A Gift Wrapped Christmas (2015) Movie Script

You got the tree up
A star on the tip-top
With tinsel
and twinkling lights
We put up the stockings
The gifts and the garland
It sure looks like
Christmas inside
You know the mistletoe
is right for kissing
There's only one thing
that we're missing
We're calling for snow
And we'll take it in a hurry
Ring the north pole
And tell the elves to scurry
Get Santa to blow
a flake or a flurry
We're callin' for snow
Hi, Ms. Rogers.
I'm loving your hair cut.
You cut it.
It's much shorter, right?
I love them.
Okay, I'll take a pair
in the size medium.
Oh, Gwen, they're
exactly what I wanted.
Now, if only I had--
A matching scarf?
They're perfect.
Hey, Donna, black boots
in the window, size eight.
I'll be back in a half an hour.
They are gorgeous, and I love
your new haircut, by the way.
That one.
Thanks, David.
Okay, I'm going to take
a size six in the pink,
a ten in the red, and...
Tiffany, this one's for me.
I shouldn't, right?
I shouldn't.
Actually, you know what,
I'm gonna do it.
'Cause you only live once,
I'm gonna get it.
[squeals in excitement]
Thank you, Nancy.
Merry Christmas.
We're callin' for snow
Great jacket.
Have a good one.
Gift Wrapped
for all your personal
shopping needs,
how can I help you?
Diane wants to see you.
Right now?
Of course
we shop for toys.
Let me
put you through.
Hey, guys.
Dine, I heard
you wanted to talk to me.
Oh, Gwen, good, you're here.
Wow, Anna, you are
about to pop.
And I feel that way, thank you.
Well, don't pop yet.
We've still got four weeks
until Christmas.
[sighs heavily]
And on that note,
Gwen, I need you
to go see Charlie Baker
this afternoon.
Anna has a doctor's appointment,
and he needs
someone ASAP.
Yeah, of course.
And he is our best client,
so pay attention.
Got it.
Are you sure you're okay?
It's just
these darn Braxton-Hicks.
Uh, this is
his office address.
His assistant's made
an appointment for you at 3:00.
Today 3:00?
3:00 today?
Because this is, um, downtown,
and that's in 30 minutes.
I know.
So don't be late.
Okay, yeah. Got it.
All right, feel better.
Thank you.
Come on, Daisy.
[engine starter chugging]
Come on, Daisy,
come on, Daisy...
[engine rumbles to life]
Whoo! Good girl.
[sighs nervously]
[ringing bell]
Merry Christmas.
Hi. Can I help you?
Yes, you can, Pat.
I'm Gwen, I'm Charlie Baker's
personal shopper.
Well, no, sorry,
I shouldn't have said that.
I'm not his, like,
official personal shopper.
His official
personal shopper is Anna,
who is at
a doctor's appointment,
because she's having
this Braxton-Hicks thing--
Have you had kids?
So, anyway, I'm here
for her for today.
Oh, well, Charlie's just
wrapping up a conference call.
So, have a seat,
and I'll let you know
when he's ready to see you.
Great, thank you, Pat.
you're a big
coffee fan, huh?
Not really.
Charlie just likes to give me
mugs for every occasion.
I love your nude pumps.
Uh, excuse me? Gwen?
Charlie will see you now.
Oh, thanks.
It's just
up the stairs,
first door on your right.
Great. Thanks.
You okay?
No, yeah, it's just this chair.
It wreaks havoc
with my back.
Well, feel better, Pat.
Yes, well, I'll get
those figures to you
by the end of the day.
Well, just don't go talking
to anybody else.
Yeah, well,
I'll make it happen.
Bye for now.
Positive direction.
Excuse me?
No, I was just...
I was overhearing you,
and you were,
like, sort of
setting the wheels in motion
for a positive outcome,
you know.
And you are..?
Sorry, I should
have said that first.
I'm Gwen Burke.
I'm filling in for Anna.
Of course.
Have a seat.
Nice office.
Did Anna give you a list?
She didn't
give me a list.
I... can text her.
That's fine.
The most important thing
I need right now is a new suit.
I've got a couple of functions
I need to attend to,
one of them being
a Christmas party.
Okay, new suit for
the Christmas party.
What are you thinking
for a tie?
I'll just wear this one.
You're serious?
That one?
That's a very out-of-date tie.
I'm not sure who even
guided you to wear that today.
If it's Anna, please don't
tell her I said that,
but you really can't wear that
to a Christmas party,
because it's not going with
the structure of your suit.
Is that most of your collection?
I don't really have
a collection.
We're starting from scratch, and
I love that.
This is not
my first rodeo.
I had a client
last week,
we overhauled
his whole closet.
Pop that up, there we go.
[measuring tape ratchets out]
What are you doing?
I'm taking
your measurements.
My tailor already has them.
[measuring tape ratchets in]
Yeah. Gotcha.
[sighs awkwardly]
Just make sure
it's either grey or black.
All right? Nothing fancy.
-[cell phone rings]
Because it's
a Christmas party.
You're gonna go walking in
like a dark cloud, and I just--
Do you mind?
Whoa. Yeah.
Thank you.
Karl, just
hang on a sec.
one more thing,
I need a Christmas gift
for my son's teacher.
Can you tell me
anything about her?
Uh, is she scholarly?
Does she like sports?
How would I know?
Just get her a mug or something.
I mean, Pat will
give you the details.
A mug?
I can't sleep
with myself at night
if I do that.
Do you think that
your wife could maybe--
She's deceased.
I'm so sorry...
That's exactly why
we're on the phone.
I don't want to low-ball
this thing too hard
and lose it.
Three minutes ago--
Should I...?
I realize that.
I realize
that, but--
I'm gonna...
I don't... think...
...head out.
Well, that's why
that email...
That's why people
invented email.
Yeah, and I normally
would be, like,
"No, thank you."
but he's one of
Gift Wrapped's biggest clients,
and if I do a good job,
Diane will probably
assign him to me
when Anna's
on maternity leave.
Don't you have enough clients?
I mean, you're already working
seven days a week.
I love working, I love my job.
What are you talking about?
Well, your
love life doesn't.
Are you really
going to do that?
You're going to give me
a sisterly lecture right now
about how I'm going to
end up old and alone?
Well, you will if you don't
dedicate some time to yourself.
For dating?
Do you know
how rough it is out there?
Gwen, after dad died,
you made it your mission
to make sure that mom was happy,
and you're doing the same thing
with your clients.
I mean, what about you?
Thank you.
Thank you for that.
You're so sweet.
Have you heard from mom?
I think she's still on
the Mediterranean cruise.
And don't
change the subject.
I'm just saying
that you need a little balance.
Thank you, Steph.
