A Gentleman (2017) Movie Script

"When something is destined
to happen"
"it happens at that time."
"When something is destined
to happen"
"it happens at that time."
- Hey!
Come here.
- My car.
- It's his car!
My car!
If something is destined to happen,
it'll definitely happen.
It might be a coincidence
or what the..
One second.
Can you make sure that you
get the whole thing? - Yes, sure.
Congratulations, Mr. Gaurav.
You are now a proud owner.
Thank you.
- Enjoy. - Thank you.
Hi! I'm Gaurav.
I just bought this house.
My first house.
'The forecast for today,
well the rain is..'
Have a nice day.
- You too, officer.
Hey, Gaurav.
- Hey, Brian.
Hey, Gaurav. - Hey, Ryan.
- Hey, Gaurav. - Hey, Taylor.
Hey, Gaurav.
- Hey, Nancy.
Hold on a second. Hey, I overslept.
- Hey, how are you?
Hey, Dikshit.
- Hey, Brian.
Hey, Dikshit.
- Hey, Ryan.
Hey, Dikshit.
- Hey, Taylor.
Hey, Dikshit.
- Hi, Nancy.
Hey, these guys will never learn.
I should either change my name
or change my work place.
Do you need any help, Diks?
Did you really buy a house?
Yes. I got the keys today morning.
There's some work left in the patio
and basement, but nothing major.
Will get the grill on Thursday
and the home theatre on Friday.
I'm really excited
for the coming weekends.
You are the world's
most depressing happy person.
It was my childhood dream.
This isn't a dream. In the real
world, it's called a nightmare.
You know what the Americans say,
same shit, different day.
I love this shit, Dikshit.
Your life is going in reverse.
You bought a house and minivan.
All you need is a girl.
Hey, I'm still talking to you and
here comes your dependent's call.
Did you forget to carry
the keys again? - No!
Is your vehicle out of gas?
- No!
So what is it?
I'm at the police station.
- What?
What have you done now?
Nothing serious. Relax!
Nothing serious. Relax!
I was in a hurry
and police came after me.
Excuse me, ma'am. You're speeding.
Get out of the car now.
Many people can listen..
Get out of my face!
Kavya, keep quiet for some time.
I'm coming.
Have a nice day, ma'am.
I'm calling my lawyer
and suing you for harassment.
And racism.
I'm putting this on Twitter
right now.
W-What's your name?
Oh, hashtag, racist Bob. - Kavya!
Hashtag, brown is the new black.
- Kavya, keep quiet.
Hashtag, down with the police.
At what speed were you driving?
- 40.
That's nominal.
- 40 over the speed limit. - What?
And I even forgot my
driving licence at home.
It doesn't mean that they have
to misbehave with me, Gaurav.
Great! You break the rules
and they misbehave!
Oh, my God!
You sold your Mustang
and bought a tempo!
I-It's awesome.
I mean this is the most
safest vehicle on the road.
It has six airbags,
auto skid control
and with a fuel efficiency
of 25 miles per gallon.
I mean it's a complete family car.
I mean it's a complete family car.
It has ample space.
Four children
can play inside the car.
I mean slowly even
you'll start to like it.
You know it's like
A. R. Rahman's music.
How can you spend all
your money for the house?
So according to you,
we can spend the money
on the sports car
and fancy dresses. - Yes!
But it's not about me,
it's about you.
Lately, you are being weird.
Neither you are married,
nor you have kids.
But someday,
both are going to happen, right?
You speak exactly like my dad.
That's not a compliment.
Fasten your seat belt.
Next time, you better take a cab.
Okay, sorry.
I didn't mean it.
I'm dropping you.
I didn't mean it.
I'm dropping you.
You both look so cute together.
You guys should be a couple.
Please, Viji. We are just friends.
He's not my type.
Why? What's the problem?
He's such a gentleman.
Come on.
Are you serious?
His only flaw is that has no flaws.
He is extra safe.
Exactly like his minivan.
I hope he was..
You know, a little more..
Robbie, Sri,
come in.
Raise your hands.
Yakub, is the control room clear?
- Not yet.
Now it's clear.
Passage clear.
There's no one here.
Be quick.
Yakub, we are in.
- Copy.
What documents are there in it?
Do you have any idea?
How many assignments
have we done together?
Has Colonel ever told us earlier
that he'll tell us this time?
Shree, time's up.
It's not possible.
They have updated the system.
Only two minutes
left for 12:00 a.m.
And the Chinese are very punctual.
Robbie, plan B.
Simple surgical blast.
It will open like a cork.
Isn't it too much?
No, it's not.
It's perfect.
It will blast with a boom.
They don't even respect me.
Look, your cork has opened.
Find him.
Let's go.
The party is over, guys.
You guys secure the package,
while I cover. - Okay.
Over here..
Over here..
Rishi, where are you?
I'm over here.
- Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
- The package is secure.
To whom?
- Yakub, the doctor.
We need to split.
Rishi, come in.
Rishi, come in.
Rishi, are you okay?
My life's a mess.
All good!
Are you hurt?
- Yes.
Yakub, are you out of your mind?
That moron saw everything.
He saw our faces
as well as the vehicle.
They could have
tracked us easily.
By then,
we would have escaped from here.
He was a simple civilian.
These are the Colonel's rules,
not mine.
Collateral damage does take place.
Why are you overreacting?
It's not the first time.
This isn't right.
- Really!
It's nothing personal.
What happened
in the Chinese Embassy, Colonel?
I could clearly see Unit X's
involvement in the matter.
Is it just your suspicion
or there's evidence as well?
It is because I never leave
behind any evidence. Never.
The lesser you know,
the better it is.
Moreover, let me run my unit.
This unit doesn't belong to you.
It is created by the NSE.
And without their permission..
- What permission do I need?
This unit belongs to me.
I am the one who selected,
recruited and trained the boys.
They are ready to give up
on their lives on every mission.
Not for you or NSE,
but for me.
Do you think that I'm unaware
of you funding the arms dealers?
I am calling off Unit X.
This would be my last order
before I retire.
Close all the operations
with immediate effect.
You are quitting your job
as well your friendship with me!
You are quitting your job
as well your friendship with me!
It's fine.
It's your way.
I am sorry.
Clean this up.
- Yes, Colonel.
Mr. Jindal, you will be the one
to receive the arms deal.
What about the Chinese?
- The Chinese won't harass you.
Thank you, Colonel.
You will get your share.
'A Chinese company has withdrawn
its name from the arms deal.'
'An Indian arms manufacturing
'General Corporation
will seal the deal.'
A big congratulations
to all of you.
