A Fireman for Christmas (2023) Movie Script

- Dani, this just
isn't going to work.
- What?
- We've got Uncle Owen
and Samantha sitting
right next to each other.
- Uncle who?
- Owen.
He and Samantha haven't spoken
to each other since
the 2020 election.
- Right.
Let me think.
Okay, I got it.
So we are going
to take Uncle Owen
and move him over to table six.
We'll put him right next to
Beth and her two children,
a captive audience
for his dad jokes.
He will love it.
And then in his spot,
we'll put Simon.
He's independent and he
gets along with everyone.
- Oh my gosh, that's perfect.
- Weddings and relations,
that's what I do.
- And you are so good at it.
- I know, right?
- So how long are you staying?
- I don't know.
It's actually easier working
remote than I thought.
So, maybe after the new year.
- Yay, I'm excited.
- Well, it won't matter to you.
You're going to be
on your honeymoon.
- Oh!
Oh, that's right, Cancun.
Oh, I can't wait.
Two whole weeks of
no wedding planning.
What is it?
- No, nothing.
I don't know, just...
Holidays, the wedding.
- Oh, oh!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I completely forgot about that.
Just been so mixed
up with this wedding
and myself and...
- Really, it is okay.
I'm so happy for you.
And Matt's a great guy and...
I'm sorry.
- So, it was around this time
that you guys broke up?
- Broke up?
I think the
technical term for it
is Kyle dumped me.
- At Christmas?
- So while you were getting
engaged in Holly last year,
I was at home in New York
getting broken up with
on Christmas Eve,
at the service,
right between Silent Night
and Joy to the World.
- Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.
I was so wrapped
up in everything
I didn't even take the time
to think about my best friend
going through a hard time.
- It's really okay.
- Well, just know that I'm here
if you ever wanna talk, okay?
- I know you are, and thank you.
And I will get through this.
It really did
surprise me though.
Just all this stuff,
the Christmas lights
and the trees, and,
it all just brought back
memories of last year,
and it's hard.
- Well, you're amazing.
And I'm so lucky to
have you in my life.
And you do know the perfect
guy is out there, right?
- Well, here is to a
Christmas wish then.
- Friends forever, right?
- Right.
Besides, I came home
to be happy for you
and to help you plan the most
spectacular wedding ever.
And to take care of my mom.
- Oh, how is she?
- Oh, she's good.
Surgery went really well,
and she's recovering
better than we thought.
- Mm, I'm so glad.
I love your mom.
- I know, she's the best.
- Both your parents are.
- My dad is a little strict.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I remember your
dad being downright scary
to your boyfriends.
You don't have to
worry about Kyle
coming around Holly.
He won't come within
100 miles of your dad.
- That is so true.
You know, we both got pretty
lucky with good parents.
- Yeah, we did.
I do have one
thing I'd like to do,
but only if you're up for it.
- I'm down.
- See, isn't this just perfect?
- It is.
Thank you for making me come.
- What's wrong?
- Oh, nothing.
I think I just want
a little coffee.
- Okay.
Stay right here,
and I'll go grab something
from Deb's place.
- No, it's okay.
I got it.
I think I just need
a little quiet.
- Okay.
- I'll be right back.
- Hello, welcome to
Battle Alley Coffee.
We're closing in
about three minutes,
but we still have
coffee, pastries.
Nevermind what I said.
How's it going, Dani?
- Hey Deb, can I please have
a tall, sugar-free
caramel macchiato
with oat milk and no whip?
- That kind of day, huh?
- More like that time of year.
But do you have time?
Pretty please?
- Yeah, I got you covered.
- Stop, you're a lifesaver.
- It's okay.
I'm glad to do it.
Besides, I see all
those lights out there
and you must be feeling down.
- You could say that.
- Oh, sorry.
- Comes with the territory.
Or the holiday.
Actually, both.
But when are you due?
- Oh, well, she's gonna be
our little New Year's baby.
Or he, we're not really sure.
We've just been calling it
our little one in the oven,
with the bakery and all.
- I am so impressed.
You always said you
were gonna open up
your own business
in little old Holly,
and you did it.
And not only that, you have two.
You have coffee
shop and a bakery.
I'm so proud of you.
- Well, thanks Dani.
- But how do you find
time to do it all?
- Hmm, well, I'm here in
the coffee shop most days
and had hired Alania
to work in the bakery,
and she's a little
bit of an odd duck.
Customers seem to
like her a lot.
She's got a bit of
a European vibe.
- Ooh, fancy.
- Very.
Now speaking of fancy,
here is one tall
caramel macchiato
with sugar-free with
oat milk and no whip.
- Thank you.
Smells amazing.
- Mm-hm, nice and hot.
- You are the best.
- Hey, no, don't worry about it.
- Are you sure?
Just call it the
hard day special.
- Thanks, Deb.
- Of course.
- See you later.
- See ya.
- Woo.
You always make this
way too hot, Deb.
Smells good though.
Hey, mom.
No, I'm actually walking
downtown with Kathy.
Yeah, it's actually fun.
But speaking of Kathy,
I don't know where she went,
so I need to go find her.
Come over and watch
a movie tonight?
No, no!
No, no, no, no, no.
- You have to scream at me?
- No, mom, I'm
not talking to you.
- Fine!
I'm not talking to you either.
- No, Mom, please don't hang up.
- Is she coming over or not?
- No, no, she is not.
- Well then, let's
go watch this movie.
- Look, I am so sorry.
- Drop.
Do you really think I'm
gonna want my coffee now
after your mutt just dropped it?
- Well, he's actually
a purebred dalmatian.
Look, sorry.
Hey, let me buy another one.
My name's Trevor.
- The coffee shop closed
five minutes ago, Trevor.
- Okay, well
there's a gas station,
like a block away from here.
- A gas station.
Does a gas station have
a hard day special?
- A what?
- A small caramel macchiato
with oat milk and no whip.
And no, they do not.
So I'm just gonna
take a rain check
on your gas station coffee.
- You know, you
give somebody their name,
they're supposed
to give it back.
- Boy, she really blew you off.
You need to work on your game.
- Wow, my game.
What, what?
Yeah, come on man.
- So then Deb brings
me my coffee and-
- Oh, speaking of Deb, she said
that she can do the
cupcakes for the reception.
