A Gnome Named Gnorm (1990) Movie Script

MAN: I don't know.
Hey, Budd,
you seen Casey?
Casey Gallagher?
Oh, yeah,
he was in last week.
Damn it.
Where the hell
is Casey?
I just saw him.
That phone call
is coming in
at eight o'clock.
If Gallagher's
not in my office
in five minutes,
I told Kaminsky
the job is his.
Yes, sir.
You've seen Casey?
Not today.
Sam, baby,
lose your partner again?
Got to hand it to Gallagher.
Sure knows how to goof up.
Mmm. Right, Kaminsky,
while you on the other hand
vigilantly guard
the vending machines.
Ah, don't worry,
Casey'll show up.
He wouldn't miss
his big chance
to be a star tonight.
If he shows,
I say he blows it.
I fact,
I got 20 bucks
says he blows it.
Any takers?
Samantha, come on.
I'm giving two-to-one.
Uh, Captain,
it's been five minutes.
I'm going to
go get ready.
I've been looking
all over for you.
Got my Zagnut bar.
Very nice.
Hey, where's the coffee
I asked for, pal, huh?
Casey, I want
to see you alone.
I'll be right there, Chief.
Just give me one minute,
I'll just...
Where the hell you been?
I've been covering for you
for half an hour.
Sorry, Sam.
I was down in lock-up
with Ramon.
Ramon the pimp?
Ramon, my
fashion consultant.
How do you get off
showing up at
the last minute,
letting me
of all people
do all the prep work?
God, where did you
get this tie?
Isn't it great?
I got it from Ramon.
Let me tell you something.
No cop on earth
would wear a tie like this.
That's why
it's perfect
for undercover.
Your gun?
No, I'm just
happy to see you.
No. Where is your gun?
Look, I thought about it,
and I thought it was
a very bad idea. Seriously.
I knew it.
It's not even loaded.
You know I don't like guns.
Casey, this isn't a game.
You gotta stop playing cop
and start being one.
Hey, who pulled off
the biggest operation
in the department
this year, pal, huh?
And I never even
drew my gun,
much less fired it.
What can I say?
I just don't want to
see you get hurt.
I'll lose 50 bucks.
what if they
frisk me?
I'll have you right there
behind me, .38 in tow,
backing me up.
Right, me and Kaminsky.
Give me the gun.
You want to see me?
Come in.
Listen, Casey.
A lot of people
are giving me flak
about entrusting this case
to the jerk who
hasn't made detective yet.
Now, I don't want
you to worry
about things, okay,
'cause it's all
gonna go fine.
Then after work tonight,
I'll go out with the guys
and eat donuts.
Holy macaroni!
See, that's exactly
the kind of attitude
I'm talking about.
I ought to stick you
right behind a desk
for about six months
so you can learn
proper police procedure.
I'm sorry.
But tonight...
Well, I need somebody
who can think on his feet.
This Zadar
is a little too
nobody would ever
mistake you for a cop.
I'm impressed, Ferril.
Well, you see, Mr. Zadar,
that it was not
an easy task
to accomplish
because, you see,
the settings are
very, very old.
Yes. And there's a
very high degree
of difficulty...
I want you to handle
the delivery.
It's an extra 10 grand.
Certainly, Mr. Zadar.
Believe me,
that will be just fine.
Now, if you will be
kind enough to give us
some privacy for a moment.
Reggie, set it up.
Get the door.
Let me get
the door.
Get the phone.
Get the phone.
I'll get the phone.
All right,
talk to me.
The abandoned zoo.
The abandoned zoo.
REGGIE: Midnight.
The children's playground.
The children's playground.
Have a nice day.
And have a nice day.
Children's playground,
the old zoo.
Let's go.
Let's go, huh?
And don't do that.
Don't do that.
Hold this.
All right, look,
Mr. Potato Head
is with you tonight
and I don't care what
he says, you make sure he
wears his hat, all right?
Okay, I'm at
point zero right now.
Still no sign of our man.
I'd like to take
this opportunity
to serenade a couple
of young lovebirds
out there tonight.
on their
very first date.
We have
Derek Kaminsky
and Sam Kennedy.
Let's hear it for them,
folks, Derek and Sam
on their very
first date tonight.
Derek and Sam.
in the night
Exchanging diamonds
Oh, lovers at first sight
You don't send a rookie
out to do a man's job.