I really
[clearing throat pointedly]
Are you talking
about my diet?
Because if I eat
one more salad,
I swear I'm going to
grow roots
right into
the ground.
What's wrong with salad?
No, uh, nothing,
if you're a rabbit.
Do I look like
a rabbit?
Do I? Gwen?
You do.
Yeah, I can...
I can see it.
My friend Sue
shaved these two teeth down
with a nail file, so...
you could probably just do that.
Anyway, I'll let you guys
figure that one out.
But you'll both be
very happy to know
that the condo
I've been eying
is going down in price,
so I might be out of your hair
sooner rather than later.
Bye, wabbit!
Go have some fun
bunny time!
Now I feel
All right.
Miss Henderson,
what are you all about?
There you are.
That was easy.
Okay, third trade teacher,
been at the school six years,
girls' volleyball coach.
Cute picture.
Head of the school library
book drive.
[school bell ringing]
Dad, do you think next weekend
we can get
our own Christmas tree?
Of course.
I'll just call
my assistant,
and I'll have one
ordered to the house.
No, I mean, we can go and get
our own Christmas tree
at the cabin
like we used to.
I don't know, Owen.
I'm really swamped right now,
but I'll tell you what,
I'm gonna make sure
Pat orders a really good one.
An eight-footer,
straight to the ceiling.
Mr. Baker!
Oh, Mr. Baker...
Thank you!
Your Christmas present
was not only thoughtful,
but so generous.
It was?
Of course.
I mean, thanks to you,
we now no longer have
empty shelves
in our school library.
[chuckles in delight]
Great, that's...
So you liked the...
the books.
I loved them,
and so will the kids.
Great, well,
I'm going to head to work now.
I'll see you later on tonight,
okay, buddy?
Before bed?
Yeah, I'll-I'll do my best.
[school bell rings]
Thank you.
Oh, Merry Christmas!
These are kind of boring,
aren't they?
Well, that's what
Mr. Baker usually buys.
I'm gonna fall asleep.
What can you tell me
about that suit?
No, no, no,
he never buys stripes.
Come on, Sal,
we gotta think outside the box
a little bit here.
Don't you think
that purple
would just bring out
the green in his eyes?
It would be like bam.
Well, perhaps,
but, honestly,
he is very particular.
I'll take it.
What do you think?
Don't you get jealous.
Come here.
No, no.
No, no, please, please.
Would you...
They're very
expensive mannequins.
I'll be with you in a moment.
One moment.
Knock, knock.
I have a surprise for you.
I'm so glad
you're sitting.
Brace yourself,
brace yourself.
What do you think?
It's purple.
Pur-- This?
This is not purple,
Charlie Baker.
This is a gorgeous,
yet masculine, navy suit
with a very delicate
purple pinstripe.
I thought I was clear.
Just try it on.
Arms up.
[gasping] What?
Can I see
your arm for a second?
This is way too tight.
Did you maybe gain
a little weight?
Of course not.
Well, it's okay
if you did.
You shouldn't feel bad.
It's the holidays.
It's just, I used
the exact measurements
that Sal had--
No, it's fine--
--and unless the
measurements are wrong,
then you gained weight.
Well, if you used
the measurements
from the store, it's...
You gained weight.
What's wrong is
the suit is wrong.
If you had just bought
what I asked you to buy,
we wouldn't have this problem.
All right.
Well, I'm sorry
you don't like it,
but it's the holidays,
and if I let you go into
a Christmas party
wearing a black suit,
that's about as bad
as someone's uncle
walking into
a wedding in white.
I'm not gonna
let you do that--
Did you buy books
for Owen's teacher?
I did buy books
for Owen's teacher.
Did she like them?
I tried to get a whole
demographic of books--
Yes, but that's
besides the point.
You know a mug
would have sufficed,
or some flowers.
Should we ask your secretary
if a mug would have sufficed?
I think everyone's
a little mugged out--
Are you always this difficult?
Excuse me?
The term
"personal shopper,"
in my mind,
is describing someone
that makes your life easier,
not complicated--
I don't think
making people happy
is complicated,
and I think
you should know
that all of my clients
love my personal touch.
And my job title is
"personal shopper,"
so I'm sorry
that doesn't work for you.
I would appreciate it
if you just did what I asked
and left
your personal feelings
or your touch,
or whatever it is,
out of it.
Just for the record,
I do think the purple
would bring out
the green in your eyes.
Gwen, I need
to talk to you.
Hi, Diane.
You know, if this is about
Charlie Baker, let's say I'm--
Actually, it is.
--really glad that he's not--
Anna's been ordered
on bed rest until her due date.
Oh, man, is she okay?
Oh, she's fine,
it's just a precaution.
But the good news is,
with Anna
out of commission,
it looks like
Charlie Baker
just became your newest client.
Isn't that great?
So great, Diane, so great.
It's so great.
He's just
so self-centered,
and he's arrogant,
and he doesn't even care
what gifts he gives,
at all.
Like, if it were up to him,
it would just be like,
"Oh, here's a coffee mug.
What's your name?"
Like, I have
no tolerance for that.
Then why did you take him on?
Because, Steph, he's one of
Gift Wrapped's biggest clients.
Like, it would look horrible
if I said no.
[cell phone chimes]
Hmm, speaking of which,
he needs a dozen
Christmas baskets by tomorrow.
Oh, well, I hope you can
find enough mugs.
Hey, Caitlin,
is Owen still up?
Sorry, Mr. Baker.
He went to bed
about a half hour ago.
[sighs heavily]
Okay, well, thanks.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah. You have a good night.
That can't be right.
Yup, it's, uh, 456 Elm Street,
suite 315.
Yeah, you got it, Nancy.
If you could just make sure
to have those in by 5:00,
that would be amazing.
You too.
Merry Christmas.
You get all
those baskets ordered?
Well, if you're
not too busy,
you should make sure
you're home for
dinner tonight,
because Roy invited
a friend over,
and you would
finish out the table
for the four of us.
Sounds good.
What? I thought
I added that to the cart.
You look so pretty.
Where are you going?
I have
an interview today.
Okay, you have to add this.
How perfect is this?
What are the odds?
Hair up, hair up.
I love what
you're wearing,
but I feel like it might
be chilly in there, and...
Just need
a little extra?
I love that.
Let's zsuzsh you.
Zsuzsh you...
You're good.
I'm late!
I love you,
you're gonna kill it.
Stand up straight.
Okay, bye!
After your meeting
with Harry this morning,
you have an 11:00 call
with Mark Brice,
and then lunch
down at the Supper Club.
Oh, and I received
confirmation from Gwen
that the last
of the gift baskets
have been sent out,
and you've already
received 10 thank you's,
and two dinner
For the...
For the baskets?
That's right.
