A Hearty Response (1986) Movie Script

You, go check over there
- See anything?
- No
They're back here
Follow them
Over there
Cousin, you better leave without me
No. We'll go together
This is HK already. Hurry, go
I've made the call but I can't find your aunt
You're a stranger in HK, stay with me
Scared? Let me take it out for you
Don't be scared
You are incurable
Do you have a sound reason
for being transferred eleven times
within only one year after you left the cadet?
You are like a human football
Did you hear what I said?
If it's not because we're relatives
I'll never let you work
in my district
I know
He's here
Phone call for you
Uncle, there's a phone call for you
Sister, what is it?
Watch out for my hat
Don't interrupt when your elders are talking
I'm talking to your mother
I won't be coming
I'm being bored to death by your son here
Nothing you can do can amend it
I'll tell him. All right, bye
What did mom say?
Don't soak your athlete's foot in the tub
Your son caught the bacteria on his scalp
It's a good thing it didn't go into his eyes
Or else he'll have
athlete's eyes
Shut your mouth
I have all the experienced
CIDs here
Choose one as your partner
I can't stand experience cops
They'll be on my back constantly
Just get me a lazy one
But one not as handsome as I am
That will be hard to find
This one is the worst. How about it?
Good morning
Judy, you can go now
No, I want to see you go in
- Morning
- Morning
Bon, all dressed up
for a modelling job?
Yes. Playboy asks me to pose for their cover
Can't you be serious?
I didn't say anything wrong
Don't you want me as a model for your company?
Resign? What's wrong with being a cop?
If something happens to your family
You can be sure I'll work hard on the case
If you and I are to get marry, you must quit
Then, we'll just live together
No. I've typed up your resignation letter
How smart
There's a typing error
You're great
Let's go
You can't come and go as you please
Being a model beats being a policeman?
Police are respected
Have you heard of models are respected?
So I want to be a policeman
I've transferred a top man to assist you
Tell 23838 to come in
When you see him, you may think I'm lying
But, don't let your eyes deceive you
Whether you're a good cop or not is genetic
In him, runs the refined blood of my family
So, you must not doubt his performance quality
Come here
Let me introduce you
This is your new partner
Long man
King Kong
What King Kong? Ho Ting Bon
Now I know why
you haven't been promoted
You talked too much
But it doesn't matter
Birds of a feather, flocked together
Now that you're partners,
I've a case for you
I hate apple polishing
So, don't give me any royal treatment
Even I'm his relative, don't do me any favours
This is Addict Hung
He may have a drug deal
at 4 pm tomorrow
So, he is your uncle
Who says? I am his uncle
My father is still young for his years
I am an accident from his old age
Did you hear what I've just said?
About Addict Hung?
He may have a drug deal
at 4 pm tomorrow
Don't you two have work to do?
Yes, sir
Taste samples, please try
The taste is great
Try some
Please try some
You've been at this 3 or 4 times already
I just want to taste it better
With so much sampling, you should know by now
How many boxes do you want?
You're not buying? Then move
It's boiled
We've been here for 3 days
Is the info true?
True or not, we must be patient
Being a CID is hard,
I'd rather sit in office
I know, but we can't identify ourselves
I'm full
Stop right there. Police
Addict Hung, don't run
What are you doing here, go after him
Why are you dragging this girl along?
She was stealing, I may get promoted from this
Just handcuffed her first
Let's go
- Did you see his car?
- No
Watch it
Let's go
Let me go
Let's check on her
No serious harm done, I'll call an ambulance
Do you want to work as a cop still?
Of course
Well then, call a taxi and get her to a hospital
If Headquarter finds out,
it'll be the end of us
Thank you
You're joking? Me-a husband?
Who'll believe it?
I'm more like her little brother
Who is the patient's husband?
You are both her husbands?
I am her ex. He's her present
Her marriage to me is a mistake
Only they belong together. They're a lovely pair
Till death do they part
- Right?
- You...
Fill out this information sheet for your wife
Come on, fill it out
What are you doing?
