A Fork in the Road (2009) Movie Script

Is on your sik. Will Carson.
He's been transport
from county jail. Yeah,
a car blow a tired,
and drive to a ditch.
I don't know Carson hurt or not,
just send dogs because
we losing daylight fast.
Wait, wait. I'm not
gonna hurt you.
Oh, what the hell...
Stop it.
Listen, I try to
find kitchen. -No!
Stop, stop, stop.
I'm not hurt you.
You stop it and
listen to me. Please.
Stop it, please.
Stop, stop. I'm not
gonna hurt you.
You hurting me.
-I'm not gonna hurt you.
Stop fighting with me.
I'm not gonna get off,
to until I know you'll
stop. OK? -Who are you?
I'm escape convict, OK?
I'm despaired, OK?
I can do anything.
I'm not even show you,
what I'm capable of. So,
don't try anything! You get it?
All right.
What do you want?
What I want?
I want, I want...
money, cloths, food
and the way out of here.
Fine, just take what you
want and go. -I just try to do
when you come back.
-I'm not gonna stop you.
Lady, you already stop me.
You know I'm here,
that's screw everything up and now
I must figure out what to do with you.
You are really hurting me.
Move slow.
Get off.
Slowly. Slowly!
Look at the bleeding.
You make me stop my tough.
I'm sorry, you kind of
surprise me. -Well, I'm sorry,
I didn't know, you
will been in my closet.
Next time I'll lock the door.
I know I can promise to you,
I will not call the police
after you'll left me.
Maybe could a...
Tie me up. That will give
you a good head start.
That's not gonna work.
So, you gonna kill me?
Is that the kind of
person you are?
Hold a second. I'm not
the murderer here, OK.
What that supposed to mean?
Lady, I was in your barn.
I heard the shoot.
Yeah, I saw you drag the body
out and stuff him in the trunk.
So, don't point
your finger on me.
Sit. -What?
-Can I sit?
Yes, you can sit. Yes!
I mean, how do you even
get rid of the body as fast?
Get rid of it?
Get rid of it?
They were road blocks on the
highway. They were everywhere.
I can't get anywhere.
I have to come back here.
Oh, shit.
You are the reason why
there road blocks?
At your fault I couldn't
get rid of the body?
What I will do? If I knew
you gonna kill your husband
and I wouldn't
made the plans, believe me.
You expect somebody?
Oh, my God.
It's a Sheriff.
Maybe something
I'm not home.
We talking about the lights in your
house, yours car parked in front.
What does he want?
So, what I'm
suppose to do?
Come on.
Just remember, if I go down,
you'll go down, all right?
Now, I want to wash
the blood from your hands,
put the robe on and
answer the door.
Tell him, you just getting
into the shower but do not
let him in. Do you think,
you can do that?
I don't know.
I can't do that.
-Fine, I'll do it.
I'm sorry to badger you mam,
I'm Sheriff Thompson.
I don't want to alarm you but
we had a prisoner escape
couples of miles down the road where
alerted everybody in the area.
This is the man we
looking for.
Is he dangerous?
-Any prisoner who risk escape
we considered dangerous.
Are you alone here, mam?
Oh, no. My husband is
on the way home.
I want you lock up as a precaution
and if you see anyone or
anything unusual,
please report it.
OK, have a good night now.
You too. -All right,
thanks. Thanks.
So, they will alerted all the neighbors
and they will block out all roads.
They wasn't for you, I would be
finished and back right now.
Oh, so, the dead body in your
trunk that's my fault now?
So, how may I suppose
get rid of it?
Are you really broke it up
all about this, aren't you?
Don't talk to me about things
you know nothing about.
All right, is another
way out of here?
What do you mean?
Like a back road or something.
Something we can go around
the highway?
-There's a force service road,
but I don't know how good
it is and I'm not gonna drive
there by my selves at nights.
-Well, I can't stay here either.
And I'm not gonna
get very far with this...
things all over the place.
My only chance
is to get to Mexico.