[cell phone rings]
[woman]: Hey, babe.
I didn't think you were
back until tomorrow.
What if I said I missed you?
Well, I don't think
I'd believe you.
Well then, actually,
my last meeting
got pushed to next week.
Did you get my message
about Harry?
About his sentimental
attachment to the company?
That's right. He's usually
a cranky old Scrooge,
but when it comes to
that relic of a business,
he turns to mush.
Use it.
Get that price up.
[phone alerts beeping]
Hang-- hang on.
[clearing throat]
Charlie Baker.
What color black do you want?
I'm just picking out
the suit you wanted,
and I need to know
what color black to get.
Whatever, just...
just black.
There's not really, like,
a "just black".
I mean, there's "midnight,"
there's "ebony,"
there's "charcoal..."
Yeah, yeah, I--
Just hang on.
I'm going to have to
call you back
after my meeting with Harry.
Okay. Make sure
you kill it in there.
Hi. Sorry.
Bye, babe.
McCallum and Third.
Okay, okay.
Let's go.
Hey, Sal,
can you think of, like,
a great purple tie
you might have
with a pop of black?
The one on the left.
No, no, no.
No more purple, okay?
Midnight, charcoal, black.
Just black, all right?
I was talking about
for the tie.
We already talked about this.
I already have a tie.
Okay, let me fill you in,
Men with ties are a lot like
women with shoes,
you seriously
cannot have too many.
I mean, my friends have
staged an intervention
'cause of the amount
of shoes I have, but--
Hey, listen, I'm going to
have to talk to you later.
Charlie Baker.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Charlie Baker?
[laughing in delight]
Well, what a pleasure.
Thank you so much
for that outstanding
gift basket.
20-year-old McGinty Scotch,
how did you know
that was my favorite?
And the wife has been
over the moon
with those
French macaroons.
I was... just happy to--
Well, I am in a mood
to return
some of that good will.
So, let's do business.
[laughing merrily]
It went great.
I mean, Harry was
more than willing to negotiate.
I know, can you believe it?
Yes, well,
I ensured him that...
Hey, listen, uh,
I gotta go.
I'll-- I'll call you back.
Okay, bye.
It's black.
It's midnight black
with hint of navy blue
to offset your pale complexion.
So now you think
I'm overweight and pale.
I didn't mean it like that,
I'm just trying to
bring out your best.
Let's try it on.
Arms in.
Still fitting
a little snug, huh?
Well, at least
the color works.
[laughs] Yup.
So how did you know
that Harry liked McGinty scotch?
I did my research.
Like with Owen's teacher?
I firmly believe
that every present
that someone gets
should make them feel
really special and appreciated,
which is why
every present I get
for my clients is personal.
But you...
Charlie Baker,
not a big fan
of the personal touch.
for what it's worth,
it really did
make the difference,
thank you.
You're welcome.
I've got to get
to another meeting.
Thank you.
I'll just...
[sighs sadly]
Wow, it smells
so good in here.
You made a pot roast.
This looks amazing.
Are we celebrating something?
Did you get your job?
I haven't heard yet,
but come on,
Roy's friend
just got here,
and we're about ready
to sit down for dinner.
I'll get you
a drink.
David, this is
my sister, Gwen.
Hi there, David.
A pleasure to meet you, Gwen.
Great to meet you, too.
Great shirt.
Well, why don't you
have a seat?
I know you must be hungry
from your very,
very busy day.
What is that you, uh, do
that keeps you
so busy?
Oh, I'm a personal shopper.
Or stylist,
some people say "stylist."
David's a psychiatrist.
Psychologist, actually.
You're a psychologist?
Can I ask you
a hypothetical question?
say I knew somebody,
and they had just suffered
a great loss,
like their wife died,
do you think that could
make that person unbending,
or a little self-absorbed?
This is so helpful for me,
you have no idea.
Like, I could probably help him
get him out of his shell, right?
Like, I could help show him
that there's
more to life than work.
Like, he should be spending
more time with his kid,
and it's Christmas--
Yeah, hypothetically.
Yeah, I'd have to
meet this person first to...
I'm no doctor, but--
Hi, Gwen,
why don't you come help me
pick out the wine?
Oh, we actually--
Yeah, no,
it's right over here.
Steph, it's starting
to make sense to me now,
why he is the way that he is.
I mean, why he's so shut down.
-What are you doing?
Grilling a potential date
about Charlie?
Who, if I have to remind you,
by the way
made you so angry.
Yeah, that's just it,
he made me so angry,
until I understand,
and now...
I get it, I get it.
I mean, who could
blame the guy?
He's so closed off,
but of course he is, you know?
please don't make him
another one of your missions.
Okay, I just feel like
I could help bring
his spirit back.
Okay, and what about David?
The psychiatrist.
-That guy?
The psychologist?
You really think that's
as good as I can do?
Gosh, have a little faith--
I mean, he's cute.
He's a nice guy.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
He's a nice guy.
Pat, I need your help.
I have a huge surprise
for Charlie,
and I need 30 minutes
in his office alone.
A surprise?
Charlie's not big on surprises.
Trust me,
he's going to love this,
and if he says anything,
I'm just gonna be like,
"I don't know what happened.
"The door was left open,
"and I don't know,
she was out.
She must have gone
to the bathroom."
It'll be totally fine.
What do you say?
Okay, go.
You get cooler every day.
Why did that
man get mad
when you told him
his company wasn't worth
as much as
he thought?
Because some people
don't like to hear the truth.
Well, it's better
when you tell the truth,
'cause if you tell a lie,
you might get in trouble.
and you remember that.
What are you doing here?
No school today?
It's bring your child
to work day.
Well, isn't this day
just full of surprises.
Right, Charlie?
You bet.
Pat, can you get Greg Smith
on the phone
for me, please?
Of course. Right away.
Great. Thanks.
Oh, boy.
You like it?
I love it.
Who are you?
I am Gwen Burke,
stylist extraordinaire.
High five it.
That's putting it mildly.
Thanks, Dad,
this is the best.
Well, I mean, I didn't...
Well, he must
have known
that you would
really love it.
[sighs in confusion]
[cell phone rings]
Did you...
know about this?
Well... not really,
but it is a nice
surprise, isn't it?
Check it out.
[tune chimes and jingles]
We wish you
a Merry Christmas...
[singing together]
Karl, yeah, listen,
No, it's a toy.
--And a happy New Year
Look, I'm gonna
have to call you back.
Okay? Yeah.
Would it be possible
to see Sal about another suit,
considering the last two
haven't really worked out?
Yeah, of course.
But you're just going to
have to go with me.
Um, I'm sorry,
but isn't the point
of having a personal shopper
so you don't have to shop?
