A Horse Tale (2017) Movie Script

What are you doing?
You want a burn
and a broken leg?
Goodness. You are as stubborn
as the horse you fell off of.
I thought I could at least
help you out with something
around here, you know.
Oh, Dad, is this
breakfast for dinner again?
You know, you know that.
That's my specialty.
Everybody knows I like
breakfast for dinner.
Besides, it's better
than watching everybody
else work around here.
Oh, well, nothing would take you
away from your real work, Dad.
Which is?
Barking orders at
everyone else, of course.
will you listen to me?
Even with your sister
coming down with Ben
to help out around here,
I don't know if we're going
to have enough help to take
care of the business.
Dad, we'll be fine.
You and Mama raised
me right.
That we did, you know.
But you can't take on
the whole organization
by yourself.
There's just too much to do.
You haven't got enough
arms and legs to take care
of it all.
Dad, we talked about that.
Bottom line, we're just
going to need some more
help here.
This a family operated
and owned business,
and I would like it
to stay that way.
Well, there's a wealthy
young man that could be
part of the family
if you'd just marry him.
You did not
just go there.
Go where?
Dad just wants to marry
me off to save the farm.
That might not be
such a bad idea.
Good morning, Nikki.
Good morning.
So, Mr. Hampton called.
He wants to reschedule
for after the holidays.
Oh, great. See, here we go.
The grand exodus.
Doesn't anybody like
to work anymore?
It's like the holidays
get here sooner
and sooner every year.
You say that like
it's a bad thing.
I can't even begin
to imagine,
what I'm supposed to get
a 12-year-old girl that's
going to make her happy.
Mmm. Maybe some freedom.
Oh, that's funny.
That's funny.
You took a funny pill
this morning, Nikki.
Chloe's school
is on the line.
Michael Thompson.
She did what?
Yes. Yes,
I'll be right down.
Chloe flushed a girl's
phone down the toilet.
Well, Chloe's got
an early holiday, too.
It appears so.
Okay... You know, maybe you
and Chloe need a holiday away,
an escape from all this.
Come on. People don't take
vacations during the holidays.
You know how
expensive that is?
Maybe you could make
a little extra income
while you're at it.
What are you getting at?
My cousins.
They own this horse farm.
Actually, I spent a lot
of time out there when
I was growing up,
and it is in the
middle of nowhere,
but it's great.
It's fresh air
and good food.
Maybe it's just the thing
you and Chloe need.
Are you actually suggesting
that I go do farm work?
Yeah... No.
But my uncle,
he called the other day,
asked if I could
recommend an accountant.
Maybe somebody from my
firm would be interested?
And I didn't think much
about it at the time.
Maybe you guys could
help each other out.
Nikki, you know how many
accounts I have. You know
I can't leave the office.
Aha! But you have this
amazing executive assistant
who knows all your accounts
and actually needs something
to do, since you forbade her
from going on coffee runs.
You send me
the information,
maybe I'll call them.
I promise you,
you won't regret it.
Thank you for
always looking out.
Somebody needs to.
This is beautiful.
Look at that horse.
I said, look
at the horse.
It's beautiful here.
I know I sprang this on
you at the last minute,
and I took you away
from your favorite
TV shows,
but this change is
going to do us good.
It's going to give us
some father-daughter time.
This is a big change.
You know, if I put hay
in my teeth and wear denim
overalls, I'll fit right in.
Don't be smart.
Maybe, lose the
pink hair, will you?
Sure, Dad.
I'm right on it.
Michael: Hi!
-This the Harrison farm?
I'm looking for
Cliff Harrison.
Do you know where
I might find him?
He's unavailable.
I'm Michael Thompson.
I'm the accountant.
I-- I just spoke with Cliff.
Yeah, must've
been that fall.
You know he fell off
his horse and hit his head,
and he's completely
I'm really sorry
you had to drive out here
and waste your time.
Come on, Dad,
let's just go.
If it's all the same to you,
I just drove all the way
out here with my daughter,
I would really like to speak
with your boss.
I'm the boss.
Not according
to my assistant, Nikki.
Nikki is in
on this, too?
Dad, does everybody know
about this, except for me?
Michael, I'm glad to see
you made it okay, bud.
There he is, Mr. Harrison.
A pleasure.
Yeah, I see you've met
my daughter, Sam.
Yes, it appears so.
Why don't we go
inside and talk some?
Chloe, do you want
to come inside with me?
Um... Thanks, I'm good.
Give me a few minutes.
Chloe: Whatever.
You know, my grandson's
out here somewhere. He'll be
happy to show you around.
Okay. You want
to join us, Sam?
No, thanks.
I'm good.
Right this way, Michael.
Shall we?
Anyone there?
-There you are.
Let's try this again.
Hi, I'm Jackson.
You are?
Chloe. Happy now?
So, are you here
for riding lessons?
'Cause if so, you're not
really dressed for it.
Riding lessons?
No. I'm here
with my dad.
Without choice, BTW.
"By the way."
How can you
not know that?
So is your dad here
for riding lessons?
No. He's an accountant.
Actually, he's
meeting with someone.
Even though he told me
that we are supposed to be
spending some time together.
And here I am,
So is this your
first time on a farm?
Well, what you think?
Um, it's pretty and all.
You guys do use
computers, right?
-Hey, guys!
You must be Chloe,
Michael's daughter.
I'm Sydney.
I guess you've already
met Jackson.
Uh, yes, ma'am.
It's nice to meet you.
Pleased to meet you.
So what's her name?
That's Holly.
Do you want to meet her?
I shouldn't.
I'm waiting for my dad.
You know what?
Yeah, I'd love to.
Okay. Come on.
My grand-daddy
started this place
with 40 acres
and a little shack
out back on the pond.
And he put all his
money he had into it.
And my daddy did, too.
So, that being said,
I think you can understand,
I'd hate to be
the one to lose it.
Absolutely, sir.
It certainly is a...
It's a beautiful piece of land.
Thank you.
How deep is the trouble?
It's, uh...
My wife, some years back...
she got very ill,
and we had a flood
at the same time that
wiped out a lot of the barns
and some of the land here,
on the property.
I had to levy the farm
to take care of the repairs,
and things started to turn
around. I thought we were
going to make it...
And then when
my wife passed, I...
things went downhill from there
and we never really recovered.
We're lucky to still
be here today.
Well, I'm sorry
for your loss.
I'm not sure if you're
aware, I lost my wife
as well last year.
Nikki told me.
I'm sorry for that. I...