Good luck.
You are my good luck. Look,
I will help you, get rid of the body.
OK? You help me get
pass those roads blocks.
I'll drop you somewhere
down the road.
What I suppose to do?
Take a bus back?
Let me put it
see this way, OK?
If they brings the dogs in,
which they probably already have,
they might pick up my scent
and they'll fallow me here.
And if they'll search the house,
they gonna find the blood
and not to mention you
and me standing here arguing
by how not to get caught.
This wasn't be happening.
None of this is my fault.
All right, all right.
Look, look.
You still have a chance...
Jesus Christ.
You still have a chance
to get out of this. OK?
They are looking for me.
They non looking for you,
yet...so, I just...
I really like to start
cleaning up now,
if we can fit with the
emotional schedule.
Let just get it over with.
Great. I...
Ok, slow down. slow
down. Stop up there.
Ok, this is good place as any.
This is just curiosity.
We playing doing
with the body.
What do you mean?
Why you shot him?
-I didn't plan to shoot him.
Your turn.
You want me to do?
It's your body.
Isn't that deep enough?
More effort, maybe.
Ups, sorry.
Hey! I can use some
help here.
I don't want to touch him.
Look, I can dumb
him here on the road
and take the car with or without
you. So make up your mind.
I hope he deserved.
-He did.
You gonna say some
words or something?
Hey. We are not
done here yet.
You start.
Oh, my God.
He is alive.
You think?
April, I gonna kill...
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop, stop.
He's alive.
-It's good. -What?
He tried to kill me. He's
gonna kill you. He's mad.
Forget it. Look, if you gonna
kill him its murder right now.
It's just a domestic abuse.
What? -He's your husband,
you can still work things out.
Not exactly.
He's not my husband.
Excuse me. -My husband is
Karl. That one is cheater.
My last name is Dumas.
Is not your husband
why you shoot him?
Do we really have to
go in need this now?
Now will be good, yeah.
He wanted money from me.
For something
that I didn't do.
What? -He at photograph of me
in some cheap motel room doing
things they are...I even
don't know what they are...
and he drug me and I think
that's how he got me there...
Look like I sleep with him,
but I didn't do.
Ok, so, he blackmail here.
-Well, what do you think I just said?
Did you give him,
I mean, money?
No, that's why I shoot him.
He came over to the house,
threating to show Carl photographs
and you don't know Carl.
If Carl ever saw any of those pictures,
I mean it, even he can
thought I having affair.
He would kill me.
Where is Carl now?
He's run a business
for a couple of days.
That's why he came that fat,
greedy pig in the first place.
When I think put his hands over me,
I get shoot him all over again.
I'm judging from the
first time you shoot him,
as not much as a threat.
-Well, I can't just let him go.
What is he given Carl to
show the photographs?
Well, don't expect me
to kill of you.
You have a reason and I have doubts.
-Well, I don't want to kill him
I just want him dead.
So, what should we do?
-I don't know.
Shit, I thought you
just dud your husband.
If I knew is going be
so complicated,
I would just temp on going.
Where we gonna go?
What we gonna do? -I just
want to hell out from here.
We got to keep moving.
How do you meet this
asshole anyway?
Carl bought some life
insurance from him.
That's why I knew him
when he come up to us.
I was with my sister and
some girlfriends that I barnt he.
bought us some drinks, I thought he
just try to pick up one of my friends
and then next thing I know invaing
on the back sit of my car
three o'clock in
the morning and...
I will kill your bones.
Do you hear that?
You are already dead
and you don't know...
Shut up, asshole! -No, you shut
up. I will get rip off your head...
Let's see what you gonna do from
the trunk of the car, Marty?
Yeah, Marty. -You already in
bag bodies. You even know,
how good when
I can get you.
What are you doing?
-You bitch.
Do you think is all right?
Safety tape.
All right. I don't wanna stay
any longer then I have to.
So, you go in and you write
the room in Marty's name.
What is there
somebody I know him?
