A Hard Day (2021) Movie Script

Hello, Villon! Where are you?
I'm on my way.
You already left. Where are you?
I said I'm on my way!
Just tell me where the spare
key is so I can empty it.
No, the keys are with me.
How many times do I have to say
that I don't have a spare?
Are the jerks on their way there?
Are you nuts? The rat squad is on its way!
So hurry up!
Okay, okay!
Make sure no one touches my things.
Make sure no one touches my things.
Someone's calling.
Okay, okay. Hurry up!
Brother, where are you now?
I'm almost there. I'm on my way.
I'm almost there.
Is that so?
Okay. Is Auntie coming?
No, she can't walk properly.
Okay, how about Mom's dress?
It's with me.
That's good. Mom might haunt us
if she's not wearing that dress.
How's Yanni?
Yanni is at the chapel.
Uncle and his family already left.
They couldn't wait for you.
They won't come back tomorrow.
Mom's siblings are so...
Okay, okay.
Okay, bye.
Son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch.
- Hello, Papa. Where are you?
- Baby?
I told you I'm on my way there.
I'm on the way.
Did you buy the toy you promised me?
I have it with me.
I'm on my way.
-Okay, Papa-
-Okay, baby. I have to go. Bye.
Fuck, shit!
Please move ahead.
Please sir.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
Checkpoint, sir.
I'm Detective Edmund Villon.
What happened?
Only a checkpoint.
Looks like you're busy.
Just doing some overtime, sir.
Okay, I'll go ahead. Thank you.
We're not done here.
You've been drinking.
I can smell you.
You smell like booze!
You should know what to do.
Just let it go.
That's a violation.
That's in RA1056, section 6.
You can be detained, sir.
What's fucking section 6 again?
Sir, it's simple.
There's a liquor ban, you're driving
under the influence. Give me your license.
Just give it.
The truth is
there's been a death in the family.
I'm just going through a hard time.
Can you please just let it go?
I'm not driving far.
Condolences, sir.
- Thank you.
- Give me your license.
I still need your license.
Bro, I'm sorry.
Actually, my mother died.
I'm just going through a tough time.
- It's the last night of the wake.
- It's not allowed.
- Let it go.
- Just give it.
- Just give me your license, sir.
- I just drank a little.
It's not a big deal.
It's simple,
just give me your license, sir.
Please bro, let me go this time.
Wait, sir. Just stay there.
Hey! I told you to stay, dumbass!
Watch him!
Yes sir.
This arrogant jerk won't cooperate.
- Sir!
- What's the problem?
Good evening, sir.
I'm Detective Edmund Villon.
Sorry, I just drank a bit.
I'm just going through something.
Tomorrow is my mother's burial.
Please do me a favor and let this go.
Sir, he tried to escape.
- No!
- He was about to back up.
Why would I run?
I'm here asking nicely, sir.
I'm just having a tough time.
Please help me out here. Okay?
I'm also a cop. We're all cops here.
- You're a cop? Where?
- Show us your ID.
Or your badge. Where is it?
Give them to us.
I'm from the PNP Intel Division.
From which precinct?
We can call them up.
Give me the number.
And the local number too.
So? You're stalling.
Wait, wait!
Slow down.
local 1308, got it?
- This is right?
- Why would it be wrong?
Verify it.
- Go ahead, call.
- Do you have prepaid minutes?
Of course!
- Sir...
- Verify it.
Can you give me a free pass?
I'm asking for a favor here.
- Okay, just wait a minute.
- My destination is not far from here.
Sir! I know why he's in a hurry.
- He was probably involved in a crash.
- Hey, don't touch my car!
- Take a look at this.
- Don't touch that!
This bastard.
Look at this fucker.
- Stop!
- Hold him!
You're fighting back?
Get up!
Sir, they confirmed it.
He's a PNP Intel officer.
What's his name?
Edmund Villon.
We're all cops here. Show some respect.
Why is this locked?
Do you have the keys?
Whose desk is this?
It's Villon's.
Where is he?
At his mother's wake.
Get me something to open this, right now!
Sir, I have a hammer. Wait, I'll get it.
What's inside?
He just said not to open it.
You know how he is.
He's different when he's mad.
Son of a bitch.
Here it is, sir.
Open it.
Hey, Mr. Kickboxer.
You broke my tooth, you idiots!
Take a look!
What if I knock out your tooth?