I hope things are better
for you and your little girl.
I really do.
Not easy, is it?
No, it's not.
Well, why don't we
concentrate on something
we can control.
Sounds good.
Um, what is the bottom line?
What do you owe the bank?
Well, right now we owe
the bank about $200,000.
Thing is, they said
they want it by December 26th
or they're going to foreclose.
Wow! Merry Christmas, huh?
Well, Mr. Harrison,
I'm going to need to get into
your books as soon as possible.
Well, that's going to be
another problem.
Our books are real messy
and they always have been,
and they're probably
a little worse off now
since my daughter has
tried to organize things.
You're talking about Sam,
who I met outside? That's...
who's... handling... the books?
Sam, yeah.
That's the one.
You met my daughter
at her best, I think.
No, she seems
really nice.
She doesn't want me
here, does she?
You're a smart man,
Mr. Thompson.
Welcome to the family.
Hey! Not so fast.
How come nobody
told me about this?
You know that we need help
with the books. I can't do
this anymore all by myself.
Then I'll help you.
You failed algebra. Twice!
But I got an
"A" in economics.
Uh, yeah, that's because
Ray Ellis was in love with
you and helped you cheat.
Look, I know that you
don't want to hear this,
but we need help.
Come on, Syd, did you
see the car that
he drove up in?
You can't be any more
city than that.
You can't trust
a man like that.
He's Nikki's boss.
She raved about him.
Maybe you should give
him a chance.
he's kind of cute.
Okay, the fact that the man
is hot has nothing to do
with whether we can trust
him with our farm or not.
Oh! He's hot?
Yeah, he's hot.
The accountant
is hot?
I didn't know
you cared.
Never trust a man,
in horse manure.
She means horse poop,
on your shoes.
Welcome to the country,
city boy.
Your father asked me
to come and ask you to
take a look at the books.
Well, it's fine.
But just so you know, I still
think that your being here is
a complete waste of time.
Yeah, you know,
I kind of gathered that.
But why don't you just allow
me to do what I came here to do,
which is simply to help you.
Is there where
I'm going to be?
Let me show you where
you're going to be.
This is where
you will be.
This is your office.
You've gotta be
kidding me.
Uh... I pulled everything,
so you should have
all the financials here.
Good to go?
You know, I'm not so sure that
I'm cut out for this kind of...
Well, at least somebody
agrees with me.
How many cattle
do you have?
And what's your expected
rate of return per head?
Okay, we don't have cattle.
This is a horse farm.
How do you make
money off horses?
Hey, Sam!
-Sorry to interrupt.
Mr. Parker just showed up.
He said he needs to talk
to you. Seemed urgent.
Oh, okay.
Thanks, Ben.
Um, you... don't move!
I'll be right back.
Hey, I'm Ben.
Sydney's husband.
-Sam's sister,
little less cranky.
Oh, right. Yeah!
Michael Thompson.
I'm your new CPA.
Well, I, for one,
am glad you're here.
Wow! That makes one of you.
Sam, she's just
a little stubborn.
Give her some time.
She didn't like me
back when I married
Sydney either.
Worried about losing
her sister and all.
We're good as
gravy now though.
How long did that take?
Ah, you know...
Five years.
Anyways, I gotta get
out to the runs. We'll
be seeing you around?
Yeah. Hey,
nice to meet you.
Go take care of those...
She's taller
than I thought.
What? You've never
seen a horse before?
Well, only the ones
in the parades.
There's always that guy
who's, like, following behind
and picking up the horse crap.
Ben: Somebody's got to do it.
Horses aren't really
Who do we have here?
Dad, this is Chloe,
the accountant's daughter.
I see you're already
up on a horse.
Holly here is one
of our favorites.
She's out little
Christmas angel. Oh!
And this here's King.
He's real smart,
but he's also
real stubborn.
Yeah, he's not
the only one.
Mr. Parker just showed up
to talk to Sam.
It sounded serious.
-Everything okay, Dad?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Has Chloe been
out for a ride yet?
No, I just got
her up there.
-Why don't I
take her around?
-That'd be great.
Well, we tend
to think so.
And if you stick around
for a little while, I'll even
give you riding lessons.
Thanks, but I don't really
think that my dad would pay
for me to get on a horse.
Well, you know,
just consider it
a Christmas gift.
Around here,
we believe that
anyone who wants
to ride, should.
I like that.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Mr. Parker. Hi.
Heard something
was urgent.
How are you doing?
Well, Sam, we're
making some changes.
We are moving our
horses to the K&T.
Oh, wow! Mr. Parker...
You have had your
mares here with us
for eight years.
I'm sorry, I really am.
I would like to stay here
with you, but you know,
times are hard.
And honestly,
K&T has made me
an amazing offer.
It isn't because they
won two championships
in two years?
No, no, no. Listen, Sam.
You know I've always had
my horses here with you.
Heck, you even taught
my daughters how to ride.
And that's what has made it
difficult for me to decide.
Is there anything I can
say to change your mind?
Sure, if you can
match their prices.
I can't.
I'm sorry,
I know you can't.
Listen, this is
nothing personal, Sam.
It's just business.
So we will stick with you
through the holidays.
-And give your
father my best.
-Oh, I will. No problem.
I thought
I told you to stay put.
Maybe after I go
through the books,
I can find a way
to make your prices
a little more competitive.
Look, we don't
need an accountant,
and we certainly don't need
a marketing director either,
Look, Sam, I'm only here
because somebody asked me
to be here.
I mean, if you're this
passionate about me
leaving, I can go.
I'm just going to have to hear
it from your father, since he's
the one that hired me. Okay?
Chloe! Chloe!
Chloe Rene Thompson,
are you trying to get
yourself killed?
Hold on, you're gonna
spook the horse.
What do you think you're
doing, young lady? You get
down from there right now.
Sydney, what is going on?
What is she doing up there?
Did she sign a
liability release?
A proof of insurance?
Come on, Sam!
Is there a problem, Michael?
You bet there is.
This whole adventure
has been a big mistake.
Are you okay?
I'm fine, Dad.
What's the big deal?
The big deal is, is that
you got on a horse
without my permission.
You could've fallen off.
Mr. Harrison's been
riding for years and
he just broke his leg.
He could've killed himself.
You know what?
Get your stuff.
We're gonna leave.
What stuff?
I haven't even
unpacked yet!
Then wait for me in the car.
I'm gonna get my briefcase.
I'm sorry, Michael.
I promise you, your daughter
was in good hands.
