A Haunting in Salem (2011) Movie Script

What is happening?
Hello, my dear...
Are you sleepy, right?
What happened?
O Jesus! Oh, Jesus!
Honey, wake up.
Wake up, sweetie.
Wake up.
Do not... Honey...
Do not!
Salem, founded in 1626
/ i
- I think you're jokes.
- Here we graduate in 7 months.
- Good.
- Primary Collins. Nice to see you.
- With pleasure, and sheriff Downs.
- Behold I and the good news.
- What are they?
- Did you say "and sheriff".
Once again congratulations
for your new position.
I am sure that after you stay at least
work, you find the right Salem... quiet.
- Thank you for the opportunity, sir.
- With pleasure.
- My wife, Carrie.
- Good.
- Sheet And I knew are my sons, Kyle and Alli.
- Good.
I'm well acquainted.
This is Mrs. Winston, is vice president
of the Society History of Salem.
- Nice.
- And he's McSwain.
He will help you at all
gardening and what it takes to house maintenance.
- Not so, McSwain?
- Yes, sir... primary.
- House is wonderful.
- Thank you, Mrs Downs.
We are proud of it. It's older than the country.
Has a few hundred years.
Was built in 1692 by Jonathan Horn,
one of the founders of our city.
Of course, that has been
remodeled over the years
Re, left the session and sheriff
60 years from now.
I remembered, and sheriff Downs...
Your badge.
- God, looks like a war of tissue.
- The so is Mrs. Downs.
Belongs to each and sheriff.
- Stone you have said?
- What kind of stones?
McSwain, did you work?
Acordai There's too much attention.
It's very healthy to the head.
But, do the job.
Keys are here. That area and information about
Parks, restaurants and more.
There's a row of keys, but...
I left the office.
- A to bring you the latest.
- Everything is OK. Do not rush.
Now you will leave. And sheriff,
and you rest and take your rest week.
I am sure that your assistant will do
for another few days.
And if you need anything,
feel free to contact me
- Mr Mayor, thank you for everything.
- With pleasure.
This place is creepy.
"Wow"... it's right place and that's great.
Anyway, I'll sit too much.
- Seems to be haunted.
- Kyle, do not start again.
I think you are too big
ghost stories.
But that's not a ghost story
- Yes, people were omori here.
- It's an urban legend.
It's a great house.
Attract large houses ghost stories.
- Especially in Salem.
- We got free.
's Old house, large and free.
And for that, are willing to accept any.
- Choose your room.
- The largest.
- I think you need help.
- I.
Where's my baseball bat?
- Sorry.
- What are you doing up here?
- I think you hit the window.
- I think your jokes and...
Wayne! Bird!
- Stuff that cut me.
- Good.
- A sharp glass I entered.
- Okay.
Should be cleaned in order not to infect
, OK?
Off. Cleans
- Really?
- How?
- In witchcraft.
- I.
- I think.
- Do you?
Because you think I do now
- Where'd you put it?
- Do you have any objection?
No, no... I just...
Can you?
I'm currently in a perfect form
, Mrs Downs.
At least,
as well as I ever was.
What would you do your time and
your shower to the ALA,for lost time.
- Give me five minutes or less.
- Speak of the shower.
I think that is my shower.
- What's this?
- I got it for about 9 months.
I would be better not minds,
and sheriff.
I do not hear, is not it?
Old house has walls, children!
- Wayne, can come a little?
- What happened?
Baby, light flashing here.
Perhaps his light.
- Are you OK?
- Yes, two hurt in 6:00.
Put some ice up there.
Valerie: So like
Ali: Like hell.
Valerie: It sounds nice. Sleep sturdy
Ali: Thank you.
Salem1692: Hello.
Ali: Who are you?
Salem1692: 19.
I have not asked how many years
Ali: Who are you?
Salem1692: 19.
Well, retard.
Ali: What are you
Very funny, Kyle.
Good! Forget that you're up.
- Why did you let it idle?
- Not you like?
- Next time I wake you.
- That's how I'll do.
- Where are the children?
- Top, do not talk to each other.
There's something new.
Alli thinks Kyle tried so scared last night
Kyle says that Alli
stole a baseball bat.
The so happens when you mutha
the new house.
What about you?
Were you nervous about the whole night.
I do not know... I think it was
that sleep in a bed again.
You go to office today?
Not. The mayor said she can
I stay a few days.
Why do I feel that to try and
evii this?
Why did and do that?
It's been a while since
thi not you ever put a uniform. That's all.
- I better.
- If you are not, can talk to you or...
I'm fine, really.
