A Golden Christmas (2009) Movie Script

So this is here you grew up?
So different where we now live.
You were about my age, right?
What was here?
I mean, what were you doing all day? You go to school?
And what happened? - I have not reviewed it.
Never? - No, the summer was ending.
That's sad, Mother. He was your best friend.
- So where is it? - What, the time capsule?
I have no idea if I could find it, How long passed.
But it's somewhere in the woods. And this ... is the house in which we live.
You're glad?
And remember that e their Christmas gift?
Good. We will not say that we buy house until Christmas Eve.
So until then it secret. Do you think you can keep a week?
Let's see.
- O God, O God! - Grandma, Grandpa ...!
- Hey, how you doing, buddy? - My girl.
- Look at you! - To see this boy!
- O Lord, as you ... 1.80 m? - More.
- Sister wandering returns. - Hey, I thought you were on vacation, Mrs. lawyer.
I have more details on this case, then they are free.
Take the money, honey!
Do not tell me that you thought I will not work until Christmas.
Not everyone has a chance psychologist ideas free holiday.
Oh, sorry, rather, a holistic therapist?
Thank you.
We keep wondering if the balance Scales of justice, but if it occurs here.
It's been three years ...
And you? You were so last time When I saw. What happened?
- I grew 10 cm, Uncle Mitch. - Yes, really.
I'll soon surpass. But not yet ...
- Mitch, so do not go up the stairs. - Mom, it's okay.
What smells good ...
It's for you! It's for my houses.
You can taste a little, but you do not. - So you give him?
Gingerbread? How many? - Fifteen.
I joked at Thanksgiving, and she took it as a challenge.
15 gingerbread houses? Some things never change.
So how do you feel?
Good. A little weird, but good.
And I'm glad to see you! - I'm also glad.
Do you think Daddy would have liked here? - Much loved this house.
Remember where paint?
Yes, you were very small. Remember you that? - Yes.
Will make you happy life here, it is not like that?
But you'll be happy? - I'll be thrilled.
Then I will be very happy.
You know, I think I dreamed Daddy painting on the veranda.
Can I see my dream in the sky. - I think it's very nice.
It's a miracle. Like an angel It would be down from heaven.
Really! I lost a "miracle"? - You can not without cynicism?
I can, but I did not bother. What I have lost?
Remember how important trip to Florida for me and Daddy?
Patty and James have got a house there. So, all our friends are gone.
Consequently, I decided it's time to start a new life.
Your sister has been gone a long time. He heard the story. - OK sorry...
No, mother. We got it phone and e-mail.
And I understand and reproaches for that I did not come here too.
I did not reproach you, baby. Nor for that nor for others.
All right, see you later.
Good night baby. - Good night.
Sorry I did not come for a long time, but now I'm here.
We understand, baby. You saved the world the financial criminals.
The way things are, I'm surprised you came now.
Sorry to take so to sell the house. I know what's important to you.
What!? - I sold the house!
- What?! - I sold the house.
When after you tell me? - I've just said.
I wanted to surprise everyone, but you know how much we invested in this place.
Then I should have sell it to anyone.
Well ... it's sold. I think the guy will take good care of it.
I have a good feeling about him. You do not? - It's nice.
- Rely on feelings? - No, on his generous offer ...
You have not rushed a little? Mom?
Not at all. I tried Monday days to sell.
Now finally we can to reach out to Florida.
You were not here, baby. Your father She was very stressed.
But now, no longer have to talk about it.
I think I need to talk. - Do not have to!
Except your mother's choice, I have never been safer.
What a joke!
Good night baby. - We love you. Welcome home.
- How are you? - Everything's wrong.
- What's wrong? - Tree.
Not only it is artificial ...
but color sequence, the mother has taught us, it's totally bogus.
Yes. Normal e "Red - Green - small sweets"!
Who are you, "Rainbow Man"? - It was always so.
- At least all good holidays. - Oh yes.
Actually, it's a direct correlation between Christmas tree kinds and arrangement.
- Tea? - Nothing.
- Come on... - Nothing.
Well ... I was planning to buy the house.
What?! Already sold it. They knew?
- Not quite. - Wait. I did not know you're thinking of moving.
Go home? That's awesome! - It sucks. - Why?
They sold my house a stranger.
In their defense: I assume that "not even" means they had no idea?
Good. They did not know.
Why do not you buy it yourself? - I am home. It's full of them in the city.