If you can shut the guy,
drag him into the hole and burry him,
you can rent the motel room.
Hurry, close the trunk.
Shut up! You will talk,
when we will be ready for listen.
I'm not the only one. They
just one he took of me.
Where you get them?
-In the trunk.
He have lots of them.
But how they get
into your car?
That's is not my car,
it's his car.
We're driving his car? -Why
can't take it if he lives us car?
Yeah, but it not given to me.
You need it a car,
I can't give you mine.
How can explain this to Carl.
Here, just let me
show you something.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
They were all taken
in the same motel.
Actually, they were
taken in the same room.
Look at this. Is the same
bed, the same wall,
the same picture over the bed. You
know where this motel is? -No.
Oh, my God. That's Carol Ramzy.
She's a friend of mine.
And Ann... this one is a checker
abursin. They know her to.
This is a picture of you.
-Oh, God.
Even if you get rid of all this,
his probably kind of store them
in computer somewhere.
Look at this.
Jesus, a lot of women here.
Look at all those numbers.
It's probably how much
must to paying him.
It's kind of scary, I think.
-I think, I can kill him now.
No, no.
Look, look.
If he tail's on you,
you tail on him.
This book and this photos,
you kind a big time,
you can put him
away for years.
And what about me?
What'll happened with all others
women? What'll happens
when all this comes out?
Can you just focus on you
first, all right, and me?
I get some food,
you stay with him.
I'm not staying here with him by
myself. -I'm not gonna call with him.
He's your problem. I have
enough at my own, thank you.
How do I know
you'll come back?
How do I know you will not
call the cops, as soon as
I walk out the door?
-What if he gets loose?
I think, is not
go anywhere now.
Feel better?
I'll be back in
half of hour, OK?
What do you want?
-I don't care.
You got to eat something.
I'm not hungry.
-Yeah, but you gonna be hungry
and I don't want to stop again.
I want out of here in two hours.
Then get me a salad.
What kind a dress on?
-No, dress on.
I'm not gonna back
for salad dresser.
Well, then get me a sari
thousand alen and sari buchy
that one is crmy Italian.
Why you just make
up your mind now?
I mix them all together.
Well, you'll not get you
enough anyways.
You are good now?
Oh, and don't
take the wrong car.
Now what?
I have to pee.
So, pee.
Somebody using the toilets.
Nobody using the bath tub.
I'm not pee in the bath
tub with that brub.
He can't see you. -I know,
but I can see him.
Well, put the
towel over his head.
At last.
I'm alone.
It's OK.
Is everything OK?
How much food did you buy?
Some for you, some for me
and some for him.
You buy food for him?
I'm not gonna starving
him to death.
What do you watch it?
-I don't know.
Here, you can turn
if you want.
What did you do?
What you mean?
Did you need the
water running?
In the bathroom.
Oh, shit.
Cloe is dead. -Yeah,
but we didn't kill him.
It doesn't matter. It's gonna
look like we killed him.
So, let's go. -You can't
just leave him here.
Why is the worse of the dead
body in the trunk then alive one?
It doesn't really
look either way.
I can't find them at all.
Get the door.
My God, he is even
heavier than before.
Probably cus all the
water he swallow.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna puke.
Where are we?
Middle of nowhere,
I hope.
Like solid rock.
Have to find another place.
What if somebody
missing him by now?
Well, you know, if he did, it gonna
take a while to find us here.
What if they looking for him,
they gonna looking for his car?
I mean, if we will put over,
how we'll explain that?
How even prove who you are? You don't
even have a driving license. Do you?
We can't get caught
in a car. It ties us to Martin,
whether they find him
or not. -Well,
see, I can't dig a hole big
enough for both of them.
So, what we gonna do?
I don't know.
We can't go back up on the
highway. We can get spotted.
If they looking for him.
-Well, they looking for you.
I can't walk to Mexico.
What if we just leave
him in the car up here?
What if someone
drives out here, a?
They'll see a car park
and they gonna stop.
