A Harvest Wedding (2017) Movie Script

It's time.
Close the door.
Cold feet?
Torn veil.
Grab my bag.
Needle and thread?
Is everything alright in there?
Yes, just a moment.
I'm not seeing it.
Got it.
Thank you.
Alright, maybe some lips.
Just a bit.
And now, right as rain.
It's beautiful.
No, you're beautiful.
But remember,
we just fixed you,
so no crying until
after the kiss, ok?
A wedding is a dream turned
into reality
built on hundreds of decisions
that need to fall perfectly
into place
and all at the right time.
And when it works
it's magic.
But there's a reason why
75 percent of all couples
consider eloping when
planning their wedding.
Because making a dream
come true is hard work.
And that's why
they call me.
Love's in Bloom Events,
Sarah Bloom speaking.
I help couples turn their dreams
into reality.
I offer perspective
when it can be hard
to see the truth.
I broaden horizons when
a choice seems a little narrow.
The chandeliers will fit
nicely with your theme.
The light will be cascading
through the windows
and then the stage for the band
right right there.
And I show what's possible.
I love it.
Even if there's nothing there.
Because, for at least
one day,
I believe that everyone deserves
to have their dreams come true.
Well first off, all of us at
Wedding Insider magazine
are very impressed
with your work.
Thank you.
And, as you know, I did speak
with my editors.
But they won't be able to
feature you in the next issue.
It's nothing personal, they
just never feature anyone
from their first submission.
I didn't know that.
So don't disappear,
I'm sure we'll be talking
again very soon.
It's, nice to meet you.
It was nice meeting you,
Sarah Bloom.
And listen, if anything
big comes up,
be sure to let us know, ok?
Thank you, Payton.
My pleasure, Emma.
How did it go?
Well, they never accept anyone
on their first submission.
I didn't know that.
Neither did I.
There are other publications.
Yeah, but they're not
Wedding Insider magazine,
you know that.
I mean, we get that cover,
we're gonna get calls
from all around the world.
That's the game changer.
We need that.
So what're you gonna do?
I'm gonna do
what I always do.
Put my head down,
keep working.
Speaking of work,
when is our next meeting?
They should be here
any minute.
Good, good.
And I forgot to tell you,
you got a message from
Scott August yesterday.
Scott August.
Scott August.
Do I-do I know him?
Not really.
He's the date you stood up
two days ago
and he wanted to let you know
there wouldn't be a second.
I totally forgot.
You always forget.
Well, I was working.
Because you're always working.
When are you gonna realize
that it's hard to plan
your own wedding when you're
already married to your work?
Ok, I'll keep all that in mind.
did you hear that?
I think it's our next client.
I'll get it.
Thank you.
Abby, Barbara, welcome.
It's very nice to meet
both of you.
Tom, my fianc, is running
a little late
but he should be here soon.
First off, thank you for meeting
us on such short notice.
The reason we wanted
to meet so quickly
is because Tom and I got engaged
last Wednesday.
You know, it's very smart of
you getting a jump
on the planning.
It helps to minimize
any unnecessary anxiety
when you're on
the home stretch.
But what if you're
already there?
I'm sorry?
What my mother means to say
is Tom is doing his residency
at Columbia Hospital.
He's also in the army reserves
and as fate would have it
the day after we got engaged
we found out
that he was being called up
at the end of the month.
Wait, this month?
This month.
Which only gives us two weeks.
So we're here to see
if that's even possible.
Well, you're right,
I mean two weeks is...
is not a lot of time.
But I believe
anything's possible.
But I'd be lying
if I didn't tell you
there may be some difficulties.
I think they should wait.
You shouldn't have to risk
the wedding you want.
But we don't wanna wait.
We wanna do it now.
I know, Abby, but...
Mom, please.
Look, if I may?
How many guests are we
talking about here?
40, maybe 50.
And I would like
to keep it simple.
And I have a specific list
of ideas
that I would like incorporated.
Ok, well, first things first.
I mean, considering
our time frame
I think we need to think
about finding a venue
that's still available.
We've got that covered.
We wanna get married
at Tom's family farm
in Williamstown, Massachusetts.
I'm sorry,
did you say Williamstown?
I... I know, but it's beautiful
and I've always dreamed of
having a country wedding.
No, no, no, no, no.
I... I think that that's great,
it's just that...
This is kinda crazy.
I was raised in Williamstown.
Do you know Tom's family?
It's the Nichols' farm.
Your fianc is Tom Nichols?
Should my ears be burning?
So sorry I'm late.
Hey, sweetie.
Hey, mom.
I'm Tom Nichols.
You must be Sarah.
Hi, Tom.
What've I missed?
Only the fact that you two
have already met.
Tom, it's Sarah Bloom
from Williamstown.
Hey, Tom.
It's been a long time, Tom.
I'm sorry, I can't believe this.
This is blowing my mind.
Sarah and my brother used
We-we dated.
That's it.
You dated David.
The farmer?
You dated someone?
To all that.
Well, I think we found
our wedding planner.
Excuse me?
Well, how could this be
any better?
I mean, she knows us.
She knows the town,
she knows the farm.
You were practically a member
of our family growing up.
If anybody should be planning
this wedding,
I think it should be you.
But what about David?
What about him?
Well, he works the farm now,
won't that be a problem
considering the two of
you were sweethearts?
No, no.
We were-we were kids.
It was such a long time ago.
You don't have anything
to worry about.
I... I do understand
your concern
but the more important
thing here is
that you need someone
with the skills
that can pull off this wedding
in two weeks time.