A wonderful work
by our tech team. - Yes..
You did a great job.
The sales team, especially Gaurav.
Next time we would need someone
to go to India
and close the deal.
- Thank you.
Jim, it was kind of you.
Thank you. Thank you, everybody.
You know, I would actually
be more than happy to go to India
and close this deal for us.
Thanks. That's great, Willy.
We all know what a hell
of a team player you are.
All right. Listen, everybody.
Now, get back to work.
We have a lot to do.
- Hey..
We have to transmission
the product to the India office.
We have to transmission
the product to the India office.
So, let's get moving.
Shall we?
Where is Willy from?
- Meerut.
Wasn't he going there
for a vacation?
If you let Willy to take credit
for your hard work
I swear I won't
let you live peacefully.
Got it, Mr. Nice guy?
That was so cute.
She said that she won't
let you live peacefully.
She won't kiss you.
Willy is very cunning.
Once, he took credit
for my work as well.
He took credit for your work!
- Yes. - What was it about?
Once, boss's car got stuck
in the parking.
I took a reverse
and parked it smoothly.
Willy went
and took credit for it.
He took credit
for parking the car.
I am telling you. The attitude
of such natives will never change.
Natives! - Yes.
- What are you then, Dixit?
I am American, dude.
You told me yesterday that
you don't like America.
Mr. Patel, focus on the hot dog.
Who will put sauce on it,
Mrs. Kokila?
Sorry, ma'am.
You will go to India
and finalise the deal.
No, I won't go to India.
I am happy here.
No, I won't go to India.
I am happy here.
In fact, I have plans.
Hey, what's up? - Hi, Kavya!
- Hi, Gaurav.
I was thinking if we can
have dinner together tonight.
Yes, sure! I'll be home,
let's watch Netflix and chill.
No, I was thinking..
- But Chinese tonight, okay?
Oh! Do we have beer at home?
- No.
I mean let's do something
special tonight.
How about we go to Cipriani?
9:00 p.m. then?
Okay. - Great. See you.
Goodnight. I mean, in the night.
Don't get married
in the first date. Okay?
Take it easy.
- Yes?
Gaurav is taking me out to Cipriani
for dinner.
- What?
- What?
That place is famous
for proposals.
I don't want to settle with anyone.
I just feel like he is..
Oh! - He won't propose
on the first date.
Not proposal,
he is dressed up for the wedding.
Gelled hair,
fancy jacket, roses!
I am not going.
I hope that you are wearing
something nice. - Yes, right!
Anyway, pray for me.
Was there any traffic?
- No! - Good.
You're looking really nice.
You too.
- Thanks.
You too.
- Thanks.
Should I get the champagne now,
- Yes!
I was thinking..
- These are nice!
Kavya. Both of us..
Are you okay?
- Yes!
No.. Gaurav, don't do this,
Don't do this. Stand up, please.
Stand up, please.
- What?
I dropped my spoon.
Oh! The spoon.
- Yes.
W-Why are you so tense?
W-Why are you so tense?
I thought that you..
- What? Me what?
Where are our menus?
Your champagne, sir.
I'm starving.
I am so hungry.
Cheers! Oh!
Excuse me.
Shit! But at least
you weren't insulted.
I am insulted, Dikshit.
Just a little bit. And Kavya
doesn't even know about it.
Which is great!
Given the situation.
And look at the bright side.
You got your answer
without even questioning.
Sometimes, people get into trouble
by just questioning.
Dikshit, come and watch TV.
- Coming!
I'm leaving now. It's time.
These assignments, guns, blood.
What are we doing?
These assignments, guns, blood.
What are we doing?
And for whom?
- For the nation.
Who else?
- Are you sure?
We do all the tasks assigned by the
Colonel without even questioning.
Government changes,
politicians change
country's enemies are now
friends, but we are still here.
Has anyone thought what's
right and what's wrong?
That's Colonel's job.
Ours is to do the task.
And what about the innocents
being killed?
What about them?
What? Are you responsible
for the entire world?
You always act as per
your whims and fancies!
Be calm.
I want more from life.
Someone in love with me.
Someone I can fall in love with.
A family. A beautiful house.
A garden. A tree in the garden.
And a dog running
around the tree and..
And a dog running
around the tree and..
And your kids behind the dog.
How many times will
you repeat this?
Hey, Rishi!
Come.. Let's have a drink.
Come on.
Here's your drink.
You do know why I'm here, right?
Of course! And even you know
how much I have invested on you.
14 years.
I've been doing only this.
And you still want to leave, Rishi!
I can't do this anymore.
I was never an agent.
I hate myself.
I can't sleep at night.
Can't forget about the ones
who died.
Along with the criminal,
even the innocent gets punished.
Why don't you understand?
This country needs agents like you.
I have done enough for the country
and you know that too.
I just want to lead a
normal life. - You know what?
Do this. Take a break.
Go on a vacation. Best!
- Yes?
I am quitting.
- No, Rishi.
And that's an order.
No more orders, Colonel.
"Who's your daddy now?"
"Who's your daddy now?"
"W-Who's your daddy now?"
- Oh, my.. What was that?
"Come on, baby.
Show me you can handle this."
"Baby, I am little bit scandalous."
"Let me take you up.
You are so glamorous."
"Yes! Who's your daddy now?"
- This guy..
Willy will definitely
get Kavya today.
Don't talk disgusting
about your sister-in-law.
Willy isn't my brother.
You should marry her first.
Look at his eyes.
It's filled with desire.
"Yes!" - Look at his energy.
Looks like he is in heat.
Dikshit, you are my friend,
right? - "Who's your daddy now?"
I am your friend
and that's why I am telling you.
Go handle the situation
before you lose the girl.
Not again, man!
But I don't know any English songs.
"Show me you can handle this."
Love has no language.
You just feel it. Go, do it!
- "Who's your daddy now?"
"The way we need to breathe.."
"The way we need to breathe"
"The way we need to breathe"
"to survive."
"I just need a girl to love."
"I just need a girl.."
What a bloody loser!
We are dead.
We can't do anything now.
Oh, man!
"Oh, you moon-faced girl,
every time I see you"
"I fall in love with you like
I saw you for the first time."
"Oh, you moon-faced girl,
every time I see you"
"I fall in love with you like
I saw you for the first time."
"Your entry was so stunning"
"you shook the entire nation."
"You made an impact in my heart"
"since I locked eyes with you."
"You are very cute."
"You are the result
of my good deeds."
"Is there a heaven on Earth"
"where you fell from?"
"People gossip
about me everywhere."
"You are the only
one unaware of it."
"I screamed,
but you never looked back."