And if they stop... -Yeah.
This is like a real hot spot.
Got to be a lot of cars
ride in past years.
That's been here forever.
Makes sure you get
the door handle.
I was the one
in prison, OK?
You just on the half way.
Make sure you get a window.
Can survive then sleeping,
if they find one of your hear.
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
It's my husband.
Don't answer it.
-I have to answer it.
If I'm not answer it, he gonna
think something is wrong.
He's probably doubt already.
-Fine, answer him but
make sure you'll tell him...
-I know, I know. It's time.
Hi, honey. No, I'm
not home right now.
No, I'm just running
some ear.
I should be home in
couple of hours.
When you think
you will be home?
A hard to say,
I'm still time to lose ends here.
OK, well, you make sure you
call me before you come home
so, I can make something
special for you.
You are all the
special I need, honey.
Yeah, I'll call you when
I'm out of here.
I love you.
-I love you.
I'm so good.
All right. We have
What happened?
How should I know.
Oh, my God.
He's still alive.
Can't be.
I got him.
I got him.
How far can it go?
Couple of hundreds of miles
is kind a have to leak.
Is that's all right?
Ok, all right.
I figure, less town
we get to,
we buy a used car, just some
might can go to Mexico.
But why?
I really don't have
much money on me.
It was a credit card.
I'm sure you can get a car
for just a couple thousand.
Try some hundred.
That's all what it left.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
-What? -My purse.
I lost my purse.
Where? -I don't know,
I don't know.
What you mean don't
know, it's your purse.
You just how...
I lefted in the car.
What? -I lefted
in the car.
Karl collected my phone in my
purse and it was not my purse...
You telling me, everything
is in that purse,
your wallet, your credit cards,
your money?
Oh, God.
I'm not sure,
this much better then
being in the prison.
Got no money, no car
and no gun.
What I gonna do? Rob the liquor
store with my teeth?
Is that what you done?
Rob the liquor store?
So, what did you do?
I didn't do anything.
Well, they don't put people in
the prison for doing nothing.
Yeah, they do.
All right, if you don't
wanna tell me, that's fine.
I'm telling you the truth.
My friend did it.
I was just given
him a ride.
He didn't tell me he's
gonna hit a liquor store.
But I didn't see any matter
to marshal court.
I got fifteen years.
-For that?
Well, he's shoot the guy.
See, I took off.
I have a car in a
back of my house.
We can use that one.
Won't Karl miss it?
That's my problem.
You want a car or not?
You'll do that?
Honey, I'm home.
You are OK?
I'm really thirsty.
You wanna sit down?
Yeah, I'm sorry to.
I'm really tired.
Right here. Put your
arm around me.
OK. Come on.
Sick bitch.
Where is my gun?
Where is he?
Martin, you...
Where the hell are you?
You sun of bitch.
You can't hide from me.
I will find you.
Baby? Baby, are you there?
Who is this?
Oh, my God.
Karl's car.
I thought you said, he suppose
to call before he got back.
He wants me surprise.
Oh, my phone.
It's gone.
What we gonna do now?
We have to find
way out. -Yeah.
But, how we will do this?
We will wait to until tonight,
to Karl go to sleep.
You can take my car
keys and some money.
I guess, this is a...
this is it, a?
I guess it is.
Well, I hope you
come to Mexico well.
Yeah, I hope you make
it up safety too, April.
-Bye. Yeah.
Honey, I'm home.
...and how did Martin's
underwear get in our bedroom?
Those aren't Martin's.
-Well, they aren't mine.
You don't understand.
I understand perfectly.
Let me go, Karl.
-Where is he?
Karl, you hurting me.
-Tell me, where he is.
Those aren't his.
All right, it was escape convict.
He broken into the house.
Those are his underwear.
That is a crock of shit.
Stop trying protect
your boyfriend.
Where is my gu...
What happened?
He found the photos,
he saw the barries...
He ska your underwear.
Oh, shit.
This is my problem, Will.