Yes, but this is my house. - First, it was never yours.
It was ours. I you're a little selfish.
Selfish? I offer I buy my house!
I do not want to be hard on yourself. - But in a way, you are.
Yes. I ... It's great to have you here. In particular Christmas.
And I know ... I do not like to force things. I do not like!
And I know you could not be here in recent years, because it was very hard.
And understanding. But, you know. Some people...
even want to be with their families, when it's hard. - I was at work.
Safe! In court, Christmas.
Look at me!
Glad you're here. And I'm excited to move back.
But you can not shut to all, and then expect to read your thoughts.
You have to express your feelings, not too close to the cell phone mailbox.
Have finished? - Not.
And did not you say anything about moving Until a few seconds.
Did you know that dreams Florida always...
Selling the house was difficult. You should be happy for them.
But I'm glad. - And there are other houses for sale.
Why should you buy necessarily house?
What is that?
I do not remember it. Where did?
Out of nowhere. - O, was "materialized" somewhere.
It's from a guy.
I'm the little sister, I know things like that. Confess!
Remember the summer when I was here, Before my dad build the house?
You did it in the woods? - I was 9 years old. So talk with patients?
I did not know. - Not. We played together.
All that summer ... and ...
Then he ... - He did what?
I whispered something ... I do not know. I do not even remember. Nonsense...
Cute. What was the name?
Inn. - It was Swedish? - Gen "Han Solo".
I guess you were "Leia". - Yes, we did say real names.
All summer? - Yes.
It sounds very exciting for romance that age. - It was very sweet.
It was the perfect summer.
Do not you never seen? - Not.
It was doomed The "Star Wars".
Cute. - You did not answer my question. Why so much want to move here?
Want to fall in love again.
Wow, that's a big step. - There's something wrong. - This is ridiculous. That's not why I came here.
I want to buy the house.
Good. In any case, You know what I can give for Christmas?
A padlock on the mouth? - Yes, and ... you can try ...
Just try to be here, Now this Christmas with us.
A dog!? - Why are you awake?
Santa Claus brought me a dog! - No, Henry, do not you bring any dog.
It's awesome! Never knew I like dogs!
The dog is not for you. - Santa knows everything and the dog is super!
- What is this? - Santa brought me a dog!
It's awesome! - No, Mom. Not!
Why? - Did you buy you dog? - I have not seen before.
- It's a female. - Disguised as "Santa Claus"?
Mrs. Claus. - Henry it's time for bed.
I'm too excited! - Come with me, little man. Come on.
I want to play with the dog! - Henry, you've been good, now go.
I know. That's why I brought the dog Mosul. - Henri, Mosul wrong.
Santa does not make mistakes. - But I'm afraid I did.
Hey. - Hey.
Michael! What do you do sir? - Hey. Oh, what a bad girl.
Oh, it's Michael's dog.
Right. - Sorry. She is my daughter Jessie.
I am Michael Bill. - I'm glad. - Me too.
And this young disappointed my nephew, Henry.
He thought Mosul I brought a dog.
I am so sorry.
What nice clothes. - Yes, tonight It was my daughter's Christmas party.
A! And he participated dog? - Yes, he had a supporting role.
How did he receive it? - Adopted occasional director.
Huh, girl? - Michael, You want something to eat? Coffee?
It's late. My daughter's car. We have to go back.
Henry, I have an idea. come with me in the kitchen. I can prepare a cocoa.
Mother, sugar so late? - No sugar.
I'm glad I found it. - How did you manage that?
Well ... He escaped after the show. I watched it.
Stops. She looked at me. I again watch.
It's funny, because it has not been nearly as much for me, since I found it.
In fact, he found it myself. - She found you?
Yes, one day appeared my doorstep.
And you accepted?
Yes, it looks very gentle, ...
What is her name? - Does not have a name. We are yet in the search.
Why he stopped here? - Probable He knows that this will be her new home!
How? - She'll love it here. Michael is the customer who bought the house.
How?! - Do you want to eat? Sure you do not want? - Absolutely sure.
You know, we should ... should to leave. Probable...
I'm really sorry that have bothered.
I would have had more take care of it.
Jessie? - A little bit lightly and irresponsibly.
No no. She...
Is right. I have not had much a dog. I think I'm still learning.
Come on, girl!
See what I mean?
Come on.
Even as you listen to the dog.
Hey, goodbye. - Goodbye.
