A Gift to Remember (2017) Movie Script

Good morning, Darcy!
Good morning!
You were supposed
to call me last night.
I want to hear all about
your date with Oliver!
And if there was
anything worth reporting,
I would've called.
The new Anthony Cleaver Parks!
Your copy's already
at the front register.
Merry Christmas to me!
I'd swear you just work here
for the employee discount.
Nothing wrong with that.
Hey Darcy!
How's that look?
It looks great, Josh.
Except you misspelled
Aww man.
Good morning, Terrence.
My landlady made
peppermint fudge last night.
Peppermint fudge, your favorite.
Thank you, Darcy.
You okay?
Look what arrived
in the mail yesterday.
Books, Books, Books
has decided to have
their own Christmas Eve event.
They stole our idea!
Well, we don't have
the market cornered
on Christmas Eve events.
Yes we do!
Our Christmas Eve
is a tradition.
They can't just
sweep in here and--
Okay, this is an
exact copy of our event!
No point in getting angry,
because there's nothing
we can do about it.
We'll just concentrate
on having our own
wonderful Christmas here,
the way we do every year.
But don't you
think we should--
I think we should root
for all bookstores
to be successful these days.
Even the competition.
What kind of a name is
Books, Books, Books anyway?
That I'll grant you.
Now give me some of
that peppermint fudge.
Your grandson is going
to love this, Mr. Farley.
It was one of my favorites.
I remember his mother loved
it when she was his age.
I'm so glad you thought of it.
See you guys on Christmas Eve?
We'd never miss it.
Just give me a moment
and I will get Josh
to wrap this up for you.
You didn't give him a chance!
Who, Mr. Farley?
No, Oliver last night.
He doesn't read.
You sent me on a date with
someone who doesn't read.
What'd I miss?
I sent Darcy out last
night with a very nice guy.
But she won't see him again
because he can't
quote Charles Dickens.
"I will honor Christmas
in my heart,
and keep it
all the year."
See? Josh can
quote Dickens.
Josh works at a bookstore.
I'm willing to
hold out for a guy
who gets as excited
about a new book as I do.
Nobody gets as excited
about a new book as you do.
Does it really take three of my
employees to gift wrap a book?
Terrence, would you please tell
Darcy to be more adventurous?
I think Darcy is as
adventurous as she wants to be.
Thank you.
I've got my friends,
I've got a job I love,
and any time I want adventure,
I have a whole
store full of options.
Here you go,
Mr. Farley.
Thank you, Darcy.
I'll see you at
the Christmas party.
You bet.
Ciao, bella!
Check out Santa's helper!
In Naples, we call
him "Babbo Natale."
Well, you do Babbo
Natale proud, Luigi.
What's for dinner?
Manicotti, a side
of sauteed spinach,
and for dessert,
apricot crostata.
There's no way that's
only five dollars.
For my favorite customer,
always five dollars.
Thank you Luigi, you're amazing.
But if you keep doing this,
you'll go broke.
And if I don't do it,
you're gonna starve!
Thank you!
Okay, ciao.
Buona sera.
Good night.
Well dear, how was your day?
Busy day.
Katherine was quite
disappointed to learn
that her matchmaking skills
aren't all she hoped.
Oh let me guess,
he wasn't a reader?
What am I supposed
to do with that?
It also looks like our
biggest competitor is trying
to compete with
Christmas Eve at Chaucer's.
Well they're foolish to try.
Chaucer's is a
Philadelphia tradition.
I think we might need to
step up our game this year.
Have a gingerbread man.
No thanks.
Bite the head off,
it'll make you feel better.
All right well, I'd
best get back to work.
I'm stringing lights
on my Christmas tree.
I thought you did that already?
It needed more.
Of course it did.
Well, I've got the new
Anthony Cleaver Parks book,
and a tree with just
the right amount of lights.
I'm gonna curl up
with my dinner,
maybe a cup of hot cider.
And a few more of those cookies.
Oh, good night!
Good night.
How did you learn
to make these?
Origami Made Easy.
I picked it up forever ago,
always meant to do
something with it.
Last night, I finally did.
You made all of
these last night?
What can I say?
I'm crafty.
I just wanna see you
channel that energy
into something other
than reading and crafts,
which is a fabulous
lifestyle if you're 70.
Wait, that's not even true.
My grandma is in her 70's
and she takes
ballroom dancing lessons.
I'm not doing that.
would you look at this?
We're going big!
This is beautiful!
Thank you, Terrence.
Can I borrow you
two for a second?
Well, we're hoping
for the end of March.
Wendy and I will be
doing some house hunting
in San Francisco when
we're out there next week.
But what'll happen to the store?
I'm hoping we can
find a general manager
we trust to keep it
open, keep it going.
Chaucer's has been
around for a long time
and we wouldn't want
Books, Books, Books
to be the only option
in the neighborhood.
So you're not selling the place?
Well, we're open
to all possibilities.
But the plan is to keep it
open under new management.
Of course, if any of
you would like to apply,
I would welcome
that conversation.
We're really gonna
miss you, Terrence.
Well it breaks my
heart to say goodbye,
but the pull of grandchildren
is very powerful.
I understand.
I'm sorry to break this to you
all a week before Christmas,
but since I'll be seeing
candidates for the job,
I thought you should know.
Thanks for telling
us now, Terrence.
So no long faces, okay?
Let's just try and make
this the best Christmas Eve
at Chaucer's we've
ever had, all right?
I can't believe
Terrence is doing this.
It's like he's
breaking up the family.
We'll still be a family, Darcy.
We'll just have family
in San Francisco, too.
But I mean around here.
We grow the family.
You know Terrence
will find someone great.
Unless he decides to sell.
You don't think he will, do you?
He can't!
Someone'll turn this building
into a yoga studio so fast--
Not necessarily!
Are these little books
made of matchboxes?
Yeah, and now I've got
like three Ziploc baggies
full of matches, so let
me know if you need any.
I'll keep that in mind.
Or worse than a yoga studio,
it'll be like the third craft
microbrewery on the street.
Or worse, they'll
just tear it down
and turn it into luxury condos.
Darcy, everything will be fine.
