A Genie's Tail (2022) Movie Script

Stop that dog!
OK. Come here, come here.
Joe, wait up!
Keep up, keep up.
We're coming, we're coming.
Come on, come on.
Oh, my gosh, how did
I get into this mess?
I wasn't always a talking
dog, I had a life,
but now I'm dealing with a bunch
of kids,
my crazy genie brother and the
worst magician.
Okay, maybe I should
start at the beginning.
Coming up
next, "Aladdin Goes Hawaiian."
It goes crunch.
Hey, I caught one in the
Did you see that?
No, I didn't.
Don't you have anything better
to do.
No, I do not.
We've been cooped up in
here for 347 years, 15 hours
and 11 minutes.
Well, I for one will not
be flitting away my time.
Oh, nooo, you're prepaying
for your precious retirement.
That's right.
I'm only five short wishes
away from retirement.
I just wanna get these
five wishes over with
so I can retire to Cabo for
Granting wishes is fun.
I never wanna retire.
And you probably never will!
I for one take this job
I am Moe.
Moe the Mo - raculous.
More like Moe the Mo-ron.
At least I don't have
some sort of weird obsession
with bow ties.
At least I didn't make
the dinosaurs extinct.
At least I didn't create
At ;east I didn't create
I hate you!
I hate you too!
Oh, yeah!
Come on, Benji, we need to
If I can just master this trick,
I'll definitely win the talent
I need to show Lucas that
I can do it without him.
Benji, get up and help me.
You are not the boss of me.
No wonder Lucas quit being
your assistant and your friend.
I am the boss of you when
mom's out.
No, Emma is.
Stop recording us Emma,
or else I'll catch you
doing something really
and text it to Oliver.
Then he'll see what you're
really like.
I'll never learn this in
time for the talent show.
You know what you should wish
when you blow out your
birthday candles tonight?
Some talent.
Good one, Emma.
Get off my bed.
In fact, stay on your side
of the room all together.
This makes no sense.
We have bunk beds, you know.
Oh boy.
Alright, this is insanity.
There, you stay on your
side and I'll stay on mine.
Great. Grand.
Yeah, I could stay like this
for another 100 years easily.
So could I.
Alright, great.
- Can't wait.
- Super.
I'm hungry.
Benji, Mom left you a snack.
I don't want baby carrots.
I want something good.
Can I have candy?
Mom said no sweets.
And I just saw you eat a
whole bag of cheese balls.
But now I want a cookie.
a popsicle?
Oh, my God, when is Mom gonna
be home?
She's been out forever.
She said she was going
to the grocery store.
Yeah, that was like three
hours ago.
I'm home.
I hope she didn't stop
at the stupid museum
to see Lucas' dad again.
Hey, guys, sorry that took so
You know how the grocery store
can be.
I ran into Jeannie, who wanted
to hear all about the vlog,
and then tell me all about
all of her very odd jobs.
No kid.
You were at the grocery
store for three hours.
Do not touch that cake, Benji.
All right.
I guess you caught me.
I did not just go to the grocery
I knew it!
Oh, Drew, I know how hard
this year has been for you
with the move and having
to make new friends.
I was gonna wait until after
your birthday dinner tonight,
but how about I give you
your present right now?
A puppy!
Oh, my gosh, a puppy!
Wait, Mom, this is so unfair.
Drew gets a dog for his
I've asked for one like a
million times.
Okay, I'm pretty sure it was
a pony you kept asking for.
And besides, the woman at the
said this one is a mini.
Otherwise we're taking him back.
Three kids, a vlog and one small
is enough for this mom.
Maybe you can be my
little assistant, buddy.
Also, I invited Lucas
and his family over
to eat dinner with us tonight.
Seriously, Mom!
Lucas is not as nice as you
think he is.
And neither is his brother.
Oh, Drew, I'm doing it for
your sake.
Maybe you two can patch things
Are you sure this is for
Drew's sake
and not because you
wanna see a Lucas' dad.
Oh guys, please, come on.
It'll be fun, I promise.
Why don't you two go take
the new puppy for a walk
and Benji and I can set up a
Don't tell me you got a dog.
Hi, Mrs. Crabtree.
Don't you Mrs. Crabtree me.
You keep that dog out of my
Jeannie, how many times
do I have to tell you
not to leave your van running
in the middle of the street?
Did you see the Becker's got a
There goes the entire
Oh, my gosh.
Aren't you the most adorable
little button I've ever seen?
You are, yes you are.
Hi, mommy, woof,.
I'm not sure your
grandma agrees with you.
So how is beauty school?
Oh, well, um, I didn't
actually, um, get in.
Yeah, they said I wasn't quite
ready to work on people yet.
I don't know, like who am
I supposed to style then?
Wait! ldea.
Maybe I go into pet grooming
Maybe I can have my own pet
And dog grooming.
Well, that was fast.
Okay, this is gonna be so
It literally combines
all my passions, right?
Beauty and dogs.
Thank you so, so much.
Seriously, he can come in
for a pet grooming appointment.
Just let me know.
Grandma, isn't this
the cutest little puppy
you've ever seen?
She's crazy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Cabo is a magical place
Get that magic carpet.
Grab it! Grab it!
Do you mind?
I actually do.
This is a very difficult level.
All right, go right, go right.
Go right, go right, go right, go
Come on.
Oh, oh, ho, ho, ho.