"Did not look back."
"Oh, you moon-faced girl,
every time I see you"
"I fall in love with you like
I saw you for the first time."
"Oh, you moon-faced girl,
every time I see you"
"I fall in love with you like
I saw you for the first time."
"I don't care if you love me."
"You know you don't deserve me."
"You do your thing.
I'll do my thing."
"Because you are
not coming with me."
"Don't follow me. I fly solo."
"I don't need nobody."
"Enjoy your life.
Just relax."
"I'm not your honey.
- Your tantrums are very cute."
"I feel they are sexy."
"All boys fall for you."
"You look beautiful.
- Really!"
"I fell for you in one look.
- What's up!"
"How shall I explain
where your dreams take me?"
"I have been eyeing
you for so long!"
"You are my eye candy."
"But have you ever given me
anything worth even a penny?"
"But have you ever given me
anything worth even a penny?"
"Even a penny!"
"Oh, you moon-faced girl,
every time I see you"
"I fall in love with you like
I saw you for the first time."
"Who is your daddy now?"
Who are you?
Hey! I am being lenient with you.
Tell me.
Rishi, relax..
It's okay..
I am Ramchandra Rao.
Deputy Director, NSC.
We only want to talk
to you for two minutes.
What do you want?
- Who?
The team from which
you took retirement.
When you know that
I've taken a retirement
why are you ruining my holiday?
Weren't you the team leader
of the Chinese Embassy Operation?
Did you think you were
fighting for our country?
Unit X have run many covet
operations for the country.
But not anymore.
Last few operations were not
carried out with NSC's approval.
As soon as you passed
the information
Colonel's friend, Jindal,
got two arms' deal.
Colonel's friend, Jindal,
got two arms' deal.
This was a fake operation.
You were only funding the colonel,
If you didn't know this before,
you know now.
You should follow them when
you have so much information.
Don't waste your time on me.
We don't have evidence.
We need your help.
As you said earlier,
I am retired.
I have nothing to do with this.
Good luck!
Do you think the colonel
will you let you get away?
Damn it! What fake
bomb have they planted?
'The wind is strong, Dinkar Rao.'
'Mind your hat.'
"Come here, Kathrina.
- No, I won't."
"I'll take you to Byculla
and then to Mahim. - No.."
"From Mahim I'll take
you to Bandra.."
Hey, Rishi!
I was waiting for you.
If you want to attack,
do it upfront.
That way,
you'll at least have my respect.
I would have killed you
if I wanted to.
I wouldn't send
one man to kill you.
Come. I was sure that
you would return alive.
Come. I was sure that
you would return alive.
I know you better than
you know yourself, Rishi.
What do you want?
You had asked the same thing
when we met the first time.
Only the way you asked
has changed over the time.
I have already told you that I
want to leave this line of work.
Thank you, everyone.
Do not forget where you come from
and who made you.
You will never how
difficult it is for me
to let you go.
You want to leave
because you have reformed.
This is your last
assignment before you leave.
Will you do it for me?
The mission will be in Mumbai.
You can go wherever
you want after that.
Hi, guys.
It's time to close the deal.
And, Gaurav,
I think you are the best person
And, Gaurav,
I think you are the best person
to go to India and finish the job.
Who? Me?
- Yes, you.
No, Jim. I don't like to travel.
I get very stressed out.
I puke a lot. I experience jet lag.
W-What if I fall sick?
I just bought a new house.
you should send a programmer.
I don't know anything about coding.
You are great with people and I am
not taking no for an answer.
You are going to Mumbai
and that's final.
Now, this contains all the original
designs and patterns.
When you are done with designing,
give them..
Now, be very careful, Gaurav.
This is highly sensitive data..
- ...and extremely important to us.
You need to keep it safe
with you all the time. - Okay.
I mean that seriously.
The target is arriving from Miami
carrying highly sensitive data.
And Karan wants that data.
Did you find out who the target is?
- No.
But I know his contact.
Defence Security Mishra.
A deal has been finalised
between Mishra and the target.
And they are going to meet soon.
Robbie and Shree,
keep an eye on Mishra.
Track all his movements.
Do not take your eyes off him.
Track all his movements.
Do not take your eyes off him.
We have to hack his phone
before the deal is struck.
We have to only wait
for the right time now.
Secretary is in the
mood to go to a club. He's alone.
This is the perfect time,
I am going inside.
Copy. Yakub, I need a
honey trap for Mishra.
Nikki is on standby.
Okay. - Shree, send him
the location. - Copy. - Good.
Thank you.
- All right, sir.
Here's your drink.
- Excuse me.
Give me something to stir this.
- Sure, sir.
Mishra will stay here for a while.
He just ordered drinks.
Can you stir it for me?
- Yes, sure. - Robbie.
Is Mishra using the same phone now?
- Positive.
Great! Shree, did you
activate Nikki? - Done.
I don't think Nikki will work here.
Why won't she?
Nikki is the best.
You are lean.
- Yes, sir.
Why don't you drink something?
A fast bowler can't bowl
on a cunning pitch, pal.
A fast bowler can't bowl
on a cunning pitch, pal.
Protein shake? - Yes..
- Shake it and gulp it.
- Someone else has to pitch in.
Oh, shit!
- Hi.
What are you drinking?
It's too sweet.
- I like it sweet.
What drink do you like?
- Dirty martini.
What drink do you like?
- Dirty martini.
Strong boy!
Strong drink, is it?
- Oh, yes.
Hey, one Dirty Martini
for the strong boy.
And somebody pour more for me!
I mean, I want a repeat.
Hey, nice kurta.
Is it Khadi?
It's not Khadi.
It's pure, boy.
Very tight.
Why is the laptop so slow?
Are you even doing something?
Bad manners.
It's a bad habit
to check your phone
when you're sitting with someone.
Is it?
- Yes.
Since you asked,
I'll switch it off.
You are so cute.
You are no less.
What are you..
Rishi's honour is at stake.
Only you can help.
You don't understand,
he will be violated.
What is Nikki doing here?
The data pack expired.
She didn't receive the message.
Robbie, go and stop her.
Can I buy you a drink?
- No.
- Come on.
- Just one drink..
Nikki, abort.
Oh, my God! - Relax!
- Idiot!
So are you..
Are you one or not?
Just tell me!
I swing both ways.
Darling, one second.
That phone is mine.
And that one's yours.
Well, at least our phones match.
Not done, man.
- What?
Not done, man.
- What?
So, when will you
return from Mumbai?
Just 2 months.
Drive a little slow.
What's the hurry to drop me off?
This is how I roll, baby.
- Right.
But at the intersection
in the front.. - Yes..