You qualify?
CASEY: Don't worry, guys.
Just a walk in the park.
Just a walk in the park.
Something in your nose
Was so inviting
La da da da da
We'll be making love
The whole night through
La da da da da,
la da da da da
What was that?
Probably found the seesaw.
I don't believe this.
What is he doing?
He's supposed to
keep talking, come on.
Two more minutes
and I'm going in.
Hello! Is that anyone?
What the hell's
going on?
Hey, wait, wait,
I got to count
the money.
You can't take
the jewels till
I count the money.
SAM: Great, Casey,
just a walk
in the park, right?
Nice going, Gallagher.
Bucking for a promotion?
All right,
does this qualify
as blowing it?
Definitely blowing it.
Am I 50 bucks richer?
Fifty bucks richer.
Let's get out of here,
Kaminsky. Come on.
Jesus Christ, Gallagher.
Look, Stan, I know
I screwed up, but listen.
I don't want you to worry.
I know I can fix this.
Fix it?
Yeah, okay,
things like this
happen sometimes, kid.
Go home and
put some ice
on that head.
I'll get somebody
to give you a ride.
No, no, listen, Chief.
I don't need
a ride, all right?
I just want
to walk this off.
You know, I got
a lot of work to do.
Not around here,
you don't.
Look, kid,
after tonight,
I'm gonna have to
make some changes.
Changes? What are you
talking about here, Stan?
Listen, you're
overreacting here,
Listen, I said I'd fix it.
I'll nail Zadar,
I'll get the money back.
I promise.
Go home, Casey!
All right,
listen up.
I'm in no mood for this.
Let me just warn you.
I'm an officer
of the law
and I'm a
really good shot.
Real good.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Don't be scared.
Okay good,
you're not scared.
What were you
doing in my car?
What are you?
Going after this?
What's this?
So this is
what you're after.
Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you.
SAM: Hello.
Sam. Casey.
God, what time is it?
Quarter to four
in the morning.
Listen, you gotta come
over to my place right away.
Casey, we've been
through this before.
There's something here
I gotta show you.
It's this thing...
This little hairy thing.
I don't know
what to do with it.
I'm sure you'll think
of something, Casey.
Good night.
Casey Gallagher.
I'm wide awake.
I'm going to have to
call you right back.
You're choking me.
Hey, wait a second.
Hold it.
There's no sense knocking
yourself out, okay?
You're not dealing with
an amateur here, pal.
What was that?
You spoke.
No eat lumen.
What's the deal
with this thing?
Talk or I'm
gonna eat it.
No eat lumen.
You have the right
to remain silent.
What do you want?
Listen, don't
hang up on me,
I got a witness.
This guy was
definitely at the park.
He's now at my place.
That's great, Casey.
Now listen,
you don't understand.
He can talk.
So bring him in the morning.
We'll get a statement.
Good night, Casey.
No, Sam, Sam...
Wait, don't hang up
on me, please.
It's not that simple, okay?
He's a little person.
No, no, you don't understand.
He's littler than
a little person.
He's unusual, okay?
He's got big ears
that are kind of pointy.
He dresses funny.
Kind of funny.
Funny? What, funny
lederhosen and
Groucho glasses? What?
No, uh...
Sort of...
He looks like...
He looks like an elf.
An elf?
Yeah, an elf.
No, it's not
what I mean.
He's not an...
Look, he's just got big ears
and he's a little guy.
He's a little guy
with big ears.
Look, Casey,
just bring him
in the morning.
Look, don't hang up on me.
You hung up on me.
You hung up on me first.
Look, just trust me, okay.
This guy was there.
I think he can help us.
Look, I wanna bring
him to the park.
And I want to
get him to tell us
what he saw.
And I want you
to be there
when he does, okay?
Listen, if you try and
think this through,
I'm dead, okay?
'Cause I know
it sounds
really strange.
So for once in your
life don't think.
Just be there, okay?
Hold your horses.
Take it easy.
Bag, cage...
Sun, where? Where is sun?
Joe, Joe, come...
No, Joe, Joe,
come back here.
MAN: What's that?
Now come here.
Come here.
Very good dog
you got there.
Very nice.
They should outlaw
those things.
Fox giant.
Look, it was just
some dumb dog.
Now come on out,
tough guy, he's gone.