And in my dad's defense,
he was on King,
doing a trick that no man
his age should ever attempt.
Look, I'm sure you're
all really nice people,
but this whole situation
isn't exactly what I was
told it was going to be.
I think you're right, Sam.
I think us city folk probably
don't belong out here.
Are you sure
about that?
She's pretty good, Michael.
She really took to riding.
She'd do great
with some training.
And didn't my dad
already give you
a down payment?
Yes, he gave me a retainer,
and I am happy to give it back.
-Wait a minute,
he's already been paid?
Yeah, you think I would
drive all the way out here
in the middle of
no-man's land for nothing?
Okay, you can stay.
Chloe: Really?
Wait a minute...
I'm the one who's leaving.
This is my decision.
Fine, but you've
already been paid.
So you can leave and ruin
your daughter's Christmas,
or you could stay
and do the job you've
been hired to do.
Your choice.
What are you doing, Dad?
Why are you awake?
Now, I gotta ask you
the same thing, little lady.
Ah, you know, spreading
my holiday cheer.
And you?
Well, you know, the usual,
just moving money around.
Make sure that
we don't have another
bounced check this month.
Isn't that what you hired that
city slicker accountant to do?
Why don't you go to bed,
Dad? Get some rest.
I will, I will, honey.
I just...
need a few more minutes
to make sure that I haven't
missed anything.
Hey, Dad...
you remember what Mom said
right before she passed away?
"I want you to spread
my ashes across that farm
so every piece of me
can protect and watch
over all of you."
Remember that?
Yeah, I remember, yeah.
I'm not going
to let anything
happen to this farm.
I know, yeah.
-We'll figure it out.
Hey... I love you.
I love you, too.
What time is it?
What are you doing?
Why are you dressed?
I'm expecting someone.
-It is?
-It certainly is.
Chloe, are you ready?
-Ready... for what?
Uh, jeans, warm coat,
everything you said...
Only I don't have gloves.
We'll get you some
work gloves.
"Work gloves"?
But, wait a minute.
How hard did I just
hit my head?
Ooh, Michael, I can see why
Sam thinks that you're hot.
Ew! If by hot
you mean tragic!
Where do you
think you're going?
She's going to come work
with me and Jackson today.
Oh, come on, Dad,
give me a break.
Wait, it doesn't involve
riding horses, does it?
No, no, not until
you sign off.
But we're going to be
feeding horses.
We're going to be
mucking their stalls.
Mucking stalls?
Do you know what
mucking stalls means?
I can muck stalls.
Come on, before it starts
to get light outside.
-See you, Dad.
Yeah, you guys go muck.
I'm gonna go back to sleep.
- Chloe: What does
mucking stalls mean?
You've gotta be kidding me.
What did you forget?
Good morning, sunshine.
I would hardly
call this morning.
What is it
with this place?
My daughter, who freaks
out when I ask her to
clean her room at home
just happily marched
down to the door
to go muck stalls.
Well, the farm does have
that effect on people.
Thank you.
Listen, I'm sorry
about yesterday.
Oh, really?
I know you're
trying to help,
even though you
don't know anything.
Nice apology.
No, I meant,
you don't know
anything about horses.
I'm sure you're
a wonderful accountant.
But I really wish you knew
how much this place meant
to us.
Yeah, Nikki gave me
a pretty good idea.
No, no, no, we're not
just a riding school.
Right, you board,
train, and breed, as well.
Cliff told me.
Yes, but did my dad
tell you how much these
horses mean to us?
Like... they're family.
And if we lose this farm,
we're going to be separated.
my dad is right.
We're going to need
your help.
I promise that I am going
to try everything
to get this done for you.
Don't try. Do.
Got it.
As a peace offering,
I have brought you
my legendary eggnog muffins,
fresh from the oven.
-Legendary, huh?
Come on, you cook, too?
Well, I'm full
of surprises.
These are amazing.
I know. Thanks.
They're my mom's recipe.
No, no, no. Seriously,
you need to give up
the horse business
and sell these, because
you'll make a fortune.
Sorry, that's--
I'm just kidding.
I'm just saying,
these are crazy good.
Have you ever been
on a horse, Michael?
I was in a buggy
in Central Park once.
Does that count?
No. I mean, have you
been on a horse?
Because I think you'll have
a real understanding of how
much this place means to us
if you could just get
your butt up on one and
you took a ride with me.
No, thanks. I'm good
right here on old terra firma.
Okay, well,
I'm not asking.
Okay? So...
I suggest you find
yourself some warm
some jeans, if you got 'em.
Maybe lose those snowman
pajama bottoms.
What's wrong with
my pajama bottoms?
Yeah, I'll see you
in the barn in an hour.
This place is insane.
Oh, my God,
these are good.
Ugh, it stinks in here.
You get used to it.
I don't think so.
So where do you
go to school?
You're looking at it.
I'm homeschooled.
So, you don't get
to hang out with
kids your own age?
Well, sure I do.
Kids are here all the time
for riding lessons and...
I used to compete as well.
Compete in what?
Mucking stalls?
Ha-ha! I used to compete
in jumping and riding.
You know, my mom used to
compete, too, and Aunt Sam.
You know,
they were good.
Why don't you guys
compete anymore?
Running the farm
takes a lot of time.
My mom and Aunt Sam
usually take turns helping
my dad out with the horses,
or sitting in an office
yelling at each other.
What does your
grandpa do?
Not much
since he hurt his leg.
What happened
to your grandma?
She got sick.
Now, she was tough.
Even tougher than
Aunt Sam.
We thought she'd
beat it, but...
-That's got to be hard.
But tougher than Sam?
I don't think
that's possible.
You ready?
Ready as I'm gonna be.
You clean up nice.
Oh, well, thank you.
You're just saying that 'cause
you want more of my muffins.
I'm not gonna
touch that one.
This is Miss Sally Jane,
and she will be your horse.
We're going to take a ride
around the farm, so you can
see why it's so special.
Why do I get
the little horse?
Let's go, city boy.
Come on.
Come on.
Want a helmet?
No, I don't
need a helmet.
Sam: All right,
come over here.
You're not supposed to walk
behind the horse, right?
-'Cause they'll kick you?
It's possible.
Not her though.
She's harmless.
-Are you ready?
So I'm going to put
the reins over her head...
and what you're
going to do is...
-And grab a little
bit of mane...
All with your left hand.
Stick your left foot
in this stirrup.
Try to put it on
the palm of your
foot. Okay?
And swing your
right foot over.