And good night. I am sorry. - There is no problem. - Yeah.
No problem. Come on. Go.
Good night. - But it does not happen again.
This guy wants to buy house? - Bought it!
Good night baby.
Here was a clearing. I do not think I will find, because it was very long, but ...
there play. - She's house here?
Not. I knew nothing of house Until a few weeks.
Here was the forest and camps.
Not long ago I thought at this place and ...
What? - Well ... We were playing with a dog It looks exactly like her.
And right she was. - Believe that, after all these years?
Oh, it's a Christmas miracle!
What happened to the girl?
I do not know. I've never seen it before.
We did not come here after I I did 10 years. - She lived here?
I do not believe. I guess it was family on vacation.
Perhaps he had forgotten.
But it was my first ... - A good friend.
Yes. It was my first a good friend.
Michael is a very nice guy. When you It was last on a date?
It is none of your business. - I'm your mother, and so it's my job.
It seems to me fine. It felt judged with "admiration".
Maybe it's married. I do not know. I have not questioned about privacy.
- Are you interested in this guy? - Who? - Not!
The guy who bought the house. Your mom likes him. - Not true.
I do not know him. And none of us know him.
It would not hurt to try to know him.
That would make sense only if it were free. Should we invite him for Christmas?
I already asked.
I want the house.
How? - I want the house. It's clear We do not really know this guy.
I want the house! - What...?
I want a dog. I thought. I want a dog last night.
Wait. Would our house? - Henry, can we talk later?
Santa arrived early. - Not. Santa is not coming sooner. - Safe?
Stati. Why do you want our house? - If you do not keep your fingers, not at all.
You live in the city. Or do you want to resell? - Not.
Henry and I go back home. - Now? When we move?
That's not the reason. Mom, would you like to remain in the family home,
and father have built the house with your own hands.
I told the House a year ago. Why did not you say anything? - Do not have a price, then.
I had a price from you! - OK. Settle down, everyone!
Easy, Rod. It has now been solved. - No solve anything.
Look, sweetheart. I signed a deal.
The situation breaks my heart, but ...
I do business, we signed The preliminary, and understanding is understanding.
You should know these things. - Just, I know I have to be a loophole.
Rod, sorry to interrupt. No offense, but ...
Do not conditioning contract sale house of Michael?
Yes, but it seems to indicate that ... - What? - Do not do this!
So the contract is conditioned the actual sale of the property?
It communicated that's just a formality. As it has several offers.
Adult stuff ... - Why did not you say right away?
Because of the way of understanding. - Wait ...
For those who are "great disappointment" of the family, and no lawyers ...
You are not "great disappointment" honey. - Thanks, Mom. That's cute.
What are you talking about? - It is a set range, the need to sell the house,
and if he does not, Dad can terminate the contract. That's right?
Yes, but it's a nice guy. What ... What are you trying to do?
I am your daughter, I'm nice! - Oh, listen to this. Now begins!
So how many days has available?
Until Christmas Eve. - Really?
Take it slowly. Okay ... You take little crazy. - Do not take.
Is true. Remember when you held submission that, in the "eleven"
and you dressed in a suit starched white shirt business?
Since then he began to wear clothes too pedantic?
No, that was in the fifth. That was later, in high school.
And your poor innocent partner, Missie Hamler, shed ...
Cherry juice. And it was innocent.
Did it shed on your blouse white and you erupt like a volcano.
Seriously. As if i would have opened the skull, and flames coming out of your head them.
And what's your idea? - I see Miss Hamler in your eyes.
Well, hello. Even you We are looking for you.
Well, you're very pretty. That's right?
Take me to your master.
Strolling around. - I noticed that do that often.
I have a name? - Deliberate between Cody, Betsy or Blitzen.
You did this? - Dad has done all, even "interiomul".
Inside, baby. - Wow, what type capable.
Yeah, I was a little ... - Withheld.
- Yes. - Withheld?
Yes. For 15 years I was an architect in the city.
Mainly commercial stuff. It was a good job, but ...
I do not know. I felt somehow away from it all. Do you understand?
But you live in town? - Not yet. - But the plan to move here?
What else? - It's funny that you ask that.
In my parents' house ... - It's a fantastic place.
Do you like our new home? - Yes. Finally we have a swing.
We put back the rope swing. - That's not a good idea.
Why? - Well, between us ...
My parents had ... problems with bears.
