A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love (2021) Movie Script

A new word for those
little coincidences
that aren't coincidence,
but come from divine origin.
Godwinks are always
signs of hope.
With no power vested in me,
I hereby award the degree of
Master of Science in Nursing
to my brilliant daughter,
Joy Fickett.
Who, by graduating early
deprived me
the pride of attending
an actual ceremony.
Oh, well also saving you
a semester's tuition.
So, brilliant and practical.
You're welcome, Dad.
Oh, the house looks amazing.
I had a little help.
A little?
Your father had me over here
stringing lights
until 3:00AM the other night.
Well, you're off the hook now
because Joy's back.
Now I need you tomorrow
afternoon for some baking.
There's a new family down
the block
that hasn't had
a proper welcome.
Dad, I actually booked
an interview tomorrow.
Job interview?
You just got back.
It's with Nursing International.
However, my interview's at noon
so I could help with the cookie
baking after...
Oh, I wanted to take you
to the new house
my company just bought.
So, interview at noon,
house visit at 3:00PM
and then back here for 5:00PM
for the yule log and
I'll just borrow this
so we can relax
and eat all this food.
Dad, a family of 12
couldn't eat all this food.
Well, we could try, you know?
I see.
I understand.
Thank you for your time.
Happy holidays to you.
No job openings?
Not at the entry level.
Maybe this news writing thing
wasn't a good idea.
Your professor said you had
real writing talent.
My divinity school professor
who said that right after
he told me that being
a pastor wasn't for me.
You wrote on the year
book staff.
In high school.
And the college paper and
those freelance news articles.
I know.
I just thought I was on my way
somewhere, you know?
That being a pastor was
my calling.
Maybe I'll just help out
with your road crew
until I figure it out.
You know I love having you
as one of my drivers.
And if you don't keep space open
for the right thing,
you'll wind up with a second
choice by default.
But I'll tell you
what you can do.
Run into town and grab
replacement bulbs.
Some of these are out.
You just want me to keep busy.
We want you to be happy.
And also, I could use a
peppermint latte from Cozy Bean,
it's right by the hardware
I'll make it two.
Thanks, guys.
This place is incredible.
I can't wait to see
what you do with it.
Well, the good news is it hasn't
been touched since 1924
and no weird additions
or anything, of course.
The bad news is...
It hasn't been touched
since 1924?
You know me well.
So, I guess the only
question is,
who's gonna live in it?
Well, I'm sure you'll have
more buyers
than you'll know what
to do with.
Or it could be the one
we talked about.
We always said,
after you graduated.
Yeah, I just thought we'd find
that one together.
Yeah, of course.
A few great ones are coming
to market,
I could show you some listings
and we can decide which ones
we want to go look at together.
Ok. Yeah, that's great.
So, that interviewing
for a job abroad thing
was kind of a surprise.
We've talked about
that before.
It's what my mom did.
And I know you want to follow
in her footsteps,
I just didn't know you were
actively pursuing it.
Look, it's only a first meeting.
Who knows if I'll even get it
and it won't start
till the new year.
So, we've got the whole
holidays together.
It's one of the only
opportunities out there
combining real life mentorship
in specific fields
with service to our communities.
Community Cares has a nationwide
network of volunteers
who work one on one
with our fellows.
As fellows,
you'll also give back,
helping local families
who need an extra hand.
You'll work hard,
make a difference and be home
in time for Christmas.
Thank you, I'll be here
if you have any questions.
So, what do you think?
This sounds fantastic.
But, I'm in the middle of
a job search
so maybe I should stay
dialed in on that.
Oh, what do you do?
Um... writing.
I write, news.
We have a terrific mentor
in Oshkosh.
I'm Angelo.
Alums tell us that
the fellowship
helped them get
a leg up on work.
And, gave them a focus.
Why don't you take
an application?
Never know what'll happen
if you open up space
for something new.
Yeah. Thank you.
Well, thanks so much for meeting
with me.
Thanks for coming in.
We have a few more candidates
to interview,
so we'll be in touch
after the holidays.
Have a great day.
- Bye.
- Bye.
It's a crucial moment
in your lives,
you're facing big life choices.
It might sound crazy,
but sometimes the best way
to find yourself
and move forward
is to take a step back
and help others.
So, grab your applications here
or submit online.
Thanks for coming.
They've got impressive alumni,
including a few great writers.
If you think this program
will move the needle for you,
I hope you get it.
Think Mom feels the same?
Look, no one in the world
wants more for you than her.
She might be disappointed
but she'd understand.
And you'd be home
before Christmas.
I'm sure I'm worrying
for nothing.
With my experience being
so limited,
I'm sure they've already filled
their roster for the session.
That's the spirit.
Hey, looks like I need to have
that talk with Mom after all.
See, all that optimism paid off.
Congrats, and good luck
with your mother.
Just because you don't have
a job yet
doesn't mean you have
to leave town.
Well, Dad, this is a really
great opportunity.
Plus, the program director said,
the best way to figure out
what you want in life is to
spend some time helping others.
What you want in life.
Is this about Danny?
Well, in the last two years
we haven't spent more than
summers and holidays together
and I just graduated.
I don't know where I'm gonna
find a job or when.
Maybe I will end up nursing
abroad like Mom.
What if I just don't have
an answer?
Then that's an answer.
Look, as much as I'd hate
not having you here
in the run up to the holidays,
maybe getting away
is the right thing.
Take the time and space
to figure out how you feel.
As long as you're back
by Christmas
or I'll come and track you down.
I know you will.
You know it.
Thanks, Dad.
Thank you.
- I think maybe that's my car.
- I think this is my car.
- I...
- Uh...
One of you named Eric?
I am.
Maybe your name is Eric too?
Sorry, it's a similar model
just different license plate.
Sorry about that.
Hey, what was the address
on the phone again?
Oh, looks like we're going
to the same place.
- Advent in Oshkosh?
- Advent in Oshkosh?
Guess we'll be spending
the next two weeks together.
I'm Eric.
I heard.
Joy, Joy Fickett.
Joy Fickett.
Care to share a car?
Let's do it.
Thank you.
Here we go.
- After you.
- Thank you.
Wow, this is beautiful.
Welcome, welcome.
You must be Joy and Eric.
Good guess.
I'm Katie.
The other two fellows got here
about half an hour ago,
but don't worry,
I kept them from eating
all the gingerbread cookies.
