A Haunting at Silver Falls: The Return (2019) Movie Script

- Who is it?
Who is it?
- No, no.
- Wendy?
- I need, no, now.
- It's Dr. Parrish.
We're so glad you're back.
We were all so
worried about you.
Can you tell me
what's bothering you?
You're safe.
It's okay.
You can talk to me.
I believe you.
Do you wanna tell me what it is?
It's okay.
Maybe tomorrow.
- Tortured.
They were so, so scared.
They needed my help.
They needed my help.
- Who needed your help?
- She's
going to get ya.
Don't go.
Twins, twin, they were twins.
- Twins?
Wendy, are you sure?
- It's okay.
I can, I can help you.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Wendy?
Wendy, please, take a look.
Are these the twins you saw?
And her.
- You're filling in for Greg?
- Yeah, night watch right?
I'm Matt.
- This is the office.
There's the security system.
You sit here, drink
coffee, don't leave.
- Cool.
They really cleaned
this place up, huh?
Do you know I used to
come here with the boys?
Back when they
boarded the school up.
You know, I reckon I could
still find those gnarly places.
- Well, you're
not gonna find out
because Dr. Parrish is
paying you to sit here,
drink coffee--
- And not leave.
I know.
So, Institute for Occult Study.
That code for nuthouse, huh?
- They're not nuts.
Or crazy or psycho
or any other term
you may have heard around town.
They have a gift.
It's a gift that takes a toll.
We have the ability
to see the occult.
- Wait, you're telling me
that they can see ghosts?
- Yes, and it's something
you could never handle.
- So if you wanna work here
you need to show
compassion and respect.
This is who Wendy identified.
- The Dahl twins?
But why would they come back?
The Sanders are dead.
- Because the twins
weren't alone out there.
The question is
why would she come back?
- Jordan.
Jordan, Jordan.
- Anne again?
When are you gonna talk
to someone already?
It's been five years.
It's only gonna get worse.
- What's a normal amount of time
to get over someone
trying to kill you?
- Up.
God, you guys passed out early.
I've been watching you
both sleep for hours.
Kidding, Larry.
Do you guys have any
idea how hard it is
to get people to
follow you on The Gram?
If you're not showing
side boob, nobody cares.
- You seem to.
- Well, yeah,
you know how much money you
can make from this thing.
Of course.
- Ah, if I let you share
my story, you'll be sleeping
on piles of hundreds
instead of on these
crappy dorm mattresses?
- Jordan, come on.
People would eat it up.
Life threatened by
your aunt and uncle.
A pair of ghostly
twins at your side.
And the last second,
an unlikely hero
swoops in and saves the day.
Very unlikely hero.
- Um, guys?
- Okay, if you
won't do Instagram
then I'll just have to go
back to doing sexy videos.
Know anyone with a camera?
- Oh, hey.
Anyone up to anything?
- Trevor, what did I tell you
about listening at my door?
- I wasn't listening
at the door.
- Sorry for you, Trev.
- I, I heard screaming.
I heard a distinct
British accent screaming.
- Trevor, get out,
stop being a creep.
- I'm not a creep.
I'm a concerned citizen.
You know, one day I'm gonna
burst through the door
and it will be to the rescue,
and then you'll all be
glad to see me then.
- Out.
- You know what, someday.
- He's pretty much obsessed
with Zoe right now.
- Scary annoying.
A bit like you,
- Yeah, I'm gonna go.
- Hey, Larry, you're
not really upset right?
We were just joking.
- I'm not gonna
be able to pretend
everything's okay forever.
Those dreams, your mood, you're
having problems sleeping.
You need to talk to someone.
- The son of two shrinks
thinks psychology's the answer?
I'm shocked.
- I know you had some bad
experiences with my dad.
But my mom is different.
Your story is the reason
she started the institute.
She wants to help you.
- Let me guess, she thinks
I'm just like her patients?
- You wore that
ring a long time.
And all the time
was with the twins.
Don't you think that
it might be possible
that it effected you?
- So what, I check
into the institute
with the rest of the crazies?
Wait is, is that
what she said to you?
- Jordan, I know you're afraid,
but how long are you gonna
keep running from this?
- You're right.
You should go.
- Oh, shit.
Holy shit.
Oh, cool, cool, cool.
This is dope.
Oh, shit.
This place is so cool.
Oh, my god.
No, no, no, no.
Oh, come on, man.
- No, don't worry.
- Hey, come on, it's
too late for this crap.
- She's here, she's here!
- Look, there's no one here.
- This is what she wants.
Before she's strong, she
needs us to do things for her.
- Okay, yeah, I need you
to do something for me.
