A Flower From Heaven 2 (2018) Movie Script

[birds chirping]
[Girl Voiceover] "Then spake
Jesus again unto them saying,
"I am the light of the world;
"he that followeth me
shall not walk in darkness,
"but shall have
the light of life."
[somber piano music]
[upbeat piano music]
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music]
Sky, what on
Earth are you doing?
I'm looking for my
karaoke microphone.
It's supposed to be
in here somewhere.
Well your brother
has it outside.
They're using it.
They're using it to get ready
for the church
program next Sunday.
Oh man, how long is he
gonna be using it for?
I need to it to use to
practice for my school play.
Well, why can't you
just let him use it?
Because he did not ask me
first and it belongs to me!
Can't you let him use it
for just a little bit longer?
Momma, I need
that microphone now!
"Salvation" scene
three, take one, marker.
Do you know what the most
beautiful thing in the world is?
Getting forgiveness form
our sins from Jesus Christ.
So if you start
giving to our charities
you can become saved, right?
Not exactly.
The bible says we're saved
through faith in Jesus Christ.
Not by the things we do our
how much money we give away.
That way we can't boast
that we saved ourselves.
Salvation's a free
gift from God.
[Boy] Cut!
Not again.
I have to fix the tripod.
Logan, when are you gonna be
through using the microphone?
Your sister needs to
use the karaoke machine.
Momma, I need
it for the camera
so that we can film the play.
Well how much longer
before you're finished?
I don't know.
Two more hours, maybe.
[dramatic music]
What're you all doing?
We're filming a Christian
play for our church
to show next Sunday.
Yes, his dad's a film director
and he's gonna put it
together on the computer.
The only thing we need
to do is film the play
if we ever get it filmed.
Yeah, my dad does this all
the time in is work place
and I know what to do.
All everyone has to do
is remember what
they're supposed to say.
[Anna] Oh cool,
can I help too?
Yeah sure, you can help
them remember their lines.
Honey, he's still using it.
Oh man, how long is he
gonna be using it for?
I need it to practice for my
school talent show on Monday.
I need it now.
He said he would be through
in just a little while.
Can't you wait just
a couple more hours?
No, momma, Tracy's coming by
to pick me up in half an hour.
I only need it for 20 minutes.
Then he can have it back.
Logan, your sister says
she can't wait that long.
She needs to use the microphone
for about 20 minutes,
right now!
I gotta use the bathroom.
I need to run home
and check on my mom.
All right, everyone.
Let's take a 20 minute break.
Why is she always running
home every few minutes?
Show some respect.
Her mom's dying
of breast cancer.
I forgot.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
What have you been
doing, sweetheart?
I've been helping
Logan and the others
film a Christian play.
Oh, what kind of play?
We're filming
a Christian movie
to show at our youth
group next Sunday.
It's about Jesus
saving the lost.
You do believe in
God, don't you momma?
What good is believing in
all that gonna do me now?
I don't understand.
Look, I'm going to die
real soon, sweetheart,
and I can't get saved.
I didn't go to church,
I didn't live for God.
It's just too late for me now.
But, momma, you can
become saved right now
by just accepting Jesus.
I heard this from
others during the play.
I can't get saved.
It's just too late for me now.
Momma, you can't die.
You have to stay here
and take care of me.
You're the only thing that I
regret leaving in this world.
Meeting your daddy
and having you
is the best thing
I did in this life.
Momma, are you
wearing a new wig?
How do you like it?
I think I liked
the other one better.
At least it's better than
looking at my bald head.
Momma, quit worrying
about what you look like.
You look fine.
Naomi, they're
calling for you.
Logan's ready to start again.
I have to go now, momma,
they're calling for me.
Okay sweetheart.
[somber music]
[birds chirping]
[pleasant music]
[pleasant piano music]
Wow, I'm glad
that's over with.
What? I thought you was
looking forward to marrying me.
No, I was
referring to the fact
that I don't really
like churches that much.
I never knew you had a concern
about getting
married in a church.
It's not anything to do
with you or the wedding.
It's just I don't
wanna be around
a bunch of
holier-than-thou people.
I didn't really thing that
they was holier-than-thou.
It was people that we invited.
Our friends and our family.
I know, maybe it's me.
I just never really understood
the whole spirituality thing.
Church-goers seem to be the
biggest hippocrates of them all.
I know what you're
talking about.
The bible does say that
we all sin and fall short
in the glory of God.
Righteousness comes from God
through believing in
his son, Jesus Christ.
That he came and died
on the cross for us.
Everybody makes mistakes.