You can put your stuff
over there.
Come on, I'll introduce you.
Thank you.
Sadie and Adam, say hello
to Joy and Eric.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I think we're sharing
an office.
I'll be amping up the website
while you're writing
for the newsletter.
All right.
Sadie just graduated
with her masters.
And this is Adam, he's a chef
and he's designing
the new holiday menu
for our free meal program.
Oh, fantastic.
I hope you're hungry.
You three are my guinea pigs
the next two weeks.
And I just help out
at the clinic here.
Oh, don't you let her fool you,
she runs the joint.
Louis Graber.
Would you like a cookie?
- Oh.
- No thank you.
Besides being my adorable
Louis volunteers here twice a
week doing health screenings.
And, he's the best darn surgeon
in town,
if I do say so myself.
Well, I think the other
one might disagree,
but I'll take it.
You're Joy, the nurse.
Nurse practitioner, at least I
will be once I pass my boards.
You see, that's exactly
what I prayed for,
to help us in the clinic.
Now, you tell me
that's not a Godwink?
A Godwink?
It's my wife's word for life's
little unexplained miracles.
I'm more science and evidence
based in my thinking,
so, I think, I'm just gonna
stick to a happy coincidence.
I'll make a believer
out of him yet.
Well, looks like I'm late
to the party.
Which one of you is Fellman?
I guess that depends on what
I'm being accused of.
For starters, better than
average clippings.
I read the ones
in your application.
Not terrible.
Glenn Adams, Director
of Communications.
Buckle up, you're working
with me.
Sorry everyone, I got hung up
on a work errand.
Welcome to Advent in Oshkosh!
Right now, every Community
Cares affiliate
is welcoming a team
for our Advent fellowship,
and tomorrow you'll be hitting
the ground running.
Mornings will be reserved
for professional work
and development in your field
and afternoons are for work
on our project house.
But, today, we kick things off
with a special Advent tradition.
Even though it lasts a month,
and we only have two weeks.
We'll still be lighting candles
to remind us why we're here.
Starting with the candle
of hope.
Our wish for each of you
is that even as you bring
flickers of hope and strength
to the family we'll be serving,
you'll learn to see yourself
in a different light.
Not in terms of career success,
or by the plans you've made,
but by how well you love others.
And learn to give back.
So, welcome.
We know this two weeks
will change your lives.
Here, let me help you
with that.
Thanks, I owe you one.
Two, with me rescuing you
at the airport.
Oh, you rescued me?
Hey, for all we know you could
still be stuck there
waiting for your grey
2016 hatchback.
Ok. So, I guess you're looking
for repayment then?
I, no, I...
Bless you?
No, on the way in I saw
a cafe that serves
the world famous Wisconsin
Christmas Kringles.
Yeah, again, see you keep
saying that word,
but I don't know...
You don't know what
a Kringle is?
Aren't you from the Midwest?
Yeah, from Ohio, but...
Adam, giant donut shaped thing
with sugary filling,
drowning in icing?
Ok, I'm in, I'm in.
Was it the drowning
in icing part?
Oh, no, no, no.
I stopped listening
at the donut shaped
thing part.
This has got to be my favorite
thing about the holidays.
Walking in the cold
with strangers?
No, walking past the shops
and watching everyone get ready
for Christmas.
The anticipation, sometimes
better than the day itself.
You two sound like my mom.
For her, Christmas starts
the second Thanksgiving ends
and I'm not scoring any points
by being here.
Oh, I hear that.
Your mom too?
No, my dad.
He starts planning
just after Memorial Day
when he inflates
the giant Santa.
Oh, shoot.
My mentor just arrived
at Community Cares
with our kitchen equipment.
That's a long list.
I'll come help.
Well, we can help too.
Nah, just bring us back
a Kringle.
As a chef, it's very important
that I taste test everything.
Ah, taste test.
Yes, well played, sir.
Apologies, busy night.
What can I get you guys?
Well, this lady has never
experienced the miracle
of a Christmas Kringle, and
we are here to change that.
You came to the right place.
Cinnamon, cranberry,
maybe cranberry apple?
- I say surprise us.
- Mmmhmm.
How about cranberry?
Seems the most Christmassy,
don't you think?
Plus two hot ciders and
a Christmas Kringle to go.
You got it.
You don't like surprises?
I blame the medical training.
As a kid, I thought of
going into medicine,
but I absolutely have
no aptitude for science.
Well, it's not all
about aptitude.
You know, my mom
used to say,
patients don't care
how much you know
until they know
how much you care.
She's a nurse too?
Yeah, well, she was.
Oh, she...
Passed away five years ago.
I'm so sorry.
She would love me doing this.
She was a surgical nurse,
but she spent her days off
volunteering at our
local clinic.
She sounds fantastic.
Yeah, she was.
You know before she met my
dad she actually worked abroad.
I'm hoping to do
the same someday.
Sounds like you've got it
all figured out.
Ah, I wouldn't say that.
One Kringle and two hot ciders.
Plus, one to go, coming up.
Oh, you weren't kidding!
This looks fantastic!
Well, now that I know how much
you hate surprises,
maybe I should try it first,
just to be safe.
Oh, or maybe you should order
your own.
I believe I got the cranberry.
- Here, I'll get you a piece.
- Thank you.
Hey, Joy, it's your song.
100 over 60.
It's hard to get more perfect
than that.
And her scar is healing
nicely too.
She still seems
lethargic though,
and she's not taking her
medicine the way she should be.
I don't like swallowing pills.
Let's have a look.
Look up.
All right, we need a new
prescription for you.
Joy, would you mind
writing it up?
A hamburger, daily,
with ketchup and fries
and a chocolate bar nightly.
All right!
Come back in two weeks.
Here you go.
You sure about this,
Dr. Graber?
Whatever post-op anemia
Riley has needs iron
and if she can't take pills,
there's enough iron in chocolate
and hamburgers
to make up for it.
Unless you think she might
eat spinach
for the rest of the week...
We'll stick with burgers.
Thank you both.
Come on.
I've gone through your website
and you're in decent shape.
We just need to elevate
the user experience
and sync it with
the interface.
In English?
Your content's solid,
we just need to make it
easier to access.
Oh, well say that
next time.
You were in the Gulf War?
As a stringer for AP.
Conflict reporting.
That writing can make
a real difference, huh?