This is someone's
dream job, I'm sure of it.
You, Katherine!
You're senior manager,
it should totally be you!
I'm done with
grad school in May.
I hope to be putting my
journalism degree to use.
Terrence needs someone
that'll stick around,
really love place.
What about you?
What about me?
For the job!
I don't know anything
about running a business.
Think of all the thousands of
things that could go wrong if--
There you go, right back
to the worst-case scenario.
There's a doggy in the window.
I see that.
And that doggy has a person!
I see that too.
Come on, Bailey!
Come on, Bailey.
Looks like we're early.
Hey, what's for dinner?
Chicken picatta.
Oh, I didn't
even think about you
having a place for your bicycle.
I get such blinders on
when it comes to decorating.
It's okay, I've got it.
But if I come down tomorrow and
my bike is covered in tinsel...
If it stands still long
enough, I decorate it.
Speaking of which, I have a
beautiful star for your tree.
Let's have dinner
together and hang it!
I'd be delighted!
Thank you.
I think your friend has a point.
But I don't know the first
thing about managing a store.
You have the most
important qualification.
You love books.
It's true, I do.
But I like things
the way they are.
I know my advice
doesn't mean much,
I'm only your landlady.
You are far more than
that and you know it.
If you gave yourself
a bit more credit,
you'd realize that you are tough
as nails and twice as sharp.
I didn't meet your parents,
but I know they'd say the
same thing if they could.
You think so?
A life embracing possibilities
is what every parent
wants for their child.
Don't get me wrong,
I love my life,
my friends, I just...
I wish I could still--
Still go to your
parents for advice?
Oh sweetie, trust me.
You never outgrow that feeling.
It's just easier when
I keep the big twists
confined to my reading.
In real life, I wanna know
what the day's going to bring.
Where's the excitement in that?
The day brings what it brings.
You take what's given,
and eventually you turn
it into something wonderful.
What do you think, Bailey?
Not bad, huh?
You fell asleep
in your comfy chair.
I fell asleep in my comfy chair!
You forgot to set your alarm.
I forgot to set my alarm!
You are so late.
I am so late!
Hey, I just got your message.
I'm gonna take Bailey
out for a quick walk
and then we're
gonna hit the road.
Thanks for everything.
Very funny,
Mrs. Henley!
Come on boy.
Let's go mail these.
Look out!
Excuse me, here's
your dog ma'am.
Do you know where
they're taking him?
Einstein Hospital.
Nice to meet you.
Einstein Hospital,
that's only a few...
Feel like a walk?
Come on boy!
Mr. Farley?
What're you doing here?
I'm here for my grandson.
He's having his appendix out.
How is he?
They say it's a
simple procedure,
but that doesn't do
much for the worry.
I decided to come out
and get some fresh air.
Need someone to keep an
eye on your friend there?
Would you?
That would be so great!
This is Bailey.
I just met him,
it's a long story,
but he seems really friendly.
Hey Bailey, I'm Bob.
Care to keep me company?
I think we'll be fine out here.
Thank you.
Are you his wife?
Then I can't give
you any information.
But I have his dog.
As you've said repeatedly.
Leave your name and your number.
As soon as I can, I will
let him know you stopped by.
Thank you.
But... what do
I do with Bailey?
What you'd do with any dog.
Feed him, keep him happy
and clean his paws after
you walk him in the snow.
Could you maybe
just tell me his name?
I'm sorry hon, I wish I could.
I come bearing good news.
It turns out you have a dog,
and his name is Bailey.
Now, if we could just
find out what your name is.
You're home from
work early today!
You wait here, I'll make
you something for lunch.
That's okay Luigi, I just
would rather get home today.
Look at the little cagnolino!
Hello, little fella!
I'm watching him for
the day, for this guy.
It's kind of a long story.
La bicicletta, what happened?
Just a little accident.
My nephew, he works
at the bicycle shop.
On Frankford Avenue.
You leave it with me overnight,
I have it back to
you like brand new.
Luigi, you don't
have to do that.
It's the season for giving, yes?
You look like you could use
some Christmas cheer too.
It's been kind of a trying day.
You come back later,
I'll have some tiramisu for you
and I'm gonna see if I can find
a nice little treat
for the pup too, okay?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, come on Bailey!
Okay, come on.
Good boy.
It's okay. Quiet!
It's okay, buddy.
Did you trade your
bicycle for a dog?
Did you put up more
Christmas decorations in here?
I will ask the questions.
What is a dog
doing in my building?
It's the icicles, right?
The perfect finishing touch.
You have such a good eye.
Right now my good eye is looking
at a hairy dog in my vestibule.
I hit his owner with my bike
and now he's in the hospital.
It was an accident!
Well I'm glad you
didn't do it on purpose.
The nurse wouldn't
tell me the guy's name
because I'm not family,
but then I had Bailey,
that's the dog, I know his name,
and I didn't know
what to do with him,
so I brought him
home and here we are.
I'm sorry, I know
you don't like dogs.
Such a thing to say!
I adore dogs.
Oh, well then why
don't you allow pets?
I had a tenant once
who raised ferrets.
It was a situation!
one night.
That's all we need.
Come on Bailey.
Come on boy!
Okay Bailey, I'm gonna have
food for you in just a few...
That's my favorite spot.
You have good taste!
I went a little crazy at
that pet supply store on 3rd.
We've got food and
treats, and look!
It's a squeaky toy that
looks like a snow man!
Katherine, he's
only here for--
Oh, it is the doggie
from the window!
Hi doggie!
He's only here for the
night and his name is Bailey.
Oh, Bailey, I'm so sorry
Darcy broke your person.
Stop saying that!
You don't know anything
about mystery man?
No, and his phone is missing.
So all I have are his dog,
his mail and his keys...
Okay Bailey.
Looks like he was
sending Christmas cards.
Should we drop them in the mail?
Wait a minute.
Let me see that.
The return address.
We have the return address!
11 Denman Court.
I think we know where you live!
Knock again.
If he has family, they're
probably at the hospital.
Then why wouldn't they
call me to check on Bailey?
I left my number with the nurse.
Hmmm, good question.
What're you doing?
