A Job to Die For (2022) Movie Script

They offered me
an internship.
They said I don't have
enough experience
for a paid position.
How am I supposed to get
any experience
if no one will hire
me to get some.
I'm sorry, baby.
I know this is frustrating,
and I know how much you
were hoping for this one,
but maybe you should
consider the internship,
just to get your foot
in the door.
You don't have a lot of expenses
right now, living at home.
Except for the $50,000
I owe in student debt.
So you stay for a while until
you get your feet under you.
Thank you, mom.
I appreciate that.
This is just the last
place I thought it would be
at this point in my life.
Mid twenties and forced to
move back home.
Just want to work in something
that starts my actual career.
I feel like I'm going nowhere,
Something else will come along.
Something great.
I'm gonna go decompress.
Hey, kiddo.
How you doing?
You want to grab some sushi?
It always cheers you up.
Yes, this is she.
Yeah, of course I've
heard of them.
Um, tomorrow.
Yes, absolutely.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
That was the placement agency.
I have an interview first
thing tomorrow at Fabulique.
Even even I know that name.
I don't believe it.
They're one of my
favorite designers.
They said it was an
executive assistant position,
but that the applicant
would need design knowledge.
Sounds like you're
perfect for it.
I wonder if it's
working for her.
Claudia Moreau?
She's a legend.
She's an icon in the industry.
I don't know what to wear.
I told you something
great would come along.
I feel lovely
Makin' this year, makin'
this year
Hi, I'm Sadie Raskin.
I have an interview at 10:30.
Miss Moreau will see you now.
Please tell me you're not
going to cry like the last one.
You make one
constructive criticism
and whoop, there go
the water works.
Um, Miss Morrow, I'm
Sadie Raskin.
Um, here, let me do this.
I used to be a barista to
pay for school.
One sprinkle of sweetener.
Normally the previous
assistant would train you,
but whatever her name is
just stopped showing up.
No call, no angry, "I hate
you and I quit," email,
for which I've had my share.
Which is highly unprofessional
and all too common for
your generation.
Maybe something happened to her?
I could be so lucky.
I have a jam packed day,
and the last thing I wanted
was to be interviewing
another assistant,
and yet, here we are.
My alma mater, The
Fashion Institute.
Yes, I graduated top
of my class,
and I actually won the
spring fashion show
two years in a row.
You were actually a huge
part of why I went there.
That school should cut
me in on their tuition,
considering all the wannabes
that I've inspired to go there.
Your duties here would be
to entirely facilitate my
work and life.
Fielding calls, running errands,
scheduling my appointments,
getting my coffee.
A skill you've just proven
you're somewhat capable of.
It's 24/7.
Anything and everything I need.
Yes, that all sounds great.
I'm definitely capable.
I'll be honest with you, Stacy.
I demand perfection
and devotion.
This job is high stress
and high reward.
You'll be interacting
with the highest level
of fashion designers and
trendsetters in the world.
This job is highly coveted.
A job some would kill for.
Metaphorically speaking.
So, convince me.
How do I know you won't be
spending your lunch hour
crying in the bathroom
like the last one,
or the one before that,
or the one before that?
I understand the
that come with working
for an icon like yourself.
And it would be an honor
just to have the opportunity to-
Wait, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Try that again.
With a little less sucking up.
I would hate to
disappoint the woman
who knew she wanted more
and did something about it.
You're one of the biggest
fashion models in the world.
You could have done
anything you wanted.
You could have walked off
the runway and disappeared,
or started yet another
modeling agency.
Instead, you took
everything you created
and built an empire,
your empire, your way.
And if you'll permit me
just little sucking up,
everything you've accomplished
has been a huge
inspiration on me.
So there is fire in
there after all.
My daughter was the same.
Okay, you got your shot.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You won't regret it, I promise.
That remains to be seen.
Have the fashion blind desk
monkey in front take you to HR.
There's an NDA to sign.
Standard stuff.
I'm sure you understand.
Yes, definitely.
Thank you so much, Miss Moreau.
Oh no, it's Claudia.
You work for me, it's Claudia.
Last thing I need is for you
to make me feel even older.
I hate that almost as much as
my ex-husband, or my second.
Okay, Claudia it is.
Thank you so much.
Never linger darling,
it's unbecoming.
I am so proud of you.
I have nothing to wear.
What about this?
This is your go-to for
special events.
It has to be high fashion, mom.
We should celebrate.
Go to dinner.
I'm sorry, I just, I don't
want to jinx it, okay?
Let me get past my first week.
Claudia is tough.
What's this?
Um, an NDA.
I have to sign it
before I start.
This seems pretty extensive.
She said it was standard.
Just a non-compete
agreement, privacy clauses.
She just wants to make sure
I don't leak her designs
to other companies.
Well, we should probably
have a lawyer look at it.