What are you doing?
I-I can't talk right now.
I'm almost at the end of this
Oh, yeah, come on baby,
come on baby, come on baby, come
No, you did not!
Looks like the outlets on my
No, no, no, don't cross that
I didn't.
Yes, you did, your foot's on
the line.
No, it isn't.
Yeah, it is, it was like this.
Ooh, is that on the line?
Oh, yeah.
Is this on the line, huh?
Come on.
No, keep going.
This is hilarious.
Why can't he do anything?
He's just a puppy.
I know, but I was
hoping he could help me
with my magic act for the talent
I'm sure Lucas is gonna
love being replaced by a dog.
He won't care.
He already quit.
He thinks magic is dumb.
Have you thought
of a name for him yet?
How about Snowball?
What? lt's cute.
Okay, how about Chew Barka?
Druel-ius Caesar.
Funny, but no.
I want something magical.
Course you do.
What about just, Magic?
I like it.
You do?
I think it suits him.
Especially with that
little magicians bow tie.
Yeah, you like that.
Get your butt on your side.
All right, this is crazy.
This is insanity.
Listen, whatever's on your side
is yours.
Whatever's on my side is mine.
Nobody crosses, we'll all be
Good, great, grand.
Ah, goodnight.
What's he doing?
Hey, Magic, what'd you find?
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, what was that?
What's going on?
No, no.
Look what I found.
That's not funny.
Give it back.
- No.
- Seriously.
It's on my side.
Give me back my magic wish
No, it's your rules.
You made them up.
Nothing could be worse than
having you for a brother.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Whoa!
- This is it.
- Whoa.
Hey, this is really it.
Oh, my gosh, we've been found.
I can finally retire.
Quick, gimme back my magic wish
You know I can only grant
three wishes without it.
Looks like you're not gonna
get those last five wishes.
What'd you find?
No, it's cool.
It looks like a lamp.
It's just dirty.
So are you, Magic.
I wish little Magic was really
Wouldn't that be awesome?
Give it back.
- All right.
- Thank you.
Here you go.
Well, thanks for having us.
I hope you don't mind that
we brought Oliver tonight.
He stayed with us while his
parents are out of town.
Oh, of course not, the more
the merrier.
And Emma's mentioned him, he
seems nice.
Oh, sorry to keep Bruiser locked
but you know with the
puppy, I was worried.
No problem.
So Drew, what's the name of your
You should name him Wimpy.
Yeah, Wimpy.
Just like you.
You guys are so annoying.
Sorry, Emma.
Give me a break.
So Drew, your mother's been
telling me
that you've been working really
on your magic act for the talent
Yeah, he's
actually been practicing
his top secret trick for weeks.
I've been practicing my act
Not magic though.
Well, Lucas, weren't you
supposed to be
a part of Drew's act?
Um, actually I'm doing my own
magic act
where I'm the main guy, not the
It's top secret too.
I need to get some more water.
Oliver, come with me.
But I don't need-
- Oliver.
Okay, okay.
Well, you know we made a deal.
If you don't eat your dinner,
you're not gonna get your cake.
Don't make me take that away.
And we're done.
Hey, check this out.
Looks like a magic lamp.
Must be Drew's top secret trick.
I'm taking it.
Y-y-you can't do that.
Yeah, watch me.
Stupid magic dog.
Stupid Drew.
Stupid magician cake.
Bad dog.
Ms. Crabtree.
Cake time?
Yes, you two are
especially gonna love it.
Sure, right.
Oh, no.
It wasn't me, I promise.
He, he was here the
whole time.
Well then what happened to it?
Look, the dog.
Oh, Magic, bad puppy.
I can't believe he wrecked my
Great birthday.
Shut it, Ryder.
It's not his fault.
He's just a puppy.
I know.
Don't listen to
anything those idiot say.
They're just bullies.
Guess what?
I was able to save a piece.
I'm not hungry.
I want it.
None for you.
None for you, you've had enough.
Look, it's 11:11 on your 11th
If you make a wish, it'll
definitely come true.
Yeah, right.
Drew, it's your birthday.
At least you need to
blow out your candles.
Make a wish.
I wish you were as big as
then they'll never be able to
bully you.
Wh-where's Magic, where's my
Um, that would be me.
Thank goodness you're up, I'm
You're Magic?
Who's talking?
You're huge.
Yeah, if you
could have seen how I was.
I'm actually looking pretty fit.
I must be dreaming.
Oh, that probably hurt.
- Maybe we should keep this-
- Emma!
- Between us.
- Emma!
Okay, well, nevermind.
What do you want?
Hi, Emma.
Very funny.
Is this part of the secret magic
Okay, what did you do with the
Nice touch with the black ear.
It's not a trick.
I am the puppy.
You're actually talking.
Well, Drew wished it.
I wished it.
Yeah, last night.
Since I'm a genie, I, er-
- You're a genie?
Let me formally introduce
I am Joseph the Jovial,
genie extraordinaire,
but you can call me Joe.
Your wish is my command.
Well, depending on what you wish
May be a little hard for me
to snap my fingers and grant
your wishes
since I'm stuck in your dog.
You're stuck in our dog.
Okay, let's
rewind here for a second.
Yesterday, it dug up our lamp.
You rubbed it and you
wished your dog was magical.
So now I, Joe, the magic
genie, am in your dog,
which is now a magical dog.
