A Heartland Christmas (2010) Movie Script

- The left.
- Left rein! Left!
- I'm pulling left!
Other left! We're gonna end up
in a ditch. Got it. Here we go.
A Heartland Christmas (2010)
- Remind me to check my email
for RSVPs
to the Christmas Eve open house.
Oh, and did you tell Caleb
I need him to get all of
the outside lights out of the shed?
- He already did and he put them up.
- Without me?
Great. Cowboy decorating.
Can't wait to see that.
- So who's coming
to this open house thing?
- Some of Amy's clients
and a whole bunch
of potential new customers.
There's gonna be sleigh rides,
hot apple cider in the barn,
ice skating.
- You are so transparent.
- Excuse me?
- Oh, come on.
Christmas is less than a week away,
Peter's in Estevan with his sick dad,
and you, you're keeping crazy busy
trying to escape reality.
End of story.
- That is not it at all, okay?
I made the open house plans
before the whole Peter situation.
Mallory, can you be careful?
You're carrying precious cargo.
- Whatever.
- When do your parents
get back from Halifax again?
- The day before Christmas Eve,
right after my dad's last concert,
but hopefully they can get
a flight in earlier.
- Yeah, hopefully.
- Nice.
So that's the thanks I get
for being your indentured servant.
- Cry me a river, Mallory.
You've been a pampered houseguest
all week.
- So?
- So?
- So what did you get me for Christmas?
- Like I'd tell you.
- Come on, just give me a hint.
- No way. What'd you get me?
- Maybe I didn't get you anything.
- Well, maybe I didn't get you
anything either.
- You are so--
- I can't tell you.
- It's a secret!
- Please, Ty,
I just dragged a tree with you.
- Do you think you coulda got
something a little smaller?
Something that would maybe fit
through the front door?
- What are talkin' about?
She's perfect.
- Yeah... Took your sweet time
gettin' it. Phone's been ringin'.
- Well, Scott's forwarded
his vet calls to me.
- He's away on holidays.
- Well, I let it go to message.
- All right, well,
I better check it out.
- Jesus!
Could use your help here.
- Come on, Grandpa, you can do it.
- You see this one?
It was my great-grandmother's.
And every year they go on
the tree in the exact same order
and the exact same place.
- Same place, same order?
- It's a Bartlett tradition.
- Sounds fun.
- Come on, Amy, lift your end.
Don't let it drag.
- Looks a little small,
don't you think?
It's gotta touch the ceiling.
As long as it's gonna
touch the ceiling.
- I personally guarantee
it'll touch the ceiling.
- If we can get it through the door.
- I can't get it through the door.
It's stuck.
- No, you have to pull it in
the other way.
- Let me try.
- Okay. Ashley! Ah!
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- Okay, other way.
- Okay, a little to the left.
- Yeah?
- No, no, back into the corner,
back into the corner, I think.
There you go.
Um, can we spin it around?
I wouldn't mind seeing
what the other side is like.
Maybe it's... maybe it's fuller
on the other side? No?
Hello? Peter, hey! Shh... One sec.
Hey, how are things?
- Lou.
- Well, how's your dad?
Tsk. Really?
Well, when are you coming home?
- Lou.
- I miss you...
- Lou!
- Aw... it's so nice!
Our first tree together.
Our first Christmas.
So... do you know
what you're getting me?
Something special to remember
this Christmas would be nice.
- Ash, I really
don't want anything.
We both know
we don't have a lot of money.
I mean...
Heck, we don't have any money.
- Well, I've got a way
to buy a few little things.
- No. You're not using
your mom's credit card.
- It's just not happening.
- Why not? She won't even notice.
- And she's in Florida.
- Yeah, well,
that's not the point.
It's just not right.
So... let's make a pact.
Since neither of us can afford
to get each other something,
let's do without gifts this year.
- I guess. Okay.
- You're all I want for Christmas.
To delete this message, press..
- I'm calling from Pike River.
This mountain pass got cut off
by a snow slide
and some horses got trapped.
- You'd not believe Lou
and this tree.
- They're starving to death.
Someone's gotta get them out
before it's too late.
They're north of Pike River,
in Claw Valley,
just below the falls.
I thought someone like a vet
should know.
I hope you get this message.
- I'm gonna call Scott.
- No. You can't go anywhere right now.
Look, me and you were gonna
build grandma Lindy's
gingerbread house.
I already baked the pieces
and Ty promised to clear
the pond for the skating rink.
Which reminds me... Grandpa?
- I will decorate the barn
and the cabins at the dude ranch.
I know, I know.
- Thank you.
Do you really think
I can pull off an open house
all on my own?
- Well, you thought it up
all on your own.
- We all agreed we were gonna do
a traditional family Christmas
this year.
- Okay, we still can.
I'll help you build
the gingerbread house
when I get back.
- Mallory, you can't
just throw them on, okay?
It's not where that one goes.
- Please...
- Lou, I don't know
how you can be thinking about
decorations and open houses
when there's horses out there
starving to death.
- I need you to help me here.
- Grandpa...
- Look, Pike River is way off
the beaten track and you might have
trouble with the roads.
- Okay, there's no room
for discussion here.
I just talked to Scott
and he needs me to check it out.
So I'm going.
- I checked the avalanche reports.
There's no warnings right now.
So conditions are stable in that area.