...there will be policemen.
- Shit!
Have a nice day.
You have a nice day.
Shut up!
I think you like policemen.
That's why you always
break the rules.
What crap! - Oh, so do you do
all this to annoy me?
That department is yours alone.
You were behaving so weirdly
in the restaurant the other day.
Do you..
- No.
Are you sure?
- Didn't I say I don't? - Good!
Thank God!
Why are you happy about that?
No, it's not that I'm happy..
I'm just sort of happy that..
Anyway, listen Kavya.
- Yes.
I know you from 31 months.
- How many?
31 months.
And I wish to tell you something
about myself.
Let it go.
We'll talk once I get back.
the target has landed in Mumbai.
The meeting is fixed.
It's their first meeting, right?
What's the target's name?
- Gaurav.
Gaurav Kapoor.
Get in!
- No.. - Move..
You don't know what I can do..
- Quiet! - Shut up!
Did Gaurav reach?
- Not yet.
Don't touch my phone..
Give it back to me.
- Gaurav has reached.
Rishi, Gaurav
is moving towards you.
Are you Gaurav Kapoor?
- Hi. - Hi.
I'm Mishra.
I'm Mishra.
You're Mishra! I was expecting
to see a middle-aged man.
The defence secretary and all.
Young India!
Did you receive the payment?
- Yes.
Then give it to me.
It's in the vehicle.
- Let's go.
Welcome to Mumbai.
- Hi. Gaurav.
Nice to meet you, Gaurav.
- Nice to meet you.
Meet my CTO.
- Nice to meet you.
Much faster,
efficient and easy to use.
We've also done some tests
to prove it.
Patterns and designs.
- Great! Thanks.
I think that should
complete the deal. - Yes.
It was great doing business
with you. - Great. Thank you, sir.
What did you do!
We received the package.
What was the need to kill him?
Because this was the operation.
Listen to me!
I give the orders.
Who are you to decide?
Your operation is over.
Mine begins, now.
Have you forgotten
that you have retired?
Why didn't Colonel tell me?
Because the Colonel knows that
you don't have the courage to kill.
Go back to your mansion.
Listen to your wife blabber
and change your kids' diapers.
You're fit to do just that.
Dispose the car and the body.
Don't leave any evidence.
Get going!
- Yes, Mr. Yakub.
Look, what happened!
- The car's stuck!
Airport, please.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
- Yes, sure.
Rishi, are you okay?
Did you get the drive?
The drive's destroyed.
We can't get Colonel
without the drive.
Leave India as soon as possible
because Colonel's whole Unit X
will be after you.
I'm sorry, Rishi.
You're on your own.
Damn it.
Where are you?
We are done, Colonel.
Rishi, I need that data.
Come back right now.
I can't, Colonel.
I've done a lot for you. Now,
I want to do something for myself.
I will hunt you down, Rishi.
I will kill you!
Just imagine,
what will happen
if the information of this drive
is leaked?
Yes, Colonel.
I know about it.
And right now,
the drive is with me.
Listen, you won't do anything.
Goodbye, Colonel.
- Damn it!
Boys, he will try
to leave the country.
Check all the exit points
and his identities too.
Check all the exit points
and his identities too.
That drive is an insurance
policy for him.
But for us,
it is a ticking time bomb!
I need that drive, anyhow!
Do you guys understand?
And Rishi must die this time!
Sir, is this your first time
in Mumbai?
No. It was my hometown
five years ago.
Nothing has changed,
except for me.
I was a different person
back then.
Sometimes, you need
to change yourself
in order to change your fate.
I'm Gaurav.
I'm Gaurav from Miami.
Passport, please.
Place your palm
on the scanner.
Welcome back to Miami, sir.
Have a nice day.
Not everybody
gets a second chance.
But I did.
And today
I am leading the kind of life
I really wanted to.
When something is destined
to happen
it happens at that time, sir.
Well said.
Is this your own proverb?
Well said.
Is this your own proverb?
This is not my..
- Be careful!
- Hey, Yakub, come!
I want to show you something.
Someone sent me this video
on WhatsApp this morning.
It has been viral for a week.
- Rishi.
He was in Mumbai.
When I asked the driver,
he told me
that he was going
to the international airport
and was going to board
flight number UA-49.
and was going to board
flight number UA-49.
Where is he now?
- Miami.
Yakub, you are my first recruit.
I never felt the need
to hide anything from you.
Do whatever you want, Yakub.
I need that drive at any cost.
or he will destroy
this organisation!
I won't lie to you.
I won't ask you to do it
for your nation.
Please do it for me.
Whatever I have done till today,
has always been for you.
Consider it done!
I want Rishi.
Activate the network.
Do we have any contacts
in Miami?
'Hi, the temperature today is 68.'
This is exciting!
Tell me how did it happen?
In general, when someone gets hurt
people become sympathetic
towards them.
I did get you sympathy, my dear.
So tell me..
How did the fight begin?
It wasn't a fight.
My car got hit. And there wasn't
any driver in the other car.
I see.
- Yes. Nothing exciting. Sorry.
Anyway, take your sympathy.
Gaurav, how long
do we know each other?
It's been 31 months.
And you have done a lot for me
during these 31 months.
I mean, even I've done that.
- No.
Didn't I?
- No..
Forget it.
This is the new me.
Sensitive, caring and thankful.
So, I've brought some gifts
for you.
Here it is.
This is for your hand.
Here it is.
This is for your hand.
Very satisfying.
This is for your good luck.
What's this?
This is like a Feng Shui.
I'm sure you believe
in all these stuffs, right?
Not really..
- I see.
Do you have some work with me?
- What do you mean by that?
I don't have any work.
I just came..
- Are you sure?
If you insist
I have something for you.
My parents are coming from India.
Can you help me pick them up?
They carry a lot of luggage.
It'll fit in your tempo..
That's why I'm asking.
Yes, of course.
Thank you, Gaurav.
Listen, we can free it up now,
okay? We'll hang out.
Come on.
- Yes, give me two minutes.
"These are the beautiful days."
"These are the beautiful evenings."
"My life gets brighter
when you are with me."
"These are the beautiful days."
"These are the beautiful evenings."
"My life gets brighter
when you are with me."
"Let's get pixilated
as the night comes along."
"Let's get pixilated
as the night comes along."
"If we get locked in a room
and the key gets lost"
"it'll be great.."
"It'll be great.."
"It'll be great.."
"It'll be great.."
"The day has passed.
It's about to be night."
"Let me go.."
"You are talking insensibly."
"It can make my demented heart
fall for you."
"The day has passed.
It's about to be night."