Seeing if we have
the right place.
Here boy!
Come on, let's go get Bailey
before someone catches us.
Come on, pal.
You'll be back soon.
William A. Anderson.
He works in public relations.
Maybe he has an
assistant or something...
Well, that doesn't
do us much good.
I'm sure he has family.
I think he has a wife.
Nope, nothing but guy's clothes.
Maybe a girlfriend then?
He's got really good taste.
In girlfriends?
In clothes.
This is cashmere.
Did you see all those
souvenirs in the hall?
I think he travels a lot.
That sounds exciting.
You won't even get on
a train to Manhattan.
Yes, well I can still admire
a spirit of adventure in others.
Looks like he was
headed on a trip.
Well, that explains the total
lack of Christmas decorations.
I love how much his lack of
knicknacks is bothering you.
I like a place with a
little more personality.
Oh, but he reads
Anthony Cleaver Parks.
Let Nothing You Dismay
is number three
on the Times
best-seller list.
Lots of people read him.
No, he really reads him,
even the early stuff.
There's your icebreaker.
Sorry I broke into your house,
read any good books lately?
"To the best PR
man in publishing.
Deepest Thanks, Tony."
William Anderson
isn't just a fan
of Anthony Cleaver Parks,
he represents him.
He calls him Tony.
Wow, can you imagine?
The man's got a closet
full of cashmere,
but this is what impresses you.
Yes, this is what impresses me.
Miss Archer?
This is Nurse Nancy
from Einstein Hospital.
Our patient is awake, and
he's asking about his dog.
Oh, that's wonderful news!
I'll be right there!
See you soon.
Could you get us
a lift downtown?
Miss Archer,
thank you for coming.
Oh, I was so happy
to hear from you.
Right this way, I'll escort you.
I got permission for us
to bend the rules a little
and let Bailey visit.
I'm sorry I couldn't give you
more information this morning,
but I'm bound by confidentiality
and I had to ask
his permission first.
I completely understand.
He took a hit to the head,
and he's having
some memory problems,
which is not unusual.
Is Mr. Anderson
going to be okay?
I thought you didn't know him.
I did a little detective work.
Well, he'll be happy to
hear that you know his name.
Why's that?
Well, at the moment,
he doesn't...
So he doesn't know who he is?
Retrograde amnesia.
It's a loss of
autobiographical memory.
It's a side effect of
swelling on the brain.
Once the swelling subsides,
memories can gradually return.
They can, or they do?
It's different for everyone.
You're certain of his name?
Yes, I found his address
on his Christmas cards.
I went by his house earlier
to see if anyone was home.
His name is William Anderson.
We believe that if a
thread of memory appears,
it's best to pick
it up and follow it,
see where it goes.
And Mr. Anderson
remembers Bailey,
which is already a good sign.
Come on.
You have a visitor.
Does the name William
Anderson mean anything to you?
Yeah, actually that
sounds very familiar.
Is it possible that's your name?
I think...
I keep thinking
of the name Aiden.
I'm fairly certain that--
The middle initial is "A."
William A. Anderson.
I think people call me Aiden.
William Aiden Anderson.
That's a good name.
Then why is it
that my dog's name
sounds more familiar
to me than my own?
Well, it's not unusual.
Think about how many times a
day you say your pet's name.
Details come back
in their own way,
in their own time.
Aiden, this is Darcy Archer.
She's been taking
care of Bailey.
I really
appreciate you--
You look so familiar to me.
Do we know each other?
Nurse Nancy,
could I have a moment?
Of course.
As in Mr. Darcy from
Pride and Prejudice?
As a matter of fact, yes.
It was my mother's
favorite book.
I'm sorry, this is so surreal.
I feel like I know you.
Are we friends?
Wait, are we related?
I should just stop guessing, I'm
probably embarrassing myself.
I'm the girl who ran into you.
I have no idea how
to apologize for this.
It just happened so fast.
And then I was
standing there with Bailey
and I found your address
on your Christmas card,
so we went to your house,
and then Bailey ran
inside, I had the keys...
Okay now I'm the one
making myself look worse.
You went in my house?
I did.
Was anyone there?
Did you take a look around?
A little.
And what'd you find out?
Your name.
Also, you work in
public relations
for Anthony Cleaver Parks!
He's a very famous author.
So, I guess you're
kind of a big deal.
Well that's exciting.
What else?
You packed an overnight
bag to go somewhere.
I think you have a girlfriend.
I saw a photo, she's lovely.
Also, you're not much
for Christmas decorations.
No, that can't be true.
I'm pretty sure
that I love Christmas.
Can I help at all?
Yes, yes in fact you can.
My neurologist said
that items from home
might be able to jog my memory.
Would you mind
going back to my house
and grabbing a few of my things?
I hate to ask, but
right now you're kind of...
well, you're the only
person that I know.
I'd be happy to.
I'll come by
tomorrow after work.
What do you do?
I work at a bookstore
in Northern Liberties.
Actually, I've seen you walk
by a few times with Bailey.
Oh, Bailey.
Oh Bailey, I don't think they're
gonna let me keep you here...
He can hang out with me.
That's fine.
Thank you.
I remember my dog,
Jane Austen, and Rudolph.
And now you.
You need to go out?
You wanna come
up here, don't you?
You had a heck of a day, huh?
Me too.
Okay, come on.
Good boy.
Good night, Bailey.
I forgot how much I
enjoy walking a dog!
It's just a great way
to clear your mind!
My mind is anything
but clear right now.
I have got to help
Aiden remember who he is.
I can't find a single
Aiden Anderson in Philadelphia.
Did you check on Facebook?
Yeah, Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram...
I found several
William Andersons,
but none of the
photos were a match.
No one's filed a missing
persons report for him.
And his phone?
Missing, along with his
wallet and any other ID.
The nurse asked me
to go by Aiden's place
to pick up a few things
to jog his memory.
Do you need me to watch
Bailey while you're at work?
Oh it's okay, Terrence
said I could bring him in.
And on top of all
of this, Christmas Eve
is in five days and
there's still so much to do.
Good morning, ladies!
Good morning, Luigi!
My bike!
Just like new, huh?