If Headquarter knows about this, we'll be fired
Consider my height
If I'm not a cop, how else can I bully people?
If this small pleasure is snatched away from me
What else is there left for me to live for?
Don't talk too much
I've already admitted I'm her husband
I'll bear whatever consequence there is to come
That's nice to know
If she has damaged her brain from the accident
You're in luck
To have such a beautiful wife all of a sudden
Shut up
She looks prettier by the minute
Don't sweat it I'll pass her to you for sure
Hard to find a girl
with a lower IQ than yours
To match you
Let's look again to see if we can find some ID
Haven't we looked earlier?
No use talking to you
It must be hidden somewhere private
What are you doing? Try to take advantage?
I just want to have a more thorough search
You think she might be a stowaway?
It will be great if she is
We can immediately deport her
What should I do now?
I must continue with this pretense
She's regaining her consciousness
Miss, how do you feel?
Careful now
Wai Hung
Wai Hung? Who's Wai Hung?
She's up
Wai Hung, don't you recognise me?
I'm your wife, Kwong Sun
What did you say?
Don't you recognize your own wife?
Don't be scared, you may be in shock still
Not necessarily amnesia
Can you hear airplanes around where you live?
Can you hear them at your place?
I can't hear them
That excludes
around airport
Can you see 3 huge chimneys
around your house?
Can you see them at yours?
Then, it can't be around industrial estate
Are we questioning you or are you asking us?
Aren't your place my place as well?
How can my place be the same as your place?
If my place is your place
I would have brought you home already
What else can you remember?
Wai Hung
What does Wai Hung look like?
He looks like you
In the old movies, when the actress has amnesia
A good scare usually helps her remember
Are you crazy? Screaming like that so suddenly?
- Where are you going?
- Wai Hung
Miss, I am really not Wai Hung
My father was an illiterate
He would never give me such a decent name
My name is Ho Ting Bon
It's not yours
ID pictures are just
an approximation
I'm not your husband and you're not my wife
So, don't call me Wai Hung anymore
Just rest for awhile
What are you doing?
Come on, let's leave
We got her this way. We can't just go
She can't remember a thing. What else can we do?
Well, we can ask her to stand on the road
Let her get run over by a car again
If she's lucky, the hit may regain her memories
If she's unlucky and died from the crash
At least we can get rid of her. Let's go
I can't believe you can even think such things
No wonder you're so short
I'm waiting for someone. Please come back later
Now what?
Well, to make you feel better
Let's have our Royal Majesty decide
If it's heads, we'll go. If it's tails, we stay
This is fate. Let's go
Well, there are letters on the head side too
I saw the 2 gentlemen left at the backdoor
You want to eat without paying?
Got any money? Pay up
What are you doing to my wife?
I told you my husband won't leave me here
This is counterfeit money?
I'm sorry
Don't ever tell people I'm your husband again
Wai Hung
Where are you going, Wai Hung?
I want to do some shopping
What do you want to buy, Wai Hung?
Wai Hung is indeed a pleasant name
But my name is not Wai Hung
It's really no use telling you this, is it?
Let's play a game, all right?
What game?
It's called, My name is not Wai Hung.
That means, even if I am really your husband
Let's pretend I'm not tonight
Just treat me as a friend
When you regain your memories back
All is well if I'm really your husband
Even if I'm not, you still haven't been taken in
Then, I'm leaving. Where are you going?
If you're not my husband,
I can't be with you
All right, we won't play this game
We'll play another game
You can treat me as your husband
I'll just pretend to have a wife tonight
I thought having a wife
means I can relax
Turns out I have to sweat myself in the kitchen
The taste is not bad
Chow time
Come sit down
It smells wonderful
Not yet. There's more
What's that?
Bottoms up
Let me teach you another game
You're stupid, I'm stupid, he's stupid
Drink up
One more time
Apprentice overtakes the master
It's not fair
Do the dishes
Go do the dishes
What about you? You go.