"Let me go.."
"I don't want you on my way."
"Because I have to go
a long way.. "
"Because I have to go
a long way.. "
"Wherever you go"
"you'll find me in the way."
"If you stay back
for the night with me"
"it'll be great.."
"It'll be great.."
Hi, dear!
- Dad!
Look at this luggage!
Did they throw you out of India?
They just seem to be rich!
- Love you.
They took five dollars
for a trolley.
That is INR 327.
What nonsense!
Welcome to Miami, Dad!
We get free trolleys in India.
Also a man
to help you for free.
You started calculating,
the moment you stepped here!
Why don't you just chill?
Yes. Chill.
- Chill.
This is..
- Greetings, sir. - Gaurav.
This is..
- Greetings, sir. - Gaurav.
My good friend. - Hello.
- Greetings, ma'am. - It's okay.
How was your flight?
It was good..
How was the food?
- Good. All good.
Very nice.
Let me take the bags.
- I'll.. - No.. I'll do it.
You shouldn't touch the knees.
You should touch the feet.
He's taking the bags.
Let me..
What's this?
You should have worn some proper
clothes. Your lingerie is visible.
Mom, it's Miami.
You drive really good.
It's so smooth.
Dear, are you a 'Khatri'
or a 'Sindhi'?
Mom, please..
How do you manage
with your food?
Do you have a maid?
No, ma'am.
I cook on my own.
I am very fond of cooking.
Kitchen is the favourite place
of my house.
Do you own a house?
Yes. I got the perfect position
few days back.
That's great. You own a house
at such a young age.
That's good.
That's good.
We are tired of paying rents.
Boys like you
are called quality boys.
You should get married.
I am planning on it, ma'am.
Did you find a girl?
You can come
to my house for tea.
I'll be happy.
I wanted to say something.
- It won't be possible, Gaurav..
They've a busy schedule..
- We would come.. No problem.
We will definitely come..
We'll come..
- Yes.. Of course.
Do you want to have some
'Puran Poli'?
It's homemade.
I made it.
I had given it to them.
Leave me..
Shut up, you idiot!
Don't you know?
For how long Mr. Jignesh
has been operating in the USA?
What do you think?
You'll leak my information
to the Punjab gang
and I'll stand still?
Do you think that
Mr. Jignesh left Bapora
and came here only for you?
Mr. Jignesh left Bapora
and came here only for you?
Wash him off with detergent
until he speaks out.
- Okay, sir.
Start the engine.
- I'm telling you the truth.
I told you everything.
This is all I know.
Don't do this. Please.
Jignesh Patel speaking.
What can I do for you?
Mr. Yakub.
It's been a long time..
Don't worry, Mr. Yakub.
Send me the photo through
WhatsApp. I'll take care of him.
Just tell me the date.
I'll pick you up.
Put him in the dryer.
Put him in the dryer.
Make it quick.
Yes, sir.
Forward the picture on the WhatsApp
to the group
'Desi Store Mafia Group'.
His name is Rishi.
Mr. Yakub needs him urgently.
No matter where he is hiding
bring him to me alive.
I want him alive.
Yes, Koko.
I found your man.
Did you find him?
Great job, Koko.
Now just follow him.
'I'm sending you the location.'
Koko, follow him. Catch him.
Grab him.
This phone troubles me a lot!
It's always dead on time.
'Hi, this is Jignesh.'
'Go ahead and leave message
and have yourself a nice day.'
'How are you? Are you good?'
'Jignesh is busy.
Leave a message.'
Buddy, we'll see..
- Are you Rishi?
Wrong house.
Right house.
'How are you? Are you good?
Jignesh is busy..'
I'm telling you, man. It's a..
- Shut up..
I'm telling you, man. It's a..
- Shut up..
Jignesh will call me back.
Then, we will see
what you got to say.
It's a nice house.
Thanks! - Are you rich?
Do you have a lot of money?
Home loan. And big EMIs.
It's 'Puran Poli'.
Indian homemade sweet.
Do you want some?
This is delicious!
Hello. Where are you?
All have reached here.
They are about to begin the
presentation. - I'll be there.
The clients are enquiring about
you. Tell me, where are you?
I am on the exit gate
of the office building.
I am sorry. Sorry, Dikshit.
- Where were you?
I am sorry.. - This is Gaurav
from our sales team.
He will be reading
the presentation now.
Good afternoon, everyone.
Apologies for the delay. Was just
working on last minute numbers.
As you can see, post the
implementation of the new module
the ERP system has sustained.
And it directly effects
the productivity of..
I mean, Dikshit.
My colleague, Dikshit,
will take over.
Dikshit, why don't you throw
some light on this? - No.
Where is the fire?
You see, the curve goes up.
And then, it comes down.
I think the projector is tilted.
What is he doing?
- What's happening, dude?
Sorry. I will take over
from Dikshit, guys.
Is the projector tilted?
"Who is your daddy now?"
Who is your daddy now?"
Dude, who is he?
He came out from your car boot.
Listen. It's me whom you want.
And not him. - Shut up!
Shut up!
- Dikshit, calm down.
My phone. Give me the phone.
Just give me the phone.
Dikshit, move towards the right.
I will move towards the left.
To your right or mine?
What is it?
Shut up! Okay?
Don't talk Indian language.
'The number you are..'
'Hi, this is Jignesh.'
'Go ahead and leave message
and have yourself a nice day.'
'How are you? Are you good?'
Dikshit, are you okay?
- He is dead!
I killed him..
- Just calm down.
It was an accident.
As you know,
I never even slapped anyone.
The gun triggered on its own..
- Dikshit, listen.
We have to clean the area
and dispose the dead body.
But how will we explain it
to the police?
Who will explain that he fell down
and the gun triggered on its own..
Keep quiet!
Take care of my wife.
Don't tell her that..
Shit! Police!
Would you please calm down?
Let me check.
Some elderly people
have come to meet you.
Oh! They are Kavya's parents.
Let me handle them. You handle
the dead body and hide somewhere.
Greetings, ma'am!
- Greetings, sir!
- Welcome! Please come.
We recognised it as your house.
It's the best in the locality.
Thank you. - If you host the
Indian flag here, it will be great!
Thank you.
Didn't Kavya come with you?
No. We didn't bring her.
She keeps chit-chatting.
We wouldn't be able
to talk properly.
We came without letting her know.
Here are some Laddus for you.
- Thank you. It's sweets again.
Sir, no need to take off
your shoes.
No.. Please come.
- Okay.
Please come in.
It's positive vibes all over!
- Thank you.
And there is ample space.
It's spacious.
Isn't it too big?