Better than new!
How much do I owe you?
No charge.
Buon Natale!
Luigi, I couldn't.
You do so much for me already.
I cannot take your money.
No, no, no.
That means impolite.
You speak Italian?
Un poco.
I dabble in the
romance languages.
I'm a dabbler.
Well, I'm gonna walk this
home and then Mrs. Henley,
if you don't mind--
Oh of course!
Luigi, excuse us.
We are women on a mission.
Thanks again.
Well good morning, Mystery Man!
Good morning, Nurse Nancy.
Well, look at this!
You're quite good.
I keep seeing this house.
I don't know if
it means anything.
Well, if drawing
helps you remember,
then go with it.
Thank you.
He didn't put up
a tree anywhere?
Not everyone does.
Sometimes I do not understand
your generation at all.
Did you find anything?
A gift certificate
for two tickets
to The Nutcracker at
the Pennsylvania Ballet!
Did you find anything helpful?
This is the most
important thing in this house!
This is the, the
gift of culture!
Okay well, you never know.
We'll bring it.
I'm putting stuff
in this overnight bag.
And ho ho ho,
what do we have here?
He packed it in the bag.
Finally, some proof that
he doesn't hate Christmas.
I was truthfully
getting worried.
Wonder what's in it?
I don't know.
I'll take it with
me and we'll find out.
Well, the box and lid
were wrapped separately.
That means special care.
I know what you're thinking.
Drop that box, lady.
I shouldn't drop it.
What if it's fragile?
Slowly put down
that box, Mrs. Henley.
If Aiden wants to open
the Christmas present,
that's his business.
Okay, fine.
Mrs. Henley, you
did that on purpose!
You can't prove that.
Well, you've gone this far.
I'm already an accessory.
I love this new sense
of adventure in you.
He was going to propose
to his girlfriend.
Oh this story is
getting so interesting.
A vegetable?
A mode of transportation?
It's an airplane.
An item used in sports?
Football, it's a football!
This is infuriating.
You're doing very well, Aiden.
Your MRI shows
significant improvement,
but I still wanna keep you
at least one more night.
Now as the edema subsides,
your recall will improve.
It's usually long
term memory at first
and then more recent events.
Are you spending Christmas
with your family, Dr. Holbrook?
I am.
Everyone wants to
spend the holidays
with the people they love.
I don't even know
who those people are.
But you'll get there.
So how're you feeling?
Well, Nurse Nancy here
won't let me go outside.
You're recovering from
a head injury, Aiden.
We can't have you
wandering around.
I'm going stir crazy in here.
What if I went with him?
We could take Bailey
out for a quick walk.
There's a Christmas party
in the visitor's lounge.
Take Bailey out, and
report back to me there.
Thank you, Nurse Nancy.
So, anything look familiar?
Yeah actually, this sweatshirt.
I think I might've gone to
The Ohio State University.
Anything else?
The award?
The book?
The tickets to The Nutcracker?
No, no...
how about this?
I'm sorry, should
I know who she is?
The thing is...
Do you remember?
I think...
I think I'll take that walk now.
Wow, they really
go all out, huh?
My landlady would
love this place.
Here you go.
Oh thanks.
Thank you!
I remembered.
The ring, I mean.
I figured.
That's good, Aiden.
It was my mom's.
She lost it when I was a kid and
she was so distraught over it,
and my Dad said,
"It's not the ring that
matters, it's the promise."
My mom's name was Patricia.
Yeah, she...
she passed away.
That memory, that's what
caught me so off guard.
I was in college and I
remember my dad calling.
I can see his face, I--
I just don't remember his name.
I'm sorry.
We don't need to talk about it.
No no, it's okay,
it's like you said.
I remember and that's good.
I'm grateful for any
memory, even the sad ones.
How long have I had this?
I can't believe that
I'm holding this right now.
And somewhere out there,
there's a girl
who I loved enough to
offer my mom's ring.
And I have no
memory of her at all.
What happens if I never
remember her, Darcy?
This woman that, apparently
I'm planning to marry?
I really believe that
when you see her in person,
and you hear her voice,
there'll be a spark,
and the memories will
start to come back.
And if they don't?
Well, then you'll make new ones.
Maybe we should get
back to the hospital.
Hello Darcy.
Mr. Farley!
How's your grandson?
That's him over
there with my wife.
He's doing really well.
They say he'll be
out by Saturday.
That's wonderful news.
I'll say.
He's never missed a
Christmas at Chaucer's.
I look forward to
seeing him there.
How's Bailey's owner?
He got to take Bailey
for a walk outside today,
which cheered him up.
All my grandson wants is to do
is go out and build a snowman.
Gotta be rough on a kid,
being stuck in the
hospital at Christmas.
And then another dot of glue.
This was a great idea.
Well, if we can't bring
the kids to the outdoors,
maybe we can bring
the outdoors to them.
Very nice!
Now you try.
And how many of
these am I making again?
I don't know, Aiden.
How happy do you want
to make these kids?
Okay, good point.
I did want something
to occupy my time.
I just wish I knew
a way to repay you,
for everything you've done.
There is one thing.
Do you have any need for
those tickets to The Nutcracker?
I think I can safely say no.
My landlady,
Mrs. Henley,
has been so great
helping with Bailey.
Yes, please make that happen.
Gotta spread that Christmas
cheer as often as we can.
Oh, and I tried calling
Ohio State's alumnae off
Closed for the
holidays, of course.
It's like every road
I try just seems
to lead to another dead end.
Oh, Darcy.
You've been reading mystery
novels your entire life.
You just need to
look for the clues.
I'm afraid this
trail is stone cold.
But I did teach him origami!
Little victories count.
Oh, and if you'd like to use
those tickets to The Nutcracker,
Aiden says you're
welcome to them.
As a thank you
for watching Bailey.
Oh Darcy!
Oh, that's so wonderful!
I told him you'd be excited.
No, you don't understand.
I was a featured
dancer in The Nutcracker,
in the New York
City Theatre, what?
30 years ago?
Oh my goodness.
That's the New
York City Theatre.
They call it something
else now, I forget what.
And that girl is a
professional dancer.
How can you tell?