You're my wife, doing dishes is your job
You keep saying I'm not I won't do them
You can't get away with it this time. Get up
Whoever the bottle point at will do the dishes
Fine with me
I can't believe this
Go do the dishes
All right
They're all clean now
No way. Wash them properly
There're no such rules in this household
Let the rats clean them then
Get up. Cheat
China City Night Club
Can I talk to the cleaning lady. Ah Wan?
Who? Can you speak louder?
The cleaning lady, Ah Wan
She doesn't work here anymore
Where can I reach her?
Who are you?
I'm her niece from Kwong Zhou
Please give me her address
Please wait
Thank you, go on
- Good morning
- Good morning
Sorry. My hands are tied
This is a fat chicken. It didn't go far
Thank you, miss
- Bye
- Bye
Rise and shine
Morning, mom
Morning still?
What brings you here so early?
My club fees are due for collection today
Why are you sleeping in the living room?
I have a friend staying in my bedroom
A friend? Boyfriend or girlfriend?
A girlfriend
A girl?
Not that kind. We're just friends
Of course I know it's not that kind
Or else why won't you be sleeping in there?
Strange, where is she?
Is your friend up yet?
She's gone
When are you going to bring your girl over?
How about tonight? I'll ask her to come dinner
What are her favourite dishes?
Mom, don't you spoil her
She has a bad enough temper as it is
If you pamper her, she'll be worse
Your mom has a reputation for being nice
I know what to do
It's useless
to put on a strict face
Nowadays, it's important to be easy and friendly
Go, clean up and have breakfast
Auntie Wan
Kwong Sun
You're already come to Hong Kong?
Before mom died, she did ask me to come see you
Mommy, Skinny took Billy's bottle
I don't believe this, you bad boy
Billy took my ink bottle first
You kids are all useless
Look at you Ink all over
Give me a break
Auntie Wan, can I stay at your place?
Who's here?
My sister's daughter, Kwong Sun
She wants to live here with us
There shouldn't be any problem
Let her stay here
Sure. Where can she sleep?
Just shut your big mouth
Any rice left?
I left it on the stove. Go get it yourself
All you do is eat and sleep
What a lazy bum
I must eat if I'm hungry
Mommy, is this how a lazy bum looks like?
Better get up from there
or I'll spank you good
No, mommy, no
I'm going to break down
Mother once told me that if I can get proofs
From the delivery clinic
I was born in
I can apply to stay in HK as a resident
It's been so long
The mid-wife may have died
Billy was also born in that clinic
There's a name card at the bottom of the drawer
I didn't think you would still keep it
Kwong Sun, it has been too long
You're even prettier that your mother
Make yourself at home
Do stay here
Get out of here. Always in the way
This is the address of the clinic
Kwong Sun, You now know
- what HK is like
- Mommy, Billy is pooing everywhere
I must take care of them and earn a living too
I really don't have time to help you out
Mommy, Billy has poo all over his face
Can't you wait?
Here's $200
I worked my fingers off for that
It's the best I can do
I don't think I can do more even if I wanted to
1 997 will be here soon
Why did you come here?
But I was born here
I don't see what's so great about it
What has that got me?
If it's not for these damn brats
I'll head back up there myself
Look at you. It's all over your face and clothes
Dirty as a rat
Hold still and let me clean it up
Stop crying
Stop it, I'm not dead yet
Really, when I was the young bride-go-be
I was so nervous to see my in-laws
Now that I'm the in-law, I'm still nervous
I'm so useless
It must be them
How come it's you?
I should've guessed
you are Bon's girlfriend
Please come in. Come in
You slept here last night?
It's really none of us old folks' business
Just ignore I've even asked the question
Come over here
Sit down
Where's Bon?
Didn't he come back with you?
Cops are all alike
They lost track of time
I don't even know your name
Just call me Kwong Sun
Well then, Kwong Sun
Is it all right it I call you Aunt?