- Good. Thanks.
- Make sure that you can
come back in daylight.
Don't go driving those
icy back roads in the dark.
- Jack, I'll try.
- You'll do more than try.
And watch out for deer.
- Grandpa.
Don't worry, okay?
We'll be fine.
- See ya.
- See you, Lou.
We'll be back, okay? I promise.
See ya.
- Well, that's Claw Valley
over there.
This is as far as we can go
in the truck.
- All right. Let's do it.
- All right.
- Think this is the place?
- Let's check it out.
- Oh, my God.
- Go, Amy!
- You okay?
- Fine. I'm fine.
- Amy, it's not safe!
Amy, stop!
Amy, would you just...
- Hey.
Good girl.
Hey, you're okay.
You're okay.
Good girl.
- This mare's pregnant.
- Ty, these aren't wild horses.
These are just quarter horses.
- What are they doing here?
- Who knows.
Good girl.
Hey, girl.
- They all have frostbite.
Where you going?
- To get hay and blankets.
- Okay, that's... good, Mallory.
Just slice the nuts
a little bit finer.
- Did you get them?
- Yes, I got them.
Have you heard anything
from Amy and Ty yet?
- Amy called
when they were on the road
and she said they'd call back
when they got into cell range.
You know, I still can't believe
you let them go.
I needed all hands on deck
and now I'm totally stressing
and I think I'm breaking out.
- Peter called.
It's not looking good
for a happy Christmas homecoming.
Hence the mood.
You should just get
on a plane and go to Estevan,
cancel the stupid open house.
- I can't. How unprofessional
would that be?
- Lou, why do you
set yourself up like this?
Do you have to be on
all the time?
You need a dimmer switch.
Just like the ones you sent me
into town for,
just like the ones I went
to seven different
hardware stores to find...
- Grandpa, Hudson doesn't have
seven different hardware stores.
- ... packed with crazy
Christmas shoppers.
- Okay, they're important.
- They make the lights look pretty.
- Hmm. Dimmer switches...
- You gotta love the Christmas spirit
just oozing out of everyone's pores.
- Here. Ready?
Well, maybe there's another way
outta here.
I'm gonna take a look around.
- Okay.
- So it's not good.
Nothing but dead ends...
waterfall, cliff.
- There's gotta be some way out.
Come on.
Come on.
- Come on, boy.
Come on. There you go.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, Amy!
Hey, you all right?
- All right?
- Yeah. Whoa...
Easy, boy.
- Amy, this isn't gonna work.
The snow's too deep,
they're gonna break their legs.
- It's all right, buddy.
We'll find a way
to get you outta here, okay?
- Amy, look... they're trapped.
This is an impossible situation.
- We gotta try.
- Okay, well...
they have enough food for tonight.
We'll come back tomorrow and
we'll figure it out from there.
- Okay.
- We should get going.
- Yeah.
Good boy.
- Are you hungry?
- Starvin'.
- Here, let me get that for you.
- What can I get for you?
- Some menus, please.
- Thank you.
All right, you call him.
- I'm not calling.
It was your idea, you call.
- Wuss.
Great, there's no reception.
- There's a payphone over there.
- It's not working.
- Oh.
Do you... have a phone I could use?
- Long distance?
- Yeah.
- Then pay me ahead.
Ten dollars.
- There you go.
Ten dollars?
- I tried to get a hold of Amy.
Does anybody know where she is?
- Don't ask.
- Could be Lisa.
- Hello?
- Amy.
- Where are you?
- Would you just listen?
- I told Ty to head back early.
- We found the horses.
And we probably could've
got them out, too, but...
there was another avalanche.
- Another avalanche?
- What? Where are they? Wh--
- Pike River.
- Amy, you tell Ty
that he can go back tomorrow
if he has to,
but I want you home
and I want you home now.
- No, we're not coming home
tonight. Okay? It's too late.
We'll just stay here and tomorrow
we'll go back and feed the horses
and try and figure out a plan.
They're in really bad shape,
Grandpa, okay?
Maybe we can get some of
the townspeople to help us out.
- Great, horsy people.
- Where do you plan
on staying for the night?
- What? Staying? Together?
No. Give me the phone, Jack.
- Just let me handle this.
- Like you've done
such a good job so far.
Give me the phone.
Put Ty on the phone.
- For you.
- Yes, sir...
Your dad's in a good mood.
- Uh, excuse me.
Is there a place in town we can stay?
- No.
- There was a hotel
that we passed on the way in.
- It's closed for the season.
- Uh... you sure
there's not somewhere?
Just really don't wanna
spend the night in our truck.
- Sam.
Where have you been all day?
I could've used your help here.
- What about the house?
They could stay there.
They can't stay in their truck.
- Sorry, I didn't catch your name.
- Joanna Hawke.
- I'm Amy Fleming.
- I'm Ty Borden.
- That'll get your fire started.
There's more wood outside.
I'd like the rent in advance.
Make it 50 a night.
- Fifteen?
- Fifty.
- Fifty!
- And about those horses
out in Claw Valley?
Just stay away from there.
That'd be my advice.
It's dangerous.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly...
- The snow conditions
out that way are terrible.
- No, they aren't.
I checked the report.
- On what? Your old ham radio?
Why don't you try the Internet,
They got snow out there
the day before yesterday.
- It's gorgeous.
