A Holy Family (2022) Movie Script

A-Liang, why don't you pick up?
What? Do you need money again?
No. But you're not answering my calls...
Your brother says Heavenly Lord gave word:
"Be safe on your scooter the next few days."
Nah. Don't tell me anything about the Gods.
I've said it. Up to you whether to listen.
Doesn't seem like you want to come home.
We're old now and need to tell you some things.
What things?
If anything should happen to us...
What are we praying for today?
The winter solstice.
Does it have to be this early?
Other people start even earlier.
This son of ours
is back for three days this time.
He films a lot.
He's making a documentary.
He's filming
things like
actual events,
not acting.
Don't you talk to each other at home?
Who doesn't?
You and my brother.
We don't.
Why not?
No reason.
You say there's one in the east.
One in the east.
One in the south.
The one in the east needs more capital.
The other in Kaohsiung needs investment.
So, you want to ask...
the Heavenly Lord and the Lord of Wuxian
which of the two is better?
The Heavenly Lord says
"The northeast is more suitable for you."
The northeast is better.
That's right.
He says the northeast still suits you better.
That's it.
He said...
He's been telling you this for years.
Please ask the Lord to bless my investments.
Allow my investment to succeed this time.
What should I prepare or do?
Give me the old coin you brought.
Now this coin will
help connect your business line.
Ok. You can put it away.
Just carry it in your wallet.
Big brother,
Do you remember when the Gods
first began speaking through you?
We were both very young back then.
I was in the sixth grade.
It was summer break.
The two of us had had a fight.
Mom scolded me, and I ran upstairs.
Dad used to meditate upstairs then.
He told me to sit down and close my eyes.
Like this.
I saw eight people carrying a sedan chair
with the Lord of Wuxian next to it.
The Heavenly Lord sat in the sedan.
Then dad and his friends said,
"Impossible. It's nonsense."
After that they said,
talk to the Heavenly Lord.
Back then, the lotto drawing was monthly,
with only three numbers each time.
The Heavenly Lord said he'd draw it once
then everyone would know he was real.
The three numbers were all winners.
Gamblers like dad said,
"We'll never be poor even if we tried."
But the numbers never came up again.
How is the crop doing?
It's growing pretty good.
How's the pricing?
Not great lately.
It was better at the start.
So, income isn't stable.
That's the life of a farmer.
There is no fixed pricing.
Is there a set price for being a medium?
It's all on a donation basis.
Ever think about changing your line of work?
I kept changing direction in business.
I sold food for a while, then pineapples.
Now I sell pineapples on the side, but
I'm transitioning into farming.
If this crop fails, I'll try another crop.
Next year, I'll plant cherry tomatoes.
Don't know how it'll turn out
but I have to give it a shot.
Didn't you ask the Gods to bless you?
The Gods' blessings...
Of course, I asked.
I'd ask them to let me earn more,
but I rejected it for a while.
What do you mean?
I felt that
"When others ask of You, they make money,
so why can't I have that?"
Are you getting by now?
I'm doing okay.
As long as I am content.
Being happy is more important.
Are you happy?
Not really.
Dad, what did you see in the lit incense?
The incense ash?
For the past two days
two smoke rings floated up
like this.
And that means...
Lotto numbers 00
Yesterday 00 was drawn
So, did you win?
Yes, one out of two.
I won three or four thousand bucks.
00 pays more.
You didn't see it last time?
34 minus 31, that's...number 03
If it's 04 then it'll be 24
Then ending in six: that'll be 06 and 26.
26 is a sure bet.
Fuck. Just use 26 in all the combinations.
I also saw 26 in my dreams.
In my dreams.
Yeah. I'd say 26 is a certain bet...
Fuck, I lost on everything.
Yeah. Fuck. It's hard to call it.
Fuck it.
Is this one sweet?
Cut this one up right away.
How many kilos?
Brother, that'll be 378 dollars in total.
-Great. -Ok.
Your dad asked you for money.
If you give him money now
it may not last till the end of the month.
Today is what? Only the 21st or 22nd.
It's terrible that he loves gambling.
Constantly gambling his entire life.
How can someone gamble every single day?
8 times a week.
Bring the fruits downstairs, please.
Did you give him money?
I don't have any, how could I?
I thought you gave him money.
Why else would he go out?
Why did he borrow 2000 from someone?