In Cheung Chau,
everyone calls me Mrs Ho
The people from church call me Madonna
If you consider me as one of the family
Like Bon, you can call me mom
Good. Are you hungry?
No, I'm not
Just sit over there. I'll get you some soup
Go ahead. One must eat if one is hungry
I was starving just now. Look here
I ate them all
You can't tell, can you?
Let's have some soup first
Take it
How's the taste?
It's really good
It doesn't matter if a woman can't raise a kid
But it's important that she can make good soup
Why is that so?
If a man wants to go and fool around
He can use the need to have good soup as excuse
He can't say he needs to go raise a kid, can he?
The way to a man's heart
is through his stomach
Believe me, it works everytime
It doesn't work any other way
Anything wrong, mom?
I'm choking
Will that work?
Yes, this may be an old wives' tale
But is works everytime
It's your turn?
Keep it up
It will work
How is it? Does it work?
Does it work?
It works
Of course it does. Old remedies always work
Let's eat some more
What if we finish all the food?
We can always cook some more
Bon says she's never worked a day in her life
She's even better than I am
I won't live with your mom
when we get married
You haven't
even met her yet
I've asked her many times to come live with me
She has never once agreed
I have to use the washroom
Eating before everyone else again?
This is good mom. Try some
Smart boy. You do know how to pick them
She's such a wonderful girl
You must have taken after your father
Mom was just talking about you
Mom, this is Judy
Who is she?
My girlfriend
Then, who's the one in the kitchen?
What kitchen?
Wai Hung
Wai Hung?
Who's this woman?
There's something wrong with her mentally
I don't even know her
She's crazy
I really don't know who she is
She's nuts
How can I be called Wai Hung?
Who is really my daughter-in-law-to-be?
Of course it's this one, mom
Her? Are you sure?
What are you doing?
She's not the real thing, is she?
What real thing?
How you wish?
You've kept this woman here
behind my back?
Who says?
Mrs Ho, you do know how to bring up your son
Teaching him to be a two-timer
Watch it. You might spoil him to death
What's wrong with that?
- His father was a clock repairman
- Right
He could time 1 0 clocks at once if he wanted to
That's right
You can't take it? There's other fish in the sea
Mom, don't say that
I'm talking to your son
You shut up
Ask me to shut up? I'm telling you to ship out
Judy, I can explain
I don't know her
She's crazy
Wai Hung, Mrs, how's life?
You spoil everything
What have you got to say now, Wah Hung?
I don't ever want to see you again
Get out
Stand still
I've never interfered
with your life before
But choosing a wife
is a big thing
One must choose careful?
If it's like that Judy,
I won't have it
Kwong Sun
Don't be frightened
As long as I'm here, he can't bully you
Come on in
Granny, when cousin Wai Hung
& I left for HK
I thought our future was so bright and hopeful
I'd never thought
it would turn out like this
Auntie Wan doesn't want me to stay with her
But I've met this friend
Both him mom and he treated me really well
Wai Hung
My name isn't Wai Hung. I'm a trouble seeker
I hate to bump into you
Can't you leave me alone?
If that's too much to ask, leave my mom alone
Let me warn you, don't get too friendly with her
I'm sorry, I was just talking nonsense just now
Can't leave you alone for a minute
All is well, get some sleep
Let's have breakfast tomorrow before I leave
How's the girl back home?
No thanks to you
If she can't regain her memories ever
You'll have to mind her the rest of her life
Yes, I've got it all figured out for you
It'll cost around $3,000 per month
That much?
Around that
I'll ask you for it on pay day
You're kidding?
Who's kidding?
Look what's happening over there?
Make way. We're the police
- Police.
- Make way
What's going on?
Sir, one of our customers
passed out suddenly
Can you come and check on him?
Calm down, let me take a look
Please co-operate and move out of the way
Fine now, go back to work
Sir, will that do?
Of course. I've learnt this from St John's
Can't you people hear me? I said out
It's not working. Sir
His breathing is getting weak
Will mouth to mouth resuscitation work?