Best tree ever.
No, no, no, no.
It's perfect...
just the way it is.
- Of course it is.
- Finally.
Hi, Dad.
Where are you guys?
Can't you catch
a flight home earlier?
- For crying out loud,
will you give it a rest?
- No. No,
because I still don't get it.
Why would you even let them go?
They got out there
day before yesterday.
Fresh snow on top of packed
snow: deadly combination.
Those two could get buried
in another avalanche.
- The weather's gonna be fine
tomorrow. I'll drive out there
and get 'em packing.
- Good idea.
- Great. I'm going.
- No, you're not.
- Hell, I'm not.
- I'm not gonna be cooped up
in a truck with you for three hours!
- Look, I don't care who goes,
but I am disowning all of you
if you are not back ASAP.
- There's, um, a massive...
snowstorm in Halifax, so...
my mom and dad won't be home
for, like, days.
- So much for the supply of wood
that Joanna said was outside.
I just chopped up an entire tree.
Come look at this.
That kid Sam?
He's Joanna's son.
They must've lived here.
This is Grade 4 probably,
what, five years ago?
You cold?
I'll make you some tea.
It'll warm you up.
- All right.
- Or not.
- Ah, forget it.
I got a better idea.
- Oh, gross.
- Yeah.
All right.
Oh, thank you.
- Welcome.
- All right.
- Mm-hmm.
What was that?
- It's the damper!
Oh, man.
Oh, God! Argh!
It's like your dad
rigged the place!
- What are you lookin' at?
- Nothing.
Is it me,
or is it really cold in here?
- Now that you mention it...
I'll check the heater.
It's, uh, stone cold.
- Mallory?
Mallory, you okay?
Are you okay?
- I don't mean to be such a baby.
I've just never been alone
on Christmas before.
- Well, you're not exactly alone.
You're a pretty important part
of this family, don't you think?
- You're not alone, Mallory.
Is there anything
we can do to help?
- There's nothing anyone can do.
Well... there is one thing.
If I had some
of my own Christmas stuff,
it'd make me feel a little better.
- Sure.
No problem.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm going with ya.
- Ah, no, you are not.
I told you last night.
- Just get a move on. Okay?
I got the truck warmin' up
for your old bones.
- Well, we're not taking your truck.
- Well, we're not takin'
that heap of yours.
- Ty.
- Wolves?
- Yeah, it looks like.
- There's nine left.
- Your friend over there,
she's definitely pregnant.
- She can't foal here.
Not with wolves and coyotes and...
- You should tell her that.
- Hey, Ty...
we could... we could start digging
and, like, make a trench.
- A trench?
- Yeah. Doesn't have to be huge,
just wide enough
to get the horse through.
- That'll take us forever.
- We could get help.
- Hey!
What are you doing here?!
Just get the hell outta here!
- Those horses are gonna die!
- We're just trying
to get them out.
- Well, don't!
Just get outta here!
This is private property!
Are you deaf?!
- I said... now!
- Okay!
- Lou!
- What?
- You promised to drive me
to my house
to pick up my stuff!
- I will, I will, okay?
Just let me get a couple more
things done on my to-do list.
- I've been asking you all morning.
- Hello! Sorry to just drop in.
- Yeah, heater's busted
in the trailer.
- So is it okay if we stay here
till the guy comes to fix it?
- Uh, well, I kind of--
- He said
he was gonna do it today.
- Okay.
- Oh, are you making fruitcake?
- Caleb, I need a favour.
Can you drive me to my house
to pick up my stuff?
I've been asking Lou
and she says she will,
but she never does.
- Sure. No worries.
What kind of stuff?
- Hey.
Saw you down with the horses.
- I got a call about them.
- That was me.
I was out there
right after the slide and...
I knew they needed help
and no one would listen to me.
Then I remembered this vet guy
from Hudson. Scott Cardinal?
- Yeah, I work for him.
- So... what about the horses?
- Can you help them?
- We'd like to.
- Except for some old guy
just aimed his rifle at us,
told us to get off the property,
- Oh... that'd be my grandfather.
- Your grandfather?
- He owns the land.
- So can't you just talk to him,
tell him what we're trying to do?
Just make him understand.
- I can't.
- Why?
- My mom and me...
we don't talk to him.
Haven't for years.
No one talks to Will Vernon.
I... guess I wasted your time
calling you guys.
- I don't know why you didn't
turn off back there.
-'Cause there's a better road
just west of here.
- I'm telling ya,
I'm lookin' at the map--
- Is there any more coffee?
- No.
I've only made enough for me,
and you had the best of that!
- Well, why don't you start
by holding the map
the right way around?
- It is the right way.
- Okay?
'Cause that's gonna help.
- Ah...
Watch, watch, watch, watch!
- Jesus!
- Watch, watch, watch, watch!
Ah, jeez!
- What the heck?
What the hell was he doin',
drivin' down the middle of the road?!
- Will Vernon?
It's been years. Jack Bartlett.
- Okay?
- No! No!
- Yes or no?
- Back it on up, Tim.
Do you want me to do this?!
- You know what?
Just put the thing on there...
- All right, you're good to go.
- Okay, I know what I'm doin'.
- Go!!
- Easy on that bumper. Oh!
- Ah!
- There you go. Stay on it.
Good, Will. Good, Will.
Should've done it myself.