Yes, that's a perk,
but your measurements
are all off,
'cause I just completely flaked
and forgot to bring
my measuring tape.
Okay, you know what, Pat, um,
we're going to
cancel everything
for the next hour,
because I guess somebody...
...has to go shopping.
Oh, yes, we have gone up
another size.
Well, you know how
these Italian suits fit,
they always fit small.
Yeah, they're...
Those Italians...
they're known for that, right?
The... [wincing]
Dad, look, you should
check this out!
You have to get it.
[Gwen shouts]
Try it on!
Oh, come on.
Dad, if you like it,
you can wear it
at Christmas,
and I could wear
my Christmas sweater.
Hear him?
Sweater parties are
all the rage nowadays.
Try it on for us.
Yes, try it on for us,
please, please, please.
All right.
Light it up, please,
light it up.
Oh, light it up!
Okay, let me get
a picture.
Let me get a picture
of you with your dad.
-Okay, ready?
-All right.
All right, Sal,
get in there, bud.
One, two, three.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
-You wear it very well.
I still think that
you should get that sweater.
I mean, I have
some pull with Sal.
Dad, look it's Santa!
Oh, wow!
Can I go and see him?
Sorry, Owen,
I've really got to
get back to the office.
I could take him.
No, I...
Really, I couldn't
bother you,
and besides,
it's bring your kid to work day.
Owen and I have
another meeting to go to.
But, Dad, your meetings
are kind of boring,
and it's Santa.
Yeah, meetings are boring.
Let me take him to see Santa.
Are you sure you don't mind?
Don't mind at all.
Thanks, Gwen.
I will see you
when I see you then.
Put in a good word
for me, huh?
Go get 'em.
All right. Oh, Owen, look.
You're next,
you're next.
Here, in case Santa
is afraid of reptiles.
Oh, good thinking.
Okay, tell him
how good you were.
[talking softly]
Did you tell Santa
your Christmas wish?
I did.
I was wishing for my Dad
to go tobogganing
up at our cabin.
That's where we used to spend
all of our
Where do you spend
your Christmases now?
At home.
It's okay, it's just,
before my mom died,
he would spend
the whole holidays with me,
but now he's just too busy.
Well, I'm sure
Santa's going to make
your Christmas wish come true,
because that's what he does.
You want to go get
some hot chocolate?
Whoo! Me too.
Let's go.
All right,
hold my hand.
[play shooting]
No, I got you.
Ah, I just got you!
You missed.
I didn't miss.
[play shooting]
Oh, hi!
Hi! Hello.
Sorry if I was running
a little late,
I just picked up a few things
on my way out.
Oh, it's fine.
We got hot chocolate
and we got candy canes.
I'm glad to see
you finally took my advice
and got Owen a nanny.
Gwen isn't, um...
-Not a nanny.
Different career.
She's my personal shopper.
Oh, speaking of which,
I actually
picked you up something
I think you're really
going to like.
[mumbling] This might
be a little too much.
It's this.
Okay, that's the wrong bag.
Wrong bag.
What do you think?
We're corporate professionals,
not Vegas entertainers.
I hope you kept the receipt.
I don't know,
it's not the worst.
It kind of...
Yeah, it...
I think it's great.
It's festive, right?
It's festive. It's festive...
It's festive.
I mean, at least you didn't
buy me that sweater.
It was really bad.
You should have seen it,
it lit up,
and it was...
Well, we should
probably get ready
for our dinner
I completely forgot.
Can Gwen come?
Aw, that's
really sweet,
but I have plans tonight.
It was so nice
to meet you.
Victoria Dane.
Victoria. Awesome.
I had a lot of fun
hanging out with you today.
Okay, you guys,
have a great dinner.
Bye, Owen.
[Roy chuckling] Ha!
[Steph]: I got you.
[Steph laughing]
Hey, stop!
[Roy]: You're going
to knock off my peppers.
I know,
don't do that.
[Roy]: Don't you knock off
my peppers.
Don't mess with my peppers.
[Roy]: I'm the pepper king.
[roaring and giggling]
Oh, hey!
Roy is just about
to fire up the barbecue
for his famous burgers.
-Are you in?
Yeah. Yeah...
That sounds great.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm just--
I've had such a long day,
but I'm going to go
unwind for a little bit.
Yeah, I'll see
you guys for dinner.
You're being cute right now,
you know that?
Keeping it alive,
keeping that
spark alive.
There you are.
"Victoria Dane,
"poised to becoming
one of the youngest partners
"at Roth and Holtz
with Charlie Baker
of VistaSun Equities."
Well, isn't that just cute.
[call ringing]
Hi. You've reached Linda.
I'm out of the country,
but leave me a message,
and I'll get back to you.
Hi, Mom.
It's me,
your youngest daughter.
I miss you.
Um... will you call me
when you and Carlos
hit dry land?
I think you're probably
still cruising.
[sighs heavily]
Oh, no.
Why couldn't we just go
to the Burger Cellar?
Because this is where everyone
is eating now, sweetheart.
Don't worry, buddy,
I'm sure the burger
you ordered will be great.
Thank you.
So, how did
your personal shopper
end up taking Owen
to go see Santa?
Uh, I was in a fitting,
and then I had to
head back to the office,
and so she offered.
Well, you obviously
know her well enough
to trust her with your kid.
She's awesome!
She even decorated Daddy's
office for Christmas.
Oh, really?
She even knows
where the best hot chocolate is.
And everyone
at the stores know her
'cause she's so nice.
your appetizer.
And a Wagu burger
with wasabi
cotton candy foam.
Why is everything so foamy?
It's called
"gastro molecular."
Hey, listen,
I was thinking,
what if I made a pitch
to VistaSun?
I mean, if you and I
were at the same firm,
we could move
corporate mountains.
And we've already talked
about becoming partners--
Owen, are you all right?
Are you all right?
So spicy.
I'm sure it's not that bad.
I'm sorry.
Look, why don't you play
with your lizard or something
while Victoria and I
finish up, okay?
And then we'll get a burger
for you on the way back home--
My lizard! Gwen has it!
I gave it to her when
I went to see Santa.
I can't go to sleep
without it.
[cell phone rings]
Hi, this is so weird,
I literally
just found the lizard.
Yeah, well, I just heard--
Is it Gwen?
Does she have it?
Can we go
and get it?
Would it be possible
to come by there
and pick up the lizard?
Yeah. Yeah, of course.
Um... here. Yeah.
I'm gonna-- I'll just text you
my sister's address,
and then you guys can just
come around the back door.
Well, thank you.
We'll be there shortly.
Okay, yeah.
See you-- See you soon.
Can we go, Dad?
Your father hasn't even
gotten his dinner yet.
Actually, you know what,
it's fine.