He had no money to gamble with.
You helped him borrow money.
He kept annoying me about it...
You're ridiculous.
You said he owed 3 or 4 thousand before.
You asked me to pay them back
so he wouldn't be in debt.
After I paid them off,
I asked you to warn him.
You all fell for it again.
Some from me, some from you.
Who can afford to support him?
You know he only wants money to gamble.
but you still help him borrow.
You are really too much.
How old are you?
I'm too soft.
How old are you?
Old enough to die. Don't keep asking my age.
So old, I ought to die.
Why do you have to talk that way?
Why not?
Just ignore him.
You always get annoyed with us over him.
That's odd.
Off he goes, like it's none of his business.
Dad, why do you keep on gambling
when you have no money left to gamble with?
Why did you come back to make this film?
Because I feel I have a lot of
contradictions, I want to understand.
You and mom are both getting older...
I want to know why you can't quit gambling.
If the eyes "see," then the ears do what?
What is the English word?
Next, question 10.
Yu-Hsin, your answer?
Is it C?
Number 10.
He didn't test well today,
because he didn't memorize.
Maybe it's because he missed a few classes.
Yes, he was absent twice.
He's distracted.
I'll keep an eye on him tonight.
Go home and review the lesson.
Look it over and memorize.
Otherwise, it's hard on him and on me.
There's no other way.
I know.
What happened?
Did you bring money with you?
I did.
I need to go to the bookstore.
To buy what?
Some things for a project.
The other day I fell in the bathroom.
And you're still climbing the stairs?
Can we go downstairs now?
Or do you want...
Pray to the House Guardian.
Why are you climbing up and down the stairs?
I have things to do.
Can't you ask the Gods to take a break?
That's impossible.
Stop talking like this all the time, ok?
It's our routine. Don't be like this.
You always say this to me.
When your brother left home,
and you and dad were gone:
your sister went away to work,
I was the only one left at home.
Only the Gods keep me company.
So now you've become friends?
Yeah, yeah.
Come and pray.
Like this?
Ask the Gods for help in school, and to grow.
-The incense goes in here?
-Yes, do it yourself
The entire bunch?
Yes, all of it.
Like this.
Like we were saying that day,
you said August 16.
Is August 16 a good day?
A few days ago, the Lord of Wuxian said
" Between August 15 and 20."
I should schedule workers to sow the tomatoes
so they'd know when to plant them for us.
Let's decide on this day for sowing tomatoes.
The 16th?
-The 16th. -Ok
Ok, then.
I've told the Lord of Wuxian.
He said, "That day is good."
My arm's cramping.
Does the compress work?
Don't know. It's still cramping.
As long as it's not broken...
The doctor told me,
he wasn't trying to scare me but...
He said your arm will break?
Your sister heard him, too.
The Gods told you to use this hot compress?
When will you finish shooting this film?
I don't know, maybe next year?
Anything the matter?
Once it's done, I won't be back to annoy you.
Good. You do that.
Then I'll come find you in Taipei.
I was gone for 20 years and you never came.
Well, now I'm planning to go.
I used to pretend you weren't in the family.
Go home and get dad some ointment.
Bring a bandage.
Yes, bring the bandage,
and some tape over.
I'll dress this wound and finish the job.
Yu-Hsin, bring a pack of ice out.
Does it sting?
You were struck by the iron pole?
Is it like broken skin?
Like skin broken from a scrape?
Mom wants to ask you
to take dad and me for elderly portraits.
The age we are at now,
and we don't have a single photo.
What's an elderly portrait?
It's a portrait we take now
that can be used at our funeral.
If we pass on, don't make it too complicated.
Something simple will do.
You mean the funeral service?
A funeral portrait?
Maybe you can keep it as a memento.
Why are you suddenly bringing this up?
I'm being serious.
I'm always getting sick these days.
Who knows what might happen?
Don't over think it. You'll live long.
I think leaving quickly would be a relief.
I'm not joking.
I told you before, and your brother too.
Once we pass on,
don't bring us back home.
Just bring us straight to the place.
I really mean it.
Bring you where?
Maybe scatter us at sea, or wherever.
Cremation is not a bad idea either.
No need to bring us back home.
Why the sea?
When people die, they're dead.
Nothing can remain.
Have you seen the sea?
No. How many times are you going to ask?
