and, uh...
I want you to ride
Fandango in the World Cup.
I... I just... I don't know
what to say, Cal. I...
Then say yes.
It's just been...
a really long time.
Are you nervous about riding,
or riding against your brother?
A little bit of both.
He's your horse...
always has been.
LILY (O.S.):
All right.
Come on, aw, nice.
Good boy.
Hey, there.
Just came to say goodnight.
We're gonna head off.
It's bedtime, huh?
Just wanted to also say how happy
I am that you decided to ride.
Yeah, I'm happy, too.
Claire's happy.
She took your advice.
And according to her, she's very proud of
you that you chose to take your advice, too.
Oh, your little girl
is precious. Yeah.
She is.
Whoa. Who's that?
LILY (O.S.):
Uh, looks like my father.
Uh, your father.
Um, your proudest moment.
You never told me how you felt.
I... I felt terrible.
And then, we went out
for dinner, and we talked.
It was a good talk.
It was, uh, it was the one
I cherish the most.
You'll be okay.
You're riding in the World Cup
now. Against me? With him?
He couldn't muck my stalls.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
This is not
your decision to make.
No! This is what I want.
This is what I've always wanted.
And you've kept it from me!
Papa, I am a rider. In my heart,
I've always been a rider.
I've indulged you.
I've given you everything
a woman could possibly want.
Not what I wanted.
What you wanted, for you!
What I wanted?
I wanted you not to get hurt!
And you would have.
And you may yet.
That's not enough?
Not when I can't breathe.
This is my home now.
This your home?
Let me be plain.
You ride in this Cup, on my
horse, with this family...
you're no longer my daughter.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
welcome to beautiful
Memphis, Tennessee...
home of the World Championship
Paso Fino Finals Competition.
For those of you
watching at home...
we extend a special welcome for first-time
viewers of this storied tradition.
and apologize if you tuned in for the regularly
scheduled syndication of The Waltons.
It will be back next week.
And we guarantee that.
Oh, and speaking
of first-time viewers&
we have a new face inside
the booth this afternoon.
Happy to be here, Jack.
Sitting to my right is Ken McGuire,
who is making his television debut...
following the hip surgery of my
usual co-anchor, Ted Billings.
Ted, we know you're watching
us at home...
and we hope for a speedy
recovery for you, buddy.
Well, thank you for that
introduction, Jack.
I'm... I'm extremely proud to be part
of an under recognized event...
one I'll admit that I haven't
featured in my online column.
But, nonetheless, Paso Fino.
that's why we're here today.
The Annual World Cup
Paso Fino Championship.
You know, Jack, I was doing a little
research earlier on the, uh, Google.
And it turns out that Paso Fino
translates directly into "fine step"...
which is very fitting,
since the entire competition...
is a display of the Paso's
smooth four-beat gait.
That's absolutely right, Ken.
We're now minutes away from the
opening of the competition.
Remember not too much Brio.
Slow and easy.
He likes to show 'em
fast for the judges...
but, uh, today, just be steady.
All right, then.
How are you?
JACK PARNELL (OVER P.A.): As always,
we begin with the opening presentation.
This is where the horses and
their riders enter the ring...
in order to capture their first
impression from the judges.
Jack, what's the story
with the tuxedos?
You know, it makes me feel like
ordering a gin and tonic.
The riders do look professional,
Ken. Very professional.
And this is very exciting.
Riding five-time Paso Fino champion,
Fandango, is Liliana Bolivar.
We haven't seen her compete
for quite some time.
And it will be the first time in the last
half decade anyone other than owner...
Cal Masterson, has ridden in competition
with the champion, Fandango.
Uh, Jack, I'm not sure if my
notes are correct,...
but it... but it seems that she's
competing against a relative?
Number one-fourteen, riding the
aptly-named, Diablo.
Is this correct, Marzo Bolivar?
Your notes are correct, Ken.
Runner-up the last five years years are
both Diablo and his rider Marzo Bolivar...
brother to Liliana.
Sweetie, now come on,
that's not nice.
KEN McGUIRE (OVER P.A.): Well, if the drama
hasn't just ratcheted up a few notches.
This is the plot within
a plot...
the family drama backlit by the fires
of professional equestrian competition.
Do you think the horse
knows he's being judged...
or he came in first,
or second place, or however?
You know, I met a wise man once
who told me a fascinating story.
Uh, because thousands of years ago,
we used to hunt and eat horses...
they really don't trust us.
So the fact that these riders
and these owners...
have such a great relationship with these
animals, is truly a remarkable situation.
Largo your horses, please.
"Corto," "largo." What do these
words translate to, Jack?
It's the short and
long measures of the gait.
Oh, yeah. Here it is.
Line up.
they'll move on to the individual portion...
of the contest.
First up is the figure eight.
One at a time,
figure eight, and line up.
KEN MCGUIRE (OVER P.A.): Jack, you know, my
son can do the same thing on a skateboard.
Absolutely blows my mind.
Reminds me, when I was a kid...
Uh, Ken, you don't have to have
an anecdote for everything.
Oh. Okay, well, I guess the
audience at home...
will just not get to hear
a good one this time.
JACK PARNELL (OVER P.A.): Something these
judges are looking for is the "brio"...
or determination of each horse.
Winning horses can, at times, be the very
definition of restraint and control.