You throughout enough already.
You got out of here...
Just take my car
and go. -Yeah. I don't think,
he'll be to understandable
by me if i taken his car
and I don't think you
can handle him.
We gonna tell him,
what we did.
And then we find Martin in the
bathroom and he was dead
because the toilet
was up on him.
And his hands won't running
because we had to tape to it
and how he come to
the bath we don't know
and how he turned on
the water, I don't know.
But anyways, that's why
we knew to get rid of him, again.
So, we took him to that desert
place but the ground was to hard
we can't buried him.
So, we put him in the car.
It was his car
and we drove him
off the cliff.
But I lefted my
purse in the car
and we have to climb
back to get it.
And then, it just blow up.
I mean, just blow up.
My wallet, my credit card,
my money.
You don't want to
say anything.
She lost her self-phone too,
but that was later.
So, then we had try to
go back Sovilkera,
barrow my car. I'm figured,
just try to help him
because he helping me.
I mean, he just trying to get away.
You understand that,
don't you?
You hore.
Karl, that is not helping.
-You asshole,
do you have any idea what
was that women been through.
Do you know, what it's like to
be false accused for the crime
did you not come it?
I'm gonna prove
to you, Karl.
I'm gonna prove,
that's all this is true.
Yeah, how?
We gonna take him to
the body and show him.
You wanna go back there?
I don't wanna go back there
but I can't live with
Karl like this.
He has to believe me.
He has to believe
both of us.
Some interesting stuff in
Martin's Cheeders computer.
Lots of naked women.
Look like he operates
some sort of plumery.
-Why just pull some prayers
on Karl dumas. I think, we should
go pay him a visit right now.
Let's find out, why is so enchest
to talk with Martin Cheeders.
Like be a good
idea to talk with his wife.
Karl, I'm so sorry.
that's where the
car push over.
Over there.
You can't really see from
here but, down there.
I'm gonna take the tape off
from your mouth you can talk.
What you bring me
out here to kill me?
Haven't you heard
anything that I just said?
You can lie all you want,
honey. I know what's going on
between you and him.
-There's nothing going on
between me and Will.
Telling you the truth.
She's trying to save
your marriage, you asshole.
I really don't know why.
-Will, please.
It's not helping.
Let me tell you something
about my wife, Will.
April is not stupid,
but she's not smart enough
to come up with this,
all right?
You are the one who came
up with this bull shit.
Karl, everything what we
telling you is the truth.
Martin's car is down there
at the bottom of that cliff
and his dead body
is down with it.
I'm taking you down
there and proving it to you
and you are gonna fell about
this big.
-All right.
Well, cut him loose.
I'm not cutting him loose.
What you gonna carry
him down there? -Yeah.
You gonna carry me down
there, sweet heart?
What would just push him off,
need minute to the bottom.
Will, please.
Just it slice.
I'm escape convict, OK?
I'm despaired, OK?
I can do anything right
now. I'm not even sure
what I'm capable off.
So, don't try anything.
You got it.
-Yeah, I got it.
I bet you do.
Mustang isn't here.
Is another car in
the garage. Could be the wife's.
I think we better
have looking inside.
Anyone home?
Mrs. Dumas.
Sheriff Thompson and
detective Bros.
We are coming in
to your house.
Extra wife.
Now we know why is
Karl looking for Martin Cheeder.
Looks like he might
already found him.
You check the kitchen,
I'll go upstairs.
I got some blood on
the stairs here.
Oh, my God.
Somebody took it.
Oh, yeah. You are right.
You are so right, April.
I feel this big.
-Shut up.
Look, look. You can see
where the burn marks are.
Where the car burn,
right there.
Tired tracks
coming over here.
And is another set
coming from this side.
I bet you, they go there whole
truck... -Karl, this is where it burn.
Look, see those foot prints here.
Somebody is been here.
Cigarettes but, look.
Right here.
And the water bottle.
Wait, wait, wait. A candy
lottery. -Oh, look, look.
Over here, over here.