Her build, her posture.
And that pin she's wearing?
That's the Grand
Ballet Company in New York.
Oh my gosh.
We found her!
Morning, Katherine!
Aren't you closing tonight?
I just came in to drop
off some decorations
for the display window.
And to give updates.
Amnesia guy's
would-be fiance
might be a ballerina
in New York.
Oh, that's thrilling.
She got a name?
Not yet, but here's
what I'm thinking.
He had the engagement ring,
he'd packed a overnight bag.
Maybe Aiden was on
his way to New York
to propose to her there.
New York at Christmas.
Attractive, iconic.
I'd say yes to that.
But here's what I
don't understand.
I left a note on the kitchen
counter at Aiden's place,
with my cell number on it.
The ballerina hasn't
heard from him in days,
but she doesn't come
to town to check in?
You're right, that's odd.
Maybe they got in a
fight and the proposal
was like his big save, trying
to rescue the relationship.
Guys do dumb stuff
like that all the time!
She's right.
So, you gonna tell him?
I don't know her name,
he can't call her.
I just worry that it'll
cause Aiden more stress.
Nurse Nancy says that anxiety
can worsen the memory block.
You could go to Manhattan.
Stop by the ballet, find her.
Either of you feel
like a trip to New York?
I would love to,
but I have to study.
I'm just not really
a great traveler.
It would be so nice to
not have to do it by myself.
Check out the new
ad at Christmas Eve
for Books Books Books.
They're gonna have
a Santa bounce house.
How are we supposed
to compete with that?
Okay, here's what we do.
We send out an email blast
today to our mailing list.
Luigi's Restaurant
is going to cater
Christmas Eve at Chaucer's.
And also put in there we'll
have Christmas carolers
and a surprise guest, too.
That's good, who's the guest?
I have no idea.
I'll figure it out when
I come in this afternoon.
Right now it's a
surprise to all of us.
I gotta go, they're
expecting me at the hospital.
So early?
Well, we're up to something.
Okay, bye!
Good morning!
Well, good morning!
I brought you a
cranberry egg nog muffin.
It's all the
flavors of Christmas,
in muffin form.
Sounds delicious.
I ran into Bob and
Anita Farley in the hall.
Seems like you've gotten
pretty popular around here.
That makes sense, I do
work in public relations.
You remembered?
No, I'm just going with it.
Fake it till you make it.
Oh, wow.
I know, right?
This is the first non-hospital
food that I've had in days.
Thank you so much.
Did you finish all of
your Christmas shopping?
Everyone gets books.
I work in a bookstore.
Then again, they all got books
before I worked in a bookstore.
I believe everyone should
declare a favorite author.
It says a heck of a lot more
than your astrological sign.
Fair point.
Who's your favorite author?
I don't know.
But I think I usually do.
So did you get
your mom Jane Austen?
Why would you ask?
She named you
after Mr. Darcy.
I just assumed that Austen
was one of her favorites.
My parents passed away
a couple of years ago.
Car accident, so...
Darcy, I'm so sorry,
I didn't realize--
It's okay.
It was hard, it still is,
but I've assembled
quite the surrogate family.
And Chaucer's Bookstore
is our homestead.
I look forward to seeing that.
Oh, I wanted to show you.
I did some sketches.
I think my childhood
memories are flooding back,
because I keep on getting
these really vivid images
of school as if it
happened last week.
Meanwhile, I have no idea
what happened last week.
I still don't understand
how you did all this.
I made a few calls, but
most of this was Aiden.
Turns out he's very good
at bringing people together.
He really is a
good guy, isn't he?
Appears to be.
Any luck finding the
girl in the photograph?
I did find a good lead.
I hope you find her.
He deserves to have
someone around who loves him.
Yeah, he really does.
Mr. Anderson!
Please watch your head.
I will!
One ticket to Manhattan, please.
You don't mind spending
the day with Mrs. Henley,
do you Bailey?
Dr. Holbrook says your scans
from this morning look good.
So she's given permission
to go outside again today
for exercise.
Oh, that's awesome news!
Provided that you have
medical supervision.
So, it looks like we both get
to take a little break today.
Anywhere that you'd like to go?
Maybe a walk
along the waterfront?
Actually, there
is this bookstore
I've been wanting to check out.
That's a very interesting story.
But I can't give out personal
information about our dancers.
Except, maybe could you please?
I'm sorry.
There's really
nothing here I can do.
No, that's not good enough.
I'm sorry but I took
the train all the way here
from Philadelphia--
I don't see what that--
There is a man who made a
room full of paper snowflakes
just to make kids
in the hospital smile.
And he doesn't know who he is.
And this girl?
This girl in the photograph,
I think maybe she loves him.
Please, help me make
some Christmas magic here.
Let me see.
That's Melanie Porter.
She's away on tour.
You know her?
Could I please have her number?
Who am I to get in the way
of a little Christmas magic?
Thank you.
Does anything look familiar?
Actually this
looks really familiar.
Let's go in.
Thank you so much.
We got the last four Christmas
carolers in Philadelphia.
Take that, Books Books Books!
Darcy does it again.
That girl can
make a plan happen.
So why isn't she
applying for general manager?
It's actually infuriating.
Darcy's literally the
most capable person I know,
and somehow, she can't see it.
She's single-handedly
planning Christmas Eve,
all while taking
care of amnesia guy.
And his dog.
Bailey's a pretty great dog.
Can we help you find anything?
I'm guessing that
Darcy isn't here?
What makes you say that?
Well you two were just
talking about her really loudly.
I'm sorry, do I know you?
That's a trickier
question than you realize.
From the front
window, of course!
You're amnesia guy!
Well that is my formal title,
but you can call me Aiden.
Right, Aiden.
Darcy's off today.
You said you saw him in the
front window before today?
Yeah, on Sunday I think.
You had Bailey with you.
Aiden, maybe you know
somebody in the neighborhood.
You've reached the
voicemail of Melanie Porter.
Leave a message
and I'll call ya back.
Hi, Melanie,
this is Darcy Archer.
We don't know each other.
I'm a friend of Aiden Anderson,
maybe you know him
as William Anderson?