Never seen it, but scatter your ashes there?
Never seen it, is why I want to live there.
Right? I've told you many times that I've
never seen the sea, but you don't believe me.
Gods bless us as we sow our seedlings today,
for a bountiful harvest to follow, big profits.
the faithful will thank You after the harvest.
Thank you, and thank you again.
Bro, what did you say?
Are you coming back to film the tomato farm?
The entire field flooded.
All flooded?
Yes. Nothing's left.
I see.
Oh no.
I don't know what to say.
Okay. Okay.
That's all for now.
I really don't know what to do.
The other farmers said,
"You got hit on your first try."
Have they experienced this before?
Those who've lived here fifty, sixty years
said they never seen such a flood.
Didn't you ask the gods before planting?
Of course.
I did.
Did it work?
What do you think?
It didn't.
Did it work?
I knew it wasn't going to work...
What do you mean?
Never mind.
As long as I know it.
As long as you know it.
You won't have to pray upstairs anymore.
Actually, our family is pitiful, you know?
What do you mean?
I've been away for over 20 years.
You've struggled with everything you try.
Dad's still addicted to gambling...
Back then, to help you out,
and to pay dad's gambling debts,
I didn't want to let mom down,
but I wasn't earning enough,
so, I borrow money from everyone,
till I had nowhere else to turn, you know?
If mom didn't phone me that time,
to discuss her death arrangements,
I'd never consider coming home.
Bro, actually I wanted to ask you,
do you think the Gods ever helped our family?
Or should I say,
do the Gods exist?
How many, on the top?
Six, three?
Six, one, one, one.
The Door Gods too?
Are you done?
Go downstairs when you're done.
Wait, the Gods haven't told you yet.
Tell me what?
What to do about the tomatoes?
The tomatoes...not much else to be done.
-How would I know what to do?
-You are not asking.
You're not asking them.
Did you hear me?
You're not asking them.
Ask what?
Forget it.
Lu Yu-Hsin.
Lu Yu-Hsin!
Come here. I want to speak to you.
Why are you crying?
What's there to cry about?
Are you worried about the tomatoes?
Will crying do any good?
You should ask the Gods!
Ask what?
Tell me, what shall I ask?
What shall we do now?
The Gods help people, not crops.
Ask the Gods if there's a solution.
How would They know what to do?
Why don't you ask?
Oh, okay then.
The Medicine God says in a couple of days
He would consult His friend for us
to help us find a solution.
Are you happy with this answer?
Is it good enough?
If it's good enough, go and pray.
What should you say when you pray?
What should you say?
Thank you, Gods.
It's okay. Stop crying.
Crying won't solve anything.
Otherwise, I'd be crying every day.
Ok? Don't cry anymore.
I want to ask you something.
Your brother's
utility bills and property tax,
can you help him out?
He doesn't have any income right now.
the tomato field is a mess.
Did he tell you he can't pay it?
I feel so much pressure when I come home.
This amount of pressure is still bearable.
It could be worst.
Your brother has only failed in business.
Not like on the TV News.
Murderers, arsonists. What would you do then?
Life is turbulent and short.
Take it easy. Help when you can.
If you can't, don't worry about it.
This way he can get through a tough time.
It's not a big sum,
but for him, it means a lot.
You have a job.
I know you don't earn a lot either,
but you can still get by.
Do you understand?
Help him a little.
If his tomato crop could still make it,
he wouldn't trouble you.
Is this the same type as before?
Same variety.
This variety is supposedly...harder to cultivate.
Then why are you planting it?
I have no other choice.
Plant it and see if it succeeds.
I don't want to be like dad,
not leaving us a penny,
and even throwing us under the bus.
That's all I hope for.
Why are you looking at me?
You're staring at me.
For Lunar New Year, could you
add an extra 2000 in my red envelope? Ok?
Would you?
If I tell you not to gamble, would you?
Never mind. It's new year. Let's not argue.
Ignoring you is the least I could do.
You squandered the property we had.
You will never change.
Did you hear me?
Ok. You've said "ok" thousands of times.
I've lost count.
You've promised for the last forty years.
You're told not to gamble, so you say "ok,"
then it's business as usual,
home again, hundreds of thousands in debt.
If you hadn't messed up, the land we'd bought
for just 200 dollars a square meter,
would let us live comfortably now.
But you squandered it all.