- Well, lucky we had my truck.
Guy's lucky we're helpin'
at all, I'm tellin' ya.
- Just keep your shirt on.
He's an old friend of mine.
We used to rodeo together.
- Who drives down
the middle of the road on a curve!
- You're good to go, Will.
Hey, it's good to see you.
What, you live around here?
- Nice friend.
- Shut up.
- Took my tow hook.
- You're welcome!
Children playing in the snow
Santa laughing ho ho ho ho
Frosty Frosty make a smile
It's only winter
- What the...?
For a while
- Look at this guy.
- Uh...
- Hey.
- What is this?
- A mini beer mug.
My dad got it
at this Oktoberfest thing
he was singing at.
But this is my mom's favourite.
Just squeeze it like this...
- So gross!
- That's awesome.
- Thanks, Lou.
I feel so much better
now that my stuff is here.
- Lou, is it okay
if we stay here tonight?
- Yeah, the heater guy
had to send for a part.
Can't get it till tomorrow.
- I guess that's a yes.
- That's great.
- Hmm.
- Hi there.
I'm, uh, Jack Bartlett.
- Hi.
I'm Tim Fleming.
- Joanna.
- Nice to meet you, Joanna.
- Maybe you can help us.
- We're looking for my daughter,
Amy Fleming.
- And she's got a friend, Ty.
Do you know where we can find 'em?
- Dad?
- What the heck
is going on here?
- What were you thinking?
- Excuse me?
- What are you doing here?
- We're bringing you home.
- The horses are still trapped.
- Then he can stay
and deal with it.
- Jack, hold on a second.
We're doing this together.
Amy is helping me out there.
Can we at least show you
what we're dealing with?
So what we thought we'd do, is
we'd dig a trench right through it.
- Right through it?
- A trench.
- Well, you got a month or two
of free time?
Doesn't really matter,
we don't need to talk about it,
'cause it's not doable.
- Trench, huh?
- Crazy.
- Might be the only way
to get these guys outta here.
- Jack, you'd need a whole crew;
I'm talkin' about a big crew.
- Then we need
to get the town on our side.
- The only problem is,
the guy who owns this land
basically pointed a rifle at us.
- Pointed a rifle?
Who pointed a rifle at you?!
- Sam's grandfather.
- Who's Sam?
- Sam Hawke.
- His mom owns
the bar and grill in town.
- Guy have a name? I'd like
to have a word with him.
- Will...
- Vernon.
- Will Vernon.
- Hold it.
You come lookin' for money
for that tow,
you can forget it.
I ain't got no money for you.
- The tow was free, Will.
Can you put that thing down?
- Okay, what do you want?
- Well, you gotta admit, it's...
it's a small world, huh?
I remember that rodeo.
I was there.
You beat me by a point.
It was... a pretty wild time
on that circuit.
Remember that pickup band we started?
Graham Tuttle and I couldn't
strum a guitar worth a damn,
but you played a pretty mean fiddle.
- What do you want?
- Well, I gotta admit, Will...
I'm not too happy with you
pointing that rifle of yours
at my granddaughter
and her friend.
- That your granddaughter?
- That's Amy. She just trying
to help those horses.
- Well, she's trespassing.
- Will, just give 'em a break.
I figure you owe me.
We could've left you stuck
out there in that ditch.
- They're my horses. I'll do
with my horses what I please.
- Your horses?
- That's right. So just get
back in your pickup truck
and go back where you come from.
And don't go rattlin' on
about any old days.
Old days are dead and gone!
- Well, I could care less
whose horses they are!
They're in trouble and I'm gonna
do something about it!
- What do you mean,
you've got a job to do out there?
- Lou--
- So, what, I'm on my own
with this open house?
- Simmer down.
- Okay, well then,
what about Christmas?
Are we still gonna have
a family Christmas together or--
- Of course we'll have
our family Christmas.
- Well, I hope so. Huh...
Fine. ... Yeah, okay...
They're not coming back.
Not today, maybe not even tomorrow.
Well, that's it.
I'll just cancel my open house,
I'll just send out a mass email
and that'll be that.
I have no choice.
- It's just as well, Lou.
- You know, you're right, Mallory.
It probably is just as well,
because look at this place.
That is the ugliest Christmas
tree I have ever seen, bar none.
- The tree is ugly
because of my decorations?!
Oh, is that it?!
I'm sorry, Lou,
I've ruined your perfect tree.
I'm sorry your ordered
little world was rocked.
How do you think I feel being stuck
in this house with you
and everyone else being gone?!
Thank God for Caleb and Ashley!
At least they have a sense of humour!
You're the most horrible
non-Christmas person I've ever known!
- Okay, that is not true.
I love Christmas.
- No, you don't!
All Christmas means to you
is being a control freak
and having everything perfect!
Oh, I'm sorry, Lou,
I didn't know that
great-aunt Ruby's hummingbird -
made with real, authentic parrot
feathers.. is supposed to go
next to grandma Lindy's
silver freakin' star!
- I don't have to listen to this.
It's a time of love and joy
It's for every girl and boy
Children playing in the snow
And Santa laughing
Ho ho ho ho
Frosty Frosty
Make a smile
It's only winter for a while
Well you're still here
- You killed Frosty?!
- Joanna, can we talk?
I talked to Will Vernon.
He's your dad, right?