There was a small
accident, he's okay,
but he got hit on the head,
and he has a tiny
case of amnesia.
I called the police
again this morning.
They still have no calls
regarding a missing person.
I guess my family
doesn't know I'm missing.
Does anything
else look familiar?
Not really.
We should get
back to the hospital.
My car's right over there.
Wait a second!
Oh, that explains it.
You came by on Sunday.
I don't work on Sundays.
Says Ralph helped
you, and you paid cash.
Okay well, can I speak to Ralph?
He's on a plane to Tucson.
Ma'am, my name
is Nancy Thompson,
I'm a nurse at
Einstein Hospital.
This gentleman is
a patient of ours.
Any information that you could
offer would be much appreciated.
Let's have a look.
Then apparently I found
a diamond certificate
in some of my mom's old stuff,
and even though the
setting was an antique,
my Dad surprised her with
a diamond upgrade in 1989.
I'm sure that's significant,
I'm just not seeing it.
There was a serial number
engraved in the side.
So I entered the serial
number, and lo and behold,
it pops up in an antique store
right here in Philadelphia.
And then you waited three weeks
to go down the
street and get it?
Yeah, that is a little weird.
I must've been out of town.
Of course, that's wonderful.
It still feels like there's
something missing there,
doesn't it?
How so?
Well, you're from Ohio.
You went to college
at Ohio State.
You moved to Philadelphia
at some point after graduation
and then years later, your
mother's engagement ring,
which has been
missing for decades,
shows up at a shop located
six blocks from your house?
I'm not saying it
couldn't happen,
but you've gotta admit
it's a heck of a coincidence.
No, it makes no sense.
You're right.
More missing pieces.
Well, maybe one less.
Does the name Melanie
Porter mean anything to you?
Melanie Porter.
Melanie Porter?
We can do this all
day, if you want.
She's the girl in
the photo, Aiden.
Melanie Porter...
She's a professional ballerina.
I went to Manhattan this morning
and met this really
nice receptionist
at the Grand Ballet Company.
Melanie dances there--
I'm sorry, you went to
Manhattan this morning?
Just a quick little
trip on the train.
I knew you were nervous
about meeting her,
I thought if met
her first in person,
explained the situation...
I just wanted to bring
you guys back together.
Darcy, you amaze me.
I wish I had your tenacity.
That's not how most
people would describe me.
Well, they should.
So did you talk to her?
I left a voicemail.
A voicemail?
So then I guess
now we just wait.
Are you upset that I didn't
ask your permission first?
Did I overstep?
No, I think we flew right past
overstepping on the first day.
I really appreciate
what you did.
I just...
I just wish that
I remembered her.
You will.
I also wish that I
had your confidence.
When you're standing
in front of the woman
you're meant to be with,
I believe you'll know.
May I ask you a
personal question?
Seems only fair.
Why haven't you pitched
yourself for the position
of general manager
over at Chaucer's?
Uh, what?
I may have overstepped
a little bit today, too.
Nurse Nancy took me by your shop
and a couple of your coworkers
might have been complaining
about you not
applying to run the place.
I'm going to strangle them!
Dr. Holbrook!
Darcy Archer, this
is my neurologist.
Are you ready to
get out of here, Aiden?
I told Dr. Holbrook
that I observed
no areas of concern when
you were ambulatory today.
And the swelling on your brain
is sufficiently under control,
so I'm comfortable
signing your release.
there's still so
much I don't remember.
Which is why we'd still like to
see you for cognitive therapy,
but the best thing you can do
is to surround yourself
with the familiar.
Gosh well, okay.
Thanks doc!
Stay put and we'll
get your paperwork.
So what do I do now?
I guess you go home.
I mean it looks familiar.
But it doesn't
really feel like home.
Give it a minute.
Settle in a bit.
It just doesn't feel like me.
How so?
Well, take this
sculpture for instance.
What about it?
I really hate that sculpture.
Well maybe it was a gift.
No tree?
Not even a single decoration?
I love Christmas.
I know I love Christmas.
Would it feel more like home
if we decked the halls a bit?
Because I can make that happen.
I don't want you going
out and buying anything.
I wasn't planning on it.
Just lemme make a phone call.
Hey Bailey!
Don't worry,
there's more in the car!
Let me help you with that.
Did you pack all that yourself?
Oh, goodness no.
I recruited Luigi to assist.
You must be Aiden.
Yes, thank you.
Nice to meet you, Mrs. Henley.
Darcy, you're right.
He is handsome.
She said I was handsome?
It's, you know,
just a descriptive word.
Let's unpack some
Christmas, shall we?
And I'll get the
rest out of the car.
My friend Josh is covering
my shift at the store today
and now my phone is dead.
It's been a busy day.
I feel bad making
you miss all this work.
I'm the one who usually
covers for everyone,
I'm just calling
in a few favors.
I did promise to find
a surprise special guest
for our Christmas Eve event.
I'm still working on that one.
Hey, why don't we
call one of my clients?
Do you remember the
password for your computer?
You know, amnesia really
is the unexpected wrench
in the works of a
paperless office.
I don't like that word.
It's not a world
I wanna live in.
So you never
answered my question.
Why haven't you
applied to run the store?
I'm running out of reasons.
I guess I hesitate because
I'm not the type of person
who looks around
a room and thinks,
"Clearly I'm meant to be
the person in charge here."
Okay, but you are
the type of person
who decides that
something needs to happen
and then makes
sure that it does.
Isn't that all leadership is?
Maybe so.
Besides, there's an experience
that I want you to have.
What's that?
To know how good
it feels to have
Darcy Archer fighting for you.
Thank you, Aiden.
That's a great
sweater, by the way.
Oh, thank you.
I can't take credit for it.
I did find a business card for
a personal shopper upstairs.
Someone buys your
clothes for you?
So what do think?
How're we looking?
Good, I think.
One, two...
Well, you think we got enough?
Yes, it looks great!
And who wants to make
a gingerbread house?
One of my favorite
Christmas traditions.
Maybe I'll...
watch this!
Christmas at my house,
there was always an
assembly line in the kitchen.
My mom, she would
make so much bread
that she would have to bake
the loaves in coffee cans.