How can anyone squander so much?
If you kept your job at the distillery,
you'd at least have a pension to spend now.
We wouldn't be the way we are now.
Even if you'd retired from the distillery,
you'd spend all your pension in three years.
Really, I'm serious.
When your dad wanted to leave us his shop,
it was a good thing you didn't take it over.
Are you looking for numbers again?
Are there numbers in the smoke again?
Do you see any numbers?
Do you? Which numbers?
You're truly hopeless, you know that?
15, and then?
I'll try these numbers today.
I saw 20 and 02 in a dream.
Guanyin Bodhisattva, open Your divine eyes.
Gods, please protect the people,
give us good weather, prosperity and peace,
harmony in all things,
national stability, meritorious completion.
Do you need to buy eggs?
I'll get some tomorrow.
I'll give you the money tomorrow then.
What did dad just say?
He's giving me money to buy eggs.
Did I hear wrong?
Not at all.
He's giving you money?
How is that possible?
It's a rare occasion.
Is it because I'm filming?
Is it because I'm filming?
I guess so!
When Yu-Hsin got good marks recently,
dad gave him 500 dollars too.
That made Yu-Hsin so happy.
Dad was happier than when you won a prize.
Yu-Hsin doing well made dad so happy.
Happier than when his own son won an award.
Taste good?
Pretty good.
Yeah. Want some?
Do you want some?
Yeah, sure.
Waiting of a taste of this
has been a long time coming.
Five and a half months.
The first batch isn't sweet enough,
but the flavor is pretty good.
Not bad.
Is it tart?
No, not at all.
Not bad, right?
Yup. Pretty tasty.
This first batch isn't sweet enough.
Each batch will be tastier than the last.
It will grow to this height.
About here,
this area would be the tastiest.
What do you want?
What are you doing?
Can I have one?
Of course, go ahead.
Did the prices come out?
Yeah, they're out.
What's your number?
How much do you think they'll sell for?
What are you hoping?
Anything above 30 would be good.
It's nerve wracking.
All superior quality.
Unit price.
Five batches were priced up to 45.
See that, A-Liang?
What were the prices online?
Auntie, I'm checking now.
How much?
My son guessed right.
He said it would be up to 45.
The prices will go up from here.
Auntie, what do you think?
That's good enough.
Prices are never high for the first harvest.
Prices will gradually increase.
Great. Thank you, Auntie.
Do you feel more optimistic?
The lab reports from last time came back.
It's definitely not good.
What is called glandular cancer...
In that area?
It grew from the lungs.
We took some genetic samples
to see if we can use targeted therapy
or the new immunotherapies.
Unfortunately, these choices arent possible.
It's not the kind that we can use simple
targeted therapies with medication,
that type of cancer.
So, now we have to inject the conventional,
actually, not so conventional chemotherapy.
We have to inject it.
So not just through pills?
Not by taking pills. That'd make it worse.
Have to use injections?
Yes, injections.
Shall we decide today?
Or what comes next....What is better?
Mr. Lu, what do you think?
Let's wait a while.
Wait a while.
Wait a while? Why?
I know hearing this, the first reaction is...
-to feel frightened. -To be shocked.
So, it's hard to decide immediately.
But don't wait too long.
Treatment is difficult if symptoms worsen.
Dad, you should do chemo.
You're already in pain.
If you don't do it now, it'll be worse later.
If you wait until then to start,
it might be too late to do anything.
Dad, why you don't want to do chemo?
Why don't you want to do chemo?
16, 07. First section.
08, 09. First section.
36, 43. First section.
Add 17.
07, 17, 29. First section.
Bet 10 dollars on each combination.
Yes, that's all.
Yes. Good.
I'll pay tomorrow.
Ok, thank you.
Are there more here?
There's only this album.
Is that the only one left?
The only album left.
Don't we have a family portrait?
-No. -I remember we had one.
I don't know where I put that photo.
We moved house so long ago.
We've moved a dozen times.
These are all from before.
Photos from our wedding.
Here's your dad at our wedding. His portrait.
This is me as a young girl.
At my age, I've only ever taken one photo.
Really. I'm not lying.
Other people have so many photos.
I have nothing but my wedding photo,
and this photo of me as a young girl.
Your father has more photos.
I was too busy working before.
Carried you on my back at work, stocking up,
on the road even at midnight.