Yeah. You up for it?
-All right.
-Super easy.
Okay, left hand...
-on the mane...
-Okay, it's a little loose.
Put your right hand
on the horn and swing
your leg over.
Oh, goodness.
Good job.
You okay?
I got this.
Okay, let's go.
So this is what you do.
When you're
ready to go... Okay?
You just give her
a little bit of a nudge
with your leg,
and say "Walk on."
And use your reins
to direct her,
right or left or straight.
That's it. That's
all I have to do
to make her go?
-Walk on.
-Sam: Come on.
Sam: That's great.
-What am I...?
-Okay, steer left.
Steer, yeah.
-Direct her where
you want to go.
She's harmless.
You're good. You're good.
Don't wiggle so much.
-That's the way.
-I got this.
Ride on, Cyclone.
This maybe isn't
such a good idea.
Is this heaven or what?
-Come on.
This is the spot, right...
-Right here.
-Right here.
That is spectacular.
I mean,
it's beautiful.
We're not in
the city anymore.
This is my absolute
favorite place on the farm.
My mom and I used to come here
and watch the sunrise together.
Cliff told me
about your mom.
I'm so sorry
about your loss.
Thank you.
Did Daddy tell you
that she did everything,
including the books?
Not very well.
Oh, well, I guess
I'm gonna find out.
Yeah, he told me that
she handled everything.
Yeah, she did.
Her only weakness was
her younger brother Buddy.
You know,
he was one of those,
get rich quick
scheme artists.
And, uh,
I don't know,
he just would always tell her,
"One day we'll be rich
and you'll never have
to work again."
She used to fall for it?
No, not at all.
She never
thought that being
on the farm was work,
so, she loved it.
-I could see that.
Once your butt
gets used to it.
Where's Uncle Buddy now?
Is he Donald Trump
or a Bill Gates type of guy?
Because we could really
work with that about now.
No, he passed away
when Syd and I were kids.
Cliff was telling me,
some of the horses are worth
quite a bit of money.
Well, I know you said
they're like family, but...
I mean, why couldn't you
just sell one of 'em?
Some of the
higher-priced animals...
Well, they're just boarding.
They're not ours, and the four
that we do own,
well, they are family.
What about the one that
Chloe was on yesterday?
Holly, yeah.
Holly was my
mother's favorite.
Ah, of course.
I think it would just
kill Daddy to get rid of her.
And me.
Well, what you have to
understand is you're not going
to have any horses
if we don't save the farm.
We're not going
to lose the farm.
I promised my daddy.
Well, we better get back
and I better get
into the books.
Thank you.
Let's do it.
After I take a nice,
long, hot bath.
Take care of the bruises.
-Are you going to help me up?
-I'm trying to.
-I'm so sore.
-Oh, thank you.
Come here, Hollyberries.
Come here, girl!
Why do you call
her Hollyberries?
Holly was born
on Christmas Eve,
and Grandma loved
holly bushes.
Oh, so her birthday
is coming up?
Here. Maybe she's hungry.
Yummy, yummy.
Maybe she just
really likes you.
Do you think
we can take a ride?
Oh, I don't know.
Come on, I thought
you were a horseman,
not a chicken.
Come on, Chloe,
I want to show you
something really cool.
Let's go tie up
the horses.
This is where my
grandparents used
to live.
It must be really old.
This was my grandma's
quiet place.
She's to come here
to read or sew.
So I guess nobody
comes here anymore?
Nah. It burnt down.
It didn't have running
water or cable.
You know, like how all of us
country folk live, huh.
Oh, ha-ha.
So, I was wrong.
You want to check it out?
-Yeah, sure.
-All right.
Hey, watch out
for snakes.
Now who's the chicken?
Wow, what a bunch of junk.
Yeah. I used to come
up here all the time
when I was little.
How long has it been
since you've been here?
A long time.
Well, we better
get going.
-We gotta get back.
-We can come back.
-Yeah, come on.
You mean to tell me,
that you guys don't have
any accounting software?
How did you guys do
receipts and payroll?
I don't know,
my mom did it all.
All right. Do you at least
know where the books
are from last year?
-Well, actually, I do.
I gave you everything.
It should be here.
Oh, here, yeah.
Right there.
You can't be serious.
You can't be serious.
-No, it's all here.
I think I have about
all that I can handle
for the moment.
So don't you have some
stalls to muck or horses
to ride or something?
-I can take a hint.
You know, I can
just leave you to it.
It's just...
Got it.
I can still hear you.
Do you think that
I'm incapable of doing this
without your supervision?
Is that it?
My new assistant.
Oh, Daddy, can you take that?
Here, Daddy, thank you.
Are you okay,
Aunt Sam?
Yeah, why?
-You smell nice, and
you're wearing earrings.
-Thank you.
Do you like 'em?
Yeah, but you have
lipstick on your teeth.
Wow, something
sure smells good.
-Hey! Here you go.
-Cliff: Hey!
What have
we got over here?
Oh! We have meatloaf
in the oven,
and black-eyed peas,
and green beans
and yams.
Wow, that's really amazing.
Why are you covering
your mouth with your hand?
Oh, I burnt my tongue.
Cliff: Hey, Michael,
how's that guest house
working out for you, buddy?
-Oh, great.
-Cliff: That's good.
Michael: It's perfect.
Chloe: Daddy here fell asleep
in his bathtub last night.
You know what, Chloe,
I asked you not to out me
and it's the first thing
you do when I get here.
-Oh, wow!
-First time on a horse?
Oh, yeah.
You're just going to
have to get over that
when you're out here.
-Really. Yeah.
Hey, when was this?
Oh, that's a holiday horse show
we had here a few years back.
We had clients
and breeders,
riders from all over
the state come here
for competition.
We even held a black-tie
formal affair here.
Like, with evening gowns?
Sydney: Used to be
a pretty big affair.
Chloe, if you go over
to that bookshelf
right there,
there are some old photo
albums and scrapbooks
that you might like.
So have you had a chance
to look over our books yet?
I'm going to have
a perfect assessment
I hope so.
You know, John Parker's
our biggest client,
and he's out of this deal now.
I don't know what
we're going to do.
Daddy, Daddy,
don't say that.
Mr. Harrison,
we got this.
Okay? But I'm going to need
to talk to you and your sister
tomorrow regarding the books.
-Cliff: I hope you can
come up with something.
We've got the vultures
at the bank, gonna be here
tomorrow with another notice.
Don't worry about those
guys from the bank
because I got a plan.