Mom, a lawyer, seriously?
You know how
competitive fashion is.
I do, but this is more
about her than her designs.
It prevents you from talking
to the press, posting online.
I'm not even sure that
this part is legal.
Did you ever read it?
Mom, she's a public figure.
I'm gonna have access to
her entire life.
She just wants to make sure
I don't spill any secrets
about her to the press.
It just seems a little invasive.
Okay, do you want me
to not sign it
and miss out on all this?
Of course not.
I just think that-
Okay then, here.
Mom, can you please just
be happy for me?
This is huge.
I am.
Thank you.
Hi, Claudia Moreau's office.
No, she's on a call right now,
but I can have
her return your call.
Great, okay.
Hi, Claudia Moreau's office.
Um, yes.
I have that number
for you right here,
if you could just give
me one minute.
Hi, Claudia Moreau's office.
Uh, yes, she knows about that.
Um, you're on her schedule.
Uh, thanks.
Okay, bye.
Hi, Claudia Moreau's office.
Is anyone there?
Who is this?
Tell her Julius is
here for our 11.
Julius Stone.
Oh, sorry.
Um, Mr. Stone.
Yes, right away.
You're the new Kleenex.
I'm sorry?
Don't take it personally.
That's what we call all
Claudia's assistants
'cause she goes through
them like tissues.
Why do you think your
email says assistant,
and not your name?
'Cause she'd be changing
it every week, child.
Don't take it the wrong way,
It's not you, it's her.
That's why none of us
ever learn your names.
I'm Sadie.
Ooh, enchante, Sadie.
-Oh, so good to see you.
-Oh, looking good, girl.
Thank you, you as well.
You're looking wonderful.
-Love the bag.
Oh, Sadie, grab us
some of those scones
I love at the bakery.
I'm headed home.
You should, too.
Okay, uh, sure.
Adequate job today.
Tomorrow, do more with that.
-With what?
-Your attire?
What about it?
Just, everything.
Try harder.
Is somebody there?
Right, I know, slow down.
Probably a good idea.
You should be more careful
where you walk.
I will.
Wow, late night.
No kidding.
My brain is fried.
I don't think I
remember driving home.
First days are like that.
Everything is new.
Let me grab you some dinner.
So tell me about it.
What was your day like?
There is so much to learn.
Oh, give yourself some time,
you'll get it down.
Welcome to the grind, baby.
is everything okay?
I've gotten a few calls today.
Weird ones where they
don't say anything.
And I just got this email.
Looks like someone's upset
you got the job over them.
The calls were probably
just wrong numbers.
Maybe, I've had my share of
obsessive fans over the years.
You mean like stalkers?
One of the costs of
being in the public eye.
As you are finding out
the hard way.
Let me know if it persists,
Oh, yes.
I made you an appointment
with my stylist tomorrow.
Your stylist?
Just to freshen you up.
Make whatever this is
work better.
You represent me now.
We have an image to maintain.
Sergio will see you at 11.
Sadie, would you
come in here?
Something wrong?
Would you care to explain this?
It's a tabloid magazine-
I know what it is!
Why is that in there?
With her.
I don't understand.
Do you even know who he is?
That is my ex who left me for
her after I introduced them.
I'm sorry, I didn't know that.
It is your job to know!
One of your many
is to shield and isolate me
from things that might upset me.
Things that might make me
lose focus with my work
or distract me for more
important things.
Well this, this,
this upsets me!
You're all the same.
Every single one of you,
snapping and
flaunting your bodies.
Stealing all the good men.
Do you really think that
they're interested in you, huh?
Do you?
In you underdeveloped
millennial, gen Z brain.
All they want is your
tight little body.
Until the next one comes along.
Claudia, I'm really sorry,
I just-
Your sorry?
That's all you can say
for herself, you're sorry?
I'm in hell because of you,
and all you can muster
off is that you're sorry!
And I plan to make sure
that you're in hell with me!
Claudia I, I promise that
this won't happen again.
Get out.
Get out, get out!
Look what you made me do!
All of this!
It's 'cause of you!
You're up early.
I couldn't sleep.
Is everything okay?
A resignation letter?
I don't know what else to do.
Mom, yesterday, Claudia lost it.
She was crazed.
Screaming at me for not
cutting out photos
of her ex-boyfriend in a
tabloid magazine.
Whoa, that's terrible.
I guess we know why she goes
through so many assistants.
Are you sure that
quitting is the best idea?
You said this job
was a big deal.
It is.
Mom, she was out of control.
I don't think she's very stable.
I get it, I just,
I don't want you to lose out
on such a great opportunity.
You should give a two
week notice.
Two weeks?
you didn't see her.
But this way you're the
professional one.
You'll do what's best.
Sadie, could you come
in here for a moment?
I wanted to apologize
for yesterday.