Let's go to bed, okay?
- No, you don't understand
why she's here.
- There's no one here.
- She, she needs
someone to help her.
- They, they, they.
- Okay, you know what?
It's time for bed now.
- She's in control.
She's trying to get back.
- Go to bed, I'm sorry, Lady,
- She's back!
- But it's time to go to bed.
Nut job, really.
Jesus Christ, man.
Matt, take this job, it's
easy, you sit in an office.
Oh, and you deal
with crazy people.
Oh, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Boo.
- Jack, right?
Come on, man, don't do anything.
- Crazy, he
won't, but I will.
- How did this
guy get out of this room?
- I don't know,
he was locked in,
and my mom is the only
one with the keys.
- I didn't say it.
- Well you didn't have to.
- Well how else do you
get through a locked door?
- I don't know.
Lots of ways.
Lots of not ghost ways.
- What, was he a magician?
- Well he did have
a cape and top hat.
This is nice.
I miss nice.
Come back with me.
- To Silver Falls?
- Well, my bags
are, are in the car.
We get you packed
up and ready to go.
This semester is basically over,
so we can take that trip
we always wanted to.
- Not there.
- Jordan, this guy,
Jack, he's on the loose.
My mom is stubborn.
She won't leave.
And she likes you.
So maybe the two of us
can go and convince her.
- I left that
place for a reason.
Why in the world
would I wanna go back?
- Me.
- Larry, the last time
I barely made it out.
- But you did.
Because of me.
- Jordan?
- What are you doing?
You make Larry go all the
way back to Silver Falls
just to convince you to leave?
- I didn't ask
Larry to come here,
but I can't leave right now.
Not until I convince
the authorities.
My patient, he didn't
kill that boy on his own.
- What do you mean?
- I wasn't going to say
anything until I was sure,
but I think Anne's back.
She's using Jack.
The way the twins used you.
- That's impossible.
- Impossible?
You sound like my ex-husband.
Jordan, isn't it true
that you've been
seeing certain things?
- No.
- That's
not what I heard.
- Look, I'm, I'm not
like your patients.
I'm not crazy.
- My patients aren't crazy.
They're just, they're
overwhelmed with their gift
but if you could embrace yours.
Look, don't you
wanna know for sure?
I can email you a
video of that night.
It could give you your answer.
- Are we running
an ice cream store in here?
- Ah, I
forget to bring in wood.
I'm sorry, honey, I
wasn't expecting company.
- Ah, I'll, I'll get it.
- Oh, um, Jordan called.
You should talk to her.
- I don't need your
relationship advice, Mom.
- Just see where you'll end up.
- No more, no more.
More, no more.
- Kill someone?
Running from the cops?
- Hey--
- Wait.
If you are don't say
anything, just blink twice.
- Larry's missing.
- What?
Is he?
- They're looking for him.
- You're going back
to Silver Falls?
- I have to.
If there's anything I can do.
Zoe, she's back.
- Who?
- Anne.
- Dead Anne?
- That's okay,
I wouldn't believe me either.
What are you doing?
- Um, packing for no reason.
- Zoe, no.
- First of all, yes.
Second of all,
Larry's my friend too.
And third, do you know
how many followers I get
if I post a real
ghost to Instagram?
- Um, thanks.
- Don't mention it.
How we gettin' there?
- I haven't gotten that far yet.
- So just so we're clear,
these are like,
like ghosts, ghosts?
Like, like, like Ghostbusters?
- Ah, sure Trev.
Just like Ghostbusters.
- Drive.
- We're not staying here?
- No, I can't take the chance
of Anne knowing where you are.
I'm taking you to an outpatient
facility the institute has.
It's rustic but it's safe.
- Yes, this is the exact place
I'd choose to hide from a ghost.
- This is not like Ghostbusters.
- You can't even
get signal out here.
- I said it was rustic.
Landline's inside.
- You can't Instagram
from a landline.
- Look, she's right.
We're safer where
Anne can't find us.
Give me a second, okay?
I should go talk to her.
- Go see if there's a bathtub.
I'm serious, Jordan.
If I can't take a bath, I'm
shutting this whole thing down.
- Listen, this is a
safe psychic place.
I bring institute patients
here all the time for healing.
So you'll be safe here.
Ah, there's a modest kitchen
but it does the trick,
and living room, fireplace.
Um, bedrooms this way.
- Well, it
is a cabin, right?
So maybe, it's kind of romantic.
- Oh, Trevor.
- We'll find him.
He's still alive, I know it.
- You can see him?
But if he is, I'm worried
it's for one reason,
- Do the cops have any lead?
- Jack has a violent past.