- Yay, that's perfect.
Oh, I'm excited.
- Me, too.
Sorry, go ahead.
- So I sit down to
drink my coffee,
and out of nowhere, this
big dog just comes along
and starts slurping
up my coffee.
The worst part
though was the owner,
who apparently thinks
we live in frat houses
and sleep on dirty
piles of laundry,
offered to buy me a new coffee
from the gas station on Addison.
I mean, the whole
thing was a disaster.
- Oh, sounds like it.
- I mean, handsome guys think
they can get away with anything.
- Wait, handsome?
- No.
No, no, no, Kathy, do
not read into this.
- Oh, I'm reading into this one.
- It just slipped out.
- Uh-huh, and so
who is this guy?
- I don't know, but
he's just.
- Check this out.
- Matt, mute.
Oh, Matt mute.
I kinda like that
nickname for you, honey.
And what are you doing
opening wedding gifts
before the wedding?
- Thought it might be an Xbox.
- Who would buy an adult
an Xbox for their wedding?
- I don't know, but
this thing chops,
slices, dices and minces.
Ooh, whatever that is.
- So, do you plan on meeting
this handsome
dalmatian guy again?
- Who?
- No.
No, I don't think so.
He was just so-
- Cute, handsome, intelligent?
- No, he was-
- So irresistible?
- Single?
- Matt, mute.
- I just want to join the fun.
- No, this guy does
not seem like someone
I'd want to spend any time with.
Besides, I don't
really think I'm ready
to get back into the whole
relationship thing again.
- Yeah.
Oh, speaking of guys,
I need you to meet with
TJ, Matt's best man.
I have a whole list of things
for you guys to go through.
- Sounds good.
It'll be the perfect
distraction from last night.
- Yes, it will.
So, are you available tomorrow?
I can text him, let him know.
- I do need to do some
work tomorrow morning,
but if we can do early
afternoon, that'll be perfect.
- So, what is mincing anyways?
- How does an adult not
know what mincing is?
- Like, mincing around?
- Here's one tall,
sugar-free caramel macchiato
with oat milk and no whip.
- Hey, let me get that.
- Oh!
No, thank you.
- Oh, come on, after last night,
I sort of feel like I owe you.
I mean, after all,
Drop did finish
your frappuccino
upside down coffee
that's not a coffee thing.
- It is a sugar-free
caramel macchiato
with oat milk and no whip.
So, thank you, but I have money.
- I know.
- So, Drop.
- My dog.
- Oh, I get it.
Oh, it's kind of cute.
Well, it was nice
meeting you again,
but I'm actually meeting
someone here to plan a wedding.
- Oh, a wedding.
- So, nice to see you,
and thank you for my coffee,
but I really need to get going.
- Hey, no problem.
Good luck on your wedding.
- Oh, it's not my wedding.
It's for a friend.
- Oh!
Well, great.
I'll make sure I tell
Drop you said hi.
And it's good seeing you.
- Maybe you should bring him
a second hard day special.
- Nah, gas station coffee
is just fine for him.
Where's your guy?
- Who said I was meeting a guy?
- Oh, come on, a
sharp girl like you,
20 bucks says that
in five minutes,
you'll be sitting across from
an incredibly handsome man.
- It was really nice
meeting you again.
- Trevor.
- Trevor, right.
- You gonna tell me
your name this time?
- Danielle.
- Danielle.
You sure there's nothing
I can do to get you
to sit at one of
these tables with me?
- I'm meeting somebody here
and they're actually
running a little late,
so I just need to
give them a call.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
Bye, thank you.
- Hello.
- Hi, TJ, it's Danielle.
I just wanted to make sure
I'm at the right spot.
I'm at Deb's on Main Street.
It's you, isn't it?
Of course.
So, TJ.
- Trevor James, TJ,
you know.
- This is awkward.
- Not for me.
- Well, you knew.
- Well, I suspected it,
but I didn't know for sure.
- Hmm, so glad you
didn't say anything.
I guess that makes you and I-
- Best man and maid of honor.
- Yep.
- No, it's just cute,
the way you sip your
non-fat frappuccino coffee
that's not a coffee thing.
- Not a cappuc-
You know, we should
get on with this.
Matt tells me you're
a firefighter.
- Yeah, it's been
four years now.
- That's exciting.
- Yeah, it has its moments.
- So, fireman with
a dog named Drop.
- Yeah, well, it's kinda all
of our dogs at the firehouse.
We take turns taken care of 'em.
We got three, Stop, Drop-
- And Roll.
- Steve.
- What?
- The last dog's name is Steve.
- Steve?
- Yeah.
- Hah.
You know, I thought it
would've been Stop, Drop-
- I'm just playing, it's Roll.
I'm just playing.
- Right, okay.
How about we work on the list,
if I have it right here.
All right, so the first one,
Kathy wants four Christmas
trees by the gazebo.
- Okay, done.
I get a discount at
Keys hardware store
at the fire department,
so I can order four
artificial trees tomorrow
and have 'em there
probably by this weekend.
- Artificial trees.
Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- Kathy Kutlenios
of the Holly Hotel
is not having artificial
trees at her wedding.
She wants real Christmas trees
with those cute
little candles in them
like they used to
have back in Europe.
- Whoa, hold on, you
wanna put real candles
inside a real tree?
Do you know how
flammable trees are
after three days out of water?
Yeah, we can't do that
all inside of a church
made out of wood that's
already been on fire
like three or four times.
- Well, how else would
they put candles in trees?
- They didn't have
anybody that would come
and shut the wedding down.
- And who's going to
shut the wedding down?
- Me, Matt even.
You know, I'm a fireman here
and Matt's a police officer.
We are not gonna go the
next 30 years in Holly
being known as the two who
burned the church down.
- Okay.
Let's just move on to the
next item on the list.
This one should be easy.
Playlist for the
wedding reception.
- Oh, I got that done.
- No, not next.
What were you thinking?
- Well, me and Matt,
we have a playlist
we jam out to at the
apartment, and I figured
we just plug that
right in, and good.
- No, Kathy's parents
are conservative
and Kathy is a romantic.
I was thinking something
like Frank Sinatra,
Billy Joel, Ella Fitzgerald.
- This is boring.
What is this, a
funeral or a wedding?