I'll give it a try
Bad breath
It really stinks
I can't stand it
Get up
What are you doing?
Stop kicking him. He's not well
Get up
What are you trying to do? Kill him?
What is it?
What are you doing?
Get up
Damn it. You sure know how to put one on
Let me go for old times' sake, please
Must you do your act in such lavishing style?
I don't own all the restaurants here you know
I'm broke and there's no informers' fees coming
Get out of my sight
Sir, how can you let him go
without paying?
How much did he owe you? I'll pay for him
That's more like it
Just take this money
Still stinks?
This is useless. I must get some insecticide
That guy's mouth is worse than a sewer
Really, you should have told me
he's pretending
Don't want to spoil your enthusiasm
That bum sure is a good actor
He could have me fooled if it's not for you
Can't you remember what today is?
What? Your birthday?
More important than birthdays
It's our wedding anniversary
For you
Thank you
More coming
Thank you
You're welcome. There's more...
What's this?
Open it
Is this a net?
Negligee? For you?
No, for you
I'm not wearing it
You prefer being nude? Fine with me
What are you doing?
Something that'll have a result
in 1 0 months
I can't
You can't? But I can
Come, my darling wife
My mom's not here
We're married. What are you afraid of?
Don't be shy. We're husband and wife
Come on, darling
You don't like it here? We'll go in the bedroom
Come on
Let go of me
Here I come
Please don't. I'm not your wife
Don't treat me as your loving husband
Treat me as an animal
Stop it. I'm really not your wife
Then why do you keep saying you are before?
But I'm really not your wife. I'm not
That I know from the start. Who are you really?
I am sorry
I don't want your apologies. Who are you?
Actually, I'm a stowaway
It's by chance that I bumped into you
I didn't mean to deceive you
You didn't mean to deceive me?
Calling Bon. Wanted at headquarter. Urgent
Be there right away
Bon, please don't arrest me
I'll leave
As a cop, I should have arrested you long ago
But it's our fault that you got injured first
I'll let you off the hook this time
I want you gone
before I come home
Addict Hung is upstairs having treatment
Not putting me on again?
Both front and back doors are guarded
But we don't know what's happening upstairs
Send one of our men to go in as a patient
But Hung will recognize all of us
He has seen me before
Does Hung have 2 big pimples on his nose?
I can't remember
See? Since you can't remember how he looks like
He won't remember you neither
We'll give you a brand new image
Let's go
Can I help you?
I've twisted my spinal cord, I think
Come in and have a seat
Thank you
How did you get this?
Thanks to this book
Those positions can really get you
I think I've hurt my back real bad
Just fill out this registration form
Calling station
Only suspect & one woman here
Get our men ready and stand by at the front
Are you the one twisted the spinal cord?
It's your turn
So soon. Isn't he first?
He's just waiting for someone. Come in
What now?
There may be a lump in my underarms
No problem. I'll just change needles
- Doctor
- Yes?
Actually, I'm. . .
What is it now?
Not only is there a lump in my underarms
I think I have breast cancer
Well then, we'll need a bigger needle
No. Help
Ouch. The pain
Freeze. Police
You've been out cold for the past 24 hours
How did you get here?
Your mom just went home to rest this morning
She'll come and see you again later on
Thanks for taking care of me
I won't bother you anymore
Where are you going?
Mom, he's better now
You must be tired staying up all night
Go home and get some rest
Mom, I must leave HK
for a few days
I won't have time to come over
Take care of yourself
Kwong Sun
Don't say anything. I know what happened
No matter where you are from
I'll always consider you as my daughter-in-law
Stay with us
Don't cry, my child
Bon is a good son
Let me talk to him
What is it now, mom?
A woman knows how a woman feel
That poor girl
A young girl in a strange place all by herself
She told you?
She didn't tell me anything. I saw her letter
She was born here you know
All she needs is to find proofs
Mom, I'm a policeman
How can I keep a stowaway in my house?
Nobody will know if she doesn't go out
Of course I can't decide
Or else she can stay
It all depends on you
What do you say?
