A House in Jerusalem (2023) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[Rebecca panting]
[ominous music]
[car engine roars]
[ominous music]
[car rumbling]
[gentle music]
[insects thrumming]
[sirens wailing]
[gentle music]
[insects thrumming]
-Hey, we're here.
Come on.
[person speaks in Hebrew]
-Thank you.
-[in Hebrew] Hello!
[in Hebrew] Welcome!
Michael, look at you.
Welcome to your new home.
The electricity and water
are back as normal.
I had a maid clean everything.
I got all the essentials you asked for.
A new fridge,
a stove,
two mattresses,
and the rest of the furniture
is what your parents decided to keep.
-Thank you so much, Shlomi.
Do I owe you any more money?
-What you sent is enough.
-Are you sure?
You can't imagine how happy I am.
I wish you moved under
better circumstances.
But it's so good to have
you here, Michael, hm?
-Yeah. We're glad to be here too.
-Right. If you need anything,
just let me know, all right?
Bye-bye, Rebecca.
-I love you.
Good night.
-[Michael softly sobbing]
-[solemn music]
-[gentle music]
-[birds chirping]
Okay, let's put this
against the back wall.
[gentle music]
-Did you see mum's dress?
-Honey, it's in England.
-I put it in the bag before
we left, it was there.
-Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Hey, shh, shh, the dress is safe.
It's okay.
Okay, I put it in storage.
It'll be there when we visit.
We need a new start, honey.
-Yeah, I think we have a very nice camp,
and they will welcome her
and help her with her in Hebrew.
-Yeah, that's great.
-Thank you.
-Yeah, yeah.
[teacher speaks in Hebrew]
Rebecca, let's go, dear.
[children shouting in Hebrew]
-Go on, go play, have fun. It'll be good.
Go on. It's better than
staying at home all day.
[children speaking in Hebrew]
See you later.
[children speaking in Hebrew]
-Guys, say hello to Rebecca.
She's joining our summer camp from England
and we want to help her learn in Hebrew.
Please help explain to Rebecca
whenever necessary, okay?
Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.
-I love you, Rebecca.
-I love you more.
-[wind blowing]
-[crow cawing]
[gentle music]
[Rebecca humming]
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.
[water splashes]
[ominous music]
what are you doing?
I don't want you coming near this.
We can't do this anymore.
[phone ringing]
-You've reached Rachel Shapiro.
Please leave me a message
and I promise to get back
to you as soon as I can.
[insects thrumming]
[ominous music]
-What happened?
You okay?
What were you doing?
-I'm sorry.
-Stay back, don't go near it. Stay back.
Stay there.
Scared the life out of me.
Where did you get this?
-I found it in the garden.
-Well, it's disgusting.
-But I cleaned it well.
-Go and get a mop.
Dry the water you got on the floor.
[ominous music]
-This okay?
[truck rumbling]
[insects thrumming]
Hey sweetie.
I've got to go to work.
I made your breakfast, okay?
[Rebecca prays in Hebrew]
[door banging]
[ominous music]
-Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message system.
[ominous music]
[police chattering]
-Hey, are you okay?
It's okay.
Nothing's been taken.
[gentle music]
Were you looking for something?
-I didn't do this.
[insects thrumming]
-Honey, what's going on?
-Can I please sleep here?
-Of course, come on.
[eerie music]
[ominous music]
-Dad, dad!
-The doll didn't draw itself.
-It wasn't me.
-You stop this nonsense.
-I didn't do it.
-We're getting help.
-You said no more doctors.
-No, we agreed, when things get better,
we won't see doctors anymore.
And Dr. Smith said that
this move should help,
but you're doing everything
to make sure it doesn't!
[ominous music]
Are you okay?
-There's someone in the house.
-There! Outside!
-I don't see anything.
-Over there!
-Rebecca. There is nothing out there.
-By the tree!
[gentle music]
-I hear you're not
happy about moving here.
I don't blame you.
You must be missing home.
A change can be scary,
but it can also be good.
