A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane (2019) Movie Script

(light festive music)
- Okay people, 10 minutes til
We're on in 10,
is she almost ready?
- I need five minutes.
- Put more highlighter,
I want my eyes to pop!
- I got you.
- Do you know how many people
are gonna be tuning in to
today's show?
Well, I'll give you a hint.
It's a lot.
(stylist chuckling)
Are you excited about
today's guest?
- Yes.
I love her books.
"Midnight on the Mind"
was by far my favorite.
(slow paced music)
- You look nervous.
Why are you nervous?
- I don't know.
- Neither do I, you've done
this a billion times before.
- I know, it's just, every
new book I get the jitters.
You know, with each new
book they always ask.
- No, they're not gonna ask.
Don't worry about it, I
already took care of it.
- That Conrad,
he sure knows how to melt a
woman's heart.
(blonde giggling)
- He sure does.
(imitates purring)
- [Stylist] Right?
I think you are pretty much--
- Okay, we need to go now.
- Okay, you're good.
Got it.
- Now, put this on.
I know it's cheesy but
people love Christmas
and people are nicer when
they're filled
with that holiday spirit.
Even Ms. Betsey Goldmen.
- We're on in five, you ready?
- We're ready.
(women giggling)
(upbeat music)
- Rise and Shine America!
Welcome to this
beautiful winter morning
here on Rise and Shine America!
Coming to you live
from New York!
I'm Betsey Goldmen.
Well I am so excited
to announce
our guest this morning.
From the pages of her books,
she has melted the
hearts of women
from across America.
So please give a warm welcome
to the mother of
modern romance novels,
Jennifer Monroe!
(people clapping)
Oh, it's so great
to have you here.
Thank you for coming.
- Well thank you for having me.
- So, I know you've been
asked this many times,
but I just have to ask
before we go on
because I know we are all dying
to find out the answer.
Who is Conrad?
The one you're
always writing about?
- What?
- Oh, come on.
It's just us girls.
And the entire country I guess.
We have all fallen
madly in love.
Who is the mysterious Conrad?
- Well, it's hard to pinpoint.
Just like all my characters,
I gather inspiration from
everyone I meet.
Our Conrad's inspired
by many people.
Sadly, he's fictitious.
Sorry ladies.
- Hmm.
I'm not buying it.
That answer seems rehearsed.
- Well, that's the
answer I have.
I don't know what else to say.
- Well, it'll just have to
be a mystery for now then.
What a lovely Christmas pin.
Someone's in the holiday spirit.
- Who doesn't love Christmas?
- The Grinch.
(Betsey laughing)
So, any plans for the holidays?
- Yes, I'm going home to
visit my family this year.
- Oh, how lovely.
Well, we wish you the
best holiday season
filled with love and
And for everyone here
and everyone tuning in at home,
we wanna thank you so much for
your time.
And remember to buy Jennifer
fabulous new book,
"Winter Nights and Music
It truly is a magical
gift this season.
My name is Betsey Goldmen,
and on behalf of myself
and the entire crew of
Rise and Shine America,
have a beautiful day.
(phone vibrating)
- Hello.
- I watched your interview.
- Betsey Goldmen is
something else isn't she?
- Yes.
Not my cup of tea,
but you looked great.
- [Jennifer] Thanks.
- You're leaving soon, right?
Don't wanna miss your flight.
- No, I'm packing right now.
I'll get in tonight at midnight.
- Gosh, that's late.
- I know, it's the
best I could do.
- I suppose.
Johnny will be picking you up.
We're all excited to see you.
It's been too long.
- 'Cause all those years
you made me feel guilty
for not coming back home
to visit finally paid off.
- A mother's love dear.
- Okay mom, I really
gotta go though.
All right, I'll see you soon.
All right?
- Okay, travel safe.
- All right, love you, bye.
- Oh thank goodness.
I thought that phone call would
never end.
What do you say, one more
round before you leave?
- You know you can still come
with me.
- No, no, no, no.
Don't do that.
- Do what?
- [Male] Well we
were supposed to be
in Fiji for the holidays,
but you canceled.
- Yeah, but for a very--
- I know, I know.
Family matters.
I stand by your decision.
However, as I've
told you before,
Lucas, will either be in Fiji
celebrating the birth of Christ
or here in New York,
the city that I love.
- Fine.
- Oh, oh baby.
Please don't be sad.
You know what I can do for you?
I can leave you something
to remember me by.
And I guarantee, it will
leave you completely satisfied
until the duration of your trip.
- Oh, okay.
Do you think you could
not eat on my bed
and give me a ride
to the airport?
- All right, you win.
- Only with you.
- I'll go change.
You know, if we wait
here any longer
you're gonna miss your flight.
And eventually these guys
are gonna ask me to move,
or they might just
straight up ticket me.
I mean, who knows in New York.
It's nice to see you smile.
Relax, okay.
You're gonna be fine.
- I just wish you'd be there.
- I know.
Go home.
Enjoy the time with your family.
I will be right here
when you get back.
- All right, I love you.
(airplane whirring)
(light festive music)
- All right!
- Wow.
- What?
- It's the same as
when I left it.
- Yeah, mom wouldn't let us
touch a thing.
She wanted it perfect for
you when you came home.
- I'm gonna go to sleep.
- [Johnny] Yeah, yeah.
I'm glad you're back.
- [Jennifer] Me too.
- Goodnight.
- Oh boy, what a long day.
- You're gonna need
to put that back on.
- [Lucas] Hm?
(ominous music)
- We'll need protection, don't
you think?
(Lucas chuckling)
(phone vibrating)
(solemn music)
(slow festive music)
- Good morning!
- [Mom] Oh my baby!
It's so good to see you!
- Hi Mom!
- Hi.
You look nice.
- Thanks, I found it in the
- I think that's your sisters.
- Oh.
Where is she?
- She's with Caleb.
They took Willie to see Santa.