Bears? - Yes. Did not they tell you? It's weird.
My father does not like guns, but He had to buy a large rifle.
Rifle? - Yes. Do you get one? - No, I do not have.
Think buy your one. Shotgun is needed to kill the bears.
Incredible. - Yes. It's the big problem with bears.
I know you signed the contract, but this information can change something?
The place could not be more perfect, but now I have to build a fence.
You have to build a fence? Yes, to keep the bears at bay.
I am and general contractor. Do not the works of these blocks in the city.
But it's okay anyway intend to renovate the living room.
What's wrong with her? - Nothing. I was thinking to increase.
Was it bigger? - No extensions?
My house is very good as it is. - I know you're tied to it, but it's my house.
Those bears were they scared? - What?
There is of course a reason You do not want the house. - Yes, I want the house.
Now I understand. - There were misunderstandings between me and my father.
But they are linked soulful house. - And I.
How can you be tied to my house? - Not home, but this place.
See, when I was a kid ...
Look, it was a mistake. We want to cancel the contract.
I bought the house. The house is mine. - Not. It is mine. I have a contract.
Look, if you search a house, mine is still for sale.
Oh, you like that, huh? I'm not idiot. There are federal prosecutor.
And I know that there is a stipulation in your contract.
I began to think that they're not problems with bears. - Are you smart.
I have three offers for my home. I gave her the sense.
What did you do that for? - For even slightly ago, I thought you were a nice girl.
I think so.
My real estate agency is around the corner. Surely you will find a nice place.
I'm not finished.
Goodbye, see you soon.
I think he likes you, Dad. - I think not, baby.
Jessica Wright? - Jet Marley?
I have not seen for years. How are you? - I ...
Good question. But what do you do?
Very good. Your father says that live in the city. - And here I am.
Federal prosecutor says you're. - I'm actually thinking about a change.
Do not tell me. Veterinarian. - How do you remember that?
How could I forget? In high school long wanted to become a veterinarian.
You had those cats. - Yes. There I wanted to sign ...
but ... high school? It was very old. - It seems to me like it was yesterday.
Sometimes I think of prom graduation. - Oh God.
It's been a wonderful night. I've never satisfied.
For what? - Because you came with me. - Please. - You were Jessica Wright.
And still are.
And you're the same sweet Jet. - You were very kind to me.
I ... I told the wife ... - Congratulations. - Thanks.
I was a nerd. - You were not.
Of course I was. But you've treated never so. You...
You have to know my wife While you're in town. - I would like.
You, you get married?
Yes, I married.
I opened an agency the estate.
It's all right, is not it? I sold your father's house. Sure told ...
It was you? - Yes.
Well, Jet. Is it still you sell Bill and Michael's home? - That's right.
I'll buy you a coffee. - I would like.
Do not tell me. Your dog ran away again? - No, I came specially.
I can help you with this? - Not.
Are you sure? - Absolute.
Definitive? - Definitive. What are you doing here?
Masor court. - For what? - To fence.
Look, there are bears. - I know, you already told me. Begin to repeat.
You were very sweet day before. - Do not try to be sweet. - But you were.
I'm done talking to you. Why measure, though?
It would be nice fence. - To close the yard?
Not if you put a pool. - A pool?
Summer is very hot here.
No swimming is not a good idea?
Frankly, all your ideas about this house are bad ideas.
Get inside. -Jessica! Can I call you that?
Sure you can. It's my name. - Wonderful. Well, Jessica ...
Look, I know the problem house it's a touchy subject, and ...
I just wanted ...
I do not know, to be friends.
Sure you do not need help?
Hey, I just saw on Michael yard.
To be about what what I think? - Of course.
What say you? - I am just glad you initiative.
Wait, that we are on the same side? - Absolute.
I met with Jet Marley. You know it's the real estate agent?
I knew. He sold this house. I think that has a lot to offer.
It has everything I need.
He's married. - Yes. And? - So...
Good. Do not get me wrong. I think you should have fun, ...
But I think that's an idea very bad.
What are you talking about? I think I speak about different things.
A flirt with Jet. - A flirt with Jet?
Are you crazy? Talk about home, too? - Again the house?
I can not believe you thought I an affair with a married man.
I think I know Michael. If you are a spark.
Oh, sparks are. But not the best.
Maybe you have to go into the woods, as first boyfriend.
Maybe you should shut up. - I'm just saying. Even Dad keeps talking about it.