He's gone.
Now come on out.
Give me lumen.
Look, you want it,
you tell me what
happened here last night.
Kaboom, right, the explosion.
So you did see it.
Now, what did you see?
Kaboom, right.
But someone made the kaboom.
Now, who was it?
Was it Zadar?
Up-worlder. Is that a name?
A giant.
Giant, no eyes,
scream kaboom.
No eyes?
Who screamed?
Was it the guy
who blew up?
Give me lumen.
CASEY: Blind,
screaming giant.
screaming giant.
screaming giant.
I'm coming.
Come here.
Good, good, good.
Sam, very good,
all right,
in the bushes.
Excuse me?
He's in the bushes,
the witness,
he's in the bushes.
What are you talking about?
Have you gone
completely nuts?
All right, all right,
look, I warned you,
he's very, very small.
Go ahead,
real small.
This is ridiculous.
There's nobody in there.
And extremely fast.
He's right behind you.
Turn around,
he's right behind you.
Turn around.
He's very fast,
very small
and he's right behind you.
Turn around,
he's right behind you.
Stand still.
Look, I don't know what
the hell kind of game
you're trying to play here,
but I'm much
too tired for this.
Call me when you get
your act together.
nice roundie...
Shut up! Okay?
Shut up.
Nice popos.
Shut up!
You say talk.
No, I want you
to listen.
Listen, okay?
You see this stone right here?
You see this stone?
Look, this blind,
screaming giant
is a killer.
He is a killer.
And I need to nail him.
And unless you help
me track him down,
you're never gonna
see this again.
You understand me?
Get it?
What's shava?
Okay, so this giant here,
what are we talking about,
six, seven, eight feet?
What is it?
Wait, that's him?
Giant, no eyes.
Giant, no eyes.
CASEY: What?
Giant, no brain.
Oh, I'm a giant?
Okay, if I'm a giant,
what does that make you?
Good size.
Good size?
A good size
pain in my...
Give me lumen.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
No eyes.
No eyes.
So, let me get this straight.
The perpetrator was a
guy wearing sunglasses?
Average size,
but not good size,
and prone to screaming.
This is great.
This is really great.
Somebody gets blown to bits,
that seems perfectly
reasonable to me.
But then all those cops
show up and I say to myself,
"This little creep,
he must be a cop."
That makes me feel tense.
That's got to be bad
for your blood pressure.
Now, hold on.
Just look at this tie.
This look like a cop's tie?
What cop would wear
a tie like this?
Do I look like a cop?
What is this?
Ah! Let go!
Lumen, lumen.
You think you can
take it easy? Please.
Move it, slug slime.
He's escaping.
He's getting away. Why?
'Cause I'm chained to an elf.
Not elf, not elf.
You're an elf.
You're a worthless
elf, okay?
You bite people.
You probably have rabies.
Let me go.
Ciao, Adios, okay?
I'll see you.
You bring lumen back.
Right, risk my life
for your little rock.
What are you, crazy?
You lose lumen.
Yeah, you're right.
I lost your little
glow-in-the-dark rock,
so what?
You think I'm going
to die for it?
My people die.
Your people, what people?
No people.
What people?
Not tell.
Look, if you don't tell me,
how am I going to help you?
You want it back?
You need me.
I need your co-operation.
You help find lumen?
Wait, first things first.
The guy you just sunk
your teeth into,
was he the guy from the park?
The guy who made the
explosion, the kaboom?
No scream.
I am not screaming.
No scream.
Oh, the guy in the
park screamed?
We go.
What about the guy
who was just here though.
Could he be the one?
We go.
We're not going anywhere.
Until we get things
straight here, okay?
Now, was this the guy who made
the explosion, the kaboom?
Yes! Kaboom!
Bang! Whammo!
This is called a stakeout.
We are looking for a guy here.
GNORM: Ah...
His name's Reggie Smalls.
He comes here every day.
He's the one who set
up the deal with Zadar
and if we're lucky,
he should lead us
to our man.
Come on, concentrate now.
This is a stakeout.
Giant popos.
Take it easy, will you?
You gotta concentrate here.
This is a stakeout...
Look that's him.
Okay, can you see him?
That's him. Okay, now we sit,
we watch and we wait.
And when he leaves,
we follow him.
By the way,
that disguise,
not working.
Your idea.
STAN: Yeah.