My behavior was inexcusable
and totally unprofessional.
I'm so embarrassed.
I'm truly sorry.
I hope you can forgive me.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
That picture just set me off,
but that's not an excuse
and it's not okay, ever.
So, to make it up to you,
I would like to pay
off your student loans.
It's the least I can do
for putting you
through my outburst.
Now I don't know how
much you owe.
Bring your statement
in the morning
and I'll have accounting
take care of it.
I can't let you do that.
Of course you can.
I want to.
I know working for me
is not easy.
Yesterday was proof
enough of that,
and you're doing a great job.
Trying really hard.
Don't think that I
don't see that.
I don't know what to say.
That you accept my
apology is fine.
Apology accepted.
Thank you.
Is that for me?
She what?
She said she was going
to pay them off.
All of them.
That's unbelievable.
I know, it's great.
She says she wanted to make
up for her reaction yesterday.
You don't find that
a little odd?
Are you kidding?
It's amazing.
All of that money I owed,
and she's washing it
away with a single check.
I just think that this
is a little off,
like maybe she's trying
to buy your forgiveness
or your silence.
No, she was super apologetic.
She knows how out of
line she was yesterday.
I just don't want her thinking
that you owe her
something in return.
I thought you'd be happy for me.
I am.
I am, I just.
I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.
She's already
started changing you.
Sorry, do I know you?
She does it to all of us.
I think you have me
confused with someone else.
Claudia, your new boss.
How do you know that?
She can't help herself.
She changes us.
You, me, all of us.
Makes us like her.
Are you the one who has
been calling the office
and sending me emails?
What happened to Lexi?
I don't know anyone named Lexi.
The assistant before you.
She quit.
Are you sure?
Who told you that?
Was it her?
She's a liar.
She is not who she claims to be.
She twists the truth
up to get in your head.
She makes you confused.
Stop it.
The calls, the emails,
all of it,
or I'm calling the police.
She's dangerous!
You have to quit before
it's too late.
Let go of me.
Stay away from me.
Ask Lexi.
Go ahead, ask her!
If you can find her!
Look at you.
So much better.
You think?
I know.
You look more like
yourself everyday.
Hi, it's Lexi.
Sing your song at the beep.
The mailbox
you are calling is full.
Please hang up and
try again later.
Oh my, I totally lost
track at the time.
Wow, you're right.
We'll pick this up in
the morning.
My car.
Oh, how awful.
Who would do this?
Drug addicts, probably.
I guess I should call a
tow and a ride.
That'll take hours.
Come on, I'll give you a ride.
No, I can't ask you to do that.
I insist.
It's already late.
In fact, you'll stay
with me tonight
and I'll bring
you back in the morning.
And that way we both
get our rest.
What about my car?
You can call and get it
towed in the morning.
Not like anyone's gonna
steal it now.
Wow, this is amazing.
I like to think so, too.
Oh, look at you.
You were so beautiful.
I like to think I still am.
Oh no, I didn't mean
that you weren't.
Of course you didn't.
Um, so, uh,
do you have a guestroom?
Not anymore.
I converted them into
studios years ago.
You can use my daughter's room.
Oh no, I couldn't.
It's not like she'll mind.
She's dead.
Sure you knew that, it
was all over the news.
No, I did.
Um, I just.
She took her own life, it's
not like she needs the room.
And well, the couch
would just be so uncouth.
Mom, I'm fine, I swear.
I'll come home
tomorrow after work.
Who would do that
to your car?
I don't know.
Probably someone looking
for something to steal.
There must be security cameras.
You should have them checked.
It's a good idea.
I'll ask tomorrow.
Are you sure you don't want
me to come and get you?
No, I'm fine.
It's just creepy.
I don't think anyone's touched
this room since she died.
God, that's awful.
I can't imagine what
she went through.
I mean, how do you get
over something like that?
Honestly, I don't think she has.
I'm exhausted, I'll
call you tomorrow.
Love you.
I love you, too.
Goodnight, baby.
Sorry to scare you.
I called out to see
if you needed anything,
but you didn't answer.
Oh really?
I didn't hear you.
Oh, well the shower must
have drowned me out.
You're up early.
Yeah, I was gonna go home
and got some clothes.
Don't be ridiculous,
that'll take hours.
No, no, no, follow me.
You're about the same size.
Yeah, Rebecca went through
a heavier phase, too,
but I'm sure there's something
in here that will fit.
Oh no, I couldn't.
Of course you can.
Why, you certainly can't
wear yesterday's clothes,
and you work for me now.
We have an image to maintain.
These are really high
end designers.
Some of them still have
tags on them.
Well make sure you cut them
off before wearing them.
Are you sure that this is okay?
I know it hasn't been very
long since your daughter died.
obviously she won't be
needing these anymore,
and well I just, I didn't
have it in me to donate them.