Plenty of stories
can make a difference,
including ones you don't need
a helmet for.
Start here.
Wow. Not much left.
It was a bad one.
Tony and Emily Romero
and their son Charlie.
Fire wiped out everything
they had.
I'm gonna need a piece
for the newsletter
about what we're doing
to help.
What are we doing?
Well, we built them a new house
in a nice neighborhood.
Our construction team
and the last set of fellows
did the bulk of the work.
You'll help with finishing.
Address is in the file.
And they're waiting for you.
Got it.
Three hundred words...
on my desk by tomorrow.
Hey, how's it going with Glenn?
Uh, good.
I just got my first assignment.
Hey, Mr. Romero.
Oh, please, call me Tony.
You guys must be
the new crew.
Yeah, this is Joy, that's Sadie,
Adam and I'm Eric.
It's good to meet you.
We heard the doors
are ready for painting?
Yeah, the doors
are prepped inside.
Supplies are in the garage
next to the salvaged boxes
from the old house.
I can help you
with those lights?
Woah, that's all that's left
from the Romero's old house?
There has to be more, right?
Glenn said the fire
wiped out everything,
I think that's it.
I don't think I got
how bad it was.
Actually, give me a minute.
You know, my dad manages
highway crews in Minnesota,
I drove for him
all through school.
Oh, yeah?
If Tony and Emily are starting
from scratch,
then we need to make
this really special.
Didn't your mother teach you
not to do that?
Every time a room needed
to be redone,
she would write all over
the walls, and the doors.
Before painting over it.
She called them her
hidden blessings.
Oh, I love that.
Yeah, and we never knew
what they said
but the house was always
full of her wishes.
- Can I have one?
- Yes.
- Here, take one.
- Thank you.
Do you mind if I ask you a
few questions while we work?
There's an article
that Community Cares
wants to do on their
national newsletter.
Sure, as long as you don't
mind grabbing
those lightbulbs inside.
They're on the scaffolding.
Let's do this right.
Oh, now it's a party.
What did you write?
Know there is something
inside of you
greater than any obstacle.
Love lives in these walls
and in this house.
That's beautiful.
What about you?
Home is the starting place
of love, hope and dreams.
- Beautiful.
- Oh, I like that a lot.
Here you go.
All right, thanks.
What would you say you miss
the most about your old house?
Honestly, I try not
to think about it.
I'm sorry, I'm just trying
to gather information
about this article
I told you about.
I totally get it.
I'm just trying to have
this place ready
for my family to move in
this Christmas.
You mind hitting that switch
for me?
Ah, nice.
Break time!
I brought a few sweets
for the new crew.
Welcome, guys.
And watch out,
when she says a few
she means enough to feed
a whole army.
Did we hear someone
say sweets?
Yes, peppermint bark,
snowball and wreath cookies.
Thank you.
Everyone, this is my wife Emily
and our son, Charlie.
And now, I have to sit down.
- Easy now.
- Thank you.
Come on, we talked about this,
all this baking and food prep.
I am pregnant,
not an invalid.
Hey, I'm Joy, I'm a nurse.
Are you feeling ok?
Oh, you know then,
put a baby in here
and all of the organs
have less space.
Every now and then it's hard
to catch my breath.
Doctor says it's normal.
And it's Christmas.
What am I gonna do,
put my feet up?
Oh, we really appreciate
everything you guys are doing.
What we lack in skill, we
make up for in enthusiasm.
Well, we're grateful.
We have been living at my mom's
the last four months
and it's getting crowded.
Hey, little man.
You want to go see
your new room?
It's not my room.
I'm not moving here.
You can't make it.
I got it.
I'm so sorry, I didn't mean
to upset him.
No, Charlie was upset when he
found out we couldn't move back.
Our landlord's not gonna rebuild
for a while.
We are so grateful to Community
Cares for this place.
But, all of Charlie's friends
are back there.
We were part of
a neighborhood.
We're all still dealing
with leaving behind
the only place Charlie's
ever known.
Hey, I'm here to pick up
a pie order for Angelo.
Give me five.
Ok. Great.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How goes the 300 words?
Oh, no.
Tough writing day?
I couldn't get Tony to open up
about their old house
and once Emily explained
how everything's been going
for them,
I'm having trouble finding
the right words.
Yeah, well it's a lot
of responsibility
for only 300 words.
And I don't write
at least not yet.
Well, that's what
we're here to do.
Gain experience.
Except you're already a nurse,
Adam's already a chef.
And you've never
written before?
Sort of.
Actually, I was gonna
be a pastor.
What? No.
Ok. What happened?
I flunked preaching class, twice.
Oh, ok.
Well, it's definitely a sign.
But the writing?
I was really good
at writing sermons,
so my professor suggested
that I pursue this,
but sermons and this kind
of writing have...
Actually have a lot in common.
You're still sharing your
opinion on other's experiences
to get people to think
in a bigger way.
I actually never thought
about it that way.
You still get to make
a difference.
It's all about story.
Every time I meet a new patient,
I ask them to tell me theirs.
That's how I figure out
how to treat them.
That thing your mom said.
About them knowing
how much you care.
So just tell the story.
To help people connect.
Three hundred words.
It's no big deal.
You know what, you've actually
inspired me.
I'll see you later, ok?
Oh, why do I always eat
too much.
Oh, you can call it research.
All right, let's turn in.
Wait, guys.
Eric was saying that
we connect with people
because of their stories
and Community Cares,
they're all about helping folks
write a new one.
A story of hope.
What did you have in mind?
So, Tony was so upset
about what they lost,
not because they lost walls
or paint,
but because they lost the place
they raised their boy.
And hosted Sunday dinners
and holidays.
They didn't just lose a house,
they lost a home.
Right, so it isn't enough
to give them a new space.
We have to fill it with all the
things that make a house a home.
Ok. So, Operation Home
for the Holidays?
That's brilliant.
It is.
And, I know a way
to make it happen.
Everybody meet down here
tomorrow, 9:00AM. Ok?
- Good night.
- Good night.
Hey, aren't you going to bed?
Not yet.
I know how to finish
my story now.
Thanks to you.
I'm gonna get writing.
See you in the morning.
Good night.
They've got protein powder
in them
and the whipped topping
is yogurt.
Figured it might be
a great add
to the kid's holiday
breakfast event.
I can think of about 500 school
kids who won't put up a fight.