I have to get busy,
the Blake's are
gonna be here any minute.
- Gonna sit down?
- [Jennifer] Mom's into
- Yeah.
Obviously you've been
gone way too long.
(baby babbling)
(slow paced music)
- Enjoying the islands.
How's my beautiful little girl?
(light upbeat music)
Come here.
Come here.
I got ya.
I got ya.
Here's your toy.
Here's your toy.
You are so special.
(doorbell ringing)
- Hi Mr. Berry, I am
so sorry that I'm late.
- Oh, no worries.
Come on in, it's cold out there.
- Thank you.
- Hi honey.
- Okay, so I've fed Gemma.
- Hi Honey.
- [Woman] Okay.
- Which means she'll
probably zonk out
and be done for the
rest of the evening.
- Oh no!
- Now, I put emergency
numbers on the refrigerator.
- Okay.
- And of course, I will
have my cellphone on me
just in case.
And let's see, is there anything
- Mr. Berry, don't worry.
I've done this before.
- Okay, thanks.
But if you do need me--
- I won't.
- Okay, but if you do--
- [Woman] Mr. Berry, please go!
Have a good night.
My mom says that you deserve
to have a good night.
- Okay.
Well thank you.
- [Woman] Yeah.
- All right, bye Gemma.
- Say bye Dad!
- [Woman] Oh!
- [Mark] Thank you!
- Bye, see ya, have fun!
Hey, let's go hun.
- He's coming right?
Did he get a babysitter?
- Yes.
Yeah, I believe so.
It's be good though,
haven't seen him in a while.
- Forever.
He's gonna miss this game.
- [Male In Back Top] I know.
Oh, there he is.
- Hey guys.
- Good to see you man,
it's been a while.
- You too, absolutely.
- Yeah.
- What's going on?
- [Male In Green Top] Good to
see you man.
- Man does it feel
good to be out.
- [Male In Green Top]
We've got beer for you.
- Nice, thank you.
What did I miss?
- Just all the good parts.
I'm just kidding.
- You're good man, it's just
the start of third quarter.
- Cool.
- [Announcer] The Pittsburgh
win, 2015.
(light festive music)
- [Jennifer] Hey Dad.
- Hey, my girl!
Come here!
Hey, come on, get in here,
game's just getting started.
Come on guys.
Hey, you remember the
Blake's from next door right?
- Of course she remembers us.
We've known her since
she was in diapers.
- Well, it's been a while.
Was thinking maybe she
might have forgotten.
- Oh yeah.
Maybe you're the
one that's forgotten
in your old age.
- No, no, no,
I remember you guys.
Thank you, it's nice
to see you again.
- [Everyone] Touchdown!
(everyone cheering)
- [Male] Oh nice.
- Knock knock!
Hi everybody!
Hi Jenn!
Lily you remember
your Auntie Jenn, yeah?
- Hi.
- Hey.
Can you say hi?
She's just a little bit shy.
- Okay.
Well, I'm gonna go
do my stuff.
So I'll see ya later.
It was nice seeing you.
- You too, bye.
- [Jennifer] Hi Caleb.
- All right, let's go.
Go see Grandpa, go see Grandpa.
- [Male] Go, go, go!
- [Announcer] He'll take it in!
- [Both] Yes!
- Yes!
- Nice!
- [Male in green Top] Sucker!
Now, now, don't cry.
- I'm not crying.
- Well you'll have another
chance to win next year.
- Who is Conrad?
Tune in tomorrow for a recap
of our exclusive interview
with romance novelist, Jennifer
And some never before seen
and hopefully get to the bottom
of the question that is on
all of our minds.
Who is Conrad?
- Who is Conrad?
Who is Conrad?
OMG, who is Conrad?
My wife loves these books.
Can't get enough of them.
Apparently, Conrad is the
man every woman wants.
This guy is basically perfect.
Annabelle is constantly saying,
"Conrad this, Conrad that.
"Oh my God, you're such a jerk.
"Why can't you be more like
Blah blah.
- [Male In Black] Dude.
- [Male In Green Top] What?
- Jennifer Monroe.
Jenny Monroe.
- You keep repeating the name,
it doesn't mean I'm gonna get
What am I missing here?
- Mark's girlfriend, all through
- You dated Jennifer Monroe the
- Kind of.
- Oh man, how come
you didn't tell me!
Ooh, do you have the hookup?
My wife would love me forever
if she got to meet her.
- Guys, it's not a big deal.
That was years ago.
And no, we don't really even
talk anymore.
- Yeah.
Not that big of a deal.
Except that she took every
single one
of their intimate moments,
added a happier ending
and made it into a successful
book series
for all the desperate women to
- What?
- Well I wouldn't quite say it
like that.
- Wait, give me a sec.
- [Male In Black] The dude's
- He's Conrad.
- [Male In Black Top] Yeah, he's
- Mark is Conrad?
- Yes, Mark is Conrad.
- Guys, can we please relax?
I am not Conrad.
- [Male In Green Top]
You're not?
- We dated in college
for a while,
and that's it.
And it didn't work out.
- Mark graduated a
year ahead of her.
Their relationship
became long distance
and she dumped him.
- [Male In Green Top] Damn.
- And now she makes a whole
lot of money writing about him.
- Hey.
- I'm sorry.
Writing about Conrad.
- [Male In Green Top]
That's cold.
- [Male In Black Top] Yeah.
- Guys, those stories
could be about anyone.
- Yeah, but, they're not.
- Okay, can we
please just move on?
- Yes, absolutely.
Look, moving on.
- For sure man.
- [Mark] Thank you.
- Tyrese!
- Hey baby.
- Don't pretend like
you didn't get my texts.
Game's over, time to leave!
And hurry, I'm double parked.
- I gotta go.
Before she makes me walk home.
- Go, get out of here man.
- [Mark] See ya later buddy.
- [Male In Black Top] Wow.
- Wow's right.
- I gotta go clock in man.