Oh, it would be a pity
to let them go to waste.
Don't you agree?
I guess, yeah.
Oh, great, then it's settled.
Pick something nice.
Oh, I forgot.
I am not going straight
into the office today.
I have a meeting this morning.
Oh, that's fine.
I can take a ride share.
No, just grab one of
the extra cars in the garage.
You'll need something to drive
while yours is getting fixed
and junked or whatever.
I told you working for me
has its perks.
What'd you do to him off?
Your ex.
Nothing, why?
I deal with this kind of
stuff every day.
it wasn't a break-in.
It's targeted, personal.
So whoever it was that did this,
they're pissed at you
about something.
Hey, you called.
Is that why you did it,
to get me to call you?
Did what?
What are you talking about?
My car.
Was it you?
Whoa, what happened to your car?
Someone trashed it.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I was at work when it happened.
Sadie, why
would I do that?
I don't know,
'cause you're mad.
At myself, sure.
Well, who else would it be?
Maybe someone new you're
seeing that's jealous.
Sadie, no, I'm not
seeing anybody new.
I couldn't imagine that,
at this point.
I feel bad this had to
happen for you to call,
but it's really nice to
hear from you.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
Maybe we should get together,
I gotta go.
No, really, my boss is coming.
Talk to you later.
Yes, a vast improvement.
How was your meeting?
They moved up the deadline
for the new designs and asked
that I meet the investors
in New York this weekend.
So I'll need you to
book that ASAP.
And you'll need to house
sit while I'm gone.
House sit?
Just one of the
perks of the job.
And most importantly, you'll
be doing something for me.
Yes, definitely.
I'll go get your calendar.
You like?
Yeah, I just honestly
didn't recognize you at first.
I made some changes.
More than some.
Were they your idea
or your boss'?
Oh um, well the hair
was her idea.
The clothes belonged to
her daughter.
First you sleep in her bed
and now you're
wearing her clothes.
And I think I'm driving her car.
This morning, when her
death came up,
Claudia had the
strangest reaction.
It's like she didn't
recall it at first.
Like I'd reminded her
that she died.
I'm gonna put these upstairs.
Dinner will be ready in an hour.
Oh, I can't stay.
You can't stay?
You just got here.
I know, but I told
Claudia I would house sit
while she was gone this weekend.
So she has you're
working all weekend as well?
Mom, hardly call staying
at her mansion work.
First student loans.
Now the clothes, the car.
Don't you think this
is just a little much?
They're perks of the job.
Oh, is that how she
describes them?
What is so wrong with that?
Why can't you just be
happy for me?
I am happy for you, but
I am also concerned.
About what?
It's high fashion, I have
to look a certain way.
And that means changing
your entire appearance?
I hardly recognized
you when you walked in.
It's like she's trying to
make you into someone else.
She is, her assistant,
which means I have a
certain image to maintain.
What is so wrong with that?
There is something off here
and it scares me that
you don't see it.
Maybe this is who
I've always been
and you just didn't see it
because we couldn't afford it.
Sorry, I didn't mean that.
I think you did.
You just don't understand.
But Claudia does?
I gotta go.
Who hasn't this woman dated?
Anybody there?
I got a call
from a security company.
They said the alarm went off.
Yeah, the back door was open.
I don't know why.
The cleaning people
were there today.
They probably left it
unlocked and the wind took it.
Cleaning people, right.
Everything else okay?
Yeah, um, yeah, that
just really scared me.
Well you might want
to check all the doors.
Sometimes they forget.
Uh, yeah, definitely,
I'll do that.
Okay then, goodnight.
Hi, I have a favor to ask you.
Come in.
Thank you so much for coming.
Of course.
I'm happy to be here.
Look at you.
Wow, you look great.
Want to go inside?
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, lead the way.
New boss?
loves themselves.
No idea.
This place is off the hook.
Perks of the job.
Good for you.
Oh, I come bearing food.
Is this Lo Pan's?
Your favorite.
I figured we can finally do
that meal we've been avoiding.
I'm sorry about
calling like this.
Don't, apologize.
I just got freaked out.
The motion lights went on
and the alarm went off,
and I checked and the
back door was open.
Claudia said that it was
probably just
the cleaning people
leaving the door unlocked
and the wind took it,
but I checked just in case.
Okay then, that's it.
Thank you, really.
It just, really freaked me out.
Hey, look, there's nothing
to worry about now.
We should probably eat
before it gets cold.
Gotta be honest,
I've never seen someone hang
so many pictures of themselves.
This job really seems
to suit you.
I guess.
Ever since I started, weird
things have been happening.
Like I've been getting
these phone calls
where the caller
doesn't say anything,
and I've gotten a few
emails warning me,
but feel a little more
like threats.
And then the thing with my car.