Anyway, your dad didn't care.
Can you imagine that time?
I was tiny and had to cook for the workers.
That was exhausting.
Cooked three meals a day back then.
Had to leave the house at 4 or 5 AM.
My biggest regret is not nurturing your talent:
I accomplished nothing as a parent.
You had to leave home and fend for yourself.
That's why you won't come home.
I always knew this in my heart.
When you used to phone me,
I found it bothersome.
But now for some reason
I think about calling you every few days.
Call me then.
Sometimes I call and can't find you,
I'd worry
if you don't call me back till late.
I'm not a child.
You're not children, but each of you...
I worked hard to raise the three of you.
Mother, stand over here a bit for me.
Over here?
No. Toward the back.
Yes, right there.
Turn your body toward me.
Like this?
Relax and keep your hands natural.
Like this?
Yes. Look over here.
Tilt your head down a bit.
Look towards me.
Smile a little.
Yes. That's good.
Turn your head toward me a little.
A faint smile, just a little smile.
Ok. Let me see.
Yes. Yes.
A little more expression.
Don't be expressionless.
Do you want to hold hands?
You don't want to?
Hold just one hand?
I don't want to.
Ok. Let's not.
Mom, can I take one with you?
Of course.
Stand in the middle.
Can I? Can I get a picture with you?
I'm going to smack you.
You stand in the middle.
Should I take my shoes off?
No, it's fine.
Just come straight in.
Come a little closer.
Move over a little?
Let me have a look.
Like that.
This is good.
Shall we hold hands?
No need.
You don't want to? Not even mine?
Good. That takes guts.
Ok. Look at me. Yes.
Tilt your head down a bit.
Everybody, tilt your heads down a little.
Look over here...
1, 2, 3.
Dad, come pick these here.
Dad, pick those there.
Pick from the bottom of that box.
See if any have split open.
See if there are any split ones in the box.
Take a chair and sit down.
I told you to stop filming.
Keep filming. Go ahead. I don't care.
Keep filming then.
You can't film me.
Look at these...So many spoiled.
Why is that?
It's the weather.
Drastic temperature changes, and the dew.
The rain a few days ago made it much worse.
Now, we'll just sell whatever's left.
The prices were pretty good this year.
Actually, the past couple of years,
you've really helped me out.
If you hadn't, to be honest,
I wouldn't have found my way out of it.
Actually, I felt like I was being selfish,
How is that selfish?
I just wanted to make myself feel...
slightly less burdened inside.
How did that make you feel less burdened?
When I came back and saw you,
I felt like I was being cruel.
How's that?
I mean...
I can't put it into words.
What did you mean by cruel?
Your pineapple business wasn't going well.
And your tomato crop was, so...
Just a lot of problems.
Since you returned to film, do you think...
Do the Gods exist?
Don't know.
Maybe it's not important.
Actually, I initially came home for myself.
Maybe I wanted to find a part of myself,
but I didn't know exactly what that was.
I do feel that I'm more complete now.
At least, I'm not all alone.
You were never alone.
This is for the morning, right?
These are for noon.
Come. Can you swallow that?
Can you swallow them?
Your hair is a mess.
I'll pray upstairs, then make you porridge.
I've made it already.
One more bite, then eat something else.
You should eat something.
I'm not hungry.
I'll steam an egg for you later.
What kind of steamed egg?
Garlic steamed egg.
Why are you making garlic steamed egg?
He's been unable to walk since the hospital.
The Medicine God suggested it.
Oh, a Medicine God prescription?
Hello, miss?
20 to 24.
Bet 10 dollars on every combination.
25 to 29.
Bet 10 dollars on every combination.
That's all.
Ok, thank you.
Do me a favor.
Will you buy me some grass jelly?
What did you say?
I can't eat, but I'd like some grass jelly.
You can't eat but you can still gamble.
I just played one round.
You played two rounds, not one.
Two rounds. One extra round.
Any toppings with your grass jelly?
No. He just wants plain grass jelly.
No toppings.
Taro balls or anything?
I won't eat it if you add toppings.
Later, ok?
They might sell out later.
They won't.
This piece of land is bigger this year.
It's 0.25 hectares this year.
What size was it last year?
0.1 hectares.
If you cultivate this field,
you know what mom would worry about?
What would she worry about?
That you might be overdoing it.
I'm not: it's fine.