I'm gonna get Owen's lizard,
and get him
some real food, and...
No, no, you know what,
it's totally fine.
Actually, I think I saw
Clark Bishop back there,
and I should be asking him
if his equity firm is
interested in Greenwood.
I gotta go.
Thanks, babe.
Sorry, I hope we're
not disturbing you.
Not at all. Come on in.
Um, Charlie,
this is my brother-in-law, Roy,
and this is
my sister, Stephanie,
and this is Owen.
Nice to meet you.
Is that a Delouthe suit?
[whistling in appreciation]
Well, sweet.
Tell you what's really sweet
is that classic
parked in the driveway.
That's my car.
that's Daisy.
She was our dad's car,
and then I adopted her.
Are those burgers?
Those are burgers.
Would you like
a burger?
Oh, no, we can't stay.
Please, Dad?
I'm starving.
I didn't even have dinner.
That's not true.
That's a...
Owen-- He ate. Owen ate.
It was just a little too spicy.
or something.
Well then, you gotta
have a burger.
You want one?
Why don't you guys stay?
We've got enough
food, right, Roy?
Right, Steph?
Are you sure?
Here, let me
take that.
Come on, Owen,
let's get you a seat.
Our mom and dad did not
know what to do with her.
She was determined
to meet Santa Claus.
But instead of
staying up all night
like most kids,
Gwen actually wanted to
catch him in action,
so she actually
pulled up a ladder
and climbed up onto
the top of the roof,
and spent
all night up there.
Did you see him?
It's really
but, no, Owen,
I fell asleep.
Yeah, and, thankfully,
did not fall off the roof.
Yeah, but you want to know
the crazy thing?
When I woke up,
someone had covered me
with a red blanket
with white snowflakes
and green
Christmas trees.
Santa's blanket?
I think it was.
It sounds like
you were a... handful.
No, it wasn't...
I was just... determined.
Oh, yeah, for sure.
Yeah, well, don't I know it.
Hey, Roy, um,
why don't you
grab the plates,
and Owen and I
will go grab some
marshmallows for the fire.
Do we all get marshmallows?
Yeah, if you
clean up the plates.
He's very food motivated.
Right, Roy?
So you live here
with your sister?
Yeah, I moved in here
after our mom remarried
and then, um,
sold our family house.
But I'm here just until
I can save up enough money
to buy my own condo.
And your...
Well, I mean your father,
is he...
Oh, he passed away.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
Thank you.
Yeah, it was
a few years ago.
We loved him so much,
and so for me, my car
is, like, very sentimental,
even though she's a pain a neck
and breaks down all the time.
What about you?
Do you have
a big family?
Uh, it's just me.
My parents like to spend
their winters down south,
so during the holidays,
it's just Owen and I.
Well, that's great.
He's really lucky
to have you.
It's freeze--
It got really cold out here.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
That's really sweet.
[cell phone rings]
Here, your phone.
I think it's in
the right pocket.
That's left.
No, I think it's here.
No, I'm pretty sure--
I got it, I got it.
[call ringing]
Look what
Stephanie made me!
A marshmallow snowman.
Look at that.
It's nice, huh?
Ah, got one, too,
Roy, huh?
[laughs] Always.
I could get you
one of your own
just like Roy here.
Well, thank you,
but, uh, it's a school night,
and it's already past
someone's bedtime.
Oh, that reminds me...
Owen, I was just
talking to someone,
and he really
loves marshmallows.
Oh, ho!
You didn't
talk to him.
I did.
Would you like
a marshmallow?
We'd better
get going.
Here's your coat.
Thank you.
Thank you for dinner.
It was lovely.
We were happy to have you.
Oh, Gwen, that reminds me,
the Christmas party
is coming up.
I'll need gifts
for some of my colleagues.
Yeah. I'm on it.
Hey, and
thanks again.
Yeah, it was fun.
Bye, Owen!
-Get home safe.
Hmm, well...
I can see why
you want to help him.
I mean, he's handsome,
and you two definitely
have a little something.
Stop it.
No. Really.
He's... He's my client
that, just, he needs
a little more encouragement.
he has a girlfriend,
so there's that.
Well, if that's the case,
then you'd better be careful.
Hey-- You know what,
did you see it?
There's something.
I was almost
like, "Ooh...!"
There's definitely
Yeah, yeah.
[trimmer buzzing]
That isn't going to work.
No! Jeez...
Hey, what do you think?
Who's that for again?
This is for Frank,
in accounting,
'cause he goes caving
with his wife every weekend.
Ooh, and check this out.
This is for Tina in sales
'cause she's
a habitual gum chewer.
But isn't this
very cute?
I had no idea.
Sorry to
I thought I should
let you know
that the office party
is about to begin
down in the Oyster lounge.
Really? Right now?
Okay, I gotta finish
wrapping these.
Oh, gosh.
But, uh...
Merry Christmas, Pat.
Thank you, Charlie.
Oh, this...
this is wonderful.
-Oh, I love it.
I've been needing
a backrest for my chair
for the longest time.
Thank you.
Well, I'm just
glad you like it.
It's perfect.
Okay, well, I'd better
get down to this party.
Well, Gwen, why don't you go?
To the party?
I don't work here.
Like, that would be
very weird.
Well, you are employed
by Charlie.
Right, Charlie?
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, you--
you should come.
-Really, you should come.
'Cause I can't
say no to a party.
Well then,
I'll see you there.
All right.
[mouthing silently]
Do I look okay?
That dress is perfect.
Really? Okay.
Gosh, I need
some deodorant.
[hum of warm conversations]
This black suit
looks so good,
but we need
a little something.
Little sprig of green.
You just can't
help yourself, can you?
[laughing] Mo.
Sometimes, I wish
I could turn it off.
I thought you were in a meeting.
It got canceled.
So I thought
I'd come here
and help make this party
a little more bearable for you.
I'm kind of surprised to see.
I thought this was
an office party.
I thought Gwen should come.
I mean, it's, uh,
Christmas after all, right?
The more the merrier.
Of course.
Speaking of,
I think I'm ready for
a glass of Christmas cheer.
Shall we?
[clears throat]
You scared me.
I'm sorry.
Christmas cheer.
That woman wouldn't know
how to be merry
if she tried.
All she's interested in
is climbing the ladder,
and Charlie
is just a rung.
Pat, you don't think
she loves him?
No, I don't.
I think she's more
interested in him
as a business partner
than a life partner.
And what about him?
She's just part of
his process
of throwing himself
into his work.
That's the only reason
they're together.
Oh, I have to go,
I'm on game duty.
All right, everyone!
It's time for
our favorite Christmas game--
"Name That Carol"!
[song starts]
"Jingle Bells!"
"Joy to the World!"
"Up On the Housetop."