Sorry, sir. I'm sorry.
Just sorry?
This is my favorite.
What's up, bro?
Mr. Hit-and-Run?
You'll throw me in jail
during my mom's wake?
What's my name?
No, what's your name?
You bastard.
Sir, sorry. But next time you drink,
please don't drive.
You should've verified his info faster.
- As if you stood up to him earlier.
- Shut up.
You know I was just doing my job.
Hey! You bastards!
Especially you!
This is a lot of money!
So many bunches.
You guys are too much.
You can't escape from this.
What's all this ruckus?
Why are you here this late at night?
Detective Villon's mother
has not been buried.
And now you're accusing him
when he's not here to defend himself.
What the hell?
Are you even humans?
We're just following orders.
Leave now. Come back after the funeral.
Didn't you hear me? Get out!
Everyone who receives bribes
are listed here.
Bribes from all kinds of businesses.
I said get out.
Elton Dizon
- 50,000
Elmer de Asis
- 200,000
Arturo Gopez
- 200,000
Edmund Villon
- 200,000
And more than half a million...
Chief, you're truly on a different level.
Where are you?
What? Wait! Can you give me a break here!
We already need Mother's clothes.
Okay, okay, okay.
- Bro!
- I said yes already!
Shit! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck!
Where's Erica?
She's waiting at the morgue.
Bring this to her so she can dress Mom.
Papa, what took you so long?
I had to go far
to get your grandmother's dress.
Where's the toy you promised me?
Next time, baby.
When I have time.
You always say that, Papa.
Baby, please understand our situation now.
I'll make time.
I'll buy it. I promise, baby.
This is a big problem.
Chief, can we please finish
this after the funeral?
Hey Villon, you need to
take responsibility for this.
Wait, wait.
Are you asking me to take the fall?
And you're asking me
at my mom's wake? Wow!
Bro, please bear with us.
But we can't all go down
just because of your list.
Take responsibility.
I'll take care of you.
You? You're the one
who wants me to take the fall!
All of you are on that list!
Especially you!
All of your bar exploits are listed there!
- You listed those?
- Miss Lumaylay, right?
-Three times a month, mostly yours-
Not once, but thrice a month!
Mom is ready.
Villon, this is all just wrong timing.
I'm sorry.
You have our condolences.
Sir, condolences.
Bro, condolences.
We'll go ahead.
Bro, sorry.
Internal Affairs ransacked our office.
I couldn't even find an envelope.
This is all I could give you.
Get this done already.
Fix her makeup.
It's good you were able
to bring a proper dress.
- Yeah.
- Yes, our brother brought it in time.
Are you going to leave the jewelry on her?
I'll let our brother decide.
Okay. Don't worry,
we'll fix her up nicely.
Who will stay for the night?
We'll talk about it later.
Chief, let's find dirt
on the guys from Internal Affairs.
We need leverage against them.
If you can find some.
They're not called IA for nothing!
They're still just cops.
Don't put them on a pedestal, sir.
Don't overestimate them.
Wait, isn't that Villon?
Why does he have balloons?
What's this guy doing?
Okay, close the casket.
Can I talk to you for a bit?
Of course.
I want to be with my mother
for the last time.
- For you, sir.
- Wait, you don't have to give me this.
A token of gratitude.
if you insist.
Thank you.
You can stay only until midnight.
We need to move your mother to the chapel.
- What are the balloons for?
- For my daughter.
Mom, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God!
Why are you there?
Go to your station.
I'm sorry, sir.
Mama! Mama!
Mama! Mama!
I'm really sorry, Mom.
It sounded scary!
- Come with me.
- Really?
You've here for so long
and you're still scared?
I heard something.
Pick up, Central.
This is Central, copy.
Central, please check
if someone's in Room B-20.
Negative. I can't see anything.
You need to go inside.
Please bring the keys down.
Who will man my post?
You come and get them.
You're so lazy, man.
Okay, I'll come up.
Hey, don't leave me!
Son of a...
Wait, stay there. Catch!
What happened?
Sir, Ma'am heard noises in Room B-20.
Sir, I heard noises, like echoes.
What echoes? I know someone's inside.
What were you thinking?
No need for keys, it's not locked.
Someone's inside.
You may go.
Did you move it?
Oh, I rotated it earlier.
It's almost midnight.
She needs to be moved, right?
- Yes, I'll call my men.