Is that a yes or a no?
What do you think?
Whatever you say mom. Happy now?
I'm just trying to help
a poor girl
Kwong Sun
Is the person in charge here?
Anything important?
I want to have my birth certificate searched
The owner went to Macau
Come back next week
Dim sum. Tasty dim sum
Want something, miss?
How about these? They're fresh
Pay time
I can get paid
How many days have you worked?
That's $280
With tips, that's. . .
The immigration people are here to spot check
What should I do?
Hurry up
What about my pay?
Worry about it later
Hurry up, go
You'll be in a mess if they caught you
You'll get deported
What are you doing coming back here?
Hurry up, go
Hurry up
We have more money to spend this month
Right on
Want to make more money? Hire stowaway workers
Shut up and hand me my share
I'm not playing
What do you mean?
We've said earlier that we're celebration
Bon's recovery with a game
I won't win. You always cheat
What? Me cheat?
You never wear you undies when you play
It's a real curse
I know I can't. What's the big deal?
You four go ahead
Don't count me in
Forget it
Let's go
Want to go see a movie?
What now?
Your wife
Let's see what's going on first
We've just got rid of her. Don't bother with her
If she can't heck it, she'll come back
Let's go
I hate to be on duty when it rains
We are soaked
All over my pants
I'll get you next time
Let's find somewhere
to dry off
How about over there?
Is there something. I can do for you?
She's my sister
She has moved to Canada
I'm not sure if there are any references left
There're appliances and files to be packaged
They are not shipped out yet
Do you think you can help me out?
No problem
Why don't you write to her
and tell her your situation?
Can you give me her address?
Of course. Let me get it for you
Here it is
Thanks a lot
It's nothing. Write to her soon
I will. Goodbye
You two wait here
I need to get some money
Wait here for him. I'll bring the car over
Told you not to lay them out so far
Sorry sir. I'll fix it right away
I've told you many times
Want to get arrested?
What are you doing here?
I'm just waiting for some friends
Can I see your ID?
Let's see some identification
Partner, what is it?
Is she your friend?
Yes. Sorry, we're running out of time
Stay right here
Duty is duty
Sorry to trouble you ID please
I told you we're in a hurry
Excuse me. ID please
Can't you just spare me the trouble?
Sorry no. Please show your ID
Haven't got it?
What is it?
Who's bugging you?
Say what?
I suspect she doesn't have any ID
Sorry, ID please
Come over here, partner
I'm from Kowloon Headquarter, Triad Dept
No matter what you see, don't be nervous
Stay calm
We have received information
There'll be 8 armed men coming to rob this bank
Don't get nervous
Our men are dispersed all over this area
Including those two at the bank
They can't identify themselves on the street
How many robbers will there be, you know?
Around 8. Armed with 2 handguns and 4 rifles
There may be hand grenades and machine guns too
Don't let this information out
I know
Can I help you?
What can you help me?
I wanted to, but since cadet school
I've only open fired twice
And both times, I missed and hit on-lookers
There's no need then. This is a dangerous case
Can't make any unnecessary sacrifice, right?
- Right
- I'll leave
Don't look around
Stay cool
Don't frown. Try to whistle
Whistling may help relax you
How come everyone seems to know
I have no ID?
Of course. Look at you
Sure look conspicuous
I'll take you to get some decent clothes
Go try it on
How do you know this place?
Judy took me here
Watch it.You might bump into her
Don't be silly. It's office hours
How come she's here?
Please wrap this up for me
See anything you like?
No. Nothing fits me
It's not good
Shut up
I want to look at some sunglasses
Girl, take your time
Bon, what are you doing here?
What a coincidence
Long Man and I are looking for toilets
We have to go desperately
Is this a toilet?
So, is you
Don't you lose your cool. Let me explain
I won't but I don't want your explanation
I'm leaving
Miss Judy, please let me explain
Why do you hit her?
So what?
What do you want?