Look here, Stan, there is
no way I am teaming
up with this...
Outstanding role model for
police officers everywhere?
I mean, come on, it's taken me
a year to get Gallagher
whipped into shape.
That's into shape?
Look, I know that Casey
is a little bit off-center.
But what happened last night,
that could have happened
to any one of us.
That guy's a flake.
Hold it. Look,
I like Gallagher.
You know that.
But he just couldn't cut it.
It's that simple.
Kaminsky is your partner now.
And I don't care if you
like each other or not.
Stan, just hear me out.
Won't you at least
let Casey and me clear up
this Zadar deal?
I mean, he's already
got some leads.
What kind of leads?
Well, he claims
that he's got a witness.
Someone who can
identify the killer.
Who? Where is he?
Well, I don't
exactly know. Um...
He said he's a little guy.
Damn it, I took him off
this case. Get Gallagher
in here right away.
I can't have some loose cannon
rolling around, interfering
with this investigation.
Where's Gallagher now?
Ah! Shoot!
Nice job. Beautiful.
Wait a second,
you eat cardboard?
You dress in bark and stuff.
It's a little strange.
Little strange.
Okay, you said something
before about your people.
Now, what were you
talking about here?
Just what are you?
Not tell.
Oh, not tell, huh?
You, not tell.
Oh, me not tell.
You mean like keep a secret?
Spit on word.
It's very attractive.
Look, hygienically
this is a bad idea,
I gotta tell you that.
All right,
it's a deal. Okay.
You want a loogie?
'Cause I'll give it to you.
Puny spitter.
Okay, I spit.
Now you spit it out.
What's the deal
with this rock?
Lumen make our world bright.
Our food grow.
Is it like the sun?
Lumen see up-world sun,
grow bright again.
Each 10 of your years.
You bring the lumen to the
sun, you expose it to the sun
and it recharges itself?
Yes, now it's time.
If lumen die,
my people die.
Your people, your world.
You mentioned this before.
What are you
talking about here?
What are you?
A gnome? Can you
grant wishes, gnome?
No, can you?
Wise ass, huh? All right,
so you're a gnome.
What's your name, gnome?
Right, I'm on a stakeout
with a gnome named Gnorm.
Yup. Stakeout.
First of all, if you were a
gnome, you would know that the
"G" in gnome is silent.
It's gnome, okay?
No, it's gnot.
Don't push it with me.
Gnorm warrior.
Yeah, you're a warrior.
Just remember who's calling
the shots here, okay, pal?
No, I am not falling for
that routine again, okay?
All my friends
know the low rider
Wow, look at that!
Don't stare.
Low rider
drives a little slower
Low rider is a real goer
Easy, bro.
Good to see you, Reg.
That's a gun.
Stakeout, stakeout.
No, Gnorm, that's a gun.
Guns kill.
Why didn't you say so?
Get in.
CASEY: Now I'm gonna
get in his face.
MAN: Anything else today,
Mr. Reg?
Yes, one leg of lamb
and four pounds of ribs,
not the baby backs.
Chong, is that you?
Chong, I missed you
in Vegas last week.
Baby, what happened to you?
Listen, I ran into Ching,
he said you were with Chang.
I had no idea
what to think. Reggie.
Reg, we have to talk now.
You're a cop?
Beat it.
And you're the sucker
who made a deal with a cop.
Now, look, I don't think
Zadar's is going to take
too kindly to that, Reg.
Get lost, cop.
Hey, Reg, listen.
We had a deal.
Deal went sour.
Somebody got blown up.
Now, we'd like to
pin it on Zadar.
But if we can't, we're
going to pin it on you.
Unless, of course,
you want to lead us
to your boss.
I thought I told
you to get lost.
Maybe you don't hear right.
Maybe you'll hear better after
I break both of your legs.
Oh, I can hear. I can...
Look, cop, I don't like being
leaned on. You understand?
And I don't like
being harassed.
And most of all,
I don't like cops.
Hey, is that your kid?
Not my kid, no.
Not my kid.
I like kids.
Oh, yeah?
Hey, what kind of a father
are you anyway?
Oh, I am nobody's...
Bringing a kid to an
environment like this.
You ought to be
ashamed of yourself!
You know kids
are impressionable.
You don't see
very well, do you?
Reg, can we talk about this?