The authorities think
he's a slam dunk suspect,
but they can't see
the real threat.
I mean, Anne needs Jack for now.
But the longer she's back,
the stronger she'll become.
here think I'm crazy,
but they have to see.
I'm hoping that you can
convince the sheriff.
- Unless he thinks
I'm crazy too.
- What is it?
- The twins.
They're out there.
They're hurt.
- Anne hurt them.
Jordan, I want you to know
what we're up against.
What Anne did to the twins,
she did to my guard,
and she wants to do to you.
That's the whole reason
that she took Larry.
We can beat her together.
- Not just Anne,
I have to worry about, the
people in your institute.
started out like me
and look where they ended up.
- Hello?
- Wakey, wakey, little mouse.
Little mouse don't
like being trapped.
Makes two of us.
Me and a little mouse.
Peas in a pod.
- Stop.
- You wanna know a little
secret she told me?
- She?
- She told me that if I
did a good job for her,
I get to be bad to you.
- You don't have to do this.
You don't have to
let her control you.
- Control me?
Control me?
Little mouse.
You're not here with Anne.
You're here with me.
- We're here to
see Sheriff Hall.
I know you haven't met him yet,
but Sheriff's a
little hard nosed.
- He can't be any worse
than the last guy.
- Oh, believe me, I
can be plenty worse.
- Sheriff, this
is the young woman
that I wanted you to speak with.
This is Jordan.
- Joseph Hall.
- Any news on Larry?
- Oh, you don't
miss a beat, do ya?
We're looking.
This Jack, for an
escaped mental patient,
he's proving to be very
difficult to track down.
- That's because
it's not just him.
- Hey, get me a cup of coffee.
I know this is a very
difficult time for both of you,
but if you're here to sell me
on the ghost story nonsense,
you're wasting your time.
- Did you see that young man?
Have you ever seen a
murder like that before?
- Let me help.
Maybe your officers
are missing clues.
I can see the signs
that point to Anne.
If we get to Anne,
we get to Larry.
- Carson's not as
polite as I am,
but my patience
only goes so far.
Give me your number
and your address.
We'll get in contact with
you when we have a lead.
A real lead.
Brett, I'm calling
it for the night.
- Roger that, cupcake.
- Idiot.
- Hey, Hall?
- Yeah?
- Watch out for the
ghosts out there.
- Hey man, that's what
people see what they want to.
You know what I mean?
- Yeah.
- Don't kill yourself
on the paperwork, though.
- Hey, hey!
Hey, get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
- Where is she?
- Last chance you weirdo.
Get me out of here!
- Okay.
- Where you going?
- Isn't this enough?
Don't you see what
we're talking about now?
- I see that you were right
not to disclose your location.
- We're not here for an
explanation or an apology.
We need your help.
- An apology?
My friend is dead.
If you don't think that I'm
doing everything that I can,
you guys are crazy.
- We're really sorry
about your deputy.
- Let me see the
security footage.
If I can I.D. her for you--
- Listen, the drives were fried.
There was a power
surge last night.
I saw your deposition
in the Sanders case.
If those twins can find
you, why can't your aunt?
- Because I was
wearing the ring.
It links me to the twins.
Let them track me.
Ask her.
- Right.
- Sheriff, please.
Larry's out there, I know it.
She's keeping him.
- If I had one shred of evidence
for your little ghost story,
I'd go back to the institute
and I would start the search
all over, all by myself.
But I'm not doing that.
You wanna know why?
Because this is crazy.
- You like
that one?
- Is he gonna help?
- Idiot, look at their faces.
- So, is that a no?
Not without evidence.
He said if he had some, he'd
start back at the institute.
- Well they're not gonna find
a reason to go back there.
- But we might.
Do you still have
the security feed?
- I have it on my phone.
Hang on.
- She's there.
- What a find.
What a find, indeed.
Would you like to know
what it's like to be me?
Oh, little mouse.
She's here.
- Come on, give me
the key, I'm going in.
- Are you mad?
- Jordan, no.
- I'm the only that can see her.
You, you guys are
just sitting ducks.
Five minutes.
- Okay, be careful.
- If I'm not out, come in.
- Oh, this is a load of bull.
Three minutes!
- Okay, now let her
know you're here.
- Larry?
Larry, oh my, god.
- Jordan.
- Larry, are you okay?
- They wanted you to come.
They know you're here.
- I know.
I got you.
We gotta get up here.
I'm sorry, come on.
Come on.
Hold on.
Ah, come on,
come on, come on, come on.
I'm so sorry, come on.
We gotta get out of here.
- Hello, Jordan.
I got someone here that's
been waiting to see you.
You wanna join in?