Well, we have
a winner.
Okay, let's hear it.
I mean, you have to
sing some of the song
when you get it right.
That's right.
Oh, um...
Just sing a little bit.
I don't...
know-know it.
All right, then.
Moving on to the next.
[song starts]
"Silent Night!"
We have a tie!
No, I was first!
I said it--
Let's have a duet.
[everyone clapping]
Come on, Charlie.
Now I'm ready.
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant
So tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
in heavenly peace...
[everyone cheering]
Really great,
really great.
I'm ready
for a refill.
Oh, good grief.
[conversations and laughter]
[motor hesitates to start]
[starter chugging]
I can't believe these people
are actually your colleagues.
I'd better get
back to Owen.
Oh, thank goodness,
let's go.
So, I put a little bug
in Barry's ear
about me coming on
at VistaSun.
We might actually get
the paperwork done
before Christmas.
It would give us
something to celebrate.
Are you okay?
Oh, hi.
Yeah, I just, um,
she's a little finicky
Are you sure?
I mean, I could
give you a ride, and...
I'm good, but thank you.
She's fine, it just needs
little boost.
[knocks on hood]
The magic touch.
I should try
that tough love sometimes.
All right, well, uh,
you guys have a good night.
Hey, listen, I was thinking
about those accessories.
Maybe I could use
a pair of cufflinks, or...
Great. I'm on it.
Get home safe.
You know,
I saw some cufflinks
at Tiffany's.
They were gold,
had real diamonds.
If you want me to put in
a good word with Santa...
I wouldn't want to wear
anything that flashy.
You're successful,
You should look it.
You know, I saw some
other things while I was there.
Some bracelets,
and some necklaces,
and some...
Just in case this Santa
was wondering.
We would be
a powerhouse, Charlie.
You know that, right?
Are you all right?
Yeah, it's just...
[sneezing and coughing]
You're not allergic
to this... thing,
are you?
It's pine. I...
[coughing and sneezing]
You know what, I should
put you in a cab.
Okay? Just,
you know what,
you should take something
for that, really.
It's fine.
Any good?
They're great.
Good, because
I am thinking about
bringing back Mom's tradition
of baking.
You know, like she did
with us when we were little.
Well, you're doing a good job.
And I'm really glad that
that's going to be you
carrying on the tradition,
because I do not
have a talent for baking.
Well, don't worry,
because I don't want
to bake with you.
I want to bake with...
my little boy
or little girl.
What are you saying?
I'm pregnant.
[laughing in delight]
That is so great.
This is amazing.
Does Roy know?
Of course.
It's like Christmas came early.
I mean, he's already
tossing names around.
But if he thinks that
Duke is an option
for a little boy,
he has another thing coming.
You're gonna have
your own family.
[laughs in delight]
And you're gonna need
your room back.
Oh, don't worry about that.
I mean, plus, you're eyeing
that unit, right?
I mean, we could always
set up a room
in the basement,
and I could use
the full-time babysitter--
You are so funny.
Wow, are you trying to kill me?
I'm so happy!
I'm so happy!
This is--
there's a baby in there.
There's a baby
in there.
Oh, my gosh. Hi!
I'm your auntie!
Daddy, you're home!
Hey, kiddo.
How was your day?
Did you know the tree
was delivered?
It's huge,
just like you said.
Well, why don't we
send Caitlin home,
and then set it up.
And decorate it?
Yeah, and decorate it.
Where are the decorations?
That way.
In the garage?
Gimme back
the Christmas that I know
Hanging up the tree
and mistletoe
I'll meet you there
Gimme back the yuletide
that I miss
Sweep off the dust
from old St. Nick
He's got the list
All I want for Christmas
All my people coming home
All I want for Christmas
Is the Christmas
that I know
They're exactly
what I would have picked out.
I didn't want to get
anything too flashy.
Oh, I'm so glad
you like them.
Yeah, thank you.
How do you do that?
Know what someone wants.
Well, I try to...
kind of read them.
I listen,
try to get a sense
of who they are as a person.
And... who am I?
Who are you?
Charlie Baker.
You're a great guy...
who had something
really horrible happen...
and you threw yourself
into your work.
And I think,
at the end of the day,
you like the simple things
in life.
But that's just...
what I'm sensing.
I could be totally wrong.
[video call chimes]
How are the allergies?
Listen, I have to go
back to Baltimore
for that meeting.
I thought maybe
you could fly down with me
for a night.
I don't think I can.
I mean,
it's the holidays.
I wouldn't want to leave Owen.
This is why I think you should
get him a nanny.
Then you don't feel
so guilty about leaving him.
That's not it.
I don't want to.
If you can't make it,
then, uh, I'll work it.
I know.
You always manage
to work the angles.
Sounds great.
Look forward to it.
All right,
I'm going to head out,
'cause you gotta
get back to work,
but I'm glad
you like the cufflinks.
there was one more thing
I was hoping you could
help me with.
What do you need?
A new closet.
Okay, I know I look
very strong,
but I'm a terrible carpenter.
That probably was...
No, you want me
to makeover your wardrobe?
I'm so good at it.
Not to brag,
but I'm pretty good at that.
Um... when do you
want me to come by?
Maybe after work.
I mean, assuming
you're not too busy.
No, no, I'm...
free, depressingly.
I'm gonna go.
But I'll...
Yeah, I'll see you later.
I'm glad you like
the cufflinks.
Oh, nice!
Nice try,
nice try.
Okay, gimme one.
Gimme what you got.
Green 17, say hut!
Go! Go long, go long!
Nice... catch.
Thank you.
Not to brag
but I was a little bit
of a tomboy growing up.
Why does that
not surprise me at all?
Gwen, can you be on my team?
I would-- I would
love to be on your team.
Yeah, come on!
you're toast.
Baker, you're toast.
[laughing ruefully]
Is that right?
I'm watching you, Baker.
No, give it to me!
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
Other that suits,
this is all I really have.
This is perfect.
Thank you.
I'm sorry?
That's what you need
for your closet,
for the makeover.
Maybe like
a purple pinstripe?
I'll let you
get cleaned up.
Dad, wait, don't look!
It's your Christmas present.
Don't worry,
I didn't see anything.
Okay, you can look now.
So, what about you,
any Christmas wishes?
Not really.
Are you wishing for
a gaming console,
or some action figures?
What about
another lizard?
Maybe a real one?
Well, there is one thing.
What's that?
A toboggan ride with you.
Did you really
wish for that?
Well maybe you should...
add that
to your wish list.
So I've assessed your closet,
and I've got my work
cut out for me.
Well, thanks.
Listen, I should
head out,
but before I go,
I have a little
something for you.
Is it Santa's blanket?
It is Santa's blanket.