What? - I think my dad likes him. They became very close.
And he still comes around. Maybe interested.
Well, sure it is interested something.
He wants to put a pool in the garden. Yes.
What terrible man, and nothing despicable. Come on!
I always wanted my pool. - I can not believe you're on his side.
I want nothing to him. I only wish his house.
This is a big step.
Which? - As admit his house.
I do not want to talk about it. - Jessica, you do not want to talk about anything.
I think we should.
Any Bring forward, you do not want let's talk. - Maybe because I do not want!
Look, I'm fine. But if it comes meetings, I did not feel like it.
Not so, Opra? - Yes. Even? You said "Opra"?
Not yet ready meetings.
Good. But if you are ... You are not registered. But if you are ...
How would you like to be?
Good. If I had, but be clearly I am not. Meaning?
Then I want to be warm, cute and funny ...
Cute kids ... And concessions.
Yes. Well, if you ask me or my father, it's like you have described Michael.
My father asked him not as he did not asked me to sell the house.
Jessica, how may ask, when thou hast isolate us?
For years you were away, and now you're back and ...
whole story house, you ...
I think you should follow some mandatory steps.
If you want to stop being ever happy.
I totally agree with you.
Where you go? - To follow some mandatory steps.
Mr. and Mrs. Robington. - Jill and Kevin. Please, Mr. Marley. - Jet, please.
So this is ... - Jet! Jet!
Jessica. Hey. - We always meet. - Yes...
They are Kevin and Jill. - Hey.
I wanted to show them the house of Bill. - Michael? Good luck.
Cam demolished, huh?
I enjoyed, as always, Jess.
We should enter. - You think it's a good idea?
Why not show them Kirkwood house? To me, it's more beautiful.
Here lighting is perfect. - Really? Why do you say that?
Have you seen the cellar here? - Not.
Sounds like garbage landfill. - I said, he used as a studio.
I only say what I think: Kirkwood house It is more suited to a pair so young.
I could decide I this?
Kirkwood House is available? - Oh, I do not ...
Yes it is.
It's a beautiful place? - No, it's ... - Wonderful.
She is pretty... Like this.
Good! - Yes, you will like. - Is that so. - It's great.
Well ... Is it far from here? - At the end of the street. You can go now.
Good. Honey, I found a home.
Mom will not go mad, it is not like that?
Not. Why do you say that? - Well you said this morning.
Oh, I ... Just kidding.
I'm a little worried mother. - Why? Why are you worried?
You cry? - Safe. All complain sometimes.
Well, do not cry mother.
How? - She did not cry. I mean, I do not want to cry, but ...
so do not cry, do not believe yet not sorry after his father.
He sometimes would like to cry, but she thinks she can not.
Honey, your mother is a person mightiest know.
It's really fixed on this house. - It was always self-possessed.
But sometimes when people is fixed on something,
it's perhaps because they do not want to think of something else.
... I just want to help.
Oh, come here.
Tell me what you want for Christmas?
I want to see my mother smiling again.
Hey, that's the tree? - Henry?
You're right, Mom? - No ... I mean yes.
Not quite. - You found it. You play.
Wait. It is impossible. - What?
This dog looks enormous as in summer, but ...
Not. - No, it's the same dog.
Henry, how to be? It was many years ago. - See?
Time to go. - But, Mom, How to find the tree?
You believe in it that much. We know he likes to walk.
Time Capsule. Where is?
I think it sit. - Want to dig?
I do not think it's a good idea.
She wants to dig.
Well, it's welcome to unearth. Have fun.
But I think it's better to stays buried. Time to go.
But mom ... - Come on.
Come on.
I know it's the same dog. - How can you know that?
I have a feeling, do not you? - Honey, it's impossible.
Jump up. - I think not.
And you know what I think? - What?
I think your friend is somewhere around here. - I know. Somewhere in this world.
No, mother. I think you'll see soon again.
Honey, what's wrong with you? - I just... I do not want to be alone.
Oh, dear, not the only one.
I got you. Do you understand? And mom and dad and Anna and Mitch.
Do you understand? - Yes. But it's different.
Darling, do not be worried about me. I'm great. - Safe?
Absolutely safe.
You know, I have a plan. We bought this house we move here and everything will be fine.
Agree? - Agree.
And you ... to bed. Good? - Mom.
You know you see him again?
Close your eyes and dream at this. Good?
Good. Good night, Mom. - Good night, honey.