- You have no idea how hard
I have fought for this.
- Jordan, Jordan,
you live, Jordan!
- Come on, we need,
we need to get out of here.
- Larry, Larry!
Oh, my god, Larry.
- It's alright, drive!
Oh, my god.
Will you drive?
- I'm taking us to the cabin.
- We're not going to any cabin.
We've got Larry,
that's it, done.
We're leaving Silver Falls now.
- He's going into shock.
He needs to warm up.
It's safe there.
We raise his temperature
and then we're gone.
Start a fire.
Get him as warm as possible.
I'll call the police.
- I have no idea.
- Let me.
- How are you feeling?
- This is place you decide
to hide from a ghost?
- That's what I said.
- What
did she do to you?
- I, I can feel myself going.
Not dead, just trapped.
I'm okay now.
Thank you for coming back.
- Sheriff's on his way.
How is he?
- Mom, I'm fine.
- I need to talk to you.
Your patients, how
does it happen?
How do they go crazy?
- My patients aren't crazy.
We're not made to
see what they see.
Contact with occult
takes a toll.
Each time a bit more until--
- Until there's nothing left.
- You felt it?
- I could barely think straight.
- At the institute?
Jordan, sweetheart,
you have to avoid it.
At any cost.
- But this never
happened with the rings.
- Right, that's because you
weren't doing the heavy lifting.
When the twins
died in the rings,
it endowed the rings with power.
So wearing those rings allowed
you to enter the twins world,
and when the twins wore
them, they entered ours.
That's different than your mind
allowing you to
cross that barrier.
It's been a long couple of days.
- I just want it all to end.
Now it never will.
Larry and I are just gonna
keep seeing ghosts until--
- Larry can't see ghosts.
- He saw Anne at the institute.
Saw her coming right for him.
- No, that's impossible.
I've tested Larry,
he can't see ghosts.
- Larry?
Your hands.
- What?
- No.
- She died in that ring
just like the twins.
She wanted us to take you
so she could track us.
- Then get rid of it.
- Trevor, Trev, Trevor?
Stop it.
- No!
- Jesus Christ.
- Ow, Trevor, stop.
- This is ridiculous.
- No matter what you do,
it's not gonna budge.
- You can't take it off?
- Not until the person it
belongs to wants it off.
- Oh, my god, we have
to get out of here.
Right now, right now!
- I'll get
him, I'll get him.
- Go, go, go, go!
Go, go!
- What the hell do we do now?
Where do we go?
- There's nowhere we can go.
This thing is big neon sign
says, this way to
soft, tasty kids.
- We get out of town now.
- She'll just follow us.
- She'll follow you.
- Alright, you guys
have done enough.
- Uh-huh.
- You can stay,
you don't have to come.
- You guys aren't going
anywhere without me.
- So what do we do now?
- Jordan's right.
Get out of Silver Falls.
All of you.
- And you?
- Drop me at the house.
- No.
- She's not after me.
- I don't care.
This time you're coming with me.
- Honey, getting out of
town only buys you time.
We have to stop her.
- At the institute, my hand
went right through her.
How do you stop someone
you can't even touch?
- I have boxes of patient files
on the ghosts in those woods.
It's our best shot of
me finding her weakness.
- Mom, just be careful.
- You guys get
out of here as fast as you can.
Just go, okay? I'll be fine.
- Trev?
- Yeah?
- Pull over.
- Why?
- It's been long enough.
Everyone needs sleep.
- Okay, fuck.
We're here.
- As in for pee break?
- It's fine.
- Yeah, for a pee break.
- So I got two rooms.
- Jordan, you and Zoe take one.
- Oh, you guys are ridiculous.
Come on, Trevor.
- I guess you guys
are on your own.
So, sharing a room, huh?
- Dream big, Trev.
- What?
- Oh, thank god.
Alone time.
20 minutes.
Actually, 30.
- Who the hell even takes baths?
- Oh, piece of crap.
- I may not be
delivering on the ghost,
but a chick in the tub's
gotta be worth a few likes.
Guys, sorry I haven't been able
to show you any real ghosts.
- Oh, great.
- But I figured.
- Back to not talking
about what's wrong with us?
- It's me.
I'm sorry.
My mom and
my family's not exactly a
picture of mental health.
If any of
them's a part of me,
it's, it's only
a matter of time.
- Jordan, you're not your mom.
You're not Anne.
You're special.
Just be you.
- Saying someone's special
is just another way of
saying you're on your own.
- You're not.
- What?
Sure, come in.
- Oh, cute.
I like that one.
- You guys must think
I'm pretty dumb, huh?
- Um, no.
Is this gonna take long?
- It's okay, I am.