And I'm telling you with
complete certainty, Barbara,
I can do that.
Ready for this?
Shouldn't I be asking you
that question?
What, because of David?
I haven't thought
about him once.
He's not on Facebook.
Yeah, I know.
I knew it!
No-ok, yes.
Ok. I was a little curious,
I looked him up.
That's-that's not what
I'm focused on here, ok?
I'm focused on the fact
that the King family
and their real estate empire
makes them New York society.
If we get this wedding right
it could steer a lot of
big business our way, ok?
So we just need to...
Keep our heads on straight.
Ok, I understand.
You might wanna read this.
It's Barbara's list she wants
incorporated into the wedding.
There's six pages here.
Who's wedding are we planning?
And she supposedly
has a lead on a chef.
But she doesn't wanna
tell me who.
She wants to keep it
a surprise.
Does she know how much
you love surprises?
I don't think so.
Here we are.
It's so beautiful.
No wonder Abby and Tom
wanted it here.
How long has it been
since you've been back?
A couple years.
I mean, we've been doing
so well
and dad likes coming
to the city, you know?
So not much of a reason
for me to come back.
Speaking of your dad,
is he excited we're gonna
be staying with him?
You could say that.
Dad, let me help you
with that.
No, I got this.
It's ok.
There we go.
So, honey, I thought you
could have your old room
and we put Emma in the spare bed
in my office.
I've cleared all my stuff out
so you guys can work in there.
You're sure we're not
putting you out?
No, no.
Just 'cause you haven't been
here in a while, honey,
doesn't mean that it's not
still your home.
Remember that.
So... you ready for this?
I hope so.
I think it's gonna take
a miracle
to pull off this wedding.
I meant are you ready to see
David again?
Yeah, dad, I'll be fine.
'Cause, you know,
he asks about you every time
I see him in town.
He does?
Yeah, I saw him last week
at the grocery store.
He asked how you were doing.
What did you tell him?
Well, I told him what I think
you would want me to tell him.
That you're happy.
Ready to go?
Hey, you just got here.
I know, I just wanna go ahead
and go to the farm
and get the whole meet and greet
thing with David out of the way.
You know, do that before
everybody else gets here.
How long since you've been
to the farm?
I don't know, a long time.
What, maybe since
high school?
Yeah, but from what I can
remember it's very cute.
It's got this rustic
kinda charm to it.
Well, I see the rustic part.
It's not as quiet as I thought
it would be.
The house is cute.
It's... shabby chic?
Yeah, I'd say more shabby
than chic.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go find David.
Listen, do me a favour.
Make a list of everything you
see that needs to be done here.
That could take hours.
David Nichols?
Have you seen David Nichols?
Excuse me, have you seen
David Nichols?
Right over there.
Thank you.
Shut it down, guys.
Take five.
Well, well, well.
Look who decided
to come home.
And look who never left.
It's good to see you,
city girl.
You too, farm boy.
Did you not get
the message I was coming?
Yeah, I did.
I'm sorry I couldn't come down
and meet you but,
you know, our crew's
short right now,
we just started fall harvest,
it's pretty crazy.
Yeah, and we throw a big wedding
at you?
Sorry about that.
It's ok.
Is it just me or is that
all happening pretty fast?
No, it's happening fast.
But it's two weeks.
We'll be out of your hair
in no time.
I promise.
No worries.
Sounds like we've both got
our hands full.
Yeah, I guess so.
Look, I gotta get back to work.
It was really good to see you.
Alright, let's go, boys.
What-woah, woah, woah.
Where are you going?
Back to work?
Yeah, but-hold on.
We still have a lot of things
to go over.
Feel free to do anything
you want on the farm.
I just can't help you.
I've only got five days
to harvest all this corn.
I got it.
I got it.
Listen, David, we've gotta
scout for a ceremony location
tomorrow, ok?
And-and this is your farm.
I mean, I kinda need you
there to tell me
if we're gonna run
into any problems.
Sarah, I really wish
that I could.
I am slammed right now,
so have Tom help you out.
Tom's working to clear some
time for a quick honeymoon
before he leaves on tour.
He's not gonna be here
until next week.
Alright, well,
you know the farm.
Show yourself around.
Well, can we at least talk
about fixing up the farm house?
What do you mean?
Like, when's the last time
you cleaned up around here?
How do you clean up a farm?
David, has anybody told you
that this is gonna be
a high-profile wedding?
No, actually.
Tom told me it was gonna be
very simple.
Yeah, there's nothing simple
about planning a wedding
in two weeks.
Alright, so let me get
this straight.
You want me to fix up
the farm house,
clean the farm,
all while I'm in the middle
of the fall harvest?
I'm happy to do it myself but
I'm just here to let you know
that there are gonna be
some changes made around here.
Hold on.
Emma, I can't hear you.
Just speak up a little bit.
Hold on.
Shut her down!
You got it.
Thank you.
What do you mean Peyton Ellis
from Wedding Insider
magazine is here?
Ok, I'll be right there.
Thank you.
What happened to you?
I was talking to David.
I told him there were
gonna be
some changes made around here.
And you guys wrestled
about it?
What? No.
Stop! No.
I just-I hiked through
a field, ok?
There was corn and-what?
I just never pictured you
as a farm girl is all.
I'm not a farm girl.
Here he comes.
How do I look?
Like you've been wrestling.
Fix me.
Didn't I just see you yesterday?
You know my associate, Emma?
Yeah, hi, how's it going?