Would you like to tell me what
worries you about this place?
-Rebecca, please answer Dr. Kaplan.
-Would you rather check out the magazines
in the waiting area?
-I'm so sorry.
-That's okay.
She's clearly upset at
you, but that will change.
-Well it's almost a year now
of her acting besides herself.
-Children cope differently.
The loss of a mother can
take a lifetime to heal.
Have you both been to therapists?
-I'm fine, but Rebecca,
she's not improving.
-What did they try in the UK?
-Did it help?
-No, very little.
I will give her something that
should help with the anxiety
and it will help her sleep better
and see how things go.
You're the person I love
most in this whole world.
-More than mum?
-I love mum so much too.
She would want me to
do everything possible
to make sure you're okay.
I do all of this,
all of it for her
and for us.
Come on.
This will help you sleep better.
It'll be good for you.
[insects thrumming]
[ominous music]
[tense music]
[ominous music]
Please go away.
Leave me alone. I don't have your doll.
You won't find it here.
[old Arabic music]
[children chattering]
[soft music]
Truth or dare.
[birds chirping]
I know you're angry at me.
I didn't know it was your doll.
Are you there?
[ominous music]
I wanted to tell you how sorry I am.
-I want it back.
-I'm so sorry, my father threw it away.
We didn't know it was yours.
Please don't go.
Where can I get you the same one?
-You can't.
-My mum made this for me.
-Please don't go.
[gentle music]
Your pill.
Here you are.
Good girl.
-What happened to my things?
-Your things?
-The things I had here.
This is my room.
-When was that?
My grandfather got this
house a long time ago,
but we only moved in recently.
Where's your family?
-I don't know.
-Are they dead?
-We ran away when the war got too close,
I came back for my doll.
Then the men with guns came.
So I hid.
I never saw my family again.
-He can't see you.
[Michael knocking]
-You okay?
Why didn't you change?
Come on, it's getting late.
You okay?
[gentle music]
-[Shila in Hebrew] The
teacher must be bluffing.
Why would there be a fruit tree here?
-[Sarah in Hebrew] Look! Rebecca found it.
It's a cactus.
[bell tolling]
-Hey, welcome home.
Hey, dinner will be ready, soon.
-Dad. What's that hole for?
-I'm not sure.
Maybe it was used to access
pipes and wires in that wall
then became unnecessary with renovation.
-It was to put food away so
we can let Simon in the house.
Simon, the dog.
-Maybe they used it to keep
food out of reach of pets.
-Dad, who did grandpa get the house from?
-He bought it from the state.
-Do you know who lived in it before?
Why are you asking?
-Just curious.
-[insects thrumming]
-[owls hooting]
What are you doing?
-I had the key to the house.
I stole it from my mum
to come get the doll, but
now I don't know where it is.
-The locks have all been changed.
What's your name?
-I'm Rebecca.
-I know.
Your father is always looking for you.
How come he cannot see me?
-Are you dead?
Did you drown in the well?
-I'm not dead.
I hid in there from the men with guns.
-How long have you been there?
-I don't remember.
[phone vibrating]
You're always playing with this.
-You've never seen one before?
That's my mother.
-Where is she?
-She died in an accident.
-I'm so sorry.
[Michael sobbing]
You have the same eyes as her.
-Do you want to come to the camp with me?
-It's not safe out there.
[soft music]
[teacher speaking in Hebrew]
[soft music]
-I'm coming.
[in Arabic text] Theatre of Tales
presents The Puppet Show.
[intriguing music]
[gentle music]
[phone vibrating]
[mirror shatters]
-Thank you children.
I had a lovely time.
We'll see you next time.
[audience applauds]
[people chattering]
-Excuse me.
I'm looking for a doll like this.
Can you make one?
It's very old style doll.
-Can you make one like it?
-Women used to make
those for their daughters.
This embroidery,
you see,
is like the dress that the
women used to wear themselves.
The puppets I make are very different.
-Who can make one for me?
-Only if you're lucky to find an old woman
who still knows how to.