I wouldn't.
Where's Eric?
Oh, sleeping off his
genius maybe.
I probably shouldn't be sharing
this but check it out.
This is my favorite part.
"The Romero's loss
is part of their story,
"but they aren't
looking backward
"and they know miracles
don't just appear.
"They require hard work,
faith and partners
"to create not just a home
for this holiday,
"but for all their celebrations
to come."
That was for your eyes only.
Oh, come on.
It was so good,
I couldn't help but share it
with these guys.
It's terrific.
And it plays right into
the reason we're here.
"Operation Home
for the Holidays."
I printed bios of
the Romero family,
along with the intake interview
off their applications.
Wait, there were bios
and an interview?
And I'm splitting you
into teams.
Joy and Eric,
Sadie and Adam.
There's money for each
family member,
it's limited so you'll need
to get creative.
I'll be dropping you
off downtown.
Ok, so, where should
we get started?
Tony's business is road
side assistance
but we don't want to buy
tool sets.
And they're about
to have a baby,
but a changing table doesn't
seem right either.
No. What makes a house a home
isn't what you put into it.
It's... it's every experience
you have there.
Too bad we can't buy
them memories.
That's what the new place
is missing.
It's missing their memories.
Sure, but how do we give
them those?
We can't, but we can help
them build new memories.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Let's go. Come on.
That one, and this one.
What are we grabbing these
for again?
I'll tell you as soon as
I know it's gonna work.
Ok, onesies, diapers, pacifiers,
they need all that
but where do you spend your time
making baby memories?
- That's perfect.
- It really is.
Toy store is next.
What do eight-year-old
boys like?
Puzzles, cars, action figures.
Sadie, the kid's a gamer.
Follow me.
Well, we've got lots
of great things,
but it's still just things.
Hey, um, when you
lost your mom,
was there anything that made
you feel better?
Not for a long time.
She was my North Star.
Because she was a nurse too
and you had so much in common?
Actually, we had nothing
in common.
No, we didn't.
We didn't like the same movies,
or music or food,
but I think ultimately
we looked out
at the world through
the same window.
Not a lot of people ask
about her anymore.
I mean, I guess they think
it'll make me sad
or they didn't know her, but...
She's still a huge part
of who you are.
Even if she's gone.
Why did you ask about her?
I was just thinking, what people
hold onto from their memories.
You know, when I was a kid
we moved around a lot
with Dad's job
and every place we went,
I felt like I lost
something too.
Did anything make it easier?
Our traditions.
No matter what new house
we landed in,
we focused on the things
that pulled us together.
So what is that,
for this family?
Uh... I don't know.
Well, in his interview,
Tony mentions the times
that he and Emily spent
planning and making...
Of course!
That's where everyone makes
their biggest memories.
A home, you've got to...
Fill it with Christmas.
We've got one more store
to visit, come on.
Let's do it.
Guys, do you think we have
enough Christmas?
We still got another tree
to grab.
Oh, and we got to get
the lights.
Well, years of working
with my dad,
I can kind of do anything
mechanical or electrical.
Well, you are just full
of surprises, aren't you?
That depends.
On what?
Well, you said you
don't like surprises.
You gonna get that?
There she is.
How's it going?
Uh, good.
Yeah, good.
You left in such a hurry, we
hardly had a chance to talk.
Well, the program just came up
so quickly, so...
I just wanted to tell you,
I may have found our place.
Our house.
I can text the listing. I think
it has real potential.
I was gonna send you some,
Good. Yeah, ok.
There's another flipper
with his eye on it
but if this is the one
I can swoop in.
Ok, it's just... I'm just
so busy right now.
Well, look as soon as you can
and call me later, ok?
Love you. Bye.
Hey, come on back.
If we don't get started on these
shelves we'll be here all night.
Ok, big breath in.
It was just a little more
shortness of breath.
And no abdominal pain,
no spotting?
Still feeling lots of movement?
She is like an Olympic swimmer.
Tony just insisted
that I get checked out.
He's overprotective.
Well, he did the right thing.
He's just looking out
for you,
No, it's because I miscarried
after Charlie.
I'm so sorry.
I know it's more common
than people think,
but between losing the house,
plus the pregnancy
and being at my mother's.
Tony has been a hero.
Yeah, that's a lot.
Now, as far as the shortness
of breath goes,
make sure you're standing and
sitting up nice and straight.
Give those lungs a little room
to breathe.
Thank you, Joy.
You got it.
Oh, and maybe just let Tony
be a little bit overprotective.
He needs that.
Lean into him a little.
I've been leaning into that man
since the moment I laid
my eyes on him.
We even got married three months
after we met.
Three months?
Why wait if that's your person?
I have to get Charlie
from school.
Am I good to go?
- Yes, you're excellent.
- Thank you.
Emily, you're looking more
and more beautiful every day.
You give those boys of yours
my love, ok?
I will.
- All right, bye.
- Bye.
What a wonderful family.
Do you know how those two met?
Tony went to the wrong party.
He mixed up the address.
Three months later
they were married.
They just couldn't wait.
Oh honey, did I say
something wrong?
Oh, no, I'm fine.
Let's go get some fresh air.
Yeah, we started dating at
the beginning of senior year.
Just before my mom got sick.
Danny was my rock.
Danny sounds like
a wonderful guy.
He is. He was my first
serious everything
and anything you'd want in
a man you're planning
on spending the rest
of your life with.
But every time he talks about
the future I freeze up and...
You can say it, Joy.
I have these new feelings
for Eric.
But that's crazy.
We just met.
We live way too many miles
apart, and...
No. I mean, I shouldn't be
feeling any of this.
But you do.
So what am I supposed to do?
Just walk away from Danny
after all this time?
No one's telling you to upend
your life,
but there's a reason
you and Eric ended up
in the same program
at the same time.
Not to mention how you met
at the airport.
What you would call a Godwink?
If only my husband caught on
as quickly as you.
You're a nurse, Joy.
And the body tells you things
and if you are freezing up
at the mention of a future,
then maybe you need
to ask yourself why.
Just keep those beautiful eyes
open to the signs.
Thank you.
These just came from HQ.
Proof sheets for next month's
national newsletter.
Apparently, they liked your
story about the Romero's enough,
they're making it the cover.
They are?
Wow, that's...
Yeah, beginner's luck.
That's amazing.
Great, listen.