I was not expecting you.
Kind of a big surprise.
Well, when I heard the news
that my new friend Sarah Bloom
was heading back home to plan
none other than Abby King's
wedding in two weeks...
My editors and I agreed
this just might be your shot
at the featured article,
or even...
You're getting a cover story?
I mean, he can't promise
anything but yeah, there's...
there's a possibility.
I just wish it
wasn't this wedding.
Why not?
Because, dad, I have, like,
two weeks to plan
the biggest wedding
of my entire life.
Honey, you'll be great.
I guess I really don't have
much of a choice now, do I?
You know?
I pass up the opportunity
I may not get another shot.
But if it's not perfect
I could end up
in the 'what went wrong' section
and just ruin my entire career.
I think this is wonderful news.
It's the game changer.
I need some air.
Hotel rooms.
Hotel rooms.
Lots of hotel rooms.
Barbara loves flowers.
Limos versus buses.
Does anybody like buses anymore?
I don't know.
Maybe updated buses.
Like, nice buses.
Hotel rooms.
Hotel rooms.
Wait a minute, did I just...
just say hotel rooms?
Well, well, well.
Look who it is.
What, are you stalking me?
No. I'm not stalking you.
I just came out to get
some air.
What are you doing?
I just had a little meeting
with the town council.
We got our farmer's market
coming up.
I'm one of the founders, so,
you know...
Look at you.
Yeah, fancy?
You should definitely come
by though, it's... it's great.
It's really something.
You know, I'd love to,
I'm just-I'm kinda crazed
right now.
Yeah, I kinda got that idea
when you took off
on the phone this morning.
You ok?
It's just this reporter
from this great magazine
wants to do a feature
on the wedding, so...
That's-that's great
though, right?
Yeah, no, it's great.
It's just that the stakes
for the wedding
just went through the roof
and if I don't get it perfect
then it could ruin everything
I've worked for but no,
it's wonderful.
I mean, I'm not worried
about it
'cause the Sarah Bloom
that I remember,
she'd always find a way
to get it done
no matter what
the challenge.
So I think you're good.
Hopefully I haven't changed
that much.
I have faith.
By the way, I've got
some great news.
I found this landscaper
buddy of mine,
he's gonna come over
and do some work.
Is he good?
Yeah, he's good enough.
He's just planting some flowers
around the house, right?
Yeah, it might be a little
more than planting some flowers
around the house.
Do you mind if I meet him?
Yeah, if that's what you
want, I can set something up.
Thank you.
Do you want a lift?
No, I'm just kinda
getting reacquainted.
If you change your mind
let me know.
I'll be your tour guide.
I'll keep that in mind.
Still the same
old truck?
If something ain't broke,
don't fix it.
Hey there.
Good morning.
Can I help you?
Sorry, I didn't see you there.
I hope I didn't
wake you.
No, no, no.
The rooster did that hours ago.
Just taking a little break.
You must be David.
I'm Peyton Ellis.
From Wedding Insider magazine.
Yeah, you're the reporter
that Sarah was talking
about yesterday.
Sorry about that.
Farm hands.
Hey, it's fine.
No worries.
Yes, I'm the I'm the
reporter and I gotta say
I'm pretty excited to be here.
I can't wait to see how Sarah's
gonna transform this place.
Yeah, yeah.
Super exciting.
Look, we're in the middle of
fall harvest right now
so hopefully you can make room
for both of us?
Fall harvest, really?
So I guess we can call this a,
harvest wedding then?
Hey there.
That's interesting.
So I see you two have met.
Sure did.
David here was just informing
me about the,
big harvest going on now.
And Peyton was telling me
how much he's looking forward
to you changing the place.
Here we go.
She doesn't look happy.
I'll be right back.
Hello, Barbara.
I know what you're thinking.
I really don't think you do.
Look, I promise you
I can fix all of this.
It'll be beautiful.
Don't worry, mom.
I have full faith in Sarah.
Barbara, I believe
you spoke to Peyton
on the phone yesterday.
Thank you so much
for coming up.
Hi, David.
Thank you for
the invitation.
Can't wait to share
in the adventure.
Welcome, everybody.
Welcome to the farm.
We have a big day
ahead of us.
But first of all I just wanted
to say thank you.
I'm really honoured
and I'm very excited
to be planning this wedding.
To be back home again,
it's-it's great,
so it really means a lot
to me.
We have a lot to do.
Not a lot of time to do it,
but it doesn't mean we can't
have a little fun, right?
Not a lot of fun, Barbara,
just-just a little.
First things first.
I wanna talk about
ceremony location.
Most important thing.
It's kinda like the foundation
of a wedding.
Emma and I have been
scouting around,
we have some great ideas
for everybody,
so if you could just
follow me.
What're you doing?
You said you needed some
help so I found some time.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I'm stuck!
Can I get a little help
here, please?
I'm so sorry.
Just pop those
right out of there.
Looks like you're sticking
around, Barbara.
So it's a little bit of a walk
but when you see it it's gonna
take your breath away.
Hey, Sarah?
Where are we going?
The little clearing
by the stream.
It is the most beautiful
spot in the entire farm.
It's definitely pretty but...
And, you know what?
There's this little pathway
that leads to the water.
You know what I'm gonna do
with it?
I'm gonna blanket it
with white roses.
And the ceremony?
The ceremony is gonna be
right by the stream
with a backdrop of the mountains
and the sun will be setting.
I wouldn't do it there.
What're you talking about?
You know how the weather
changes around here.