Did you talk to the cops?
Not yet.
I plan to.
I don't know, I didn't want
to make waves with Claudia.
She can be unpredictable.
You said this job was a
big deal, right?
Maybe it's just one of
the other applicants
who's jealous you got the
job over them.
That's exactly what
Claudia said.
Okay then, I am starving.
She does own plates, right?
Uh, maybe.
Have you seen these?
I don't go through other
people's things.
Sadie, these are serious drugs.
This one's an anti-psychotic.
Are you sure she's okay?
They're all made out to her.
My bad.
I spilled the tomato juice.
I, wanted to make you
a bloody Mary.
Since when do you make
me breakfast?
Maybe since I realized
some of the mistakes
that I've made.
But, since I spilled it,
there's only enough for one.
Well, we can share.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Sorry to interrupt.
You're back.
See you've made
yourself at home.
We didn't hear you come in.
The alarm was off.
No, I definitely turned
that on last night.
You must be the ex,
or maybe not anymore.
Uh, I'm Vince.
Claudia Moreau.
It's a pleasure.
Me too.
Claudia, you're back early.
Said you were coming
back Sunday.
Uh, and then I remembered
I had this banquet tonight
that I absolutely
have to attend.
I cleared her calendar.
It's for a dear friend.
So I'm gonna need you
to head to the warehouse
to get a dress.
Yeah, of course.
Pick out something for
yourself as well.
Unless of course you
have other plans.
No, I would love to come.
Thank you.
You might want to put
some clothes on first.
Um, right.
I'm gonna go do that.
Hi, I'm just getting
something for Claudia.
Who's there?
I saw you.
Stay away from me.
Whoa, I'm not gonna hurt you.
Then why are you following me?
To warn you.
I'm Elena.
I was Claudia's assistant
back before, before Lexi.
So what,
you want your old job back?
No, never.
I would never go back.
I had to quit before
something happened,
and it still didn't
stop right away.
What didn't?
The phone calls, the texts,
the figures outside my house
in the middle of the night.
You're driving her car.
That means yours
got vandalized, too.
She did it.
To make you need her,
that's what she does.
She lures us in.
She gives us things we need.
New clothes,
new cars, new hair, money.
But really she is just
making us into her daughter.
The one she killed.
No, no, no.
Claudia's daughter, she-
It wasn't a suicide.
She shoved her off that cliff.
And now she's making us,
her assistants, into her.
It's some crazy form of guilt.
I don't know.
No, she could've-
You've seen her behavior, right?
Her outbursts, her sudden
changes in moods, the meds.
She's dangerous, crazy.
Abusing us the same way
she abused her own child.
She is nice one minute
and then the moment you
disappoint her, she switches.
And then we get shoved, too.
She's here.
She can't help herself.
You're next.
Quit, before it's too late.
Sadie, are you here?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm here.
Oh, it's about time.
I could have designed
and sown a whole new gown
in the time that took.
This one on top.
You got the right one, I hope.
Yes, I double checked.
Exactly what
took so long?
Uh, there was, it wasn't where
you said it was gonna be.
Ugh, one of
my former assistants
must've mis-racked it.
Idiots, all of them.
No, you got the
wrong one!
Well obviously it is wrong
because it doesn't fit.
No, that's impossible.
That's the only one you
described in that size.
Well it's wrong.
Want to know why it's wrong?
Because you can't do
anything right.
Nothing. Rebecca, I asked you
to do one simple thing.
I'm Sadie.
Sadie, Rebecca, Bozo the Clown.
What does it matter?
You're all useless.
I don't even know how you
function in your daily life.
Nevermind, I'll just
wear this one.
But that one-
Did you say something?
No, nevermind.
I'll see you Monday
in the office.
Drop the keys
to the vehicle.
Step out with your hands
above your head.
What is going on?
They're saying the car I was
driving was reported stolen.
That doesn't make any sense.
Finally reached your boss.
She confirmed your story.
She's on her way
in to give a statement.
All charges will be
dropped then?
There's another problem.
These were found
in the vehicle.
No, that's not possible.
But you recognize them.
Yes, they're my boss's,
from her house.
What exactly are you implying,
I'm just presenting
the evidence.
I did not take these.
They were planted.
You have to believe me.
I want to, especially since
you don't have a single prior.
it'll really help your case
if you agree to a drug test.
Yes, absolutely, of course.
Okay then, I'll set it up.
Once that's done, you can go.
Detective, who reported
the car stolen?
I'll have to double check,
but I believe the call
was anonymous.
I'm very sorry.
I was at a banquet, my
phone was on silent.
I hope we didn't
inconvenience you.
My daughter's been sitting
in a jail cell for hours
while they tried to reach you.
I came as soon as I heard.
Do you know who reported
the car stolen?
No, it must be a
Was it you?