I'm gonna buy us
some more time.
Okay, no more work talk.
-Look at that. Oh, yum!
-Oh, I almost forgot.
-Cliff: Thank you, honey.
Okay, I think
that's everything.
Shall we?
-All right.
-Don't hurt yourself.
Yeah. Yeah.
Pass those around.
Good job.
-Sam: You okay, Dad?
Sam, I gotta tell you,
that dinner was incredible.
Yeah, it was really
great. Thank you.
Oh, yeah!
Of course.
My pleasure.
Michael, Chloe was wondering
if maybe you'd sign a waiver,
so that she could take some
beginner riding lessons.
Well, honestly,
I was on a horse today
and it wasn't so bad.
I shall sign the waiver
for Chloe to ride...
-Thank you!
-...but you have to promise
me to be so careful. Okay?
I promise. I promise.
So, do you want
to go for a ride
with me tomorrow,
while your dad
is working?
Yeah, that'd be great.
All right. I just hope
you're a better rider
than your dad is.
Oh, okay.
On that note,
we'll say good night.
-Good night.
-Thank you.
-Good night.
-Good night, you two.
Good night.
Poor guy.
I feel for him.
You know,
having to raise
Chloe on his own.
-That can't be easy.
What happened
to his wife?
She was killed
in a car accident
last spring.
Yeah. You never know
what, uh,
someone else might
be carrying in their
saddle, you know?
Let's go.
-Sam: Got it?
Good job.
You know, Chloe...
I know we don't know
each other that well...
but I know what it's like
to lose somebody that you love.
And if you ever wanna talk,
I'm here.
Thanks, Sam.
No problem.
Now, shall we?
-Come on.
Sydney, I don't...
We still don't have April.
-I can't find it.
-Uh... Uh... Uh.
-Um, April...
-Where? This is not April.
Aha! April.
You keep April on a roll
of paper towels?
We ran out of paper.
And I think I might've
logged some smaller checks
on a fence post outside.
I'm joking!
That's so funny!
What's not funny
is that you keep records
on paper towels.
It's pretty funny.
All right,
I need to ask you about...
This is a letter addressed
to your mother regarding some
old airline stock options.
What do you
know about that?
Who knows? This is probably
some Uncle Buddy scheme.
Did Sam ever
tell you about him?
Yeah, she told me
all about good old
Uncle Buddy.
I know that he tried
to sell Mom some
stock options
on a little airline
that he used to work on.
Maybe she bought some.
Don't you think it's worth
giving them a call?
I seriously doubt it.
Nothing Uncle Buddy ever
touched turned to gold.
I'm gonna give them a call.
What time does
the bank get here?
2:00 p.m.
Okay. What I'm going to do
is, I'm going to put together
a profit and loss statement
and I'm going to try
and convince them
that you're going to be
able to pay off some of
the debt
after you get
your tax return.
Do you really think
that'll work?
They're sensible guys.
It should work.
Wow, she really likes you.
Yeah, I think
she just wants
another apple.
Nah, she likes you.
I think she wants
her nails done.
Hey, you want to paint
her hooves?
Horses get their hooves done,
just like you get your nails
Hear that, Holly?
You're gonna
get a mani-pedi.
You know, with all
this manual work,
I really think
that I could use
a mani-pedi, too.
My nails look awful.
Well, welcome to
the country, cowgirl.
So, Sydney told me
you have a plan.
Michael's gonna see
if they'll give us an
extension till tax time.
Yeah. It's fairly
I don't see any reason
why they should turn it down.
I have Sydney's
signature and...
if you approve.
All right, well.
Let's hope these guys go for it.
-Hey, how are you?
Come on in.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
I'm Michael Thompson,
CPA, and...
Let's just go out to my office,
maybe we could work
something out, huh?
-Let's talk.
-All right.
She's gorgeous.
That's Holly.
She's worth
a pretty penny.
She's the one those
folks in Kentucky are
interested in, right?
-Yes, sir.
-She'd make a nice
Christmas gift.
Why do you think
we're ahead of schedule?
I think it's about time
we collect our first asset.
Did you hear that?
Let's go.
Grandpa! Grandpa!
-What's up, Jack?
-What? What?
It's those sleazy bankers.
We heard them saying,
they were going to take Holly.
-You won't let them, will you?
Just hold on. What exactly
did you hear them say?
Just something about
Holly being a good
asset to take.
Well, you know,
this is not the first time
there's been a hefty offer
on the table for that horse.
Yeah, but they can't just
take her, right? I mean,
she belongs to you.
Yeah, Mom,
Holly is ours.
Yes! Holly is ours!
And no, we're not gonna
let them take her.
But how can you
be so sure?
Your dad is trying to make
sure of that right now.
So let's just wait
and see what happens.
-It's okay.
-Settle guys, all right.
How did it go?
Please tell me
they went for it.
- Wish I could.
- What happened?
First of all,
let me tell you,
those two bankers...
Not my favorite
people in the world.
Not only are they not
going to give us more time,
they want collateral now.
They're talking
about next week.
We know you did all you could,
Michael, we appreciate it.
They didn't go for it
because of Holly,
because they want her.
She's the down payment,
isn't she?
Did they mention Holly,
when you met with them?
They did suggest
a horse as a possible
first installment. Yeah.
See, Chloe's right.
Yeah, but they can't
just take her, right?
We owe them $200,000.
They can take whatever
they want.
Look, just hear me out
for a second.
If you sold the horse,
couldn't you just buy
it back?
No. Okay?
Horses are not like cars.
And besides, we take Holly
over to those Kentucky folks,
they're gonna meet her,
they're gonna fall in love
with her, and they're never
going to want to give her back.
If it meant buying
us more time,
I mean, would the farm
in Kentucky be so bad?
You know, he's right.
They would take really
good care of her.
Sydney, Holly's family.
And sometimes family
needs to make sacrifices.
Then can we sacrifice King?
Don't even talk
about King.
Okay, girls,
that's enough.
The big questions is,
have we considered
every option?
Are we overlooking
Well, have you gone through
all the books?
I guarantee you,
there's no help waiting
for us in any of the books.
What about that
black-tie ball that you guys
used to throw years ago?
Why don't we throw one this year
and make it a fund-raiser?
Chloe, that ball
that we threw
was to give something
back to the community
and for our friends.
It just wouldn't be right
to charge them now.
Hold on a second.
I mean,
with all due respect,
Mr. Harrison, uh...
Your generosity has been
part of the problem here.
I mean, you've allowed horses
to board for free when people
couldn't pay.