He says those horses
that are trapped out there are his.
- How would I know?
- Small place.
I bet you have some idea.
- He's a guide.
Not so much anymore, I guess,
but I know he took a bunch of
hunters out there in the fall.
Those horses have probably
been out there ever since.
He obviously decided
to let them fend for themselves
and save on the cost of feed.
- I want you to know
that I knew your dad.
A lot of years ago,
we... we rodeo'ed together.
We were pretty good friends.
Let me tell you about
the Will Vernon that I remember.
He was a great guy.
Generous guy.
He had the biggest, craziest sense
of humour of anyone I ever met.
- Sorry, I got customers.
- Hey, Joanna.
- Thanks for the use of the phone.
- I remember the guy you remember.
I do.
But he died five years ago.
- You could knock.
- What are you doing?
- I'm moving back to my own house.
I will not live under the same
roof as a Frosty murderer.
- Okay, Mallory, you know what?
Whether you or I like it or not,
you are in my care
until your parents get back.
- You gonna kill him too?
- You're staying. End of story!
- Fine, then just don't talk to me!
- Fine! I never thought
I'd live to see the day
where I didn't have to listen
to you blather on.
- Okay. Talk later.
Uh, Lou, we couldn't get
our heater fixed.
Guy couldn't get the part,
it being Christmas and all.
- Thanks for letting us
stay the night.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey.
- You wanna help?
- Sure.
- You can help me
take these bales down.
- Thank you.
Hey, guys,
what do we got for ya, huh?
Wanna grab the other bale?
- Um, sure.
- What's going on here?
I told you to get outta here!
- Will, what do you think
you're doing?
- I'm just gonna shoot these horses,
put 'em outta their misery.
- No, you're not!
- Get outta my way!
- Grandpa, no!
- Sam!
- Guys, watch out!
- Get off to the side!
- Go!
- Sam!!
- Ah!
- Sam!
- Ah! Grab on!
- Help!
- Sam!
- Sam! Sam!
- Hold on!
- Hold on!
- Sam!
- Sam!
- Sam?
- Here! Here!
- Come on, guys, get him out!
- Hold on, hold on. Easy, easy.
- Thank God.
- Get a blanket!
- Let me see.
You all right?
- Grandpa.
- Okay.
- You're okay, son.
You're all right.
- How dare you involve Sam?
He shouldn't have been out there
in the first place!
Two slides in two days!
What are you thinking?
- The horses, they needed--
- The... the horses?!
You put my son at risk
for some senseless mission?
- It's not senseless.
- Look, Joanna,
it's probably your father's gunshot
that triggered the damn avalanche.
- Gunshot?
- He was bent on shootin' those horses.
- I told you not to go out there
and you're never going out there
again, do you hear me?!
I already lost your father
to that damn valley,
I am not gonna lose you too!
- What did your mom mean,
about losing your dad?
- I was nine.
It was Christmas Eve.
My dad and three of his buddies
went snowmobiling together.
Out along the riverbed
to Claw Valley.
And there was an avalanche.
They were all killed.
My dad and me...
we were supposed to go
get our Christmas tree
out of the bush.
He said he'd be right back.
- I'm so sorry.
I never would've asked
for your help if I had known.
- I wanna help.
I'm gonna help.
I'm glad you came.
Even if there's nothing we can do.
- Answer the door!
You hear me?!
How dare you have a gun
anywhere near my son?
Haven't you hurt him enough?
Say something!
I don't want you to go
anywhere near him again. Ever!
Do you hear what I'm saying to you?!
- Come on...
What are we doing?
This is crazy.
- We're not crazy.
- Yeah?
- We're gonna do this.
- Really?
Well, we're gonna need
some help,
because otherwise we're gonna
be here till spring.
- We should go home.
This is crazy.
We should just forget about it.
- Come on, Amy,
this doesn't sound like you.
- It's two days till Christmas.
Lou is at home alone and...
it just isn't fair.
- I think we need to try.
- Tim's right, we gotta get some help.
Okay, we've got something to say.
I hope you'll hear us out.
As you know, there's some horses
stuck up there in Claw Valley.
- And they're in really rough shape.
So we have a plan.
We're gonna dig a trench
right through the slide
and we're gonna get them out.
- A trench...
You're kiddin', right?
- We're not kidding.
We need help.
We need people to dig.
I... understand
there's a lot of bad memories
up there,
but maybe this is a way
to do something positive.
- Jesus H. Murphy,
you people are beyond stupid.
- Hey, you got a problem?
- Yeah, I have a problem.
Do you know how dangerous
it is out there?
You start disturbing snow and
you're just asking for trouble.
Four men died in Claw Valley
five years ago.
We don't need any more tragedies.
- I understand
what your concern is and...
and I know it's dangerous.
But there was 12 horses there
and now there's nine.
One was killed by wolves
just the other night.
- Yeah, well...
those are Will Vernon's horses.
- So?
What does it matter
whose horses they are?
There's a pregnant mare out there
and she's probably gonna lose
her foal if we don't do something.
All we're asking for is...
is your help!
- If you have a change of heart,
you know where we'll be.
- Yes!
- He's worse. Peter's dad.
- So we're speaking?
- Yes.
- Just get on a plane and go.
- I can't, Mallory.
You know I can't.
Well, Caleb and I can stay here
with Mallory. Really?