How do you know those
bible verses so well?
do you really believe
Jesus can save you?
I'll believe in
anything you want me to
as long as we're
together forever.
Why are we stopping here?
Our house is just down the hill.
Come on, I wanna
show you something.
Come on, I wanna
show you something.
[birds chirping]
Come on, hurry.
Why are we here?
I don't know.
It's like there's
something special here.
[birds chirping]
What do you mean?
I don't know, I can't
quite put my finger on it,
but it's like God has
something special planned
in his own timing.
I just don't understand.
You know, we can't
always understand
what God's plans for us are.
No, I didn't mean that.
Most wives, when
they get married,
their husbands take them
across the threshold.
I marry you and you take
me to a cow pasture.
Let's get out of here and
go across the threshold.
[pleasant music]
[phone ringing]
Yeah, she sure is.
She's outside with Logan.
They're practicing for
a program for Sunday.
I'll be glad to let her know.
Okay, thanks.
"Salvation" scene
4, take one, marker.
So if somebody does bad to me,
can I get revenge?
Why do you ask?
Because yesterday at school,
Billy was behind me
and he pulled my hair
and the when I got
back from the bathroom,
he hid my jacket from me.
Then I went to go
tell the teacher.
Well, God wants us to love
everyone, even our enemies.
The bible says
that we should pray for
those who treat us badly,
bless those who curse us and
do good to those who hate us.
That's gonna be hard.
Naomi, you need to run
home, your mom just called.
She needs to talk to
you about something.
Not again.
Stop it, will you?
Can't you see that she's upset
because of her mother dying?
Wouldn't you feel the same way?
I'm really sorry guys.
It's just that my mother's
sick and going to die
and now I don't want to
believe in God anymore.
It's not your fault.
I didn't mean anything by it.
I'm the one that
should be sorry.
Naomi, it's never too late
to give your life to Christ.
A person can still be saved
even on their death bed.
It's not too late for your mom.
I still don't understand.
Salvation comes from
God, not from our words.
Don't we have to
live a good life too?
Grace means getting something
that you don't deserve.
None of us did anything
to deserve God's grace.
We couldn't do
anything to deserve it.
So no matter what kind of
like your mom has lived,
she can still accept God's gift.
Even now.
Don't be afraid.
You know that God
loves you and your mom.
You can tell her that
God still loves her
and he died for her so that
she could be with him forever.
Hey, let's all pray for
Naomi's mom right now.
Father, we come to you
right now in faith.
We know that you want
to save Naomi's mom.
You're word says that you want
all people to know the truth
and to be saved.
We don't know how much
longer Naomi's mom will live
and we don't know if
she knows you or not.
Naomi is really scared.
Please, Lord, send
people to Naomi's mom
to tell her that it's
not too late for you
to forgive her for sins and
that she can still be with you.
Please help Naomi
know what to say.
In Jesus name, amen.
It's getting late, guys.
Let's all go home
and we'll begin tomorrow.
I have something I want
to give your mother.
What is it?
It's a flower from Heaven.
Where did you get it?
God gave it to me.
Why are you trying to
give it to my mother?
It never dies.
Take it.
Whoever believes in Jesus
Christ as their savior
will never die.
[dramatic music]
Look, momma, I
brought you something.
What is it?
It's a flower from Heaven.
It's a what?
Anna Richburg gave it to me
while we were filming the play
and God gave it to her
and it never dies.
I called you back here
because I wanted to
ask you something.
What is it?
You go to church a lot
just like your daddy did.
You're just like your
father, unlike me.
I never went to church and
I don't pray that much.
Can I ask you something?
Is Jesus in the Old Testament?
Oh yes, yes he is.
You can find him in
Isaiah Chapter 53.
In fact, he is in
the whole bible
from the beginning to the end.
You just have to read it
and when you understand
you can then see it.
What are those things
you used to tell me
about helpers and getting saved?
It's a prayer, momma.
It's called a sinner's prayer.
No, I mean the three things
you have to do
before the prayer.
First, you believe
that Jesus died
on the cross for our sins
and was then resurrected
from the grave.
Next, you repent
for all your sins
because you believe in him,
then you make it public.
Christ said, "And if you
confess me before others,
"I will confess you before
my father in Heaven."
Here, momma, this
flower is for you.
It never dies.
Thank you, Naomi.
Momma, would you
like me to lead you
in a prayer of salvation?
How can I do all
three of those things?
I can't get out of this bed
anymore and do anything.
Momma, Jesus was crucified
between two thieves.
One of them got saved
right on the cross.
You don't have to get
up and do anything.
All you have to do
is call on his name.