The next assignment,
the fellowship experience.
Keep the focus personal.
Use your current group
and add photos.
I'll get right on it.
After project work today.
Oh, grab the van on the way in.
Angelo said that some cabinet
mistakenly got sent
to Tony's shop
and he needs someone
to grab them before noon.
Ok. Sure.
You know what every mini
celebration needs?
One last piece of...
Pumpkin pie?
I'll split it with you?
Wait, your article
is going national?
Ok, take the rest of the pie.
- I couldn't.
- Take it.
It's not as good as the one
near my house in Columbus.
Wait, you're from Columbus?
Yeah, where they make
this amazing salted caramel...
That place on Oak Street?
By St. Angela's?
Wait, how did you?
My family lived in Columbus
when I was six.
Remember, I told you
we moved around?
Well, St. Angela's was our
church and around the holidays
we'd stop after services
next door...
For the pumpkin pie special!
Yeah, St. Angela's
is our church.
I've been going there
my whole life.
We could have met as kids.
Oh man, I gotta go.
It's, it's almost noon.
Hey, Tony.
Came here to pick up
the cabinet doors.
Ah, much appreciated.
Just over there.
If you give me a second
I could give you a hand.
What's up with the snow plow?
This old thing?
About 100,000 too many miles
and a temperamental starter.
I'm pretty handy with engines if
you want an extra pair of hands.
I'm good.
But if you know any drivers
looking for work,
I'm a man down, I could
use the help.
Well, I could sub in for a few
days once the program's over.
I don't have a job to get back
to and I came here to be of use.
I mean, that would be great.
Give you a hand
with these boxes.
Jo Ann: You said you'd be home
for Christmas.
It's only a couple weeks away.
I will be.
I'm just spending an extra
few days helping out a client
who's in a bind.
There'll be plenty of time
to celebrate when you get back.
You do what you need.
JoAnn: But don't work too hard.
Christmas is a time for joy.
Mom, I don't think I've ever
agreed with you more.
Love you both.
Love you.
Wonder what he meant by that.
Where are you going?
Adam's doing recipe testing.
- Cookie decorating?
- Mm-hm.
Best day ever.
Say it.
Best day ever.
Peanut butter, sugar, oatmeal,
molasses, snickerdoodles.
- Yes.
- Awesome.
Watch this.
Oh, nice! Yes!
It's testing day,
and I'm testing.
Amazing work, Adam,
and all of you.
Now, it's hard to believe
but we've come to the end
of our first week,
so let's light the second
Advent candle.
- Wasn't that fun?
- That was so much fun.
The second Advent candle
represents peace.
Within ourselves and those
that surround us.
That time we reach out
and smooth over that thing
with a friend.
Reconnect with an estranged
loved one
or have that difficult
conversation we've
been avoiding.
Because it's only when we tell
the truth
to others and to ourselves
that we can find true peace.
Oh, thank you.
I was sneaking in.
Do they post you here
like security guards?
No. We just put in a long day.
The others just left,
but I stayed behind to finish a
couple things in the nursery.
Oh, is that why you're here?
To see the nursery?
You promise not to tell anybody?
I promise.
You guys did an amazing job.
But these weren't backed up?
They were on the computer
that melted.
Well, nothing's ever truly lost.
Especially when you have
a tech wizard
who can retrieve
burnt down data.
Sadie did it,
it was her idea.
Charlie bought it with birthday
money for the baby.
Because he lost his
in the fire.
He wanted his sister to have
one from the start.
That's why I came.
It's nine days till Christmas.
I barely have presents
or anything done.
Just the house and the pregnancy
have been so consuming,
I'm worried there's gonna be
nothing under the tree.
And Charlie's not gonna have
any of those new toys
or those electronics
that he's been dying for.
Emily? You ok?
You're shivering.
You're flushed too.
You know, we're gonna go
to the hospital.
No, I'm ok, really.
No. We need to go right now.
So, the fever and listeria
infection are under control,
but just make sure you take
your medication as prescribed
and you'll both be safe.
We're just so grateful
to you, Joy.
Are you kidding?
I'm just glad I was at the right
place at the right time.
Nice and slow.
Hey, take it easy, ok?
For real this time.
You hear that?
Means no more shopping,
no baking
and especially no more...
And who is gonna do it, you?
You are so tied up
at the shop.
We still have Charlie's presents
to get.
Well, maybe Charlie's
gonna have to do
with a little less this year.
- Thanks again, Joy.
- Of course.
Hey. How's Emily doing?
She and the baby are
gonna be fine.
But, we've got another job
to do... well, two.
Ok, so the Romero's,
they can't give Charlie
the Christmas they want,
but I've got a plan on how Adam
and Sadie are gonna fix that.
And we're gonna give Tony
and Emily the neighborhood
Christmas they think they lost.
Ok. Let's finish up.
Yeah. 'Cause we have
more work to do.
Hi, I'm Joy.
We're having a housewarming
to welcome your new neighbors
and their baby, due any day now.
Hope to see you there.
They can never be too loud.
Yeah, we'll plug it in.
Let's get the music going.
It's casual, just run by
but please not at this pace
'cause you're killing me.
Every gamer needs
mood lighting.
Pass me the red.
There you go.
"Operation: Home
for the Holidays"
has kicked it up a notch.
Just one more thing.
Great idea.
I can't believe we're gonna show
it all to the Romero's tomorrow.
That or that our two weeks
are almost over?
I know. It went by really fast.
I also feel like I've grown
like it's been two years
and not two weeks.
- Yeah, you too?
- Yeah.
I mean, telling
the Romero's story,
being so inspired to keep
writing about everything.
It was smaller but also bigger
than I expected.
But hey, you helped save
a baby so you win.
I didn't know how you could
make such an impact.
One person to one person.
A difference in someone
else's life.
Well, I haven't slept
in 40 hours.
And tomorrow is
the big reveal.
Yeah. We should get back.
Two weeks that change
your life
and one about Emily, Joy
and the baby.
And I know I'm probably
not supposed to pitch stuff,
but maybe we can do one
about Angelo
and other team leaders like him
around the country.
Or, how the theme
of advent resonates
with the rest of Community
Cares' work.
I don't know if you do
follow-ups with families
a year later
but I'd be happy to get back
out in the field
and do some interviews.
Sorry, it's just that once
I get started...
Pick the one that's calling
you first and do that.