I mean, look, I know Matt
and I know the music he likes
and he doesn't
like any of those.
- I'm gonna let you
in on a little secret.
This is not Matt's wedding.
Matt is a prop.
Matt does not matter.
- I knew this would be fun.
- So then he said, "No,
we want color lights
up front because
it's Christmas."
And I said, "Uh-uh,
Kathy wants white lights,
hundreds of them."
I could not wait to
get out of there.
I could not believe how-
- Opinionated and bossy she was.
I mean, I bring up something
as simple as photography
and she just-
- Explodes like Mount Vesuvius.
I have never met a guy
who has such strong
opinions in my life.
Oh, here's another example.
You know number six
on the list, flowers?
I didn't think he'd have
an opinion on flowers.
- Oh, how wrong was that?
She even knew how long the
stems were supposed to be.
The stems, who cares
about the stems?
I figure as long as all
the girls have flowers,
it was gonna be okay.
So now I figured this
is gonna take forever.
So I finally get
the list from her.
- Mr. Take Charge guy.
He was going to tear
up the list in half.
He was going to give me half
and keep the other half.
Could you imagine the disaster
your wedding would be?
My half would look
like a bridal magazine.
His half would look like-
- Nightmare on Elm Street.
I don't know, man.
I'm not sure how
this is gonna work.
- So when you guys
meet up again?
- Tomorrow at noon.
- Wedding cake tasting.
- Sounds like fun.
- You're dead.
- I know.
I don't think I can spend
another moment with her.
- No, I mean, I got
you up on the screen.
- What?
Man, you never have
beat me in your life.
- Lost your focus,
man, you're slipping.
I gotta get over to
the police station.
Please speak, fireman.
- Bonjour, bonjour,
come in, come in.
Is this a happy couple?
- Oh no.
- No, no, we're not happy.
I mean, we're not a couple.
We're associates.
- I barely know her.
- We're best man
and maid of honor.
- Well, that's wonderful!
Come, come.
I have some lovely
cabernet for us.
A touch for me.
I tried it earlier.
Tape it for you.
A toast with taste for you.
- Thank you.
- And a toast to
the happy couple,
and their associates, mm?
Well, down to business.
The cake.
What are we thinking?
Chocolate or white?
- Chocolate.
- White.
- I have a.
- She is a riot.
- Yeah, she is.
- Where's she from?
- Lansing.
- Michigan?
- Yeah.
Right here in Michigan,
believe it or not.
She went to high
school with my mom.
- Okay, but the accent.
- I don't know.
- I have never eaten so
much cake in my entire life.
"Have another piece.
Oh, just try one more."
Oh, the lemon, it is superb.
- And believe it or not,
she is right here from
Michigan, seriously.
- Well, maybe she
thought the bakery
needed a little European flare.
- I guess.
All right, so
let's get back to business.
What else do we
need from this list?
- Well, cake tasting, check.
- Okay.
- Oh, we need to
pick out the trees
and what lights are
gonna go on them.
- Okay.
- And music.
And then I do have a
fun one picked out,
but that's gonna be for last.
- Wait, a fun one, what's that?
- You'll see.
- This is a pretty amazing day.
And we actually agreed
on everything, huh?
I'm still going to
be on high alert
when it comes to those
real Christmas trees.
As long as they are-
- Agreed, no candles.
And we will only use
fire marshal approved.
- White lights, not like some-
- Caveman picked them out
with big gaudy bulbs
and colorful lights.
- You know, we're not
doing too bad, Danielle.
- No, we are not, Trevor.
- Now what was that surprise
you're talking about
you're saving for last?
- You'll see.
They should be here any minute.
Oh, here they are.
Oh, they're right on time.
- Wait, this is for us?
- It's a little
surprise Kathy spoke
and I came up with,
but Kathy doesn't know yet,
but as best man
and maid of honor,
we get to try it out for free.
- Wow, you know,
I can get used to
this best man thing.
- Come on, let's go.
- Let's go.
- So after graduation,
Kathy and I moved
to New York City,
and that's actually where
I got my first job in PR.
It's actually really fun,
but after about five
years, I kind of got tired
of all the politics
and the cubicles.
So, I decided to
branch out on my own.
- And look at you now.
Successful writer with
her own relationship blog
and a respectable following.
- Well, I still
have my job in PR,
but the relationship column,
I mean, it's been
going really well.
Slowly for surely, but
it's been going well.
Okay, I have talked
enough about myself.
Tell me about you.
When did you know you
wanted to become a fireman?
- When I was about
two years old.
No, okay, seriously.
It's like I can remember.
I mean, my dad does it.
Both my uncles.
- So it runs in the family.
- I guess you could say that.
- So what makes
you want to do it?
I mean, it has to be
an adrenaline rush,
but running into burning
buildings, who does that?
- A lot of us do.
And you know, as
cliche as it may sound,
there's nothing like just
being around the guys.
We really are like brothers.
- Nice.
So what aren't you telling me?
- What do you mean?
- No offense, but you
seem a little too perfect.
You have to have some
deep, dark secret.
- No, I'm just a
regular old guy.
Well, there is one thing.
- I knew it.
Should I brace myself?
- No, I don't think so.
- What is it?
- I sing in a church choir.
- Of course, you do.
So there's nothing else?
- No, what you see
is what you get.
- Well, today went
a little bit differently
than it started out.
- Yeah, you can say that again.
Look, I wanna say sorry about-
- Please don't apologize.
I could have been a
little bit more flexible.
I think we both just love
Kathy and Matt so much
we want their wedding to
be absolutely perfect.
- Yeah, I think that's
exactly what it is.
- Are you going to smooch?
- No, no.
This is my little
niece, Stephanie.
We are babysitting
her for the weekend
and she's staying with us now.
Go inside.
- Hello, Stephanie.
- You do not wanna
meet my grandpa.
He owns lots of guns.
- Go inside.
- You're in love.
- Go inside!
I'm sorry about that.
I'm sorry.
- So, scary dad.
- I mean, not to me.
My dad's never scared
me, but you maybe.
- Ah, I get it.
- Well, it's been a pleasure
spending the evening
with you, Trevor James.
- And it's been a delight
spending the day
with you, Danielle.
- Krzeminski.
- Krzeminski.