You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
I gotta take off anyway
and run some errands.
- [Male In Black] Okay.
- These are for you.
- Don't even worry
about it, I got ya.
- [Mark] Thanks buddy.
- Whoa!
Jennifer Monroe back in town!
Getting in touch with
her roots, I like it.
What can I get for ya?
- I will have a cinnamon latte.
Almond milk,
no sweetener, no syrup.
- Okay, got you.
So no sweetener, we can do,
no syrup, eh, probably
not gonna taste great,
but we can do it.
Unfortunately, we don't
have any almond milk.
- Fine, coconut milk?
- No, but I can interest
you in some whole milk?
- No.
What else do you have?
- Whole milk, half and half.
- That's all you have?
- [Barista] Yup.
- I'll just have a coffee,
- Excellent choice.
Would you like to add
a slice of cherry pie?
Maybe with our famous
homemade Anne's pie filling?
- Sure, why not?
- Awesome, the cherry
pie's my favorite.
- This so bitter.
- We've got sweetener
in the corner.
Help yourself.
- [Mark] Hey man,
how's it going?
- [Barista] Hey Mark.
- Good to see ya.
- Good to see you man.
Oh dude,
you've just missed it?
- Missed what?
- Jen was here.
Like five minutes ago.
Jennifer Monroe.
Oh snap.
You didn't know that
she was back in town?
Yeah, she was here.
She's back.
Oh man.
What if she was here
and you were here at the
same time she was still here.
Awe man, if you guys
saw each other,
the tension, the chemistry,
the lack of chemistry, god.
- Hey, can I get a coffee?
- Yeah.
Yeah I can get you a coffee?
Just a normal coffee?
- [Mark] Yeah.
- Cool man, I'm gonna go get it.
(door knocking)
- I am so sorry Mr. Berry,
I was just resting my eyes.
You okay?
You look like you
just saw a ghost.
(girl laughing)
- Yeah, no, I'm fine.
- Well Gemma was
perfect as always.
- [Mark] Oh good, good to hear.
- Yeah.
- Hey, can I offer
you a ride home?
- No actually, my birthday
was a few days ago
and I got a car.
- Oh, well happy late birthday.
And congrats.
- [Babysitter] Thank you.
- [Mark] Get home safe.
- Thanks, will do.
- [Mark] Good night.
- Hey sis.
- Hey.
- Whatcha doing?
- Just checking emails,
what's up?
- Just wanted to make
sure you were okay.
- I'm fine.
- Yeah, you seem fine.
- Jill looks good, I don't
see much of a difference.
- Yeah.
Yeah, she's doing well.
She's strong,
you know, and complete.
Yeah, if that makes sense.
- That's good.
I'm glad.
- Yeah, me too.
Hey, you going skating
with us tomorrow?
- Skating?
- Yeah, it's Lily's birthday,
you know, and she wanted
to go ice skating, so.
- I totally forgot.
I guess I have to go.
- Well you don't have to go.
It'd be nice if you go.
And she is your
niece and all, so.
- Yeah, I guess.
- No, no she is.
- I know, it's just,
she doesn't even say hi.
Do you think something's
wrong with her?
- You know, in her defense,
she doesn't really know you.
(solemn music)
- Yeah.
- Hey, don't beat yourself up.
You'll get to know
her soon enough.
But I'll see you tomorrow.
- [Jennifer] Goodnight.
- [Johnny] Goodnight.
(light festive music)
- Here for Lily's party?
- Thanks.
- Sure thing.
- Oh this looks so beautiful.
- She's gonna love it.
- Yeah, come on,
let's get going.
- Yeah.
- Hey, we're gonna grab our
skates, okay?
- All right.
- All right, so you're
really beautiful.
Hey, those are so beautiful!
- Hey, you're here!
- [Dad] Fantastic.
- Oh my gosh,
she's gonna love these!
- Okay, let's go.
- Yeah.
- [Jennifer] Can I help?
- Yeah actually.
Why don't you put some
more plates near the cake.
I think that'd be great.
- Sorry I'm late buddy.
- It's all good.
- [Mom] They look
happy don't they?
- [Jennifer] Yeah they do.
- I tell ya, some people
are just meant to be.
- Grandma!
Come skate with us.
- [Mom] Coming.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Lily
Happy birthday to you
- Blow 'em out.
- You got it, blow it out.
- Make a wish.
- All the way.
All of 'em,
all of 'em, all of 'em!
- One more, one more!
(everyone applauding)
(light festive music)
- What ya looking at?
- [Jennifer] They did good.
- Yeah they did.
- So, what about you?
Do you have a lady friend?
- No.
No, no.
- [Jennifer] Well do you date?
- Not at the moment,
but I'm just too busy.
Working a lot.
And helping Caleb and
Jillian take care of Lily.
Yeah, I mean,
I'll get back into it
when the time is right.
I just feel like there's more
important things going on.
- Yeah.
- [Johnny] So you
gonna come skate?
- In a minute.
I gotta finish my cake.
- Come on, I better see
you out there on that ice.
- [Jennifer] All right.
- All right.
- You will.
- [Johnny] I better!
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, just,
I just need to rest
for a second.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Here baby, lean on me.
- Thanks babe.
Hey, I'm really
glad you're here.
Come here.
- You sure you're okay?
- Yes, yeah,
get out there and skate.
Never too late to learn how.
No time like the present!
- Here.
Lean on me.
(Jillian coughing)
- Hey, didn't I see you at
the coffee shop last night?
- What are you doing here?
- Well, I work
here and I live here.
What are you doing here?
- It's Lily's birthday.
- I meant, what are you
doing here in Wisconsin?
- It's Christmas-time.
- It's been Christmas before
and you've never come home,
so what are you doing here?
Wait, are you actually
staying for Christmas?
- Yeah, is that a problem?
- No, I'm just
surprised to see you.
I didn't think you were
ever gonna come home.