Are you sure?
Why should all of us be miserable?
Hey, it's Christmas.
- Hi. Anybody around?
- What can I get for you?
- Oh...
some coffees for the troops.
Maybe, uh, muffins.
Look, I can understand
you being mad at us
for maybe using your place
as a bit of a soapbox...
but don't turn away
our business. Come on.
- How many coffees?
- Four... and a hot chocolate.
It's pretty quiet in here.
- Well, you guys have a way
of clearing people out.
- It's just...
we don't know when to quit.
It's a family problem.
One of many.
What colour are your eyes?
You've got beautiful eyes.
Sort of green or... sort of blue.
- How many coffees... was it?
- Uh, two more.
And a hot chocolate.
So you haven't talked to your father
for five years, since the accident?
Uh, Sam told us.
Well, I got you beat.
My father-in-law, Jack,
well, my ex-father-in-law,
we didn't talk for 10 years.
It took us a long time
to work things out.
- Sounds like one big happy family.
- Yeah...
I wouldn't go that far.
We try.
- Yeah, well, I tried too.
With my dad, I did.
In the beginning, I did.
But he closed the door on me
and he never opened it again.
And I never blamed him.
What could he have done?
The men, my husband,
they were gone, so...
- Why would I blame him?
- Blame him for what?
- You can... just pay me later.
- Took you long enough.
- Your try walking
up the side of an avalanche
with four hot coffees,
muffins and a hot chocolate.
Here you go, buddy.
- Thank you.
- Boy! Dad, look how much
we've done.
- Yeah. I hate to say,
your trench looks like a gopher hole
in the back 40, honey.
- Ah, Tim!
- Oh, come on.
You know it does, Jack.
- We're here to help you!
- They got shovels.
We need to build ramps. The horse
will never make it up without 'em.
- Could we get some wood cut in town?
- Absolutely.
- Okay. Some plywood,
maybe cut to six feet.
Two-by-fours for cleats?
- Okay, sure. Sounds good.
- Thanks.
- Amy!
He's barely breathing.
- It's okay. Shh...
It's okay.
It's okay. Shh...
- Hey, Jack?
- Are you happy now?!
Maybe they'll all die!
Is that what you want?
- Oh. Hey, Sam.
- Hi.
Uh, it's... it's for you.
- That is the cutest little tree
I've ever seen.
Thank you.
Where should we put it?
- How about there?
- Sure.
- I'm... sorry I ran off.
- It's okay.
- I was embarrassed...
in front of all those people.
- They all hate my grandfather.
- For what? Why?
- I miss this place.
Since my dad died,
my mom, she hates Christmas.
We don't even have a tree.
We used to.
It always stood right there.
- Sam...
I understand
what you're going through.
I do.
You may not think so, but...
Sometime I'll tell you
my story, okay?
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Merry Christmas.
Excuse me.
Come on, I know you're not closed.
It's cold out here.
I'm hungry.
- What do you need?
- Well, actually,
I just wanted to talk to you.
- You said that you were hungry.
- Here, let... let me help you.
- No, it's fine.
- Let me help you. I'll take it.
I got... Oh!
Ah. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Be careful, be careful.
- No, it's fine.
- No, I--
- Oh!
- Be careful, there's glass.
Be careful.
- I'm fine! I've got it.
- Well, you're cut.
- I'm an idiot.
- No, you're just...
- ..you're just bleeding.
- No.
I got it. It's fine.
Ah, I don't know what's wrong
with me.
I wish that choir would just quit it.
It's Christmas Eve tomorrow and...
I just wanna go to sleep and...
wake up to find that it's all over.
- You know,
that's understandable.
- Poor Sam.
He's the one who suffers.
- No family, no Christmas.
- Well, you can change that.
- I told you, I tried. I did.
Do you think I like this situation?
It's a mess. It's a total mess.
- Joanna...
You know, you've got
your whole life ahead of you.
You just...
have to decide to move forward.
- That's easy to say.
- Remember that ten years
I told you about?
Well, that was ten years
that I did not spend
with my daughters,
that I was not a part
of their life.
That was ten years
that I will never get back.
So I can tell you that there is a big
price to pay for isolating yourself.
So I'd really like you to come out.
We could use all the help we can get.
- I can't.
I can't.
I haven't been up there since...
- Maybe it'll help.
I should go.
- No, it's fine. Leave it.
Really, it's fine.
- Just... just come.
- We've hauled out rocks,
now we've got a tree trunk...
People are gettin' tired.
We got a problem here.
- Cheer up, buddy.
I think your problem's solved.
- Well, look who's here.
- It's about time!
- Whoo!
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I'm fine.
- Look, I'm sorry,
I know you said not to, but--
- I knew you were here all along.
Who else was the hot chocolate for?
- Hi. Hey there.
Um, I know it's Christmas Eve,
but is there any chance
that you guys are still open?
Yeah? That's great,
'cause I'd like to buy a charm.
The star? It's the one
from your newspaper ad?
And how much is that?
It's that much, huh?
Okay, well, here's the deal.
Do you guys do buy-and-sell?
Yeah? Th... that's great.
Thank you very much.
I'm gonna be right over.
Thank you. Bye.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
- There you go.
- This is amazing.
- Yeah, it is.
- You're crazy.
- You know, speaking of crazy...
... Lou's at home and...
it's Christmas Eve...