Welcome home.
I don't even know where
to start.
Start by getting
out of the cold.
Let's go inside
your new house.
Here you go.
Hey, Charlie.
You know something?
When I was a kid,
my dad's job moved us to
a new city every few years.
But, my parents used
to make it nice
and tell me that it was
all gonna be ok.
But, I wanted all my old stuff
and the friends I had.
I had one constant in my life,
Benny, my stuffed alligator.
And I made sure he came with me
to every new place.
But I guess yours
didn't make it out,
so I thought you might want
a new friend
to start you off right.
And, it's a little bigger
than your sister's,
now that you'll be
a big brother.
You can put it on your new bed
and see some of the other
great things we have for you.
You ready?
Let's go.
It is so beautiful!
Thanks to our team,
I've gotta say they raised
the bar this year.
But I think,
something's missing,
I can't quite put my finger
on it, though.
Guys, which one of you forgot
to put the presents
under the tree?
I thought you did it.
Me? I thought it was Sadie.
I'll get it.
- Did you invite somebody?
- No.
Hi. Joe Duffy from
two doors down.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Thank you.
And Merry Christmas.
Happy new home.
So good to see you guys.
Happy house warming, Emily.
I think you're gonna
love it here.
I think I already do.
Hey, hey.
Come on in. The more
the merrier.
The place looks great.
Come on in.
Pretty amazing, huh?
Can I go see my new room now?
It's time.
Yup. Follow us.
Let's go.
So, we heard you were some kind
of outrageous gamer,
so we made some upgrades
to your room.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
All right.
Woah. This is mine?
It says so right on the door.
Can we play?
Sure, grab a controller.
- We did it.
- We did.
How cool is this?
Are you kidding me? I wish I had
this when I was a kid.
I know, me too.
Thank you, man.
I appreciate it.
You're very welcome.
All right, who's picking
the game?
I've got a good one.
I got next.
Ok, here it is.
Oh, honey, it's perfect!
Yeah, there's plenty of storage
for the baby
and there's more
in the closet.
What's this?
One of Joy's hidden blessings.
The doors and furniture
are full of them.
This one was too beautiful
to paint over,
so I framed it.
A newborn babe brings light
to the cottage,
warmth to the hearth
and joy to the soul.
For wealth is family
and family is wealth.
I don't even know what to say
besides thank you.
Oh, come here.
Please, gather around.
First, a huge thank you to
our Advent in Oshkosh team,
Joy and Sadie,
Eric and Adam.
Who knew when we chose you
we were getting a team
of superheroes.
I can't think of a better way
to dedicate this house
than to light the next candle
on our Advent wreath.
The candle of joy.
Angelo, do you mind if I say
a couple words?
Everyone, we were promised that
if we put in some time of
our own, some hard work,
we'd have a new place
to rest our heads.
And that itself is a gift that
I don't think we can ever repay.
To be welcome by
a whole community
and not just to have a house,
but a home to celebrate
this Christmas.
Well, that's our true joy.
And I don't think I can
thank you all enough.
From me and my family.
May your hearts be light
with the new start
and your home overflow with joy.
Forever and always.
Merry Christmas.
I thought I saw you sneak out.
Just thinking.
About how I almost didn't
come here.
Heard about it the very
last minute.
I... I can't believe
I almost missed out.
You know, I always thought that
I was gonna go nursing abroad.
Like my mom, but most
of those programs are,
are all about training
local medical professionals
and not one-to-one patient care.
That's all I want to do.
And after this last week I can't
think of anything I'd rather do
or any place I'd rather be
than right here.
You know, I thought
I was supposed
to devote my life to service.
And I didn't know until now
that service comes
in different forms.
And making a difference
is something that you
can do anywhere.
And I can do it here.
And I can't imagine any person
I'd rather be with right now
or any time in the future...
than you.
Eric, I'm so sorry.
No, I...
I have a boyfriend.
I'm not even sure if he's what
I want anymore.
And everything with us,
it was just so amazing.
Please stop.
Whatever it is,
whatever you have,
you have to work it out
on your own.
I can't be a part of it.
My last article, I know.
Finishing it right now.
For you.
I remembered how much you loved
the peppermint hot chocolate.
Last day.
Can you believe it?
Adam, we are really gonna
miss your treats.
It's been my pleasure.
I've been missing them
the entire time he was here.
Ok, it's less than a week
till Christmas.
Oh, well now,
Merry Christmas to me.
I know that Eric is staying on
for a few days
but I would really like
to convince you to stay, Joy.
I've got to go to a surgical
conference in Madison
and we could really use
your help in the clinic.
Our patients are falling hard
for you.
Oh, I would love to, but I think
if I spend one more second away
from home my dad will
personally come here
and drag me
back to Columbus.
Well, you know you always
have a home here in Oshkosh.
That goes for all of you.
Beside the center candle, which
we'll only light at Christmas,
we have one more candle
on our advent wreath.
The candle of love.
May the love you poured out here
these past two weeks
follow you home and guide you
the rest of your lives.
No, no. I am not about to let
this turn into a sob fest.
We have way too much
to celebrate.
Mister. On your feet.
We haven't slow danced in years.
Glenn, hit the piano.
I'm on it.
The rest of you make some room,
let's dance.
Dance with me.
I'm sorry about last night.
I should have told you
about Danny.
Don't apologize.
You deserve someone
who makes you happy.
I just want to say how much
I've enjoyed meeting you and,
and I hope that you find just
the right job in the future.
And that our paths cross
again sometime.
So, that's it then.
Excuse me.
Oh, Joy, Joy
Come sit.
I saw you dancing close,
what happened?
I got carried away.
This is all my fault.
I should have just shut things
down at the beginning.
Shut down your feelings?
And the truth about
what's going on?
What about the Godwinks,
Maybe they are
just coincidences.
Maybe there's no such thing
as "meant to be."
Oh, you don't believe that.
You've seen them
with your own eyes.
I don't know what to do.
The only thing you can do, love.
Tell the truth.
To Danny, to Eric.
To yourself.
Even if nothing happens,
you'll always regret
not opening up
and saying what's
in your heart.
Oh, come here.
Oh, yeah.
You're gonna do so great
in Chicago
and I want an exclusive when
you take over the tech world.
You got it.
Take care, Fellman.
Aw, now don't you start.
I'm gonna miss you.
Especially your breakfast.