One minute the rain,
it'll flood out the wedding.
Yeah. Yeah, he's right.
Do you remember when we were
in high school?
We used to go tubing down
that stream all the time.
That was the best.
It was.
I loved those summers.
We could still do that.
Excuse me.
Alright, ok, what about
the clearing on the north side?
That's a good idea
except there's cabbage
and carrots there.
That's up to harvest.
What about the corral
down by the old stable?
That's good, too.
Except I have eggplant and
corn there, also up for harvest.
The supply bar.
That cute little cluster
of trees right there?
Yeah, there's no trees
there anymore,
it's just cauliflower
and broccoli which is also...
Up for harvest.
What can I say, folks?
It's that time of year.
You know, would
you just excuse us
just for one second, please?
What do you think?
About where we're gonna have
this wedding.
I heard churches
are great.
Come on, David, stop.
Look, I don't know what
you want me to say.
I don't know wedding spots.
I'm a farmer on a farm.
Use your imagination.
Where's a place that, when
you see it and you're there,
it just-it feels special?
Yeah, I know one place.
Will it work?
Well, it's... it's close
to the entrance and...
and the house,
and it's on level ground.
I see a lot of potential.
Barbara? What do you think?
I'm not so sure.
I'm just having trouble
picturing it, that's all.
Let me see what I can do.
We'll begin in
the late afternoon
when the light is
absolutely flawless
and there's a soft autumn glow.
White roses with touches of
lace line the main drive
as our guests make their way
through the farm.
And when they pull up
to the house which,
by the way, will be
magazine-ready, they will see
that the landscaping and
the grounds are flawless.
They are pristine.
And then they will be ushered
to a welcoming area,
and there will be music
and wine and champagne
and people will be
laughing and smiling
and talking about how much
they can't wait
to see the bride and groom.
And when it's time,
everyone will make their way
down a path of white roses
to the tree,
which will be draped
with soft white silk,
gently blowing in the breeze.
There will be an aisle,
it will be split with
crisp white chairs
and that is where everyone
will sit when they witness
Tom and Abby
say those words 'I do'.
And it will be emotional
and breathtaking,
and will remind everyone
there of why they aspire
to fall in love
in the first place.
Can you really do all of that?
I can't wait to see it.
That was definitely something.
Hey, you coming?
I'll catch up with you guys.
I got a little work
I gotta get done.
And tomorrow Tony says
he'll have all the dresses here
by 3:00.
Good. Yes.
Check that box.
Do we have the schedule
for the load-in?
Yeah, I got that right here.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Is that you and your mom?
It was at a wedding
she planned.
I didn't know she was
a planner.
I didn't tell you that?
Well, she did it kinda like a...
more as a hobby.
But she was good at it.
She's my inspiration.
I remember she always
used to tell me
the best wedding planners
find out what a person's
dream is
and makes it come true.
She sounds awesome.
She was.
Wait a minute.
I gotta meet David and
his friend about the house.
I'll be back in a little bit.
I don't know, maybe I should
just hire a crew.
No, no, no.
Look, you were right,
the house should be fixed up
for the wedding.
I wanna do this
for Tom and Abby.
What about the harvest?
We'll make it work.
It's only a couple of days.
Besides, Flemming here is a
cracker jack landscaper, right?
Well, I cut mostly lawns.
No, no, he does gardens too.
Yeah, sure.
When they tell me
what to do.
Don't worry, alright?
It's all gonna work out.
Flemming, see you
at the house tomorrow,
I'll tell you exactly what
needs to be done, ok?
Sure. I'll walk you out.
There's Peyton.
I'll be right back.
Nice to see you.
Good. How are you?
Who's that?
He's this reporter for
a magazine that wants
to do a story on Sarah
and the wedding.
I guess they must really
like her then?
I can't wait for you to see
the market tomorrow.
Well, like I said, I'm gonna try
to stop by but I'm kinda busy.
Well, you know, if you can.
Let me ask you.
What's the deal with Peyton?
What do you mean?
Well, do you think he's gonna
write a good article about you?
Well, I hope so.
I mean, that magazine is known
for not pulling any punches.
I mean, not that I'd want
them to anyway, ok?
But I'm just saying, you know,
this one, it's all on me.
Hey, can I ask you something?
Are you ok with where
the ceremony location is?
What, at the tree?
I suggested it.
I know.
I know, I'm just wondering if,
you know, you remembered.
Remembered... that you kissed
me there?
You kissed me.
No way.
Definitely the other
way around.
No, I'm serious.
Are you ok with it?
The way I see it, it's always
been a good spot.
Alright, well I'll
see you tomorrow?
Come on.
Well, here we are.
I feel so stupid.
So what.
You hit the curb and blew
out a couple tires.
Everybody does it.
Yeah, have you?
Like, you know,
three times last week.
It was an accident.
It's all good.
No, I actually
wasn't paying attention.
Yeah, I see that.
What were you thinking about?
I got a lot on my mind.
Thank you.
Yeah, you got it.
Yeah. It does
that sometimes.
Let me help you.
You hadn't got this fixed yet?
All this time?
I got a farm to run.
I don't have time
to fix a door.
Thank you.
Where have you been?
I just-I got in a little
car accident.
My gosh, are you ok?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
It's just-I blew out
my two front tires.
It's embarrassing.
I don't wanna talk about it.
I got a message
and it's a big one.
You know who the chef is?
Who is it?
Does Collin Shaw
ring a bell?
Come on.
Are you serious?
Three Michelin stars
Collin Shaw?