- Well I wouldn't if
it were up to me,
but my family refuses to
leave from this place,
so here I am.
- Okay.
I got ya, I got ya!
(Mark laughing)
You never could skate.
This is great.
You can't run like you
did at the coffee shop.
You're stuck here on the ice
with me.
You have no choice but to chat.
- Oh no, we can skate in
'cause I really have
nothing to say to you.
- Really?
After all this time?
- Nope.
- Nothing at all?
- Okay Mark, I will
play this game.
Did you have something in mind
that you wanted
me to say to you?
- I wanna know why you're here.
- I already told you!
- Wait, did Flynn tell
you about me and Laura?
Is that why you're here?
- Who's Laura?
Look, I don't know what's
happening right now,
but I'm not one of those girls
that stalks their
exes on social media
just to get insight
into their life.
We were done seven years
ago, you screwed up.
Chapter closed.
So whatever fun you and your
floozy Laura are having,
Now if you'll excuse me.
Do you know where Mom is?
- She went to bed.
- What do you have there?
- Epsom salt,
I can't feel my feet.
- I don't know how salts
can help you with that.
- Very funny.
I need a bucket.
Do you know
where she keeps 'em?
- I don't know, beats me.
- Check with Jill,
she's upstairs.
- [Jennifer] Ow.
(Jennifer groaning)
(solemn music)
(door knocking)
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Different isn't it?
- How do you feel?
- Tired, but happy.
Lily had a great day.
I'm really glad you came.
- Yeah, me too.
So, when did you move
back in with Mom and Dad?
I had no idea.
- A couple months ago.
Things have just
been coming in waves
so it's just been
easier on everybody
to have Mom and Dad close by.
A little bit of stability.
And Johnny too.
Lily loves her uncle Johnny.
What are you doing
back here Jennifer?
Don't get me wrong,
we are so happy
that you're back,
and I would love to think that
you're here to see me, but,
and I really don't
think that's the case.
It's never been a reason before.
- Well I was supposed
to go to Fiji
for Christmas with Lucas.
But you know,
something just didn't
feel right between us,
so I canceled the trip
and I told him I
needed to come back home
and that there was an emergency.
- Interesting.
- [Jennifer] How so?
- No, just your family's an
excuse when you need us to be.
- Oh, Jill, I didn't
mean it like that.
- No, we'll take
what we can get.
Honestly, Jen, we're
just happy to see you.
I saw you with Mark today.
Come on.
Tell me everything.
- It was nothing really.
- [Jill] Come on.
- [Jennifer] Can I at
least get a bucket first?
And I couldn't stand up.
So bad.
- But I saw you.
- [Jill] Everybody saw you.
- And then he asked me,
he's like,
"Did Flynn tell you about
One, I don't know
why you think I'd
still talk to Flynn.
And two, I have
no idea who Laura is.
I don't know why I would care.
Wait, what?
- Nothing.
- I saw you!
Now you have to tell me!
- [Jill] Okay,
just don't tell him I told you.
- Okay.
- Mark started dating Laura
pretty soon after the
two of you broke up.
I mean we all thought it
was a rebound, of course,
but it wasn't.
They were in love
and six years went by,
they were still together,
and she got pregnant.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah.
We were excited
for him, we were,
but Laura was
really weird about it all.
- How so?
- I don't know, she would just
steer the conversation
away from it.
She'd kind of like half smiled
when you congratulate her.
It was noticeably off.
It turns out she
never wanted a baby.
Mark had to beg her to keep it
and I guess she agreed
but as soon as
Gemma was born, she left.
- Oh my God.
Wow, that's a lot.
- Yeah, it is.
But it's good.
No, he's doing great.
And Gemma is the cutest
little kid you've ever seen.
Except for Lily.
- I just...
I can't believe he's a Dad.
I mean, a single Dad at that.
Just wouldn't
have pegged him for it.
(slow paced music)
- Good morning love.
- Good morning Mom.
- How did you sleep?
- Great actually.
- Good to hear.
A little bird told me that you
and your sister were
quite chatty last night.
- It wasn't me.
- It doesn't matter who it was,
it was nice to hear.
- What are you doing?
- I'm making a last minute
grocery list.
I've got lots to do.
Clean house,
bake cookies, run errands.
- [Jennifer] Did you need my
(Johnny spitting)
- I would adore
your help, thank you love.
Would you mind
going to the store for me?
- Sure.
You guys gonna be okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Sure.
- I need to get a latte anyways,
the store's on the way.
- Bye.
Can you believe it?
She offered?
Well then, I better start
- Hey, how can I help you?
- This used to
be a market, right?
- Yeah, Pete's.
My husband and I bought
it a couple months ago.
- Huh.
- Comfy sports bar, it's
always been our dream.
You okay?
- Yeah, sorry.
Sorry, a lot of memories here.
My ex and I would
come and suck the
helium out of the balloons.
Sound like a cartoon for 20
Drove Pete crazy.
- I can imagine.
- Where is Pete, is he around?
- I'm not sure.
Store went out of business
a couple years ago.
Building was vacant for, gosh,
almost a year.
But I'm sure he's off enjoying
somewhere in the Florida
Keys or something.
- Yeah.
- Well look who it is.
- Hey Kim.
- [Kim] And you
brought the baby.
Hi Gemma.
- Well, we actually just
came to drop these off.
- [Kim] And he cooks.
Ladies, he's a keeper.
- Well my Mom
cooks and she knows
how much you
love her poppy seed cake.
- I do, thank you!
That's so thoughtful of her.
I'm gonna go put
these in the fridge.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Look, I owe you an
apology for yesterday.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
be so mean to you.
And I called Laura a bad word,
and for that I'm sorry.
- Apology accepted.
- Just like that?
- Well what am I supposed to do?
Curse at you?
Make a scene?
- I--
- We're not in college anymore.
- Right.
Can I buy you a drink?
Look, I don't when I'm
gonna be back here
and I'd really like to catch up.