Then last night, you wished
that I was big, so ta-da.
Oh, my birthday wish.
You wished Magic was big?
Mom's gonna kill you.
Well, yeah, Lucas and Ryder,
they were being such jerks
that I wished Magic could show
he was more than just some wimpy
And wish granted.
I mean, that's what I do.
Also, it was the kid
wearing the red sweatshirt
that ruined your cake, not me.
Agh, Lucas.
Okay, if you're a genie,
then prove it.
I'm sorry, what?
Prove you really are genie.
Okay, little Miss Bossy Pants.
But Drew, since you rubbed the
I can only grant wishes for you.
Okay, I wish I had Mr.
Majestica's magic box,
extra, extra large.
It's got all the latest tricks.
Your wish is my command.
Pretty sweet, right?
It's empty.
This is just an empty suitcase.
Yeah, it seems like
my magic is a little glitchy
since I'm now a dog.
I told you I can't snap my
fingers like I usually do.
Yeah, but you made that
appear out of nowhere.
You really are a genie.
That's right little lady.
Oh, and I was able to
magically upgrade this bow tie
so I can talk to you.
Love your style by the way.
I'm also a bow tie guy.
Best accessory ever.
Kid's, breakfast.
- Quick, hide him.
- Breakfast?
I hope it's steak.
Perfect, totally invisible.
No that's not gonna work.
It's not going to work.
Oh, oh.
Act natural
Hey, guys, I left you
breakfast on the table.
Benji's already eaten.
I'll be in the workout rooms
streaming the vlog, so no
Okay, we'll be down in a
You really need to
clean your room, Drew.
It's a mess.
Yeah, yeah, ahem.
Whew, that was close.
What is she wearing?
Fashion faux paux.
I can't believe you
actually stole that from Drew.
Finally, my little brother's
starting to take after me.
Quit it.
I can't figure how this dumb
trick is supposed to work.
Let me see.
It doesn't look that
Hey, give it back.
I've already tried that.
I've tried shaking it.
Whoa, whoa, what's going on.
Heating it up.
Freezing it cold.
Filling it with water.
Are you sure it's even
part of a magic trick.
Maybe it's real.
Yeah, right, Oliver.
No, it's gotta be Drew's top
secret talent show trick.
Maybe we could ask Emma.
And why would we do that?
She would just tell her dweeb
That gives me an idea.
Let's go ask the source.
So, breakfast looks, er...
Wish for something else.
Good idea.
I wish we had donuts for
Your wish is my command.
Oops, oh, probably not
what you had in mind.
Oh no.
Well, this should be good.
The dog just talked and he's
- Okay, Benji, this is
really, really important.
We're gonna need you
to keep this a secret.
You can't tell mom about any
of it.
What's in it for me.
I want the goods, the sweet
the pure cane.
You mean, candy?
Yeah, and none of the
organic sugar-free junk.
I want the real deal.
I think he's blackmailing us.
He's definitely blackmailing
Okay, fine, we'll do it.
But you can't tell mom anything.
It's a pleasure doing business
with ya.
That kid is straight up
This dump is the magic shop.
Yeah, it's where Drew and I
used to buy our dumb tricks.
I bet he got this one here too.
I don't think anyone's here.
Yo, magic nerd.
Wendell the Wondrous, at your
Thank you.
This idiot is going to help us?
Shut up, Ryder
Ah, hi, Wendell.
I have this magic trick
and I was wondering if
it came from your shop.
No, I don't think we carry
anything like this here.
Well, do you know how
it works?
Not yet, but if it's a magic
Wendell will be able to figure
it out.
Yeah, right.
I'll give you a call back
later today
once I get it done, okay?
Write your number down there.
Some sort of T device.
I've seen, er, balls or something
coming out of here before.
Thank you.
Guys, can I interest you in
anything else while you're here?
Perhaps a, what we got?
Oh, a magic wand.
Ah, no thanks.
Nope? Okay.
Oh, wait, one more trick for the
Did you say flowers?
Oh, something's growing.
Were there.
In the hat.
They're in the hat.
Where are we gonna put all
Again, sorry about that.
Wait, can't we just
wish you out of our dog?
I wish.
We can't grant wishes for
So how are you gonna get out?
Well, Drew would have to get
the lamp,
then rub it to get me back in.
The lamp?
I have it.
I put it in my backpack
when we left the park.
Nice moves, Joe.
Ha-ha, you think that's good,
watch this.
Wait a minute, where's the lamp?
Oh no.
I know I put it in here.
It's not in there?
Maybe it fell out on our way
Yeah, let's go look for it.
Oh, what a great sesh.
We have to go now.
Joe, out the back door.
I'm on it!
Hey, guys.
Where are you guys going?
Uh, we're taking Magic for a
Bye Mom.
So responsible.
That dog was great idea.
Oh, Benji, I'm done.
I'm busy, Mom, don't come
Walking that mutt again?
What happened to the puppy?
That is the puppy Mrs.
Puppy, my-
No, no, no.
Oh, I just couldn't hold it.
No worries.
Did you see the look on
Mrs. Crabtree's face?
Yeah, priceless.
How old is this trick?
Nothing that a little
shining up won't fix.
Oh, but-
- Ta-da!
Ho, back, back.
Greetings, I am Moraj the
the undisputable genie at your
You can just call me Moe.
This is the most realistic
magic trick I have ever seen.