You've allowed families
to go on payment plans
they really couldn't afford.
Riding lessons for their kids,
I mean, when you think about it,
you've helped a lot of people.
I don't think there's anything
wrong with allowing them
to give back to you.
It's not a bad idea, Dad.
It could work.
You know, I like it.
Me, too.
Okay, how do you think
we're going to do all this?
I mean, there's less than
three weeks before Christmas.
We don't have any
invitations out.
And what makes you think
anybody's going to show up
for this thing anyway?
They'll remember how amazing
it was all those years ago.
And they'll want to come back
and relive the moment, right?
Look, I know what
you guys used to charge
for these tickets.
I mean, you stand to
make a hefty sum here.
$250 a head. Let's say...
You know, talking
about 800 people.
I don't know if we've
got room for 800 people
in the big hall.
Well, then we'll charge
$350 per person,
and we'll have
raffle prizes,
and offer free riding lessons
for like, a year.
Yeah, and we'll get
some sponsors
for the food and anything
else we need, really.
What a good idea.
How are we gonna do
all this, huh?
Well, you will do it,
because you have us.
All of us.
Okay, we'll see you then.
Thanks much.
-Another one.
-All right.
How about that, man?
We'll see you then.
Okay. Thanks a lot.
Got another one.
All right.
We're on our way.
All right.
I'll help you down.
Yes! Yes!
-Hi, Mrs. Parker!
-Hey, Jackson Harrison.
Oh, you tell your family
we're thrilled they're throwing
their ball again this year.
-Yes, ma'am, will do.
-Good to see you.
I can't believe how many
trees you guys have.
Yeah. We have a lot.
Do you think you'd have
an extra that we could
put in the guest house?
Chloe, we don't need
a tree in the guest house.
You guys have
so many in here.
In fact...
Looks like someone
needs some help.
Do you think it's going
to snow this Christmas?
It's been a warm year.
I'd be surprised
if it snows.
That'd take a miracle.
You know, you really
shouldn't be on a ladder
without a spotter.
Oh, well, I used
to jump out of trees
this size,
and bigger.
That doesn't surprise me.
But you missed a spot.
-What? You can't see?
It takes an
expert eye, but...
-Right here.
-You're a show-off.
-I'm a show-off.
-You're a show-off.
Well, who needs
a spotter now?
Merry Christmas!
-There he is!
-Merry Christmas!
-All right!
Jackson: Santa!
-Merry Christmas, y'all.
-Merry Christmas.
I think this is yours.
I'm gonna guess.
-No, I'm fine.
-Take it, honey.
Merry Christmas.
-Chloe! Open it!
-Wow. You have a really
great kid, Michael.
-And she's so happy here.
You know, I have
a hard time getting
through to her at home?
Like sometimes I'll...
come home from work early
and she just locks
herself in her room.
I wouldn't worry about it.
That's typical teenage stuff.
I was the exact same way.
Oh, that's reassuring.
Excuse me?
Oh, my gosh!
No, I'm just saying that
it's really good to see
her like this.
-It feels good.
Yeah, she's really taken
to the horses, especially
Yeah, you girls
and your horses.
Yeah, I know,
it's so hard to explain.
I don't know, it's just...
It's so special...
when you can make
that connection
with your horse.
It's like...
It's like flying.
-What? What did I say?
-No... it's just...
It's good to see your
softer side, that's all.
Oh, well, I don't have
a soft side, so...
Oh, yes, you do.
No... No, I don't.
Want to get some
country air?
Yes, I do.
After you, ma'am.
I was talking to Sydney
and she said that
you guys got an offer
on the farm a while back,
something to do
with the neighbor.
And she also told me
that you were the one
who refused
to consider selling.
Yes, we did have
an offer on the farm,
and the gentleman
that wanted to buy it
also wanted a little
housewife to go with, and...
-Yeah, and I don't need anybody
to take care of me, so...
Yeah, well, I think we're...
we're pretty aware of that.
You can't have your
guard up all the time.
Sometimes you have to allow
people that care about you
to help you.
What are you
getting at, Michael?
I want to help you
with the farm.
-Absolutely not.
-Just hear me out.
-Just, please...
To be honest, my business
back home, it actually does
pretty well.
And I would not be giving
you the money. I would have
a stake here.
-You and I would be--
-We'd be partners.
-I don't want a partner.
This is a family farm.
I don't want you
to have a stake here.
That came out wrong,
I didn't...
I'm sorry.
It's just...
It wouldn't be right.
Well, you tell me
what would be right?
For me just
to stand here and watch you
give up everything you love?
Is that right?
I... I don't know.
But I...
This is a lot. I can't.
Sam, wait.
I like you.
I mean...
I really like you.
Wow, I'm bad at this.
I haven't been able to say
anything like this to anyone
since my wife...
And all I'm saying is,
I'd just like to try...
You can't just stand there
looking beautiful like that
and not say anything.
With everything that's
going on right now,
I just can't.
You can't what?
Allow yourself
to be happy for once?
Look, Dad, I got
a makeup kit.
Oh, that's nice, honey.
Hey, guys!
Time to light the tree.
That's great.
I got you something.
You did?
Well, it's actually
for the both of you.
I thought we could
give Holly a mani-pedi.
This is a special paint
that works on hooves.
You know, my Mom has
some in the same color.
You and Holly could match.
Thanks, Jackson.
That was really sweet.
Sure, don't mention it.
Like seriously,
don't mention it
to anyone.
So did we sell
enough tickets?
Looks like we're still
going to be about...
$45,000 short.
Well, it was
a good try, everyone.
It's not over yet,
- So, wait, what
does this mean?
There's an auction on
the afternoon of the ball.
Some people sell
their horses.
So if we really had to, we--
Not Holly!
Sweetheart, there might
not be another way.
I can't believe you all
would just give up on Holly.
Just like that.
Well, I'm with her.
Getting rid of Holly
is not an option.
Even if we set up
a promissory note
with the bank,
these guys are gonna still want
Holly to make up the difference,
and that's just a fact.
There's got to be another way.
Come on, Jackson.
You have to help me
get her out of here.
I don't know.
Please. I have to take her
somewhere where they can't
find her.
Morning, folks.
You're here to take
one of our horses?
Well, unless you have
the money, yes.
Carl Spencer will be over
later with his trailer.
Well, you'll get your money
after the Christmas ball,
the 26th,
per our agreement.
Well, your first
installment's due today.
Jackson, go get
Holly ready.
I haven't seen her.
