A Hidden Life (2019) Movie Script

I thought that we could build
our nest high-up,
in the trees.
Fly away like birds
to the mountains.
- Potatoes.
- Potatoes.
We have some of them already.
Remember the day
when we first met?
You were shy like numb.
I remember that motorcycle.
My best dress.
He looked at me,
and I knew.
How simple life was then.
It seemed no trouble
could reach our valley.
We lived above the clouds.
My sister came to live with us.
We had our home.
Your mother.
Our family.
Our village,
Dear Fani,
warm greetings to you
from your friends in training.
This week I have things easy.
In the mornings,
riding on the motorcycle.
For me it's entertaining.
I would love to hear
you singing again.
I'm looking forward to our reunion.
I met a fellow here,
his name is Waldland.
No pretense about him.
Always smiling.
My dear husband,
they say that France
has surrendered.
They are sending farmers home,
for now at least.
Is it true?
Sister is lonely.
I wish she had someone like you.
We could use you here
to break in the calf.
The harvest comes nearer.
We burnt the bad weeds.
I got some piglets from Mossbauer.
Four weeks old.
With warm greetings to you,
your loving wife, Fani.
Oh, my wife.
What's happened to our country?
To the land we love.
Where are the kids?
What is it?
I've been called up.
We thought
there would be peace,
but this war goes on.
I don't know why.
Do you believe
in what we're fighting for?
Not really.
He did what he had to.
He was not content
to watch his nation go under.
Before he came
it all was in a state of collapse.
We worshiped foreign Gods.
You're drunk.
And I am not your friend.
I am your Mayor!
And now they tell us
to spare these other races.
So contemptible, the can no longer
despise themselves.
They sure the earth was salt.
Instead of a wall
there is a department store.
Foreigners swarm over our streets.
Immigrants, the don't care for the past,
only for what they can grab.
This is what happens when the world--
When a world dies.
Men survive,
but their life is gone.
Their life is gone.
Their reason for living.
The mask is off.
I fear for my family.
Mother's always here.
I hope she dies soon.
Don't offend an old evil
when they see it.
We are used to it now.
No shame.
Be careful.
Father, if they call me up, I can't serve.
We're killing innocent people.
Raiding other countries.
Preying on the weak.
And the priests
call them heroes, even saints -
the soldiers, that do this.
It might be that the other ones
are the heroes.
The ones who defend their homes
against the enemy--
Have you spoken
with anyone else?
Your wife?
- No.
- Family?
Don't you think you ought to consider
the consequences of your actions for them?
You'd almost surely be shot.
Your sacrifice would benefit no one.
I'll speak with the Bishop
about your case.
A wiser man than I.
Thank you. Thank you.
These last weeks you're different.
What is it?
We are collecting
for the war effort.
I see.
I am sorry, I...
That's so sad,
I don't have anything to give.
Please. No.
I wish you all a good day.
You have refused to contribute
to our collection
on behalf of the veterans?
Their families?
I also hear that you have refused
to accept the family allowance,
and other subsidies,
the State would have provided you.
Why? Franz. Tell me.
Show a little humor.
Nobody refused but you.
Thank you.
We must be strong.
Stand firm.
Learn the lesson of the blacksmith.
No matter how hard
a hammer strikes
the anvil cannot,
need not to strike back.
The anvil outlives the hammer.
That which is hammered on the anvil,
takes his form,
not only from the hammer,
but the anvil too.
The bishop is waiting.
Have a seat.
Your Excellency,
thank you so much
for speaking with me.
If God gives us free will,
we're responsible for what we do,
what we fail to do,
aren't we?
If our leaders are not good.
If they're evil, what does one do?
I want to save my life,
but not through lies.
You have a duty to the Fatherland.
The Church tells you so.
Do you know the words
of the apostle?
Every man be supplier
to the power this place offer him.
He hears our spells.
They're melting them from bullets.
I think he was afraid
that I might be a spy.
They don't dare to commit themselves.
Or it could be their turn next.
We can't blame the bishop
for going along.
He hoped, by doing it,
that the regime would be more tolerant
towards the church.
But now the priests are sent
to concentration camps.
Church processions banned.
We don't have a say.
What can we do?
We. We all people here.
- Just one.
- Just one?
Thank you.
I painted tombs of the prophets.
I helped people look up
from those pews and dream.
They look up, and they imagine
that if they'd lived back in Christ time,
they wouldn't have done
what the others did.
They would've murdered those
who'd been there at all.
I paint all this suffering,
and I've got suffer myself.
I make a living of it.
What we do,
is just create sympathy.
We create-- We create admirers.
We don't create followers.
Christ's life is a demand.
He doesn't want to be reminded of it.
So we don't have to see
what happens to the truth.