Okay, where are the cameras?
Give it up.
Look at you.
Where are the mirrors?
You wanna stop joining that?
It just looks so real.
Oh, that's 'cause I am real.
Uh, no.
- Yeah.
- No.
Really, I am a genie.
And I'm the Wizard of Oz.
Nice try.
Give it up, how'd you come
out of that kid's lamp?
That's not a kid's lamp,
that's a magical lamp.
I'm a magician, mister.
I know that genies aren't
I'm afraid we are real.
No, you're not.
Yeah, we are.
Okay, okay, you want to stop
Come, my God, you're more
annoying than my brother, okay?
Why don't you just make a wish
and I can prove it to you.
- Okay.
- Wait.
I wish for-
- Now wait a minute,
wait, I gotta find my...
All right, I can only
grant you three wishes
so let's not make them
all, you know, silly.
Let's really think about this.
Hmm, okay, what do I want?
I could use a unicycle.
I could use, oh, a
remote controlled yacht.
Oh, no.
I wish I had a new magician's
Your wish is my command.
- Oh.
- Ah, all right.
Oh, oh.
So, how do you like it?
It's, it's
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
You're really a genie.
Oh, my God.
Alright, okay,
you don't have to-
- You're a genie.
That's great.
Nice to see you too.
Now remember you only
have two wishes left.
Two wishes.
Boy, oh, boy, Joe, when
I get ahold of you,
you are in so much trouble.
You look great.
Blues definitely your color.
Thank you so much.
Oh, my gosh.
Wow, Joe, what can't you do?
Come on, guys.
Oh, Drew, Emma, hey.
Why does she have so many
I don't know.
Don't say anything Joe.
Hey, guys, how is your pup?
Whoa, what happened to your dog?
He got so much bigger, what'd
you do?
You trade him in or something?
Ah, you were just a little puppy
and now, like Magic, you all
grown up.
His coat looks so silky.
Seriously, you have to take
him to my grooming place.
Unless he, I don't know,
he's the size of a dinosaur
by tomorrow or something.
Am I right?
Hey, did you see I'm a dog
walker now?
Sounds good.
Seriously, I love grooming
dogs way more than people.
Because if they don't like what
I do,
they can't say anything.
I'm not serious.
Okay, bye guys.
Hey, Jeannie?
That's me, genie.
Hey, did you guys hear
Hear what?
A voice?
I didn't hear anything.
How about you, Emma?
No, see, no.
Hm, alright.
Oh, hey, hey.
Oh, thank you so much for
getting Pickles.
Can you believe?
This one doesn't have a family.
She's from a shelter.
Mwah, mwah.
I will take care of you,
but my grandma would disown me,
Oh, okay. Bye guys.
Um, wait, what's your dog's
Uh, Magic.
Oh, bye Magic.
Dogs have such an
amazing sense of smell.
I can smell everything.
You have to be more careful,
She basically heard you.
Good thing it was only
No way, she's a genie too?
Uh, no, that's just her name.
I don't get it.
This is the spot where
Magic dug up the lamp.
Wow, it's hard to believe.
We were buried just a foot
for hundreds of years.
Who's we?
Oh, I shared the
lamp with my brother.
Is he still in the lamp?
It's possible.
He was there when I got
wished into your dog.
If whoever has the lamp
now hasn't rubbed it,
he'd still be in there.
Actually, I hope he's not in
We didn't part on the best of
That's too bad.
Uh-oh, speaking of
not on the best terms.
Oh no, Bruiser's with
them too.
Their terrible dog.
What do we do?
They can't see Magic like this.
I don't know.
What do we do? What do we do?
What do we do? What do we do?
That's definitely not helping.
Um, I wish Magic had a
Oh, boy, okay, I pray
this works.
Your wish is my command.
That's what you came up with?
What's wrong?
I think I look cute.
Quick, cover him.
Well, look who it is.
Emma, why do you have a
I, I'm stuck babysitting for
Mama, dada.
Well, it was nice running into
you guys.
We should go.
Good luck with your top secret
You'll need it.
What's that supposed to mean?
Oh, you'll see.
You should bring your
wimp dog next time.
Bruiser could use a snack.
Come on, let's go.
I could smell it, the lamp.
It was with the kid who smashed
your cake.
Yeah, he had it, but
he doesn't have it anymore.
He probably stole it from my
when he was over last night.
Why would he do that?
'Cause he's a jerk.
Moe, this is amazing.
I mean, I really think the
fancy and famous lifestyle
is going to suit me so well.
You know, that's why I
got into being a magician
in the first place.
And to think that I
never would have met you
had those kids that brought in
that lamp.
Hold on, uh, wait a minute.
What do you mean kids and the
Well, just some kids.
They brought in the lamp
because they thought it was a
magic trick
and they wanted me to figure it
with my magical expertise.
Where are these kids now?
And were they with a guy
that kind of looked like me?
Not that I remember.
I mean, a guy that looks like
would be kind of hard to miss.
But I told him I'd call him
if I figured out the trick.
So, Moe, for my next wish.
No, no, no.
That's all right.
Joe has to be with them.
I've got you now, Joe.
Who's Joe?
Drew, coast is clear.
Finally, it's time for lunch.
Oh, great, you guys are back.
Shoot, Mom is here.
What's with all the hiding?
Quick, cover me.