We must plan for the future, ma'am.
There must be ample space
for the kids to play.
I am very excited
to see your house. - Oh!
Especially, your kitchen.
Actually, I haven't cleaned
the kitchen today. So..
How much more will you clean, dear?
It looks clean
like a five-star hotel.
When compared to Kavya's house,
this is a heaven.
If you wouldn't show us,
we will see on our own. - Ma'am..
Is it a bad time, dear?
If you've some emergency,
we'll come some other day.
What's there?
- Yes!
No! Come, sir.
Come in, ma'am.
This is the dining room.
All the furniture here
is from Pottery Barn.
This is my kitchen.
All the items here
is of Crate and Barrel.
I have a convection oven
with the cooking range.
And there is a lot of storage.
I have bought all these
during the thanksgiving sale.
I have bought all these
during the thanksgiving sale.
I am loving it.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Hey, I found it.
I have been looking for it.
For making the Rotis.
Come, sir. I will..
I will take you upstairs.
This doesn't look
like a bachelor's house.
It looks as if a family stays here.
- Is this the master bedroom?
No, sir!
I just got the pest control done
in this room.
Do you have allergy?
- No!
You can be allergic.
- Did you say pest control?
Are there cockroaches
even in America?
Yes, sir.
Especially, in Miami.
This is the upstairs.
That is the guest bedroom.
I am planning to turn that
into an entertainment room.
Come, I will show you.
Greetings, sir!
What did you want
to speak to us?
In the car..
- No, ma'am. Some other time.
I have some urgent work
in the office. I got to go.
We will talk about it
some other day.
Okay. No problem.
So, tell me quickly.
We are leaving for Kavya's
uncle's place in Toronto, today.
We may not get a chance later.
We may not get a chance later.
Actually, ma'am, such things
can't be told in haste. Come.
So, tell me, dear.
I am there with you.
- Tell me.
Ma'am, I don't have parents.
I've no idea about what's a family.
I just have a dream.
Actually, I am a bit old fashioned.
So I want everything to be perfect.
Kavya is a very
good friend of mine.
And I think we have
a good chemistry..
It's a 'yes' from me..
I knew it!
Where have you been?
You missed out on a lot.
Where were you? - Come.
Let's go.
- Y-Yes..
You leave for office.
But do add me on WhatsApp.
Yes.. - Then we'll talk and chat.
- Of course. - Let's go.
Come on. - Yes..
- Let's go.
Bye, ma'am. Bye, sir.
- Bye.
I am trying to hide
the dead here
and you are fixing your marriage?
and you are fixing your marriage?
I am so impressed.
Gaurav is a nice guy.
Control your emotions.
I saw two gays in his bathroom.
Yes. They were bathing together.
But everything's legal here, right?
Gaurav bathes alone.
That's enough.
We don't have anything to do
with others.
What the hell is going on here?
Dix, I'll explain everything.
You just go home now.
Buzz off.
I'll dispose the body.
I need to get some things for that.
Buzz off? Dispose the body?
What are you saying?
What's happening here?
Who is this man?
How are you so relaxed?
Wait a minute.
Have you done this before?
Gaurav, who are you?
Dix, just go home.
I'll tell you everything.
I've hidden something from you.
There's more to my story.
Boss, he's late.
Welcome to the US of A, Mr. Yakub.
All right, pal!
I've been waiting here
since an hour.
And why have you got
this ambulance?
It's an awesome vehicle, boss.
It has four star safety ratings,
six air pillows
and automatic control.
Around five of your goons
can comfortably play cards
Around five of your goons
can comfortably play cards
inside this.
All right?
Did you get any information
about Rishi?
Boss, I've found Rishi.
I've told my men to follow him.
They'll grab him by the neck
and bring him.
You know what I mean, right?
What happened? But..
I just told you to find him
and not to catch him.
Boss, but catching
is a good thing, right?
Do you know who Rishi is?
My men are also good.
They're powerful.
Hey, Rishi!
- Hello!
I am sorry, are you talking to me?
Yes, Rishi.
Come. Come with us.
Wrong guy.
I am not Rishi.
When he called out Rishi
how did you hear that?
how did you hear that?
That means, you are Rishi.
I am sorry. I told you
that I'm the wrong guy.
Hey, stop. Just come along.
Or else you'll be beaten up.
You're too late, buddy.
- For what?
You should've taken it out by now.
Any coupons?
How are you, buddy?
You must be happy
to see me here, right?
Won't you invite me in?
Did you find my assistants?
They aren't picking my calls.
You've made a top class house.
Plants, garden and fountain.
Is there a darn dog too?
Just like your cheap dreams.
The property is top class.
Isn't it?
- How much did I search for you!
But you haven't been in touch.
Hey, please don't stamp
on the sofa. - Sorry.
You used to be an action hero
and now, you've become so homely!
What do you want, Yakub?
The one that you had taken.
Hard drive. Colonel's data.
The one that you had taken.
Hard drive. Colonel's data.
I don't have that data.
It was a long flight, Rishi.
And that too,
with a sobbing baby beside me.
So don't test my patience now.
The hard drive got destroyed
in the shootout.
Do you think I am a fool?
Be sensible.
She's my neighbour.
She comes here often
to borrow sugar.
She'll leave now.
- Sugar? - Gaurav!
Gaurav, open the door.
You talked to my parents
about our marriage!
That too, without asking me?
You're so dead, Gaurav.
She seems to be
a very close neighbour.
'Someone to love me
and someone that I would love.'
I haven't forgotten
what you'd said.
I'll kill you
if something happens to her.
So sweet.
- Look, Yakub.
She doesn't know anything about me.
She's a civilian.
The matter between us..
Gaurav.. Get up. Gaurav!
Okay, Gaurav.
Listen to me very carefully.
I've been kidnapped by someone.
At first I thought
someone was stealing my purse
but he kidnapped me instead.
That too, from your house.
He can be a serial killer.
There's no dearth of psychos in US.
He must be thinking
that I am a celebrity.
Such things often happen with me.
But why would they kidnap you?
May be they think you're my PA?
But still.. - Kavya.
- ...why PA? - Kavya..
We have to get out from here
as soon as possible.
Okay? - G-Gaurav, it's okay.
- So please.. - Relax.
I know you're scared.
Just trust me
I'll get you out safely from here.
Okay? - Okay.
Let me just free my hands first.
My wrists are quite slim.
Kavya, these are handcuffs
and not bangles.
Do you have a pin?
I'll try to open it. - What?
You can do that?
I think this will work.
- This?
- Hurry up! - Sorry..
What the..
How did you do that?
Where did you learn this?
Come, let's go.