Please, stop it
Get your hands off me or I'll yell rape
Enough. Look at you
You're acting like a maniac
Yes, I'm a maniac
At least I'm not like her
a cheap whore
Who do you think you are? You're just a cop
I'm raising your standard by being seen with you
Men like you
are a dime a dozen
But if you want to find another girlfriend like me
Do more good deeds
Maybe in your next life, find a wealthy father
Then, you may have some hope yet
Only men like you are worthy of women like her
Have you said enough?
Sure. I've hit her enough and yelled enough
What can you do about it?
Arrest me?
I'll arrest you
As a member of the Royal HK Police Force
I am charging you for assault
She is the victim
I'm the eye-witness
Don't be scared. What's so big deal about cops?
Right. Take them to court
You two know this woman?
What if we do?
Then, you two are in this together?
You two may now
also be charged as accomplices
Show your IDs
Partner, I think we need to call a big van
Make the call now
I don't know her well
We'll just acquaintances
I'm just doing my job. Get your IDs out
Forget it
You're lucky the victim isn't pressing charges
Can I go now?
Legally, you can go
But personally, I think you owe her an apology
Me, apologising to her?
Say it
Can you people here her?
Well, they can't hear you
Let her go
Why don't you answer the phone?
My ears need a rest
Let me explain to her
Just wait till she cools off first
No explaining now
She thinks we're together
Let me shower first and we'll go eat something
Bon, listen good. I've turned the gas on
You better come here in 1 0 minutes and apologise
Or I'll kill myself
Please calm down, Miss Judy
Let me tell you the whole story
He's just being kind to take me in
Who are you talking to?
It's Miss Judy
Come talk to her. She wants to kill herself
Don't over react
I won't
At least my place isn't a refugee hut
What do you mean?
That dummy told me everything
Normally, I should feel proud
To have such a boyfriend as kind as you
But you really overdid it this time
Now is my chance to make you pay
I'm giving you ten minutes
To get your ass over here
Or I'll call the police on you
What did she say?
Why did you tell her everything?
We're in deep trouble
What do you want?
What do I want?
Don't think I'm blackmailing you
to get you back
I won't
I go out with you because you're not bad looking
At least, you won't degrade me
Thank you
I know I'm too good and refined for you
But still, I gave you the chance
So that you'll feel grateful towards me
And will obey my every command
But you...
Not only do you disobey me, you even step on me
So, I'm not giving you another chance
It's finished between us
Are you finished?
Stop. If you go, I'll call the police
I'll tell them you hid a stowaway at your place
If you're not a woman, what you've just said
Will entitle you to a good beating
If you squeal on me,
I won't keep your secret
I'll tell the world
your breasts are injected
Where are you going?
Sorry to have troubled you I'm really grateful
I don't want to bother you anymore, Goodbye
It's true you've given me a handful
But I've given you a lot of troubles too
I'll feel like a jerk if you go now
Well, I've always been a jerk
But ever since you came,
I find being a jerk
With you is better than being a jerk alone
What do you say?
I am very democratic
It's good if you stay If not, it's fine with me
I've made up my mind. I should really go
I'm not democratic at all
I won't let you go even if you want to
I'm serious
You've gone through so much to get here
All you need now is just one letter
What if you get caught by the police?
All your efforts will be in vain
Don't worry. I'll take good care of myself
Of course you know
how to take care of yourself
If both of us can take care of ourselves
Then let us take care of ourselves together
What am I saying?
Will you stay?
Want to go for some fresh air?
"We danced at one fine night"
"Your smile circled around"
"I was delighted"
"And I got slightly drunk"
"I wish we would be in love forever"
"I wish I could stay with you every night"
"I wish I could sleep with you"
"Love is like an eternal flame"
"I will remember every moment"
"My heart was broken when we departed"
"I miss you"
"after we are apart"
"I wish we would be in love forever"
"I wish I could kiss you"
"I wish I could sleep with you"
"Love is like an eternal flame"
"Burning ever and forever"
I'm going to work now, Don't leave the house
Where do you think you're doing?