Hey, guys, I'm heading
out to teach class
and then meet Paul.
Can you watch Benji while I'm
He's upstairs playing.
Yeah, sure, Mom.
Oh, sweetie, I know it's hard.
Me and your best friend's dad.
He's not my best friend.
Well, maybe not right now,
but you guys will work it out.
Where's Magic?
Um, he got so tired from his
that he fell asleep in Drew's
Oh, what a cutie.
Oh, and can you give Benji
No sugar.
That kid is wired enough as it
She gone yet?
Bye, guys.
Okay, let's get you some food.
Huh, this is my lunch?
I'm gonna go upstairs and see
if Benji wants something to.
No way.
Wait a minute.
There is no way I'm eating this.
Dog food?
No, thank you.
Let's see what this super
sniffer can actually find.
Oh, apples?
Where have you ever seen a dog
eat apples?
Oh, that's not even food.
Oh, oh.
Get rid of this, what's in the
back here?
I can't believe it's not butter.
Oh, wait a minute.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, yeah.
Now we're talking.
Cheese balls!
Shut the front door.
Ah, feel good, I'm tired.
That's good.
Uh, that's good.
Not a word, Benji.
Oh, yes.
S - weet.
When's dinner?
So, why again do you want
me to call the boys back?
I mean, wouldn't they just come
and take the lamp and
take me away from you?
Oh no, no, no, no.
You don't have to worry about
You rubbed the lamp.
You are my master.
You just need to have
them come by the shop
and you need to tell them
that there are little
magic trick is broken
and that you would love
to give them a better one.
- Oh, ooh.
- This one, oh.
That is a good one.
- Yeah.
- I like this one.
I liked that one too a lot.
Yeah, that way they're
not gonna want the lamp.
You can keep it all for
All its glory and power.
Yeah, it's all part of your
grand plan,
your amazing future.
So, why don't you call them with
a cord?
Where have you been?
I could have used you to
wish the gigantic mess away.
Cheese balls are my weakness.
Why even bother?
None of the wishes work anyway.
Oh, he's right.
I can't seem to get any
of these wishes to work.
Oh, come on.
Let's just go to Lucas's house.
Get your lamp back and
get you out of our dog.
Okay, just hold on a second.
We're going out and you're
coming with us.
Thank you.
It's ready already.
He just called and said
to come to the magic shop.
Oh, I can't believe that
doofus actually figured it out.
This way.
But Lucas' house is this way.
I can smell it
for sure, it's this way.
Hey, Lucas.
I know you were the one who
smashed my birthday cake
and I know you took
something out of my backpack.
Oh no, nerd bot is mad.
Nerd bot.
I am nerd bot, I am super mad.
Wa, wa, wa.
Why are you doing this?
We used to be best friends.
Key words, used to.
No way, nerd!
Get off of me!
Hey, Lucas.
Why don't you take a swing at
Guys, stop!
Somebody, Oliver, do something.
Do it, Lucas!
Ollie, you do it!
Hey, don't touch my brother!
You little-
Is that your puppy.
Hey, Magic, you want a snack?
You deserved that.
Hanging around those jerks.
I know, I'm sorry.
Your little brother's really
What are you feeding him?
This might seem like a strange
but how did your dog get so big?
Ah, it's complicated.
That should take care of him
for awhile.
He talks too?
Really complicated.
It'd all makes sense
if we just had the lamp Lucas
So it was part of your top
secret trick.
Lucas took it to some magician
I think his name's Wendell.
He thought he could maybe
figure out how the trick works.
It's at the magic shop.
Come on guys, follow me.
Wait, anybody got a snack?
Come on.
Stupid, giant dog.
Do you have any eights?
Go fish.
I'm going to go hide.
You tell them what we practiced.
Ah, hey, Wendell.
Nice new outfit.
Oh, thanks, Drew, it's just
Just, just me?
Yeah, no, I thought
it was going to be the other
kid, Lucas.
Speaking of Lucas.
Do you still have that magic
lamp trick
we brought in earlier?
It's actually Drew's.
Oh, um...
Just a moment.
That's not the kid that brought
it in.
Do I still tell him
that the trick is broken
and give them the new one?
I don't know.
What, do they look normal?
I mean, do they look like
they have excessive gold,
jewels or fancy clothes?
Something that maybe, I don't
something that could
make a wish would have.
They just look normal.
I got to go see if
my brother's with him.
Your brother?
- Yes.
- Your brother's a little kid?
No, he's not a little kid.
Listen, just distract him.
I gotta get closer.
Do one of your magic tricks?
- Okay.
- All right.
Super random.
But have I ever showed you guys
the magical ring trick?
Yes, like a million times.
It's a classic.
Okay, solid ring.
You could feel it, you could
see it, you can touch it.
Three, two, one.
Ah, let me just try that again.
Is that who I think it is
Get out of here dog.
Ew, come on.
Oh, cheesy balls.
It's you!
Are you still mad?
You are in so much trouble,
I'm gonna put you back in that
bury you and you'll never be
seen again.
We gotta get out of here now.
Let's go, guys.
You get back here!
Go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go.
Guys, wait.
- Run, run.
- I didn't finish
my magic trick.
Wait, don't you need
the magic lamp trick?
No, go.
Wendell, I need you to get
that dog.
The dog?
I'll give you infinite
wishes if you get the dog.
But how can a dog
give me infinite wishes?