She was pretty famous
for it, actually.
We would show up to
school with a loaf
all wrapped up for each teacher.
Not just mine, all of them.
And they...
The teachers...
I was a teacher, Darcy.
I don't know.
But that classroom
that I was drawing,
I wasn't a student in it.
That was my classroom.
I can see it now,
I can see my desk,
I can see my entire class.
I was an art teacher.
Third through fifth grade.
And my first year of teaching,
my mom showed up at Christmas
with a loaf just for me.
I love that.
Why would I give that up?
Maybe there's a
gift in all this.
As you remember who you were,
you get to decide
who you want to be.
I know this song.
Well yes, it's been
playing everywhere.
No, but this version of it.
I've heard it before!
I know I have.
Winter formal, in college.
Will you dance with me?
Oh, no--
Yup, there it is.
It's all coming back.
And the theme was...
Something with bells.
Jingle Bell Ball,
that's it yeah!
That sounds magical.
I couldn't have gotten through
this without you, Darcy.
Well, you wouldn't have
gotten into this without me.
You have to stop
blaming yourself.
It was a moment, an accident,
and everything since
then has revealed to me
who you really are.
Thoughtful, determined, funny...
I do like the way you see me.
I love that I get to see you.
Aiden will you call
your dog, please?
Bailey, come!
What is going on?
I thought you
went back to Akron,
and then I get this
crazy message from Melanie,
someone told her I have amnesia?
And I've been trying to
call you all morning and...
what have you
done to this house?
I'm sorry, could we
back up for a second?
What are you doing
in Aiden's house?
This is my house.
Who are you?
I'm Darcy Archer,
I'm a friend of Aiden's.
Who are you?
I'm William Anderson.
I am also a friend of Aiden's.
You're William
A. Anderson?
Oh dear.
You weren't planning to use
those Nutcracker
tickets, were you?
Is somebody baking in here?
I don't understand.
If you're William
Anderson, then...
I'm Aiden Harris.
From Akron, Ohio.
You called and said you'd
found your mother's ring
at an antique store up here,
you were driving up to get it.
Wanted to know if I could
recommend any hotels
that allow dogs.
I was in California on a
book tour with a client,
so I offered you my house.
Which you've apparently,
decorated for Christmas.
You're welcome.
I'm a minimalist.
Yeah, but you don't have to be.
And you guys have been
friends since college,
which is why Aiden was
in your graduation photo.
So Melanie is your girlfriend?
She tried to call after
she got Darcy's message.
I really should've
charged my phone.
Okay, so I came here from
Ohio to get my mom's ring.
You had to wait until you were
on Christmas break from school.
So I'm still a teacher?
Oh, that's nice.
I bet you you're
a great teacher.
All right so...
I'm sorry, Will.
It's just the last week I've
been thinking that I was you.
Which explains why
you're wearing my clothes.
It's a really nice sweater.
Aiden, I am so sorry that
you've been dealing with this.
This is kind of insane,
I had no idea.
I wish I'd gotten home sooner,
I was in LA with Tony Parks.
Which is so amazing.
She's a pretty big fan.
She works over at
Chaucer's Bookstore.
No kidding!
That's a great store.
There's not many
like it anymore.
Keep up the good fight.
We certainly try.
Aiden, you should
probably call your Dad.
I don't know when you
were planning on being home,
but he might've been
expecting you by now.
The big problem
is I lost my phone,
and I don't have his number.
His generation
still has landlines.
That's true, we do.
I'll see if he's listed.
Um, Mrs. Henley?
Why don't we pack up
and get out of the way?
No, what're you talking about?
We're finally
solving this mystery,
don't you want to
see how it ends?
I'm seeing it.
You're being reunited
with people who love you.
I'm just going to
get a little fresh air.
Do I follow?
You absolutely follow.
When did she have time
to decorate out here?
She's a very determined lady.
What's wrong?
Nothing, I promise.
But Dr. Holbrook
said you'll do better
if you're surrounded
by the familiar.
I need to give
you room to do that.
But I'm not asking you to.
You're only just remembering
your life in Ohio.
And you wrapped up
that ring for someone,
and whoever it is
clearly means a lot to you.
go back to your life.
And find out who you are.
No matter what, I'm your
friend, and I always will be.
Thank you.
For everything.
Will has your dad on the line!
Are you alright, dear?
You look so sad.
I should be alright, right?
I wanted to help
him find out who he is,
and we did that.
And I made a new friend.
But you see him as
more than a friend.
I don't ask for much, you know?
The less you ask for,
the less you have to lose.
So I found my adventure
in books, you know?
But this week, it was
like I forgot to do that,
and I realized that I'm a
little braver than I thought.
You didn't think about all
the things you're normally
tentative about, because
you were concerned for Aiden.
Caring for others reveals
the best version of ourselves.
Those were
special circumstances.
I was helping him
figure out who he is.
I know.
And imagine what would happen if
you did the same for yourself.
Oh, hey.
Mrs. Henley left her
phone number in the kitchen.
She said that she would be
more than happy to come by
and pick up all of these
decorations whenever you want.
You know I hate to admit it,
but they're actually
starting to grow on me.
You all set?
You really don't mind driving
me all the way back to Ohio?
You have no license, no money,
and until last night,
you didn't know your name.
So I'm not really comfortable
letting you drive a car.
I can't believe your luck,
having somebody like
Darcy to help you out.
She actually went to
New York to find Melanie?
Yeah, she did.
Wow, that's amazing.
Would you go through all that
trouble to help a stranger?
I don't know, would I?
Yeah, yeah you would.
But normal people wouldn't.
I don't know how
you pay that back.
Actually, there might be a way.
Thank you!
Good morning, Darcy.
Can't talk.
I've been psyching myself
up the whole ride over
and I don't wanna lose my nerve.
Did something happen?
Many things have happened,
I will tell you later.
But right now, I am
a woman on a mission.
Good morning, Terrence.
Good morning, Darcy.
My, don't you look nice today?
Thank you, Terrence.
I do look nice today.
And in addition to looking nice,
I submit to you that I look
professional and capable.
And I would agree
with that assessment.