You guys are wasting your time.
You will not find anything
over here.
He's not an imbecile to leave
the hard drive at home.
You do know the meaning
of imbecile, right?
It means moron.
Hard drive?
There's a hole in it.
Is it fixable?
This is a dead body.
No, don't go..
Oh, my God!
Gaurav, what the..
Gaurav, are you okay?
Gaurav, wait..
Gaurav, get him!
Oh, my God!
"My gun is my love."
"My gun is my love."
"Oh, girl, you seem like
a daughter of Beretta."
"When I saw you,
the belt tightened."
"I'll take a bullet
to my chest for you."
"Why do you dodge me?"
"I can't take my
eyes off your body."- No!
"My finger goes straight
to the trigger."
"When I aimed at your eyes"
"they started calling me
a shooter at home."
"Be my lover.
Please be my lover."
"Be my lover.
Please be my lover."
"Be my lover.
Please be my lover."
"I'm the target.
- My gun is my love."
You can do that as well.
Get inside, quickly.
- No.
First you need to tell me
what's happening, Gaurav.
Kavya, I..
Can we get out of here?
I will explain everything
on the way. Please?
"My girl surprises me
with astonishing moves."
"I am stuck in very deep,
you are my first love."
"Oh, girl, I remember your talks."
"You used to scold me
when I used to stay out for long."
"I will be home early,
just be patient and have no fear."
"I will start working from home
if you become my wife."
A pack of hounds
are more reliable than you.
You couldn't manage things
for 10 minutes without me!
Couldn't you?
Oh, my God!
So, you have killed a person.
Have you killed a lot of people?
Oh, my God!
I am sure that they
were bad people, right?
- Mostly?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
- Listen..
Oh, my God!
- Listen.. Listen to me, Kavya.
I didn't tell you earlier
because I was afraid
that you will run away.
Don't touch me!
I didn't choose that life myself.
I was just a kid
when I got into those things.
Nobody taught me the difference
between the right and the wrong.
I never had a home,
parents or a family.
Do you know that I have
worked very hard to get here?
I have come so far
looking for a normal life.
I just wanted to have a home.
And a family.
I guess, it's not that easy.
Should I call you Gaurav or Rishi?
Should I call you Gaurav or Rishi?
"I will love you
without any limits."
"Even if I wish"
"I can't stay away from you
even for a moment."
"Even though our paths
are different"
"let me connect our destinations."
"This bond between us"
"I hope it never breaks."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"This bond between us"
"I hope that it never breaks."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
"May this connection
between us never break."
Kavya! Kavya!
We have to leave.
What happened?
Those people are
the members of Unit X.
They are highly trained
They will be here very soon.
Come on,
let's get you out of here.
Kavya, I am sorry
for getting you involved in this.
These people can go to any extent.
I don't want you to get hurt.
Do you have to go back?
I have been running away
for too long.
They will not stop
until they find me.
I started this and I am
going to put an end to it.
Listen to me carefully.
There's another way
to obtain that data.
You don't know the entire story.
Do you know the contents
of that drive?
Do you know why
Colonel wants it so badly?
The real Gaurav
was a database manager
in a weapon manufacturing
company called as Norcorp.
It's very normal for these
companies to have classified files.
But Gaurav found something
abnormal that day.
He found illegal
financial transactions.
He found kickbacks worth billions
between Indian politicians
and Norcorp.
He also found the details
about their offshore accounts.
He should have handed over
this information to the police.
But Gaurav wanted to take
advantage of this situation.
He consolidated the data.
He quit the job.
And he started looking for a buyer.
- 'Yes, Mishra speaking.'
That buyer was Mishra,
the defence secretary.
'I have some information.'
- The deal was finalised.
He wanted 11 million dollars
in exchange for the data.
That data contains information
about Colonel as well.
That data contains information
about Colonel as well.
If the data leaks,
Colonel is a dead meat.
So that's why the Colonel
is so desperate for it.
My life was at stake.
Because the drive was destroyed.
But I had Gaurav's laptop with me.
I retrieved a program from it.
With the help of this program
we can retrieve the data.
So, the data is still available?
Yes, in the Norcorp's servers.
You have only one option
with you then.
Extract the data from the server
and hand it over to me.
Then I will set you
and your lovebird free.
And if I am not wrong
you already have a plan
to extract the data.
Norcorp Tower has 60 floors.
And the Server Room is on the 36th.
Their security system is top-notch.
It's impossible to breach it.
But things are different
at the maintenance entry.
We can easily
get to the roof from there.
The way to get to the Server Room
from the roof..
Leave that to me.
We should undertake
this mission on Sunday.
We should undertake
this mission on Sunday.
Because offices will be shut and
the staff will be less in number.
Listen, Yakub.
Colonel has been using us
since we were kids.
You too know that.
There is evidence against Colonel
in this data.
Yakub, this is your final chance
for the redemption.
And to get your freedom.
I will get you the data
but I want you to decide
what to do with it.
All right.
Let's do this one last operation
together, like old times.
Rishi, Unit X.
Gaurav, wait..
Dude, where were you?
You didn't come to office
ever since..
You have been giving me
sleepless nights.
I am sorry, Dix.
You got into such mess
because of me. - No..
I am feeling more alive
since the day I killed him.
It's crazy, you know.
I don't drink coffee
at office anymore.
I am the best
in the spinning class.
My wife looks up to me now.
It's not like I want to kill
anyone again though.
You know how I feel, don't you?
Make me your partner.
I want to be a part
of any job that you do.
Half-murder, kidnapping, heist.
Just tell me when to get started.
I want the bloody thug life!
You have no idea
what's going on here.
Better stay away from it.
Better stay away from it.
You are underestimating me, dude.
Just give me a chance, please.
I can kill for you.
Get it done!
Oh, my God!
Yakub, I am in.
- Copy that.
- Road closed.
Road closed. Big gas leak.
No. - Oh!
I am going to login
in nine seconds.
Someone just logged
into the server.
Shit! They got an alert.
I need more time.
- Make it fast!
I need more time.
- Make it fast!
Check server room 1.
- Copy that.
Look there..
Yakub, I won't be able
to make it to the roof.
- There!
- Yes.
There's a change in plan.
Leave now.
Hey, catch.
You are supposed to do this
when someone says catch!
Freeze! Put your hands up
so we can see them.
Freeze! Put your hands up
so we can see them.
Abort. I said, abort.
He said, abort.
Abort, let's go.
Move.. Meet me at the gate.
Working on weekends.
Same shit, different day.
Found him!
Go that way.
Rest with me.
Cut him around that corner.
There he is.
He's on the move.