I just don't know
about any of this.
[somber music]
Momma, what was my dad like?
He was a good man.
He talked about God
a lot, just like you.
You're so much like your father.
Momma, I don't have
any memory of him.
No, I guess now.
I don't suppose you would
have any memory of him.
Did you love him
and did he love you?
I loved your daddy
more than I loved anyone
in this whole entire life.
And he loved me too but
I was a little jealous
because he loved
God more than me
and I felt resentment for that.
Why would you
resent dad for that?
Isn't loving God a good thing?
Yes, but I wanted all of
him, his every thought on me.
I know it sounds selfish but
that's just the way that I was.
But momma, the
fruit of the spirit
is love, joy, peace,
long suffering, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness and self-control.
Please let me lead you
through a prayer of salvation
so that you can go to Heaven.
No, no, I can't do that.
I'm not good enough.
I'll do something wrong and
it just won't matter anyways.
Besides, now you're
old enough to see
how imperfect I really am.
Mother, I love you
no matter how imperfect
you think you are and God
does the same thing for us.
Won't you accept Christ today?
I'm on a peerless
journey into the unknown
and I'm gonna die
real soon, sweetheart,
and there's nothing
anyone can do about that.
But momma,
you can't die.
You can't die like this.
You can't die like this.
You just can't die like this.
[dramatic music]
[Female Announcer]
Ford Escape.
Look again.
Escape comes equipped
with a V-6 engine,
automatic, 6-CD changer,
power moon roof,
keyless entry, AC, 16 inch
aluminum wheels and more.
That's why Escape is
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For a limited time, you
can get an Escape SLT 4x4
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Get to your New England
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[exciting television music]
Come on and look again
[Male Announcer] Sponsored by
Rocky Mountain Cold Coors Light.
Cold. Down. Easy.
[television commotion]
[TV Announcer] A
murder in a meth lab.
Take CSI into the bizarre
world of drug addiction.
General, do you see
any kind of situation
where Saddam Hussein, you
say between 48 and 72 hours,
is that what you're
giving this war?
Bill, I've said
from the beginning,
it'll take five to
seven days to get
to the outskirts of Baghdad
and we're gonna do that.
But we're in no rush after that.
We said a 30 day campaign.
We've got three
weeks for that regime
to fall apart from within.
We don't have to rush
it once we get there.
We've got to surgically take
out the units that are there.
Any kind of resistance we can--
He has thus far refused.
All the decades of
deceit and cruelty
have now reached an end.
Saddam Hussein and his sons
must leave Iraq within 48 hours.
Their refusal to do so will
result in military conflict,
commenced at a time
of our choosing.
For their own safety,
all foreign nationals
including journalists
and inspectors
should leave Iraq immediately.
Many Iraqis can hear me tonight
in a translated radio broadcast
and I have a message for them.
If we must begin a
military campaign,
it will be directed
against the lawless men
who rule your country.
Not against you.
As our coalition takes
away their power,
we will deliver the food
and medicine you need.
We will tear down the
apparatus of terror
and we will help you
to build a new Iraq
that is prosperous and free.
In a free Iraq, there
will be no more wars
and aggression against
your neighbors.
No more poison factories.
No more executions
of dissonance.
No more torture
champers and rape rooms.
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
What is this?
My husband's going
to fight a war
and they're worried
about a car tag?
[ominous music]
Why do you think he's
sending us home early today?
Does he know something?
First sergeant
knows everything.
Let's swing by his place.
I'll drive.
[ominous music]
[engine rumbling]
[ominous music]
Are you sure you don't
mind us coming to his house?
What's a first sergeant for?
How about you knocking then?
[dog barking]
Hey there, Carson,
is your dad home?
Yes, sir.
Daddy, some guys from
the base are here!
[television commotion]
Hey Scott, hey Randy.
Sergeant Cooper
What's up?
Hey, Sarge.
Sorry to bother you
at the house here,
but we stopped by
your office at work
and they said you
had gone home early
and we been talking at
the base and they said
that we're probably gonna
be deployed up next.
Any truth behind that?
Look, my children
don't know anything yet.
I did get an email
today, all right?
The email says odds
are that we're going.
So they're giving me a
little bit of a heads-up.
I'm gonna give y'all a
little bit of a heads-up.
Odd are we're going.
They're saying the ways the
war's going, probably tomorrow.
So they usually give us
about 72 hours to mobilize.
So y'all gonna have a few days.
Get your things together,
make sure you get back
Jack, get your wills
and all that stuff
done, all right?
So they'll give you
time to do that.
My wife's really
gonna hate this.
She hated me to sign
up for the military.