Wendell, just get the dog.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, follow me.
Look out, look out.
Whoa, coming through.
Coming through.
Go, go.
Lets go, lets go, lets go.
Okay, come here.
Joe, wait up!
Need a little shade.
Come on, come on.
Keep up, keep up.
We're coming, we're coming.
Come on, come on.
I can run far.
Look out, here we go.
Bam, that's it.
Nothing but net, just like
Lets go.
Everyone, get in get in.
Come on, boy.
Joe, go, go, go.
What is it, what happened?
That guy crawling
around the floor and shouting.
Yeah, that'd be my brother, Moe.
Your brother is a person.
They're both genies.
So the magic lamp is real.
Joe, why is your brother so
mad at you?
I may have sort of
kind of taken his wish granting
when you wished me out of the
and into your dog.
Can't you just give it back.
Yeah, but it's in here
with me.
So I'd have to get out of your
dog first.
And if he's around, when
I go back into the lamp,
he's going to keep me
locked in there forever.
So I'll never be able
to grant wishes again.
That stinks.
It does, it, er, it does
Maybe I deserve it though.
I'm no good at granting wishes
Well, that's just because in
our dog.
No posable thumbs, right?
Yeah, but I've also
been kind of a screw up.
It's probably for the best.
Joe, you can't just give up.
But you've seen it yourself.
None of your wishes have worked
It's not about the wishes.
It's about the magic.
Magic is about believing that
the impossible is possible.
He's right.
We can't just give up.
We're going to figure this out.
Come on.
We've gotta get that lamp
and get you out of the dog.
There they are!
Go, go, go.
Stop that dog!
Yoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
Hey, get off the equipment.
Run, run, run
Hey, sweetheart, I'm Joe.
What's your name?
Not now, Joe,
they're right behind you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Get back here.
Hurry, in here.
Ooh, a party, I love parties.
Oh, are you all right?
Sorry, mister.
Hey, that was a good swing
You ruined my party!
Hey, hey, hey.
Not now, Benji.
Okay, I think we lost him.
This is crazy.
This is the best day ever!
I told Moe he needs
to exercise more, yeah.
Oh, wait a minute, hold it.
Hold on.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
Those kids and that dog are
You're telling me.
Maybe we should just give
up on this whole dog thing.
No, Wendell, I told
you, we catch that dog,
you get infinite wishes,
more than infinite.
More than infinite sounds
But right now, I just wish I had
a drink.
So thirsty.
Your wish is my command.
Thanks, Moe, you're the best.
Well, there's your second
wish, great.
And listen, you got to
concentrate though, Wendell.
Seriously, you only have one
wish left.
That is unless we catch that
But how?
How are we gonna catch that dog,
Mama, that dog
is wearing a bow tie.
We need to get the lamp from
Well, what do we have here?
Yum, yum, yum.
Well, what do we do about the
Cheese balls.
Oh, my God, it's raining cheese
Joe, you knew him best.
What do you think?
Where did he go?
And another one.
And another cheese ball.
- Got ya.
- Moe!
Oh, no, no, no.
No doggy treat.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
give me one more.
Oh no, no, no.
No doggy treats for you.
You're a bad dog.
Bad dog.
Bad dog.
All right, let's get him
back to the magic shop.
We'll deal with them there,
- Okay.
- All right,
but first, could you, um, could
you rub me back in the lamp?
I can't take another step.
This genie-ing stuff is really
hard work.
Okay, here we go.
Thank you.
Bye, Moe.
Let's get to the magic shop.
Where could he have gone?
Giant puppy!
Hey, Jeannie.
Oh, Melanie.
Hey, I just saw your puppy.
He's gotten so big.
Big, what do you mean?
Oh, he's huge.
He's adorable, but like huge.
Hey, isn't that him right there.
Maybe not.
Grandma says I have a
pretty active imagination.
Yeah, I can, I can see that.
Here boy.
What are you doing?
I was just practicing
something for you.
Lets go.
Wait up.
Come on, get me outta here.
Took you long enough.
Come on, those kids and their
stupid dog are gonna pay!
No wait, Ryder.
Something crazy is going on.
I think the lamp is real.
Don't be stupid.
I'm not, it's real.
I just saw that Wendell
guy from the magic shop
and a genie steal Drew's dog.
How do you think it got so big?
Are you sure it's the same
And I heard the dog talk.
I saw Wendell rub the lamp
and the genie disappeared inside
I know it sounds crazy, but
I really heard it and saw it.
All right, Lucas.
I need to see this lamp.
But shouldn't we tell Drew and
their dog to be in danger.
Who cares about those
kids and their stupid dog?
Do you know what we could
do with a real genie lamp?
But Drew was, is my best
Fine, if you won't come,
then I'll do it myself.
I couldn't find him either.
Why would he have run away?
He didn't run away.
They took him, I know where he
You, what do you want?
Wait, who took them?
I know where your dog is.
I saw the genie and Wendell grab
They're taking him back to the
magic shop.
You know about the genie?
Yeah, I saw him disappear into
the lamp
after Wendell rubbed it.
I can't believe I didn't just
rub it.
See, I was right.
Yeah, I know.
And Drew, I'm sorry, this is all
my fault.
I should've never taken
your lamp in the first place
and ruined your birthday cake.
It's okay.
I shouldn't have made you my
for my magic act, I should
have made you my partner.