You only love me for
my breakfast food.
That's not true.
I love you for your snacks too
and your cookies and your...
Come here. Come here.
- Have a safe flight.
- See ya.
Thank you. Take care.
Let me help you.
No, wait.
Before you do that,
there's something I need to say.
What I wanted to say
last night is...
No, look, I... I didn't handle
myself well last night
and I need to apologize.
No, please, ok...
I should have told you
the truth.
These have been the best
two weeks of my life.
We've made memories
that we'll have forever.
But, camp is over and we're
not kids anymore.
We both need to turn the page
and get on with our lives.
Our real lives.
But, I got you a gift,
if that's ok.
Of course.
Thank you.
A compass?
In case you ever decide
to change direction.
Goodbye, Joy.
All right, we've got to go
if everybody's gonna make
their flights.
Say goodbye, Eric.
Yeah. Ok.
Bye, Eric.
- See you again soon.
Bye, Eric.
- Bye.
If you're looking
for an oil change,
we don't do that here.
You ever given any thought
to being a columnist?
No, I...
You've been writing
with such... heart.
Are you feeling ok?
You never talk like this.
I don't but listen up.
I want to send your clippings to
a publisher friend in New York
who's looking for a new hire.
You ok with that?
Of course, yes.
Thank you.
No promises.
In the meantime, write
a wrap-up on the program.
I can pay... a little.
I'll take it, yes.
Thank you so much.
Three hundred words.
This is a really great idea.
Yeah, I thought we could find
something here
your dad doesn't have.
I want to surprise him
for his office.
So, I figure we do
the traditional
Christmas Eve dinner
with your dad-
Catch that new Christmas movie
and then get to bed early
so I can be over to your place
Christmas morning.
I think you'll really like
the present I got you.
Oh, and I made us a reservation
for a restaurant
for New Year's Eve.
It's a rooftop thing
with fireworks.
Wow, you seem to have it
all planned out.
I got you covered
for the next 50 years.
Oh, these wreaths are great,
I think your dad's
gonna love them.
Do you want some help?
- Sure.
Oh, what's this?
You weren't supposed
to see that yet.
I found that old photo
of your mom
when I was digging up
Christmas decorations.
That was taken right before
we got married.
I was going to give it to you
for Christmas,
so Merry Christmas.
She was so beautiful.
The story of how you met was...
The happiest accident.
You asked another woman
for her number,
she gave you the wrong one
on purpose...
And when I called,
your mom picked up.
You know, I've got this friend
in Oshkosh.
She calls that... a Godwink.
It's coincidences
that aren't coincidence
but help push you toward
the life you're supposed
to be living.
It's just, everything is,
is so up in the air right now.
What I'm supposed to practice,
what Mom would want.
Your mom would want you
to be happy.
Whether that means going abroad
or anything else.
Joy, what's going on with Danny?
You haven't spent much time
with him
since you got back
from Oshkosh.
You haven't been yourself.
Tell me.
So, Danny and I started dating
just before Mom got sick
and he was a constant
in my life
while it was completely
falling apart and...
And now?
Now, it's five years later
and we've grown up.
And apart, maybe?
And I met somebody
in Oshkosh.
Eric and everything about him
is just...
But Danny has been such
an important part of my life
for so long and...
He feels like my past and...
maybe Eric's my future.
He matches who I am right now.
But, how am I supposed
to tell that to Danny?
And, and should I?
I don't even know if there
is anything with Eric and I.
But, if God is winking at you...
and you're struggling this hard,
don't you think you have
to find out?
- Hey.
- Hey.
I got your message that
you need to talk.
Everything ok?
Yeah, I figured this was a
better place than your office.
Joy, what's going on?
I'm gonna go back to Oshkosh
for a couple of days.
You are, why?
I don't know how to say this.
Then don't, you don't have to...
No, but... but it's the truth.
These last five years have been
amazing and you're amazing
but you deserve somebody
who wants the same things
that you do.
But you do.
Or you did.
How can you just change
your mind all of a sudden?
But it's not all of a sudden.
I mean, we haven't spent any
real time together in so long
and we're following through on
plans that we made years ago
and what if they're not
the right plans anymore?
This, this is crazy.
I know, and...
I know that you can't see
this right now
and I don't expect you to.
But this is right.
I'm so sorry, Danny.
Ok, I get it
I know we both deserve
to be happy.
Goodbye, Joy.
Bye, guys.
Hey, love.
How's the conference?
I, I might hit the road,
seems like there's some traffic.
Yeah, and there's that storm
on the way too.
I'm not sure if I have time
for another seminar
but I'll double-check
the weather
and I'll keep you posted.
Love you.
Love you too.
You're working awfully hard.
My swan song.
Just have to wrap up
one last article
then it's back to salting
streets before the snow.
Oh, that could be any minute.
I miss seeing Joy with you.
You two made an awfully
cute couple.
It turns out her boyfriend
had a different opinion.
Oh boyfriend, huh?
Someone as great as her?
I should have known.
Well, I'm sorry it didn't
work out.
Holler if you need anything.
I will.
Markie and I were just talking
about you.
Well, then I called at just
the right time.
So, I have a question for you.
Any chance you'd be free
to pick me up later tonight?
Well, my flight lands
in a couple of hours, so.
You mean, in Wisconsin?
Here, tonight?
You're not messing
with me?
What about...
What about Danny?
We'll talk about that later.
Maybe over a cranberry Kringle?
Joy, just tell me
what's going on.
I will, I will.
In person.
Ok, I'm gonna text you
my flight information.
And I'll see you later. I have
so much to tell you.
Yes, yes!
Joy's on her way back!
I gotta go.
I have to salt more roads
before she gets here.
All the roads.
And I'll pay for that later,
I promise.
Joy's coming back!
No, no, no. Not now.
Come on, come on!
The starter.
Help me out here.
Oh, come on.
Somebody call 911!
Hi, Dr. Graber, it's Chloe.
EMS brought in a critical
trauma patient,
27-year-old male
with multiple injuries
including compound fractures.
Internal injuries?
Life threatening.
The scans show a major grade
five laceration of the liver.
He has massive
internal bleeding.
Liver rupture?
You're kidding me.
To be honest, we're not sure
there's a lot that can be done.
Prep him for surgery,
I'm 15 minutes out.
Yes, Doctor.
Eric? Hello?
Joy? Joy! What are you...