What do you mean
you haven't seen her?
Chloe took her for a ride.
I don't know when they'll
be back.
-Sam: What?
-Jackson: She said
they'd be gone for a while.
Wait. What are you saying?
Chloe is on Holly by herself?
Well, she kind of insisted.
Bill: We'll be
back tomorrow.
Make sure you have
your first installment
ready to go.
Jackson, you tell me right now,
did she say where she was going?
She just said she was taking
Holly somewhere that they
wouldn't find her.
Where, Jackson?
I don't know!
We gotta go. Let's go.
We'll take the horses
and we'll go for a ride.
I know.
I know you're hungry. I know.
All right.
Here's our last apple.
Eat it slowly, so...
That was not slowly.
Do you want to go
to Kentucky?
I just wish I didn't hurt
my arm, so we could mount up
and not be stranded here.
You know, maybe there's
something in the cabin.
I'll be right back.
I got nothing.
Twelve-year-old girl,
just learned how
to ride a horse...
She should've been
back by now.
Where do you think
she went, Sam?
I don't know.
She could be anywhere.
Okay, then I'm not
sitting here anymore.
It's gonna get dark.
Can we go find her, please?
Agreed, and it's about
to get really cold.
Here, I got a map
of the farm.
Oh, great.
Thank you.
Okay, Michael,
you and I will take
the eastern expanse here.
We'll split it in half.
I'll take the woods.
Um, Ben and Sydney,
you go west, cover the fields.
If we haven't heard from her
by then, we'll reconvene here
and then we'll talk about
the north and south, okay?
Wait, what about me?
I want to help
look for her.
Look, it's my fault
she's out there.
-I should've tried
to stop her.
No, you stay here with Grandpa.
You guys check the stables and
the barn.
Okay, please.
Let's go.
All right.
-Okay. Let's go find
Chloe. Are you ready?
Let's go.
Grandpa, I know
where they went.
Where are you going?
Chloe! Chloe...
-Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
You all right?
What happened to your arm?
Uh, I fell off
Holly earlier.
Is it bad?
Yeah, it hurts really bad.
And I'm hungry.
Can we go back,
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
You okay?
Come on. Come on.
Reach right up.
Chloe, where have you been?
Do you know how worried
I've been about you?
Are you okay?
Chloe fell off Holly.
She was going to
mount up, but she
sprained her arm.
Don't you ever do
something like that again.
Do you understand me?
Do you know how worried
I've been about you?
-Come here.
Are you hurt?
-I'm sorry.
It hurts.
We gotta take her to
the hospital right now.
Let's go.
Let's go. I was so
worried about you.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Okay. Can you lift?
All right.
Nice and warm?
I'm really sorry
I scared everyone today.
All I care about
is that you're safe.
I love you.
I love you, too, Dad.
-Sleep tight.
-Good night.
How's she doing?
Just sleeping.
I'm so glad she only has
a sprain and didn't break
I mean, she won't be able
to ride for a while, but...
She's not getting
on a horse.
Not as long as I have
anything to do with it.
No way.
You're kidding, right?
No. No, I'm not kidding.
But she's fine.
She's okay.
It's just a sprain,
but spent the entire night
in the hospital.
She could've...
broken her neck,
cracked her head open.
But she didn't...
She's fine.
No need to overreact.
Am I overreacting?
-A little bit.
-Because this is
your fault.
This is my fault?
Yeah, that's right.
You're the one who pushed
her into horse-riding in
the first place.
If it wasn't for you,
none of this would've
I didn't push her
into anything.
Your little girl loves
riding horses as much
as I do.
Can't you see that?
You just don't get it,
do you?
-I don't get it?
-You don't, because that
little girl in there
is everything to me,
and you bet,
'cause I'm not going to let
anything happen to her, ever.
-Then nothing
will happen to her.
No, I mean, then "nothing"
will happen to her.
She'll learn nothing
about life.
How to take care
of herself,
I mean, she's a teenager,
not a china doll that you
put on display.
Maybe what I should do is,
I should teach her to be
this hard-edged,
tough-talking bad girl.
So strong, right?
She can't let anyone in.
Like you.
Is that what you
really think about me?
Okay, then.
Have a good night,
Yeah, good night.
I wish this was
easier, Mr. Harrison.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
Holly had to go.
Holly will be okay, hon.
She'll be in good hands.
You promised...
You wouldn't let
them take her.
I know.
Sometimes people make
with the best intentions,
and it's just impossible.
Chloe, come on.
Get your things.
You're not just gonna
let him leave, are you?
You heard what he said.
He wants to go.
No, I heard him say,
Sam, you are
a pain in the butt,
and if you don't shape up
and tell me how you feel
about me,
I'm going to be
gone forever.
And if you weren't such
a stubborn little mule,
you would've heard
the same thing.
Maybe it's not the best
idea to leave without
trying to make up with Sam.
How did you know
that we were fighting?
I heard that you were
fighting last night.
You know, every once
in a while I used to hear
Mom and you fighting,
but by the next day,
you'd make up.
Yeah, well,
she's not your mom.
I know that.
But I like her.
And she's right,
I'm not a doll, Dad.
You know what?
Okay, fine.
Everybody wants to accuse me
of being over-protective,
so what?
It's not such
a bad thing.
I mean, I get it,
she's got a point,
but sometimes in life,
people are just
too different, Chloe.
Or too alike.
I'm gonna get some
stuff at the office.
You're gonna have to get
a new boss, King.
You were right.
I'm hard-edged...
pain in the butt.
Yeah, that's true.
What I said to you
the other night...
I was
way out of line.
I don't want
you to go.
I'd really like
you to stay...
and go with me
to the ball.
I would love that.
-Hey! Hi.
Um, I forgot to
give this to you.
-What is that?
-Um, I found it
in the old cabin.
I think it belonged
to your mom, Sam.
My mom?
Is that Uncle Buddy?
-No! Is that him?
-With me and...
Sydney, yeah.
Oh, look at that.
Wait a minute.
These are the
airline stock options.
Your mother got a letter
from this company a while
and I forgot to call.
I mean, is that a big deal?
Should we follow up?
Worth a shot.
Well, let's follow up.
Let's give 'em a call.
-You should've waited
for the cards to accumulate.
-I have one card!
Guys! Guess what?
-You're staying?
Not only are we staying...
-The farm is safe!
-Sydney: Wait. What?
Okay, it turns out that
Uncle Buddy's next big
thing finally paid off,
and Mom's airline stock
is worth a fortune.