Well... I'm up.
Salem1692: Hi, Alli.
Kyle, I want you...
What is your problem?
Ali: Who are you? Salem
1692: 19
Ali: How do I know the name?
Salem1692: for her father.
I did... I did.
It was an accident.
- A service beginning it and steps.
- Hello again.
- Wayne Downs.
- Mike Goodwin.
THI and he says "I'm well acquainted",
but in these circumstances...
- Mike was...
- And sheriff, body...
Why do you think that was
whacked like that?
I think that has been cut down when
I never thought it would McSwain
attempted suicide.
- Yes?
- We all know each other from our new Salem.
I told them not to sirens and lights,
as to not scare anyone.
Do not worry. Will find out sooner or later
. Come to make acquainted.
What is happening?
McSwain, gardener... and he hung himself.
O God.
- He e ..
- Everything is OK. We take care.
Carrie, this is Mike Goodwin,
aid and sheriff.
- Good.
- I'm sorry for what happened.
Do not worry.
You want to prepare a coffee?
No, no, do not bother.
Thank you.
Honey, go to bed, you must
a few minutes talking with Mike.
- Are you OK?
- Yes, children are worried.
Do not we tell the children...
Tell them that we find a replacement.
- Are you OK?
- Yes, well.
It's cold... Go to bed.
OK, remember that you too Thi-cold,
- I'm sorry. You do not mind?
- I. You?
I do not know.
Lighters, but no smoking, no?
When you gave up?
About nine months ago.
Yes, and I wanted to quit, but...
I do not think this is something bad.
I hope I have not created any problem
by awakening your wife.
Not about it...
But the children.
They believe that this house is haunted.
Can not execute 19 people for witchcraft,
without creating a certain reputation.
People say all kinds of stories.
Between American revolution and civil war,
will be hard to find yourself in a corner
of this region without a story bloody.
- Ours began to be more...
- Policeman?
Yes... It's a good word:
What did they hear?
Cause 16 years ago,
a guy crazy there.
Cause and killed the whole family.
Yes, it's the same with all young people.
Also catch him a few months...
Especially around Halloween...
They come here to steal and
shows the house and drink beer... Something like that.
I feel that not to come here.
You would see the sheriff.
The truth is that... then there were all sorts of stories
horrible with this house Corwin.
But you know...
most of them are just stories.
Most of them?
Would you show you something?
Here was broken granite.
There are rumors that there were 18 Moroni.
18 what...?
Stand on the old site of the Corwin House.
It is said that they were
and execute ngropai here.
THI not worry. I think they were moved long
Yes... Thank you for coming so late,
Like I said...
a beginning and not the service steps.
Go and rest your fish.
Probably, we will see tomorrow.
Welcome , and sheriff.
I pick you up tomorrow morning with the machine.
Hey, Mike... Salem witches were executed as?
Were hanged...
All 19.
You a message from Salem1692.
Would you read it you? Yes / No
Salem1692: Crime / Crime / Crime
O Lord!
Wayne, why?
What about you?
What happened?
What, Wayne?
- Wayne, why?
- Mom, Dad, you are well?
Yes, Kyle, everything is OK. Go to bed.
Your father was a nightmare.
Wayne? Wayne?
You're right.
Back to bed.
you look who's dressed in black.
- Good morning, boys.
- I thought you and your rest these days.
I work office.
- We all have slept?
- How did you sleep?
- Are you OK?
- I.
I just managed to fall asleep.
Baby, it's adaptation.
Is the first night in the house. It's always hard.
I'm not a child, Mom.
I can adapt anywhere.
It's about... something.
- What you gonna do all day?
- I'll install.
I had a good night.
I heard you speak last night however.
It was very late.
You eat breakfast, right? A nutritious breakfast
repair a rough night.
Welcome .. Remember what I thought.
After you finish breakfast, we walk through town
and you can do some shopping.
- What zicei?
- Is better than to stay here.
Alli... shopping always make you feel better.
Mother, I...
- Need help?
- I, and he cleans.
- Kyle...
- Sorry, but I can.
What about you? McSwain has to do with
- There is a veterans hospital in Boston.
- I need something like that, Carrie.
Having seen the McSwain and A. ..
-Thi should be given a reason.
If you overdo
nerve disease will not be good, Wayne.
I needed veterans hospital.
How is Alli?
Lying above.
I'll bring some of the city.
- Can I do something?
- They watch her while we are away.
A and wanted to pick up Kyle, but I'll let
single while we are away.
You'll call him Mike like to tell
to pass later.
It was a nightmare, right?