She hated the haircut.
Now I gotta leave.
We haven't even been
married a year yet.
Did you see his hair
before he got here?
Unfortunately, no.
When they recruited him,
his hair was down to here.
I've seen him.
Look, it's gonna be fine.
This is what you signed
up for, all right?
You knew when you
got in that odds were
we were gonna get deployed.
Yes, sir.
Just remember,
freedom isn't free.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for your time.
All right, y'all take it easy.
Appreciate that, sir.
[ominous music]
[birds chirping]
[ominous music]
No, no, you're not going.
No, you're not
going! You can't go!
Look, baby, it's
gonna be okay.
It'll be over with
before you know it.
Why did you join the military?
I told you something
bad was gonna happen.
We weren't even married three
months when you did this.
Why'd you do this to me?
Everybody else has done been
shipped to the Middle East.
Sergeant Cooper told
us we have 72 hours
before we have to go.
He was blessed to
stay this long.
I don't want you to go.
Look, you remember Desert
Storm when my cousin was there?
He was back before
he even knew it.
We don't be gone long.
Your car tag's gonna expire
at the end of this month.
That means it's
already been a year.
[dramatic music]
[somber music]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[ominous music]
[gunfire commotion]
[war zone commotion]
[solider yelling]
[gunfire popping]
[explosions rumbling]
[men yelling]
[rapid gunfire buzzing]
[explosion rumbling]
[missiles whooshing]
[dramatic music]
[gunshot booming]
[soldiers yelling]
[Solider] Man down!
We need some help in here!
[dramatic music]
Why are you
taking him from me?
What did I ever do to you?
[dramatic music]
We were only together a year.
Why are you doing this to me?
If you just let me
see him one more time,
I promise I'll serve you.
Just one more time,
that's all I'm asking.
[dramatic music]
[somber piano music]
[somber music]
[birds chirping]
Momma, why do we
come here every year?
Well, your daddy brought me
here the day we got married
and he said something special
was supposed to happen here
and I believe him.
We need to pray some more.
What good is that
gonna do anything?
Prayer works, momma.
[somber piano music]
[somber music]
Randy, is it really you?
How are you, sweetheart?
You came back!
You came back to me!
How're you doing this?
I have to give you something.
I've missed you so much.
I know.
We're gonna be together again.
The war's over, everything's
gonna be all right.
Just like you said, isn't it?
You can't go where I'm going.
What're you saying?
You're gonna leave me again?
Why are you leaving me?
Look, the only way
to get to where I am
is through Jesus Christ.
There is no other way.
You never accepted him.
Don't leave me here all alone.
I have to give you something.
[dramatic music]
You told God that if he would
let you see me one more time
that you would serve him.
[somber music]
I have to go now.
No, Randy, don't
leave me here all alone.
Christina, you do believe
Jesus can save you, don't you?
I do believe, I do believe.
What is it, momma?
I do believe in Jesus!
I do believe!
What're you trying to say?
I had a dream and
I saw your father
and he talked to me.
What did he say?
Can you say the
prayer with me?
I really wanna get saved.
Take my hand and
repeat after me.
Lord, I am a sinner
and I need a savior.
Lord, I am a sinner
and I need a savior.
Lord, I ask you to
forgive me of my sins
and wash me clean.
Lord, I ask you to
forgive me of my sins
and wash me clean.
And make me whole in
spirit's soul and body.
And make me whole in
spirit's soul and body.
That your Holy Spirit
might sanctify me.
That your Holy Spirit
might sanctify me.
I ask that you send
your Holy Spirit to me.
I ask that you send
your Holy Spirit to me.
That you might
lead me in everything
that I think, do and say.
And that you might
lead me in everything
that I think, do and say.
And I think you, Jesus, for
dying on the cross for me.
And I think you, Jesus, for
dying on the cross for me.
Naomi, your
mother needs a rest.
Now let her get some sleep.
[dramatic music]
[pleasant piano music]
[uplifting music]
[birds chirping]
[somber piano music]
[pleasant piano music]
How's your mother?
She's healed.
[pleasant music]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[somber piano music]
She's alive.
[dramatic uplifting music]
[somber music]
Momma, don't leave me.
You were right.
If you go then who's
gonna take care of me?
Tell the world,
sweetheart, Jesus can save.
Tell everyone!
Don't leave me here all alone.
[somber piano music]
I have to go now.
You can't leave
me here all alone.
[birds chirping]
You tell them.
[somber piano music]
[somber piano music]
[dramatic piano music]
[dramatic uplifting music]
[somber piano music]
[dramatic uplifting music]