Reg! Chong! Where's Chong?
Get Chong.
Somebody call Chong.
All right, cop.
Chong. Chong.
Chong! Chong!
What the...
Reg. Hey.
Chicken necks!
Chicken necks.
Gnorm. Gnorm. Gnorm. Reg.
WOMAN: Ivar Theater.
Get me Zadar.
Gnorm, Gnorm. Gnorm.
ZADAR: Hello?
Yeah, it's Reggie, listen.
The creep is a cop.
Kill him.
No problem.
I already got him on ice.
I was joking, joke.
That's a gun. Reggie.
Reggie. Reg.
I am going to get you...
One more. Good, let's see
what we get here.
The Ivar Theater?
Yeah, what's your address?
Okay, thank you, thanks.
How did you do that anyway?
Got in his face.
Listen, I owe you
one, all right?
I really appreciate this.
Now listen, you stay put.
I'll handle this one,
all right?
(SCOFFS) Like last time?
GNORM: Lumen.
Get back, Gnorm,
he has a gun.
Gun shava.
Gnorm, move. Freeze.
I said freeze.
He has gun.
Yeah, and his is loaded.
He has the lumen too.
Let's go.
Gnorm, move! Move!
MAN: Whoa!
Get out of your car.
You got to be kidding me.
This is my car...
LAPD. Get out of your...
Get out of your car.
Damn fool, what the hell do
you think you're doing?
Gimme my car.
Damn fool!
What the hell.
GNORM: Whoa!
What's he rushing for?
We must be running late.
GNORM: Woah!
Hey, relax, will you?
Will you relax?
Why dead man in box?
I don't know,
it's just the way
we do it here, okay?
Up-world crazy.
DISPATCHER: Hit and run.
Westbound Wilshire at Hingham.
Incident 2-5-3-5.
Sounds pretty close,
let's check it out.
Just relax!
Hey, hey! Look out!
Help me, help me.
Quick, I took a course.
I think we can save him.
Well, don't just stand there.
Help me.
Hold it right there.
I said hold it, Gallagher!
Slug slime.
Hey, you really
knocked them dead
this time, Gallagher.
Look, I know how
this sounds, okay?
I know how it sounds.
Hey, look. Let's say
I buy this, all right?
Just tell me who this little
witness is and what he was
doing in the park last night.
That I can't tell you.
You can't?
Listen, I can.
But I can't.
I promised I wouldn't.
You're a police officer,
What's gotten into you?
I made an oath of silence.
I spit on my word.
You spit?
Spit. Spit.
You've totally lost it.
Who do you think you are?
Listen, I almost
had him, Stan.
What is it with you, Casey?
I told you loud and clear to
stay away from this thing.
What's this Sam
was telling me
about a witness?
Oh, I thought
I had a witness,
it was a dead-end.
You're on suspension.
Oh, Stan, come on,
I am close on this.
You're not close.
You're on suspension.
Stan. Please.
Don't make this any harder
than it already is, huh?
Hey, Gnorm, you there?
I thought you ditched me.
Listen, come on out.
They're gone.
All right, suit yourself.
Listen, I'm clean
out of ideas.
Zadar's long gone
with your stone, my job.
Forget about it,
we blew it.
You blew.
I blew it? What do
you mean I blew it?
I did not blow it.
You're no major asset
in this crisis yourself,
okay, pal?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
What happened to the
warrior here? Come on now.
Not warrior, scared.
Stomach like fireflies.
Look, that's
not surprising, buddy.
Look, the up-world's
a mean place,
even for a warrior.
Gnorm not warrior.
Just tunneler.
Hey, that's fine.
No, that's cool.
Be a tunneler.
Besides, I am the one
that lost the stone.
I'm the one
who lost the lumen.
Lumen not lost.
Not lost?
Gnorm follow giant.
I can't believe
I'm doing this.
I'm sorry, Stan.
I'm sorry, Stan.
I'm sorry, Stan.
Well, after I lose this job,
there's always law school.
Let's be real,
I'd be doing sanitation.
Let's be really real,
I'll be shaking fries
at Wendy's.
Come on.
We just came up
a few floors, come on.
Magic box.
Right, step aside.
How nice
to see you again.
Yeah, charmed.
You want me to
freeze, I suppose.
That would be nice.
Now I want to hear
you scream.
Loud blade you got there.