Darker time is coming.
And men will be more clever.
They won't fight the truth,
so, just ignore it.
I paint their comfortable Christ,
with a halo over his head.
How can I show
what I haven't lived?
Some day I might have the courage
to venture. Not yet.
Some day. I'll paint the true Christ.
They won't call you up.
They need farmers.
How else are people
going to eat?
Maybe the war will end soon.
Is she asleep?
Why are you looking at me
that way?
It's an act of madness.
A sin. A sin against his family,
against his village.
We are different, Mother.
I am sorry.
But I'm grateful to you
for wishing me the best.
Your life was hard enough already.
His mother looks at me coldly,
like I was to blame.
I want what you want.
And I can't bear
he makes you suffer.
He makes a choice
for you, too.
Does he know what he's doing?
Pride. That's pride!
That's what it is.
Did they say something to you?
I saw them speaking to you
by the road.
They said
their husbands
have gone off to war.
Why should they fight
to save us?
Did they hurt you
with their words?
I don't care.
All good?
You were a wild one.
You fought with the police.
You know. You remember.
Who changed you?
Your wife?
I've sympathy with you.
I don't want anything bad.
I know.
So, help me.
Radegund loves you.
You were a child of Radegund.
I am not your enemy.
I'm your friend.
Yes, I am.
You still belong to our people.
You cannot say "no"
to your race, and your blood,
and your village, and your home.
We have to defend our land!
Till they came, the people were
in despair, humiliated, in chains.
Who do you think
they will make responsible?
It's me.
Who do you think
they will interrogate?
You'll be hanged!
You understand what that means?!
They'll hang you!
Your family, your wife, your children
will have no one to support them,
your mother will die unconsoled!
Calm down.
Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
You're worse--
You're worse than them.
Because they are enemies,
but you are a traitor!
I saw what happened there.
Torn from the tent
in which we trusted.
Killing the insane...
Brought to the king of terrors.
We saw the hate in their eyes.
We fuck-up our true Fatherland.
What would your father say?
What do you think?
He fought.
- He died.
- Yes.
And what do you think what for he died?
In the trenches. In the mud.
Think about it.
I had a dream.
I saw a train.
The locomotive was powerful and dark...
It drew the children.
And you couldn't see where it was going,
just the fields and trees flashing by.
I owe to a memory
of what I knew once.
I find no one to turn to.
Nothing enters my soul.
Whenever our prayers
not being answered,
if we're faithful to him
he'll be faithful to us.
And I believe it.
We love him.
That's enough.
The whole world's sake.
It's no answer.
To follow in. It's insanity.
What are you going to do, Franz?
We ask you to take an oath
to the Antichrist, yeah?
And know-- And know.
It's a life without honor.
Is this here the end of the world?
Is this the death of the light?
We are like a breath.
Like a shadow that passes away.
I've been called up.
You could hide in the woods.
We run away, to the mountains.
Does a man have the right
to let himself be put to death
for the truth?
Could it possibly please God?
He wants us
to have peace, happiness.
Not to bring suffering on ourselves.
We have to stand up to you.
You gonna do it, aren't you?
Her happiness is in your hands.
She could've had other men.
We have enough troubles in our lives.
You want too little for yourself, Fani.
Why don't you oppose him, Fani?
Resist him!
You don't know what unhappiness is.
Your man never left you.
I can't change the world.
The world's stronger.
I need you.
You could work in a hospital.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Is there?
You want to have more?
My dear son,
you're all I have.
You know what it is like
to grow up without a father.
I know what it's like to be alone.
Girls, your father is going away.
On a journey.
On a long journey.
He'll be gone for a while.
I love you.
My dear wife,
I know you fear for me,
but my burden is light.
When I compare my suffering
to that of other people,
I see that mine
is the smallest of crosses.
It is horrible what they have suffered.
And you have to remember
what you knew in a better hour.
Spring has come.
My three little girls who would already
be running barefoot picking flowers.
Would be better to tell them
where their father is
than to tell them stories.
The fresh green of the grass
is good for a person.
Someone with freedom
might not notice it.
Greetings to Mother,
to you, the girls and all.
See you again.
Dear husband,
greetings in God, who will make
everything right again.
Greetings from your three little women.
They say to tell you only about
the good things they are doing. Of course.
But I wouldn't surprise you
by telling you about their disobedience.
I have to scold the girls.
They're always demanding
my attention.
Rosi's always asking about you.
When we're going to bed, she says,
"Leave the door unlocked,
so Papa can come in."
At meals, "Save some for Papa."
She sang a song for you.
Wondered if you could hear.
Rosi wanted to take your picture
to bed with her tonight.
You were supposed to sleep
beside her.
I told her that
when father comes home, he will.
Warm greetings
from your loving wife,
You may leave us alone.