- Okay.
- [Jennifer] She's perfect.
- Yeah.
I lucked out.
- Is it hard?
Raising her by yourself?
- It might be too
early to tell yet.
But I had no idea this is
how my life would turn out.
It is what it is.
- Did you ever think
about not having her?
- The thought never
once crossed my mind.
Anyway, enough about me,
how's life treating you?
- I guess it's,
it's good, you know?
(phone vibrating)
- Excuse me.
I am so sorry, I have to go.
- Oh.
- But, hey, you can
say no if you want,
but if you'd like to, I'd
like to take you out tonight
and maybe finish this
- I'd love that.
- Yeah?
I'll pick you up at seven?
- See ya then.
- [Mom] Yummy.
- [Dad] You better watch her
or we'll have none left.
- Oh there she is.
Oh my God Jenny,
where have you been?
I thought you'd left and
went back to New York
without saying goodbye.
- No, I went to
see an old friend
and had some coffee.
- [Dad] Get your
gear miss and come on,
the game's about to start guys.
Don't be late.
- No, no, no, I'm not
watching the game tonight.
- [Mom] Have you
lost your mind love?
- No, I'm just having
dinner with my old friend.
So if you'll excuse me,
I have to get ready.
- Jillian, now that
you and your sister
are speaking again,
you're gonna have
to find out details.
- All right, I'm on it.
- Go.
- An old friend?
Jenny, who you going out with?
- Mark.
- Mark.
- I ran into him at the
coffee shop and we talked.
Stop that.
(slow paced music)
- What?
- Smiling, stop smiling.
- Oh what, I can't smile now?
- Ugh, nothing to wear.
Everything I brought was for
lounging around the house.
Lord knows none
of these high school
dresses are gonna fit me.
Well I guess I'm going in this.
- Hmm, mm-mm.
- What?
- Come with me.
- [Jill] Come on.
Come on.
You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
(phone vibrating)
- Here you go, it's cold.
(doorbell ringing)
- Hi Mr., whoa!
You look nice for a game.
- Change of plans, I got myself
a date.
- Oh!
(slow festive music)
- I planned it out, trust me.
- All right, all right.
Who's ready for this game?
- I am.
- Me.
- Can you say it a little
more convincing next time?
- I don't really wanna be here.
- Baby!
It's date night.
The important thing is
that we are together.
Now, where is Mark?
Is he on his way?
(phone vibrating)
- What?
You gotta be kidding me?
He's not coming anymore.
- What?
- Yeah, it says "Sorry guys,
last minute
"date with an old friend."
- Date?
- Old friend?
- Looks like everybody's
having fun tonight but me.
- Yeah, being third wheel isn't
my idea of fun.
- Great, I'll leave then!
Problem solved!
I'd rather be at the movies
You two, enjoy your dates.
- Wait, baby!
- It's cool baby.
I see you at home.
- Well that worked out.
What's wrong with you?
- Are you going to share a
Margherita pizza with me?
- I guess.
- That's right.
At least you'll be a cheaper
We're going dutch.
(slow paced music)
- Wow, you look beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Are you ready?
- Let's go.
So where are we going?
Is this what it
- It's a surprise.
Feels like
- You know I hate surprises.
- Oh, I know, I remember,
To shake off the ice
but trust me.
This is good.
Around my heart
Although the stories are told

- [Mark] Your eyes are closed,
- Yes.
(chimes chiming)
- [Mark] You ready?
- [Jennifer] Yes.
- Okay, open them.
Welcome to Candy Cane Lane.
We've made
A brand new start
I don't have to be alone
'Cause this Christmas
- It's amazing.
- Yeah, pretty cool huh?
- Very impressed.
I don't have to be alone
'Cause this Christmas
- [Mark] It's good right?
- [Jennifer] So good.
You're my home
- This is pretty amazing huh?
(phone vibrating)
- Sorry.
Mom, slow down.
I can't understand you.
Oh my God, okay.
I'll be right there.
Jill's in the hospital.
I gotta go.
(somber music)
- Can I help you?
- I'm looking for my sister.
- Name please.
- Jillian Monroe.
- [Nurse] And your name.
- Jennifer Monroe.
- Jennifer Monroe?
- Yes.
- You look just like your
I can't believe it's you.
I just love your books.
It's my special time during the
let's my mind wander a little
If you know what I mean.
- So good to hear.
- Oh my.
Oh my goodness me.
Lush sandy hair,
soft facial tickle.
You must be Conrad!
- No, I am not Conrad.
- He is not Conrad.
- Nope.
- [Jennifer] Definitely not.
- Oh, no.
Not Conrad.
Even though you match exactly
the description in the book
and you are exactly what I
- Look, we're here to see her
Can you tell us what room she's
in please?
- 206.
- Thank you.
I should probably wait outside.
- Lily's gonna have to come see
- I know.
- The sooner the better.
- I know.
- Jill--
- I just want it to be
under happier circumstances.
Hey Jen.
- Hey Jill.
- I'll be outside if you need me
- Okay.
I'm glad you came.
Come in, sit down.
(Jen laughing)
And the Root beer all
over Mom's white carpet.
I thought she was gonna kill us.
- Me too.
- Ladies, keep it down.
The whole floor's sleeping.
And our Conrad had to leave.
He didn't wanna interrupt.
- My gosh, I totally forgot
about him.
- I'm sorry.
"Our Conrad?"
Did she mean Mark?
She did.
She did.
Oh Jenny, I'm so glad.
I'm so glad it's Mark.
That boy never stopped loving
He just made a mistake.
You know, people make mistakes
But you deserve to be with
somebody that makes you happy.
You deserve the best.
- You deserve the best.
If anyone in this world does,
it's you.
- [Jill] Jenny--
- It's true.
You're a better person than I
- Oh, don't say that.
- It's true.
You're always thinking of
You listen when other people
talk to you.
You contribute to charity--
- So do you.
- I write a check.