Drop the knife or
the little guy's going
to chew your face off, okay?
Get the runt freak
away from me.
Again, louder.
Gnorm, that's it. Is that
the scream you heard
in the park last night?
Give me lumen.
What does it want?
He wants his stone back.
I want my
stones back, too.
Listen. Listen...
If this is some kind
of trade you're talking,
you know, I told you,
I can be very reasonable.
Look, I don't have your
stones, who do you think
you're kidding?
He saw you blow
Ferril up last night.
You're insane.
If I had the stuff,
why the hell was I
searching your place?
Look, that's easy, you were
searching for...
You obviously tried to...
Gnorm, you said this was the
guy in the park last night.
What's going on?
I lied.
You what?
Don't even think about it!
I am trying to get
what he wants.
GNORM: Lumen...
Now, one more step
and I toss it.
Put him down
or I'll shoot.
Lose the gun or the runt gets
intimate with the pavement.
CASEY: Look,
let's talk this over.
Drop it.
I don't know where
your cash is or where
the jewels are either.
If you don't know,
then someone else
out there does.
Drop it.
Big joke.
Bye now.
Take lumen.
Shut up, I can get you.
DISPATCHER: All units, 415,
man with a gun.
Broadway and Lincoln.
Shots fired...
That's a couple of blocks
from where we just
left Gallagher.
Lumen dying, need sun.
Gnorm listen, the sun's
still up. Take the lumen
and get out of here.
Up-world crazy.
Need friend.
No, listen to me, Gnorm.
You still got a chance
if you go by yourself.
You're small,
you can slip by.
I can't help you anymore.
I'm too big
and I'm a jinx.
Up-worlders are mean,
cold-blooded people, Gnorm.
They can justify anything.
If they catch you,
they'll put you in
a cage like a lab rat.
They'll peel back
your skin just to see
what makes you tick.
Skin tough, like root.
Doesn't matter, if they have
even an inkling that there's
more of you to be found,
some underground race that's
minding their own business,
they won't quit until
they find them all.
You don't understand,
they'll ruin it,
they'll build condos.
That's just
the way we are.
We can't leave
things alone, Gnorm.
Listen, go.
I'll stall them, go.
This is the police,
the building is surrounded.
Come out, hands up.
Don't shoot.
I'm a police officer,
don't shoot.
Gallagher's gun, sir.
I suppose I should be
thankful you didn't
get yourself killed.
What do you want
to do with him, Captain?
Book him for murder.
Ah, thank you, sir!
Let's go, buddy. Come on.
Stan, what are you doing?
You know Casey.
We have a witness who swears
he saw Casey aim his gun
at Zadar just
before he got killed.
It doesn't make sense.
I mean, Casey wouldn't
just shoot somebody.
Half the time
he doesn't even
load his gun.
Fine, fine, Sam.
Here's Gallagher's gun.
Take it down to Ballistics
and check it out yourself.
I'm really starting
to enjoy this, Gallagher.
What are you
going to do next?
Take hostages at the airport?
Blow up Beverly Hills?
What the hell's
happened to you?
Take the gun to Ballistics,
you'll believe it when it's
in black and white.
Keep fighting, Gallagher.
Make me break your arm.
For Christ's sake,
Kaminsky, take it easy.
Friend safe.
What do we do with
the freak, sir?
It's an accessory,
book it.
Book it, sir?
I want to keep it around.
Book it.
Do I get it a lawyer, sir?
What the hell for?
It's a freak.
Your pooka help?
What's a pooka?
Pooka with popos.
Pooka Sam, nice roundie...
Look, she's no pooka,
she's just my partner.
She was my partner.
Hot ticket.
She does have
nice popos.
Like Rena.
Like Rena? Who's Rena?
Pretty, big eyes,
spit good.
Spits good, huh?
Rena why Gnorm
steal lumen.
Steal... Steal lumen.
What happened to,
"If the lumen dies,
my people dies"?
What happened to all that?
Warriors take lumen
to up-world.
Gnorm not warrior.
Just tunneler.
Pookas like warriors.
So let me get this straight.
Whoever takes the lumen to
the up-world
becomes a big
gnome hero, right?
Now, you're just some grubby
pissant tunneler, right?
So you stole the stone
to become a hotshot.
Am I getting this right?
Rena like warrior.
Rena likes warriors.