We're not even there.
- Won't you let
an old friend in, Will?
I saw you out there today.
- Good for you.
Well, it's my land.
Why wouldn't I be up there?
You know, I should've just
thrown all you idiots
off of there. I mean,
who do you think you are?
Comin' in there,
makin' a mess of everything
with your machines--
- For crying out...
You know what?
I'm wasting my time here.
- Did I ask you over here? No.
And make sure
you pull that outside door shut
when you leave!
- What the hell
is wrong with you, huh?!
Wasting your life away
holed up like a hermit!
What happened?
I remember you.
You were the guy
that always got people together.
It wasn't a party
till Will Vernon showed up!
- That's right. Party never started
till Will showed up.
And look where that got me.
In the end, you know,
what goes around comes around?
You've heard that?
Well, it sure came
and bit me pretty good
in the end, didn't it?
- I know...
all about your son-in-law.
The accident, I know all about it.
- You don't know anything.
You don't know me!
Gee, you come in here...
You don't know me!
We rodeo'ed together,
we partied together,
we were half in the bag,
that's another life.
- Another life. It's over.
- You're right.
I don't know you.
- Goodbye.
Ah, for chrissake!
Goddammit, Christmas!
It was me that took him up there!
It was me who asked him
to go up there!
It was Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve, for God's sakes!
All these young guys,
they were all supposed
to be helpin' their wives out,
you know, and gettin' the trees in
and puttin' 'em up in the house,
all the usual Christmas crap,
and I promised them a good time.
"Let's go grab ourselves
a couple cases of beer,
"let's get the machines
and let's head up there
to the valley, there's new snow."
It was beautiful.
So fine, it was like brill dust.
And they all came along.
They all came along
because I asked them to.
Well, we were havin'
a real good time. It was good.
I gotta tell ya, we were
drinkin' and laughin'
and jokin' one minute,
and then the next...
Jack, it was like... white.
It was like a tidal wave.
I was so lucky,
there was a tree right there.
I grabbed it and I managed to, like,
stay above the snow, eh?
And then by the time it sorta
I looked back...
and all them guys were gone.
They were just gone.
And then I heard it, there was
a slide comin'. I was terrified.
You know what I did?
I ran. I just ran for my life.
- What else could you do?
- No, no, no, no, no.
You know what that feels like?
All these young guys,
they had their whole lives
laid out in front of 'em,
everything to live for,
and they're all gone,
they completely disappeared,
and the only one left alive
at the end of the day's me.
The old man. I'm alive.
No, maybe not. Maybe...
Maybe I'm dead, too.
Yeah. Yes, I am. I'm dead.
Wish I was.
- Well...
... might as well be, the way
you've cut yourself off here.
- I didn't cut myself off.
They all left me.
My wife left me...
My daughter doesn't even
talk to me no more.
And she won't even let me see
my own grandson, for God's sake!
- That is BS!
You couldn't get past your own guilt
to be there for her!
Look, Will, I'm gonna say this
and you can throw me out again!
You have to take the first step
to make this right.
- It's too late in the game.
It's too late, Jack.
- Then take it from me...
it's never too late.
Merry Christmas, Will.
- Excuse me!
Could I have everybody's attention
just for one second up here?
I'm the one responsible...
for these horses here.
And I just wanted to thank you...
for helping them.
It's a wonderful thing
you've done here.
That's about it. Thank you.
All of you.
- Well, then, pick up
a damn shovel, old man.
- Come over here, Will!
- All right. I'm on it.
- Hi, Tim.
- Hi.
Well, it was my turn
to get you coffee.
- Cheers.
- Ty. Ty, watch out.
- Here they come, here they come!
- Good job!
- They all look great!
- Hey, Jack.
Just wanna thank you,
all of you,
for what you did out there.
Especially for sticking to it
the way you did. Thank you.
Young lady,
I promise I will look out
for those horses from here on.
- Right. Give the horses
back to the guy
who abandoned them
in the first place. Great idea.
- He'll look after 'em this time.
He needs 'em.
- Jo.
Can I talk to you?
To both of yous?
I got somethin' I wanna say.
It's just...
It's just wrong, how...
how I've left things get this way.
Been, uh...
I've just been an old fool.
And I wanna fix it.
Is there any way that...
you'd be willin' to give me...
give me a chance to do so?
What about you, Sam?
Is it all right with you?
We could find a place
where the light's still strong
Everybody's longing
for the feeling
That's awesome to believe in
- So I managed to book a flight out
first thing in the morning.
Are you guys sure
you're okay with this?
- Absolutely.
- Totally.
- I'd kinda hoped that grandpa
and the rest of them
would make it home by now,
but... I guess not,
so... Christmas
is officially cancelled.
- Yes, it is.
My parents just phoned
and they can't get out.
- Oh, Mallory,
I'm so sorry.
- So since Christmas is cancelled,
I'll be in my room.
- Early flight.
- Well...
my Christmas isn't cancelled.
Is yours?
- Not at all.
- I know we said we wouldn't
get each other anything, but--
- Ash.
- Look, I found a way
to get you something
I knew that you'd love.
- Okay, I actually
did the same thing.
- Really? You're kidding me.
- No.
Not at all.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thanks, babe.
- Oh, my God.
It's exactly what I wanted.
- Oh...
Ash, this is amazing. It's...