Okay, well, enjoy the
rest of the evening.
I guess I'll see you next time.
- Yeah, you too.
Sweet. Dreams.
- Thanks.
- So I think I'm gonna
make duck tonight for dinner.
- So girls, how are
the RSVPs coming?
- They're coming.
People are a little
slow to respond,
but it is Christmas time, so...
- Thank you so much
for letting her
have the wedding here,
Mr. And Mrs. Kutlenios.
It is going to be amazing.
- Oh, are you kidding?
It's always been our dream.
Thank you for helping, Dani.
So what's next?
- Well, we had the DJ all set,
and the cake is
all taken care of.
- Catering is on track.
The minister as well.
- Oh, are the bridesmaids set?
- Set?
- You know, like hair
and makeup appointments.
Do we have their dresses?
Are their shoes ready to go?
- I guess that would
be a good idea.
Do you think-
- I got it.
Just give me their
contact information
and I will make sure
that they are prepared.
- Seriously, I don't know
what I would do without you.
- I'll send you my bill.
- You girls have fun.
Come on, George, let's go.
- So?
Is it my imagination
or are you and Trevor
getting along now?
- We are, yeah.
Okay, it's much better.
- Like, much better
or much, much better?
- It's much better.
- Oh my gosh, which one is it?
- It's, oh.
Okay, it's much better.
- I knew you two
would get along.
- Well, it took a
little bit of time.
- So tell me the truth.
Isn't he just perfect?
- If you mean a boy scout,
all-American running
back kind of way?
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
- Did I tell you he even
sang in the church choir?
- Did he really?
- Yeah.
- Okay, what are
you waiting for?
- I don't know.
We haven't even been
on a first date.
Well, not if you don't
count the ride in the back
of the care, car, in
the back of my car.
- Wait, why is he in
the back of your car?
- We had some wedding stuff
we were hauling back-and-forth,
and I just put everything
in the front of my seat
and then he just slid
right in the back.
- Okay, that must
have been a tight fit.
- Mm, he was fine.
The next hurdle is...
- What?
- My dad.
He's gotta meet my dad.
- Does he really, though?
I mean, can't you guys
just get married first?
- I don't think that
would even help.
- Did you warn him?
- Who, Trevor?
A little, kind of.
My niece, Stephanie,
warned him a little bit,
but I don't think
he got the hint.
- Does he know he's at
least prior military?
- He does, but I
think he assumes
it was like four
years, not 30 years,
a colonel, charged up
an entire regiment.
- Well, he was
always so nice to me.
- You're not trying to date me.
- Mm, true.
And he's never liked
your boyfriends.
- That is exactly
what I'm afraid of.
Although, my dad has
never been wrong.
So I wanna talk to you
about meeting my
parents tonight.
- Okay.
Parents love me.
- First thing is you
should practice sitting up.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
Do you remember when I told you
my dad was in the military?
- Yeah, what'd you say?
Army, Navy, coast Guard?
- Marine.
- Ah.
What was he in, like four years?
- 30.
- So he was a sergeant.
- Colonel.
He was a base commander
for an entire regiment.
- Wow.
- So, how's your handshake?
- My handshake's great.
It's firm, I
maintain eye contact.
Nothing to worry about.
- Good, good.
No, it's good.
It's the only way
you're gonna get
through the front
- Now Ronald, don't
scare that boy off
the second he walks
in the front door.
- Who said anything about him
coming through the front door?
That there is my front door.
- That there is our front
door, don't forget that.
- Yes ma'am.
- Just give him a chance.
If we don't like him,
we can tell Dani that
and she can take or
leave our advice.
- I agree, but Beth,
if she brings in
another one of those
anti-American, soft-bellied,
"I'm not gonna to eat
the Christmas ham"
because they them
is a vegetarian,
and then they're gonna
try to lecture me?
- Okay.
Don't get your
blood pressure up.
- There's nothing wrong
with my blood pressure.
- Just give him a chance.
- Honey, I'm gonna
give him a chance,
but that's my daughter
we're talking about.
- Our daughter?
- Yes, our daughter.
And our daughter deserves a man
who's gonna love her,
who is going to provide for her,
and who is going to protect her.
And I'm, no, we, should not
settle for anything less.
- Okay, we agree.
- All right then.
Well, you're tall.
Tall as I am.
How tall are you?
- Six foot four, sir.
Nice to meet you.
Trevor James.
- Trevor, Colonel
Ronald Krzeminski.
Good handshake.
- Oh, thank you, sir.
Father always told me
look a man in his eyes
and give a firm handshake.
- And he's right.
So where are your
folks these days?
- Oh, they passed.
- I'm so sorry to hear that.
- Thank you.
- Let me take your coat.
- Oh, thank you.
- And you don't miss a meal,
and you do all your
pushups too, don't you?
- Well, I try, sir.
- Well, do you have a job?
- Yes, sir.
I've been with the fire
department four years now.
- That's an
honorable profession.
- Oh, thank you.
- You a smoker?
- No, sir.
- How about drugs, you
dabble with any drugs?
- Daddy.
- No, sir, not at all.
- Good.
So booze, you a drinker?
- Well, I have an occasional
glass of wine with dinner
and a few brews with the guys,
but other than that, no.
- All right, fair enough.
So what are you guys
doing standing out there?
Come on in my house.
- Our house.
- Our house.
So are you a sports guy?
- Ronald, why
don't you sit down?
- Yes, sir.
Played basketball and
football in high school.
- So did I.
I got another question for you.
What's your favorite
Christmas movie?
Is it "A Christmas story",
"Miracle on 34th Street",
or "Christmas Vacation"?
- Well.
- Come on, it's
not that hard of a question.
- I have to say "Die hard".
- "Die hard".
- You told him, didn't you?
- I didn't say anything.
- Because that's
my favorite, too.
Let me ask you another question.
How are you feeling about
the Lions this year, man,
'cause I got my hopes up again?
- Yeah, me too, sir, but it
just never seems to work out.
- Oh, you know
why that is, don't you?
- Why is that?
- It's because we're suckers,
every one of us, every year.
I mean, there's gotta be
something wrong with us, right?
Listen, you gotta
see my man cave.
I've got three flat screen TVs,
I've got an autographed
Barry Sanders jersey,
and a picture of the two of us.