Excuse me?
Only three people knew that
Sadie was using that car,
and we're all
standing right here.
So who else could it have been?
Mom, stop.
Why would I want my
assistant arrested?
I don't know.
Maybe as a form of control.
Something to Lord over her.
Okay, mom, stop.
It wasn't her.
You should listen to
your daughter.
She's clearly more
knowledgeable on the subject
than you think you are.
As I said, this is all a
I'll call my lawyers
in the morning,
get them to have all the
charges expunged.
You do that.
Can we go?
I'm very sorry for this, truly.
Let me at least give
you a ride home.
Thanks, but I'll be taking
my daughter home with me.
You're still up?
It's getting late.
Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
What's all this?
Yesterday at the warehouse,
one of Claudia's former
assistants followed me.
Followed you?
She said she wanted to
warn me about Claudia.
That she killed her daughter.
I thought it was a suicide.
That's what the police
eventually ruled it.
She looks familiar.
Tell me about it.
She'd be about my age today.
Apparently she jumped
to her death
during a photo shoot in
the Caribbean.
Oh, poor girl.
Apparently at first,
there were rumors
Claudia was involved.
Eye witness reports put them
together in the same spot,
having an argument
right before she jumped.
Police questioned Claudia.
They eventually cleared her.
There were rumors
Claudia bribed local police
to declare it a suicide.
Before that,
Claudia was involved in a
number of public altercations,
all of which were
handled privately.
And after her daughter's
suicide, Claudia disappeared.
Rumor was, she had some
kind of nervous breakdown
and went to some private
exclusive facility.
Well can you blame her?
After a loss like that?
Loss, or guilt?
You honestly don't think
that she's capable of killing
her own daughter, do you?
I know it's awful to say,
but Claudia has a temper,
a bad one.
It's like she's two
different people.
One of them cannot
control her emotions.
You can't go back there, Sadie.
You have to quit.
How can I now that she's
paid my student loans?
And she possibly had
you arrested
and charged with possession.
Who will hire me now?
I wouldn't have a
referral from Claudia
and I would have a
criminal record.
I have to make sure her
lawyers get the charges dropped
before I put in my notice.
This is exactly what I
was afraid of.
Her manipulating things.
Her manipulating you.
What choice do I have?
Miss Raskin,
it's Detective Wright.
Detective, hi.
I wanted to let you know
that your tox screen came
back negative.
You're all clear.
I told you.
I'm just doing my job.
Have Miss Moreau's
lawyers contacted you yet
about dropping the charges?
Not to my knowledge.
There's something else
that's come to the
attention of the department.
Do you know a Lexi McKay?
She was Claudia's
assistant before me.
She's been reported missing.
Roommate said she
disappeared over a week ago.
Hasn't called or texted and
left all her stuff behind.
Well do you think
she's all right?
Cases like this, a
bunch of times
it's someone needing a
break from their life.
Just getting off the grid
while forgetting the people
who worry about them.
What about the other times?
Foul play.
But, let's not go there yet.
If you find out anything or
she happens to reach out,
give me a call, would you?
Thanks, Detective.
Hi, Claudia Moreau's office.
It's me.
I won't be in today.
Reschedule everything.
Yeah, I'll, I'll
take care of it.
Bring anything I need
by the house.
Uh, sure.
Claudia, are you all righ-
Claudia, brought
everything you asked for.
Is everything all right?
I'm celebrating.
You should join me.
Celebrating what?
Her birthday.
She'd be 26 today.
Do you mean?
My Rebecca.
They blamed me, you know.
For her death.
Did you know that?
Yeah, I did.
Where'd you learn that?
Claudia, I don't think this
is the right time to talk-
Oh, come on.
I'm a big girl.
I run an empire.
I think I can handle a
little gossip.
Elena told me.
The other day at the
warehouse she followed me,
but I didn't know before that.
We were the gossip for a while.
Didn't help that we didn't
have the best relationship.
We weren't close like you
and your mother.
Sure you did a great job.
We were contentious.
We were too often, public.
Which only fueled the
flames of rumors.
Claudia, be careful.
But they were right.
It was my fault.
I pushed her too hard.
To model.
To walk in my footsteps.
To be the face of the company.
I wanted to leave it all to her,
but the pressure got too much.
So I had to stay in charge,
which made the conflict worse.
Took its toll on her, on us.
She wasn't well.
She was emotional, erratic.
At times she was violent.
She said I brought
it out in her,
and that I deserved it,
because she got it from me.
Her madness.
Come on, let's get that
taken care of.
You're such a good girl.
Just the way I raised you.
Just try to get to rest.
Good morning.
Um, Bridget Langdon
called twice,
panicked about the late
fabric shipments.
And Fashion Blog called
again about an interview.
Have you heard anything
yet from your lawyers
about getting the
charges dropped?