It's right here.
Look. Hey, hey.
Look, this proves
that's your shovel.
What this moron
thinks he doing?
Hey! We are middle
of the nowhere!
Oh, hell.
Better run after him and
make sure isn't fall end
and kill himself.
Where did he go?
Jesus, he trying
to hide. Karl!
Is not gonna work.
You can't go anywhere.
Oh, shit.
His loose.
-Still can't go anywhere.
Did you find your car, April?
How we gonna climb back?
Yes, yes. We gonna
climb up soon.
Go, go, go.
Oh, no, no, no.
How he can do that?
I still have the keys.
Oh, my God.
Those are my keys.
Not his keys. His keys
still in his pens. Oh, God.
Yeah, turn me in.
He's gonna tell the police,
I kidnaped him and try to kill
him after I had affair with you.
And after that, he will tell them,
what we did to Martin. -Yeah.
I will stay in jail to
the rest of my life.
Or kill me.
Well, I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault.
Maybe we could just split up
and you still can get to Mexico.
Hey, hey.
I not gonna leave
you here at the middle of...
where ever the hell we are.
I'm not like Karl.
I know.
Hey, hey. I was just
looking for you guys.
You are not gonna believe...
-Stop right there.
Put your hands on your head
and get on the ground.
What? -Hands on your head
and get on the ground.
Oh, no, no. You don't understand,
I was looking for you guys cus...
Sir, I won't say it again.
Your hands on your head now.
All right, fine.
They can get away though.
I'm just saying. -Shut up.
The feet are killing me.
We should look for a place
and trying get some sleep.
Look, where we are.
It's an old graveyard.
We should be stop here,
may as be dead anyway.
Sarah Sega...
She was just 29 years old.
Just 5 years older than me.
I wonder what she was
running from?
Oh, my God.
Finally. I wanna get
this things straight right now,
before they get away.
-I'm Sheriff Thomson
and this is detective Ross.
You been advice about
your rights. -Yeah, yeah.
I'm just telling you what happened.
-Sure I'm gonna need you
to sit down. -What for?
- Cus if you not sit down
I have to hang cuff you again.
-No, no, no. I'm the victim here.
OK, not them.
On who you are referring too?
-My wife and her god damn boyfriend,
who just kidnaped me
and try to kill me, OK?
I got your attention now?
Well, we just gonna
ask you about that?
Let's get on with it then.
We found the body.
-What body?
Martin Cheeders.
Wait a minute,
he is dead?
At the bottom over roving.
You could see the
smoke from miles.
Found him and his car.
Oh, my God.
Then it's true.
Do you wanna tell
us about it?
Hell, yeah I do.
Probably all came
down on the road
when no one is there.
I'll take is waiting for me.
I have a choice
to that tired blow
on car ditch but
when did happen, I didn't
enough to think about them.
Sometimes, it seems like
the only choice is ulejk,
other choice is already me.
You just have to be
ready for the nail.
Who's Sarah like more I do?
This is something
I have to deal.
He was duck taped
to the toilet. -Yeah.
And then is fallen to the
bath and hit his head
that's why he couldn't get
up and then his drowned.
We didn't found the toilet.
Of course not.
It's in the motel room. -Maybe
you know the name of motel?
Didn't tell me that. -Why did you
go to Martin's Cheeders house?
Because I was pist. I came home,
my friend all bed rip it up,
the under pans on the floor
and then I found the pictures
and Martin is in the
pictures. So, you know,
what I was thinking.
-Yes, we do.
Well. -You had a history of
domestic violence Mrs. Dumas.
Oh, you don't think that
I have any to do with it this.
Where is your wife?
I told you,
she's out there.
We found yours wife purse
in Martin's Cheeders car
along with your 38th.
Can you tell us
how it got there?
I would like to make
a phone call.
-Nolla, it's me.
Karl where are you?
-I'm in jail.
What? -I don't know, everything
is gonna be fine, OK? The cops are
totally screw it up. I can't
tell you everything right now,
but I was with you at that
time. OK? you are my alibi.