- Wait, sir.
How did you get a picture
with Barry Sanders?
- Why don't you call me
Ronald and I'll show you?
- What just happened?
- I think they just
went downstairs
to discuss the terms
of your marriage.
- Mom, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm not.
I'm okay.
The doctor said
this might happen
sometimes after the surgery.
It's no big deal.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Let me get the
food on the table.
- Okay, hot shot.
It's no fancy whip.
No whip, no this, no
that, but it's hot.
- It'll be fine, thank you.
- Welcome.
- Well, you passed my dad's
test with flying colors.
- I love
your dad, he's great.
- I have to tell you,
I have never seen
anything like that before.
He will not stop
talking about you.
- Well, we did have a bonding
moment out in the man garage.
Did you know you can watch
three games at once in there?
Oh, hold on.
It is Matt, him
and Kathy are here.
- Oh, perfect.
- Shall we?
- Let's go.
- In four days, two
hours and 20 minutes,
I will be Mrs. Mathew Williams.
- That is so unreal.
You guys are such
a great couple,
a match truly made in heaven.
- It is, isn't it?
I'm so lucky.
- I'm the lucky one.
I never thought you'd say yes.
- I never thought I'd
meet someone like you.
- You both are pretty lucky.
- Well, we have to get going.
We have a thing to
talk about in private.
- So...
- What thing?
- Yeah, remember the thing
that we had to talk about?
- Oh, right, the thing,
so they get more time to-
- Yeah, Matt, Matt, mm-hm.
- Got it.
- Anyways, so, bye.
- The wedding is
going to be gorgeous.
Simply beautiful.
- Yeah, I know, right?
A real Christmas wedding.
So little Miss Busy's phone
hasn't beeped all evening.
- I turned it off, for you.
- Oh wow, I'm flattered.
So how about we go
for a walk on shoes?
- Absolutely.
- This is my home
away from home.
- This is amazing.
I've never actually
met Starkman before.
- Well, you haven't met me.
And this is Anthony.
- How are you?
- I'm good, how are you?
- Excellent.
- Nice to meet you.
- Have your tour.
- Thank you.
- You wanna see the firetrucks?
- Yeah.
- Okay, come on.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Hey, Kayle.
- Hi.
- Now this is a firetruck.
- I think I got that one.
- Well, I know that,
what I'm saying is
there are different
trucks for different uses.
This handles suppression.
- What suppression?
- So basically,
it's putting the fire out.
- Oh, okay.
- You know what this is?
- That, is that a radar?
Do you rate tickets on the side?
- No, this is a TIC, a
thermal imaging camera.
So, you actually can see heat
and it helps us
find people faster
and detect heat in the walls
and everything like that.
- Oh, okay, that's cool.
- Makes our job a little easier.
- Yeah.
I think you're really
good at your job.
- I try.
More this way.
Okay, this is...
This is an S-C-B-A.
- A what?
- Self-Contained
Breathing Apparatus.
- Oh.
- So, hook our mask up to this
and it helps us
breathe inside fires,
you know, 'cause it's so smoky.
- It's important.
- Yeah.
Oxygen's inside here.
Wanna hold it?
- No.
- All right.
- I'm gonna drop.
- Okay, so, you know how I say
there are different trucks
for different reasons
and meaning and stuff?
- Yeah.
- This is the ladder truck.
- Because it has a ladder.
- There you go.
- Hey, I catch on quick.
- Yeah, so basically you can,
it helps with search and rescue,
and you know, high-rise,
makes it a lot easier
to reach things,
to reach people.
- How tall does it go?
- Oh, pretty tall.
- Pretty tall?
- Oh, yeah.
- Not really tall?
- Really, really tall.
Taller than you can reach.
Okay, it's perfect.
See, you're a natural.
Oh, one more thing.
You just need a helmet.
And there we go.
- I can't move.
- Okay, how about we
take all this gear off
and I show you the kitchen?
- Yeah.
- All right.
So, this is where
we all hang out
whenever we're not
saving the world
and making it a better place.
This is where all the
gourmet food is cooked.
- Gourmet, huh?
- Oh yeah.
See, Sunday, meatloaf.
Monday, Chinese, Tuesday
up, Taco Tuesday.
- Oh, so gourmet meals then?
- Yep.
- Do you ever cook?
- Sometimes.
We mostly rotate.
Me, I like to bake.
I mean, I make the
best pies, muffins.
The guys love them.
Nobody has skills like me.
- Ah, job security.
- Yeah, exactly.
There's no way they
can get rid of me.
So, you hungry?
- I guess.
A little.
Are you hungry?
- Oh, I'm always hungry.
- You really love
it here, don't you?
- I do.
I really do.
I don't have any
family at home, so,
it's the closest thing
I have to family.
- Oh, excuse me, I'm,
sorry, I didn't know
you got company.
- Karl, this is Danielle.
Danielle, this is Karl.
- Nice to meet you, Danielle.
So what brings a beautiful
lady like yourself
out here on a cold winter night?
- Okay, Karl.
- What?
Hey, it is very nice
to meet you, Danielle.
- Nice to meet you too, Karl.
- Hey, you let me know
if this guy's not
treating you right,
because I know how
to keep him in line.
- I'll remember that.
- Thank you, Karl.
- Yeah, sometimes we're a
little too much like family.
- Apparently.
Thank you for this,
for showing me around
and just being there to talk to.
It's been nice.
- It has, hasn't it?
- And thank you for coming
to ice skating with me.
That was fun.
- Yeah, that was fun.
- I love Christmas
and this year's been
kinda hard for me,
so thank you for
helping me remember
how magical this season is.
- No problem.
You know, I can
remember growing up,
my parents and I would go
to the St. Mark's
Christmas Eve program,
and that's where-
- You would sing in the choir.
- Yes, so I was thinking
maybe this year,
you can come with,
you can come with me to
the Christmas Eve program.
- Uh...
- I'm sorry if I'm overstepping.
- No, no, no, no, you're fine.
It's just...
- Just what?
- Can I be totally
honest with you?
- Of course.
- So, I had a boyfriend.
Well, almost fiance.
At least that's what I thought.
And we kind of broke up.
Well, we did break up.
Well, what I mean, he dumps me.
- Oh wow, that
dude must be crazy.