I believe that you
deserve the right
to have someone running
Chaucer's who really loves it.
I concur.
And I think I'm
that person, Terrence.
No, I just don't
think it, I know it.
And there's areas where
I'd need training of course,
but I've come to appreciate
that I'm the kind of person
who sees a problem and doesn't
stop until a solution is found.
Do you know what
half the inventory is
at Books Books Books?
Not books.
What we do is so special and our
community needs us and I truly--
All I ever wanted
was for you to want it.
Of course you
could run this store.
I've always known that.
I just needed for
you to know that.
I would be honored to leave
Chaucer's in your hands.
The job is yours.
Oh my gosh, Terrence!
You will not regret this.
Let's get you started.
Right now?
Sunday is Christmas Eve.
We have a lot of work to do.
Sorry to interrupt.
I've got a call on hold for you.
I would like to introduce you
to our new general manager.
Oh, Darcy!
I knew when you came
in with good shoes
something was brewing.
So maybe this call
should go to you then?
Who is it?
It's Anthony Cleaver Parks.
He's offering to do an author
appearance on Christmas Eve.
Anthony Cleaver Parks?
He says he's helping
a friend repay a favor.
I'll take the call
in here, thanks.
Okay. Bye boss!
I'm just worried
I won't remember.
Don't worry, you will.
I remember.
I remember!
Wait wait!
I wanted to get a
photo of you two!
I know that we're overdressed.
People don't dress up to
go to the ballet anymore.
Oscar Wilde said one can never
be overdressed or overeducated.
Do you hear that, Luigi?
We have Oscar's approval.
I don't know him,
but he sounds like
a very wise man, huh?
Okay, smile.
Have fun, you two.
Good night.
Okay everyone,
it's looking good!
Let's keep up the pace!
The doors open in ten minutes
and we have customers waiting!
Can you come take a
look at this for a minute?
Oh, of course!
Katherine, while you
have your phone out,
do you mind calling
William Anderson
and getting an ETA
on Mr. Parks' arrival?
Oh, Luigi!
This looks incredible!
I could not have done it without
the help of my lovely assistant.
Beauty inspires beauty.
Great job with the store, Darcy.
The place looks extraordinary!
Thank you, Terrence.
Our special guests have arrived.
I'd like you to meet
Anthony Cleaver Parks.
Tony, this is the
amazing Darcy Archer.
It's nice to finally
meet you in person.
Thank you so much for all of
the online promotion you did.
We've been getting
calls all day.
I'm glad to get your store
as much attention as I can.
We really appreciate it.
Josh, do you
think you could show
the reading area
to Mr. Parks?
Please, my friends call me Tony.
This way, Mr. Parks.
Or should I say Tony?
Well, you're done for the year.
Nobody's gonna top
that Christmas present.
Honey, what's wrong?
I just...
I can't but wish that I could
tell Aiden about all of this.
And you can.
He's still your friend.
I know, I just...
I spent so much
time telling myself
that Aiden was all wrong for me.
That he lived some
fantasy life with the travel
and the fancy clothes and that
house that looked like a hotel.
But, in the end, I didn't
realize I was looking for anyone
until he turned out to be
everything I was looking for.
And now I know what I'm missing.
Even if the time you had
together is all you get,
look how much it's done for you!
Also, I really want a dog now.
That we can do.
Look around you, Darcy!
At your store!
You did this!
You just have to believe
that anything is possible.
Hey everybody, Merry Christmas!
Laura lived in a
little house with her pa,
her ma, and her big sister
Mary, her little sister Carrie,
and their good
old bulldog, Jack.
Are there any questions?
Yes, ma'am?
Mr. Parks, what made you decide
to set a story at Christmas?
There's just something
about the holidays,
isn't there?
The air is heavy
with possibility.
It's the time of year
where we really believe
that our dreams can come true.
And it's those expectations
that enhance the story...
I think he's just
here for the food.
What are you doing here?
Well, I was looking for
something to do tonight,
so I went over to
Books Books Books,
but man, it is dead over there.
I meant why aren't you in Ohio?
You see those people?
Well that handsome older
gentleman happens my dad.
His name is Stanley, by the way.
He wanted to thank you for
taking such good care of me.
And that sweet little girl?
That's my niece, Sara.
And that lovely lady wearing
that beautiful diamond ring
that we thought was lost
That's Jenny.
My sister.
Your sister?
The ring was a gift.
For my sister.
I'd like to thank the
staff of Chaucer's Bookstore,
particularly the general
manager, Darcy Archer,
for welcoming me here.
It's been an absolute pleasure.
Thank you again,
Anthony Cleaver Parks!
And thank you to you,
all of you,
for making this the best
Christmas Eve at Chaucer's ever!
Hi, I'm Aiden's sister, Jenny.
And this is my daughter, Sara.
Hi Sara!
It is wonderful
to meet both of you.
I don't know what
would've happened.
If you hadn't
taken care of Bailey,
if you hadn't helped Aiden...
We probably wouldn't have
even known he was missing
until Christmas Day.
Thank you so much.
Your brother is a
very special guy.
Yeah he is.
I can't believe he
went through all that,
and he found Mom's ring.
It feels like a
Christmas miracle.
Do you know where he might be?
I think he took Bailey outside.
Thank you.
My favorite authors
are William Faulkner
and Patricia Highsmith.
Strangers on a Train
is one of my favorites.
Like I said, now I know
you a little better.
Now I know me a
little better, too.
I've been trying to
separate the things
we thought we knew
from the things
that turned out to be true.
Let me see if I can help.
I'm Aiden Harris.
And this is my dog, Bailey.
Well it is nice
to meet you both.
I'm Darcy Archer.
So what do you do
for a living, Aiden?
I'm an art teacher.
How about you?
I run the best bookstore
in the whole world.
What? This is your place?
You run this?
For how long?
A whole 24 hours.
So, do you live around here?
Currently I'm in Ohio,
but I'm considering a move.
And why is that?
A wise, beautiful friend
of mine once told me
that when I found
myself standing in front
of the woman that I
was meant to be with,
I'd know.
She was right.
Well, it was a pleasure
to meet you, Aiden.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Darcy.