Have a seat.
What good do you think
your defiance is doing anyone?
You think it will change
the course of things?
You think the authorities
are aware of you?
That your protest
will come to their attention?
You think anyone
will know of it? Ever hear you?
No one knows what goes on
behind these walls. No one.
What purpose does it serve?
Does it make no difference
whether this war is just or unjust?
You shine their shoes.
You fill their sandbags.
Are you innocent?
What is it? Pride?
Are you better than the rest?
Are you alone wise?
How do you know
what is good or bad?
You know better than I?
Did heaven tell you this?
Heard a voice?
There's a difference between
the kind of suffering we can't avoid
and a suffering we choose.
You've forgotten what world looks like.
The light. The sky.
I didn't make this world
the way it is.
And neither did you.
We all have blood on our hands.
No one is innocent.
Crying, bloodshed, everywhere.
He who created this world.
He created evil.
Conscious makes cowards of us all.
Take care, my friend.
The Antichrist is clever.
He uses a man's virtues
to mislead him.
Dearest wife,
I leave for Berlin at 10:13 a.m.
I have no concerns about me.
Pray for me.
Dear husband,
Your letter of May 7 has arrived.
Many thanks.
The well went dry on Thursday.
We need a good rain.
What I feared has come.
They found no one
to assist with the work,
except for Resie.
Strohhofer stole beets from our field.
I hear nothing but your voice.
I visited the widow - Maria.
She hadn't spoken with anyone
in two weeks.
The new hay gives me hope.
The scent in the barn.
The wind.
The wheat.
The sky.
He won't send us more
than we can bear.
The Colonel must be consulted.
May I meet with him?
A busy man.
But phone. Make an appointment.
I've tried to, but my call
isn't answered.
That surprises me.
The problem must be
on your side.
The telephone works
quite well up here.
Then, how can I make
an appointment?
You don't answer my letters.
It took me two days to get here.
It's a very difficult journey.
Most beloved wife,
once again warm greetings
from your loving husband.
I'll write a few words,
just as they come from my heart.
Even though I'm writing them
with bound hands,
that's still better
than if my will were bound.
These men have no friends.
No loving hand to hold theirs.
What are you here for?
They've seen sorrow.
What strong hearts!
When you give up the idea
of surviving at any price,
a new light floods in.
Once, you were in a rush,
always short of time.
Now you have all you need.
Once, you never forgave anyone.
Judged people without mercy.
Now you see your own weakness,
so you can understand
the weakness of others.
Do you think
I did this?
He used to be different.
He changed when he met you.
My dear children,
I thought of you especially.
Corpus Christi Sunday.
The bells are ringing
over the fields.
I would've loved to have seen you
with your crowns of flowers.
Your devoted father greets you
from far away.
Dear husband,
loving greetings to you
on this Sunday.
We are all concerned about you.
Hopefully, the things
are not going poorly.
The girls send greetings.
Rosi says that we'll
give you kisses together.
I'm always with you in thought.
I can go to Salzburg.
Papa offered to come with me.
Fear overcomes me.
I know it should not.
Trust in the triumph of the good.
No evil can happen to a good man.
No despair will foster earth.
But he knows it.
I'm sorry.
The father loves his child.
The father wants his child
to be happy.
The life not to touch her.
And you...
Such a good child.
For us two.
Better to suffer injustice
than to do it.
I've been appointed by the court
to be your defense attorney.
As I understand, your resistance
is specifically to serving in combat.
But I believe if you were
to accept medical service,
and to work...
as an orderly in a hospital,
that sort of thing,
they would probably
drop these charges.
Will I be required
to swear loyalty to Hitler?
Words. No one really takes
that sort of thing seriously...
I can't.
You are a stubborn man.
See here, I'm going to leave
this paper with you.
Keep it with you.
Sign, and you'll go free.
But I am free.
So, why am I here?
I don't know.
You -
my shepherd.
You make me lie down
in green pastures,
by the river of life.
You -
my strength.
You show me the path.
You -
our light.
Darkness is not dark to you.
Bring us to your eternal light,
to you -
the true,
the never-failing light.
You're calling me your brother?
to you I cry.
My rock.
My fortress.
I can do as I like with you.
Nobody would know.
Nobody would care.
Nobody would lift a hand to stop me.
Who sees us?
Give me strength
to follow you.
Lead me.
Show me.
you do nothing.
Where are you?
Why did you create us?
Have to persecuted
receive the kingdom of heaven.
The meek inherited the Earth.
The wise deceive us.
I was once like you.
Confess it.
Your God has no pity.
He left us. Abandoned us.
Like he did your Christ,
His son.
How far are we are
from having our daily bread?
How far from
being delivered from evil?
If we could only see
the beginning of His kingdom.