You know, thinking coming
out here would impress her.
- Trev, Zoe just needs time.
She's shy.
Can we talk about this later?
- Shy?
Does this look shy to you?
- I've figured.
- Holy shit.
- Zoe!
- Zoe!
- Start the car.
- Alright, guys.
Since you enjoyed the
first one so much,
here is take two on bath time.
Rule number one, when
running from a ghost
always make sure.
- What's
taking so long?
No, Trevor!
- Stop yelling at me.
- Zoe!
Oh, my god, no, no, no, no, no!
- Jordan.
- Zoe?
- Where's Jordan?
- Show her all.
- No, Jordan!
- No, no!
- No, no, no!
- Alright, there's
gotta be something here.
Come on.
Of course.
- Where's my phone?
Guys, where's my phone?
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
I just got attacked by a ghost.
I just got attacked by a ghost,
and I caught it all on video.
Jordan, look.
- Guys, where was Jack?
- I don't know.
- Larry.
- Mom, Mom, we saw Anne and,
and we didn't see Jack.
- Whoa, whoa.
- We--
- Slow down, what?
- Anne attacked us and we
did not see Jack there.
- Larry, Larry, I
think I figured out.
I think I, I know
how to stop her.
No, Mom.
- What happened?
The number you have called
has been disconnected.
- This is Hall.
- Sheriff, um.
- Jack.
- What?
- Ah, no, no, no.
Stop, please.
Please, Jack, I can help you.
- You mean commit me?
- Jack, please.
- You know what I
like about killing?
It makes the voices stop.
Something you could never do.
The number you've called
has been disconnected.
- Come on.
- Freeze!
Freeze, sheriff's department.
Dr. Parrish?
Dr. Parrish, are you okay?
Dr. Parrish?
- Okay, thanks.
They're letting
me in to see her.
She's out of surgery
but not waking up.
- How's Larry?
- Jordan, what about you?
- You guys gotta get
out of Silver Falls.
She's only after
you to get to me.
Thank you.
For everything.
- If she can just tell
us what she found,
we could stop all of this.
- Maybe she doesn't
have to tell us.
The files.
What did she, what
did she find here?
There's nothing in
the patient files.
- You guys didn't really
think we'd leave you alone.
- Have you guys found anything?
- I don't know what to do.
I mean, every time she
wants to touch us, she can,
but when we go to fight back,
we go right through her.
- I can fight her.
I hit her in the motel.
- No, taking her on
alone is a death wish.
- That's it.
The twins.
We don't have to
fight them alone.
- You guys, this is a bad idea.
The twins are not the
same as you remember.
She's changed them.
- Then we need to
change 'em back.
- Be careful.
- There's
no place to hide.
She's coming here.
- Jordan?
- I can't.
- It's our only chance.
- They're too close.
- You can do this.
- You don't get it!
Every time I see them
it eats away at me.
- Jordan.
- They tear you apart.
- Jordan?
Face it, we have to do this.
If we're gonna survive,
it's now or never.
- Jordan.
- No, stop, stop!
I know you know who I am.
Now, I need you
to remember who you are.
Holly, Heather Dahl.
You came back from the dead
to get revenge on the
people who killed you.
Anne took so much from you.
Don't let her take who you are.
Remember what makes you you.
Now will help us stop Anne?
- Is this gonna work?
- We'll see.
- God, this place
gives me the creeps.
Let's get out of here.
- You sure?
This cabin is kind of romantic.
- Let's go, Trev.
- Even after the motel
after I rescued you?
- Oh, shut up, Trev.
- Maybe
this isn't such a good idea.
- No, not with that leg.
Wait here, call the sheriff.
This is my battle.
- No, you can't
go in there alone.
- Alone?
This is three versus one.
- Jordan?
- Jordan.
Look at me.
Look at me while I take
everything from you.
- I figured a video
of me in the bath will help.
- Anne?
- Good, now I can
finish you all at once.
- Jordan?
- Larry, the switch!
- Let her go!
- That's close enough.
- Oh, Jack!
- Listen to me.
It's over.
Anne's gone.
Anne's gone.
- Good.
- No!
- Zoe!
- Never miss twice.
- Are you guys okay?
- Yeah.
- Are you okay?
- I, I just
wanna see my mom.
- Hey, Larry, hospital
called earlier
at the station house.
It's good news.
She's gonna pull through.
My deputy will take
you down there.
Go see your mom.
Hey, Jordan?
I gotta ask, how'd you know
Jack was gonna be here?
- Ghosts.
- Get out of my
crime scene, you two.
Alright, alright,
alright, alright.
I've had enough of that.
Ghosts, my ass.