It's just that--
- But...
I sold my bracelet
to buy you that belt.
- I sold my All Around Cowboy buckle
to buy you that star.
- Oh, my God.
This is an O. Henry moment.
- O. who?
- He wrote a story called
The Gift of the Magi
and it's basically
about this woman who sells
her hair to buy her husband--
- Come here.
- Ah!
- Oh...
- Hey, what's going on?
- Come on!
- Aw.
- Wow.
- Aw.
- Foal's yours if you want her.
- Well, looks like
the power's out everywhere.
It's pitch black out there.
- Hey, did we turn the water off
in the trailer?
- No, I thought the heater guy
would get it.
- Well, what if he didn't.
The pipes might burst.
- We gotta go.
- No, you guys promised
you'd stay and watch Mallory.
- We'll be back in the morning
before you leave.
- Yeah, we'll see you tomorrow,
all right?
- Ah...
- Bye.
- Well, I think there's some
candle holders in the china cabinet.
- Any particular style or colour?
- Don't push it.
Mallory, look...
I'm sorry I was so--
- Christmas-spirit challenged?
- I didn't mean to be.
I just...
I really wanted this Christmas
to be perfect.
Like it used to be.
- You have to admit,
this Christmas kinda sucks.
- Yeah.
Kinda does.
- Well, at least you get
to see Peter tomorrow.
- No, I...
I'm not going to Estevan tomorrow.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not.
I wanna spend Christmas
with you.
Peter will understand.
- Well, you must be happy
about one thing.
- Oh, really? What's that?
- You can't see
the horrible deed
I did to your tree.
- It actually does
kinda look better in the dark.
- Yeah.
- I miss my mom and dad.
- I miss Peter.
- So you have to go?
- See ya later.
- Yeah... I wanna make it
home for Christmas.
- Thanks, you know... for everything.
I'm really psyched about that foal.
- Yeah.
- Grandpa says
it's my Christmas present.
I'll miss you.
- I'll come back and visit.
- If you ever get sick of him,
there's always me.
- See ya.
- Well, it was good to bump into ya.
- Yeah, literally. Drive
on the right side of the road
from now on, you crazy old fool.
- I'll try.
- Thanks.
- Hey, uh... take care of your family.
- I will.
- Let's get this show on the road.
Where's Tim?
- So...
- ..stay in touch.
- Well, I have to.
I'll miss your coffee.
I gotta come back.
- Well, you would be
more than welcome.
- Really?
You mean that?
- Yes.
- See you later!
- Later!
- Okay, so...
you just load it up, just like that.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
It's pretty good.
- Yeah.
Me and my parents
never really got around
to making
the actual gingerbread house,
so we made a family tradition
that every Christmas morning,
we would make our
gingerbread house sandwiches.
- Good idea.
- Merry Christmas!
- Hey, anybody home?!
- You're back! Finally!
- Guys!
You're back!
- Hey.
- Uh, Lou?
What are you wearin'?
- How are you guys doing?
- It's a Wells family tradition.
They're awesome.
- Ah... looks great.
- Did you guys
get the horses out okay?
- We did.
And one of them foaled.
- We're home.
- Merry Christmas!
- Hey! Merry Christmas!
- Dad, hi.
- Hi, honey.
- This place is freezin'.
- Yeah, it's chilly.
- And where are the lights?
- Well, the power...
went off and...
Never mind.
- What happened to your tree?
- It's a Mallory tree.
And it's perfect.
- Mm...!
- Do you wanna do the honours,
- Yes, I would love to.
- Turkey!
- Look at this.
- Oh, turkey!
- Hey.
- Peter! What...
What are you doing here?
I can't believe this.
What about your dad?
How is he?
- He's okay. Gettin' better.
My brother showed up
to take over, so...
- I'm so happy you're here.
- Mm...
I couldn't miss
our first Christmas together.
- Oh... I can't belie--
- Merry Christmas!
- Look who I found at the airport.
- Oh, this is gonna be good.
- Mallory.
- Oh, my God, you're here!
- Oh, finally.
You have no idea.
- Merry Christmas, sweetheart.
- Well, hello, folks!
- Hey.
- Hi, Jess.
- Let's get some more chairs.
- Charlie.
- Hi, Jack.
- Good to see ya.
Welcome, folks. Come on in.
- ... the best turkey...
- Here. You wanna try it?
- Just pull it apart.
- Ah!
Ah... Hey, everyone, you know what?
Here's to the horses of Claw Valley.
- Well, here's to Amy and Ty
and their crazy dedication
in rescuing 'em.
- Hear, hear.
- Here's to friends and family.
- And here's to all of us
being together.
- Now, let's eat.
- Mm-hmm.
Carve up that turkey, Grandpa.
- You first.
- Potatoes for me.
- Hoo...
- I am so full.
- Yeah, me too.
- You didn't, did you?
- I didn't what?
- Get me a Christmas present.
- Actually, no.
You know me,
I left it to the last second
and... I was gonna go into town,
but then we got the call and...
I'm really sorry, Amy.
- Don't be.
- I feel bad.
I mean,
you probably got me something
and I don't--
- Ty. I didn't. I...
I know, I...
I meant to, but I didn't get
into town either.
But, you know, we got eight gifts.
- And a foal.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- Besides...
I've got everything I need
right here.
- Me too.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
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