You told them about us?
-No. No, I haven't
and I hope not have to
but I told you I can't explain
everything right now.
I need it to bail me out.
Oh, it's three at the morning.
-Well, you can make
a phone call to a bail
bounds man, can't you, honey?
I mean, you can
handle that, right?
OK, all right.
-All right, thank you,
sweetheart, I love you and I
promise I will straight all this out
when I'm out of here. OK?
Well, we can't go back to my
house. Karl is definitely be there.
We can go to my sister's.
She doesn't look far
from me. She will help us.
She doesn't know me.
Please, you got to
trust me on this.
My sister is an angel.
She would die for me.
You got the blood tape back from
the sample took in the house.
Match it Karl's wife.
We should get the results back
in a week from DNA
but without the body...
It's mean,
I need a body.
What if tie up loose ends. I think
we'll have enough nail this prick.
Just a second.
Jesus baby, you got
out pretty fast.
What are you doing here?
Is something wrong?
What's going on?
This is Will, He's a
good friend of mine.
Where you been?
Oh, honey, you look terrible.
Sorry. Oh, no, it's Ok.
Whatever the
problem is, we'll fix it.
...and then we had to
duct tape him to the toilet.
Tell the rest on the way,
because we really need to going here.
Yeah, you are right.
Listen, we really
need a help right now.
Well, you are my sister
April and I'll do everything
I can to help you. You
know that, so, it is Mexico
where you wants to go, well,
I'll do the best to get in there.
Could you get us some water?
Please, Will in the kitchen.
An escape convict?
What are you thinking?
He saved my life.
-What was in for?
Murder, rape and
even know. -He told me,
that he didn't do it.
-Oh, my God, April.
This is so like you.
You are so trust in,
you make me sick. I can't
believe how much trouble
you got into to and
now you drag me into it?
Listen, I didn't know,
who I can trust.
Does Karl know?
You know,
you have to help us.
We have no else to go.
What would you do
without me?
Sheriff is here.
He must know you are
here. -How he could know
even we don't know to until
this morning. -Doesn't matter.
Just go and hide on the back.
Go, go. I'll take care of this.
No, he will see you.
Get in the closet.
No, no. It's safe.
Come on.
How he can know I'm here?
-Maybe too much from here.
I don't hear anything.
-They probably at the front door.
What if coming to the house?
What would they, they
hasn't make anything wrong.
We catch your phone number
of the caller diller at the
Martin's Cheeters house.
How well do you know him?
-He handles my insurance for me.
Call him at home?
Is there a problem I should know
about? -When you called him baby,
in your habit to call yours
insurance agent, baby?
Sheriff, I call
everybody baby.
What's taken so long.
-Don't worry.
I know she's not gonna turn us on, but
she's needs the guys fall all over her.
I mean, I don't wanna
go back to prison.
I really don't might
to either well.
What is one win,
that I am.
Oh, God.
When is the last time
you saw Martin Cheeders?
Yesterday, day before? I can't
really remember. Can you please,
just tell me what
the problem is?
Martin Cheeders is dead.
My God.
What happened?
Wish to try piece that together.
-Do you know who did it?
You know Karl Dumas?
-Karl Dumas. Yes, I do.
Did he killed Martin?
Wait a minute.
That one was from
the blackmail pictures.
You need to see this.
You not get that? -No, no.
Just let the machine pick it up.
And to answer your question,
no, I haven't heard from my sister for
I don't know, a couple
of weeks. She's OK?
We haven't even locate her.
-Oh, my gosh Sheriff.
You really starting
to scare me.
Hey, honey it's me.
How are you doing?
You not gonna believe what's
going on. April and some guy,
she's been screw in, killed Martin
Cheeders. You don't know him,
his an insurance salesman, he sales me
a policy once. Don't worry about him,
but the point is,
she was sleep with him too.
So, I want to find his guy, bit the crap out
of him but the April and the other guy
got him first. I think,
they tried to blackmail Martin.