- Be that as it may,
he dumped me on
Christmas Eve, last year.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
At church, during the
Christmas Eve service, so...
- That's why you
don't want to go
to the Christmas Eve
service this year.
I get it.
- I mean, I know that I should.
Not that I don't want to.
It has nothing to do
with you, promise.
And I'm over him.
Totally over him.
Just, I don't think I'm over it.
- I mean, given the time of
year and the circumstances,
I completely understand.
No pressure here.
- Thank you.
- But that dude must be crazy.
- Ron?
- Beth?
Beth, honey, Beth.
Beth, Beth, Beth, are you right?
- Since we're doing confessions,
can I ask you something?
- Sure.
- Have you ever,
well, has there ever been any,
okay, I'm just gonna
come out and ask you.
Is there-
- Oh, hey, we're getting a run.
I gotta go.
Continue this later, okay?
- It's okay, go, go.
- We got a 55-year-old
female unresponsive.
It sounds like a
bad one, let's go.
Medic 512 en route.
- Hi!
Oh, you are so cute.
Now which one are you?
Are you Stop, Drop or Roll?
Because I don't remember.
Will you tell me your name?
That's a good boy.
Wow, that's a lot of
missed messages and calls.
Coffee first and then messages.
- Fire department.
- Holly
Alpha 512 on scene.
Hey, are you okay?
- Honey,
these guys are here
to help you, honey.
- Here, excuse my hands, ma'am.
How long ago did this happen?
- 10 minutes before I called.
- 10 minutes?
Has this happened before?
- No, this
has never happened.
- Okay.
- Last time she ate?
- We had, we
had something after,
after lunch, I, I really,
I can't, I can't
tell you honestly.
- Can you hear me, ma'am?
Here ma'am, can you look at me?
- What's she doing right
before this happened?
- I was downstairs watching TV.
I, I don't know, I,
I really don't know.
- Health Park ER,
Health Park ER.
Holly Alpha 512.
We got a priority one transport,
unresponsive woman,
55 years old,
severely hypotensive.
We will see you in
15 minutes, out.
- Hey, Dani.
Are you,
is everything okay?
Stay right there, I'm on my way.
- Hey, honey, check out
this amazing sweater
my cousin Jeffrey sent me.
- Matt, mute.
- Maybe later.
- Everything is
okay, she's fine.
- Who?
Was my mom your callout?
- Yes, but everything is fine.
The doctor said she was just a
little dehydrated, all right?
- But my phone, my phone
was off, she called.
No, I should, I should
have been there.
- There's
nothing you could've done.
- Dani.
- I'm so sorry.
- I'm so
glad you came off.
- Hey, my phone was off
and I just tried to call
and I should have been here.
I got here as fast as I could.
- Listen, she's fine, all right?
And she's asking for you.
So come on,.
She wants to see you right now.
- Is she okay?
- Yes, she's absolutely fine.
She's asking for you.
Yes, she's.
- I'm sorry.
- No, nothing to be sorry for.
- Dani, is that you?
- Mom.
Honey, how you doing?
- I've been better.
- I bet.
- Oh, really, I'm good.
I don't know what the
fuss is all about.
- You had us all worried.
- There's nothing
to worry about.
- Well, are you comfortable?
What did the doctor say?
- Just dehydration.
Your father tells me
to drink my water,
but with everything
going on, I just forget.
- Well, what happened?
- I was just picking
up the kitchen,
you know, putting things away
and I guess I just
got lightheaded.
Next thing I knew, I
was laying on the floor
with three very
three handsome paramedics
standing over me.
I thought I was
No, really, the doctor
said it was nothing.
- Well, that's a relief.
We were really
worried about you.
- There is nothing
to worry about.
- I should have been there.
- What do you mean?
- Well, I feel bad.
I came home to help
Kathy plan her wedding
and to take care of
you after your surgery.
But instead, I'm
just out having fun
and I should have
been there for you.
- I want you to have fun.
Besides, there was
nothing you could do.
- Okay, but mom, but what
if it had been something?
What if it was something
serious and I wasn't there?
- Nonsense.
I will not have
you or your father
hovering over me
like some kind of
science experiment.
I'm fine.
What is it?
- I don't wanna be
selfish, but I just,
I don't know.
Maybe this is a sign.
I just think it's
too early for me
to get back into a relationship.
I mean, this whole Trevor
thing, it's not right.
I'm gonna forget
about my family.
- You were always so
thoughtful, caring,
Even when you were little.
There wasn't a puppy
or a stray kitten
in the neighborhood that
you didn't bring home
to take care of.
I swear, sometimes it
was a regular Noah's Ark
in our own backyard.
- Well, they were
all so helpless.
- You remember that blue jay?
- Well, the one
with a broken wing.
- How long did you
take care of him?
- Like, maybe 10, 11 days.
- I'll never forget
that look on your face
when he finally flew off.
- Well, I was just
happy for him.
- You're always
such a special girl.
But sometimes I think
your sensitivity, it's a,
I don't know, like a roadblock
to your own happiness.
Sometimes you're just so busy
taking care of the world that...
Trevor is a wonderful guy.
He's caring, and compassionate,
and strong.
And your dad likes him.
I mean, talk about
a sign from heaven.
You know, it wouldn't hurt
to let Trevor take
care of you for once.
- I just met him.
I hardly know him.
- Just give it some time.
If he's the one, you'll know.
- I love you, mom.
- Not as much as I love you.
- Photographer, check.
Videographer, check.
Rehearsal dinner.
- According to Matt, check.
- Tentative check.
I'll follow up with him.
Other than that, I
think we're good.
And with 48 hours to spare.
- Wow!
So, how many RSVPs is that now?
- Since you asked
me 35 minutes ago,
It's a full house.
- That's amazing.
Thank you so much, Dani.
- That's what I'm here for.
And frankly, I don't
wanna jinx anything,
but it's running really smooth.
I checked the weather forecast
and it's calling for
cool, but clear skies.
You're gonna have the
perfect Christmas wedding.
- Oh, speaking of Matt,
we're supposed to go
buy some grooms men's
gifts, so I gotta get going,
but thank you so much.
I seriously could not have-
- I know, I know.
Couldn't have done
it without me.
And quite frankly, I agree.
- Bye.