- Okay. Someone might still visit.
I almost forgot.
All right.
We'll go home first, brother.
Please take care of her.
Bring me some clothes
for the funeral tomorrow.
No, Father.
- It's heavy.
- So heavy, isn't it?
Be a good girl. Okay.
Thank you, Father, for the service.
- Condolences.
- Thank you.
If you need me,
I'm always here for your family.
He really loves your Mom.
Internal Affairs already backed out.
They confiscated all the money,
so now we're even.
We did everything
we could to clear your name.
See? We made it work somehow.
You just don't trust us.
Thank you, Chief. I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay. Take care.
Boss, it looks like you're drunk.
What the... who told you to park there
on the corner?
Sorry, sir.
Don't just say sorry! Fix this!
- You'll cause an accident!
- I'll remove it.
So stupid.
What do we do? Chief will kill us!
We recently confiscated
this homemade C-4 in a raid.
It's small.
But it's strong
and has a wide blast range.
And most of all,
it can be detonated from afar.
They're so desperate to look good
in front of the new National Police Chief.
Once this button is pressed,
the bomb will explode in two minutes.
Now, let's begin the demonstration.
We will blow up the symbols
of the different types of corruption.
They will now install the cage,
so we will be safe.
Don't worry, the cage is blast-proof.
And we only used a small amount of C-4.
Hey, Villon's here.
How was the funeral?
It was okay, sir.
Man, it must be hard on you.
Of course. Plus, you wanted me
to take the fall, so it became harder.
That's enough.
Don't be sarcastic, Villon.
Arturo was the one
who found a way to fix everything.
See? You should be thanking me.
One round is on you.
Okay, all right.
We need to be careful.
IA might still be watching us.
It's going to explode.
That's nothing.
That was intense.
We're dead meat.
What's up, man?
Why is this not working?
Cold cases
and those near their
statute of limitations. Fuck!
They were just assigned to us.
We're too old for this shit!
Why did they give these to us?
Probably, our punishment.
Elton, get some AR's from the armory.
Boys, let's move. We got a tip.
Here, let's go.
Abet Hogar a.k.a. "Apyong."
You're the target now.
Hey Villon, let's go!
Abet Hogar a.k.a. "Apyong."
Here, take a good look at him.
He's fronting as the owner
of a high-end bar for the rich.
He's been reported before.
He killed some of his competitors.
His bar houses his drug operation.
So if we catch this lowlife, maybe
we can also get the entire organization.
We won't only redeem ourselves.
We might even get promoted.
Nice, a promotion.
This is your chance, Villon.
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.
We have a search warrant
for Abet Hogar a.k.a. "Apyong."
Open the gate.
Let's go, sir.
Are there other people renting here?
No one rents here anymore, sir.
It was abandoned 10 years ago.
Sir Apyong is our only tenant, sir.
Why does the bad guy
always hide in a warehouse?
- This way, sir.
- Where?
Here, sir.
Sir, this is Mr. Apyong's office.
Do you have the keys?
No, sir.
Open it.
Wait. That's not allowed.
It's fine, I'll take responsibility.
There's nothing there.
I thought we'll hit the jackpot.
Sir, positive. This is Apyong's unit.
But it's negative on drugs.
So, what are we going to do now?
Search the place.
We need to find evidence.
Okay, let's go.
- Where's the restroom?
- That way, sir.
You come with me.
What's up, bro?
Someone reported a car accident here.
The other day.
Are there casualties?
According to the report,
the victim was loaded in the trunk.
Who tipped you off?
Anonymous, sir.
He hung up before we could trace the call.
Villon, did you find anything?
- Hey!
- Sir!
It's you.
Chief, you remember Lt. Franco?
He helped us with Internal Affairs.
He's a subordinate.
- Is that so?
- Sir.
This is Mark.
What brings you here?
Hit and run, sir.
The suspect drove off
with the victim in his car.
Is that so?
It's not a hit-and-run,
but a hit-and-take-home.
Do you have a lead?
Not yet, sir.
Actually, I still need to check
the CCTV footage.
This way, sir.
We also need to check it out.
We might also find a lead to Apyong.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Okay, go with him.
Sir, I'll go, too.
No need, Arturo can go alone.
I'll go, since I don't have
anything better to do.
All right.
Don't forget to feed Castro.
Then let's meet at the office.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
Don't worry. Let's relax for now.