The dawn.
Nothing ever...
Why give your life for them?
Why your life for them?
Your men died in vain.
He came, and it was all for nothing.
There are 20 centuries of failure.
We made a successful saint.
No one will help us.
So we do it on our own.
Dear wife,
I still can't say
how my future will unfold.
What comes next is seldom better.
And still, now begins the month of June.
The most beautiful month.
Nature does not notice the sorrow
that has come over the people.
Though I cannot see much here,
I imagine that everything is in more
lovely green than in past years.
At dawn
we can hear blackbirds
singing loudly outside our windows.
They seem to have more freedom,
and to know more of peace and happiness,
though they are only unreasoning animals,
than we humans do.
We who have the gift
of understanding.
You give me back more
than I gave you.
I found a fellow here
from my training days.
Franz? Look at you!
How do you do?
What have you done,
you're criminal...
He lifts the spirits
of the other fellows.
We're getting on just fine.
Good, bad - together.
He asks about our family.
Don't you worry.
A trouble lasts a day.
Yeah. Eat. Eat.
- Is that all you have?
- Yeah.
Have you heard of the Scharfrichter?
The one who chops-off your head?
He's a very well-dressed man.
He's a craft of state handler.
Big head.
The manner of a good pace...
It cuts your head--
The clean cut.
And before you can think a thought...
I wonder how it feels.
They have your body hold,
your hands down,
and you see your head flying away.
You hold arm,
they reach up to the head.
And they're still in chain.
And you take this young head.
And you put it back
on your body.
And you open your eyes.
And the chain now gone.
But what happens then?
Maybe, you will see the Moon.
Or the stars.
Even if it rains, the fen is shining.
The sun shines on good
and evil the same.
The more in chains the madder.
I wish I'd had a wife.
And a farm.
And apple trees, and a cherry tree.
Maybe some grapes.
We should do our own wine:
white wine and red wine.
When red wine for the winter,
and white wine for the summer.
We would not drink too much.
We would pray and work,
but sometimes--
Sometimes a little drink is good.
Sometimes, we would go to church.
And sometimes not.
Sometimes, we stay at home
and we make music.
Do you have anything to say
in your defense?
We'll have a shot recess.
Come in.
Sit down.
Do you imagine that anything you do
will change the course of this war?
That anyone outside this court
will ever hear of you?
No one will be changed.
The world will go on as before.
Your actions may even have
the opposite effect of what you intend.
Someone else will take your place.
Do you judge me?
I don't judge you.
I'm not saying
he is wicked, I am right.
I don't know everything.
A man may do wrong,
and he can't get out of it
to make his life clear.
Maybe he'd like to go back,
but he can't.
But I have this feeling inside me,
that I can't do
what I believe is wrong.
Do you have a right to do this?
Do I have a right not to?
The judgment
of this court is...
So, today they pronounced
the sentence,
but they still have to confirm it.
Sign the paper in your cell.
You'll go free. I can work it out.
It's from his lawyer.
They've condemned him to death.
I have to go to Berlin.
I'll come with you.
You're doing no one any good.
No one.
This could be the last opportunity
to abandon this...
senseless position.
If you do...
I will at once petition the court
to stay the execution of your sentence.
But it must be done without delay.
Do you understand?
I'm sticking my neck out here.
This could jeopardize my career.
If not my personal safety.
The charges would be dropped,
I'm sure, if you just...
change your stand.
I beg you to.
The war may soon be over.
You might never have to face a situation
that would call on you to do what you oppose.
My love.
Don't you see what's coming?
There's not much time!
God doesn't care what you say.
Only what's in your heart.
Say the oath,
and think what you like.
Do you understand?
I love you.
Whatever you do...
Whatever comes...
I'm with you.
Do what is right.
No! Let me go!
You said knock -
it will be opened.
Ask -
it will be given.
You've always been good to me.
And to my son.
And I've...
Forgive me.
You love him more than I do.
Give him courage.
tomorrow it will be done.
Thank you, Father.
Now my dear children,
when Mother reads
this letter to you,
your Father will be dead.
Through God's Grace
we will soon meet again.
Dearest wife, Mother,
it was not possible for me
to free you from the sorrows
that you've endured for me.
And now, all my dear ones,
don't forget me in your prayers.
I'll pray for you
from the other side.
What do I write?
A time will come when we will know
what all this is for.
And there will be no mysteries.
We will know...
we live.
We'll come together.
We'll plant orchards,
We'll build the land back up.
I'll meet you there,
in the mountains.
"...for the growing good of the world
is partly dependent on unhistoric acts:
and that things are not so ill with you and me
as they might have been,
is half owing to the number
who lived faithfully a hidden life,
and rest in unvisited tombs." - George Eliot