Like, I don't think he's ever
done a wedding before
in his entire career
Collin Shaw?
This is huge!
Do you understand?
We are no longer planning
the wedding of the season.
We are planning the wedding
of the century!
There she is.
Collin Shaw?
How'd you do that?
We hosted a thing together
in the city
and let's just say he owed me.
Well, now I owe you.
Abby and I are off
to a nail appointment
but so you know I just
sent you a revised list
for some changes I'd like
for the reception.
Make sure you look at that.
Sure. No problem.
Excuse me for a second.
Of course.
Barbara King, that's right.
Girly, you have Collin Shaw
cooking for your wedding!
Yeah, I know.
It's, it's gonna
be great.
Are you ok?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
I... I just keep thinking
about my mother's new list.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
My mother has
impeccable taste
but everything's getting
so much bigger
than I imagined it would be,
you know?
Are you coming?
I don't want to be late.
You guys have fun.
Where are you?
I knew it.
You're gonna love these.
Have a great day. Thanks.
Flemming's a no-show.
Just the two of those?
I went to the house,
he's not there,
I tried to call,
he won't answer.
Alright, alright,
I'll talk to him.
What's fresh today?
These ones right here
we just picked earlier today.
Literally this morning.
What about the tractor
I asked you to move?
What about it?
It's still there.
These ones are the ripe ones,
right here.
I'll move it.
As soon as I get it running.
Just because
it's not running now
doesn't mean I can't
get it running.
Alright, look.
I'll make you a little bet.
If I can get it running
you gotta cook me dinner.
If I can't get it running
then I've gotta take you
some place fancy.
You are driving me crazy.
Not as crazy as this
is gonna make you.
Try that.
It's a tomato.
It is a Nichols family farm
Give it a try.
I've had one of
your tomatoes before.
You haven't tried them
since I've taken over.
Go on, try it.
Ok, stop.
Told you.
This is good.
I'm sorry, that's what?
It's good.
It's good, right?
It's really good.
I know.
You know what?
Let's go for a little walk.
Can you take over for me
for a sec?
Sure thing.
Come with me.
Tobin White, how're you doing,
This is my good friend, Sarah.
Tobin here is the best butcher
in the state.
He's a flatterer.
But he ain't lying.
Here, try a piece.
So good.
It's not over.
Thanks, Tobin.
See you soon.
Really good.
Ms. MacDonald, my
favourite person.
Look at this.
What you got for me?
A lemon pie.
You read my mind.
How do you do that?
A lady never tells her secrets.
That's right.
Thank you.
This whole farm
to table movement
has changed everything
for a local farmer.
It's like bringing everybody
back home.
You get better food, better
health, just a better community.
You sound like you're
on a crusade.
I am.
Hey, Stevie,
how're you doing?
Pretty good.
Everybody really loves you
around here, don't they?
What's not to love?
Well, if that's the case,
why haven't you
ever been married?
What makes you think
I haven't been?
Because I've seen the inside
of your house.
Good point.
I came close, but it's
like my mom always says,
it's hard to get married
to someone
when you're already married
to your work.
That's what Emma says
to me.
Those exact words.
Maybe we still have
something in common.
You have something right here.
Something where?
Right there.
Right here?
No, right on your...
There, now it's gone.
Ok, look.
I gotta get going but
I'm gonna give you this
so you can stay dry and
I'll talk to you later.
Are you sure?
I'm a farm boy.
Ok, thank you.
Hey, lady.
What're you doing here?
I just had to speak to David
about something.
Just walking around,
checking things out.
Where's your mom?
Back at the hotel.
This is definitely
not her vibe.
Yeah, I wouldn't think so.
I'm the opposite.
I feel totally at home here.
I love farmer's markets.
I always have.
There's something so nice
about the whole community
coming together to share
what they're really
passionate about.
I don't know, it just feels
really special to me.
Are you ok?
Yeah, I just...
Abby, I just realized I've been
planning the wrong wedding.
Thank you, guys.
Appreciate that.
Hi. I need to talk to you.
Yeah? Sure.
I'm kinda slammed right now
though, but...
I know, but I want to move
the reception.
Yeah? Where?
In here.
If you haven't noticed
I'm kinda using this space
right now.
Well, I mean,
not in here, up there.
Using that also, so...
I know, it's a big ask but...
Sarah, I really wish I could
but I can't, ok?
I wanna bring this wedding
back to the farm.
Make it more about
what Tom and Abby wanted
from the very beginning,
which is...
Can you hand that
to me please?
Look, all I'm saying...
No, not that.
The the book.
Thank you.
What's this?
That's nothing.
It looks like something.
It's just a little experiment
that I've been working on.
What are you, like a mad
scientist now?
Only on nights and weekends.
Look, I wish I could help you
but I can't just pick up
the entire operation
and move it.
I know it sounds crazy
but you...
you just gotta trust me
on this one.
What about this massive tent
that you have coming in?
I don't want the massive
tent, ok?
It's not the farm.
I need something that feels
grounded and organic.
Did you just make
a farming joke?
You have an incredible
space here
and I know that we can
turn it into something
really special for them.
Yeah, but where am I supposed
to move everything?
I thought about that.
The old stable.
It's not big enough.
It is if you put the massive
tent into the corral.
Yeah, but then I've gotta
redirect everything,
my crews have gotta work
double shifts,
everybody's gotta come in...
I know, but what does your heart
tell you to do?
Yes. Ok, look, I'm gonna
go on record,
I'm doing this under protest.