I left word.
Don't worry, they'll handle it.
God knows I've paid them
enough in retainers.
Are you feeling all right?
Of course.
Why wouldn't I be?
Your feet.
You stepped on glass last night.
Is that how it happened?
I couldn't remember.
I'm fine.
Should I be asking the
same thing of you?
I'm fine.
Well then great.
Everyone's fine.
Ugh, something came
up with the new line.
Book my usual travel
to New York.
-I'm headed home to pack.
Oh, and I'm gonna need
you to house sit again.
-House sit?
That should be okay.
Why wouldn't it be?
Email me my itinerary, stat.
Thank you so much
for coming again.
I really did not want to
sit here alone.
Happy to be here.
You sure it's just us this time?
Yeah, it should be.
Good, 'cause the last
time she was eyeing me,
she made me feel like
meat at a deli counter.
You order food?
-I'll go.
Must be from Claudia.
Another perk of the job?
Uh, it's not from her,
but it's for you.
"Sadie, so glad we met
at the photo shoot."
"Thanks for the other night."
"Can't wait for round two."
Let me see that.
At least he was nice
enough to give these back.
Vince, I have no idea
what this is.
I thought we were fixing things.
Vince, we are.
I swear. I don't know
anything about this.
Vince, Vince, come on.
This job really has changed you.
-Good luck, Sadie.
I blame you.
Detective, I'm sorry.
I wish I could tell you more.
But what we've spoken to about
today is all that I know.
I hear-
Claudia, you're back.
Detective, is everything okay?
Well, apparently
Elena's gone missing.
Her roommate reported
it this morning.
Said Elena got a text
late last night.
Hurried out right after,
never came home,
hasn't been heard from since.
One night is hardly
cause for concern.
Normally we'd wait 72
hours before investigating.
But as this is the
second assistant of yours
who can't be found.
Do you think something
happened to her?
We're just asking
questions right now.
Did she ever mention anyone?
Places she liked to go?
Friends we need to know about?
Aside from her inability
to do her job,
I don't know much
about the girl.
I haven't seen her in
months since I fired her.
But Sadie's seen her, though.
Saw her the other
day, isn't that right?
Um, yes.
At the warehouse last weekend.
She followed me.
Followed you?
Any idea why?
No, she was,
she was mostly just bad
mouthing Claudia.
She wasn't really
making a lot of sense.
Probably just someone jealous
of me for having her old job.
Right Claudia, isn't
that what you thought?
I suppose.
That sounds like Elena.
She was frequently emotional
and she didn't handle
stress well.
So don't color me
surprised if she's run off.
We did think she
vandalized your car.
Your car?
Yes, when I first
started working here.
I filed a report.
So you think it was
probably Elena
who reported your car stolen,
I let her use
it when she worked for me.
Same as you.
So maybe
she was jealous.
In that case, yeah.
It's likely she's the one
harassing you with calls
and sending you
threatening emails.
It probably was her that tripped
the alarm the other night.
At the house.
We really should make
to get those locks changed.
You seem to have quite a bit
of bad blood with this woman.
No, we're, we're not
sure it was her.
We think it was her.
Right, Claudia?
Thank you for your time.
We'll be in touch if we
have any more questions.
I'd start working on my
resume if I were you.
Doesn't seem to be a lot
of future in this job.
When did you get back?
Last night.
There's too much work to
be done before the lineup.
Did you come by the house?
Uh, no.
I didn't want to disturb you
in case you had a visitor.
No, we broke up.
Oh, well that's not surprising.
If I'm being honest, the
other morning,
he was totally checking me
out the minute you left.
It was really uncomfortable.
So you didn't come by the house?
You're sure?
Yes I'm sure.
Someone put a mannequin
in the kitchen.
Just sitting on a chair,
propped up.
A mannequin?
So someone was inside the house.
Well I never got an alert.
That's because the alarm
didn't go off.
Which means that whoever
came inside had the code.
Was it you?
But I'll check the security
cameras to see who it was.
Security cameras?
Have you been watching me?
I've been keeping tabs
on my own house.
Not that I need to
explain myself.
I'll let you know what I find.
Hi, I'm calling from
Claudia Moreau's office,
she wanted me to
confirm her charges
from her stay last night.
You sure?
She never checked in?
Can you please double check?
Thank you.
Someone's jumpy today.
Maybe stay off the
coffee for a while.
I'm headed to my 10:30.
Forward all the important
calls to my cell.
What are you doing?
It was you, the whole time.
What are you talking about?
In the house.
You were watching me,
watching us.
What did you do to Elena?
Excuse me?
I told you I saw her at
the warehouse
and now she's missing.
I was out of town.
I called the hotel.
You never checked in.
Did you even leave town or
did you just need an alibi?
I changed hotels.
Sure you did.