I met one a few years ago,
who was still making them.
-Where can I find her?
-I don't know.
It was long time ago.
I met her in a
handcraft fair in Bethlehem.
Why do you want this doll?
[door slams open]
[radio static]
What are you doing here?
You got us all so worried about you.
[in Hebrew] I am sorry to bother you.
-[Policeman in Hebrew] We found her.
-I'm sorry.
You can't just leave the group like that.
-Why don't you even want to try?
-It's not safe for me out there.
-How do you know that?
-I just do.
-If I had the
slightest chance in the world
to see my mum again,
I wouldn't hesitate to
look for her everywhere.
-All women here make embroidery.
The woman this man met could be anybody.
My mum said we'll be
back when things calm down,
she will come back for me when it's safe.
-But I go out every day.
What are you talking about?
-I will wait for my mum right here.
I don't want her to come and not find me.
[people chattering]
Can we go to Bethlehem?
-Why do you wanna go there?
-Just curious.
-We can't go there, honey.
-Because it's not safe to go there.
-Because some places
simply aren't safe to go.
[people chattering]
-A toast
for Michael and Rebecca
for new beginnings
and for happy days in a new home.
-You know Michael,
this house - worth millions today.
Your father did you a great favour.
-Honestly, I'm surprised
my father did that, but.
-The 60's were the time to buy.
The minute the state put
the empty homes for sale,
I called my friends, including your dad.
-The thanks goes Shlomi then.
-Yeah, of course.
-Excuse me for a minute.
-There used to be an
old piano in that corner.
-What happened to it?
-Michael's parents gave it away.
They gave away most of the furniture.
-The piano alone
would've brought a lot of money today.
-It was a beautiful baby grand.
[bottle smashing]
-How did this happen?
-Let me clean it.
-Oh, it's okay, don't worry about it.
-I'll help you.
-I'm glad Rebecca seems to be better.
-I hope so.
-I'm sure.
-She holds onto things, you know?
And I keep trying to hide everything
that might trigger the past for her.
I don't know, recently other things
seem to take her attention away,
which is helping her forget, I guess.
-Yeah, distractions are necessary.
-Rebecca. Only the playground.
Not there or there, okay?
[in Hebrew] One.
[birds chirping]
-You're home early.
-How did you get out?
-I was waiting for you.
I have something to show you.
[soft music]
-I thought dad left it behind.
-Your father has
been hiding this from you.
-It hurts him to remember.
I miss her so much.
-You should always remember her.
When my grandmother died,
my mother used to say,
grandmother will always be with us
in our memory.
[sombre music]
-I was with her in the car,
but I can't remember what happened.
I wish I could just
talk to her for a minute.
I keep having this nightmare.
I'm standing
by our crashed car.
I just stand there
looking at my mum inside.
I don't help her.
I just watch her die.
-If there was anything you could do,
I'm sure you would have done it.
This is just a nightmare.
[phone dings]
-Look at this.
I think it says
something about your family.
What does it say?
-This is the house of
Khalil and Mariam Mansour.
What's left of the family is now in
Aida refugee camp.
Khalil and Mariam are my parents.
-See, I searched online.
Aida refugee camp is in Bethlehem.
Your family is out
there, aren't you happy?
-All this time, and they're in Bethlehem.
We used to hike there
along the train tracks.
If they are so close,
why didn't they ever
come back to look for me?
-Maybe they thought it's
best you stay in Jerusalem.
My dad said it's not safe over there.
We will find a way to get to them.
Don't worry.
[car doors closing]
-We have to leave.
-The men with guns are back.
-[in Hebrew] Good morning Mr. Shapiro.
-Detective Rosso with you.
We would like to see your daughter.
-Why? What's going on?
-I told you this place isn't
safe, but you don't listen.
-This is just the police.
-Calm down, they can't see you anyway.
It's fine.
-[in Hebrew] Identity confirmed.
-We need to search your house, sir.
-Well, not without an explanation.