You are so lovable.
Thank you.
You want my company
to fix the house
and do all the landscaping?
Look, we would not be asking
you to do this
if it weren't for the fact
that your family owns
one of the most successful
real estate businesses
in all of New York.
I mean, this is not
a big job for you.
Not compared to what
you're used to,
but it does need to be done
right and on time
and Barbara I know
you can do it.
And there's something else.
something else.
We need to change
the wedding.
Excuse me?
You know what?
This is partly my fault
but I mean,
we-we've kinda made this
wedding about us, you know?
About what we want.
About lists and-and getting
a good article.
I mean, if we wanna plan a
perfect wedding
the only way we're gonna
be able to do that
is to give Tom and Abby
what they want.
Because this is their dream.
Not ours.
And, a little something
for the new direction.
You know, Marilyn Monroe
once said
'give a girl the right shoes
and she can conquer the world'.
So what do you say, Barbara?
Come on.
We can't conquer this wedding
without you.
Please, mom?
Is that a yes?
Don't worry about it.
It's gonna be beautiful.
Just what I've always wanted.
A beautiful house.
Come on.
Ok, what do you want?
Even better.
You are impossible
to deal with.
Come on.
Knowing her she's gonna,
like, paint my house silver
or something.
Stop it, David.
Look, you just have to think
of it this way, ok?
You're gonna have more time
for your harvesting
and for all the stuff
I'm making you move.
You always could convince me
to do whatever it is you wanted.
That is not true.
Yes, it is.
You want some coffee?
Yeah, please.
Thank you.
So, since you've been back
I've been thinking a lot about
how things were between us.
I can remember pretty much
everything we did, you know,
the good, the bad.
But for the life of me
I can't actually remember
how things ended between us.
I don't know.
Gosh, we were just kids.
Not that there's anything
wrong with that,
I'm just saying when
I went off to school
it's like this whole new world
opened up to me
and I think I just got
a little...
Yeah. Yeah, I get that.
I... I was overwhelmed, too,
here at the farm.
You like being a farmer,
don't you?
Yes I do.
I really do, you know.
This is where
I'm supposed to be.
It feels so good
being back here.
I've missed this place.
And I've been doing
some thinking
and I think I'm gonna start
coming back more often.
That'd be great.
But what about
the article?
What do you mean?
Well, you said once
the article comes out
things are gonna blow up
for you.
How are you gonna have time
to make that work?
I'm-well, I just meant,
you know,
if... if it's possible
I'd like to.
Who's that?
I forgot.
Peyton's here to pick me up.
I thought you drove here.
Emma needed the car so
she just dropped me off.
How are ya, buddy?
You know, I could have
given you a ride
where you needed to go.
Don't be ridiculous.
We're going to the same place.
Besides, didn't I just give
you a lot of work to do?
I'm joking.
Listen, don't worry
about the house, ok?
I promise.
Everything will be perfect.
Silver everything.
Hi there.
You ready?
Who wants to get married?
Thanks, dad.
I know this is a really
big move, ok?
And it couldn't have come
at a worse time
but I also know that
we can do this.
Ok, any questions?
Yes. A hand-tied clutch bouquet
of traditional flowers.
Simple yet elegant.
I love it.
Exactly what I wanted.
That hedge is perfect.
Now, if you could just move
that potted plant
a little bit over to the left.
Food, ladies.
That's good.
And now all this landscaping
needs to be redone.
Where do you want me?
First stall over here.
I'm serious. Tell me
something you think
I wouldn't know about a wedding.
Something you wouldn't know
about a wedding?
I thought
you knew everything.
Well, let's see if you can
surprise me.
Let's see.
I know something.
Do you know why we have
a ring finger?
Actually, I don't know.
You don't know.
Alright, it's because it's
the only finger that has a vein
that goes straight
to your heart.
You surprised me.
Hold on. I'll be right back.
Hey, what's wrong?
The wedding's off.
I mean, I answered
his question, that's it.
And I told him.
I said that things
are moving fast
because, hello,
they're moving fast.
Very fast.
I didn't mean anything.
I told him the truth.
What was I supposed to do?
Lie to him?
Of course I don't want her
to lie to me.
Of course.
But when she tells me
it's going fast,
how am I supposed
to interpret that?
Maybe the way
she meant it?
I'm sorry.
There's just so much going
on right now
with his deployment coming up
and with all of these last
minute changes with the wedding,
which I love by the way.
Then you know what he does?
He freaks out.
He totally freaks out.
I did not freak out.
I was very calm and I just asked
her if maybe we should wait.
And then he starts grilling
me with all of these questions,
asking if this is what
I really want,
if this is right,
if we're right.
I mean, of course
we're right.
I knew we were right before
he knew we were right.
I mean, don't I have a right
to know?
Yeah, of course you do.
But you're a dope
because you already knew.
Have a seat, brother.
Have a seat, Abby.
What am I gonna do?
Abby, you're not
gonna do anything.
Sweetie, these are just jitters.
They're like the little hiccups
of weddings.
In fact, I would be worried
if one of you didn't have them.
You know, you've been going
a million miles per hour.
I bet your head feels like
it's spinning out of control.
Falling in love?
You know, that's...
that's the easy part.
But figuring out how
to make it all work?
That's the hard part.
When you find somebody
who believes in what you two
can be together?
That's the magic.
And you don't wanna
let that go.
You got this.
I am selfish and self-centered.
And a dope.
And a dope, and I am just
so sorry, baby.