- Are you OK?
- I'll be.
- I love you.
- And I.
What the hell?
Alli? What happened, honey?
What? Talk to me.
Honey, what? What?
Honey, come on...
Baby, come on.
Come on, baby, come on!
Are you OK?
Sweetie, are you okay?
- Hi, Dad.
- Where are the keys?
- What is happening?
- Where are the keys?
- What is happening?
- Carrie, give me the keys.
I'm in the car.
Slow down, asshole.
Sheriff And Downs,
I'm glad to see you again so soon.
- Can we talk?
- Of course. To take place.
Obviously, you're a little bit tense.
It's something that trouble you?
E McSwain?
Aid and Goodwyn sheriff told me, of course.
It's a tragedy.
It's not the McSwain.
It's the stories about crimes
tile that happened in the House Corwin.
I want to know if true.
Are true?
- Tell me what happened?
- His name was Underhill.
And boy drowned in the bath, put a plastic bag over his head
his wife,
and then thrown out the window,
falling in the yard.
The only survived her daughter, who was scared to death
and the state of shock.
Later, after a year and it
Why it did something like this?
And it took me a long time, but after one
I understand, the man was completely insane.
It is said that almost immediately drove
and after becoming sheriff.
Talk all day only to curse.
- Man believed that this house is cursed.
- Why would have thought of something like this?
Just as said, it was about...
he believed that this house is haunted?
U and URELIT, and sheriff. I think a little overboard.
Or maybe you made a military...
I do not know exactly what the man thought.
Something like witch burned the property assignee.
- Only a lunatic, I'm sure of it.
- Are you sure?
The only evil that lived in the Corwin House
threw himself out the window half a century ago.
In addition, human arguments have nothing to base.
Just as Thi and Deputy said Goodwin,
most execute many of those were exhumai,
and their bodies were buried by their families
- The many, or all?
- Of course there documents.
Are you OK there? O God...
Alli, what happened?
Login here mouth!
Sit down.
- Hello?
- Thi Perhaps you sclintit in something or...
Maybe last night you thi
tooth rake. Open your mouth!
Well... I...
Hold tight. I'm going to bring you some alcohol and buffer
. All right.
I'll be back.
Here is Mary Winston,
the historical society.
I know, I know... Everything is OK.
Everything is okay.
- What are you doing, Mike?
- I went to take his machine McSwain.
other things that need to go to the city.
OK, and why you are here in May?
I do not want my bag to me, but...
Carrie told me what happened to your daughter.
- I knew that a matter to police.
- I learned...
Everything okay with you?
When you told me last night...
You talked about last night?
Let's talk about that, Mike.
Let's talk about the crimes and that
you told me not at all.
- What about them? You are just some stories.
- Stories and tile bodies not create true.
- I understand... what do you mean?
- I went to see him in the primary.
There is no record that the corpses
were removed from the earth.
And sheriff, come on, do not let
imagination to take hold on you.
Yes... just tell me and your friend.
Do you have a better place?
Yes, I think.
- Where were you? What is happening?
- What is Alli?
E .. How do you think you scared her to death.
And me and Kyle we got scared.
What is happening?
Jesus, Alli, ari terrible.
Come here.
Come on, baby, stay in bed.
Sheriff And he hung there.
What are you talking about?
Sheriff And he hung there.
- Thi Who said that?
- Salem19.
You have to rest and your little.
I feel that burn.
- You do not have fever. In fact, you're cold.
- I.
Simply you and your rest.
I tried, but scratch something that
does not let me sleep.
Probably just a mouse.
Take and you and you rest and sleep.
Close your eyes.
A and a
Take and deep breathing and long...
Relax... relax...
Do you hear?
No dear, I hear nothing.
- Kill him!
- Alli!
I think I know
're better than that.
- Mother...
- Yes, sweetie.
Are you worried about the father?
Now, he's a little stressed.
You know a big change to
go back to work.
- I was not his fault, right?
- What do you mean?
- The man who shot him...
- What did you say?
It was in the war...
My father shot a man.
His name was Cooper.
It is one of the guys thought wicked,
- You got the wrong.
- Thi Your father told you that?
I heard when vorbeai
down there.
Vorbeai hard... And you talked about Mr. McSwain?
I speak of Mr. McSwain.
Because he's dead?
- What are you doing?
- Bones.
Whose bones?
Wayne, you have to get stops. Be.
Me I'm scared and frightened his children.
- Kyle, sorry. Are you OK?
- Are you crazy?
Kyle, I thought him a ghost.
I want to hit you.
- Well, you did.