I'm sorry too.
Friends again?
Okay, so now that we're all
good here,
can we try to save our dog
and the genie that's inside our
as bizarre as that sounds.
Yeah, and we need to hurry
because Ryder knows about the
lamp too.
He wants it and I'm pretty sure
he's already headed to the magic
Lets go!
Okay, all right.
There we go.
All right, now let's find
some place to put your pup.
You're getting heavy.
I know, I should
lay off the snacks.
I eat when I get stressed.
Hey, Moe.
I was thinking maybe we can,
we can keep, I think we can keep
the dog
in the back room for now.
Oh, right, you're in the lamp.
I thought I put you right there.
You know, they're
gonna be looking for me.
Come here.
Hang tight and stay.
Good dog.
Wendell, where's the lamp?
Okay, Wendell, where's our
Oh, hi.
Hi, how you guys doing.
Give him back their dog.
Yeah, sorry about taking your
But Moe said that I needed him
if I wanted more than infinite
I wasn't going to keep
him or anything like that.
There's no such thing
as more than infinite.
Wait, really?
And give me back my lamp too.
Uh, actually, I, I don't know
where the lamp is right now.
I swear I sit it down
right here on the counter
before we went to the back room,
so I don't know where it is.
Hey, kids.
There he is.
Emma, grab Joe.
What, what?
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Wait for me.
Get to my house fast.
Come on, Joe.
Oh, you guys okay?
I have so much to tell you.
First it was raining cheese
And then-
- Huh, Lucas said you went in
when the magician guy rubbed the
Wendell, where's that dog.
Where am I?
Who are you?
Where's Wendell?
You don't belong to him
Now, you're mine.
Alright, what am I going to ask
for first?
May I interrupt?
Hey, zip it.
I know about you genies.
I've seen all the movies.
You guys are manipulative and
And if I don't say what I want
just right,
it'll go totally wrong.
But there-
- Hey, not a word until
I figure out what I want.
Hey, guys, stop.
Where are we going?
I'm guessing he took
it back to my house.
It's a good place to start.
Oh, boy, do you
think someone stole the lamp
with my brother inside?
Yeah, my brother.
Wait, so you're actually Moe's
trapped inside of a dog?
Yup, I'm Joseph the Jovial,
but you can call me Joe.
- Look at that.
- You see our lamp
was buried in the park.
He doing thingy.
I'll fill you in later.
Okay, I'm ready.
I wish I had $100 million.
Of clean money in a Swiss bank
that only I can access
from anywhere in the world
with a passcode I never forget.
That's actually a very good
Okay, so make it happen,
I'm sorry, I cannot grant
What? Why?
It is what I've been
attempting to tell you.
You see that last wish
isn't yours, it's Wendell's.
He was the one who rubbed the
lamp first.
I'm very sorry, there's nothing
I can do.
But there is something I can
There are other ways of
getting money from a genie.
I'm going to sell you and the
lamp to the highest bidder.
You can't do that.
That's, that's unethical.
Besides no one will believe you.
Watch me.
Don't you-
- All right, um...
That was fast.
"Nice try, scammer."
"I'll trade you your
genie lamp for my alien."
Wait a minute.
"Willing to pay $1 million
if genuine genie lamp."
One other lamp has been proven
to be real and I own it.
All others, magic tricks.
Leaving from the Greenway
Airport tonight at 8:00 pm,
hangar 11, you provide the
proof, I'll provide the money.
Oh, this guy's for real.
I'll be there.
Look, there's
a skateboard, he is here.
He isn't here.
What do we do now?
But he definitely
was here with the lamp
and not too long ago.
I'll keep an eye out for him.
Ah, guys, take a look at this.
He's selling the lamp.
Yeah, and it looks like
it's all going down tonight
at some airport.
Oh, no, we can't let that
We have to get the lamp.
And Moe, before he's
gone forever.
We may not always get along,
but he's still my brother.
Wait, is the lamp
sitting on a vanishing box?
Yeah, it is, but where is it
Grab the remote.
Is this it?
Er, yeah, come on, let's go.
But how are we going to get
all the way to the airport?
And what are we going to tell
She's so busy with her vlog
and all 12 of her followers,
she won't even notice.
No way.
Your mom has 12 followers?
I can handle Mom,
but it'll cost ya, a months
You got it.
Wendell, do you have a car?
That probably would have been
a good thing to wish for.
Oh, Wendell.
Now that Benji's
taking care of your mom,
what do we do?
What're we gonna do.
Look, it's the other genie?
Hey, I was just about to
give Pickles a manicure.
Actually, we need your help.
Oh, with a make-over?
With a ride to the Greenway
I'll explain everything on the
Come on.
I need a bigger sign.
All right, fasten your
seat belts, everyone.
And be careful, Pickles nips a
little bit.
Jeannie, where are you going?
Oh, nowhere special,
I'm just taking four kids,
two dogs and a magician to the
Be back soon.
Oh, yeah.
Make sure you don't kill us.
Mr. M?
Knight Ryder 15?
See what you got.
Now, where's my money?
Ah, not so fast.
Woo, we made it.
Okay, we need a distraction.
Leave that to me.
Vaminos, muchachos, let's go.
I need visual proof
that the item is genuine.
Fine, but you don't get the
until after I get my money.
What's going on?
Where am I?
Be quiet.
Who's this guy?