You're here?
Eric was supposed
to pick me up
and I've been calling him-
There's been an accident.
Eric's been taken
to the hospital.
Is he ok?
No, dear. Come on,
we'll take my car.
How long has he been
in there?
About four hours.
Sure we'll hear
something soon.
I called his parents
to let them know,
they're on their way.
This is all my fault.
If I hadn't have called
then he hadn't been rushing.
None of this would
have happened.
If anyone's to blame,
it's me.
I knew that starter
was trouble.
How could you have known
the emergency break
would snap right then?
It's nobody's fault.
We have managed
to stop the bleeding
but the next 24 hours
are critical.
We're doing everything we can,
Joy. I promise.
Then we'll do everything we can.
We're gonna stay right here
and pray for a miracle.
Actually, someone's beat
you to it.
What do you mean?
Well, hours ago I was in
a convention center
debating whether to duck out
and beat the snow
when something told me
to take one last seminar.
New surgical techniques to
repair traumatic liver rupture.
And if I hadn't, Eric would have
died from an injury like this.
But, this new procedure,
the one I stumbled into,
might very well have saved
his life.
I believe this is what you call
a Godwink.
Well, it's about time.
Can I see him?
As soon as they move him
to a room.
In the meantime, I think Katie's
prayer idea is a good one.
He's gonna need a lot of it.
You hang in there.
So you can find
your way back to me.
Any change?
Um, his sats have improved
and his heart rate's stabilized.
Maybe that's just wishful
thinking on my part.
No, you're right.
His vitals are definitely
getting stronger.
That's good.
I'll be right outside, you let
me know if anything changes.
Oh, Eric!
It's ok, it's ok.
Did the nurse give
any kind of update?
Well, he's, he's stabilized, uh,
but he's not out of
the woods yet.
I'm Joy.
We're his mom and dad.
Eric and I were
fellows together.
We're so grateful you stayed
till we could come.
I mean, I can stay.
No, we appreciate it but
it's family he needs
more than anything.
Thanks again.
Oh, sweetie.
Oh, my sweet boy.
You can do it, son.
Jo Ann: Honey, we're here.
Eric needs to heal.
And he needs his family
around him to do that, so.
So, if you weren't
winking at me,
if I was just seeing
what I wanted to see,
then I'll walk away.
I'll leave Eric in
his parents hands.
As long as you promise me
that he will be healthy
and he will be safe.
Because I love him.
And I need him to be ok.
The next 24 to 48 hours
are critical.
First, we'll be monitoring
for any post-operative
like an unexpected infection
that could cause...
Goodbye, Eric.
Stay strong, ok?
We'll check on his vital signs
frequently throughout the night.
We expect some bleeding,
but we want to monitor...
His heart rate's crashing.
What, why?
I was just in here a few minutes
ago with his girlfriend
and he was stable.
She said that she was
a fellow.
We didn't give her a chance
to say more.
Go down the hall,
get Katie.
Tell her to find Joy
and bring her here.
Yes, Doctor.
You can do this Eric, come on.
Joy? Joy!
What are you doing?
I never should have
come back here.
No, you being here tonight
might be the miracle
we've all been praying for.
What are you talking about?
If it wasn't for me,
Eric wouldn't be here.
That's not true.
But he might not survive
the night
if you stay down here
any longer.
What do you mean?
As long as you were by his side,
Eric was stable.
But, the moment you left
he started going downhill.
Go. He needs you, Joy.
Go now.
Oh please, God.
Bring up Eric's blood work.
Please, please!
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, I'm here.
I'm here, I'm here.
I'm right here.
I promise you I'm not gonna
go anywhere, ok?
You just come back to us.
Dr. Graber: Come on.
Come on, Eric.
Here we go, here we go.
All right, they're coming up.
They're coming up.
All right, we're gonna,
we're gonna keep our eye on this
but we need to clear out of here
and let him get some rest.
Except for you.
He needs you, Joy.
Thank you, thank you.
Eric, can you hear me?
Yeah, I'm here.
I'm right here.
Eric's awake!
- Hi.
- Hi.
You're ok. You're ok.
Oh, honey.
Is he gonna be ok?
Welcome back, young man.
How about we stay out
from underneath snowplows
for a while?
You found your way back to me.
I missed you.
And easy down.
Thank you.
Ok, well that might have been
slightly more painful
than being run over
by the truck.
Well, you get used to it.
Gotta get you up in this chair
three times a day.
Is that what it's gonna be
like with a nurse practitioner?
Because I might want
to reconsider.
Oh, well, that's too bad,
you don't have a choice.
Hey, Glenn.
Am I interrupting?
No, not at all.
Come on in.
How're you feeling, Fellman?
Never better.
Well, I won't stay long
but I've got some news.
Remember that publisher friend
in New York?
It turns out he liked
your clippings a lot
and he wants to offer
you a job.
Are you kidding?
That's amazing!
It will be a monthly column,
mostly human interest stuff.
All that touchy feeling stuff
you do.
That's fantastic, but I'm in
no shape to move to New York.
No, that's the last place
he wants you.
He likes the stories
you're finding here.
So, welcome to Oshkosh.
Thank you.
You earned it.
I'm proud of you, Eric.
Wait, wait, wait.
Did you just call me
by my first name?
Is it on the record?
Then no.
Merry Christmas, you two.
Merry Christmas.
Compliment from Glenn.
Now that's a Christmas miracle.
Can't believe it's already
Christmas morning.
I know.
And I've got one more Christmas
surprise for you.
Is that right?
I thought you hated surprises.
Well, I used to.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
Oh, honey, you look so good.
Merry Christmas.
Eric, this is my dad.
This is Jim.
Good to meet you, Eric.
Gotta get up.
Oh. Ok.
I really wanted to meet you.
I didn't think it was gonna be
like this, but...
Well, I couldn't miss Christmas
morning with my daughter
and I've heard so much about
this incredible group and you.
I couldn't stay away.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Would you two do us the honor?
Do you want to?
- Absolutely. Yes.
- Ok.
Hey, it's your song.
Merry Christmas, Joy.
Merry Christmas, Eric.
In real life,
Joy and Eric Fellman
have passed down
their miraculous love story to
the families of their three boys
and have become advocates of
Godwinks happening to everyone.
The real Doctor Louis and Katie
Graber were Godwinkers at heart.
For the rest of their lives.