A lot of eyes are still on us.
Okay, just update me.
All right.
What did you do?
Did you find anything?
- Sir.
- Yes.
Anything new, bro?
The video has low resolution.
It's blurry and the accident
happened at a blind spot.
It probably happened on this spot.
The video is too dark.
Right, it's too dark.
Do that later, let's eat first!
Let's eat!
Castro! Yummy, it's still hot.
Hey, hold on.
Rewind it.
Rewind it.
Go on.
Look, he's on the wrong lane, right?
See, he's on the wrong lane.
It means he avoided something.
Then he swerved
and got back on the right lane.
And then, bang! He hit something!
Where did you get the shards?
Show me.
Looks like it was hit here
and landed there.
Forward it, look for the dog.
There, there.
Look at the dog.
So cute!
No, he seems to be watching.
It means something's happening there.
Go back to the car.
Check it out.
Rewind it a bit.
It's a Vios, right?
It's a gray Vios, sir.
Gray or green?
- I think it's gray, sir.
- Slate gray. Write it down.
Can you read the plate number?
I can't make out the letters.
But I can read the numbers.
- Seven, six.
- Seven, six. What's next?
Looks like eight?
What do you think?
I think it's three.
No, no. I think it's eight.
That's a three.
That's an eight.
Seven, six, eight.
Right? Okay.
Write it down.
I vote for eight.
What about the last number?
It's more blurred.
It's too dark, sir.
Seven? One?
Looks more like one.
- It's fuzzy.
- One or seven?
Seven? One?
I think it's one, sir.
Too fuzzy, I give up.
Let's eat first.
Just one last number, sir.
Let's eat. Give up on that.
Because of the great amount of loss,
residents of the said barangay
are seeking help,
even the parish priest of the said parish,
Fr. Inocencio Santos
for financial assistance coming
from the government.
Here, brother.
Your coffee.
It's hot.
Is the outing for
Yanni's birthday still on?
Of course.
Brother, I have a question.
Don't get mad.
It depends.
The shop tenant's
contract is about to end.
Can I be the one to rent it?
I want to put up a pastry shop.
Let's wait for their contract
to end first.
Maybe they want to renew their contract.
Just don't renew their contract.
You're a cop, right?
Hey, I'm a cop not a gangster.
What was that for?
Where will you get the capital?
From you, brother.
Please, brother. I don't want
to be dependent on you forever.
Admit it, a pastry shop is a good idea.
Okay, okay, okay.
Let's wait if they'll renew the contract.
I almost forgot.
Did Mom have a boyfriend?
I went to a fortune teller.
She said, Mom has a man.
And she's with him until now.
It's really weird.
Everything she said was right.
My failed business, the flower shop.
And that you're separated from your wife.
She was only wrong about that.
Maybe Mom really has a man?
Mom had a lover?
So what?
PNP Intel, hello.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
I want to report a wanted man.
Okay, sir. Go ahead.
I have information about Apyong Hogar.
I just saw Apyong Hogar.
Sir, if this is a prank
and you're just wasting our time,
don't call this line because
- I can sue you.
- No, I'm telling the truth.
Sir, I'm really...
PNP Intel.
Tell him to answer my call.
It's the one who just called.
He wants to talk to you.
Okay, okay.
Sir, didn't I tell you
to stop wasting my time?
I can easily file a case
against you for this prank.
I just want to file a report.
I'm not doing anything wrong.
All right, what is it?
Like I said before, I saw Apyong Hogar.
Really now? Where did you see him?
That's what I wanted to ask you.
What did you say?
I said, that's what I wanted to ask you.
Bastard! Are you mocking me?
What I meant was, where did you take him?
What are you saying?
Is he in heaven or in hell?
Did you throw him in the ocean?
Or did you bury him?
You drive a gray Vios, right?
PNP Intel.
Please tell him to answer my call.
Villon, he said to answer his call.
- What?
- On your cellphone.
I know that you killed Apyong.
I think you're calling the wrong person.
I saw you run him over.
Can you sleep at night
knowing you killed a man?
I don't understand.
- Who are you?
- You already had your car fixed.
So what if I had my car fixed?
So what if I crashed
and the insurance had it fixed?
Is that not allowed?
Can't say anything now?
Wow, you've also prepared your alibi!
Alibi? You're wasting my time, you fucker.
I'll end this call, so stop pestering me.