Anyone can write a check.
You actually care.
You donate your time and your
and you see the impact that
your being has on others.
You have a little girl
and she's so beautiful.
And she has the whole world
ahead of her.
And she needs her Mom.
I don't know why God's
taking you away from us.
It's so soon
and I'm so angry at Him
and I hate that I am--
- Hey.
It's okay.
What you're feeling is fine.
Hey, I was mad at first.
I was mad.
Why, why me?
I know that
I started to feel selfish.
- What?
- I just think
if I go,
it's just because I'm needed in
Like, maybe I'll be more
impactful as an angel.
I know that sounds childish but
I have to believe it.
It's better than asking
all the reasons why.
Don't you think?
- I'm so sorry I didn't visit
(inspirational music)
- [Jill] It's okay.
You're here now.
(doorbell ringing)
- [Mark] Hey, what are you doing
- Hi.
I didn't wanna go home.
You hungry?
Like old times?
- Come on in.
How did you even find
a place open this late?
Everything here closes at 10.
- Everything does close.
I had to beg Mr. Donaldson
to let me into the store.
- I mean, all those years of
you must've been really craving
marshmallows and cocoa.
- I just wanted something that
took me back to the good times.
- What, like frostbite?
- No, like being here.
Embracing the earth.
- Yeah, probably not
a lot of starry nights
in New York like there are here
- [Jen] Not like this.
- How ya holding up?
- It's weird.
It's been a while since I've
been back.
- I know.
- A lot has changed.
I'm so angry as myself.
It was just so much easier
away from this place.
And the town.
My family.
Now that I'm back, I don't know,
I just regret not visiting more
- Oh, I mean, you were pretty
melting the hearts of millions
of women
with the adventures of the great
Conrad Jacobson.
- Oh my God.
(Mark laughing)
- [Jennifer] How much have
you heard about Conrad?
- Oh, I don't know,
I'd say everything.
- Everything?
- It's all over the TV stations.
- This is true.
- I know I tease you about
but you should be proud of
I mean it.
You made a life for yourself
outside of this town,
and that takes guts.
- Thank you.
- Even if it was at the expense
of sharing our intimate details
for the entire world to enjoy.
- I'm sorry.
I'm not sure I know what you
- Yes you do.
- [Jennifer] Help me out.
- Conrad.
- You're not Conrad.
- [Mark] Yes, I am.
- No you're not.
- Come on.
Wearing cowboy boots,
falling in love on the dance
Chasing fireflies on the summer
Skinny-dipping on a dare.
Jen, that was you and me.
- You read my books?
- All of them.
(slow paced music)
Multiple times actually.
I enjoy them,
they remind me of our beginning
Except for like a slightly
skewed time capsule.
They really remind me of
the good times we had.
Except we didn't have quite
the same ending of course.
I'm sorry I cheated on you.
- It was years ago, it's fine.
Long distance is hard.
- Yeah, I know, but I don't
I ever apologized, so, I'm
- Me too.
(light music)
(slow paced music)
- That's good.
- Thank you man.
- [Male] It's a little fruity.
- [Male] No, it's good.
- It's like a cocktail.
Oh, hey man.
- Hey guys.
- Yo.
- [Male] Whoa!
You get your teeth whitened or
What's with the smile, it's
- What are you talking about?
- Dude, stop, you're creeping me
- I had a good night, that's
- Looks like a really good
- What?
Did you?
- With Jennifer?
Tell me it was Jennifer!
- She came over last night.
- Yes!
It's about time man.
- Looks like Jennifer
finally hooked her Conrad.
- It was one night.
- [Flynn] Yeah, but y'all will
see each other again right?
- Yeah, I'm actually on the
way to the hospital now.
Give her a little moral support.
- Being there for her sister
and her family at a time like
That's a real man.
- I knew you guys would get back
I just knew it!
- Thanks.
Well I came by to tell you guys
I can't join you for the game.
I tried texting both of you.
- Oh yeah, my phone died like an
hour ago.
- Wifey took mine.
I'm under the microscope again.
- [Mark] Oh boy, what did you
- I don't know.
Annabelle's going crazy.
- All right, well I gotta take
so enjoy the game.
- All right, have fun buddy.
- [Mark] Thank you.
- [Tyrese] Bye Conrad.
- Run to her Conrad.
- Run to her!
(Tyrese laughing)
(phone vibrating)
- Hey Donna.
- Jennifer, thank god I got a
hold of you.
- Why, what's wrong?
- I wanna talk about your book
I talked to the publishers
and they wanna put
you on a worldwide tour
starting this spring.
Did you hear me?
I said worldwide, three
- Yes, yes, that's fantastic.
Tell them yes.
- Okay, great.
I just, we'll go over
all the details later,
I just needed a yes to move
And now that all that business
talk is out of the way,
how's home?
- It's good, it's good that I'm
- Okay, awesome.
Hey, wish I could talk more
but my other line's ringing,
so I really gotta run.
- All right, I'll see you then.
- There you are.
I've been looking all over for
They're requesting us in the
(somber music)
- Why, what's wrong?
- I don't know.
- [Jennifer] What's wrong?
- Nothing's wrong.
Everyone, we have an
- What's happening?
- As you know, the last couple
have really tested the
limits of our family.
The news we've heard hasn't
really been the best,
but Jillian and I have
been talking and we agree,
we wanna get married.
We'd like to do it
tomorrow if that's okay.
- Tomorrow's Christmas.
- [Dad] A Christmas wedding?
- [Taylor] If that's okay.
- I like it.
Welcome to the family.
- Christmas.
A Christmas wedding is perfect!
Oh my God!
I've got so much to do.
- I know, I'm sorry.
- Congrats guys.
- [Caleb] Thanks.
(everyone chattering)
- [Mom] Is everyone
excited about tomorrow?
- [Men] Oh yeah.
- [Mom] Finally, you can call me
- No, I won't.