-We intercepted some
activity on your daughter's
social media that raise some concerns.
-You're monitoring my
daughter's social media?
-We track all
suspicious activities online.
Not just your daughter's.
It's for everybody's good.
-Why? What did she do?
-She's talking to people in
suspicious online groups that,
let's say, we're keeping an eye on.
Can we look around now?
-I understand you
reported a burglary lately, yeah?
Nothing was stolen.
-Have you had any guests staying over?
-Anyone from the
Palestinian territories, maybe?
-Have you ever given
your keys to a stranger
or did anyone online ask you
if they can stay at your house maybe?
[soft music]
Unlock it please.
[soft music]
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
[soft music]
Very nice garden.
We'll let you know if
there's something to worry about.
for now I just suggest you keep an eye
on what she does online.
-Thank you very much.
-It should not be open like this.
It's not safe.
-Can I have my phone back?
I don't know what they were talking about.
I didn't do anything wrong.
-You're grounded.
Go up to your room.
Get down.
[shower running]
Rasha, they're gone now.
It's safe to come out.
I'm so sorry.
I did not know this would happen.
I promise you it won't happen again.
Please Rasha.
[floorboard creaking]
[quiet music]
-Red wine?
Thank you.
[Michael and Nurit kissing]
[soft music]
[uneasy music]
[Rebecca retching]
[soft music]
[people chanting in Latin]
[flute playing]
-Who makes these?
-Those are handmade, local
and only for ten dollars.
-Are these from Aida camp?
-From all over.
-How do I get to Aida camp?
-Do you have leather wallets?
-I have one left.
-How much is this?
I also have
-Excuse me, Do you know
how I can get to Aida camp?
-No English.
[man speaking in Arabic]
-I can take you.
[boys chattering]
Why do you wanna go to the camp?
-I'm looking for a friend's family.
-So do you play football?
-I did sometimes at school.
-What's your favourite team?
-I'm not sure.
-I think Liverpool's the best.
[people chattering]
Abu Mohammad.
-[in Arabic] Yes?
-[in Arabic] Do you know
anyone from the Mansour family?
-[in Arabic] Mansour? I don't know.
-[in Arabic] One second.
-[in Arabic] Do you know
anyone from the Mansour family?
-[in Arabic] Mansour? I don't think so.
-[in Arabic] I know someone
from the family.
I'll take you.
-[in Arabic] Thank you.
-[in Arabic] Hello.
-[in Arabic] Welcome.
-[in Arabic] This foreign
kid is looking for you.
-What do you want?
-I like the dolls you make,
I heard a lot about them.
-Where is your family?
-They're on a tour of the camp.
-They know you're here?
-Come in.
[crickets chirping]
-Thank you.
-You kids today aren't
interested in these dolls.
-They're beautiful. I
like how the colouring
and the stitching on
each one is different.
Each doll represents a different region.
-Can I buy one?
-Oh, take whichever you like.
I have so many.
[soft music]
-What dear?
[strange music]
Can I take this one?
-That's my favourite.
That's my hometown's embroidery.
What's your name?
I'll put your initial on it.
Let me do it.
Is that your home?
-Do you ever go there?
-It's not possible.
-Why not?
-In 1948,
we were forced to leave
and were never allowed to go back.
[police radio chatter]
Armed men stormed our neighbourhood.
Many people ran away.
-She's gone, it's my
daughter, I called you.
My name's Michael Shapiro, she's gone.
-They went from house to house,
looking for anyone who stayed behind.
-Are you okay?
-The past hurts my heart.
I've got to the point where
I hardly care whether I live or die.
The world will keep on turning without me.
I should hurry.
Your mother will be worried for you.
-Come with me.
-To where?
-To your home in Jerusalem.
Your daughter is there waiting for you.
She's been waiting for years.
She lost the doll you made for her.
-I don't understand.
-You forgot?
-I think you may be
confusing me with someone else.
-No, this is your home.
I live there now.
Your daughter is
devastated she can't find you.
Try to remember.