I'll just report that Apyong's body
is at the cemetery.
I hope you buried him deep in the ground.
That didn't happen, bro.
What are you saying?
What the hell are you saying?
Okay, end the call.
I'll really report you.
You're really the one
who killed him, right?
Who are you, motherfucker?
What do you need from me, bastard?
Swear one more time
and I'll go straight to the police.
You're not in the position
to be arrogant, Villon.
I won't tell you what I want for now.
And don't ever look for me.
Because if I get mad,
everyone will know what you did.
You look fine.
You don't look guilty at all.
I applaud your fighting spirit.
What the fuck? This guy's crazy!
This bastard, hey!
Where are you going?
You're having a nightmare.
We've been looking everywhere for you.
And you're just here.
Get out.
The cemetery where your mom
is buried is really big.
We explored it earlier.
Why were you there?
The signal of Apyong's cell phone
was last traced near there.
It was turned off.
Cell phone?
Your bumper is new, right?
So smooth and shiny!
Had an accident?
- Yeah, I told you about it.
- Right.
You weren't hurt?
- No.
- Good.
You got a call.
See you at the office. Let's go.
How can a cop be so bad at a chase?
Did you think about it? Can we talk now?
I have a question.
How did you see me bury Apyong?
It was pitch dark.
It was dark, but it doesn't mean
I couldn't see you.
Okay, go ahead.
Let's not get sidetracked here.
You saw nothing.
You didn't see it.
You're just making it all up,
If you want to chase after me,
if you want to investigate me,
go ahead. I don't care.
Because you don't really know
where Apyong is! You son of a bitch!
You didn't see me bury Apyong, asshole!
You don't have proof!
Villon, your phone is ringing. Answer it.
Are you hiding from someone?
He called again?
You've been getting calls all day.
It's just a prank caller
with nothing to do.
You motherfucking asshole! Asshole!
- Motherfucker!
- Why are you hurting him?
Do you want me to expose you?
- What's the problem?
- Boss, calm down.
Why are you attacking
a member of our squad?
- Your squad?
- Yes.
He's a cop?
Man, sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry. You just look like
the man who conned me.
Sorry, sorry. I'm really sorry.
Bro, I'm sorry.
Chief, this is Lt. Franco.
He's the one who helped us
with the IA investigation.
Thank you so much.
He's our savior!
We owe him big time!
He's our hero.
Thank you, sir.
- Elmer De Asis.
- Sir.
- Elton Dizon.
- Sir.
And the one you beat up,
Det. Edmund Villon.
- He's Villon?
- Yeah.
He's popular for being a sharp cop.
I'm sorry again.
I mistook you for someone else.
Pretty Boy Villon, sorry.
Sorry, man.
Fuck man, sorry. I got it wrong.
Sorry, boss. I'm really sorry, Chief.
- Thank you, again.
- Sorry.
Take care.
Are you okay?
He said sorry. Now, let's eat.
Let's go.
There are two types of animals
in this world, Villon.
One who hides his tail
in front of an Alpha.
While the second type,
always retaliates no matter what.
Which one are you, Villon?
- So you're a cop.
- So what?
Are you scared because I'm a cop?
What do you want?
That's the best question
you've asked me all day, Villon.
Give me Apyong's body.
How can I do that?
I really don't know where he is.
Boss, boss, wait!
Wait, wait!
It hurts!
Boss, wait! Wait!
Bro, enough. It hurts. Bro.
Stop it, man.
Don't beat up a cop.
That was painful!
I wonder how much pain Apyong felt?
Stop it, man.
You're nothing.
Bring Apyong to me by tonight.
You fucker.
Sorry. I'm sorry, Mom.
Sorry, Mom.
Son of a bitch.
What do you want to tell me, fucker?
Hello, Apyong.
Where are you, man?
I can't reach you.
I have a gig later.
You're hard to come by lately.
Hey, Apyong!
What's wrong?
Who's this?
Hello, bro. Please triangulate
the cell phone number I sent you.
- What?
- And send me a mug shot.
Right now?
Yes, right now.
Okay, sure, sure.
When you've traced the signal,
I need you to send me the address.
What? That's not allowed.
You need a warrant for that.
- What?
- A warrant is needed.
There's no need for a fucking warrant.
Don't worry, bro. It's on me.
I'll take the heat.
- Come on!
- Okay, sure.
Hey, bro.