I thought it would
be good timing,
'cause it's
almost Christmas
and you can use it
when you're waiting
up for him, huh?
Thank you.
Do you like it?
It's yours.
All right.
I'm gonna head out.
But that was
really fun, Owen.
Thank you, and...
I'll see you,
I made a Christmas card
for you.
You did?
Did you make the reindeer?
Open it.
"Merry Christmas, Gwen."
This is the greatest
Christmas card
I've ever gotten.
Thank you.
[laughing happily]
You have fun tonight, okay?
Sleep good.
I'll, um...
Let me walk you
to your car.
I'll get your coat.
Let me know when
you want me to come by
and start working
on the closet.
I can bring some photos
and show you a color palette.
Or if you trust me,
you could let me start working
with what you've got.
I think I'll just trust you
to work your magic.
Well, that's amazing.
So, what does
a personal shopper wish for
for Christmas?
Or is the list too long?
I can't speak on behalf
of all personal shoppers,
but what I want for Christmas,
you can't buy at a store.
All I really want
for Christmas is...
maybe a little snow...
and just to sit around
and hear some carols.
What about you?
I haven't wished for anything
for Christmas
in a really long time.
Until now.
What about Victoria?
I'm gonna go.
I... yeah.
This door.
Okay, all right.
So, yeah, the closet,
it's gonna be great.
I'll... yeah. Bye.
[carolers singing]
Let every heart...
Mm, smells good in here.
[sighing deeply]
Hello, Gwen.
What are you doing here?
I'm here to see you.
You're here to see me?
Can I help you with something?
Actually, you can.
I'm not sure if you're aware,
but it's Charlie's intention
to ask me to marry him,
and I need you to help him
pick out a ring for me.
You know,
he never mentioned that.
Oh, that's
probably because
he was hoping to do it himself,
although I think
it would be better
if you were to guide him,
don't you think?
Anyway, I can send
you pictures
of rings
that I like.
From Tiffany's, of course.
Simple baguettes,
nothing under two carats.
I'm really sorry
to dampen your plan,
but Charlie's my client,
not you,
so unless he specifically
asks me to shop for a ring,
I can't just assume
it's what he wants.
Trust me.
It's what he wants.
But I do understand
the whole client-employee
which is what you are,
an employee
of Charlie's.
So, thank you for listening.
All right,
I got your favorite,
chicken lo mein.
And I'm the spicy pork.
Dad, why don't we ever
go spend Christmas
at the cabin anymore?
I don't know,
I just haven't been able to get
that much time off work.
It's Christmas.
You shouldn't be working.
Is anybody home?
what are you doing here?
I just came to surprise
my two favorite people.
What's that?
That is three days
spent on the beach,
by the ocean,
for Christmas.
What do you think, Owen?
Doesn't that
sound like fun?
I can't toboggan at the beach.
No, but you can swim,
and, uh, make sand castles.
I don't want to make
sand castles.
I want to make a snowman.
Really, Victoria,
I appreciate
the sentiment,
but maybe we should have
talked about this first.
But then it wouldn't have
been a surprise.
Anyway, I'm sure you'd like to
spend Christmas on the beach.
Why don't we
discuss this
just the two of us,
over dinner?
I'll have my assistant
make us reservations
at The Loft.
Good night, Owen.
[ringing bell]
You wanted to see me?
Come in.
Come in.
what do you think?
It's perfect.
Owen's going to love it.
Yeah, I think so, too.
And what's great is
the salesman said
that it can sit three people.
Then... that's perfect.
Yeah, well, I'm going to
keep it here, obviously,
so Owen doesn't see it.
Right, right.
Is there anything you need
from me last minute?
You need me buy,
like, um...
wine or jewelry
for a client, or anyone?
No, I think we've covered
everyone important
with baskets, and..
Oh, there is one thing.
[keys jingling]
A key...
to my...
to the house, my house.
You know, in case
you want to do
that closet
makeover thing.
Yeah, I'll get on that tonight.
You're not going to put
a singing Santa in there,
are you?
Like that one, yeah.
Yeah, you never know
with me, right?
Always one
for surprises.
Well, as long as it has
your personal touch,
I'm sure I'll love it.
I'm going to
work on the closet.
I'll talk to you later.
That-- Okay,
'cause I gotta do this thing.
I gotta go to
this thing anyway, so...
Oh, the seared octopus
with the tapenade
is supposed to
be excellent.
I was thinking about the steak.
Can we get two orders
of the octopus?
What color are my eyes?
Excuse me?
My eyes,
what color are they?
I don't know, brown?
They're hazel.
Okay, well,
they look brown to me.
What is Owen wishing for
for Christmas?
Oh, I heard that
all the kids
are really into this
new gaming system,
um, the YKey40.
That octopus was divine.
No wonder Victor Porter
eats there all the time.
In fact, that would be
a great ice breaker
for the next time I see him
at the Supper Club.
Hold on one second.
Uh, Victor Porter,
grilled octopus, The Loft,
ice breaker.
I don't think
this is going to work.
Well, do you have
another angle with him?
No, I mean us.
I don't think
this is going to work.
Of course, it's going to work.
It's going to
more than work.
Together, we can be
VistaSun's powerhouse.
That's it.
I don't want to be a powerhouse.
I want to be a father.
I want to be
the kind of father I was...
We can work that out.
Victoria, I honestly think
this just isn't what you want.
You want a guy
who can just jet off
to whatever meeting
you have planned next,
or Christmas
by the beach.
I've realized that's just...
it's not who I am.
I'm not that guy.
I think that you're making
a really big mistake,
but if you won't see
the bigger picture,
then that's
your prerogative.
I'm heading home.
Can you lock up for the night?
Hey, Rhonda,
where did this list come from?
Anna dropped it off.
Said she had meant to give you
Charlie Baker's
last shopping list.
[sighs heavily]
[intercom buzzes]
your personal shopper is here.
Send her in.
Mr. Baker. Hi.
Susan Walker.
I've been assigned
to be your new stylist.
I'm sorry, but...
Gwen's my stylist.
I understand
she was your stylist,
but she asked
to be reassigned.
I don't understand.
She thought you might be
a better match
with someone else.
Do you think Roy
will like this shirt?
Or maybe I should return it
and buy him a green one.
Yeah. Green's good.
-Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Because you told me never
to buy Roy anything green
because it makes him
look pasty.
Okay, the only way you're ever
going to get over Charlie
is with a distraction.
Maybe you should go see...
The psychologist?
You think I'm going to
see a shrink?
Am I really
that bad?
No. Like on a date,
or lunch
or something.
It can't hurt, right?
[sighs wearily]
By the way,
where did
all my Christmas cookies go?
really don't know.
Oh, really?
I think Roy ate 'em.