Let go of me
Let you go? I tired so hard to get you out here
What have I got in return? Look at my face
Come out, you bitch
What's going on?
Shut up. Stand aside
One word out of you and I'll kill you
Sir, it's me
What do you want?
Don't be uptight
Money is all I want
For only $30,000
All will be well
Where do you want to collect the money?
That was a fast decision
Today, 3pm
at Kowloon Tong Rail Station
Where's my friend?
Don't think I'm dumb enough
to bring her along
As long as you pay me
And I can leave in one piece
You'll have your girl back in no time
I'm not looking for trouble
Count it
There's no need for that. Thank you
One more small request
Wonder if you'll oblige?
I want to treat you
to a train ride
I'll see to it that you get aboard
Bon voyage
Hello, Wei
Which floor does that man live on?
Second floor
I'll wait for you at the front
No one's home
I saw him come in awhile ago
I'll go up and check
Mr Ho. There's a registered letter for you
Are you the Mr Ho on 1 st floor, block A?
Please sign here for your letter
Thank you
People like us do keep our word
Since I've been paid, of course I'll let you go
However, I can't let you have it so easy
I'm not born gorgeous looking
Thanks to you for this scar
I don't think there's much hope for me left
You've given me such an unforgettable present
I must return the favour
before letting you go
Not so easy
Go to hell
You can't leave so easily
Get up
No, please
Help me
How pretty
This is just the beginning
What took you?
- How are things?
- They're upstairs
Are you blind?
Everything is all right now
What are you doing?
Give me back my gun
Don't come near me
This is no joke. It's dangerous
If you come near me, I'll shoot
Get out of my way
Don't fool around, it's dangerous
Give me back my gun, come on
I'll shoot
Don't move
Are you crazy?
What's going on?
Sir, help me
What's wrong?
34587 calling station
Don't move
Call an ambulance
Bon, how are you feeling?
I am fine
Mom took me to a fortune teller once
He said I will live till I'm 80
That's why I was fine from the fall last time
I'll make it this time as will
But if I don't pull through
You must take care of mom and Kwong Sun for me
I will
Pal, don't ruin it
Don't let me see you cry
I won't cry
I'll go check on the ambulance
What are you doing?
You are a policeman
Crying in public
What a disgrace
I quit. Can I cry now?
Sir, it's a real mess down there
I think you can get your ID soon
But I don't know if I'll live to see it
I may not make it
No. You will be alright
I'm not sure if he'll be all right
But as for you, I'm sure you won't be
Check to see if the ambulance is here
Let me go
Just rest
Get her into the car
Let me
Go down and check
Don't worry. Nothing will happen to Bon
Get in the car first
No need for the ambulance. Call the undertaker
What? Undertaker?
Get a hold of her
What's going on?
Let go of me
Stop it
Miss, why are you crying again?
Careful. He's one of our men
If it's not for that pager in your pocket
Your injuries
may be fatal
It's still working
Bon, how do you feel?
The fortune teller may be right
It might not be time for me to go yet
There's something I want to ask you long ago
Do you really have a husband named Wai Hung?
He's my cousin back home
Tell mom to bring my birth certificate along
When she comes to see me
I'm going to change my name
to Wai Hung legally
Since both you and mom keep calling me that
Might as well let it be
If you wish
I don't mind
Bon, I'm not worth your while
What can I say to make you understand?
I am not a perfect person
And I've never asked for perfect things
What happened today
may have marked you for life
But, let me tell you
In my heart you will always be the best
Don't you go
Don't go
Stop fighting
Damn shorty. How dare you hit your superior
You won't even let me see him
for the last time
Bon, you didn't die?
He didn't but you will
Who are you talking to me as?
Using pressure on me as a superior again?
We'll do it man to man
Even if you tell mom, I'll still get you
You damn shorty
Don't you guys help out
I've been wanting to fix you for a long time
Then, as your Uncle
Have a slap on me
Go tell your mommy now
Stop the car
Stop it