And here I presented the story of two naive children a home block
who sacrificed for each other supreme treasure of the house.
And my last word of wisdom is that of all who give,
these two were the wisest.
Everywhere are wisest. They are the magi.
Beautiful, right? - Yes. I think. I'm a little confused.
I know. That's the Christmas spirit. Sacrifice for the beloved.
I love Christmas. - And I.
There's nothing wrong with a little love, joy and forgiveness. - And gifts?
And gifts.
Dad, are you single?
Single? I? I got you, huh?
Yes, but Bryan's mother. And seemed much happier.
Agree. - I mean ... - I know what you mean, honey.
And do not worry about me, I can handle.
I'd like to meet someone as Della. From the story.
You know, Della would have a bad name for a dog.
No, it does not resemble Della. And I do not speak dog, Dad.
I'm talking about that woman.
Oh, well.
Sweet Dreams.
You need someone to take care of yourself.
You deserve it.
Thank you, Maddie. - You dreamed it.
Once, my world was smaller Room in my hand ...
my cup was full of diamonds What I have lost as sand
And even though I'm empty cup Memories remain
... in my heart.
Ever hear our laughter I share secrets
Echo wind that blows I hear that a prayer
For friendship lives forever A treasure that remained ...
my heart ...
Where's the baby What used to hide
Here in, in my heart ...
What are you two? -Jessie, They still you know Michael? - How could I forget him?
This is Jet. - I do not think he is.
I'm sure it's Jet. - It's upset. Do you know why?
I have no idea. I have to go.
What did you do yesterday? - I have...
I try to do my job. I have not seen for many years ...
I know people change, What happened to you?
You say you want to see Michael's home and you want to move back,
and then say you do not like. It's not for you.
And when you find a pair which is suitable ...
I just thought the house Kirkwood it's right for them.
I mean, I am interested in career real estate? Not looking for a house?
If you want to work my agency, There is a better way.
It was a disaster. - Wait.
If I know you well, I would say that sabotage me.
Sabotage you? No no. Do not try this.
You know I try to help Michael to sell the house, otherwise ...
Otherwise I will not be able to Buy her father's house.
What was that? I'm not like you. - I wanted to see another house.
Not. You liar substituted. No house is worth your honor.
Now back to hell? I do not know why I came back here.
Let's go over ... - Wonderful. It is like in the past 3 years.
It seems that this house want more Now, when my mother and me leave.
Dad, do not. - Then what? Tell me please. Explain!
I miss you, Jessie.
I miss you.
I find their place here.
Why do not you want to be your family?
I do not find my place here, Christmas without Carter.
It seems there's a reason.
I was in awe.
After the death of Carter ...
I did the only thing it I knew. And that you've said.
Keep yourself occupied?
Yes. I was always working.
Dad, I wanted to see ...
The mess?
I changed your diapers. You Paid me you were sick.
I saw sometimes crying. - I know.
Sorry, Dad. - Give me too.
I wanted to say earlier, I think ...
But now we have to separate From home. It's too late.
How much we cared for it Mom and I remain just a house ...
You can build your a home anywhere.
And using a box ujina as the capsule of time. - What?
Time Capsule. It was like a collection of memories all summer.
You know, small memories.
What kind of memories? - I do not know ... Let's see ...
A stone ... a leaf ...
A game piece. - Why have you kept stuff? They were valuable?
For me were priceless.
It's around here somewhere. I told the mother.
Henry, I'm sure ...
He's here, Mom! I told!
Do you want a puppy ...
It's around! - Someone You must learn to knock at the door.
Time Capsule disappeared, So it around!
Oh, you mean the guy who did it given the locket? - What is it?
He had an affair 9 years. - I expect from it. - Thanks, Ana.
Grandma, Grandpa!
Who's the lucky guy? - Nobody is lucky ... he's too excited.
Then why are you smiling? - Do not smile.
It's a nervous smile, but the corners of the mouth are up.
Almost did not recognize you.
Smile. Clearly smiles.
If I could follow you Wherever you go
One day I'll surprise Under the mistletoe
then you have to kiss me Honey, that's the habit
How could you resist me In this cold season ...
When all I want for Christmas Are you ...
Nothing "old" or "new" Nothing "borrowed" and nothing "blue"
I'm afraid nothing I have
For all I want for Christmas Are you ..
Merry Christmas. - Jessica. What an honor!