I am sitting here handcuffed
in a paddy wagon
about to be charged with
first degree murder, Gnorm,
because you had to go
doom an entire race for
an elf chick named Rena?
Not elf! Gnome!
Gnome, elf. What's
the difference if they're
all going to be dead?
This is basic stuff, Gnorm.
I'm a cop. (LAUGHS)
What am I doing
in a paddy wagon?
What is that guy?
Come on, write it up.
I said hey
What you lookin' at
I can't seem
to get him.
Stand still.
I said stand still.
Never mind. Never mind.
Hey, relax, freak.
I said hey
What you lookin' at
What you lookin' at
I'll just get another
needle, it's not
a problem there.
Now, just...
Okay, look, this won't
hurt you.
At all.
Well, we can do
this stuff later.
Um, okay, look at me.
Here we go.
Say... Say "Ahh."
Ahh... Open...
Here we go, over here.
Here we go, come on guy.
Over here, here we go.
Ahh... Oh...
Yeah, almost... We can get
that later. We can get that
much later.
Let's look and see what we
have inside your ears. Yeah.
Here we go, guy. Whoa!
Forget that, strip him.
Strip him?
Strip him.
Strip him...
Take his stuff off.
Uh, you wanna handle
this one?
Excuse me, I was just
looking for Stan.
I said hey
Casey. I'm stumped.
I don't know
what to do with you.
I mean, what is going on here?
Just give me
something to go on.
Look, I'm not saying anything
until you let him go.
So forget about it.
Okay, look,
let's not butt heads.
Just give me a few
simple answers so
that I can let him go.
All right, I mean,
who is he? What is he?
And what's he got to
do with this whole
Zadar thing?
No, he has no connection
with Zadar. Don't be
an ass, Stan, let him go.
Don't talk to me
that way, boy.
You talk to your friends
that way, but not to me.
You're up for murder,
Gallagher, and I'll
let them toast you.
I'll put you away for life
and throw away the key.
So don't you ever talk
to me that way again
because I don't
have to listen to this.
Now was this thing
a witness or not?
No! Damn it, no!
That does it, boy.
I'm switching you off.
Lock him up.
My pleasure, sir.
Come on.
Relax, Gallagher. You're going
to make a lot of nice new
buddies in the joint.
Wait, it was
Stan's hearing aid.
That's the scream.
It's Stan. Listen, Kaminsky,
Derek, you got to help me.
Right, Gallagher.
Listen, Derek, no more games,
no more bullshit.
You gotta help me.
You gotta help me
spring that little guy.
Stan's going to kill him.
You serious?
He's going to kill him.
At least let me talk to Sam.
Please take me to see Sam.
You're more
full of shit than
I thought you were.
I hope they fry you
and the little runt.
And I'll be first in line
to pull the switch.
Let's go, hotshot.
Stop him!
He's getting away!
So you're the little guy
who was in the park, huh?
Now talk to me, you freak.
What did you see, huh?
What's all this junk?
What is this, some kind
of voodoo crap?
You know, I don't believe
in killing people.
That guy in the park,
he was just scum.
I ought to get a medal
for blowing him up.
Now, you! I don't know
what kind of freak you are.
But I can't take any chances.
So we'll just call this
I need to talk to Stan.
It'll have to wait.
What happened to you?
That lunatic ex-partner
of yours. No kidding, Sam.
That guy is dangerous.
Let me see.
I told her to wait.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry, Stan,
but I really need to
discuss this with you.
keep an eye on him.
This is the Ballistics
report, Stan.
This is the gun
that killed Zadar.
Of course it is. You dragged
me out here to tell me that?
Well, it's not that simple.
First of all, the prints,
there weren't any.
Not even a smudge.
The gun's
not even registered.
Yeah, I mean,
at that range
there should have at
least been some traces
of powder, right?
So I'm having them check
the angle of entry right now.
Your attention to detail,
as always, is admirable,
Keep me informed.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
But Stan, I...
Yes, sir!
STAN: Go get the dogs!
The dogs! Get the dogs!
Let them go.
Are you sure
he got away?
SAM: Yes!
Look, Casey,
for the last time,
who is he?
And what has he
got to do with
this whole case?
I can't tell you that.
I can tell you that he can
positively identify Stan
as the killer in the park.
And that Stan
also killed Zadar.
Our Stan?