Where's Villon?
Beats me.
Where has he been going?
A letter from traffic.
North Luzon Expressway
Sir, inspection please.
And the entrance fee.
- How much?
- 500.
It's 500.
Thank you.
Come again, sir?
One beer, please.
Here, sir.
Thank you.
Hey, get some drinks. It's on me.
Thanks, bro.
- Hi, Babe!
- Give me my shirt.
Kiss later, I'm drenched in sweat.
- We played well?
- Yes.
- You almost made a mistake earlier.
- Yeah, sorry.
Good thing you recovered.
- Be more careful on our next set.
- Sure.
- Wait, I'm still getting dressed.
- You're so sweaty.
Of course, I performed.
Hey, wait for me. Hey!
The next band is also good.
I missed you.
Yeah, louder!
Let's get crazy tonight!
You were great earlier.
- Let's make a toast.
- Later.
Give me a minute, my bag...
I'll come back.
- Where are you going?
- I'll just get something.
- What do you need from me?
- You ran away.
Hey, it hurts! Asshole!
Come with me.
What now?
Go ahead!
- Having fun?
- Boss, let me go!
Now, you call me "boss."
Put your foot out.
- Boss, this is too high!
- Put your foot out!
- Please.
- I'll shoot you.
Make me do something else.
Bitch! Your foot!
- I can't...
- Down.
Boss, this shit is high!
Son of a bitch, this is high!
Please let me go! I don't know anything!
- I'll really let you go!
- Boss, don't!
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!
Are you ready to talk?
- Boss, please don't. Fuck!
- What now?
I've just been waiting for you.
- I don't know!
- Don't know?
Why is Franco looking for Apyong?
Boss, boss! Mommy, Mommy!
You really won't talk?
Then, I'll just drop you! What now? What?
- I'll talk!
- What?
Apyong stole Franco's key!
What key?
- Please let me go now.
- What key?
To the safe!
What's inside the safe?
Boss, I'm begging you...
- What's inside the safe?
- Fuck!
The safe contains fucking drugs!
Franco is a big-time drug lord.
It started when he was
assigned to head drug raids.
They confiscated a lot of
drugs from dealers.
Police officials like him.
They thought he reported all confiscated
drugs before disposing of them.
They thought he's straight.
They trusted him.
They didn't know he is stealing drugs.
He found a way to process drugs
dissolved in water.
He has his own drug lab with Apyong.
They were able to create a unique
formula from those drugs.
Plus, it's even more potent.
They mix it in alcohol and they sell it
exclusively in Franco's bars.
He deals with a lot of businessmen,
drug lords and syndicates.
They all love Franco's concoction.
The high is one of a kind.
It's expensive but they clamor for it.
That's why they got rich
off of his formula.
Millions, maybe billions.
You will never know.
Maybe that's why Apyong betrayed him,
he got greedy.
He didn't know that Franco
is truly a demon.
He'd look for him no matter the cost
because he stole the key to his safe.
Franco killed a lot of men
looking for Apyong.
He shows no mercy and kills everyone.
Of course, all his money is in that safe.
Franco will do anything to find Apyong.
Apyong will keep the key in his body.
I know him.
Everything important is inside his body.
Fuck, man.
Son of a bitch! Shit!
Stay there. Don't move.
- Bro, relax.
- Don't move!
Relax. Please, please!
- Drop it! Drop it!
- Okay, okay.
Bro, relax. Please.
- What the hell are you doing?
- I didn't do this, bro.
So what's that?
I didn't kill him. Please believe me.
Fuck, he was already dead!
- He was fucking shot!
- Look!
Take a look.
Your car was already wrecked before
you crashed into the patrol car.
Am I still wrong?
Okay, okay, okay...
I can explain, man.
Lower your gun first.
Fuck, man. Wait, bro!
Fuck, man! God damn it!
What the fucking hell!
Fuck, man.
I know we're no model cops,
but we're not killers.
How did you end up like this?
Just turn me in...
I'll confess everything.
I'll talk. I'm just so tired.
I want to rest.
How can you think of resting now?
Well, at this rate, you might be
resting for most of your life.
You'll be facing manslaughter...
Disposal of body...
Didn't you think of your daughter?
You drive me crazy.
You're crazy.
Fuck it.
Do what you must. It's your life.
Do you think I'll sleep better
if I lock you up?
Your mom just...
Your mom just died and then this?