I wanted to give you this, you I invite Christmas and apologize.
Sorry? - Yes. Behavior to selling my house of Michael.
Sale of success. - You sold his house?
I sold the house Kirkwood. House Michael is still advertising.
I ... I thought you sabotage Michael's selling the house.
I did not want this. - Just a thought.
Good. Maybe I wanted. But now, no longer want.
Do not you want home parents? - Yes, a wish.
I think ...
I must admit, even You confuse me. - Look, I'm wrong.
And I should not have ... - Let me sabotage.
It takes this word? - Well, it was.
Well, can I ... - Michael Destroyed dreams?
You see only the bare the cup, right, Jet?
There is another version of the story?
Look, I tried to show I feel guilty ...
for that Michael not He has sold the house.
If you do not know, Robingtonii bought another house.
Sorry. - That ... That was my gift. - Merry Christmas!
Michael, please wait, I'm sorry ... - Me too.
What is this? - A gift you and Madeline.
My mother made annually. I can not it for the world.
Wait. You sabotaged selling the house, and instead give me one gingerbread?
Again sabotage. Look, I'm really sorry.
But the house is worth more to me and I acted foolishly. - Oh, it's a lot to you?
That's for me. At this you thinking? - Hi, Jessica.
Hello, Madeline. - A gingerbread house. Thank you. - No problem.
Yes, thank you, Jessica.
See you later.
I'm really sorry. I was wrong and I went too far.
But try to understand why I acted so.
I'm done with you. Now try to I understand how to sell my house.
But you had three offers. - Yes. But some have quit, others, Jet failed to convince,
and last, because of you, Kirkwood bought the house ... so ...
What is this?
Nothing, just ...
Old scrap, since I was a kid.
They are yours? - Yes. And ... I for that now, so ...
You have no idea how sorry I am.
At Revda, Madeline. - Goodbye.
Daddy, why did you call "old waste"?
Time Capsule is very important. I thought you were mad at her.
I was not angry capsule rather her. - The best friend?
Not. Jessica. - I'm trying to apologize.
All I want for Christmas Are you ...
Nothing "old" or "new" Nothing "borrowed" or "blue"
I'm afraid nothing I have
For all I want for Christmas Are you ...
If I could follow you Wherever you go
One day I'll surprise Under the mistletoe
then you have to kiss me Honey, that's the habit
How could you resist me In this cold season ...
When all I want for Christmas Are you ...
What hot year, huh?
It would be nice snow. Do you remember how much it was in the first year?
Onions help me with this? - Safe. - I can not find the other end.
Thank you. - Is everything okay?
There are terrible. - Jess?
I am a horrible human being. A destroyer of dreams.
And a saboteur. - That's life a federal prosecutor.
No, mother. I was completely withdrawn in myself. And still are.
A little secret, Jess. Life go only one way.
Before. It is time to forget the past.
Every moment You make a choice.
In what sense? - To believe.
Tomorrow will be better.
That's hard. - If it were easy, everyone would do it.
The difficulties are distinguished the strongest.
Look, yesterday went, "tomorrow" it is not yet here, you just this.
It depends on you, how you want to end.
What you think and feel, even now, will determine tomorrow.
It's about Michael, huh?
How did you know? - I knew you like.
I did not know that I like. - Who?
He's "Han". - What?
What this means? - What... Michael? That's awesome!
That's incredible! He had a little romance secret with him when they were children, and ...
He met a boy, spent all summer in the woods ... And it was Michael?
It's so romantic, Jess! - That's incredible. - It's terrible.
Folks, he hates me. - Because He saw only what's worse to you.
Just yet. - Your sister is right. It's so cute.
Yes. Pretty, and is kind to children but I do not want to talk.
But you can change that.
Jess does not have guarantees you will not suffer. That's life.
But what if ...
What would it not be anything? - But if there's anything?
Yeah, no, that's ... Wow. Thanks, Jet. These are fantastic news.
Not sure that I get. But, Again, thank you. And Merry Christmas!
Well, hello. I sold the house. - That's awesome!
We have much work ... - We can now go to the Christmas party?
Take it soft!
You sold the house, Why are you angry?
It's complicated.
Are you trying to tell me something? - I think you should give him a chance.
It strives father. - Dog?
Jessica. Actually, what they mean Christmas?
I do not think that will come. - Will come. He called and said that coming.
Not bad. - Thanks.