I've seen horses' skin twitching,
their bodies covered in sweat...
from the mere anticipation
of performance.
Just another Thursday night from
the choir house. Hey, Jack?
JACK PARNELL (OVER P.A.): And you'd think with
Fandango being ridden for the first time...
by someone other than
Cal Masterson...
that Liliana Bolivar would have
some making up to do.
Fortunately for the
Masterson camp...
Fandango still seems a frontrunner at
the current state of the competition.
KEN McGUIRE (OVER P.A.): Right now, Marzo
seems to have better control of Diablo...
than his sister has with
the defending champ.
Only the judges truly know
what's on the scorecard.
Now we come to the voting round...
where certain competitors
will be sent home.
This is almost
an American Idol situation.
No, I don't think so.
Well, minus the voting
over the telephone and what not.
Okay, we're going to excuse #227.
Thank you for your participation.
#202, you've been excused.
Thank you for your
243, you've been excused.
Thank you for your participation.
#239, thank you for your
JACK PARNELL (OVER P.A.): As expected,
the rivals, the siblings...
the defending champion and runner-up
are moving on to the next round.
KEN McGUIRE (OVER P.A.): One wonders if
neck-and-neck applies to this scenario.
I mean, not that they're
racing, but more... dancing.
The rest of the horses,
line up here.
It's sort of like tap dancing,
isn't it?
KEN McGUIRE (OVER P.A.): Jack, you know,
I usually root for the underdog...
but in this scenario,
Team Masterson has so much riding on this.
Usually, as analysts, we remain
impartial to the competition.
Where's the fun in that?
KEN McGUIRE (OVER P.A.): Dare I say Marzo
Bolivar has done a better job here today...
than his sister, Liliana?
JACK PARNELL (OVER P.A.): In this round,
I would, for once, agree with you.
After this round of judging, there'll
be only two left in the competition.
Oh, kind of a Lakers versus
Celtics situation.
I'm not sure I understand.
What makes something special,
is not what you have to gain...
but what you feel
there is to lose.
Andre Agassi.
expected from the start of the contest...
KEN McGUIRE (OVER P.A.): And living
up to the hype of the competition.
JACK PARNELL (OVER P.A.): Our two finalists
are Liliana Bolivar riding Fandango...
and Marzo Bolivar riding Diablo.
Jack, I'm not gonna lie.
At the start of this thing,
I... I wasn't very excited...
what with the tuxedo wearing and
the tap-dancing and such.
But I gotta tell you, this has
become a real nail biter.
I'm glad you're having
a good time.
On the board in paso corto
and line up.
JACK PARNELL (OVER P.A.): In this portion,
the two remaining finalists...
will face off in paso corto.
Our riders will take their Finos on
a constant loop down the boards...
to test the style, grace, and stamina of
these animals until a winner is declared.
A true showdown.
KEN McGUIRE (ON P.A.): The blood,
sweat, the tears, the aches, the pains.
The years of training.
The nerves, the fatigue.
The fight, the threat of
Jack, this is drama.
JACK PARNELL (OVER P.A.): Not a very
clean finish for Diablo on that last run.
That may have been a very
costly mistake.
I think the judges have seen enough.
They're going to converse
amongst themselves now.
Jack, you've been... you've been doing this
a very long time, much longer than I.
Um, do you think there's a clear
winner here today?
Well, it's tough to say that.
Liliana certainly did better
on the boards...
but I think Marzo had the
upper hand in the other rounds.
And just like that, Liliana Bolivar and Cal
Masterson's champion horse, Fandango...
are once again champions.
What a fantastic career?
What a remarkable competition,
and what a truly wonderful afternoon.
You were right.
A very memorable evening...
in the history of competitive
Paso Fino riding.
You did so good, yeah, you did.
Lily, you gave me
something back.
What's that?
I don't know. Just something
I knew. Always.
When you rode, you know?
When you rode.
Like a Bolivar.
Thank you.
You keep it up.
Yeah. I will.
I missed you, too.
I'm sorry.
Maybe one day, you...
you can forgive me.
I love you, Papa.
You know that.
Come here. Come here.
Oh, I know, I love you, too.
CLAIRE (V.O.): Sometimes we can't help
it when the ones closest to us go away.
We feel angry, feel lost.
That pain is there
for a long time.
And then one day,
it feels different.
When you think about them,
it doesn't hurt anymore.
And that part inside you gets filled
with all the memories they left behind.
And they're not lost anymore.
Sometimes the ones that left
can't come back.
But sometimes, the ones that
left... find their way home.
Wondered how I'd feel
With the depressed eye
When in my head
Not a single care
Always said it would've gone
You would help me one day
I can feel it
I can feel it coming my way
Gonna raise the lid
With the sun in my eyes
On the line
Feels like never before
And I feel right at home
Beneath the great blue sky
'Cause I've always known
It's when I feel alive
Always said it would've done
You would help me one day
I can feel it
I can feel it coming my way
Gonna raise the lid
With the sun in my eyes
On the line
Feels like never before
Like never before
Gonna raise the ray
On the line
Like never before
My heart beats fast
I feel it in my bones
Only time will tell
What I don't know
Now I know how it feels
With the past at my heels
Wind in my hair
It's when I feel alive
Like never before
Like never before
On the line
Like never before
Gonna raise the ray
With the sun in my eyes
On the line
Like never before