- And time to get my work done.
All right, timeline for
the opening of Georgie's.
Still on for February 2nd.
Press release has gone out.
Hey Deb, what's up?
- Oh, hey, Dani,
is Kathy still up?
- No, she just left.
Is everything all right?
- Oh, yeah.
Well, no.
So, you know Deb, yeah.
She is going into labor.
- No, that's impossible.
The wedding is in two days.
And besides, you guys are
due for like another two-
- Two weeks, exactly.
Try telling that to Todd Jr.
- It's Elizabeth!
- Sure, hon.
Just focus on your
breathing, focus.
- I know how
to breathe, Todd.
Don't tell me how to breathe!
- Okay, what can I do?
- Yeah, so you know the
cupcakes for the reception?
Deb's not actually gonna
be able do that now.
Well, you know, to
bake them, so...
- And?
- We've been wondering
since you're so
great in a pinch.
- A pinch?
No, this is like a
major league cyclone.
- No, it's nothing.
- Just tell her I owe her one.
- She said you she owe you one.
- Okay, how many cupcakes
are we talking about?
- Hang on, how many
are we talking?
- I dunno, I've done
like, oh my God.
- 15 and one third dozen.
- What?
No, Todd, use your English.
That is way too late
in the game for math.
- Give me your phone, give
me the phone, give it to me.
- Honey.
- Give it to me.
- You really need to focus-
- The phone!
- Okay, okay.
- Hi, hi.
- Hi, Debbie, how are-
- Do, do like 184 more, okay?
Just do, just do, I don't
know, 200 to be safe, okay?
And just don't forget.
But don't forget.
- Don't forget what?
What am I not
supposed to forget?
- 20 second and three.
Keep watching.
Yeah, it's me again?
Todd, yeah.
- What, no, no,
I don't want you.
- Well, you got me.
She's a little, you
know, preoccupied.
- Okay, 200 more, we
need to make 200 more?
- Yeah, call it
16 and two thirds.
- What are these
useless syllables coming
out of your mouth?
- Oh, Deb said you can use
the kitchen at the store.
She had to rest.
Okay, hold on, hey,
focus, focus, focus.
- What, what?
- Where's the recipe?
- I don't know, I
left it out for her.
- She said she left
you out the recipe.
- We're right into it.
- Oh, here we go,
it's the home stretch.
Come on, honey, big push.
- Come on, Deb.
- Stop, stop.
Knock it up.
- Oh, here we go, here we go.
Here comes Todd Jr.
- Elizabeth.
- Elizabeth.
- What, the cupcakes
or the baby?
Todd, are you talking
to me or the doctor?
And what, Debbie said
don't forget something.
What am I not
supposed to forget?
- Leave them in the
oven a little longer.
- What, are you talking about
the cupcakes or the kid?
Todd, Todd, Todd.
Don't, don't panic,
don't panic, it's just...
It's just a birth and a wedding,
and two dozen and two,
two dozen and two,
and 16 and 200 dozen cupcakes,
and 111 people coming.
It's fine.
Get here now.
9-1-1, ASAP, emergency help.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, Deb said she
left the instructions
somewhere here in the kitchen.
- Hmm, inside of a
book or something?
- I don't know, but
Deb's pretty organized,
so if she said she
left it in the kitchen,
then it's got to be somewhere.
Debbie's wedding cupcakes.
This is perfect.
- All right, so
where do we start?
- Let's see.
- 61, 62,63, 64-5-6,
62, 63, 64, 65, 66
How many do you have over there?
- 113, 114, or is it 116?
- Hmm, it's 200.
We did it.
- We did it.
- Actually, it's 198
because we both are about
traveling right now.
- Deal.
What time is it?
- Hmm, 11.
I'll be back.
- Okay.
- Becky, what are
you doing here?
- What kind of welcome is that?
- Oh, right.
It's just, I wasn't
expecting to see you here.
- Apparently.
Well, aren't you
gonna invite me in?
- Where's your coat?
- I can't ruin a cute
outfit with a coat.
- Oh, right.
Come in.
No, actually, but we're closed.
- Oh, I know.
I talked to the
guys at the station
and told them I wanted
to surprise you.
They said you might
be here at the,
are you working
here at this bakery?
- Oh no, I'm not working here.
It is just, Kathy's
getting married Saturday.
So, Debbie's pregnant,
she's having a baby,
and she's supposed
to make the cupcakes.
But now, we gotta make-
- Hi, Merry Christmas.
Who's this?
- Dani, this is Dani.
Dani, this is.
- Hi, I'm Becky, I'm
Trevor's girlfriend.
- Oh, um.
Hi, girlfriend.
Nice to meet you.
- So, do you run this place?
- No, well, it's a long story.
Well, Debbie's
pregnant, and actually,
she may already have the baby.
- So, what do you think?
Are we going to the
wedding together?
I heard it's gonna be Holly's
social event of the year.
- So she just walked
right into the bakery
and you guys were just there?
- Yeah, it was like
three's company.
- I just don't get it.
I know Trevor and Becky
dated for a while,
but I swear they broke up.
I mean, she moved to
Chicago for crying out loud,
and he never talks about her.
- I can vouch for that.
Not a single word about Rebecca.
Oh, but Kathy, I'm so
sorry to be bothering you
the week of your wedding
- And you two are
standing up together,
during the entire ceremony.
- Maybe I can stand
with Uncle Owen.
- I am so sorry this is
happening to you right now.
And just when you're coming
out of this Christmas funk.
- Well, Merry Christmas.
- Well, I'm talking
to Matt about this.
This is not okay.
And I don't want
her at my wedding
when it's supposed
to be you and Trevor.
- No, please don't.
Matt's already got
so much on his plate
and you have the wedding.
Can we just let this one go?
It's not like it's the
first time it's happened.
- It's Trevor.
Don't you-
don't you wanna answer it,
I mean, let him explain himself?
- What's there to explain?
He's seeing someone else.
- He's called like eight times.
I mean, obviously
he has something
to contribute to the story.
- Well, he could
explain that to Becky.
- Oh, my goodness.
Can't you see the guy's dying?
- Then he should have
told me about Becky.
- Hey, Danielle.
It's me calling again.
Look, I just wanna
explain about last night.
I know you don't have
a reason to believe me,
but just give me a chance
to explain, please.