All I wanna say to you is that
you knew we were right
before I knew we were right.
Mission accomplished.
Yeah, I'd say so.
By the way I'm definitely
gonna get that tractor running.
You know what?
I was thinking about that
and since we changed
the theme of the wedding
it actually kinda works.
I say leave it.
I like it.
Are you kidding me?
What about the bet?
I was gonna get
the tractor running.
Well, in that case
I'll just assume you did.
So I win the bet.
And a home-cooked meal.
See ya later tonight.
You didn't win though.
I let you win.
What was that?
You just made a face.
What? I didn't make a face.
Yeah you did,
I just saw you.
Ok fine, maybe I made
a little bit of a face
but that's just, you know,
because your soup is
so, exciting tasting.
Exciting tasting?
Well, I'm sorry,
but you know what?
I happen to be a city girl.
I don't really cook for myself.
Is that because you wanna live?
That's not nice.
It may be a little bit true
but it's not nice.
Hey, cheers.
What're we cheering to?
We're cheering to you,
actually pulling off
this wedding.
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't do that.
You just jinxed me.
See, if there's one thing
that I've learned
is even with all the planning
in the world
life still throws little
surprises at you.
Yeah, tell me about it.
You know what?
There was something I wanted
to talk to you about.
You know, while I was making
your very exciting tasting soup,
I ran across more of this.
You got a lot of them
in there.
Alright? So you're stuck
with me.
What is it? Tell me.
This is bonding insulator.
Bonding insulator?
What is bonding insulator?
Well, this is basically
organic tar.
You can put it on your roof,
you can put it on a road,
but you know, the really
cool thing about this is,
if it works, is that you can
actually grow things in it.
When did you get in to
agricultural chemistry?
I picked up a few things
here and there.
But I'm also working with a
professor over at the college.
Ok. Alright, hold on.
So let me get this straight.
If this works you can basically
grow anything anywhere?
But right now we're just
playing around with this.
This is just fun, you know?
It's like we're wrestling
with mother nature.
Ok, but what do you plan on
doing with it?
Have you talked
to any investors?
No. No, I don't-I don't have
time for any of that.
Well, David, if it's something
you believe in
then you make time.
Do you know how many years
that would take?
Really, there would be testing
and then years with the FDA.
No, no, no.
David. David.
How do you expect to know
what's possible
if you don't even try?
What's wrong?
I just...
I thought that you...
You know what? Maybe I...
Maybe I should go.
What-what's going on here?
Do you wanna go right now?
Well, I just have
a lot of work to do.
No. Sarah.
I... I need to go.
You're back early.
Dinner wasn't good?
I mean yeah, no, dinner...
dinner was fine.
Did, Collin Shaw
send over a menu?
He did.
Ok, good.
I wanna check
the place settings
for each one of the tables
and, the...
Are you ok, honey?
What are you-what
are you doing here?
I... I was wondering if
I could coax you out
for a quick nightcap.
I was hoping we could go over
a few more details
about the article.
My editor is really hoping
to see a few pages tomorrow
and I was just... I don't
know, I was thinking
if I showed up I might be able
to twist your arm.
You'd really be
helping me out.
It won't be long, I promise.
I'll be back.
So the couple's
on the dance floor
and they're dancing, right?
But when the groom spins her
she totally loses control
and she goes sailing
right into the pool!
Hang on, you didn't plan
that wedding, did you?
No, no.
I didn't plan that wedding.
Peyton, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm horrible company.
It was actually a really
funny story I just... you know,
I got this wedding coming up
but my head's kind of
everywhere right now.
I shouldn't have asked you
out tonight.
No, if it's for the article
I wanna help.
Look, I didn't expect this,
What? What's wrong?
Nothing. Nothing's wrong,
I just... I've just really had
a great time being here,
getting to know you.
Me too.
And I'm really liking
the article but...
I've also realized that
I'm really liking you, too.
I think you and I could
really hit it off.
We have so much in common.
Our work, we're both
career-oriented people,
big dreamers.
We both love New York.
And we've had so much fun
these last couple of weeks,
haven't we?
Yeah, we have, Peyton.
But it...
I know, I know,
the wedding, I know.
My timing couldn't be worse,
but I don't know,
when we're back in the city
maybe we could...
we could go out sometime.
You know, will you just
excuse me for one second?
Is everything alright?
Yeah, everything's fine,
I just have to use the ladies
room, that's all.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
What're you doing here?
I thought you had
to work.
I do.
I mean, I did.
I do have to work.
You're here with Peyton.
No, no.
That's not what it looks like.
I mean, it is
what it looks like
but I really don't want it
to be.
It's just kind of one of those...
Don't worry about it.
No, no, no, no.
Hey, Sarah.
I really don't need you
to explain.
Have a good night.
David, hi.
Write a good article for her,
would you?
She deserves it.
I know.
Hey, honey.
Hey, dad.
You ok?
I know.
Coming back home
can be hard sometimes.
I just didn't know that coming
back here and seeing him...
I didn't know I was gonna have
all these feelings.
And now I do and I'm...
just confused.
Why not give it a shot?
Maybe see what happens?
How is that gonna work?
I mean, we live two totally
separate lives.
Sure, but how can you know
what's possible
if you don't even try?
This is the head table
so please make it perfect.
Thank you.
Can we add a candle
to that table?
Easy with the stemware please.
I'm gonna need you
to get up on a ladder
and just straighten that
chandelier for me.
Soup spoon on the right.
Double knot the back
of that chair.
I'm gonna need you to go get the
rest of the stemware, please.