Hey, what's with all the poking?
Stop right there.
Sir, sir, I need you to follow
Young man and elder man
in the fabulous outfit,
please step away from the plane.
Elder man?
Maybe 3,000 years old, but come
Hmm, this plane needs to be
before it can take off.
We already had our pre-flight
Ah, this is the new protocol.
Can't be too careful.
It's a good thing too,
because I see the spinny
thingy looks slightly askew.
Spinny thingy?
Ah, yup.
And, and is that a dog in a,
in a coat?
Yes, and she's part
of the highly qualified
air regulation canine screening
So watch yourself.
Come on, guys.
I am quiet, you be quiet.
No, I got four feet, it's not
This has all been checked.
Even this.
- Hey!
- That too.
Don't interfere with the
canine sensors.
All of this has been checked.
These numbers look wrong.
I see Moe, he's right there.
Thank goodness, we're not too
We need to make sure
we get the lamp first.
And this piece definitely
shouldn't be here.
The stabilizer.
Right, Joe.
Are you sure?
I'm just gonna mess it up.
That's exactly what I'm
counting on.
I wish Ryder had donuts.
Your wish is my command.
What the heck?
Got it.
Come on.
What is going on?
This is absurd.
Wait, we need to go over
the turbulence inspection.
Okay, kid.
Put the genie back in the lamp.
Give it to me and I'll give you
the money.
W, wait, where's the lamp?
Okay, what are you trying to
I don't know where it could've
That's it, I'm done.
I'm leaving.
We haven't even talked
about the inflight snacks,
Get away from me, crazy!
Wait, just don't go.
I knew it didn't just disappear.
Get that lamp!
What are you doing here?
Talk about a dog pile.
Where is it?
I don't have it.
Give it to me.
Here it is.
Wendell has it.
It's mine.
Wendell, throw me the lamp
Give me that.
No, give it to me.
Get in the lamp, you miserable-
I'll save you, Moe.
Joe, get up.
Ryder, what did you do?
Wake up!
He's gone.
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
I didn't mean for this to
Ah, Joe.
No, no, we can't give up.
It's impossible.
We're gonna have to believe
the impossible is possible.
Wait, Wendell, you
still have one more wish.
You can save Joe.
This is really important.
I wish Joe was okay.
Your wish is my command.
The bow tie.
Oh, yeah, that's Joe, all right.
Way to go, Wendell.
Joe, you're back.
All right, oh, Joe.
I didn't think that was gonna
I didn't think you were gonna
make it.
I messed everything up.
I'm so sorry.
I should never taken your magic
I know, what could be worse
than having me as a brother.
Losing you, Joe.
Losing you, that would
be way worse, you know?
Love you, brother.
I love you too, Moe.
Ah, yeah.
All right, Joe.
I get ya, I know.
Alright, maybe we can do
something about,
you know, the tail.
Hey Drew, why don't you
give that lamp a rub.
Ah, Joe.
No tail, I'm back!
Magic, you're back to being a
dog too.
Your magic wish vial, sir.
Yes, thanks, brother.
Listen guys, I'm really sorry.
I've, I've been a huge jerk and-
- But you did the right thing,
And you were able to save Joe.
Definitely a jerk.
All right, who's up for
getting some wishes granted, huh?
I think I'll stick to the
kind of magic for awhile.
Well, maybe just one more.
You got it.
Ladies and gentleman,
for our last trick.
We are going to make
my brother disappear.
Make Ryder disappear.
Thank you,
Drew and Lucas, well done.
And now for our next act, Oliver
Cool shirt.
Thanks, I won this as part of
the prize
for the talent show.
I get to be featured in the
Howlyr app.
That's awesome.
You definitely deserved first
I didn't know you could dance
like that.
I also won a gift card
to Vizzy's Ice Cream.
Maybe we could go sometime.
That'd be cool.
Coming through.
Thank you.
This is so great, all of us
Be right back.
No, Rex, please don't hurt me.
I'm just a poor misguided
villain with a good heart.
You're a real softie, aren't
Why, you little, come here.
Rex, help me.
Okay, everyone, gather around.
We have one more magic
trick to show you for today.
Fun, an encore.
Mrs. Becker, Melanie, will you
join us?
And, hmm, Rex, will you also
join us
if that's okay with you, Benji?
Yeah, but it'll cost ya.
Hmm, see what I got?
Thank you so much.
So with your help, Mom,
we are gonna make Rex disappear.
Make this toy disappear.
One, zam.
What is it?
Why don't you open it and see.
Oh, my gosh.
Melanie, will you ma-
Oh no, Mrs. Crabtree.
Melanie, I've had it.
Hi, Dolores.
You tell these kids
to keep that giant dog
out of my flowers.
You mean Magic?
Good wish, Drew.
You go, Magic
Paging a
Mr. Moe and a Mr. Joe.
Your drinks are ready at the
swim-up bar.
Well, now that you've
granted all your wishes,
I assume you're going to retire.
Ah, just 'cause you can
doesn't mean you have to, right?
Yeah, I mean, you said it
Granting wishes is always so
much fun.
Why retire, right?
Kind of lost sight of that.
I just want to say, thank you.
You guys are really
lucky to have each other.
I wish I had a best friend.
Oh, my God, Pickles!
Oh, my little people.
Oh, my God, thank you, guys.
This is the best wish ever.
Mwah, I love you both.