- Bro...
- No need to thank me. It's okay.
Bro, please help me.
I'm helping you right now.
Not this, bro.
A cop is blackmailing me.
- That's this nonsense?
- It's true. He's a cop.
That guy, Apyong,
I accidentally ran him over.
Lt. Franco, that fucker...
I really think
he's the one who killed him.
Believe me, man.
I'm sure he's the killer.
Who's that?
Pretty boy,
are you with Arturo?
Get out of the car. This is important.
Are you watching us?
Get out if you don't want Arturo
to get involved in this.
What's wrong?
Well, well.
Look who's ordering me around?
Listen, bro, where the hell are you?
Don't ask, just cross the road.
You want Apyong, right?
No, you come here. I'll wait for you.
No, this place is big.
I'll wait right here.
Right now. I'll be waiting.
I have places to be.
- What? Come!
- There. Just stay there.
Where are you?
- Okay, go!
- Are you there? Hello!
So, how's the aim?
The operator is good, right?
Now, let's stop this nonsense.
Just get Apyong
and bring him to me at 6 a.m.
You bastard. Why'd you
have to drag him into this?
Fuck, I told you I'd
give him to you, right-
Hey, hey, are you crying?
I'll rat you out, you motherfucker!
I didn't know you're so emotional.
Let's go to jail together,
you motherfucker!
Villon, just focus on the work at hand.
- Who are you?
- I'm Lt. Franco, we spoke earlier.
But my brother is not here.
I'm talking to him right now.
Hello, Villon.
I'm here at your condo.
- Come in.
- I'm coming in.
I'll come in and wait for you.
I'm inside. Thank you.
I'm in your house.
- Don't touch my family, you bastard!
- Hi, Jeff!
- Fucking Bitch!
- I met Jeff.
You must be Villon's daughter.
- No, no, no, no!
- What's your name?
Yanni, sir.
Oh, it's Yanni.
- Yanni, Yanni!
- Your daughter draws well, man.
Don't fucking hurt her,
you son of a bitch!
What's wrong?
Where is he?
- Brother, what happened?
- Who?
- Brother, wait.
- What's happening?
Brother? Brother!
What's wrong?
- Where is he?
- Who?
- Where the fuck is he?
- Brother, what are you doing?
- Lower your gun, brother.
- Where is he?
Brother, please calm down. What's wrong?
Where's Yanni? Yanni!
She's in the room.
- Brother.
- Where is he?
What happened?
- Where did he go?
- Who?
He already left.
- The guy who went here?
- Yes, the lieutenant.
Your friend. I let him in because
he said he'll wait for you.
Fuck! What did he say?
- He said he'll come back.
- Why did you let him in?
He said he'll come back.
- Why'd you have to let him in?
- I don't know.
As soon as Yanni wakes up tomorrow,
get out of the house.
Get away from Manila.
- What?
- Go to bank and get some cash.
Then text me where you're going
so I can follow. Understood?
Okay, I will.
Are you all right, brother?
Tell me if you have a problem.
- I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
Brother, did you fight with someone?
Just do it.
Be careful, brother.
Sir, here's the live ammo you requested.
Sign here, sir.
Right here.
Where? It's all filled out.
Wait, sir. I'll get a new sheet.
You motherfucker.
Let's see if you can take this.
Okay, slow down.
Bring Apyong now.
Stop, don't move.
What's this?
Hey! It's still here!
Like I thought, it's still here.
He's been shot several times.
You shot him, right?
Yes, I shot him.
Then, boom! You ran him over.
So, which one of us killed him?
Is it still important now, Villon?
Are we done?
You want a receipt?
I thought we were done, man?
Fuck! Then go right ahead and shoot me.
If you kill me now,
you'll be dead tomorrow.
I've been a cop for 10 years, man.
Would I come here without an insurance?
I made a report of all your crimes.
Everything you've done!
All the details of your drug deals,
bar operation...
And what you did to Apyong
and Arturo. Everything.
So go ahead, shoot me.
Because for sure,
you'll be in jail tomorrow.
Shoot me now.
- That's it?
- Go ahead. What now?
Shit, bro.
Go on, shoot me.
Shoot me.
Go on, shoot me!
If you're not gonna use it man,
then keep it!
Kill me!
I can still use you, Villon.
We're in this together.
Why not just join me?
You're my accomplice, anyway.
Join the big league.