Shoot him!
To hell with my life.
He jumped out of the building.
Follow him.
Get in..
- Go..
Seat belt, please.
Careful! Watch out..
Not bad.
- Thank you.
No.. Watch out.
Shit! They are getting closer.
Okay, take a.. - Hang on!
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Where did you learn driving?
I think we should move from here.
Let's go straight.
- Are you sure?
What about your minivan?
Let's do this.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Oh.. - I had taken a resolution
to not use it again
Oh.. - I had taken a resolution
to not use it again
and not to even keep it at home.
Do you know how to use it?
- This is America.
Okay. Go upstairs
and wait for my signal.
As soon as you get my signal,
just shoot. - Oh!
Whom should I shoot? - Nobody.
And not me for sure.
Just cover fire me, okay?
So, what's the signal?
I'll whistle.
What am I, a dog?
You tell me then.
Let's do something cool,
like commandos. Let's roll!
- Let's rock and roll.
I think the whistle
was a better idea.
You know what?
You should call out for help.
I'm helping you. And you
shouldn't feel shy to ask for help.
So, the signal is..
- Kavya, listen..
You go upstairs and hide.
- Crap.
So, you've come back as usual.
- And you're late as always.
Each one of us is different.
We're done, right?
- What's the hurry, buddy?
Yakub, don't play around like this.
We have a lot of time to pass,
until Colonel arrives.
That's your father and my father,
who gave us a new life.
It's your last chance
to live according to your wish.
Get lost! That's your problem.
I'm happy with where I am.
Let's roll.
Let's rock and roll.
Hide yourself.
Oh, God!
This is too much of violence.
Always hide the gun
inside your underwear.
Then it'll never fall down, right?
Come out, Rishi.
You wanted a family, didn't you?
We were your family.
And today,
you are out to destroy us.
Look, Rishi,
your dream is being shattered.
Come out.
Come out, Rishi, or you'll be
killed along with that girl.
I swear..
Look at what I'm going to do.
Come on.
Pick up your stuff and get lost.
Take this.
Get the fuck out of my house.
Oh, my God, Gaurav.
Look at your house.
At least,
all this has come to an end.
As long as Unit X exists,
nothing has ended.
Dikshit, we are on.
Be safe. - Hey..
I didn't understand something.
Since Rishi has given us the drive
and it was his foolishness.
So, he isn't safe anymore.
Why don't we go and finish him?
He isn't a fool.
Oh, no!
Damn it! It's empty.
Rishi, from Unit X.
Rishi, where are you?
Thank you.
Take a U-turn.
I'm extremely sorry, sir.
Oh! He's an Indian.
I'm sorry, mister.
It was a minor one.
Hey, is everything okay here?
"Who's your daddy now?"
Sir, open the trunk please.
Check the place.
Oh, shit!
I had gone very far
from you and your world.
I just wanted a life of my own.
But you will never leave me alone,
Goodbye, Colonel.
'The wind is strong, Dinkar Rao.
Mind your hat.'
Do you need to pick up something
from home?
Not really.
- Did your parents leave?
In Gaurav's account,
which means in my account
In Gaurav's account,
which means in my account
there's 11 million dollars
some old memories
and two new passports.
Tell me, where do you want to go?
Hemanth Khanna..
Oh! Pooja Khanna.
Brother and sister?
You should've at least
thought of some cool names.
Next time, you decide.
One more thing.
I'm not in a hurry.
Think about it.
Fasten your seat belt, please.
"This fancy girl,
dances like a tornado."
"Her moves are splendid."
"She's always
alert like an alarm."
"Doesn't keep calm
even for a minute."
"She's the life of the club."
"Come, let's light up this place."
"Let's drop the beat and dance."
"The heart says disco all night.."
"The heart says disco
all night.."
"The heart says disco
all night.."
let us light up this place."
let us light up this place."
let us light up this place."
"The heart says disco
all night.."
"The heart says disco
all night.."
"The heart says disco
all night.."
"Move and roll,
let there be no control"
"make the floor yours."
"Let this flow not stop.."
"Come on, show me,
what you are capable of."
"Why to keep anything
within the heart?"
"Come and dance with me today."
"With this passion
and this fashion."
"I'll impress everyone"
"If I dance till I drop today."
"Let's get everyone dancing"
"don't spare anyone."
"Let's dance in the air,
and not even touch the floor."
"The heart says disco.."
"The heart says disco
all night.."
"The heart says disco
all night.."
"The heart says disco
all night.."
"The heart says disco
all night.."
"The heart says disco.."
How much is that one?
- 650 dollars.
Does that come in red?
- No, it only comes in blue.
Does this come in a bigger size?
- Yes.
And what's the return policy?
- No returns.
Are bullets free?
No, but I'll give you discount.
"My gun is my love."
"My gun is my love."
"Be my beloved.."
"Be my beloved.."
"Be my beloved.."
"Be my beloved.."
"I'm the target.
- My gun is my love."
"Oh, girl, you seem like
a daughter of Beretta."
"When I saw you,
the belt tightened."
"I'll take a bullet to my chest
for you"
"then why do you dodge me?"
"I can't move my eyes
from your figure"
"my finger goes straight
to the trigger."
"When I aimed at your eyes,
oh, beloved."
"People started calling me
a shooter at home."
"Be my beloved."
"Be my beloved."
"Be my beloved."
"Be my beloved."
"Be my beloved."
"Be my beloved."
"Be my beloved."
"Be my beloved."
"Oh, this bullet
goes in all directions"
"it travels all around."
"Oh, I can't live without you."
"I'm madly in love with you."
"When you shot a bullet
into my heart"
"When you shot a bullet
into my heart"
"fireflies flew.."
"Oh, girl, you took my heart away"
"and I became a crazy lover."
"My gun is my love."
"My gun is my love."
"Be my lover.
Please be my lover."
"Be my lover."
"I'm the target.
- My gun is my love."
"My beloved is a player."
"I'm trapped."
"But she's my first love."
"Beloved, I still remember."
"The conditions
that you put forward."
"I'll come back early
and be ready."
"I'll work from home."
"Be my wife, first."
"Be my lover.
Please be my lover."
"Be my lover.."
"Be my lover.."
"I'm the target,
and you are my beloved gun."
"Be my lover.
Please be my lover.."
"I'm the target.
- My gun is my love."
"My beloved is a gun.."
"Be my lover.
Please be my lover.."
"I'm the target.
- My gun is my love."
"Be my lover.
Please be my lover.."
"I'm the target,
and you are my beloved gun."
"Be my lover.
Please be my lover.."
"I'm the target.
- My gun is my love."