DJ booth goes right there.
Just looking for Sarah?
She's-she's right in there.
Thank you.
Sorry about last night.
No, I'm-I'm sorry.
It was it was very
unprofessional of me
to just spring that on you.
And Peyton, I'm flattered,
but I just...
I can't think about
that right now.
Friends in the meantime?
Ok, come on. I have
to show you.
Hey there.
I was looking for you.
When did you get back?
About ten minutes ago.
I'm sorry I didn't...
No, no, no.
It's ok.
Tom told me.
Listen David, I think
we need to talk.
Yes, we do.
I agree.
But first we gotta get
through this.
Get through what?
There she is.
Mrs. Nichols!
I cannot believe it!
It has been way too long,
young lady!
I know.
So good to see you.
This is the craziest thing ever,
you turning out to be Tommy
and Abby's wedding planner.
I know.
Now come on, I wanna
hear everything.
I wanna hear about New York,
I wanna hear what
you've been doing,
I wanna hear about all these
weddings you've been planning.
There you are.
I thought I'd find you here.
Yeah, I know, I was just
triple checking everything
before the big day.
I gotta say,
everything looks great.
And I hate to admit that Barbara
actually did a fantastic job
with the house.
She did.
It looks beautiful and
handsome all at the same time.
David, maybe we should
give it a shot.
What're you talking about?
You know.
Maybe, I don't know,
maybe we should go on a date.
You know, like an actual date.
I didn't know how I was gonna
feel about you
before I came here.
I thought we had both moved on.
I thought we were
different people.
Yeah, so did I.
But over the past
couple of weeks
I think that
I've realized that...
it still feels
so much the same.
Yeah, what about
you and Peyton?
There's no 'me and Peyton', ok?
Peyton likes me,
that's it.
But the thing is,
is I like you.
And I just keep thinking
about when we were growing up
we were so good together
and I guess what I'm trying
to say is
maybe we could be
like that again.
What about the other night?
Ok, I panicked.
I was-so much going on and I
don't know what I was thinking.
I think you did the right thing.
I should have never tried.
Why are you saying that?
Because, look, we're
clinging on to the past, ok?
That-that's what it was.
It's the past.
I'm here now.
This is me.
This is what I do,
and you have so much.
You got the whole future
opening up to you.
We could split our time.
And what about your experiment?
I know people in New York
who can help you with that.
Sarah, listen.
I took your advice
about the experiment.
I went and talked to this
investment guy in North Hampton.
He didn't bite.
He thought it was a joke.
That was just one guy, ok?
And if that's the way he felt
then he's the joke.
Why can't we try?
Sarah, we did try, ok?
We fell in love
when we were kids
but that was a long time ago.
Now we've moved on, we're
living different lives,
and reminiscing about that,
that's not gonna
change anything.
Maybe... I don't know.
Maybe what we were is all
we were ever supposed to be.
I'm sorry.
I'm just gonna...
I'm gonna go.
Excuse me.
This is it.
Emma, Collin Shaw's restaurant
just burned down.
A kitchen fire?
He was prepping food to bring
to the wedding today
and wound up cooking
the entire restaurant.
What're we gonna do?
I have no idea.
I know, maybe I can do
a grocery run?
Yeah, I'll call some friends
and we'll all go together and...
Dad, dad, no, no, no.
you're a genius.
You're a genius, pop.
What're you doing?
I'm doing what I should have
done from the very beginning.
Yeah, what's up?
My chef had a kitchen fire
and accidentally burned down
his whole restaurant with
all of the food for the wedding.
Well, that doesn't sound good.
What're you gonna do?
Aren't we in the middle
of fall harvest?
He's here.
Mr. Shaw?
Welcome to Williamstown.
I don't know what
I'm doing here.
Everything was ruined.
What do you expect me to do?
Let's get to work, people.
Yes, chef!
Come in.
It's time.
We are all here today
to celebrate the relationship
of Thomas and Abigail
to be witnessed...
May we have the rings?
Hey the rings?
The what?
The rings, please.
That would probably help.
Abigail, do you take Thomas
to be your husband
for as long as you both
shall live?
I do.
And Thomas, do you take Abigail
to be your wife
for as long as you both
shall live?
I do.
You may kiss your bride.
To Tom and Abbey!
So it's almost time for David's
speech but I can't find him.
I'll find him.
He is outside, by the tree.
Please join them
on the dance floor.
Hey. Everybody's looking
for you.
It's time for your big speech.
I just gotta say I'm sorry.
Because you're right.
We were good together.
And I wish things had worked
out between us.
Me too.
I'd really like to believe that
we could be something more but,
honestly, the thought of
losing you again,
that's what's really
stopping me.
Yeah, but if we don't try...
We'll never know
what's possible.
You once said
something to me.
You told me that I should
always follow my dreams
no matter where they lead.
Yeah, I remember that.
What about now?
I just realized that my dream
is standing right here
in front of me.
Let's go back inside.
Like I said, even with all
the planning in the world,
life always finds a way
to surprise you.
It was a beautiful wedding.
Collin Shaw
and David's friends
put together one of
the finest meals
I have ever tasted.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Chef Collin Shaw.
And it reminded me that
sometimes the smallest towns
can have the biggest hearts.
And if you're wondering
about the magazine,
I did get the cover story.
And even though I finally
got what I wanted,
I also learned how to slow
things down a bit.
You know, not plan as much.
Try to relax and enjoy all
of life's little surprises.
I like it here.
Yeah, me too.