I want that thing found
and I want it shot on sight.
Yeah, but... (STAMMERS)
You heard what I said?
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
A tunneler? That's all
you can tell me?
And you're trying to tell me
that he just happened
to pop up in
the middle of the park
just in time to see somebody
blown to smithereens
by none other than
our own Captain of Detectives?
How am I supposed
to believe any of this?
Sam, meet Gnorm!
GNORM: Pooka Sam!
Listen, Sam,
you gotta get us out
of here. Come on, please.
It's Kaminsky, Sam.
Come on, please.
Do what?
KAMINSKY: Hey, you!
Derek, Derek...
I've been looking
all over for you.
Oh, is that right?
Yeah! You see,
I figured now that
we're partners,
maybe we should just
try and make
the best of things.
What do you say?
Oh, man! I'm reading
all sorts of things
into this.
Oh, come on, Derek.
Loosen up a little bit.
What do you say we go
somewhere and get organized?
Okay! Ow!
One second, I need to...
Oh, yeah.
Oh! Damn disaster area.
So, um...
What say we...
Get organized over dinner?
Fabulous idea, Derek.
Look, why don't you wait here,
and I'll be right back.
Don't you move.
I'll be right here.
This is Stan's car.
Try the trunk.
Gnorm, come on.
All right, Stan just left
and Gnorm's with him.
Let's go.
SAM: Where? The airport?
CASEY: Not without the money.
It wasn't in his car.
SAM: He took the
briefcase in the park,
but then showed up
immediately after explosion.
CASEY: It would've been
too risky to pick it up
in broad daylight.
Too many people around.
SAM: The park!
All right.
Watch this area.
Not this time.
Come on, it's
just a walk in the park.
A walk in the park?
I'll be careful.
I gotta do this
alone, though.
Take this.
All right, Stan, now you got
the briefcase in your hands.
Ferril was there.
Before you gave him
the exploding substitute,
you dumped the case,
but where?
He steps out.
Thunk. Hits me on the head.
Got you now, Stan.
Thanks, Casey.
Now you just get
your ass up out of there.
Stan, why?
Don't be naive, boy.
It's a lot of money.
More than I made
in 25 years on the job.
You're one to appreciate
a little irony, Gallagher.
This is your gun.
I know how much you
always hated to fire it.
How do you expect to get
away with all this, Stan?
In a few hours,
I'll be in Mexico.
Then I plan on
a little drowning accident.
The tragic end
of Stan Walton.
Goodbye, Gallagher.
What did you get?
I got enough.
You always were
a smart-ass brat,
Now you and your little
girl are going to have
to pay for it.
You die, slug slime.
No, no.
Point the other way.
Damn little freak!
SAM: No!
SAM: No!
Sam, help me. Help me!
Bad, your breath.
CASEY: What's this?
The bullet.
A very flat bullet.
little runt.
Hold him.
Had to do it.
The lumen's in the bag.
Why don't you hang out
for a while, Gnorm?
Hmm, my people need lumen.
Well, you're people
need lumen, huh?
So you're in
a big rush, huh?
You know, I'm smelling
a Rena thing, Gnorm.
You just can't wait to wrap
those horny little gnome lips
around Rena's.
That's what it is, isn't it?
Gnorm warrior now.
Rena likes warriors, huh?
You take good care
of yourself, okay?
Enough, enough, enough...
(LAUGHING) Enough!
Now you take it easy.
Okay, pal?
And, uh, don't
be afraid to call
your old buddy sometime.
Drop me a postcard.
Hell, how do say goodbye
to a gnome?
You say goodbye!
Ah, shava.
Pooka Sam, hot ticket.
Hey, just get out of here,
you thick-skinned little runt.
Well, he's gone.
Yeah, he's gone.
Well, ah,
just us then, huh?
Yep. Just you and me.
Just two of us.
Hey, slug lips.
Something wrong with you?
Make her toes curl.
Take a little trip
Take a little trip
Take a little trip and see
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Let's go to town
Let's go to town
Let's go to town
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Let's go to town
Let's go to town
Let's go to town
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Let's go to town
Let's go to town
Let's go to town
Let's go to town
Let's go to town
Let's go to town
MAN: Yeah, that's right.
I said hey
What you lookin' at
I said
Yeah, right
I said hey
What you lookin' at
What you lookin' at
I said hey