It was you the entire time.
The calls, the emails, my car.
You were the only one
with access.
Don't lie.
You are out of line.
I want you to take the
rest of the day off,
and tomorrow we'll discuss
any future might have here.
Elena was right.
You try to remake us into her.
And then when we can't
live up to your standards,
we're discarded, dismissed.
Just like she was.
I'd be very careful
what you say next.
Is that what all of
this is about?
Your shame,
or your guilt?
How dare you.
She never jumped.
That's just what you told
everyone, including yourself.
Don't you ever talk about her.
Get out.
You're fired.
Don't bother.
I quit.
Before I go missing, too.
Sadie, it's mom.
Are you here?
I'm here.
You were right.
Claudia's behind all of it.
Elena, we have to go.
Where's my daughter?
The unemployment line, I assume.
She left here hours ago.
I haven't been able
to reach her.
You need serious help.
That was last night.
I was in New York.
I have no idea who that is.
How can you not know?
You have no idea how many nights
I've lied awake thinking of her.
Down in the cold, the dark,
all alone.
As a mother that can
drive you mad.
If you let it.
Where is my daughter?
They never found her body.
Did you know that?
You be quiet.
You're alive?
Am I?
Sometimes it doesn't
feel that way.
Where have you been?
Same way mommy kept watch on me.
I saw you, all of you.
Come in and try to
take my place.
Your place?
No, I never wanted to do that.
My hair,
my clothes,
my car,
my bed.
Filling the space that I left.
I left that space to hurt her!
Wait, wait, Rebecca.
Rebecca, let's just talk, okay?
You, me and your mom.
We should just talk.
Rebecca, she misses you so much.
Let's call her and let
her know that you're okay.
Rebecca, Rebecca, let's
call your mom, okay?
Let's call Claudia.
Maybe later.
You and I should just
talk for a while.
Just the two of us.
Why is she calling you?
My mother and I
aren't exactly on
speaking terms right now.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come here, look at me.
Look at me, Rebecca.
Then let's talk.
Let's talk, it's just us, okay?
And we can go somewhere else.
Anywhere you want.
We don't have to talk here,
the warehouse.
I think we'll stay
here for a while.
This is where I came,
to escape her.
I couldn't live like
that anymore.
Feeling like I was
always failing.
The constant disappointment.
Rebecca, I'm so sorry she
made you feel like that.
When I did come back,
there was already
someone in my place.
Me, but not.
Same hair,
same clothes.
So I decided to make
her lose that one, too.
And the next,
and the next.
Some were more skiddish.
A few threatening emails
or calls was enough.
Others needed more convincing.
A vandalized car.
An arrest or two.
Ruined relationships.
A gift basket.
Lots of different ways.
I am so, so sorry for how
your mother treated you.
I know Claudia.
I know how cruel she can be.
I can't imagine what it
must've been like
growing up as her daughter.
Losing you cost her so much.
That was the whole point.
I want her to feel that
pain over and over again.
I want her to suffer the
same way I did.
She has, that's why
she takes it out on all of us.
Of course she does.
Because it's never good enough.
Nothing is ever good enough.
That's why they all
had to suffer.
Your turn now.
Rebecca, no.
No, no, no!
Rebecca, stop!
Baby, it's me.
It's mommy.
Put those down.
You don't need to do this.
Put those down.
We'll go home.
I'll fix it.
I'll make everything better.
This is all your fault.
I'm sorry.
All I wanted to do
was protect you.
Protect me.
You were hiding me.
You wanted to
steal it from me.
All of it.
Take me from the cameras,
from the catwalk.
For your own good.
Honey, you were sick.
You needed help, that's all.
You were jealous that I
was becoming more famous.
That's not true.
I did everything I
could for you.
I put your meds in my name
so no one could find out.
I took the blame for your
outbursts and your car accidents
I didn't care what it
did to my reputation.
Because you were ashamed.
Because I loved you.
I wanted to protect you.
You were protecting yourself.
Your image, your company.
All the things you
loved more than me.
You're right.
I was selfish.
But I will give it all
up for you, right now.
We can go away, start over.
Abu Dhabi, Paris,
anywhere you want.
Just you and me.
We can go.
Right after I kill her.
We need to
call the police.
reached 911 dispatcher,
what's your emergency?
You have reached the
911 dispatcher.
What's your emergency?
Are you okay, ma'am?
Are you in trouble?
If you're in trouble,
please stay on the line.
It's okay,
it's all right.
Mommy's here.
Okay, it's okay.
They're here for me?
Yes, baby.
All for you.
Your credentials are impressive.
Particularly working for
Claudia Moreau.
She gave you the highest
which is unheard of.
That's kind of her.
I learned a lot
working for Claudia.
About the industry and
about myself.
Things I didn't even
know were there.
Let me show you some
of my designs.