Dad said he's been feeling better lately.
Is he?
Of course not. The past few days he...
he's been going in for an I.V. each day.
He said before that
he might not make it to Lunar New Year.
Scratch a little harder.
Scratch a little harder
Is this okay?
Does that hurt?
Come out slowly.
This part is dry.
What's wrong now?
You're confused. Put your pants on first.
Put the pants on later.
Alright, if it makes you happy.
Should put the pants on first.
Why did you give me my shirt?
I gave you your pants, not your shirt.
These are pants?
Aren't these pants? What else would they be?
These are pants?
I obviously gave you pants,
why'd you say I gave you the shirt?
I said pants go on first, but you...
What do you want now, pants?
Put my pants on.
Still pajama bottoms, right?
You should say you want pajama bottoms.
I'll get them upstairs.
None here. I'll get them upstairs.
Not this pair.
You didn't say pajama bottoms,
you just said pants first.
I'll be cold without pajama bottoms.
Yes, that's what you should say.
Use this hand to help massage.
Do it yourself, don't let mom help.
You have strength in your other hand.
Squeeze with this hand, my left hand is weak.
Yes. You can do it yourself.
Remember when we went for photographs?
So, let's...
Do you two...
want to see them?
Whichever you like, then...
Choose them.
Do you mind?
Why would I mind?
If you have to use it one day...
I know.
He knows.
Let's look at dad's first.
I took some too.
See if you prefer the studio shots.
Choose them yourself.
Here. There are four here.
Did you take this photo of him?
Yes, I snapped this one.
He looks really handsome.
I took this photo of you.
The photographer took this one.
Yours are better.
You have a better eye.
Nah. They are more professional.
No. That one isn't good.
Let dad see and choose for himself.
Help him out. A-Liang's, and the studio ones.
Let your sister see.
This one is pretty good.
Yes, that one is good too.
I think this one is better.
This one.
This has more of a smile.
Not as stern looking.
He touched up the dark circles a lot.
What do you think?
This one is ok.
I like this one too.
This one is good. You seem to like them all.
Mom, want to look at yours too?
Take a look?
There's one here.
Did you take this?
Yes, I shot this.
This one is pretty good.
Yes. This is pretty good.
I like this one.
We're choosing mom's photo.
Not yours, don't interfere!
This one isn't bad either.
This one is even better.
The photographer took that one.
I don't like that one.
You have make-up on!
Yeah. Waste of money.
Hey brother.
How's the weather today?
It was cold this morning, now the sun is out.
Same in Taipei.
We had a few days of rain here.
Kept raining, and the prices kept falling.
All the farmers are in the same boat.
Falling prices for this crop or that crop.
There's nothing we can do.
Maybe the weather will improve.
Hello? A-Liang.
Have you eaten yet?
Not yet.
Why not? It's already 7 pm.
We're waiting for Yu-Hsin.
Come for dinner. Take the high-speed train.
Will you?
Next time. I've been busy lately.
Okay, okay. Come home when you can.
Come home for dinner.
Your brother said to come home for dinner.
We all want you to come home for a few days.
To catch up?
He wants me to drink with him but I can't.
You're too busy?
Where's dad?
Dad is right here next to me.
Come...It's A-Liang.
Are you feeling better?
He said he's good.
Is he feeling better?
He can walk a bit now.
But he keeps complaining
of pain in his gallbladder or lung cancer.
He cries in pain all night.
The insurance loan payment is due.
The interest payment is due.
He calculated it himself.
There's 70k left.
He wants your brother to have it.
Maybe it'll help your brother a little.
He said he will bless A-Liang to become rich.
He'll give the insurance money to my brother?
He told me to take care of our family.
Dad is in the ICU.
Dad is in ICU? Again? Why?
He is in critical condition...
Are you at the hospital?
I am.
Is he in danger?
Are you on the MRT now?
I dreamed of dad last night.
It's all mountains here.
I know.
Mountain behind me too.
No mountain here.
No mountains, but you know what's here?
What is it?
It's the sea, look!
Here, behind you.
Is that the sea? Doesn't look like it.
Then what else could it be?
Looks like a river.
It's nice to look at the waves.
Do you feel good?
Let's walk up there, okay?
You can't go further.
You can't go further.
Can't cross that gully.
I want to have a look.
Don't fall in, okay?
I won't.