We're rich!
-We're like,
disgustingly rich!
-You're rich!
-Congrats! Ben...
-Great job.
-Cliff: What? Are you serious?
This is not a joke?
-No joke! No joke!
Way to go, man.
Chloe found 'em.
-Come here, Chloe!
Right here.
-All right.
-Good morning.
-Good morning!
-Good morning.
-Guess where we're
going today?
We're going to spend
all day pampering
and beautifying,
and by this afternoon,
-the boys won't even
recognize us.
-Come on.
-Bye, Dad.
Nice shirt.
Chloe: I gave it to him!
-See you later.
So, what you're telling me is,
you have no idea where he is
and you don't know
when he's gonna be back?
Is that what you're saying?
Okay, thanks...
for nothing.
-Hey, Michael,
Cliff was wondering--
-One sec, Ben.
One sec.
-I've got you.
-You okay?
I've got you.
Do you know where
the bankers took Holly?
-Um, yeah. Why?
-How far away is it?
It's not far,
like 10 minutes.
Come with me.
We're gonna see a man
about a horse.
Would you like me
to do your hair?
Yeah, sure.
Let's see.
Oh, wow.
Beautiful hair.
Hey, who's this?
Oh! That's my mama
and Uncle Buddy.
He's funny-looking.
Yeah, we got our looks
from our mom's side of
the family.
But he did save the farm.
I just wish that we wouldn't
have left Holly go so soon.
So should we go up?
Like that kind of thing?
-Like French twists.
-Or down?
You're gonna need
a lot of bobby pins.
-And hairspray.
We got it.
-Oh, yeah.
Just waiting on
some paperwork
and then we'll get
Holly loaded up in
the trailer.
Sounds good.
You expecting someone?
-Hey, Bill!
-What are you doing here?
-Where's Holly?
Well, I thought
we covered this, Michael.
Holly's been ceased
for non-payment.
She's being prepared
for transport as we speak.
Being that we're in
the country and all,
I gotta say this...
We can do this the easy way
or we can do this the hard way.
What are you
talking about?
Ben, you ever heard
of Masters Folly?
I... Oh, yeah.
Wasn't that, that
famous race horse?
Evidently. See, it turns out
that Holly could be
the surviving member
of Masters' lineage.
But you already knew that,
didn't you, Bill?
'Cause you were planning on
selling her, for what? Ten times
the amount you credited us for?
And didn't you find
papers on Holly?
Michael: Yes,
and I had them
verified this morning.
Turns out you
were right, Bill.
She is horse royalty.
And I'm sure the bank
would be very interested
to know that you were
planning on sticking the
difference in your own pocket.
So, I'm gonna ask you,
we can do this the easy way,
or we can do this
the hard way.
-Ben: I like the hard way.
-Yeah, the hard way
is getting my vote, too.
Look, we can work
something out.
Now get us our horse.
Hey, girls, y'all better
get down here. I think you're
going to wanna see this.
Well, I'll be...
I think we have
a missing family
member of yours.
Thank you, Michael.
-You got it.
-I can't believe
you brought her back.
Hi, baby.
Good girl.
Hey, Dad, I wanted
to give you your
Christmas present now.
Open it.
Sweetheart, you didn't
have to do that.
-Come on.
-What? Now?
Okay. All right.
"The World's Best Dad!"
I... love them!
I love you, Daddy.
Even when you
drive me nuts.
And let's face it,
you needed better pajamas.
Yes, and these are
very high-fashion.
So, thank you.
When did you do this?
Oh, Sam helped me.
-She did?
I happen to have
an early Christmas
present for you, too.
That was your mom's.
That was my gift to her
for giving me... you.
Thanks, Dad.
-I love it.
-Do you?
-Well, there's more. Here.
A year's worth of
riding lessons! Seriously?
Thanks, Dad.
I'm going to work
on giving you some
more space. Okay?
Okay. Thank you.
Within reason.
-Of course.
-Because I'm still your dad.
-I know.
-Now go get ready.
Need to gain
some weight.
I gotta go.
- Hey!
- Oh, my gosh.
-How'd I do?
Do you like it?
-Oh, my gosh,
you look so beautiful!
Thank you. So do you.
-I just finished
talking to Michael.
I think you should
give him a chance.
You're bad.
Hi, Gilbert.
It's so good
to see you.
-Have you met my sister?
-I'm gonna take him around.
See, I knew you
would like it here.
I never doubted my
executive assistant
for a second.
That's right.
Thanks, Nikki.
-Michael, how you doing, buddy?
Good. Good. Listen,
I'm looking for Sam.
Well, you might try outside.
She's not big on large crowds.
-Okay, I will.
-Hey, man, I want to talk
to you about something.
Now that you're going
to be around a lot,
you know, with Chloe's
riding lessons and all,
I'd like to see you
have your own space.
You know that guest house...
-It's for you.
-Mr. Harrison...
-You call me Cliff.
I mean, I don't know what
to say, thank you so much.
You're welcome.
You've earned it.
You really have.
I appreciate your help.
Thank you, sir.
One more thing,
on your next visit,
we'll sit down...
We'll talk about that
office in the barn.
Well, I'm not so
sure about that.
I'm kind of liking King
as my counting assistant,
you know?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Looks like we
saved the farm.
Yes. By the skin
of our teeth.
But you going the extra
mile like you did,
and bringing Holly home...
I really can't
thank you enough.
Well, I couldn't leave
things the way they were.
Holly wanted to be back
with her family.
I'm really happy
for you guys.
Thank you.
You know, I had the most
interesting conversation
with Mrs. Parker earlier.
Ah! Do tell.
Oh, do you remember
Mr. Parker, the gentleman
that was gonna take his
business down
the road to K&T?
Yes, of course.
Well, he didn't tell
Mrs. Parker.
-Ooh, that's bad.
That's real bad.
She's not having it.
So they aren't leaving.
They even gave
a six month advance.
Well, that is
a happy ending.
Is it?
What do you mean?
Well, what's going
to happen with us?
Are we going to have
a happy ending?
According to your
father we are.
My daddy gave you the keys
to the guest house and didn't
tell me?
You say the word
and I'm gonna give 'em
right back to him.
Well, it just turns out,
that I have a thing for
hot city boy accountants.
That's good.
Chloe, it's snowing!
It's snowing!
It's snowing!
Dad, look, it's snowing!
It wasn't supposed to snow!
-Oh, my goodness!
-Would you look at this!
Merry Christmas, honey!
Nobody said
anything about snow.