- It was an accident! I swear.
What about Alli, Wayne?
And that was all an accident?
- I do not know, I saw something exaggerated.
- As the Deputy Goodwin.
- I do not understand things.
- I mean?
We found above,
in shower Umea.
O Lord! You listen?
First you doing out graves, and now knocking
shower Umea.
- What tombs?
- Kyle, go to your room.
Go to your room!
Tile stories are true...
There is something in this house.
- What? House is haunted?
- Listen to me.
No, you listen to me, Wayne,
have relapsed again.
- Not about that.
- Ba that it is.
Since you share the
it and our daughter.
Look... Through what you went
was terrible. OK?
But I'm planning to stop and restart it again with you
of our children.
What do you mean?
- I called on Deputy Goodwin.
- What did you do? Why?
Why did you do that? What was Kyle was
accident. I wanted to hit him.
Do not matter if it was intentionally or not.
You did.
And I have to wait as you're
break again.
Well, and I will lose my job.
You you're back to live in one bedroom apartment
and I will work as a security agent
- I'll go back there.
- And they gave him hope, Wayne!
Look... I never told Mike what happened,
I just said that we need a hotel room.
Well, that and want to do.
I want to take her children and to leave here.
- It's not safe.
- Yes, you're right.
's Something odd about this house and had
to realize that it's you.
- Mother, we can not leave.
- Get what you need, Kyle.
- I'll hit us...
- I said take the damn things to-Thi, Kyle!
- Everything is OK. It was an accident. I'm fine.
- Yes? Your father does not believe in accidents.
- You sheriff.
- Although Ajutorule sheriff.
I want to know
I do not understand anything of it.
It's a new house, a new situation...
Do you take more time to get over this fad.
- Caprices...
- You're not the only couple...
- Meaning, noting account your past...
- Shut up, Mike.
Both you think I'm crazy.
If you have not already done so,
you have to go to Mayor Collins
You should have your stops in the
Stop pretending friends.
Look... I do not want only to say that
Do you understand stress.
You do not understand anything Mike.
If you have understood, I should be here.
Thank you for coming, Mr.
aid and sheriff Goodwin.
Can you put this in the car?
I'm going there to help her sister with your luggage.
Lady, I can help on Alli.
I leave less alone.
Why not go to do that, Mike?
I'm Excuse.
Hell, no
worsen things more than they are.
Listen to me.
Do not make them and never hurt the children.
You have to understand that there is a threat.
Then, what?
Let me show you something-.
- Alli?
- I'm here.
- Alli?
- I'm here.
- Alli?
- I'm here, Mike.
13 and sheriff... All and erifii were
in recent decades.
So what does this mean?
All those in the cases have died,
but not on duty.
They died here,
in this house.
- He is Corwin, who has built his house.
- I found his picture in our study.
He was involved in witches.
That is, every arrest, every execution, every
torture came from this man.
- Alli, Alli, you're right?
- Alli! Alli!
- Alli! Come!
- Go!
Gotta get out of here.
Come, Come, Come!
Go, go, go!
I move the up!
- Carrie! Carrie! Carrie!
- Mother!
- Carrie! Carrie!
- Good?
- Still breathing. Baby, you're well.
- Mother!
- Mother?
- Baby, come thi! Honey, come thi!
Carrie, baby, come on.
- Honey? Come.
- Mother.
- Mother?
- What happened?
- You fell down the stairs. You're right.
- Where's Alli?
Come on, get up.
- I do not think he managed to descend.
- What?
- Bring on Alli.
- What...? What...? Why you left it up?
- Bring on Alli! A bring Alli!
- Alli!
Hold, I want you to take your mother.
Alli, answer me!
If you need water and pull the trigger, right?
Water and the trigger!
- Yes!
- A mother and take the lead!
- And all you see or hear, come back.
- But you?
- Do not turn around! I'm going after Alli.
- Alli!
- Come on, come on.
- Get out.
- Alli!
- Go here! Now!
- Wayne!
- Dad?
- Wayne... Wayne... Wayne...
- Dad... Dad.
- Dad! Father!
- Wake up.
- Wayne!
- Dad. Where's Dad?
- Wayne.
- Dad.
O God!
Father, are you OK?
Baby, here's the mother.
Baby, answer me.
Alli ?
Honey, we gotta go.
- Honey, we gotta go.
- I can go.
What? What about...?
- Kyle! Help me!
- Fri!
This is my father.
We are happy to see you.
You're late.
Do you think we forget what we've done?
First, I love you too kill each
Then your son.
Now we have the Alli.
The income and your time.