I wonder if she will remember. - Do not worry, sure will remember.
Only he dug up the capsule time. - Not what I meant.
When he gave me this, He whispered something.
I know, you told me you forgot. - I lied.
Liar. Liar true. Confess! - Good.
Relax, all right? - There will come. - Comes!
I know. - Hi Jet.
What to do? - Go to it.
Looks great, Dad.
I agree with you.
"Force be with you"!
Hey. Thanks for coming.
Hello, Madeline. - Hey. - What is this? - That ...
I did it for Henry. Should not be upset dog ...
Thanks. How cute. Henry! - Look what he brought. - Yes...
Come here. Come on.
So how was it? - It's so sweet. Henry I built a plane.
Oh, how cute. - I know. - See? Have you been worried for nothing.
Did you look? - What? - The medallion.
I spoke just 2 seconds. - Why are you stalling? - Two seconds.
Drawled. Why? - Another sip. - Not. It's not about me ...
It's fine? - I do not know. It was acting strange all night.
Not crazy all the time. Jessica. Do not always nonsense.
I mean, to be clear, it's crazy. It's a woman. But it's not always the case ...
To lie, to deceive, to try to take my house. - Yes, things like that.
As a woman. In fact, she's a frightened little girl. - Scared of what?
Suffering again. - And then I got hit on me?
Yes, it's basic stuff. When you were little, You fucked a girl hair? - Not.
You have not thrown in the mud? - Not. - Do not you beat? - Not.
You have not got ... - You had a childhood violence, Mitch?
I'm just say ... As a child, You have not done anything girls?
I got scared and ran. - But how you hooked one?
Usually the girl follow me into the woods and found me. - I do not know what this means...
It's Christmas Eve. - Sure it is.
Merry Christmas. - Merry Christmas.
What were talking about you two? - I have no idea.
It's very common with Mitch. - About your attempt to take my house, it would be ...
as pushing a girl in mud. At least I think so.
Look, everything went. OK?
I like this. - Perfect.
It's Christmas, right? And Jet me He said he sold the house. - Congratulations!
Did he say who bought it? - Not yet we met, but I think her name Leia.
Like "Princess Leia"? - So she said.
Weird, huh? - Why is that weird?
I do not know. Only... - What?
There is nothing. - Nothing? Oh, you Princess Leia in love, right?
Yes. You like that slave role.
Yeah, right, but no, no ... Not what I meant.
When I was a kid, very young...
Remember that camp He was here? - Yes.
And you meet a girl. In the camp.
It's cute.
It's stupid. - I do not seem something silly. - Really, it's nothing ...
I was 9 years It was madness ...
I had a breakfast box ... You I saw her at the store. - That "waste"?
Yes, I called it so. I buried and then ... - Did you say something?
You made promises?
I do not know. Probable.
It's been a long time. It's hard to remember.
I guess it was not so important. - You know how it is when you're young ...
You can imagine as always You will think the same.
But do not do that.
You know how kids are. They like talking.
Yes, things that do not.
Something to drink? - Yes.
Maybe we should take it out outside. - Yes.
Hey. So? - Where was I thinking? We are no longer children.
What are you saying? I've shown the locket? - Believe me, it would not be interested.
It was stupid. - Mama dog He came out. Looks sick.
Do not worry, honey. We'll find. - Stay here. We will come back.
Here, girl!
I think it was good have a name.
I think I know where it is.
Hey. Hey, sweetie. - Oh, no, no ...
It is well? - What's wrong with her?
It pregnant. - Gesture?
Yes, it's in labor. - Even?
Oh no. Okay, calm down. Must to go to the vet?
Dogs face much without veterinarians. I think she knows better. Huh, girl?
Oh yes. You'll be fine.
You're very good with dogs. - It's a special dog.
She appeared in my life ... just before ...
Before I met you.
You are?
You are dissapointed? - Not.
You bought my house?
At least so I did. - Bought... my house for me?
You remember...?
Yes, I remember.
Wherever you go, whatever you do, you will always be my best friend.
Can we get one?
They're so sweet. - I did not know so I like dogs.
Talk about your sister and her new boyfriend.
Take seat.
Where you go? - I'll put the wall.
This will be broken down, remember? - You must be joking.
Just kidding pool. - I think the pool it is a good idea. - Shut up, Ana.
Pool, are you crazy? - Thanks, Mitch.
So, are you on the side of Mitch? - No, mine. - What a joke!