Oh, really? Roy?
He ate them all.
Not this cookie monster
right here?
[squealing and laughing]
Daddy, you're home!
Yeah, I decided to start
our Christmas holiday early.
Are you going to the beach?
But I have a surprise for you.
[phone rings]
Oh, sweetheart,
I'm sorry I missed
all your calls.
My phone's reception
up here on the mountain
is terrible.
I thought that you guys
were on a cruise.
[chuckles] We were,
and then Carlos had an idea
to climb Machu Pichu.
No, I'll tell you
all about it later,
but while I still have
a signal,
are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
You know what, I'm not, Mom.
I am so confused.
There is something
that I want so badly,
and I'm not sure
if I should go and get it.
Oh, Gwen.
You're always so good at
making sure
everyone else is happy.
I mean, look at me.
When your father died,
you didn't let me wallow,
and you helped me rise above it.
It is your gift.
But at the same time,
you have to ask yourself,
what makes you happy?
And if that thing you want will,
well, you just go after it.
Darling, I need to go.
I love you.
Merry Christmas, Mom.
Merry Christmas, Gwen.
[sighing deeply]
All right, let's go, come on.
-I'll do it.
-You got it?
You know what, you were right.
It's so much better going out
and finding your own tree.
Dad, do you think
I will get my wish?
You know,
to go tobogganing?
We'll just have to
wait and see.
Hey, why don't you
head downstairs
and dig up those
old decorations
so we can get
this thing ready
for when Santa
comes, huh?
Hi, Gwen!
It's so nice to see you.
You, too, Pat.
Is-Is Charlie here?
Oh, I'm sorry, Gwen,
he's already left
for the holidays.
In fact,
he surprised me
when he said
he was leaving
a few days early.
Seems like you really
rubbed off on him.
Well, that's just great,
isn't it?
Merry Christmas, Pat.
Aw, thank you.
Merry Christmas, Gwen.
[telephone rings]
VistaSun Equities.
It's Charlie.
I've got a serious emergency.
Look, somehow,
I managed to forget
Owen's toboggan at the office.
Is there any way that
you could have it sent up here?
I'm sorry, Charlie.
The couriers won't guarantee
Christmas Day delivery
on Christmas Eve,
and I have a family function.
Can't you
drive down and get it?
No, not without Owen noticing,
and, besides, I wouldn't be able
to get there and back,
and decorate the tree,
and Owen would be crushed.
Don't worry, Charlie.
I'll handle it.
Four calling birds
three french hens
Two turtle doves
And a partridge
in a pear tree...
The 12th day of Christmas
my true love--
[cell phone rings]
Hey, Stephie, it's me.
Gwen, where are you?
I am just
on my way to Big Bass.
What? Why?
Charlie forgot
Owen's Christmas present,
and so I'm bringing it to them.
And before you say anything,
I just want you to know
that I'm not just
doing this for him.
I'm doing this...
because I feel like
it's what I need. okay?
Gwen, all I was going to say was
good luck.
Okay, well,
we're just about to take off
to Roy's parents' for Christmas,
so we'll be back later tonight,
but if you're not back in time,
Merry Christmas, Gwen.
I love you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hi to Roy's family.
Hey, hon'?
Three-second rule?
Don't tell
my mom.
Oh, man. I mean...
One job!
[engine spluttering]
What are you doing, Daisy?
No, no, no, no,
not tonight, Daisy.
[engine spluttering]
[engine hissing]
[starter chugging]
Oh, come on.
I am so happy to see you.
What time is your next bus
to Big Bass?
In about three hours.
Three hours?
You want a ticket?
Well, how long is the trip?
Well, you got about five stops
from here to there,
about six hours.
Six hours?
You took the milk route.
Okay, I'll take your six-hour--
Yeah, let's do it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good trip.
I didn't realize how many
decorations we had down there.
Dad, do you think
Santa will come
and find us here?
Of course.
All those years that
we were here with your mom,
he always knew how to find us.
Do you think it will snow?
Hey, listen, buddy, um...
I forgot a special
gift for you
at my office.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know
where my head was at.
That's okay.
I'm sure Santa will find
a way to get it here.
Yeah, but...
Just in case
he's too busy,
I don't want you to be
too disappointed.
I won't.
Besides, Santa
never disappoints.
All right, well,
let's get you to bed.
I'm sure you're going to
want to be up
bright and early
to see what
Santa brought you, huh?
Bus 34B to Big Bass
is ready for boarding!
Merry Christmas, okay?
Get home safe!
[stammers in disbelief]
you're here.
Yeah, I just...
I wanted to
make sure Owen had
his special Christmas wish.
Oh, it looks horrible.
That looks terrible now.
No, no, no,
it's fine, really.
No, it does.
No, the bow was--
-No, no, no, this--
-It was very pretty--
It's fine, really, no.
Thank you.
I... I can't tell you
how much this means to me.
Well, that's why I did it.
[sighing nervously]
Okay, so you guys have...
You know, this is great,
this is beautiful.
I'm gonna head out.
I like that sweater, actually,
It looks great.
I'm gonna go, but
I'll see you later.
Hmm? What?
I mean, how?
Your ride's gone.
[chuckles awkwardly]
Can I borrow your phone?
'Cause mine's been dead
for a long time,
it'll be fast.
I can even call
a car service--
Of course, of course, yeah, no.
But why don't you stay?
I mean, it's Christmas,
after all,
and you came
all this way,
and... I got something for you.
Come in.
It's so cozy in here.
Your tree is perfect.
Well done.
This is for you.
Yeah, go ahead, open it.
I love this.
It's everything you wished for.
and sparkling lights,
and it even sings a carol.
You remembered.
I love it.
Thank you.
Why did you
drop me?
As a client?
I didn't know
what was happening
with you and Victoria,
and I didn't want to
get in the way,
if you were shopping for a ring.
I don't think
you should be with her, Charlie.
I'm sorry if
I shouldn't say that.
I just don't think
that she's right for you.
She's cold,
and you are so...
not like that--
You're right.
You're right.
I am?
It's what I thought I needed,
my work,
and Victoria,
and then you came along, and...
it changed everything.
You... changed everything.
I-I did?
I mean, that's my job
as a personal shopper.
I come into people's lives,
and clients of mine,
you know, they--
yeah, they--
Hey, buddy.
Gwen brought you
your special gift.
See, I told you
Santa would find a way.
Okay, come here, you.
Your Christmas card.
[gasping in delight]
[Gwen]: Did you make that?
[Owen]: It's the three of us.
-[Gwen]: Is that me?
-[Owen]: Yes.
[Owen]: Look outside.
Guys, it's snowing.
How beautiful is that?
Oh, my gosh.
Looks like everybody
got their wish..
They sure did.