[knocking on door]
-[in Arabic] Yes?
-[in Arabic] I'm the
daughter-in-law of your neighbours.
They asked me to bring you some pastries.
-[in Arabic] I'm sorry.
I don't remember.
Please come in.
[tense music]
-[in Hebrew] Be quiet!
-Let me go!
[tense music]
-Shh, it's okay, it's okay.
[tense music]
Don't worry. We are police.
You are safe now.
Lay down.
[Rebecca breathing heavily]
-[in Hebrew] Good job everyone.
[tense music]
-Rebecca! Hey Rebecca, hey, hey, hey.
Take it easy sweetheart. Rebecca!
-Rasha! Let go of me. I found your mother.
-Rasha! Stop it! Rasha!
-Calm down!
-I found her!
-She'll be okay.
-What are they doing?
-Let me go! Rasha!!
[tense music continues]
-Hey sweetie.
How are you?
[welding torch]
This is Keren.
She'll take care of you while I'm out.
-Hey Rebecca.
I'm so worried about you.
Please talk to me.
-What's the point?
-Why do you say this?
-You never listen to me, Dad.
You only listen to yourself.
-That's not true.
That's not true.
-I found Rasha's mother.
-Who is Rasha?
-The girl whose doll you threw away.
This was her family house
until they disappeared during the war.
I found Rasha's mother in
Bethlehem in Aida refugee camp.
She was going to give me a
doll to give to her daughter
instead of the one you threw away.
-Rebecca, I can't believe this.
-I told you there was no point in talking.
I wish my mum was here.
She would at least
believe what I have to say.
You only believe yourself.
I saw you with that woman.
You want to forget mum.
I don't.
Rasha saw you hide the dress
from me and helped me find it.
I was only trying to
make the pain easier for her,
the way she made it easier for me.
[birds chirping]
-Would you like some orange juice?
Let me get you a glass.
-I'll get it.
-No, no.
You sit down. You should rest.
Rasha, I found your mother.
Rasha, please answer me, I found her.
Please Rasha!
[uneasy music]
[people chattering]
[soft music]
Mum, Mum?
Mum, answer me!
Mum! Mum!
Mum, answer me, Mum!
[cloth tearing]
[uneasy music]
-Why didn't you come with
her when she came to see me?
-I didn't know she was going.
I should have paid more attention.
She'll be happy to see you.
She's been sad for a long time.
It's not far to the check point.
[underwater sounds]
[strange music]
-[Mother] You have to go now.
-I need a minute.
I'll go get Rebecca.
Hey Keren.
-[Rebecca, muffled] Help!
-Call for help.
[tense music]
[mysterious music]
-Rasha, I found your mother.
I've been so worried for you.
-How did you know my name?
-I'm sorry, I thought I saw Rasha.
-I am Rasha.
-No Rasha, your daughter.
-Oh my dear.
I never had children.
I never married.
-But Rasha has been hiding in the well
since the war waiting for you.
-I hid in the well during the war,
but I never told this to anyone.
-You lost your doll in there?
-I did.
It was a beautiful doll.
My mother had made it for me.
-Hello little girl.
Let me have a look?
Can you follow this please?
Can you look at my finger?
You're a tough girl.
-It's okay.
Everything's okay.
Everything's okay.
-What happened here?
I brought this for you.
[soft music]
-Ma'am please come with us.
-Sir. She's our guest.
-I'm very sorry, but it's the law.
-No, she will not leave.
-Are you really doing this?
-Yes, sir. Let me do my job.
-She's not leaving.
-Oh, it's okay. It's okay.
-She's not allowed to be here.
You and your daughter,
you cause me enough trouble.
-I will always be here.
You're a good girl.
Your mother must be proud.
-Did you ever find your parents?
-Their bodies were found
at the side of the train tracks.
They were trying to find
a way back to the house
to look for me.
[sad music]
-I'll keep this here for you.
[sad music]
[sad music]
-Come here.
You okay?
I'm proud of you.
[sombre music]