Just give me a call back.
All right, bye.
- I can't believe
he would do that.
I mean, why not just wait
until the Christmas
Eve service, hm?
"Oh, joy to the world, Danielle.
Oh, by the way, did I
mention my girlfriend, Becky?
Oh, scoot over so
she can sit with us."
Ooh, just.
Trevor, Mr. All-American
boy scout choir,
Mr. Nice Guy.
- Looks like someone could
use some Christmas cheer.
- Oh, hi.
I didn't see anyone there.
- Want to talk about it?
- No, not really.
You kind of look like that guy.
- The big guy from
the North Pole.
- Yeah, him.
- I get that a lot.
- It's just...
Christmas has been
really hard for me.
I got a big huge
disappointment last year
and I thought I was over it,
but the lights, the
music, the trees,
it's just bringing back the
pain worse than I thought.
But I really did
think I was over it,
but then I got let down again.
I'm just foolish in that way.
- Oh!
There's nothing foolish
about opening up your hearts.
Risky, yes.
Foolish, never.
- But how do you know, and who?
And don't tell me
that you'll know
because my mom told me that.
And frankly, I thought I knew,
but now I'm not so sure.
- And now you're
sure you're wrong.
- I guess.
That doesn't really
make sense, does it?
- Matters of the
heart rarely do.
- I suppose.
- So, you were
sure it was right,
and now you are
sure it was wrong,
but which sure is the real one?
- I don't know.
I'm not sure of
anything anymore.
I thought Christmas was the
time where dreams came true.
- Oh, it absolutely is.
Christmas is the time
that dreams come true.
And sometimes, things
aren't what they appear.
- I suppose.
I think this girl's giving
up on dreaming though.
- I don't think so.
I've been doing this
for quite some time.
I've known people who have
given up on their
dreams, for real.
You are not one of them.
You still have the
spark inside you.
- It's a dim spark, Santa.
It's barely glowing.
- Sometimes that's all you need.
Don't give up.
You never know what
a day may bring.
- Thank you.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Dani?
- Hey, mom.
I'm not keeping you up, am I?
- Oh, no, no, not at all.
It's only 9:45.
What are we, old?
How are you, honey?
- I'm good.
Blue Valley is ready to
launch when I get home,
and I've got a new client
opening a store in February.
So, I'm good.
- That's not what I
was talking about.
- I know.
I wanna love Christmas,
but every year...
- I'm gonna tell you something
I don't think you were
ready to hear a year ago.
But, as bad as that breakup was,
Kyle was not right for you.
I was only lukewarm on him,
myself and your father.
Well, we both know your
father didn't care for him,
but I was prepared
to accept him.
I'll be honest.
Bad as the timing was,
I was glad when it ended.
- Well, I'm way over Kyle.
- I know.
- Did you like Trevor?
- I wish I could say no, but,
yes, I did.
And believe it or
not, right now,
your father is out
in his man garage,
just as sad as you are.
He loved that young man.
- I just...
Having the hardest
Christmas ever.
- Oh, I don't know.
I seem to remember something
about a young pregnant girl,
way back when, gave birth
to a baby boy in a stable.
- Okay, that puts it
in the low perspective.
- You're going to
get through this.
Maybe Trevor wasn't the one.
Or maybe he is.
Only time will tell.
- You're amazing. Mom.
- Just have hope, Dani.
Things aren't always
as they appear.
- That's what Santa said.
- Santa?
- Yeah.
You know, downtown street Santa?
- We don't have a street Santa.
- Hey, Ronald.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Your Ronald privileges,
they've been revoked.
You can go right back
to calling me sir.
- I understand, sir,
but can I please see
Dani for a second?
- No, you may not.
- Sir, can I just get
60 seconds to explain?
Just, just one minute.
- Trevor, listen.
I told you no nicely
the first time,
and I don't want to
have to tell you again,
so I think you need to leave.
- Daddy.
It's okay.
- All right.
- Hello, Trevor.
- How you doing, ma'am?
- I hope you have something
good to tell our daughter.
- I'll definitely try, ma'am.
- Well, you asked for 60 seconds
and 10 of them are gone.
So if I were you, I'd get to it.
- Yes, sir.
- Daddy, can we
have some privacy?
- Honey, hold on just a second.
This here's my house.
- This here is our house,
and we will be in the basement,
pretending not to eavesdrop.
- Oh.
Oh, yeah, you were
right about your dad.
He can be a little scary.
You know, I didn't see
it at first, but ooh!
- Your 60 seconds are ticking.
- Right.
Look, Danielle, I've
been trying to call you,
message you.
I mean, I just feel
like I need to explain.
- What's there to explain?
There's nothing to explain.
- Oh, but there is: Becky.
So I never got a chance
to tell you, or felt the need.
- Felt the need to tell
me you had a girlfriend?
Trevor, I've really misread you.
- So, we dated for seven months.
After a while, I
wasn't feeling it.
She got a job offer in Chicago
and when she took it, I
just figured it was over.
That's why she popped back up.
It threw me off.
I didn't want to
hurt her feelings,
or how I'm doing on time.
- Go on.
- So apparently, when
she was in Chicago,
she started to miss me.
And she thought
if she came back,
we would just start over.
- And did you?
- We just took a walk
down Main Street.
- Okay, it's time to go.
- And I explained to her,
I didn't have feelings
for her anymore.
- Oh.
- I told her the truth.
I told her I met somebody.
Danielle, I've never felt
like this for anybody before.
You're caring,
you're compassionate.
You listen.
I know we may not agree on
artificial or real trees,
or lights or playlists,
even if mine is better.
- Okay, for a
14-year-old boy maybe.
- But we are good together.
No, we're great together.
I know relationships are
work and nothing is perfect,
but I wanna make
it work with you.
So whatever I have to do,
I just need one
more chance and I-
- Will you stop talking?
- Why?
- Because your 60
seconds are up.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas to all.
- I'm so happy.
Dani, are you happy, hon?
- Yes!
Okay, yes, I'm happy.
- Trevor, I've got a
movie all queued up
for us down in the man cave.
You wanna go check it out?
- We are going on
a walk, he is mine.
- All right.
You wanna watch "Die Hard"?
- "Die hard" it is.
- Let's go.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.