Leave the small-time cons
to your colleagues.
Do it for Yanni.
Hey, shoot me! Shoot me!
Go on, shoot! Shoot me!
If you're not gonna shoot me,
then put away your gun!
Fuck! Man, you're good!
I'm your fan, pretty boy!
You impressed me there, man!
Think about what I said, Villon. Okay?
- So, did you think about it?
- Yeah.
- Let's talk about it, Villon.
- Okay.
You'll fit right in, man!
Your skills.
Your spunk and strength.
- You have it in you!
- Yeah.
Plus, your acting ability
fucking floored me!
- Okay, man?
- Yeah, okay.
- Yes?
- Okay, okay, yes.
- Yeah! Rock 'n roll!
- Okay, bye.
Rock 'n roll!
- Hello, Erica?
- Hello, Brother.
What time will you come here?
I'm about to leave now.
I'll pass by the station first,
then I'll go straight there.
How's Yanni? Is she having fun?
Yeah, she's having a blast.
Wait, I'll call her.
Yanni, your dad called.
The station first, then here.
- Hello, Papa.
- Hello, baby.
Happy Birthday.
Papa, what time are you coming here?
I'm about to leave now.
- See you soon.
- Okay.
Hurry up.
Love you.
Love you, baby.
Good, you're still here.
I caught up to you.
Thank God.
Were you surprised?
I was surprised, too.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here!
Throwing stuff now?
Still fighting back?
You're nothing.
You motherfucker.
Just wait and see, you filthy animal.
You think you're the boss?
Fuck you.
You can't win over me, idiot!
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
You think you can take me on?
- You can't handle me, idiot.
- Come at me!
You want me?
Fuck you!
You think you can take me on?
Fuck you.
What now?
- Fuck you.
- What?
Wow! Heavy!
You're still up?
You think I'll leave you alive?
Think again, fucker.
What now?
Hey! Still alive?
Still fighting!
I see, It's not game over yet!
Come here. Come here.
Let's see what you got.
Come out!
You want to play?
You want more, Villon?
You can't escape from me.
Fuck you, Villon!
Let me go, Villon! Villon!
Get back here or else...
You'll have a taste of... Let me go!
Can you still dance?
You won't get out of there.
Just stay there!
You're done for!
That's mine!
That's mine!
That's mine!
That's mine!
Son of a bitch!
You stink!
Fuck you!
and covering up the evidence.
The worst.
Rotten to the core.
This will bury us all.
Especially when news comes out.
This should never get out.
Why did this happen,
when the new PNP Chief just took office?
This is so humiliating.
Truly humiliating.
I understand how you feel.
But life is just like that, Villon.
A year passes so fast.
After you're done thinking,
go back to being a cop.
You did well
in giving your separation pay
to Arturo's mother.
That's a big help to them.
But what other job can you do
aside from being a cop?
Who knows? There are many jobs out there.
I'll find something to do.
Just think about it, Villon.
I'll delay the approval
of your resignation.
It's okay.
Thank you, Chief.
Can you do it?
You guys be careful.
You've been playing for a long time.
Brother, what do you want to eat?
Healthy or not?
This one's mine.
She's fine.
- She's almost riding it.
- She can do it.
- Brother.
- Yeah?
What do you plan to do
now that you're no longer a cop?
Well, I plan to buy
a secondhand food truck.
- Why a food truck?
- Let's buy a food truck first.
Once we've saved up enough,
we can open up a pastry shop.
- That can work.
- Yes!
- You're sure? Promise?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Then, I can talk to Chief.
Believe me, this is a good idea.
A lot of people there.
Do you remember the place
I used to frequent outside?
- The food's delicious.
- Yes, the one near the fishball stall.
That's a busy area.
- There's a store there, right?
- Yeah.
That spot is what I'll ask for.
- Okay, that's a good spot.
- Yeah, the one on the right.
Hope it goes well.
Yeah and I already spoke
with the seller of the truck.
What did he say?
He said okay...
Fifty percent down.
Fifty percent is big.
Do you want some more?
What do you want?
- Yes, sir?
- Private Piggy Bank?
This way, sir.
Boss, a client's here.
Hey, man.
The key?
- Will you withdraw?
- Yes.
How much?
- Everything?
- Yeah.
- Go with him.
- Yes, boss.
This way, sir.
Hello? Yes.
I'm sure you know how to use this.