- [Johnny] Do not call him Dad
- [Caleb] I'll work up to
it, I'll work up to it.
(doorbell ringing)
- Excuse me.
(ominous music)
- [Lucas] Hi.
- Can I help you?
- You must be Mrs. Monroe.
It is so lovely to finally meet
Jennifer's told me so much about
I'm Lucas, Jennifer's boyfriend.
- Of course, of course.
You must be freezing, come in.
- [Lucas] Oh yes, thank you so
It is crazy out there.
- Of course I have room for
Come on, who doesn't right?
- [Mom] Looks like we have a
- Hello everyone.
Hey baby.
- [Jennifer] Lucas,
what are you doing here?
- You weren't picking up
and I got so worried
and Donna told me what was
with your sister here.
- [Jennifer] She did?
- Yeah, I wanted to be here for
You don't look happy to see me.
- No, no, no, I am, I'm just
surprised, that's all.
(Johnny clears throat)
I'm sorry, I'm so rude.
This is my family.
That's my brother Johnny.
- Hey man.
- My soon to be brother-in-law
- How ya doing man, how ya
- That's my little niece Lily.
- [Lucas] Hi.
- You've already met my Mom,
that's my Dad over there,
and this Mark.
A really good friend from
- Well it is very nice to meet
you all.
I've heard so much.
She's told me so much.
- You must be hungry after your
- [Lucas] Yes, I'm starving.
- Let me get you a chair.
- [Lucas] Thank you, thank you
so much.
- Actually, he can take my
- Dear, you don't have to leave.
- No, it's okay.
I was about to get out of here
I promised my babysitter I'd be
at a reasonable hour.
- [Lucas] You sure buddy?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Thanks a lot man.
What was your name again?
- [Mark] Mark.
- Mark.
Nice to meet you Mark.
- Nice to meet you too.
Thanks again guys, have a good
- We'll be seeing you tomorrow,
- Well...
Hey everyone.
- [Everyone] Hey, hello.
- Wow.
You look, you look so different.
You're happy.
- [Mark] Yo!
- Hey!
You're home early.
- Yeah.
So, how was she?
- Went to sleep like an angel,
stayed asleep like a miracle
What happened?
- Awe man, you're not gonna
believe it.
Her boyfriend showed up.
- Boyfriend?
- Yeah, he flew in and surprised
- Dang.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
This week was just way
too perfect to be true.
- [Tyrese] Yeah.
- I mean, I don't even
know what I was thinking.
It's been over.
We both live our own realities
- Maybe.
But there's only one Conrad.
Oh yeah, that came for
you, from the State.
(phone vibrating)
(Tyrese growling)
- [Mark] What's that about?
- Annabelle wants to
know when I'll be home.
Can I stay for a while?
Guy time?
- Yeah, of course.
- Great.
- You good?
- Everything's fine.
She's just been overly
annoying to me lately.
She'll never know you came home
- All right, in that case,
what are we watching?
(slow paced music)
(baby crying)
(light music)
- It's okay.
It's okay baby.
It's okay, it's sleepy time.
What do we got here.
Help me open this.
- Today's the day!
All right guys, it's wedding
Time to celebrate!
(solemn music)
- So it's official.
Signed, sealed, stamped,
How's it feel?
- Honestly guys, I don't know.
- I think this is good.
- Yeah?
- [Tyrese] Yeah.
- Yeah.
Guys, who leaves a baby?
Leave me, I get it,
but walk away from your own
That I don't get.
I knew it was coming.
But that, that right there makes
it real.
What am I gonna do?
- What you've been doing.
- I mean when she grows up.
How am I supposed to
guide her through things?
Guys, I don't know the first
thing about teenage girls.
- Man, you're thinking too much.
You got time to figure it out.
- Yeah, besides, you have us.
We're not going anywhere.
- Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
- Flynn.
You're not on a break,
I need you on the floor.
- I was just..
See ya guys.
- See ya buddy.
(phone vibrating)
- What?
What's wrong?
- Annabelle says hurry
home, I need to talk to you.
I gotta go.
Hey, weren't you supposed
to go to a wedding today?
- I'm not going anywhere.
It's just gonna be a
Father Daughter day today.
- Okay.
- All right, call me later.
- [Tyrese] Will do.
- All right Gemma, let's get out
of here.
- Who's your date?
(Lucas growling)
- Just some guy I'm seeing.
- He's cute.
- Yeah.
- Is Mark coming?
- I don't know.
I haven't heard from him.
- Sorry.
- This is your day, let's
talk about happy things.
Like how beautiful you look.
- Oh, thank you.
- [Dad] Are you ready?
- Almost.
(gentle music)
- Baby, what's going on?
You okay?
- I'm pregnant.
- Are you being serious?
- Yup.
We're having a baby.
Please say something.
- Whoo!
Thank God.
I thought you were leaving me!
You've been acting so crazy!
- What?
- Never mind, grown rambling.
This is the best Christmas ever.
We're having a baby.
- We're having a baby.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
(bells ringing)
(gentle music)
- You look beautiful.
- Thanks Dad.
- Can we open Christmas presents
- [Johnny] Sure thing Lily.
- Yay!
- Wow.
All right, is there anymore in
Anything else in there?
(phone vibrating)
- Hello.
Lisa, what did I tell
you about calling me?
Okay, text is better.
Yes, I know it's been a while,
but I've been out of town
Yeah, I know.
I know.
You know what, I'm actually
at the airport right now.
Yeah, so I'll be back soon.
Yeah, yeah, tomorrow.
That's great.
(Lucas laughing)
Yes, I'm excited too.
I'll see you tomorrow then.
All right.
Okay, love you, bye.
I mean what is taking them so
long right?
These people are difficult.
- Do you always say I love you
when you hang up the phone?
- What?
- The women you were
just talking to, Lisa,
you just said "I love you."
- Oh well, not like that.
We just work together, you know.
She's new to the office.
I have love for her as an
You know, real smart girl.