I saw the photos. Now,
they try to pin the murder on me.
Do you believe that. Anyway,
thanks for the bail, honey.
I'm on the way home.
I love you.
So, if you heard from your
sister, please notify us.
Of, course.
OK, his gone.
Let's go.
I love that print.
It's so motel,
like you.
How could you?
You bitch. Open that door
and come out. -Stay away from April,
I don't want to hurt you.
-Oh, you don't want to hurt me?
It's a little late for that,
don't you think?
You stay away from me April
or I will call the police.
Call the police. I like to
show them photographs.
You are lying like a shit.
-Kind we go now.
Nelly, you sleeping with Karl too.
-That was nothing personal.
April, come on, lets go.
We don't have time for this.
He's on his way. -You tell your
boyfriend stay away from me.
I'm serious.
I have a gun.
Listen, this is my only chance.
I got to go right now
and you got to make up your mind,
you go with me or not.
I love you to come with me
but it's up to you.
I can't promise anything.
Let's go.
Your own sister.
That's cold. -That's family.
What did I do?
You shot, Karl?
I didn't mean to.
Oh, man.
-Don't even.
For the Christ sake, April,
I slept with all your boyfriends.
Billy, Hall, Cody. All of them.
It's about time you knew.
You know, I can't seems
surprised Martin end up dead.
He was a greedy bastard. He paid
well. I was make 750 a week
to make those photos. It was a
lot more I could make with cocktails.
But your own sister? -Hey,
I didn't know she's gonna be there,
to until I carried
her from the van.
What was I gonna do?
Wasn't like actually did
anything to them anyways,
just posed them for a photo.
You know, he was making
a 10.000 $ a month.
52 women in 17 states,
gives him money, every month.
I can't even imagine
what you must think of me.
Can't be that hard.
If we want the cops thinks is me,
we have to take his clothes off.
I don't want to touch him.
-Me neither.
But you both been with him.
-That's one he was alive.
Look, he can't be in his cloth.
So, that way won't gonna work.
You figured out,
I'm not the one
who shot him.
You own me.
-Shit. Fine.
Sorry, Karl.
Never expected our
marriage end like this.
You know honey,
he didn't deserve you.
None of the men you ever
been deserved you.
You better than all of them,
unfortunately I wasn't.
Will, you drive.
I'm really feel
I can't now. -OK.
We still get Karl's
car to Canada.
will I ever see you again.
You know, if you
haven't been who you are
I wouldn't been
where I'm now.
That's a lot better
then where I was.
911, emergency.
Is this a police?
-Yes, can I help you.
Mam. Mam.
That's when he broke in.
Right after you left.
He must to be
hiding in the garage.
He attacked me in the house first
and then make me drive out there.
He had my gun and
he it pointed to my head.
Then he attack me again
but then I grabbed his hand...
The gun went off
but he still try to run me down
and then he saw the car
go over and...
It's OK. Take it
easy Mrs. Beller.
We just need it to
make an identification.
Is this the man on the
bottom of the cliff? -God.
That's him.
One thing still worries me.
Two cars go over
the same cliff.
We should be pick up
different place.
Cops aren't stupid,
you know.
Two cars of the same cliff.
What of the chance is.
I was thinking
the same thing.
Way the guy escaped,
I'm get to think that was planned to.
Yeah, there it is stupid a way
smarter they were given a credit for.
Sheriff, we just get call
from the highway patrol.
They found Karl's Dumas
mustang parked off the highway
about the quarter mile
from the Canadian border.
They catch him?
-No. Just a car.
Pretty sure he walked
into the Canada.
We are on the phone now.
-Thank you. -Sure.
is all starting to make sense.
Photographs, missing wife,
dead lover,
convicted man.
Didn't take a genius
to figure this one out.
Will and Carl,
run this together.
You know,
if they think we are dead,
we don't have to go to Mexico.
So, where do you wanna go?
I will know,
when we get there.