Real hard worker.
Not like nothing we have baby,
come on.
Okay, she wants to hang
out when I get back.
You know, pick my brain on
talk business, all that
boring mumbo jumbo.
Told her I'd take her to lunch,
keep it casual, just give her
some pointers, help her out.
If that's all right with you, of
- Yeah, lunch, dinner, whatever
you want.
Whenever you want.
- [Lucas] Thank you baby.
- Because we're over.
- Wait, what?
- You must think I'm an idiot.
Do you think I believe those
(slow paced music)
- [Lucas] But it's, baby--
- Stop.
- We are now boarding for flight
with service to New York.
- Our chapter's over.
- What, no?
Jenny, come on.
- Please have your boarding pass
Close the book
Put it down
Never needed you around
I'm headed back
- How was Ibiza?
- Ugh, fabulous.
But I'm so jet lagged.
- I bet.
Make sure you drink a lot of
water too.
- Oh, can I help you?
- Betsey, it's always a
Just so we're clear,
there's no talking about
her sisters passing.
Just about the book and the
- I wouldn't even think about
- Great, thank you.
- I need you, we're on in 10.
- She's almost ready.
No turning back now
- [Announcer] A spin and escape
and drive!
He'll take it in!
- Dude.
You don't look good.
- Man, what's wrong with you?
You walk around like there's a
cloud hanging over your head.
- Guys, I'm fine.
- Obviously you're not.
- Give it up for one
of our favorite guests.
The iconic book writer, Jennifer
Oh, thank you so much
for being here today.
- Guys, can we turn this please?
- No man, I wanna watch this.
- Yeah, it might be interesting.
- All right, fine, I'm out.
- I know it's been a tough year
for you
with your sisters passing
and the launch of a new book
- It's been quite the year.
Bittersweet you know?
I'm definitely ready
for the year to be over.
I'm ready for a new chapter.
- Well, her book tour starts
next week.
Check online for a signing near
And it gives us more information
about our beloved Conrad than
ever before.
You won't be disappointed.
Check out Jennifer's new book,
"A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane."
And her tour coming
soon to a city near you.
- She's coming here December
I need to get her to sign my
This book was by far the
best one in the series.
Over a romantic winter's fire,
we learn that Conrad is actually
a soulmate from times past.
Who entered her life to make
her believe in love again.
Only after that she admits
that she believes in love,
he disappears from earth because
his purpose was fulfilled.
A true angel.
It's actually heartbreaking,
but so powerful.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Over a romantic winters fire?
- Yes!
It's the best!
They finally admit to each
other that they're soulmates!
Always have been and always will
- Sounds like a certain
our friend had with Miss Monroe.
- [Annabelle] Wait, what?
- It's Mark.
Mark is Conrad.
- Mark is Conrad?
- [Flynn] Yup.
- Mark?
- Yes Annabelle.
- [Annabelle] Why didn't you
tell me?
- What?
'Cause you love Conrad and all
- So?
- [Tyrese] So?
Yeah, he's perfect!
I can't compete with that.
- Well, if you would just--
- Guys, guys, guys, focus up.
Let's regroup.
What do we do next?
- Look, let's not get ahead of
First, we need to read the book.
Thanks babe.
Well then we need to find out
when that signing is happening.
- From the moment our eyes met,
my heart began to melt.
A warm sensation filled my body,
overtaking my sense.
Is this what it feels like?
After years of longing,
the holes in my soul began to
as the pieces of my heart were
Embraced in Conrad's arms
and just one look into his eyes,
I knew that I was safe
and that I was home.
(audience applauding)
- All right, we will open
the floor to questions.
- I've got a question.
- [Jennifer] What are you guys
doing here?
- You thought you could
get away with this.
- Get away with what?
- Oh, oh, so that's how it's
gonna be?
Let's see here.
"I knew that moment, we were
"He loved me, I always
loved him, never stopped.
"We kissed under the hue of a
cozy fire.
"It was a beautiful night,
"and worth the weight of
what seemed like a lifetime.
(chimes chiming)
"Conrad came back to me,
I couldn't let him go.
"I wouldn't."
She wouldn't, your words.
Did you mean them?
- Sir, you're gonna have to calm
- He's sorry.
He's just passionate.
Look, Jennifer, we all
know that Mark is Conrad.
(women gasping)
Did you mean anything that
you wrote in this book?
Because right now we've got a
who's been literally moping
for the last 11 months
thinking that he lost you for
Did he?
Did he lose you?
Because if there is even a
that you still love him,
and want him like your book
then you need to come with us
right now.
- You guys, I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave.
- Wait!
I'm coming with you.
- What?
(upbeat music)
- Yeah!
- [Jennifer] I'm sorry Donna, I
have to.
- What am I supposed to
do with all these people?
- I don't know.
You'll figure it out.
You always do.
Thank you guys so much for
I'm so sorry, I gotta go.
But I'll be back.
I'm gonna go get my Conrad.
- Come on, let's go.
- Okay, what do I do now?
- Go get him woman!
- Mark!
- Jen?
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
- Your friends came to get
me, they're really great.
I'm babbling.
I miss you.
Like really bad.
I wanna be with you forever.
I love you.
- I can't tell you how long
I've waited to
hear you say that.
(light upbeat music)
Seasons come and go just like
a song
Christmas dreams are
right where we belong
I found you and my world found
Give the gift of love for
Give the gift of love for
Give the gift of love for
Give the gift of love for
Give the gift of love
I used to think
I was destined to roam
Til finding you felt
just like coming home
And now I'm finding joy
In the most unlikely things
I've shaken off the winter of
the past
Because I know now
that this won't be last
Now that the finding peace
And the love that Christmas
Give the gift of love for
Give the gift of love for
Love for Christmas
Give the gift of love
Give the gift of love for
Love for Christmas
Give the gift of love for
Love for Christmas
Give the gift of love for
Give the gift of love for
Love for Christmas